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    ' ' . iiV
An Omaha Party Over on the
Ooldon Shore.
Beveling In the Perfume of
Pruita and FJowora.
Tronbln and Ann'oynnosi , of
Overland Trip. '
To the Editor ol The Doc :
Your request and my promise to
end a letter for publication In TUB
BEE have never boon forgotten , bn
slightly neglected. This neglect Is
owing to the fact that on my arrival
In this city I entered at once npon my
work , and bare been constantly oo
copied , 1 will first say a few things
about oar trip , for the benefit of those
of your readers who may contemplate
a visit to the Pacific coast.
Although onr party was 'Wool"
and our oar entirely now , wo were all
greatly diiappointod to find that In
place of an emigrant train , aa wo had
Igaorantly supposed , onr car was at
tached to a long , alow freight train.
Wo had supposed an emigrant train
to bo made up of emigrant car * only.
Had there boon no invalids In the
party It would have made but litt'o '
difference , but the constant jerklug
and jamming , from taking on nnd
letting off freight OUR , was most bii-
noylntf to the sick tu too company.
Therefore , we would warn all Invnllua
against crossing the mountains on n
freight train. We deem It a duty to
snggtsr , also , to parties crossing the
mouataina ou an omlgrant-froight
train to make their own arrangements
with the Central Pacific at Ogden before -
fore starting. Wo relied npau the
promise of the Union Paolfio atjont at
Omaha to arrange for onr party to
have a special car from 0 < den tu San
Franoleoa , bat when we atrlvod in
Ogden wo found to oar great aurpriso
that such a party hud never been
heard of by the Central Pacific. Bnt
through tha great kindness of the
agent nf this road we wore snugly
stowed away in a clean , nlcu car , en
tirely to curatives.
Wo were just nine dnya making the
trip , and would have been ten had not
our oar been tranoferred to the express
at Sacramento. This was done , at the
request of the writer , on account of
the illness of the wife of Rav. J. B
Johnson , whoso life was despaired if
as wo crossed the summit of the
Sierra * . We wore assured by the con
ductor that persona with very weak
lungs greatly endangered their lives
by being carried to snph an altitude.
After nine days picnic we arrived In
San Jos'a Tuesday evening , March 27 ,
1883 , No donbt the majority of your
readers are already familiar with the
many published accounts of this
"wonder land. " San Jose is a city of
about eighteen or twenty thousand ,
It ia situated In the beautiful valley of
Santa Olond , near the center. Is
just fifty miles south of SmFranc'sco.
It Is famous for its wide strcota , beau
tlful drives , fine resldoncoa , tropical
trees , fragrant flowers and prosperous
schools. If th'o education of her citi-
zans may bo measured by the uuoiber
- and character of her school bnildin s ,
and their religion by her churches ,
they are highly educated and truly
'fho state normal echool Is located
here and has an attondanca at the
present time of over 500 pupils. Thii
delightful valley and Us surrounding
foot hills are devoted almost exclusive
ly to the raising of frnl ; . There are
still a few wheat fields in certain local
ities , but these are being divided up
into small lots of fire , teu and twent ;
acres and sold to fruit growers.
An orchard of ten acres will ylol
an Income of from $3,000 to $5,000
per year
Too following are among the moa
common fruits In the valley : Prunes
pears , poaches , apricots , nectarines ,
cherries , oranges ( not so plenty ) ,
lemons , limes , figs , grapes and all the
mailer fruits. The extensive fruit
canneries furnish a ready market for
all the fruit raised. The most of the
orchards are sold while the fruit b only
in bloom , sold for 10 much per pound.
These oichards are cultivated with as
much care and kept as clean as the
most careful farmer would cultivate
his garden not a weed-not a blade
of. grass can be seen. len
The glory of this valley consists In
its great variety of fruits , flowers and
hade trees. The very air is fragrant
with the perfume of flowers. Toe yards
and gardens surpass anything I ever
looked npon. erd
The people are , as a rule , rich , ers
livers , very social , generous and happy.
They are certainly the most satisfied
people on earth.
The climate Is not what we had hoped
to find It , judging from the few weeki
we have been here. It is very cool 1
and at this season of the year , and no
doubt the year round rather damp
There has not boon an hour alnce ip.wo
arrived in the state that a good fire hat i
not boon comfortable ; and , aa I write
with a magnificent boquo ton my table
the wood fire roars'and crackles in he
stove by my side.
Twice within the last ton days wi
conld see the "beautiful snow" falllnj
and spreading its white mantle ovei
the summit of Mount Hamilton , wblli
all around us wore growing fruits nd
blooming flowers. We are told lat
during the very hottest days it is eel
in tha shade , and when night come
on you uoed the same amount of cove
that la necessary in the ooldeu
weather. Wo sleep under as ichof
cover here , with the perfume o
roses in our room as we did in Oman
when the mercury marked 30 ° beloi
eero. Those accustomed to his
climate think it perfectly delightful
We hope in time to reach the sam
much to bs'doslred state of mind.
We find onr old friend and towni
man , J , 8 , Murray , and his ezcellon
wife , living on a small fi'ult farm li
the suburbs of the city , They hav
a delightful home , and are both con
tented and happy. Their orchard
filled with all the choice and valnabl
varieties of fruit , yields them a bonn
tlful income , and with their handsom
Jersey cow to furnish the cream , thel
one hundred hens to supply them wit
eggi , and their fast hone and ilce
boggy to carry them at the rate iof
V i
2:30. : If they are not happy they never
can bo In this life.
Booking pardon at your hands for
the of this lot
length matter-of-faoi *
tor , and sending good wlshels and
kind regards to onr Omaha frlonds ,
wo remain , Ooadlally yonrz ,
J. W. I
SAN JOSE , Oal , April 23 , 1883
An Important Captnro.
bpeclkl D'ip tch to Tui DBS.
Nnw YORK , April 28. The police
made an Important capture of counter-
fetters last night and this morning.
They had boon working on the case
since last August , The first pan in
captured , George L. Stanley , Is an al
leged manufacturer o ! counterfeit trade
and "Jland"dollars. ( He fuupht des
perately , but was overcome and hand
cuffed. Next wore Mithew J. Roonoy ,
Hugh Oarry. Thomas Rtloy , Thomas
Ksarnoy and his reputed wife , Lena ,
Mra. Jcnnio Holdon , wlfo of Jim
Hnldounow in prison for parsing coun
terfeit inonor , who wore arrested this
morning , The operations of the gang
haw extended through Pentmvlvanla ,
Now J < jr oj , Kentucky , Virginia ,
Maryland and New York.
A. Square Official-
Special Dispatch to Tni lisi.
NOKTH PLATTB , Neb. , April 28.
Tnu rumors regarding a shortage in
the accounts of Anthony Illos , the
former county treasurer , bavo not a
shadow of truth , llloa appeared bo *
fore the board of oommlsslonora this
week nnd demanded an inspection of
bin account ! ! . Tno commissioners find
hla books straight , nil balances ac *
counted for , aud o record of which no
iino in. oil ba ashamed , but may be
P'oud of
ALBJN STALLS , County Olerk.
A r < atisffiotary Mooting-
Special Dispatch to Tni DM * .
NEW YORK , Apri' ' 28 A number of
delegates of the Irish convention from
this city and the New England states
arrived last night , but the majority of
the body reached heto this morning.
Excepting among a small dynamite
faction thorn It a. general sattsfation
with the result of the oonvoution ,
of It
Spnclal Dlspatcn tolui Bis.
WASHINGTON , April 28 The treas
ury atatoinant yday shows the bal-
ancu tu btf as follows : Gold coin and
bullion , $18(5,940708 ( ; nllver dollars
and bullion , $103 498 280 , fractional
silver coin , $28.072,332 ; United
S'ntoanotea , $46 483,840 ; total , $370 ,
031.210 Cortlticilos outstanding ,
( fold , ? 47 907,790 ; eilvor , $71,585-
541 ; curreuoy , 80,705,000.
A Heavy Gale
Special Dispatch to Tui list.
ST. Louis , April 28 TVxas dls
patches oay that u violent wind storm
swept over the northwestern part of
the ntato last night , doing much dare-
ago at Banharn , Palo , Pinto and Bal
ton. A number of houses were blown
down and in Bell county several per
sons are reported to hav * been killed.
A school house containing 70 children
near Fort Worth woa demolished but
only ono child is reported Hurt.
'Washington Matters-
Spa lal Dispatch to Tni BIK ,
WABHINOTON , April 2S. Roar Ad
miral Edward Middletou , of the
United Statco navy , lately retired , the
yonogoet eon of the late Gjv. Henry
Mlclcuotbn of Sonth Carolina , died in
this city Inst uvonlng.
Green B Raum , commiaalonor of
internal rovonne , to-day sent to tbo
President hia resignation to take effect
the 30h Inat.
Special Dispatches to Tni Bsi.
A hundred liquor dealers were arrestoJ
in New York yesterday for violation of
the exo'su 1 w.
Advices from Vera Cruz report yellow
fever broken out , with several fatal cases
of black vomit.
The Carlton residence at Waterbury
Mass. , the scene of tbo recent murJer ?
Mra Ktta G. Carl ton , was burned by an
incendiary last night.
In the hurdle race of Forepangh't circus
at Pottavllle , Fa. , Saturday night , Mra.
Cook's horse fell. Mrs. Oook la thought
to be fatally Injured. '
The Thomas musical festival at Baltimore
more closed Saturday. He will go to Sao
Francisco at tha close of a teriea of seventy
performances throughout Ohio and the
A dispatch from Prof , A. F. Bandeller
to bla family at Highland , 111 , says be Is
sale and well at Ft. Apache , Arizona , and
that the report of his capture by Indian
U untrue.
At Newago , Mich , , yesterday Brooki
hotel , Exchange hotel , two chnrcbea and
fourteen other buldlngs were burned. The
town wai nearly destroyed. LOBS estimatec
at $60,000. Bat little insurance.
Tha Vermont state authorities , aftei
much litigation in Canadian courts , K °
possession of 9200,000 bequeathed the scat
for the beneht of common schools by Araa
ban Hnutlngton , of Brantford , .Canada
Huntlngton WM a native ot Vermont ant
died in 1877.
. Mary Bellamere , wife of an Itallai
knife grinder in Nashville , saturated bei
clothing with coal oil , set fire to It am
was horribly burned and will die. 8h
bad been deranged for several weeks 01
account of the death of her child.
, , As the northbound Nashville & Ohatta
nooga trrln was Hearing Anderson , 4
. miles below Chattanooga , Saturday , run
nlng 35 miles an hour , Jamei Hawkins ,
passenger , suddenly aroie and shot Bo
Ueeves through the heart. Hawkins the
jumped from the train and bad his nee
broken. Both men were from Dechert
' Tenn.
Ool. Mapleion , before leaving New Yorl
signed a contract with Col. Mann for
special train of Mann boudoir cars for tb
t se of Her Majesty' * Opera troupe in
tour of th United States next wlnte
Ono car la especially designed for Mint
< Adeline 1 atti a uie , and will be name
after bo < - . Col. Maploion Is induced
bnild this train to b viate fatigue h
artists are exposed to on such an extrao
dinary tour. The car * will be lighted I
the Brush-Swan electrlct light.
The Texts board has organized to pr
pare the claims of Texas against the Unite
of States for frontier defence since the 201 !
of October , 1855 , to April 20th , 1882. Tl
boare under the new law ia composed
the governor , comptroller and adjutai
general. All necessary data are now
. the departments of the adjutant gener
and comptroller. The claims for tl
eighteen veats mentioned will aggrega
about 81,200,000. If these claims are a
- cepted it is probable that the state may 1
able to secure reimbursements for like i e
In penses incurred from 1815 to 1861 ,
vo * *
- For rent to a good live man , ute
, room in opera houeo block , Falrbur ;
Nob. Splendid location for gener
- stock , county spat and county office
also bank in the building , populatlc
of Falrbuary , 2,000. Country we
1th settled. Kent low. Apply at onco.
Lincoln or Falrbnry , Neb.
I , ' ,
Short and Sharp Activity in the
Grain Market of Chicago.
Tbo Ob mged Positions of Spec
ulatora-Oornera Touod
Down ,
i a
The Opening of Navigation A
Break in Pork and. I/ard.
CHICAGO , 111. , April 28 [ Herald
special ] -Thoro has boon little change
In the grain markets during the past
week , although an unsettled fooling
has prevailed and values have been
quite Irregular. Tile local operators
ara still ranged about as they were a
week ngo , but the "bull" aide has
boou weakened by the partial loss of
oonQdouco in the "country" that
vast region outside of the half don
principal cities , that is so fertile m
business for Chicago. There has
lately boon a great falling off of buy
ing orders from this source , and the
volume of trade has lotsenod ac
cordingly. Notwithstanding the fact
that the prospective failure of the
wai'ern harvests is still a gigantic
bugbear to the "bulls" on Wall
street , the advices received hero and
Chicago dealers spend more time and
money to secure complete aud reliable
crop statistics than any other clnts of
men in the country Indicate that
early estimates of the damage wrought
by Jros" , flotdnnd drouth were exag
gerated , or , more correctly , that , the
favorable conditions dnrlug the prce-
ont month have repaired , to some ex
tent , the harm then done , and the sal
vage will bo greater than expected.
Tals fact , whllo it has modified the
ideas of some of the longa in the
wheat deal , has bno m-tutn induced
t'lem to sell short. Until Wednesday
the tendency was s'ea.lly upward. A
break then occurred , but a par
tial reaction o'oaoly followed. The
sellers Dave , in ibo main , baan
patties whoee motto is quick sales and
email profits , and a large part of the
trading lately has been with this idea ,
a mere scalping business ; what la
bought at to-day'n lowest prices being
disposed of at to morrow'd highest
The great provisions king , Philip D.
Armour , Is the main stay of the wheat
market , and the oyea of all other
oporatora are fixed upon him. Bo is
said to bo holding six or eight million
bushels nud npon his course depends
the course of the market. As long as
his brokurs buy all that Is offered , no
serloui break Is possible , but
If he begins to unload then
prices must tumble. Ho commands
the equation by the more force
of capital. His $10,000,000 are in
shape to uio , and the "crowd" can
neither break nor scare him. Mean
while * ho information comes from
Great Britain that the market will
need viry little more foreign wheat
during the current cereal year , but In
fico ( .f European advices the strong
moii on 'change say wheat must ycl
go higher , eomo of them oven Insist'
ing t hat the May options will touol
$1 25 Tao doubters are afraid to go
"short" for fear the weakness la but
part of a "jallklng" process that spec-
nlatora hero and elsewhere may bo led
into soiling , that the holders may In-
oroaao their holdings.
The speculative trading is fast
_ jangln from May to Juno and July
and the margin between those month
has nlao bean lessoning dnrlng the
The last "bull" story la that a now
pest han appeared on the Paolfio slope
and In creating havoo in the already
Buffering wheat fields of California.
It Is described as a small , dart-groan
insect which develops into a fly , prop
agates prodigiously and sweeps every
thing before it. The ophls avena , as
it is called , is expected to remove beef
! last vestige of the Californlan crop.
The rather nnoxpecthd lay down of
Handy , Richardson & Co. has had
little effect npon the markets and Is
. already < > nt ot mind , The firm had
not boou doing much business of late
in fact it was always Ita best customer.
Handy came here from Cincinnati
Q two years ago to run m big oornor in
August wheat. It took a half million
dollars out of the pockets of the Chi
c go speculators , and they have al
ways had it against him. He has beer
a daring trader , and not always a suc
i cessful one.
3orn has shown more strength than
for some time past , although none ol
the big traders are known to be undei
It. It settled bak toward the middle
of the week , but still evinced firmness
There will ba a large movement o
' corn east next week and this will havi
* a good effect. One hundred vessels ire
now loaded and ready to sail for th ;
lower lakes. These will transpor
a total of nearly 4,200,000 bushel
of grain. The Chicago river preienti
a scene of excited activity. At th
elevators thousands and thousands o
bushels of the golden cereals are pass
ing through chutes to the holds
schooners , barges and propellers. Th '
vessels are hurriedly being placed li
readiness to depart , the fleet expeotln
to start ont on Tuesday when , it
believed , the straits of Mackinaw wll
: bo open.
Not much is doing in other gral
than wheat and core. Oata have rnle
dull and weak , while rye and Lmrle
have been very quiet.
Provisions were firm and higher ute
to Wednesday , when pork broke 4
greater portion of the loss was recoi
I ered next day , but the feeling was nc
nearly so strong , A break in tb
pile * ) of hogs and Increasing rocelpi
arn having some cfFjot on product
MoGeooh was the largest buyer of lai
ited pre- dnrlng the decline , taking everythiu
0th offered. Many operators , although bi
Ihe llaving In ultimate higher values , thin
of i lower prices must follow the late ac
tant vanco. Others consider the ema
In I
eral consumptive demand nnd the fallln
the off of legitimate buslnots reasons fc
jate lower figures ; but the "bulls" find e
ac- offset la the fact that the arrivals <
fbo hogs in Chicago "during March at
ex- April show a docreaeo from the san
months of last year of over 300OC
animals. MoGeoch continues to stat
; back of lard and appears confident
eral , coming ont ahead.
tlon Crowding Jnitioo.
veil BDtclU Dlipateh to Tni Bit.
FLORENCE , Ala. , April 29. An It
mense crowd here yesterday ovorpo
ered the jail and bang George Wai
the prisoner who murdered a boy
named llobort Bathnno at Muscle
shoals last week. Before the hang *
Ing Ware confessed ho murdered the
boy for f 5 and a plug of tobacco and
throw the body in the river.
Captain Hoover , of Ltiivlllo. ! has been
experimenting with German carp. He
enclosed two arcs of land , tumcd a living
stream of water into It and then planted
fire f thoutftud carp Ia the pond thus
formed. f They are doing finely and it Is
the proprietor's Intention to enlarge the
pond to five acres In a short time.
The editor of the Republiosn says that
the editor of tbo Hampton Journal went
tI the former town one day last weelr and
inveitsd I ten cents in three pair of
"iocqne . " The Intelligent tdltor does not
Inform I the public what "socqucs" aro.
Judjo ofav n , of Falli City , has received
n letter from Judge Gobi ) , of the supreme
court , Inviting the former to deliver a
poem I on decoration day at Lincoln. The
FalU City gtntlcuiiD will probably accept ,
as the seaxon for poetry li now ripe.
Happy Halloa , near Plattsmouth , Is at
protiiUt very unhappy. At tbo roMlonoo
ot Mike Magulre , U-t week , K i Kvotts ,
ayoucg man , slabbed the owner of the
hou 8 in the back. Everts was jailed and
the old man's wound attended to.
Chriatophor Frendenthalcr , an extensive
farmer ol Lincoln precinct In Jefferson
county , was indicted nome tlmo ago for
burning j another man's haystacks , He
was recently tried and lontenced to the
penitentiary ] for ono year.
JiHge Gaslln recently held a term ol
couit nt Ltaooln for Judge 1'ond. Whllo
setting bo lined a man 9500 , nnd fix
months In jail for keeping n disorderly
hnute. The sentence was the highest
which could bo Riven.
A subterranean rlvor has een discover
ed on the fnrm of Dr. Lonpley , throe
miles Houth of North Platto. It Is about
thirty feet holow the snrface of the earth
and has a depth of about nine feet of
Th people of Fremont uxpect to got
Brownell Hall , the educational Institute
of the Episcopal church from Omnha.
The change will be made if the citizens of
Fremont guarantee a bonus of $10.000.
Tbe village of Kalntnazoo , in Madison
county , Is Improving wonderfully. The
town was only started last fall but now
there U every reason to bellevo It will con
tinue to prosper.
Loup City will have a now flouring will
It Is to be throe stories and n half bleb
and tbo first story will lie 80x70 , and the
other two storle * and a half 30x50 feet in
There was a wrestling and sparring
match at the Fulls City Opera honso last
week , The occasion brought nut t the
pnillatlcally-inallnod pouplo for miles
around ,
The preachers of Hastings nddres
their audiences three times on a Snudny.
Theao gentlemen como nearer to earn
ing their money than many others ol the
Sorns "fit" horse Jockeys camped In tb
neighborhood of Norfolk ; , are swindling
the people by trading them broken down
and worthless ami mala for young hoMos.
The stallion season has commenced , and
the co mtry papers . are full of outs ; do-
sorlptlonn of fine Arabian steeds , with
pedigrees which date from away back.
The Odd Fellows of Beatrice , Wymore
Blue Springs , Crete , Oacoola , Lincoln am
Ashland celebrated the anniversary of thi
order In Flattsmouth last Thursday.
Niobrara U said to bo the center
travel for emigrants going north. Num
bers of teams pass through tbe town dull
on the way to new settlements.
The court , house of Gage county , ItI
Beatrice , was recently condemned as un
safe by ( he grand jury. Tbo term of court
was held in the opera house. <
tiavoral men engaged In building a meat
- market at Sprlngnold struck lost week for
a rais * of 25 cents per day. They were paid
off and allownd to go.
The B , & M. railroad company paid tok
the treasurer of Neznaha county last week ;
$4,584,53 , the amount of tte tax on the
, road In the county.
] t A farmer named C. W. Brown , living
nesr HnstlngB , bna nn orchard of M:5
living apple trees. The gentleman deserves
Arrangements are being made for set
, tling a largo colony from Illinois and Wis
oontm upon the Hettlnger lands In Wayne
. county.
A lar i number of people hrve been set
tling in Valparaiso this spring and some
them have opened gent ral merchandise
stores ,
Ground was broken last Wodneiday
Hastings for the first of the new collegi !
buildings which will bo erected there ,
The Maeonio hall building at Grand
land will be fitted up for postoilico pur
poses within the next four weeki.
The depot grounds at Kosterson won
, laid ont last week , and work on the build
. Ing Is expected to begin soon ,
The bakeries of Springfield are supply
In ? Louisville , Papllllon and other neigh
boring towns with broad. >
- The seminary located at York Will prot
- < ably bo converted Into a college at thenex
meeting of tbe trustees ,
- The new Baptist church at Beatrice wil
bo dedicated on Sunday , Hav 6tb , wit
appropslata ceremonies ,
of The school children of Niobrara are re
hearting the operetta of Rod iUdlng IIoo
er and will produce It noon.
It cost the county 951 to bury .the hoc
. iei of Green anrl lograham , the victims
Of the Hastings " 33. " ' *
kve The subject of water works and a fii
department are the topics of live Intorei
he In lied Cloud. < f
Twenty names bare been syrn'red wit
els wnlch to start a O. A , R , post at Libert
Gage county.
the The MUtourl Paolfio paid (2,020.1 )
. taxea for 1882 Into the Nemaha count
01 treasury.
asof The CongreK tionaUsta of Ulysses ha'
of paid $200 for lots on which to build
In The stone and lumber far the new Met
ing odlut church at Hampton has been pi
la 1 chased.
rill Thestesm ferry running between Wee
ing Water and Niobrara. will soon cbau
led Every town In jNeraaha couuty Is deyi
oping and improving wonderfully tl
The new creamery at Wakefield In Dix
up county will commence operations In a fi
40 days.
Che Hastings ii tillclng about altering a ? C
ov- bonus for some ono to build a oieamery
not A oew brick block will be built In Cc
the tral City during the present season.
ipts Genoa , Nance county , has organized
. company to protpectfor coal.
ard Itsuowed In tbe western part of Ci
lug county last Monday night.
bo- A Butler county farmer is to answer
Ink a breach of promise suit.
A carriage factory 1s being built"
aatl Wah00'
Falrfield want ] a first class con
Ing for player.
an Wymore has a new restaurant and can
of store.
imo Gkaugo of Bau.
000 Special Dispatch to Till Ilia.
and BOSTON , April 28. The board
of < health , lunacy and charity have vet
to take charge of the state alma hot
at Towksbnry.
Navigation Open ,
BptcUl Dllpatch to Till 11 .
iow MONTBEAL , April 28 , Navlgatl
, la now open here.
Continued Development of Irish
Conspiracies aud In
formers ,
A. Lively Blot Between Greeks
and Arabs on the Banks
of tin SuezOanal ,
B'amarck Rarely Consents to
Oommuno With Our Own
and Only Bargent.
8 | > ecUl DlipaUhci to Tin 11 .
DUBLIN , April 29 Joseph Ilanlan ,
a Phnnlx park murderer , makes a
statement InorlailnatioR a number of
persons. As Ilanlan refuted to depose
whoa brought bi fore court , bla own
information will bo used against him.
Patrick Dolany , sentenced to ton
years penal servitude forausalllnp ; Jus
tice Lawnon , plead pallty to a moro se
rious crime. His sentence forcbootlng
at Juitloo Liwson will probably bo
commuted. Thomas Oaffroy's , the
last ot the pronont trials , will bo con
cluded In a fortnight. The prisoners
Implicated In the assassination con
spiracy will bo tried by the next com
mission. The police know that the
murderers of Billoy and Kenny ara
ia America. It la stated that a re
quest , supported by affidavits , will bo
made to the United States govern
ment for the extradition of about a
dozen persons.
The polioo have evidence Impllcat
ing Jainos 0roy , the witness for the
crown In the state trials , In the mur
ders of Talbot , the polioo Informer , of
Olark , the Fenian informer , and the
bricklayer Bohan , and also In the at
tempted mnrdorof Murphy , the book
keeper of the Irish People. It is like
ly CUrey will bo tried for ono of those
crimes. The assassination of Bohan
was not connected with political
troubles ,
Another arrest has boon made here
in connection with the conspiracy to
murder. The prisoner is a tailor
named Novln. Ho is the man who
was mentioned yesterday by Informer
Dovlno as having boou appointed by
the Fenians to find the hiding place
of Poole who have been condemned
to death. Djvlno also stated Kevin
was afterwards charged by the assas
sins with deceiving them. The Dublin
pollen have dlucovored that several
men wanted for participation In the
murder conspiracy have loft Ireland
BERLIN , April 29. The Malagasy
envoys ask the protection of Germany
against French aggression.
Tno rnrnora of dlfforoncoa between
Bismarck and the secretary of state
for foreign BlTalra ar'o unfounded.
It is considered Improbable that the
attack of the North Gorman Gazotlo
npon the American minister Involves
resignation. Sargent had lltttlo
direct Intercourse withBlamaick since
bis arrival.
POUT SAID , April 29. In a religions
riot botwcon Greeks and Arabs , sov-
ornl pursouu rroro killed nnd many
k wounded , Including a number of
pollco. British troops and sailors
with Galling guns , surrounded the
OR Greek church to protect it The Greek
goueul took refuge ou n gunboat.
at- BEULIN , April 28. The Bioreoi
is. Oourcor published a report of an Interview
view with Sirgont , the Araorlcar
minlotor in which the latter denied he
atof wrote any article for the Now Ycrkei
of nnd Handols Zeltung ro'atlvo t
Germany's action on the subject of th
Importation of American pork or wai
at ho cognizant of the publication of snol
gO an artlclo. Sargent said ho sent a dls
Ts patch on the itnbjoot to his govern
ar- ment which was properly pnblishod bj
the State department together wltl
other reports of American minister
and consuls , and that it was thoi
copied by the various journals Inolnd
ing oven the papers In Berlin. Thi
statements In his dispatch which wen
made the particular object of attaol
by the North German Gazette were
In fact , quotations from the Gormai
paper , aud were duly credited to It b
him. Sargent further declared ther
was no truth In the statement that h
had said tbo prohibition of Amerloai
pork was an Illegal measure and wi
carried aesplto the opposition of th
LONDON , April 28. The Time
correspondent at Rome says thi
Archbishop Oroke Is on his way to tt ;
rlth Vatican , where ho Is to bo hauled ovi
; , the coals forgiving his support to tl ;
movement of the nationalist and rev
.14 Intlonlat parties in Ireland ,
iave QUEENBTOWN , April 28. Arrive
a the Baltic.
eth- TULLAUOHE , Ireland , April 28.
pnr- Three arrests In oonnection with tl
conspiracy to murder , were made ho
eep go < In consequence of Information given
the examination of the throe consp
iyel- atom In Dublin yesterday by a m
this named Zory , a resident of Tullamoi
ixon ST. PETEBHUUWJ , April 28. T
few imperial procession to the Oathodr
usually made after the castor rooe
COO , tion , has boon waived this year.
Cen- A BWhlikoy Failure.
Special Dispatch to Till Una.
a ST. LOUIH , April 28 The St. Lei
distillery company , the chief owt
aud president of which is Alfred Be'
ID h s suspended with secured IndobU
nesa of $05,000 What other clal ,
at stand against the company have t
yet tranaplrod nor are the aesi
known >
A Soarnfl Crowd-
ndy Special Dispatch to Tui Bn
BUFFALO , April 28. A fire In (
Revere honso at midnight frighten
about ono hundred gnosts ont of th
rooms and Into tbo street. The orl ;
of wai In a concert saloon on the fi
otod floor and this waa entirely destroyi
ouso "vea were lost. The loss Is Inac
Jay on a Joaraey.
Bptctal Dispatch to Tni Bis.
NKW YORK , April 28. Jay Got
ilon left to-day In a special oar on the D
aware , Laokawanna and Western n
Offices and parlors over the new Omaha
National Bank , 13th , between Farnam
and Doug lasSt reels.
. . , , . , ,
Dr , Fishblatt can ba Consulted Every Day Exojp * . Fridays and
nd Saturdays , those two Days beme ovotod to flis Dianonaary
it Dos Jtioiuos , Iowatipeoial attention given to diseases of the
Spool * ! attention given to Dlsoaves of the
And Female Disoatos , as well as Jill Ohronio and Nervous Diseases
. .
HM Jticov.roJ thi Riektral euro In th world for wMknem ol lh back and limb * . InvolnnUrj
dlch ricfl. lm | > olonc } , Eonirtl iloblllty , ncrvoiunfos , UnRiior , condulou ot IdcM. pilplutlonol th
hrarl , tloilitlty , trembling , dimness of light or RlJdlnom , illnauei of the hrul. thront , ION or ikln
idoctioni of tie liter , lungi omiwh or bonolt thMatcrilble illnrden trlrlng from M lUrjr h b-
Iti ol jouih , nJ iccrtt t < r > ctl e * more f t l to the > lctlmi tbnn the > onti of Sjrons to the m rlr
r cl UljiM , bllghtlnir tnelr niOTtr * ll nt hopoi or iittoUMllan * , rondorlnir tntrrU a ImpoMlbli ,
Thoeo thtt ara sulTcrlnR fromtne eril prtctfcoi which dettrojr their mental nd pnjilc * ! tyittmi
The iTnpto.of ol which ro a ilull.illstroanod mind , which unnta them from performing their bnil-
tiMS and niclal dutlra , maki lupiiy marriage Inmou ble , illstro cs the action ol tha heart , caiulnf
flmheaot hiJorr lotiof ijilrl't. evil forebxllnif' . oawanllco , feiri , dretmi , reaileii night * ,
dlulucsi , lorgottulnow , unnatural illKtmKM , ( ln In tha back ami ) hips , "hort breathlnfr , melan
choly , tire easily ol coniv ny and hav preti rence to bo nlone , foellni ; ai tired In the mnrnlng M
bcn retiring , icmlntl wrakmx , lost tnanhiod , whlto hone deposit In the urlno , oorTOUiness. con-
lunlon ol thounht , tromhllnir , watery and weak ejcs , dvfpopsl * , constipation , paleocm , pain and
oaknees In the limbs , etc. . should consult me immodUtely.and be restored to period health.
Whohavi become victims of solitary vice , that dmdtul and dostractlro hab't which annually
sweeps to an untimely crave thousands of jouncmenof exalted talent and brilliant Intellect who
might otheiwlio entrance listening tonatori with the thnnden of their eloquence or wake to ecita-
oy tha living lyre , may call with full confidence.
Married penoni or roung men contemplating marriage ba aware of physical weakness , loaii
procreatha power , Impctency , or any otht r illaquallflcatlon spcotllly relieved , lie who placet him
elf tinder the euro of tr. Flshula tmay roll iouily confldo In his houoraa a gentleman , and conS-
dently rtly upon his skill as a phy < lclan.
Immediately cnroil and full vigor reitorod. This dlslr'nslng atlllo-lon which rendenllfa a burd n
and tnuirlage Impors'blo , Is the penalty paid by the victim tor Improper Indulgence. , Young people
are p to commit oxc'Mti fiom not being awar * ot the dreadful consequence ! that may at sue.
r < ovr who that understands tbls subject will deny that procreation Is lo t sooner by those falling
nto Into Improptr habits than by prudent ! Dosldei being doprlr d of tha pleasure of hialthy 08 *
thoniMtBorlouj and dtstmotUo symptoms of both body ani mind arlso. Tha lystem be
eranged , tha ph\ steal and mental functions weaken ; Low of procreatlve powers , nervoni
, djspepela , palpitation of the heart , Indigestion , ( constitutional debility , wasting ot th
frame , cough , consumption and death.
Persons ruined In health by unleained prolenders who keen them trifling month after monfr
taking poljonoiu and Injurious compounds , should apply Immediately.
graduate of one of the moil eminent college * of the tin' ' ted States , has effected some of the most
astonishing cures that weieevui known ; many troubled with ringing In the ran and head , when
asleep , great nervousness being alarmed at certain sounds , with frtquont blushing , attended some
time * with derangement ol the mind wore oared Immediately.
Dr. F. addresses all those who have Inlnrod themaolvos by Improper Indulgence ' nd olllitj
habits which ruin both body and mind , unfitting them lor builnoos , study , society or marriage.
These are some of the inclanehih cm cts produced by the oirly habits ol i outh , vli : Weak-
nera ol the batk and llmbu , pains In the head and dimness ot light , lews of muscular power , palpi
tation of the heart , dyspepsia , nervous Irritability , derangement of digestive functions , 'debility ,
consumption , otc.
CONSULTATION F11KK. Charges moderate and within the reach ol all who nerd eltntlOe
Helical treatment. Thoio who res de at a distance and cannot call , will receive prompt attention
through mall by simply sending thler symptoms with pottage.
Audniis Lock Box Hl.Oinana. Neb- _
road for a trip west and south. Ho
was noaompaulod by Rnasoll Sago ,
Samuel Sloan , A. L. Hopkins and
several other gentlemen.
Special Dispatch to Tin linn.
HALIFAX , April 28 Arrived , the
- Patlaiau from Liverpool.
No Better.
Special Dispatch to Tui 111 * .
, PHOVIDKNOE , April 28. Senator
Anthony Is about the same.
A now uldo-bar , cud spring top bng
gy , made by Suydor nnd took first
- price at the otato fair last fall ; never
naod aud will bo sold low. Apply at
Western Nawspapor Union , cor. 12th
and Donalas st. fob28ra&otf
< H. G. OLA'RK & oo.
make n specialty of manufacturing
Syraps and Extracts for soda foun
tains , and gu'rantoo their goods cqua
to any in the market. 23mor&ovclOt
rsm Made from tha wild flowers of th
d10 it is the most fragrant of perfume.
10 Manufactured by H. B. Slavon , San
reek Francisco. Forsalo in Omaha by W.
ok j. Whltehoaso and Konnard Bros.
ro Farm Laborers .and Home Servants
° Always In breat Demand.
in ,
Ns York Bun
he Five atoamors landed at Outle Gar
den yesterday 4,331 Immigrants , of
whom 1,307 came on the Berlin from
Liverpool , 7GO on tbo Thingvalla from
lathe Copenhagen , and 023 Italians on the
hoer Utopia from Naples. The remainder
or were Germans from Hamburg and
here Rotterdam. For the week ending
rood Saturday last 15,052 Immi
grants were landed. Superin
tendent Jackson estimates that
od , the number of immigrants arriving
this year will bo 100,000 less than last
year's arrivals. The blackboard of the
free labor bureau in Castle Garden
< constantly announces that the demand
for farm laborers is greater than the
ore at supply. Farm hands got employment
at ronumorativo wages as soon as they
plr- Irnd. Mtchanlos do not fare as well
nan Potty shopkeepers , without capital
ro. fare the worst. The demand for glrli
for houoo servants Is greater than th
ral supply.
, The Italian Immigration Is constant
ep- ly growing. This Is dno to the Bub.itl
tutlon of Italians for Irish and Germans
mans In the construction of rallroadi
and work of a similar character. Th
inls Irish especially are going to the tnon
profitable form work. The Italians
are usually hired abroad , and when
avis '
they reach Oaatlo Garden are tukor
lms - away at once by tb'o foreman of tin
not gangs in which they are employed
sots Nearly all the Italian immigrants art
men who are either unmarried 01
leave their families in Italy to live
sumptuously on a moderate proportion
of the earnings of the men in America
the The regular line of Italian steamen
nod brings many Italian families.
tiolr Scandinavians bring nioro mono ]
than any other immigrants , are sober
Qrst industrious , and thrifty , and are most
ly fannore , who in the west soon ob
ion > tain farms and become producers ,
The fact that $0,000,000 were pale
out by Immigrants for railroad tloketi
at Castle Garden alone in the yosi
ending last December h an indication
midol of what the immigration is.
rall- Cards andwoddlngttatlonery Cottor'i
Loaa of Appotlto , Bowels coatlvo ,
Pain In the Head/with a dull Ben-
nation In the back part , Pain under
the Shoulder blade , fullnesi oftqr
catlnfr , with a disinclination to ex
ertion ol body or mind , Irritability
of temper , Low ( spirits , with a feal-
Insr of having neglected Home duty.
WenrlnosB , DlzrinoRs , Fluttering , at
the heart , Dots before the oyoa , Tel-
low Skin , Headache generally over
the riffht eye , KontloaunoBS , with fit
ful dreams , highly colored Urine ,
TTJTT'M I IXTjH are especially
ilnpteil to liiclk cniei. one iloie ef
fect * melt a eliniiRe of foellng to
MtoiiUli tUo innerer.
Tlioy liicrrnne the Anpetlteim < 1 causa
the biHly tu Take ou t'leih , thus the sys-
tmn Is iiourUlieil , and by their Tonlo
Action on the ! > lcstlve Oruiuii. Hep-
ular Mtixila nre pnxltintL I'rkuZJceuU.
M5 Murray.M. . ( IV. V. _
GOAT IlAm on TVmmt icna change to n QLOBST
Kuyn nlnRlo application ot thin DIE. it
Imparts anntunil color. AcU In tnntnneou -
Ijr. Hold by DruinrUU , orient by oxxtu-on
, an niuitiiAY ST. . w.
. ' ' . , . . .
/ Ir.TtTT'SniKl'iLofT lii.lUI rop..llo. u
VB..M llwliit ! ! < 1 11 1C It t , IU U .
[ Trom tl > * Boston Oloi * . }
Th * alxrr * Is a irood llkenetn of lira , tydla E. rial
ca , of Lynn , M j . , who abort all other human b lnj
lay t > * truthfully caUed th * "D ar Friend ot Woman ]
9 som * of her comfpondenU lore to call her. Bit
I Malouily d TOted to her irork , which U tb * outcont
I a llfntudy , and 1s obliged to keep six lalf
nlitanU , to help her answer th * large corrtspondact
Ihlch dally penn In upon her , each bearing- spectf-
irJtn ot infTertnff , or Joy at rcleaw from It n1'
; VsoUble Conpound Is a medicine for Rood and & 4
rll parpoeua. I bar * personally InTMtlcaUd It ai/ '
tsatlifled ot tha truth of this.
On aooonnt of IU proren merit * . It Is recommend *
, f d practib d by theb it physicians la th * country
c * says i "It works Ilk * a charm and tares mud
< tin. It will cur * entirely th * worst form of falllri
t the uterus , Ixmcorrhou , Irregular and polnfa
| eD > truatlonallOTarUnTroublei , Inflammation art
fceratlon. Flooding , all Displacements and the oo *
pinent spinal weakneu , and IM upeclsj'y adapted V
i * Chance of Life. "
It permeates every portion of tha system , and elro
w Ufa and rigor. It rcmorcs falntnesa , flatulency
titroys all crarlng for stimulants , and rclleres weak
ess of the stomach. It cures Dloatlnjr. Headache *
ferrous lYostratlon , General PoblUty , Bleeplossnei
cprtsolon and Indtjrofitlon , That feellnff of bearuf
bwn , causing pain , wolffht and backache , Is alwayf
ermancntly cured by Its u > . It will at all times , an/
rulir all clrcurattancon , act In harmony with tb * Ui
kat eorerns the femala nyitcni.
It com only $1. jxsr bottle or sli f or 19. , and ls sold ti
rugglnts. AnyndrlrorciiulnHlasto > put.lalcaMan )
U names of many who hare been restored to perfed
ralthbytho usuof thd Vftfotahla Compound , on U
btalucd LyadilrmclngMral' . with stamp for raplj
, \ her homo In I.jnn , MOM.
For Kidney Complaint nttither m this compoacdl
tgurpuwil J abundant testimonials nhowr.
"Jim lit kh m'aIJrcrIin , "sayson/ > writer , a
"it icorlil for the euro i/f Comtlpatlos
nd Torpidity of tha llrcr. Oar Bloot
> rend rs in Us special line and bida tat
iijiounil in lt popularity.
t her at an Angel of Mercy wbon lot
i good to others ,
"u ) Mrs.A.H.D.
. , . , ,
Uwtdence 17H DoujU * Btroot , Omaha , K b