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itorM of Colorado Viciously
Attacks the Ssorotary of
the Interior.
The Latter Too Partial to
Monopolies and Corrupt
Lincoln Explains the Instruc
tions Bent Orook and Hla
Heir Lifters.
iMttroatlng Treasury StmtiiUoi-
Th Star Rovto TrUl ad
Other Matter * .
8pcfel Dispatch to Tna IJii
WASHINGTON , April 30. The un-
Eleassnt peraonal relations which , it
understood , have for * ome time exIsted -
Isted between the secretary of the In
terior and Senator Hill , of Colorado ,
have at last manifested themselves In
such way that wldo publicity Is likely
to be given as to the causes of the dis
agreement Senator Hill , who , It la
said , haa boon greatly Irritated by
misrepresentation of his language and
purposes by Secretary Teller , as well
as by removals of his ( Hill's ) friends
from positions under the interior department -
partmont , has written a long letter to
the secretary In which he complains
bitterly of the lattor'o behavior toward
him , and attacks vigorously Teller's
management , or , in Hill's opinion ,
mismanagement of the department
over which he presides.
Beginning with his personal
grievances. Senator Hill in his
letter charges Secretary Teller
with attempting to place him in
a false and unpleasant' position by
causing to be published unfair and In
accurate reports of which statements
and requests. He aiserts , further
more , that the secretary has been
guilty of violation of ordinary courtesy
in repeating to newspaper corres
pondents for publication what had
been said to him in private interviews.
After reviewing caustically the posi
tion taken by Secretary Teller in th *
last campaign in Colorado , Senator
Hill takea up the secretary's admin
istration of affairs of the interior de
partment and subjects it to detailed
criticism and severe censure. Refer ,
ring to the leaae of the Yellowstone
National park , he says Teller devised
. and dictated its terms and then
allowed his assistant secretary to take
all blame and public disapproval ,
which followed its execution. After
congress had restricted the lease to
ton acres the secretary evaded both
letter and spirit of law and practically
ga-/o the Rotas Hitch syndicate o
monopoly of the entire park. In dealIng -
Ing with questions which have risen
In connection with the public domain ,
and particularly those crowing out ot
lapsed land grants , he charges Secre
tary Teller with acting In the Interest
of the great monopolies and against
all Interests of the government and
people. He also asserts and attempts
to show that Secretary Teller has
been connected with a number of land
da In Colorado. In conclusion
views the manner In which the
Inage of the Interior department
pen dispensed since the appoint-
i of Teller aa secretary , and cites
nber of Instances In which per-
lotorlonaly unfit and ineapable
been given places , while experl- :
l and able employes have been ,
t any assigned reason , snmmar-
' aed. Among the latter rie
, Mr. Albert Johnson , late
j general of Colorado , a gen-
jpf high character and fine at- ,
i , who , he says , was dis-
kSeoretary Teller became sae
T award a surveying contract
LT'S friend.
Teller upon being5 , asked.
rt &nlght whether he I
tb Tter from Senator
nh U above is an outline ,
. . tbe letter bad just been
j him , bait be had not as yet
w . opportunity to do more than
glance throcgh It. He didn't desire
. at present to make any statement for
publication with regard to the matters
therein refttred to. He understood
JJlll bad arranged to give his own let
ter publicity by furnishing goptea of [ otit
to a number of correspondents , but
whether it would be worth while for
him ( Teller ! to give It equal publicity
to a reply * ' * subject he had not yet
considered. He would , he said , read
Hill's lett ' carefully to-morrow and
give U such Attention as It seemed tore
him to deai.Te.
Senator Hill said to-night , In re
sponse to Inquiries , that he had writ-
tin Secretary Teller the letter above
referred to nacause , In the first place ,
he thought 'le latter had treated him
with great discourtesy. Not long ago
he had had , he said , a private Inter- ;
vie * with the secretary upon a matter -
ter of busliieea , and had boon bar !
and provoked a few daya later to find
anilleged account of this interview In
. q * Lonli paper ; an account , how -
ever to which hla ( Hill's ) converaa -
tlon'was ao distorted and mlarepre -
.entedthathe wa placed In a false
Ind despicable light. For this toraa
tlon | and misrepresentation , aa
for the nnblloation
ftuv form of wha
place In a private and confiden
tial atjrvaw , ho believed Secre -
; ller V > be responsible , and Ihe
? 7ujt c/uposa to Indefinitely aub
it t ! thi ort of treatment. The
Mcretaiy'a- connection with cent
secreM"k , upon him could , he
wMy traced. Another rea
rr'ttj } a letter to Teller was
thai "U ) knew many thing
. . 'juuResveat of tbe Interior
of whleb tbe p bllo waa
t tilth regard to which 1
. tfu'iff&ed. Soaas of these
t forth ia bl Utter .
trowe el UM ' - * J-
1 did not Mass * * fcft *
control It , or exercise any undue In-
flnenoa in the selection of employee ,
bat be thought be might reasonably
expect to be at least cosnseled with
regard to appointments and removals
in Colorado. Teller , however , bad
thus far exercised tbe faaetlons of
secretary of tbe Interior , two eeaatcrs
aad representative from Colorado ,
aad he ( HIU ) thoagbt tbla waa aai sn-
warrantable assasaptloa of authority.
gpcUI Dispatch to TBS BDL
WASHINGTON , April 30. The eep
rotary of war said to-night that tbe
orders sent General Crook Saturday ,
directing him to bo careful to observe
the convention with Mexico in rela
tion to crossing the border by
United States troops , were isaued because -
cause of reports of General Crook's
intention to mike a raid across the
Mexican line for the purpose of dis
lodging a band of hostile Apaches
from Arizona , The agreement with
the Mexican government made In
August last , while It permitted troops
of either country to orots the border
In pursuit of a flying band
of marauding Indlata , did not , ho
said , admit their remaining for the
purpose of beginning raids on resi
dent Indlaca or' thelr.'crosslng for that
mrpoae , aa newspaper reports said
Jan. Crook contemplated doing. The
consent for the United States troops
to cross under such circumstance *
could only bo granted by the Mexican
senate and pending negotiations to
obtain anoh consent ho deemed It
prudent suggest to Gen. Crook to ox-
erolao caution In keeping within the
limits of the present agreement. He
said the war department was notified
to-day that the telegram aent Satur
day had been forwarded to Gen.
Crook In the field.
SptcUl Dispatches to Tna Baa.
; , April SO. When the
star route trial opened to-day Inger-
sell announced that he was willing to
submit the case to the jury forDorsey
provided government counsel would
agree to proceed no further with the
argument. The court then wished to
hear from the government. Merrick
answered that the government has not
yet completed the opening of the ease.
"That b enough , " said Judge Wylle
and Bliss began his address ) to tbe
The president has not yet signed
the commission of Koln as chief ex
aminer under the civil service com
mission. It Is stated at the white
house that the appointment will not
ba withdrawn unless the commission
express a deaire to that effect , because
It waa made upon their recommend
ation The general impression now is
that no appointment as commissioner
of Internal revenue will bo made
at prerent. Deputy Commissioner
Rogers' 2s r.ctlcg as commissioner to
day and will continue in that capacity
until an appointment Is made.
The secretary of the Interior ren
dered a decision in which he approves
of the map definitely locating the
Northern Pacific railway through the
Rocky mountain division , filed July
6 , 1882. The line so approved de
parts from the line of the general
route at Gtllatln city , and unites with
It again at Little Blaokfoot. One
effect of the change between this
point is to shorten the line some forty-
three miles , It will also have yn
effect to release from the land grant ,
and restore to the public domain
more than one million acres of laud.
It is eitlmated that the decrease in
the public debt for the month of
April amounts to about $3,500,000.
The smallness of tbe amount Is ac
counted for by the fact that $10,000-
000 has been paid out during the
month on account of penrlons. The '
issue of standard silver dollars from
tbe mint for the week ended April
28th was $168',000 ; 'for the oorres-
pending period of last year , $101 000.
Treasurer Wfman to 'dav mailed 8,110
oneoka to pay $2,254,417 intereat dne
to-morrow on the 3 per oent loan of
1882 ; ! 467 checks to pay $312,370 due
on the f undid loan of 1881 ; also chocks
amonntlngto$5,450,226in payment of
bonds cf the 120th call , maturing to-
The comptroller of the currency
haa anthortzid the following banks
to begin business : Los Angeles National
tional bank , Los Angeles. California ,
capital $100000 ; Ennia National
bank , Eonia , T.XIB , capital $1CO COO ;
First National bank of Deoatur , Tex. ,
capital $60,000. During the month
of April twenty-nine new banks were
Proceedings are to be commenced
at once by the District authorities
against the Washington Gas Company
for not lighting the city according to
contract. Tne ait of 1P74 , under .
which the company supplies gaa to
the city , provides that gaa shall e of
slxteen-candle pi wer , and shall not
contain more than twenty grains of
sulphur or moro than five grains of
ammonia in any form In 100 cubic
feet. The penalty for violation of
any one of these provlsioLR ia $100 $
Coo for every day of violation. The
inapacior of gaa and motors having
reported that on several occasions the
law has been violated , anlt to recover
the penally haa been begun in court.
Virginia Crops.
BpecUl Dlipatch to Till II" .
OBANOB Va. , April 30. A heavy
froat and ice In Northern Virglna la
blighting the fruit , but there la no In
jury done to wheat. No corn has
been planted , as It has been too cold
and wet.
Sp cUl DU > tch to Ra Baa.
NawOituum , April SO. Gsasnl
DUi aasVrswtf ttatted yeeUnUjr lev
YesvOflw. '
The Grand Opening of the Cin
cinnati Dramatic Festival * .
Barrett , MoOullough , Murdoclc
and Others in Julius
8poUlI > Ui tch to Tos Bis.
OwciHJCATJ , April 30 The open.
Ing sight of the dramatic festival was
favored with an audience numbering
5,000.The play was Julius Caesar ,
witb Jas. E. Mnrdook , Barrett , Mo-
Oallough , Louts James , E. Langdon ,
Kate Forsythe and Marie Wainwrlght
In the leading parts. The mechanical
part of the performance moved like
olookwotk , Vast as the stage was and
massive as were ihe properties , there
were no tedious waits It cost $20-
000 to put this play on the stage , yet
all was done as smoothly as m the
ordinary theatre. Tbe scenic effects
wore a great success , and the acting
was most dignified and grand.
The curtains fell at the end of the.
laat act at a quarter paat midnight.
So interested were the people that
almoat the entire huuso remained till
the close , and late aa the hour WOB
gave applause. The quarrel scene
between McCullough and Barrett was
the most exciting of the evening. At
the end of the act both were repeated
ly called before the curtain and ro-
celved with shouts of applause.
SpecUI Dispatch to Tna lisa.
tow ORLKANS , April 30. The
Times-Democrat Morldan , . , apodal
says a'terrible cyclone visited the
parish , seven or eight miles above
here , Saturday evening , from north
east to southwest. 'J ho length of the
track was fifteen miles. The wind
waa of such tarrifio force tbat not a
house , tree or any obstruction was left.
Cabins and barns were utterly demol
ished while rails from fences were
blown for miles. The. quarters on 3.
J. Harrill's place were utterly demol
ished. Of torty acres of heavy timber
land not a tree wsa lift standing. The
fences on the place were blown away ,
and not a vestige of corn or fodder
left. Wm. Gamble's place was badly
damaged. Miss YonngWood was seri
ously and i several children slightly
hurt. Several negroes were blown
across a field , but uninjured. None
were killed or mortally'wounded , but
few dwellings being directly in the
track of the tornado.
A Jackson special Bays : Col. J. Ci.Id
Powers , Grand Master of the Odd
Fellows and Grand Secretary of ihe
Masons , received for the relief of the
sufferers by the cyclone $1,540 from
Masona , $568 from the Odd Follows ,
§ 265 from the American Legion o"i
Honor , $20 from Knlphts of Pythias ,
$50 from citizens and from various
committees $618 ; all of which re
been distributed in d ,
Weaaon , Rook Point , Westvllle , Mor
ton and French Camp. Reports from
the Interior Indicate a vaat amount of
distress , which will only be relieved
by continuous oontribntions.
Explosion la laU -
Sped * ! Dbpatch to Tns lias.
ASHLAND , Pa. , April 30. A fear
ful explosion has just occurred at the
Keystone Colliery mines , by which
several lives have been lost and a
nember of miners seriously , and
probably fatally , Injured. The ex-
plorion was caused by the' sodden
collapse of a pillar , causing an itu *
mense fall of ooal. The rush of coal
forced down gas with such velocity [
as to cause the explosion. The full
extent of tbe dlaaster cannot yet , be
learned. Great excitement prevails
at the month of the mine , where the
people are gathered in large numbers.
Charles Tyler , Patrick Regan and
Oonney Walters have been taken out
more dead than alive. The dead body
of Andrew Jones has just been taken [
nut. Three others are known to bo
killed. A number of others are also
badly burned. Physicians and
priests are hurrying to the scene of
the disaster.
The explosion of gas In the Key-
atone colliery killed August Welohcr ,
Patrick Reagan aud Andrew Jones ,
and seriouily wounded Charles Tyler
and Cooney Walter * . The explosion
was caused by tbo sliding of a pillar ,
which pushed a largo body of gas i in
contact with the lamps of the miners.
The force of the explosion was ter
rific , Ono of the Injured will prob
ably recover. Had the men extin
gnlahod their lamps when the pillars
'ran" they would have been able i to
escape. The mine is much damaged. ;
A Btear OB the Track.
FOET WOETH , Texas , April 30. -A
construction train on the Texas A
Pacific ran Into a steer , throwing two
of the cars from the track , and killing
the engineer , a brakeman and a work-
Tel * graph Wires ia Chicago.
Spocltl DUp tcS to Tui Ba * .
OUIOAOO , April 30 The Western
Union telegraph company filed a bill
In the federal court here to-day to en
join the city authorities from severing
the wires and removing the poles of
the company under the ordinance
which enters into effect tomorrow
row and thus avert the action taken
against the Mutual Union oampany
two months 0,50 , The company ills
bill combata the legality ol the ordi
nance from tarlona stand pointa oaaerta
that it haa acquired veated rights In
this city , and tnattho theory of undor-
ground telegraphy at present Ia ira-
practicable. To obviate the oomplalnt
of numerous wires In the streets the
company shows It Is rapidly replacing
the present wires with cables , carryIng -
Ing from 10 to 30 wires each. irryIt
finally asserts that the threat to en-
force the ordinance is not made in
good faith on tbe part of the city , as
the authorities no not contemplate removing -
moving tbe ir rlara teUarapfi wires
BOW stnwf M vaHeMfttrUoMef tbe
etty Tht htatins : on tbe aMHeaUeai
CAV sUai IMI BULaissiaABBl last sjAa til
fa k im ssiaUaaaiisi
| } fas * I BI BB BSJM Wva *
sel for the city agreeing that in the
meantime no action will be taken to
the detriment of the company.
Tmxf *
pt-M fctatteh 9 Tw BM.
Crrr or MKOOO , ApeH 90. At Per-
alvllle eorse , BandayJPablo Eican-
don's AiU woa th * joekey club stakes ,
$2,600 ; Coreeole aeeoBcl ; Tenbroeok ,
third. AB American horse , untrained -
trained , got foartb plaee. Edwin
0 , R. Rla'a ' KHf twat Tbeaas Mor-
ran'a Flora. Prs4ee t Gonzales and
a brilliant eoaapaay wltaesse * the
PHU.ADIITKIA , April 90 i-Polnt
Breezs park , class 2:90 : , Lady Lour
won In two straight beats ; time , 2:43 : ,
2:36 : * . v
CUM 2:23. : Neta media * first ;
Frank , second ; Eeno , third ; Orolono ,
fourth } time , 2S9J : , 2:28 } , 2:31. :
Free for all , Bau medium first ;
Daisy Dale , second ; Naiad
third ; time. 2:29.2:29j. : :
D tk of E. A. Collins
8pcUl Dtepttcti to Tns Dim.
DuncquB , April 30. News was re
ceived hero of the death of E At
Collins , of Shelby county , Ipwa , for
merly a partner of Joioo Grant , Gen
eral Grant's father and a brother In
the Galena , 111. a leather store. When
Grant , then a retired army officer ,
was in 18G1 appointed a colonel of an
Illinois regiment , Mr. Collins loaned
him the money with which to pur
chase his horse and outfit. Grant re
membered it and waa always a true
friend of Collins and hla family. A
aon of Collins , formerly post trader at
Laramle , la now in business at Omaha.
The Ciue of Kato Kama.
Special Dl p tch to Tna BM ,
MILWAUKEE , Anrll 80. Th * deci
sion of United Stated Commissioner
Ryan in releasing Kate Kane , tbo
female lawyer , on habeas corpus pro
ceedings because Judge Mallory , of
the criminal court committed her verb
ally for contempt , in throwing water
In his face , was this morning reversed
by Judge Hamilton , of the circuit
court , who reviewed the ease on a writ
of certlorari. Kate was remanded
back to jail. Ball was offered , but
Judge Hamilton decided the case was
not bailable. The prisoner haa said
he will never pay the fine of $50 if (
she stays in jail all her life.
A Ghastly * B eaUtiom.
SpecUI Dlf patch to Tna Bit
BOSTON , April 30. The Tewkabnry
investiaation was resumed this morn-
Ing. Timothy Kelllhor , who had
charge cf the burials at Tenksbnry
moat of the time since 1879 , raid that
the cases which had contained the
bodies from the state prison wore sold
and the money given to Thomas
Marsh , Jr. About eight cases re
mained when he left lost Saturday.
He had sold about fifteen oa'es in all.
7 he OhloXifqnor I < nw.
SpecUI Dlip tch to Till BEI ,
STKUDENVILLE , Ohio , 'April 30. _
The Scott liquor law was decided un
constitutional by Justice Juky this , (
afternoon. A saloonlst selling liquor
without the written consent of the
landlord was arrested , The defense
waa that the law was unconstitutional ,
because it Impaired existing contracts.
The Justice gave an opinion tbat the )
law waa unconstitutional because the
tax was urn qaal , and Impaired exist
ing contracts.
Gould 1m St. Loals.
BpecUl Dttpttch to Tna Ba .
Si. Loois , April 30. The Gould
party arrived to-day. A subpcoaa
was served on 'Mr. Gould this afternoon -
noon In the suit against the Missouri
Pacific , known as Poplar street track > ,
and his deposition will probably be
taken to-morrow. It ii not known
when the party will leave nor where ilt
will go , but inspection of the entire
southwestern system is more 'than '
likely and a run over the Texas1 and
Southern Pacific to San Francisco
quite probable. Col. R. 0. dowry ,
general superintendent of Western
Union telegraph company , joined the
party ,
A Bloody Riot.
BpMlal Dispatch loTniBas.
NEW ORLEANS , April 30. The
Times-Democrat , Mtrshall , Texas ,
special says at Gladwator two negroes
Were tried for a trivial offense , con
victed and ordered to jail at Long-
view. Officer Bradahaw "had them fn
charge atj the railway depot waiting
for the train when an attempt was
made to reaona the prisoners. Brad-
shair , fearing trouble , bad nnmmonod
two citizens to aid him. Tbe attempt
resulted in general firing , during which
Officer Bradshaw aud three negroes
were killed. , In response 'to a tele
gram the sheriff aud posse from elegf
view repaired to the scene. The
negroes are armed and defy the offi
cers. It is feared more serious re-
results will follow.
Throe negroes were killed yesterday
In a railroad accident at "Ranger on
the Texas Pacific.
Horse Power Agalast Htuaaa.
8pecUl Dlip tcb to Tun Usa
BJKTON , April 30 , A six day's race
for $2COO , horses against byolcles ,
between Oaarloa Laroy on horses and
John S , Prince , twenty-mile cham
pion of America , and Wm , M. Wood-
aide , champion of Ireland , on byci-
olos , began to-day. The horseman
uses aa many horses as ha chooses ,
and the byclcllats relieve each other
at intervals. The race will be run
from 12:30 : to 10.-30 p. m. each day.
At 10:30 : to-night the score stood ;
Horses 170 miles , Byclclea 164 miles.
Either Oaiman Gone.
Bpea'iJ DUpttcb to TUB Bis.
MEXICO , April 30. Don Pedro
Diaz Gutierrez , governor of San Luis
Potosl , and brother of the minister of
the Interior , and Either Guzman ,
daughter of Ramon Guzman , a well
known capitalist , and a director of
the Mexican Central railway , were
married this forenoon. Tbe arch
bishop of Mexleo offlrfaUd. The
ebsurea WM ainwa with wblte feeea.
Tb M wae a ( Wilal saaM aad
i London Feast in Honor of tbe
President of the American
Telegraph System.
A Libaral Supply of Taffy Fur
nished and Used on
Both Sides.
Several Irishmen in America
Anxiously Wanted in
A General Variety of Ferclga New *
LONDON , April 30. A compliment
ary bicquet vras given to-night to
Dr. Norvln Green , president of the
Western Union Telegraph company ,
by John Pondur , member of parlia
ment , at Ship hotel , Greenwich.
There waa a largo number of guests ,
among whom wore Sir Hutaey Vivian ,
Sir Sydney Waterloo , Prcf Rogers ,
George Armltatcad and Sir G org
John Pondar , In proproaing the
health of the queen said her do
minion extended over Americana ,
where she ia aa much loved aud ca-
teemed as in England. The next
toast was to President Arthur. Ponder
der said ho know It would bo drunk
as heartily aa that to the qooon. The
president never died , but there were
occasions when ho was stricken down
by the hand of the nsatsslu. ' On the
laat ocoaalon when thla happened En
gland , and its queen above all , ex
pressed Bnoh heartfelt sympathy as
never can bo forgotten In America.
Viscount Bury , replying to the
toast to the house of lords , thought It
wai a great honor Its health should
be drunk by such distinguished com
pany. When , U ever It should come ,
the house of lords should be
abolished he would apply for
the post of electrician to
the combined cable company ( Pueles
ton remarked , "and a very good poal.
tlon to. " )
Ponder in proposing the health to
Green as the toast of the evening
isaid before submitting it he must
apologize on account of illness for
absentees , ( referring to Lords Monoh ,
Tweoddalo and James Anderson. )
Continuing he said , "This Is the
doctor's tint visit to Europe , and that
fact is the only fault wo can find. Ho
ahas told me he has looked forward to
visiting the old country and I am con-
vlnced that England Is ready to honor
as ho Is to honor England. The posi
tion of Dr. Green as president of the
Western Union telegraph company Is
one of the mcst arduous and respon-
slble In America. Ho fulfills the duties
ot hla position with the greatest credit
and ability and I can toll yon such
a position requires a m n of vast
ability and unimpeachable honor , I
think it always well on occasions like
the preaent to justify a man by
statistics. Dr. Green cresldee over
a company with $80,000,000 capital ,
it13,000 stations and 20,000 employes.
The company owns 150,000 miles of
poles and 425,000 miles of wire.
Daring my visit In America and Can
ada i' found no part or diatrlot without
a Weatorn Union station. The oar
wherein I traveled WBB stopped by a
small white flag and a telegraphic
message handed me containing here
news of Tel El Keblr victory. I re
plied , congratulating Sir. Garnet
Wolseley , and before sunset of the ;
lame day he had the answer. The
object and mission of telegraphy Is
peace and unity , and It has aone more
in this direction than any political or
social efforts have accomplished.
When we consider that almost every
commercial transaction necessitates
the use of the telegraph wo must understand
derstand what vast influence the tele
graph controls.
In the earlier times the Idea prevailed -
vailed | that when the cabin was
brokenlltwaslrropalrablo. Now it t IB
known that wo are aa much masters ;
of submarine cables aa of rail way ' . a.
The cable to the capo , I am aorry to
aay , ia broken again thla morning , but
I am confident It cnn be repaired in a
day or to by exertions which will have
the benefit of the experience gained
by the laat breakage. wbUh so seri
ously Inconvenienced us. The tele
graph Is an element of social , political
and commercial unity. Who can
foreaeo the incalculable roaults that
must proceed therefrom ? I drink to
the health of the head of the tele )
graphic system of America , and long
may he ba spared to continue in tbe
good work ho is now doing.
Dr. Green , lu replying BtJd : "I
feel an overwhelming sense of the
great honor done me. After seven
days of disagreeable reeking ou the
ocean I am delighted with Buoh a irelme
come. I had an Idea that on come
to this vaat metropolis a person lost
his individuality , but I supptao from
my belnn Boleotod for such distinction
tbat I am an exception from the rule.
I aoo before mo In a atrango land , too
American and English fhgi entwined.
They are the aymbola of the cable
uoltlng the two countries. Ufa true
I have always wished to visit the
mother country , although It Is not
much different from America. Your
common law ia oura , your bill of r fh ? a
are models for ouri. On the other hand
I notice yon are progressing and Improving -
proving In science after us. It l Bald
that the sun never sots on Biltlsh
soil , but It takes nine hours for It to
rise on our telegraph system. Wo
claim to do aharpest telegraphy work ,
As an _ Instance . , the closing of the
London prices * at three In the ( ter-
noon are published in the San Fran- '
clsco evening papers. I have seen aNew
Now York clerk dlipatch a commer-
elal message from the produce i ex-
efaange to Chicago , and receive i an
aaawer wblle welUnB at the
ter , " He eomsU l with
laf tktabi for tbe beaet d M USB.
BfvA DupAtehM to TBS Baa.
LOMEOK , April 30. A Times odl
torli saya ; The Irish oorfimnUotr af
Philadelphia began with * olap-trap of
folly and malignity and ceased alter
the same fashion. Thu whole scene * ,
it says , would be painful were It not
supremely ridiculous. The only prac
tical suggestion aade by the oonvtm-
tlon tor injuring Great Britain Is the
advice to the people of Ireland
to buy nothing from England ,
Its confession of Impotence when
Irish malice is driven to such a pal
try expedient , which , If tried , would
only Injure tts adopters Is a leeson for
Great Britain Is to Ignore Irishmen
and abandon 'tho hope of bringing
them to a batter frame of mind by a
continuance of unmerited favors. They
have already convinced the rest of the
world that they are unfit to have
national Independence and they must
bo made to feel the strong hand ol law.
LONDON , April 30. It is stated doc
uments Containing charges against a
dozen persons who are now In Amer
ica , who nro accused of murder In
Ireland , have been forwarded to the
British minister at Waahlngton Da-
positions will bo lodged in the cases
cf five more alleged murderers.
Secret negotiations are now proceed
ing between the British and American
governments with a view to the extra
dition ot those men.
LONDON , April 20. It Is stated a
letter containing explosive material
waa stopped at the pontofilco.
Loircow , April 30. O'Donnell.
member from Dungarvan , aecnacd
Clifford Lloyd , special magiatratd , of
altering deposition niida on oath. Ha
aaked whether tha goveratamit would
retain him in office , Travalyan and
Gladatone both refused to anavar
O'Donnoll's question * . O'Donnell
then laid on the table tha evidence
which ho claimed would aostaln hk
charges against Lloyd ,
" " LONDOK , April 21. The amount of
bullion withdrawn from the Bank of
England on balance to-day U 53.000.
IpccUI Dltpatcbes 10 TBS Bo.
PAUIS , April 30. The national ex
pedition to Tonquln produced such an
excitement In China that It was deemed
prudent to retain several French Iron
cUds near Shanghai aud Hong Kong ;
therefore only a portion proceed to
Tonquln. It is expected that Cap
tain Keeryaradoo , French envoy at
Annam will bo appointed lieutenant
governor of Tonqnln when the pro
tectorate ia established.
BERLIN , April 30. The North Ger
man Gazette says : In view of the
Increased expectations of the Vatican , ,
Von Bohlaizar. Gorman representa '
tive at the Vatican , will find himself
In a much worse position than ho was
a week ago ,
COHK , April 30. O'Uonnor , a
former prominent land leaguer , was
committed to prison. Ho declined to
give evidence at a private inquiry In
cases of several accused men ,
PABIS , April 30. Jules Geonpel ,
the painter , la dond ,
ST. PMBBanuaa , April 30. The
czar and Grand Duke Constantine ,
nnolo of his majesty , have become
completely reconciled through the
mediation of the Princess Dolgonrkl.
DUBLIN , April SO. The trial ot
Skin the Goat was begun here thla
morning ,
DUBLIN , April 30. The testimonial
which Is being raised for Parnell has
reached $0,000.
Bp cUi DUpikh to Till RlB.
BOSTON , April 30. The governor
lu acknowledging the consent of the
state board of health to take charge
of Tewkabury says ho proposes to furnish
nish the money to carry on the almshouse -
house nntll the legislature can make
appropriation , but ho willnelthoir fur
nish It nor permit It to bo furnished ,
If it be expended by the present su
perintendent. He calls attention auto
the fact that the board can appoint
officers only with his consent , and as
ho has not consented to the appoint
ment of the present officials , be does
not propoie to allow any bills con
tracted by them. Referring to the
onatom of the aaalaatant attorney
general to sign opinions , he suggests
that a number of ouitoms may have
been distasteful to the people of the
state , and possibly may have had
something to do with the change of
political sentiment.
A Horrible Murder.
Spodal Ditpttcb to Tui Ba.
CHATTANOOGA , Tonn , , April 30. I -
A special from the government works
at Muscle shoals , near Florence , gives
an account of the lynching of George
Ware , colored , who murdered a white ,
boy aged 12 to seeuro $12 , Tbe boy
had just boon paid. After robbing
the boy he threw him eight times in
the river but the boy swam back to
shore. After amusing himself by
throwing him In the river he tied
him , and beat out his brains with a
atone and threw him In again. A man
on the oppoalte aide witnessed the
murder , but the rltor waa too wide to
make hla proaonoe known. A descrip
tion of the negro waa given the jailor ,
who arrested Elm , Saturday night a
mob visited the jail , took out the
prisoner and hung him to a beam m
the depot , and then riddled hla body
with bullets.
Tbe Figure *
BpecUl Oltpktch to TUI ISM.
NEW YORK , April 30 The sched
ule In the assignment of Goo , Palcn
& Co. , tannora and dealers in oil , who
failed , is In court to-day , The liabili .
ties are $508,021 ; nominal assets
$487,709 ; actual assets $270,735 ,
, The Bervisv Safe *
BpedAl Dbpatclt to TUB Baa.
NEW YORK , April , 30. Arrived :
The Servla , from Liverpool.
* > < . April90. Arrived : tbe D.
sHWsaaa , fresa Antwerp. Tbesieasas *
eyerie heavy gal * aib <
Preparations lade to Supply
Mankind With a Fresh
" "
Spuds and Plugs Speeding byt
Special Trains to all
Points. : .
_ T.Sf
BpccUl DtflfttcfeM to Tns Bra. v
LouisvitLi , April 30. The Internal - t '
nal revenue office Is open to-night and
the clerks are busy filling out tobaooo <
stamps. The sales begin at the stroke " * '
of 12. One firm takes $32,000 worth ,
another $24,000 , third $16,400.
One million pounds of tobacco goes )
out to-morrow , another follows next
day , requiring stamps worth $160.000. ,
The freight depots are open to-night. *
and an extra force of men are engaged f
to load cars. The Cincinnati & Louis
ville Short Line railroad send oat a
apodal train of twenty eara for points )
eaat of Cincinnati. The Ohio & Mle-
slisippl sends twenty cars to Chloage.
All the other roods have large ea-
gsgemonta. The shipments will be
the heaviest ever known In Ibis , the
greatest tobacco market In the world ,
Ctiicioo , April 30 Orders have
been received for over f 50.0CO worth
of naw tobacco stamps at the office of
the collector of Internal revenue In tbk
city , aud the ofBeo will be open at
mldnietht to enable the dealers to pro-
can stamps and send out large quant- f
itiei of good * held for the operation , ' : ;
of the I new Uw. _ , ; ?
A Moaiter Strike Among Deal
liners to Begin To-day ,
The Oigarmaken Gtst Their Dollar
lar Almoat Everywhere.
8pdl Dtepttdiea to Tna Dim.
PmsBUBOR , April 30. The Hi taa
ners' strike la Allegheny will proba
bly not last much longer aa sypw of
weakening are apparent on all ! sides.
A number of strikers returned to work
to-day , and It Is thought others , will „ V
soon . _ follow. To-morrow _ . . Is the T . day t&i
* ' f * A
sat for several strikes , among .the
the coal miners , plasterers and cigar
makers. The miners claim that the
strike will be general and that about
(3,000 ( men will come out to-morrow as
ordered by the convention. Tbe
peculiarity In this strike Is that forever
over a week a majority of the miners
concerned have been working for tbe
rate against which they strike to-morj
row. The strike of cigar makers It te
thought will be a small affair. It b
stated that out cf nlribty cigar faetor-
les in this city only five will refase to
grant the increase demanded asd tbat
only forty men will bo oblige * to
WHSKLINO , April 30. The eigax
manufacturers of this city will allae-
oodo to tbo demands for Increase oi
wages mads by the workmen several
weeks ago , the advance to go'la to ef
fect to-morrow. Some firms will
temporarily decrease their fesoes ,
however , owing to large accumulation
of stock on hands by tbo lull In busi
ness prior to May 1st , when tbe re *
bate goes into effect. /
NEW YOBK , April 30. The board
of arbitration grants the advane *
claimed by the men of one cigar fao
tory ,
CUIOAQO , April 30. About all
nfaotnrers of cigars have
the demand of the workmen for aa
advance of $1 per thousand. There
will bo no strike to-morrow of say
considerable proportions
LYNcnoORO , April 30. Stemmeni
are en a strike for further increase of
ALBANY , N. Y. , April 30.-Th
cigar manufacturers mot last Saturday
and agreed to dlicharge all their men.
The Olgarmakors' Union demanded
$2 per thoniaud advancobut the man-
nfacturers were only willing to pay $1.
To-day all the shots save where girls
are employed , and one shop where
half a dczan union men who received
the advance asked for are at work are
closed. The manufacturers say they
n 111 not accede to the demand.
elogint preparation mudo for the skin
at Konnarri Brna & On. mwatf
rpnE marvellous results ol HOOD'S SAK . 1 * w
JL SAFAKULA upon all humors and low " > L . -
conditions of the blood ( as/ /proy- *
en by the cures effectedvT ) / prove
It the best BLOOD MED-/ AICINK. .
Buch has been the auoy o / cess ot
thla article at homoA&that near
ly every family in/Jjt /whole neigh.
borhoods have been/ cStaking U at
the amo tlmo./O/U eradicate *
acrolula , vital-/ \f/lics apd enrich-
cs the bloodCy / thereby rcstorlns
and rcnovat-/ /Ing the whole ays-
tern. Hood'sc * /BAiisAPABiitA puri-
fles the / ° /blood. Hood's BARSA-
rAnitLA / ( Mcures dyspepsia. Hood's.
8AH8Ar /rAniLLA cures biliousness -
ness , / OcA peculiar point in Hood' ftZ
BAUBArABiLLA Is that It builds *
up and atrcngthens tlio system , while It ;
eradicates disease , and as nature's great
assistant proves itself Invaluable aa a pro
tection from diseases that originate la
changes ot the seasons , of climate onaot
life. t
MESSRS. 0.1. HOOD & Co. : Ueatl Ms\ \
I have used HOOD'S SAHSAPAHILLA in m
Jamlly for acrolulous humor wlUiWQMKrNa
success , and am happy to tell you ( Mt k ta
the test medicine wo everus ; 4. Ijtestfr.
cerely advise any one who Is treM * wM
acrolula to clve tills valuable rewajty a Mai.
and assure Vliom they will not be < * lasipnmt
ed. Very truly yours ,
( Ooburn Shuttle to. ) C , 0. FICKKaUKQ.
t < l * ' f