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Toiler Majestically Snubs the
Recent Attentions of Sen
ator Hill ,
Whllo the Latter Persists in
Reiterating His .Affection
ate Sentiments.
A Prolonged Debate on Reform
and the Rules of Pro-
" * cednre.
National Banks Multiplying
Rapidly in all Parts of
the Union.
A Largo Variety of General Ntw .
SpocUl Ultpitch to Tin Bii.
WASHINGTON , May 2 Secretary
Tullor informed a roprraoutattvo uf
the Associated Frees thla evening that
ho doua not Intend to imke any
formal reply to Sonntor Hill's lotttr ,
and ndds that although ho fouud It
was lull of errors and mlarnpreactita-
tlonn , ho does not purpoao taking any
public notice of any portion of it ;
that it la local or personal In Its char
acter , and ho did not think the pub
Ho had any interest in thcao mattora.
IIo Bitd , however , a * to the Yellow-
atone Park IOABO , ho took the advlco
of hla assistant , Jo/ilyn , and of
MoOammon , law officer of the de
partment , and that the lease waa In
their opinion in accordance with the
law. Teller went on to aay : "It doea
not , af Senator Hill assumes , glvo the
control of the park to the lessee. Any
number of loaioa may bo made In
every respect M advantageous to
the leuoea aa . thla one.
No exclailve privilege IB
given and no advantage la given in
* ltes. The loaie covers altea for a
hotel and atage stations , aggregating
ten aorei. Others may , If they dealre ,
have the same. Aa to the rulings of
the department in favor of corpora
tions In the matter of land granta
Hill made only a general charge con
cerning a matter which he could
know no more of than the general
public. The rulings have all been
made to conform to the decisions of
the supreme court and the opinions of
the attorney general concerning the
duty of the ozocutivo departments of
the government in that respect Sea-
rotary Teller furthermore remarked
that ho la not authorized to legislate ,
but simply to administer the lawa ,
whether suoh lawa are In accordance
with hla views or not , and that Sena
tor 11111 might h vo ascertained what
are hla views on this subject from the
last annual report of the department
of the interior.
loft Washington thU evening for Col
orado. Before his departure ho was
asked if he had anything further to
say at present with reference to his
controversy with the secretary of the
Interior. He replied , "Every state
ment contained in my loiter ia strictly
\ truo. Teller will naturally seek to
break its force by a general denial ,
but upon some points ho will have to
face evidence. Efforts to make a
diversion by an indirect charge ( on
the alleged authority of "friends oi
Secretary Teller" ) thnt I bought my
scat in the senate la unworthy of
notice and haa no foundation to sol
npon. If it had been ao it would
have been used against mo long ago.
The truth la neither Senator Callcotl
nor any responsible person hat
pressed me to with such
charges. The nearest approach tc
It was contained in a card fron
Ki-Sanator Ghaffee , in which he sale
that my election had , according to inj
own statements , coat ma $28,000
This statement was so' vague that ' .
never deemed It worthy of notice
ainco Chaffao might have referred t <
legitimate contributions made by m
to my party in the stato. Whateve
charges I have made against Toiler
have been made over my own slgna
tnre. If he will adopt a like conn
and be responsible for the statement
that I furnished , used or caused to b
mod money In any corrupt or illegit
Imate manner connected with my elec
tlon to the senate , I will afford him e
the earliest possible day an opportt
nity to prove the charge. "
BptcUl DUpatch ta Till Dn
WASHINGTON , May 2. A speoli
meeting of the cabinet was held t <
day to consider the civil service regt
latlons now awaiting the president
action. All members were preset
except the attorney general. Tha ae
slon lasted two and a half hours an
the regulations as presented by tl
civil service commission were agree
to without substantial change , a
though it was deemed advisable '
change the mode of expression of ce
tain rules. There waa ono questlc
which the cabinet found it difficult I
decide. The custom which Is no
observed in making appointments !
several executive departments at
which in the treasury has tt
force of law , is to dlatiibnto the
among the states and terrltorl
npon the basis of popalatio
It is a question whether strict tu
heronoo to this rule would not
many cases hamper the admtnistr ,
tlon of civil service , and the majorl
of the members of the cabinet are 1
ollne to the view that appolntmor
under the new civil service rnl
should be made strictly upon merit
determined by competitive examlc
tlons regardless of the residence
the successful candidates. Declilc
however , has not yet been reached
the cabinet upon this point.
Eaton , olvll service commlssloni
said this evening that on * of t
UosM of the new dvll wrvloe L
provides that appointments shall be
distributed s eng the states and ter
ritories in p \ Vf' " > to the popula
tion , ai to # nt as this
ohnso oomos . " " nn *
dor the common he. . . . '
which are to bo carrUd out w r
M good administration ) of the law . ill
permit , he did not think U would
prove a lonroo of much difficulty ,
tie said , further , that U should be
berne In mind that the law had Jioth
ing to say with regard to the proportion
tion in whioh the several states and
territories are represented in appoint
ments already made , and that tbo
present representation of states and
territories would not bo taken into
consideration in determining future
appointments , as the law refers
solely to appointments hereafter to bo
Tha Debt Statement for April.
Special Dispatch to Tui D .
WASHINGTON , May 2. The clerk
uf the ways and moans committee fur
nishes the following explanation of the
fiscal operations of the treasury for
April : The debt statement ahowa
loss than $3 000,000 reduction , which
Is In marked contrast with the redac
tion made hi April , 1882 , when the
public debt was decreased over $14-
000 000. The comparatively unfav
orable alu > wln for the month just
closed is duo to the fitct that the re
ceipts compared with the eamo month
last year foil otf abuut $12,000,000 ,
whllo the oxpendltnros for last mouth
exceeded thoeo for April , 1882 , by
over $5,000 000. The largo amount
which ha ? bcon disbursed for pensions
Is accountable for the Increase. For
the firsttlmo for many months the
oxpondltnros hnvo oxcuedod the re
ceipts , the excess of oxpondltnros be
ing about $400,000. , The available
cash balance is , in round numbers ,
$135,000,000 , against $140,000,000
April 1 , a decrease of $5,000,000.
The bonded debt shows a decrease for
the month of about $5,000,000 , whllo
the debt on which interest haa ceased
shows an Increase of nearly $1,500-
COO. The amount of 3Js outstanding
it $40,000,000. The treasurer's
statement of liabilities and assets
shows Important changes. In gold
coin and gold bullion there is a de
crease , since April , of $3,000,000 and
an increase of outstanding gold certi
ficates of about $5,000,000 , the
amount of these certificates , now out
standing , being $48,308,200. The
gold coin and gold bullion , now held
by the treasury , amounts to nearly
$188,000,000 against which there
are outstanding , in certificates ,
about $48,000,000. The standard
silver dollars on hand now
number 100,300,348 , against which
tLero are outstanding about 72,000,000
In certificates , an Increase for the
month of $3,000,000 of the silver
pieces and of $1,000,000 in outstand
ing certificates. The receipts for the
month , compared with April , 1882 ,
show a filling off $8,000,000 , of which
nearly $5,000,000 were In customs
receipts and $2,300,000 in Internal
SpKUl Elipttctes u Tni Uu
WASHINGTON , May 2. Vice Ad
miral llowau has nsked to bo relieved
from the duties of superintendant ol
the naval observatory , and Secretary
Chandler has appointed Oommodore
Shnfeldt to succeed him. Oommodore
Shufeldt will , on the bh of thli
month , be promoted to roar admiral ,
as on that date Hear Admiral E. II
Oalhonn will be placed npon the retired
tired list. It had been decided tc
glvo Shnfeldt command of Mart
Island navy yard , but now some othoi
officer will be sent to that point.
The president has made proclama
tlon of the supplementary extradltloi
treaty between the United States anc
The president has selected Boston
Atlanta and Chicago aa the names o
the three now steel cruisers.
Lite advices from New Mexico aa ;
reports of Indian marauding are rlf
again. Muohaoho , a renegade Moioa
lero Apashe , with twenty of Victoria
old band , attacked a pack train a da
or two ago near White Sands , an
throe companies of cavalry hav
started in pursuit. Another smalU
band raided a ranrhe at Alam
Spring ; , and Colonel Forsythe ht
sent two companies of the Fourthcv
airy after them.
Comptroller Knox reports the nun
her of new national banks organlz' '
during the past six months to to 13 !
with a capital of $14,958000 A
ranged by goograplcal divisions , tt
nntrbor of banks organized In No
England states is 5 , with a capital i
$775,000 ; in the mlddln "tales , 2 ,
with a capital of $1,893,000 ; in tt
southornstatoj , 20 , wlthacapltalof $2
100,000 ; western states , 70 , wlthaca
ital of $9,680,000 ; In th Pacific state
8 , with a capital of $510 000 Tweh
of the banki organized , having a ci ]
ital of $2GOOOJO , are binki whtc
allowed their corporate existence
expire and organized other banks
the same localities. Twenty thr
other banks , having a capital rf $ i
830 000 , have gone Into llquldatii
during the past six months and rell
qnished business. Tbo Increase
capital of the other national ban !
the last six months is $077.500 ; It
create in circulation , $3 899 , 791.
The court of general term to d
heard the argument on the appeal 1
counsel for Oapt. Howgate from t
decision of Justice MaoArthur , d
missing his application of vacation
the attachments ( aggregating neai
1100,000) ) against Oapt. Howgat
property , became suit had be
brought by special counsel Instead
the United States attorney.
"Rogers , acting commissioner of I
ternal revenue , to-day telegraph
Collector BtnrgM at St. Louis In i
Jgud to supplying the dem nd i
stamps under the now law as fallow :
"In addition to stamps already sent
00,000 twenty-pound tobacco stamp )
will bo shipped yon to-day. Wo will
try to keep yon supplied for current
demand , and hope to stock the tradn
fully within ton days. The short
tlmo elapsing between the passage of
Iho act and the date tt took effect has
made It Impossible , with all the ma-
chtncry available , to moot the regular
demand and pnt out a three months'
supply in addition. Every press Is
at work and has boon since the emer
gency arose. As fast ai stamps uo
received by the lntornalrovenno
bureau they are Immediately pre
pared for shipment and each day are
forwarded to collectors. Each col
lector Is supplied with a quantity
proportionate to his requisitions. "
The following board of visitors to
the naval academy was appointed by
the president to-day : Hon. Eldrldgo
G , Lphamof New York ; Hon. Jnhn-
soiiM.Camden.of West Virginia ; Hon.
Alfred 0. 11 armor , of PenusylvAuia ;
Hon. Thos , Updegraff , of I < mn ; lion ,
Roger L Mills , of Texas ; lljur Ad
miral John 0. Howell , Major Gen
eral Irvlno McDowell , Edward V ,
Llugsley , of West Pciat. N. Y. , Ilov.
John W. Densmore , of li oouilugton ,
Ills. , General Anson G. McOook , of
Now York , Prof. Goorpo Inmou
Ulche , of Philadelphia , Dr. Siuiuel
Abbott Greeuu , of Boston.
Secretary Chandler has written a
letter to General McDjwoll , request
ing the latter to vlalt the academy in
connection with Kwr Admiral Howell
and Edward V. Ktngsloy , between
the 20th of May and the mooting of
the board of visitors , Juno lit , for
the purpose of Informally Inquiring
whether the standan of scholar
ship adopted Is too hieh , and
whether discipline during the past
year haa boon too severe.
The Iowa Railroad Commission
Tackles the Union Pacific ,
Suits Begun to Secure a Show
ing of Business
Special Dlip&tch to Tin DIL
Dss MOINEB , May 2 L. S. Coffin
took his place in the railway commis
sion to-day. The board have never
been able to get a report from the
Union Pacific road regarding the
business done over the bridge between
Council Bluffs and Omaha , and the
commission recently brought suit at
Council Bluffs against the company.
Slnco then part ot the board's ques
tions have boon answered , but the
company evaded answering others , In
cluding tourago received and forward
ed over the bridge , claiming the fig.
nros could not bo obtained. The com
pany also object that it is a national ,
not a state corporation , and that the
company's printed report ought tc
satisfy the board. The latter to-daj
Instructed the attorney general tc
prots the suit already begun.
Tne Great Races at Nashville.
Special DUpiUtca to Tni lilt
" NASHVILLE , May 2. Weather warn
and clear and attendance very large
track fast. First race , Highflyer ol
first , the rest on oven terms and so led ti
the stand , Oheckmate and Pearl Jen
nlngs head and head second , Sauntere
fourth. Checkmate led at the firs
quarter post , and all the way t <
within a furlong of the string , whei
Jennings came up with a rush and woi
by a length , Checkmate second , hal
a length in front of Sanntorer ; Urn
Second race , three-quarter mill
heats.Defiance , Joe Shelby , Juliet
Greenwood , Egyptian and Donbtfu
started , Juliet was first off , and \vai
never headed , winning the first heat
time l:19i. : Greenwood won thi
second heat In 1:19 : and the thlr
heat in 1:21 : J
Tulrd race , mile and a quarter , Ath
lone , George Hokes , Ignore and Me
jor Hughes started. Hokes led fo
mile , when Hughes came on and wo
by a length , Hokes second , some dli
tance in front of Athlone , third ; tim
2:15 :
Fourth race , throe-quarter mill
Tallyrand , the favorite , was off firs
Twilight , half In front of Rotschlh
second , and Gporgo L. third ; seve
star tort ; time 1:19 : $ .
B * Boll.
SpecUl Dlipttch to Tni BII.
DETROIT , May 2. Detrolta 3 , Ch
cagoa 5
CLEVELAND , May 2. Clevelands i
BnfUloa 3
NEW YOBK , May 2. New Yorks !
Bostons 2 ,
PHILADELPHIA , May 2 , Phlledc
phlas 1 , Providence 5 ,
Carver nnd Graham.
Special Dlipatch to Tui fen.
CHICAGO , May 2. The Amerio :
Field will pnb'lah ' the acceptance 1
Dr. W. F Carver of the challenge I
\V. Graham , < f London , England , f
a mttch at 100 birds f jr from $1,01
to $5,000 a side , to bo shot in tb
country at Graham's convenience
In England unit December. Tl
editor of Thn Field Is authorized
make the match.
Flour Industry.
Special Dispatch to Tui Uu.
ST PAUL , May 2. The Minneap
11s Northwestern Miller ( nowspapi
to-morrow will say : "Tho dally pro
ucta of the Minneapolis mills for t1
week was 14,200 barrels , six of t
twenty-two mills being Idle. The i
ceipts of wheat was 281 500 bnshe
shipments ot fluur 80,000 barre
wheat in store at the Mlnneapo
mills and elevators , 1 720,000 bnshe
On tbe wholi the condition of t
milling interests is less favorable tl
week , products meeting slow sales
the advance of last week. The cry
the mlllen Is that wheat Is too hi
for the prtMnt prloM.of floor ,
Blsmarok Beprimanda the Reich
stag and Reasserts His
An Official Declaration of the
Relations of France Toward
the Powers.
A Cold Day for tie DalUn AIIIU-
IBI Event * In England-
Special Dlfpatcbei to Tni IJii.
BERLIN , May 2 In the rolchstag ,
Rlohcor iiurodncod a motion declaring
against the exeoatlon of private ordora
in military work shops. Blamarck
protested , in the name of the tinp--ror ,
against the assumption that tlio army
can bo required oven to receive dime'
recommendation from the rolchstnp ;
Itlohtor then altered the motion BO
that its demands were addressed 'o
Uismarck Instead of the military ad
ministration. The minister of war
declared the motion implied a direct
invasion of the powers of the emperor.
Bismarck's action in regard to Rich-
tor's motion In the relchatag is not en
much regarded as a reprimand to the
relchstag as a riassertion of his prero
gatives as chancellor over other min
isters , especially the mlulttter of war.
SpecUl Dispuctjci to TEH linn ,
PAIUS , May 2 T\o minister of
foreign affairs , speaking in the Ronata
on the triple alliance , said ho believed
in the sincerity of the declaration
of the Italian foreign minister and
Hungarian premier , that no idea of
aggression against Franco was enter
tained. He believed the alliance
weald not in any way change the re
lations of France with the powers.
France mutt be prudent , for a van
quished country which Is regaining its
strength and which Is condemned to
maintain large defensive force , must
not bo surprised to find itself exposed
to jealousies and distrait.
Government circle * In Berlin and
Vienna receive favorably the state
ment in the senate ot the mloiiter of
foreign affairs regarding the triple al
Empress Eugenie hs renounced all
claims to the chateau presented by the
municipality of Marseilles to Nape
leon. The municipality pay the coat
of suit.
Special Dl patch to TUB Hi *
LONDON , M.iy 2.At the National
Liberal club banquet this evening
Gladstone eald the government had
mot dangers from nn unseen agency
( secret Bociutlec ) sucesafnlly.
The annual dinner of the Royal llt-
trary fund was givui ) to-night. Lord
Wolseloy presided "he United Statcn
minister responded to the toast "Amor-
lean literature.
The arrangements of the exhiblte
in the American department of the
universal fishorlos jblbUkn is nearly
complete. Eipht-iinudrod cases from
the United States arrived In excellent
condition. Perishable exhibits arc
not yet unpacked. The Canadian de
partment is very backward.
LIVERPOOL , May 2. The recelptc
of wheat since 'the last report from
Atlantic ports In 10,500 quarters ; from
Pacific ports 37,000 and from othei
sources 13,250. Receipts of corn ,
23.000 quarters.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tni 1) .
DUBLIN , May 2. Patrick Delano ]
and Thomas Catfrey , tire more of th <
men charged with participation of the
murders of Civondlah ana Burke ,
wore arraigned for ttlal this morning ,
They created a sensation in the conrl
room by pleading guilty to the charge
against them. Both were sontoncec
to be hanged the 2d of Juno. Befon
Caffroy had pleaded guilty he was in
formed the crown gave no hopes o
mitigation of the sentence of dealt
which would bo passed npon him
When Dalaney was called he plead oc
guilty. He said , "I was brough
into this , at first , foolishly , not know
ing what It was. I was forced frorr
my work to go to the park , and v i
had to obey the orders of the soclet ;
or take the consequences. When . '
got in the park I could not get way
I saw the murders committed , bu
took no part in them. The murder
were committed by Joe Brady am
Timothy Kelly and by nobody else
When ( Jeffrey was placed In the doc !
his face wore a emile. The const
qaence of pleading guilt ;
was again fully explained t
him in open court , bu
he persisted in his plea. On bein
aeked whether ho had anything to sa
why sentence should not bo passe
npon him , Coffroy replied , * Alllhav
got to say , standing on the brink c
the grave , is that I did not know whc
was golni ; to happen until twent
minutes before the murders wore con
mltted. I was binnd to go to th
park under pain of death.
DUBLIN , May 2. The sentence <
Dalauoy will probably bo for life ser
Itude Joseph Hanlon , awaiting trla
was finally accepted as an Informoi
Ho will confirm the evidence of tl
two C trey's against thirteen prlsono
In Kl malnbam jail , charged with 001
( piracy to murder.
Corhhtll on Cranks.
EpecUlDlipatch tolui llii.
NEW YORK , May 2. George ]
Oorkhlll , who figured conspicuously
the trial of the assassin of Preside
Gatfield , road a paper to-night bofo
the Medico Legal society on "Insanl
as a Defense for Urlme. " He he
that judgment and exesntion shou
be swift with the crank , for escape
one of these men encouraged the a
tire olas to go committing crime f
like notoriety and like exomptio
They well know they commit crlc
and deserved punishment , and wb
the knife of justice falls npon the
number , it strikes them with horn
If the dl * * M of Insanity rwJly exiil
then let the qnestlon bo settled , no !
that ho may oaoapo punishment , bnl
that punishment may be tempered in
accord with his physical and mental
Crook' * Instructions.
BpeUI Dlp tcfa to Tni Hi * .
NEW YORK , May 2. The New York
Wednesday's Times prints a copy of
tbe telegram sent by General Sherman
to Crook , dated April 28th , Informing
the latter that no military movement
must bo made in Mexico , which is net
authorized by the agreement batwoon
the two countries of Augnst , 1882.
Thlsagreemontpermltstroops of either
country to cross the border In pursuit
of fleeing bands of marauding Jndlnus ,
but It does not admit of thplr remain
ing for the purpose of beginning r Uh
on resident Indians , or of their cros
Ing the line for thnt purpose , as the
nnwspapers said Crook intended to
Vacant t Place.
Spe tal l > l puiili 10 IHH Il .
iNniANAi'OLiH , May 2. Senator Bon
Harrd'on , in uu interview to-night ,
ttuunklug ot the nomination of Judge
\Vtm'1 u > fuoofnd Judge Gresham on
the United States district bench of
Indiana , said : "Tho only objection
that can bo ruined from any quarter is
that it will vaoAto hU position on the
supreme bench and will put In jeopardy
ardy in 1834 what wo won in 1880.
An to Judge Wood's qualifications no
objections could bo r.ilaed. " Senator
Harrlcon vluoronaly supported bis law
partner , Judge Illuoa , for the vacant
Canadian Malt-
Special Dltp tch to Tin liii.
OTTAWA , May 2. Several members
of parliament waited on the finance
minister for the purpose of having a
change made in the malt regulations.
Malsters claim the changes of Amer
ican regulations prevent Canadian
malt being exported to the United
States. Ihcy therefore want a draw
back. The minister did not think the
government could give a drawback ,
but would endeavor to make some
change In Inspection rales to meet the
wishes of the deputation. ;
The Kentucky Tragedy.
Special Dlipatoh to Tni liic ,
HARRISBURO , Ky. , May 2. The
grand jury to-Jay returned an Indict-
moot for murder against Hon. Phil.
B. Thompson , Jr , for killing Walter
H. Davis , April 27. The return was
made late in the afternoon. Thomp
son will be roarroated to-morrow. The
Indictment creates surprise , though It
Is generally approved. The defend
ant and his frlondn expected It would
bo for manslaughter. It is expected
the prisoner's father , ono of the
blest lawyers in Kentucky , will be ol
ho counsel for bit son.
Bloody 'Work of Black Devil * .
ucclal Dispatch to Tin ling.
BALTIMORE , May 2. Monday nlghi
bout 10 o'clock , while Miss Anne
"ravereo was going from the home ol
or sister to her own homo , three
ilocks distant , in the northwestern
action of the city , she was assaulted
iy two colored men , who felled hei
1th a stone and then cut her throal
nd robbed hnr of a few dollars , Shi
as found early Tuesday in a vacanl
ot , whcro she was assaulted , and )
moved to her homo. She is the
laughter of the late Wm. K. Trav
rse , who several times.represented
Dorchester county in the genera
asembly. She is not expected t <
inrvivoher injuries.
A St. LonU Strike.
Ipedal Dispatch to Tni bis.
ST. Louis , May 2. The union atom
nttors and plasterers went on a strlki
o-day. They preionted the demani
in the bosses yesterday for an increas
rom $3 50 to $4 00 a day , and th
jatabllshment of a nnlform rate. Th
mployors refused to accede and thi
morning about 500 stone cutters am
' 00 plasterers quit work. The brick
ayers will to-morrow demand an in
roaeo of half a dollar per day whlcl
ho bosses will not accede to , am
hey will probably strike. There ar
nmora of the usual spring strikes li
; ho various trades.
Tbe Wheat Crop of Kaniai.
pedal Dispatch to Tni Bu
KANSAS CITT , May 2. The Indlea
or will publish to-morrow very ful
peclal reports from all the prlncipt
wheat growing counties of Kansai
hewing the condition of the wlnte
heat crop In that state at this time
The reports go to show that the cro
will be short 20 to 25 nor cent , allow
'ng the season from now on to be ft
orable. & . largo part of the whoi
acreage will be devoted to corn ona <
count of the wheat having been wlntt
A Duel at Fifteen Faces.
Hpeclal Dispatch to TUB li i.
CHICAGO , May 2. The Dally Nov
New Orleans special says : Joh
O'Callahan challenged his brother-It
"aw , Michael Nealen , to a pistol due
owing to ullrgod slanders uttered b
Nealen against the former's famil ;
They mot lest night on Decatnr stroi
and fired at fifteen paces. Noalen wi
wounded and sent to the hoaplta
Both ure under surest.
Delent and Suicide.
Special-Dispatch to Tils list.
ST. Louis , May 2. The Poat-DI
patch's Ylnccnnes ( Ind. ) special sa
early this morning W. B Soarlph
mayor of the city , committed snlcli
by shooting himself. lie fired tv
shots , ono taking effect near the rig
nipple , the other in the right tempi
Ho has been mayor six years. I
was a candidate for re-election yostc
day but was defeated. It is bollov
doteat at the polls prompted the ac
ProipeotivA Trouble.
Special Dlipatch to Tni D .
PrrrsBUBo , May 2. Complete i
ports from the railroad coal district
which the strike was inaugurated yc
terday , state all miners have join
the strike against the redt
tlon save those employed at T
P. Rend & Oo.'s , and Cherry H
coal company A delegation
strikers , hsadtd bymartial bant
will surround these pits this afternoon
and remain nntll the men at work
join the strike. Operators are preparing -
paring to have the striken kept off
their property , bat no violence Is an
The minor's secretary , Flannery ,
slat" that ho his offered on behalf of
thollfaon to/Wtrato the dispute
under provision ! of the Wallace arbi
tration act , jlgnod by the governor a
few days sgn. The operators decline
to say to-nlpM whether they will
accept the-1 * ' < "tlon. Nearly all
the mills ? Ali1- . ' " -re out of coal
and'many"Srlll have tt > shut down for
a day or two until arrangements are
made to obtain a supply by liver.
Jailing The Rnitlrn-
Special DUpatch to Tni Bu. ,
KANSAS CITY , May 2. Sheriff Ma
son J. Bowman and Major A. J.
Fountain , of Now Mexico , with a
posse of government soldiers , passed
through this city to-day , onroate to
FortJLoavonworth , having In charge
John Kinney , known as "King of the
Rustlers , " and eight members of his
band , under sentence of long impris
onment nt Fort. Loavonworth. Bis
gang has boon for years a terror to
citizens throughout Now Mexico and
Texas , and has carried on systematic
depredations , child/ cattle stealIng -
Ing During Major Fountain's raid
some months ago , 23 men were cap
turcd , and 14 were nnntencod to jail
in various parts of Now Mexico and
An Irlihmnn All Over.
Special Dbpatcn to Til * Bun.
NEW YORK , Miy 2. Cardinal Mo-
Closkoy to-day received Alexander
Sullivan , president of the Irish
National Leagno of America. There
were alee present Archbishop
Corrlgan , Very Rev. J. T Hooker ,
Father Farrolly and 0. A. Hardy , of
the Philadelphia Catholic Quarterly
Review. The cardinal warmly en
dorsed the proceedings of the Phila
delphia convention. Similar state
ments were expressed by other gen
Death of C. C. Burr.
Special Dtipatch to Tni Uu.
HOBOKEN , N. J. , May 2. Charles
Channcey Burr , who nominated
Charles O'Connor for president of the
United States In 1872 , advocated the
cause of the south at the breaking out
of the civil war , and owner of the
Daily National Democrat , died to
night , aged G8 Ho prepared Matilda
Heron for the stage and Lola Montoz
fur the lecture platform. President
Pierce offered Burr the appointment
of minister to the court of Berlin.
Congestion of the brain was the 1m-
mediate cauao of death.
High. License in Illinois.
Special Dlipatch to Till BIB.
DANVILLE , May 2. Council las1
night fited yearly saloon licenses a1
$000. To-day all saloon keepers re
fused to pay the amount and closed
their places. A large number of the
citizens signed a call for a pnblli
meeting for the purpose of nrgln ;
council to raise the license to $1,000
The saloon men yielded and agreed t <
pay the | COO.
A Baslneti Meeting-
Special INspatch to TUB Bu.
OLKVBLAND , May -The Lak <
Shore railway hold Us thlrteentl
annnal meeting to-day and re-electee
nearly all of the old directors and al
a old officers. The Vanderbllt re
port shows the total earnings a
$18,225,000 , an Increase of $250,000
net earnings $7,100,000 , an Increas
of 7 per cent.
A Fatal Fire.
Special Dlipatch to Till Bu
A fire this morning destroyed Wil
Ham Jackson's residence , and his tw
daughters , seven and twelve years o
age , were burned to death.
The Iron Interest-
Special Dispatches to Tni Bu.
PiTTanuRO , May 2 A conforonc
committee of the Iron manufacturer
and amalgamated association meet tc
morrow to settle the rate of wages fo
the next year. The general opinion I
that they will not agree and that
strike will ensue.
Down the Loud.
Special DUpatch to Tin IJii.
SiiENANDoAD , Pa. , May 2. Wor
at the colliery of the Lehlgh Valle
coal company was stopped to-day by
strike of the loaders. They have bee
loading 22 cars a day but now refue
to load more than 1C hence the striki
Twinge * of the Inevitable.
Special EH o tcfc to Tni Dm.
NEW YORK , May 2. To an Inquli
to-day as to the Illness of Govern !
Leland Standford , 0. P. Hnntingtoi
of the Central Pacific railway repliei
"Governor Stanford had a severe a
taok of rheumatism , and tbe preval
Ing northeast winds have retards" h
recovery. I have no donbt that
few warm days will sot him on h
toot again. "
From Glasgow.
Special Dispatch to Tin Dm.
NEW YORK , May 2 Arrived , ]
Blgravia , from Glasgow.
Betato Transfers.
The following deeds were filed f
ncord In the county clerk's offi
May 1 , reported for THE BEE 1
Ames' real estate agency :
City of Omaha to R. H. Clarkso
q. o. d. , parcel sec 22 , 15 , 13
A. M. G. McOormlck and hnabai
and G T. Mills to 0 , Lohline , w. c
parcel sec 34 , 15 , 13 $40fl
S. E. Rogers and wlfo to W. Eschl
w. d. , lot 8 , block 13 , Improveme
association add. $000.
W. R. Holllday and wlfo to 0. \
Parker , w. d. , parcel sec 7 , 15 , 10
U. L. Vodicka and wife to M. He
llek , w. d. , part lot 40 , Hartmai
add. $225.
A. R. Toozer and wife to H. Jac
son , w. d. , e } lot 3 , block 1971
$250.R. .
R. B. Weton and husband to '
} f Landb r , w. d.lot 4 , block li , Wet <
lee | 9tO.
Tlio Stocking Makers of Germany
Moving to Eoloaso tlio
The Prospects of Retaliation
Scares Them.
BlimmraVi Official Organ Humbly
ApologUe * to Minlatr Sargent. !
Special Dltpatchri to Tni Itn
NEW YORK , May 2 The editor of
Handel's Xeltnng called at the oflico
of the associated press to-dty and loft
the following card ; "Sargent's letter
was translated from the consular re
ports to the state department Ly M.
Meyers. Mr. Meyer stated the trans
lation was made with the utmost care
and was absjlutoly as accurate an
could bo. Meyer says ho has Informa
tion that the hosiery manufacturers of
Germany are moving to secure the
abolition of the prohibitory legislation
against pork. They nro alarmed lest
action bo taken by the next United
States congress Imposing a duty on
ho.slory , which will exclude it from the
United Statoi. Tnls would bu a disas
ter to the industry of Germany , where ,
if the moaanro passed oongrns ? , thous
ands of oporntlvts of Germany , with
out other moans of gaining a liveli
hood , would bo thrown out of work
and millions of dollars worth of capital
bo wasted. Of $7,500 000 worth of
hosiery annually imported into the
United States , $4,000,00 comes from
LONDON , May. 2. The Times pub
lishes a special from Berlin which un
dertakes to explain the mlannder-
standlng , or misrepresentation on the
part of the North German Gtzetto In
respect to the repnbllcatlon In a Now
York paper of Minister Sargent's re
port to Secretary Frellnghnysen npon
the pork question. The point of the
spoclr.I correspondent's explanation Is ,
that vhat was published day before
yesterday by the North German Ga
rotte was In reality the report of Sar
gent to the state department. It was
printed In order to show that the
North Gorman Gazette's late personal
attack , which Sargent would have
been justly entitled to con
sider a gross Infringement of a
newspaper npon his privileges as
aforolgn | ambassador was based npon
the incorrect translation by the New
York Handel's Zeltnng , ot Sargent's
report. The North Gorman Gazette ,
in roprodnclng the report , prefaces it
by a paragraph , which The Times cor
respondent characterizes as a qnerk
and traneparouf attempt upon the
part of the management to oxouso
tholr unwarrantable attack. This Is
the only excuse voucheafed by the
Berlin papers , and it Is the general
opinion hero that , whllo the apology
is humble enough , It may be regarded
nevertheless' as entirely Inadequate ,
since it convicts The North German
Gizetto of gross misrepresentation of
the trnth.
Canadian Paoiflo Bond * .
Special Dispatch to Tui Uu.
MONTREAL , May 2 The trustees
ot the Canadian Pacific railway land
grant mortgages , C F. Smitherr ,
proficient of the bank of Montreal ,
John Hamilton and Samuel Theme of
New York , in tbe presence of D. D.
M. Mailer , notary public , took note
of and destroyed bonds to the
amount of $4,107 500 received In pay
ment of lands sold by the company.
The bonds were issued October , 1881 ,
twenty million being placed with the
public and five million remaining
in the hands of the dominion govern
ment pledged for execution of the
contract. The nates of lands to the
amount of $18,000,000 have been
made , and as the bonds are received
In payment of those lands at 10 per
cent premium , the balance of the
purchase money lomal. Ing dm cov < ri
the entire land grant bond issue
within about $2,000,000. Thcso do-
steed to day represent payments
made on ccconnt to the end nf March.
It It expected at leaat $1,000,000
more can bo cancelled the present
A Railroad Sold.
SptcfAl DUpatch to Tin Uu
GALVESTON , My 2. The News'
Dallas special say t : Tae Texas Trunk
road and nnnurtnnances were sold to
day , for $102 000
VTILTi convince you of
WHAT tlio wonderful curatho
properties combined In
HOOD'S SAHSAi-Anu-LA , If the remarkable
cures tliat have been effected by Its use fall
to Impress upon your mind this repeatedly
pro\cnfact ? Thousands are using It , and
all declare that ff II I " > s a mc'u- '
clno possess-1MII I Ing all and
een more than reclaim for
It. My friend , If you arc sick or In that con
dition that you cannot call joursclf cither
sick or null , go anil get a bottle of lloou'a
and realize yourself how
this medicine t
hits the right CONVINCE
spot , and puts
all the machinery ot your body Into working
From the Registrar of Deeds for Middlesex
County , Northern District ,
i.owri.i. , Six" .
Mrsns. C1.1 lloon & Co : ( .fiitlemui
It aitorijs mo much pleasure to n-coinim ml
llOOD'h SAltSU'AlllLI.A. M > llt.lllll | | .H
Him Mich that foi some \eais past I ha\o
boon olillgcil to take .1 tnnle of oine Klnil in
tlio spring , ami h.i\u neu-r found ,111tiling ;
that lilt my wants as join hais.ip.irllla. It
tones up my Hjstun , purlllcs my blood ,
sharpens my apputltr , ami siums to nuku
mo over. Jtcsiitctfull ) Joins.
J.I' THOMl'SO.V. (
Ono ot our prominent business men sakl to
us the other day : "In the sprint ; myMto
Cot all run down and could not rat an > thine ;
passing jour store I aawapllo of Hoou'a
BAKSAI'AIIILLA In the window , and 1 got a
bottle , After she had been taking It a week
she had a rouMng appetite , and It did her
euTMliliiR. she took three bottles , and U
was the best three dollars 1 ever Invested. "
Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Bold by all dmKUU , . Price it bo tla ,
r.slx.bottles * U\lhAA.lrt. forS7' _ .Til lf V-I. > UOOO . < i col
% a