Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 12, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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DAILY BEE-THURSDA V A Elf , 12 ' - 7 ,
Headquarters for the justly Celebrated WEBER PIANOS , now approved and used by afl first class Artists. WE i f i 1
Guitars , Accordeons , Music Boxes , Italian Strings , Etc. , , Etc. Also a full line of
Fancy Goods , Childrens'Carriages , Velocipedes , Sycicles , Carts and Wagons. To make room for new stock
will sell at
Good Organs at $50 and upward. Pianos and Organs sold for Cash and on Monthly Payments , Orders solicited
Address , J. MUELLER , Council Bluffs , Iowa 1
Latest sty'eH from the east , in Lanptry Waves and Reversible Lan
Frlzzaa at MRS , .1. J. GOOD'S , 29 Main street , qp'poslte pest ( .fficr.
MES. E J fllLTOfa M i -
. , , , , . ,
22 -w - ConnclllBlnJr * .
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Ext. . .520 p m I Pacific Ext..9lSa : m
Ex and Mall * . .925 am Ex and Mall.6 Spm
D. Uolne * &c'.7:15 : a m | Do * Molncsoc.4:40 : p m
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Exf. . . 5:30 : p m I Pacific Ex t . . . .920 a m
Hall and Ex * . . 0:20 : a m Mall and Ex * . .7:00 : p m
N.T. Ex . 4:00 : p m | Neb & Kaa Ex. . 8:20 : a m
Depart Arrive.
Atlantic Exf. . .6:15 : p m I Pacific ExJ. . . .9:15 : a m
Ilall and Ex * . .0:20 : a m Mall and Ex * . .6:15 : p m
Accom ( Sat ) . .5:50 : p m | Accom. ( Mon..l:45 : p m
Depart. Arrive.
Ilall and Ex.,9K5am : I Express . 0 0 pm
Xxpneo .SllO p m | Mall aid Eg..6't5 p reunion
union ? Acino.
Oratboil Sz.IiaO a. m. Overland 5x * 4:00 :
Lincoln Ex. . liaoa. l. Denver Ex..8DO a. m ,
Denver Ex. . . 7 0 p.m. Local Ez 630 a. n.
Local Ex . 7:25 : a. in. " Ex 9:050. : m.
Emigrant. . . . 520 p. m. 11 Ex P00a.m.
WABAHII , sr. wuis AND rAcmo.
Depart , Arrive.
Hall and Ex. . 9:45 : am I Moll and Ex. . 4SO pm
Cannon Ball. . 4:50 p m | Cannon Ball. . 11:05 am
Depart. Arrive.
For Bloux Clty.7 6 a m Frm Sioux C"y.G:50 p m
For FortNlobrara. Frm Fort Nlobrara ,
Neb * . 7 5 am N b * & 50pm
For St. Paul. . . 7:40 p m From St. PaoL.8 0 a m
Leave Council Bluffs. Arrives Council Bluffs.
Hall and Ex.920 a m I Mall and Ex. . . " 0:55 : pm
Atlantic Ex.5:15pm | : | Atlantic Ex. . .19.10 a m
Leave * Omaha. Arrive * at Omaha.
Mall and Ex. . * 7l5 a m I Pacific Ex. . . . . 19:45 : a m
Atlantic Ex.3:40pm ! : | Mall and Ex. . ' 7-25 pm
Except Sundays. \ Except Saturday * . { Except
HondaMi. ( Dolly.
Council Bluftg & Omaha Street B. B.
Leave Council Ulufls. Leave Omaha.
8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m , I 8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m ,
11 a m , 1 m , 2 p m , 3 p 11 a m , < pm , 2p m , 3 p
m , 4 p m , 6 p m , 6 p m. | m , 4 p m , 6 p m , 6 p m.
Street cars run half hourly to the Union Pacific
Depot. On Sunday the cars begin their trip * at
9 o clock a. m. , and run rciru > ariy during the day
at 9 , 11 , 2 4 , 6 and 6 o'clock , and run to city time ;
Warranted Absolutely pure
Cocoa , frcm whkn theciccsi
of oil b a been removed , lints
three time * the trenath of
Cocoa mixed nttu Sttrcb , Ar
row Rooter fiugar , and Is tbnre
fora fr more e onomlcal. It Is
Jellclous. nourishing , strength
ening , raslly digested , and ad-
talranly taijited for Inva Ids M
well as for persons In heilth ,
Sold by Orocero Everywhere
W , BAKER& Co , .Dorchester. . Mass
. .
and Tronehnrom
hii only life authoilzed by her and which will
not be a "Blood and Thuudcr" story , such as has
been and will be put lUhed , but a true life by the
only person who Is In posexglon ol the facta a
faithful and devoted wife. Truth Is mart ntcr.
cstln ? than fiction. A cents should apply or ter
ritory at once. I e 76 ct , for 8mplo book.
< n * < nffr *
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000
JAS.B. MEARTWELL , President.
A. L. CLARKE , Vice-President.
B. 0. WEB3TEB , Treasurer
Bumul Alexander Oiwald'Ollret.
A. L. Clarke , K. 0."Web t r' '
Oeo. H Pratt , , Jaa. B.OIeartw U ,
Firat Mortgage Loans a Spedi lt >
This Company furnishes a pttrmanent , horn *
Institution wbere School Bend sand other Ur > ly |
Issued Municipal socorltle to Nebraska can b *
be negotlatnd on tha moit favorable terms
Loans made on Improved farm In all well settle *
counties ot tbaitata through lrHpon lh ! | local
mm & SNYDER.
G05 Farnam St. Omaha Nebraska.
Circtully selected land In Eastern Nebraska for
sale. Great Birgalos In improved farma , Omahf
Oall and look over my iiew ( ton and le
my new good * .
12O7 Forxuua Btrat. 1CO7.
Under tba nuoacement of Mr. Hal/ib / ,
Cor , Water and Congress Street * .
CAPITAL , - - 8400.0OO
Transacts a general Banking business , Re
ceives the account * of Banks , Bankers and
others. Draws Foreign Exchange and
makes Cable Transfers in Europe and Tel
egraphic Transfers of Money throughout
the United States. Buys and sells Gov
ernment and other Investment Securities ,
nd executes any business for its Corre
spondents In the line of Banking.
ASA P. POTTER , Pretlden' .
J. J. EDDY , Cashier.
J. W. WORK , Ass'tCaihler.
Milwaukee & St. Paul
I * now running Ita FAST EXPRESS TRAINS
Pullman's Magnificent Sleepers
Finest Dining Oara in the World. .
Or to anv point beyond ; of
Take the BEST ROUTE , the
Ohicago , Milwaukee&St PaulR'y
Ticket 'office located In Paxto i Note' , at come :
Farnam ancFourteenth | streets and at U. P. De
pot and at Mlllard Hotel , Omaha.
tySoo Time Table In another column
F. A. NASH , General Airent.
0. n. FOOIE , Ticket Agent , Omaha.
OcneralManoKoi. General Pass. Ageni
General Sup't. Asa't Gen "Nas. Aseo
Genius Bewarded ,
The S'lnry tf tnn flo
Alhandiomo llttlo pxmphlet , blue and gold
cDver wita numetoui eugr.vln/s , will bo
to a y adult person cilllng for It , at any Watcher
or sub-olllco ol the Singer Manufacturing Com
pany , or will bo suit by mall , poK-pald to any
p ron llvlag at a d stanre from our oftlce ,
The Singer Manufacturing Go , ,
Principal Office , 84 Union Square
Arw acknowledged to be the
beat by all vho h&vo put them
to a umotical test
Buck's Stove Co. ,
The therllT may be a vigilant nHbei
and slurp cqough to keep prisoner * from
getting out of jail , but he gut caught on
the stamp trick j edcrday. A thirsty
soul got a stamp of him , and offered to
pay him for it , bnt the sheriff gcnorouily
declined the proposqd iitckol. After the
man had left the office the other * gave him
the luugb , instating that the sheriff was
duped and the man wanted the stamp to
get a drink with. The sheriff wouldn't
believe it , but when bo watched tbo man
tear up the envelope an he walked off , he
madi up hia mind that they were right ,
an'l ho was the victim.
A Mlaalnw Man.
The chief of polioo yesterday re
ceived a telegram from Lashvillo , la. ,
making inquiries concerning J , A.
Simonda , ono of the residents of that
place , who has boon missing for the
past two weeks. It was thought pos
sible that ho might have been here ,
' at no trace could bo secured of him.
'he Calaboose Crowded with UUBOD.
national Lodgers
Ono of the newly appointed officers ,
Leonard , entered actively upon hla
titles by arresting a herd of vagrantb ,
rho were found sleeping in box cars
intheO. , . & Q. yard. Ho drove
hem np to the calaboose and there
eglstered them as John Maloy , John
Lstwler , Joe Kenney , John Wllliamo
, nd Ed Gast. There wore four free
odgors in the calaboose also , who
lavint ; no other place to stay at night
> nd having committed no offense
gainst the law , so far as known , were
allowed to sleep there , so that with
the ordinary customers ' the city's
hostelry waa packed , and the
little rooms looked like well-Glled
herring boxes. In the morning the
simple lodgers were turned loose ,
while those who had asplrod to the
'nxnry of sleeping in box cars were
ound guilty of vagrancy and fined
$50 each and costs. Being unable to
pay the costs , much leas the fine
they were given a chance to work ou
the indebtedness on the streets , with
a probability of getting a chance to
skip out , to the rulluf of the authori
ties and of citizen * before balancing
the account.
Patrick \Vard was another of Office
Leonard's arrest * . He stood churned
with assaulting Qoorgo Wesley , He
owned np , aud was given ono day lu
A , Schroeder was brought before
the bar on the charge oE assaulting
Pdter Hanson , Vint there was u lack of
evidence aud the accused was dis
Ed. Lincoln , the colored man ar
rested for assaulting another follow of
his shade with a poker , wna iiuua
enough to use np a ton dollar note ,
and not having the note was allowed
to got it.
A Llfo BaYing Service
Mr. M. E. Alllaon , Hutchison , Kan , :
Saved bis life by a simple Trial Mottle of
Dr. King's New Discovery , for Consump
tion , which caused him to procure a larao
bottle that completely cured him , when
Doctors , change of climate and everything
else had failed. Asthma , Bronchitis , Se
vere Coughs , and all Throat and Lung dis
eases. It 1 * guiranteed to cure.
Trial bottles free at 0 F. Goodman's
drug store. Large size , $1 ,
aprl 2-eod4w Iw
Tbe Names Drawn for the Juries ot
tbe District Court
Among the preparations made for
the coming term of the dlatilot court ,
which opens next month , Is the draw-
lug of the grand and petit jury. ' / ho
grand jury is to meet en the 14 h of
May , and the following will oompoeo
tlmt body : W E B lr. Avocuj Wm ,
Wilson , Council Bioff. ; F T. 0. John-
Ron , Neola ; If. D Hardm , Council
Blutt > ; J F. Purdy , Council IJ'uffi , ;
A. VV Ojtfirmn , Avoca ; Peter Bech
tolp , CouDcll Bluff. ; D. Hoist , 0 mncil
Blullaj John Evtra , Council Bluff. ;
A , C Uorcmnn , Avoca ; Wm Beezlpy ,
Macedonia ; Bazll Fox , Honey Creek ;
A. W. Wyman , Council Bluff * ; Eo >
t'ono SlcuppeJ , Council Bluffs ; \V , H.
ATcglnhlsB , Council Bluff *
Tbo following am to eurvo aa potlt
juror , to moot May 10th ;
llobort Curry , Nflola ; W. L. Mercer -
cer , Grlswold ; V B Perry , city ; A.
McDinlold , Walnut ; Ribort Miller ,
Taylor station ; John Page , Honey
rreok ; II. Rickets , Council Bluff * ; Q.
H. Jones , Council BlnQi ; H. P.
Nlles , Council Blnffr ; Reuben MorrU ,
Oakland ; E. S Knntnor , Avooa ; It ,
Morford , Cirson ; 7 0 Strong , dak-
hnd ; Robert Baot , Walnut , Hans
llolinors , Mdiden ; Sooll Mlllard ,
Council Blnff < ; B. F. Ojmbs. Honey
rjok ; 0 Riborts , Walnut ; Fred
Limb , Sr. . Council Bluffs : W. R.
Wlthnroll , Ojuncll Blnffa ; O L. Bar-
ratt , Council Bluffs ; W. 0. Uuthank ,
Council Bluff. ; E. O. Sears , Council
Bluff * ; -Albert Forties , Council Bluffs.
The best preparation of iron a doc
tor can prescribe is Brown's Iron Bit-
turs , because it aoos not injure the
teeth as other Iron medicines will.
llaccoons come into Creston to raid un
tbo ben roost * .
MuBcatlno Is to have a new hotel with
seventy bedrooms.
The Wabash road is ready to build a
Uulon depot at Kookuk.
A large acreage of prairie will be broken
up around Fonda thl * season.
Of or fifty largo bnslnes * houses are now
under contract In De * Moines.
The coal struck at Fontanelle Is five
feet six inches thick and SCO foot deep ,
The new city building In Des Moine * has
cost $25,637 70 , and the end 1 * not y t.
Bouno will employ an engineer to take
evela and make estimates for waterworks.
A four days' mooting of the trotting
Ircult will benin at Cedar Kaplda on
'uno 13.
Boring for cool was to begin Tuesday on
ho fur in of 0,1' . Woodard , just east of Le
Petersen claim * a Bethsada of a mineral
priag , and anticipates a rush of invalids
0 the healing waters.
Lumbering on tbe Mlssinippi opens dull.
The river is low and many of the sloughs
re still closed by ice.
Hoyt Sherman , of Dei Moines stopped
.he . norae car track that was being built on
Sixth street , by an injunction.
There have been 115 new members ad-
mitte 4 to the Methodist church at Mar-
iballtowD , a fruit of tbe late revival there ,
A special train will run from Dakota
City and Humboldt to Fort Dodge on the
2Uh ! Inst. , with au Odd Fellows' ezour.
bn ,
At Uarlon , on the afternoon of Mon
day , a fire destroyed $1,200 worth of In
tured building * , tbe property of John
The city council of Slgnurnoy have fixed
, helr saloon license at $200 for saloons In
he original plat of SIgourney , and $5J fo ;
aloonsoutoiJe , under their jurisdiction.
Tbo Miquoketa city council has adver
Used for bid * on the water works' which
will be put in. The water will be pumped
Into an 80-foot stand pipe situated on a
The new gas oor pany which applies fo
a franchise In DJ Motuea offers to mak
the outslda limit 32 per thousand feet , am
31 25 for cooking KJ , and $1.53 for thai
burned by the city ,
The Injunction that blocked the putting
in of waterworks nt Webster City has
boon outfUnkbd nntl work will begin at
once. The contract haa been let for the
well that will supply th water.
Twenty.five buyer * of egg * Resembled In
Coilnr Rapids on the C'li to adopt n const ! '
tutluu unU by-laws for a state organization ,
1 pur.11 uot < ot the plin of thu latu meet-
log held in that city.
Hotter at Mnuain , Calhoun county , I *
quoted at only eight cent * and n number
of her inerchnntH are out In a card t > the
tiled thnt they will no longer handle that
article , ; i there id no money In It.
The Waahhurn & Mesa barbed wire
moncv ely ban brought auit against Hodges
& Andrews , hardware iLBrchantH of Uoone ,
claiming 95,000 damages beoiute the
Baone men sold Grlnnell barbed wire.
The teacher * of Harrhon county will
hold an editoutionnl meeting In Dunlup ,
Saturday April 14 , On Friday evening
proceeding , Kx-8upotlntendont VonOoella
will lecture in behalf of education , without
Alex , Darden , arrested for burglarizing
Blxford' * store , at Selma , Lee county , has
confessed. He rays that hi * brother , Sim
and brother.In-law , Jcbn W. Johnson , as-
olsted Officers are , In pursuit of the two
last named.
'The ' state board of health report shows
that durlnt ; 1882 there were 670 marriage *
707 births ana 356 deaths inl'olk county.
Arrongthe babies were 13 pair ot twins.
One Ucly'addtd three boys t6 the pop'nla/
tlon within the year. '
The Ulenwood Canning Company have
commenced the manufacture of cans. They
get them out pretty rapidly and will work
tauter Htlll when they get Into their own
building , We understand that they ex
pect to make 800.000 for this fall's can-
n ng.
On the morning of the lit ( Sunday ) P. 0.
Molten nnd I'eior Janeen , of llarlsn
Sh'lby county , started out duuk hunting.
They tiud not goiio a milo when In sou.o
manner unknown the gun carried by Jensen
sen was dlrchaieed , the contents of the
barrel lodging in Mollon'd bead , producing
Inututit c.'etttb. '
'ihe Spirit Lftko hotel nnd Improvement
com ) ) toy of Cedar K plils ban vent an
order to the Iowa iron works of Dubuque
for the construction of au Iron lake steamer ,
to be built entirely of Iron and to be used
aa a pleneure craft by the vleltorn to the
lake. It I * to bo 72 feet loug and fitted up
with Ml conveniences ,
Fiio caught in the oil room at the Pacific
Junction lound.houso Tuo day night of
lost week and before it wai discovered had
made such headway that It was beyond
control , The round house wa * burned to
the ground. Two enginethat were In the
building bad sufficient iteatn up to remove
them to a pUca ot safety.
D night T , Edmundf. a well known but-
lues * man of Coirectlonrilb , shot Andy
Hose , of the grocery firm of Goss A Hrwe ,
In thei snmo city , on Saturday nlfht. Tbo
shooting occurred at the bnuso of U serge
A , Edmunds , brother ot Dwlc-bt T , at
about 11 o'clock , Two wounds were iu-
dieted , one of which wlll'probably prnvo
Ihe war between the Des Moines city
council and the water works company still
goes on , The latest move Is n resolution
adopted at a meeting of the water
works company to make no further
test of their works. The citizens claim
that the works are not up to the contract
standard ,
George Carr , a coal miner in a mine at
Relay , a junction on the W abash road near
Centervlllo , Appanoose county , shot and
Instantly a fellow workman named George
Venal , on the fourth. They had quarreled
the day previous , and mooting on the railroad -
road track Carr renewed the quarrel
Fenal tried to avoid having any dlmoulty ,
and while leaving CUrr shot him in the
back , the bMl entering the heart. Carr
gave himself up to the authorities. Tbo ex
citement among the miners ran high , and
serious throats wore made ,
Donavan , itato veterinary surgeon , has
Investigated the Texas itch in Grundv and
neighborhood counties , Ue reports that
It was brought in by Texas ponies sold
there last year ; that of 200 bones thathavo
"iren attacked 20 have died ; that but few
attle have had the diseaie , and those In a
mild form , that in three or tour instances
> he disease has been communicated to
lembers of tbe human family. A * a cure
e recommends cleaning the diseased parts
rith soap and water ami applying sulphur
nd full oil. Hn further reports that some
if the infected animals have been sent to
ither parts of the state for sale or trade.
Morale of Uouthorn Nosroea.
Dr. Tucker's address on the oondi-
ion of the negroes at a rooont aouth-
rn church congress has just been
rlntad and contains some astonishing
itatomouts as to the morality In the
orst sections. Ho ] says : ( In the
midst of prayer I have known them to
iteal from each other ; and on the way
rom prayer meeting they will rob any
hen roost tbat lies conveniently at
hand , and this without any thought of
In against God and oven without any
perception of an incongruity. The
most pious negro I know is ono COIN
fined in a penitentiary for atrocious
murder , who can see no especial sin
against God In hia crime , though hi
acknowledges an offense against man
Ho cannot bo made to see tha
God must bo angry with him and
thinks all intimations to that effect in
prayer or exhortation fonnded in per
aanal dlsllko or prejudice , or because
ho Is not well dressed and has a sere
on his log. Absolutely ho cannot conceive
ceivo of any other reason or motlvo for
'taking part against him" and impnt
ug sin against God to his crlmo ,
I have known a negro protche
guilty of incest ; another of habitual
theft ; a third with two wives , boiug
married to neither ; a fonrth who was
a constant and moat andaclono liar ,
yet wno wun > earnest and snoocstful
preachers. I could glvo names , dates
aud witnesses fur theeo and 20 other
similar CUSCB and it would bu oaoy
to find nny required number more.
Yet , the four niuu of whom I speak
were not oonechus of hypocrisy ,
and their ki.own ulnn did not dimin
ish their Influence with their raco. It
was Impossible to hoar tlunn proaoh
or pray and doubt tholr absolute sin
cerity. Aa to the tnnrringo relation ,
Dr. Tucker eays : "In one county in
Mississippi there were dnrlng twelve
wouths 300 marrla n Hocuses takeu
ont in the county clerk's oflice for
whlto people. According to the pro
portion of population , there wonld
have been in the same time 1,200 or
more for negroes. There can bo no
legal marriage of any sort In Missis
sippi wlthont a license. There were
actually taken ont by colored people
, jnst throe * * * I know of
- whole neighborhoods , including hun
dreds of negro families , where there is
not ono slngWlegally married oonple
or ooup'o not married. ) who stay
. , faithful to each other'beyond a few
. months , or a few years at most , often
. bnt a few weeks. And1 , If oat of every
600 negro families onof excepts a few
dozen who are legally married , this
statement will hold true for millions of
the colored people ; and tboto things
that I toll yon to-night are bnt hints.
- I dare not , I cannot toll the full truth
before a mixed audience.
. Tbo Southern Churchman publishes
, letters from five colored preachers in
. Mississippi nnd Liuiulana folly Indors
ing tbo truth of Dr. Tuokor's account ,
- aud declaring that the half cannot bo
told and that moral character Is not
hold the utandurd for church member
ship. Then inlHtlons In the south
need to bo carried on itHh desperate
A Gloomy Outlook.
Do MolnosLcalcr , April Dili.
The general fooling of the farrnorn
at present la very blue. The tlmo for
sowing is hero and already largely
past , yet practically nothing has boon
done. Iu a month more com should
bo planted , yet not any of the soil bat
boon tilled. If present weather
continues much longer the oat-
look will be decidedly gloomy.
A Drove anil Fultliful Quardlnnof our homes
and Property Res.uad from Imminent
A very popular and well known member
of our police force , who has performed duty
twelve jcarn at the Union It H. depot , ou
Kichangoi Place , > In Providence , II. I. ,
Klvei his unsolicited testimony. Hear him :
"I have boon dreadfully troubled with
disease of the Kidneys and Liver during
the past nit months ; at times I was BO se
verely allllctcd that I was unable to stand
on my feet , as my feet and lower parts of
my legs were very badly swollen ; my urin
ary organs were in a dreadful
blood was In a wretched state , and it had
become so impoverished and oirculatod so
poorly that my hands and feet would bo
cold and numb and ] so white a * to appear
lifeless , I could not rest nights , but was
so dlitressed nil over that I could not lie
still In bed ; but would keep turning and
rolling from ono side to the other all night ,
so that I would feel moro tlrod and exhaus.
ted In the morning than when I went to
bed. Mr condition became so serious tbat
I was ( .bilged . to stop work , and for thirty
days I was unable to bo on duty , I con
sulted the best doctors , and tried the nu
merous medicines and so-o llod cures , but
rapidly grow worse , and was In a sad con *
dltlon every way when alone ; time valued
friend of mine , prominent In this city In a
lar e exnrot * company , urged me to try
Hunt's llemody , as ho had known of won
derful cures t fleeted by It. Upon his rep-
'Mentation I obtained two bottles of tbo
omody and commenced taking It as dl-
ected , and greatly to my surprise In lots
ban twenty.fc.ur hour * I commenced to.
eel relieved , I was In aa awful condition
rben I began to take the Remedy , andbad
jo faith In It ; therefore , when I found al
most Immediate relief , oven In one day's
use of It , my heart was made glad , nd I
assure you I continued to take the Remedy
nd improve constantly from dav to day ,
took it with mo oumy trip to Mains , for
was bound to have it with me all the time
> nd the result Is that I improved speedily
ill the tlmo I was away ; and everslnoa my
rrlval tomewhich was soversl week * ago , I
.jiivo been ou duty every day. I feel first-
ratn , and the swelling of hand , feet , and
legs have dliappearod , and tbo terrible
laokache which used to bother me moro
han all the rest , troubles mo no more , and
" sleep splendidly at nightf , and surely
RVO > xcellent and forcible reasons for
ipeaktng Inpralaaof Hunt's Homcdy , for it
has made a new man of me. I don't know
what I should havu done without Hunt'i
Remedy : It Is tbo best medicine that I eve
took , and I very gladly recommend it ti
all who are afflicted with Kidney or Llvoi
disease , or disease * of tbe Urinary organs.
Western Agents , Lafajotto , Indiana.
llubber Boots and
Boois and Shoes
To Tholr
, Wear.
The center pieces ara Interchangeable and re.
rcrtlble. It prnvcnts the counter from runulng
ove' , requiring no heel stllTenors.
The Agency for thueo goods In thl * town ha
been pUi rrw
Otliois cannot procure them.
Call nd xamlno a lull line of Leather and
. .Candco" Rubber Hoot , and Hhots with the Ho
orslblo Heol. HUB. M. I'F.TKhSON ,
31-3m Louisville , Nob.
A Skin of Deauty Is Joy Forever.
Oriental Oroam or Magical Bean-
tifler ,
Tan. Pimples i.
Freckles i.h'
* an'arerj
beauty and
defies de
tectlon. tl
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tha tet ol
I * so harm'
less wi
Uste It fe
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ilonU pro
perly madi )
of ilmllar name. The dUttngulshrd Dr. L. IIt.
Bavre , laid to a My of the IUUT OM ( a patient )
"As you ladle * will u e them , I recoromenc
'Ocuraud'i Cream' as tbe least harmful of all thi
Bkln preparation * . " Ono bottle will Ust slj
months , using It every day. Also I'oudro Jub
tllo remove * mperlliious lulr wl.hotit Injury t
tha skin.
UMI. M. B. T. OOUItAUD.SoIo pro,4S Bom
8t * . N. Y.
Vori'lo hy all Dnurglita and Fancy Goodi
Dealers throughout the United States , Canadi 1
and Kuropv.
C -liewaro of U Imitation * . (1,000 rewari
forarrrst aud proof of anyona selling the ttaait
14-\vcow Itio 2t nwim
Authcrlzod by thu etito to tre
t'liroalcN r > 'om and 1'rlvato ilU
roses. A ilmm Epllepiy , Hlnu
jmatlini , Pile * , Tope W rm , Urin
arya-il Skin UUeisto , HRHINAI
'W ' AKNKSH ( tll h lOtJCD ) HllIUAt
i ) mLiTY , ( itm of sexual power ) Eto. CurcBuum
antetd or money rclutded. Qntrgi * low , Thou
studs of casou cured. No Injurious moillclnei
uiod No detention from butlueas. All iroal
cine * furnlshei even to pitlenta at a distance
Consultation free abd couddcntlal-callor write
Age and experience are Importtat. A BOOK fai
both lexci Illustrated and circular * of oihn
thlngi tent teiled for two lo ttamp * . met
_ _ .
M * BWa w.
KANSAH Cm , Ma , Sept. EO , 1882.
I think It a duty I ewe to humanity to nj
what your remedy has done ( r me. Ona jta
airo I contracted ft biul CMC of Blood Dl ease. Bid
not knowing tha result ot such troubles , I allow-
a I It to run fo tome time , but finally applied to
the best physician In fit * city , who treated ma
for fix months , 1 * THAT TIUR t TOOK OTIR 809
ram or rnoroioDipa or MR * cunt } grain each.
ftndhivl run down In weight from 210 to 157
poui.ds. and wa conflned to my bed * lth Mer
curial Ithe > matlimi , scarcely able to turn myself
over. Being a traveling man. some ot the fra
ternity founl mo In Una deplorable condition , , „
aura that - " pec flcos a
had been cured by It * wo. I commended the w *
Itttltavory llltlo faith nnn In ICM that thrco
weeks was able to tike myjimoo on the road Tha
( Ores and copper-collorcd spot * gradually disap
peared , and to-day ibavonotasoicor spot onmy
person , and my Weight Is 217 pounds , bcln\r more
than It ever wan. I do not wish you to publish tj
my name , but jou may show this letter to any "
who doubt the merit of 8. 3. 8. for I tnow It Is
sure cure. . , <
Your * Truly , J. II. B. '
Some thirty years ago there lived In llontjo
mcry , Ala. , a young man who was terribly aOUo *
tcil. Aftorbclngtretlcd for a long tlmo hy tha
mcd'cal profession of this town with no benefit ,
ho commenced taking S B , B. Alter persistently
taking It two months ho was cured. Being ao
qualnicd with htm for the disease never mode It
return. J.V. . Dinner , J. P. , Hot Sprlnga Ark.
If you doubt , come to see us , and wo will CURK
YOU , or c'.iarxo nothing ! Write for particular *
and ft copy of Iho llttlo book , " Message to the
Unfortunate Suffering ' Ask any Druggist a * t
our standing ,
r&lOOO Reward will he paid to any
Chemist who will find , on analysis of 100 bottle *
of 8. 8. 8. , ono particle of Mercury , Iodide ot
ro'asalum , or other Mineral subsUnce , SWIFT
SPECIFIC 00. , Proprietor * , Atlanta. Go.
Price of Small Site . . . f 1,00
Large Size . - . 1.78
The Qreat Popular ItomoJy (01 Pile * .
Suroouro for Blind , BleedlnR&ItchiDKr
And all forms of llemorrholdal Tumor *
These SurroarroRiM act directly upon th *
coats ot the Illood Vessels , and by their astringent
effect * gently force the blood from the swolltn
tumon , anduy making the coat * of the rein *
strong , prevent tholr refilling , and hence a radi
cal euro I * sure to follow their uw . Price , 75 f
cent * a box. For sale by alldrugirista , or sent b f
mall on receipt of price , by n luhMedioa ]
Institute 718t6llvi St. ft ? . . .nln
It Is lure , prompt and effectual remed * or
digestion. Ujapepila , Intermittent Fevers. Want
of Appetite , Nervous 'Debility ' In all It * Stage *
WcaV Memory , I/oos of Ilr ln 1'nwer , Prostration ,
Weakness Bin ] general Fxws of Power. It repair *
nerrous waste , rejuvenate * tha faded Intellect ,
strenchthens tbo enfeebled brain and restorN
lurprlmnp tone and vigor to the exhausted of
pans. The experience of thousands proved It to
bean Invaluable remedy. Price , $1.00 a bottle ,
or six or 15. For sale by all druggists , or sent
secure from observation on receipt of price by
Er. Steinbar P. O. Box 2460 St.
anil. Mo.
it. T ,
. _ . . . mn.Ohlc , M.ylO , IBkt.
. IS. J. KnHDALi & Go , I had A my rile *
ale IIimblutODlan nolt that Iprlind verydhly ) | ; ,
an had a large bone opavlu ou one Joint and a
pmftll ono en tli * other whlcL made him vilj
lamel ; had bin- under thg charge of two Tetei-
tnaty tnrgconatthlch failed to ? him. Ira |
one day reading the udvcrttseinont ol KcndaUl
Spavin Cure In Vnc Chicago Kir > rtiaI determined
uoiicii to try II and got oureruggleta liertU
lend for It , and they ordered tlircu bottlci ; I tack
Ml and I thought I would give It a thorough
trial. I used It according to directions and It *
fourth day the colt ccueJ to be lame and tb *
lumps have disappeared. I Died hot one bollU
> nd the colt' * limn * are ai tie * ol lump * and 11
imootb a * any borse In the state Hols entlf
ly cured. Tbe euro waa 10 remarkable tbal
hav i lettwo of my neighbor * hare tb * Kraal *
Ing two bottlci wno are now uslnglt
Very ropectfuUy ,
, Cind lot Illuilrattd circular giving peililTl
, proof. Price II. All DraggUti have It or oai
git It for yon. Dr. B. J. Kendall ft Co ! . Vi -
h'1 , KntMbnigh ITalli , VI.
-1 I'
id' Dl ' DR. WHITTIER.
. ' 178t.OiiarlwKc. T , X.OUIB Me
to A'ilKQTJIjAR OUlil ilK of two medic *
IS coU gM.Iiaa'been longer rugaged In th treat. ' ? ;
D. BLOOD Disease * than auj other phyiiclan In 8t
Louis as city paper * show and all old resident !
10 know. Consultation fret , and Invited. When II
II I * Inconvenient to visit tha city for treatment ,
. medicine * can b * lant by mall or express every ,
where. Curable case * guaranteed ; where donbl
eitits It I * frankly stated. 011 or writ. .
Nervona prostration. Debility. McnUI
and 1'byaloal Weaknean , Mercurial and
( other alfeottona ot Throat. Skin and Honw
Hlood Impuritlea and Blood
. Skin AffcoUona , Old Sorea and Olocr * .
> ImpedlnienU to .Marriage , Itheum&UsinT
j'ilea. tjpeclM attention to casej from
overworked litaln. BUltOIOAIi CJASEH
iccfllva > [ Hiclrtl uttoiitlon. Dlseasea
Impra It'ccn. JizcoasoH , lodulcenoa *
pages thi wbor
SifUUABi story ! well told. Idany
receiptswho ; maymnr-
ry , who may not , i "
tnd cur * . Scaled for i5o postage or stamps.
PERSONAI. "Parts of the human body
enlarged , developed and strengthened. " eto.Ji
an Interesting advert sooient long run In our
paper. In reply to inquiries we will say tbat
there aoe\ldencecf humbugabaul thl * Oo
, the contrary , tbe advertUr * arir very blgMy In.
, dorsed Interred pereon * uay get * caf l dr.
ffWMS ' '
'aiffi'K TSS
'luffalo ' N. - - ' " ' ' * -
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