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A Lively Trade For Hangmen
Looming Up in Ireland !
The Alleged AsBaeoins of Oayen-
t ish and Burke Hope
lessly Doomed ,
One of the Prisoners Deter
mined to Confess and Ap-
psal to the Gallows.
The Dypopulation of the Coun
try Continues by tha Kil-
mainbain Route.
A Scheme to Feed the Hungry
in Ireland Laughed Out
oi the GommoHB.
Largo Assortment of Qeneral
Foreign News
Special Dlspttcbei to Till Bn.
DUBLIN , April 10. The trials of
Joe Brady , indicted yesterday forjtho
murder of Cavendish and Burke ,
which were to have begun to-day ,
have boon postponed until to-morrow ,
owing to Dr. Webb Adams , who was
assigned by Judge O'Brien to act as
council for Brady , declining to con
duct the defense of the prisoner.
Adams will give as a reason that he Is
not prepared. The court house is
fltronwly guarded again to-day.
0 Brlen Intimated to Sullivan ho
would bi called on to cooperate with
Dr. Webb Adams In defending
Brady. Tae judge also expressed the
boiler that both gentlemen were un
biased. The judge Insisted strongly
that the counsel should be ready to de
fend B.-ady despite their protests. D.
B Sullivan is counsel , not A. M. Sul
DDBIIN , April 10. There is no re
laxation on the part of the'authorllies
hero of their endeavors to detect and
arrest suspicions persons. The police
have just come into possession of in
formation that a man baa urrivtd In
Dnbljn who Is oupposed to be an emis
sary ( f thedyuamite party , and wh-so
mis i MI is the d tot ruction of property.
All hutela are bjlng watched with the
hope of arresting him. The Cold
Stream guards have been placed in
the building adjacent to Green street
court houjj , wluro the trial of the
Phoenix park assassins are to take
place The object is to secure the
protection of officers of the court and
informers who are to testify against
the accused men.
It ii s'atca ono of the men actually
participating in the murder of Caven
dish aud Burke has declined to be def -
f andod , declaring hlat Intention to
plead guilty. He has no hope of es
caping conviction. The name of the
man is withheld. His statement re
garding participation In the crime will
be mada in the dock , where ho-previ
ously answered for the murderous
offense. The man referred to is be
lieved to be Patrick Dalaney.
Higgles , a fugitive from the Orns-
hoon district , was arreited to day on
the charge of conspiracy to murder.
The recorder of Cork , In opening
the sessions , .ook occasion to allude
to the almost unanimous opinion ex
pressed by the American press in con
demnation of Irish outrages.
DUBLIN , April 10 A number of
arrests have been made at Latt-rfrack
in connection with the murder of Ly-
v den'4 Comlttee , 2 years ago , and of
' ' Constable Cavanaugh.
Special Dispatches to Tni BII.
LONDON , April 10. In the commons
to-day , O'Connor Power , member foi
Mayo , moved a resolution for the re
lief of the Irish distress. Tae scheme
proposes the expenditure of 5,000-
000 in promoting home colonization ,
the sum to be advanced by the treasury
and to charge repayment in full prim
arily on the land settled uuder the
scheme and then by way of security
on the assessable property of Ireland.
In such way the treasury shall lose
nothing. Provision is also madofoi
optional emigration. Trevylan , chiel
secretary for Ireland , s id the dlstrose
Is nothing like that of 1847. He
declared Power's plan impracticable.
Many persons were taking advantage
of the facilities now afforded for emi
gration. It the motion was adopted ,
a serious blow would be dealt to the
work the government was carrying on ,
Power's motion waa rejected ,
Par cell is suffering from a car
buncle. He was la the house to-night
but left before the debate onPowor'i
motion began. * \
P nel ) decides not to leave London
Ho desires to tend the discussion o
the criminal procedure act.
Berrard Gallagher , of dynamite no
torlety , strongly nrges American cltl
zeuship. Ho has sent a loiter to th
United States minister , praying tha
the good offices of the America !
government bo exerted in his behalf
and solemnly reiterating his iunc
conco. The writing aud opelllng c
the communication stamp him ao
very Illiterate person.
The London police csniinno a vigl
lant watch upon railroad depots an
steamboat landings. It is bollovc
they arn well advised from America
It is urged that the law of cxtrad
tlon cover the cases of perilous charge
with using dynamite for unlawful pn :
Ohnrles Bfadlauzh , W. J. Ilimai ]
proprietor ot The Free Thinker , an
G. W. Foote , editor , charged vil
publishing a sketch of the DJoty ur
blasphemous libels , were arranged b
fore Lord Chief Jnitlce Coleridge at
a special jury. Bradlangb , denyii
responsibility for ( he pnblloatlo
applied for and wu granted a separa
LONDON , April 10. Thn Times sa
that there was a practical reason f
the haste In which the bill In rega
to exposures was passed through pj
Hament yesterday , and explains It by
stating that some members of the
- " tnlto party are bcjloyod to , bo on
\V \ tv _ comlngfrom America.
" royal message
possession , u > . < s read in
Parliament this attu )
GLAEOOW , April 10. Arrived , Iho
State of Nevada , from Now York.
Special Dlipttches to Tui Dm.
Several oflicorn of the Rissltm army
will soou bo tried for Nihilism , owing
to the discovery of the moaning of
the cipher embodied in norao of Prince
Krapotkloa's drcamonte , whlnh were
given into the Imnds of the Russian
government by the Frotich authorities.
Rodriguez aud Castillo and other
Cuban refugees liberated have arrived
at Malaga. They intend to rot urn to
thu West Indleo. The intention of
the Spanish government is to grad
ually release most of the exiles nnd
allow them to return to Cuba. There
la reason to b liovo Maceo will soon
ba liberated ,
Four slaves were sold at pubilo auc
tion in the streets of Tangier , near the
British legation. The Europeans of
Tangier are Indignant.
Dr. Havermann , a young physician
of Restock , has boon appoiutedapeclal
physician to the queen of Madagascar.
The French eqnadron at Hong
Kong has sailed tor Tonqulu.
It is hoped in political circles in
Vienna that the U.iltod S.atos gov
ernment will adopt legal mnasures
for the Buppreselon of Feuiauism and
dynamite plotting In that country.
The conservative party in Germany
gained an important \istory In the
election in cast Prussia yesterday.
The rapid riaooi the river at Lon
don Ont. , flooded the lower part ot
tha tcity , .confining many people to
tbelrhouse. The water is subsiding.
VIENNA , April 10 A largo section
of country In the southern part of
Russia is covered with water , owing to
floods In Rassla. Traffic on the rail
ways is temporarily suspended.
BEBLIN , April 10 Accounts of a
dreadful domestic tragedy have been
received from Cham , B tvarla. A rope
maker killed his wife , mother-ln-Uw ,
two sons and then poisoned himself.
ROMK , April 10. The king has
signed 'a ' decree , ordering the forma
tion as qnlckly as possible of seventy-
two now companies of Territorial and
Alplno troops.
The Supposed Incendiary on Trial
Special Dispatch to Tni linn.
MILWAUKEE , April 10. The trial ol
Gaorpo Schollor , charged with setting
the Nowhall hotel on lire nnd ciuslnp
the awful catastrophe of January 10
last , by which almost ono hundred'
human beings Wore sacrificed , was
opened in the criminal court this
morning. Great Interest was evinced
on every side , and long before the
time sot for beginning , the court room
was crowded. The prosecution was
represented by District Attorney
Clark and P. J. Somers , olty
nttorroy. while counsel for the
defense appeared in the < person
of Jeff McKenuoy , former district
attorney , and W. H. Ebbetts. Schil
ler was the center of all * observation
when brought Into court. He was
rather pallid from long and close con
finement , but looked fleshier than
when arrested. He carried himself
confidently and calmly. The day's
proceed ngs were confined to securing
of a jury , and were accordingly with
out special Interest. Contrary to gen
eral expectation the whole jury waa
empaneled bafore final adjournment
thu evening. The jury Is an intelli
gent one. It Is expected the case will
make rapid progress.
Political Oonvantions
Special Dl p tcie to Tni Bia.
ATLANTA , April 10. The demo-
oratlc state convention met to-day.
C. 0. Jones was chosen temporary
chairman and Charles Crisp , congress
man elect of the Third district , per
manent chairman. After recess the
following were placed in nomination :
James S. Bjynton , A. O. Bacon , H
McDinlol , Phillip Cook , L. J. SI-n-
mons. First ballot : Boynton 130 ,
Bacon 145. Four other ballots were
taken. The fifth was as follows :
Boynton 143 , Bacon 153 , McDanlels
31 , Cjok 13. Simmons 8 ; necessary tea
a choice , 170. Adjourned till to-mor
ALBANY , April 10. The state con-
voution of the national greenback-
labor party will bo held at Rochester ,
September 4 ,
The Terrified Canadian !
Sped * ! Dlipatch to Till Un.
OrrAWA , April 10. Notwithstand
ing the positive assurance of Superln-
terdtrat Sherwood , of the dominion
police , that the reported explosion ol
Eastern block was a canard , Detec
tive Hodgeness and four Toronto po
licemen who have been brought here
to-day have inspected the underground
passage of the parliament bnlldlngi
and have boon granted permits tc
enter not only the building bnl
Rjdean hall at all hour !
day and night. Although this fact ii
not generally known , considerable nn
f easiness Is manifested among thi
members , and the night watch fur
nlshed by the dominion pollco hai
been doubled , and every precaution 1
being takou to prevent the possiblllt ;
of evil disposed persons creating an ]
Detoctlvo Hodgrois had an Intei
view with Col. DaWinton.
Tha Indian War-
Special Dlipatch to Till BII.
Sr Louifl April 10. The adjntan
general of Texas has advices that th
Indians are raiding In the vlolnity c
B toramento mountain , and that G\\ \
tain Baylor , with a company of stat
rangers are on their trail.
WASHINGTON , April 10. India
Agent Wlloox , of San Carlos apono ]
In a telegram to Commissioner Prici
cays It Is rumored a company <
rangers are being erganlzad at Toml
stone , and general Indications poll
to an Invasion of Ban Carlos reservi
tlon. lie adds that the res nit cf such
an invasion would bo dlsaitrlous.
AMoBsofStonottno. Mortar Tumbles
Special DkpaUh to Tin lln.
RociiKMTEii , April 10. Ton minutes
after 7 o'clock this morning n largo
building on the northwest corner of
Ghunb. and S'ato ' streets , fell with a
crash. The sldo wall faclnc ; Church
street had boon erected this wli'ter
It is supposed the mortar wan frozen
and thn warm weather of yesterday
loosened the brick nnd caused the fall
There were 17 men at work In the
building. The nlnrm was sounded
which brought out the firemen and
pollcj , who are worklug hard clearing
away the dobrln. The names of those
found in the rnlus are , 11. L. Wortlen ,
Wm. Ashbold , Frederick K. Kohlur ,
S. Burr , W G Gould , R. L Brown ,
Rfinsnn Potter. Anthony Dlukolspli 1 ,
and Matthew Poarl. The latter is
dead. Two of the others are fatally
Injured. The owner of the building
was on the root at the time it fell , and
was severely Injured. Those who
were in the basement are probably
Only ono death from the falling of
the building , that of Matthew Pdsrl ,
Wesley Ashhough and R S. Wooden
Wlldio are Rorionsly injured. There is
much Indignation felt toward the
builder and owner , J. F. Chrtor.
Loss , (25,000. The building has boon
Mexican Nfwa
Special Dlipatch to Tni Dim.
CITY OP MEXICO , April 10. A
number of congressmen , including
Towneond of Ohio , visited congress
to-day. Professor Potter , of St. Louis ,
is in town ; also the agent of ono of
the largest California wine producers.
The first grand festival of thoTalnoa
exhibition was held to day. Baroness
Wilson , the Spanish authoress , made
an address , and Madame Natatle
Testa sang to a brilliant a'somblsge.
The Improvements of Vera Cruz
have boon suspended , pending the
completion of arrangements with a
French company.
Tbo New Jealapa Journal advocates
the election of General Diaz f ) r presi
dent.Rodorlqn'z Rivera , put for ward far
governor of Vera Orcz , is secretary of
the present governor.
The Official Journal publishes n
grant to James 0. Hale of Oillfornli ,
Oonrado FloreB , aud others , of a largi
tract cf uncultured land in Lower
California for colonization purposes
They ai-o also nnthorized to undertake
the development of some Islands.
A Large S'lro- .
Sptcllspil Datclrei to Tui Un.
WESTMiNbTBii , Ind. , April 10 A
disastrous fire ia raging at Westmin
ster. It is of Incendiary origin , and
was started in Thompson's livery sta
ble. Eighteen buildings have bnrnpd
and the fire is still burning. The losa
is $70,000
The most disastrous fire ever known
here occurred last night , origin
ating In Jaoob' Thompson's liv
ery stable , in whlnh Bob Thomp
son and Aaron Sohaefibr , em
ployes , were burned to death.
Chore wore'also thirty bosses , sixteen
dwellings and stores burned , including
the Lutheran church. The loss Is
$70,000. Too fire cleared a whole
square , from Bond toCarroll on Main
street , and up 'Carroll. The fire
started at 11:30 : o'clock last night and
was under control at 3 o'cfnok this
The fire was extinguished by rain
which fell steadily for several hours.
Nearly all the occupants of the
burned buildings saved the bulk ol
their property. ,1 Four colored person !
were arrested for setting fire to tin
stable while playing cards. Owing tc
fears cf lynching , the jail is stronglj
A PUUlorg Crank-
Special Dispatch to Tni BII.
PITT8D0KO , April 10. Henrj
Merely , the self confessed mnrdero
of Lord Laitram , was released fron
custody this morning , having beei
identified as a harmless crank living li
ono of the outer wards of the olty.
A Pleaiara Trip
Special Dltpstch to Tui BII
JACKSONVILLE , FJa , April 10.
President Arthur left Sinford fo
Kissemmee City yesterday mornlnj
on a special train and stopped a
Wllkes Park and again at Orlando ti
attend a Sunday school picnic. Fron
Kissemmee a steam yacht will carr ;
the party down the river abont fort ;
miles to an Island where black bas
are plentiful.
Bolt for Libel ,
Bpe Ul Dbpatcbe to Tni Oil.
-New YOKE , April 10. Joseph M
Btoddard , publisher , of this olty am
Philadelphia , has bjgun suit for llbe
against the Tribune association , lay In
damage at $100,000. The allege
libel Is that the Tribune charged Stod
dard with pirating an edition of th
Encyclopedia Brltalnloa.
The LonUville Exposition.
Special Dispatch to Till HII.
LOUISVILLE , April 10. The dlrei
tors of the Loulsvlllo cotton oxpoei
tlon have closed a contract with th
Seventh regiment band , of Now Yorl
for the first 50 days of the expusltioi
and Gllmore'd bind , of the eamu oil'
for the remilnlng fifty days Thlsli
volvcs an cxpendltnrn of 35,000.
They 'Wero
Special Dltpatch to Tui 11 ii ,
GALVESTON , April 10. A. Fo
Worth special of yetterday says th
the twenty-four prisoners who escapi
from jail have been recaptured oxcoj :
lag four.
A Powder Expiation
Special DtipaUh to T i BII.
BOSTON , April 10. One of tl
buildings of the American Powd
Co. , at Acton , Mass. , exploded tl
forenoon , killing two men , The k
waa not heavy , -
The labor Confederation Saucily
Pray For a&BxtraSos.
sionofOoDRroES ,
Partial Paralysis of Memory
Spreading Ainonpr the
Star Route Thieve.
General Pope Baddies Hie
Hindquarters and Claims
Additional Pay.
TueOomlition | of Winter Whoiit
Figured Out pLfiVorablw
Spring Sowing Begun.
Othtr Interesting Capitol Nnwn ,
Special Dlipatch to Till Bui.
WABUINOTON , April 10 A niuinor-
Inl has beau suut the president by thu
president and board of directors of
thu contra ! oominlttuo on imtioint
labor legislation , petitioning for an
extra session of congroso , to bo called
early at ) practicable' , for the purpose
of considering the rol.ktlono between
labor aud capital. The inouiorallstB
cUlm to repteecnt the wnge workman
of the United Statoo In thu matter of
promoting cortnin legislation promised
by n resolution of the senate adopted
in 1882. They call attention
of the president to the
fact that nearly n your
has elapsed since the adoption
of that resolutfon to Investigate the
relations between capital and labor ,
yet no report on the subject has been
made by the committee to which It
was referred , nor Is there any sign oi
remedial legislation. The form of In-
vostlgation was gone through with ,
they say , during a single week of the
last session of congress , bat farther
time was asked by the committee to
enable them to travel over the coun
try and continue what appears to bo
useless expenditure of time and public
money in collecting fnotH already
well known. Tnoyudd : ' 'It uppuurb
to your memorialist ! ! an absurdity for
a committee of grave senators to go
around the country on a junketing
feast at the pubilo oxpeuuo together
cumulative teatlmony to support ovl
dent facts , pntent to all who road ,
and it Is trifling with the fuolingu ot
intelligent workmnn who are the ng-
groved parties. Tnoy request the
president , therefore , if ho "fooln
hampered by the conflicting opinions
of his privy councillors , " to call together
gothor the representatives of the people -
plo elected last full , and "submit to
their adjudication" this problem nf
remedial legislation In the interest of
the oppressed wage workmen.
Special iittpatcli In THI Vf * 4
' WASUINQAON , April 10. Minor
continued his testimony in the star
route trial today. . Ho declared that
after January , 1878 , ho had never
spoken a word to Brady on business
matters. Three official papers ad
dressed to Brady in the spring of
1879 , purporting to be signed by
Miner were shown witness. Witness
denied having written the signatures ;
supposed R-jrdell had written them
Meniok conducted the cross-examina
tion. Witness said the division wan
based npon the valno of the
rontaa as shown by the profits and
not npon the number of routes.
He believed 8. W. Dorse ;
received llttlo more than his fair
share , no account was taken of the
probable expedition ; "It would have
made no difference if wo did , " sale
witness , "for S. W. Dewey got more
expedition than wo did. " Wltnesi
denied having filled in the blank affi
davits. Many papers wore showi
witness , which ho recollected nothing
abont. Without concluding his exam
( nation , court adjunrnod , expressing
the hope that a night'a rest might re
fresh witness's recollection.
Merrictc , Bliss and KM , government
counsel In the sUr ronto cast
emphatically deny the .published re
port that they have disagreed in ro
pnrd to the conduct of the case ,
Inferring to the story that ho woule
soon sever hla connection with thi
case Merrlek said ho Intended to par
form a duly he owed to the government
mont at any cost. Ho would no
leave this case until it had boon prose
onted to Its conclosion.
Special DUpatchei to Tin BII.
rors'H CLAIM.
WASHINOTJN , April 10. The flra
case under the Bowman act passed o
the last scsslcn of congress wag filed 1
the court of claims yesterday , havin
been referred to the court by the coi
rotary of war. This was a claim fc
? 20iOi , ( made by Major General Joh
Pope for difference of pay bet wee
that of brigadier general and muj
general whllo ho was on duty by ai
slgnmcnt of president Recording to hi
brevet rank from April lit. 1807 , j
October 28th , 18S2
The department of agriculture r
ports the condition of winter
crop on the let of April over Us ontli
breadth as follows ; In Michigan at
other northern territories wheat wi
still covered with snow. In the Oh
valley , winter protection had bet
partial for a term locally varying fro
throe to ten weeks , after which lei
from freezing was quite general , Ti
average depredation is greater in tl
upper part of the Ohio valley and
Kansas than elsewhere. Ewit ot tl
Alleghanles the condition
good In the northern be !
10er declining slightly in the low
er latitude. It Is not up to the avora
Is In any part of the south. The avc
ss go for the nrno Is 80. Last April
was 104 , in 1881 , 85. The moat o
serving reporters havenlnrd thr
roots , and in many ctscs hand them
healthy , whllo the plants are frczjn
There Is good reason for bollovIng that
the real condition of wheat Is , there
fore , lots umprcmltlng that it scorns.
The average of the condition In states
nf larcn production nr > : Nnw York
101 , P nn vlvMiU J5 OMo 70 , K n
tacky 80 , Indian ) 7C , Michigan ! ) lt ,
Illinois 80 Missouri 83 , Kansas 70 ,
California 02 , The average of wlnt r
wheat varies little from last year's
breadth. Returns Indicate the in
crease of 1 per cent , Illinois returns 2
per cent Increase , Ohio , Michigan ,
Indiana and Mlasnuti 1 per cent ( In
crease , California 10 per cunt Incrnaie
and n slight decrease in tht < OtiH
states. The returns of the quantity
of need used per noru ludiuittts a
tendency to thin needing Ten yt"us
ago about six pecks per aero wet o used ,
now leas than live and A half in lht <
winter -rliont region The indenting
use uf the drill admits of this economy.
The acreage of winter rye is 99 put
cent nf last year's hrosth , average con
dltiou 01.
Returns received by thn dopirtmont
of ngrlaultural from the spring wheat
region , show reeding in pwnrana on
the ilrst of April , but u i whom finish
ed. In Diliota mul parts of Minnesota
It hna hardly oommuncod , largo areas
being still covered with snow. The
department , therefore , not at.
tempt to anticipate the probable yield
of spring wheat
arrived to-nluht , 11 o was received at
the depot by n cominlttuo from the
Indiana republican club , aud driven
to thu residence of John W. Foster ,
where h mot n number of old friends ,
and was introduced to many now ones.
IIo will bo thu guest ot General Fos
ter for several dys.
Thu ludlanu republicans have ar
ranged for a reception to bo given
Judge Gresham , the date of whion is
not yet fixed. Ho will enter upon his
duties at the postoflloo department to
At a meeting this evening of the re
publican central committee of the Ds !
trlot of Columbia a resolution was
adopted favoring n movement to secure
the restoration of suffrage to citizens
of the district.
The story telegraphed from Wash
ington to the effect that thu British
minister has been swindled out of a
considerable mini of money by a per-
con who professed 10 have knowledge
of n plot to hlav up the location
building wan nrmltlvoly denied to day
by MinuterVst. . 11 u Biiicl thu portion
tion mentioned called upon him and
dlri'ctod his attention to n matter
which , upon investigation , proved to
ho unfounded and which was not In
any manner connected with an attempt
t blow up the higatiou building. 11 o
paid no money for the alleged in
formation , but merely heard what the
person had to say , Investigated it and
found It untrue.
E'crntnty Ifalpor hud u conference
to day with the * director cf tbo mint
and iho na3ullan.mlnlster la regard
to request , of the Hawaiian govern
ment to have it * money coined in the
United Scales mints. It was decided
to grant the request , and preliminary
arrangements for the oolnago will be
made at once. The mint at 8sn
Francisco was selected as the plaoo ol
coinage. The dies will probably be
made at the Philadelphia mint.
Hawaiian silver coin will bo of the
denominations of one dollar , half dollar
lar , quarter and one-eight dollar.
The solicitor of the treasury hat
made an adverse report upon the case
of Ouendet , a prominent juwoler ol
8t Louis , arrested for Branching
$1 800 worth of diamonds from Paris.
Ouendot admitted the charge and
agreed to pay the duty and valno ol
the goods , and also DO per cent In ad <
dltlon , which , It seems , was exacted
from him. District Attorney Bliss , ol
8t Louis , reported that there wore
mitigating circumstances. He did nol
think Cdondot should bo indicted ,
The solicitor does not agree with thi
district attorney. Ho holds that It li
a proper cine for Indictment , am
criticises the action ot the anthorltloi
in exacting an additional 50 per con
on the value of the diamonds while thi
the offender was In duress.
It Is reported H. W. llowgato , ex
signal oflioor , who escaped from th
custody of a bailiff In this city about
year ago while awaiting trial on th
charge of embezzlement , was soon ni
the street hero to-day by an officer o
the signal serving
A Noted llnobnr Released
Special Dlipatch to Till Uii.
HUNTHVILLE , Ala. , April 10. Th
case against Dick LHdoll , the notcrl
. ons member of the James gong , wh
i was convicted at the last term of this
United States court of conspiracy t
rob the mall , sentence being then BUI
ponded , was called up to-drty. Judg
Brace released Liddoll upon his pei
sonal recognlzanoa. This is rf gsrdoi
as a settlement of tbu case. Liddoll I
free , end ho can now testify In th
Frank James triul in Missouri. A
efforts to have Liddoll pardoned b
the president proved unavailing. Ill
release , under the circumstances , vh
tually removes the probability of hi
Imprisonment for the charges whlc
convicted him.
Dynamite Scare in If tw York.
Special Dtipatch to TUB Him.
NEW YOHK , April 10 The sons
tlonal story in this afternoon's papo
m that some fiend had mailed an li
is fornal machine to Mlts Nellie Goul
10 daughter of the great fmancle
10 proves on investigation to bo untrn
In The package that exploded in tl
10 postoffioo was a burglar's aUrm
Is simple nature intended for the dang
it , tor of a Newark merchant.
A Fatal Friendly Bout-
8pclU Dtipftteb to Till Dn.
it KINGSTON , Now York , April 10.
At Hickory Buih , Jacob Gamp and
constable named Donovan enRagodln | a
friendly sparring match with gloves.
D inovtui getting In a heavy blow , an
gered 0 mp , who seizing a stone felled
Donovan and boat In his skull. Camp
was hold for murder.
SpocUl ll [ tchc to Tin Dm.
It In reported Kx-I'roildent Uioz , of
Santo Doming } , (11 oil at Porto llico.
The charter election In Albany , N Y , ,
reiultod In n complete democratic victory.
Tlioro have been hoary rains In all pirts
of Alrtb.unn , nn.l soiuo corn will bo dam
Judge lra ! < tu * Lao committedsutcldo at
Ashtiibnln , O , with laudanum. No cause
The new Stock Kxchanqo of Now Vork
otxanlred with O. 0 , Van Bokkelon M
! > < < dont.
The | irc ldont'ii party was fishing yes
tontiiy. The president caught a tou
pouml trmit ,
Tbn National Patroloum KxohanRe , of
New York , votoil to unlto with the Mining
at ok Kxchtngo ,
At the reception in lioaton lant night In
luiunr of Otii. Dlnz , the mayor inHilo tlio
piCfOnlftttnu tpeoch.
I'ho 1'arneU land loiguu In Now York
( lenouncot the Introduction of American
politic * into the land tongue.
Tbo Now Vork aldermen Imvo granted
perminl < n to tbo oleotrlo line company
to Uy wlroit uuder the streets
The bout i.nd fhno fictory of Illloy ,
1'ubblcs & Co. , Nut Lie , Ma < w. , was dam
aged $100,000 by lire ; Insured.
The Pennsylvania house passed bill
abolishing the convict labor tyntein In
prlsuns and reformatory institutions.
Oommltteoi have boon appointed In
Phlladolphia to nrruiige tha recaption of
delegates to tbo land league convention.
Uanlon having toleprnpliod Koss that
Ogdensburg. N. Y. , oT ( (2,500 fur their
race there , Ho Inatructodllaulen to ac
At the Van Hazen cut near Rochester ,
N. Y , on the West Sboro railroad , one
workman was kill d and several fatally
injured by A bUst.
At the Princeton college alnrnlnl dinner
last night , President MtOonh asked for
(200,000 to establlnh a aohool of philoso
phy In the college.
A mob ot sovonty.flve negrods took from
the guard at Amnolson , Ala , Monday
night , a negro named Bam Liwls , and
hanged him for killing a negro , February
Tha young girl named Georgia Smith
who recently murdered Albert Boyklu , a
young preacher at Vlckaburg , whllo at
tempting to ( soapo from jau , was shot
1 ho Shvannth river Is rising rapidly
At G o'clock Monday evening It registered
ten feet , yesterday at noon twenty-six ,
and htlll rising at the rate of three Inches
an hour.
The Methodlpt Uulsoopal conference op-
pnco the appropriation by the Now York
leglnl ituro ot $20,000 to the Catholic Pro
tectory nud will petition the governor to
Veto the Horn. .
The president ban boon Invited to visit
Pi macula and Tnllnlmpup. If the Invita
tion la acco | > tnd , the president Is llkuly to
return to Waalnngtou via Now Orleans
and Louisville ,
On the Mlssnurl Pacific road near
Booker , Tex 11 , a construction train back
ing up struck n hormi Tie train jumped
the track and Ojnduotor Kvorott | nd four
train hands were killed ,
The finance committee of the Massa-
chusettR ( leglslaturo has unanimously re-
parted In favor uf voting the appropria
tions for public charitable Institutions ,
notwithstanding the veto of the governor.
. In the sulto Booton vs. Chat. { I. Den-
al < v ! . , broajhtupnn DwnUV boarl ai
olty tteatunr ; to recover $80 OK ) blng thi
amount of the defalcation of John A.
Woodward , cashier under DennJe , ' [ the
tfonrt ruled the bond was liable.
New York Sport * .
Special DlipateO toTni Bi .
NBW YOHK , April 10. 0oary ! chal
lenges Mitchell to another sparring
match , Oloary to have also two-thirds
of the receipts. Oloary adds : "If
Mitchell does not agree to this ho
must Oght mo or leave the country. "
The police mada a descant upon a
party of cook fighters on the ontsklrti
of the city tn.dty. Several fled-to
the roof the b irti , and In jumping tc
the ground were sorlously Injured.
The Vows of Nans-
Special Dispatch to Tna Oil.
MONUTKAL , April 10. Bishop
Fabre , referring to the case of ayounu
nun , who wants to be released from
the convent hero , says she can leave
the convent when she withes ; no one
will hinder her in her civil rights , bul
her vows she assumed for five yean
have certain obligations which it Is t
matter of conscience for her to decide
to abandon. Her release from the
vows , which will now soon oxplre
have been asked at II < mo and refused ,
The IieasB of the W bm h.
Special Dlspktcli to Till ! ) .
ST. LOUIB , April 10. The stock
holders of the Iron Mountain anc
Wabash road held their adjonrnoc
meeting this noon ana ratified the no
tlon of the directors in Now York i
few days ago respecting the lease o
the Wabash to the Iron Mountain
Abont two-thirds of the W&bash stool
and all of the Iran Mountain , except
ing 600 shares , voted.
Hucoesifal Libel Salt-
Special Dtfpatch to Tus BII.
DETHOIT , Apill 10. The libel snl
of Prof. MaoLoan , of the modlca
department of the state unlvorslt
against James E. Sorlpps , editor nm
principal proprietor of The Evonln
News , this city , after two weeks trial
concluded this evening in a verdict o
all points in favor of the plaintlf
awarding $2,000 damages , the heavlei
verdict over recorded In this city. Th
suit was nbly contested at every ste
and oicltod great pubilo interest.
Strtklnu Brnbeimen *
Special UUrxUcn to Tin HII ,
LiTTBllocK , April 10. The stril
of thu irulght train brakomonontl
second and third division of the S
Louis & Iron Mountain railroad endi
to-day , the sheriff and pot so proven
Ing tbo men from Intoifering. Trail
are running regularly ogaln. Tl
r superintendent offered $100 rowa
for the arrest and conviction of eai
penon engaged in obstructing trail
A Narrow Escape.
Special Dbpateh to TUB lln.
AHHONU , OONW. , April 10 T
AnsonU hotel w s burned this a. o
and fifty guests In the house eswpi
with only two Injured. The low v
Terrible Experience of the
Steamer Nottinghill on
the Atlantic.
A Furious Hurricane Rages For
Three Days and Strips Her
Decks of Everything.
Solid Steel Bulwarks Torn
From Their Fastenings and
Hurled Into the Ben.
Tito Hall Raaolies Halifax With
AUHandi Aboard-
SpocUl llspath ) to Till ; lln
HALIFAX , April 10. The stoatnor
Nottlugtilll , Now York , April 1 , for
L-jndon , put in hero after a tcrrlblo
bxpurlonoo at sea. Tuesday oronlng
after sailing the gale began , which
raged throughout thrt night , beoamo a
cjolouo Wednesday morning , when
the ship was thrown on her bjam
ends. 'IVo days following n hurrl-
oauo prevailed. The m'.f.zon ' boom
was torn away and dashed against the
skylight of the engine room , through
which the boom aud glass fell , sorlous'y
injuring throe engineers. All tbo doors
of the deck house ) wore burst , the
rooms gutted the gallery wreckedand
great pnrt of the ship's provisions car
ried away Thirty-threo foot of solid
steel bulwarks were swept into the sea
and 30 foot moro damaged. The
stannchions were torn from their fas
tenings as if scaffolding. Thn multi
tudinous seas drowned the fires and
threatened to overwhelm the ship.
For 48 hears the ship was still on her
beam onda and the pumps choked.
The men kept bailing , but were only
able to keep the water from gaining.
The live stock in the hold
were swimming aboat all this time ,
having no fodder. Friday morning
the men wont in a body to Captain.
Bennett and demanded to be taken
Into port or have the ship abandoned.
The demand was Impossible to grant
as the water in the engine room prevented -
vented the fires and only two bo its
were loft. Friday night the weather
moderated and on Saturday the storm
eubsldod , The ship being tight the
water was qniokty reduced , steam
raised and as soon n.i the ship got un
der way she riqhtod. Thirty-four
bullocks and six sheep were lost of the
lit I head of cattle nnd 100 sliced on
board. About a hundred tona tf cargo
were washed overboard.
How An "Honoat Penny" Wets Made
Oil Humnn Bldo.
Special Dispatch to Tui 11 .
BOHTON , April 10. Gov. Butler was
preeont at the Towksbury almthonse ,
investigation to-day. Joseph A Chase
testified ho had worked for Miss Man
ning , and with her knowledge ha&
taken bodies to Harvard Medical
school by Border of Marshes. The
eraor thea introduced sermon
Mr. Sanbork , minister of.Liw
in which it was stated Bpanldlng , one
of the trnstees of the almshonse , had
boasted that while ne emoluments
were attached to the trusteeship , he
could made it pay. The governor in
timated that this was done by turning
over contracts to outside parties , with
whom Spauldlng divided the profit ,
The governor then offered a printed
testimonial to the character of San-
born , which , after some discussion ,
was admitted.
John H. Ohasd , since his first testi
mony , had gene to Tewksbnry with
a detective and unearthed a coffin sup
posed to contain the body of Joseph
Clark. The body bed previously been
sold , and the coffin , which was empty ,
was brought to Boston. There wore
other ocflins In the same condition.
Two poor women had offered money
to witness to put a slab over their
mother's grave , which ho refused , but
Marsh said ho ought to have taken it.
Cigars rad Whisfcy
Special Dupatcb to Tni Usi.
CINCINNATI , April 10. Twelve
hundred clgarmakors are on a strike
demanding an increase of $1 per
thousand in consequence of taking off
the tax of 93 per thousand. At a
meeting this morninc ; it was reported
that several manufacturers had agreed
to RVO the Increase.
The holders of bonded whisky are
taking stops to form a company to
facilitate the exportation of whisky.
They favor Bermuda as a place.
The movement of the whisky meu
takes the form of an organized com
pany whoso purpose shall be to give
value to warehouse receipts as col
lateral. The object ol the organiza
tion U to afford relief to distillers and
bankers affected by the failure to
extend the bonded period.
Baov 1st Minnesota
Special Dispatch to Tos BIX.
MINNEAPOLIS , April 10. One of the
worst and heaviest snow storms of the '
winter Is now In progress. Street car
travel Is suspended for the first time
this winter. Kallroad trains are
greatly delayed. The storm is general
throughout th , > state.
Lyaoh Law.
Special Dispatch to Tui Uii.
ATLANTA , April 10. Samuel Lewis
( colored ) , murderer of Dink Weoma
( colored ) , was taken from jail last
night by a mob of seventy-five blacks
and six whites and hanged. Ho had
confessed the crime.
Branca of Promise Suit.
Special Dlipatch to Tui Uu.
CHICAGO , April 10 , Before Jndge
Gary and a jury of the superior conit
began the afternoon the action for
breach cf promise brought by Annie
Austin Comely , a colored woman ,
tie gainst Robert Llttlo , a good looking
Engllihman , in which damages of
810,000 U claimed. Tha defense
offered U that the womau'i character
is bad ,