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    DAIL7 BEE WEDGES DA y A'JttL ! 11 1883
That is what a great
many people arc doing.
They don't know just what
is the matter , but they have
a combination of pains and
aches , and each month they
grow worse.
The only sure remedy
yet found is BROWN'S IKON
BITTERS , and this by rapid
and thorough assimilation
with the blood purifies and
enriches it , and rich , strong
blood flowing to every part
of the system repairs the
wasted tissues , drives out
disease and gives health and
This is why BROWN'S
IRON BITTERS will cure
kidney and liver diseases ,
consumption , rheumatism ,
neuralgia , dyspepsia , mala
ria , intermittent fevers , &c.
oj S. Pica St. , Jhltlmore.
Nov. 8 , tSSi. >
I was a great sufferer from
Dyspepsia , and for several
weeks could cat nothing and
was growing weaker every
day. I tried Drown's Iron
Litters , and am happy to say
I now have a good appetite ,
and am getting stronger.
is not a drink and doe.1 : not
contain whiskey. It is the
only preparation of Iron
that causes no injurious cf-
.fects. Get the genuine.
Don't be imposed on with
. ! ) - . - . .
Fmtdeot. Vie * Prort
W. .Diunim , Itc.anlTriM.
Lincoln , Neb
Corn Planters Brrrowa.Farm Uollere
Bulky Hay Bokoa. BuoKot Hlovatlnp
Wlndmlllo , &o.
W ui prejiued to do Job work ind manolM
taring lor other pullet.
Addled al oideri
Lincoln Neb ,
Send 81 , 82 , 8.1 , or
15 for n Hiiinplc rC- by KxpreHH ,
of the bent rnndlcH In
America , put up In
elegant I > OXCH. nnrt
Mrlctly pure. Suita
ble for prrNontM. Kx-
pnH clinriEOH llclit. .
liefer * to all Vblciv
K . Try It once.
Confeetloner ,
Every Coriot U warranted aati * >
"ACtory to Its wearer In erery war.
or the money will bo refunded by
tlio penon t rom w honi It waa bought.
ffceonlyOonetpronaanfol br our t < dlnv rhrtlctuu
l l ] > rio < to th weuvr , uvltndonol Iff lullM M
V " mu t coffllarubU Ukl prrtcct ClUug Corxt * ru
tl ( extra heary ) S.OO. KinUc ,
V T ul * kr le 4U IUUU
The Great Prospwiqr of tlio
Extent of the BuBineBB Wholo-
Bale Doatruotlon of Fiah.
The Necessity for Preventive
Com ponderci of tha Clironlcto.
POHTLAKII , Oregon , March 28.
Salmon fithlng will brglu about April
20th , It seldom begins before that
time , because the run of full Is vary
light , and there being more floating
suags and driftwood In the river than
at any other tlmo , the nets uro easily
destroyed. Too season lasts four
months. A boat , net and signal light
cost from 9100 to $000 There are
thirty-nix canning firms on the ( Jjlum-
bla river , nearly all of them being at
Astoria. There Is a general disposi
tion to center the lulmon canning
business at that ancient llttlo town , as
it Booms to bo the cheapest place of
operations ; lor If the fisheries were
further up the Columbia , tug boats
would have to bo employed to bring
back the fishing boats. Yet the
lower bay at the month of the
Columbia Is very stormy during the
fishing season , during which there It
often loss of life and a great deal ol
danger and hardship. This Is ono
reason the OjlumbU salmon cost morn
than the Saoromonto salmon. FUhor-
men who have thulr own boats and
note are paid 00 cents a salmon , weigh
ing eight pounds. Those whnso boats
are furnished by the company are paid
46 cents a salmon. Ono of the firms
has raised the prioo to 00 cents a fish ,
but the others refuse to see the eleva
Salmon are packed In one-pound
cans and forty- eight cans make A case ,
the average prlco of a case being $5 or
$5 20. The product of the thlrty-slx
canneries on the Columbia river last
year was 630,000 oases. worth $2,782-
OGO , It U estimated that the capital
Invested In those thirty six canneries
Is about 82,000,000. When ll Is known
that fishing boats cost $500 or $000
each , and that aoma of the fishing
firms have 100 boats , and that a total
of about 7,000 men are employed , the
cost em readily bouiidoratood. About
one-third of the salmon product IK
ihlppod to Bin Francisco for roship-
nont to Australia , the eastern statei
iud Islands In the Pacifio ocean. The
omalnder Is shipped direct from Ae
orla to Liverpool or London , One
'ooBol recently loft with 70,000 oases ,
worth over $360,000 , the most valna
' ) lo cargo of atlmon over shipped frorr
.ho Pacifio co&at ,
The continued run of salmon In the
Columbia Is remarkable , coniidorlnf
ho great destruction of fish by traps ,
md the merciless Iron wheels that iin
ale them like the Spanish garrotc
There Is a sentiment in favor of abel
shlng this wholesale destruction o :
lib , and It la very likely that a Ian
will be passed prohibiting It. The lav
gainst fishing between Saturday nlghi
.nd Mondsy morning Is not rlgldl ]
inforood. This law was passed In order
dor to allow the fiih to ascend to thol
pawning grounds. But In this whole
sale and untimely destruction the pee
pie are destroying the very souioe o
their revenue. It Is proposed by th
cannery proprietors to establish
hatchery. Some "public spirited1
people think the State should estab
Ilsh a batcher for the benefit of thi
cannery establishments. Yet the can
norlos have , year after year , packet
from 400,000 to 635.000 cases , depending
pending solely on the fish tha
CHcapo to their natural spawn
'ng grounds. It con. oa
illy be estimated what a futnr
awaits this growing industry when i
hatchery haa been established able t <
urn out millions of fish annually , ant
holr wholesale , destruction stopped
Perhaps then 2,000,000 CMOS might bi
packed , which would bo a revenue o
910000,000 , about one-fourth o
which would be cet. Daring the las
fifteen years the revenue derived fron
fishing In tl\o \ Cjlnmbla river "a
about $26,000 COO. There were SCO ,
0011 cases of salmon packed on the P *
citio coast last year , the value of whicl
wae 14,200,000 This would leav
300,000 caHee for canneries outside o
the Columbia rivpr. When salmoi
fiihlng began hero fifteen years ag
bo price was about throe times whs
t Is now , or glDacaio , If the whole
ale destruction of fish Is not steppe
and hatcherlei are not soon estar.
Ishod , the supply will soon bo like th
ast run of shad and the price will ac
vanco. Bui there Is considerable aa
mon fishing In Alaska , three canneric
being In existence there , and recec
reports refer to the establishment c
The "scooping" wheels. upon whle
salmon are cinghi , resemble the old
fashioned undenhop wheel. Tbey-w
built upon embankments or prpiectln
rocks , so that ihewbU Wbe , In tb
water when the "slreYm I'rues. _ C
aonne they are bpllt In he law waU
season. The wheels have plnk pu
die * , so that the water running dow
stream eeU the wheel In motion , an
the salmon coming up stream ai
caught on the wheel and literal !
broken. They fall Into a "chute ,
sometimes like a wood drive , and sllc
down Into boxes. A wheel scoop * E
3 000 or 4,000 salmon a night. The ;
Is no law to prevent this who'eta
slaughter and destruction , but there
a loud cry for It.
InaUrnaut Because Her Story la Hi
Belleved-Her tlaid's atatement.
Oar Windier correspondent , wl
vuilted the Fahtry yestrdy , u r
quested by Lady Florence Dixie
tend os the following itatement : '
am extremely inrrrud and aonr/yi
toiee thedidbslUf aaddlicrtdlt wbl <
haj been given to my sUttaent
statement to wlih I adhere la evei
paxtlealtr. I cannot , of coarse , 1
rtsposiible for the numerous conti
dietary sUUmeaU tbat have b * a p
Into oay mosth by corresposdaa
who kave aired their own Isugioatlo
The raaarka ittribsted to ma aa *
tha Und I * * < rme an wlthoot foand
tfoa. I dU aot MOBM tU Ui
. Another rojiark has been at
tributed to mo , that the man who
sUbbed mo had an awful look upon
his foattiri-i. I never made the re
mark. 1 limply said that I rornem
bored that thn ono who slabbed mo
bad very white leolh , as they wcro
clenched. I do not believe that the
gardener of 0pt. Urocklohurit could
hoar mo call out , as the plaoo whore
ho said ho waa potting geraniums lies
on the other ildn of the road , between
which also Intervene ! a very high
wall. Naturally , struggling I could
not shout loudly , but I shouted ai
loudly as I oonld , the words being ,
'tiean , help ! ' I do not bellovo It pos
sible for any ono standing on Mr
Ponnloott'a lawn , however near the
water , to sou the place whore I was
attacked , as the ground of the IIll-
lows , as well as the houses audaUblos ,
Intervene As to the soldier not hearing
ing mo , I am not at all suprlnod , as ho
mnit have been more than 400 yards
a way i at the tlmo I was attacked ,
and clean ont of sight. It
was market day , I bollovo , and a great
many carte were paislng ; It Is net ,
therefore , probable that if these mon
made thrir escape In a cart they would
bo especially noticed. From what I
saw of their dress It could bo quickly
changed , and though men dlsguliod as
women would look very toll , they
might not have looked so remarkable
In men's clothing. I think It a most
monstrous thing that doubt Is east
upon my word of honor , slmoly be *
cause government olflalals should have
been unable for three days to trace
the perpetrators of the attompt. I
might add that when L ird Frederick
Ojvondlsh and Mr. Bucko lost tluir
lives , although there waa every chance
( > f following up the clew such as a car
dashing madly along the police
were unable ro follow It up for
many months aliorwatd I may say
there are dark marks upon my right
shoulder and urni , whloh are now be
ginning to show strongly , and which
can not bo otherwise accounted for
than as bulng the result of the strug
gle , as I have had no other fall or aa
oldont , Icaro not to dlicuis this
matter further. The gentleman who
laugh In the homo of commons and
the correspondents who circulate f lso
Information are certainly not solicitous
f England's honor. These who know
mo and thono who have honest minds
111 bollnvo mo , while I am not In the
east anxious to convince these who
o not uudorHtand what truth and
oner are. "
excitement which has prevailed
n Windsor slnoo the occurrence has
iow nearly subsided. 'I ho police have
lontlnuod their Investigations unre
mittingly , but tholr effort * to unravel
ho mystery have boon bt , 111 3d al every
Mr. T.iomas Ponnloott , the proprl-
tor of the Surloy Uall Hotel , which
s situated near * ho spot , has made e
'urthor statement. lie Is now con-
Inood , ho says , that from the point
rhoro ho stood on the bank of tha rlv
r at the rear of Barley Ilall when the
assault was committed ho conld nol
vo obtained a view of Ldy Florence
Dixie and her aisallanti.
Agnes Oullslo , Lady Dixie's maid ,
us aUo made a statement. She said
'When Ldy Dixie was brought intc
ho Fishery on Saturday she soomoc
obe very exhausted , and was as whlti
death. I noticed mud on her face ,
If she had been pulled along thi
ground. I think I aaw the mud or
both sides of the face , around th <
month. There were also traces o
tnnd on her Ladyship's teeth am
gums. The mud on the face seemei
to bo dry , so far as I conic
udge at the tlmo. Her Lidysh ! |
at once went to bed , and In the con
nslon we did not take off the llttli
_ eney which she were noder her cor
set. The jersey was not taken off nn
til Sunday night , so that It did not gi
with the rest of the clothes to Soot
and Yard on the Sunday for examlna
.Ion. It was , however , sent on sabto
qnontly. I am positive that bofor
her Ladyship wont ont on the Batnrda ;
there were no cuts on any of ho
clothes , Aa wo took off the clothe
wo at once noticed tha manner li
which they were cut about , apparent ! ;
by some sharp Instrument. Ther
wore traces of stabs In several plaots
When she had got into bed laiked he
adyship what wis the matter , am
nqulred If anbody had attacked her
Toe reply she made was , 'the tw
men In woman's clothes , above al
things , tried to do for mo , and the do
Hubert saved my life. Then sh
addid : 'Yes , and the struggle was i
hard ono. ' At the baclc of her head '
dlicovered some dry mold mixed wit !
the hair. "
Hotter Hhow for the
Letter from Commleeloner
from th I'llUbarf ComntrcUl Otutt * .
The reduction of the taxes upo
manufactured tobacco and clgan
which takes ffrct on May 1 , ha *
paratjzlng * ff.ct uponjho trade. Th
deciilon of Comptroller Lawrence , i
the tre * ry department , nude npo
March 24 , gave dealers to uodersUn
that their chance for rebates wet
vary small , and , without saying so , h
Intimated that the provision * of th
act extended only to manufacturer )
He , .however , opened the way by cor
'strung tha statute as doubtful , and i
congress HM not made aa spproprh
tloc for the purpose , he said thatste ;
would be Uren to allow claimant * fc
such rebate to place themselves In no
sltlon for collecting theirdalmt. Ye *
terday Collector F/aok P Ghue , <
the Twenty-Mcocd dlitrlct , receive
the following commnclcatlon froi
Commkiloner lUom , which IndleaU
a more liberal coostrocUoa of the o <
of cor.grots ;
"Manufacturer ! atd dtaltrs wb
present cUlou for rebate of the t
p ld on tobacco , snuff , cftrtri a
c'girate * on band M r 1 , 18:3 , w ,
tx > required , when Uklrg iuvantarii
of stock on that C r , jo fSt a labri I
each itarap d packager of tobacx <
sniff tf rme pound or more in weiah
to each box ccnlaltitoK s'ampcd p icl
sgisol tobacco or men * leis tban'oi
pound in weight , to e cn s'acopj
packages of cigars , aad to etch be
containing stamped piekize * of dg
ette Lib l for tbi purpose wilt 1
fumlihed by tHi c&st , la which
will bs neeeiiMy for tka cUIsuat I
Insert la writieg tli oaa * aad pla-
aad the nomb * * of the eolleetloa dl
triet aad sUU. It li thcujht th.
mny of th * e ctahaaaU win pnfsr (
hv labels tut ibatf ova goodc pdaU
t their own eirpento , for by having
tholr natnoi , ota , printed thry will
ftrold the Ubor o ( writing tham apou
the Ubcli ( aruUhod from horp. You
uro roqntitod to niako die Inquiry mid
oitlinato M to the whola number uf
l bol required for your dlmlot , ox.
oluilyo of thoio for the ( took of iuoh
clalmanU M propoio to fnrnUh tholr
own. An o rly report In the mutter n
dcilrod , In order that the number to
bo furnished by thli oflloo tuny bo
oitlmatod. "
After the rooolpt of thlin number of
doalori were loon. They were nil In *
dlaintlidod condition In ro rm ! to
trade , The roUllors arc refining to
buy except In im ll lots , M tin yean
not got any bonnflt from the rebate ,
which amount ! to $3 per thousand on
olgari , ohoroota and loblofl and 8 ounla
pur pound on manufactured tobacco.
Four yean ngo there wai a reduction ,
but It only ox tended to nunufaoturud
tobacco , and olgari nero Uft nn
touched , At that time traclo boonmo
itagtiant In every ohanuul , in- there
WM no provision for any repay mont on
s'ookB on hand , To stlmuUto trade
at that tlmo Lorrlllard'a , Flur.or'a and
other largo factories anthorltod tholr
nqunta to soil with an agreement to re
fund tbo dtfloronooB In tax upon all
tooled on hand on the day the rodno
tlon took olfoot. The pUn worked
well and all claims In this county were
ottlod without ooiurovoruy. Thin
year four firms tried the snmo plan ,
but It had no effect as imalt dealers
would not buy , A wholesale mer
chant said yesterday : "I don't oxpoot
any trade until after the 1 it of May
My bust customers are coming In and
buying fiva pounds , fifty cigars and a
hundred tobies at a tlmo. They will
not buy ; they bavo no confidence. "
For OonRh * and Throat Di ord r <
1 Have never chatiKoii my mind roipooilnR
thorn from the firit , noopt I think yet
b < ttor of tht which I hoKnn by thlnxlnir
well of " Ilev. Henry Ward llttchcr. Hold
only In box 1'rloeoi. 'M cenU.
A Unby Oamol.
Flora the Now Yoik llmoi.
There baa boon an Interesting In-
oroMo In the happy family of birds
arid boost * vrhloh Is assembled around
the old arsenal In Central I'ark. The
latest oomor Is a young camel , which
began Us career of earthly troubles on
Saturday night. Its first oxporlonco
of life was a rare ono for a camel , for
It found Itself reposing In a heap of
snow. Nevertheless , It did not pine
for the hot sands of the Great Wu
han , which ought to have boon Its
atlvo heath , but proceeded to tnako
self as comfortable ixs It could until
ay dawned and a keeper removed the
outhfnl quadruped to moro comfort-
lo quarters. For six hours the
Ittlo Infant was not permitted to
"raw nourishment from the natural
onroo. The old Mrs , ( Jamol was In *
lined to bo somewhat ungracious to
ward her llttlo ono , and had to bo
> led up with strong ropes before aha
would permit the caresses of hoi
abo. 8 ild babe Is about the slzo eli
i oolt , and Is so ugly that if It ovoi
itches sight of itself It will go oft In
lark corner and dlo. Ic consists
irluolpally of Ings. Those are long ,
nmborsomo , and appaiently vcrj
much In their own way. The In fan I
ktnol has a back just I ko any other
jorton'a There Is no hump visible
e i The keeper says that the younp
bout will sprout a hump In the coarse
I time , and , bo M proud ol
t aa a > boarding school boj
f the first down on hU Up ,
The Infant's nook , moreover , U sc
ihort that it oonld not oat grass , ll
hero wore any to oat , without lylnj
down. This slight Inconvenience wll
Iso disappear In tlmo , and the babe'i
neck will stretch out and double baden
on Itself In 'ho manner most approver
by camels which have reached thi
years of discretion. This little camel ,
hllo It boars no roiomblanoo to Arto
mns Ward's kangarooand falls to jomi
or squeal to any pornlotous extent , I
nnvertheleis an "amnilog llttlo cuss. '
This young animal is the third came
born In the Park. Ola mother wai
born there before him , and ho U there
"uro a true American.
Hop DltUra are the Purttt and Dtt Bitten
Ever Made.
They are compounded from Hops
Malt , Huchti , Mandrake and Dandelion
lion , the oldest , boat , and most vain
able medicines In the world and con
tain all the boat and most curativ <
properties of all other remedies , boinj
the croatcst Hlood Purifier , Live
Regulator and Ltfo and Health lies
onog Agent on earth. No disease o ;
11-heaUh can potsibly lonii oxlstwhcn
thcio Hitters are unod , so varied am
perfect are their operations.
They glvo new life and vigor to thi
aged and Infirm. To all whoso em
pluymenls catuo Irregularities of thi
toirelsor urinary organs , or whore
quire an Ypotizsr , Tonio and rnili
tuimnlant , Hop Blttor' re Invaluable
being highly curative tonlo and stlm
nlattng , without Intoxicating
No mtttor nbfi your footings o
symptom * are , rnat thodUeasoor ail
m nt is , me 0/p Bitters. Don * , wai
until yon ar/ sick , but if yon enl ;
feel bad or .rtUeiable , UM Hop Bitter
at onco.It D > * 7 save your life. lion
drtdi K v been saved by so dolna
| 50 w'/l be paid for a cue they wll
not eyre or help.
Dy not suffer or let your friends suf
fir , but os and urge them to me Ho ]
Remember , Hop Bitten U no vile
drugged , drunken nostrum , but th
Purest and Best Medicine ever mads
the "Invalid's Friend and Hope"an <
no person or famllv should be withou
them. Try the Bitten to-day.
B ; eUI Dbpttcfa Irt 7m Bfi.
Hr Louw , April 10 James Pai
ker and L. Woodman , two men , wh
a few d yi ago robbed a safe at KOI
sythii , Tlney county , MUsouri , f
15,000 county funds , were sentence
yeiterday to eight yearj In the peal
The NJjatant gsnenl of Tezai hi
a/ivlc s that Indians are ra'dlns ; In th
vicinity of th * Rieramento rnoanUlr
and that Cipt Btlley with a cornea
of State raneers are on their tnil.
Did Sh D1 J
"No ; the lingered and suffers
, pining war afl the time fc
ytan , the doeton dola her DO g x
aad at Lot WM eared by tbU Hop Bl
Un the pPr y o s t * m
Iod * dl U4 dl how ttakfal
bt for tUi s
An MY '
bo Vacancy In tlio Quortormnntor'a
, D. 0. April I ) . The
fllacrs of the quartermaster's corps
ru kept In a state of continual aglta *
un ever the deliberation of thn pros-
lent In filling the vacancy which has
lew exlqtcd for some wooka Qjar-
ermastor Honor * ! Ingalls goes to the
white houio every afternoon and
lorvoualy Imiulrcs of Secretary
'nllllps whether anything has boon
ono , Kvory day Air. Phillips says :
No , nothing yet , " and Omi. Ingalls
> roooods to urge the appointment of
ill nephew , a young leoond llnntcic
lit of Infantry. It Is not known
whether Lieut. lugalls * dinner *
, ro very good or not. It
s oortaln , however , that don.
ngalls * patlenco has boon
uruly tried by delay , and when aiki > d
eatordny when the presldont wai
( olng to appoint n deputy shorlir to the
oldlors * homo , snappud out tlmt ho
Id not know ; It probably would bo a
oar or two If ho did not move any
aitor than ho did In some other mat-
nrs. It may bo assumed its certain ,
iowovorthat the nppolntmont will bo
infilled ( to the army , and that no
vlllan need apply. Tno aecrotary of
ar 1s very decided In his opinion that
oino experienced olllaer should bo
ppotntod to the plaoo who ha * earned
> romotlon , and that a man should note
> o appointed from civil life to a
captaincy when thorn are llmi-
onants who have boon waiting
on years for an advancement. It Understood
ndorstood that the president holds
iractlonlly thosamo vlowa , and regards
ho law opening the quartermaster's
orps to civilians as having boon prac *
cally smuggled Into the bill , and
norally not 10 binding upon him as It
would have boon hud ll rooolvml In *
olllgont consideration by either branch
f congress , Under the olroutnttancos
] o prospcota for a civilian In the
uartormastor's corps are not very
right , beoauio this will probably belie
lie only vacancy occurring before con-
[ ro s convenes , when a griitid raid will
) o rnado upon the law , and ( ho nrmy
obby will doubtless bo able to ucoom *
illih Its repeal.
Another matter which Is agitating
rmy < Illaers who servo constantly In
Witihlugtou In the nuooesslon to the
luartormastor Qoneral'n plaoo. ( Ion.
ngalls will bo retired under the
1 year act in July. Then * are two
andldatos for his place , and ( ivory
Illaor In Washington Is ranged under
lie banner of ono or the other of thoio
spirant * , Ool. Holablrd Is next In
rdor In matter of rank and length of
orvloo. Ordinarily there Would bo
10 question about his appointment ,
'noro Is a society candidate , honovor ,
who has boon brought forward as the
eprcHontatlvo of a ollqna which as-
umos to oxoroiio great authority In the
pportlonmontto the soft places. The
ortunato gent who has the Indorse
ment of this class Is Lieut Col. Perry ,
a relative ) by nurrlago of the Uogers
and Frollnghuysen families , There Is
lothlnir too good In the gift of the
president In the estimate of the ootorlo
or ono of tholr number , and Ool.
'orry has boon vigorously supported
as tholr candidate for quartermaster
onoral , and they oxpoot him to got It ,
t Is understood that ho In favproJ by
3ol. Ingall * . Unfortunately , however -
over , for 0 > 1. Perry , Secretary Lin-
oln favors the appointment of Ool.
loUblrd , and the president , out of
loforenoo to a cabinet oflloor , can
lardly rrjcothli nomlnnn.
Who want glofmy , luxnrinnt
and wavy trcHHCH of abundiuit ,
brauUful llulr miiHt UHO
cKnnt , clienn article nlwnyn
akpH tht ) llnfr crow freely
and fiwt , keeps It from fulling
out , arrcHtH and curcn trny- ;
ncHH , rernovcH dandruff and
Itching , makOH the JIair
Htrong , giving it a curling
tcndmcy and keeping It in
any depjfcd noNlllon. Iteau-
tlful ItVmllliv ilnlr IH the Hiiro
rewjlt of UNlng Kalhalron.
Ara acknoyrJe-'ged ' to bo the
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All Grocers' Supplies.
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1020 Farnham Street ,
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Orders from any part of the State or the
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