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    THE OKA IU J9 18d3.
The Omaha
Published ercrr tnornlnff , except Sun
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In the United States ,
t/ouB / rclntlng to News and Editorial
matters rhoulJ bo nddrieeed to the Kurron
or Tine UKK ,
Letters and HenilttnnccH should ho rtd
OMAHA. Drnftn , Checks nnd Poslofficc
Jrders to bo ma < lo parable to the order ot
tlio CoinpRny.
the BBS PUBLISHINB 00 , , Props ,
K. nOBEWAT R Editor
MITCHELL la at a discount , bat Ken
tucky has ntlll faith that a blno grau
male can knock Salllvatt oat In one
IF Iloasa oould only catch a western
cyolono and torn It looao on England ,
wo should hear fewer enoors at
Amurlcan alra.
ROOMS to rout are BO sc&rco InOmaho
that aoveral of onr brick tnakora think
of putting a bay window in their kilns
and advertising for boardorn.
PISTOLH and ccil'jo nro to bo called
for by Ohahnora , cf MlBalaalppI , to
nettle a dlfforonoa of opinion between
hlinaolf and Mr. Galloway , editor of
the Memphis
al. WADDINOTJK la reluctant to
ropreaont Franca at the rssvr'a corona
tion , booiaso , BO ho aayo , the aum of
$50,000 appropriated for his oxpenaus
la not sulliol'Jnt. Monaiour Wadding-
ton evidently placed his funeral ox-
ponaoa at a hl-h ( figure.
JOG OOIIUUN has been refused a
licenseto oull liquor In Now York on
the ground of his "gimornl reputa
tion. " If Mr. Ooburn will oomo to
Omaha ho can bo acoommodatod. No
llconao IIBH over been refused hero on
any anoh frivolous grounds.
THE council has adjourned for two
weeks , and no paving can bo ordered
done until after their next session.
This ought not to delay matters. The
contractora know pretty well who will
receive the awards and they can go
right ahead and niako the necessary
preparations. Wo want Sixteenth
atroot paved aa Noon as possible.
THE civil Borvlcj commission haa
evolved a aet of thirty-one rules to
govern the admission of competitors
for clerkships In poatofllcea and cus
tom houaca. The $4,000 postmasters
and rovouuj colloo'.ora will notboanb *
ject to cqmpalltivo oxnmlnatlona and
any politician backed by his oongros-
atonal delegation who algna his name an X is eligible without regard
to the civil aorvlco reform law * .
AFTER four honra mature reflection
nn iutulllgout Chicago jury haa reached
the decision that Jim Elliott , ex-
puglliat , waa not killed by Joro Dunn.
It will now bo clear to everybody In
Chicago that Elliott willfully and ma.
llcloualy dlaohargod the revolver thai
was pointed at him by Joro Dunn ,
The verdict , of course , is In keeping ;
with public morals and justlco in Ohl
cage The next thing wo hoar ot wll
bo Dunn's election to the Chicago oltj
council or to congress.
AT the meeting of the Army of tin
Pdtorn 10 , the reference of Majoi
Magluuia , the orator of the occasion
to General Fltz John Porter aa "om
of the bravest and moat patrlotli
ollicera In the Army of the Potomac
who was made the acapggoat of Popo'i
campaign , " waa greeted with onthusl
ftstlo choora. Lot it bo noted that thi
cheers came from aoldlora and not fron
democratic pollttolaue ; aoldlers whi
bad fought with Porter through ( h
moat desperate campaign of the wai
and under the moat imbecile loader
nhlp , men who knew of a comrade'
unmerited dlcgraco , and who wor
justly indignant at hla ahamofa
treatment ,
The truth of hlatory has more thai
vindicated Fits John Porter from th
ohaiges uudor which ho was conr
martlblcd. It haa revealed the mill
tury mallco and the political partlaau
ship which were alone rosponolblo fo
the ignominy which haa boon hoapoi
upon hia head.
It haa torn awny the roll that con
cenlud the utter Incompotency o
General Pope's Manataia campaign
and places hla victim tn hia true llgh
AS a brave , able and loyal soldier.
Congressman Lilrd , who nero
grows moro eloquent than when dc
tailing the wronga auflurod by hli eli
commander , will donbtlosa have some
thing to Hay tn congress when the bll
i for the relief of Fitz John Porte
cornea up at the next aoaalon , n
will bo backed In hla defense of th
white hatred patriot by the applaue
of every veteran who over aerved ut
< ior General Porter , and every acidic
rogardleaa of political creed , who hi
given the subject of File John Poi
ter'a wrooga the careful study that
" " = ?
The Jlcpnblicun la atlll in puroxyams
over the questions of free trade ve.
protection aim la Tilling Ita columns
with labored dofoneoa of the tariff.
Oceans of Ink will not change the
situation. Wo are anro to have a
moderate tariff for many yoara to
oamo. The revenues of the nation
cannot bo recruited BO oaally In nny
other way. A tariff for revenue ,
which both parties demand , will bj at
ho same time a tariff with a good deal
of Incldon'al protection. Wo may
cut down our governmental oxpondl *
uros to the lowest living limit
and the treasury will atlll demand
omothlng over $150,000,000 R year
rhlch must bo rulied from customs
dutlca. List year wo derived $220-
OCO 000 from this eourco.
It makcD nodlfroroncoBofaraaroiulta
are ooncorned , what the theory la
upon which the Import la baaod.
Whether wo have a tariff for revenue
only , or a tariff for protection only , or
ono for revenue with Incidental pro-
cotton , or ono for protection with In-
dental revenue , the effect will bo the
same. Wo must collect n certain
amount of money from customs to
moot the needs of the government ,
and as long as wo are obliged to do
his , the free trade cry is a gigantic
The only point upon which there is
; ronnd for discussion Is upon a proper
adjustment of the tariff. The tariff
a a tax , andtaxoa should bo laid upon
rtlclca which can boar them the most
oadlly , Many of our Industries have
icon pampered almost to death , andre
ro alck from ahoor gluttony.
In theao cases Incidental protection
ught to bo substituted for monumon-
al protection. Industrial monopalloo ,
uphold by the tariff , ahonld bo com-
> olled to aland on their foot , raw ma-
erlala for manufactures ohouid bo
laced on the free Hat , and duties
honld bo systematically lowered auf-
clontly to rodnco the rovonno from
uatoma by from (50,000,000 to $70-
00,000 a year. Even then wo would
IBVO the highest tariff of any civil-
7od country , but still a tariff none too
ilgh for onr neooaaitlea as a govern
Parliament IB taking a short rest
f tor the excitement of last week and
orolgn dispatches contain few Items
f Interest concerning the fltato of the
ministry or their Immediate policy ,
which will bo pursued upon the roaa-
ombllng of both houses. It ia ovl-
ent to all that the government la
erlonaly weakened. The remainder
f the session will witness either a
.liberal Waterloo or such a further
Islntegratlon of parly bonds as will
make an appeal to the country a por-
lens matter for Mr Gladstone's mln-
atry. The premier hopes to strengthen
ilmaolf and his party by devoting the
ttontlou of parliament to the subject
f the neglected agricultural interests
f the country and especially to the
ellof of the tenant farmers from the
amo opprccnlona under which Irish
aimers have suffered. The tenant
arms bill which will bo Introdccjd
loxt week in the commons aa n gov-
rnmont meaauro will conclusively test
ho strength of Mr. Gladatono's mln-
atiy. The premier has annonncad that
u caao the bill Is defeated ho will at
once dissolve- parliament and appeal to
ho country. This declaration ia sig
nificant. The boat judgcado not hea-
tate to predict the fall of the ministry
on thla ianno. The land-holding
whlga and the conoorv&tivcs have
already formed n coalition to dt-foat
the moaanre , and rumors are current
of another combination in which the
extreme radicals figure , which it
pledged to oppoao the bill because II
iatla to go far enough towards aocnr
Ing needed rofornft. In addition thi
Parnoll party will vole against thi
government , their solo object being tc
secure a now election , which will In
oroaso their representation. The ex
tended precautions , which wcro takei
some weeks ego , orainat the dynamlti
fiends have boon redoubled , am
twenty-five hundred secret police havi
been aworn In lo do duty aa aptoa 01
the movements of Americana travollnj
between the United States and Eug
laud. Servants , hoatler * , butcher
and housemaida are aald to roper
regularly to the homo oflico over ;
movement of auapootod persona , whlli
the very waltera on Hues of ooeai
steamships are In the pay of the gov
eminent. The system of caplonagi
would do credit to Parla In the palm ;
day a of 'Yldocq.
Too mill at Dublin atiil grlndaou
the grlat of aontoncea and three con
vlotlona for coniplracy to murder havi
been followed by life sentences for thi
accused. At Bolllna air nrruata have
boon mudo during tlio past week , bu
now aururlitu outrages are reported
The hanging ot Brady In Dublin ot
Monday waa conducted with the great
eat privacy , uono of the preos boluf
admitted to thoacouo of thooxecnllon
Immonao crowds surrounded the jail
and uuooved their heads who.
the black 11 ag nbovo th
castle tower announced th
fall of the drop. Th
excitement over the pope's letter , con
detuning all collectloua which may b
employed aa a moans of exciting re
belllon against the laws , U lutona
throughout Ireland. There la a tonoo
defiance towards the Vatican whtol
finds vent In expressions of opinloi
that Ireland will take tta theology bu
not Ita politics from Homo. IJigga
and Sexton have openly denounce
the document , the latter boldly aaaerl
ing that Parnoll and not the pope I
tha head c f the political church , Th
pope'a letter U tn full accord with th
tr.idltlona of the Vatican , Thn churc
f Homo has always maintained th
importance of submission to authority
At the present tlmo , as for savors
\ < nrs past , It la anxloui lo atrcngtho :
i n friendly relations with England
.more Romanism is making a rapl
ind healthy progress.
Affairs in Franco have bocn undlg
turbed during the week though th
umorod death of Count du Charnbori
created a temporary excitement whlol
WAS Bpoedlly dlepollcd by a contradlc
lion cf the reports. The chamber o
U patios lins voted lo sustain Iho nc
inn of Iho government in sondlni
roops to Annin , It Is ovldout tha
visions of military glory and torrllori
at aggrandizement in the colonies ar
lancing before the eyes of Franco
fho Fnrry ministry now propose ti
regain French prestige tn Iho oxlrcm
cast , nnd nt the eamo time oxcmpllf ;
ho truth of Ulnmarck'n aaying , thane
no Ihrco yoara would ever pass b ;
without Bomo French govornraon
ending out an army somewhere
Admiral Moyora will destroy the 20 ,
100 Ghlnoao soldiers sent from Poklt
o help the Annainltoo. Oommatidan
llvloro will chaatlao Iho Ohlnosi
ArabI on the banks of the Red tiver
and M. Do Kergaradoo will bocomi
mentor to the Emperor Ta Dae , jusl
, n Lord Dufforln was mentor to thi
Chedivo Towfik. The oulcomo of 1
til will bo a lltllo cheap glory , act
ilatory will have to record In her an
ials still another instance of a colon ;
onndod by the Latin race only to b'
ivontually nltllzid and developed b ;
ho Anglo Sixon.
A dispatch from Hamburg undo :
[ ate of May 14th nays that the now
rom Chrlstlaua denotes Iho proaen
> OHltlon of political affairs In Norwnj
s very Borloua. The rcaolution of thi
Odelathlng to proceed with the 1m
loachmcnt agalnat all the cloven mln
ators of the crown in the anpromi
court formed for thla occasion ia con
Idored BS meaning war to the knlfi
gainst the ciown , and an aiming a
eparatlon from Sweden. The an-
iromo court will moot this week , ant
f it declares itself competent to glv <
adgmont In this grave matter , as t
neat probably will , the conflict will
ho crown * will have become acutn
Strong retaliatory measures on tin
mrt of the king are expected , whlul :
will perhaps produce u civil win
whoso aim will bo an early tepar.itioi
rom Sweden.
Norway ia practisally a republic
yltha king ( of Sivodtr ) Ithasovtrj
irlitical privilege which a radical dom
crat could dealro. Ileproaontutlon It
> opular ; the press la free ; the rlglil
f aaaoclation unconditional , and thi
onatltnllon of 1814 guarantees to the
jooplo the right of nelf-legUlatlon
Iho storthing ( the national assembly ]
an Institute laws which , when thrlct
otcd , have binding force even with'
nt the final consent of the king , whc
an tntorpcao hla vote only twice.
Norway has an army and a navy ol
ler own , which cannot bo used with.
ut the conaont of the storthing , and
tie king of Sweden , on coming into
Norway , is only allowed to bring n
.m ted number of cflicora with him.
till , the radical party in the country
onaldora the royal prerogative execs-
Ivo and Insists upon separation from
Sweden and the establishment of e
opubllo. There can bo but two expla
nations of this first , the prldo , cen.
urloa old , of peasants , counting king ;
among their ancestor ? , and , saooud ,
ho jealousy regarding Norgowlan in-
lependenco. The atrnngo part ia thai
; ho country populations are the radl
al and the city populations Iho con-
orvatlvo element. Great things arc
evldonlly propirlng In Scandinavia ,
and aa matters now look , Europe may
oo h third republic near the North
capo before the year U out. Laal
nonth the conflict between the crown
and the storthing culminated in the
inHSago by the latter of art idea of im-
loichmont of the ministers and mem-
> orsof the council ot state , upon the
allowing grounde : 1. The rofuenl tc
aanotlon the bill Inviting the minlt-
era and members of the council ol
state to atlend Iho nltttngs of the
storthlog. 2. The refusal to eanctloc
the grant to the associations for the
armament of the people. 3. The ro-
uoal to sanction a certain paragraph
of the resolutions of the storthing concerning
corning the central direction of thi
railways. All the councilors of stall
who advised the crown to refuse hi
unction to the above measures are t <
ao Impeached.
Gladstone's ministry has added It
all the olher email inUorlca whlcl
crowd upon an administration in it
cloalng days , a aorlous rising In Soutl
Africa among the Basntos , faithfn
allies of England , who were ahabbll ;
treated two years ago , when the Otpi
Ojlony legislature passed a law requiring
quiring their disarmament. The ;
roao then , and were put down after i
bloody little war ; now they are U ]
again , and their example is likely t >
bo followed by Iriboa about them whi
have boon approaching revolt for ha'
a year past.
Mexico can hardly bo oonaidered a
in a desirable financial condition whoi
Its goveimnont la compelled to borrow
money for the purpose of dofrayln
Iho current expenses of the admlnla
Iratlon. The chamber of depntlcaha
passed a bill , which will undoubted ! ;
bo adopted by the senate , authorlzlni
the prcaldmit to nofiotlato aloau nc
oxcoedlun $20,000,000 , the proceed
to bo devoted to oirrjinc ; on the ordl
nary affairs of the republic. It Is re
ported that the negotiations for enttli
inont of BO much of the bonded ( U'l
aa It hold in England have proved sue
cceefu ) , BO Iho Londtmeia ran have
ohanoo ut the now (20,000,000 loan.
The coronation of the czir will , it 1
thought , bo Iho moot magnificent cere
mony of this kind In Iho preeenl con
tnry. The Russian government 1
spending millions of dollnrs upon th
preparations , and the rich nsblllly
patrlclaua and mrrchnuta of Mosco'
are doing everything In Iholr powc
lo give Hla majeaty a brilliant recoj
lion. Besides Iho coronation prc
gracumo , Iho festival for Iho peopl
excllea great Interest. The larg
OhodynBkl plains are being prepare
for thla affair , and the liveliest scone
are presented In Iho erection of boothi
lento and barracki , with elands fc
Ihn spectators , and a royal pavlllo
from which Iho czar and hla court ca
see the featlvltlea It la believed thi
' | 100OGO people will bo present , an
' irlous means are to bo employed fc
providing them with food and aholtcr.
Ono hundred and twenty decorated
railway btynago cara nro to bn drawn
up In line , from which provisiorm will
bo distributed. There will bo tL o
theaters and a olrcas , fieo to the
people , beeldoa aovoral bands of ruaalo
and Btogorr. Another / te IB to bo
given to thononrd regimentsosfctnblod
at Moecow. It will have very muoh
the aacio character oa the cno at S .
Petersburg , though on u nomuwhtu
tmallor ecale.
Horafiird'i Aoitl 1'hotphnto.
co , BRJ a : "I find It a pleasant and
valuable remedy In indication , pir-
llcnlarly ia overworked nion. "
His Murderer Qivon His Liberty
by % Jury of Saiio Men ,
The " .YTanly Art" of Killing
Receives a Newlmpetas
in Chicago ,
The Blaok Flag Again Flutter
ing from Dublin Castle ,
A Wlfo Killer Dropped Seven Foot
in a Qoorcta Meadow.
Th Wind Up.
Special Dispatch to Tat llii.
OIIICAOO , May 18 State's Attor
ney Mills began the closing speech In
the prosecution of Joro Darin for the
aiardor of Elliott this morning , and It
! a Ihonght it will bo concluded by 3 p.
m , , -RUOU the CSBO will bo given to the
OHIOAOO , May 18. Mr. Mills for
Lhu state concluded hln argument at 3
o'clock and Judge Smith proceeded to
obargo the jury. All items of In
struction submitted by the attorneys
For the state and for dufcnco were
jlven the jary except some minor
3uoa , which were cuverod In the more
Important instructions. The charge
; nvo the definitions of mnrdur
md manslaughter and touched upon
, ho question of doubt. The jary waa
tmttuoted If they found the meeting
jotwcon Elliott and D.inn waa planned
> y the latter to return a verdict
ot guilty. If they believed from the
evidence that the meeting was acol
dental and the first hostile movement
wan nittdo by Elliott , they mint ac
The Instructions of the state's at-
: orney were road first , and during the
reading the prisoner ahowod more
nervousness than at nny time during
ho trial. As the reading of the In-
.tructiona for the defense progressed ,
lowevor , his wonted composure re
turned , and at the conclusion he was
as calm as before.
The jnry retired at 3:45 , and lh
udgo left the court room with In-
ilrncliona to send for him as soon as
ho jnry agreed.
About 8 o'clock an agreement waa
innouncod , and the judge was cent
or. Ho came at 8:50 : and the jury at
once filed In , and a verdict of not
( ullty was announced , Demonatra-
Ions by Dnnu's f ( lends were subdued
n the court room , but when they
'eached the outside with him they gave
reo vent to their feeling * . Dunn
went with a few fi lauds to a neighbor-
ng saloon , and from there to Olny-
cn'u place in which Elliott waited for
lira a few days before the shooting.
The news flow rapidly In every dlrt-c-
Ion , Dunn's friends running along the
streets and ohoutlug the result. At
Clayton's a largo crowd gathered In a
'ew mlnntca , and Dunn and hta friends
slipped quietly out the back way to
avoid the throng , end disappeared.
A Wife Murderer Hnng.
Spoclal Dlspatcb to Tun lisa.
LBXINOTJN , Ga , , May 18. J. 0 ,
Jonot , the wife murderer , was hnug
d day in the presence of an Imnienao
crowd of people , many coming n dU-
nnco of sixty miles. Jonea attempted
suicide yesterday by opening the
veins of his arm , and was only dis
covered when ho had lost about a
gallon of blood. This morning , ho
Docomlng stronger , the governor tele-
; raphodtho ) ahorlft to proceed with the
execution. Jones asserted the only
reason why ho killed his wife was that
tie loved her. The feeling against
him was very bitter. It is thought ho
would bo lynched If not executed by
law. The gallows waa erected about
mile from the court house In a field.
DUBLIN , M y 18. D > nol Ourloy ,
second man convicted of the murder
of Cavondlsh and Barko , was hanged
at Kilmainharn jail at 8 o'clock this
morning. The jail waa guarded by a
force of military similar to the occa
sion of the hanging of Brady Monday
After the priests prayed privately
with the condemned man In the cell ,
mass was performed in the prison
chapel in the presence of the governor
and wardens , where Ourley resolved
the sacrament. Moanwhlloa group of
women , which had gathered outside
of the prison , wcro on their kneea
aaylug the latany for the djing. When
the black flig , announcing the execu
tion had taken place , waa hoisted
over the prison , every man
In the crowd outside , which numbered
barely a thousand , uncovered heada
and tunrmnro of tyuipithy for Ourloy
were uttered. A rnah waa then mudo
by the crowd for the garden near by ,
where Gurley's relatlvrn had aasem-
bled and nliora Us father wiw knool-
iog nud pray lug fnr the repose of the
soul of Iila son. The pooplu BOOU dis
persed quietly. Ourly walked to the
Hcalt'old with little assistance ,
lie aoomod to bo resigned tc
his fate , but waa hardly firm.
IIo declined to lutko any atatemout
touching his connection with the
crlmo for which ho was executed.
Death wan Instantaneous , In a lottos
which Ourloy wrote his wife , ho said ;
"I will take my noorct to the grave
with me , and leave those who are al
freedom tn enjoy it. 1 will die u
poaoa forgiving my enemies. "
How Children Hid "Fun. "
On lumuier il y the/ went to play ,
Down the road lo Do4co Jonit' future ;
Dick cllintcl the tree. Vlctookel 10 gay ;
The hours wert rpent In lun n i hujbtcr ,
Th t night , those youngitcrt jtllcd with l > ln ,
Yei , the IUDDJ D ck mil Victoria ;
The cilpei weie of thi rreen apple kind.
Untqulcklj eureU by CattorU.
Rr eumiUIsm.Neuralgla.Sciatica ,
' .umbagi , Backache , HeadacheToothache ,
lor * , Ntrrlllnz' . Niirnlni , KruUtt ,
lluriin , hrulil * . t'riul Illlrm
1.111 ILL 01IIEll MUUIM Pil\S iM > iflira.
loll br Druicliu > il t > ! rr : c > rr > ker . Flftr C au i
boilli Vlr llooi In It Ltmtnxfi ,
Till : ril Mtl.K * A. VOHKI.KIt CO.
[ Krom the Boston t
The abore is a good likeness of MM. tjdla E. Pla
tm , of Lynn , MAUL , who above all other hum&n b lni
1 b truthfully called the "Dear Friend of Woman
I tome of her corre pendent lovotocall her. 81
calously derotod to her work , which li the outcon
I n llfetudy , and Li obliged to keep tlz lad
wlstanta , to help her anawcrthe large corresjiondeni
hlch dally poun In upon her , each bearing Iti ipecl
irden of suffering , or Joy at releane from It. Ill
tcotablo Compound la a medlcln * for good and ni
rll purposes. I bav personally luTMtlgatad It u
n satisfied of the truth of this.
On account of Ii recommencle
> d prescribed by the best phyilclani In the countrj
DB aaysi "It works like a charm and larci mud
Un. It will euro entirely the wont form of filllri
! the uterus , Leucorrhoea , Irrecular id pulnft
cnstruatlon , all OrarUn Troubles , Inflammation ari
Iccrallon , Kloodlngs , nil Displacements and the col
Mucnt rj/lnal weakness , and Is cspocl&'iy adapted I
\u Change of Life. "
It pormoatcs every portion of tbo rystem , and ST
w life and vlRor. It removes falntncss , fla'ulencj
Mtroys all crnIng tor stimulants , and relieves weal
: ss of tlio stomach. It cures Bloating , Headachei
. rvous Prostration , General Debility , Sleepleunesi
fcpresslon and Indigestion. That feeling of beatlnj
own , causing pajn , weight and backache , Is ahvayi
trmanently cured by Us uao. It will at all times , an
nder all circumstances , act In harmony with the lai
at governs the female system.
It costs only 31. per bottle or Eli for $5. , and li sold to >
rugglsK Any ndvlco required oa to special cane * , an ]
e names of many who have been restored to perfec
faith liytlio use of the Vegct&bla Compound , cu > b
italned by adilrcssmff Mr * P. . with itamp for r plj
her hoinu In Lynn , Mam.
For Kl Jury Complaint of either f ex this compotmJI
I'urpniied ns abundant testimonials show.
"Mr PUi' . Lam's Liver 1111s , " snys one wrttOT , *
> vorlit for the euro of Constlpatlol
.1 Torpidity of the liver. Her Blooi
und raln Ita special line and hUltai
> oiind In Hi popularity.
t her 0.1 an Angel of Mercy if ban 10)
fjood toothern.
x ( ! ) Mr * A. H. D.
Jasper Stone
Th's Company is now prepared to rocolvo orderi
( or
Building Purposes ,
And 11 ! make Ileurc ? en ton"d lots for piomp
do Ivery. The Cc/mj any Is e
To both Chicago and Omaha , and ( .ollcits ccrrcs-
] -oiHitncs and orders from contractors on *
ga < cd In paring Btrcota In anv ol th
Wit torn C tfua.
B , Chicago , Wist llvl
an lUI" > iy Cilcago , Deceuibir C , 1SS2. C
Kl c' , Proflile t Floux Fills WMcr IMwtr Com
nny. Dear Sir ! lure received from j out com
iir.y InioOitober 1 , 18b2 , liout 100 car loidi
f Rianlta pavlrg bio ka knd ha\clald th in be
.Moer- the r l ! oJour strent lallwav trftckiln thi
icart t ( the city. I ha o been using i aving tra
cilal in thin city form nyjears , and I Ukop'ei
euro In lajinf ; th t In n y o loloti tin Rr nlte
> avlntbl ck < fu nlahcd by your c mpany are
; I.o inoit rfKii ar in tl ape nrd poifo t In form
and 10 far I haxo fo'en bbla to JuJpo , are poe
cssrd o ) an ( luril'le fiature as any materlil thai
las ertt b-fii cdcicl or laid In he city.
Yoars. JiS K. LAKE.
( Copy. )
ST. Levis , March 22 , 1833.
Th's ' ijto c > rlify that 1 have examined a plec <
rf granite taVcn from thn Sioux Pall ) Oranlti
uartloi. aid , I my opinion , It la the bret gtom
for street piv.u I have tcun In Am rlca.
( Signed ) HEN'RY KLAD ,
Proa. Board Public Improvemenlg.
Stone for Paving Purpaee
And any pert 'n ' Interest * d Innuchlirprovcmen'.i
wll. Urd It crca Iy to his d\actiKO to
cotumtmlukte with us. Wulntite
Thoifcncrxl m\nnzun < nt ami eupcrvlalon o
the coapt > } ' bu'incTO U no'v la the hi-.da
ol Vm. McCAl .
Addreu your Icttcrj to
1'ioildtnt of tUo J eper Stone Co.
Nebraska Loan & TPUBU Compan ]
- $250,000
Capital , - - - ,
JAS.n. IIRARTWKLL. Frtwldenl.
A. L. CLAKKK , Vlce-rreildent.
K n. WMJSTKH , Tre nr i
0. 1' . WKDSTKIt.Caitl.r.
Simuel Alexander Oawald'OllTer.
A. L. Clarke , K 0. Webeter'
0 o. II Pratt , Ja * . D. Hcoitwtll ,
D. M.UcElUlnney.
Firat Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company furnlihM a permanent , bom
Institution where School Bond land othei legal !
tuued Municipal * eccrltt ! to Nebraska can b
be negotiated on the moot favorable tenni
Loani made on Improved faim In all well Mttlc
eountle * of the lUte throujb rwpctutbU loci
E ] S-A.3LIE !
SAM'L 0. DAVIS & CO. ,
Washington Avenue ami Fifth Street ,
And Window Glass.
This Flour la made at Salem , Richardson county , Neb. , In the combined
roller and atone system. We give EXOLTTEIVE sale of oar flour to ouo firm In a
place. Wo ha o opened a branch at 1618 Capitol avenue , Omaha.
Wrlto for Prices. WAI . FNTINF . Ri RFPPY S lem or Omaha , Neb
Addicts cither V M L.CIN I 1 1 1 C. OC. n Cl l I f mlo-O
Have now been finished in our store , ma ! '
Ing it the largest and most complete
niD&ilTBIDC !
In the West. An additional story has been
built and the five floors all connected
with two
One Bxoinsively lor the use of Passengers These immense ware-
rooms--three stores , are 66 leet wide are filled with the Grand
est display of all kinds of Household and Office Furniture evei
All are invited to call , take the Elevator on the first floor
and go through the bui'ding ' and inspeot the stock.
. , v
206 , 1208 and 1210 Farnam Street , Omaha
Hellman & Co *
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Gor.
My lleposltory Is Constantly filled -th ( a Relent Stock. Best
caotoiy. y , "tV , Oor. locn nnttuapitoi Avenue.
01 2 ni&o-ly
First-Class Painting and Trimming , Repairing Promptly Done ,
1321 and 1323 Harney Street , corner Fourteenth St.
A Skin of Beauty la Joy orevar.
Oriental Cream or Magical Ceautlfier
The Oriental Cream rurlflei as well as Ilcautl-
del ttie SLIn , Remotes Ton , Pimple ; ,
blemish or
beauty and
defies de
lection. II
baa stood
the teat ol
SOyears an'
less wt
Uste U Is
be sure I ho
prep a r alien
lion In pro
rxrly madi
Accept no
similar name. Tbo dlstlnpnlehfd Ir. L. A
Sayre , said to r .ady of the IIACT ox ( a patient ) ;
"As you ladles will use them , I recommend
'Oi uraud Cream' as the least harmful of all th <
Skin preparations. " One bottle will last BJ
months , using It e ery day , Ale foudro Jub
tilt rrmovti buperfluoui hiir without Injury tc
tns skin.
MM * . U. II. T. OOUllAUD.So'e prop. , 43 Bsnr
St. , N. Y.
I'crsde by all Druntnts and Kancy Ooodt
Dealers throughout the United 3Ut9 , Canadi
and Kurcp .
3TCewsre cf btaa Imitations. 31,000 repaid
for arrot and proof of any one Bclllc * tbs tarcc.
14-w cow -ma 21 owCm
Fever and A ne Tonic Uordlal. . .1 00
( Warranted or money refunded. )
Manufacturd by W. J. Whltthouse , eot North
6th St. Omah/k Ktb , ap Hm&6m
Otoe and Missouri
BEATRICE , Neb. , April 30th , It83. j
By the U rectlon of the lion SocreUrt o ( tha
ntirlor , the I ) . S. Land Orhco at Beatrice , lethe
the bUta o ( Nebraska , will bs opsn oa
Thursday , the 31sfc Day of May ,
1883 , at 10 o'clock , a , m.
For the purpote ol ricolrlrp application to pui >
chise thu rticalcdrr ( f the Unds ol the Otoe and
Missouri reamaticn , in tbo states of Nebraska
and Kiui'ai.
The lands will bo sold on'y ' to pir-ons who
shall v. thin three mum In from the date of their
appllca'lons mike a perman > tit settlement up'.u
taiaamc , and each npplKntion muit bcai'c > m-
panloJ b > a i allljivit nt tvlluDCd of good flit
n this rtcnec1
The'a Us will b > so d to the hkhc-t nsronel.
bleUddcr , nt net less than the appraised > me ,
In to acre tract * , and i o ono person ulll be al-
oncd to iinrcliiBo more thin ICO acres , except In
cis a of Itecticiiil excots ( oontlzuous thereto
\rhrro the Aurtcy ol towi hi [ > aud section linea
could not bo nm .0 t coLform to the boundary
lines of the neer.atlon , In which > naotheexi. PS
not ixcccding 40acrm , oa } bo aJjoJ to the ICO
Iho teimsof taloaro as follows :
Ono quarter In cath , to become due and paya
ble at tna explra 'on ' ol time iLonths'rom the
dtloof flllng application ; one quarter In ono
j car ; one quitter In tw.i years : ono quarter In
hire ycais from the date o ( sale , with intTwt
at Ihu ntoof 6 per centum per annum-vbut lit
c o cf default In the Drtt or casn pijui * ( , the
person thus dttiultinp sba'l fcrfelt absiluU. his to the tract for the purpose ( , ( which be .is
spoiled. * <
No land * will be sold upon which * impr
mcnts aie found belong to Irdlans as report
by the appraisers In their schedule cf their ap.
Too sale will be subject to ipproral by the
Sicrctarr of the Interior , and will bo contlnncd
'from t'ay to day at Ilektrlce , un'll the landi ate
dlipcsed of.
A lUt ot the Unds , with tha appraised value of
each tract , will be found on fllo at the dlitrlct
land office at Beatrice.
II. W. I'ARKER Register ,
9to31 W. II SOMKiU , Uecelvsr.