Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 29, 1883, Page 5, Image 5

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Gen , 0 , 0 , Howard Delivers i
Memorial Day Addreis ,
"I'ho Golden Rule" Dlsouaaec
at the Southwest Prtaby-
torian Church ,
At the 0 mgrcgationnl church Sun1
day evening , Qeu. 0. 0. Uovfirdcom
raatidorofthodopartmijntof thol'lalto
delivered an appropriate addrou
in vijw ot the approach of Memorie
H y , o-i the subject , "Objocttonn t
WarAnsnetod aud Slemorittlo com
in on dud "
Can Howard ia hla IntrodacUo :
maintained that the proper recnrda o
the war of the rebellion ohould b
preserved , Nolthcr aldo van wlllio
to forgot its part in tba eventful hia
tory. O a the contrary thoto wore t
l th . \ memory , ttaoilCcof , valor an
Icnsona to bo trantmlttad.
The ooi ion of the Miiafiaohntett
Jegidature iu censuring thulr favorit
a m.Uur for hia rwulutiouB in the eon
lo to aboll&lt winorlaln and iualgnl ;
of tbo VM ; showed that lha loya
people of the land were not willing ti
mar onr inliurltaice by Ijjaoring o
lorgctllog the brilliant raoord of he
DOCB.Qoo. . Hjrard then afsicd the ob
jectijin uf ininy oonacioutlotit , puopi
to w r Itself , qnntlnj ; from Jonnthai
Dyij.o d , J ) hn Ktittx nnd Ghr.n Sum
utr. The Intter bftka , " 0 u thuro b
lu our ug nny p'.irsso which ia nu
honor blo , any wnr that ia not dls
hoii r b' 7" Sumucr'n rgumeu
cltites by th * K'nlLCifnt that if it I
rrroiiu to ? i'ldlvul i-vlj to eottlo thel
d > opu. : by coinbit , it must ba vrron
for uul > iri3 to dc > no.
( IBN Il.tWiHI ) AfcSWKKa ,
that the silfitor inny not blash t
w ar ' . nultoro , i of h'do his bittlt
11 ; , i. > i forgot lha IMIUZH of hh or
ruuui i nbUvttcMy thn WAitU xighl
3 \ , i ! Movtlufia ri ht at.rt
m > t-jj ! tij right iinl pirily v/rong-
otuciilo rifjlu i > d the other //rons
c ' j , The luuylvcr , wl\o cot
OJI.IDS niariior and im.ilol'ec tno mu
Jon , jvtt ordotM the t LUiji if lifi
" * 1'au epitome of law it , toG \
G > d a < 1 love m n Tie <
lU'o la ii f. ij'-Cj i u'joj'pis ' d 1 1 11 :
law ( Many iu&tAic s / r ( < yivtin I
niiiipori , thta fttaroin'jn ) Sjlf ' ! fiuci
telt pii u .motion , nuoiui ui'd i. tion
iMiicj u'3 ; ii..l ! opjn thij rl-jh
Sjiunor , ou the floor cf the uourt
r > vi > tai > d hinvauoU sud nvguc
Qitoi . ; ! > f'-r ' the pdnclpla aad the o :
r fur o.
oiiiii ) a coni i leration o ! t1
pan witch Oiirlstuv.iUj In Itn purll
ft A ! Di'iiovoloi.OB i.ow | ilijti In a iva
Iicouiluuav to iavvti.'ato and llui
i'O tijiita. is nr vaats w.kby 1
ic'iTo Bhit | Is vioi it3 Ohti ME
o .dtiuiESln > ft. It CMiB.a jiH'li > rB '
pnu ' 0 , .wa o nsicL'Tud Ihofofojtal !
auw ouAtr' ACTION
Jn brin U't ; pv-aso b ; ttio hljh jou
oo.ituittit'Oi ' Tit1 * mentioned ' 'Gitii
puc pttWD hi lier thr.u wtt- . "
Si-rnunto the citiziuu of Atlan
rii'sUr s : "O oo ndtnit the Onlo
* * * nua th'u i my baoonio 701
proloolors " Ho eii'iiosily pruforn
. -ftco t \ w. . r ,
GJU. U nvdtd piln s tlio trao ec
, fi very very dllleranc eort of p ?
from the cxtiuiplca cited fro
jaliona by the oxtrama pea
Hy ywcj for illttir. tiona P nl
voro .ud Obtain Diviu of VO , tHy \
c'.vFHfiuiuG 1 G.'jblu , tha ficat
lit i ili.ej1 kiiio , Uiu eiirtii1 ; a
j-uwt 10th Cinuoo'loit , buiutif
j\ftinplba of the rosular anl lbo vt
tSJidicra nro Ihblo to domortltz
lion , bu1 ; not more to tluu hitnbe
w.-n , Kilupr' ! , otc. , niiMi tf ( . ' .vitiior aw
l'rm vho n 11 uuioo f goo.l WuniKj.
SJ iy M'ju b c..tar > boltor fnr t :
w-r. M T ) , ! + J.\ \ i , of the -i.h 11. J
\-.s roa 'i. JLlu LLCAOIU a
0 iriiiua IQ U. Hh rlcatli WIH
ohor oitiao ohnvrcd the toi
dn..oit4io reformattou hi m'vny pai
01 our i.i'W'Hi63 ' r'QV.
THE 1'tM JUS afcR.aKA : T
ni Missionary Htd , who dlod or
irg "alaioit ny , " win given ? .H n ty ;
of n'rlotic doyotlon.
Tiio ifhuernl concluded by a BUI
mory cl umtug rellfjlon Rtid morali
ittcnrannCrluit > 3 uxlnu-d but t ,
urmy VIM not conaploaom for thei
Th > ' laiid has beivi rodrumod frt
tliraklom by the ehudding of proelc
blood niii t&e popii'i tru"stlo } ; iu Gi
have ac3jptt.d ihn eaerifico
Thi' horn" , the echini and t
c'mrch nins" ; tccuro to us ra a natl
% ? hat wo have nddinpf iritol
gonco and viriuo to freedom alr
X uud a firaod gfivcni'minb preserved
8ouhwo t Pres bytinrian OnurcU
Tlu * ivicei j' .h'i Sir. hw
PfaBbyt tu chuio'i ' Sunday mo
ir wi"i CJ'idaovud by thu pMt
llov. lf\ ' If HJJM , mautsd by K )
\ \ m McO aa'ih. The clr.glug ?
coiiduot d by Mr. Ohw , Tcd-J.
The nnrrnou wan one which any p
eon of nny religion ! boltof 001
pfifcvbly pub into prcctice ; and
aught very pr G'-jh'y ' be mad by p
ooni of ' .o roli ioua h lifif. "Tftti
fc ro ttll tutiiga wlutiiooirec yo wo
that man hon < l o to yon , do yew
to ; > thorn " M" * . 7:12 : Thtavc
cvi \iripe'ly \ o mipi.rod to n bev
( ul B-OUO in a t ; > l footing. 'I
lit'inliful fo-i' < vl tha gold
t\ktufromth.i : I > i'1n of the un
ictlvo oart- , and msn is an ca
fu'risllou nu r 'a'ieiUriijllvu b ;
Ir'g'i puffer It t' ore ia aoythl : g t
elri'd for the KIT u l binelit of man
th - Is any ru'o ' w hloh any ono rn
< in , tint w uM RlTu'C tbo so
> ' ' to of mik'n1 , and ttlll
i.i'1 ' thndntyiato < j i ntio i , this li
' ? ) of thn b bio th it obonld otti
0 i wttentlon. Atifl whllo it ia o l
' i' not a'.ao '
t p iHna ru'd , m < y
o .Hod the ij'iluea key , on uooounl
! ' > uulookluo ! inniy inansl'jrm in wl
dvnll i pecfiict love.
T is ! verse VTH n it interidod to i
tlva o Belii h nn'lf" The ht r
u\o'i muit ] > i in ou h a ft lo Uvtt
c'-irsi will ba fi.loJ . with effactl
' it t'io 'm ' of the m'.id mast noi
ijward eujocB1 ! and this rnlo obe
on amount of polioy. Miny b
beoh the men liaro not bScn dice ;
by icirpttut ; the doctrine , that thi <
end siLotllios the moans. And tin
B ldon rule , if thus nsod , it la the
galdo-board for the despicable hjpo <
If the motives were solHsh , tt would
bo far bottur to acoopt of the thoorj
of tha ISplcaroviB , nnd not tha rollg-
lon of I'Atil , which argues from CAUBI
to effect , nnd not from otTtct to cause
from love to good deeds , nud not
from ovll deeds to a nelQih huart.
Thia rnlo must not bo BO construed
as to contradict or olavh with any ol
the other laws of tbo Blblo. All the
statements of the Sociptaros have
place , and if there la any apparent
discrepancy wo niuit reuiomber it li
hut an apparent discrepancy.
A 5 every B tar haa ita power to held
it In ita position or pnwoi
to guide It lu Ita revolutionary cour t < ,
ao thia golden rule or central star , hai
Ita pluce , and tbo maker of the one
or the author of the other , produce
the proper relations between it and
the rest of the great syatom of bodi i
or trutha.
There are times where justice is
demanded , aud at auohtlinoa it would
bo improper not to take into consld
oration all law , aa a whole , aud thu
welfare of humanity. When a prla
oner ia brought before a judge , the
jndgo must not recall "Do untc
othtra aa you wou'd ' that they should
do to you , " and allow the criminal gc
free to continue hla dopredatlona
For the good of humanity aud that the
majority may bo bunoutted the judge
must judge , the parent govern and
the bishop rule properly.
Some uiijr ask , Why ia thia love ? or ,
Who i * uiy nolgtibor ? But it la no )
always the inquiring mind that atki
questions. Tula text should cause
tuo autocrat of Russia to bo more con
siderate , and the little butter-fly may
hum ihosd worda in the ear of the boj
who ia trying to catch it and kill it.
Thoau who have enough should uoi
neglect thoio who are compelled tc
oaduro the frown of poverty , yol the
poor tr.uit not forgot It , for each out
has hia power in hla own sphere.
Suuil # o aay that these worda forbid
the accumulation of wealth ? By nc
uienna , and it doea not admit com
IS U dooda are not all of llfo. W <
MO oireful of our deeds for they npoal
louder than vroidi , bnt wo should bi
more otroful of oar worda , for the ]
i f .oa have moro power than onr peeda
D.otv frtjo Dome are to whisper worda
shich liavti A toudoncy to ruin ono'i
ohivraoler. Tne cold onrrenta of all
blow the small dropa of rain out !
thiiy nro frozen , and until other drop
have enlarged thorn , und then alloni
them to drop upon the herbaand tin ;
fbwura of acme beautiful garden nntl
H ia pant reo iftaltlon. So the ohllllni
words of BOine have frozen the dew
drops' which would have made aom
hio moro happy and blessed , am
crushed every fond aspiration and Im
pedud the progress of an otharwla
more natful llfo.
If ono haa ao many burdens t
bear , how that heart craven worda c
sympathy , let thum cotuo from whal
uvor coaroe , and then Is the tlmo fo
charity to don her roloa of , pnrlty an
verify the worda of the text.
The natural heart la not inclined tc
vard pare uaotlveu , but seliinhneaa I
the natural ruler. And thla boin
cho highest natural ideal , God dt
umuda a love for others aa great a
that for BOH. Thua whllo God an
man id rxiltod self la debased.
Sir Walter Scott , when burdane
by an obligation of $700,000 , vefuaa
the ouggcB loua of othora of ralslu
the money , but cald ho would roinov
it by hia own powor. His pen final !
fell from his weary hand , whoa on
fouitli nsa paid , and ho passed awn ;
While man must over bear ) .ln mk
the golden rule , ho must also hai
QBSJclfttea who llkevriaa coualdor
obligatory ,
That Ufa may h vo its funnhiae ,
If suuubino bo uut all ot life.
In Memory of tbo Dead.
The following la au outline of tl
memorial sermon preached at ti
South Omaha church , on Saudi
morning by the pastor , Rov. J. V
S to wart :
"We cherish the memory of t )
dead nnlon aoldlera.
1. Bacanoe they were onr oonntr ;
men. They wore of aa ; not a forelf
2. They were oar friends ; the
fought for us. Oar intorcsts were ii
volved ia the otruglo and they atot
up and dlod for oar intereiU. Thi
diud that we might live in and onj <
a free land.
3. We who were aoldlera remomb
there aa onr comrades , oar brothe
lu nrms. Iltrdshlpa , prlratloua , lei
marches and bloody battles wo
shared with them. ThU forma a bai
of brotherhood which even do tn ct
the lapse of years c nnot acver.
Thny wore a clt'.xen toldlery. _ Tl
art of war wna not their buiinot
The emergency aroio , the daog
threatened and the field * , shof
conntlng homes , churches nud aoboc
pouted oat the men ot every rankai
utfitlon in life , who , rallying round t !
H B shouting the battle cry of frc
dom , swelled the mighty ranVa of
oonqaetinc ; and victorious army
frooinen , who , when theoonfllct ondc
rdtnrucd to the'r ' former iilaaco a :
' " * it nothing lud huppouc
i Ano'lh'V feet la to bo added whl
, t amkwt tt moro appropriate that i
ohorlau ti'f memory of the fallen I
roa . Their oan o waa vlctorioi
T10 oiuin for which they died we
N i "lost can n" to lamont. Th
AM for Ihn right , nnd wo raraotnt
gratefully tnot who won in to good
cuaso by the * scrlfi < ! o of tholr jivi
The importance audvaluoof theint' '
- oflta cnvi-d by vie1 jri la the list Bin
h ? lo la beyond our power to ooinpu
h Only n united people can peaoofu
- Inhabit thlc froal land. It BOO
If ( hit the Creator , In mappl
it ont thla part of the earth , doln ( ;
si It for ono government. To malnt ;
> t this oneness wo fcuz'it and oar co
, t > rndet died. Onr flag proclaimed
; t froa oountry , and when the qnoatl
d of tha natlon'a llfo was put in I
11 ccMo with that of slavery , loyal r
jf true men noon decided which aho
ih live , For that llfo oar brothers d
and we doourate their gctvoa at
Inymbol or token of our regard. N
jf let e\oh bo true , A good onnu
10 should have good and true men to
i , habit It. A good government aho
> o have good mon to mnnaqo It.
d The lutorosta of the country , of
jo eoldibra , and of G V\'K causa denim
to uprightness , Integrity nnd vlrt
\ ' a Christian people wo cherish the
mutiory of onr fallen heroes.
"Ia olden times , when Home her vlct'rioi
won ,
And from the battle field her braves csmo
With eoiig and ihout , ttlutuphil arches
She Uvhlied all her hnnors tin tbo llvim ; !
Her Uln woio dnnd indeed , nod dead for *
ever ;
Onr Chrlnllnn slain shall bo forgotten
"Movo on , loved emblem of our country's
glory !
Sleep on , soldlorR , in your graves so
The sward will keep forever croon aboro
you ;
Aud ODUO ench year , in spring tluiiw tunny
houri ,
We'll ttrow your pattlot graves with love-
Host II ) were ;
We'll join our grateful love with Heaven'i
'Till wo thill greet you in Iho resurrec
tion. " .
A built hacker named Tom Moiling ,
Got cold in a wound at Fort Snolllng ,
It disabled hia arm ,
But thou , like a charm ,
St. Jaooba Oil oared up the etwolllng.
Iloinalnlng in 1'oatoQico during the week
ending May 26 , 1883.
Audcrnou A Allen K
Barker B Boy oo B-2
lioldon B BaUiln * A N
Boall U M BaliUlu 0 A
BokerO A } ! roclereen D
Drown 0 M UnntnnO V
liarber M Bennett T
Ueqapit & Q 8 n BilllDRB A L
Uareeforcl K ti Bennett U
Billings U O Blither , T
liein J U Cole B C
O.ry0 Colins .1 B
CowJn H B M Coun II U
Cross W J Cuttu W J
Caeno W Crick J
Daan J K
Davis K Dltticaerncr (1
Dodge N B DlllOODB M
Dunlap W S Douglas W 0
Klsnor H A Farrell M-a
Fischer O Flnnnxan P
Kiynn > t , T ( tutus J
tilllon Q 0 Unrtaiu II
Hlldebrand K Hotcbhlu 0 M
Heyeloger L Hawn W
HlgKliiH M L Hetiklo II
Hubs J W H rtou J N
Hilnen J J llanaor J T
UUorJ Juwell J
lacks m K KoltyTP
KAvnlin O J Kane J E
Kuepor F O Low OH
Lafevro C Mackey T J
Morrow M S Mann C
Martin M M Mortis W A
McOarty W Marti R
Mirtia J Miller L
Malta -nnJ McMillan D
McK Nayrn H Newman S F
Nygren A Nle' on D U
Ola.nHO Ogiien U
I'arker R J Powell B
Qulnlsn J M Rutherford T
U , wland W lludger W F
Red A Rasmugaen L I *
Ryan M Strong J C
ripashes J Shepard F N
Spinmdoken J F Soreneon P
Sklnnor J Stonwood V T
Saundera J K Smith M
Stulir M amith L W
K'.sr 1 , Hhamel F
Sovenn D Seymour G II
tainua W H Smith C G
tiholt K Slupa B F
tone K B Tcacay II
h n T Thamiiaon J
'eleiny ' J Thompson W W
' ylor W L Tflllcllff D
"Un J B William H
Varner 1' B Weiaor M
Vyllo U WilllainB J
Vabb J Wililhy F
Vatkinn 0 V/HHomaD
Vbito K G Yuteo L E
Vahhiun Mrs A B ihlrainn Mrs A
[ Jihtrom Mtva Brown MIn N
Bohan Miaa B Ciuus en Me ( M
latr Mra A Dennev Mra TJ
Davis Mils 0 Dudley F
3ray Mra J ti iruiuii Mm N
HnrrN Mr > J
lughes Mra L A Hilmin Misa , T
latuy E Jnckoou Mm K A
ohan-ion Minn A Jurdou Mm M M
KnlghlM'siO King MID E
Klmbftll Mri M R JLnxmey Muu M
inn Miaa N lj wnon Mha M
j wrenre Mm M S Meli on Mra M
Moro Miss M Mulligan Mm G
lorrieen M Moore Mre T F
loH i Mfca O May Miea M J
Nlch Ison Miu M Ni Jsou Miss K
'etenon ' J Parker Mm S P
Inherit Mrs E Rjjon MlHs A
Uflle Miss U Stuart Mra M E ' .
Smith H L Sbormim Mrs
sntton M V Thompson Mra
. 'norp Mrs R Ii Thompson Mist 8
'aylor Mm AE Wiloor Mra A M
Wataon MIsa M E Warner Mui M
Wade Mrs M Wilson Mra J F
Wteks Miss N H Wilton MIte ] i
Wells Mrs M Wioburg Miss U
White Miss J
THOB F. HALL , Postmaator.
The Orthodox Friendi.
Iptclal Dlipatrh ( o Tm ! ) .
NBW YORK , May 28. The eocicl
of Orthodox Friends oimllnn d i
iwsion to-dsy. The subject of c < \
latlon of Indian yonthu waa diicucst
ind It waa reiolvod to puiftuo ti
woik of Indian advaueement wll
ranewad vigor. A oommuuicatlc
wu rtoeived from the aeorotary i
ht interior Infnrmlog the Soaiety i
Frlcuda the gnvornmont vonld 1
plaaaed to put 75 ludUn youths i
Wblto'a mana l labor school , which
under the iutuadlatd uupsrvlsluii
th Soolwly of KfUiid * . The goreri
ment will pay $107 per yaa for cat
Indlan' echoollng. In thla the aooie
withdraw from tiflkijsl ruUtlous wil
the usoolnted excoatlvj cDnimtttco t
Indian affilrj , but do ldcd to luulru
the committee on Indian nff .io
send dalfgateu to the nixt KifOlliig
the auouUUd oxocutlvu uuminlHoo i
at Ioath's Doc
ix | > d ! Dltiwkh to Tin Bit
Cuioiao , Mty 28 Jamon
Sheahan , of The Trlnnno , ia ntlll nil
and muy lait soinu dij.i. It
Father Debllock , onn of tbo tit
known members of the society of JBJ
iu thla ooanlry , ia lyi'iii nt tbo p"l
of doith lu thU tlly nnd probsi'i'y .v
not Hvt ) throtujh lh < i J ! ft lit i
filclioujB csnwr of the tur a * . , > i
-pr3voii Jilm frsitn rfp lvlnj {
Jpirtli't.'t'lffl is n rii&n cf g < . i
nnd nan occupied the p is-tio i i
of the Joenit cf'lVg.3 ( , f Oi
nnd Birdiftowo , K/ , and S T A i
„ . city. Toinai ImyiMt
hood liur'i and oi ! < o./b r h-s-'eb' yr'
thn habit of aubm't'iii ' kooj pro
lums iu niattcrd of uoue t.y lor d
cinlon. * *
Spoclil UNiMcli to'inx 1) t.
N Yor.K ,
lha.Qrnen and
II'ATHKH POINT , Miy 27. Arrlv
Kcaturiau' Irora (1 n 4'/j / , Sirnuti
from Liverpool.
ItALTiMiitB , M y 28 Arrlvi
Am ri fdinri H' n n ,
11 A v KB , aj 27 Arrived ,
roju Notf York
t ruli * of Ijw ; CUr /
The Felzuro of The Koiry Sou-
tinel Debated in Parlia
The Dublin Inforinera Paid O
and Invitfid to Loava
the Country ,
The Tonquln Rebellion Tht
FostlvitloB nt Moscow
Continue ,
A Iinrtco Variety uf
SpecKl Dlipotch to Till Hit.
LONDON , May 28 Harrington ,
member for Wostmpath , and proprlc
tor ot The Kerry San'iiol ' , which win
tuppruescd last weolc for pnblloatloi
ot n notloo requesting persons doiir-
oai of j > ! L iag the luvlnclbloa to attorn
a mooting of that body , asked luavt
lu the house to inoro adjournment on
the question of selaaro of hta paper ,
The reqnUito f rty member did noi
rla auci the house divided aa tc
whether Hsrrlngton bo hoard or not
the vote resulting 137 for aud 13 !
againat. Harrington dented all
kuowledgo of thn poater invltiur tin
people to jcii the luvlnotblea. Hi
oharaotPiicttd the action of thi
government aa unusually har4
and without precedent. Hi
said the poator waa infamoni , atic
ho wna ocmvlncsd nobody in hla oflici
would vontaro to tssao ench a uotlci
in hla abjenoo. Ho believed It was. t
decoy laiuod for the purpose of iujur
Ing him.
Trovelyan , chief accrotary for Ire
land , accused Harrington of trying tt
prejudice n cue in tbo house wbici
would shortly com * Into court.
Parnell aald the gnrcmuiont hat
grotsly abased Ita powcra aa defiooc
by the criinca not. Thu motion wai
At a mooting of tha Rid a aaiocii
tlon Lard Brownlow remarked tha1
the undcratandlng with the Auierlnt
nasoclation could not ba moro aatls
factory. Ho hoped Iho vlait of thi
American team would bo plcaaant
aud that it would aorvo to draw th
bouda of tha two nations closer to
gothor. A camp , ho said , wonld bi
nullt for the use of tha visiting team
L jwo orgcd the Amerloana to bo pjr
mitted to Ufo the aorew back eight li
all contoata. Lord Brownlow repllei
that the Americana were parfeotl ;
aatisGed with the conoeailon alread ;
m do. England had taught thot
something , and uo doubl they wool
como prepiritd with oomo Invention
of their own. A strong feellug we
ezpresaed lu favor of making the can
oeasloua aa vrido aa poasiblo an a ranr !
of courtesy to the vliitora.
A dlapatch to'.The D lly Nowa froi
Hang Ki > g , May 27 , aayo : Chin
Ukoa a conciliatory attitude ou th
Tor.quid quoatlon , but maintains il
r'qhm ' of auzirainty oror Tonqnh
Cjlueo troops were not engaged I
the fighting ut Hanoi , but a numbs
of Oalnaio joined the Annamitc
China will not Interfere in the preset
conflict , but does not admit the rig1
uf Franco to conquer.
LONDON , May 28 The Times oo
respondent ut P ris , aaya : Thu com
try In thoroughly aroused oouoernit
the Tonqalii troublo. It is felt th
tlmo for ufljottonla past and the on
courao of IVanco la to act vigorons
aud above all things , awiftly. TJ
latest uowa from Otilnn in that 0,01
troops , urini > d in the nmnnor of Eur
poan troopo , have already arrived
the Torqnlu frontier nud the fuolli
throughout China in Intecaoly hoati
to the French ,
Spocltl DItptch to Tm lu.
Dunuj , May 28. Frrcll , ono
he lulormere in the trial ot the Phr
ilx park murderers , rcoel" d 1 0
' ( oni thn government and Miutu
tLAvananah , the o.\r man , another i
'ormer , 250 ; nnd both will quit tl
country. James 0 > rciy , the informc
and his brother Polar will rceel
srn-.ll enmit for tholr corvicos.
John Dillon will go to Oolorai
shortly to complete the restoration
hif bflslth.
DDIUJN , Alay 28. Mtchavl Fi ; a
oonvlot.d of tie murdvr of Barl :
a liHDgcd at Klhuklnham jail th
Before moautlng the no ( Tjld F gi
; oi(1 thnplie.itho attended him th
to hopeu Irishmen would avoid seoi
Moaoow , My 23. Moniigne
VauNutllli , tpJsUl uunilo of t
PVAcourt \ to the coronation , arriv
i'.it evoiliR. ) rilsftrilvnl was spech
limed Rojjrdliy to prncudont , tj
ho mlUt , r.vo.d bcl g present nt t
rnlL'lona osromytiy df the coronnUc
At 10 o'olook this inorntiiv , thn c
f < it > t ud empaer. h ' .d on th
throucu li St. Andre ' * hall , lipy
to ron iv' conjr ; tnjtl i.a. 'i'ho
o-pilon of the C'TJ , : ka > ed ur
i.ouu , sfier whiuli Iho dip'ooia
ol it.iri , | { oacr\h tnprovlnc \
O'T'OJ , ( .he lv lumid briiif ; !
gtt ii of iiu'uo ' jtiwJrrorocfclTi )
Ti o o iat b il ir * * m I'iulfi J jut I
vim I cHii.iirJu'ju ' 1 1 osir n
l in
. ! ii or MT/IS . > c iitli1 ! } a
i 'i. ' < i u\f * r'u pros . i ) , jro
r ' * ' ( > ! ) .
M. to > w , M-iy 28 T > o w
f "i p. it. , vV. * I' ' . u o < u of I
o if 1 1 n 1 1 . oa v i ' i I" n lubft'
! c' r E , : j' mi. I iindi < I nai
' w.i il > w mf * h K . . lln , ohe e
irMiy f-ir the fa .r ,
An tmur-rUl roooiipt 1 MH ( ! to t
.k. M i f h'i
u ovi ti. . , > > ni mnt
fit 'v-1 Unic AI'-K < I is HP
u4u * i 1.1 L < t of tiii Iljro
, Pi. ca , lr i c f ( i J
ili o < n % i < t ? t M0ii p-finfita on dtn !
X i'htd < 'ti "r ct'i'o oniplte ,
li Vyf.-'ii.f ' rm I . , n 'iwt ' &tfht
h < inn' ( < tf the cr <
to ta
tnepn Delplt , a writer on The P tl
and Alphonsp D udot , a mill knowi
Frocch novo i t. The former wai
sl'ghlly wounded.
A fire in the wara houia of Djckoi
Mot , mtiinfaolurcre of Agricultural
luipli.metil * , I'rtrlr , who nlto have an
nttAbilihmont In America , c.vuocd u
dmngo t f 3 000 000 fiar.cs. M.vcrftl
persons wcro Injaied.
The cointnltko of ( ho ro'chatiff , tu
< rhlch KIIJ rtforrod the soolnllot mo
'Ion asking for the prosccu'lon of the
Ivlol pulieu who arrojted I'Viihmo anJ
Vollm r , mcuibpreof the relohstst ; , nu
loturnlujf from the toclsllit ccinvr.u
'ion nt Coponlmcon , dicldad thu po
llco acted in gocd faith and cannot be
prosecuted , though It was contrary tc
iho cciuitltutlon.
UKULIN , May S8. It la roportpc
that lileuiarck contemplates r. rivdloa
romodullbg of the outlro oonslltulloi
of ihn cmulro.
Ouito , M y 28 , A comtnlttpo hai
boon formed to consider the project o
conatruothig a railway in S mdan
There la an English and an America !
engineer on the committee.
Sptcul Dlii t < h * to In tin. *
A ctble dliiutok to Tin FhlUdolfhli
Gorman Dimokrnt from Flartno * , H ly
Biyi : Oon. Adnlph Bushbeek , who com
nundeil the T < T ntT-s v < inth Tuluntoer
auci flrit bti ! ; do * of tha iroqnd dlvliluu o
the Klerenth oerp * Is dead. '
In the Wnnon court unrtlnl thp rout
orfauizxl nil dj lurueil to Juno 6th 01
npl licatlnn of defendant for tuctbor time
About 1 o'clock tbls ranrnlng * fir
started in four pUcei In Minneapolis nni
this hour ( It n. m. ) a dliMtroui cntlligrn
tlon is rnglnp. W , H. Carpenter's ware
house , belonging to the paper mill , i
burning. Tnli it clots to the I'illibur
mill. The lorn ol JlnvuoUUVhe.Ue
IsSlOD.OOOj Averlll , lUsi-oll & Oarpento
waretimiBe , C7.0CO ; other lomea small 1m
natnerouK ,
V nny Kdloril' * J0l ol Salt.
HpccljJ DlipMch to Tin Un.
NEW YOUK , M y 28. Miss *
K illoriR-Baohart , wlo ( of Max ISaoh
erl , li.ts brought unit agalnat Albcr
Pulltzir aud Ihn Morning Journal at
etiolation for $50,000 tUnin M , fo
allognd Hbolloua acaortlona In Tin
Morning Journal of May 24 and 25
Bucklon'a Arnica Satae.
Tbo proateat medical wonder of th
world , Warrnnto 1 to apoodlly cure Burn'
Brnlneo , Otiui , Uloero , Salt Ulieuni , Kuvo
Sores , Citncera , 1'llps , Glillblnlni , Corns
Te'.ter , Chapped Llauds , and nil dkiu ortii
tlona , gimrnntccd to cure inorory imfraci
or money refuudprl , 25 cenu per box ,
Vet ualo by 0. V , Goortnmn.
A Bald.fur 1-1.0OO.OOO Acrea.
New York Star
The nunouncomont tclegraphe
from Washington that the Sdiithot
Pacific railroad company hm mad
application to the interior dupur
ment for the land grant of the Toz :
Pacific ODtnpviy , on the etrorg'h <
the drod of assignment from ihu lal
tor to the former , nrlli eouiul to mui
readers llkv the atntomont. of n di
legal formality. The offlcera of tl
interior department are not anxloi
to Invite public attention to iho tu
fjicta lu the o&uo. ludoad thy b :
declartitl to bo rutlcjut r.iul mill o in
muulcativo , nlthough it la Ituriu
tlmt Sjorotcry Tailor has lud fe * >
upuw the p pjr hla opinion thu i )
subjijuL la ono which rcqulroo the .t
tlou of cbngi't'fli.
OouNls-sly luturpraliid , the nppllo
tlou of tbo Southern P.\ciGo rullroi
company ia ft barofacoil dow id to '
pat In yoinoaelon of 14 309 700 ass
of the public domain , to vruion it h
no moro rlglit or vnlld clnlLi ih.Mi t
innu in Iho moon.
Ouloncl Nowull , ono of iholo'jbjii
omployud by t. o inoorpor m'o ' , r t
Tcxfta Pi\clUo 11 iiroad cympaiy , 1' '
tfafttifiod that the laud grant , vu'id
that oorporutluu waa brll i il thru
oongror.1" , tbo price boiug $110,000
cash ana 5200 000 iu bonds for t
lionatf , aud $ i 030,000 in bonds I
tlio house , Ool.-uol Torn Scutt i
cucod control of the frouclilct'a u
labored utrenuouely at WunMogton
gel a governmeuliil onilorsein < Mit
biu bondn to the tano of $40,000
order to build the road , Ho wane
poeed by C P , Huntlngrtui , of l
So i them IMciio , who hli
e'f lo baild u road over iho ramu tt
rltoiy without nuy Md from nongrc
In tbo aliipo of land , mousy or ! on"
The panic of lb7 'I and the nubi
queut olcotloD of a JomocraHc m j
ivy to the h'lUBti < f rapnmmlttiu
rfpuilsd ScottVuchenio , nud ho toluc
to J y Gould , who immediately aouu
lo routr.Mu Haultugum'a notlvlty. T
kttor virtually dcfud thu cou
and puahed lilt opnratlona until Getup
up the fight.
It U imporUut to baar iu mind II
uelthttr the otl lual Incorporatorii
thoTuxaa Pacific , nurrjoott , r.orQui
uvor laid n aolliK'y l uitb ; ' .f rail
oaru a rood of tbo 14,3(9,700 nc :
voted by cougreei. If once uuder I
rjprwia tortus of ovou tttelr oiru c
r rupt iraut ; they poiuimod no had
1 of title to a ftioglo foot of I
territory oondltloually awurdi
i Nevorthole s Mr. Jay Gauld , unw
k ing to oompoto with aoviv.orotm r\rt
) Mr. Hun BLt'.n , oold to him i
whole Tuxao I'AC fi 3 land p.rAM ! T
; * the banaaotiuzi Tilch ! Ji < Bait
wor'b , of OM j , vvilh a pjvrvrful
lo aid lilm , -Icnvorud to IJAVO rat I
Hy the lu t c fire , mid lu w.ilch
in'iht ' have i uco ucJ but fur 'i
S w'j GxptvKurta lijvliij ; fkilid
tfn > lojlnlatnro ( , Iho ti mtlmru l\ic
nuhnbfl now bppual to the interior
p.trtment , building their hpes i
urgumaatn on ll.o prosuliiua o/
Ml Ojirl Ssliuia n ido'hprnonrotarl '
At fie low > > n ( c-'inptilfttloa thti T
i Pic'da ' luod pt. "t Id won1' ? I )
0 0 OOi ) . 0. c ur. Mf . Em.t LK
i , . / uw UfcL ( J uit'-i U-lo w
Mniio.'lJ" wor " , : d a icrqji
it I no ? ( jay n U.i , i s j.n f , ' I : (
J thir y-fivo mill ) . MI d > H > rt n an :
ana or tft-j wlUo 11 iniy well
for ,
i-d 200,000,01) ) ) n cosot the
UuU o > i r tlv > > u o < rnirfttlnns.
I'ma that thU wholtxmlb
U'jald o . .so , B-id the
s'1rply druAf. : f .1 'hj Texas I'w
, lom < > ' . " f rfui'mf , inu i
l > y tii'i S iiHbwri P-3 fi ) ' .
\v II fafolu'i f "mi of 100 a <
o ne * ! y 150 0)0 ) Bafcpp :
ing Aoivirl'-n f , & > u and pny o
big Mhcu of our u , ' .inrinl dubt.
Celar Hapliii in ixKin war on
1 't.'A had C05 naw papar and m
linn1 ,
Tbs Bjoni cif9rm k ra MO en K ti
What Ho Has to Say of the
Tabor-Bush Fight ,
Ho Will atatd fiy Tabor , and
Given Hio lie .eona
De tor Newf , U \ 1) .
A reporter for The Mown met Judge
HoKord ytiaiorduy und mKuil til in
what ho thought of the Tdbor Buili
suit. Ho remarked : "Woll. 1 lost
tint eult , The taut IA I didn't or-
pcot lo grtln it , becMiso tin news-
pnprra liaui gt'iiuriilly aldod with
Hiuh , nnd cunotitmcd thomoelvcu into
a jary that U really moro nbioluto In
liu power than tin j iry uoleoU'd uudei
iho foruiB t'f law. 1 vus only e u-
( iloyod iu the oa u on Saturday after ,
noon , and really noocptod thn cm
ploymout f tt the purpono cf vludloat
ing Governor T , bor ugalnat , the pros *
and outrcgcous aawullf that day aftci
d ty hnvo UPUU lumln rjgnlnn1 him. 1
knuw Tabor thirteen yoata ago when
ho waa poor man and whun DJIIVCI
wrna n uniall t'uvu , haul > y roach'
iui > oictwatd boyi'iid Sovc > utaontt
street. 1 In oiv hlui whim ho wa <
connuctod with the osrly hintory ol
tlio famou * Luxdvtllo tnlnca I knon
th\tnhun ho > 'd wealth hi
brought It 11 Djnvor. 11 oreotocl f
magnificent bloc ) : cm the corner o
S.xtobiith nnd Ltrlmer that In ni
honor to thu town ; that ho orcclol tin
grandest opnr.t house 1911 thin conti
nent that la nu honor glory to thli
city , and the b 'itulios of which an
recognieod nud cjuiiiundud by ovorj
poraou who haa vialttid it. I knov
that ho had glvon employment to bun
dreds of ntiomployou hundu hero nnc
oleowhore three tiaut tlio aUto , thai
ho had apout liii monwy in Ojloradc
i-.iBtor.ddf oUowliero "
"What do you think of Hush'i
tbrnat > o b.ioi ; euii i\y.a'nst Tabor fii
? 100,000 ? "
"NVell , IHIU nu attorney for Gov
oruor Tobur Mid r. fiUnid rf Mr. Ihinh
Of coiui-3 It t > h U.w ; ibld couriBol ti
advloo him wl'i' ; , to do , but If ho con
dulled mo iu ifrlund aa to irhn
cnuruo ho ahun'J pur ue , I would cur
tnlnly toM bitii ( t drop the matte ,
where .It In. Atijjor In u bud r.uuu-
aolur in j icllohl , i\id ro
vengc.i mo ucldoni u.vnrdcd-rith trl
niiiphs in the C"Ui' ror in. I'mh wil
' If lie brtiipa thia tnjnet MT Tabo
nllod iu tlut > 'it ' r. 1 luil , hovrovo-
t-iiul by IMnr In thli 0 111 until th
md , btcauio I billi'vo tint ho hi
icon moor Tri > ntii i'y ' , uniircaieatll
and on'rw ontifly AVut dandVi ! > ciuao
the giTfa' " 91'v'cf 11 ho ha rut
Wad to thfi adrMio'in ut ot thd mr
rl'illu'erii > r t1 ! c'ty ' and elite '
Judge B df iJ declined to talk o
any other iiubjj t thun the pnat aul
and the cwo tnr.ii : < u.iod to ba brnogl
liy Hush ophiiiBt T bor.
The rtportor i > ro b"il him to eipro :
an opinion rugf rdlr > g llio political c
tout thla qu irrul w < u'il hav
upon the futut-jb ittlcc of the npubl
o i > rrtj' .
"Y m m < " ix-nio mo on thin tin' '
jont , " IIB E 5d "I uiu sick und vroailt
of polltirn. All tlio ir.vJera of tl
paity sfcm to b < i inrrellDy , undoit
ono nbunlLg the otln-r , nnd > uinn wl
ha/i Bonnti enough to pound oiind do ?
arat hole out ti.ll wbort ) thla thli
will end. I propocn in tbc'futurn
praotioo law ui d lot thi en Liitlnir.
? .o ou with tlu'ir Hjht. Thti north ai
outh hnvo fratunizrd , tlio pco |
tl'o ( not tiji > i wo nro o
i , nud T think wo cait aa [ (
ou ( .nv pllltwi w'lotlHT o
r r the uthur ho'In Iho roiun
power. "
or Apnolito , Jlov ela costive
in tlio Irofil , with a dull onn
in tlio uncle purt , Polu unilo
the Shoulder bludu , fulltiosa afio
< JaMnr , v/itli a clismollnatlon to ox
crtion of bocty or mind , Irrltnbillt :
of temper , LoVir Bplritu , with a , foal
Inir of haviuir nrRloctod r.oinnduti'
Wnnrlnrss. IJlzzlnoun , Fluttorlnj' a
the ) i urt , uotu bcforo tlio y > s , xol
Jew Skin , Ilonclncho fjonnraily eve
tbo rlsht eye , JtoitleBBiiCBS , with fit
ful dreams , hlchly oolortjj Urine
i- . .
TUT'f'H 1'ir l.O nro eeprrlnll
JliptDl to Hlirll ( a einiif > iluto el
londt Miuli u Omiiuii lit fcelluu r. ( t ( he Niillei rr.
'lln > y liiortiit.ii llicAuiictHr.aiulotn/
liolKxly 10 "I uUo ( ill I''tdhli , Ihui tMnK\
l in U IIDIII lolinil , nml liv tholrTonl
A Cllllll < I ) I llU lIlKIIKtlVV'
ulnr falonlw rrr proiliiTil ,
u < ai a u "w u u i a u u tj t * ti aui
OUAT IJ m onVmB triin vhungn to ft Gains
Di.iCKlo a tin' In up ] ilcailon of ilili DTK.
lmimrtiiaii .iiiinlc' < lor ActJiIn.ttHntaiii'OU
If , H M tiy i rnvi'HtBormat Uy iir/rik.i < .
rsceli.tcf. Ml.Oil.
oj-'noi ! , its viii'iUAi : ST. , N. i
r r >'ti"iii r > i.t ir > i. : i > t < .rn > ii > i i
u tr.vui-ci .d UAUU & ]
.3 luoosp itAl ' 1 I'tt.J I.
Aocounta eil'vl ' d ! ' ! koptcj'j
o clgM ohwlt w ! ' sot DoMo. )
. * Bi ! oi fli'M'r ' U n 1 -uj '
: u 'nf ' iut. ns' , i.v on i
Adviinaw mv fi to cn tnim.f <
proved ( ooaritto * at
'ntoruet. '
The Intora.-ti of c'latowi-nj wj ci
y tfuardw' and vri-y fuoi'l'y ' '
' > la with prmolplui of nlu.'l banti
tvAj estondtvl ,
fi Sight Dr ftt on England , !
, Scotland , and all parUof li'irc
Soil Uoropoun I'istwgo Tiokola
Oollaotioca Promptly Ma.
James H. Fonb.idy M. I )
II "i loitoH No , 1-107 Jonwa St
OlicH-N ! > . IfiOT Riniaui St
OIUi iourj , 12 m. lo 1 1 > . m. au J 3 p. m
f. m.
1'cli'phqno for oflho , O
P/rom th Boiton ulot * . ]
itn. KJttort
Tli * kboTa ! i a eood llk n n of Itn. I rtJ * T. rial
m , of I.jnn , MMI , itho aboreaU othtr human b lsj
* j b * truthfully cUl J th "IXuir Prttnd of Woman }
lorn * ot hrr correiponilrnU lore to call h r. BM
Miloutlr d ToUd to tirr work , which In thconloord
a UfMtudf , and U obliged to kwp dx liU (
wl Uuit i , to br Ip her aniwf r the \nrt \ * eomtpondraj
hloh tUlljr | < oun In upon btr , ooh l trlag IU tpodl
nlf n of iurr tlnff , or Jor at ! < * from It. nt
ompound Is a tuwlleln * for food and nt
I ! ' ' pononilt ; InrwUifiUJ It u
tha truth of thli.
On account of lt < provrn li rt ororo < > nd4
J prrtcrlb d bj thgbcit phjrilcliLni In tha oouutrj
MJRI MH worka Ilka a ch&rmund aarft mud
iln. Itwlllcuru entlnlr the wont form of falllii
the utcru > , I/UoorrhT * , Irraculu v > d r lnff
nttruMlon.AllOTiirlitnTronblM , Inflammation ad
cc ration , FloodliiKu , ll Dliplivwrnrnti and tha cot
> im nt tilnM | wcnkr.csj , and 1 > f < r > dl'y adapted V ,
i Cliangc of Llfii. "
t pcrmmtfn ercry portion of tV rj ( m , and ( rlr *
w life and irlcor. U rrmoTti ftlntiioM , n 'ultnrj
Htroya all rrftTlng for itlmuliuiti , and rcllerei wrOl
fr J of the stoni&ch. U curcn nioatlnff , lleAtlMhrn
rroui lro > trntlont fltncral Debility , Sl < x < plM ii af
pniulon nnd Indication. That fMllnff of tatm |
wn , cannlnR pMn , wolRht and alwayf
rmAnentlj runxl by Ita uw. H will at all tlmra , anl
adir all clmiurtnuro , net In barmonjr with tba Ut
Wit jorcrm the fctimlo njftcm.
tt o-vn only 1 1. per txittlo or li f or 15. , and U cotd ta
iiD7l't * > Any ftilrtcoiCiutro < lM totpfxU&lCA ndpaul
< * n tnir of many w ho hnvc bcn restored to pwfta
hklthby the moot the \VffetalJo Compound , matt
.tiUnnl by mMrrnanR Un. I1. , with ttamp for r py
her homo In I.jnn , ilaM.
Tor Kidney Oomplnhit of Ht\rrfi thli rompomdl
s < ntrpa rd ai & tt ntlmonliUfl Bhovr.
- Vn nnklmin'i Liter IMlln , " wyo onowr r , "a
l < -e inirM for thn euro uf Cotutipatfc * ]
nil Turpldlly of the liter. Hnr lllool
womlon In IU pjH-dal Una and bid * fat
> n pound In Its popularity.
1 1 liprojivn Aneelof ilrroy wbonaok
iRoodtoothon ,
_ -a. g ) _ Mr * A.M.D ,
Railway Time Table.
Dally EivrisK :25 : P m-
> er . 7inp in Ponvcr Kxp..7:3Jara <
Jtmlcrant. . C : 0 p ni Kmlerant b.'i nm
Jncoln Ki. . lllliam : Lincoln Kr..lo3 : p ra
8:15 : a in Jllxel _ 445pin
Ilumtnr tnlniiIravo Ornt ani foll'ws 8.00 a.
in ; WO n m ; 10:00 : a ra ; a m , 1:00 : p m ; 2 CO
n m ; von \i m:0i ; p in ; 5 oo p in : moo p m
Duiuuy trnlni lrn\o 0 un 11 UluRii M follown :
8:2 : mn ; D5i : > m ; 10:23 : am ; lias am ; 1:25 p
m : 2 " 3 p in ; 3 56 p m ; 4"25 p in ; B.I6 p m ; 0V5 p
Hiimlnyf he Dummy tra'ns ' Irvre Omaha at
WO , llPO : in ; 2-M , 4 00 , t.:00 : and 0 CO p in.
LeavisOainiitl Uiutl at vtS ) ami 11:20 : m ,
JS1:26 : , 6:13 : uil 6:28 : p in.
MATH OMAHA. tm vii council. BLtirra
I'waNo a. . . . .7:45 : am l'n-8 No 6. . . 7,2S m
" No 10 . bjIBpm No 15 11:10 : a m
"No t . . . a:40pin : ' No 3..11:30 : an
K-nlvnnt No 0.0:15 : a m ' No W. . . . . 7-2u p m
NoT.lHOpm "No 1. . . . 7.00pm
010UX CITY & PACIFio-DEl'OT N. 16th St
Lo.\o Omahi ( or O'Neill via Ht I'mil
Unoror lllftlr , B:30ara :
6SO p in
c. , ii. * ail. r. u. K.-U. r. DKPOT.
Kx. 7r ; > inn * . .
„ itlo tx..8lup : - - Ex..0.lO a
'tlally oiccpt Sunday
111 ! UT.
Omalu 7:1,1 : am I Omaha ll0ai
0. , U. & y. H. H U. I1. DKFOT.
AIIP.IV * . tVU. .
M ll 7:4 : n < n I Kxntcii ] 0:45 : m
r.xiiuiu ,1:10)11111 : ) ult' 725pm '
N. V. Ir x. lotves Oountll Illults at BM7 J > mt :
" " nrilvun " ' * w R:20am : |
3unda > s uxciptuJ. fOunha tlmo.
0. , II. I & P. H. U. U P. DKl'OT. I
Hnni Kxproiu 7 : < R a m-
7:20 : p m MM1. . . . . . . . . 3:40pm :
O"ft N. W. U. JI.-U. P. DhPOT.
Mttll 7-15 nm i R45am ;
Kxprunn 3:40 : pm JUl * 7:20pn : >
occeptid Sinulayi vxccpiod
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