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    S. VOjl a 4' ' J * W- * * * * * * * * * '
Omaha Bee.
PnblUhod OTery morning , except Son
ar. Th ° enly Mondny morning daily ,
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Newidealew In the United States.
i aliens relating to News and Editorial
natter * nhoold be addressed to the EDITOB
6 * THE BEE.
Letters and Remittance * ihoutd bo od
OMAHA. Draft * , Check * and 1'oitoIBoo
Jrden to bo made payable to the order of
the Company.
the BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
MEDICAL laws are a do d letter ,
judging from the nnmbor of qnacka
that Infcit thli state.
Jr thli atar roato trial keeps on
mnoh longor.tho jnry will kbrlng in a
vordlot In faror of Doric ? and Brady
for consequential damages.
THE lower homo of the Connecticut
legislature has passed the Doane tub
law by an almost unanimous vote.
Dr. Miller will please make a note of
MM , HKLRH GJUOAR is on top.
She hai Boonred a vordlot for $5.000
gainst the chief of police o ! L if ay-
otto and made horaolf famous enough
to oollpio Hasan and Phoebe on the
woman's rights rostrum.
ILLINOIS is attempting to paia a
aw regulating sleeping car compinha.
A bill to limit the extortions of Poll-
man porters would strike a responsive
chord In every travelers' breast.
A TKR&IFIO explosion may shortly
bo expected In the vicinity of Now
York. 0 Dynamite Rosia has boon
forbidden by the snpromo council of
the revolutionary party to open hi *
month to reporters.
DR. MoOoau , the venerable prosl
dent of Princeton college , has aakcd
to bo released olthorof the presidency
of the college or of the chair ol
philosophy. The doctor la about the
only man on record In this country
with two offices who volunteers to
give up onu of thorn
DON CAMERON Is going to Europe
to recuperate. He needs it and the
state will loose little during his
* bonop. Bit latest political plan is
reported to ba to pat Harry Oliver In
Tl ! : place in tui senate and then to
run the politic i of the state aa the
power behind the throne. ThU is a
pretty plan but there Is a power be-
bind the throne greater than an ex-
aenator. The people of Pennsylvania
may wish to hftvo something to say
about It themselves.
OHH effect of the passage of the late
revenue and tariff bill la aeon in the
Increase of banklngcapltalin Now York
city. The heavy taxation resulted in
the shrinking of 116.000,000 in the
Now York banks within ton years ,
while during the same period deposits
Increased over $63.000,000. A health *
ful condition of banking can only ex
ist when there ii a dua proportion be
tween capital and deposits , and the
Increase of banking capital in our
greatest metropolis It a hopeful prom *
iso for trade generally.
TUB colored man of African docent -
cent is disposed to kick np a good
1 deal of dnst In the marble halls of the
1 atato department. It is gravely
( charged that the late Hamilton Fish
made the colored door keepers polish
his diplomatic boots , and this cod Gsh
anobocratlo cuttom has prevailed oven
| fc alnoeto the scandal of American states-
lf mannhlp. But polishing boots is not
among the accomplishments of the
polished civil aorvlco , as Uld down bj
the revised rules of Mr. Dorman BEaten
Eaton and his commission. Hence thi
colored dignitary that guards the portals
tals of Secretary Frellnghnyien'i of
AM raise * a lery uncivil row ti as ei
hU clvU rights.
BIRCH the political sptlug freshc
president making has set in all alou
the overflowed district on the Ohl
river and Wabash canal. Mr. Pendh
ton is patching np truces with his dL
grantled rivals and the Ohio ld
will soon begin to germinate. Jndf 8
Hoadley is to be boosted into Ohsrlc
Foster's chair , and other liberal coi
cessions in patronage are to be mac
to Insure harmony in the democrat
camp. Oa the other side the ropubl
cans , whllo less noisy , are considerli
the advantage to bo derived fro
Sherman ss a candidate for governo
with an eye to future presidential po )
slbllitles. In Indiana , however , tl
discount of the future is by far tl
easUit. Judge Gresham is admlrln
sluglod out as the very man tl
country has long pined for , and , ui
less there be a combination includli
Harrison , the new pontmaster genor
is rapturously hailed as the one thli
needful to make Indiana happy an
ertln for 1884
A company has been formed In
Miles City , Montan * , f6r thepurpose ;
of olaaghtorlng ntnco cattle Mid ship
ping the carcasses ontt in rufrlgoraKir
cars. Assisted by the Njrlliern PA-
ciBo company are increasing thnlr pro
duotlon with great rapidity. This is
an Industry which ought to thrive In
a section , which has become the great
center of live stock unpply. It
Is bisod on a sound commercial
principle that of condensation of food
pioducla In order to diminish ex
penses of transportation , The nearer
beef Is killed to the source of supply
the more convenient and economical
meat production becomes. It Is well
known that Hvo cattle deteriorate
more In quantity and quality by
transportation than diseased moats ,
and there la a great deal of waste fhoeo
.rnnsporlaticm is saved by slaughter-
ng near the ranges.
Chicago has proved the success of
drostod moat shipments to the oast.
It la loss than ton years slnco all west
ern cattle for packing purposes were
shipped east and slaughtered there ,
whllo part of the name animals were
returned in cans for western consump
tion. To-day western packing houses
supply the world , To compensate
themselves for the loss of the packing
trade eastern butchers inaugurated
, ho refrigeration process for beef car
casses and established the shipment of
dressed beef to Europe upon a largo
and profitable basis. The hint was
not lost npon western busi
ness men , and two years ago
refrigerator lines were introduced between
twoon Chicago and the east. Gillie
which had formerly boon shipped alive
to the seaboard were slaughtered at
Chicago , and the moat shipped east in
refrigerator cars with great success ,
and to the discomfiture of the Now
York butcher * .
The proposal of the Northwestern
cattle men to kill oattlo on the ranges
thor carrying out of the application
and to save a part of the
cost of transportation is only a fnr-
of the principle. Unlike the eastern
r ada which have boon attempting to
ruin the Chicago dressed beef busi
ness by putting a prohibitory tariff on
all shipments , the Nortorn Pacific has
Itself established a line uf refrlgora
tor oars , and will offer every assistance
to the now industry. Should the experiment
porimont provo a success against the
admitted drawbacks of higher labor ,
lots uf market for the wastage , such
as hoofs , horns and bones , a great in
dustry will be opened np for the far
west. In its wake must rapidly fol
low the establishment of the allied
industries of glue , phosphate , tallow
and fertilizer production , all of which
will employ labor , increase the wealth
and build op the sections of the coun
try in which they are located.
It was an Englishman who remark
ed that Americans wore by nature the
greatest conservatives on the face of
the globe , notwithstanding their pro
fessed love for progress and their gen
eral reputation for radicalism. We
cling more closely to our poll leal tra
ditions than any other constitutional
government. Wo are jealous of In
novations in our laws , we quarrel
fiercely over the slightest latitude In
constitutional interpretation and our
reverence for our ancestors and our
ancestors' day is no loss strong than
in older countries whore the dominion
of tradition Is scarcely less powerful
that the away of statute law. This is
not to say that the people of the Uni
ted States are troubled with on in
accessibility to modern Ideas. Wo are
not theorists like Germany , that hot
bed of IdosH , nor do wo possess the
remarkable power of applying ideas
to modern lifo which Is the chief
glory of Franco in the nineteenth
century civilization. Wo seem to
stand midway and between , more
conservative than France , and lesi
stationary In many respects than
Germany or England. Still wilt
all our admitted progress , with no *
Inventions dally chronicled by tb (
pressj and now devices and plans con
stantly advanced and carried into exe
cution for lightening labor , enlarglnf
the boundaries of science and the arti
and applying the spur to a nationa
genius for expansion and dovolopmen
In a hnndrtd * branches of social , po
lltlcal and economical development
oar moralists are continually polnUoj
ns to the "good old times" of the las
century and drsjjrlng comparisons , b
no means flittering , between the prcn
ent and the days when Waahlngto
began his first administration and th
is- homely proverbs of poor Richard wei
ea circulated in the homes of our ion
° fathers.
8By There la doubtless mnoh to con
n- mend in those good old times. Whi
de little wealth there was in the counti
tic was moro evenly distributed. Ti
II- path to honor and position lay in hoi
"B oit work , whllo now perhaps bit I
im antecedents and favor are moro powo
ful. A country with u population <
)8- 4,000,000 sonls affjrdod a smalli
)8ho scope for every kind of activity , and
ho more contracted field for rogues , swli
dlers and oflhlal peculators. Thei
ben are evils connected with a nation
n- growth which wo have undoubtedly e
perlonood , and which never ifll ot <
ral our forefathers in the good old time
ralg because the nation was to small f <
id their appearance. But mnoh of 01
admiration ( or the dayi of Adams u
Franklin and Washington disappears
under the light of a history of the per
iod in wl i ) h they were the actors , and
such a hhtory now first nees the light
In John Ihch MoMnstor's "History
of the people of the United Btalei , "
the first volnrno of which has recently
made Its appearance.
Mr. McMaater's history presents
a. vivid ploturn of the condition of
things at the time wo have in view.
There were no railroads , no steam-
bdats , or oven good roads for a long
distance. The malls worn uncertain
and Infrequent and tbo service expen
sive. Homo spun garments were
almost universally prevalent in the
rural districts. Too public tchool
system was nearly entirely undeveloped
od , and it Is almost impossible to place
full confidence In tbo description
given of the penal tystcm. Criminal
men and women were huddled together
In uncleanly enclosures , In which
prostitutes openly plied their
trade. In ona csso a deserted
mine was nsod as a prison and cap
tives chained in its dripping recesses.
In every department whore phllan-
throphy now finds active employment
the condition of affilrs was featfnl.
Sanitary measures for the protection
of health were of the crudest kind
and epidemics swept off thousands ,
while Ignorant physicians looked on
in sllont helplessness.
The social advancement which wo
have oxporloncod slnca the good old
times which Mr. MoMa&tor tolls about
is no less remarkable than our ma
terial progress. Oar opinion of our
ancestors will not bo at all
Improved by looking at their
pictures aa hero presented.
Wo find coarseness and selfishness
mnoh moro openly prevalent in society
oty than they are to day. Tnero was
a veneer of politoneis , but it was too
often only the mask behind which
lurked self-interest , licence and ve
Our ancestral statesmen seem to
have been fully as much actuated by
selfish motives as the average con
gressman of to-day , and many o
them whom we revere as heroes were
not above unblushing jobbery. Po
lltloal controversy was as bitter am
political hatred as malignant ns to
day . It Is well to recall those things
In order that wo may bavo the satis
faction of knowing that we are no
retrograding morally whllo advancing
materially a belief which seems to
bo general , especially in our pulpits
The good old times are snrronndei
by the halo with which posterity 1
apt to crown the venerable , but I
they existed to-day in any profusely
civilized nation wo should at onoo b
organizing missionary societies t
preach to Its inhabitants the virtues
of a nineteenth century civilization
As with a great many other matters
distance lends enchantment to the
IF it Is true that the Omaha gas
works have been bought by the now
as company , wo are sure of onfl
thing at least an enlargement of the
works and better gas. Bat if the new
gas company proposes to operate its
works under the old chatter , and In
tends to ehargo the present rates , wo
shall have a word or two to say.
When the new gas company was
before the council asking for author-
ty to build in Omaha , they offered to
nrnlsh gas of a mnoh better quality
than wo now have for less than $2 to
every consumer. They claimed thai
they conld make a handsome profit al
that , and wo are willing to lot then
try it. Bat If they propose to trans
form a small monopoly into * a big mo
nopoly wo shall object. Wo do no !
propose to pass a hasty opinion upoi
thin Important matter until wo knov
more about it. Biflhait to say tha
our citizens will not tamely submit ti
further extortion when they have thi
power to protect themsolvea.
A FOOL on Uah : business will bo thi
next thing In order. The complotioi
of the Denver & Rio Grande to Sal
Lake City gives the Ualon Pacific
powerfnl competitor and the clot
union between the Rte Grande am
the Burlington , which latter has
through line between Chicago an
Denver is enviously watched by th
other roads who transact business be
tween Chicago and Mlaiourl rivt
points. All business originating 1
Chicago almdy falls within ' the u
Isting pool , bat it is predicted that
separate pool must shortly be forme
covering competitive points in Cjntr
Utah. Rillroads as at present mat
aged , and in fact under necessary pre >
re eat conditions , are non-competitive I
o- their very natnro , and must proto
on themselves by pooling. The poop
nat in return must retaliate by protectii
at themselves through laws fixing mai
mum rates and prohibiting dlsorlmln
he tlons and extortions.
th JAY GOULD has nla t > yoonthesnt
ve- Ho proposes to connect his South wei
of crn system with the southern ports i
er the Atlantic , and rumor has It that
lau wants to take hold of the Now Orloai
u- Bruusniok , Savannah & Norfolk
TO hit eastern outlets. The Yirglul
Tennoisoo & Georgia railroad , whl
IX * runs to these ports , connects at Mei
ed phis with a branch road of Gould
JB , known aa the Memphis & Little Ro
or railroad , which is a part of the In
nr Mountain , and consequently of tl
id Missouri Pacific system. The VI
gtnia , Tennoixeo & Georgia line Is
ontrollod by tbo George I. Bjney syn-
lento , and a combination between it
nd Jay Gould la to be the great card
n the development of the south.
There Is plenty of work yet to bo
lone in order to complete the scheme ,
nnd there are several short connecting
oads to bo built , In thcso details ho
lees not Intend to take any active in *
crest , leaving the construction part
of the scheme In the hands of the
Soney syndicate , which proved so sue-
casoful in building the Nlckol Plated
oad and saddling It upon Vunderbllt.
3y the tlmo ho returns from his trip
abroad the construction will bo com
peted , and ho will set , fresh and re-
nvlgoratod , to the working out of his
now southern scheme.
THERE In a great scramble for poli
tical spoils in Washington , and num
erous changes are dally being made In
advance of the organizition of the
civil service commission and thotaklng
effect of the law under which they
operate. The spelling and geography
classes will go into operation on
July 1st.
THE "air lino" looks like a wind
Bather Fortunate.
Philadelphia Ilccord.
Jefferson Davis has been making a
speech in Now Orleans , giving his
opinion of Ganerals Lao , Jackson and
Johnston. Perhaps it is fortunate for
Davis that Leo , Jackson and Johnston
cannot glvo their opinion of him.
Arthur'd Bait.
Chicago Tlme
The man who goes along to-day to
open the bottles containing the "bait"
Is the only one who will not enjoy the
presidential excursion to Florida.
What/a la a Name ?
New York Morning Jouri al.
It la rumored that Pinnger Walton
contemplates changing the name of
the Brunswick hotel to the Dado-drop
Moth-Eaten ( Armor.
PhialelphU llmei.
The divinity that doth hedge a king
is no bomb proof garment nowadays.
Three Remarkable Sights Attar the
First Dey'a Struggle at Get
J. A. Walker la th * IMllidtlphU Ttmei
After the first day's ficht at Gettys
burg the writer was ordered to take a
platoon of men and go over the field
to bury the dead and care for the
wonnded. My first subject for
burial was a yonng man of
perhaps thirty years who -did
not die suddenly. There was
evidence of a struggle , and tbo torn
fragments of a letter lying around
showed ho had a secret that ho wished
to die with him. But tba broken
pieces of an old fashioned dagnerro-
typo lying by his side gave mo curiosity
to learn his name. I tore open the old
frame that held the picture he de
stroyed and founoVwrltten on the pink
paper Inside my own family name ,
that of a yonng lady living at Watren-
ton , 8. 0. Only her name and address ,
written in a feminine hand. I took
the paper out and placed it In my
pocketbook , burying the dead soldier
where he lay. On my return to Vir
ginia I wrote the yonng lady , inclosing
the slip of paper and describing the
body. She replied in due time , giving
me the sad information of her betroth
al the young /nan. It was he photo
graph he had destroyed.
Oar next was that of a Fddoral cav
alryman , apparently dead , and who
was wearing a new pair of boots. The
guards nnder my command were scat
tered over half a mile of territory. I
noticed a party of three or four as
sembled around this cavalryman , ap
parently undecided aa to what to do.
I soon learned that they were de
bating as to whether or not
they should take the boots or
bury them with him At the mo
ment of my joining the squad they
were disputing ovnr the spoils , when
the malter was brought to a close by
the dead cavalryman himself. He
t had hoard what was said , and in a
sepulohnral voice asked that ho ba al
lowed a decent burial with his boots
on. As ho had ta all appearances
risen from the dead , his reqneat wag
unanimously granted. Wo sent hi a
comfortably to the hospital , and hope
ho is allvo to-day.
Our next work revealed to ns t
sight , If potsiblo , moro touching that
anything war gives to us the dealt
of a little boy. Ho was dressed it
the uniform if a cavalryman , and ai
ho lay ho was a dethroned statue o :
Appollo. Beautiful as a yonng god 1
with a face white and clear as a girl's
his right hand resting peaceful ! ;
across Ills breast and his left holdlnj
his cap.
Anti-Irian Feeling In Liverpool ,
ln From tb * Bt. June * duett * .
A feeling against employing Irish
men is manifesting lUelf In Liverpool
3d and some excitement has been cause
by the fact that one employer has al
ready discharged all the Irishmen 1
his service. Writing to The Llvei
spool Courier , thli gentleman wh
in signs himself "Ishmael'says : "
ict have this morning discharged all th
ile Irish I employ , and to-day I shall pa
aud close every account I have ope
with men of that nationality , never t
bo ro opened. I Hill no longer dis
la- grace myself , while there are hni
dreds of starving Englishmen aroun
mo , by finding money moat likely It
tended partly to foster the aeaaiai
and his spawn , and I advlt
st- every employer of labor from Lind' '
Hud to John O'Groat'a to at one
follow my example. The day of m&v
110 klsh sentimentality has pushed , an
wo must treat assaosination , raplc
as and murder us atom facts , and n
la , longer cry aloud the wretched cry <
peace when the villainous atsaotln
at our doors. " Another oorrosppndei
ta of the same paper , writing under tl
tack signature o f "Briton , " asks : "Ho
ck many affiliated assassins and destroy e
of property are at present earning :
on livelihood In this country , having tt
heIr privileges and freedom of Engllahmei
Ir- jet who are at toe same time plottlr
for the detraction of English Ufa and
proprt)7 I think , and so do thons *
unds of my countrymen , that it will
qaickly become a question , forced up
on u < by dire noctunlty , whether it la
fur the Interest of English capitaliits
at d employer * to retain the cervices
ol liiahnit-u , unless they have most
Htnplu and eatisfnctory ovldenco that
they are not In the most remote scnso
sjmpathlzers with or abettors of the
Irishi land league. " A third corre
spondent , "A reluctant convert to the
anti-Irish feeling , " suggests that "If
'Ishtnnel' will start a fund to advertise
widely urging Englishmen to refuioto
work where Irish are employed
OrangemPti excepted ho will bo sup
ported with contrlbutlono. " O.hor
letters written In a similar stralu are
published ; but they have also drawn
iorth protests against exciting ill feel
ing against the Irish ; aud ono corre
spondent asked what would bo the re
sult to English trade uf the adoption
of the policy recommended , and far
ther Inquires whether tbo Irish sol
diers , marines and volunteers are to
Be dismissed nl o.
In conversing lately with ono of unr
reporters , Mr , Clarence D Gregory ,
201 B.-endway , Now Yurk , told his
terrible experience with sclalio rhna-
matlsm and lumbago. Ho used St.
Jaroba Oil and soon was well as ever.
Brooklyn Eagle.
A man from Lincoln will soon start a
cigar factory at Alma.
-iTcn car loads ofjcttlo were shipped
from Syracuse ono day last week.
The prospects are good for the building
of n new school home In Da Witt thU
A bi Id go will be built acrosi the Blue
river tV/ymore this year. The work will
bo done ty the county.
A new hotel haa been recently completed
at Burchard which Ii said to be a very
creditable structure for so small a plaoe.
All the people In Southwestern Nebraska
have pieces ot the ropa need to lymh the
murderera of Cash Millett , the Hastings
Valparlao Is to have a new creamery. It
will be built of trick and be two atorles
high , and will have all modern Improve
liAIntwrxth at last rccurcd a barber , and
tbe tontorial artist will soon commence
work on the stubble fields of the dcul-
The Bxtnrei for the new creamery ot St.
Helena have arrived , aiid will be placed in
position in a short tlino a ild operations to
It IB very probable that A volunteer fire
department will be organ Ire J at lied Cloud
tery soon. A vigorous tffortin that direc
tion is bslnj made.
The 1 adlei of Flattsmonth are holding
an art loan exhibition this week and tbe
articles shown are said In some Instances
to possess considerable merit.
A retail grocery dealer of Plattsmonth
named J. M. Woodson , disposed of his
business in rather a hasty manner lost
week and some fraud Is suspected.
J. H. Ki'Ral , living about fourteen
miles west from Albland , lest his bain con.
talnlng 1,000 butbels of corn , a large quan
tity of other grain and some fatm machin
ery , by fire lant Tuesday night.
Tbe immigration to Nebraska this year
has olieady been and will continue to be
very heavy. Over three hundred car
loads of emigrant Roods passed through
Plattsmouth during five days liujt week ,
John E. Shanafelt , of Franklin county ,
left his homo on New Year's day to find
employment In the eastern part of the
State. He has not been beard from since
and tt is thought he haa been foully dealt
Eighty thouiand acres of land in Fierce
county , township 25 , range 3 , was sold at
tbe NellghUnd office last week to a com-
nsny of stock raliers fiom Elmira , New
York , who purchased It for a cattle
ranche. It coit them $10,000.
GOT , Butler sold last Wednesday 171
head of fat c ttle to Oliver & Fell , stock
dealers of ToulcD , III , , realizing for the lot
130,000. Toe average weight was over
1,300 pound * , and the prices paid were 6J
and 6 cents. This is tha largtst sale of fat
cattle ever made in this county , The bay.
en ship to Chicago.
Neuralgia ,
Sciatica , Lumbigo ,
Eiuirai , tooTucm ,
iisssBBi ! iisriEiiiimVJ SPBAI ,
Soreneu , Call , Brulut ,
! all tttitr Ixxlllj ubu
nm cuts i Bonn.
8014 br all Drof iliti > oft
D l.ri. Bl/tcllem U 11
Ua.u cel.
T'JJ ChuUl A.Vejdtr Co.
t * A. TM.t.r A CO
DR , M. A , REBERT ,
1308 Farnam St. , Omaha ,
, Day and Night Calls Promptly At
, tended m22-la
Repairing of all Kinds Prompt
ly Done.
1605 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb ,
Matter cf Application of Tno0. OlUt
| lor Liquor Lloezue.
Notice b h rehy glren that Thomn Callaa dl <
npon tb * STtb day ot March A. D. 18W. nie tl
application to the Ilayor and City Council o
Omaha , ( or let * to aell Ualt , Uplritaou * am
Vlnoui Liquors , at 8 E or. 1 < th at d Caplt- ) ! ate
m nu , 4th wan ) , Omiba , Neb. , from lh llt <
to day of April 1833 , to tba llth day of July , 151-3
if there ba nuobjection , remonitranca or pro
Uat filed within two e k from liar h 27th
flid 4 , D. 1883 , the laid llcen e wt'l be grinled.
id THO 4 CALLA.N , Applicant ,
TIIC OUAUA B nevupaper will puMUh th
nin bo\e iiotlcoonca < nch wt > k for two ne k ! a
in the expense of the applicant. 1 he city of Om >
ba is tot ta be charged therewith.
so ' J. J , L.C. JIVETT.
1's f67-2t | City Clerk.
wad InthimitUrcf ( hi UUte cf Anile
ad o wed.
none N tee 1 hi rebrctrtn that creditor ! otulJdc
c n dwll meet toe admlolitiator ( f * d i
no a te , betori m > , County Jujge ol Uouilu cotn
of y , ebrirta , a'tluc un'y court room , l
la ounty , rnthe 2SiU d-y of Miy , 853. on the toll
day of July , 133 and on Kiu2ihd y of 8et
ut 1683 , at 10 o'o'oclc a. in. tach diy. f , r the pur
heirs poato ptf entln. their cl 1m if or txaxlnitloo
hoW adJuaunaU andallona ce. ill monthiareal
W lowrd for creditor * tn pieient ti a r claiocf. anc
irs ore year lor ha administrator to rattle > ald < i
tatt , Irom the 2 ub d y cf March , 183) . thli no
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Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
And Window Glass.
MAHA . . . - - . NEBRASKA * ,
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It la the best and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono ponnd Is equal
to three pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Oako in the fall and winter -
tor , Instead of running down , will increase in weight and bo in good market
able condition in the spring. Dairymen as well as others who nso it can tes
tify to its merits. Try it and judge for yourselves. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for Backs. Address
o4-eod-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL 00. , Omaha , Neb.
M. Hellman & Go.
301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. 13th
Druggists ,
WhiskieS !
in Bond or Free , Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
IR , s.
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 216 S. 14TH STREET. - - - OMAHA , NIB ,
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
( or the Manufacture of .all Uads of Monldiajn. Plantar atri
matching _ a Specialty. Ordew from tba oonntrr w U * pro PU eouted.
add WUoomtnnnlctl A. MOYBB. PrnorN
WlDflow Stadeti aiifl Curtains ,
Paints , OOs & Brushe
lt > 7 Hoatb Uth Street
Oor , of Fifteenth and Pacific Streets.