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The Daily Bee.
Thuradny Morning , April 12.
Weathar Report.
( The following observations were taken
at tbe sarno moment o ! time at the stations
Linen dniters and winter uhtera on
alternate das nro now the r no.
"Johnathkn Hoiebladc , or Ltfoin Kn-
land. " will be played April 231h by St.
U Barge's society.
A wagon laid of lumber broke down In
front of Nave , McUoid and Drad ) ' * Tiled-
day. It waa not very nrriont.
There Is a good deal of trouble rst
present with tho-Waring fewer system , tlie
pipes not being targe enough to do their
work ,
The Cczzeni house property has been
flooded with water for a day or two by A
broken main , and Ninth ttreet is being dug
up to repair the leak ,
Reserved seats for Wm. J. Scanlan gen
n silo this morning. Mr. Scanlan
presents "Friend and Foe" at Iloyd'n Fri
day and Saturday.
The little son of Architect Dufrcno ,
who fell down the stal rs of the Mlllard on
Sunday , is doing better nd will probably
escape permanent Injury ,
Hon. W , I * . P. St. Clair has been ftp-
'pointed acting superintendent of the Utah
k Northern railway , with headquarters at
K glo Rock ,
The street railway company is build
ing a double track on Ninth street , and the
portion near tha Tank Line company's
DOUM has been stralgter.ed.
There Is an elegant opening for dam
age suits agalnit the city nt the s .uthoast
corner of Thirteenth and CalifoniU strcotr.
The ildowalk h broken und the culvert
beneath yearns for the reception of broken
A birthday party wn < | . ; lvea Tuendny
on Twelfth htrooi , Kotwctn Furnara and
Uarney , and 1'hlllp Houck raleed a din-
tnrbance during which he broke the stove
and fctruck the liont and hcatcis. His
hearing was tot foryoitcrday afternoon.
Marvin tyid Laura Jenklni respectful
ly thank their friends for their kindness
during their sail bereavement , and espec
ially Mrs. J. M. Tbunton for wreath of
fbwers. ' Mil. & MRS , L. JENKINS.
"Baby" Darnel , "the Nebraska
Giant,1' who left Omaha some months MO
with Paddy Ryan , to become tbo cham
pion pugilist of the country , returned from
tha est yesterday looking well , lie did
not come alone cither ,
Invitation ) are ont for the marriage of
Mr. John 8. Miller and Miss Nellie M.
Munton , danghter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. D.
Muwon , of this city , which will take
placs on Thursday , April 10th , at 8 p. m. ,
at tbe North Presbyterian church. A re
ception at tbe family reiidenee , on North
Eighteenth street , will follow the wed
ding ,
Col. C. S. Chaw , Omaha's new mayor ,
who has been quits tick for sere al dayi ,
since tha election , 1s reported much better
to-day and is expected to be able to appear
on tha streets to-morrow or next day. He
Is said to here been already iworn in by
Walter Dennett , Eiq , , notarypubllo , some
ol his anxious friends feeling alarmed and
looking to tha Interests of Mr. Baker's
In Judge Beneko'a oouit two
diiturbors of tha peace paid | 3 and ousts
each , one Blocumb paid $10 and costs , and
four tramps were fired out of town , A
colored waiter employed at the transfer
was arrested for carrying concealed weap-
ont , but provad that the weapon belonged
toafilend , and that ho brought It acrou
the rlrer to purchoio oirtrldfies.He was
thereupon diicharRed ,
The lecture given at the South Omaha
M. K. church Tuesday entitled "Army
Incidents and Battle Bcenei" wai quito
well attended by an appreclattvoaudienu ,
who lUttutd with breathleea attention to
the iptaker , the Rer. J. W. Stewart , who
went Into the war from one cf the leading
Method lit churches of Peoria , Ills. , hav-
In * gotten op a volunteer company , made
up Ur tly oi members nf bis church , and
joined the Sixty-fcurth Illinois regiment ,
known as Yates' ihirp ihooters , of which
the r rertnd fighter became major and was
know a by his men , a crrat puny of whom
were Irlih , as the "fiphtin'praycher , Capt.
Stewart. " hour and half tbe aucll.
ence llitened to the way In which tbe men
fought blel and died to aave the Union ,
and on the whole ererybody went away
well latii&ed and left the coffers of the
church much the larger and they hope to
bear him soon again ,
With DUUKEE'S BALAU Dnr stxo
there is'no waste or dliappolntmont
yon are certain to produce a Rood sal
ad. It costs ICES than home-made ,
and. ia , besides , a nuperb table sauce ,
Has the largest assortment of Riugc-s
and Cook Stove , Barb Feoco Wire ,
all of which yon can buy cheepor than
any place in town at G15 and C17 X
10th atroot. m27-mo-tf
Mnde from the wild flowora of the
it la the most fragrant of perfume.
Manufactured by II. B. Slaven , Sin
Francisco. Fonalo in Omaha by W ,
) . WhltenouBB and Konnard Broa.
Ve notice the Marriage Fund , Mutual
Truit AatociaUon , of Ovdar lUpids , Iowa ,
highly spoken of in tneny of the leading
paper * of the state. "Mcney for the Un
married" heads tholr advertisement In
another column ot this piper , f J-Sra
The Omaha Loan and Building
Association ,
Its Organization and Election
of Officers.
An Important organization was ef
fected In Omaha Tuesday , which
will bo known aa the Omana loan and
building association. This stop has
boon taken in furtherance pf a deslro
for an institution whoso * counterpart
is to bo found in all the leading cities
of the oast.
Tire hundred and thirty-eight
shares wore subscribed latt night , the
par value being $200 per sharo.
The initiation fee is 25 cents on
each fharo and a monthly Installment
of $1 per share is paid. No stock
holder can hold more than ton shares.
Directors were elected for the first
year ao follows :
W. F. IJeohel , M. H. Gjble , John
II Butler , 0. II. Turnoy , L , H. Korty ,
G.'Andreon , E. K. Long , John Wilson
and J. Roslcky.
The association will loan money to
its members npon real osUto nccurlty
to bo invested in building homes and
improving property. It Is a most Im
portant and praiseworthy enterprise.
A Farewell Send Off to Mr.
Win ; Fawcett ,
A Banquet to tbe Same Gen
tleman Last Night.
Tnoiday the employes of the
Union Pacific presented Mr. Wm.
Fawcott , for sixteen years pait super
intendent of the U. P. foundry in
this city , with a splendid gold watch ,
purchased of A. B. Hnbormann & Co.
Ontho face of the watch is a wheel
within a laurel wreath , and on the re
verse the monogram "W. F. " On the
Inside of the cue is engraved the fol
lowing : "Presented to William Paw-
Bott by the employes of the Union
Pacific foundry , April 10 , 1883. "
The presentation was made at
Fconey and Connolly's hall by Mr.
Qalnn , who aald
MR. FAWCETT Sir : We , the em
ployes of the Union Pacific foundry ,
have requested your presoncD hero In
order that wo might hivvo the oppor
tunity of presenting you with some
trifling token of our respect and es
teem , npon thoovoof your withdrawal
from amongst us. Wo feel it would
bo n disgrace to ourselves did wo per
mit you to depart without our testi
fying to the many worthy qualities
both of head and heart that you
have exhibited to those under your
charge during n period of almost
sixteen years , and wo are proud to ac
knowledge that while fulfilling your
onerous duties towards the railroad
company , In exacting the full duties
of employes under your supervision ,
yen have done so in a spirit of fair
ness , holding the rights and feelings
of the humblest laborer as stored aa
that of the most conceited mechanics
Impartiality has been your rule. Fa
vorilium found no plaoa and sey-
cophanoy no reward. It ia for these
reasons wo request you to accept this
small token of our regard , knowing
that you who are well provided with
this world's wealth will not valoo It
at Its intrinsic worth , but for the
golden opinions which accompany It.
It will aorvo to remind you that
there are pleasures in life , chief
amongst them that of having done
one's duty so fully as to command the
respect of all. While we deeply regret
grot your departure wo are consoled
by the thocght that our loss ia your
gain , and Wo feel confident that your
carver in the future will be , as in the
past , one of profit to your employers ,
credit to yourself and pleasure to
those working under your superin
tendence. We congratulate the workmen -
men of Grifliu & Co. , whose labors
you are about to conduct , in the fact
that though yon may tread the quarter
deck , the identity of the sailor will
not bo lost In the rank of the captain.
Assuring you of our earnest wishes
for your future tuccoes , and that your
course may bo onward and upward ,
wo now bid you it hearty good-bye ,
Mr. Fawcott responded in a fitting
manner , and the presentation ended in
the usual social 01 jarmonts.
Mr. Fawcott > , oes to Buffalo to
takn thn partition of i < enural manager
of Gfitlin & Co.'a uu * car wht < ol works ,
nud lui to nlcsht will bo tendered n
banq'iat at thu Mllmrd by his friends.
clear or with waff , lnuon dc , etc. , "top * "
every punch for fltTor. It Is uted clear or
mixed to suit th taste.
A drugstore in western Iowa , popu
lation about 3.COO , stock from $6.000
to ? 8.0CO , sales $18,009 per annum ,
only two drug stores in the town , a
largo country trade. Inquire of Frank
Rogers , Mlllard Hotel dro ? store.
Piano Reolta'B. '
Lovers of piano mucio were given a
riro treat Tueedi\y at the concert
given by Miss Harris at Max Moyor'i
The programme was such a one aa
haa never beioro been given to an
Omaha audience , and from the first
number In the programme , the Bach
Chromatic Funtatlo and Fugue to thu
WagnopLtat Splunerlird and Taun-
htnser March , at the close was played
with an exactness , and at the same
time a depth of fooling and conscienti
ous interpretation that at once places
Mura Harris In the front rank of Amer
ican pianists.
The vocal numbers were Schubert's
"Impatience , " sung by Mr. Pennoll
with his usual good twte ; WellluR'a
"Some Day , " which wai hloftjysunc
by Mrs. Squires , and for which she
was encored , and Hartley's beautiful
setting of the llnci , "When shall we
three meet again , " which wai sung by
Mrs. ? q'ilr ? , Ml s Pemiell nnd Mr.
I'otinoil , it wai ru "u'l emit ; that
ttin audimin * Insisted on having the
Intt verso repeated.
Thn UPXC uuo of this delightful
torlis cf concert * will bo to d y
evening , and h is hoped that is will
bo cDJuyod by ovun n larger number
of people than attended the concert
Tuesday evening.
Preparations for Tnotr Reception Tc-
General Manager Potter , of the 0
B. & Q. railway , telegraphed the
mayor of this city yesterday that a
party of about twenty prominent
business men of Baltimore would
arrive in the city this morning on a
special train. Upon the receipt of
this information Mayor Chasp , being
Indisposed , consulted with L'ronldont
Baker of the city council , who took
steps to provide for n proper reception
to the visitors in conjunction with
President Goodman ot tha board of
The visitors will arrive at 10 o'clock
this morning , aud will bo mot at the
depot by Acting Mayor Baker , Presi
dent Goodman , a delegation from
the board of trade and other cltlzans ,
who will take them into carriages nnd
drive about the city. An informal ro <
copllon will probably take placs In the
Paxton hotel rotunda at noon , tc
which all merchants and bueincss men
are Invited to attend.
It Is expected that the dinner will
take place an hour or tw > later , al
though the time of both dinner nnd
reception depends upon the stay thai
the visitors can make In the city ,
which is not now known.
The Supreme Court of the Unltet
Statoa Decides a Lancaster
County Land Case.
The United States supreme cour
has within a week decided the case ol
Edgar A. Baldwin , plaintiff in erroi
vs. Francis G. Starks , defendant ir
error The case , which Involves 12 (
acres of land near Lincoln , haa beei
in litigation about ton yoara. In 1882
Starka took the land aa a preemption ,
and In 1882 one Van Pelt filed a claim
on the land aa a homestead. Aftoi
years of contest In the land depart
ment of the United States , the land
department decided that Van Poll
should have the land and Issued a
patent to him. Van Pelt sold to
Baldwin , who brought judgment
against Starka. Cobb , Marqnott &
Moore filed a bill in equity in the dis
trict court of Lancaster county to re
cover the Innd and compel Baldwin to
convey to him. The district court ,
Hon. S B. Bond , presiding , dismissed
the bill and decided , following
the decision of the commissioner of
the general land cilice , that the laud
belonged to Baldwin , Van Pelt's
grantee. Starka then appealed the
case to the supreme court of Nebraska ,
where the decision of the districtconrt
of Lancaster was reversed , and the
land was adjudged to belong to Sparks
Baldwin and Van Pelt then carried
the case to the supreme court of the
United States , where the decision of
the supreme court of Nebraska la re
versed nnd the decision of Judge
Pound is reinstated , finally Bottling
the title in Baldwin and Van
Pelt. The case haa been
in litigation for over Ion years ,
and the property has become very val
uable. I ha land lies between tie
Agricultural college farm and Lincoln ,
opposite and south of the farm owned
by Levl Bnell. There la 120 acres of
the land highly Improved. The case
waa appealed from the atato suoremo
court and w'on by Limb , Bllllngsloy &
Lsmbertaon and Messrs. Mason &
Whedon , who have become largely in
tereated tn the land. The property la
said to be worth $20,000.
Nervous Weakness , Dyapepiia , Im
potence , Soxtual debility cured by
"Well's Health Ren ewer. " f 1.
ttohool Affairs.
President Long and Secretary Con-
noyer , ot the board of eduoatlonTuos-
day oauvaased the votes cast on the
school bond proposition , and found
that there wore 2,410 votoa fcr the
proposition , and only 11 against.
The school census of all children
between the agea of 5 and 21 years
was completed recently , and the fol
lowing are the figures as obtained
from Secretary Oonnoyor :
Italei , I'ctrilM.
First Wnrd . 760 -00
Second Ward . 850 802
Third Ward . 38C 616
Fourth Ward . fi'22. 680
Filth W rd . 9TU 1,031
Sixth Ward . 859 831
4,301 4.C60
Total . . . ,8,931
Comas of 1882 . 8,10 1
If you are not married , write the Mar.
Mage Fund and Mutual Tnut Associa
tion , O dar Ilaplds , Iowa , for circular !
explaining the plan. .
Real Estate Transfers.
The following deodo were filed foi
ricord In tha rrm i'Vrk's rflioc
April 10 , ' reported for THE BEE b >
Ames' real estate agency :
Chan. Stonier , w. d. , to Dora F ,
Bonott , lot C block 10. Wilcox's 2c
E V. Smith and wife , w. d. , tr
Frank Winer , r * lot 2 , block 20 , E ,
V. Smith's add -r:75
William F. Lorenzen and wife , w ,
d. , to Robert B RMdwIo , u 52 fcotol
lot 1 , block G7523.000. .
Nicholas Wolf and wife , w d. , tc
JohnKuhl , v ] of lot 4 nndci nf lol
5. bkok 5 , BaggsA Uill'a'add.-
Joseph Lut and wife , w d. , to Jane
lagn. n 25 feet of lot 5 , block 2 < J3.
$1,000. _
"Ilnb Punch , " ooiupnend of old , fine ltcj
uon and lunclous fruIU It can be wee
clear or with water , lemonide. etc. , nmlfai
lurpaitea any punch brewed at dltcre
tlon. _
That Huadana of Ulna.
Ia three tlmoa the man he WM be >
ore' he began using "Wells' Health
Renewer | 1. Druggists.
A Reported Business Transac
tion Denied.
Tno New Gas Company and Its
Advent in Omaha.
Tbo report that thoUnltod Qua Im
provement ccmpviy of Philadelphia
had consummated the purchase of the
Omaha gas company's works has
caaaod considerable talk.
It was stated thnt the pnrchaso
price wan $250,000 and the pnrohasora
wcro named aa Meaars Eiklns , Wld *
oner , Matthown , and other stockhold-
era of the United G is Improvement
company of Philadelphia ; Mr. J. B.
MlHnrd , Mr. Wallace , und others cf
the Omaba National bank ; Mr. Gay
0. Barter , preoidtmt of the Omaha
Smelting Worka company ; Mr. N fh ,
of the earau company ; and Mr. Ei-
ward Eddy , the owner ot the Denver
Gas Works , ar.d of a newly discovered
coal mine of Colorado.
A little locbl party at the Mlllard
Tuesday was also said to bo in honor
cf this important business transaction.
Mr. H. Mlllard , one of the nl
leged purchascri ) , siys positively that
the Omaha gas works have bo < m
bought ont , but the idea that $250-
000 were paid for them is propoaterouo
in view of the fact that the capital
otock is only $100,000.
The Philadelphia capitalists named
in connection with the affair uro , in
faot , vary wealthy , owning among
other things a valuable street railway
property , and one of them being ox-
toutively Interested In the Grand
omoltor , in Colorado. This latter gen
tleman ia , however , not at all Inter
ested In ( he gas business , whatever
the others may bo.
Mr. Frank Mnrpny , president of
the Omaha Gas company , denies point
blank that there has been any such
sale as that announced and says that
no such regulations its those reported
havs been in progress , or anything
preliminary to a future sale. Ho
claims that the Omaha company man
ufactures aa good a gas as any com
pany In the country and that
there would be no object In making
any such sale.
The little banquet at the Mlllard
Tuesday was not In any way connect
ed with the gas business , but was a
private social affair.
Hon. D. G. Hull , of Lincoln , is la the
Mrs , A. K. Kieth has returned from the
cant. '
T.0. . Roberta , cf Kearney , ia in the
John F. ( Jond , of Cheyenne , is in the
H. B. Uearce , of Denver , ia at the 1'ai-
1C. R. French , of Denver , ia at the
City , la at the
George S. Smith , of Plattsmouth , is at
the Faxton.
W. D. Womaofr , of Kansas City , is at
tbe Faxton.
Ben. Reynold * , of Wymore , Neb. , is at
tn P Alton.
Judge Dundy arrived in the city Tues
Hon. Lewis A. Kent , the Mlnden back.
er , Is in town. ,
J. H. Scott , the architect , haa returned
From Montana ,
Mrs. 0. HIckman returned from New
York Tuesday.
Hon. B F. Finnoo , sheriff of.Grceler ,
OoL , is at the Faxton. .
L. Mills Levy and wife , of BInghamp
ton , N. Y. , are at the Pitcn.
H. O. Beatty , editor of the Saunders
County Tribune , o tiled Tueiday ,
Charles Martton and biide spent part of
last week in Omaha visiting relatives.
J. H. Pratt , of the well known cattle
firm ot Pratt & Ferris , It at the Faxton.
H. D. Ferky , of Denver , and Mrs. E.
M. Ferky , of Lincoln , are nt tbe Paxton.
L. M. Femhertoo , 0. S. Parrotte and
W , S. Hughe ? , of Beotrlce , are at the
Mr. Walter Bird and Mr. Cook , of Milwaukee -
waukee , are stopping in Omaha on their
way west.
Charles Robinson , representing J. M.
liar ioson& Co. , of the Chicago stockyards ,
Is at the Faxton.
Mrt. R. L. G'Reillr , forelady at Atkin-
ton' * millinery ttore , has ; returned from a
vittt to thee&tt.
Mrs. Jobh F. Daley left for Chicago
yesterday In answer to a telegram oall >
it > K her to her mother's death bed.
Mr. T. J. McSbane and wife have re
turned from St , Louis , where they wen
called by the death of Mrs , McShane'i
sister ,
Gov. Irvln , of Idaho , a citizen of Keo
kuk , Ills. , was a west bound patseoger to
day , He was accompanied by CoL Cur
tis , of Idaho , and one or two others of hie
The Maverick Na tonal Bink ol
Boston draws foreign exchange , buyi
uud aollo Government and other iu <
vestment securities , aud transacto any
business for its correepondonts In the
line of banking. m&th-mo
; T2rFdat , brllliaut and fashionable
are the Diamond Dye colors. One
package colors I to 4 Ibs. of goods ,
Only 10 cento for any color.
Army Orders.
First Lieutenant W , D. Peace ,
Ninth cavalry , is hereby relieved
from duty as recruiting cllioeratFt ,
D A Russell , Wyo.
Laavo of absence for one month , tc
take effect when a permanent com
mander of the post joins , and tc
apply for an extension of one month ,
la granted Captain J , M. .Hamilton ,
Fifth cnvplry.
Laavo of absence for one month ,
with permission to apply tor an extension <
sion of one mouth is granted First
Lieutenant IVibort London , Fifth cav
The Isavo of ntnonenfor tcndb.t
granted M jir H I Ludlngto.
curtiimiNliir I" tf A. , to take
n1"nt JSovuuii-t- ) , 1882 , ia can-
Kccrnlt Wra. T Morris , enlisted at
Fort Omaha , Ntb , H nialgnod to the
Fourth Infantry.
The verbal instructions of the do-
p irtrnent to Jo J. A. Sladon , Fonrttenth
Infantry , A. D. 0. , to proceed to
Drutghton , Nob. , and return , on pub
lic service , are hernby cor.tirtuod.
MURPHY-Aprll lO.b , Alice , 'Infant
daughter ol WillUru end Honor * Mur
phy , aged one rear.
Funeral took place yesterday , April llth
[ rotn the residence , Hnratoga precinct nt 1
. /clock p. in , , to Holy Sepnlcher cemetery.
Army and Navy.
Special to St. Louis Republican.
WARHINQTON , April 7. Advertise
ments for the culo of old nnteri > in
the navy will bo ready about the 20th
of this month. T.icro is a large n , ja-n-
tity of ouchntoris at Hourly ah tLc
navy yards , which have been accumu
lating for many years.
There will by Juno bo about sixty
vacancies in the grade of Second lieu
tenant in the army. Over fifty of
these will bu filled by the members of
the next graduating claaa nt West
Point. There will probably be half a
of noncommissioned
dozen appointments -
sioned officers and two from civil life.
The officers of tbo army and navy
and enlisted men havlngclairns against
the government which accrued in
years for which the appropriations are
exhausted , would do well to 51o thorn
at once. The act of Juno 14 , 1878 ,
which authorizes the accounting offi
cers to consider and adjust such
claims and report them to congress for
appropriation , extends only for five
years from Its date and the authority
of thooe cfficera to consider claims of
this class will therefore expire on the
14th of next Juno. Of course , this
does not apply to claims less than six
years old , of which the court of claims
has jurisdiction.
Adjutant General Drum xis propar
lug the new detail for assistance in
structors at West Point. They have
all been selected except a surgeon , aud
the detail will be announced early
next week. There is some talk about
exchange of stations of the Tenth and
Twenty first Infantry , but no action
has yet been taken. Leave of ab
sence for four months , from May , is
granted to First Lieutenant John W.
Martin , Fonrth cavalry. Lieutenant
Colonel Edwin F. Townsend , Eleventh
Infantry , now on duty in the depart
ment of Dakota , will proceed to
Columbus barracks , Ohio , and relieve
Col. John B. Mason , Ninth Infantry ,
of the command of that department.
Col. Mason will proceed to Omaha ,
Nob. , and report in person to the
commanding general of the depart
ment of the Platte.
The resignation of Second Lieut.
Lorenzo L 0. Brooks , Fifth cavalry ,
has boon accepted by the president , to
take effect Juno 30. The leave of absence
sonco granted Second Lieut. Lorenzo
L. 0. Brooks , Fifth cavalry , is ex
tended to June 30. Oapt. William A.
Elder kin , commissary of subsistence ,
will proceed from Pueblo , Cjl. , to
Vancouver barracks , Washington Ter
ritory , and report to the commanding
general of trie Department of the
Columbia to relieve Cipt. Samuel T.
Cashing , commlsary of subsistence of
that department , aud as purchasing
and depot oommitsary of subsistence at
Vancouver barracks. Capt Gushing ,
on being relieved , will repair to this
city and report in person to the com-
mianary general of subsistence for spe
cial duty.
Leave of absence of First Lieut.
David J. Gibson , Ninth cavalry , is
further extended six months on sur
geon's certificate of disability.
The extension of leave of absence of
First Lieut. Gao. Smith , Fifteenth in
fantry , IB further extended six months
on surgeon's certificate of. disability.
By direction of tbe preiideut Col.
Frank Wheaten , Second infantry , it
auicned to the temporary command ol
the department cf the Columbia dnr
lug the temporary absence of Brig.
Gnn. Nelson A. Miles , U. S. army , on
leave of absence.
Georgia Democrat *
Special Dispatch to us DIE.
ATLANLA , April 11 - Tao conven
tion mot. this ir ore ing. At noon and
the ninth ballot was taken , resulting
as follows : Boynton 147 , Bacon 141
In the afternoon five ballots were
taken with no material change. Last
ballot , Bacon 155. Boynton 148 , Mo-
Danleld 31 , Cook 15.
Two Important Bill *
SpecUl Dispatch to Tni lisa.
HAUULSBURQ , April 11 In the sen <
ate a bill was Introduced to prohibit
the manufacture ana sale of infernal
machines and devices to destroy lift
and injure property.
A bill was also introduced prevent' '
Ing any attempt to personate or ropro
ent a being recognized as a , divlnltj
in the now or old testament In an )
show or other theatrical performance ,
Dlai In Bostoni
Special Dispatch toTns BII.
BOSTON , April 11. Covers were laic
for 209 at the Diaz banquet to-night ,
The ex-president in a speech said
"Hereafter wo will work together ai
good slaters In our common interests
working together to develope our re
sources , having each of us our own In
tercets running in parallel Hues whlcl
will never cress each other no matte :
how far they may bo drawn. "
The Recent Election in Miohl | > an
SpecUl Dlapatcn to Tu Bin.
DETUOIT , April 11. The effiela
canvass of the recent state eleotiot
wa madf yesterday. It is rondercc
certain that the fusion nominees foi
jidgea of the enpromo court and re
cents of the university are all elected ,
One judge , Sherwood , U not llktly tc
have over 1 000 majority. The othoi
majorities range from 4,000 to 8,000 ,
A Good Thine.
Sptdil DUpaich to Tni His ,
LAWRENCE tvausaa Apri11. . .
Margaret or "Bla" Vinegar , was to <
day convicted of murder in the first
degree , for complicity in the kllllns
of David Bwman In Jane last. "Sis"
la a negro prostitute and had enticed
to a lonely spot on the bank
of the Kaw river , vrhoto ho was sn
i 'a hy two oit'orcd ' aaeinii pilot ) * ,
1 i.j King and Gj < .n < Riber'so ' * ,
who bb t n.d cut his h ad w.thclnVa
and a hntchot until ho was dr d. Ho
trai tHnii robboti ncd ills body thrown
nto the river. King and Robortsru
irora coriiiiitd in j\ll , from which
ihoy * Pole ViuipAr1 , the father of
"Si " Vinegar , fern token by HU
irmed mob and > U"g from a brldgn
ken days nUnr thn miir or.
Do th of RedUlotd's hun-
Bpectkl Dispatch to Tun Dm.
CuiC'Ado , April 11 A yttnnf ? In
dian of 15 yeara died on the west
bound train of the Chlcigo , Fott
Wuynn & Pittshun * ra'Iroad , wur
Vtilpnritito , Iudthli afternoon. Ho
was * ion nf the celebrated Indian
chtrf , It d Olnr.d , mid win on hie wsy
to j an the tribe from Carlisle , P ,
where ho hnd botn to cclmol , His
ailment wan omturnptlon. His re-
mainn were brought to this city.
nt There
Spec'al ' Dlvntch to Tim Hun.
LAFAYKITK I"rt , Ap-il 11 Thn
i"ty in urn niAUf1"1 nnii i f M" H Ien
jloogar v . Oattf Police Maodler , ren
dered rt vnrdlot in favor i f thu plain.
tiff for $50'0 darners.
1.003 of Appotltn , Bovrols costive ,
Pain in the Head , with a dull en-
cation In the back port , Pain under
the Shoulder blade , fullness after
eating1 , with a disinclination to ex
ertion , of body or mind , Irritability
of temper , Low spirits , with a feel-
In r of navintr neglected some duty ,
"Weariness , Dizziness , Fluttering at
the heart , Dota before the oyea , Yel
low Skin , Headache generally over
the right eye. Restlessness , with fit
ful , dreams , highly colored Urine ,
TUTT'S PIIitiB are eipecUUr
ndnptcil to BUCII caae * . one loje ef
fects micH n change of feelliur to
nstanluli tlie ( itiTerer.
They lucrenie the AtipetUe.and cnnia
the body to Tnke on I'leiili , thus tha * ; -
torn la nourltlied , and by their Tonlo
Action on the I > l c tlveOricaii , ] teir-
alarNtnnl * ore produced. Price 25 oeiut.
: t.t Mnrrny Kt. . W. Y.
Orur IlAin on Wmsxens change to a GLOSST
BLACK by a slnRlo application of this DTK. It
Imparts a natural color. Acts Instantaneous
ly. Sold by DrupKlsU , or sent by eipn ssoa
Ol'l-ICE , 35 MCnRAT ST. , K. Y.
f Dr.TCTr-81IlNCAL fV.lij.lllnrom , llon a.dN
VCuM lUwlpU will Ix tlltd FUCK o > .ppUt.U tm.J
sorted unless paid In advance.
There are letters at this office for the
following advertisers :
B. G. A. M.T. , A. L K. . 0. M. . F.
G , , > . II , , V. 11. , H.V. . Him. J H , D. ,
J. G. V. , John A. , P. T. S. 4 Co. , P. T. ,
Printer , S. M , K. S. T. . S. T. . T. M. ,
\Vlfe of Tr-vv. Agt. , W. F. P. , W. M. T. .
_ _
MONEY TO LOAN-Call at Law office ol D. L.
Thomaa r.iocn 8 Crelghtoit Ulock.
MONEY Loaned ou chuttel proreity by J.
T Beatty , No 21S South 14th troot
VJ J ONEY TO LOAN-At 8 percent. Shrlvert
J.1 He > lEfltito nd Loan Agency , oppotlte
icst offlco 767-tf
LOANED On chattelmoitpue , room
7 Union mock , c.r. ICtnaudFftrnim.
421 ipr 169
WANTBD Girl Mrs. PraytoVa , 2112 Gal.
iturnl * . street 007-12t
WANTED-G.rl lor light work lu a res aur-
ant , 3U south 13th ttrett. 89o-12
mAiLOR WANTBD-To do general woik. Stea-
J _ dv empbjn.cnt. Adiress h J. , Box 26 , ' un-
lap , Iowa. 697-llt
BOY WANTEU-As Ireys Cigar Store , corner
16th and Farn matreeta. Must understand
how to run a sod i fountain. 906.11 *
\I7 ANTED Itnmedla'ely , a good nurie girl ,
VV his- wages , at nirthwtst cor. Hamilton &
Pier ( tieet , Hbinn's addition. 879-llf
ANTED A grod girl lor general housework ttrect. 831-125
WAITED A QiBl-claa dfcsa ma er. lall
at Mrs. M. nold < liloe& CD. , 3 38. Tenth
atrcct , betweeu F.rnl am and Harney. S77-l ? (
WA TED Twog-o < \ Bol'clton to l ko o-cleri
and .ell goo > . Steady cmploymo . ra'l
421 South loth itreet. 8'6-lS }
WANTED At Meichaits' DloUg U li , HOC
Piruatn btroetgojj illnlcg rocm girl.
WA V1 ED HO flrrt e sMiciloia Inquire
at ortlco of Nebra ka rnd Iowa Insurant
company , Mlllarp Hotel Uulld nx.
WAITED Man ti work -n gardtn. II. W ,
Ball , north o d green street car llnr.
WANTET > A Jew diy hoa dors at Mr. O.
Nela n'ib anlln ; house. No , 1111 OapM
artnne , Lctweon llth and 12th tt cet. 8)8 1 | |
TT7ANTED Boardofs by th day or week , 47 !
VV tthitieit , bet. Howaid and llarcey.
WANTED-Situation to do sewing and help
a1 up-stalri work. S E. cor. 22d .t5
liucn itreet. 882-111
T ADIE8 wishing a quiet place during conttne
LJ m nt , with DUTM will address W , B. Ree
office l | , ' 890-181
WANTED-PafUSi to adopt a boy baby , ten
weeks old. "Cora lox , alO T nta strttt.
\TITAN I ED Table Vard In private larrlly , bj
VV gent. AddremJjjy A , Beeotflce. 83Ul
ITTANTEDt-eoO privy vaults , sinks , and ces ! .
> T tx > ol8ta $ ' timlthsioltaryrleanrr Sit
Itif ctlun giurahUit d. J. M. 8111TII ,
,7Mrnot Lock Box-1Z2 , Great a.
WANlEU-E.trjbjuy sullerin * with tooth
and biadache. to call at 1431 Farnam ttreel
and bocur.d lieoclctatge by Home's E'ectrlc
Belt. 013-lm
I UK RtN i Pleasant Iroi.t room ,
605N. 18th street , bet. California rind cb
fltcr. tOl-Kt
F OR CENT Thrte nicely furnished roorts ,
-Itli or without Lo.rJ , at 1318 J ckson ! re t
TMRNIJIlEDROOM3-V.ry dej rMo 1-catlon
JJ Ptck , real e tata , opp. 1' . o. I90MI
FOR HEM Five roomed cottage , centra' ' ,
* 20.0V. 4 roomed Hit on Jickion street. $10
901-13 1421 Farnam stroll.
J Oll RKNT Front rom , No. OS1 Pacinc St
ccr 10th , furnished oruulurol.tHxJ.
70-S !
FOR HKN'T Two roorci Inqulro US south
lTlb streit. gn-lSI
EOIl REST Good homo and lot on 18ih St. .
Ut rei CaMtllar and Bellevus read t-ood
girden ground. AdJrcs Sarah Sliaffer , Oaatia ,
- B78-J2J
J Ot SALE 1 olianlio-r > etU rj btd room
I ( U'n.tu e. A bargain of any onj wanting
1 1 ooil lurnltuie. loa N. Itti ttreit. roili
I71iiKSAUI ! IUniiom i'ia5Blotf. Vcrj cutUu.
JL ( . .VI at office for pricjai U term .
. UALL01 ,
< " -l3 Hoi
y Atwo'irsepowfr na tir n'oim
t.Kln , In if oi o d r , ch p. Samuel Reca ,
bol > n't i Joh ptlnlcr at.d Milder , On aht.
8"7 14 _
FOB SALE-On t if , rooms , el , well It
movtdl t , Kxir.u ! b eui llin anl 20th.
on Dorcai ftieo * TcrmB issr. A Iluril , Pck.
oppoilte poilclTlc .
_ 853-12
R 11 my store building en ( he sooth side it
snuirr , bu Idlftf toby 50lett , two stories , with
living roomi a'o\e , good cellar , lull ike ol
bull liif and an additional ro3 < u li ( tct rnuire
a Rfod * ellot watcron tlie pr.m > e > . AUtmy
stcck if mlillnen , fincy dry goods and no-Ions.
Iwlllii'l ihelulldlnx without lit utoek If de
sire , or the .tccv without the Imllrtlrg Any
par'v wlsliln to cni { > m n butt IPS ol this
( lid \vlll flnaltn r.i'o Wgiln , and ( host .lohis
asvoodatra oasMiytt rootihekiti liuonth-
wcstir Iiw. reason. Ivn for ncl Inon ac-
court of sickness. Ca I on or i > ildres
C. R. MELD > " ,
803-K-AlC.3t _ Vjillca , Iowa
j Ott SALE A flr t-j'a'BBScot.d h nltoo him-
1'py Onl at 1319 Hatney tictt 3 7-t
1 aero hvi'o. one mile fr m city One
hundred . ] del ixr in acre. K sv tern B. '
This , cund l > hotuMf 1 y flttm'nl II txielioit
lorta Ou unnil u l frul' . FicMi uprln * tjr
liiabindMc. \icitrrcaclie ! b > tiia lici- ai
lca < llnj , ' out fie u tru city ercoer-y shown on
optlo | tltn AULOU BK ,
8U-1H 14" ! FrtroMnHttcet.
FO't SAlK-Uottaire and tornor lot In nuol-c.v
ton ! 820iO. llariralii mist be sod I cfoio
Mayl t. HcfAOUBoip B | e 1' O. 8 4 tf ' .
EOll SALE S room h'.uv . , KOO' order , clt rn
ccalhourc , b rp , lull lot , mile Irom tie t <
offlie VeryEisy Tor'ta , Sl.COO.
8U tt AMfcS , Farnam St ,
EOR SALi Lot on Jfl'ii etreet nsir Farnra.
fnly 8.00. McCAOUa oppotlto P. 0.
I7OR HALE 5 rrom house , cellar , cistern , etc.
r and 3 room houje , lot tCxl33walka One hadi
trees , bockrlrom ! tit M-ry's avenue can hall
mlle Irom postoffleo , { 3.3 ; 0
605-tl AME3 , Farnam itroct.
TT OR SALE Mouse and lot on DouglrB street ,
JT only { 900. . McCAGUE opposite P.O. 823-tt
FOR SALE 7 roim house , lot 68x142 , Bhade
troeB , good cellar and cii i rn , flno location ,
un ttrret car line. Payments to suit , 13,500
J'Obtl _ AME3 , Farnam St ,
FOR RENT Ten houses In good location * .
M'.CAOUE opposite V. O. 825-tl
POR SALE F.w choice acrol"ls , wen" Omaha ,
fin-ly located , easy terms Five are and ti o
acre lor , hou'caand Ills In all bca lans , at pri
ce * and terms to suit purchaser ! * .
07-tf _ AMtS.j'arnaniitrcct.
T OR S 4LE - ' ot 44x32 feet anil grocery f tote
" with liting room a'jove 15th s.not near
MpCAOUE op sleP0M ( b21-tl
l tORS LE CoiUgeanl lamer lot In Ncrth
C Oroah * 01350 Bargain , McCAGUE rpposit *
P.O. 822-tt
_ _ _
SALE A rarn clpncc. a ni w store 22x40
feet and let c nt Inlniro coraplote Jtck of
irenern rnerchar dl'i , rd enjoying th beat-fit of
a healthy and sttadhy Inc eai n < business , loca
ted in coilre of ono of the be-t sgncultural dU-
trctsin wfst'rn Io a. I erma liberal , write P.
O , box 6 , Imogene , la _ 713-12J
J taper , in a > oimK > nd grontrg townlu Eas-
trm Nehraika. Addrefs G II. Bee Office.
621-1 mo
LU'R dALK OR KENT Voso Piano.
JD 528-1 1 C. J. OANAN.
"DEMIS'New Map of Omaha , Just completed and
JL > ready for dolh cry at $0 each. Is 4 feet wide
by 7 'eet long. Largest and most complete map
ol Omaha aver published. Official map ol tha
city. Sae column. _
FOR SALE CHEAP Choice unimproved bus
iness lota ou Farnam. Ilarney , Doughs ,
and Dodge streets. DAVIS & SNYDER ,
Real Estate Agents ,
110-eod-tt _ 1605 Farnam St.
| 7\OR \ dALE A aral claes second band tiniwion
1 ? CallatlSlBnirneySt. _ H97-H
T710K aALErocuets maps ol Nebraska 20c
JU each. For bargains In Omaha City Improved
and unimproved property , call on Wm. F , Bhrl-
ver , Heal Estate Agent , opposite postofflce.
REWARD-The above reward will b
p ld by P. O. Donnell to iny one giving
BU.h information at will > ead to the Id ntlty of
the pirty or parties who , on Ihe night cf April
9-h , pic. d ar"l > oal car door agtlnst hU dwell *
lrgh'iu"on tli street , let. Lcavenworlh and
Mercer st.c la 891-llt
. . rTOnESTOV. Trance Medium and
C alrvn ] att , will diagnose d sea'ei and de-
tc Ibe spl'it 'rlendi , aud alaa give test on mtn *
enxls. Hi 1 be for a few dijs at 279 Douulai
street , ret. 16th and ICth. 892-13) )
STRAYED A lvg red anl white row , two
weeks ago. Kelura I r reward to Henry
Pundt , 893-12
mEN DOLLAI1S III WAttD Andnj quoiiltna
J. atkedlrr th < riturn ol ray -allse > nd over-
co tiken frsmt'at U. P. D.pol Monday even
Ing. April 9th. J. A. < LARK
8'0-llt Paxttn
QTRAYED From the subscribeonMatca 26 ,
IO cur re'l na white Knotted o w , about S yoara
old. Expe.ted tj call soon. U. Anders. 1312
north 18th Btre-.t. 878-131 H
-i n Monday last a cow , 3 yetrs old
STRAYED blue with right ear split. Fin
der will be well rewar'ed ' by the owner. B
KELLNEn 1515 St. 820-12 }
TT7 ILL take children of ny age give them a
VV uiothcra care for a liberal comrensatlon.
A diem Y. Z. HH nfllce 8fiK.lmo *
bH. HA > SiN , Midwlf" . h > 8 rune I irora
Dtli a > id JacVajn to 16 h and Murcy Sis.
TIONALIST , 49S Tenth street , between Farnam
and Ilarney. Will , Hh ihoald of xuardlao
anlrlta , obtain ( or any one a glance nt the part
and present , uid on certain conditions In tbr In-
ture. Boots aud Shoe * mtvl to onler.
rent's'cHz r At ) rl 't IS N ItVAf. .
N. B-ln taklr.p 8EWZEH APERIENT In hot
water , walk until tbe effervescence hai entirely
erased. Tbe water should be bit not ' < pld
or lukewarm.
Absolutely Pui-e.
This pow Jtr never varies A marvel of purity
ilrcngtbaud holetomcnens. More oconomlcil
than tha orplnary k'nds. and cannot be said lu
competition with the multitude of low test ihorl
weight , alum or ph'sphate powiter Sold only In S
cans. ROTAJ. B wo Powesa 00. , Wall l. (4i ( * "
New York.