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The Productive Wealth of the
Bowels of the Earth Re
duced to Figuroe ,
The Decrease in Livit Year's
Bullion Crop Runs I tj
the Millions ,
Arizona Leads by Bevorol
H , Followed by Oall-
forniu and Colorado.
aind the Hnlf Hat Nut Booa To d
SprcUl Dlsjmtch to Tin 13m.
WASHINOT N , Juno 3 The follow
Ing b an abstract of the special report
of liurchard , director of the mint ,
upou the production of precious mot *
nla in the United States , now in the
hands of the priutero :
The yield of mlnoa in the United
States for the year 1882 wan $32,500-
.OCO in gold , § 10,800,000 In silver.
Compared with the previous year this
showu n dojliuu of $2,200,000 in gold ,
ana au increajo of $800,000 In silver.
The cumpwUlvo "loolino In the pro
duction uf gold was greater In Cali
fornia than any other state or terri
tory , thy yield balng $1,400,000
than in 1881. Tnlu resulted trom the
interruption of hydraulic mining in
oomo northern and middle counties of
the uttUu , owiut ; to litigation ; also
from a falling di In the production of
the quartz minus at Bodlo.
In Oregon , where mining is chiefly
placer , there was a dimnnitlon , and
alao In Nevada , Idaho and D.tKota. In
silver tba principal increase 'was in
Idaho , MontaHu and Now Mexico ,
Idaho showing nu incroaio of $700-
COO , Montana , $1 740,000 , and Now
Mexico § 1.500,000. Colorado fur-
niahod about $000,000 less sliver than
In 1881.
Of the bullion production of the
country $30,001,958 gold and $31-
400,702 &Uver were deposited at the
taints aud aeaay ofiijco for coinage or
return in bars to depositors. Ot the
deuosita of gold , $5,000,000 were
paid in bars for manufacturing pnr-
poaee , and the remainder wont Into
coinage. ; $1,400,000 were furnished
by privaio refineries for nun
ntncturora of the United States.
Tnoro was an export if $175-
000 iu silver bars. Of the
toUl ullver production , $15,750,000
were exported ; $5,094,000 furnished
by tbo mints and assay crHjca to rain
utucturers ; $350,000 by private re
fineries for the same purposes , and
$21 700,000 used ( n ooinago. The
production of the country by states
and territories wns as follows :
Oold. Silver.
Alaska 5 150,000 S
Arizona 1,005,000 7,500,000
O llfornl * . . . . . 1,610,000 S4 > ,000
Colorado 3,300,0110 10,500,000
Dakota 3,310,000 175,000
Georgia 250,000
Idaho 1,500,000 2,000,000
Montani * 2,550,001) ) 4,370,000
Nevada 2,000,000 0,750,000
New Mexico , . . 150,000 1,800,000
< ( Notth Carolina 190,000 23,000
Oregon H30.0CO 35,000
; / South Carolina , 25,000
Utah 100,010 6,800,000
r./ Virginia 15,600
Washington T. . 120,000
Wyoming T. . . 5.COO
In 1882 , $9,939 , 75 were paid in
dividends by Incorporated companion.
This was u slight falling off from the
preceding year. One hundred and
BOV only-fivo companies made aesosa-
ruonts upon ozockholdera for the pur
pose of carrying on mining operations ,
amounting to about $9,000,000 During -
ing the year there was a greater de-
olluo In the amount deposited at the
inlcta and aosay offices than the dill'jr-
once between the gold production of
1881 and 1882 , but there waa n larger
amount of gold consumed by the mo-
chanlcal Indnftries of the country.
The amount ot silver deposited at the
mints and assay offices increased
about $3,500 000\ which corresponds
clojely to tliu Increased production ol
the year , The excess of production
over the consumption of the year ,
added to the not Imports of gold , re
sulted lit a nut gain to circulation ol
loss than $2,000,000 of gold , but bj
coinage and not imports of coin , tin
metallic circulation galuudno. rlv $39 , <
700,000 In gold , and about $27,000 , '
000 si ver com.
California still maintains second
place in the list of gold and silver pro
duclng elates and territories nnd li
likely to do no for come tlmo to oomo
The suits brought to prevent the deposit
posit of debris from placer and hy
draullo mines have boon virtually set
tied. Moro attention is also bolnj
paid to tbo development of quart :
mlnoa in California , and their lov
grade oroa by Improved nmalgamate (
processes , which promise to yield litho
the future steady if not large profits
Its gold fields show no evidences o
exhaustion ; on the contrary , the mag
nltndo of the deposits In ancient rive
beds , the number and pormanon
quariz lodes as well as virgin grouui
yet undeveloped Insure a golden hai
vest for many years to come ,
Nevada a Hews n decrease la gel
nnd silver of about $1,500,000 , whlo
is chiefly due to the rapid deollno i
the yield of the great Oomstock lode
which reduced it from first to thlr
rank. This state suffered probabl
moro than any other mining ooctlo
from ctock speculation and mlaman
agomont In mining , but a roactlo
dooms to ba setting In and mining 1
Nevada is being conducted on n moi
substantial bads.
In Idaho the production of gold wi
slightly less than lu the procedir
year , bat ; there was a notable Inoroa :
in silver.
In Montana the rainlug Induoti
baa increased In importance , the ir
croaood yield having boon in alive
whlah , from $2,530,000 In 1881 , la 1
1882 , $4,370,000. Utah shows an li
creased production of $400,000 in si
vor , and the permanency of the mil
Ing Industry of the territory la a
snrod , Arizona haa maintained h
largo production , nearly $8,500,00
New Mexico , the oldest mining se
tlon of the country , haa not hither
appeared aa a larpo producer of bt
lion , bub during the last two yea
rich discoveries have been mad
which Increased thp annual produ
tlon to $1,800,000. In Colorado It h
w been claimed there was n large OXOE
of production In 1882 over thnt
1881 , bat from examination of t
reports of shipments of ere and bul
lion from tlo sraeMo works chows
the lucreano to have been In the value
of base metalr.
Spoclfcl Dl p tch to Till llsi
\VASIII.NOTON , Juno 13 L-st winter
Miigrcr.s appropriated $1,000,000 for
repairing four old monitor ] , To-day
Secretary Chandler divided the ouui
Into four equal partq , and awarded the
contracts to John Roach , of Cluster ;
William Cramp , of Philadelphia ; liel-
llngsworlh , of Wilmington , and
Socor , of San Francisco , These men
were favored contractors under the
reign of Ilobceon. It Is said that the
money first appropriated la Inade
quate , and th&t SJ,000OOC more will
bo required.
The crdnanco department accepted
the proposal of eastern Prm for the
conversion of fifty 10 inch otnooth-
bore Redman guns Into 8 Inch muz-
z'e-londlng ' rlflea at n cost of $100,000.
When Thompson waa nocrotary cf the
navy ho persuaded congress to appro
priate $250,000 to establish a coalIng -
Ing station at Chlnquln Bay ,
Central Amealca. Tula occasioned
much criticism. It waa oald to bo a
atop In the direction of enforcing the
Monroe dceirlno. The Eugllsh and
French people affected , duaory the
menace to their Intercuts on the
iathmus. Thompson wont out of the
cabinet aud Into the Panama cinnl
company before tbo atatlc.ii waa estab
lished. Recently Secretary Chandler
discovered thnt If something wan
not done before the oloao of
the fiscal year the mony would
have to bo turned back into thn treas
ury. For some tlmo Fro'.inghuysen
opposed the consummation of the project
joct , bat Chandler finally carried his
point , and a coaling station is to bo
established , Now the French nnd
English proas will bo called out again ,
John Sherman on the Political Situ
ation The Tarlll Issue.
Speclil Dispatch to Tni Un.
MANSFIELD , O. , Juno 2. The Rich-
laud county republican convention
mot hero to-day to elect delegates to
the atato convention to nomlnato a
governor nud other atato i fibers.
John Sherman heada tha Hat of dele
gates elected who go to Cjlumbut un-
Instrnctod. Senator Sherman was
rnndo permanent chairman of to-day's
convention. In taking the chair ho
made n speech discussing briefly na
tional and stnto questions that nro to
form the political Issues of the Imme
diate future. Ho satd , In subatanca :
"Wo are republicans , not because wo
do not llko our democratic neigh-
bois , bnt becauao wo boltevo
the success of our party
will boot promote the intoreata and
advance the prosperity of all our pee
ple. The reason of our success is that
the republican party has always , been
guided by correct- principles , and has
had the courage to aaaort them. Wo
have had our ups and downs , our con
tentions and divisions. Trusted , nblo
loaders , disappointed In their ambi
tions , or perhaps honestly mistaken ,
have loft ua and joined our adversa
ries. Still our party , with partial de
feats , baa triumphed again aud again.
It haa met and aolvod the complicated
problems of civil government , of war
and peace , foreign and domestic , so
that now wo bavo no quoatlona with
foreign natlona , and bnt few of domes
tic policy. And now wo are to enter
a contest this year nnd next year , thnt
will determine the fate of pirtlos and
current of political events for many
years. We have boon weakened by
our divisions in the northern states ,
bnt wo are gaining ttrength by out
principles in the southern states. The
most Boriona of our divisions gron
out of the attempt to nominate Gen
eral Qrant for the third term , whlcli
waa greatly unfortunate for him and
the republican party , bnt it DLVOI
weakened , in the slightest degree , my
abiding faith iu his patriotism 01
diminished my estimation of the value
of bla services to his country during
the war. No man living haa done
moro for his country. No honor 01
pay which the public can heap upor
him can equal the valao of his ser
vices. Bat in the minds of the
great musses of hla countrymen the
evil example of too long continuance
in power of the president In a alngh
person was a danger so great thai
oven In the case of General Grant II
waa not wise to make It , This wai
1 the queatlon settled by the Chicago
convention , and should no more bi
made a cause of division than thi
failure to nomlnato any ether oandl
date.Upon the question of principles tha
divide the parties there are no vita
dlflerences of opinion In the ropnbll
can party. What now nro the quea
tloua upou which the contest this fal
will depend ? Shall our tariff laws b
framed with the view to protect labo
as well as levy taxes ? Upon thn
question wo are united and lucontes
tably rlgbt. It ia the fundaments
national question of the time , whlo !
nil ) ongrosa the attention of the congress
gross , aud bo the pivotal IBSU
upon which the presidential oloc
tlon will turn. Wo as a part ;
maintain that , while the mall
object of taxes on imported goods I
to furnish revenue for the support i
the government , yet that In lovylu >
them special cir < i should bo taken t
foster , balld ap and protect sue :
manufactures , agriculture , or produi
tlon as are salted to our cllmuta an
the habits of our people , with tli
view to Bocuro to oar artisans fa
wagca and good days' labor ; for ot
farmers a homo market for their pn
ductlous , and 10 our conn try atrengtl
wealth end Independenco. This
30 the chosen position of the republloa
party , and upon It TTO Invite a cjnto
IT 1th our democratic friends whet
ever , If over , they muko up the
mind upon subjects.
The ether question la : "Shall tl
sale of spirituous nnd malt liquors t
free nnd untaxed In Ohio ? Or shall
pay In taxoa some portion of the e :
ponsos caused by the traffic , for tl
maintenance of our courts , poorhous
aud local police , end for the loss H o
tails upon the victims of a dlaoaai
appetite and upon their vlvea ai
children ? " The republican logislatu
has smbodlod Itavlewof what la rig ;
and just in what Is called "tho Set
law , " nnd upon the justice of t
taxes it Imposes.
The Size of tf'o ' Parnell fund
anil the Expectations of
Its Promoters ,
The Gznr Appualu Prom the
.Nihilists to the Deity for a
"Quiat , PencelulL'fe. "
The Demands of Franco on
Madagascar The Prix
Do PnriB ,
Vnrioni Itctui From Othnr Potut * .
Special Dispatch 10 Tim lilts
LOMON , Juno 2. Promoters of the
Parnell fund hope to ralso 30,000.
America la expected to furnish one-
Albert Marie , n trusted friend of
Garibaldi , died at Lludarln Sunday
McUowan haa withdrawn from the
Parnolllto party owing to Pnrnoll'a
action In the recent McOowan-O'Kclly
Flvo moiubora of the Republican
Brothorhoodworo nrrosted at Water
ford , Ireland , on the charge of being
connected with n conspiracy to mur
der. Archbishop Oroko to-day visited
Tlpporary , ouo of the parishes In hlo
dloceso. The town was Rally docoratd
In honor of the visit nud nn address
presented him , to which ho replied
from the altar of the parish church.
PORTSMOUTH , Eng. , Juno 2. It Is
reported that the men-of-war Shan
non nnd llnpor , will proceed to China
to reinforce the British squadron
Special Dispatches to Tin Uiv.
Moscow , Juno 3. After the fete at
Potrofsky park yesterday , tbo emperor
poror invited the vlllaco elders and
marshals of the provincial aoblllty to
u dinner. Addressing the oldtrs , ho
said ho was glad to see thorn. Ho
thanked them for entering so heartily
Into the festivities of tho.coronation ,
and added : "When you return to
yont homos , do not credit aouaoleoa
rumors respecting the redistribution
of grants of land. Such rumors were
atarted by enemies of the crown. All
property must bo unassailable. " Addressing -
dressing the marshals , ho said ; "I
thank you for your fidelity. I am
convinced of the cordial feelings of the
nobility , and hope they will support
everything conducive to the benefit of
the throne and fatherland. May God
glvo us a peaceful and quiet life. "
Flvo poraoun were crushed to death
In the tromandona crowd that Bought
admission to Potrofaky park , The
emperor and empress drove through
the city to the Oonvont of St. Sorglua
to-day , without escort. There was a
grand parade of Circassian troopa to
A banquet was given to-day in hon
or of Wagauoff , tbo proas censor , by
foreign newspaper representatives ,
There will bo no fates at St. Peters
burg for tbo present. The czar will
not make a state entry Into that city ,
Tbo mayor of Moscow , who it ia stated [
Intends to resign In consequence of the
disapproval of his speech at a banquette
to the mayors of cities , Bald lu a
speech ho hoped the czir would Insti
tute a constitutional regime.
Moscow , Juno 2 , At a ball given
by Gen. Yon Schwointz , the German
ambassador , last evening , the emperor
or and grand dukes appeared in uni
form. The Germ&n officers also won
their Gormau ordcrp. It la stated thai
the mayor of Moscow Intends to re
sign , In consequence of the dlaapprov
al that has been ciproasod of n apcoal
which ho delivered at a banquet giver
to the mayora of cities ,
The city is almost empty of poopli
to-day , owing to the greater part o
the population having gene to Po
troffakl pavk to participate In an immense
monso fete there In honor of the coronation
nation of the czar. The emperor vrll
viult the park this afternoon.
Special Dispatch to Tut Bui.
PARIS , Jutio 3. The race for th
Grand Prix d'Parls was run to-day
and won by Dao DaDastrlos * Frontin
Sir Johnstono'a St. Blalso aooond , am
Count DaLogrango'a Fariadot third
Rjvonuo and Dorvlcho made a run
e ulng with Frontin third , until round
ing the last bend , when Frontin tool
the load and won by half a length
There were three lengths between th
second and third , Satory fourth , Regain
gain Gfth ; eight ran.
Voltaire says : "Tho French com
mandorln Madagascar haa boon In
atrnotod to withdraw hla forces fret
that country only after Queen Rana
vole has recognized the French prc
tcctorato specified by the treaties c
1840 and 1841. The admiral wl
insist on the right of Frenchmen t
own land in Madagascar and wi
10 claim Indemnity of 1,500,000 franc
0y for the cost of the expedition , "
y It is stated that the lion als hav
n made overtures with a view of eon
is ing to an understanding with Franci
ofg George Oaasagnao and an old 10
g goant major fought a duel with swore
too on the Swlas frontier to-night , Oassaj
h nao'a throat was pierced. It la foiro
oid the wound will prove fatal.
Ir Special Dlapatcbts to TnxIiiiK ,
11 r HOME , Juno 3. The chamber i
dopntlca adopted unanimously tl
proposal to appoint a commit too
discuss and report upon a bill fi
in erecting a national monument to Go .
iSt oral Garibaldi on Janlculum Hill , tl
alto of Garibaldi's defense of Ron
against the French in 1840.
In the election to-day for momb
ho of the chamber of deputlea , Ooloni
bo received C.223 votea end Rlcclol
It Garibaldi 3 OOG.
xho MADHID , Juno 3 The Tribune
ho Xerxes sentenced ono member
ICS the Black Iland society to llfoloi
in- servitude , and another to soventoi
od years , for the mnrder of a man wl
nd declined to join the society.
ire BEULJN , Juno 3. The Bundeara
ht decided agalnat the coinage of silver
ott the ratio of 17 } to 1.
.ho PANAMA , May 24. The rovolutle
Ista are now completely surrounded
. Guayaquil , and communication c :
ted on. only bo hold through the lower part
the river , The first shots were (
chanc-od on thn night of the 221 , and
It is believed that the city Trill betaken
taken vrlthln n vroek.
Donu.v , Juno 2. Thomas OjIFrey ,
the fourth Pltealx Park murderer
was hanged at KHmnlnham jll this
GafTrtiy wrote H letter to his mother
last evening , In which ho said : "I
hope you will never have cusn to
bhieh for my nanio. As I aai paying
the penalty of my crlmo In this world ,
I hope I won't have to aulT.r . lu the
next. " Ho wan compoaad on the tc. f-
fold , aud death wai inslnnUncou * .
VIRNNA , Juno 2. A correspondent
reports that Turkey Is looking a coali
tion with Ranslu against British Influ
ence lu Egypt
Special Dlcjutctus to TUB UK.
The Mexican papers , printed on the
I'Aclflc count , are commencing to Muuo
Ucn. Dlar. for hh ( rleiuUhlnvlih Gen.
Grant , nud to declnro tlutt the nutonnaiy
of the republic will bo threatened ehunlii
lt z become preclclrnt. The tuncrty-
stricken condition of tbo treasury , niul tbe
fenr that paper currency will Uko the
place of coin , and possible ciillr.pto of
ninny railroad genomes nro nul-jeit of de
bate , ni nro ftlso the crant of r > i,000,000 )
In aid of rnllroAila , whlln pu : > iU- Institu
tions nro nlmott forgotten. The Suulon
papers In particular write etroiiKly on
tlicso pnluls.
The eccretaryof the interior h appointed -
pointed the following nsaltUnt hiipcrin-
teudocts of the Yelluwntnnn X.-ttiontl
rk : Wm , Cftnnou , of Iivllann ; (5.i. \ .
enilcrBon and Wm Clmtuberi > , of IOWH ;
D. E. Sawyer , of Alirmiuott ; J. W.Vul -
uior , of Ivunaaa ; Darn 11 Mc.iwnn , of
1'dnniiylvnnla ; Kdmuiul L Tish , of Navy
York , and Jni. U. D au , of M.tryland ,
The postuiaator general his taned tbo
followlug order : I'oatniMtcrii at tintt Atul
eccoud clftSB ollL'CH will licrvaflcr five ; per-
Bonal attontlin to the huslnoss of their
cilice , nnd not nbiont UietmclviM there-
from without Authority ir.iuto1 ; upon
written application to thin department
A violation of this order will ho deemed
tullicieut to cnuao removal ,
ThcSnlvntlou Army Ins been notified
by the chief of police of Hertford , Conn. ,
that they muat stop ftrcet einglng in the
future under ponnlty of nrrcat , Onptaln
1'almer , chief of the Snlvntlonl t , BH it
ia their intention to eiiiR until they me
stopped by the mayor , r.R tnat clliclal K e
them pcnnljalon to hold meeting ! ) lu the
Fiskhili vllllasa ( N . Y ) Sutur.lay . nl
tcrnoon celebrated tha cuiittuui\l : nutil-
versnry of the vlriuul itUbandlui ; of the
ravolutionary army hy Wellington's or
der of Juno 2d , 1783 , furloudiing non-
commUsiuucil ollicora nnd nuldlere , who
then struck tholr teuttt aud mtrched to the
old cantonment , nud from there loft for
their homes.
A souaation haa bren created in clerical
circles in Cftnndu by the pubh.ntlon of n
letter privately nddreeaed to ( Jnrdinal
Bimooul , Home , In 1SSI , by Tnnlivol , nn
ultramontane journnlist. Asking for the
depoaltion of Archbishop Fnacharnr , on
the ground of biding with Catholic llbernla
nnd sowing dimension among the clergy ,
A dhpntch to the Dublin Mnll , from
Home , aays that the 1'opo will , N uocca-
eary. follow up his recent circular to the
Irish bluhop ? in relation to the agitation in
Ireland anil tbo Pnrnell fund , by auspen-
siou from their function * of nil ocolodlaa-
tloo who disobey the cauimnnda of the cir
The Sunday trains on the llouaatonlo
railroad ware Btoppod yesterday by the
Maasachuiotta nuthoritiea , Tha clergy
men of Borkihlr * county preaeutod n pe
tition against running trains on Sundny ,
but the railroad company diurcgarded
The City National bink of Cleveland
had its ten-ton eafo hauled out of tha
building by horse teams into n vacant lot
nnd the refractory time-lock blown open
with dynamite. Hnlf n dozen eiperta had
failed to open it. It contained 8300.COO.
Corrlgnn & Bon , brcedora nnd horeemen ,
of Milwaukee , have auld the well known
brood mnro Lizzie McDonald , nnd a two-
year-old Btnllion colt by lirndley'a Hani'
blotonlnn , to O. 0. McCarthy , of Kuox <
Tillo.Tenn. , for $1,200. ,
lloporta are received of extensive flrei
raging in the pinaricu northomt of Tmvru ,
Mich. , but therenre no dotnilH whatever
Fears ore oxproeaed of heavy damaRO , nn
leaa rain cornea opoedily to tbe relief.
llanlnn anya tha Point of 1'ino'd COUMI
is not three miles long. Kennedy say * i
waa n minute abort. Ilnnlnn will wave
$5,000 or $10,000 he can row the course h
lowed Thursday in 18 minuten or IORS.
The steamer Belgravis. from Queen ;
town Thnraday for New York , took 701
stnte nided emtgrantR , airi the 1'hii'aiciau
from Glaagow Wedtiaaday for ISoaton
200 of the same class of phHion ora.
It ia wliiapcrod the engineers , couducton
brakomeu a. d other employes of th
Southern I'acifio went of Sun Franciac
are orgnnlzint ; a strike on account of th
recent ten per cent reduction ,
A cloao wntch placed over the mnnngi
mentof tbo Kroedman's hospital , in Waal
in ton , haa rcHiilted In the discovery the
meat baa been delivered there thnt waa ul
terly unfit for food ,
The atonmer City of Peking arrived i
San Franclaco Saturday , with OGG oaaea c
opium , tha largest cargo yet brought t
on * time. The duties amounted to noarl
Mickey Blake , a notorious criminal , wt
robbed a Chinese laundry in liurilngtoi
Iowa , of several hundred dollars a yei
ujo , escaped from jail there Saturday a
A fund of over n thoueond haa bee
rained among trench Canadians , chief
liberals , for the widow of DeLorliue
banged in 1837 for participation in tbe r
The corner stone of St , James Oathi
dral , At Kenoahn , Wia , , waa laid yoatei
day. Tbe ceremonies wore under the BI
ptrvieiou of Archbishop Ilelaa , of Ml
Samuel Oratu , alloa Miller , the hot
thief arrested at tbo Palmer house , Ch
cage , waa held In tha bonds of $4,000 (
ten charges of grand larceny.
JO W. K. Vanderbilt has bought for $3C
JOn 000 a large tract lying nt Mentor , ne
Uarfield'i home , nnd will build n coat
summer residence t'-'oro.
ds Floilda republicans are try In ? to eecu
the removal of Wlokor , the Key We
dsfd collector , Ho la nn old constituent
Richard Crowley.
The bank fttatomont showa a revcn
decroaeo of SI,057,000. The banks nt
bold $ U,071,7uO iu excom of the legal i
of Y ng Wing , the now ChlnuHe con&i
he and bin secretary anil interpreter , attend
to rtices nt 1'lymouth church yoaterdsy.
or All trouble at Dodge City , Kas. , o
over , Luke Short Ins returned aud
n- comes under no Hag of truce ,
" ° Blair Bays Maud S. U doing hotter eve
no day , He was never HO euro HIO would e
down to 2J8 : ( M he la now.
icr Gen , Goo. 1' . Uuell wai burled yeat
na day , in Mt. Olivet cemetery , Nusuvll
tti with military lionorH.
The International Typographic * ! Uiii
at will meet In annual convention In Cinci
atof nati to-morrow.
The lirUbanea , of Brooklyn , who wi
never married , have been granted an i
Governor Cleveland , of New York. I
decided not to call nn extra sexton of 1
Ahat legUlature.
at An atrobat at Hunter's I'omt , glvlni
free thow on a tight ropr , wan bluwnoll I
an- the wind.
at About $1,000,000 of the South Carol
an spurious debt remains unfunded ,
tof Woful tobacco crop reports come fr
ox- Petersburg , Va ,
Tliroo Cowboys Pluugo Head
long Into Little Fronok-
niau Rlvor ,
A Clear Hundred Feet of Un
obstructed Foil.
Two unit the Other nt the
Poiut of Uonth.
UeriTer New * , Juno 2.
There Arrived on the Burlington &
Qaincy train Inut night n well known
citizen of Grooley , who will prob , bly
dlo from the tll'icta i > f Injuries BUS-
tilned In ouo of the most Imrrjwlng
accidents that has a place In the his
tory of round-up sensations In the
west. The viatim in Mr. Charles
Hughltt. Ho was * taken from the
train to the St. James hotel , and this
mornlug , If alive , will bo conveyed to
his home.
"I don't know whether the boy will
pull through , " snid his attendant to n
News reporter , nn the wounded man
was being transferred from the train
to n hnck , In n soml-unconsclons con
dition ; "but If ho docs , It will bo the
most wonderful case on record , llo'a
grit , true grit ; never saw anything
llko it In my life. Stranger , yon lie-
ten to mo. There ain't anything llko
It ever occurred In the west , " nnd the
attendant cow-boy , tiklng the scribe
to ono nldo , wlillo others were making
the ootlorer comfortable in the vehicle ,
narrated the facts.
The Llttlo Frenchman raugo In
southwestern Nobnxskn , la , perhaps ,
ono of the most celebrated cattle
lections of the country. In that
neighborhood Ilughttt was ouo of
the most
A college graduate , ho combined In
telligence with that rare courage
whloli the better olaon of cowboys
always display on the range , lie vrns
more thun valiant. In prosecuting
his work as foreman for the Ir.rgo
herd which ho controlled ho WAH ,
at times , c&rcleasly desperate ; BO
ranch so at times that his acta were
the cause of not a llttlo anxiety to hlo
On the day in question the herds of
the several ntockmon were well gnth
ored on the brink of n largo mesa
which overlooked the Llttlo French
man river. Too bluff was at least 100
foot above thn stream , Whtlo the cat
tle wcro being out out , a steer broke
nwav ixud made a dash nlong the edge
of the yawning chasm. Beneath was
the swiftly passing water and sharp
jutting rooks. There were ICO cow
boys In the circle , the number being
equttlly dlvldqd among throe outfits.
A representative of each put spurs to
his horse and made the chase , iiughltt
was the fjrouiost. Following him
closely were William Thompson nnd
John Green. All three circled lassoes
over their heads mm dug the spur
points Into their horses' sides until the
blood spurted. It wns
and herding valor. Neither for a
moment thought of an Impending
doom. Fatality had no room In their
oontemplntton of the present. It was to
do or bo dishonored In the round-up ,
and they urged their ponies madly onward -
ward in the race.
The crowd , 150 strong , cheered
wildly and then watulied with bated
Along the edge of the awful procl
plco the now maddened steer plunged
the three ambitious horsemen cloaolj
pursuing and eagerly awaiting an nd
vautago. When nbtut two huudroc
yards uwny from thn herd and as tin
surrounding cowboys were about t (
utter another yell of encouragement
a cry of destruction end death won
heavenward. The earth moved
and steer nnd horsemen dlsuppoaroc
The party rushed to the point o ,
lookout on the chnom only to HOC bo
noatli the mingled bodies of dead am
10 dying. Whllo the members ntooi
paralyzed on the brink , yet Irrosoluti
aa to what they nhould do , Ilughit
irus observed springing to hli foot
Ills horse responded to the release
nnd the rider , after some dUHonlty
mounted. The twain , by a clrcnltou
at route then slowly ollmbad back to th
of moaa. Dismayed by
ly still benumbed
the cowboys were Btandlng
numbed with dread , when thn inalmoi
man appeared among them ,
ar "If there's a man among you , " h
if. said feebly , "go with mo to the rail
road , I want to go homo to ray wlf
en and llttlo ones at Grneloy. "
ily It was then dusk. There were plont
of the sturdy follows ready to acooin
pany the pufiorer , and the trail was 1m
mediately taken across the country t
train of the next .
ir- catch the day.
iru - Meanwhile a descent was made Int
u11 - the canon by a rescuing party. Th
steer , the cause of the disaster , 01
tel capod Injury. Green waa found al
ll- moat burled and dead. IIo waa bruise
considerably and all his limbs wor
found broken , Thompson waa ala
lar dead and fearfully mutilated. Th
tly pommel of his saddle had complotol
disemboweled hito. Ills entrails wei
ire found scattered along the cllif fc
I'Ht thirty feet or more. Ills horse was
Grcon'a animal was injured
iue uw badly as to bo unable to rlso , and h
ru was shot.
ruul. It wns twenty-eight miles to Cu
ul. bertson Station and a wonry night
led ride. The party osotrtlng Ilughi
never heard a word of rufiorlng froi
are his lips. Finally ho began to blood i
he the lungs , and a halt wa * made to di
tormlnu the nataro and extent of h
ry Injuries. IIo was dismounted ar
got the surprise
examined , Imagine <
the escort when they found that 1
lie cr- , warj maimed almost to death. II
collar bono was broken , ills rlgl
Inn arm waa fractured In two places , at
fruru lib right aldo there obtrudi
two broken rlbn. Add to all this tl
sro fact that ho was also Internally 1
lib- jurod , as evidenced by the blo <
vomit , and the condition ot the BU
hat foror can bo realized.
the The examination concluded , It w
almost Impossible for him to regain 1
K a foot or the saddle.
"You hadn't bettor go to the ra
linn road , Oharloy , " suggested ouo ol t
party "lot us camp hero for 1
rom night. "
"Don't dlearm mo boys , " he m
torod weakly , In reply. "Don't take
my pistols. I want to once moro
After that I expect it's all up with
mo. "
The romonnt was made , and the sad
journey was continued across the pral-
rlo and through the bleak night.
Iiughltt never spoke a word.
"Charley , " said ono of his com
panions , as the darkness ot after midnight -
night enshrouded the party , "If you
dlo what what shall I toll your
wife 1"
"Toll her , " ho responded felntly ,
"toll her that I died In the saddle
thinking of her nnd the babes. "
A long silence followed which ho at
length broke :
"Don't ' talk that way , " ho snid ,
"don't discourage mo. All I care late
to got homo , nnd that kind of talk
doesn't make the trip very oaoy for
me. "
The balance of the journey was con *
ducted In silence , the men alternating
In supporting him In the saddle irhon
weakness attacked htm , Completely
worn out by the long journey , the
party arrived at Oulbortson about
noon yesterday. When the station
the sutToror revived and began to ex
press hopes of recovery. Ho was
placed on the afternoon train , nud ar
rived at the hour stated.
"Thar Is the grlllest man I ovnr
mot , " satd the cowboy , In rounding
oir his account of the occurrence.
Iiughltt was plnced under medical
treatment last night nud will bo taken
to Grceloy this morning , Ills recov
ery Is despaired of.
The Mlaoourl Win no out tuo Railroad
SUux City Journal.
The recent rlio of the Mloaourl has
carried out about all that was loft of
the railroad dyke on the Iowa sldo , op-
poalto Blair , Nob. A strong current
has cut a deep aud wide channel
through the Band-bar 12,000 foot in
land from what was built for the end
pier. After the first break , aomo
three wof kn ngo , the railroad company
partially repaired tbo dyke by driving
piles and putting In brush and atone.
A ptlu bridge waa also built across the
now channel to the Island or sandbar
nt what was Intended for the Iowa
end of the bridge. The present rise
hua dfstroyod about all of this work.
The piles have been broken down and
the dyke la uniaahed out or under
water , The shore brldco gang that was
driving plica and putting up bents tor
the approach to the main bridge , haa
boon drowned out and left for work
olaonherr. Just how b.ui the cut
around the end of the bridge is , can
not bo known until the water goon
down. A dyke that cost $100,000 has
boon ruined , for ono thing. This Is
the least Important part of the loss , If
the channel that cut through the bar
cannot bo permanently shut up. If It
cannot , the length of the bridge as
proposed must be moro than doubled.
It la now proposed to Hat iu tree tops
aud break the force of the current in
the now channel this way , The olli-
cora of the road are on the ground ,
and are doing all thnt can bo done tu
chock the break. The river fell n
llttlo last night.
Galvcstoii'd Orontuois.
Special Dispatch to TUN Dm.
GALVFBTON , Juno 3 , It is rumored
tbo Gulf , Colorado & Santa Fo Is it
active and direct negotiation with the
management of the Southern Paclfu
road for working au arrangement bj
which the gulf business of the latte
line will bo concentrated ntGalvoston
The Morgan steamship line , Instoai
of having hoadquartora at Clinton i
will fooallZ9 at tills point. A line o >
steamers will bo run from Now Yorl
to thla port partly composed of soin
of the shlpa now plying to Now Or
loana and the flout now engaged in th
trade hero will continue It
present work , extending nlon
the coast of Mexico and dut
f ing the trading eoaaon being s
regulated that three trips a montl
will bo mode to Vera Cruz Th
Santa Fo will bo opened fully au
completely for eastern and wester
business with the Hnntlugton line
just as If It was loaned to that Interest
and trains woat from San Franclsc
and east from Now Orleans will ru
through direct to Galvoston. It I
also said thnt all negotiations botwoo
the Santa Fo nnd Texas-Mexican ar
off , the Santa Fo having declined th
propositions made them by the _ Pa .
mor. Sullivan parties. This Is said t
bo In accord with the spirit of the arrangement
rangomont with the Northern Paclfii
Grant , Blalno and Iiogan.
SpecUl Dltpitcb to Till III * .
LOUISVILLE , Juno 3 General am
Mrs. Grant arrived In this city lai
night , remaining until this aftoruoon
o when they loft for Lexington. Tli
Courier-Journal reporter Intorvlowo >
Grant on the political situation , tl :
latter expressing the opinion tin
Blalno and Logan were each voi
strong men for the republican non
( nation In 1881.
Z The Great Balsamic Distillation of Wit
Hazel. American Pine , Canadian Fur
Marigold , Clover Blossoms , &c.
For the Inline tlato relic ! MiJ permanent euro
id every form of tatirrh , ( r ma dlmiilo Head Ci
of or Influenza to tliu Loss ol Smell , Taatu , a
llearlnir , CoiiKli. IlroncliltU , and Incipient C <
tumptlon. Relief In ll > o inlnutui In any n
Us every c * o. Njltilnf llko .t ( Jritutul fragra
lit whofi omo Uuro lupins It m lint appllcat c
anil la rapid , radical , peimancrit and never (
ud ff ,
od Ono bottle llaillcil Guru , cno Itox Cttarr
Job out andSinford'a Inlitlir , all In ono pavka ;
'orinlnir ' a complete tr atinunt , ol nil iliu i :
In- ! rll. Auk tor ( Hvvoiui'H UAIIICIL C'UKK. i' '
Inod Till I > R1H1 AM ) ClIKMICAL Ua , IluHTON.
For tlio relief and ptc\
if- ,
tlon , the
Imtant It Is appl
/ ° l UheumstUin , Neurali
ras " , Coughs , Coldi.W
, Hloinaclt and How
his ShcotliiK 1'aliu , Numbn
, Kemtlo
ill- Vl SWv ! 'Jutl9n. . . ) Ulivptl la. U
uoraphlnt , llllou
the x Malaria and Kpldemln ,
the coLllNS ' ASTEita.
Klectrlo Tattory combl
nt pain. 25o Everjwheto , fe&l
A Midnight Pionio in the
Ooart Yard of Winter-
sot , Iowa.
A Murderer Treed in Five
Minutes , to Sara Delay
and Expanses.
Mn. Brown Charged With the
Murtlor of Summon at
nt Wintnrint.
SpocUl Dlpatch to Tni U i. 5
DKM MdiXF.s , Juno 3. A mob com
posed of fifty inon broke open the
Wlntersot jnll nt3 o'clock tills morn
ing , Hocnrod John II mm or nnd hnng
him to n tree In the court hotiao yard.
Hammer was charged with thn mur *
dor of Wlllliun Newell on the 13th of
June , 1832 Neither the mnrdoror
or minder \voro ouapoctod until ono
Hugh , n convict for horao stealing la
the Amamosa penitentiary , rovonlod
It nnd Mated ho helped bury
Newell. Hugh's atiUmcnt before the
oi > renur's inquest ever the body of
Newell as to tlmo , pltcaof burin ) , nature -
turo of wound , etc. , la corroborated
by the facto nnd much circumstantial
ovldoucc , nnd without waiting for a
preliminary trial , which haa boon do-
laycd n week , the mob took the nut
ter Into their own hands. The parties
nro net known , nnd the work was
done In five minutes. Two allots
were fired at the victim. . ,
The IConrnny Murder.
Special Dispatch to Tun. linn.
KKAUNKY , Juno 3. The coroner's
jury In the Summon ) murder case holda
final meeting this morning , rendering
n verdict which Inya the blame on
Mrs. Brown , whom Summers had
boon living with for several ycnra on.
very Intlmnto terms. She has not
been nrroatod , but la under guard.
Sjmo extenuating circumstances con
nected with the else will make It oaaior
for hor.
Arrtft of n Notorious Swindler.
HPIHUI Dltustch to Till ! ) .
BOSTON , Jnno3. James n. Ling-
ley alias Dr. Langlay , alias llonry
Langley , known throughout the
country na the king of "Potor Funks , "
wna nrroatod on the arrival of the
1'nll ' Hlvor boat. IIo had for years
boon operating In loading cttlns and
thowoat na a promoter of atook job
bing operations , Grganlzod on paper
for swindling purposes. Ouo cor
poration la thn "United States Con-
struotlon nnd Investment company , "
another Is the "Limited Llvo Stock
company. " Daring the last 11 vo years
Lungloy organized n score of bogus
concerns. A Uoatoniau named Wor
rell was invoighlod Into ono enter
prise nnd lost $100,000. All Lang-
ley's concerns proved worthless ,
whllo Ills vlotlms nro loglon. Liiigley
la euppjaod to have unmorons confederates -
federates In various parts of the
country. Laugtry Is Bald to have
served a term In the Now York peni
tentiary , nnd nlao have aovoral Indict
ments standing against In the west.
The costly fnrnltnro nud trappings of
the Construction company oflioo wan
1 mortgaged some tlmo since.
Wnisoii'ii Def nio.
Special Dtipttch to Tim ll i.
SAN ANTONIO , Toias , Juno 3.
y Mpr Wnasou , the defaulting nrray
r : paymAutor , In an elaborate address to
the court , will plead guilty to orabcz-
d zlomunt of $1,500 , bnt will resist the
, charge of embezzling § 18.000 , which
fk f ho Is alleged to nave lost. 't
k _ _ _
A Strlho of Street Railroaders
Spuclal Dispatch to TUB linn
CIIICAOO , Juno 3. The conductors
and engineers employed on the cable
struct railway , south division , mot at
midnight last night , and after reject
ing the company's proposition to pay
them 20 cents per hour instead of 40
cents per trip , drew up a memorial to
the management proposing payment
by trip , ranging from 30 to 37 cents ,
according to ita length. Unices an
nccuptnoco ol the proposition la signi
fied before noon to-duy , the men will
atrlko. The superintendent of the
company says the demand of the men
will not bo compiled with , ana their
places bo filled by partially trained
hands. The men , on the other hand ,
assort that a secret mooting cf the dl-
rectors was hold yesterday afternoon ,
at which they agreed to nocodo to the
demand at the last moment , If neces
The First liaptlst church at Quincy
1'olnt , Mntfl , , wnt , thrown into contusion
by u lunatic who ran down the nlslo and
into tlio pulpit , threatening bla enemlet
10 with a piece of load pipe in ma hand. Sfr
10d men , nfler a fierce struggle , bound him.
n >
Is designed to meet the wants ot a largo portion
tion of our people who are cither too poor to
employ a physician , or are too far removed
to easily call one , and a still larger class
who are not sick enough to require medical
advice , and yet nro out of sorts and need &
medicine to build them up , give them an ap
petite , purify their Mood , and nil jipthoma-
: hlncryof their bodies so It will do Us duty
vIlllnRly. No other article takes hold of the
system and hits exactly the snot llko ,
It works llko magic , reaching every part ot
ho human body through the blood , giving to
all renewed life and energy.
My friend , you ncod not take our won ! .
E Ask your nJlahbor.lio has lust taken ono
Hoftl that' ' H'3 the best
> otHiHo \ \ tell you
dollar I ever invested. " { , - _ *
I.rnANOxTN. II. , Feb. 19,187 ! > X
fli'r.Rsns. ' C. 1. lloon .t Co. : Dear Sirs
Although Kieatly prejudiced against patent
- : incdlcliicsln general , I was Induced , fioni
" " ' the excellent reports I had hcaid of your
au ; Karsaparllla , to try a bottle , last December.
" " ' for dyspepsia and general prostration , and t
" . ave received very pratl yliiB lesuUslroni
° " . Its use. I am now usfim the , second bottle.
" and consider It a very valuable leiuedy foe
indigestion and Its attendant troubles.
tai "
Vour3tn"Pvo.cuuKcmLi : , ,
* " ( Firm of Carter & Chuichlll. )
.V A gentleman who
? „ " ; has been suffering from
the Debility a.w\ Languor If )
peculiar to this season ,
says : " HOOD'S SAKSAPAKILLA Is putting
new llfo right Into mo. I have gained tea
her pounds since I began to take It. " Has taken.
verL two bottles.
( an Ilooo'a SAitsArAitrLiA is sold by all drug
lew am gists. I'rlco § 1 per bottle ; six for S3. rro-
toicd by U L HOOD & CO. , Lowell , 2&U3. tnt