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THE DAILY fe a-OALAffAiSAjTUBDAy , A tHD/28 . - * \
= = = s = bl = a
No Whiskey/
is one of the very few tonic'
medicines that arc not com
poser mostly of alcohol or
wtiisk'cy , thus becoming a
fruitful source of intemper
ance by promoting'a desire
for rum.
is guaranteed to be a non-
intoxicating stimulant , and
it will , in nearly every case ,
take the place of all liquor ,
and at the same time abso
lutely kill the desire for
whiskey and other intoxi- .
eating beverages. j
Rev. G.W. RICE , editor of
the American Christian Re-
vine , says of Brown's Iron
Bitters :
C5n.O.Nov. 16,1881.
Gents : The foolish wast
ing of vital force In business ,
pleasure , and vicious indul *
gence of our people , makes
your preparation a necessity ;
and if applied , will save hun
dreds who resort to saloons
for temporary recuperation.
has been thoroughly tested
for dyspepsia , indigestion ,
biliousness , weakness , debil
ity , overwork , rheumatism ,
neuralgia , consumption ,
liver complaints , kidney
troubles , &c. , and it never
fails to render speedy and
' permanent relied
r -
t It
COM ( Milt * iOn < il. r
Prettitut. VIM > ' nt
W'fl.a > > cua ,
Dora I'lanuim Qarr own. Form Uallu
Hatlty Hey Baboo , Hnaitot , KJyyu'.U
Wluamtllu , iio.
W MO prepatol to itojob trork ml vu > rn'f
InrtoK lor nthor p tll i ,
Adilrtu * | irJor *
M'colnN b , ' .
Every Corset Is worrantotl satls-
loctory to its wearer In every way ,
or the money will bo refunded by
tbe person from whom it was bought.
onlr Oonet pronounced t > r our ( tiding phj
JcrioB * to theweanr , wulrndonecltiT lulln
moitcomforubl * na portect OtUog CarMt m
ssllh PrtMrr
&MmUl ( ut k Tr > .00.
Vsaltk Prw rTU < til ) .00. Para *
klrt-M P < > rtUc. l.AO.
ftr ! jr I4U UU11 l ) Ur * T r7wkw
CHICAGO C011SET CO , , Chleswoi HI
Send 91 , M , M , <
5 for a Maniple r
tall box by Kxpree
of the tout caadieH I
America , put up I
decant boxen , ai
trlctly pure. Suit
bio for prcMontH. B :
PrCNB CIIttrK < * H ItKtl
Itefersj to all Cblc
HANDY K . Try It oiioe.
Confectlonrr ,
Soma people can nerer get on ,
1/ct their chance be M eood M it m j ,
Tb y itstnmer , nd shtifll * . and itlck
Where otheri Trill dash right away }
They My It's for want ol chrek ,
That the world iln't properly made ,
Uut It'i pluok and not cheek that thi
Want ,
Vtt , the truth of It Is , they're afraid.
A wan will let 0701 on girl ,
And thlok her dl ln , and all that ,
But he doesn't march up there and then ,
And tell brt Mi mind Mnart And patj
Uo burnt , und be haw * , &ud he biruhe * ,
Am day aitordajr IsdnHyef.
Till it * * icme one wed * her right cfl ,
Yen , he's loit her by being afraid.
Thtre'i many a man with Roods hand * ,
That ctn work with true itrength at
trnesklU ,
Get * 'hunted a ld. ) juit because
Ile'll oot push where another man wil
He sweats and he groans In the mud ,
And let * hlmielf link In the ihade.
Yet ho might have been famoug ana rlcl
If be hadn't been soft and afraid.
Thrre MO men who are upright and tra
Who ihnt theraiehrei In their on
They darn't itep into the front ,
And Uke up their stand there like mei
Tk ; y live nnd grow rich out of tight.
Atid nerer me known Imt in trade.
Yet Ihfy might have been honored at
If they hadn't been itlll and afraid.
3 .and up then , and don't be done down
15 jr check , and by swagger , and by bi-a ,
for a m n thottld itlcknp for hi * right * ,
Whether wealthy or not worth a "mag
Tbn God that mad * one has made all ,
One biaven to all li displayed ,
And if a man doe * what U right
There' * no one need m k * him afraid.
What's n Dude.
"What U a dude , pap. ? " ibe ald ,
With sweet , Inquiring eye * ,
And to the knowledge-seeking m ld
ller daddy thus replies :
"A weak tnustache , a cigarette ,
A thlrteen'button vest ,
A curled-rim bat a minaret
Two watch chaini croii.Cho breast.
"A pair of bangs , a lazy drawl ,
A lack-a-datly air ;
For gossip at the club or hell ,
Bo ins little put 'affair. '
"Two pointed ihoer , two spindle ihanl
Complete the nether charms ;
An-i follow fitly In the rank *
The two bow legged arm * ,
"An empty hear , a buffoon' * sense ,
A nosing httltrde ;
By jovel' KgaoT 'But awl' 'Immeni
All these make up the dude.
Philadelphia I'reu
Time's Bovence.
Cntury ' 'Drlc-a-Brsc. "
When I was ten nnd oho fifteen
Ah , met hour fair I thdunhther.
9ho treated with dl-chlnful mien
The homage that I brought htr ,
And , In a patn nlzlng way ;
Would of my ihy advanoen lay :
"It'n really qutto Absurd , you see ;
H&'s very much too young for me ,
I'm twenty now , the twenty-five
Well , well ! how old she's growing ,
I ftooy th t my ult might thrive
If pressed OKMD ; but , owing
To dlrepnncy In age ,
Her marked attention ! don't engage
My younir nffeotloin , for , you tee ,
She'd ivnlly ( ( "lie too < Id for me.
Spring Has Uomo.
The spring , gentle spring , I * here.
( O , bnrH , yun're 1 oney that I * clear ) ;
We feel ita welcome , balmy biceo ,
( And echo It by mrmy neneez ) j
rtoftiTO the nklcs , nnd bright and clear ,
( Now , thwt'd a whopper , poet dear ) ;
B"OH llowcrn will blojiom on ath hill ,
( Yon , to ho ihheicil by a chill ) ;
Ami Ilttln lumbi will klp about ,
( l'owlnh they uevrr had come out ) ;
Once moro the hluebirJn till the grove ,
( Tiny d&l You U'll u lib , by Jovr ) ;
Thu llttlo wicn bc/rios / ti > trill ,
( With fever-mrer l.i his bill ) ;
'I'he klnfl with Jay through pasture * run
( Yen , but they Keep out In thn mm ) ;
And woodchuck * from their housoa peTe
( To hurry bjck iiud go to sleet ) ;
The house cat rouina with food desire ,
( In dreams beside the kitchen fire ) ;
The farmer in the field appear * ,
( With great.coat buttoned to hi * eiri ) ;
And bravely Ntrldon bthmd the plow ,
( And reaps a f Wilful oold , I vow ) ;
The boatman tail * hi * craft amalu ,
( Yer , haul * hi * net and catchei pain ) ;
83 spring once morn bring * round 1U cue
( Oh , poet , go and get your beer ) ;
Gone I * the wintry weather rough ,
( Brace up , dear bard that' * quite enoug
A Tallahassee belle recently attendo
party wearing live spiders In her head.
A * many as forty different colon i
shades appear In the new tprlnir. gloves. .
Clasps on the collars and the necks
dresses take the pla e of brooches andli
pins ,
A reigning beauty of Boston Insists
wearing Napoleon top boots when ,
walking ,
Plaids In subdued colors are made
traveling dresses or for the morning w
In the house. '
The ibis , lotus and other Egyptian
signs aie features In spring gcods of
fineit grade.
Gold braid , gold cord and gold effeoti
millinery good * are a feature in spring b
and bonnets. ,
A wager of 920 was recently captured
a woman at Sallna , Mo. , who cboppec
cord of wood In less time than her lovei
A girl living tu Evansvllle , Ind , , !
walked all the way to Buffalo and is n
on her way home. Her parents refused
give htr money for car fare ,
The new bonnets , trimmed with uprii
frills ot gathered lace , bows of rlbbonsw
forked ends , and many small flowers , le
very aspltlng and defiant.
New parasols of black satin , having c
or two black Spanish lace llounces ,
varied with single or double fringes of g
bullion besween the lace falls.
There Is a pretty female barber at Hal
Indian Territory , who is earning on
average $30 a day. Bbe charges 50 cei
for a shave , and "next" Is always on hi
during business hours ,
Tbe coverings of dress parasols an
the richest brocaded and foulard silks , w
ilouncts ot Spanish lace , white or bla
A varicolored bow adorns one panel of' '
uarasol. The sticks are of white asb
ebonixed wood , tastefully carved , wltl
loop handle.
At a dinner party a few days ago * yo >
married ladywho Is celebrated In oilglr
Ity In matters of drew , appeared a bli
satin drws with a waistcoat cr vest oc
posed nntlrely of natural flowers. O
small flowers were used , and they w
sewed on a foundation ot muslin. The
feet was "perfectly lovely. "
Silk utocklufs for day use rue In
color of the suit. Kcru silk hose are
only kind worn with all evening toil
When the stockings match the dress
corners are embroidered with silk , .
favorlto shoo worn at present Is open o
tbo top ot tbe foot and tied on the insl
Uu the Urge bows trimming the shoes
two Lutteiily wings of plaited material
a This Is an , age of busier , and upon
wrist ot nearly every lady onngles darer
or * bangle dangle * . "A bangle braoole
a small wristlet of silver or some ot
metal , from which dimes and nickel pli
with monograms upon them aresuspenc
Tbe Idea Is an old one , for we read t
hundreds of years ago the Sandwl
Islanders and Fejecs wore bracelets wit
shells and other minerals "curious" SH
pended from them , As a paying Invei
ment for the government thebangles are
olossal success , as every one of thei
with ten dime monograms upon thei
adds twenty cents to tbe United Stab
cash box ,
OoncU are very long and quite lei
tack and front , so as not to Interfere wit
be low-neck waists. Corsets for da
wear are of black or seal-colored satli
rimmed with Obaatllly or Volenclenni
ace. For evening toilets there are whll
atln corsets trimmed with lace ruchlog !
All shades 'of satin are uied for corset
mt black and white are most general !
worn. !
Tbe designs for fancy Jewelry ai
swords , very large elmeters , lances , horn
shoes and birds. A few women care <
have their diamonds f it quently mntmtei
these fancy artlelei are very generally n
soiled to. Medallions are replaced by so : necklaces , with small design
In Egyptian and Etruscan style. They s
tight aronnd the neck ; some ladles use the
diamond parurcs for bead ornaments , an
these are placed among the leaves <
flowers. ' .
In woolen fabrics we have alternate pla !
and chined stripe * , plain and streaked , c
plain and checked stripes. Checks nn
dots also appear , especially In moussellni
de-lalnes , nun's veiling , albatross clotl
French hunting and tbe camel's hai
fabric * , also In foulards , cambrics an
muslins. All styles of woolen materla
are in favor , while one scarcely dares t
express as yet an opinion as to cotto
goods , not knowing whether we shall enc
anything like a warm summer.
Mr. Wlggbaa did not predict the uteri
n the lontb. It wouldn't have happene
be had.
It la a foggy day in London when
'bccalz Park murderer Isn't icntenced <
> e hanged ,
The little girl who called the ostrich tt
ilrd with a bonnet tall pnt it about righl
Philadelphia Herald.
It U laid the will of Pilot , llarnum
ead elephant , wai found In hl trunk. I
ill cm it WM iiubbornly contested befoi
A New York authority on dnde < raj
that the dn4e never whUtlei. The dud"
Mrhapf , might appropriately permit bin
elf to occasionally whlitle Yank
Ai the itory that an Illlnoli man hai
oad triined to go down bli throat an
come npag ln on call I denied by tb
Chicago ( aperi , It U probably true. B
ton Pott.
"The lariest button house In Now Yor
> ai inipendid. " Now , if the largest ra
> ender home in New York bad bnttone <
t would not Lave been to bad. Norrl
own Herald.
Building li potng on in Omaha 10 fai
thli iprbg that the man who goes to dec
on lot at night U liable to have a rex
over bli head in the morning that ii
the police do their dity ,
The supreme court baa ruled against tl
Iowa prohibitory amendment , and tt
Iowa man will no longtr be compelled 1
meak behind the cnpbe&td door wbenevi
lie wants to Uke a pulV at tha "ihrim
alad. "
A fashion item state * that "The Boito
young man is beginning to Hear cj
IfloHiea and knee breeches. " Well , the 01
necessitates the other. The average Bo
ton young man needs the eye glasses 1
order to see his leg * . Puck ,
Tbo "oourne of true love" traced by le
ten In a breach of promite suit In Ne
York ran In this manner : "My darlli
Benny , " "My own darling Benny , " "W
own dearest darling , " "Your loving Baby
"Your Pet " " darlii
own loving , "My own
Love , " "My darling Ben , " "Friend lien
And all WM over , Boston Globe.
The telephone U very popular in Col
rado. By means of the telephone an a
eent-mlndf d stranger , while talking to
native , can feel In hla hip-pocket for
handkerchief or a piece of tobacco wltho
being shot. It in thought that very so
all conversation ID Colorado will be 01
rled on exclusively by telephone ,
Old Si on Three Card MontWh :
the old nan cama In Monday morning t
religious editor uald : "SI , I "ndonta
you piny thrco card inonto with a Cine !
aati fakar down at the freight depot yi
terdity ? ' "Well , no , sah. Ho joes bucl
'gin me wnnca an' den he 'poar'rt tor hab
'gapeuient Romowhar eliel" "Did you be
tilm ? " "Oh , no. nuhl I nebber beat t
baddy. But ho flung bo little kyarda rot
dar an' 'low noboddykln pick up the roe
er kyard nn' I tuck him ! " "For hi
n ucht" "Moughty leetle , fur he oney h
fo' dollars " Did you win HI" "Well
wnsn'f 'Jongvld Murso Elllck in the M <
can wah jesi ter file sou' flics ! An' on
laks er dollar dls mownlng of beln' able
tottle that &bo dollar street tax an *
dere'a enny gemmen 'roun byar wants I
mingle three cords for er mingle I
byar ! " Nobody responded , and we doc
whether the street tax has vet been paid ,
Georgia Major.
The following is said to be a mo <
Georgia love letter : DEADEST BEN : B
love Is stronger than the smell of coili
patent butter , or the kick ofa young oo
Sensations ol exquisite joy go through I
Ilka cohorts ot ants through an an
cracker , and caper over my heart II
young gents on s > stable roof. I feel as
I could lift myself by my boot straps
the height ot a church steeple , or like
old stage horse in a green pasture. As t
mean pup hankers after sweet milk so
I banker after you presence , and as g
ling swtmmetb In a mud puddle so d <
swim In a sea of dellghtfulneis when y
are near me , My T eart flaps up and doi
like a chum dasher , and my eyes sta
open like cellar { doors In a country ton
and If my love is not reciprocated I vi
pine away and die like a poisoned b
bug , and you con come and catch a cold
my grave ,
The Holy Scriptures are published In 4 '
languagts or dialects.
* Sln Great Britain there are 3.483 Bapt
churches with a membership ot 269,618 ,
The Unlvertallsts have in the Unit
States 711 churches , 707 ministers , a
35,700 { communicants.
The mennonltea of this country m
number 410 churches , 250 ministers , a
50,000 communicants.
The number of Baptists throughout t
world is about 2bJG.582. They ha
31,898 pastors and missionaries.
A majority of the presbyteries in t
Cumberland church have formally apprt
d the "KevlsedConfession of Faith. "
The liturgy ot the Protestant Eplscoi
church Is undergoing revision at the boo
of a committee of bishops , clergymen a
representatives ol the laity ,
The two Methodist congregations In S
Francisco have consolidated , and oo
mencod building what promises to be o
of the handsomest church edifices In tt
Tbo ashes of George WhltCeW. t
famous preacher , reposes beneath the <
Houth church , Newburynort , In which M
erable New England edifice he dellrei
his last sermon.
Dr. T'lmape baa been fourteen yei
pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle , and 1
jmt commemorated bit anniversary. J
nas received Into his church during bis p
tjrate 8,803 persons.
The Pretbyterian church ot north U
kota has thirteen self sustaining church
covering an Investment of neirlj SlOO.O
and In south Dakota there Is U9t one tl
does not require aldfrcm the board of ho :
The success of tbe Salvation army 1
given rise to a number of similar organ !
tlons In England and Wales. There i
the Army of tbe King's Own. ' Christ !
Army , Qospel Temperance lUue lllbt
army , Ilollueis army. Hosanna army , 1
deemed army , lloyal Uospel army , a
Salvation navy , These bodies , togetl
w\lb \ the Aletblans. the-'balvlairtle Ind
> endenU , the Uhtistlan Evangelists , an
he Christian Pioneers , have 45,000 placi
of worship.
The Protestant Episcopal church of tt
Splphany , Rochester. N.Y , , whichstarU
t lew . .years axe on the free p w sysUo
ios , after'lull ' trial , abandoned It by
unanimous vote , and hereafter the slttin )
will be rented.
The Roman Catholics of Germany , i
night have been expected , do not tal
ilndly 10 the proposal to keep the fonrt
centenary of Luther's birth as a great fet
Their protest against Its being considers
national ar very loud and long.
St. John's Episcopal church , of Wasl
ngton , Is ancient , ugly and small , but tt
nostj aristocratic In the city and Its men
> ers delight In and preserve Its anttqt
appearance. It is nearly opposite tl
white bouse , and was bull ! by the san
architect as the Capitol Latrobe. M- >
of the presidents from Washington to Lii
coin attended service In this little od6c
Che church only holds 6',0 people , and n
except eight seats in the gallery are rente
tnd ate saved for their owners nntll sfti
he services have commenced.
"Pull for the Shore , " said Jonah to tt
whale as the whale began to show signs i
"Next to religion there is nothing llko
circus , " said an Arkansas deacon as t
watched his favorite sin crowd under
Inquirer : What objection is there I
going fishing on Snudayt What ? Wh'
be objection that you are likely to find a
he good places occupied.
A still hunt for policemen one night la
week In Philadelphia resulted in tindlc
twenty.three of them asleep In the sof
cushioned pewi of a church. .
Rev. Mr. Tolmoge is accredited wil
saying that there li one thing that prayi
won t do. We preonme be refers to maklr
t ( as meter de < 1 tquarely by the man whoi
house It occupies.
I'he deacon of The Boston Post has dl
covered that it is dUguatim ? tithechnrc
rardeos to End that the man to who :
they done the dreadfal polite is not tt
new millionaire who bos just moved int
It cast a gloom over the entire assen
blage when at a Dallas church fair tl
minister's son walked up to the grab-bi
and prize-cake table and asked that tl
game be explained to him before be bongl
any chips.
At St. Annie's Sunday school. I
jowell , In answer to the question , "Whi
Is the greatest church festival' a lltt
orphan of C years promptly answer *
'Strawberry festival. "
It Is reported of "Slugger" Sullivan thi
le enc listened to a sermon delivered b
Mr. Talmag , and as ne left the church I
ernarked sotto voce : "I hope he'll stick t
preaching. If be should ever Uke to tt
nanly art I'm gone. I wouldn't stand o
Before him for big money. "
"Did you attend church yesterday !
asked an np-town bella of her friend U
morning. "Of conne I rild , " sba repllec
"Do you suppose that I would go to tt
expense of buying a new bonnet and drei
without embracing the first opportunity (
exhibiting them to the public. "
One of our American millenaries I
Armenia had a lot of Moody and Sanke
lymn books come through the malls , bt
the eagle-eyed inipector of the Turkla
postoffice decided that "Hold the For !
was Intended to encourage rebellion an
upurgitod that inoffensive lyric froi
every copy.
"Where do the wicked men gowhodrin
q ot ? " aiked a Umperance lecturer of
! JS iib ° T at Anrtn | Surday schoo
vveu , oaje of them RO to Borriefold
saloon OM go to the Iron Front , but th
wicked onu-UgUUtors-alwoys go to tl
nearest o if you 8k p | he w ,
you . * Urt yn can get the bei
"I think the rrlUeiium muBt be BI
proachlng. ' remarked a HM.m ) man to4
deacon. "What makes yu , thlnk 80 ,
asked the old . "b
pwj man. > onue whe
the oontriXfuon buz reaches
vour tie
yesterday you dropped in a 35 , w
Inntead of your usual donation < > , \i °
el. " "Groit Scott ! " exclaimed tX0 oiVTr
turning pale , "why I thought I put n \
a new 2-cent pleco that I found on i
street the other day I' And th worli
Invectives of the pious old fr ad heap
upon his own bead would have mnai
hardened sinner shudder.
Missionary Work in Weit Virginia '
your husband at home1' No ; he Is co
hunting. Ho killed two'whoppingble eec
last Sunday. " "Does he fear the Lore
"I guess he does , * ca ise ho always tal
his gun with him. " "Have you any Pr
byterians around here ! ' "I don't know
ho has killed any or not. You can go I
hind the house and look at the pile of hie
to see If you can tind any of their skin
"I see you are living in the dark. " "Y
but my husband Is going to cut a wim
soon. "
Joseph Jefferson will begin a sprl
season at Fittsburg.
Mme. Ristorl Is among the drama
celebrities booked for next season.
Madame Judlo led the orchestra a
grand fete given at the opera house , Fai
Jay Rial , who with BUnsen , will mi
age Helena Modjeska's season at Ban Fn
Lotta has retired from the stage , havi
lost her voice , and will go to Europe ;
medical treatment. '
Mile. Rbea will open the new P
theatre , In Cleveland , October 15. It
rapidly approaching completion.
Strongly resembling Adelaide Nellsc
Mrs. Maddock , the new English socle
actress , has one strong pout In her fav
Mile. Dottl and Signer Monte have be
added to the list of engagements for t
coming season at the K > yal Italian ope ;
0. W. Conldock will sail for Enghv
on June 5tb , In.tbe steamer Abyssina
visit his home for the first time In twent
three yean ,
Horace WoVlcker paid 85,500 for t
tickets of the McOauu opera company
San Fraaclico and return. It entftl
forty-nine members to passage ,
Tbe new oomlo opera of "Pounca ai
Oomo ? ty"by Mr. B. E. Woolf , of Be
ton , vaa produced In that city with co
( durable success , according to all account
. . Ir. Abbey will play Henry Irving
the Boston theatre ana not at his own , tl
Park , while at the Uub. This Is done i
account of the luge stage and the chanc
for grand settings.
A new opretU , "The White Sergeant
will be produoel simultaneously in Ne
York , London wid Boston at the openli
of the next seaxm , according to the expe
tation of the witters of the work.
The ( xmmltUe of tbe Birmingham , Kn
land , musical Ifcstlval is farming to succei
In Its endeavorto Induce Verdi to write
now work for tie next series of perforc
anew to be glvin In 1885. They are n
gotlatlng with Gounod and Gade ,
In tbe stlk&ptory scene In "Pounce
Co. , " which wig brought out on Thursdi
night at the BJjhu , Boston , the looms we
operated by rtectrlelty , the apparati
being so arranjed by Mr. T. A. Edlsc
that the samepnrrent which lights tl
theatre also rtfi the machinery.
Hartley Oa&pbell nils for Europe c
the stoamihlnArizona Tueeday He RO
direct to lierllp , where ta will produce b
latest succeift''Siberia. " In German. C
his arrival thtfo be will bo tendered a r
ceptlon by tto literati of thei city. Sibei
will be prod wad on June 1214 Schauspi
Hans , Berlin. \
A llghtnlDg.jpd mo ? In St. Ptal ,
From a how'o had1 a Borlous fall ,
Thoogh boHflrod and btalaed ,
He said , when ho osod
8t Jacobs 011 " 1 * "Imply bflRta U
The Delaware house of ropresentatl / (
has passed a bill appropriating $3,000 fc
schools tor colored children.
The old white classes In Tennrmee ai
considerably excited over Bishop Warren
declaration that tbe new Methodist unlvei
slty at Chattanooga shall be used for tt
education of blacks as well as whites ,
Tbe superintendent of schools in lloche
tcr , N. Y , , has been Instructed by the ctt
board of education to visit Qilncy , Mass
and familiarize himself with the system i
education In vogue there.
Tbe Rose PolyUchnlo institute has ju <
been opened at Terra Haute , Ind. M
Cbauncey Rose , a wealthy citizen of tbi
town. Is tbe founder , Beside giving tt
beautiful buildings , be has endowed it wit
nearly 500,000 and Is soon to provide
with a library rnd a valuable muteua
The students are to be thoroughly drllle
in manual labor and the use of machinery
besides receiving a liberal education.
A loiter from Dr. McCosh , of Prlnceto
college , to THE BRB , saysj "We are t
have a local examination tor entrncce I
Princeton , at Des Molnes , Iowa. The e :
aralnUlon will begin on , Jur
21 , nt 11 a. m. , and continue through tl
forenoon ot Friday. Perhaps some youc
men might go there from your district. "
In the year 1661 there was made i
Seidenbtrg , Germany , a barrel capi
bl of holding 800 hogsheads ol watei
This great vessel no doubt the largest evi
made was composed of 112 solid beam
which were 27 feet long. 1G feet across tl
ends , and 18 feet through the center.
The baby camel who Is now flourishln
In Central park , New York , Ii about tl
size of a colt , with long less , and tvlthot
any hump on its back. The neck U vei
iturt , but will develop in time. As tt
mother was born in the park , tbe bab
camel is a true American.
A species of spider has been dlscovere
on tbe African coast , the long , firm web i
which clooely reiemblea yellow silk , and
said to be very nearlv as good as tbe pn
duct ol sitk worms. The matter has bee
investigated by the Lyons silk inerchanl
with fsvorable results , and there seems t
be nothing to prevent acclimating tbe li
sect In r ran.c.
to the Frankfurter Zeituni
a liui/u eagle was shot on April 15 at Nal
kiH > , L pland , which hod around its nee
a br&is onain with n little tin box attache
to it. This box contained a slip of papt
on which wai written in Danish : "Canjrl
In 1792 by W. and 0. Anderson , Boetoc
inFalater , Denmark. "
A Turin jjwelerhas m de a tlay boi
formed of u tingle pearl , which shape
assumes In swell and concavity. Its sa
Is of beaten gold , studded with diamond ]
and the binnacle light at Its prow is a pei
fectiuby. An emerald serves as its rue
der , and Its stand la a slab of ivory. ]
weighs less than bolt an ounce : iti price I
Dor * Hells , aged 17 , died at Readlnf
Pa. , recently of a rupture of a blood vei
sel brought about in a very strange mat
ner. Two years ago a small lump at
peared on her right arm and Increase
gradually , nntll recently her arm got to b
thirty-four inches in circumference nea
the shoulder. The enlargement of tb
bone caused the arteries to hunt. Hen
orrhages followed and she d'ed of exhani
tion. The arm weighed forty-two pound
A California lion , measuring six and
half feet from tip to tip , was killed a lei
days ago by George Cootes in one of th
canyons back of the Hiller place , Sant
Barbara , Cal. This Is doubtless the sam
lion reported as een from time to time i
that vicinity. Voriom disappearances o
fowls , pigs , etc. , are charged to his at
count , and those residing in the nelgbboi
hood are to be congratulated on the deat
of so formidable and dangerous a prowle :
It is eaid that "albinos , " or white freak
are to be found in every species of bird an
beait. Not long ago Mr. Huston , ot Kei
nard , Ind. , caught a white rqulrrcl , Tb
little creature Is ns white as snow , and a ]
pears to be healthful. It plays a goo
deal , nnrl In quite a pet. In I'luv uu
county , Virginia , during tbe winter jm
( rouo , a sportsman shot n white partrtagi
Tbe bird H plumage is as white as that of
Baa-gull. It wn > rent to Richmond , whei
It has beeu atufltd and mounted as a cur
There la a curious clock in the cathedn
* . Lutiec'iC. Germany. Ou the end of th
hur bund there is a little clock whic
keep. exut tiino with the large clocl
-In ] " InlotWpieco of conrsa goes roun
and rounithb Urgor dial , nnd reminds or
ofa"wh el within a wheel. " In a Swli
museum tnere Is w ich that is only thn
oixteonthol an itch In diameter. It is Ii
Bertod In the top ol an olfl-faahlpned pei
cll-casc , neb as our grandmothers used 1
posses. Its little dial not only Indicati
hiurg , inhutej , and seconds , tut also do ]
of the mffltb.
The osrlches recently turned out In L <
Angeles jounty became panic stricken lai
week anl knocked the fence down , tine <
the blrdt escaping. 1 he Anaheim Gazetl
says : ' "X reward of fifty dollars was o
fered fir the bird. As Mr. Strong , i
Norfolk.vas driving along the highway tl
ostrich miked socially up to his wage
and exanlned Its contents carefully , ev
dently insearch of something eatable , '
subsequently fraternized with a band i
( heap , ad resented undue familiarity a
the part'if the herder by knocking hi :
down wbnever he approached too closi
He was frand with the sheep andrelurni
to his cot pardons '
We fell that > o are doing the publ
a favor h calling their attention pa
ticnlarljtoHood'iStnapirllla. Tb
is not a latent medicine , but a propr
etary ariole , possessing real curatli
propertln , and Us effects upon tt
blood an very potitivo. Spring di
blllty. blllonsnoM , dyspepsia and a
troubloacaaaed by impure blood rea <
lly yield to thla excellent mediclni
Wo thldc these who give it a trial f c
that "ott of aorta" feeling from whlc
BO mansr suffer and which la peooll ;
to thli Icasou , will bo quite satisfic
with thi results. _
An oak. tree near Smlthfield , N , 0
rivals tha big trees of tbe Yosemlte Va
ley , It Is said to be thirty-two feet I
clrcamference and fourteen In diameter ,
Eollablo help for the weak , norvoi
and debilitated dyipeptlo sufTerc
found in Brown's Iron Bitters.
Two well developed and healthy looklc
frogi alarmed a Montgomery , Ala. , netji
by bopping out of a solid log three fei
thick wben It was opened by a sharp bio
of the axe.
, Coi
i , St. VI
- ' no i/uiioo , Alct
holism , Opium Eating , Seminal Weaknes
Uupotency , Syphilis , Scrofula , and all
Nervous nnd Blood Diseases.
C5V To ClcrgvmcnLaw vers.LlteraryMci
Merchants , lUuUrs , Ladles and all vhoi
; ratloiiIrrcgiilarltlc80fthollloodStomacl
Jowcls or Kldnoj s , or who rcquiro n ncn
oulc , nppctUcr or etlniulaut , Samanta
yen lite U Invaluable.
wonderful Invlgor-
ant ttmt ever BUS- J | | : . | ' I'.I-.IV.
Ecnd stamp.
The DR. S. A. RICHMOND MED , CO .SolePropr
SC. Joaojpli , o. ( U
Association CELEBRATED , 1
Orders from any part of the State or the
Entire West will be promptly shipped ;
All Our Co > < ! s are Made to the Standard of our
Sole Agent for Omaha and the West.
Office Ooriior 13th and Barney Streets.
, CO. ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Beat Brands of
Fire and Burglar
1020 Farnham Street ,
3AKfliJ !
la only .attained by nalng
Stoves and Sangss. *
For onlo by
InU-maie )
J2I3 Farnam St. . Omaht ,
BOLLN & SffiVERS , I H. BOLLN& * ) . ,
1509 Douglas Street. | Oor. 16 and California St.
. , . . . _ .
litre brought to this city from the firms of Liodredth & Son's. Philadelphia a
burn * Co. , Naw York , tbe largest stock ot CUrdea ind Field Seeds . ever iaipod hcTore'tott , |
city , all ol which are guaranteed to be fresh and true to the nuni.
Prices will alee be as low as any Eesponsible Dealer \n Make ,
mar lO-eod-tf HENRY BOLL & QO.
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Depot , OMAHA , 9EB
Window Caps , Finials , Skylights , &c.
BUEMPING' & BOLTE , Proprietors.
Tin , Iron and Slate Roofers
Ornamental Galvanized Iron Oornices , Iron Sky Lights , 'Hto ,
310 South Twelfth Street , . OMAHA , N B
mar T-mon-wed-lrl-me.