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DEMONS a 011 I
ThoSupposiil assassins of Caven
dish and Btirko on Trial
in Dublin.
The Court and Grown Not
Only Confident but Certain
of Conviction.
The Indictment of the Jury
and the Oharjjo of Judge
Wholesale Arr'at of alleged
Dynamitera in the Neigh
borhood , of Cork.
The People of England Thor-
doared Though Not
Seriously Hurt ,
Th" Harcourt Explosive Law
Bkipa Tnrougo tne Com
mons in Forty Seconds.
Franco HurJs Deflanoo In the
Tooth of the Allied Powers
A General Variety of Foreign NOWB.
Spiclal DlepUches tj Tui But.
DUBLIN , April 9. The court house
where the trial of the Phuiniz Park
awaaains is to take place was besieged
this morning by crowds eager to gain
admission. The authorities , however ,
only admitted the jurors celled in the
case and fifty reporters and they were
let into thu building at an early hour.
Judge O'Brien , who Is to hear the
case , took his seat on the bench at
11:15 : o'clock , when the work of swearIng -
Ing in the grand jury was proceeded
with. The prisoners , Brady , Kelly ,
Delaney , Oaffre , Onrloy and Fitzharrls ,
were brought to the court house at 9
o'clock and v ore escorted by a whole
troop of dragoons. The counsel and
solicitors for the prisoners who ap
peared for thorn at the examination at
the Ivitmalaham court house wore
preaotit. JuJgo O'Brien addressed
the special jurors , and elated that the
crown would allege that Lard Fred
erick Cavendish's murder was
1 no pirt of the crime as con-
coctt > d , but ho was a victim to
his presence in the park with Barko.
Nevertheless all present at the tlmo
of the murders wore responsible there
for , i'ho grand jury then retired It
IB selected from the special panel
drawn from the residents of both the
city and county of Dublin. There
were very few claims for exemption
from service. The grand jury EOjn
returned with a true bill against
Joe Brady , charging him with the
murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish
and Bnrkd and Brady were arraigned
at the bar and plead not guilty. An
application was then made for a pre
sentment of the bill , as preparations
are not complete. Tao counsel for
thfa crown opposed a longer postpone
ment than till to-morrow. McCano ,
Brady's solicitor , Htld : A. M
Bulllvan would act for Brady
If time was allowed him
to get ready. Judge O'Brien
said the trial must proceed to-morrow ,
If Snl ii van is not ready to take it in hand
he ( Judge O'Brien ) would appoint
some one to act for Brady. The case
was further considered , the result be
ing that the trial of Brady was set
for to-morrow and Dr , Webb Adams
was assigned by the court to defend
the prisoner.
Carley , Kelly , Thomas , Oaffrey and
Fitzharrls wore next each arraigned
separately and pleaded not gnilty
All wore hold for trial.
DUBLIN , April 9. Judge O'Brien
Informed the grand jury that the cesa
of the attack upon Juror Field would
not bo called until after the ordinary
business of the commission wa3 dis
posed of. Addressing the special
jurors , ho spoke of the importance
and gravity of the Pbotulx park mur
der caao. He pointed tothe exlotonoo
of regularly organized stcrot societies
hold together for the purpose of com
mlttlog murder. Membora of such
societies actually guilty of taking the
lives of their fallow beingsand those
gnilty of assisting and encouraging
them , wro clearly guilty of murder.
The latter were equally guilty with
the former. But mere membership
in the society , even though
U might ba formed with
a general object to commit murder did
not necessarily make all members
gnilty of that specific crime. If the
Jury believed the evidence the
orown would prodioo it was their duty
to brlrg in a true bill against the per
sons accused. He dwelt on the enor
mity of the crime which had as if by
magic brought a dark cloud over the
bright favorable prospect that It Boomed
was abjut to open for Ireland. The
judge informed the jury that the
crown would allege that the murder of
Lord if'redoriok Cavendish waa not a
part of the original design of the
Pfccealxpark assassins ; that ho was o
victim on account f f being at tbo tlmo
In company with Barko.
Tiio crown would claim , however ,
that all persona present at the tlmo of
the murder wore responsible for the
killing of Lord Frederick , and were
therefore accessories beioro the fact ;
that these who were not present ro
responsible only for the mnrdor of
Burke , which was a premedlted act on
their part. Tao lives taken on ho
6th of May last were sacred and ar
to the people. He had not , for his
park , the least mliglviug that the jury
would bo found faithful In the dis
charge of their onerous duty.
* Brady , In the dock , wore careless
and defiant demeanor , as at the hear
The grand jury found a true bill for [
mnrdor against Joseph and Liwronco
' "i , Win. Maroucy , Patrick Dab-
ag n nnd Joseph Mullet.
_ jnty-four arrests were made to
day in the outskirts of Cork and
L'moriok , and many Important doou-
inonts Bcized ,
The authorities have Information
there nro in the clly 2,000 Fenians
who have no connection with the Inner
A farmer named Ilarto , In the
Orusheon district , concerned In the
murder conspiracy , for which eight
yonng men were arroatod Friday , was
captured while attempting to osoapo
to America , The arroata are believed
to bo for the ranrdor of Jastloo Her
bert at O&stln Island.
Tco man Dtasy , who was drowned
at Cork Sunday evening , as supposed
for political tenets , was killed in a
drnnkon quarrol.
CIIICAUO , April 9. A London dls-
pitch from Dublin flays : Joe Brady ,
Timothy Kelley , Patrick Djlanoy ,
Thomaa Oillrey , Daniel Oarlcy , and
Fitzhirris , known as "Stain Geol , "
the men charged with the Phtonlx
Park murdora and other crimes , who
are to bo placed on trial tn dsy , were
to bo conveyed from Kilmalnham
prison to the Green street court house
at 8 o'clock this morning , under a
stroug escort of policemen.
The government fools rather afraid
that the fronds of the prisoners will
attempt to rescue thorn. Special
moaouros have been taken to insure
the safety of the court building.
Suspicious looking men who roaomblo
Americans have hoiin scon in Phtonlx
P rk and other parts of Dublin dur
ing the last few days. Detectives are
watching thuir movements closely.
Special lilspitch to Tin D .
LONDON , April 9. Tne govern
ment bill to be introduced in the com
mons by Haiconrt relative to explo
sives , provides that the maximum
penalty for causing an exp'osion by
which life and property la imperiled ,
shall bo life long servitude. An at
tempt to cause an explosion , or mak
ing or keeping of explosives witn in
tent to cause explosion la made pun
ishable by imprisonment of 20 yean ,
and the unlawful making of keeping of
explosives under suspicions circum
stances is punishable by 14 years 1m-
prlsonment. All accessories to such
crimes are to bo treated as principals.
Provision la mttcle in the bill for the
ordering of otliclal Inquiries into the
Crimea specified ; for the arrest
of absconding witnesses , and for
searching for explosives. Penal
ties are to bo inflicted
Irrespective of the damage done by
the explosive * . The bill also empowers
the master of any vo&sol to break open
any packages to search for explosives
Tno act applies both to explosives
proper and material for making them
or to any machine or part thereof
connected with them. The bill is
Harconrt in introducing the bill
said the nature of the danger it
sought to guard against was well-
known. Wo have to deal with an
organized plan against all interests of
society and with men who announce
plans for wholesale murder and who
ought to be treated an belonging tone
no nation. Harconrt further ex
plained the measure wonld bo a per
manent one. He was convinced the
danger was very Imminent. He wonld
not atk the house to go further to
night with the bill than the committee
K ° -
The speech was heartily cheered ,
especially by the tory members
Asheton Gross said the oppoaltton
was willing to assent to the bill in
order that all Britlbh subjects at homo
and abroad wonld know that law was
no longer defiable with Impunity. He
dented there had been further arrests
of dynamiters.
The bill was read the first time and
taken up ia committee of the whole.
It passed through the committee wi fa-
out being altered. Progress was re
ported amid cheers and the bill passed
its third reading. The government IR
much impressed at the prompt action
taken on the bill as they expected it
wonld bo considered longer in com
mittee. The bill finally passed the
commons and was immediately sent to
the lords whore it was adopted with
out delay. Royal assent will be re
ceived by telegraph to-day and the
act will become a law to morrow.
'J racy Gould , an American lawyer ,
applied to-day at the Millbank prison
for an interview with Gillaghor , whom
he wishes to defend. Gould's name
not being on the roll of English law-
yora , the governor refused him admis
sion. Gallagher then asked Wm.
Djvoton Smyth to defend him. Gal-
lasher has made a statement to the
effect that ho came to England on a
tour and met Wilson accidentally.
He accompanied Wilson to the latter's
lodgings , Nolton square , being glad to
meet a follow countryman , and had
not been there fire minutes when ar
rested. Wilson declares Gallagher
was innocent of the contents of the
box found at Wilson's lodgings. Ho
says ho first mot Gallagher In Brook
lyn , where the latter attended him in
too capacity of a physician.
Norman has again expressed a de
sire to enter the witness box. The
foot guards were ordered to guard
Millbank prison.
It la rumored at the Bow staoet po
lice court that four more arrests have
been made In connection with the re
cent dynamite disclosures , The Pall
Mall Gazette says there are six pris
oners now confined in the Bow street
station who are concerned In the dyna
mite conspiracy. Charges will proba
bly bo preferred against them to-day.
Owing to the receipt of letters con
taining threats to blownptho Liverpool
postdlioe , great precautions have been
taken to prevent the carrying out of
such a project.
All the steamers arriving at London
from Cork are being searched for ex
plosives , but thus far none have been
It Is stated Norman has been acting
some time in the service of the police.
A police steamer was ordered to cruise
In the vicinity of Woolwich arsenal
day and night. A peculiar key was
found on Whltehead , of African
make , and is believed to belong to
some tuagvzlno.
A. M Sullivan , who received a
warning fromO'Dono van Hoisa , writes
that ho does not attach much Import-
anoo to Ilosaa's threats.
The Timot , in on editorial article ,
exprotses the belief that the prisoners
arrested Thursday had arranged a plot
to place quantities of nltro-glycertno
in various parts of London and to ox *
plodo it simultaneously.
Ansbnrghp , who was arrested yes
terday near Waterloo bridge , London ,
was arralngod In Daw street police
court to-day. Ho Is charged with .bo-
ing concerned in a conspiracy with
Norman , Gallagher , Wilson and Dai-
ton , already apprehended , and was re
manded until Thursday.
Thirty additional detectives have
boon appointed for extra duty in
Liverpool. The fire brigade has been
warned to bo In readiness for any
emergency which miy arise.
The landlady at the hotel where
Norman boarded has identified Galla
gher as the man who called to her
house and inquired about rooms for
LONDON , April 9 A letter from
Michael Davltt In published to-day in
which ho further expresses hla nppoel
tlon to the dynatnlto policy on the part
of Irishmen , lie declares that such a
policy is insane , idiotic and criminal.
Special Dkpatcbca to Tin Dm.
PARIS , April 9. Too Republlquo
Francalso , replying tn the ivrticln In
The Nerd Dautsobo Zaltung , of Ber
lin , on the subject of the defensive
alliance of Germany , Anstiii and
Italy against Franco , boliovca that
Bismarck iusplred . the article , and
adds : "Tho republic will atlaok no
one , but will mike Itself respected by
all. To recommend the republic to the
kind feeling of Europe aa the eolo
safeguard against the supposed belli
cose Instincts of Frenchmen is an
outrage against the nation , and every
Frenchman , whether monarchist or
republican , resents the Insult. Watch
u , form defensive leagues against us ,
but for God's sake spare us advice om-
earning the constitution best suited to
us , republic or monarchy. "
The article is attributed to Ohal-
learol Laconr , minister of foreign af
fairs. *
Too house of the mining engineer
at Montceau Lea mines was damaged
Saturday by an explosion tf a dyim
mite cartridge placed near the build-
fire last night.
The Gimbotta monument fund lies
reached $12 COO. Morton , American
minister ( subscribed 5200.
The police are keeping a cloao watch
over a number of Russian refugees
hero , who they suspect are connected
with the alleged plot to take the Ufa
of the czar at the time of hla corona
tion. It la reported that some of the
French detectives will proceed to
Moscow on that occasion to assist the
Russian poilco In watching suspected
persons. _ _ _ _ _
Special Dispatch to Tus BII
ST. PETERSBURG , April 9. The cz r ,
accompanied by the czarina , visited
the city Friday , and passed through
the streets in an open carriage. They
were unaccompanied by an escort.
The . czar Boomed unusually thought
ful , and made scarcely any response to
the loyal salutes of the public.
The great trial of nihilists his be-
gun. Throe of the accused are their
own counsel ; the others retain law-
Inquiries into the accounts of the
different ministries of the last decade
disclosed facts of serious frauds per
petrated. Several persons of distinc
tion are implicated. It is expected
the matter will be hushed.
Sp cll p l Datcbet to Tni BII.
Conrad , the murderer of his wife
and four children , whose sentence of
death Emperor William refused to
commute , was beheaded In the prison
court yard In Berlin.
Bismarck has written to the Prus
sian mlalstry asking an expression of
their opinion In regard to the revival
of the state council.
The Ultramontanes are preparing
for an imposing celebration , the
twenty fifth anniversary of the con
secration of the exiled arch bishop of
Bishop Horzog , of the old Catholic
church , confirmed six young ladles of
the American Episcopal church In
Rome. Many prominent citizens of
the United States were present at the
Impressive ceremony , Including the
American minister.
Betting against Lorlllard's Iroquols
for olty and suburban handicap is 25
to 1 Koeno's Foxhall is not quoted.
Queen Victoria is making favorable
progress toward recovery , She took
a drive as usual yeiterday.
Two active socialist were arrested
In Vienna. A socialist manifesto was
distributed throughout to city.
Hugh Gladstone , partner in the
firm of J. M. Gladstone Sons , of Liv
erpool , committed suicide by taking
strychnine. The deceased WAS cousin
of Prime Minister Gladstone.
Parnoll is confined to his house. It
ii probably ho will not bo able to
actively participate In politics for
some tlmo.
In the socialist congress in Copen
hagen , a motion approving the pro
ceedings Instituted by the nihilists of
Russia and Fenians of Ireland and
England , was defeated by a very large
In consequence of the success of
Booth in Vienna , his engagement was
LIVERPOOL , April 0 , Receipts of
wheat the past week , Atlantio ports ,
00,000 quarters ; Pacific , 19,000 ; other
sources , 31,000. Receipts of corn ,
April 9 , It Is feared
that the fact that the socialist congress
was held here will add to the dlffi-
cnltles already existing between Prus
sia and Denmark. The Prussian gov
ernment blame the Danish ministry
for their want of vigor In suppressing
the gathering.
GIHIVA , April 9. A fire which
promises to assume extensive proper
tions has broken out at Bourne near
this city Twenty houses are already
Special IH i tchM to Tin B .
Carver detente 1 HngarduiatNew Haven
by n score of DC to 8'J
Postmaster Gpnural Or. > sham lcf In.
dlanapolls yesterday for Washington.
Kx-Unl ed RUtea Marshal lUimell hi
been placed In the county J ll at San Antonio -
tonio , Texas.
Nathan Barne'.t , democrat , was elected
mayor ol Pnter otu Now Jersey , over Oil.
more , republican , i-y C > 00 nnjorlty.
Iho Utltlmotft colloo exchange was for
mally opened -Mordaj-awl the first rocti *
lar mil nmilo , 0. Morton Stewart to the
Th i Flrmcntfh Grape Rar works nt
Ik'lTalo clo ed down ) ottoiday. Three
hundred and tilty hands are thrown out of
President Arthur anil party have
reached Jacksonville , Flu. , on their way
to Gariliur'a Island , where it ( a proposed
to camp for n weak.
The llnymond excursion party constat
ing of 150 Ho tonl u , left Chicago ye tpr-
dny via the K ok Island for Son Franciico
and the 1cltio coast.
The issue of nUmhrd silver dollars from
thu inlntr , for thn week ending April 7.
WAS $1GJ,4IX ) ; for the corroapondliiK pariuil
hut year , $161,000.
The American 15r ke company , of New
lluvon , stopped n 228 ton train golui : nt a
speed of 23 t1 30 miles nn li'iur on n level
grndo in forty neound , or i25 ! yards.
A terrlblo cyolouo swept over the coun
try Houth nnd east of Hot Springs , Ark ,
Sunday night. Scarcely n tree was left.
Farm houjof , loucoa and bridges were
In the pap r Imoijo cnco of Ltzz'o ' G n-
non v . Archbishop Williams nnd lY thcr
Klf niliiK , In Boston , the suit ngi.lnat the
urchh'HUop was withdrawn and tbo latter
Ct lltlllllHll.
The dominion government baa rejected
ttu liUMt proposition ma.lo with reference
to ttdrnfmlon of American whlakiaa. The
ueoreUry of thu American Distiller's asso
ciation lub left Ottawa in disgust.
In the New England conference of tha
Methodist Episcopal church , in Boston ,
It was recommended that the advocacy of
temperance boknpt from entailing alliance
with woman suffrage or othet sublecta.
Dr. G. U. Manhal , 6f PltUburg ,
charged with attempting to blackmail
Mar/ Anderson , the actress , was
lastovenlmr and lodged In jtil in default
of ball , for the bearing next Wednesday.
Harry Me ett , a laborer , was killed In
Elmlra. NY. . by the falling walls of a
tbreo story brick building , burned a week
ago. Alderman L'e'i , the owner , was
liadly hurt. Six workmen were slightly in
Of the 37 cases of violation of the excise
law on the calender of the court of general
( tensions in New Yorlr , 25 pleaded Rullty ,
21 of whom wore find $10 oacb , three s-jnt
to the city prison for 23 da ) e , ami the
others plescl < ! lint gailty.
The cisnrrnakers ot Pittsburg h vo de-
elded to Kttlko May 1st lulexa thu mniut.
ftioturors concede to their demand fo : nj
Incrensa of 81 per thousand. Manufac
turers say they will not grunt the ndvnncf.
There are5CO clgarmakers In that city. (
Iljv Charlen Stick , pastor ol the Mes
siah Evangelical Lutheran church , ol
ban in contemplation thn vacation of tha.
pulpit for the stage. Ho will probably
make bin first appo .ranca there noine tlm *
In Mav Steck U said tn possess consider ,
able histrionic ability. Sliadca of Mllnl
Negotiations with Canada for the admis
sion of whiskey In American packautti
having failed , the Loui-vlllo & Nunhvilli
nnd Ueorgla Southern railroads nre mak
ing arrangement * to put on a line of vet-
sols from t-t.macolrv to Bermuda no that It.
can transport whiskey via PcnsacoU to
Louisville at a minimum of cost.
The Grand Army of the Kopnblio , de
partment of Maryland and Washington ,
decided to participate In the annual re
union of the society of the Army of the
Potomac to bo held in Washington May
1C and 17 , and baa tendered the society an
escort upon the occasion of Its parade ,
which has been accepted.
The Atlantic Milling company , of St.
Louis , Gonrge Biln , president , has sus
pended. The embarrassment is caused by
dull European mark ts , tha expense of In
troducing new brands of flour In Eurnoe ,
and being overstocked with wheat. Lla-
bilities , $50,000 ; asrets. two mills of 2 300
barrels capacity , valued at $400,000. They
expect to resume at on early day.
Thn buckle and button house of Wnllls-
ton , Knight & Co. , 74 and 70 Worth
street , New York , has made an > slgn-
rnent. The firm rated aa having a capital of
Sli 0,000. The failure it caused by heavy
losses in epecuUtion by a young Junior
partner , who was forced to withdraw
tome time ao.
An Englishman , named Wm. Menefy ,
believed to be a crank , called ut the Cen
tral police station in Pittsbuw , and stated
that he was one of the murderers of Lord
li'ltram , and wanted to yivo himself up.
He claims to bo a member of the Land
Laigue , a nihilist and socialist ,
Washington and Henry Toblaa , two
brothers , aged 30 and.20 , residents of New
York , ere defaulter * to the extent of ? 50-
000 , the monev belonged to their late
father's estate , They speculated some ,
but it Is said the money was principally
pent in fast living , It Uthought they may
be in Kurop .
Five steamers fillfl'l with passengers ar
rived last week at Victoria , J ) . 0. So far
the immigrants bad no difficulty In finding
employment. Two thousand Chinese will
shortly arrive from Hong Kong , engaged
to work on the railway before the con
tractors knew white labor was available.
No more Chinese labor will be accepted
for railway works.
The Striking Mnioni
Spoclil Dlipttch to Tui Un.
CHICAGO , April 9. There Is little
change In the situation of the brick
layers' strike in this city. Most of
the master masons have a few men at
work , and new men are beginning to
come In from other cities. Strikers
have begun the Intimidation of workIng -
Ing non-union men. Bavenl houses
have been visited and the occupants
threatened with death if they go to
work. Some of the men employed on
the now board of trade building were
threatened to-day , and a squad of po
lice were sent to guard them.
The Apaoha Campaign.
SpocUl Dispatch to Tin 11 ,
TUCSON , April 9. General Crook
has gone to Mexico to moot General
Topeta. The Tombstone people have
secured 100 Papagco Indians to go on
the irar path against the Apaches.
New Orleans Note * .
Special DUpatch to Tui Uii.
NTW ORLEANS , April 9. It is stated
that a new jury will be drawn and an
other batch of election fraud cases be
called Thursday In the United States
circuit court.
The roar portion of the Third dis
trict Is still overflowed from rain and
thu high tide. The flow of water
through Goldaboro crerauo is reduced
and will bo entirely ohookod soon ,
The river to-day reached ilood height ,
74 foot , and the water ran over the
levee at several points Bund bugs
were used to prevent the water from
( lowing Into the clly , The rainfall
for tlm 50 hours ending at - p. m , was
1115 ICO Inches.
Of the lOli deaths the past week 80
were from small pox.
Starving Ineano Women to Sell Their
SptcUl Dlopitch to Tin linn.
BOSTON , April 9 In the Towks-
bury alms houeo huarlng to-day Mrc.
Fanny II Dudley , formerly night
watch in the asylum , declared that
when she vltitod the fonndlliiRdepart-
inont ho found insane vrom'Mi at
tended by an odiot girl , who gave the
women only ono a day , and this
i'ilat girl otrriud It , but Instead of
Hiving it to the patients threw it
away. She took thn wnmon out , and
they soon tla hod up aud became well
\ woman named Mutjarot llonnossy ,
lu ono of the cnllr , said she had noth
ing but water in ninoilayr.
The Kr formed. Mormons
SpccUl Dispatch to Tim llm.
KniTLANi ) , ( ) , April 9 The fourth
day of the Mormon reunion conference -
once , Elder Herman Iloblnsou , of
Iowa , conducted the prayer and re
vival meeting in the forenoon in the
tf mplo. At the afternoon seeslon of
conference , President Smith in the
chair , IVahop John Taylor , of London ,
Kngland , made a report of the work
of the church In England , Wales and
Continental E'iropu. The report
showed about 8 000 members of the
Uoorjanlzod ( Ohutoh nf Latter Day
Saints In Europe , and 'J COO In Wales.
The mlislons are prospering tinoly
with prospects of the erection of sev
eral uioro churches soon. Other re
ports were road after which the con
ference adjourned.
To morrow night Joseph Smith lec
tures on temperance. Tno conference
will continue for five days.
Guarding- Hanxeateail-
Special IM'fttch to Tun llm.
Sr Louis , April 9. A dispatch
from Wichita , KB. , says that the recent
appointment < if n government special
agent to InvoAltgAto fraudulent land
entries in K IIR O nnd the west pro-
duooa a good deal of uneasiness among
pro-ompuira in ihat section of the
stuto. Many fraudulent entries are
ruported tn Kinsman , Sumner , Har
per nnd It irbanr counties , nnd cattle
mun have acquired largo tracts of
land for herding purposes which prob
ably will not boar cloto aorutlny.
High Llo mn la Jtrsnjr.
Special DUpatcli to Tin Ilxn.
NKWAUK , N. J. , April 9. All
saloon nnd tavern llconsco granted
Tuesday are void , as they do not com
ply with f ho ) a < 7 in giving the location
of tha real ustatu of the signers
of the pt-tttlonn , nnd no Keen
BPB can bo grontui until September
next , OB the huv roquirni all applica
tloofl shall bo made the first day ( .f the
term. A rumbor of leading hotels
rf the o U"'ry are thus without 11
oenio aud liable to Indictment If they
Fearing Innndatloa.
SpocUl Dispatch to Tui lilt.
ST. LtpiR , April 9. Private dis
patches from Now Orleans say the
city is liable to bo inundated if any of
the front levees glvo way. The river
Is now on a level with the crown o"
the levee along the city front. The
crevasse at G jlduboro on the right
bank nf the river directly opposite
Now Orleans will bo closed by this
Burned to Death-
Special Dlsp tch to Tui Dm.
MuiiFiiYBBono , 111. , April 9 The
Logan house , the oldest hotel in th <
city , owned by Mrs. Rogers , sister to
General Logan , burned last night
Mrs Rogers and two girls narrowj !
otcaplng with their lives. RV. .
Swopa , a traveler for a St. Louis
house , who is a Chicago man , was
burned to death ,
Judge awrenoe Dead
Special Dlapttcb to Tin Un
OmoAcn , April ! ) . A private tele
pram announces thu death of Jndg
Ohas. B. Liwronco , at Docatnr , Ala .
this morning. Do was nlno years a
member of the Illinois Snprom
Bench , and the latter portion of hi
t rm Chief Justice. lie retired in
Tbo Genial General Ticket Agent of
the 13 & M.Tlod forLifo.
On the third of the present month ,
Mr. P. 8. Enstls , the well known and
popular general passenger agent of the
B. & M. was united in marriage to
Miss Eliza Russell , daughter of Wil
liam T. Griffiths , in Philadelphia.
It was expected that the bride and
groom would arrlvo homo yesterday ,
and accordingly their comfortable
sulto of roams In the Mlllsrd hotel was
put In shape for their reception.
A HKB reporter caught a glimpse ofU
seine of the presents which awaited :
the brldo , and they were beautiful In
deed. An exqiislto bouquet , of n30
hortio-Blioo design , occupied the spnco
on the center table. It was of the
most dvlicato and fragrant rosebuds
with a lovely calla lllly In the center
and on each side. This was an cffdr-
ing from Mr. Eastis * admirers in helot
headquarters building.
Then there was a beautiful toilet
sot of embroidered blue silk from Miss
Eva L. Ives and a very handsome
bovolltd plate glass mirror in a hand-
painted velvet frame from Mrs. Syd
ney K. Locke. dny
Unfortunately the bridal company
did not arrive as was expected , but >
they will find the evidences of goodwill
will and remembrance when they dc
move into their quarters In the Millard [ -
lard , which cannot but be plowing.
The Otoo Indian Lands to bo
Open for Sale About tbo
First of May.
Indian Agent Wiloox Baveo His
Bacon by Qualifying a
Recent Telegram.
Important Postal , Revenue'and
Customs Regulations
A Minor Stnr Threntons to "Mn h
Noio all Over
His Fnoo. i >
Special Dlgpiktchta to Tin ! ! .
K , April 11. 'Iho crm-
mlseiouur uf Interim ! revenue says the
allowance of ixport drawback , under
provisions t f section 3,1)8(1 ) ( of the re
vised otntutis , on all tobicco , snuff ,
clears and cigarettes entered tor nx
port on and alter the lit of May , 1883 ,
will bo limited to tax on the articles at
this class In foroo on that day as fol
lows : On manufactured tobacco , in
cluding snulF , Scents per pound ; on
cigars and olgurs and cigarettes weigh
ing over tliroo pounds per 1 POO , $3
per 1 OCO ; on cigarettes weighing not
over three pounds per 1,000 , 60 cents
per 1,000.
Senator Van Wyok has bean urging
the interior department to order the
immediate sale of the Otoo Indian
lauds in Kansas and Nebraska , notwithstanding -
withstanding the house of representa
tives neglected to pass the eonalo bill ,
which was doomed necessary for a
complete sale , The appraisers have
finished their task , and valno the lands
at from f 4 to $10 an aoro. Secretary
Teller is satisfied that ho can protect
all interests , and the sale will bemad *
about May 1.
Indian Agent Wilcox , of the San
Carlos agoucy , telegraphed Oommls
sloner Price to-day that a telegram
sent by him ( Wiloox ) March 27th , had
been in souiu parts of the country mis-
conutrucd ; that ho has boon made to
say that the white men killed near the
Upper Glla river were depredating ,
while in fact ho did Bay the Indiana
who did the killing were depredating.
The misconstruction of the dispatch ,
Wilcox says , does him great Injustice ,
and created intense excitement In
The troutury department to-day
mndoa ruling that the provlslona of
tlm now tarilf act amending section
2,010 of the revised statutes took dleat
from the date of the passage of the
act. This section of the revised
statutes , as amended by the now tariff
act , provides for the free importation
of ship building material to bo used in
the construction of vessels built in the
United States for foreign account. I
Il'ohard Orowloy ( of New York , re
signed the position of special assistant
counsel for the United States In tht
prosecution of alleged election fraud
cases In South Carolina.
The following general order was is
sued to day by the postoffioo depart
ment , signed by Frank Hatton , assUt-
ant postmaster general : Ordered ,
That order No. 403 of January 12'h ,
1883 , is hereby revoked. Section 371
of the postal laws and regulations of
1879 , Is amended so as to road
as follows ; Postal cards and
prepaid letters to bo forwarded If re
quested ; prepaid letters shall bo
forwarded from ono postoflio to another
at the request of the party addressed
without additional charge for postage.
All letters upon which ono full r to
postage has been prepaid , and ( all
postal cards , shall bo forwarded from
the office to which they are addressed
to any other oflioc , at the request of
the person addressed , or of the party
whoso card may bo npon the onvolipo
or whoio name may bo signed tothe
postal card , without additional chirgo
of postage. Such forwarding muit bo
continued until the party addreaied is
In the star ronto trial to-day witness
John R. Miner , ono of the defend
ants , said : Senator Dorsoy ara mem
ber of the railroad oommlttro and in
the course of his Inspection of the
Northern PaclGd railroad , iad boon
impressed with glowing notbns of the
possibilities of eastern Oregon , and
thought bids npon the rortoa In that
country had been workoi too high ,
Ono of them was reduced $3,000 by
his suggestion , and the contractors
lost more than that sun from their
reliance npon his judgment. Specific
denials wore made of nearly every
thing of Importance included in Ror-
doll's testimony affecting witness.
Witness said ho fond Rordoll quar
reled on thn avenue ono day , In the
spring of 1873. Witness told Rerdoll
that If ho over spoke to him again ho
would "mash his nose all over his
taco. " Ho had nothing to do with
him after that titno until the trial be
gan. Without concluding the exami
nation the court adjourned.
Iii the supreme court to-day a de
cision was rendered In an interesting
custom case , involving less than four
dollars , brought hero upon a writ of
error from the circuit court of Wis
consin. The o&so Is entitled "Maqda-
lone VonCoUhausen against John , collector , and Henry 3It
Payne , postmaster of Milwaukee. " Itn
arises out of the following faott. In [
1877 , Mrs , VonOotthauson received
by mall through the Milwaukee post-
office a sealed envelope containing itby
small knit shawl sent her by
her daughter-in-law in Germany , as
11a token of affection , The envelope
| was duly registered and bore n n1
doisotnont statincr the nature , of tho-
oo n tents. Mrs. VonOolzhauson open ,
0 j the envelope in the collector of
customs' presence. No attempt was
made to evade payment of the proper
dutyjor conoaal the contents. The
collector refuted the preferred duty
aud seized the shawl and confiscated
U aa smujjulod goods , aud informed
Von Odlzhanson she could petition the
secretary of the treasury for leave to
pay the duty and take the shawl , and
that the extreme penally of the law
would probably bo remitted. She ,
however , declined to pursue the conrte
sigqostod , and brought suit against
the collector and postmaster for unlaw
ful conversion of property. In
the first trial the jury found the
above foots nnd judgment was
entered for the defendants on the
ground that they acted strictly within
the lluo of their cfliolol duty. An
ippoal was taken to the U.iltod States
supreme court , and Justice Miller ren
dered the decision as follows : It Is a
violation of law to Introduce dntiablo
articled at alj In this manner , ( by mall )
and thoartlcUsso Introduced urn liable
to solauro for * uoh violation. Wo think
that in making the nrlzuro the de-
londants only did their duty , and
whatever the hardships to the plaintiff
they are not linblo In thin action on
the facts found In the verdict of the
jury. "
I'lior. II. A. WILRY ,
of Purdue nnlvorelty , L frtyolto , Ind. ,
has been appointed chief chemist of
the dopartmuut of agriculture.
the Council.
Special Dlnpatch to Tin llm.
CHICAGO , April 9. Judge Moron ,
in the circuit court thin morning ,
granted ta temporary Injunction re
straining the socialists from erecting a
building on the lake front in this city
under n grant voted by the olty coun
cil. The injunction is aikod by
owners of property facing the Like
Front park on the theory that the city
had no authority over the tract. The
socialists , had laid the foundation fora
largo ] assembly building.
A Frofwior' * Deooni * .
8p \ cl l Dlipttch to Tui liii.
ANN Annon , April O. Rsv. B. F.
Crocker , author of numerous works on
moral science , and a professor in Ann
Arbor university , died last evening of
nervous prostration.
K. L. Crowell , of Philadelphia , father
of Deputy SheHir Orowell , Is in the city ,
representing the Dunn EdRe Tool manu-
fttctnrlng < company , of West VVaterville ,
Onlonol V. V. Ireland , H. II. Wodo-
house . . , and O. W. Phillips , of Nebraska
City , are at the I'axton.
Willis Howe , wife and child , of the
Palmer ilouso , Chicago , are at the Mil-
J. W. llodefor and Frank Kodofor , of
Council IMultj , were in the city yesterday.
W. 0. Henry , F lrmont ; S. S. Starln
and wife , Auburn , are at the Mlllard.
A. T. Soammon , agent for Baker and
Farrou , Ii % t the Millard.
Will A. Gallap , of Plattsmoutb , was at
the Mlllard yesterday. ,
F , J. Jl pp l , Jr. , of Lincoln , w s at ,
I th MUUrd yesterday. . J
Dr. Elwood and lady , of North Brad.
ara at tba rxton. "
V. W. Oftumkn and wift , of Ogden , art )
at tha Poxton.
Hon. O. J , DUworth , of Hastings , is at
the Mlllard.
II. A. 0 dy , of Lincoln , is a guest of
the Millard.
J. H. Pynchon , of Silt Like , Is at tha
H. W. Nioraan , of Sohnyler , is at the
M. 21. Towne , of Ltromle , Js In town.
J. N. Edwards , of Howard , la at the
D. SwarU , of Crete , Is at the Mlllard. .
J. C. Blackman , of Fremott , Is at tbo
Llbble Barnes , of Bennett , is at tht
A. French , of Blair , Is In the city.
Hon. Tberon Nye , of Fremont , Ii at the
8 , A. Osborno , of Brownville , Is at tha
Dr. K. H. Makk , of Denver , is at the
G. H. Black , of Plattimoutb , is at the
W. J. Hancock was ia the city yester
P. D. Smith , of Nebraska Olty , U In
F. W. Brostrom , of Wahoo , Is in the
John Hetb , of Lincoln , is at the Paxton.
8 , 8. Lowe , of Fremont , Is In the city.
W. B , Lorlng Is In from Green River.
J. W. Hitchcock , of Friend , is at the
Paxton ,
II. G , Rand , of Cheyenne , Is at the
N. F , Donaldson , of North Platte , is In"
N , Sweetland , of Cheyenne , Is at the
F. J. McShane and wife have gone to *
St. Louis.
C. C. Keeling , of Fort Leavenwortb , is
In tbo city.
D. Cash and wife , of North Platte , are
In the city.
Hon. John D , Seaman and wife , of
Kearney , are at the Paxton.
O , L. Dunham and wife and Mrs. L.
D.Wilson , of Kansas City , are at the Pax-
ton. .
Ocas. 8. Puts , of the B. & M. engineer
corps , has returned from a three monUv1-
trip through Colorado.
Wanted A man to work a few
days In a fruit garden. Apply at
1 nam street ,