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The President of the Union Pa
cific Replies to Teller's '
And Figures Out an Enormous
Balance in Favor of the
Company ,
But Pradnntly Heframa from
M mbionln ? the Old Debt
of Seventy Millions.
The Diplomatic Blunder Aboul
the Border Explained by
the Mexican Minister
A General Aitortment of Wa i
inuton Notei.
Speclil Dispatch to Tin UM.
WAHHINOTON , May 3 Sidney Dll
Ion , president ot the Union Pacific
has written a long letter to Secretary
Teller concerning government clti n
gainst the road , 11 o says there is dui
the company a sum largely in ezoes
of the amount clalmol by the score
tary of the Interior to bo duo the government
ornmont and that any claim of thi
United States for Immediate jndgmen
under the Thnrman act must be baio (
either upon the rate of allowance fo
postal services fixed by the postotThi
department , which the supreme oour
has rejected , or upon the allowanci
for that service at express rates *
claimed by the company. Adopting thi
rates thus claimed by the company
the government Is Indebted to thi
road $2,733,889 , a sum far in oxoesi
of the amount sought to be recjv <
ered by the Interior department.
The letter Is follows :
BOSTON , Mass. , May 1. )
To lion II. II. To ler , SscretarJ ol the Intdr'oi
Washington :
Sin : Your letter of the 21st ult. ,
stating the claims of the Rovornmon
npon this company , lias had the care
ful consideration of Its directors. Thi
purpose of the company has baer
r and Is to discharge fairly and Imp'iolt '
ly Its obligations to the government
and In explanation and j utilisation o
Its view that there la duo the compan ;
a sum largo in excess of the amount
claimed In your luttur to bo duo th
government , it miy bo proper ) t
atato briefly the relations between th
parties as they stood at two dlfifaren
period ; , namaly , under its orlglna
charter , before the passage o
the ao-oillod 'Thurman act" am
under the amendments mdo by thai
act. Prior to July 1 , 1878 , when thi
1Tunrm n act tookctl'oct , thucotnpiur
under Its charter , WAS entitled , fo
performing postal torvloo for the gov
eminent , to feir and reasonable rate
of compensation , not to exceed thi
amount paid by private parties fo
\ the same kind of service. The gov
ernment contended that , notwlth
standing thin provision , the postoflb
department had a right to fix the com
ponsatlou of the company on its ow :
view of what was reasonable and t
to the same extent and in the sam
manner as It prescribed rates for al
other railways. This question ha
been submitted to judicial determine
tlon and the supreme court of th
United States has disaffirmed thovlei
of the postoflico department and al
firmed that of the company. Ther
Is , therefore , an account for posts
services to bo Battled , pnrsuan
to this decision , between th
coLipanyand the government , up t
the first of July , 1873 , and If thi
account Is justly stated shall leave , ewe
wo are confident It does , a very larp
sum of money duo the company J
wonld bo a severe and hardly ju
course for the government to ola i
that , notwithstanding the sum thi
due the company ( npon which tl
government allows no Interest ) It wi
its duty In disregard thereof t < mail
the pay moots n quired by your lettc
In assumed compliance with the Thn
man act , when , as will be soon hen
after , the actual amounts payable I
the government under that act c
only bo ascertained when the questlo
of what constitutes reasonable rati
for transportation of mail shall b
judicially determined , and when , afo
that his bean so determined , tt
sum due to the company for post ,
services prior to the Thurman at
will be definitely fixed and at one
payable tj tbo company , It shoal
be added that at tha data In questlo
there was also further admitted a bi
anca duo from the government ft
services which wo do not refer to I
detail , but confine ourselves to tt
question of postal services. The con
piny has onaod to bs stated , au a
count made up to July lit , 1878 , up ;
the principle that compensation shou
be fixed with reference to oxpre
service , as being most nearly the san
kind of servtca referred to
Us charter , and It res a ]
that the amount duo from the govor
mont Is 81,013,091. Of this amoui
It is admitted by the government th
at the rates attempted to bo fixed
above by the postoflico deptrtmer
there Is duo to the company J8GI 1C
leaving In dispute $320 890. The qn <
tlou whether the standard adopted '
the company Is a sound ono remal
for judicial determination by the cot
ot claims , to which the cause hai be
remitted since It was declared by t
i supreme court. Some other elomor
may poeslbly bo shown which ,
shown , would rffect the question
, toasonable compensation.
Next , as to the account between t
government and the company , sin
tne Thurman act went Into etTei
down to tha period endlncr Da comb
31 , 1882 , to which period the aocoui
as stated In your letter , Is brongl
The Thnrmau act prescribes no ml
for postal service , but leaves the coi
ponafttlon therefor to be governed
Vie original charter , It proscribes by
the fourth section that there shall bo
carried to the credit of the sinking
fund therein provided for , on the first
day ot February of o ch year , one-hall
of the compensation for services ( in
cluding postal service ) rendered for
the government ( dot applied un
der section second In liquida
tion of ( men it , nl la addition
thereto there U to bo paid into the
treasury to the credit of the sinking
und (850,000 , or so much thereof ai
hall ba noccisary to moot the five
er centum of the not earnings ol
reid , pjyablo to the United Statoi
uder said act of 1802 , and the whole
um earned by it as compensation foi
orvlcos ordered for the United States ,
ogothor with the sum by thU sootlot
cq'ilrcd to bo paid , amount In th <
i ro ate to 25 per centum cf thi
lula net Darning ! of said railroad
nmpany fnr the year ending thi
li' ot Daoombor next preceding
Sow , it Is shown that to dutermlni
hat will c institute 25 per centum o
ho nototrnlngr , the amount duo foi
cnUl aarvlcis must be ascertained
nd the question as abore atatid 1
ending for judicial dotormln
tlon as to rntoa whicl
rill constitute "reasonable com'
ansatlon. " Any claim , there
ore , of the govermout for immediati
ayment under the Thurnun act
must bo based upon the ooojaotan
r npot. the rate of allowance for pos
al oervho fixed by the postofiieo do
artmotit , whlah the supreme conr
an rejected , or npon the allowano
or service at express rates , as olalmei
iy the company. Adopting the rate
hns claimed by the company , tbo dl
eotors have caused an account to b
tated for the entire period after tbi
"hurtnan act took effect , down to Do
ember 31st , 1832 , the period at whlcl
ho acaount transmitted by yon ends
which account it will furnish yon 1
ou detiro , This account shows tha
ho whole amount due for posta
ervloes during the period and upon th
irlnclples above stated Is , $4.650,027
eduotlng from this the amount o
_ ostal service as fixed by the depart
ment under the rules applicable to al
thor roads , ( (1 911,138) ) , leaves the
um In dispute between th
jmpiny and the government
or this period , $2,738,889 I
i to bo noted that your account doe
not credit to $09,398 paid in by th
ompany in July , 1881 , and referre <
o in your letter , She sum statei
, bave , (2,738,889) ( ) it will bi
oen is far in excess oi th <
alance due the government a
tatcd in your letter , ( without tak
ng Into account the $828,890 dm
he company for postal services prlo
o the Thurmin act as above , and i
coins hardly reasonable to rcqulr
he ojmpany under these clronra
taucea to pay the bilanco thus claims
yon until the qnestlobs In contra
orsy can bo judiciously settled up
n submitting this their view , th
. [ rectors ask that any error of prlncl
ile or detail , if such be found , may b
olnted cnt by yen and the tatue wll
ecelvo their respectful considers
Ion. "
The above letter has boon refem
o the commissioner of railroads.
IpecUl Dlfpitch to Tux Du.
WASHINGTON , May 3 At th
lexlcin legation some anxiety seers
o be felt that the attitude of th
ilcxlcan government la relation t
rosslug the border by United State
roops In pursuit of hostile Indian
ihould bo correctly stated. It I
thought that ( ho circumstances nndc
which orders were Issued last Sitni
day to General Crook , notifying hli
o adhere strictly to the terms of th
ionventlon between the two countries
have not been fully explained , an
that the Impression may bo create
hat the application of this govornmec
or a modification of the conventio
was made some time ago and refuse
at a critical moment , when Crook ha
crossed the border. ' 1 ha circumstance !
as they were explained to the assoclat
ed press reporter , who called at tt
location to-night , ire as follows : 0
the 29.h of July , 1882. the Unite
States government proposed a modl
cation of the agreement of Jaly , 1881
which were In substance that con
minders of the Unitnd States an
Mexican troops be authorized t
change the terms of agroemant who
'a their judgement ic was advisable
so that the coiannndor of either arm
might cro9i the border with h
troop ] to attack hostile ladlans at at
time. Soaor Hmoro , Mexc3 !
minister hero , cabled the tern
of the preposition to hli govon
mont and on the 26 h received a
answer that the goveri. ment signed ;
this city the agreement with tl
United States government , by virti
of which rrgalar troops of each coui
try were authorized to pass over tl
border Into the territory of the otb
in pursuit of hoitllo Indians nnd
cartaln limitations , which were at tl
tlmo thought convenient and dcsirab
by both contracting parties. On tl
24'.hot April , 1833 , the sUta depai
ment received through the logatli
here , a communication from the Mo
ban government that it was reat
to consider all modlficatlo
proposed by the Ualted States , an
accept such as , in their opinion , we
calculated to attain the object of th
agreement , which , as they nude
stood It , was the speedy destruction
hostile Indians It Is explained th
the Mexican constitution requires tl
consent of tha Mexlcin senate to pa :
ing of foreign troops through Mei :
cau territory , the same formality b
ing necssiry for ratification of a treat
the Mexican executive not being 01
powered to act in either cajo wltho
tha approval of the senate.
No Information has been reclv
at the legation of the crossing of Qe
Crook's forces , but It Is thought th
are already In Mexico and that Qe
Crook's movement was the result of
mutual agreement between him a :
the Mexican commander , nnder whlc
It is held , the former has been able
enter Mexico with the consent of t
Mexican and co-operation of Mexlc
troops. The opinion Is also exproesod
at the legation that failure tf the
Mexican government to accept Immo
dlatoly the modlfisatlon of the pro
posed agreement by the United Statei
will not interfere with the success ol
Oen. Crook's operation ! against the
An Important question , concerning
ymont to the Pacific railroad corn-
antes for government transportation ,
now before the first comptroller oi
ho treasury , and an answer is ex-
ooted at an early day , The question
i whether the earning ] for suet
ransportatlon on subildized lines
etuod md oparated by the Paolfn
; allway companies , can bo lawfullj
ithholdis ( la now the practice of thi
roasury department ) or whether thi
mounts shall be paid to the com
antes In cash The attorney genera
as given an opinion that the portlor
f their earnings derived from gov-
rnment transportation on nnsnbai-
izsd loosed Unas must bo paid Ir
ash and cannot bo legally withhold
"ho question at Issue Involves a largi
WASHINGTON , May 3 It Is nnder
teed that Secretary Folger will ver
eon Issue a circular of Instruction i
.ho . proper cffioora directing tha
money duo the branch lines cf anbsld ;
allroads must bo paid. It appears th
" ftclQc railroad * applied to th
iresldont to have 'ho mono ;
iald to them nnder a doolsloi
f the supreme court am
10 referred the matter to the attorne ;
general for an opinion , A loarnoi
> plnion of Browster Is that the road
must pay. The opinion was sent t <
Folger and the latter will act npon i
at once as above indicated. The aotloi
will result In the pay mont to the Oantra
" "aclfio " and Union Pacific railroads o
vast sum of money running away u [
nto the millions. Ever since tb
Thnrmtn act went into effect , nudei
which the Pacific roais were ohargac
25 p3r cent of net earnings to satlsf ;
he demands of the government i
his pirtlonlar the tax has been ver ,
unsatisfactorily collected.
ipiclftl Dlipktctes lo Tui ln.
WASHINGTON , May 3 Ovlng t
tad health , Sonar M Romery , Mox !
an minister , has decided to spend th
lummer traveling in Europe. Th
eoretary of the legation will ramili
aa charge d'alFilra ad interim.
It Is understood S mater Losan ; i
urging the appolntmeut of A. C. Mai
howa , of Illinois , as commissioner o
nternal revenue.
Civil service commissioner * Eito
and Gregory hold a long conferenc
with Postmaster Gancril Groiham tc
day respecting civil service ru'et '
Dr. Gregory made an examination c
' ; ho records of the nppoiutmoii
division with a view to famlliarlzln
himself with the methods of makln
appointments In that department. 1
uuliratood similar visits will b
made by the comrnlsalonera to othe
ixecntivo departments ,
authorizes a denial of the publlshc
statement that the Hawaiian govern
ment had adopted laws forbidding th
'nndlng of Chinese in that count ]
Ho says hlu government has pr <
eated against the embarkation c
Chinese and Uoug Kong and otht
ports for the Hawaiian Islands , an
has given notice that atops will b
taken to prevent their landing ,
The war department has not as yc
received from General Crook a ropl
to the telegram sent him by Get
Sherman on the 28h ultimo , nor ht
any official Information been receive
'n regard to his having crossed Int
Mexico. Tno press reports that h
had passed the boundary line befoi
the cautionary telegram could hav
reached him are , however , fully cred
'tod at the department.
The treasury department to-da
purchased 385,000 ounces of silver fc
delivery at Philadelphia , New Orlear
and San Francisco mints ,
Bliss continued to address the jar ;
"If Dortey was an Innocent man ,
said ho , "why did ho continue Rjrde
in his cmploymant af'.er ho discovore
his charao'er ? Wny did ho seek I
compound felony with him to prove :
him from testifying Instead of dofyic
him to do the worst ? ' Bliss admtttc
that thogovermant witness Moore w :
not a rain of the highest style , bi
asked If it was natural that contraoto
will employ men of high character I
do illegal work ?
Shipping Nowi.
SpecUl Dlip&tcbca to Tui Uii.
NEW YOKK , May 3. Sailor , fro
Bremen , Waesland , from Antwerp.
LONDON , May -Bohemia , Brlst
and Fdldft , from Now Ynrk ; Hohoi
zillern. from Baltimore ; Pruulai
from Boston , hive arrived out
HAMBURG , May 3 The stoarai
Africa , Oipt. Oacholtz , Now YTor
March 27 , for Lslth and Hamburg ,
considered lost.
LONDON , Miy3 The bark Nicosl
which arrived in Bremen April 2
reports that she spoke the steam
Habsbnrcr from New York , April
for Bremen , previously spoken wl
reported that she had a abaft disable
The Habiburg reported all wo
weather fine at the iirnc.
A War-nine to Offlolal Thieves.
Spe lal Dispatch to Till Uii.
BU/FALO , May 3 Joseph Bor
formerly city treasurer , and late
convicted of misappropriation of t
city bonds , was sentenced thlr metIng
Ing to five years at hard labor at t
Auburn state prison.
Bain Ball.
SpecUl Dispatches to Tai En.
DETKOIT , M y 3. Detroits 1 , 01
cages 10.
CLEVELAND , May 3. Clevelauda
Bnlhloa 1 ,
NEW YORK , May 3. New Yorks ]
Bostons 9.
PHILADELPHIA , May 3. Phllod
phlas C , Providence 24.
Sheridan , Walsh and Ho , One
Badly Wanted in Dublin.
England Bounds American Sen
timent Before Asking
No Demand for Their Persons
Yet Made But Momen
tarily Expected ,
True Bills for Murder Evolved
by a Oastle Drammed
A Lively Talk With Sheridan
and Wftleh and the Let
ter's Counsel.
T "Which It Addid a Variety of
Old "World News ,
Special Dlspatcriei loTni Dm.
WASHINGTON , May 3. There is no
trnth In the London rumors that the
United States government consented
to extradite Tynan , Walsh and Sheri
dan. The department have not re
ceived any communication upon the
NEW YORK , May 3. The Express
says the neccessary alii davits to secure
the extradition of Tynan , ( So. 1. )
have boon hero for nearly two weeks.
A diligent search for Sheridan and
Walsh , who have boon indicted in
Dublin for the murders of Cavendish
and Bnrka , wore mide to-day , but
neither could bo found ,
NEW YORK , My 3 John Welsh ,
who was seen by a Tribune reporter
tvnlght said : "I am of course not
guilty of any connection with the
Phooulr Park murders , If I could
have obtained a fair trial In Dablln
before an Impartial jury I should
never have loft England. But in
Dablln at present on the testimony of
perjured informers they could as
easily find an Indictment against yon
as against mo for complicity In the
Phoonlx park mnraers. We are used
to that sort of that thing in Ireland. "
A World reporter asked Sheridan :
'Dj you regard the murder of Oivon-
dish and. Barko a * political offanse ? '
Sheridan replied , "I do not think
anybody should think otherwise. The
government officials themselves admit
It to be a political offense. Trovclyan ,
ohlof secretary for Ireland , in ono of
hU speeches , raid it wan ono of the
first political offoneos over committed
lu Ireland and If ho regards It ai a
political offense I am willing to accept
him ns suflijiont authority on the sub-
jaot at leant Certainly no person can
bo extradited from this country fjt a
political offense. "
The World reporter called on Alex
ander Sullivan , of Chicago , president
of the IrlshNatlonal League of Amor
lea , and asked what action , If any , the
Laagne wonld take officially If a demand
mand was made for the extradition of
John Walsh , P. J. Sheridan and Pe
ter Tynan.
"I don't see , " answered Sullivan ,
promptly , "that any action In those
cesea will come within the province
of the Laagne. Whatever assistance
may bo rendered to these gentlemen
In defending themselves , if defense -
fenso bo necessary , by a de
mand for their extradition , will
donbtlois come from private sources ,
and I have no doubt but
that from private sources abnn-
dance of aid will bo given them , but
it will readily bo seen If tha league
were to begin taking action In cases oi
this character Its tlmo and resources
would soon be demanded In many
matters entirely extraneous to its
platform and not Included In the
principles npon which It was organlzad.
My Individual opinion is there are
cases which come clearly under the
head of political offenses , and England
herself has established a precedent
hlch shonld govern us in deal-
line ; with these cases. The
Orslnl caeo Is an Illustrative
ono. In the so cases it seems ae
though much stronger evidence
shonld bo required than that already
made public to justify tbo extradition
of these men. I think the govern
ment of the Ualted States should uol
surrender npon any demand from
England for the extradition cf anj
man or any number of men on the
ovidoncu of informers , who cofjEt
themselves to bo deliberate perjuron
and assassins. "
To B question of Tha World reporter
porter "Dj you think the EnglUt
government will succeed in obtaining
your extradition from this country ?
John Walsh answered , ' I do nol
know what the American Government
may do In the mi ter. I thought the
Investigation at Paris proved my in
nocence conclusively. I thought wboc
I came to thli country I would bo so
cure. I would not care at all if the ]
would only bring the Informers ovei
to this country and try mo here wltl
an American juigo and jury , but the
mere f tot of my being tried in Dablli
will convict mo , aa they have tin
happy faculty of convicting anybod ]
they want to , I can procure thi
most convincing ovldonco that I wa
In a small village lu England at thi
tlmo of the Dablln tragedies. "
To same reporter P. J. Sherldai
said ; "This action of the governrnen
" throws no now light on the subject
, . Tao application was made before fa
e my extradition , and as I stood then
stand now , fearless of any efforts thn
may bo made against me by England
Any tlmo the United States court
cill on mo to make a defensa I wl
! be found oeady , "
Sheridan said , In answer to quei
lions as to his whereabouts at the tint
of the Phwalx park murders , that b
) i wonld state that when the props
time comes , The Phoonlx park mu
! dors were called a political offdni
by Trevelyan and ho so consldere
loin. No ono , ho said , was loss con
ernod ( than himself by this now do
nand for him. Ho thought ho h c
atoly booj ahadowed by a m n whoa
10 took to bo a detective. lie doei
ot Intend to leave Now York.
Gen. linger A. Pry or , who , wltb
den. Butler , has charge of Shorldan'i
aso , s id all the facts have boon gone
vor carnfally and no ground for ex-
radltlon could bo found.
O'Donovan Ross * said the English
man who goes to Ireland to govern
ionld bo killed or hanged , If he
onld go oyor to Ireland now and kill
no of Ibd prominent English states-
non ho wonld bo glad to come back
leto and admit It.
Now that true bills for mnrdei
mvo boon found , It Is considered nc
onger open to the United States tc
efnao extradition of Sheridan , Wolst
nd Tynan , It Is believed Tynat
will tnrn Informer.
LONDON , May 4 , The Times says
I the demand of Tynan , Waleh nik
herldan bo made , It will bo based or
jo charge of general consplraoj
which must bo hold to wear a politics
speot , but on specific criminal aconsa
DUBLIN , May 3. James Mallet
was arraigned this morning on a chargi
f conspiracy to murder and ploadoc
ullty. William Mooney also pleaded
nllty to a ohargo of conspiracy tc
murder. Siversl other men charged
with the same oflenso are also expoct-
d to plead guilty. Lawrence Ilanlar
was next arraigned on a charge of at
emptlng to murder , Duunls Field
ileadod not guilty and his trial wa ;
> ojznn.
The grand jury have returned true
Ills against Tynan , Walsh and Sherl
n for murder , and against Fi'zharrli
s accessory after the fact , All ol
aeso men are supposed to bo It
.merlca , and It is understood thi
English government will demand tholi
LONDON , May 3. The rumor pro
alls hero that the United States gov
rnmont has consented to oxtntdlti
'ynan , Walsh and Sherman.
DUBLIN , May 3. The erand jar ;
iave "also found true bills agaius
Edward O'Brien and Edward McCaf
rey for participation In the marden
f Cavendish and Burke.
pedal Dlip&tch to Tni llii.
LONDON , May 3. The commons
92 to 289 , refused the affirmation bll
second reading. Offing to its reaction
action Bradlaugh intends to admtnls
er the oath of oilica to himself , Thi
Xtlly News says by the rejection o
bo bill the forces of bigotry and In
olorance have triumphed. Fifty Iris ]
nembora voted against the bill. Th
'imea says it is to bo regretted th
irndont and conclusive solution of
ored In the affirmation bill was no
mpportod by a majority of th
Frco Miion'a hall , Qieon street. .
> nrned to-day. All Insignia , furnl
are and paintings were destroyed
Among the paintings wore portraits c
II > sst grand masters. Thu loss i
mosV'i'y liruparablo.
Priaatgato street , Peterborough
was partially blown up last night
ilroat alarm was caused by the explo
Ion , as it was thought to bo the worl
f dynamiters , but it Is now bollevei
hat It was duo to the ignition of ca
a the sewer under the street. Th
lonaes on the street wore much dam
god.A .
A telegram has been received a
3alro from Colonel Hicks , reportin )
hat on the 29th ult. he had an en
; 8g3mont with 5,000 rebels , Tai
) aitlo , which lasted ha an hoar
osalted In the defeat of the rebels
with 500 killed , Including the lienten
nt general of Elmahdt , the FASI !
'rophot. The Egyptian losses wen
slight. Hicks praises the gallantrj
o ? the Egyptian troops.
The lower house of the Austria !
elchrath adopted a bill fixing th
minimum force of Austrian laudwohr ,
exclusive of that of Tyrol , at 138,00 !
men , and authorizing the formation o
ho landwohr cavalry. The moasur
nvolves nn increase of the mlltar ;
ludgot < f ono million florins.
The presence of Prince Blsmark a
he soiree given by the minister o
orcign affairs further shows th
gronndleisness of the reports that
iiflferouca existed between the prlno
and the minister.
The Dinlsh Arctic expedition ha
started for Greenland for the pnrpos
of exploring that country.
LONDJN , May 3. The weekly stttt
montof the Bank of England show
decrease of bullion of 17o,00 (
L'ho proportion of the bank reserve t
lability of 311 1C per cent.
LONDON , May 3 Gallaghar , Wll
son , Tnrtin , Annbargh , Whltohoa
md Dalton , the men charged wit'
reason aud felony , in oannootloi
with the dynamite conspiracy , wet
again arraigned this morning , The
were remanded for another week.
A EURO Cattle Ranuo Purchased 1
Special Dispatch to Tin Hss.
LINCOLN , Nob. , May 3 , The Pra
& Ferris cattle company and the Coi
verso cattle company , of Wyomlni
liavo purchased twonty-fivo thonsar
acres of land In Boone and Plat
counties , from John R , Clark , of th
city. Tuoso lands formerly belong !
to th Burlington & Missouri lai
grant , and will bo used for catt
Y llow Fover.
Spcchl Dlipitch to Till IIn
AUSTIN , Tex , , May 3. There
considerable apprehension on t !
lower Rio Grande regarding yolk
fever , Governor Ireland recalved
telegram from the chamber of coc
tneroe , of Matamoras , Mox. , advlslr
that should quarantine be nocessa
this season , that the station bo esta
lished at Bagdad Instead of Browt
vlllo. The governor directed t
health officer at Brownsville to consi
with the Mexican authorities on t
The Method of Retaliation Point
ed Ont by a Gorman
Editor ,
Adulterated Wine and Dyed
Box Furnished a Plan
of Action ,
The Intorait Aronied by MlnUter
Sargent' * Report ,
SptcUl Dispatch to Till BRI
CHICAGO , May 3 Slnoo the publi
cation of Minister Sargent's commu
nication to this government concern
ing the prohibition of Importation of
American poik Into Germany , public
Interest on the subject has been
aroused afresh , and the questions In
volved are being urged answ In the
press of this and other countries.
Hermann ll ster , editor of The 11
llnols Staats Zaltunp , this morning , In
reply to a reporter's request for an In
terview , said : "Had It not been for
the pig headed stupidity of American
pork packers , such a prohibition would
never have gene Into effect , The
Staats Zjltung months ago urged them
to have measures adopted to prevent
If , but because the price of pork was
jaat at the tlmo high enough hero
not to make the German market
of any great account to them , they
would not take any tronblo In the
matter and allowed the measures
there to be completed and put into
force , and now they find themselves
effectually cut off from that market.
If you want to know how I feel about
prohibition I will toll yon that a few
weeks before congress adjourned at
the last session , I had resolutions in
troduced which , had they been
passed , would have prevented any
such legislation In Germany , but
there was not time to get them
through , and congress adjourned
without anything being done , The
resolutions were to the effect that the
president shonld bo empowered , In
case any foreign csuntry prohibited
the Importation of American products
before the meeting ot the next con
gress , to retaliate by prohibit
ing the Importation of the
products of that country. It
would not have required any
legislation by congress to have pre
vented the Gorman law from being
passed. A more throat of retaliation
would have been sufficient to ha\e
prevented any such laws being ever
thought of. It would bo enflblont foi
this government to say , "Yon have
prohibited Importation of our pork ,
now wo are going to retaliate by pro
hibiting the Importation of all youi
exports. " But if a pretext Is wanted
It la not Decennary to institute auj
investigation. Their own courts for
ulsh evidence enough that some o !
their wine Is adulterated and thai
should be sufficient to warrant prohi
bitlon of It all. It wonld enough foi
the government to say "Some of yoni
hosiery contains poisonous dye :
and wo mean to protect oni
people against danger from then :
by total prohibition of their Importa
tions. " The German government
very well jknow that any trichinae
they have In Germany they got icoai
German snlce. I look upon theii
action as an Insult to this country ,
Tao position taken by Sargent ha ;
boon mine tor years past and Presi
dent Arthur should give him hit
hearty co-operation. I am not lawyei
enough to know if the president hai
power to Issue n proclamation , on hit
own authority , prohibiting Importa
tlon of any thing which might bo dan
gerons to the lives and health of oui
people , but I think ha has , and if he
has I am In favor of him using it with
out waiting for the next meeting o
congress , to take any stops in the
matter. "
WASHINGTON , May 3. Ministo ;
Sargent writes the department of stati
from Bjrlln , under date of April 13
that In consequence of reports pub
llshed In the continental press , tha
an alarming outbreak of trichinosis
caused by eating American pork , hai
occurred among the carrlson at Tilsit
Germany , he had instructed the near
est consular oilicor to make nn invostl
gallon and report the facts. The pub
llshed statements were positive as ti
the sonrco of the disease and statoi
that 13 deaths had already occurred
On examination It was found that !
cases tf trlcbl lotis occurred among th
soldlera of the garrison t Tilsit , all vo ;
slight , ami all persona attic ted hai
been restored to health. The mea
which produced the dleoiBO was no
Issued to the ooldlers In their garrlsoi
rations , atd beyond that there was u
evidence whatever as to its origin
The general surgeon of the first arm ;
corps aud the mayor of Tilsit said I
was impossible to obtain any proof ate
to whether the pork was native or foi
olgn ; all that was known was that th
soldiers attacked had obtained mea
ontsido of the garrison and probabl
from their relations in town. It i
probable the moat was the native ra
product , BO largely consumed amen
the lower classes In Germany ,
Hich License in Dm
Special Dispatch to Tui bB .
DES MOINES , May 3. The saloor
are atlll closed with no present proi
poet of opening. The keepers hm
asked the council to grant the prlv
logo to soil whisky , In which case the
would take out licenses , This wou
bo a violation of the state law ar
was not considered by the connc
The saloons have entered Into a con
pact not to take out licenses , hoplite
to frighten the onmcll by loss
revenue , but the mayor and oouni
are firm , The probabilities are that
limited number of saloons will p
$1,000 license and open up.
Mexican Public Worki.
Special Dltpatch to Till tin.
MEXICO , May 3 , The Rovornme
has made a contract with Batte , Oa
& Co. , of Franco , for harbor lmpro\
merits at Vera Cruz. The Northwest
breakwater will bo completed In five
years and all work will bo finished In
twelve yean. The government will
pay the contractor 10.047,000 Mexican
silver dollar * In weekly payments of
$10,000 as the * ork proceeds. The
official journal , In connection with the
proposed foreign loan , defends vigor
ously the financial policy of the gov-
ormout , maintaining It would bo falio
economy to suspend productive public
work , especially the Tohauntopoo
railroad , which Is of notional impor
tance and making satisfactory progress
since the government undertook Its
Special Dispatches to Tin Hi * .
U In denied nt ttie headquarters of the
Lake Shore road In ChlciKO that any en
gineers nt that end of the line hnvocoised
work owing to tha announcement of
changes ID the fcnle of prices ,
The St. AlnansVt ( ) Iron and atcel
mills hnvo filed n petition of Insolvency.
Liabilities , $50,000 ; assets , $ U ,000.
The steamer Hraunichwelg , from Ura-
men , landed 1,170 Immigrants nt Ualtl-
more yesterday.
Horses veraua liloyclon In liontnn : Sere
at the end nt the fourth day Hones G23 ,
bicycles GOD.
Articles of Incorporation of the Mlnno-
npollc , St. Paul and Sea Coast railway ,
capital $15,000.000 , were filed with the
Mlnneso.n secretary of state.
While the men were coming up from
work In I ho Vale mine , near Halifax , last
even ni ; , the roue broke and the boxes
went down , killing six men.
Orrin F. Smith , paper manufacturers'
agent , New York , has fallad and disap
peared. His liabilities are reported at
from $15,000 to $50,000. Creditors are
at work on the books.
An Army Paymaster Believed of
Special DIsratch to Tin DEI.
SAN ANTONIO , Texas , May 3. General -
oral Augur and othir army officers at
the military headquarters received In
formation of a reported robbery of
Major Wasson , paymaster of the
army. Their figures , however , place
the amount at $15,000 , Instead of
(24,000. Gen. Augur has couQdenoa
that the robbers will be caught and
the money secured. A dispatch re
ceived this morning states that one
party , supposed to bo Implicated In
the robbery , was arrested by Sheriff
Shackel , Ford county , near Shackel *
ford , beyond Fort Divls , who now
halda him for Identification. The
ormer paymaster at Fort Worth
atcs that while ho was pay-
natter there ho was continually dcg-
ad by a low gang , members of
hlch uera nlvvaja onfclils track , no
ould not go from the ollica to the
ank cr from the bank to the railway
ithout bolcg followed. It is sup-
osed this was the same gang who
ommltted the present robbsry.
lajor Waeacn was held in the high-
t esteem by follow officers and there
, s not the sllghcst ( suspicions In re-
nect to him ,
The government recently purchased
brty acres of land adjoining the pros-
at site of the military depot aud will
eon beglu the expenditure of
200.OCO in the erection of a handsome
tvelvo company post and beautifying
ho grounds for drill and parade and
urotshlng It with all the requisites
or comfort and convenience , as well
,3 ornament.
Fifty Tboninnd Squandered-
peclal Dispatch to TUB list.
NEW YORK , May 3. Thomas B ,
'heby , for some time superintendent
f tholnyo Consolidated Mining and
illlllng company , was arrested In an
ctlou fjr the recovery of $50,000
Alleged to have baon converted to his
wrt use. It is claimed after the par-
til destruction by Cro of the mill and
nachinory of the company In Inyo
lounty , California , Pheby was com'
missioned to collect the Insurance in
an Francisco , come here ani turn
iver all the money In his possession
olonglng to the company ; that no
tatod bo collected 875.0CO and rx-
ended $59,000 , but snbioqnontly r'-
nltted his expenditures were but $ ! ( ) .
00 , and promised to refund the differ-
OOP. Bo failed to do this , hone his
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Four Pursons Killed.
peclal Dispatch to Tui lisi.
DfcTiioir , May 'i This afternoon
train on the Detroit & Lansing rail-
ad , near Howard City , struck a
wagrn on a crossing , kllHog three
women and a man named Johnson.
? hn team was rune log away. The
nglnoor could not see them enc
c mint of a deep cut.
in the history of proprietary medicines lias
, my article met success at home cmiM to tliat
\lilcli lias been poured upon Hoon's SAIISA-
I'Aisiu.A. Wliy , such has been the success
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hole neighborhoods ha\o been taking It at
the same time. I'.vciy week brings new e\l-
dence of the wonderful curative properties ol
.his medicine.
* Combines the
' BEST llemcdlcs
ft / / ot thu vegetable
Sarsapanlla * ' " * > .
r such propoitlon
as to derive their greatest medicinal effects
with the least dlstuibanco to the whole sys
tem. In fact this preparation Is so well bal
anced In Its action upon the alimentary
canal , the liver , the kidneys , the stomach ,
the bowels and the circulation of the blood ,
that It brings about a healthy action of the
cntlio human organism , that can hardly bo
credited by those \\lio have not seen the re
markable results that ha\o followed Its use.
If the Sarsapaillla docs not piovo sufficient
ly laxallvp , take a few dosps of HOOD'S Vio-
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ulth thu Karsaparim for thu Hist ten days.
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> ou gl > u them u trial and to yourself again ?
An cx-aldciman of this city says of Hood's
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Kach dollar bottle contains ono hundred
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Trice ono dollar , or six for fl\e dollars.
Hood's Sarsaparllla , prepared only byO.
I. HOOD & CO. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Mass.