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I TWELFTH. YjL . . . ,
The March of Alexander LI ,
From the Qatos of Moscow
to Kremlin Palace ,
A Gorgeous Pojjeant Flanked
by Burnished Bayonets
and Artillery.
No Bloody Nihilist Slakes Hm
Thirat in Royal Oritnsoii.
The Oinnons Roar , tlio Belle
Pea ) , and Ihe Bauds
\VhlloMo8t Rnni fur Tall
In Aebr sUn.
CpecUl Dlspatcli to Till Urn.
Mosoow , Bluy 22. The weather ,
thla mornlDg , for the ouUy into Mod-
cow of the c&tr , TJ.-.J eploiiUid , The
vrholo route from PotrofLky palace to
the Kremlin , four nnd a half mllee ,
was crowded with people. At every
point 1mpmul otandarda wore dis
played , aud bilconlea wcro huny with
gay colored m&tcrlala and Russian
colors. The only foreign colors al
lowed to bo displayed are thoao over
the vsrtoaa embasalcs. Along the
road whloh the proocaslon traversed
are n hundred Venetian tnosts , from
which bannere are flyluK. All demon
and spires of buildings In the city are
decked with fliga. Thousands of per
sons passed the night outdoors ao they
might Bccare good places to witness
the procession. Multitudes of others
thronged the churches , praying for the
sgfety of the emperor.
Moscow , May 22. The Tfiignal for
Btartlng the precession wai fifing
of artillery and ringing of bells of
the Chthedral of the Aisnmp-
tlon. Oa the emperor mounting other
salutes were firod. The order of pre
cession waa aa followe :
Chief officer of pollco and twelve gen
Fiivnte escort cf the emperor.
Firat equ dron of Cotiacki of the guard
aui.1 erne fnmadr n of dragoona.
Mounted Aitatlo deputitlnna ,
Represent tivea of the nobility.
Courteervnii\scctirIerH and huntsmen.
Masters of cercxonlee , ia carriages drawn
by six horooa , nnd fallowed by a
largo number of court
ofli 'ilia nndeuitoa.
iYiclgri princes.
Members of tb > council of the empire.
Grand rmrthil of the ciurt.
Squadron of chevalier guards.
The eniunr , r horaoback , followed by
, Count A > x aclor Adlorburg ,
Minister ul tvar and aid dq camp.
The czarovicch md Grind Dukes George ,
V Michael , A uxia , Paul and Con.
btantinc/Jjho eon of Constan-
t'jjj and others.
After all the male members of the
Imperial faml' " who wore oa horse
back came thiJ i-rSpre" , r-o oiapaniou
by Grand Duohoes Xjnla Alexau-
drovna , in state carriage drawn by six
horaea , a grc a loadiog each horao ,
cquerrlea ou either side of the car
\ riage , and mounted pages and groomi.
Following them came the atate car
riages , the flrat containing Grand
Duchesses M-.rlu Paulovna and Alex-
dra Jogopbovna ; the oeoond , Gcand
LachoBa s O'go ' Fodorovna and Marie
Alexandrovna , and duoheaa of E lln-
burgh ; the third , Grand DuohoaB V < jra
Oanatantluovna , dnaheai of War z > n-
barg and grand docheaa of Wurtzon-
burg , and Grand DaahoasjOatharlno
Mloh&elovnn , and the fourth , Pticcosa
Marie , of Btdeo , Princess Eugenic ,
of Oldenburg , aud Grand Duchess
Helen , of Mecklenburg Strolitz.
Next came arquadron nf onlrraaslers ,
a regiment cf guards , ladles of honor
in carriage ; ! , a squadron of lancers of
the guard. The mayor and deputa
tions of tradesmen joined the procoa-
fllon at the old triumphal arch. Mar-
BhoJa of nobility of vVarsaw and sev
eral pthoi districts , did homage to the
emperor at Tjerakara place. The
civil governor of Moaoow , jndgaa aud
ether cltyrf&iera received the empe
ror at thoGjkto of Resurrection , where
hla'lmpeiitl m&j.vsty , the grand dukea
and the empress alighted and knelt In
I prayer before the piotu/o nf the Ylr
gin. The archblahop of Warsaw re
celved their mx j titles at the stops of
the Oithedral ot the Assumption with
a cross and holy water. At thli point
the cheering of the paoplo wai per
fectly deafening. ' The procoaslon then
entere'd the Kremlin.
The Czir left Putrrfl ky palaoo at
noon aud reached the Kremlin at 1:25 :
o'clock. There waa n alight fall of
rain during the march of the prooes
cession , but otherwise the ofTilr waa a
complete snocten. The enthusiasm of
the people all alone ; the route was un
bounded. The Euporor were tbo 1
uniform of a general and was mounted
on a splendid charger. lie rode a
little in advance of four generals who
were directly attending him. 11 o I
maintained a cslrn demeanor all
through , He often smiled graciously
in response to the wild onthnebsm
which greeted him at every point.
Ohoor upon cheer followed oaoh
other luceaaantly from the densely
packed multitude on the Btreeta , and
from thousands of people in balconies
and windows. The empress waa
greeted with everymarkof enthusiasm
and loyalty. Her daughter , Grand
Daohosa Xenia , threw 'klasea to the
people. The mounted grand dukoa
formed a brilliant group. The state
carriages were splendidly decorated ,
and the whole cffjot moat gorgeous.
The entire route was lined with
troopi. At the moment the cortege
entered the city a salute of 71 guns
waa fired from Tsarlkaia palace. The
governor general rtojived the em
peror at the city boundary and joined
the cortege with hli aallo.
The atreots through which the pto-
CPtslon p 'sed are badly paved. The
Dakoof Ellnbnrgh rode In the roar
aud on the left of the czar. The
Duchess of Edinburgh sat In the BBC
end coac J from that In which w a the
empreia. In the red iquaro 600 chil
dren In white robes sang "Life for the
cz\r. " At this polut the enthusiasm
of the multitude and the plftylng of
binds produced n great effect. The
g-nsral verdict ia that thopagoant was
a gro t aacooti.
Gim. Sturm head maater cf oarc-
monloB , was thrown from hia horse
and had hla akull fractured.
Thu emperor were t broad blue rib
bon of the order of St , Andrew ? ,
over his uniform , The cmprois and
grand duoheaioa were national Una-
alan droesoo , After entering Kremlin ,
the court ofliciala presented their
msjeatlea with broad nnd snlt on
platca of silver nnd gold. When
their majesties retired the bolls
pealed and a mlato of 101 guns were
Special Dispatch to In * Itir.
BKULT.N , Mny 22. lu the rolohstag
; n-d.iy , Sjholz , minister nf ft'mvc' ,
rnfiutd to reply to the qneatlon of
lolin-jiisen , n Ihuo , ; m to whether I ha
Garmuna llvlniz lu North Soblfiwlg ,
vho baoamo Danes after the Dmtah
w.-r , would ba roadmi'.tod na Gjrnnn
Mibjects if they BO desired. Oa Jo-
per latlug ia demanding ante
to 1 ij q'leatloo ' , all 'hi > mom
bitra of t'o buodoarrttfi Joft thn huuto ,
stating they would not participate iu
the dtbate.
BERLIN , May 22. A report which
la not yet continued oomea from St.
Petersburg , that provloui to the de
parture of the emreror for Moscow an
explosion occuried under the wash-
atnnd und in the firo-placo in his drcsa >
Ice ; room , but nobody waa injured ,
the emperor and eruprtea being iu the
dining room at the time.
Special Dispatch to Tim Cm , '
LONDON , May 22. The commons ,
by u vote of 185 to 85 , decided to ad
journ over to-morrow , Darby day.
The Japanese government haa pur
chased the Ironclad whloh was origin
ally intended for the Chilian navy.
Dean Badley haa m&de arrange
ments to place a bust of Longfellow lu
Westminster Abbey , between the
tombs of Chaucer and Dryden.
A nihilist emissary from Rnsiii has
boon nrrostod in South B v rla.
Too latest betting la 100 to 30
against Gilllard , 93 to 2 ngnlnst the
Prince , G to 1 against St. Bhtso , 7 to
1 sgnlnst Lidlslta , aud 2 to 1 against
Highland Chief.
CAIRO , May 22. The governor of
Soudan telegraphs to the khodlvo reporting
porting that after the battle of April
2Qh the rebel forces were pursued.
Trro vcaaols , commanded by Hloka
Piiaha and YoLioh Bey , cut off their
retreat at the paeaago of the Nile. The
majority of the native chiefs submit
ted to the Egyptians nnd the governor
is eangulno that others will follow
thpir example.
PABU , .M ; 22-Cardinal Livl-
gerte , arohblahop of Algiers , haa been
authorized by the pipe to call the at
tention ot Iho French government to
tbfjdlilcnUy ) | the nnpa has in prevent
lug tno tension batween the Vatican
nnd Franco from becoming an open
rupture and to show it how Impatient
ly the enemies of the republic await
auoh res nits. The government made
an amicable reply to the cardinal's
Special Dlip&tchei ta TUB But.
New YORK , My 21. Sohaefer 500 ,
oraco 10 ( b.'nt on record ) lareeat
run 44 ; Dion 209 , average 5 17-50 ,
largest run 28
Evening g mo of billiards : Dil
500 , average 8 4 G2. beat run 53 ; Snx-
ton 420 , average C 54 Gl , boat run 39.
Time , three hours and alxtoon ruin-
CHICAGO , May 22. Chicago 4 , BJJ-
ton 3. No other league games were
played on account of rain.
The tore of the byclclo race at the
close of thn second day : M'llo Ar-
maludo 28G miles , Woodaido 285
miles , Merman 284 tulles.
BALTIUORE , May 22. The racon nt
Plmbllco were postponed until to
morrow on account of rain.
Thy Diamond Thief Convicted-
SptU t DiBpttcli toTni UBI.
NEW YORK , May 22. Jamoa H.
Marriotr , arrested on the charge of
abacoading fnm Paris with $75,000
worth of diamonds entrusted to him
by a jawolor u .mod Krimor to show
William WiMuit As'or , was convicted
on the charge of grand larceny with a
recommendation to mercy. Marie
Peteux , whn ucsompanlod Marriott to
thla country , nud to whom he has
been rnnrrKl n'luao hit arreat , maul-
fiatod gro ' gclef when the rordlct
waa nnnonuoacl. The case will bo
KnntnciUr Rnpubllcnni-
Special UUpaicn to ? uv Ilii. '
LEXINOTO.V , May 22. About 500
delegates to th < j state ropublioin con
vention which assembles here tomorrow
row have already arrived , and they
are busy canvassing tbo situation. A
lively B'jt-to bat ween the stalwart and
half breed factions IB expected to
morrow The appointment of Hon.
Evana as coraralealoner of ln-
tornil ; ruvuuuu appears to give the
dooi'.cfi ! ; ; r < 'nt ritltfactlou. a
fioutlifiru CompetltTvo
Spocl&l uiacatch to Tin Uxi.
May 22. The regular
meeting if the Siuthorn Historical
society was nostponod nntll Octobor.
The ctyia ; full of visitors to BOO the
competitive drill und the hotolB are
crowded. Amonf { the distinguished
vlalor re Prince Aogaatin Iturbido ,
of Mexico , Luka Blackburn , governor
of Kaii'ncky , j.jd ilaff , and Sanator
Bailer , of South Carolina.
of Sore Throat , IIomene , or tiklog
coUl , " nbould use liaoww'd BROVCIIAL
TuociiB3. The effect Is extraordinary.
particularly when utod by f Infers and
ppcakers for clearing the voice ,
Presbyterians and Baptists Vig
orously Pavine : the Straight
and Narrow Way.
Cho Former Doflno the Position
of the Home Mission
ary Board ,
While the Latter Assail thu
Work of thu American
Bible Society ,
And Dooldo to Start tin Inatltatloit
cf Tliolr Own.
llio Pro&liytoriuan.
SpocUl Dispatch to Tint ISKH.
SARATOGA , May 22 The general
aaeombly opened with prayer by llov.
Dr. Brauiia , of Ballulo. Kcv. Dr.
Goo. D Biker read the annual report
of th-j board of bonu millions. There
la n great field fur work beyond the
MUaiHslppi , among thu Indians , Mor
mans , Spanish r.poaktng people and
along the Northern and Southern
Pacific railways and Alaska. There
are 1,387 missionaries supported by
the board and 123 teachers by women
auxiliary nccloUes , The report recom
mends the general assembly to ask
from pastora and sessions of churches
tcw ralso $000,000 for thu Imperative
wants of the coming your. The rc-
coloti last year were $504.000.
Ray. Dr. Henry Kyndall , aocretary
oifc the board of home missions ,
followed in a lengthy addroaa doscrlb
ing the flold of labor and work
accomplished , aud what now confronts
the board. The report WAS adopted ,
after being amended by striking out
the recommendation that President
Arthur and the secretary of the Inte
rior bo asked to establish a civil gov
ernment ! in Alaska , and to grant aid
tcb schools established there by the
Ror. E. Dlokey , in the ab
sence of Judge Wm Strong , chair
man , as delegate t j the southern gen
eral assembly , raad the report of the
special committee on the rolatlona of
the board of homa miaalona to pres
byteries. This work began in 1880
by the ovortureo of seventeen pres
byterles nnd ono synod , aeklng the
general oaaambly to define the opera
tions of the board of home mission *
and presbytor/ea. / The committee
nnaniinonaly agreed upon a report aa
follow :
1 Within the bonnda of preeby-
torlea , the work of home missions
ohonld bo c Tiled on in harmony with
the preibjtcry.
2 Iho board ohonld not decline to
.it an appropriation caked for by
prcobylerloa , nnloar , after a vlow of
the whole fi'jld , th&o is not euffiolent
tnnda. .
3. The board nV'-nld noel
ol mission churches but trfsuo
to the proibytory the amount paid to
thn mlaalonary.
4. Synodioal missionaries only to bo
appointed by nynoda.
5 No missionary church to ba or
gaulzod within thu bounds of a presbytery
bytery without its consent ; .
6 Etch synod shall appoint a home
missionary committee to uncertain the
whole number of churches and mis
sions needing atd In its bounds , and
equaltz ) the salaries of missionaries ,
In conclusion thy committee judges
no action Is desirable ou their part re
nprcllng the plan of Busiontation.
The report waa accepted aud made
first order for Thursday afternoon.
SpecUl Ulrpatch to Tin Du.
SARATOGA , May 22. The national
B\ptiit anniversaries began to-day
The bible convention assembled at 10
a. m , J. L. Howard , of Connecticut ,
moderator , and RJV. Z. Qrlnnoll ,
D. I ) , , of M.chlgan , secretary. Dr.
Griffith stated the object of the con
vention was a determination by thu
Baptists of the United States to know
how their bible aud missionary work
shall bo done. The question for de
bate "Dj the .
waa , .Baptists need a
distinctive bible society ? ' ' Dr. John
W Sjlltss , of NJW Jersey , said fealty
to G jd makpB a distinct society uoocs
ary. The B sptlsts have everything
to do In and
making bringing nbout a
revised bible , booiuee of the indefinite
views cf a largo number.
Rov. D ; Ljinuol Mots , of Indiana ,
aald the proposition waa ono of busl
nets. They did not need a distinctive
Bocldtj ; that it should ba loft to the
American B bio Bocioty of vNew York.
0 Chborn , of MasnashuBottB , spoke
upon economy in Bible work. Ho
stated the publication society had ex
pended nlnctr-alx per cent of its re
ceipts . in Bible diotribittion , but that
the American and foreign Bible ac-
cloty , which many wanted to close np ,
had expended 80 per cent for office
work , and but 14 for Bible work. It
had made Bible grants of but threa per
cant of ita income.
Dr. Pnilllp Schaff , Prosbjtorlan ,
and a member of the existing commit
tee on Bible revision , was present dur
ing the debate.
At the evening Bosaion ducusslon
continod and the Interest of a crowded
honsn sustained. Finally resolutions
wore unanimously passed in favor of
( Jiitlnctivo eocioty ,
RBV. Dr. Howard Oagood , of the
Rochester theological seminary , oald
after the treatment recelvod from the
American bible society no solf-ro-
spooling Baptist could sustain any ro
lations with it. The plan by whloh
the work will be done will bo decided
Southern Pr * ljyterlaui-
Dl i tch to Till Oil.
LEXINGTON , Ivy. , May 22. The
Presbyterian assembly at 3 p. m. took
up the question "How shall fraternal
relations bo carried on whether by
letter or delegates. " The committee
reported in favor of letters , The
question was under discussion when
the asiombly adjourned. Dr. J. J ,
Bullock spoke In favor of delegates
and Dr. R. K. Suioot favored lotion.
The question of foreign missions it
bclug dliouisod to-night ,
SpcUt Dtrpitch lo Tni ( In.
PiilLADELruiA , May 22 The oron-
Ing session of the Reformed Prcaby-
lorlau syncd waa devoted todlacuBtlon
of a paper , In whloh Rev , Alexander
Robinson , of NOVA Scotia , asks for nn
appointment M preacher , tollclts the
sympathies of the general tynod in
the loosen by fire whloh ho sustained ,
and , exproiaoa * deslro to return
tc the United States lu order
to bo with hla family to cnj > y
the | ordinances which hols deprived if
where ho la. Ho finds fault with a
ministerial brother lu regard to hie
preaching. Dr. McLood t ffjred a rra
olntlon that the synod sympathized
with lloblnaon , and that lib c.teo bo
referred to the eastern presbytery
Rov. Mr , Tliomaa characterized Rob-
iuaon na a living clsgraoo to the gun
oral ayuod. The rosolutious wcto
adopted. Adjourned.
SpccUI Dispatches to Till DIB.
CINCINNATI , May 22. Snow on foil
the hill tops laat ulght aud lay ou the
roofd and treoi to a depth cf one and
two Inches. Many brAnohos of trees
were btokon down. The snow ma
still vitiblo this morning , but was
about all gone by 10 o'clock , leaving
no aign of blight on the leaves or
fruit. The temperature has risen. It
ia Btlll cloudy.
DIXON , III , May 22. Ice to the
thlokuoBB of half an inch was formed
last night , and the fruit prospoats In
this portion of the state are unques
tionably injured.
OUIOAQO , May 22. Pieces of wrecks
Identified as belonging to schooner
Wells Burt , whloh came ashore north
of the city limits to-day leave no
doubt that aho waa wrecked in the
atorm of Sunday night , aa aho WJB
duo hero about that time from BulTilo ,
Her owner J. S. Dunham , of thla
city has no doubt the upper rigging of
the sunken schooner visible above the
water off Grosao Point , about twenty
milcn north of thla olty , are thoeo of
the Bart , and that her crew of eleven
souls all porlnhod. She wai a first-
class VCSBO ) , valued at 830 000 and in-
tared for $25.700 , was loaded with
1500 tonn of coal for this port. Her
captain , Thomas Fountain , was ouo
oi the moat capable and experienced
men on the lakes.
LITTLE ROCK , May 22 - Specials
from Helena a y the cotton crop nuf-
forad proatly from the effect of Mon
day nlghi'ii oold weather. The mer-
cnry touched 38 degrees , the lowest
over knoirn this time of thu year.
Some localities report alight white
CLEVELAND , May 22 loader spe
cials report snow still falling to-day ,
in Anglalza county. Small fruit all
killed , aud , other fruit badly Injured.
Fairfiald county crop * ore much dam
aged by wauhJulB. Riln fell inoos-
f f- frttnix \ haura.
AUGUSTA , Ga , , May 22. Overcoats
and first are comfortable. Thermom
eter 5G It IB feared cotton will be
The Love-Sick Italian-
HIM 11 Dispatch to Till Iln.
NEW YOUK , May 22 Glanlo Bot-
tlti , the young Italian lieutenant
who recently shot himself on account
of a love affair , eo far recovered that
he wai arraigned in the police court
to-day to answer the charge of having
attempted to end hi * life. Ho wai
accompanied by hia frlondu , the Dako
of Oaatelncca and General Declauoln.
Bittlul Bald ho did not know what ho
was doing when ho shot hlmoolf. Ho
was hold In ball to bo on good be
havior , whloh was furnished by hh
Tha Editorial Exonrsloni
Special Dispatch ( o Tin Un.
OUIOAOO , May 22 The editorial
excursion over the Chicago , Burling-
tan and Qalccy railway to Loadvlllo
and return leave this city to-morrow
noon. The train will bo a special
one , made up of drawing room ,
dining , sleeping and amoklng cars
for the acoomodation of 250 pai-
aongeis. The party will bo made up
of editors from New York , Con
necticut , Now Jersey , Maryland ,
Massachusetts , Vermont , Pennsyl
vania , Canada , Nova Scotia , Indlaun ,
Ohio and Michigan. The round trip
will occupy twelve days and run
nearly 3,000 inl'os.
A Crazy Woman' * Act-
SrecUl Dlipatch O Tun lim.
WILLIAMBFIELD , O. , May 22. Mra.
R J MoMtllrl , of Ltndenvllle , Ash-
tabula county , while in a fit of tem
porary Insanity , drowned her two
children in a well and then took
poison hoiself. No hope of her ro
covory. The children were aged 2 and
G years.
Another Road to Ohloaffo.
Speclil Ul8p tch to Tun llix.
CHICAGO , M * y 22. The authorities
of the town of Like sent a force of
pollca to Fifty-first street to-day to
prevent the Chicago and Atlantic road ,
the woatern connection of the Erlo ,
from laying tracks acrosa that thor
oughfare , and trouble seemed Immi
nent till the president of the road ex
hibited a lease from the Western Indi
ana , over Its right ol way , when the
pollca withdrew and the tracks were
laid ,
A Sald'ora * Reunion.
Special DUpttcb to Tui lin.
NIACUKA FALLS , May 22. The re
union of the Fifth Virginia infantry
and the Twentieth NJW York volun
teers took place here to-day. Visiting
regiments were escorted to Prospfioi
park by members of the G. A. R , ,
where a Virginia regiment welcomed
thorn. Oapt. Buragardnor ( Virginia )
preBonted to the Twenty-eighth reg
Imont a flag of the Virginians cap
tured from them during the reb l
Hon. The southerners were In oo
etacy over .their treatment. The
weather was very oold , rainy and un
comfortable for the visitors. They
leave for home to-morrow.
Details of the Torrent which
Swept Through th9 Metrop-
oils of the Hills ,
Over Half a Million of Property
Destroyed by tbo Flood ,
South Bend and Golden Qato
Absolutely Wlpad Out.
The Wreak tfOtluv Town * *
Dc JwooJ SecUI to Plainer ricss.
With the fust notice rooolvod from
Ten Milo much , acd the threatening
appearance of lli'jlic\veuaand the rain
lulling in torrunte , led thocitlzjua liv *
Ing nnd dolug bualnois on the lower
places in the city to exert themselves
toirard aavlug their llvca und property ,
The ncono bcgqaru iliicrlptlon. All
through the atroetd wore rushing man
and tennif , bsarlnf } to high places In
tLu mountain aide tb so things nhiah
they'might cave. Ao the ttrenm and-
dotily rose , bearing lu its mad caurso
whole trees , partn of buildings and
huge timber B , tjp populace be
came almost dismayed , nnd a
Tew controlling minds sot to work
to retard the proisuro , which
was accumulating by datnmpd drift
wood of all dosotlp * " ma ngainat the
bnlldlnca , whloh are built over and
aoroBS Whltowood crock on Ljosircot ,
It was decided to fire the ono
aervlug as the greatest barrier.
Oaahman's two-abry building waa
cloaod and fired nndor anrvolllanco of
the fire dopirtmtnt. Thla acrvod
ouly as n temporary relief , for , as the
waters kept rising , ono by ono the
buildings ou Lao ttreot were carried
down the stream until all except
sixty foot of Lee street nearest
Main atroot was washed away aud
the watora kept rising until they
reached Sherman street , when Sherman -
man street from Lie wai all carried
All bulldlngi noar.tho chan
nel were waihod &Tay. It Is Impossi
ble todoccrlbo all Ipaios.
Load Oily aofferi'd least. The most
damage done thoro'was to thojallroad
tracka and the Homostako Mining
company. Golden , G.Uo , Anchor Olty ,
Central Oity nud 8outhBend all nuf-
fored terribly , TV/- , quartz mills were
washed away , and i brewery nearly
all carried away South Bond was
absolutely washed avray , aud Golden
Gate noi'rly so. Thuro IB not a mine
that can bo worked "without fust re
moving the wafer. The mines in the
vicinity of Dead wood have from nine
to fifteen foot cf .wntcr , and mining
generally all description
Is suspended tomppranly , Thu moat
important business ! portion of Deadwood -
wood City , Inolac JB b&nkn and whole-
owing "duly to tliufr'elevated situation.
Chinatown , in the lower end of Dead
wood , waa washed out.
compared with the loan of property , la
very light , Aa far as known , there
are only five lives lost. Goo. Chand
ler and wife , who kept the toll gale
between Lead Olty and Djadrrood ,
wcro drowned. Mr. Chandler's body
has not been recovered , A man
named Brlndloy was killed by a falling
tree , caused by being undormlnod by
water. Tnro other men , names 01 yet
unknown , were drowned in White
wood creek , The body of Mrs.
Chandler has been recovered , its has
that of Mr. Brlndley. The other
bodies h vo not yet boon found ,
The losa of properly has boon oatln
ranted at $700,000 , though I think
(450,000 will cover It. In Daadwuod
the now public school house , erected
at a coat of 612,000 , was washed away ,
as alao waa tno now Methodist church
recently completed at a coat of f 8,000.
All travel to and from the hills ia
stopped , owing to the swollen condlti
tlon of all streams east from tbo hllla ,
Three west bound stages with thirtyb
five pasjongoro , are lying at Ohoyonno
river with scarcity of food , and can
got no further until the water in a
measure enbaldes.
The following are a ton of the largT
oat bnlldlngn deatroyed :
Two-story brink fire-proof of Ben Baer.
Klro-proof of J. K. 1 * . Miller.
Two-Htory building of KUj & Ueun.
1'ubllo schont.houie.
Mttthodut church , „
.j arlen & Co. ' store.
Warehouse of Limtn & Ayrei ,
S muel Cuahinan'u uouao.
jtrtz mill.
Another quarli mllloo Deadwood gulch.
Nearly all of Kotenkraca' brewery nud
numeroua other bulldlogi.
It is a fact that more than 100 ,
houses wore wnshod out of Djadwood
Olty alone. To attempt to state when w
repairs will bo ln Is Impossible , The tl
mtuoa are all preparing to reiumo op tldi
erations , and will doubtless soon tl
start up. To-day Is quiet , and con
fidence it , In a measure restored , aud
those who vacated their homoo that
wtrro not washed away are moving
back. SpoarGah and Orook Oity were
damaged , but , as the wires are down ,
It la Impossible to glvo a detailed ac aiTV
count of the loisos In thoao townu , TV
° 'TV. a
situated on lUpId creek , Immediately ac
at the base of the mountains , Buffered 11
oorapiratlvoly little from the Hood , 11tl
llipld crock roao about 15 feet , and tlc tlc
surrounded the oily entirely , with the c
exception of the south side , which la n
bounded by blafTj. The only damngo 1l
to the city was the lots of a few kilns l
cf brick. The city council took the 1) K
precaution to anchor all the bridges In \
the city. The loss to Rapid Olty 1O
proper will not roach over $1.000
The broad , fertile valley above and
below the town waa entirely sub
merged , lu la foarrd that in the
Rapid Valleymoro than 40 miles long
and extensively cultivated , there are
not moro than 500 acres of grain that (
has not boon washed onl. The lots In
thla quarter cannot now bo estimated , I.
but it will no doubt roach $50,000.
On Spring creek and Rapid creek , In
tbo mountains , every bridge la reported
oil WAihod out. which will create ex
penses to Ponnlcgton county. Singu
lar as it may seem , with such sudden
and violent rise of water in so many
crocki In Pannlngton county , there Islet
lot a ilnglo life lost , and Rtpid crock
J ! | . the largest and most rapid running
stream fhwlng from the Black Hill ; .
Travel la temporarily suspended , but
bnalucea will go on uninterruptedly.
numani of n Gnliliiot Ghnngo.
Spcclil IMnjatch to Tin Iliti.
OiilOioo , May 22.-Tho Inter
Oooasi'a Washington special taya : The
[ in-Bonoo of Richard Orowloy In Wash-
lugtou and the fact that ho spent some
time with President Arthur thla even
ing haa sauted some comment amoug
goattps. It was reported not long
slnco that a broach had occurred be
tween the president and Oiowloy that
would not soon , If over , bo amended.
The cauto of tlio trouble was never
made clear and Orowley i.f tor ward de
nied that nny d.fTironco existed bo-
twuon him and the president , It Is
atatrd to-night , however , that a cool
ness did spring up between the two ,
onrlng to a misundcraUudlng regard
ing some matters of Importance to
Orowlcy'n aoiiHtitueuts , and that At
torney General Drowsier helped to
widen the gap. The ntatemont , how
ever , Is very indefinite , and the fact
that Orowloy his boon soon nl the White
House very recently and In close con
vocation with the president strength
ens the boliyf that the rumor of dis
ruption has little , If any , foundation.
But a long Interview of to night has
glvou another olais cf gosalpa , cabinet
makers and breakers , a theme. They
Bay that Arthur has boon far a long
liino very anxious to got Folgeront of
the cabinet , but Folgnr has been to
Itrgoly sacrificed since ho has been in
the cahli" < t that the president docs
not feul ui-.i throwing him overboard
altogether. lie Is thorofora about to
withdraw Mr , Lowell , against whom
there haa boon much complaint on ac
count of the Irish troubled , and send
Folgor to the court ( f St. James.
This , Rotsips eay , would bo a nice way
to provide for Folgor and got him out
of the country , and then ho will give
his irlond Orowley the treasury port
folio , It la actually ataortod that the
president sent far Orowley to come
and ceo him and that the proposed
change in the cabinet waa the subject
of their interview to-night. The gos
sip la glvon for what It In worth.
Tlio Grand IjnilRa of I. O. G. T.
Spec al DlipUch to Tin
CHICAGO , May 22 , The grand
ledge of the world of the Independ
ent Order of Good Templars began
its twenty-night nnnunl session in this
city thla morning , but engaged only
in preliminary work , all the dole-
gatoa not having yet arrived. Ic ia
oallmotod that 170 dolrgatra will bo
pmcut to tcprraont the various grand
lodges , Goo. B. Kilzouttoln , of Call
tornla , rftrht worthy grand templar ,
presided ut the forenoon tension ,
Delegates announce tint a plan ol
action will bo outlined for the guld-
anco of subordinate lodgoa in making
the power ot the order foil HO u poltt
icalagorc ? iu scouring prohibitory ou
notmonlo in the several atatoi of the
Dsipp ( uvnnoo of Judge Krnm
Hpoclal UKimtch to Tin lliB.
ST L UIH , M y 22 Et Judge 0
II. Krum , one of the bast known
Innyora of St. Lauin , n promlnobl
republican nnd appointed United
States attorney b/ General Grant nnd
subsequently ciutiael for the dcfjtul-
nuts In the celebrated whleky ttlnln ,
hiia been absent alnco April 20. Hia
fathnr repotted him under treatment
hv Dr. W. II Hammond , of Now
Yoik , but a telegram to-day from Now
Yotk states ( bat Hammond has no
knowledge of Krum , Ula father to-dny
refused to anw or inquiries. A few ddjfl
ago | the probate ccurt issued a citation
on the cmttttu of Ohsrlcn W. Ford , of
which Chester Krnm la ndtnlnlalrav.or.
lie ' Ins failed to mnko a ropurt to the
court eiucj July. 1882 Ho has alto
failed to rtpirt In thu eatnlu cf Daniel
W , Boll , ot which ho ia ulao udnilnlt-
trator. Under theao circumstances
Mr Krum'fl disappearauoo , if il may
bo BO called , cause muoh comment.
HarmloiH Duel.
SpocUl Dlipatch to Tux 1I .
NK\V OULKANS , May 22. David
Todcl , aon cf Juatloo Told of the
Miprema court , and Jcr. Lovety , ol
The MjHuotto , fonght a duel thla
n'jroliif ; ncnr this city Af tor an ox-
ohingo of harnilosa ehota at fifteen
3B09A ; both putties doclired thomcolvca
Dsthfioil. The trouble gtew out ol
nr.loloa publlabcd in The Mascotto
rifhotlnt' nn Tnrlcl'a fithnr.
In tlio history of proprietary medicines has
any article met success nt homo equal to that
\\lilch lias been poured upon HOOD'S SAIISA-
rAiuu.A. Why , sncli haa been tlio succcia
olw this article , that neatly c\cry family In
holonclRhliorhoodshavo been taUnnltnt
tlio same time. Kvcry week brings new cI I-
dcnccof \vondcrful curative properties of
Hnnrl' < 2 Combines the
IIUUU O ui'.BT Itcmcdlcs
of the vegetable
Sarsaparilla kliiKdoin , niut In
such proportloii
as to derive their greatest mcillclnal effects
with the least illsturb.inco to the whole sys
tem. In fact tills preparation la socll bal
anced In It.s action upon the alimentary
canal ; , tlio liver , the kidneys , the stomach ,
the bowels and the circulation of the blood , a
that It brings about a healthy action of the
entire human organism , that can hardly bo *
credited ; by these ulio have not seen the ro-
maikalilo results that have followed Its use.
If the Sarsapaillla docs not provo sumdcnt-
ly ! laxative , take a few doses of Hoon's Vuo-
I'.TAIII.I ; 1'u I.H. It Is null In all cases ol
blllousiicss ) to take these pills In connection
\vldi thu S.iibap.irlll.i for the Hist ten clays.
That dull , sleepy , sick ft'cllnK can bo wholly
ovuiromo by thu IIMI of thcsu remedies. Will
jou glvo thi'in a trial and bo yourbulf again ?
An cx-aldi'iman of this city says of Hood's
fiarsaparilla , "HH the strongest
rllla luvcrsuw. "
Kach dollar bottle contains ono hundred
averages ) doses. Bold by all druggists.
1'rlco ono dollar , or six for flvo dollars.
Hood's Bamparllh , prepared only byG.
. HOOD & CO. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Mass.
HooD'a TooTn-PWDKii.
Prominent Army Offlcor Free
ly Discounts His Pay and
Joins His Regiment ,
The Nlckeraon Scandal to be
Investigated by the
Jadge Advocate.
Reformer Dueendorf Kicks
Against the Assessment of
1ho Norfolk Matinee ,
/I ltd Obnutllor Polltsly
Thnt Ho Mnvo to aWaxni-
or Ollmnte.
fJpccUl Dltp&tchis to Tin Un.
WASHINGTON , May 22. The follow-
, ng atory la publlanud hurc : Quito
recently n ptotnlnont army t flic or waa
jrdcrod away from Waablngton to join
ila regiment at the Gold at hia own
? cquest , as stated in the official order.
The fact then come to light that ho
lad sold hla pay ooaonnta to no loea
hau three or four banking concerns
whloh make a practice of discounting
army clhoors1 pay. The name of Ool.
A , P. Morrow Is freely mentioned in
connection with the above publication.
3o was until ordered to join his rcg-
mont'on Gan. Sherman's staff ,
The attorney general haa glvon his
opinion to the secretary of the treas
ury that under the provisions of the
ict approved March a , 1883 , no tax can
> o collected on the capital and dopan
ts of national banks since the first
day of laat January , and no tax oa
ho capital and deposits of state banks
or private banks alaco the firat day of
aat December. The attorney general
Bays ho IB of the opinion that duties
are not assciaablo aud collectable on
lepoalti and capital stock of national '
> anklng asaoolatlonB for the period bo-
.wonu the date cf thn act , March 3 ,
1883 , and January 1 , 1883 , nor on do-
aoalts and capital ot other baiika and
jankers for the period between tbo
date of the same act and December 15 ,
1882 ,
The president to day appointed H.
W. Lord , of Michigan , to bo regl -
: or of the land oflho , and Abra-
liam 0. Whlpplo , of Minnesota , re-
oolvcr of public moneys at Crooks-
burg , Dakota.
The BOorotary of the treasury tins
prepared a series of regulations to
govern the importation of sugar , and
they will bo promulgated in a day or
two ,
The president Issued an order to- '
duy\lc iQ all the executive depart
ments on decoration day ,
ftlurch has notified Folgor that ho
will on Wednesday mxt commence
submission of evidouoo in the investi
gation of Supervising Architect Hill.
Ool. Thomas F. B.ur , jadgo advo
cate , U S. A. , has boon sent to Phil
adelphia by the secretary of war to
take note of the jadio'al proceedings
now pending in that olty In the matter
of the alleged fraudulent divorce ro-
oontly obtained there by Ool. A. H.
Niokerson , U. S A , and the latter'u
subsequent remarriage No other
action has yet been tnken by the w r
department , but it is thought In army
clrclea that the proceedings in Phila
delphia will lead to fflblnl Investiga
tion , and that when Col. Birr returns
nnd makes a report upon the C&BO ,
court martial will bo ordered to try
Oiil. . Ntokorsoa on the charge of con
duct unbecoming an cflioer and gen
loft Washington thla afternoon for
New York. It not IB definitely known
how long the president will remain ia
New York , but it ia probable ho will
bo there until after Decoration day.
The Peat will
publish to-morrow a-
letter from Secretary Chandler to tx-
OoDgreaainan Daaotidoif , of Virginia ,
In reply to a communication received
from the latter , calling attention to
levying assessments for political pur
poses on employes of the Norfolk
navy yard. The secretory , after
answering the charges concerning the
alleged violations of law , BSVB : The
tnno at your letter , which you have
made public indicates yon ttko
very strong interest in the re
formation of the navy yard nt
Norfolk , Rnd your long familiarity
with thu yard aa constant
candidate for congress Binoo 1878 ,
seeking spoial support from voters
there employed will undoubtedly ou-
ublo yon to mukomauy moro valuable *
ancgoationa for the supprosslou of
abuaes therein , whlsh will gladly bo
received and considered. That joa
should nuw for the firat time call the
attention of the department and pub
lic to Buch abuses , after you have
coated to expect any personal benefit
from the management of the yard , is
most commendable peifortnanco of
public duty by a private citizen.
End of n Stvlho.
Special Dispatch to THE Dug ,
ST Louis , May 22.- The backbone
of the coal inlnoia' strike In St. CJair
county , Illinois , is broken. The oper
ators induced now men from this city
to go to work this morning. Aa alxty
of these arrived at Bucknor Station ,
they were mot by GOO strikers. No
hostile demonstrations were made , but
the itrikers Induced aeveral of the
men to quit work. The sheriff end a
poaio of deputies are on the ground.
Lvileil 1'hyalcinrji nj chemUta ba > ve
anftljztd Pozunt'a medicated complexion
piwiler and recommend IU o to their
wiyta and lady frUudi. Wh t better
ould be ld of it ,