Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 14, 1883, Page 5, Image 5

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ItOlllo J unman Hub off
lild Htijijily of Liquid
Lightning ,
Atlti Mtllrt III lli Outirt llouta
Wltll ttta Ooot Kult of
Brink ( MI ,
'iW < J of lud o ft Day
with Air find
Hr.-roleu ,
N t f0fttrtiflUnii H ; th * Ounrt
'fit * tltiry MJH lr o It f (1 Up.
Ifilfi IVrAlt
gj * < l ! liinMtfh ( atill UM ,
WylNtllsiiTtiH , Juno 111 In obodl
Mi I'd to ihu dlrtotloti el JudKO Wyllo
tliu Btar r"titu jury oatno Into
outlU itt 1 1 itlfi n in , to rccolvo lust too-
llntiH ( in pnliil. < ol law before Buatod ,
Jdidf Viirnoil , who nni liok during
llio night , UII on the tlaor In it lit ,
Iln In now tltidur thu earn ol n phjsi-
olmi , Tlio remaining jurors returned
lo tliulr room.
In iiliotit llftpon inlnatia Diputy
Mirilul KoMott ropottud that Vernun
WAK tutting Up , nttd < ronld noon be all
light , Jtidijo Wyllo said , ' 'I hnvu a
iletil o ( doubt In my ml ml In tutu -
tu ( ho uunitquuiicei of this
uooutreiicn. This nun Ims been
drinking A good dcnl. lit ) la a hwrd
( ( linker , DiHlng Iho proems at
llio tilnl , on oiio ucij.-lon , I
Imti tu lake him . * nlao i\td :
Him him .n pretty sharp arfinoniihn
ulul ho promised tu iibatAtn , but I huvv
( ilxcrvul tlut bo lint rmumod hurd
drinking , uud I supiicna thus bomy
autillttuil In the j ny mom nndcu tln
uff supplier ) of ( .nut kind re&uked In
this Mltuck , 1 don'e ' kilo * wuothtr it
U itollrluin tromotis or rnnnta.
1'orter llal fie U not fn to bo on
thu ju.y norr , 1 nuppoao thu doctor
will glvi ) him n pri > tcriptlon mid It will
prolmuly bu brnudy or whisky.
Thti ( J/yor tlu uvi < ; lvuu U tu him.
Morrlck 1 3Upposo whfttevor the
doctor priButlhi ) ! ) 'or thu jaror can bo
ink MM I/ him ,
I'liu Judge Undonbtidly but a
prescription uf tlila kind In npt to Imivo
till inl ml In NO nhittsvud a condition
tu oruntud.flhulty.
Dopnty Mitatinll He in all right.
JnUu | ; Wyllo Then the jary , can
como ItHck ,
duty cntno back. Foreman Crane
nald : ' Y'ltir honor , ono juryuuu do-
ilrrA tu nak n qanttlon ot Iho court ,
I'D most of ui u seems a quo'tlim of
( not , but wo pmfor tu let Uarrt au
npoak for hlmuttlf. "
Judge Wylto The court will h-ar
hla ij'iuillim nud If it ho a ( peedon
ol fuui no will not undertaku ID p en
upon U.
Juror Harden then replied In a
O'jniuaed muuuur and put a question.
to the court uf mi ulaiuat uuUitclllgi-
bln charaitor , whluh adoiuod tu rolutu
tu the date of certain orders made bj
llfrtdy , raid tu the u&turo of tlu
"atuinlilinx block" whih br.-tdy an ; :
ho futttid in hij rty.
Jud u YVyllr' - 1 ! > ? nro qtmtiom
of Uot u tid nut Uw and It U not foi
the court to instruct yuu in that con
tiuotlon , NJIT , ( { oriUiuosn , you h ve
hud n itck member of the jury with
yotl hnd a dUugruoablo ( CctJtmt , hnp thlo morning. Hor.ofmr to Ci
In n moaettro rojtoiod , and I hopj hi
will bo nblo now to patform hla antlue ,
I don't propooi ) to ( llaiihar c tbl : jury
very easily. Thij iii the ctcond tlmi
this oitao had been ttiod , and I dou'i
with tu put any undue atrosu upoi
yuur minds , bat the court thlnke j-.n
uaght tu Rureo ou n Vtirdlo ; of auuit
kind , You can rotlro ugalti.
The Foreman Yonr honor , wi
Imve not agreed upou a question o
oontplntcy. In 0590 no ohould egret
upon the Kullt c ( any ono of thu par
tloi 1 nioh to hnorr It wo can report ti
the court
Jmlgo Wyllo No ; yon must report
port a vordlct n a whole , according
tu my InatrnotloiH. Yon can dcod !
upon any point In thla Indlotniont li
any order or time , but a vercllc1 , < rhci
reported , mutt be a complete vordlo
and not bated upon pi rt of thn In1
dlotmont , bnt upon Iho whole. Ther
nro aabilantldlly hut two qacattono I ;
the Indictment. First as to the con
piracy : O.i thnt yuu huvo a rlgh
tuny whether defendants , or nuy c
them , are coucjrnoa with Kardall t
that coneplraoy If you dccldo tin
there w n uon ptracy with him yo
mnit Bay who waa ongtgod 1
It. lint that U not all , yo
tncit find , at bint , ouo overt act fol
lowing. If yon find am
ono overt bat It l.i your duty to rande
a reid'ct ' as tu the pirtlea so found
nd that oovorj the whole ground
Youoinnotiythat you find oouiplrnc
and no overt act , or an overt act anne
no conspiracy. A verdict of gollt
tnustbu n general verdict in that we ]
A verdict of not guilty , of cc-arai
coveri the whole ground , and that U
rule aa to the whole or any number <
The forerain oornplMnodof thohljj
temper < % tnro cf the jury room , on
naked tu bo permitted to walk la tl
Oily IU11 park , tu which request tl
court toicded , Buying ho weald tre' '
the jury well a ; proaont , but Int
mitlnz that a rssort might be hi
to the common law rnla "Daprlv
tlon of light and food"- a vcrdf
wan not eon forthrorutcg. The dt-
nty miMhal waa Inntructed to allo
Jiuor Vernon to drinks pi
day , but to p'vnt circnlttlon of
wlikoy bjttlo uoiou ) ; tha j trorn , * ar
the court took , a recess nnill 10 A i
to morrow , with thu understand ! :
tht It would meet to receive n re
diet if the jury should ajroo upou 01
before that honr.
3p * Ul Din t * * j to Tun Un.
J'l. ) ' 13 Cin ; ro
appr pruHufor >
noxr. &toyatr \ , iu.ujdUia r'lscon.i
naflM of lha folluwtog ii'tuied atttlo
U midtf n ( MBury &ud ordered : Ei ;
I'm , Tex ; K ln Ujak , Idaho ; F'
KetMh , ftl"n .j Fort MUfonla , Mon
Vie he Nev 5 Panta Rosa , Fli
Kiobe t r , N Y ; Sn Antonls , Te :
SinU Fa , N. M ; Springfield , M
Tuason , Ar'z ; Vliall * , Oala ; F <
Waefcinkle , Wyo. ; Wlnoemncca , Ne
Toe following nsrocd dtatloct of t
Ihltit oltM will hereafter ho n > >
'Allicnl KI etalloui of thu fliB'cUtt ' ;
Fort Oustfr , Mont. ; Grand Oily Tcs.
oad hinrd of Inipootlon having ro-
reri'd the fintllnn uf the first board
mid proiiDUiiio.l thn 1'idta saawnrthy ,
ahitwill jail from Norfolk July lit , on
n Vi > yti' nround Oipo Uorn to Alft'.k * .
IKr tutttity , huwuviir , will not b > * put
on h iord until BUU roachai Sin Fou-
Thn president , in consultation with
the soarotary of the tremurrnd cam-
uilnlunor of Internal rovonun thN
nfttiraoon , In re nrd tu thu jn-i.p utl
ruluotlun u ! the unmbar of intern * !
revenue dUtrloti. \ ODinp\rtivo
nUt , munt hno boon prepared at the
trctmiry depirtmuut showing the do
oruasii In reni.lo'B the lleoii year to
Juno 1st , $7,173,030 ; for the fi-at
quarter of the present fnl l yf-ar the
receipts nero abunt { 6,000 000 In tx
o.'ns uf the reoolpti of thn oirrttpond-
lug period u' the year 1831 There
hni boou u grivltial reduction olnca
that tluio h iwuvnr , whloh It In csti >
muted will am Mint to nearly $10 000-
000 by thn end uf the pro tout fucal
In the BooMon of country ootnprla-
lug thu Indlux tucrltory , KUISAIJ , No-
br hk and Dikoti , the ooat uf tha
nur mull nervloo f.rthi > year ondloi ;
Juno , 1882 wi\i $003,081' , the mileage
bi'lna ( i,803,073 ; the ooat nf thn Bfr-
vicj for the year oudlug Jnnn , 1883
was $395,060 , nnd ralloaga 7 601) ) 7o7 ,
nhonlng th ro hat buon a reduction in
the c. > it of torvloo the pait year of
About $110 000 , while the mileage in
creased nearly a million.
ProurouH of the SbootlnToiirnumemt
at Lincoln Inn Turf uncl
8p cl l UlKpstcCM to Tin Dr. * .
LIXOJLN , Jane 13 , There was qilto
n largo attendance at thu fair yronnds
bath to wltuoaj aud parttcipVo iu tha
ahooti'Jg tonrunmeut , the day bciag
very bright and pleasant und thu blrdn
iu lluo condition. The firs' ; matc'a on
the prnrrt-jicno [ ; wan for thu champion
toaca cold modal of the Nebraska State
Sportamon'a ustoctatlou , presented by
I'forzheltnor , Keller it C ) . , 18 John
struct , Now York , thronfjh E. Hallott ,
of Lincoln , Neb , open only to mem
bers of the atato association , toitmi of
two , 10 sntlo ! ; blrdi luslu'led , the
badio to rnwiUn thoprcp.-rty uf the
Nubr tka Siato Sportaiuun'a ostcctft-
tlou bus 'ho toum wlnuing it may ro-
tixln It ou yeAr , the to in DO holding
ha r.nli'ldd ' to the untr.inca f ioa ccxt
year , any club having the privilege to
; : ? many toinn m they defer -
for thir. coute&t Tim aoore wan
n follows :
Dunham nnd Hillett 18
II.ft. amlO K. Rnith 17
Jlitliawsy Hnrlnf 15
K \V Deu nnd Browning 18
Uiniwell nd Je ! d IS
. ' . W. Ueunml Kbetly 20
Jt oiler acrl lliiininell 18
J. W. Don and Eberly , ot Nemata ,
tock thu ptlzi.
' 0otist No 0 , jrir.-i a allvor cap ,
presented in AIuj , 1877 , bythoPlatts
month Sp.irtamcn'd clabj for olub
four rnorabiru oi r. olnb tn
sti & t-iatu , 10 &lnglo bird > i , 21
rhi ! . Untranoo , coRf of blrla ;
Hi\llott , Hath * 6y , Diinhii - , ilcliride ,
of the Lliicoln c uH ; tuti.l 31
Siniih , Law- ! , Smith , J. N. Smith , o !
thn l'l Uimontt\ club , total , 33.
T. W DMI , Kserly , J. W. Den. Bro\7n-
ITU : , of the Nrtiuha club ; tottl , US ,
Stra.ilurfVbh , K-lley , Ward , cf the
lj ncatcr olubj tntjl , 33.
IJwJ , B rdwpll , Fitih , White , of the
Tekatuih c'utotnl ' ; , 33.
IJricy , Lll er , Simpson , Hummel' ' , o !
tboUmnhn Wcrkinjmeu'a club ; total , 12 ,
The Nomnha tuim took the prlzi by
n acoro of S3 birds out of a pcnaiblc
4' ' ) .
Furae No. 7 , open tom9mbara of
the asaocUtion only , fire pairs , wild
birds , 18 yards' rlae ; tica two pair 21
yards' rise , ICO yards boundary , en
trance $5 , birds included. Parse , $200
first prizs $80 , eocond $00 , third
$40 , fourth $20. The icore was an
follows :
Smith and Potty ; eocond to Ilslee
third to Matthowson nnd Hughes , auc
fourth money to liuicmul. Oontes
No 8 , only half tinlshsd ; It will b (
fiaishod early to morrow morning.
Jatio 13 Class 2'J2 ;
parao $1 OCO , Director won , Dtt
Smith second , Wlnut third , Ccrnelli
fourth ; tlmo 2:22i : , 222i ; , 2-.22J
if 2:22 : } 2:22 : , 222f ;
j 07 < , 1'rlnoo won , Blaokmai
M.Ud Pfomd. K l third , Onwan
foartb ; time 2'JI5 : , 2:20 : , 2:28 : , 2:29. :
lir.KlllTO.V 11KAU1I RICES.
niuouro.v liEAOu , Juno 13. Llgh
rnlna did i.ot tutoriero with the race
tn da ) .
In the i3a-.h of five-eights of a mile
iron , ilukory Jim second
" iliirtf ; tlmo , 1:03 :
Thru'-q'nrf'tn of a mile , Clara 1 :
wnti , El.mchi nin Becond , Loudo
r-i-i'j ; tlco , 1:10J :
Fivelyh'.tis of a mile , two-yoai
olda , on , Australian set
ond. I'oot third ; Mwo , 1:03. :
'R ' Mtlo nnd a qii rtor , Gaorgo H'lke
wou , Tupvty eecund , Uonlsotti thlrc
ll-ne , 1:58 :
llnrdlo rscn , IlDihentor won , Bust *
39ond. } Jolj ! of tUu North third ; n
tlmo taltrn.
COVISOTOV , Juno 13. Fourth duj
o'.nh ' pnr e , mils and B furlong , L'zzi '
rs S Tf.nj , Luc ? May , second , EJwlu A
he tuird ; time , 1:69 :
n- S-tm'.lon otilcca , 2 yoar-uldt , throi
quirtaraof n mile , Geu. IT-trdiug wo :
Aaoilon , eecoud ; time , 1:24 :
rt Rlppla atikcj , uulden 3-year-old
t. ; mlle and a qcurter , Lsonhtna rroi
Jlarkland , suond , Ocollot , thlr
time , 2:25 :
Olnb purao , heatt , thrfo-qu&rtors i
irt a tntle , Marne/ Aaron won , Roy !
IV. Oiuke , seond , Milaslno , third ; be
IV.ho time , 1:25 : ,
Additional Details of the Fight
in the Passes of the
The Hostiles EurprisedJnTheir
Fastness and Quickly
Savon Inditna L"fc Dead After
the Firet Volley from
the Scouts.
Crook's Poroaa in Command of
tha Camp with Scaroaly
a Wounded Man.
Thn Huitlles Loaded Down with
Gold , Stlvar , and Other Val-
nablo Plunder ,
Special Dltpakh to Tai Dii.
Ciiiinao , Jane 13 A Tacioa spec
ial tu Tno Trlbuuo B yj :
The apcoUl courier ot The Trlbuno
arrived at Tombstone Sunday night
from Orook'i headquarters a ; Silver
Creek , AritDoa , brlngluu the first till
oUl information of Crook's expedition.
It left Amsrlcin toll ou the 3i of
May , matching 200 miles southeast
from San Bernardino , on the bounda
ry line of Cilhuahua and Sonom , fol
lowing the ttnil of the hoattles. Crook
was guided by tha Apicho Niditiki ,
who waa captured near SmOrtrlno just
previous tu the ( xptdltum. Li vlnp
at a point abjnt 200 miles south of
ho linn the coumuud oroajod the
S.urra Mtdres range , advanced filty
nillrs over an Indescribably roe h
1 , eight moloj being killed by fll-
ini ; over pceclploea , mid pros.ibd on
without delay , rendered nearly bare
foot by tbo sharp rockc.
After fourteen days of hard march
ing , nlfjht and duy , the Indians'
oimps o ( Cj&to and Bonlto were dis
covered iu thu heart of the Sierra
&l drcj in uu almost impregnable po-
oltlon. Thu Apaches did nut dream
of an attack , fur the entrance to the
utirouijhold vraa next to Imposeib'e ,
and tha w&rrlora wore principally out
on n raid under Jub , only thirty-suv
on 4)001(9 ) being in camp with the wo
men and children.
The San Carlos aconts , nndor Cipt ,
Crawford and Llenta , Atwood and
Mscksy , with Al Sabre , Mclutonh ,
and Mlckoy Free , chiefs of the scouts ,
stirronnded the camp before the hoa-
tiles wore aware ot their picxImUy ,
and ndvaccid from dill'orent points ,
and wsvo near before they wotu dia-
covered. The acouto eesrctod thnm-
aelvoa bulilud rooks and commenced
lirlug npon the camp , onuting u per
foot pt > ulc. A numbur auccoedua in
escaping , thoagh nearly all surrend
Savon wtre found dead in Uncimp.
Flvo Mtxtcitn wumon aud u llttlo ? lvl
were rec&pturtd. They > ? ere tukun
from Cirmon nnd Chihuahua , und nre
now with Crook in good health.
E/erythlnn in the camp wan bainod > j
carit.d off by the sours Aimcii ; * hn
propeity captnrjd were 10D pjuieiatid
ojulw , forty bhiiu lon'li'd ' with plun
der , fidilc ! , glr lea , oio'ha. ' % pj'd nnil
ollver watcheir , and eovci-al thouain.l
doiiir ! : i , ' ; old , oilvor and greeabftckp ,
shotviug that they had bojn very uuO'
C33ful in their raids
After the f'ght most of thoan < rhc
escaped oamo in. Altogether 383 pria
oners were takan. Tao chiefs oip
turod were Ohnto , Banlto , Ger.mlmo ,
F chcZj Loco and Nana. The twc
latter vraro long reported dead
The chiefs oeys an Ameiicin bay &h
years old , captured a month 030 , ic
Now Mexico , with Is the tquiws la thi
mountains. He is uo doubt Ojtrll"
AlcCcmas , Runners wera uont ou
and they are expected hourly. Afte :
the fijht tha command with pi-isoneri
marched lelinrely back to Amerlcai
soil , and the entire command wlti
the prisoners are now encamped ur
Silver creek , about sixty miles sent !
of Tombstone ,
Not ono of Crook's command wa
lost or even wounded during the ram
patgn. The Cltiten and Epltapl
courier , who accompanied the expedl
throughout , rode sixty miles to cl& ;
in six hours , with only three relays a
horaoe , to bring out the dlsp&tohca.
Thoconricrstates thatanother roasoi
why Crook romalna at Silver Crock i
that ho Is nwalting norm from th
secretary of war as to what dieposltioi
to make the Indians , ni Wllcox , th
agent at Sin Carlos , refused to rccalv
them , and that ho will go back to < h
Sierra Madras after the rest of th
hostlles if they do not como. In con
versatlon with Smith , the conrlo
mentioned , ho stated that the hostile
had plenty of money. Oce ol
sqaatr , who was the poeneeaor o
thren bills , made Inquiry of aamo oni
at Co ) . Btddlo's ui to the valu
of her possessor. Upon bulng i
formed that the notes wsro for S
each ftho grunted and decided t
negotiate , nnd pointed with her aklun
fiager to the naught after the five o
aoh note. Qlta a nuiabor of back
had stiver stars and other orn < > meni
hoiton oat of Mexican dollars onthol
headgear , aud several of them Amu
can double eag'es made into nosl
lacor. A rough KU033 ejtimato of th
amount ot wealth nuiont ; them is full
§ 5,000 , end probably mnro. Tl :
troop find picVara of the commit ]
state that the placa where the ciptni
occurred In the protticot bpatonofrt !
and the road ti it rongSer thia m > i
Ul man cvar trod. M ckey Frao , tl
noted scout , statoi that ho h :
worn cat R pair of boots and thn of moccisina on the trip , L r.
nnmbors of the hoatlloa seemed p'uaas '
with tha situation , evidently expos
log .vumtnudinte return to the Heal
pota of Sin Oarlon. The on
complaint cornea from some i
the eqaawa whoso bucks are amoi
thoio who made tluif osoips. Om'jo
who wera with the expedition st&
that Crook had surrounded the I
dims before they knovr of his prc
ence ; that if not done so It wou
have taken six months and all the men
Iu Arizona to have gotten thorn.
As an Illustration ot Crook's
modesty and total absence of fuss
and feathers In his mako-np it may bo
atatod that although the light and ocoured on the of last
month. Ho leisurely retraced his
stops tn Cimp Supply , at Silver Ornok ,
not Bunding a ninulo courier ahead to
signal his movements. The first Inti
mation had of O.Mok's return with
the quarry was the arrival of a
lieutenant at Col , Middle's head
quarters at 8 a. m. Sunday with dls
patches for G inp Bowlp. the nearest
army toltgraph station. Upon making
inquiry concerning tha uononir. who
was supposed to ba 100 miles dhtant ,
In the Sierra Madrcs , iumglno the snr-
prlso that awaited the camp , when in
formed that Crook was only two hours
bthlnd , with thu captured Apaches.
About 10 o'clock the general rode intec
c np , with an escort , aud ho greeted
Gjlouol Blddlo with "A nlcomorting ,
colonel , " nnd straightway struck cut
for the wash-basin , which ho had
"plod , and was soon encaged in per
forming his ablutions , after whloh ho
throw himself into a camp-stool and
engaged In conversation about his
campaign In an off-baud way , as if
hnutiug the orneleat and fiercest fee
ou tbo continent , in the wildest aud
most inaccessible country to ba found ,
waa a matter of everyday occurrence.
The reported loss to the Indians in the
tight was BOVOU bucks. A lieutenant ,
name unknown , was the only person
wounded in Crook's command , aud ho
bnt slightly.
Commencement Kzaroli * * at Lin
Special Dispatch to Tin B i ,
LINCOLN , Jono 13. The university
commencement exorcises ccsnrrod ted -
d y. The weather was bountiful.
Omaha takea two honors 0 Clemens
Uhasp , bachelor of arts ; Champion S.
Ohase , L. L. D.
Sptc'at Dlrpatchei to Tun BIB.
The International Military Rifle team
will nail for England Tuesday.
Norman L. Munroe , the New York pub
lisher , hnn begin action for liuet against
Jus. Gordon Bennett ; dnmigoe , 5100,000.
The Mexican government has ordered
troops to the new gold diggings of Lower
California. The prefect uf the territory
ban been ordered not to admit location * )
until he has received special instructions.
In tbo i > ult uf Clmlfls A. Ilown. of Bos
ton , for $50,009 ngaliut the Fitchburg
railwav company , ttio jury gave a verdict
fur $12,000 , llowa wan nn ex inert mess
enger and WAS crippled for Iffe in a col-
liiion , owing to tba disobedience uf orders
by n conductor ,
The committee cf the board of trade in
vestigating tha charges r f i-diiltorritlon lu
lnr > l manufactured by Fowler Bros. , In
Chicago , vslted the packing establishment
ot that tinn yesterday and examined the
machinery used fa the manufacture of the
allayed adulterated product. Ksporteru
were excluded dnilng the examination.
A Serlani Accident.
SpecIM Dispatch to Tun Ills.
BUIDOE , Oonn. , 13 At the
coiomoutea attending the dedication
of the soldier's graves and monumentc
to d j , while a tiduto was being fired
in honor of the Rovornmont , by . bat
tery of nrtilloryfrom thin Frt , Trnrn-
ball , WilllamH jj and Sodgwlck posts ,
Q. A. II. , were passing at the time ,
receiving Iho conten'a cf two ROtm In
their ranks. The first dlschnrga wi\ :
received by Williams post , but the
soemm ) , which watt mire oerinin
TIM rosulvfd by tlio S.d-
wlclc r-tJSt , Eighteen men worn in
jund moro or Ictcac rlouft'y ' , iiafollow
Crannvtider J. 0. Urami-r , of Solj ;
vfick Poj1 , Norwich , popperoi from
head to foot with p.nvdur , uiod than
3) ) pfeoos of coaiaa potvdor having on-
twrod h's tide and limb ? . L oatciunt
Win. Carruthora , ncsiatant pietvnai-
tcr ut Norwich , hand bcu'acd from
pof.v'3or. It la fented hlo Injarlei are
fatal , Charlca Young , of Norwich ,
artery cut on log , hloadlng profauly ,
and pappsrjd iu the face , bond and
body with coarse powder. The In.
jarlca of the others are ICBS oerionr ,
The Itijurod men were conveyed tc
private residences , and modlcul at-
tondanca was promptly onmmonod.
The Pop * and IriihAmericans. .
Special Diapatrbei to Tun Lin.
CIIICAQO , Juno 13 Bishop Spald
Ing , of Poorla , arrived here to-day , oi
hla way homo from a vtelt to Home
where ho had a conference with Pop *
Lso. Ho declined to bo interviewed
bat ono of the local churchmen In hli
confidunno ttnteo that the pope ha
fully decided to call a conference o
American arahblshopa , to bo hold It
Rome in September next , for the pur
poao of considering the condition nm
discipline of the Oithollo church ii
this country , and , it in understood , ti
consider thu irholo subject of the attl
tudo of the Irish National Losgao o
America toward Great Britain , am
the position which the head of th
churah ehould assume toward that or
Oklo Greonbuokera.
Special Dlipatch to Tni Uni.
Cotnunus , Juno 13.Tho croen
back cjnvcMilion nominated the follow
ing ticket : Governor. Ohas Jenkins
lleutenat governor , Wm. Biker ; BU
promo jadg * , short term , n A. Ohatr
borlaln ; tupramo judge , lone tone
Jr.n. K. Qrogan ; clurk o { the suprotn
court , Wm. Beutr ; attorney ganora
Lloyd G. Tuttle ; auditor , Ool J. E
Rhodes ; treasurer of stale , Joh
SH'Z | ; cnmmlssloner of public sohooV
J. M. Oise ; member of board of put
lie works , John J , Soribner.
The C ; olonn In Knniai-
Special Dlrr tcL to Tin UH.
ABILENE , Juno 13. A reporter hi
just returned from the trsck of tl :
iiturm which occnrrad along the lir
of Clay uuiD.skluson counties , Tc
honaes were blown dowu anU thirt
etablen deraolL-lud , O 10 email chi
' .a killed ard five people injurci
none fnUally. The liousa of MtlUi
Ay era nas b > > atnrn * , Aycn at
wlfo rcv.0ii"y b-uiiod und a lltt
cb.l.i bo-n ! a ti < i'i aaco , bu ( . four
two hourn r.frorrrad ualujaroj. Tt
torrn of laJa'.lry did not
Bovorcly isi < loji 'rtd yesterday The
w s bat ono nouso doitroyod and i
ouo wai injured.
Grant ! Lidio tlifloers ,
Speclil Dljpatch ta Tim Cii
MILWAUKEE , Juno 13. ThoMaso
of thu Su'.e ilwud Ledge scssh
olociud L E Reed , 'of Hlpon , Me
Worshipful Gud Master , Oliver Li
bsy , Gren Bty , D put Grand Mater
tor , II. V. Virgin , Viroqua , Sent
Grand Warden.
The State Qatlioring of the Un-
teroflBfl Deiuocraoy.
Tbinninfj Oat the ThuRa The
Oouditiou of the Crops
A Pointed Allntlon to tha Papal
Ball 1 > j tha IrUhmaii of
Dt fiSolurl.
SL r * l r.oni r I'mi.
DE.S MOINKS , Juno 7 , The history
of the democratic convention , which
not hero yesterday , would bo mighty
lice reading , if It could bo gotten , bat
t will never BOO daylight. Soflijo it
: o any , the "Mlsolelppl river saloon
jjlt , " as Colonel Clark , n democrat ,
terms It , swept the deck aa clean na n
platter under the uoso of n hungry
dog , And moro than that , ttiJy inur
ded the free trade , silk Blocking fol
lows. The delegates from the n > rth ,
west and central part of the state ,
when they arrived hero , freely ex
pressed their Aversion tu the
lioruo racing , poker game , jo-
jund god uf beer , ideal judiciary ,
out they teen learned that Gin-
brlnui was on top. It waa a notice
able fact that the soldier was entirely
Ignored by the convention. It la true
Jerry Murphy , of Davenport , extolled
In fitting words the army service of
Col. Morritt , in presenting his name
for governor , but without effect. It
la trno Bouton county delegates were
instructed to secure , if puaalblo , the
recognition of the soldier in the plai-
form , bnt It doss not appear therein ,
So the ooldler h&s no honor whloh n
democratic state convention Is bound
to respaot. Judge Day has secured
the delegation from his own county uf
Fremont , and it is stated ho will thooo
of Binggold , Taylor , Decatur , Page
aud Olatk ,
There is likely to arlao a vexed
question in the Nlnotoonth sanatoria !
district , which formerly consisted uf
Hardln nnd Hamilton counties. The
last legislature made & new deal ; Har
dln aud Grnndy counties were pat to
gether aud made the Thirty Fourth
district , and Hamilton wna put into
the Tcirty Ninth district. In 1882 ,
John L Kamrar , of Hamilton , WHS
elected senator for four yeare. By
operation of law , his district ceases to
uxlat on the 4th day of July , 1884 ,
and yet ho hn ; ouo session tu corvu.
The new district will probably olrct
Mr. Huff in October , who will claim
his tight to a seat. The senate on
h va but 50 membarf. . Gin Mr
Kamrar bo unseated before his term
uxplrc&l Cm Jlirdln county have
two Roimtors at the aamo timt ? There
vtili bo u contest ovur the matter.
Marshall nnd liucai counties have ,
at their primary republican olucttoue ,
declared in favor of prohibition. In
Marshall county the icano waa mane
fquarcly on candidates for the lglfli-
turo , J. G Dobbin being a lil h
license and J. G. Brovrn declaring tor
prohibition , A clcso cauvaa ui the
county wns uiudo. The delegates tu
the state convention are positive pro-
htbltlouUta , P. M. Sutton , ono cf
the moat brilliant lawyers uf the utaU' ,
vias Dt'Icottd to cnccocd Duloa Arnold ,
who haa served the county so long ,
but who clrultiiud turtuur ccrvlcj.
At a hrRO and cnthcslostic nteotint
ot Iziahmon told hero ou Tuesday
thofollowiunrcaolutlona , wltti
there , were adopted :
rsoLVKD , That we who nre of Iri'l
unge , ai.U the frioudsof I eland ro idenl
Des Alomor , deem it a , duty und \\\y\ \ \ \
rivile oto ooiitritute our inlte toward tbi
ftymout of thia iiiojt juat debt , and wi
ill do it , even if some "dUtinguinhei
er ona nre ineulced" nnd have their "jias
" , on iuthmed" thereby.
lUbOLViiu , Tflat dnecendanta < , f the mat
who rtHiaied Henry Plantagenet and Nlch
Us lirtaltepur In the Twelfth century
Hell'1 und Oliver Cromwell in the Sov
nteentb , will na resolutely oppjsi the em
resa of India , with nil h r cohort ) anc
Hie ? , whether they ba holy or unholy , ii
} in Uit quarter of the nineteenth century
It la uselecs to aid the Irish Natlonu
3figao was tnlly indorsed.
The Crooked Creek crowd , whi
lave tetrofizjd Andubon , Shelby
} &i and other counties for severs
cars by their vlllalnoua exploits an
Betting thinned out , and they an
olng with their boots on. A fev
weeks ago , Carl Strahl bit the dust
and John Mllhollern , who WAS wltl
ilrn , lost au eye by bullets frou
iiorge Halleck , Roll Strahl htd gen
> eforo. Jubn Anderson heard tha
am Howlot , of Atlantic , nccneei
1m of Bteallng n jug of whisky. Wit !
fames Brown they went to Atlantic ti
Ipo out the dltijraco , hut failed ti
find ilowlet. Sq they wenl to Wloti
o nvengo themsclvou agilcat witness
oa against them before the gram
ary ; but they got In the lines ot tw
leavily loaded guus tired in the dark
and Tent dowr , as Brown romirksi
> afore he expired , "shot all to h II.
Two tnoru uf the gang are abiont
WillUm Northgravea and UjLert V < ii
Winkle , who roblnd Dr. Ballard
elnco docusaed , of (3,000 and fl d , bo
recently wrote one of the "boya" the
would be back when the Icavci wcr
on to avenge the kllliug of Strati !
Bow they will sacceod depends o
who gets the first "drop. " Milhollor
Is rocoverlng from his wonudj , an
will attempt to got satisfaction of Ha
lock , who is a dead shot , The com
inanity brcat'nea freer than for mac
years , bat thu three left of the gati
are dcepernto fellows btid inaplroa \
whisky are fie for devlllth decdi ,
The outlook for corn is not encoa :
aging In lowjt A very largo area
not yat planted , end much that wi
planted mmt bo replanted , and il
10th of Juno IB very late tu plant cui
in this state Yet many formers wl
were hero from dill'jrent p rta cf tl
state this week , and who have hi
much oxporleuco with late plantln
Bay If coin can bo got Into the grout
thia wock , with a good aouon , it wi
como out all right , for Iowa has nev
failed to pull up at the last end of tl
aonsau , Some uf them , however , re
commend planting Yankee ; orn , as
requires a shorter season , and w
produce a larger crop and better co
than Iowa seed ,
The license to sail whisky , alias al
rrlno and bser , has boon fuod at tl
following rates In the cities name
Dnbuqtto , fj5 ( ; Iowa Oily , f 120 ; Mar-
ongo , f 180 ; Divoupori , J200 ; Oodar
lUpldB. g'JDO ; Slonx Olty , fMO ; Kco-
knk , $300 ; Onunoll Itlutb , $300 ; Hur-
Hugton , 5100 ; Hoone , $500 ; Fort
Dodge , Sul'O ' ; Washington , ff > CO ;
Spencer , SCO , ) ; Oikalooaa , $000 ; Dta
Moltifg , $1,000 ; Ottnmwa , $1COO ;
Bedford , ? 1 COOj Urcst'D , JJ1.000.
At Bedford it Is provided there shall
bo no door soreous , window shutters ,
chairs , settees nor billiard tables In
any saloons , and no minors allowed to
outer. Drinks must bj taken open
and square.
Kx Congressman N. 0. Doorlng , on
account of greatly Impaired health ,
has decided to go to Washington tnr-
rltory for a time , to recuperate.
The Wabitsh surveyors are running
the nnrrotr guugc through Lyon coun
ty , and it Is expected the road will be
pushed forward to Hock Rapids nt
once. The objective point , now , cf
this road la S.oux Fulls , Djk. The
managnrs uf the diagonal real nro at
work very quietly now. Sinoo Wilson
was hero from Now York the brass
bauds aud claquors have boon called off.
nnd there is loss bluster and nolto.
The most ( hat gets to the public nro
accomplished facts. It is qulto evi
dent to a close observer that the pro
ject IB not nbnndonod or Bold out yet ,
The DM Motties & Fort Djdgo mana
gers are mnking arrangomontn with
the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul to
run passenger trains from this city to
Spirit Like , to leave hero In the oven-
lug and arrlvo nt the like curly next
morning , The election of Mr. Cable
a * president of the Rack Itltnd neces
sitates another promotion along the
line , according to the rnlo on that
rotd. E. Q.
The Li GroBso , Southwestern &
Minnesota , and Iowa Southwestern
have been consolidated as the La
Croeso & Southwestern railroad com
pany. Tns road will run from Groou
Bay to Li Ofosso , thence diagonally
across Iowa , entering the alato at or
near Hetpur , in Winnioshlok county ,
thence to Charles City , in Floyd coun
ty , Ackley , In Hardlu county , thence
through Boone county to Dea Molnon ,
thence eouthweut across the corners of
Madison and Adalr counties and
across Rtnc old county , thence to St.
Joseph ur KaasM City. Tao outlro line
hai boon surveyed to Bjone , thirty five
mileu north of thia city , and grades
fixed at 210. Tlio road frill be a con
tinuous lluo from Green Bay and the
pinery regions of Wisconsin to Mis
souri. Tlio grades are light and the
construction will bo easy. John J.
Blair , the railroad king , has volun
teered to iaruleh the Iran to lay the
track , and n well known civil engi
neer of Naw York is ready to take the
contract for conotruction.
The Wabiish in hustlin ? freight
through from New York to IOWB.
A citr load of fruit left Now York on
the evening of May 29 and arrived
at Ottnmivu on iho morning of Juno 1 ,
or tbroo dya and ono half from start
ing , which U the quickest llmo on re
cord fir fro gUt trulnn.
It Is reported that nugotlaUnna nro
pending for a trancfor of the flO'Called
Diagonal rota to the Ocntril Iowa ,
nnd this IB moro apptrunt from the
fact that the Central lown oilicUU
went over the completed portion of
the Diagonal a few d vs blnco from
Marshalltown , but the Diagonal folks
deny these rumore. Meanwnilo sur
veys riro being mndo ud tubsidies
Tnrkitl "p eotuh-Trest- thij point to--
nard Nebraska City , and prooecdlnga
for condemnation of right ot way have
been oimmouced , which looks very
much aa though tlio original project
was goinc ; throuoh. There la nc
question the Central would be pleaccc
to got hold of It.
Hntlor County /5.ntl-liJonopouts Dispatch to Tus u .
RISIKOS , Nob. , Juno 13 An on
thustssticj Butler county auti mono
poly convention at Dmd Olty to-d i
unaniuiouiy ondonted Senator Rsy
noldt' caurso in the hp'.olature. ' 11 jy
noliis wan elected chairman of thi
Hastings delegates Resolutions en
dorslug S'lckol and Reynolds for dele
gates to Chicago were adopted wltl
great applause.
Pnnniylrania Law *
SpecfAl Dlspitcb to TUB Dm.
HAKHisuURfl , June 13. The gov
crnor has signed bills to ubollih th
contract system in prisons and reform
atory luatttutloni ; providing pa j man
to miners for ell clean cool mined
for better security and safety o
bituminous coal miners' to prohibl
polltloal parties demanding from off
cials contributions fur political pui
poses , and preventing sale of thoatr
tickets on the streets.
Speclil Dispatch to Till lin
VICTOP.IA , B. C. , Juno 13. Chinos
Grms are quietly buying or leasing
large quantity of real estate In th
northern part of thci city on whhh t
erect extensive baslness hoossi. Th
transactions ara regarded as slgnlfi
cant ofthu iutoutiun of the Chinos
to tnouopollza trade in Ohlncno au
goods with eastern Oinad
on completion of the Canadian PaclGi
Loss of Appetite , Bowila costive.
Paia in the Heart , with a dull sen-
Ention in the back part , Palu under
the Bhouldor blade , fullness after
en tintr , with a disinclination to ez-
c-.tion of body or mind , Irritability
of temper , ' Low spirits . . , . with a feel-
Insr of laav'
W < = nrincss , Dizziness , Fluttering at
thoheurt : , Dots ] before the eyes , Yel-
ow BUin , Ileadncho foneraily over
the right eye. RostleBonoco , with IU
ful dreams , hiRlily colored Uruio.
. . ; . r > . JI.I.H nro rjpeolallj
ulilitcil lo knell < akr , oiir ilnin ft-
ft-ftH kiirli n iluitiuo < ir leelliiir na to
.11 . uktintUli ( lie Kiillti rr.
' 11 > I iirr * use thu Aii | > etltf-tftti < l cans *
! r IhoLiHl ) ujTnUc oil I'lculi , thiisi r\ *
tain U iinurUlutil , nnd bv tlielr Toulo
Action n iho lUitrHtlieOruuiiK. Hc -
uliir hliuiU nruiriHliirod. | fit u > . conu
IUm on WHifxpRB cli iire to a OI/ISST
> ii liikluai > | illustliuortl liI'Uu
. . . . ,
. niiviiratcolur AflHlit laiit-IK-IIH
ly. S .Id . l > y llumrl < uorbiiitby k r > M < ic
Oi'FICi : , : ifl MPUItAY KT. , W. T ,
f Dr. TITTMMiM lL r\ < ,
An Miraoft/MurflerBr / Shot to
oaSJi t flnlontown , Pa.
The Nutt Pills
A Fnmtly of Three
a Necro lit
gp c ! ll ir tch toTni Uit
PiTTSUt'itn , Juno 13 Post's
Unlontowti ( I'll ) fpt'olnl
Nutt , son ut Stuio TrcaenVr C > ; italn
A , JS'uU , dromtBpd , nliut uuku ud N.
L Dukes , MA fmh&r'n tntiflirtr , this
ovoiilag ai 7.30 o'cl ck. Ilfljiihotfour
tlmu.i , all the b.v'id . Ibkliiyiltict. .
Duk-s ( Hi'd lii-JtMiny DiA < hnd
been fnq.mmly WArntd o ! ui > ger
in romn'iilni ; fit Uoluntuwn , .Sid ho
lately mid thv ho would mirii stay
theru or iu thu cnuntury , I1 ii. iitd
llrtt ho hud nipron-i'd oi tin t u
of Ctptalu N Hi , nut ! wus novn- nun
on the street niter night I'- .liy :
Jamo Nutt wnr icon pr ctioli t ; with
a rcvulvor at hia hump nnd thl.-i uvun-
ing about hall-p'Ut 7 o'clock l < o was
standing at the paid Dho , when Dukes
attnu along , As Dukci wu.i pio.ilog
ho turned his head und noticed young
Nutt , Just us ho stepped fiom the
doorway Nutt tired , thn shut ihkiug
effect in D iikcn' aide. Dokca nUrteu
to run , when Nntt followed and nhot
again , Bv this time DakcL w&u un
the postdficj step ? , when ho rocatvod
another otiut , and full insldo thu door.
Nutt followed and fifed two more
shots into DukoR1 prtctralo body , one
taking ffi'Ot In the utck. Dukto wai
.vJ baforo any ono oould uot to him.
The revolver that did the work l& the
sntno ouo that Oiplain Nutt rtlcd
on the mornlog of hln doatli. V.ung
Nott | ! Bvo hiuidolf up , nnd it nu / in
j ill. Iln was otlm , bn Llo M a
nheot. Fivu ihnta vcro IHfr ur of
which took iffjct. The oolontr'tf jnry
la now sitting. Excitement Is rui
At 11 o'clock to night everything
wcs qalot. Young Nntt la not , qulto
twenty yearn of ngu nnd IUB nlwcyo
boon considered quiet and luotrotsivo.
The murder which led to the trngody
la still frenh iu the minds cf all ,
Dulton , < 7ho was engaged to Miss Lizzie
Nutt , had written mfsmiouj letters to
her father , Captain Nntt , qncntlonlng
her chastity , nnd Captain Nntt , upon
invitation of Dukes , had gene tu the
lattorVt eoura ou D. comber 24 'h to
BottlO tho'cffalr quietly , when D keo
shot nnd Iclllod him. Tao murder
created intonao pxcilumeiit rnd Daltoa
was arrcatcd , trlod hid niq , luod. roliasu canaed yront ii di Llon > ,
nnd threats on hie life vou hc'.rci on
all ildir , bat uo attempt vrsa : nude
to carry thnm out , nndt' vraa ( ev' ' < rally
bolievud Ui-it ho rronld bu ulloivrd to
remain nt Uuloutonii onwoluoted.
AInrdor ofa Ftimily.
Speclll D.satch to Till Unit.
COLUUBUS G , Juno 13 At Rock-
fcid , C " > im county , A'ab. uia , J .rdno
CrLi > ( ! = ( ! ' ) tn iid th huuci uf s
peaoiful ci ,2011 , 1J jv.uii C-.iden ,
nnd Eliot h.m wii'ijy ' in ) . ; on nod ,
Tao wifu jumped nj | : n-cl t ; n ii-xt'u
ahut hvr djxn. Tao ron ns.udto
give the alarm ni d hn w u > ( hu shot.
All wnrou'ituuily ki"d. ) ! A daoahter
aged 14HTP , vc3 [ cl Mirt guvc-ebo
alcrm. Thtrovns no prvucaian for
the murd > ' ? n 'lilt conr.ity is tconred
for the ti-'nJ.
A 7rjr3 Arr steel fur Knrd r.
8p. cls.1 Ulti.ntch tuliu 1IJ .
CISOINKATI Jui ) 13 Publication
.u uiudo htr ) to 'is ; < t' thoir'tn <
bfurnuou tit Cjlumbnr , Onlo ,
of WiiJiaru D ru.jh ueto ; , cnutgcd
with the manivr oi Ribhorin' chlliiren
nt AihlHiid , Kjiruiky , DrfCk.niliec 24 ,
1881 Fauuiu and Robbi * G-b | ! i.s
nnd Ummu Oarloo wcru f outid doao iu
Q burnlug Louso. The plrla hn.i baun
outraged. Three men were j.rnn"pd ,
GJO. Ellis , Wm. Nenl and Ellis
Craft. E.llu madn a confaoalun upon
which ho was convicted , nontenced itod
hung , bnt was hung by a mob. Ncal
and Craft were also son teucod to hang ,
end now await tbo decision of the
governor os to the day of the f xocn-
tlon. The arrest of Dlrcly was made
upon circumstantial evidence which , it
Is claimed , clearly Implicates him sod
two other colored men , D.ibnoy Jones
and Raabon Kendall , warrants for
whoso arrest a
Thn Enginser * *
Special Dlipitch to Tni tin.
CLEVELAND , Juno 13Tho Ameri
can sooloty of mechanical engineers
occupied all day hearing and diaoucelng
technical pipers. There will bo a ro-
cjptlon to-nlghfc at the opera houso.
Another Cariosity for Barnam.
Spec'kl Dtapntch to TUB Bu.
CHIOAOD , Juno 13 Ono of the sea
lions m Birnum'a inonagerlol&atijight
ivvo birth to a young one , nnd it is
thought to bo the < irat one born In
captivity. The weight of the Infant is
bf wflpn nix nnd nnvnn nnnnds
I'cvl tM , Wit r Ii hrtr. ci I cm tii Now
anil I")01 H n Iru No BD-In t"e licid , Ncncnu
Ho ilic't aid "ever n r-anil > r. 11 > d ,
I h klg iniii * l < UI 1'dtrul , in , mtiri-.e rlramed
ai.d trail il lin-tth h co mil nn 11 , last i nul
brail * K Mi ornl , and mamc K ed.
( ' < u h , 11 mliitin Dioi'ii.n j int > the Thro t ,
1'alns In'liil'uat.liypi' , j , v > ntln-of ttiiuth
a a K cth i o- ( t H'B-p ' , i tc. , cur d
in e bo tlu it ' aUl al t''iri' ' , o o box C'\ti-rh l
Holrcir. an i one l > r Kinlori * I ha'rr , in one
I'a-Vt- , " , ol all ilriif-R i1 * . fo 81 Ask lor < .
KOHIIH HAIIH-L i i KK , a ( iiueilNt 1'HI u ol Wiuh
IUzil.Ani 1'itio 'a ' Kr M > tliHc\-r ; ul.t-
8 > IH" , CtC. ruTTXIl IRI 11 AMI CliruiCAk Co
IJcst ui
for ilio ill 11 nnl pr krii-
> ti n , th * In tant It ii applta. )
VOLTAIC / /o ( H ikiiin titin , Niur i'i
V'A Si l tl , Cousin , Cnld , W , ik
, | . IU i. , H onuih Howelg ,
I1 * ! . .HjUuibneia ,
. Ui , Uvcr
. * * . Uliiloui l\\cr
- - - , - - - \ ,
NMalarKianil l.piiieinln , iuo
Krrtr'e ' ' -
l&ujhit | 'Ui ( iV K or ) b it