Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 23, 1883, Page 2, Image 2

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The Secret
of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bitters is sim
ply this : It is the best Iron
preparation ever made ; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific , chemical antf
medicinal principles , and
does just what is claimed for
it no more and no less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood ,
it reaches every part of the
system , healing , purifying
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
7jDeirbomAYe.CMcaeo , Nor. 7 ,
I have been a Rreat sufferer from
Ycry weak itomach , heartburn , and
dyspepsia In Its worst form. Nearly
everytmng 1 ate cave me diitrcst ,
* nd 1 could cat but little. I h vt
tried every thlngrecommended , hart
tiVen the prescriptions of a doten
physicians , but Rot no relief until I
took Brown's Iron Hitters. I feet
none of the old troubles , and am
new man. I am Retting much
stronger , and feel first-rate. I ant
* railroad engineer , and now m > ka
my trips rogultrly. I can not say
lee much In praise of your wonder *
ful medicine. V. C. MACK.
ddcs not contain whiskey
or alcohol , and will not
blacken the teeth , or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia , indi
gestion , heartburn , sleep
lessness , dizziness , nervous
debility , weakness , &c.
Use only Brown's Iron Hitters made liy
Brown Chemical C * . , Italtlmore. Crossed
red Hue * and trade-marie on wrapper.
B AL L'o
Every Coriot la warranted satla
taotory to ita wearer in every -ray ,
DT the money will ba refunded by
the person from whom it waa bought.
.h only Coreft pronounced by our lending pnytlolaa *
Bt4 Injurious tn DID wean < r , > md rationed liy ladlM M
b * " mcnt onmtortoliln ana pt'rtKt attuig Oorxt * TU
* * * '
' ' . I'otdl
IMtl'ERbr iUlUI'o.tme
B.M.H1. J'rctcrTlnir. 41.00. Hcir.AdJuitlnar , 1.BO
AkS.iulnnl ( rxtrnbcBTy ) tO.OO. NuriluK , 1. 0
CJrt Vrvtrvlng ( One coutil ) VB.OO , ! '
HLIrt-Hupporllnit , 1.00.
fffr Ml by IcuJ1n Itctall Uralcn orcrywbor * .
" " > " 8KT CO. . Chicago , fll.
MKltAI. , rAIlIS , 178.
Jtalrr'tVrmiMm Cttocolall , the belt
preparation of plain ehocnltu far f ra *
liy UH. Eotir'i lrtaflul Cocoa ,
from h1 h Hi. cic M of oil hii bwm
rfmoTed , iilljillc < 'tte < J ndi.Iinlrtbly
d'rt | < Uorla.lM < . Ralrr'i Funilfd
Ckocvlatt , as a drink or etten M eon *
f.cUonery U a delicious utlelo I highly
rteommendcd by tuurliU. Ail r' *
Jlrama , Invalusblt M a < ll t for ehll-
dran. OirmaSunil Q on > fa < , a
most zcellcnt arttolt for fun 111. .
Bold by Grocer * eterjwhere.
\V. OJ A.ICEK , & CO *
. Ueut ,
Send 81 , 99 , 3 , or
85 for n flnmplu re
tail box liy KxpreHH ,
oftlio boHt cnndlcH In
America , j > ut up in
elccniit IIOXCH , nnd
Htrlctly pure. Sultn-
bio for iirrHontH. Kx-
nroHH clinrg lljrlit.
llcfern tc all Chlcn-
JANDY BO. Try It ouco.
Confectioner ,
iraiot ciGtsiiiH stat Disarm ronctt
Bnbfcrlptlnt ) * PO ( r to the New Hornsn
C tt olio o tliodr l.S n rranclfcoftmonntn
to Lut $53,000 , nod tha rrhbl hci ) relnneii
to commence conftmctlcn until the itib-
prlptloni ! received ( hall cover Ihe ooit cf
the Und ,
Tbo Nevadft I ) ok company h about to
oonnUuct n wheat wnrebouioat I'ort 0 i
t , which will be 230 feet lunu , 185 feet
In width , 32 feat high nnd coillnp 8150 , .
000. Its capacity will be 100,000 tons ,
The oipcrU toconlly employed to ex.
umlno the booki of Tebutnn county linvo
dlsovcred that nevcral of the cindftl ore
Indebted to the county In n aggrf gale sum
of 81 810.20.
Forty thouinnd dollar * ' worth of pow.
der will bo used In the oxplonon by which
o mountain of rock la to be tumbled down
Into tha Yum river , near Smartvlllo.
Jonen A Co , of Sio FranclEcn , havepalJ
Into the custom houeo (93,400 duties on n
kblpmcnt of opium , the Urgent amount at
one shipment made for yearn
The Santa lUtbarn PICII predict * th t
bthoneur future the channel between
that oily and Sn Diego will be utlltted
for the proiatatlou of ipongca.
A Bcclety has been organized at Stock *
ton for the purpoto of bringing negroes to
the 1'ncifio coast to work as farm laborers
and house servants.
The contractor haa abandoned his con
tract to carry A tri-sveckly mall from Mar *
Iposa. to the Yoeemlte , and the route Is
now without a carrier ,
The San Francisco authorities have
adopted vigorous met Bures to crowd out
the evil of opium smoking in that city.
The director * of the Stockton Insane
asylum have decided to erect an additional
buildlcg , to cost 8150,000 ,
OprlngtotbellRhtriinsIt is oittmated
California will have l,100,000tonaowheat
to eviort next year.
The Gaudaloupe qnlckillvcr mine , In
Santa Clara county , has been sold at iber.
for 8126,048.
A forest ol redwood timber baa been
discovered lately In tbe mountains of Bin
Louis Oblapo county.
Nearly 17,000 Immigrants arrived in
San Frsnctaco daring tbe week ending
May 12h. ;
Very rich placer dltcoverlen nro reported
in Lower California , about 100 miles from
Fort Yuma haa been abandoned nnd
the troops will bo removed to San
A ' telegraph line will Boon connect the
Yo'cemlte valley with Mnrlpoea and Mor *
The San Francisco police are raiding
the gambling rooms.
Work en the new observatory at Oak *
land haa commenced ,
A railroad tunnel ia being built in tha
Siiklyou mountain.
A bureau of Immigration in to bo formed
at Loa Angclea.
Stockton wants her police force in *
A cable road Is to bo built at Oak
land ,
The Union Paclflo dlrectota will bold a
bualneaa meeting in Boston this month , and
among the mutters to be considered are
tbe building of a railroad northward from
Cheyenne and the valne to be eot on the
lands lately offeied for sale ,
It ia reported that Wyoming stock
growera are buying bretdlng cattle In Mia *
ourl by tbe thousands and prlcea for cat *
tie have greatly advanced in that atato lu
conteqtienco of the heavy purchases.
Several Laramleltea have formed a pool ,
and Bent out two eiperlenced pruipectora
Into tbe new carbonate fields , south of tbo
White lUver country ,
Tbe certificate cf incorporation of tbe
Dakota stock and grazing company , IIin.
ited , waa fi ed at the county clerk's office ,
Cheyenne , last week.
The Crow Indiana are off their reserva
tion and aio in the vhinlty of Buffalo ,
much to tbe dliguit ot tbe stock men in
that region.
The new car shops of the Union Pacific
at Cheyenne are now ready for butlneai
otd will be occupied immediately.
A temperance tociety haa been formed
iitucni ? tha cavalry troopa stationed at
Fort JMcKluney.
Another cattle company boa bsen organ
ized at .Cheyenne. The capital stock ia
The poaltnaater general haa ordered the
establishment of u poettllice at I'ort RUB.
About 20,000 acres of land will be cnltl *
vatedln J ohnson county this teuton.
The postotTice at Davia Laramleoounty ,
ia discontinued.
Soda work * are to bo built at Liramle.
A depot baa been located at Helerja by
the Northern 1'aclfio , and It la expected
that tha road will reach that city by the
20th of June , Preparations are being
made for a grand celebration on that occa
Tha authorities of Heagher county are
organizing A force to break up a band of
horae thieves Infeiting the eaiteru portion
of the county.
Every available apot for rauohea ia be *
ing taken up along the Yellowitone river
from Livingston to the northern line of
National Park.
It la reported that the mining season In'
the Clark * * Fork country is open and that
_ two hundred men will soon begin work
W.The Granlte Mountain mine , in be'
Phlllnibur ? district , now ranks as ono of
the ticheit sliver mines In the territory.
It Is stated that tbe Cow Indians , of
Montana , numbering 8,400 , are chit fly en *
gaged In agriculture and stock-raiilog ,
The governor haa made application to
the war dspartment for 6 < X ) rifles , to sup
ply the rcqnMtlon of the militia.
Oyer 18,000 head nt buffilo have been
killed east of the Yellowstone river in
Montana this season.
A mine was sold at Helena last week
for $260,000 0Mb and $1,880,000 on time.
Tb * Montana penitentiary contains all
the convlctd they have quarters for
A colony cf Kentucklnns baa sot tied In
{ he Gallatln valley.
Good milch cows nro worth $75 to $30
in liczoiunu.
Ikzcman has eecured grounds for n pub
lic park.
The real estate boom is increasing in
Grading is to ba commenced at once on
the UarrlnRton branch of the Northern
Pacltlo toSykotvIlle. After this U completed -
pleted the fclouio river ui
road wilt bo com
menced from Oitrrlngton ,
A It Ii said that a number of tboie who
went out early lu the sprinp to take up
government laud are now drifting back
and BTR buying deeded lands In the old set-
tied counties ,
The wheat acreage in the southern part
cf the Unitoiy ia largely increaied thli
yew , probably by 70,000 acre * , which
meant l.tOO.COO butbelsat least.
The two Ekandlnavlin ptpera at Fargo
and Moorbead have been mcrg d Into out * ,
a weekly paper , to be publlthed at Fargo ,
Arrangements nre being m do to run B
dally itaKe from Kllendale , Dickey
county ,
to Jamettotf n , Btutiman county ,
The city council of Yankton his ordered
the purchase of fifty oil
or gasoline lamps
for the
lighting ttreeti ,
A company has been organlzid to build ]
a railroad from Fargo to tbe .southern
boundary of tbe territory ,
Oasa county has expended over one bun-
dred thoasnnd dollars on her bridges and
The cltlzenn of Barnes county voted
against the fnndlng bonds and poor farm ,
The citizens of Dawion , Ktdder county ,
have voted to build n $5,009 school houst ,
It la reported that corner lota In free !
City sell for 8600 and ioaide lots for $5CO ,
Several resident * * , coetlrg from 88,000
to 810,000 aplrce nro being built at Fargo.
4 Work will soon commence on the tree *
tlon of a now court houio at Wahpeton.
Grand Rapids offers a $15,000 bonus to
secure the North Dakota university ,
There ar * 2.000 Indian * In Dakota that
belong to the Catholic church ,
Fargo pays nearly one-half ef all the
taxes In Caia county ,
Yankton and Scotland are to bo con *
noctod by telephone.
The Sioux Falls gai works rapidly ap *
preach completion.
The people of Vermlllton are talking
about a fcteara ferry.
Carpenters nnd masons are in great de
mand In Dell Rapids.
Wheat In tbe vicinity of Casselton has
not yet sprouted ,
The Elk Point creamery is complotjd.
Pueblo New : "Work has been itopped
on the foundation of the structure for the
rolling mill , which was to bo removed here
from Denvtr , aa the company have con *
eluded to let | t remain In tbe latter city. "
Tbe Consolidated Oil and Tank com.
pany will erect n huge tank at Trinidad ,
This will give Trinidad two tanks and a
IttU cheaper oil ,
The Leadvlllo Democrat publishes the
names _ of parties Indebted to it , together
with the amount an J cifera the satno for
sale at a discount.
The Harrison Reduction worksat Load.
vllle , burned latt week , The loss la call-
mated at 800,000 , but la mostly covired by
inturanco ,
Lsadvlllo during tbe past Gvo years has
produced 28,000,000 ounces of silver , 140 , .
000 tona of lead , and 2GOCO ounces of
gold ,
The works at Bessemer are being pushed
to their utmost cnpacjly. Orders are far
In ftdyano ) of the supply on band.
Crested Butte wauta a church and a min
ister , and an effort ia making to acquire
the ncceesaryilund * to get them ,
Tbo excitement nt Saguaobo Is intense
over the recent carbonate strikes. A new
town will bo commenced at once.
Such Istbo condition of Alma's finances
that It It feared that tbopublioechools will
bo compelled to suspend.
Surveyors have nearly completed their
work for the Created Butte extension of the
South Park.
Gunnlson ia ondeavorlngto bayo Crook's
tmoltcr removed from Like City to that
Sallno , Cdiptcd God ! Hill will have a
railroad mall service on the 1st of June ,
A new hotel at Silv r Cliff is said to be
one.of.the best appointed in the state.
The street sprinkling problem ii the lat
est nt Colorado Springs , ,
The Idaho Springs bank has been chanc
ed Into a National bank.
The 1 * ken about Collins abound in fish of
the mott savory variety.
A telegraph line from Longmont to
Bates park ia talked of.
The hotels at Mnnlton are already well
filled with tourists.
New Iron and steel works are to be built
at Gunnlson at once.
Pueblo's messenger [ eervlso will soon be
In running order.
A alight earthquake ( hook up Pueblo
one day last week.
The yards at Grand Junction turn out
30,000 brick * dally.
La Veta la struggling tobecorso ft money
order postcifice.
A new pacaenger depot is to b& erected
at Trinidad at onco. ( jA
During Anrll Georgetown ibippcd ore
valued at S130.COO.
Pueblo is much elated over her union
depot prospect * ,
Laboring men are in great demand in all
partaof thestate.
Pumping will begin in the Canon City
oil well * on June 1.
Grteley is agitating tbe subject of water
Leadvllle ia making a vigorous war on
Manitou wants the electric light.
Seattle , W. T. , ia reported aa over
crowded with visitors and erulnrantc , acd
several hundred of them are 11.Ing In
tents lu tbe outtklrttt of the city.
Ilalloy , Idaho , la to haven telegraph ex
change In operation soon , which is to ex *
ttnd and take in Bullion , seven.niiUi die *
Barbed wire dealers In Utah dispose of
about seventy car loads of thla kind of
. fencing per year , nnd tbe demand is In-
' Below tbe 700-foot level In the Ariaona
Silver King mine , the ticbneaa of ore ia
aald to ba simply marvelous.
Sheep men say the Increase In flocks in
Nevada hai been greater this year than
ever before.
The Mormon * claim a following of
8,001) In Arizona.
Celestial Hefleotlona on the Dynamite
From the San Francisco Chronicle ,
As Lee Fuu waa In the not of iron
ing Sohonchlu'a aparo collar yesterday ,
his Celestial ojo bcocmo glnod on * the
family crest of his Ooltio patron 10a
potato hold ia the distended j iwbono
of an aas and beneath it the beauti
ful Litln quo tat Ion ;
"In mlhi jawb nns oat mo for tuns. "
The edified iroucr ronurkod to
Wong Fat :
"Wha fo Illahman no talkoo him
own talked Wha fu him talkeo Moll
can man's talkoo allro tlrno an lito
Utah on him oolla ? "
"Him too emit talkoo Ilia ao can toll
what him thlnkoo. Llshman talkoe
Melloan no no can Cndoo out what
him thlnkoo. Him tblnkeo alleo time
I how can hit Chinaman oobblO'Btone-
| how can blow EalUman to blazeo wl
dynauii , Yon rnbco dynaml alleo
aamo powdtt mill. "
"Oh , yob , mo heap o&bco powd *
I mill volly mnohoo. Ma cousin hltu
rnwokoo | pjitrda mill Bekoloo. Bojseo
hlm any mo cousin , 'You tu'n clank ,
lilloo ba'l. ' You watoheo powda see
him no kolohoo fi , Him kotohoo ( i
you como lelloe mo , mo puttee him on
ice. ' Bymeby powda htm ketcheo infi
eo quick mo cousin him fcglot BOO
tollcu boeaeo. Mo couilu him BO
fllghton him po up ho loof fot-lot
como down. By mo by man San Jose
fiudeo him shoo man Ssclamonto eeo
him hat. Ob , yob , ma taboo powda
mill heap woll. Llkeo velly inuoheo
got job fo Illshman In powda mill.
Wha fo IlUhman blow up Enllaman 11.d. ? "
"Mo telloo yon. Illahman wokeo
long tlmo fo Enllamau no good ,
Ealliman htm. got fat , dltnka boo ,
catoo alloo day. lllabman him gptteo
velly tin. Flghteo alleo tltno keep
wa'm. Bymeby Illshman lay me dam
fooloe wokee Ejllamau. Me blow him
up fllghon him llo. ( Me * et fi dyna-
ml. Mo calico me Namba Won ,
EnlUroan aendco mo llto away to Mol-
lea and Mollcanman makes rue uumba
won ploecotnnn glvco ma nuraba won
boat BO mo hab heap too muchco fun ,
clnboo Chinaman , play up-a seven ,
dllnkn bee r.r.d sloepeo potato sack
alleo nito. "
A Splendid Iltm dy for Lung Dl -
Dr. Kobt. Newton , Into President of the
Eclectic College nf tte City o New York ,
and formerly of Cincinnati , Ohio , used
Da. WM. HALL'H BALSAM very extemively
In his practice , as rnauy of his patient * ,
now living , and restored to health by the
use of thU Invaluable medlcln ? , can amply
testify H-j Mwaysnald lint ao good n
remedy ought not to bo considered merely
aa a patent medlcidb , but that It oujjht to
be proscribed freely by every physician us
a sovereign remo < ly In nil case ; ) of Lung
diseases. It la a sure cure for < cn-ump
lion , and has no equ tl for all pectoral complaints -
plaints ,
Morning on tbe MlsulHulppl-An Inci
dent 01 the Floode.
"Swept Aw ay , " by KJwarJ S. Ellli In St. Nlch-
olufor June.
At last It began to grow light In the
dlroction of the Mississippi shore , and
proitntly the boamo of the rlalng
aan tllnmlnatod the vat waato of
The Bcono preaanted to the gaza was
ono of desolation indeed. lu every
direction the turbid current bounded
the horizon. For all ono could BOO to
the contrary , the cabin might have
bocu 11 > atlng ever the waters of the
Gulf of Mexico , or oven tn the very
center of the Atlantic Itself. Nowhere
could the straining eye catch the first
gllmpao of land ; oven the towering
binds along the ehoro were under
A long distance to the westward waa
a group of cables floating downward
together , looking aa much aa anything
like a flock of cruwa Balling across the
sky. They undoubtedly had once
compoiod n village or town , the build *
Inga of which had atartcd fcr the gulf
with singular unanimity. People
conld bo plainly aeon on the roofa. On
ouo a number of mules and cows were
grouped , while from several othora
amoko waa rising , showing that the oa-
onpants had rigged up aomo nort of
cooking arrangements.
To the eastward wore six or eight
other cabins , the moat of which had
paoplo on top all negroes , The near-
cat honsa seemed to have fully a
d ( zsn. A fire wat burning , and while
ono a largo , fat neercsa , with n rod
handkerchief lied about her head
waa preparing the best breakfast ahe
ODuld uudor the , the
others were tinging and dancing tia
they used to on the old plantations before -
fore the war.
There were musical volcaa among
thorn , which came floating pleasantly
acrors the water , and altogether the
scone was a strange one. Bjtwcoa
each verso , a couple of barefooted
darkeja , wearing immense flipping
straw hats , danced a "double-shofllj"
with 'tremendous ' vigor , while tbe
brethren and slate rj sang and swayed
their bodlca by way of accompani
ment , oven the cock , forgetting nor
onllnary duties tor the moment , join *
ing In the chorus. It seemed as
though there might bo danger of the
whole of thorn breaking through thereof
roof ; but it is doubtful if even the
corlutnty of snob a catastrophe would
have checked the negroes when once
they were fairly .launched upon the
flood tide of their song.
Fortunate Ho oscope Projn'stlcitors
Theperoni who calculate lucky c omen tain
men's llvistre busy proxnoi'Ickttn ; what a ce-
Icatl 1 jheuometa.turn's biitb will trln < out
the comblnktlot < lut will put the foitunaio man
In p.Bsestl n of th J Kl&O.lOO jrji d i rlzj t the
ntxt , ihb 167th , ( June 12 , Tuesday ) Oraud Sem 10y
Aniuul Diawliip oMhe Louisiana Stae : Lottery
c mpanatftew Orleans , La. Fuil Ii forma lou
An bi had on an lamecltfo afplicLtlon to M I
a. Caujlilu , Kiw ' iltats , La.
Tno Flesh of tbe Improved Hog.
National Live Stock Journal.
Swluo brooders have not
berne in mind the variation In the
amount of lean meat found In the
carcasses of different hogs. The
Berkshire Is universally credited with
having more loan than any other
breed ; but even Berkshire * vary In
this regard , as do all other classes of
swine. Hence , by closely scanning
the outjnp carcasses , giving preference
to certain families showing liberal
presence of muscular substance , those
to bo used as brooders , the relative
quantity of lean could ba increased In
any family or breed , It is well known
that aomo hogs , when reduced to an
Impoverished itatu , are really very
thin , as the term Is understood , while
others have as meager an amount of
fat aa the thinnest , yet have greater
fullness of all the parts , and under no
circumstances do they become no
loan In appearance as the others.
This difference IB owing entirely tote
the greater ilza of the muscle too
motives purls and this difference ist. i
Invariably shown in the cut-up meat.
So it will be coon that there are two
"modes of making a very correct esti 1-
mate of this peculiar difference in
Bwlno by comparing animals that are ,
BO far as we are able to judge , alike
reduced , then again scanning the fat
carcasses as they lay side by Bide upon
the block.
* Lydla E , Plnkham'a great labora
tory , Lynn , Mass. , is turning out
millions of package ] of her celebrated
Compound , which are being sent to
01 the four winds , and actually find their
way to all lands under the sun and to
the remotest confines of modern civili
Wo notice the Marriage Fund Mutual
Trust Association , of Cedir Kapiilp ,
Iowa , highly spoken of by the loading
pupern You ihould secure a ccitlficate
at once. Wiito for circulars ninl appli
The Maverick National Btnk of
Boston draws foreign exchange , bnys
and soils Government and other In
vestment securities , and transacts any
business for its correspondents in the
line of banking. m&th-mo
Made from the wild flivver * of th
It Is the uioit fragrant of perfume
Manufactured by II. B. Slaven , titn
Francisco , .for Bale in Omaha by W ,
J. Whltnhnnsn nnd Kennnrd Bros
Omalia National Bank
fHpatmi , Falllu.
Sickness , Con
vulsions , St. Vlt-
us Dance , Alco
holism , Oplnm Eatlnp , Seminal Weakness ,
Impotcncy , Syphilis , Scrofula , \ndall \
Nervous nnd Blood D ! roascs.
CSJTTo ClcrgyinciiLnwycrsl .tcrnrySIen ,
Merchants , Bankers , Ladles and nil whoeo
tratlonrrrecularitlcsoftliolllood , Stomach ,
Uowcls or Kluncjg , or who require a nerve
tonic , appetizer or stimulant , Samaritan
2fnvint IB Invaluable.
wonderful Invlgor-
ant that ever sus
tained a Blnklngsys-
The DR. S. A. RICHMOND MEDCO.SolcPropr'a ,
St. J-030DH , Mo. ( U )
[ Trom the Botton GMx. ]
Th abor * ti a good HkertM * of Hr * . Lydta E. flat
Ira , cf Lynn , MAM. , who abora all other human b lni
yb truthfull/ called th "Dear Friend of Woman }
i torn * of her corrof pondenU lora to call her. ( k
I Kalotulr doTOtod to her work , which lj the outcom
f a llfntudy , and 1 obllgul to ke p dx Ud |
rirUuita , to help her aniwertha Ittft correspondent
hlch dallj poan In upon bar , each bearing ; Iti ipecU
trden of luCTerinff , or Joy at r-lM-w from It. IH
reoUble Cora pound U a modloln * for coed and n/
rll purpoto * . I bar * penonaliy InrwUcaUd It an'
Q MtUfled of tha truth of this.
On account of Itproren morlt * , tt l > recommend *
id prescribed by the b it physician- tha oountr ]
n * tayii "It worlu like a charm and rand
da. ItwlUcure entirely the wont form of falllii
f tha uterus , Leucorrho-A , Imcular tnd palnK
'cn > traatlonallOrarlanTroubli , Inflammation ad
Iceratlon , Kloodlnc * , all DUplacementa and tha col
naent ( pln&l wonkneM , and U eip cU''y adapted k
\e Change of Life. "
It perme te orcry portloa of tt rjtttm , and girt
IT life and vigor. It rcmorea faintues * , fla' ulencj
Mtroyi all crarlng for stimulant * , and roIl-Tti weak
tfl of the itomach. It euros Blo tinpr , Headache !
cnrous Troitratlon , General Doblllty , Sleepleuneu )
opreelon and IndlgMtlon. Thatfeellnir of b Ailnt
bwn , causing p&ln , weight and backache , U alwayi
ermuicntly cured by Its uso. It will at all time * , an/ /
Oder all circumstance * , act In Imrmony with th * lat
iat governs the f cnialo iryctcm.
It costs only (1. per bottle or Btx for $3. , and ll told b
nigglsta. Any adrlco required as to special caae * , an )
10 names of many who have been restored to perfed
talth by tlio use of th VegutaMa Compound , can b
btalncd by mldrcaslnR Hn. Pwtth ( tamp for rofilj
I her homo In Lynn , Slasa.
For KUnoy Complaint of tithtr BCZ this ompocodl
5rarf'-iicd as abundant testimonials show.
"Xn. rinl ham'8 IJvcr Pills , " sayionowrttnr , "ar
' t Korlfi for the cure nf Constlpatloi
ul Torpidity of the llrer. Ber IDcxJ
' onit r In Us tpeclol Una and bidf tat
pounil In its popularity.
t her as an Angel of Mercy when ao )
KooU to others.
i C3) Mra.A.M-D.
Jasper Stone
I Th's Company Ii now prepared to receive orderi
Building Purposes ,
And will make flcuroi on round lots ( or piompt
do liery. Tbo Company U shipping
To both Chicago and Omaba , and follcltfl cerrea- *
pondence and orders ( rom contractors en
I gaged In paring streets In any of th
Wettarn 0 lies.
, Chicago , Wret Divis
ion Hallway C-lcaxo , Decembir 0 , 1832. D
Klnel , 1'iolde ttlcuxF.lla Water Power Corn ,
piny , Diar Sir I have receded ( mm jour comp -
p i'V Ince October 1. 18 2 , about 109 car loids
i. ( K' nllc pa\1tp hlo k and have laid thfm b -
twtxn the nils o ( our street railway track * In the
heart cf the city , t hat o been usln ? T avlng ma-
lei la ! In thin city ( or m ny years , and I take pica
surelntajlng tb-t In my o inlon thttff n'te '
paving blocks ( uinlahed by your oimpany are
tbe tno4t rrgu ar In .tape a'u peclo t In form ,
and ia far > I have b en abh to Ju'ge , are JXM-
Ecutd ol aadurtMt datura as anv mnterM that
has over been cdoiel or laid In hecity-
Youn , JAS K. LAKE.
[ Copy. )
ST. Locia , March 22 , 1633.
Thli la to crllfy that I bare examlocd a pleco
cf Kranlte taken from the Sioux Fall ) Gnnlte
Quarrlei , and , I my opinion , It ii tha belt stone
for atieet piviuj I ha\e icen In > m > rlca.
( Signed ) IIBNRY FLAD ,
Pica. Board Public Improvements.
Stone for Paving Purposes
And any pen > n Intereittd In such Improvements
will Hi d It trrea ly to his tdvaotage to
communlcito with us. We Invite
The ccncril nnnaitm-nt anil snpervlilnn ol
tha co m iin j 'a liu'lnesn la nov ID tlio hands
. McUal .
AdJr-i3 your letter ) to
A , G. SEWEY ,
Pio-ldent ol the J spcr Stone Co.
ml ni&i-tl
Iron nnd Slate Boofiug ,
0. SPEOUT , . . Proprietor.
1111 Dougltia Sb , Unmlia , Noli
iron Cornices H I
Tin , Iron and Slate Roofing ,
Specht'a Patent Metallic Skylight Patent ,
.Adjusted llatobet Bar and Bracket
Shelving. I am tha poneral a ent
for the nbove line of goods.
Cresting , Kalnstradea , Verandas , Iron
Bank lUUlngs. Wludoxr lillnds , Oel *
lar Guards ; also
'KB .i A
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , ana
All Grocers'
A Full Line of tbe Best Brands of
Fire and Burglar J
1020 Farnham Street ,
Is only attained by ualng
Stoves and Rangss.
For n&le by
; \1LTOi3 ! ROOERS & 3W
Association ,
Orders from any part ot the State or the
Entire West will be promptly shippe6U
All Our Coo ds are Made to the Standard or our
Sole Agent for Omaha and the West.
Office Comer 13th and Haraey Streetg. _
RUEMPING & BOLTE , Proprietors
Tin , Iron and Slate Roofers
Ornamental Galvanised Iron Oornicos , Iron Sky Lights , Bto.1
310 South Twelfth Street , OMAHA , NJfctt *
1213 Farnam St. . Omaha. N h
The only Coal mined west of the MissiBHippi River that is eau
in quality to the ROCK SPRING COAL.
That will stock for a year without Blacking ornhrlnklng ,
Prononnood by nil the loading brick men In Western Iowa ua the very beat
coal for burning brlok over need In the West.
Frederic , Monroe Co. , Iowa.
Have now been finished in our store , mar-
ing it the largest and most complete
In the West. An additional story has been
built and the five floors all connected
with two
Ono Exclusively for the use of Passengers. These immense warerooms -
rooms three stores , are 66 leet wide are filled with the Grand
est display of all kinds of Household and Office Furniture evei
shown *
All are invited to call , take the Elevator on the first floor
and go through the building and inspect the stock.
1206 , 1208 and 1210 Farnam Street , Omaha.