Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 21, 1883, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Bee.
numc. . every morning , ntcent Sun *
4j , The * nly ftlunday moiiilng lUUy.
Uno Yoar..810.00 I Three Month.83.00
Six Mouth * . . f > .fH ) | One Month. . . . 1.00
i.'HK WKKXLY IJKK , puhllshwi every
One yeRr 82.00 I Three Months. BO
Qlx Month 1.00 | One Month. . . . 20
AUXUICAN Nrttfl COMPANY , Hole A fonts
i In the United States.
ftifons routing to News nd Kditorial
lEiitturn nhould be nddrtssod to the KurTOH
Or THK I'.KE ,
Li utter K and lUmlttancw should Iw nd
Ireoned to Tut Bar I'cBLiHiiwa COMPANY
OMAHA. Draf.'s , Checks and Pontolhco
Jrderi to bo raada payable to the order of
the Company ,
f he BBS PUBLISHING 00 , , Prop ,
Two JIOIIK wuoku before BUiiiinor. is atill tluio for spring to put In
an nppearancs.
ACCOIIDINO to Senator Mahono , his
relations with the ndmlnlatrntlon are
otitlroly haroionloui , reports to the
contrary uotwltliBtandlng ,
lirooklyu bridge on Thursday noon.
A banquet la to follow , at which ho
will open Bovoral bottles.
KANSAS ia wrestling with wild oat
life Insuranoo , and Nebraska is liable
to bo vlothulzad worse than Kaunas
by antdo policy poddlora.
TitKiu : were seventy-two American
oarthqmko * laat year. The oyolono
la now trying to boat the record of
the earthquake.
JOHN LOAN aaya he la not in the
race , but spirit rapplngs lu the vicin
ity of the 1'oortft dlatlllorlua Indicate
that ho is materializing for the presi
THK BEE la not iu the nowapapor
buying bnalnosu , but it cuntluuua to
print and soil more nowapnpora than
all the other journals in Nebraska
THK atar routu cyulonu of wind hni
done Its vrork. The court adjourned
on Friday owing to the aerloua lllriocs
of one of the jury. The remainder
of the panel have had their llyca In-
eared und aootn Indilloront about their
THE ranka of the "Wild West"
have boon roornltod by Sitting Bull ,
the colubratod hatr ralsor. This
breaks the charm of the chow aa a
ntrlotly Nebraska Institution. Mr.
Bull's old ntaraplng ground la iu Da
kota and Montana.
TUOUIILI : la brewing in the Pacific
pool and a Tight in rates to the coast
may bo expected. The opening of
the Rio Qratido to O jdon la the canao
of complaint. There la an old Baying
about roguea falling out , which has a
.pertinent . application to the place.
THK Imllolujah atnglng democracy
nro a llttlo too previous. They are
not yet out of the woods. Harping
on the errors of the republicans la not
iho surest road to success. If the
democracy havu nothing positive to
ofTar the country but aohungo of oflloc
holders , campaign enthusiasm will not
roach a favor heat in 1834
OMAHA la expected to contribute al
lonat ton thoorand dollars to over }
circus , nd the only return she goti
ia $100 llconie. Iu olden times these
travellitii ; caravans leftn few huudrot
dollnta in ovoiy town for food nnt
board , Nowadays they carry tho'i
own provlalona for every man ant
boaat , and after raking In all thi
looia change In the city they do no
upend a dime. And thi
worst of it la that the modornolrous I
a enldo show which Imposes on th
credulous by gorgeous play bllla tha
have no relation whatever to thol
It la simply monstrous for our pec
pie to withdraw $10.000 from ou
trtdearnon and squander it o
traveling roonnto-banka that do uo
apcnd a dollar in our city.
THERE ia QUO kind of an npwar
tendency la Omaha real oatato tha
wo would all llko to BOO. That la
tendency towards more four and fiv
story buildings , Property in th
bntluosa portion of our city ia gel
ting too valuable for the erection t
nhautlea or of two or three ator
atruoturea. T/iero 1 * n good doimn
for ollicoJ oven in the highest stork
aa long aa building * contain olovatori
The magulQcont Omaha Nations
Biuk bulldlug has every oQic
rented , and Mr. MUlard la r <
ported ta a yiog that snothi
floor weald have been a pro&tablo li
veatment. Now that wo have wate
works thcro ought to be no healtatlc
about erecting bnuluess-ll\ce \ bulldlnj
on bnsluwa atroota. St. Panl boar
of being a five story town. Omaha
largo enough and prosperous enoug
and ought to bo cheerful enough ov
her proepeits to take time by the for
look and build for the future. Thn
years from DOW every owner of a thre
atory bolldlng will wish it were fire.
It Is thought Mr. Dillon will
shortly purcluso the Lincoln Demo
crat for Mr. Rifowalcr , and give hiai
a show for his monumantal gunlaa to
explain Itaolf. Jltflnllicnn
There la no doubt that Mr. Dillon
would gladly buy the Democrat , or
any other Nebraska newspaper , If ho
could make Rosewater turn the crank
of a Union P cfi3 ! organ. There WRB
a time , not many years ngo , when
Gontd and Dillon were willing to buy
the National Vtjiublican ( o tranafor a
man that talked too lend In Nebraska
to another aphoro of usefulness. That
bait waa not awnllowcd any nioro than
the ? 500 Mr. Kimball tendered to the
aaino parly about the time Dr. Miller
made his memorable flop on Iho nar-
rowgitngorallroadpropoaltlon , Bribing
edltora and buying newapapern la an
old game which those people have
played for many a year.
Of all the men in this section of
the country who should fight ehy of
talking about bribed editors and
bought newspapers , the last should bo
the sneak who penned the paragraph
o quote. Instead of making an honest
living ho has not only nold hlnuolf
soul and body and proatltutod what
llttlo talent ho has , but ho has hired
himself out aa capper to rope in othora
Into the drag not cf the Union Pacific.
Now that ho ban Insolently asked
Sidney Dillon to buy another news
paper , a llttlo chapter from Nebraska
political history in which ho played a
very disreputable part la iu order.
It exhibits him and his crowd in a
beautiful light aa moulders of public
opinion and ought to convince No-
braeka republicans that they cinnot
trust to the assumed Icadorohtp of
such scoundrels.
Just previous to the time when the
present editor of the Jt'epubiiean was
brgi > ing the editor at THE BEE for a
position on this paper and promising
to give airay the true Inwardness of
Iho railroad ring and his associates In
rascality ho had acted as a go-botwoon
for Tom Kimball and the Union
Puclflo in an attempt to control public
sentiment through a bribed newspa
per. The affidavits which wo publish
elsewhere have boon in our archives
for some tlmo , and wo might never
have nsod them except for the Inso
lence of Mr. Tom Klmball's tin can.
The story which they toll would cover
with shame any man who had
the least self-roapuct. It is a and
commentary on the condition of the
republic in party In Nebraska , and
within itself la the strongest kind of
an appeal for a revolt that will forever
make powerless this gang of corporate
corruptlonlsts. It will afford InterestIng -
Ing reading for Senator Paddock
and his true friends , and reveals the
base treachery and knavish hypocrisy
of the Union Pacific politicians.
If this exposure of their own orlmee
against the people shocks the tondei
onslbllltlea of the dude who edits the
Htpullican , ho must thank his own
folly for the cudgeling. Some people
never know when they are well treated
and such people never learn anything
by experience. For months and months
Tim BEE has Ignored this pack of
cum who are kept and fed to bark at
Its heels , But patlonoa aometlmet
ooasca to bo a virtue , nud it taken a
lively Blinking up occasionally to send
thcrno whelps yelping back to tholi
Abraham Einstein and Jacob Lavl ,
dealers lu slothing , are very offensive in
the eyes of the Christian fu'in that own
the H < \ > ull\can. Ever slnco Gasper E ,
Yost paid hlu line In the Omaha police
court with a chock on the Omaha Na <
tlonal bank , which stated on its fact
that it waa a fine "for an assault on i
Christ-killer1 he has had r. dee ]
aversion to the children of Israel
Ilia aisoclato who bought Into thi
] \ < lMican \ with tha money whlali
his father wrung out of pee
Dodge county fanners with "shout po
ahont" usury , has also an Inherited dls
llko of Jowa and Shylocks , Althong'
bo waa willing to accept omploymou
from what ho calls a "Bohemia
Jew , " which according to his ideas I
beneath a Jew who halls from Ohat
ham street , ho never leta a ohauc
slip for Hinging Insults at the hate
raco. If he nnd his partner wet
printing a paper In Germany , the
would bo coaloua Jew baiters. Ore
there , however , Jowa have some prld
nud self-respect , and the Abruhai
Einstolua nud Jacob Lavls would pt
very llttlo money Into the puraea <
a their tradncora. BcalUoa all that , tl
Kuuteliis and Livls | in Gorman
have enough commercial aenao not I
pitronlz ) a roiderless concern tin
can do them no cood.
It Boonu to bu n llttlo dlfl'jront I
Om ha , where Abraham , Is.iacand J ,
oob , , f torbolng Insulted -\cd amlttou c
. ' . one cheek , hive the Ohrlatl.Mi fort
I *
tudo to present the other nud aubiu
10 thorasolvod to injury aa well as lusul
So wo urcanmo the LVjmbfiVaii wl
continue to paddle oat Ita worthlo
wares to the Jews of Onuht , amoi
who are racked some of oar most 11
in eral-uilnded bnsluoas men , and uio
L roapcted and pnbllo ipirltod cltlian
Keep it baforo the'people. .
OCR Catholic people will bo intc
eated to learn on the authority of tl
Omaha RtpuWean that the Oathol
96 church "has been for generations tl
abiding place of ignorance and snp ;
tition. Great aa hare been t
charitable nnd rnllgloua labora cf H-
man ( JithollcUin , a great incnsuro of
I's success has been based upon the
( noranco and credulity of its member-
rhlp. The infalltblllty of tha pope ,
which carried with It n largo degree uf
the oimo power as applied to the
hlahop and the priest , had Its birth In
the auporstltlon of aoml-b.irbarlem ,
and depended for perpetuation npou
a continuation of the mental darkucca
which called It Into being , "
This la gratuitous 1 us alt. Daring
centuries of Intellectual darkness , the
church kept , ullvo the flickering epaik
of learning , and transmitted to suc
ceeding generations tholitnrnry treas
ures of antiquity and the traditions of
an earlier civilization , There arc
other nays of protesting agalnnt the
political position oi Lo XUI towards
Ireland , without attacking the great
religious organization of which ho Is
the head. It Is tnt claimed that the
Infallibility of the pope haa never been
extended to temporal matters in a dis
tant land , of whoso coirJllion ho ia
forced to learn through the counsel
and advlco of others. Unfortunately
In this oaar , an when Adrian Issued
his ball turning Ireland over to Eng
lleh rule , Homo has made a mistake
through n deficiant knowledge of the
faota , Bat this does not condemn the
church as "the abiding place of Ignor
ance and superstition , whoso BUCCCES
has boon baaed upon the credulity of
its membership. "
A Sickly Fraud.
Chicago Tlmci.
Iho brand of fraud could not have
boon stamped on the alleged civil serv
ice reform achcmo moro legibly than it
la by the rule , Insisted upon by the
president nnd hia ministers , which ex
empts nil bonds of bureaua and chlote
of divisions from its operation. The
ifThoa at Washington who dcclaree
that this exemption is "practically iu
open declaration that thcso important
oilioor are still to bo combated for
under the the Rpoll eyatem" does not
state the truth too strongly. It In
practically n confession by thu govern
ment that the alleged civil service re
form Is nothing whatever but n premeditated -
meditated and dolllmnto cheat , U :
humbug the country withal.
The beet possible guaranty of fideli
ty and ilfialency in the civil service
would bu the incentive which the do-
nlro and hope of promotion would
give to ambition. The exclusion of
the heads of bureaus and divisions
from the places to be filled by promo
tion restricts promotions within n
narrow list of Inferior places. Thu
man who stands highest In the exam
inations designed to nature fitness oan
outer the service only at the bottom
of the scale , and after entering it , no
matter how great his capacity or su
perior his faculties , cannot hope to
rloo by prjuiotlon to the head
of a bureau , or a chief clerkship ,
those places having boon reserved
for the henchmen of party bocsoi
and under-bosses who can bring to
them superior qualifications for ma
nipulating caucuses , packing nominat
ing conventions , and debauching
elections. The great prizes whloli
clerks iu the lower grades would nat
urally ntrlvo to qalu are the heads ol
divisions and of bureaus , but these
by express demand of the prosldoni
and his inlnintorp , nro put out of tholi
roach for the ncaommodatlon of the
useful managers of the presiden
tial nud cougrusifoual election ma
The plain truth of the matter Is that
the alleged civil oorvlco reform busl
ness ID a bold , baru-fncod , unmitigated
scheme of fraud It can lay no clnlrc
toniiy moro reapnctnblo appellation ,
nnd dcaervoa no criticism from ntij
standpoint which admits or prosumet
any element cf honeaty In its oonv
Electricity Hilucldntod.
There nro two kinds of eleotrlo lighti
the nro and iucadoictmt , the formoi
being formed by the passing of e
powerful current between two corboc
points , one above the other , nut
phicsd within n short distance of oaol
other. The inoadeaoont light ii
formed by the continuous passage ol
n current over some resisting sub
struoo , thereby boating It to n white
heat. Carbon , which oifjra consider
able opposition to the paeago of at :
olcotrlo current , U ohlf fly used in tht
incadoacent light , it being Incloied li
a vacuum to prevent its combustion
There ara four kinds of lucidosoon1
lights the Swan , which employs t
ploco of carbonized cotton thread ; the
Maxim , a plnca of carbonized card
board ; the Boruntoln , carbonized
straw , and the Edison , carbonlzoc
bamboo. In the latter lamp tha Gin
mont is llttlo larger than a horao hair
yit ) KB light la vary Intense , aa well n :
dlfTaalvo. All of tha above lamps an
operated by a steam dynamo , slmllai
In construction to the onoi mod li
generating au are light , yet producing
a oarrent of lots dmislty.
For interior Illumination the Incan
descent light gives out a steady glow
without tllckorlnj ; , h of unlforn
brilliancy , and of such soft color a
not to be at ull Injurious to the vision
The method of introdnolai ; the llgh
lute dwelllug ) haa bjen perfected t >
such n deigrco that prbiuo housoa ma ;
thus ba lilum'na'oJ ' with less iucon
venlenco than by the introduction e
gas. In Now York City , where in
toiior Illumination by vho electric Hg
U most ex enalvely prictlced , th
wlrea are carried unJtrgroand , mctei
raput iu each building , which ccct
ra.oly tu Utur the auiuuut of otiv
trlclty caoh c.mjuaicr uics , nud Imtu
soniB brackoH , lu a variety of design
are pliced iu the rooms. A switch
furnished with each burner , and tt
lightning of a lamp ia dune by aluipl
turnluguutho ciureut
Knto Kann Liberated.
SpfdU Duivitch to Tin II11.
bat MILWJLUKBE , May 20. Kita K m
at the female lawyer , who threw water I
Judge Mallory's face iu the crimlu
court , was to-day relented from tl
county jail , where she had been co
fined for thirty daya for contempt
court. She shook hands with tl
be sheriff1 * employe ! , except Moyei
lie who waa the one who nolzad her ar
in the conrt at the time aho threw tl
water , Lady friends took her awi
in a carriage and presented her wl
he a purse of money.
Tom Kimball and Ills Tin Can ,
A Kioy Ohnptf-r in tha Ilietory
of Nebrnukn ,
la the Dhitlel Court , Fl'th Judicial
District f Nebra < k' foi Bullili Couuty ,
Fre < l Nye , Plaintiff , )
. S Ans.
Win. 0. Ilolden , Delenclnnt. )
mwr iiEKENHE.
Now cornea the aaid ilc'ucdint , William
U. Hohleii , ami for nnmcf to the ( jetltl n
cf gild iihlnllll lux B tpicl.U ownership In'
the K'Ji \ nnd chat'.eln nioutloncd In hid
petition , IXfemlaut r.dmlti that t ! c pre
tended nno8 Mii murtrfft99 doicribtd in
plftintill'd iiotillon , was ohtnlneil by tie-
fouilatit from one Thomas L. Klmbnll , < f
OmnhnXeb. | , nt the lime , mid jot , one of
the i llioeis uf the Union IVcltio ralln.Ml
comniuy , and with tin unwritten agree
ment hotttconthe .itd JCiiulmll und this
dofcndaut to the effect that s\d ; ! meney
wag BO furnished this defendant ns coin-
pona&tion fjr services to bo rcn Icrod by
defendant in Ills capacity aa newspaper
editor , nnd otlierwiao in c rrvin ? eloctioiiB
for the benefit of the id Ucinn 1'aclfic
ruilroiid ctinpRuy. Tint nt tha tiu.o It
waa expressly nun el between the nid
Knnball and the enld defendant thot
the B ld defendant , who wai then pub-
Ihhlni ; tha Central Nebraikn J'rcsp , nt
Kearney , Neb. , nhould advocate the elec
tion to the United Staled BFUI'O , of
such n min ai might thereafter ba d aif-
nated by the said ICItnball or other pertcn
acting under the direction of the nld
Union 1'dclQc railroad minascment. That
at tha time the ovAilnbility of A , S. Pad
dock nnd Alblntn Nance , as CMidMatcs
for United S tit en penatur w.v diecueted ,
by Hi.ii ! Kimball end the defendant. ' ] hat
at that time the defendant enquired of the
taid Kimball whether i'addcck or Natico
would bo most patinfactory to the rand ,
meaning the Union Paclfio railroad mann -
n euKtit , to which Mr , Kftnbnll replied
that Mr. 1'nddork hid been very friendly
to tha , but ho mi lit not be available
na n candidate , and that Mr. Nance won
successful youui < man , and the road might
Uk him ca itn canilidat . That h wan
then understood and Agreed between the
Hnid Kimball and hUdntcndsuit that either
Mr. I'Atlduak or Mr. Nance would ho the
cholco of the Union Pacific railroad man-
ngement for United States aenator , and
that dtfcudant ngrecd to support cither
Paddock or Niiice , but expreueml n
profereuco for Nancp , who teemed to
b ) tbo pr Jrr e 1 candidate of the
road , na then rxpiejted by Mr , Kimball.
Thut at thin interview- , the said
Kimbnll norl cVendmt only wore
nroeeut , and tl.o pUintifl No waa uot
present nnd did not ptrcici tale theriin ;
that this iaterviow between the said Kiu-
liall and thii defendant tuuk p'aca nt the
Union Pnclfic heac'qmrtcrs building , iu
the city of Omaha , Neb. , n nhort tune
priiir to the ditto of the inorlgn o tiret
mint oned in plaintiff's petition , Thut nt
thnt time tt wm acreed between the said
Kimball und this defendant , tLut this de
focdaut Hhould extcuto and deliver hU
uotcn nud mortgage ou defendant's print
ing uiHtorial , to whoiiH-ove KimLall
might eond with the mnney , aid fcr sach
n sum us the f-ftl't ' Kimball inijht Eeud ,
which It wnn tlieu i-tjreed should Le twelve
huudred-dullare. That thereuftoc , on the
date of thi mortgage first doacrihcd In
plhiiitill'a pet ! ion , the said pi lint IT , Kred
Nye , appeared nt Kearney , with the sum
aforesaid , of twelve hundred dollars , nnd
la purounuce with eaid agreement with
Kiiubnll , delivered thu sum to this de
fendant , ncd took the noten nnd mortgage
tint described in plumtiir'a petition.
That i riar to th date of the flnld Nre's
appearance with the money , thU defen
dant had no comniuuication with him con
cerning the matter , had cover borrowoJ
any money of said Nye cr talked of bor
rowing uny. That when taid Nye no ftp-
pound nt Kearney w > th the money , nuil
took raid notes and mortgage , be ttated
that tLo said Kiml-all hud uent him U [
with the money atd that ho came up nl
the request of said Kimball to carry oul
the nirangoments made before that time
between haid Kimball und the dcftnJuut
And that defendant further say thnt the
object and purpose of tuking said nota
and mortgage wn < to make the traux&ctioii
nppenr as t loan when Mich w&s not tht
c.iae , nnd for the purpose of cai coaling the
illagnl natura of the bargain , Thnt it wai
never the Intention of the paid Kim'oal !
nud said defendant thtt > uid nottH ehuuK :
be paid. That before thU transaction , de-
fendaut had rcmdered political service !
for the Union Pacific railroad cotupuuy ,
in opposing the nomiuntion of Auiat-s
Cobb , of Lincoln , Nebraska , for MI-
prenio judge. That for them ) service
defendant received the emu < f $300 frtn
the bunds of Johu M , Thur-ttun , of
Oiiulm , Nobrnjka , one of the Unii.n Pu-
cifio railroad politic. * ! mansger-i , and that
said Tnuratou r.t that timti took dtfend utV
note for tha turn of 8300 , but that SAI !
note , though long since rtue , h&8 uevei
been urefontcd to thu defendant for pay <
ment , nnd it w s not the iutentioii nt the
time of giving the not ? , either upon the
part of mid Thuraton or said defendant ,
that the same thonld bo paid , That uaii :
Thuiston nt tint time sid , "We do bus !
noes iu this w.iy for infcly , you know ; it
ia n sort cf guaranty. " That nt the tun ;
defendant gave tbo note mentioned Ii
plnintifl'd petition , tl < e note for $300 wt
due , nud tliat plaiiitit ! h-ul good re on to
bellevu and did belio\o that said Km ! > > nll
never meant to press the payment of the
said uoto and moitgai ; * . And tha said de
fendant charges tha fact to ba thst Bait
plalutitf , 1'red Xje , U not tha real part >
in interest in the pros cution of thii no
lion , cud that the aaid Thtmaj It Kim
ball la tha real party in interest. Slid defendant
fondant further chargea that the said sun
of 81,1-00 wa Intended na payment for po
lltictl sorvicea in the election of a Unltot
States tenator , nnd that aaid rervicea bavi
been rendered in accoriliuco with th :
agreement hforesald.
Said defendant further nays that the
pum of four hundred nnd f jrty-two dot
lara , mentioned iu plain ill's petition , wai
agreed to be advanced by Btld Kimball
for torvIcM of n political oharaoter , to h <
rendered by this dvfaudtnt iu the election
of a United States senater , nt tha Ut sen
atorlal election. That It was agiced thu
taid moaey should be applied iu tmymen
of ct < rt ' , n notes c.rlgln. lly friveu by da
fmiUnt to Charlcfl W. Dtke , unw h Id bj
Nathan Cunnbcll nnd K Islu O Cnlkinr
hU -Unice < , for tha benefit of creditor *
That among satd notes wai end flcned li ;
this defendant and Alexander It O.'iiner
aud VranclB ( J 1 Inner , as hit ( mn > tlM
Ths f Ace of H ii 1 note wa tw ) hnndre
dollars , nud the ii.tero..t nu.l p ircipjl t
this date ttmiiunt t > two humlm ! i-n
forty-tbre nnd 33-UO do'Ur . Tlut o
the 10h d v of Ootol or 1S-0. the ti i
t'r.kiici'i ( . > . ll.'iner ha 1 lunulunto I b
tha reput > ll n party of HulIUo county
, for the otli u f roroient\tlv
in tlia B'.n'x ) le l Uuirj of the Htr.t of Nt
lira 'i , that body of men uuthoriz i t
elect United States eouatora. Thi
s lii Hinier was uuderUo d t
bo un'thodly ti the ele-tl.
of A. H. Pidoct or g H ANnciH Nanc
to eaid oliica of Unite ) dUtoi eeuato
Tint it wai uaderitmd that me Simou C
Ayer , of the town o'Uibbou [ , tniaii ! cnunl
of liutl'klov * frien tly to the t election <
either said Piddock urld Name. Th ;
bee ue nald llnuier wmil i cot vote fi
ald Pad Jock or s id Nanre if elected I
tbclexlalature , the caidThomat L , Kit
n > ball , In the intereat of tin Union Pacll
of railroad , and U political management , i
10 nueated the defendant to oppose tha ele
tlou of aaid Hamer. and to favor the ele
tlon of ( aid Ayer , through the columns
in tblt newspaper aud otberwlu. Th
both aid defendint then itid that he d
boy not want to oppoie ttld Hiuier , wb !
th aid Hamer rem ine < l tecnrlty on o
of bit notca. That U w i then gre
tint mid iiDto on which sail Oonnor
an' t. M llaiiicr wtr-5 Miretlts fhiuld l > v'
pldu' o ! sili fiuin "f four hundred and
t nty-lwo dilinip. Mil : thnt tlih delecdaut
woud : pi > osa Hilil Hauler's electlup , and
vc rk f > r iho ilcctluii rf intd Ajer , And
ntfcndr.nt stjH that ho Immediately began
'o'ippopo tliu n f ct n of < ld tlftmer , nd
to work f .r . PuM Ayor. an i thnt fald Ayer
was elected by n largo majority , nnd
nn n tnpinbcr of the lefiilatnre voted for
A S. Patlilnok f r United States nenrtor.
Th t e 'd ' K-mbnM , nor nny one nn his be-
ha f , titr r pal 1 t * < o al 1 note secured , M
i rntr i n I "vld Huner and thit nt least
turn hundred nnd fnrty-threo and ? 3 100
d'i I.VK of tie ail i cum but mentioned in
i laint II'i petition ban tertr been received
! > thin defendant according to said ngrcc-
meut or otherwise.
And for n xrcond clef 1110 to the petition
of tha Hid plaintiff the Hni 1 de'endaut
tayt th t ho perfo'mad politlenl cervices
for the Hold plfciiritl at bis instscco nnd
rciie3t | M rin editor nnd imb'ishvr of n
newspaper and othernlie. Th t bo had
bdvnotted at gruat expfnaa to hiivself of
compoeito/f" , pro.'scs , ink nud typennd
editorial IMior , tha election to ollice of
. -tich men ns the plnlutiff requested him to
work for , that nidi men were elected , nnd
tint the HirUccH wcrn reasonably worth
the Raid Po\eral HUIIU of money nlle ed to
1m due defcadaiit to pbiintitl from
the oild defendant ,
Art ! tor a third di fen"e to the petition
of the mid plauitill the nai ; ! drfondint
atyp : Thnt HI tha fnld plaintiff , Fred
Nye , ca th ? agent of Tin mas L Kim1 nil ,
of Umabn , Nehrn k ; > , took the Ktid n > tcB
nnd inurtgngOd p eu'i a'ol ' in plain'U"H ' ! pe-
titi n in Ills own nnino , nud thnt raid
Kinr.ball ii tha ovner mid holder i f t-aid
notes Hid mortg&g H , and n 4 enid Nye , said Kimball fuini lied the de
fendant the tcvtral cuuia of m < ny
mmtinned in plaint ( IS petition ex
cept the en in of t < vci hundred nnd
for.threo nud 33,100 doll rs , that
should have been paid cm the note secured
by A. II. Connor nnd F. G. Hauor ,
mentiono 1 iu defeuditnl'rf firnt ( 'efctiie ,
und that tai.i Njo it not the rent paity in
iulcrest , nnd thnt the paid Kimball i * the
r nl nnrty In intercut , nnd that fluid Kim
ball is indohted t < > the defecdant for edi-
tori'vl ' eerviccs and printing , r.nd political
lib r in nn nm&unt ( q-ial to tbo * ! '
Feveral CUIIIH of money mentiono'l ' in plain-
titl's petition , and which ho niks may be
ect oil agninet said plaint tl'a cltitu
Whtrefore defendant prajs judgment
for a return of the property taken , or ito
ralua in cftflo it cannot bo retu-mrl , tm-l
for his damages because cf the plaintiff's
wrougful taking and detention of the
goods and chattel * mentioned iu said peti
tion iu the turn of ono thousand dollar ; .
Uefcurtcnt ,
Stnte of Nebraska ,
UniWo County.
William C. Hclden , Leing first duly
sworn , deposes cud mys thnt In is the de-
fandint in the above entitled notion , that
ho linn ma"o the foregoing nutwer and
knows the facts therein stated to bu
Sitscrlhod in my pretence end sworn to
before mo this Oth day tf June , 1831 ,
EMOBY PKCK , Clerk D. C.
[ Seal. ] lly K. W. HALLOWEI.L ,
The pchool authorities of Juniata , Adams
couuty , have introduce I leading the daily
newspapers iu the sch < eli , instead of the
rendtrH to locp iuogue. . The plc.ii Is said
to work well.
IJeporte from twenty-one counties in the
state give n decroat-o in the acreage of spring
wheat nnd nix itu increase , and they i.ll
give the outlook for a gocd crop na very
The finances of Thayer county arc in
excellent condition. Thera yet S3-
400 rnsh on hand In the general fund ,
aud tbo Ury of 1882 haa uot been drawn
Preparations nro being made at tba Na
tional cemetery nt Fort McPherson to re
ceive the reunms of n largo number of
soldiers who wtro killed in tbo rebellion.
H A daily stage Hue IB to be imt en be
tween the tcrmiptH of the biouz City &
Pacitic and llipid City , commencing July
1st , carrying the utnils aud passengers.
< \ puity of ouo hundred itcd ten fami-
liea nro ou their way from Ponr iylvaniu tc
Nebrt'gVn , where t hey expect to purchase
loins cf the Otoo reservation.
It is nai.i that work will o n commence
ou what is known na the Arapahue cut-citf ,
to fttnrt from near Kenesnw (
A lams county.
Nearly ton thousand heid of cat'la were
last weak driven thrbiigh the streets ol
Tecumseh on llieir wny to tbo nestcrc
ranges ,
A company has been organized at Deca <
tur for tba purpose of build tig n railroad
fiom Onawit to Dec.itur.and from there to
The reunion committee hive decided tc
offer a premium of n pavillion costinp
3 0 to the beat drilled poet of the Gram :
At my.
The reuni'ti of 1SS3 , to bo held It
IlAittlnt ; * , iu Hopti'iTibor , will probably be
the iMgent gathering ever held in Ne
braskn , i
Pit tits are said to bo looking over tbi
different counties of the nt to with n view
to establishing n factory to utilize IUx.
The annual association of tha Nobraakt
Sundiy reboot association will be held al
Columr-n * , Juce 12 , IU an.l 14.
Ic is expected that trr.lua on tbo now
rartd ( rum lieatrica to Tecumteh will L <
running by Juce 15th ,
The go\ eminent h > s discontinued th 1
portiuu < f the mail route which luui (1011
Sedlor to The Foris.
The Grand Island hospital fun 1 Urteyl-
ily increaMug , nud the pro pojt are lini
far its being built.
A joint stock company is tailed ol tc
carry ou nt llvitlugs u i o.'k nud bauf pack
Tweuty-fcur car loads of cholco cattli
for breeding from points in Iowa have beet
tukeu to Wa > ue.
Plattsmouth baa now telephonic com
mnuluatlon with Louisville , Groenwoot
aud SpriugBeld ,
A paity of forty-one. Immigrants nrr'vei
in Norfolk la t weak. They will fettle ii
the neighborhood.
A herd if 820 head of NuckolU oaunti
cattle , nventuiiit ; 1.500 pounds , recently
for SSO.OOO.
Cherry county , cf which Vnlenllno I
the county boat , recently held ita lira
Tt e articles of Incorporation of th
Platttiuouth & Sjtithwealeru have beei
Ulna Springo aai Wyinnre , balf mil
npntt , wul auuu h vo thito newspaper
each ,
Uight tawener i.U'l ' four frtighi train
now trrivu au 1 depart daily froai Uc
It h P'tim .tad that 100,000 norca cf or
will ba pUuteit ii onundsri ciunty thi
inn'.fnlfa lcdlc tf that
will .mke n prohtktlo gr ss cr p in Ni
" The fill cou'crenco of the M. II. chute
r < will mcul ia Lincoln , SfpUmbst " "
Kutru-B ft public Ucdi have been ea
pended t Ninth Pl tt * nml Nlobrsr * .
TweUo new ' ulldiugi have Leeu eroatt
in Ainswottb during the iiat month.
Steps ni-o being liken to organlzj t
agricultural society In Sari y county.
Specimens nf n coed quality of oo
have been found in Holt comity.
The Mneoni cf Norrls are talking of o
„ { ganlzing a lodge In that town ,
at There h vf > been nearly COOFarmett'
id lUncea org nird iu Nebraska.
U Niobr r li said to be the center of trai
for emigrant ! golns north.
I Commercial men ar quoted M layli
that KouLcy It the liveliest town of Ita tlzs
in tbo etato.
Part of the Iroa work of the new S. 0. &
P. bridge nt Ulnlr lu arriml.
Work hni been cainiuctictd on n $20COO
bmlnei * block in IIiHlnKi ,
It is NtlmatGd tint thcra nro 'JO.OOO
ttandu of heed lu the slate ,
Saline county claims to hi\o the heavi
est cattle iu the btite.
David City pnttioi are talking ol bul'd- '
Ing MI opera house ,
OnAr'iordiyn Tha > ercoanty fanner
planted 32.000 trees ,
Sutton Lining men hnvo formed n
bullJIog anfocatlou ,
Ma y Nebraska farmers are sowing blue
grass for pasture.
KJThn eessloii lawt of 1833 nre nbout redy
for distribution.
Unvld City claims n population of 1,22. ;
FullertoD , 750.
A uanal company haa been organl/od In
Loup City.
Valparalto wah visited by n tornado on
tha lOib.
A § 2,000 city o'ock la talked of nt Lin
coln ,
8p cUI Dlajutcb to lua llic.
NK\V YoliK , May 19. Arrived-
Enropoan utoaircrs Falda , Nockar ,
Rotterdam nnd City of Richmond.
LONDON , May 19. Vndorluud , Phil-
odolphla nnd llepnbllo , from Now
York , ntrlvod out.
QOKENSTOWN , May 19 City of Dor-
lln , from Liverpool for Now York , do
tulnod ; nmohliitry dumaged.
Young man or woman , If you wnnt
big money for n smnll amount , take
certificate In the Marrisgo Fund Mut
ual Truet Association , Ccdnr Hapidf ,
Rr-eumatism.Neuralgia.Sciatica . ,
Lumbagi , BacVache. Headache , Toothache ,
lor. Throat. Hwrllltif. "P"1" * ' mUe .
llurn * . r)0ulct . Kro l Illle * .
in4 Dtilrri etffT tier . Finr CtoU a
loU br Droiiliti
" ' " " ' " '
I' Un i fi
Dr. J. II. bClir.NCK IIM Just published n twok OE
Rhlcu iinlTerpd Fltnn. prwtralcl to nil applicant * .
ltcniitnliHtii/ < > < Hrnrinfiiin forall v , ho nii | ' ] iwt
'Iiemnel , IM nlllli ti (1witli ( , or llalilo to am' ill IH > ill or lutn-'H. Mention thin pax | > r Adiln-i
IIr. .1. II. M'HKNTlC A > - < > N , 1'Mlu.lcli.Ma. 1'u.
(6Juf < ( / .wu uiJt i/v.W. ur Ocrmuii Jlwlt , )
Mention tin IIKB.
Washington Avenue sw < J Fifth Street ,
srr. XWCQ.
Growers of Live Stock and Others ,
It la the best and cheapest food for aiock of any kind. Ono pound la oqnal
to three pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake in the fall and winter -
tor , Instead of running down , will Increase in weight and bo In good market
able condition In the spring. Dnirymcn as well aa othora who nao it can tes
tify to its merits. Try it and judge for yonraolvca. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for Backs. Addrcaa WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
And Window Glass.
This Flonr ii made nt Sulom , Richardson conuty , Nob. , in the combined
roller aud ntona system. Wo glvo EXCLUSIVE aalo of oar flonr to ono firm In a
place. Wo have opened n branch nt 1018 Capitol avenue , Omaha.
Wrlto for Price * . WAI S lem or Om h , Neb
. . . .
AWre < .s cither V M L.C.IN I IIM C. Ot HCrrl , inl3m
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. 13th
My Repository la Constantly filled lth a Sol oat Stock. Beat
rrtetory. 3. W , Cor. locn nnauapitoi Avenue.
First-Class Painting and Trimming , Repairing Promptly
1321 and 1323 Ilarnoy Stri-et , comer Fourteenth St.
A. Wl. OLA R
Window Shades and Onrtal * ,
Paints , Oils &
101 South' ' 14th Btrcot