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The Great Iron Luokout Averted
at tlio Last Moment ,
The Manufacturers Concede
the Demands of the Mon
and Sinn the Scale.
Qreat Rnoicing in Pittsburg
and Other Irou Mill
The Trouble nt iho IlllnnU Mints
In a Fair Way of Settlement.
Thn Lookout Averted.
Spoclal Dispatch to Tin 11 B.
PirrsBuna , May 30 A conference
of iron manufacturers and the Amal
gamated association committees this
afternoon resulted in the mnnufao
tnrorH signing laat year's scale of
$5 50 per ton for puddling. This
action happily averts the strike , and
insures the mnnlng ot all mills in the
west for at leuat ono year longer.
Manufacturers have all along
persisted that they would not pay
moro than $6 , and who were supposad
to have a solid front , glvo as a reason
for the unexpected action that they
had positive Information that a num
ber of western mills hid made ar
rangements to continue at the
old scale with tbe condi
tion that if the manufacturers
hero were successful the workmen
would accept the aama wages , and
rather than submit to aeolug their
trade going to other places decided to
pay the wages demanded by the Amal
gamated Association. President Jar
re tt , of the latter , stys tha scale was
signed unconditionally , and character-
Iz3s it as a "victory without a battle. "
Intense satisfaction Is expressed on all
sides over the settlement , as a strike
was regarded as inevitable , and to
Plttsbnrg on Indefinite shutting down
of the Iroi , mills meant not only seri
ous loss to those engaged ia that par
ticular Industry , but to every other
industry and business SB well.
Clerolancl Follow * .
Special Dispatch to Tui Unit.
CLEVELAND , May 31. The Union
rolling mill has signed thn saalo , and
employes say the Brlttou Iron and
Steel company have done so ,
though the proprietors decline
to aflirm or deny It. The
Forent City iron works either has or
"undoubtedly will. No other esttb
Hshmouts hero nra effected by Pltts-
bnrg'a action. No sign of a strike.
The Puddtcrm' Strike.
Special Dispatch to TUB B i.
CINCINNATI , May 31. It Is believed
r / . f * -I' * - " " ' ' r" lufuoluwrs hero
I that the action of thu mill ownera at
Pittsbnrg in signing the scale will nn
doubtodly oud the strike of the pnd-
dlors In and about Cincinnati. The
news from Plttsbnrg was received too
late to-night to prevout the strike goIng -
Ing Into effect , but it la bellsved as
soon as the situation at Pittebnrg Is
made known to the men they will at
once return to work , the situation
hero being identical with that at Pitta-
Refuted to
Special Dispatch to Til * BKI.
CINCINNATI , My 31. The five load
ing iron mills of this city , Covlugton
and Newport havodecUned to sign the
scale proaonti'dby tbo workmen , mem
bers of the Amalgamated Iron aud steel
workers and the mills will close to
night. This throws out of employment
between four and five thousand pee
Wheeling in Lino-
Special Dispatch to Tui Bu.
WHEFLINO , W. Va. , May 31. It Is
definitely decided that there will be
no lookout in the iron mills here ,
Tke EfrVct in Illinois.
Special Dispatch to TUB Bis.
CHICAGO , May 31 There are but
throe mills in this state working upon
merchant iron , aud as thio is the only
class affected by the acceptance or re
jection of the scale at Plttsbnrg , the
fact that the Irom masters there ac
cepted the terms of tbo men only con
cerns them. Two of thosn have not
boon hoard from. D. 0. -adloy , of
the Calumet Iron and Steel works ,
says his mills will shut down Friday
morning for repairs , at any rate , and
will atart again whoa the plat has
been thoroughly overhauled.
Preaidont Praaalng , of the master
masons' association , stoutly donlei
the Imputation made by mom-
bora of the bricklayers' union that
he had tampered ni h the agreement
signed by the committee of arbitra
tion , and which It was supposed
would end the strike. He asaorte
that the bricklayers are In a rage sim
ply because they have been defeated
In everything they sot out to accom
pllab. The end of the strike cannel
now be foreeoen.
Tbo North Chicago Mills Oloto , Dispatch to Tim U .
MILWAUKKF , May 31. The mills o ;
the North Chicago Rolling Mill com
pany , at Bay View , will cloao at {
o'clock Friday morning , As thti
company ia not a member of the man
nfacturers' association , nnd was no
represented at any of the Plttaburj
meetings , when notified of the actloi
at Pittsbnrg by the Amalgamated corn
ralttee at Biy View , who oxpresaoi
the wllllcgiossof the men to continue
work , Superintendent Parkoi uald thi
company had decided to abut down
Eleven hundred men are thrown out
The Belleville Miner * .
BpecUl Dtipitch to Tin lit * .
ST Louis , May 31. The ooronor'
Investigation Into the killing of Hen
deraon , the minor murdered by th
militia at Bellevlllo , III. , was resnmai
there this morning. A tow wltneaao
were examined and Inquest closed
but no verdict la yet rendered.
The conference of the miners , op
eratora and committee of the boar
tredo mot nt Boll f f ) r
The minors agree- * * 'OJ fe ,
oonditlons of the board ot tr u < /t
vlously telegraphed , except that
which contemplates noa-intoiferoiic < >
with the michluo mlnoa , Ono of
tholr committee said they had concluded -
cludod to ntcopt no conditions that
did not put hand mines on an equal
footing with rnschlno inlnrs , The
other propositions , made by the board
of trnde , accepted by b-jth
miners aud opporAtor ? , nnd another
conference will bj hold Monday , at
which it In believed the difference
then will b3 finally amicably nd-
Of the fifty-ono minors indicted ht
Edvrnrdsvllle , 111. , for participation
in the riot at Abbey and other minor ,
: tt nnd near Oolllusvlllo , laat week ,
thirty-four of them were arrested to
day nnd arraigned in court. All
pleiddd guilty and were fined $25 and
coat ? , but a stay of execution was
granted during good behavior.
Tno coroner's jury ho ding the
Inquest at Belleville on Henderson , the
minor killed by the uillltla the other
day , concluded Itn labor thin evening
and returned along rambling verdict ,
stating that It la impohslhlo to deter
mine from the ovldonco taken whether
the mllltli or minors fired irat , but
declaring Hendoraon was shot by the
militia aud the shooting was not
Bnd Bnstnoai.
BpecUl Dispatch to Pun DUB
DBS MOINES , May 31. The strik
ing minors endeavored to kill ouo of
tholr number who continued to work
by blowing up his house. Several
persona were hurt nnd the houaa partly -
ly wrecked ,
ptclal Dispatches to TUB 1 !
LOUISVILLE , May 31 , Track slow.
) aah of on mile , nil ngoa , Farragut
rst , Roy Clarke second , Buckmas-
ar third ; tlmo 1:471- :
Woodbury stake , 3 year olds , ono
nd one-eighth miles , selling , Llttlo
tattercnp first , Major Hnghea second ,
Manlton third ; time 1:58J. :
McGrathlana stakes , two year olds ,
ve-eighths of a mile , Bob Mllea first ,
Ion * second , Grinlte third , 1:041 :
Steeple chasa , two miles , Guy hrat ,
Jluturbance nee mdj the other starter ,
nowball , lost her rider , eime homo
'rat without weight , unplaced ; tlmo
:18M :
BOSTON , May 31. The 2:32 : race
wns won by Blanonard Belle , Shnokot
ocond , Fannie Trivia third ; boat tima
2:281. :
Glass 2:20 : wio wou by Ezra L. ia
tralght bents , Ella D DO second , Frank
bird ; best time 2.2tj.
BosroN , May 31. The match race
f sluglo soulla bbtwcon Edward Hau-
an , ot Toronto nnd John A. Kii <
ucdy , of Porflnnd , , $2BOO > sldo , took
> lace this nfternoan at Point of Pines ,
distance throe miles with turn. A
moothor coarse was rarely noon on
ako or river The start w s effjotod
, t C:34. : Kennedy soon took a alight
oad which ho kept the first mile ,
lanlan , however , keeping Kennedy
well up to his work. It wns a pretty
ace for that distance. There were
ears of a foul and Indications of both
men going out of the course. Hanlan
.ppareutly first discovered this and
hereby gained several lengths , By
hli tlmo Hanlan had headed Ken
nedy and turned the stake boat four
or five lengths in advance. After the
irst rnllo Hnnlan evidently had the
race In his o wa hands , and after turning
ho stake boat occasionally reduced
ils stroke to the minimum and rowed
nt ease , whllo Kennedy kept nearly
ho name stroke throughout. The
oflnlal ttmo of Hanlan la 19.01 , Ken
nedy 10:52 : showing Hanlan won by
about twenty lengths , 'i'wo thousand
ivo hundred people witnessed the
aor. As the men came from the
water Hanlan waa greeted with hoartj
cheers. Ho appeared ns though ro.
urning from a'joractloa spin , rnthor
han trora a match raco. Kounody'i
reception was less enthualastla. Han-
an , speaking from the hotel balcony ,
said the roan ho had rowed agalual
o-dr.y was a porfoot gentlemtn and II
was the hardest race bo ever rowed.
4 , Phlladolphtas 3.
PHOVIDENOE. Miy 31. Olevelandc
5 , Providence 3
BOSTON , May 31 The Buffalo.
3ostoa came wns stooped by rain.
NKwYonK , M y 31. Now Yorka
4 , Datrolta 1.
CLEVELAND , May 31 The Olevo' '
and club have reorganized as the
Cleveland driving park , aud bonqhl
; ho grounds of the Northern Ohio
'air association.
COLOMBO.- . , May 31. Entries fo
the trotting meeting from Juno 12tl
to IGth , are numerous. Oallfornli
enters la the 2:20class : , Overman , ntu
2:25 : class , Eva.
Mrs. PhilB. . Tliomiiion's Statement
SpecUl Dlepatch to Tui 11 m
OINRINHATI , May 30. A state
ment by Mrs. Phil. B , Thompson
the first she made for publication o
the matters causing the killing o
Walter Davis by her husband , ap
peared hero this morning , She de
nlos pointedly that the waa drunk a
St. Olalr hotel , nnd calls God to wit
noaa that Walter Divii was innccen
of nny wrona toward her whoa sh
wout Into bin room that night. Sh
nays they could not waken Mia
Buikner , nnd therefore she went Int
Divls' room Her story wns told a
Mrs. Davis' houaa and In bur presence
Shipping New * ,
6p c ! l DlrpJtch to Tu Iu. !
LONDON , May 31. Arrived , Ho !
land , from Nnw York ; arrive
out , Ethiopia , Fulda and Nedorlanc
from New York.
PHILADELPHIA , May 31. Arrived
Illinois , from Liverpool.
NEW \OIIK. May 31 , Balgenlant
from Antwerp.
The Region Into Which Gen , Orook
Led His "Noble Five
Hundred , "
A Talk With Lieut. Baird , Just
Back Prom tbo Border.
No Foari Entertained the Snfoty
or Saooeti of the Expedition ,
Special Ditpjtch to Tim tin
WASHINGTON , May 31. Lieut. Wm.
laird , Sixth cavalry , who just ru-
urncd from the Mexican frontier ,
lid to n S ar reporter tt-day that ho
id not think tha reports of General
'rook's engagement with thn hostllea
ore trustworthy. "Very likely , " ho
aid , "there has boon lighting , but I
o not think any deciolvo action has
ukeu place. General Crook did not
ntond to send back word until ho had
coomullshod something or entirely
ailed , " In reply to the questionwhy
Gin. Crook did hot take with him
: ito Mexico a larger force of cavalry ,
dent. Balrd said : "Gau. Crook's so
lan in that roipect is not
nlly understood. Ho took all
men ho could possibly provide trnuR-
ortatlon for. Everything In the way
f provielons and baggage had to bo
arrlod on pack uinloa. The country
ran soonrod and all mnlea that could
10 procured at different posts brought
u. There mules are not plentiful
, ud the slz9 of the force had to be ro-
ulatod In accordance with the supply ,
t was absolutely necessary to take
conta to track the enemy. Gen ,
Crook took with him as far ns the
border eight or ten companies , with
which he formed a cordon along thu
Ino. Six companies wore left in the
lolulty ot Santa Bernardino under
! ol. Biddlc. It was with ouo of those
ompanloa I waa stationed. It In a
erriblo country Into'which Gen.
Crook entered. It is perfectly
desolate. The prosperous ranches
hat used to stand along tha
baao of the mountains have been
wept uway by the savages and an oo-
aaionnl Isolated hamlet Is all that Is
oft of the villages. The great dlfli
nlty Gen. Crook has to contend with
s the jctroity of water. ISaonts only
know ono or two placss whore water
an bo found , but the fugitives know
here every drop is In the mountains.
The moit cordial relattonu existed bu-
vreon Gjn. Crook end the Mexican
authorities and hia plana and Intou-
Ions are fully approved by them I
hluk no uneHsiuuns need ba felt for
, ho safety of Gan. Crook. Wo hud no
ithcr Idea down tuora than that he
know what ho was about and would
coruo out all right. "
'pedal ' Dispatch to TUB Ilii.
WASUINOTON , May 31. The gov
ernment of New 'A jalaud has agreed ,
"n conjuntlou with the government ol
Now South Wales , to renew for twc
_ onra the contract for carrying mailc
between Sin Irnnclsco and Australia
.nd . New Xaahmd. Should the United
Htatea , hovrover , refuio to contribute
t subsidy the contract Is terminated at
ho end of the hrat year.
The Invostiiratlon of the ntTilrn ol
ho supervlamg arohltuct'c dike of the
roanury was ojmtnoncod this morn-
After oonanltatlon C/hr.irmau Now
tated that there wcuM bo no diffi
culty In eclootlug another export to
represent tha suporviaing architect.
Oolotnan then asked for ndjourntnout
until Tuesday next In order U allow
the exports time to examine the pa
pers bearing on iho contracts in quea <
WASAIKQTON , May 31. The Hill
.nvostiqatlon . has been adjourned til
Monday ,
Wnlter Evans was installed to-day ,
Msrrlck continued his addreesln tlu
star ronto ease to day. Ho chargec
John W , Dorsoy with par jury on the
stand. Ho had devised aud ooncoctec
the whole narratlvo of falsehoods ,
Rordoll towered above such men ,
His brother was hU master , leadoranc
toikcherin iniquity. Ho would make
bin perjnruo plain that the jnrj
would DUO it on tholr walls at nigh'
when they blow out tholr candles
Merriok then placad the testimony o !
John W. Dorsoy and Rnrdoll In eon
traot , supplementing it by other ovl-
douce. Adjourned.
The president nccaptod the s < 3otloi
of the Northern Paslfio from thi
325th to the 350 h mile , east o
allnlB Junction , W. T.
Estimated decrease of thn publl
debt for May. about $3,500COO ; bon <
redemption during month , $10500 ,
000 ; payment * on acaount of pen
slous , $12 000,000
Secretary Ohaudlur has ordered th
United States steamship Yantlo to ac
company the Grcely relief expodltloi
to Lady Franklin Bay ,
The president has recognized A
Yang Ming as consul of the Ohlnee
empire at the port of Now York.
Mexican Matters.
BpecUl Dlspitch to Tin liir.
MKXICJ , May 15 Congress is pro
rogued until Juno 15. The miniate
of foreign ad'ilro was appointed
special envoy to arrange for the re
newal of relations with England. H
will rennln in England an Moxioa
New York Civil Sorvloc.
BpecUl Dlipitctj to Tui 0 ,
ALUANT , May 31. The state civ
service commission mot and organise
thh afternoon , or-nayal ofllcor Slle
W. Burl , of Now York , was appolnte
chief examiner. The Evening Joni
nal has an Interview with Bart , wfa
explains the apparent Inoonulstenc
of accepting a state poaitlou after di
ollnlng last Mnroh a similar nation :
one , by siylug President Arthur dl
not appear to make the nomination I
good faith , and that he declined
beciuso "coupled with the promotion
of Gan. Graham , it Involved an nf
front to him and to the cauao of re
form. " Ho takes the pluoo nt a lower
alary because ho had confidence in
ho commission's honesty of purpose
John Jay wnschoaon president
A Uoom for the Old World ot the Ex-
poueo of tbo Now.
3p ! l DIapktch to Tui llm.
DLTIIOIT , May 31 The free trade
conference mot hero to-day. The
committee on permanent orgaulzttlon
reported the following oflioors. who
were elected : 1 resident , lion. Dtvld
A. Well * , of Connecticut ; vloo prusl
dents , Wm. U. Springer of Illinois ,
Win. U. Smith ot lonn , Austin U.
Brown of Indiium , Charles Francis
Adams , Jr. , of Massachusetts , Ulysses
Tanner of Minnesota , Willard Parker
of Mlchlgnn , E G. Taylor of Missouri ,
J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska. Ed
ward M. Sheppnrd of Now York ,
Frank U. Hurd of Ohio. Jas. N. Bu-
thuuo of Virginia , and N. 0. Fredor-
lckou of Wisconsin ; secretaries. C.
E. Rnasoll nf Iowa , and Jas. H. Mc
Donald of Michigan.
Preiidont Well ; , upon taking the
chair , said the mooting was ono of the
most rcmarkablo in any oouso hold
since the close of thn war. Men had
coino together to aflirm the right to
sell and buy without restriction. Ho
referred to the depression of business
throughout the country and thoprova-
lon.00 of labor strikes , and said that
before long the pressure of events will
compel an answer to the question , why
In this land of plenty and good living
there was such stagnation and dis
tress ? It was only a question of time
when the element of liberty involved
In this frco trade question should as
sert itself.
A letter of regret from Charles
Francis Adams , -jr. , was road. Adams
favored the reduction of revenues to
what was necessary In tlmo of poaco.
In making this reduction , protool
manufacturers by removing the tax or
raw materials , put coal , ores and woo !
on the frco lint ; do not tax tools ,
booka , machinery ; extend the free Hat
ao that manufacturers will bu in post
tlon to contend with manufacturers o !
other lauds in the open markets ol
the world. DJ not tux food , modi.
clnps , art.
Perry Belmont in hia letter , favor
ed keeping up the tariff discussion In
odvauco of thn presidential election.
It waa Impossible to toll how far thi
rffools of the last tariff bill might com
pel new legislation , by congress , but
from all appoirancea commercial In
terests would bear testimony before
the end of thn coming suasion to thi
nucouelty of further corrective loglela
tion. The house ehould assemble nox1
winter prepared to form whatever log
islatlvn duties might arise * In regard to
the tariff. No member of the house ,
democrat or republican , could , ovnn I
ho whhpj ? , OBCT)0 t li tpatiUcst uftI ) *
duty.A .
A long discussion ensued over the
question of organization , originating
ia the motion of H. J Phllpott , o !
Iowa , that a committee of ono fron
each state represented bo appointed tt
organize a plnn of systematic work ir
the Interest of free trado. Tha oa t <
ern moniben generally opposed thli
on the ground that the American free
trwlo Icaguo now in oxlntenoo wai
sufficient for the purpose aimed al bj
Phiipott's proposition. Finally thi
following committee on orgonlzttiot
was aopolnted : Phllpott , Goo. F
Peabody , New York ; W. G Brown-
lee , Mich. ; A. A , Hoaley , Brooklyn
0. E Ferguson , Indlnrm.
On motion a meeting wai appointed
to prepare an address to the pnoph
of the United Sutos as follows : Thoa
G. Shearman , New York ; A P.
Flahback , Indiana ; E. A , Eddy ,
Michigan ; W R Smith , Iowa ; K. A
Shepbnrd , Now York , 0. L Taylor ,
Iowa ; R R. Bowkor , Now York. Tlit
conference then took a recess ,
At the evening session the open
house waa well filled , many ladles bi-
ing present. Vloa Presldnnt Sprlngoi
presided and Introduced D. A. Wollo
who made a speech of two honn
length. _
a Ohnroh.
Spocl&l Dlipttch to Tin tin.
CniOAao , May 31. St. James Epis
copal church , representing the firs I
parish of the Episcopal church ia the
west , and having had for many yean
an unusually largo membership , wai
formally consecrated to-day in thi
eset ca of an immense congregation McLaren was assisted b ]
Bishop Harris , of Michigan , and thi
clergy of diooese , of Illinois. Tin
ohnroh was handsomely decorated fo :
the occasion Tha chancel was huni
with pure white drapery , Iho pulpl
garlauded with flowers , and thn vest !
bnla of the church festooned will
flofrorlrg shrubs. On behalf of thi
vestry , tbo instrument of donatloi
and endowment was read , after whlci
the prAyorn appointed for such an oc
oaaion were by McLuon
The sentences of consecration wnr
then recited by the pastor , Rov. W
H. Vibbort. Bishop Harris dtllv
ercd the consecration cermon. SI
James parish was organized In 183
by Rov. Isaac W. Hallam , who wa
present to-day at the consecration
The pariah has numbered among It
pastors Bishop Harris , of Mlchlgas
Bishop C'arkson , of Nebraska , an
Rov. Frederick Courtonay , now c
r Boston and formerly of Now Yorl
Special Dlupatcn to Tin llm.
HAUUISBUKO , Pa. , Miy 31. In th
honso to day the free oil plpn bill wo
defeated for want of a constitution :
majority. In the sanato , iho bill dt
olarlng no Inuuraucu policy shall b
forfeited whllo there are unllmlte
premiums to moat the payments , an
making policies Incontestlbloaftor tvt
yeara , pasned filially.
A Freight Tyalu Wrecked
Special IJUpjtcb to Tui Ilii
BOSTON , May 31. This morning
freight train on the Grand Trunk lit
wont through nn iron brldgo in Btra
ford Hello * , Vt. , ooaatonod by
broken rail , The engineer and fire
man were killed.
The Negotiations Between Prussia
and the Vatican Totally
Oollapso ,
The Operations of the French
in Ann am Apparently
A Variety of Other Ercnts-
SpvclM DlgpAtcru * toTlu Dm.
HOMK , Mixy 31. The Dlrltto sayu :
Bxrnn Von Schloczor , representative
of PrnMln In the negotiations with
the VrtMcan , will shortly leave- Homo
nnd will not return. The negotiations
failed nnd the rotations between
1'rnnela nml the Vatican are not
LONDON , May 31. The Standard's
11 mo correspondent anys : Vehement
antagonism exists bctwoou Cnrdlual
Lndoohowskl , archbishop of Poscn ,
and Baron Von Sahloczor. The latter
Hocuses the former of Intrlguelug to
fru trto the negotiations and Iho
cardinal accuses Von Sohlocz-jr of bad
Special DIt | > tchci to Till nix.
PAUIS , May 31. The bombardment
of the capital of Annum la probable In
revenge for the death of 0 pt. Riviere.
It Is stated covoral Gorman vessels
leave Kiel for China next wook.
The French re-entered the citadel
of Hanoi. Gunboats maintain com
munication with the Bo-n and prevents
Annnmltcs approaching.
In addition to 0pt. Rlvlero nnd
0 pt. Djvlllors , who lost their lives la
the ronnit attack near Hanoi , three
othi'r French ofl'uors were killed nnd
six wotiudcd.
The Temps says : The object of the
recent journey abroad of Do Glors ,
Rup.rlan minister of foreign olFrtira ,
was to Inform the powers that Rnasit
wan compelled to coek in Armenia nn
equivalent for British occupation ol
Eijypt. Gladstone by taking Ejynl
not only lost the good wishes of Franci
but reopened thu eastern question ant
furnished llasala n pretext for effect
Ing her linmonae projeotoj the losl
ntnp In which will bo the conquest ol
British India.
BpecUl Dispatches to Tun lins.
BiiiaiN , May 31. The mlniitor o ;
war has Informed n comuilttoo of tin
relchsttg that ho considers the mili
tary penalor-s bill unacceptable , ovot
witli the amendments oxomptlnj
oflioors from the payment of comma
nul taxes. The finul decision of thi
question , however , rests with thi
A no health ot Bismarck la im
iroved , and ho la now able to drlv
, : : d walk out.
Von Kldat Rol/.ow , a promlnon
cousnrvatlvo loader in tbo Gorrnai
uiohslng and Pruaaian landtag , ha
> 3on dliimlBscd from the prealdonc ;
f the Rhino province on account o
ils ultra tory viitws ,
BKRLIN , May 31. It la hoped hero
f Frauco declaron a blockndo in Olii
lead ports , that Grout B'italn anc
Vmurlca will refine to recognize It
flic French blockade cannot bo eileot
ve , and Garmauy will certainly sup
> orc Ergland and America in oppoa
ng it. rtio German Government 1
coiuldorhiK the qucatiou of Ncndlo )
moro veaoolsto the Chinese const.
Hjioclal Ulnpatch to Tin UK.
LONDON , May31 Abnatfillod will
workmen capsized at Clcggirin , uoa
Ullnr ; tweuty-two men drowned ,
Ednyn Bhorard Burnuby , innnbe
if parliament for Lalcoatorahiro North
'i dead , tiged C3.
| Tlio Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland ro
used to reprieve O.iffroy , the Phut ah
/ark murderer.
A tttato dinner was given atMoscov
.his evening. Five hundred person
were present , including the whole Im
perlal family. The Imperial fomll ;
afterwards attended H biilllaut btll
; lvon by the nobles of the empire.
LONDON , May 31. The Duke o
Albany recently received au urgent request
quest from Canada to consent to b
the successor tf the Marquis of Lome
After studying the n Hairs In Canada
10 wrote to Gladatono on the subject
The Prime minister replied that th
Dako was too young for such an Itn
portant position , and alee that h
acked experience in govornmontn
work. The physicians ot the Dnko o
Albany were of the opinion that hi
health would not permit cf his uc
coptunoo of the poet.
With reference to his notion in re
iatlon to the disposition of the snrplu
Alabama award , Konnard , M , P ,
wrilcR to The TJmen that ho is still dc
tlrous of ventilating the subject. U
aayn his dotlro is fortified by n fin
conviction of the American press an
the government have ovinood a
honorable wish to have the quoatlo ;
finally settled ,
LONDON , May 31. The grand jur
returned a true bill against the Ga
laghors and other dynamite conspire
tore , charging them with treason an
8pf clal Il patcliii9 to Tim URK
OALOUTFA , May 31 The fightlr. .
between tbo forces of the Ameer <
Afghanistan end Bhlnwarrlu are n
nowod. The lozaoa are heavy on hot
sidea. Rift loads of dead bodies ha
been brought down , the Cabal river.
nansuN UIOTH.
manifesto Issued by the czar on tl
day of his coronation croitod an in
favorab o ImprcBHlou here. A riot o
ourrod on thu evening of the 281
among the crowds assembled In tl
streets , The mob assaulted the d
actor of police , who was ondeavo
log to reatoro order. A detachinui
of Osssnoks wai called out and dli
period thorlotera , hundred of who
wore arrested. The riot did not arise
from political canscs ,
CONSTANTINOPLE , May 31. Alphon-
so Taft , United States minister to
Austria-Hungary , nnd Eugene Sohny.
lor , United States minister to Greece ,
Snrvla nnd Ronmanla , were presented
to the sultan yesterday by Gen. Wal
A Repetition Liable to Happen at
BpicUl DUpktch la Tui lln
NK W YOIIK , May 31. The nnlvor
snl aommeut this morulng rosDoctlng
the bildgo horror is that the sanio ac
cident Is liable to happen at Miy tlmo ,
MO matter what the pollco restrictions
may bo , unlois the stops are abolished
or nt least divided for the two atreams
of pedesirlanr. The fact Is now ob
vious that during those hours of the
day when transit Is most lively , nnd
on holidays and Sundays , there will
always bo Brent dingor of n heAvy
crush similar to that of yostordsy , un
less moans of relieving it bo devised
Not ovmi the brldgo cable track for
cars , now nearly completed , will pro-
votit a crash at thoao timer.
A number of poraona inquired at tlio
pollco headquarters this morning for
children or frlonds supposed to have
boon on the brldgo at the tlmo of the
accident. Only In ono or two cones
Is there reason to suppose that the
missing poraon might have boon on
the bridge The Onk street pollco re
port that they haven ortloadof prop
erty taken from the anchorage ,
mostly of clothing torn beyond rec
ognition. Very few articles have
been claimed
The coroner will subrcuna the
bridge trustees , Superintendent Mar
tin and all others who can glvo any
information in reference to the aocl-
dent of yesterday. Ho Intends the
Investigation to bo thorough , Super
intendent Martin has been personally
Investigating the cause * of the dhae-
ter , and the host authenticated Information
mation ho can gather loads him to be
lieve the panic waa caused by pick-
pockots. No notion has yet been
tuken by the bridge trustees.
Inspector Byrnes denies the panic
was cauned by pickpockets It win
due , ho claims , to the iucllolency of
the brldgo manngetnout. By paying
salaries to regular policemen the truH-
tees could oecuiro them and thus ne-
cure safety to passengers.
Special Dltpntchei to THE UEI.
Tlio el nt o committee refneod topostponi
the rermhllcitn etnto convention ot Olili
kwnUlufT tbe drclalnn nn 8ott liquor t.i :
Inv7 , nnd it will bo bold Juuo D unit 0.
The NewYoik tunroino court Tncfttoi
tin ) judgment ohUlncd by K\KK \ & 0)
b.iiiltcrB , ngnlntt ( Dion Bonuicault fn
$ r > 0OGO for ( Iclitiloncy In the foreclomin
K le of the leatohold Interest In the 1'arl
The body of the fifth victim of th
Lynuhburg , Vn , cntnHtropho wn < 01
Inline 1 yostflnUy , All the hodleu or
now recovered , The funorul took place litho
the ntternoon. Uuslnofu wna eunyonde
and tbe nchoola closed ,
Win. K. Harris , n former wealthy cltl
zen of TittolnirK , committed nutcliln o
Ho reo ntly arrived ther
fr > m Colorado , where ha lost tlio reumaut
cf hia fortune ,
The yonrly BCRalona of the mlnlntorlm
of the Oerinan KvnnKollonl Lutherni
chiir'ih licgnn In Now York yesterday.
Tlio United I'rcsbjtnrhn neaonibly li
HC3uI n ut I'lttsburr , ndjnurnod lost uvev
in ) ; to nimmihle ) nt Ht liotilu on the fottrti
Wodnecdoy la May , 183-1.
A boilnr exploilfd at saw mill nt Opt
lon ui , _ Ij , , killing two men and badl ;
wouudinx four
Dorm n B 13 ton nnil Dr. Gregory , n
the United SUtrn civil lervlco commit
hlon. nnd KV. . Clark , advinory iiunnbc
of the board , have begun the. Inipectloi
cf the custom houuo und ostollice of Noi
Unitarian Feait.
Hpocltl Dispatch to Tin Ilii.
BOSTON , May 31. The annual Unl
Urlun festival nnd.bauquot took plac
this evening , with the usual largo at
tundunco. Addresses were made b ;
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmea , who pro
aided , Itov. Francis E Peabody ( Cam
bridge ) , Rov. O B. Frothinghnm , Dr
Hedge nnd Rov. Truman Clark. Thi
allusion made by Dr. Peabody to thi
notion of the Harvard overseers to
ward Gov. Butler elicited loud demon
strntlons of approval.
Montreal Panioi
Special Dispatch to Tui 111 *
M ( NTitEAL , May. 31. The city wn
vieltcd to-day by n northwoot gal
which caused ships to broik from the !
inioringatnd ] drift down ( the rlvo
Somii uccldonts hoppened by scaffold
iti nnd inaccuro walls being blow
down , but nothing serious , The woatb
er Inpaod Into cold.
There was a panic on the stock e >
change to-day , caused by the nttvc
on the city pansongor railway shnroi
which fell ten per cent.
Harvard Hatred.
8io lal Dispatch to Tim Un.
May 31. The board t
ovoraeers of. Harvard college , by
vote of 11 io 15 to-day refused t
confer the degree of L.L , D. on GD\
President Eliot nod Oharlc
Francis Adams , Jr. voted aye ; Judg
K , R Hoar ( brother of Senator Uoai
voted nay , The discussion bate
four hours.
Cnlian Oroobi.
Special Dllpatcli to Tun DID.
HAVANA , May 31 Rioardo I
Kohly A , Co , largo Importera nn
, . ouKn. . exporters , and S-irilla & Go
j , bsnkeri , anspnndod payraonta. Bet
firmu were some tlmo ego rumored I
bo "shaky. "
Rioardo Menoca'who ' | fled aovc
years ago with ? 300,000 of publ
funds , wns capturud. Menoc
ihlpped on the steamer Saratoga und
the nauiu of Ovorhoff Ho hns bee
coming nshoro nt night In the di
guieo ot a sailor , was recognlzud ni
it Stinging Irritation , Inflammation , i
itm Kldnny and Uiinary Complaints , cur
m by "Buchu-palba. " $1 ,
The Oentor and County Seat of
Butler Keeps up With
the Procession ,
Now Buildings , Decoration Day
Services and Political
Special OOTMpondoneo ot Tilt Ilii ,
DAVID CITY , Nob. , May 30 Our
farmers cro just commencing to plow
tholr broad acroti of corn. Somellttlo
complaint of bad stand , but where ii
wan ULcesanry n replanting wen bed ,
nd now cvolj thing Indicates much
tie latgest crop over p.rown In this
cation , Suinll grain and 11 ix never
) romlcod so well ; gardens nnd pnstur *
go nil thnt could bo t'uslrcd ' , mid so
tr no nature cnn boatow blcsiiugs the
ooplo rejoice.
Oar little "city * keeps no buglers
on the outer walls to sound ubrond
ho rnpld strides they nro tasking In
mntorlitl growth , Over ono hundred
loutcs hnvo been erected during the
nst tvvurvo months , and yet the epirlt
f Improvement has not nbnted. The
omlng year will BOO yet moro nnuior-
UN and extonalvo buildings erected.
Ion. Win , M. Bunting la erecting a
cry fmo brick block , the vxcavittiona
icing noaily completed tor the aerno.
'Inters ' Porklno , Thorpe and Will are
nyiug out an addition of come two or
brto hundred lots to the onat and
north of the "city , " nnd doubtless they
will find rendy pnrchaseis , nnd whoa "
wa ouumornto Iho growth nnd bright V
irospeot of our own city , wo only
peak whnt can bo just as bonstlnply
ilnlmed for each town in the county.
Jlyases , In thu south , Bollwood , north ,
'ilno ; City , west , and Bralnard , cunt ,
itro nil growing with magic rnpldliy ,
and the whole county likewise.
This WPD Memorial day , and ono
which should bo sacredly observed
"or all time. It was
celebrated hero under the
auspices of the A. Lincoln
Peat No. 10 G. A. R The procesilon
wan quite impoBlcg , mndo up as fol-
, una : Thoa. E Cvnns , nmrsh&l of the
day ; Daiid City baud , mnmbcro of
thu uott pubilu school , citizen * , in
which order they proceeded to the
cciinotery und decorated the graves of
nil tix-Boldlora. At 2 o'clock Iho oration
tion wan delivered by Citpt. Billings-
by , of Lincoln , in tbo Congregational
church , to u very largo nudlence , nnd
ihoiio who heittd Dipt B speak of hia
addreta In hlfihoat praise , buing cloth
ed in benntiful l&nguago in d
In every putt highly appropriate.
Politically nil IB qulot. but thtt people *
uro unxloualy looking forward to what
the convention at Chicago , July 4 ,
will do. Mivny of thu best men of
bath the old p'.rlra fiuely express
minnor in which the interests of the
inaeK'n arc fnatoui'd and made stock ia
trade by tl.o machine manipulators.
When ouo corrupt faction or clique
are defeated It ia only thnt n moro
hungry ouo may prey upon the public.
They rccognli3 no distinguishing
dlll'eronco between the two old
pnrtloi , nnd If the llvu ro Issues
which hnvonrleeti far solution nro
bravely embraced , and wifely handled
by the OulcaujO convention about
election line there will lv > fuch n rat
tling among the "rlig" dry bones SB
they hwvo not oxporiuic d , nnd of
v , hlcli they hnvo siumlngly but llttlo
conception They nro blind with ar-
rogunco. honoo cannot ri > ad the hand-
wrKlni ; upon the wall. Every honest
niivn , politically , rccngr. 7. o in Sanator
Vau VVyck a chumplan of the puoplo * '
beat Interests , und n terror to the
horde of legul plrntos. Yet wo fear
ho can do no moro than stand up nod
receive the hleaen nnd jctrn of the mo
nopoly crow. And wo ulncrrf-'y ' l.spo
that the Chlcngo convention m > ty p :
vide n pnlliioil homo for all inch muu
ns our own ex-3onntor ; let nn hope eo
nt uuy rate. Moro anon. CITIZEN.
Eatnn liy Bnzxirdi
Special Dlnpatch ti Tim Dsx.
HOT SruiNos , Ark , M\y 31 The
body of Wm. Landers , a rich PhiU-
dolphUri who dlsappoar d n few doya
ngo , wns found yoaterday ia Gulph
ortrk , nix miles from thn city The
head hnd boon almost entirely pnton
bv buzEirris. II' " por-on conthined
$3 In raxh and $330 w-nil of di -
monds. Ho hft'l uviduntly wandered
nwr.y whiln turapor rily derargad and
fiilliiM torn * hr > C' " 'k
A" RE you aware that In jour blood the
k Ulnt of scrofula has .1 prominent
place ? This Is Into or every one. It U lia
' ble at any time , on tlio slightest provocation ,
to develop ItEcK In some Insidious disease.
Consumption and many oilier diseases are
oulcrowlhs ot till * Imfmrity of tlio blood.
HOOD'S 9AitsAi'AitniA lias a uomlciful
f power o > cr all xciotulous truuliles , as UK' re
IV I markable testimonials wo lia > o received
o unmistakably iirovu.
JlEssnB. C. I. ITooi > & Co. : Oentlcmen
* My youngest sun lias alnajs been
troubled \vllli hciotnUnu Humor ; sores In
Ms head dlscliarKlin ; ( Kim lilscars , and a run-
nlnu sore on tlio back ol Ills car for two
> e.irs ; his ojellilsouldfestcr and ulcerate ,
discharging so that Ias obllcuil tovasti
them open cvciy mouilng. Ills cjelnsliei
nearly nil coining out ; lie was exceedingly
dainty , most ) f lliolimecalliiu but luo slight
mealaaday.Voeiu uu.iblo lo llnd nny-
tlilnpt tint fnil the least clfoct upon him till
lastHprliiK , IHTU , uo gave him t\\o bullies ot
Jlootla Surtaimrllla. Hlsapprlllulmproxed
ntonco. lliu Inck ol Ills ear healed
ni ) v , Ithout a soar , itiul not a sure lu ills head
since. Blnterely yours ,
Mm. N. C. SANnnnx ,
' " No. lOSMunlnwcUbt. , Lowell , Mass.
" We do not as a rnlo allow ourselves to
use our columns to speak of nny
n remedy \vo advertise , bin \\a \\anantea
lo In sayliiK a word for Hood's harsap.irllla.
BarsJinillU has been Known as a remedial
& 1 agent for centuries and Is recognized by all
3r ttclioolsof pr.ietleu ns \nhiablo blood puri
3rn fier. It Is put iii In forms of almost Inlinlto
n variety , but Messrs. Hood & Co. , ( Lowell ,
i- Mass. ) who are thoroughly rcllabln plmim.v
iid cists , have lilt upon n remedy of unusual
. have \nucliers
value. Certainly they \ ol
cures which we know to bo most extraor-
illiiary. " KilitorsLouell WctMy Journal. \
Sold by druggists. Price ( I ; ilx for 13.
I'rvparcd by C. I. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.