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he Omaha Bee
Published arenr morning , xc pt Bat
f. The nly Monday morning d lly ,
On Year4i.$10.00 I TbrM Months.J3.C
Blx Months. . C.OO I One Month. . . . 1.0
CHK WEEKLY DEB , pnbllihod ercr
Oao year $3.00 I Thn * Months. f
WxMonths , . , * LOO I OnsMonth. . . . S
Newsdealers in the United BUte > .j
attoni relaMiitf-lte > * Nws Mid Editorii
matters should be iddroMod to the EDITO
Of To > BIB.
Letters and JtenKUnoM ihenld bo ft
OMAHA , Drafto , Chock * and Portoffic
Jrders to b made payable to the order c
the Company.
The BEE PUBfaSHINB 00 , , Props
SETEK ooght to confirm all goo
nominations and rojoot all bad ones.
SULLIVAN oonia tackle Tag Wllso ;
and Mitchell , but whisky seems t
have knocked him ont of tlmo.
JOE DAVIS haa boon appointed pot !
maatoE at Wahoo and the mnslo wil
eon be floating in the spring air o
Banndors county.
ACCORDING to the Rochester Erprti
"Got there , " will bo the solo Issuj i
1881 ThU la ozaotly Dana'a Idea I ;
little leaa claaical language.
WIIILB the croakers are buay I
killing off the crops au April inn an
April rains ara equally bnay in asaur
ing the proapnrity of our farmon.
TUB Vermont maple ingar crop is
fallnro but aa brown sugar continue
cheap , dealers will o jutlnno ( o soil th
nantl amount of pure Vermont at th
old prices.
FBAHK HATTON recently died li
England. Mr. Brady will bo ploasoi
to learn that it Is not his succooaor li
the odltoml chair of the Waahlngtui
A STATEMENT published by thi
ft bureau of statistics ahovra that our ex
ports of broad Bluffs for tha throi
' months of 1883 increased over $14 ,
000,000 over the first quarter of th
preceding year.
t = = = = = = = = = =
t j MAYOK CHASE says ho does no
$ 't propose to have any fight vrlth th
| * council or police oommittoo over hi
> nominations. In > fact ho says th
f ; police committee is the safety valve t
, his appointment engine.
\j \ PAITI trill eiog In America ncx
season at f 5,500 a night under MapU
son's management and enthusiast !
Now Yorkorn , who scarcely know
symphony from a sardine , will hav
the privilege of raving over the opor
to the tune of $10 a seat.
WITHIN twenty minute * after tti
Oommisalonor of Internal Ravont
Htnm had resigned , twenty ox-ooi
grosamcn were hard at work wrltln
applications for the offioo. The tie
for office onoo contracted Is only cure
by death or Insanity. <
DUBLW ou ht to start -a yolnntoi
department. Volunteer firemen !
this country 'are exempt from jni
duty. la one panel In that city late
there were seventy-fire men who r
fused to serve M jurors and they we :
all floed | 500 -piece. . It would 1
'r with the machine ,
BEHATOE AHTHOHY , o f Rhode Islam
is lying at the point of death. M
Anthony enjoys the distinction <
being the oldest member of theUnlU
Btate senate. He was sixty-eight yea
old on tha first of the present montl
and has represented Rhode Island i
the capital foe more than twonty-elgl
AMD now there la walling1 and lai
entatlon among the civil service r
formers. The commission haa recoi
mended , and the president haa kind
appointed "as ohle ! examiner , U
Kelm , of Pennsylvania , a protege
the Oamorons and an active work
with the machine In the Keysto ;
state. ThU Is civil service reform. <
the half shell 'with trimmings.
THE New York Tribune says the
Is no 'doubt that the revival of t
Tildon boom is genuine. But S
Dan. who is even nearer to Mr , G
don than'Dr. G. L. Miller of Ores
fame , saysth" * t the talk of Mr. TUde
candidacy is sheer nonsense. I
Butler's boom just at present is f
lowing closely In the wako of ,
M'Donald's presidential flat boat.
THE pious homo of represontatl
in Massachusetts haa rejected , t
vote of nearly { wo to one , a bill to ]
mlt persons injured In Bunday tra
Ing , through the fault of others ,
recover damages. Traveling on 8
day la a heinous offense In the P
tan state , but clubbing Insane path
and skinning corpses at Tewksb
alms IIOBM was perfectly legal a
expo Vdby , Widow Butler and the
Ttstlgatlog committee.
Combinations , consolidations ant
sale * of great properties , wholesale Is
sues of new securities , all enqlneorci
by great capitalists for their own Int
oroats certainly fornlsh the small Investor
vostor a subject for sober considora
tlon. Every line of Investment 1
now controlled by the great operators
and the small financier is oomplotel ;
at their mercy. Whether bin Invest
went Is to bo a paying one depend
entirely upon whether the financls
kings bollevo his Interests are idon
ttoal with their own. "The InToitlo
public bo d d , " is the motto of on
railroad stock jobbers who wreck th
properties under their control with
happy disregard for the interests o
the stockholders and a choerfa
Indlffaieaco to any other demand
than those of their own bank account
Within the past month tha Wabasl
& Iron Mountain systems have beoi
consolidated , the transfer of th
Wabaah involving the lasuo of $10 ,
000,000 six per cent collateral trui
bonds to pay off the fl > ating debt am
the cir trust obligations. The Chicago
Darlington & Qaiocy has purchase !
the Hannibal & St. Jon and burdonci
Itself with several million more of fir
per cent bonds ; the Northwestern I
abont to create $10,000,000 of addl
tlotitl stock to bo hold In the troasur
to represent now properties acquired
and the Union Pacific has sold a par
of Its $5,000,000 collateral trust 5's a
a little leas than 00. In addition wi
hoar of farther consolidations in whlcl
Jay Gould is to link together thi
Southern railroads and unite the Erl
anger lines to his South western com
blnatton , and the Wisconsin loglsla
ture , by au act just passed has author
Ued the 8 * . Paul road to throw an nn
limited amount of securities upon th
The result is that the outoldo pabll
has baon frlghtanod off. The railroai
stock market is fltt , and doilinga an
confined to the brokers and large ope
ratora , who are playing puaa in th
corner with the lambs. There is otll
a fair demand for good railroad bond
soourod by mortgage on tbo roads. li
purchasing these securities the In
vestor la protected in the disposal o
bio money by tha o Juris and can conn
the coat and yrobiblo profits before h
ventures his capital. Nothing but at
act of Uongroos , as in the case of th
Union Pacific , can vitiate a first mart
gsgo security , end a small holder c
bonde , provided , the bonds are wol
secured , is as safe OB a railroad dlrecto
with unqualified conttol of a nujorlt ;
of the etooV.
03There is o general distrust of Am
orhnu railroad management , both a
homo and abroad. Englishmen hav
uovor recovered from the shock of th
Erin developments , and our own people
plo have ulnoo learned by bitter experience
porionco that all the thlovcs are nc
confined iu the panltontiary , and the
the worst confidsnco aharka are thos
who condnot their oporattoua In maj
nlficontpilbos under the protection f
onr laws aud with judges and court
an tholr most faithful accomplices.
To thi Editor of the Bia ,
I deslro to call your attention t
the alarming prevalence of puerpera
fever in this city aud the fatallt ;
which has attended ita course. Bine
the 1st of January , aa I am Informe
on excellent authority , over flit
deaths , have occurred from this on
cause. Many of the owe * have bar.
pened outside the province of regnls
practitioners , whore mothers hav
fallen Into the hands of Inoompoten
mldwlves , Of this olasi the greatei
numbnr of deaths have taken plac
among our foreign population. Btl\ \
a large number of cases have ooenrre
In the practice of some of our bei
known and most reputable phys
clans. One doctor has lost four ps
tlanta from this disease , two othei
three apleoe , while ten or a doze
deaths from puerperal fever are dt
tiibnted among aa many more regnh
practitioners. I am n'ot a physlols
myself and do not feel compete !
to criticize those whose education an
training presumably "fit them to de
with disease. But It does seem to n
that this epidemic , can be callt
nothing else , must bo the result <
gross carelessness somewhere. If
understand the matter puerperal fov
la highly contagions and can be ca :
rled by physicians from bedside
bedside , communicated by tnsnfllolon
ly cleansed Instruments , or Induct
gross carelessness on the part
& e attendant physician after ooufin
ment. The matter is one well won
the pnblio attention and I am aato :
Ishod no notice has been taken of
In the public prints. It la a fal
delicacy which suppresses facts bea
ng upon life and death when the
publication might assist In working
reform or eliciting further lnfonnatl <
for the public benefit. E. A. W.
The tacts aa above stated are ct
talnly startling. Every epidemic
puerperal fever can bo traced to crli
Inal negllgonco and carelessness son
where. The dlauaso often orlclnat
through a gross disregard of comm
sanitary precautions and It spreads
contagion or through the m odium
attendants or physicians. Early
February a prominent physician
Omaha called onr attention to 1
death of six women from puorpo
r- fever , all patients of a single nn
who makes a specialty of labor cas
ton The deaths all occurred among <
n- foreign population whore the f
rits charged for attendance by physicli
ts are often a bar to their employmo
But flnoo that tlmo cases of puorpe
til favor have been by no moans confii
to Irregular practitioners. Several
our best doctors have been nnfor
n to In this respect and the families
th tt employed them oven more so.
tfo physician who loses a case from
[ K orperal fever has any right to take
i ! urge of another labor case for at
lnst six weeks after the death of hU
1'iMt patient , This is what such eml-
tit ut professors aa Dr. Thomas In
N..W York , are now teaching. The
racit thorough use of disinfectants ,
clrnnilng of Instruments and fumiga
tion of the premises promises no cer-
ti&n destruction of the poison , It li
criminal for a doctor to go from s
deathbed whore death has occurred
from this cause to the bodaldo of the
living and tender his services In as
sitting labor. It la criminal because
while no bad results are certain to
follow whorj every precaution hai
boon tftkon , there Is alwaya a possl
bllity of communicating the most fatal
diaoaao which follows child-birth.
The beat preojnlim Is abaonoo. Oni
young physicians In the Iarge t medi
cal schools are now being tanpht tc
hand over their engaged catoa to othen
until every danger of communicating
the dlaeaio Is paat. If Omaha physl
clans value human life moro than the ]
do the increase of tholr bank account *
they will do the same.
One thing moro ought to bo said
Of course all argument will bo wastoc
on Ignorant charlatans and profes
slonal nuraca who nanrp the function )
of dootora without the education 01
experience neceaaary to fit them tc
properly perform their duties. A
thorough use of disinfectants , groa' '
care that no decomposition of anlma
or vegetable matter is in progress neai
the sick room , and plenty of sunlight
and froah air are precaution !
which can be used with great effect h
staying the progress of an epidemic o
pnroperal favor.
There is a good deal of orltiolan
over the mayor's appointments of po
licemen and the committee on polici
seem to bo In a dilemma how to act li
ho matter. The easiest way in thli
aso seems to bo the best. If the com
mlttoo on police have better sourcei
f information regarding the new p
ointments lot them take advantagi
f them and reject or confirm noml-
,06s , in the light of what they know
omo of the present force ought to go
f that there is no doubt. A prca
eal of the iniflhlenoy of tbo forci
as arisen from the Inefficiency of thi
marshal but several of our polloemei
urlng the past year have boon note
onsly lacy and incompotent. Mayo :
hnso undoubtedly dnslros a good
eady , working body of po
co and It is the dnt ]
f the committee on police to assls
im in securing thorn. If any of thi
lomlnatlona are bad they ought to bi
iromptly rejected. Those which an
nobjoctlonablo ehoald be confirmed
There la no u o In the conncl
asking ordinances if they are not en
orced , and.many ordinances will nee
o enforced unless the marabal am
la police makj it their business ti
oo to their enforcement. It Is the <
ho Interest of the city council , mesa
osa than to the interests of our cltl
on , that wo should have aa effiolon
> ody of police , and It will bo the fanl
f the council If such Is not the case
MUKAT HALSTEAD , who always talk
; oed , sound , common sense , has neve
eon moro sensible than in the follow
ng from the Cincinnati Oommerlcal
Gaiotto : "There are a good man ;
ery shabby paragraphs abont ex
'resident ' Hayes flying about. Bom
oople onght to remember that ex
'resident ' Hayes was a gallant soldier
repeatedly wounded In the service , am
in more than one occasion dlstln
gulshed for personal bravery and use
ul leadership. Then'the republican
won the great honest money battle li
Ohio with him for standard bearei
and specie payment * were resume *
under hit admlulatratlon. A gres
many other things might be said be
t la not worth while.
WE cheerfully give space to a dl
patch from the clerk of Lincoln coui
; y , giving assurance that Mr. Anthon
Kola , postmaster of North Platte , hi
althfully accounted for all mono ]
belonging to Lincoln county handle
by him during his term aa count
treasurer. Why this was telegraphs
by the oouh'ty'clerk wo cannot undo
stand , as no charge appeared In th
paper reflecting on the conduct of M
Rols as treasurer of Lincoln count ;
Wo shall moro cheerfully publish at
statement from officers of the Nori
Platte Building association oxenora
Ing Mr. Rela from the alleged dofalc
tlon of their funds.
In another oolnmo wo present to 01
readers a notice of the celebrate
"Kaiser Water , " from Blrresborn , c
the Rhino , with an acoompanylt
analysis of Its Ingredients. The coi
tlnental reputation of this remarkab
mineral water haa long boon esta1
lishod. Containing a largo portion <
carbonic acid gaa , It is c , moat refrcsl
Ing drink , and la especially valuable 1
persona of sedentary habits. It Is p
cullarly beneficial In all cases of kldni
complaints , owing to the presence of
considerable quantity of bicarbonate
Llthla , a remedy which la ludorsi
generally by the medical profession f
complaints of th's nature.
The Edmunda OommlBelon.
Bprlogflelil Republican.
Commissioners nnder the Edmun
bill are In Utah at work upon electli
machinery again , but Mormons an
openly rejoicing over the inbstantla
fallnro of tholr last year's work , whlli
gentiles seem to consider the men si
Incompetent that nothing can b
hoped from them. Polygamlsts ye
fill the offices and servo assurors , jus
as they used to , in apito of the law
and If some are prevented from voting
It makes little difference , for they manage
ago nominating conventions and hav
a congressional delegate to do thel
_ _ _ _ _
The Labor Cloucte.
81. Louli OobDunocr ! U
The outlook with respect to th
agreements aa to what wages employ
era shall pay to worklngtnon this sum
mer Is far from rcaeturlng. The iroi
and coal interests are principally con
cerued , but there are also Indication
of trouble In other quarters. Brick
layers , plasterers , clgarmakort , am
even the cowboys of Texas are nndo
the impression that the situation jnatl
Dos them In standing ont for higho
ps > y than Is offered. News cornea fret
PitUburg that the iron manufacturer
will reduce wagon on June 1 , for th
ensuing year , 10 per cent. , nnd tha
the Amalgamated association will tin
bo conferred with on any other ground
It is emphatically claimed by mom
bcra of the association that there cat
bo no arrangement made on thi
baalr. If both these statements ar
true , a general strlko among the Ire
men Is Inevitable. What la true c
the condition of the manufacturers I
more or leaa true of several other larg
clasaca of employers , so that the disc
greoment Is likely to extend widely.
Possibly there is no other praotlca
bio way to settle the differences be
through the modifying Influonso c
strikes. It the workingmen conl
place entire confidence in what th
manufacturers say the diSbnltles c
the situation would be greatly inesonec
The latter toll the former in Pittsbui
that nnlosa the reduction is accepte
the mills will lese money by contlnt
Ing In operation and eventually brio
on bankruptcy. Honoo they mm
close down If the worklngmen ca
be convinced that such Is tbo cast
they will undoratand that it la not tb
manufacturers who are reducing thol
wages , but circnmatancca ever wblc
they have no control. If the gooc
produced will not bring a certain prlc
in the market , the manufacture ]
are not going to turn thomsolvt
into charitable institutions and dli
tribute all they poaaosa among th
worklnnmon in order to keep wage
up. . Workiogmen understand this
well as anybody , else. If they strike
the reasonable among them will clai )
that they only do so because the bna
ness justifies the wages demanded , ]
the business will not justify thei
there is but one thing tor the wort
legman to do , and that is to docid
whether be will work for lower wage
or turn to some other industry whlc
holda forth hotter prospects. Th
condition of affiirs indicates that th
world haa on hand rather moro of th
article ho has been producing than I
wants. If such Is the feat , no strik
can poaalbly prevail against It nnlesi
indeed , it is ono which contemplate
idleness until the anrplno in the markc
shall have disappeared.
If the employer has bean mlsrepn
sontlng things tb the employe an
claims not to bo making any mone
when ho la making it , a strike la prott
sure to bo anccosafnl. The strike bi
come a teat of his veracity. But it
often a very expensive teat for bet
parties , and one to bo avoided If po
siblo. Therefore it behooves tt
workingman to acquaint hlmac
thoroughly with the state of the ma
kot before ho ventures on a decide
course. Ignorance on this point
liable to bo very costly to him , ac
the harder ho kicks against the prlcl
the more it Trill hurt him. If ho is I
error ho la not contending against tl
manufacturer , but against the inovl
able , aud that Is at all times a won
than profitless business. Thei
la very good reason to b
llovo that the Pittaburg an
other Iron mannfaotnrorora at
truthful when they claim that the
must stop tholr mills if the prosoi
rate of wages is sustained. A nun
ber of establishments have alreac
been closed , and there have been i
ate many largo and conaplauous fal
ores among firms and corparatloi
manufacturing and dealing in Iroi
All the outward signs that the bus
ness In most branchea has been and
unprofitable are present , and If tl
workingman would carefully at
' 'airly ' compote the cost of produotU
and cotcpare It with the market pri
he would probably find the employ
supported by facta. The main dl
oulty in the way Is his Indisposition I
make proper allowance for Interest e
ipltal Invested.
The failures of the strikes of la
summer ou ht to exert a salutary 1
fluence em the deliberations of tl
worklngmen this year. The closing
some of the mills has limited prodn
tlon to a certain extent , but the ovc
production was BO very much in exec
of the demand last year that It la n
likely that the rate of supply has bo
yet brought down to Ita normal pi
portions. It la probable now , tus
was then , that many manufacture
had rather shut down than not , as
would tend to enhance the value
stock they now have on bond. Whi
ever good may result to werklngm
through the creation of organlzitloi
It Is beyond tholr power to ausU
wages other than temporarily thron
them at a higher point than they wet
otherwise be unless they are al
to keep tholr numbers within a cerU
limit and crush ont competition.
Is Impracticable tb them to limit th
numbers. High wages and poraoi
freedom Insure competition , and wh
there Is a surplus ot labor In one i
rectlon a decline In wages la sure
come , strikes 'or no strikes. A
when there Is a general depression
lowering of wages la inro to come
all directions. Strikes may can
things to go by Inmbs more than th
otherwise vonld , but that Is about f
Tholr virtue conalata In securing woi
legmen the advantages which bolq
to them when things are going
their favor. When things are gel
the other way they accomplish
good whatever. Unless intelllgenl
ordered they ere worse than unless ,
Tne Bed Sea's Secret.
Philadelphia Frew.
Should the project of the At
Melgno be carried ont the poaitlv
schools , who trend upon skepticls
wllhbe obliged to reconstruct Darw
ism , ? " -Tha" "abbe's purpose la nothl
less that the ocraplng of the Red i
and the adjacent Bitter Lake to
cover the chariot * and treasures that
were ingulfed with Pharaoh when the
children of Israel escaped the Egypt Uns
by the miracle of the waters. The latest
reports show that the abbe has enlisted -
listed capital and that a joint stock
company with 9150,000 in hand arc
seriously beginning the preliminaries.
The only details the divers will have
to guide them is the history of the
fight of the Israelites giyon in the
Blblev.lho scientific date In all
dlgoiltd and the abbe connti
that the dredgers will hard tc
break through reefs ofsalt whiol
have preserved not only the armj
equipments , chariots and golden treasures
uros , but even -the bodies of the vie-
ran theaiglvos , The recovery of the
iiarlols will , It la estimated , compere
ate the company. But if in addition
11 the gold with which Pharaoh loaded
la train bo recovered , the company
ill be enormously enriched.
While the credulous projootor cl
} is marvelous enterprise enlists in ll
"mply to dlnprovo the skeptics , the
nde'taking in worthy the qalok wll
f a Yankee , for If any coneldorablt
nmbor of relics aso found the oxblbl-
of them will than '
on mora 'Dampen'
ate the stockholders. Fancy the
agorness ot the whole world to soothe
otrlfiod figures of the dusky myrml
ons that followed up the flee *
ng Israelites. If the country
rent wild over the Cardiff giant , ' whc
onld contain himself until ho har
eon the ealtod form of tbo Pharaoh
after 3,000 , years repose under the sail
rystala of the Red Seal Such at
normons mass of treasure and sue !
osts aa were ingulfed would bi
nough to supply Barnnma iu over ]
onntry in tbo known world
hile also filling the museums
low the sclontiQu folk would rove
ver the find ? How soon wo shoulc
IAVO sacred htetoiy reconstructed am
von profane history modified 1 Gib
> on would rise from his grave to dla
vow his posltivuncss and disparage
nents of the miraculous , and Dirwli
ilmielf ualu eend some sign to indl
te th u. n.a hypotheses were the men
abrio of the brain , spun from donb
md routing on error.
Not only this , but new fashion
onld bo invented , baaed upon thi
oal Egyptian habllments , utensils
irnamenta and what not. For evei
lorodotns was vague in hia desorlp
ions of the forty dynasties. His im-
) osalblo chariots , prodigious horse ;
> ud other monstrosities would be con
rented with the preserved realltle
> vor which the world has speculate !
or 2,500 years. It is a mlafortnm
tint there are no Americans associate !
with this somi-fiaored mission , u w
hould share in the expense if wi
Jtj to got any share of thb treasure
A Word for the Servant Qlrl.
Burdette In Burlington IIawe ) e.
Say you are a well to do tradosmai
ir mechanic. Yon can afford to em
iloy a servant to make life easier foi
our wife. Your wife and yoursel
iscourago "followers. " Yon don *
[ ko her to have company of elthei
ex In the kitchen , Your wife oonno
ssociate with her. The kitchen is hei
Htlrg room the smallest anrl moo
emoteQ room in the lonae | Is he :
ed room. From G a. m. until
p. m. , or earlier and later maybe ari
icr houra of work. In all that tlmi
ho speaks when eho Is epoken to , ant
ihe is apokou to when there are or
lera for her , juat as convicts are al
owed to speak in a penitentiary
Veil now ; the lonely creature in'tbi
citohoa la a woman. Da you wonde
eho wants to go to the iolly bntohe
and tha crcccr'a boy for a llttl
gouelp ? Do yon wonder tha
ho flirts with the policeman
Do yon wonder that whoi
he does go to the ball she stays nntl
ome tlmo the next day ? She alt
down three times a day and eats he
meals In eolitudo BO utterly alon
> bat she can hear herself awallow.
wonder that she doesn't RO mad. Th
nan who works nt the lowest ocenps
inn has an easier tlmo than that. Th
man who cleans the etreets has con
pany of his own clous. Ho eats hi
dinner with his fellow laborers. Th
rag-picker meets rival rag-plokei
every day. I don't wonder the hens
servant stipulates for company an
evenings out.
( Sensible Views.
w York Journal.
The Journal believes In marrlagi
irst , last and all the time , for womet
provided they get good husbands an
make good wives. Wo would rathe
see a lady making suits for her chl
dren than bringing suits for he
illents. In enr eyes a woman lees
better dressing a baby than dressing
ironnd , or compounding pudding
than composing paragraphs. Still ,
she prefers labor to love , and asls
on turning np her nose at a hnsbam
we are willing to open np the learne
professions and all other callings I
Oregon Religion.
Ban Franalico Cill.
In Oregon they are not aa partlouh
abont the kind of amusemenU engage
In at church featlvals u they are I
some of our churches. A Pendloto
paper announces : "To-night a soclab
will be held at Liberty Hall by tl
Ladles' Guild of the Episcopal chnrol
for the church's benefit. Admlsslo
$2. The amusements will consist i
dancing , card-playing in all 1
branches , and other harmful amus
ments , followed by a basket supper ,
Probably the writer of the advertU
ment meant to say that those amnai
ments were harmless. But the prlc
ter or hia diabolical aaaiatant did tl
mischief and turned Intended goc
Into promised evil.
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Lumbigo , Backtche , HeidicneToothieh ,
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M DniiliU u4 Dwlm T rywk t , rlflj C ot
tout * . WmttoM li U LU < U < M.
3JKE IBE ? * IE * 1
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
And Window Glass.
MAHA - - . - _ . NEBRASKA ,
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It la the best and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono pound la eqnal
to throe pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake in the fall and winter -
tor , Instead of running down , will Increase in weight and bo in good marketable -
able condition In the spring. Dairymen aa well as others who use it can tes
tify to its merits. Try it nnd judge for yourselves. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for sacks. Address
o4-ood-me WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
M. Hellman & Co.
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. IStfe
WhiskieS !
in Bond or Free. Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled 'and in Kegs.
214 & 216 S , 14TH STREET , OMAHA , HEB
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
Blnt-clM * iMilltiea for the Manufacture of all Undi of Mouldings , Planing < )
matching Specialty. Order * from the country will be promptly executed ,
addreuall communications to A. MOYER , Prop rl
Window Shades and Curtains ,
Faints , Oils & Brushes.
107 South Utk Street
R. E , COPSON & CO , ,
Handles , Wires , Twines and Broom Corn. .
first-class Fainting anfl Trimming. Repairing Promptly Done-
1321 and 1323 Harnoy street , comer , * , ( 4