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The Omaha Bee.
Pnbltahod everr morning , except Sun.
7 , The nly Monday morning dally.
UBS Year. . . .310.00 I Three Montl.
U Months. . 6.00 I Ono Month. . . .
CHE WKKXLY BEE , pnblUhod every
OM Year . 82.00 I Three Monthi , M
tUMonth . 1.00 | OneMonth. . . . 30
AxratoAN N ws CoMPANT , Sole Agenta
Kewidealon In the United Btatoi.
News and Editorial
iktfons relating to
ioattoA "ould Be addrowed to th , KDITOU
ei Tn B ,
tetter * and Kemlttonceii should bo ad
, and l'o toffico
OMAHA. Draft. , Check
Jrdon to be made payable to the order of
Ibs Company.
The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
" 'CiviL sorvioo taught hero,1 is the
Ign ono sees in Washington now , "
aaya the Now York Mommy Journal.
It U also the motto adopted by four
out of the five members of the No
bruk'a congressional delegation.
NKW YOBK la appealing for contri
butions In building the pedestal for
Bartholdl'a statue of "Liberty Enlightening -
lightening the World. " If Liberty
could talk , it might bo able to ou
lighten the world on the selfishness o
Gotham's stingy millionaires.
1" has boon found in
Brooklyn , under the friendly protection
tion of two American lawyers. As
long as Mr. * Tynan can foot the bill
there Is no necessity for any appoa !
for the protection of the Ameri
can fhg ,
AKIEK playing her farewell engagement
mont in the United States at Olncln
natl , Miry Anderson played ono nigh
In Orange , N. J. It Is evident tha' '
Miss Anderson holds to the old theory
lif li that New Jersey Is out of the union
NBAJUV 200 women of Noir York ,
f -v wives of some of the best known cltl
sons , have petitioned the board o
education to make the teaching o
owing to girls between 10 and 1
compulsory in the public schools
Lily Devoroanx Blake and otho
enthusiast ) , the tendency of whoa
teachings Is toward training the bral
at the expense of the household , wll
bo hoard from later.
PRESIDENT AitTiiuit has nominated
Walter Evans , of Louisville , as com-
mtsiioner of internal revenue. Blue
Grass whisky may now bo expected to
receive all the protection guaranteed
It by the constitution. Mr , E rani Is
a lawyer by profession , was a loyal
soldlor during the rebellion and four
yoara ago received thu republican
nomination for governor of Kentucky.
Whether the selection will null Mr.
Login of Illinois and Mr. Lipham of
Now York , n of loss Importance
than whether Mr , Evans will make an
honest and ofliolont cilisor.
ANordlnanoo to prevent huckstering
on the streets of Omaha was Intro
duced at the last mooting of the city
council , and referred to the aopropri
ate committee , by whom it onght to
bo promptly pigeon-holed. Wo want
all the hucksters wo can got. The
prloei of garden truck and farm pro-
dnoe are not yet so low In Omaha that
we can afford to place an embargo on
the business. Any competition In the
ale of food products should bo en
couraged rather than suppressed.
Of course , If Mr. Eitabrook wanti
to build a market on his Sixteenth
troet property no one will object.
But he U acting entirely too previous
ly In drafting ordinance ! like the one
referred to , la advance of any move
towards building an open market eon
| |
trolled by the city , and free to al
desiring the use of Its stalls.
Even with a public market , It li
doubtful whether suah a Bwoopinj
prohibition of 111001 Bales would bi
Avren a two years' struggle for an
appropriation to build Fort Thorn
burgh , In Utah , and at the time whoi
troops were on their way to the reset
vatlon to begin the construction o
the post , all work Is peremptorily jr-
dored to be stopped by General Bhorl
dan. The reason assigned is the fall
are on the part of the government t
extinguish the title to certain parta o
the military reservation , but there ire
grounds for believing that otho
causes may have operated to choc
the construction of the post.
However this may bo the Depart
ment of the Platte ought not to los
the $00,000 appropriated by the las
congress and which was to have boo
applied to the erection of Pt. Thorn
burgh. Fort Omaha Is greatly In nee
of new quarters and a determined of-
fort should bo made at ouoo to loonr
the transference of funds for this pui
pose. Senator Mandorson la reaped
' fully invited to use his efforts In his
direction. With the co-operation c
the other members of the Nobrask
.delegation enough pressure can prob
ably bo brought to bear npoi
the Secretary of War and Genera
'iShorman to , accomplish the desire
end , At any rate , it is well worth ho
The poocoablo invasion of our state
by a host of eastern editors calls for
some comment on the part of their
brother journalists In Nebraska. They
may bo assured in advance of a hearty
welcome f rorn onr people , Nebraskans
are proverbially hospitable , and they
are not Inclined to cloud their record
when their guests happen to bo of a
profession In which onon eyes and at
tentive oars are the prerequisites of
success. Both eyes nnd ears
will find ampio employment dor-
Int ; their short sojourn In Omaha
and their flying trip through onr
state. They como to .us at a season
of the year when onr people are
very busy in planting and cultivating
iholr crops and when the country
looks its best. It their travels
through the southern portion of our
state they will bo carried through the
finest corn lands of the Union and
whirled rapidly across a sec
tion which twenty years ago
wan mjppod In oar geographies
as the Great American Desert.
Wo have advanced somewhat slnco
then , and , with moro than half
million population , stand seventh
In the list of food-producing states o
the union and first in the rank o
those whlon boast the smallest num
ber of illiterates In proportion to pop
nlatlon , Hero in Omaha wo can show
them a city of moro than 40,000 ia
habitants , with a wholesale , trade o
$30,000,000 a year , and business Interests
torests which supply the western
territories adjicont with their mor
chandlsa. Omaha boasts of the bes
school system In the trans-Missouri
country ; a school fund of over $100 ,
000 a year , wheraof $90,000 is derive
from onr system of fines and licenses
Omaha is in a transition state and on
visitors roach us at a tlrao when publl
improvements have boon begun fo :
the first tlmo ou a eaalo ccmmonsnrat
with onr prosperity. A year hone
wo will bo able to show them a city i
which the entire business portion li
substantially paved , with the bos
sewerage cyttom In the country and
waterworks which furnish an unceas
ing supply of the purest and sweetest
water on tbo oonlinont.
Wo are not at all ashamed of
Omaha as li la today and wo are
very proud of what it Is to
bo. Wo have the location for
a treat metro polls , the push to make
it the chief city of the far west anil
the men and moana to keep It at the
head in spite of local jealousies and
envious competition. Meantime wo
cordially woloomo nil visitors , wheth
er they come among us as transient
gnoita or like Joshua's emissaries , as
spies looking out for a future location.
Wo are especially glad to receive mom-
bora of n profession to whoso untiring
energy Nebraska and Omaha one much
of the rapidity wltt which they have
Inoroasod in population and pronporlty
Statistics compiled by well informed
stock men ojtlmato the number ol
oitllo now grazing In Wyoming al
800,000 head. Daring the shipping
season of last year , from July 1 tt
November 1 , there were , as reported
to the Wyoming Stock Groworu' neso
elation by Its secretary at its annual
mooting last mouth , 217,312 head
sent east to the markets , an Increase
over the shipments of 1881 of 52.00C )
head. The great cattle drives froir
the Paolfio coast have ceased , and the
- drive from Texas haa greatly dimin
ished. Wyoming , nnder the range
system of grating cattle , la no *
almost fully Blocked , and the nnmbei
raised by breeding ia not largely
excess of the number ahippod las
year. It Is doubtful whether thi
shipments to the eastern atook yard
during the coming season will bi
larger than those of laat year , Prloei
of cattle were , during the shipplnj
season of 1862 , fully 25 per con
j higher than those of 1881. Stool
ralaoia took advantage of the hlgl
prices to sell aa much of their stool
aa waa marketable , and , consequently
there will bo thla year no decrease litho
the prices of Wyoming cattle foandoi
on an over supply of stock In th
territory. In round numbers , th
n- statistics of Wyoming's cattle bnslnes
on for 1883 may bo put thus ; Stock
or800,000 head of cattle , worth $30
of 000,000 ; shipments , 200,000 head
jrworth 80,000,000 to $10.000,000 )
rlWhllo little than
- a mere one-fourth c
Utho number of cuttle will bo shlppe
to to market , that number will roprosot
of one-third the weight ot boot i
Wyoming , and , of course , ono-thlr
the value of all the cattle.
ok ! There are about 400,000 sheep i
the territory worth , after the sprit
rtshearing , $3 to $3 25 a head. It
commonly said that , in mutton an
wool , sheep will , under the boat 001
: dltions , pay the grower 100 per coi
'uannually. . Thcso conditions have ni
od existed in Wyoming In the past wli
oftor , In one district in Laramle count ;
In which about 50,000 sheep woi
irgrating , It is thought that 10,000 po
otishod in the storms of last moutl
In a part of Sweotwator county , In
of storm In midwinter , anch losses as tt
following wcro reported ; In one cat
b1,500 sheep wore lost out of 2,000 ; i
another , 7,000 out of 9.COO in abet
throe daya. These two cases are 01
ceptlons , aa one rancher lost 100 oc
of 2,000 during the winter. Thoabov
shows the two extremes of the shoo
business. It will bo safe to say the
loss will average 25 per cent.
The opening of the Eist River
bridge , which occurs to-day In Now
York i nd Brooklyn , is an event of
moro than local Interest. It marks
the successful culmination of ono of
the greatest works of modern en
gineering and celebrates the comple
tion of a mighty monument , whoso
lofty towers will mark for centuries to
come the location of America's great
est metropolis.
The designs for the East river
bridge were accepted In 1869 , and
work was begun on the foundation of
the Brooklyn pier oc the 3d of Janu
ary , 1870. Moro than fourteen years
have consequently boon expended in
tha work and $14,000,000 of money ,
The bridge Is the largest suspension
bridge In existence. The span Is
1,695 foot In length between the piers ,
and the entire roadway is moro than
a mile long. The towers reach a
height of 200 feet and the center of the
spa > < is 130 feet above high water. The
structure weighs 4,000 tons , and when
loaded will weigh at hast 5,030 tons. As
this is barely moro than a tenth of the
breaking power of the structure , all
fears for its safety under the heaviest
possible travel are gronndlesa ,
America haa reason to boast that
the principle of wire bridges was drat
developed in this country , and their
adaptability to railroad purposes
proved by her engineers , after its de
nial by such eminent foreign
authority ss Sir Robert
Stepheneon. The same engineer
who designed the Eist River bridge ,
constructed In 1855 the first railroad
suspension bridge In the world , This
la the once famous structure spanning
the Niagara river , which has since
been dwatfed by later triumphs of en
gineering. It la fitting , therefore ,
that the entire country should bo In
terested in the completion of a great
work which will bo nt once a monument -
mont to American Invention , and an
artery of truffle between two of the
largest cities In the country.
IT la Advertisers Day ngaln with
THE BEE , but our readers will not
complain that the paper fails to con
tain enough nowa end selected matter
to salt the most fastidious.
THE Jkpublican ought to try a little
Kidney Wort to improve its circula
tion. Everything olno seems to fall.
President Arthur awoken all over the
Whlto House alter vUitlnx hours. 10m
. Secretary Teller wears hU dark brown
hair brushed straight back from bli fore-
- bead.
An Innocent Missouri babe has been
named Hcnobii Wllhelmlua Hortenok
Qonrgo Peck , the Milwaukee humorist |
, is said to bo making moro money by hli
fun than I'morjun ever made by hit
Mr. Jamo Konno saye ho In nit baak
rupt ; that ha aold hla ploturo at a gooc
profit ; tint be haa other pictures to sell ii
the oaino way.
John Bright , alleged Inventor of A cole
lirated dlaenso of tba klduuyc , olta leup
drinking cold tea and amoklng clgcra unti .
2 o'clock In the morolug.
Dr. Bliss has entirely recovered frotr
tha dieota of hla labors over Presided1
< ( . ! irtiold'a death-bed , and is donoribcd
being "aa healthy as a clcture of line
cllUB. "
' Undo Samuel J. Tllden ia beginning t
ihow elfins of ruddy health in his cheeks
and IIRB double elliptic tprlogi In his step
lie wanlH to match himself with PHe
young man for a running race not year ,
The New York Graphic prints a plotun
of the emperor and empress of Auitrli
- "washing the feet of the poor. " If thai
is ono of the duties of the office we thai
never go to Austria and run for emperor
Mrs. David Dayli is disappointed in or.he
er large trees of California. She says the
are not nearly so enormous as she expected )
pectod to find them , Mr. Darn ought lot
exueot a tree to look large when her bus
band is around.
Bitting Bull now claims that he oonli
have licked Uncle Sam oat of hii boots li
IKS than six months , but the sumndere
beoauio his wives didn't like to hear thi
08 reports of gum. Siuan U. Anthony
where arc you !
Arlatarcht Ley , retiring Turklih minis
tee at Washington , has a nose like
locomotive cow-catcher. While groplni
h about hla dork bedroom at night ho land
th disarrangement of furniture by tbi
nose a great Inconvenience.
. It having been rumored that Dr. Mar Walker intends to celebrate the comini
Fourth ol Julv In a frock , The Washing
ton Qacetta diioourages the cxporlman
with the remark : , Too late , doctor ! Yoi
have not left Imagination a slngl
chnnct. "
Auennt liclmont Ii about the only mi
ot the New York millionaires who haa lot
, "built him a homo" up town. Ho till
- holds out at the corner cf Klghtcontl
, itreet and Fifth avenue , wboro ho has re-
tided for more than a quarter of a century
. Tbo houHo was originally built by a
Of Galen , He was unfortunate and the
property came into Mr. liolmont'd possea
led alou at the price of (90,000 ,
mt OathanI Boy , the Jewish millionaire
in died recently In Cairo , aged Borentythree
His property la estimated at over f 25,000
Ird 000. Ho was private banker of the forme
vice king , whose unlimited confidence h
poaiossed. He owned a synagogut of hi
In own. In whioh services weie daily held
Ing and he carefully observed Jewish rites I
diet , etc. Ha had two wives , oue of whoi
tis survive * , and a numerous progeny ,
tnd Ei'Senator Tabor , who went to Qjl
ko b , Wla , to build an elegant houao fc
an- bin father-in-law number two and foun
out that be had just died , baa lavished b
not money on the funeral , The oqflla lOBt
about 1500 and the ihoud 930. The in-
in- aide ot the caiket Is uollahcd cedar , and I
ia Hoed with ( Ilk. The ouUlde Is made <
wrought iron , and the top Is solid late
ore glaaa from head to foot , except the bar
aoroas the centre. The handles are alive
or- plated. The burial robe U of rich aatti
th. embroidered with needlework , tllk irds
a with tasaelled ends tied about the wala ,
and pleated silk bowa extended down the
the front from the breast to the feet ,
Uouthorn frldo.
6tr nn h News.
nt Georgia la just as progresclvo i
. Pennsylvania. Her people are i
, /wide awake , and man for man represent
sent what Is distinctly American far
bettor than the population of the
Key3 tone state ,
The Omaha tribe baa selected Ilenrj
Fontanolle , an aged half.brted of their
tribe ax their oommlitlouer to apprnlie
the 49 000 arrea to be aold from the wett
lido ol thtlr reservation. It la probable
the apprnlilng cf the laud will begin by
June 1.
The friends of law and order are to have
a mass convention fn Wayne on the even
ing of tbo 24th , the object being "the per
fection of some clevlco for the iuppre iion
of the Illicit trUIio In intoxicating drink * ,
and klndied iinmoralUle * , "
It IN reported that the railroad from
Burr Oik I ) to be extended to lied Cloud ,
the citizens of that town having raised
J4VW 0 .is a bonus. Thla. If consummated
will give them a competing line , the new
road being a U. P. brwioo.
The Inaane aaylum at Lincoln Is to
crowded that the nuthorltlea have been
called upon to take away confalenclng
patlenta In order to make room for more
aeiloua oatea ,
The Mtnden folks were aa Incen-od
agalnat tbe tuprome court for granting a
stay of execution in the Slmmermin hang
ing bee that they huug tha auurime court
in efligy.
The pupils of Kearney schools are prac
tlclng a hro dilll. The principal rloga an
alarm bell and the scholars practice on
ftttlnx out of the building aa rapidly aa
p ilble.
Kebrotka claima the largest anplo ever
grown in Ainorioi. It weighed VJ\ \ ounces ,
A model of tbla production la at preientin
the Bmltbionlan Institute , at Washington.
Mlllera on Wood river are having a hard
time. The rain haa caused much loss by
carrying away the dams. Inaomeloatanccs
the IOM will bo heavy.
Squatter * on the Otoe reservation pro
test because tbe land la to be aold to th
hlgheat bidder. They want to take it a
the appraised value.
It ia rumored that the U. F. company
will put on a through piaaenger train be
tween Omaha and Norfolk , by way o
Mm. Colby , of Beatrice , fa consider !
tbo etheme ot starting a oewapaper , io
the advancement ol woman's suthage i
this state.
J. M. Oiborne , of Pawnee county , hat ,
lost over $2,000 worth of
. cattle from
- - - - _ Tr-www nwtbu U * UttfctlO
hjdrophobld , n the past few months.
The Protestants and Cathollai of Kulo
Itioturdton county , are quarreling abou
loading the btble In the schools.
The Kearney New Era calls loudly fen
n apparatus ainoe the recent fire ther
which destroyed five buildings ,
No di couraglm { fruft reports come from
any quarter of the state. The crop will un
doubiedly bo a large one ,
The country around North Platte Is
be irrigated , a company having been
ganlzed for that purnote.
Th elite supreme court has decided tha
the loans made by the Corbln banlcin
company are usurious.
A new p per , devoted to the Intereats „ .
the Gcrumn clement , is to bs sUrttd at
Sutton next month.
The cltlzjns of Wood River , Hall
r mnty , h vo ru""Hcribed to a fund to pur
chase a fire engln * .
One tree man nlone has sold to the farm-
crs of Dawson connty nearly 300,000 fruit
nnd forest trcea.
Contract * ! for the construction of a
$10.000 grist mill hove been let by partita
ttt Dorchctter.
Wahoo reports a good deal of building
now dwelling and business houoea rising
on every hand.
. Louisville ban a pottery at work now
nnd it IB uald to bo turning out some very
good work.
The government Inndu in the new dis
trict of Valentino are being rapidly taken
by settlers.
The U. & M. road is said to have com-
parnti/ely little land left in Greeloy >
- county ,
Thlrty-five bulldlngj and additions hav
been put up in Wakefield since March
1st ,
Sewnrd county schools are experiencing
, , considerable trouble In securing teachers
Over 10,000 acres of land changed hondi
ila in liuflulo county durinc the last month
The German orp planted in the ntati .
< hen pond at South Bend are dying off.
in 1'lattsmouth has n law nnd eider eocietj
organized to enforce the Slocuinb law.
- Potato bugs are Bald to bo quite num
[ orona In aome portions of the state ,
A move Is ou foot for organizing an ag
.tilm rlcultural society nt O'Neill.
m The citizens of Central City are makinf
a move to iccuro a public hall.
ai The town of Wilbur Is out of debt am
- has money in the treasury.
The Holt county creamety has Increase
to its capital stock to $10.000.
, , The flouring mill at Decatur is to be removed
- moved to O'Neill City.
Syracuse has organized a fair nnd drir
ing park association.
The old gas works at Nebraska City an .
to be put in u e again.
Corn Is laid to be spoiling In the crib li
. some parts of tha state ,
A poatofiloe has been established a
/ ] Swift , Otoe connty.
X- The vllligo of Fierce , fn Fierce county
. is now Incorporated , .
The Wayne creamery wont into opera
tion last week.
In Fonoa is to have a free reading room am
* public library.
he The creamery at Tecnmieh has a capac
ity for COO cows.
Button has organized a building aasocla
i A bank Is to be established at Oxford ,
* On the Other Fellow's Throat.
Chicago Time ) .
; The juror in the star route cose whi
ls sick onght to have had his son
- throat on ouo of the talking lawyers
Haa Infforsoll Closed the Other.
AtUnU Constitution.
The country would bo glad to knoi
that justice Is keeping ono eye ono
Their Proposed Hunting Tour Bo :
- heoralncr for Decoration Day.
A mooting of the Omaha Glee clul
, was hold Tuesday at Hospo'a hall
at which there was a full attendance o
the members and also about twenty
five ladles and gentlemen from th
several of their finest pieces for th
entertainment of their vlalton , nd
for Mrs. Bnell , of the Paxton , at the re
bii ! quest of the club , favored the part
with two beautiful solos. Among he
- songs by the club were those In re
hoarsal for Decoration Day. reor :
Ot the visitors had departed the nba
wont into executive session , and
- committee , consisting of Messrs. A. D.h
, Morris , Frank Smltn and Mr. Welsh ,
previously appointed by the boys t
, report ou the proposed spring hnn
to be taken by the club , made a favor
able report , and it waa voted to irry
out the scheme.
The club will ou this trip go to Fre
as mont , and , taking vehicles , will rove
as across the beautiful Elkhorn valley >
- stopping to hunt and visiting the prln
clpal cities. They will give four con *
certs during the trip , and will make ilt 1
a memorably pleasant affair.
Those Who Have FJpred with
the Blue-Coated Wearers ,
A Suit for Damages Against
One Officer.
In Judge Bonoke'a court yesterday
there were two plain drunks. One
was committed in default of $10-and
costs and the other was sent up for
fifteen daya on broad and water.
Two mon were arrested last night
as suspicious characters , but proved
that they came into Omaha on a
freight train at midnight and were
lookicg for a boardlog house. Ono cf
them had a supply of money and both
were looking for Work.
Mrs , Mary Byors , who resides on
Fourteenth street near Dodge , left the
house for a few minutes Tuesday ,
and on her return found that a gold
watch had been taken by someone.
Bhe filed complaint in the police conrt
against two men , ono of whom has
already been arrested , whllo the ofli
corn are after the other ,
Ono of the Russian peddler boya
complained against Jerry Kernan for
striking him in the face ,
Officer Wiley Dlxon , of the U. P.
depot , filed a complaint against two
hackmen , charging them with driving
their hacks on tbo platform in dis
obedience of his orders and to the ob
struction of business. Ho proposes
to enforce the law to Its fullest extent
and will carry the war into Africa if
The man Tiutklns , charged
with complicity in the
Martin murder , was arrested
Tuesday , and will bo hold with the
rdst. The death of the victim de
termined Judge Bunoke to postpone
the preliminary examination nntll
District Attorney Godwin could bo
present , ho being now engaged on the
criminal docket of Washington county.
Ho was telegraphed yesterday aa tea
a date when ho could bo bore.
Wm. Hull , who threatened the llfo
of Officer Matza , has boon held in
the aum of $500 to answer to thu ncxl
grand jury.
The mon arrested for stealing the
overcoat from John Brandt's place
will have a hearing to-day.
James Olark , a circus man , who was
discharged the day they came to Oma
ha , went Into a private yard and laid
down for a nap. The owner ordered
- him out , whereupon ho refused to go
and throw a rock at his unwilling
host. Ho waa arrested and sent up
for ton daya on bread and water.
Two mon were arrested for assault
ing a boy , aud ono paid $5 and costs ,
, whllo the other was discharged.
, Some months ago a series of rob
beries were perpetrated on Jackson
and 10th streets and anapiolon was
fastened on thrco or four men living
beyond the U. P. track ou 13th street.
Officers Hlncbey and Matza and the
iy city detective , Mr. Davis , wont out to
investigate the matter aud Mr. Hln-
ve choy declined to make any arreata
sh without a warrant. Ho has always
boon a careful officer and never made
IK an arrest In which the charge was not
IKre. sustained until this occasion. He
ds wont to Marshal Angoll and ex
plained the matter aud the mar
.to shal Instructed him to go
ahead without a warrant and gave him
ty a pair of handcnlTa to use. The ar
rests were made and the authorities
failed to make the charge stick , ec
yesterday Mr , Hlnchoy was served bv
the sheriff with papers in a $1,00(1 (
darnggo suit for alleged falsa imprison
OB ment , brought by one of the men.
Ud Aa he was acting directly under
authority of his chief , It is not proba
ed ! bio that the suit will amount to any
thing , and It would bo pretty hard foi
re any ono to got a verdict In such a case
from any jury.
IT- Whether the others are awaiting to
BOO the result of the first suit and then
.it make a break , is not known.
la Down where the climate la torrid ,
The ating of a hornet ia horrid ;
at It atrlkea with surprise ,
Betwixt the two eyes ,
, St , Jacobs Ollcnrea the sore forehead
te- Ft. ThornbargliiNot to be Con-
la- stated During the
Present Year.
Fort Thornbnrgh will probably ex
1st , In name only , for some yoara t
ire come. Nowa waa received Tueadaj
. at the department of the Platte thai
the building of the post has been BUB
pendod by peremptory orders fron
Washington , and that all arrange
monta .mado towarda facilitating iti
construction , and the expenditure o
the $90,000 appropriation made by thi
last congress have , been revoked bj
o- the same authority. The reason fa
this sudden change of front on thi
part of the war department Is under
stood to be the failure to oxtlngnlsl
title to aartaln portiona of the mill
, tary reservation ,
of The news cornea at a rather Inop
portnne time when all the prepara
he tions had been made for prosecutlnf
the work and details of olllcers am
men made for that purpose. Immo
he dlately upon receipt of the Informa
hon the order for a battalion of troopi
e- to go from Douglaa to Thornburgl
; waa revoked , The order for Majoi
Da Rnaaey'a battalion to construct i
- road from Ft. Brldgor across thi
or mountains has also boon revoked.
All work upon the post will at once
a be suspended , including even thi
. sawing of logs and the getting out o
, timber. The post will bo abandonee
to and troops and auppllea withdrawn.
Thornbnrgh was the only post Ir
- this department for which congresi
made any appropriation of alze , am
there la general regret expressed ovei
the unfortunate circumstances whlcl
force its abandonment.
- Flies , roaches , ants , bed bugs' , rats
mieo , gophers , chlpmunck , cleare'i
out by. "Hough onlUta. " 15o.
China and Glass. .
St. Louis , Mo.
majr 2-3m
23mW JH OTrpr1.s A T.TTJ
Washington Avenue and Firth Street , |
2I3 Farnam St. . Omaha. Noh
egal Proceedings in the Sulli-
van-Dodsou Cease ,
The Neighbors Express Their
Indignation Very Em
The report of the Dodson-Sulllvan
affair In yesterday's BEE caused a de-
ided sensation in North Omaha ,
where the parties era all well known ,
It turned out that after Emma Dad-
son left the Sulllvana she wont to
] ol. Smytho'a office for legal advice ,
lero aha waa found by her parents ,
who had retained Ohas , R. Rodlok as
counsel. The yonng lady refused to
go homo with her folks and they
ecured a writ of habeas corpus in
ho connty court and she
accompanied Deputy Sheriff Orowell
. ; hero , and the case was set for 9
) 'clook yesterday , pending which
Miss Emma waa remanded to the care
- of her parents , and consented to go
homo if Mr. Orowell would act aa her
escort , which ho did.
It appears that this did not end the
trouble , which waa renewed at the
gate of the residence by Mr. Dodson ,
who acted in such a manner that Mr.
E. Y. Smith , his neighbor , went over
and gave him a pretty good talking to.
Mr. Bailey and other ueighbora
gathered around and expressed their
Indignation pretty plainly , and finally
half convinced the father that ho had
gene too far. The young lady refused
to stay at homo all night end stayed at
a neighbor's.
. Yesterday when the ciso was
called It waa dismissed without any
< proceedings , as it was admitted thai
Emma was past eighteen years of ago
and privileged to choose for
herself where she should go ,
The writ had charged thai
the illegal detention was on the parl
of the Snlllvans , and Miss Sullivan
appeared before Judge Ohadwlck and
stated that on the contrary the girl hac
taken refuge in their house , and thai
after her departure she was not aware
of her whereabouts.
Sullivan waa discharged Tuesday ,
, the charge registered against him
on the book atftho jail not being sus
tained by affidavit during the day.
Whether ho will file a complaint for
assault and battery la not known.
- Miss Dodson called at the BEE office
and had hardly gone when
couple of the neighbors , gentlemen ol
the highest standing , well to do and
with the nerve to see things rightec
if they have to take a hand themselves ,
called and made some very serious
chargea against Mr. Dodaon , claiming
that ho aud his wlfo had both treated
Emma brutally , and that the whole
neighborhood was indignant. Ho Bale
they came near tar and feathering
Dodson Tuesday , and wore sorry now
that they had not done so , but prom
Ised that if things did not run It bet
ter shape up therothey would takothi
girl away If she went back , and woulc
take justice In their own hands ant
give Mr. Dodson a dose that he wonlc
not forgot.
: Just what Miss Dodaon intenda to
do la not known , but at present ovsry
thing In quiet.
There IB one thing to be said before
fore closing , and that ia that ono am
all apeak In the highest terms of Mia
Emma's tharactor , and are Inoensec
that anything should be hinted agalns
It. She is a very prepossessing yonng
lady , aud they say that her treatmen
has been perhaps the resnlt of a mis
taken idea of what discipline la , and
on whom it should bo exorcised. Th
sympathy in the case la all for the
yonng lady.
* Lydla E. Plnkham'a great labora
. tory , Lynn , Masa. , la turning on
millions of packages of her celebrate *
: Compound , which are being sent to
the four winds , and actually find the !
way to all landa under the sun and to
the remotest oonfinco of modern clvlli
A Mew Studio to | ba Opened Nex
So far as known Omaha enjoys a
proiout the posieiilon ol but one pro
essional artist , and that is Mr. J. K.
) 'Noal , who haa been hero for the pact
wo yoara and has made a splendid
reputation In his business ,
Mr. O'rtoal is now equipping a
studio to bo opened next week , on
Dodge street. It will bo handsomely
nrnlshod and worthy of the namo.
3o does portrait work in oil and
water colors , and dots landscape work
o order. Ho will also no doubt organ-
zo a class , a ho is an exceptionally
ino teacher. Those who are
acquainted with the charactar of his
work will admit that It cannot bo too
lighly praised , and all will wish him
success in his now venture.
If you nre not mnrritd , wrlto the
Marriage Fund Mutnal Trust Association ,
Cedar Kopidg. Iowa , for circulars explain-
ngtbo plan.
'The Omaha Club" Elects KB Direct
ors and Begins Business.
A few days ago a number of gentle *
men mot at the Millard and took the
preliminary steps toward the organi
zation of a Metropolitan club. The
membership was limited to fifty , and
the initiation fee fixed at $300 , the
amount to bo expended in the erection
of a club building. Several meetings
were held aftorwarda , and last night
the organization was perfected by the
election of the following officers :
Olark Goodman , Herman Kountzo ,
J. H Millard , Gay 0. Barton , 0. B.
Yost , J. C Oowin , W. V. Morse , A.
L. Strang , H. W. Yatos.
The following members signed :
A. L S-rang , Guy 0. Barton , P. E.
Her , F. W Gray , D. 0. Clarke , 0. H.
Dewey , 0. E Yoot , John S. Collins ,
F. H. Davis. J. T. Clarke , A. J. Pop-
plotcn , J. C. Oowln , W. A. Paxton.
Frank Oolpatzer , W. V. Morse , N.
Morrlam , J E. Markel. B. F. Smith.
N. ] J. Falconer , V. H Ocffman , G. L.
Miller , H. W. Yates , P. P. Shelby ,
A. E. Touzalin , Olark Woodman , M.
H. Goblo , J. T. Hart , A. S. Patrick , .
G. F. Labagh , H. Kountze. F.
35. Johnson , Jas. E. Boyd ,
J. B. Dotwllei1 , M. T. Patrick ,
J. J. Brown , Goo. W. Holdrege , B ,
M. Morsman , Wm. Wallace. S. E.
Locke , J. H. Millard , Jos. Garnean , .
Jr. , J , M. Woolworth , Ben Gallagher.
Geo. W. E. Dorsey. E. W. Nash , J.
J. Dickey , Thos. F. Klmball , E B.
Chandler , J. A. Orelghton , S. S.
Cildwell. Frank Murphy , Thomas
RogeraEzra : Millard , 0. W. Mead ,
J. B. Kitchen.
Telephone Exchange.
The following 1s a list of the num *
bers of the telephone subscribers who
were connected with the central office
Tuesday and are now In working
order :
C5 57 61 75 77 79 80 102 105 109 110 112
115 117 118 111) ) 120 1211 ! > 2 130 332 130 187
140 143 14D 14G 148140 151154 155 1611M
181183 186 18G 187 100 105 107 08 210 21C
222 223 227 230 232 234 2H5 230 237 233 239
240 241 242 213 244 240 247 248 250 252
257 258 205 238 270 271 279 282 21C 1012
1013 1052 1053 1054 1072 1073 1092 1093
1122 1123 1222 1223 12)2 1253 1282 1283
1312 1313 1314 1342 1343 1344 1345 1362
1303 1872 1373 1374 1392 1394 1412 1413
1415 1423 1452 1453 1454 1462 1463.
Rteumatlsm.Neuralgla.Sciatlca ,
( Lumbagi , Backache. Headache.ToolhachB ,
_ _ . , . - , * . _ . > , rw i DIICIU
i I4 (17 OniiliU > nd Ditlen .
( Ttrtwbtrt. riflT C
' U
. ' m
UtlU. VlnoUom to u'uV---
Undertakers ,