Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 07, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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Late at styles from the east , in L < motry Waves and RevtmVi'o ' Lan
Frizzes at MRS. , T. J GOOD'S , 29 Main siioct , oppoMtu JIM i flier.
An now ready to contract for small casting ) ol
every description In
OpocUI attention U called to the ( tct that tht
metals are mo ted In carciBLM which gives the
rory best castings ,
Burning Brands
FACTORIES , Eto , Etc. ,
An well aa
Cattle Brands
Works : Comer Sixth street and Eleventh aveuue ,
Omaha and Council Bluffs |
Real Estate & Collection Agency.
n Odd Follow B block , over Savings'
Depart. . Arrive.
Atlantic Ext--KSOpm I Pacific Kxt..9:15 : m
Ex and Mall.0:25 : am Ex and Mall.6.55 pm
D. Hoinea ac.7:15 a m | Dos Uolnesac.4:40 : p m
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Ext..5 0 p m Pacific Kit..9.-20 m
Hall and Ex.920 am Mull and Kx".TOOpm :
N.Y. Ex 4:00 : | .m Nub & Has Ex..8:20 : a m
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Kxt..6l5pm ! I Pacific Ext..0:15am :
Hall and Ex.9:20 : a m Mall and Ex.6:15 : p m
Accom (8at..6.Mp ( ) m | Accom. ( Mon..l:45 : p m
Depart Arrive.
Mall and Ex..DAI a m I Express. i6.60pm
Xsprm. . . . * , .9UOpm | Mallard Ex..615pn
Drpmt. _ A * * * -
Overland Xx.1130 a. m. ' m ,
Lincoln Ex..1130 a. n. IenTerEx..8OOtt. m ,
Denver Ex..7:00 : p. m. Local Ex. . . . .630 a. m.
Local Ex 725 a. m. " Ex .
Emigrant..520 p. m. " Ex . f.-00a.m.
Depart. Arrlre.
JlaUand Ex. . 8:45am : I Mall and Ex. . 420pm
Oannoa Ball. . 4:60 : p m | Cannon Ball..11:03 : a m
sioui cm AXD rAdino.
Depart. Arrive.
For Sioux CHy.7:55 : a m Frm Sioux C'y.6:50 p m
For Fort Nlobrara. Frm Fort Nlobrara ,
Neb * 7:55am : Neb * 6 0pm
For St. Paul..7:40pm : From St. Paul..8:50 : a m
Leave Council BluHs. Arrh es Council Bluffs.
Mall and Ex.920 a m I Moll and Ex.6fi5 : pm
Atlantic Ex.5:15pm | : | Atlantic Ex..10:10a : m
Leaves Omaha. Arrived at Omaha.
MaUandEx.7t5amPacincEx : | | 9:45am :
Atlantic Kx.3:40pm | : | Malland Ex.7-25pm
Except Sundays , t Except Saturdays. { Except
Mondays. IDally.
Council Blufls & Omaha Street B. B.
Leave Council bluffs. Leave Omaha.
8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m , I 8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m ,
11am , 1m , 2 p m , 3 p llam , 1pm , 2pm , 3 p
m , 4 p m , 5 p m , 6 p m. | m , 4 p m , 5 p m , 6 p m.
Street cars run hall hourly to the Union Pacific
Depot. On Sunday the cars begin their trips at
9 o'clock a. in. , and run regularly during the day
9,11 , 3 4 , 5 and 6 o'clock , and run to'dtytime ;
i. D. DicuHDao * , n. L. snnaAST , A. w. STISII
President. Tlce-Pres't. Cashlei.
Of Council Bluffs.
Organized under the law * o ! the State ot Iowa
Paid up capital t 78,000
Authorized capital 800,000
Interest paid on time deposits. Drafts Issued
on the principal cities of the United States and
v Europe. Special attention given to collection !
i' ' ) and correspondence with prompt retains.
7-v ri J. D. Edmandeon , E. L. Bharirt , /
. - W. Wallace , J. W. Bodfer. I.
A W. Rtrnot
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Oapital Brook , - - $100,000
JAS.B. rimAUTWKLL , President.
A. L. CLARKE , VIoe-Presldent.
K , C. WhBSTEK , Treasurer
Samuel Alexander Oswald'Ollver ,
A. L. Clarke , E. 0. Webster
Geo. II Pratt , J&s. B. Hcartwell ,
D. M.McElIllnnov.
First. Mortgage Loana n Speoialt }
This Company furnishes a permanent , horns
Institution where School Bend sand other legally
Issued Municipal sccorttle to Nebraska can bt
be negotiated on the moit ftvorable terms
Loans made on Improved farm In all well settled
counties 01 the state through. r Mponslble local
Cor , Water and Congress Streets.
SURPLUS , . - * 00OOU
r Transacts a general Banking business. Re-
iff' oeives the account * of Banks , Bankers tend
lr ( others. Draws Foreign Kxchange and
mokes Cable Transfen in'Enrope and Tel
egraphic Transfers of Money throughout
the United States , Buys and Belli Government
ernment and other Investment Securities
and executes any buslners for its Corre
spondent * In the line of Banking.
ASA P. POTTER , Preilden .
J. J. EDDY , Oaihlor.
J. W. WORK , Ass't Cathler.
mith-me _
S. E.
O EC X U 3J3 Cf If.
Office ore > esilngi bank.
03 UNOlLi BLUFFS ' . . Towa
SEES , B , J , HILTON , M , D ,
22 Brtuidwav OonnclllDInJT * .
100,000 POUNDS OF
J0 3UCX1V ,
Dlfhett 0 h Prle paid. Bhlpuunt * ' ( rom
totmlrr will b paid ( or by return mall
16mlm 1110 Douflai Lire *
DArrisi CHURCH-Northeast corner of
South Sixth and First avenue. Service. )
every Sundav nt 10:30a. : m , and 7:30 : n.
m. Sabbath school ot 12 m , Hev. J. G.
Lemon , pastor.
CATHOLIC Cituncii 1'etrl street south
olne Willow avenue. Maw at 7 , S , and 9 .
ne , High mass ard prnAOuiug nt 10SO : ,
Sunday school at 2 t > . m. and vespers at
3:30. : : llev. B. P. MoMenomy , paBtor.
I'nzttiitTRHiAN CBUBCHNortheast cor
ner Sjutn Seventh street and Willow ave
nue. Morning services , 111:30 : ; evening ,
7.30 Sunday tcbool nt 22 m. Young
peopled meeting Sunday evening , 0:30. :
Kov. H , McMcoklu , pastor.
Uroadw.iy and South Klrst street. Ser
vices at 10:30 : a. m. , 7:39 : p. m. Sunday
school , 1'2 m. Kev. Armstrong pastor.
orner Slith t.antl , | Seventhave. Services
Sunday morning- 11 : 0 ; evening service
at 7:3H : ; Sunday school at 12:00 : ; vonng pee
ple's meeting Sabbath evening 0:15 : , Kev.
Uytus Hnmliu , pastor.
Ep seoi'Ai. CHUIICH West side Pearl
south , of Willow ave. 10:30a.
m. and 7:30 : p. m. : Sunday schjol 12 ] tn.
Rev. Thomas J. Mackay , pastor ,
UNITED DBCTHHFN Savnnth street and
Tenth avenue. J. M. Harper , oa < tor.
Service ! Sundays , 10:31) : a. tn. and 8:30 : p.
in. Sabbath school , 3 p. m. Prayer meet-
in ? , Wednesdays , 7:30 : p. m.
Divine M vice In the Presbyterian
church will be conducted by Kev. H. Mo-
Meeker on Snndty evening next , and the
second lecture on the Sabbath question rte-
llvsrid. Subject : "The Sabbath a ( Might ,
the holy of the Lord honorable. " Judging
from the deep Interest lu the previous lec
ture we anticipate ft crowded house.
"Not Dead or Sleeping , but Alive with
Angel Friends. " Spiritual circle at rooms
Not. 4 and 5 Shugart & McMahon's block ,
Sunday afternoon and evening at 2 o'clock
and 7 o'clock , on which ocoa ion there will
be other dlitlngulshed mediums in attend
ance in addition to the regular and matt
excellent medium , Mrs. Kggleston.
Mr. W. J. Moxwell has juat returned
from a trip through Colorado and the cat
tle regions ,
Sheriff Chandler , of SIdn'y , ono of the
gentlemen who aided in the capture of
Polk Wells , la a guest of the Pacific.
Samuel K. Tyson , M. D , , a dearly loved
brother of Officer Tyson , of this city ,
died recently at his home in Maryland.
Mr. F. H. Kash , general western agent
of the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
railroad , has returned from an extended
trip west ,
Rev. T. Thiclcstu'n , of Pella , a former
pistor of the Baptist church In this city ,
Is a fcuojt of Mr. W. H. Fo.ter. He will
remain with us a few days.
W. J. Davenport , of Burlington , is in
tbe city awaiting the arrival of the new
general agent of tbe road for this city ,
who will be In this city to-night. Mr.
Davenport is always a welcome visitor.
The following persons registered at the
Revere housa yesterday : S , D. Lane and
wife Macedonia Ia. , G. W. Wilhams
Bellevue Neb. , J , C. Forbes Dallas , A.
W. Wheeler West Ark. , J. A. BUokiner
Omaha , O. Guatapson , Boone I ) ,
E. H. Ooohrao , Eeq. , formerly cathler
of THK BXE office at Omaha , call' ' d in to
see us. Hells on his way to Sioux Falls to
carry on the practice of law , and will alto
represent the enterprising firm of Bum *
bam , Talleyu & Co. , in that place.
Colonel Kennedy , of Htrtford , Conn. ,
president of tbo Driving Park association
of that city , and superintendent of tbe
board of public works , Is in tbe city , and
has been shown the nights of the city by
Mayor Biwman and Engineer Harry
Mr. N. M. Pusey , whose shoulder
was factured on Wednesday night , is re
ported by his pbyiiclan , Dr. Pinney , as
resting comfortably and with no unfavor
able symptoms , so that if nothing happens
our esteemed but unfortunate friend will
be himself again In a few days.
The change in local ngent * at the Milwaukee
waukee & St. Paul depot brings to that
post Mr , John Boyle , for ininy years in
tbe service of that road and lately travel-
log auditor. Wo had the pleasure of
meeting htm yesterday and found him a
most affable gentleman. Mr. Smith ,
whom be replaces , has goae to Milwaukee :
Fred L. Cowin for some years train .
master at Creston , has changed places
with Clurlle Asbtoa , the popular pas-
senior conductor of the west division of
tbe "Q , " and will run from Council Bluffs
to Creaton in fnturo , wbile "Charlie" be
comes Mr. Ashton and looks after tbe
trainmen on the division. Tb ) right men
in the right places Is tbe rale on the "Q i"
Wa noted tbe following' arrival * at the
.Pacific housi yesterday : O. G.'Heajth
Chicago , J. 0. Redpath Harlaa . '
- Rainbow Harlan la , , James H Templetim
( Van Horn Ik , George If. , Joss .Lancaster
'Mo. , D. W. Wood Chicago , G. W. Gar
ner Persia Ia. , P. Waken Persia Ia. , J. arL.
Boots , Denieon la. , Bam Chandler Sidney
la. , G. E. Llsley Slonx City , D , H , White
Madlso WIs. , D. C. Mnsselman Rlvei
Sioux la , , H. H. Bonney LittleSIoux Ia
W. C. Woodward Little Sioux la . Emer
son Eager Wnscon O , , C. S , Chase Omaha
J. Q Hotchklsa New York.
The Ogden house register gave us yester
day a big Hit of arrivals , and among them
were tbe follo Iufc : M. Cohen , Chicago
Wm. H. Brown , Chicago ; Huwaid Hen
. derson , Mt. Vernon , IA. ; J. R. Winter-
botliam , Chicago ; Chas. W. Becker , Bos
ton ; Ben C. Allln , New York ; A. J
Pierce , Auburn , N V. ; T. H Akeru
Cedar Kaplde , IaM ; Cowlso , Chicago
Sw A. Howard , Onowa , la.j Dan'l N.
, Stroek , PrlncUon , 111 ; L.doStelger , Cim
cron , 'Mo ; N. Farneworth , Boone , Ia.j
Julim C. Ayrea , St. Loulu , Mo. ; C. , J.M.
Carlisle aud wife. Mo. Valley , la. ; M
Rosenfeild , New York ; A. L. Young-
Mai vern. Ia. ; E. W. Hlbbard , Mo. Val
ley ; A. Rlchardf , Omaha.
It is more economical to any
to make a dressing ; besides this , it U
made of better materials than yea ou
bay At the stores. Everybody likes tt
The Veterans Hauo Eeturnefl
D.ings at DBS Moines ,
Grand Encampment Depart
ment of the State Iowa
Q. A. R
The council of admistration were all
present except ono , The books of the
A. A. adjutant-general showed that
there were 180 posts in this state with
about 5,003 members in good stand
ing , showing an increase daring the
past year of'71 posts and nearly 3,000
The udjatant-gcnoral had made snob
a splendid system of books aud dotin
each work that ho was allowed $5,00
for his services.
The quarternmtor waa allowed $2
for seivlcos rendered. The field and
stall received the actual amount of ox
penaos incurred during the encamp
ment. The quartermaster's report
showed $1 400 in the treasury , mostly
the accumulations of the past yo < tr
The encampment convened with
Geo. B. Hogin , department cummin
der. in tbe chair.
The staff all present excepting
Blown of Fttyotte.
Address road , received and ordered
printed with all other proceedings of
the encampment.
The adjutant general , Mr. Townsend -
end and Q inrtormattor Manning
read their reports which were appro
ved at this juncture.
Ooamsmdor lu Oaiof P-tul Vander-
voort was escorted to the right side of
the presiding officer.
Judge Advocate Abott and Oaap
lain Lucas filed their reports.
Several patrlotlcitro wore then snug
by a veteran who know haw to do it
in the style of lone ago.
Commander Vandervoort then made
on of hla happy speeches.
A resolution was passed eulogizing
Logan's stand lu tbo Fitz John Porter
ter matter.
The balance ot time waa spent In
receiving reports of numerous commit
tees and the election of officers.
The delegates numbered about 2GO.
There wore 1IH Post represented , but
fully 500 visiting veterans were in the
It was an Immense success from be
ginning to end and wound ap on the
evening of the last day with a grand
oampfiro at whloh Commander Van-
dorvoort , Inspector General Burst ,
Gov. Sherman and Gen. Van Dervert
entertained the boys in blue by a din-
ploy of wit , eloquence and pathos only
to bo found among the veterans of the
G. A. B. Pork , beans and coffee ,
with liquid sundries.
The boys did not go homo tlll-morn-
The boys of Joe Hooker and Kins
man Posts treated the visiting com
rades in a princely manner.
Marriage List.
Justice W R Yanghan returned to
Olerk Street yesterday his "marriage
certificates" for March , as follows :
H. J. Uoton to Mittlo Clausen.
James W. Glttlns to Ida E. Smith.
W. A. Earner to Grace Boles. i.r
Frank B. Drary to Cora E. Dur-
Wm. Lawk to Mary Kramer.
Walter H. Bennett to Charity A.
Joseph Hopkins to Lizzie Fisher.
Wm. Kiff to Maggie Sohroeder.
Goo. Shank to Allle Rowder ,
John Ostrem to Ellen Nelson.
Alonzo F. Reynolds to Ida A.
Games. *
Gao. L. Krust to Eliza M. Davis.
George E. Goodwater to Olara E.
F. J. Bnrdiok to Drusla Reeves.
James Boll to Elten Pall.
Jens Ohristonsen to Annie Christen-
Christen Ohristensen to Christine
Peterson. .
Wm A. Braden to L'zzlo ' Hanson.
Thus it will be seen that onr little
ex-may or has made many souls happy
within the last thirty days , to Bay
notbirg of the thieves , dead-beats
and eluptrera that he has made un
happy. la a lively chap.
Young man or woman , If you want big
money for a , small amount , insure in the
Marriage Fund and Mutual Trust Ashoci.
ation , Cedar Rttplds , Iowa. f5-3m.
Corrected dally by J. Y. fuller , mer
chandise broker , buyer and shipper ierol
grain and provision * , 89 Pearl street.
WHEAT No. 2 spring , 76c ; No. 3,63
rejected 50c ; good demand.
- CORN-Dealers paying 833 ; rejected
corn Chicago. 45c ; new mixed. 48c ; white
corn , 3oc. The receipts of corn are light
OATS Scarce and In good demand ; 85.
HAT 4 00@6 00 per ton.
RYE iOc ; light supply.
CORN MEAL 125per 100 pounds.
" WOOD Good supply ; prices at ] yards :
COAL Delivered , hard , 11 00 per ton ;
soft 5 50 per ton.
BUTTBB Plenty and in fair demand
25c ; creamery. SOc.
KoaaReady sale and plenty at 13o
per dozen.
LAKD Falrbank's. wholesaling' at ISc
I'OUUTBY Firm ; dealers paylntf 13o per
. pound for turkeys and lOo for chickens.
VEORABLES Potatoes , 45c ; onions , 50c
cabbages , 80@40o per dozen ; apples , 260
@ 3 CO p r barrel.
City flour from 1 60 to 3 40.
, BUOOHB 2 00@3 00 per dozen.
, CATTLB 3 00 ® 8 60 ; calves 500@7FX 0.the >
Hoaa Market for hogs quiet , an the
packing howon are closing ; shippers are
- paving 6 50 to 6 CO ,
The grain dealers its paying uoo < i price
; for corn , formers can if ft from 33 to 35o
now and farmers will do well to tak
advantage of these prices.
. The dealer * continue to pay these price
. notwithstanding ; marked decline at al
, the other points.
, , WASHINGTON , D , 0 ,
! May 15 , 1880.
GENTLKMKif Having boon a suifei
- or for a long time from nervous prot
tratlon and general debility , I was
. advised to try Hop Bitters. I live
. taken ono bottle , nnd 1 have bee
, rapidly qettiug better over nlnce , and
- I thluk it the best medicine I sver
used. I am now gaining strength and
appetite , which was all gone , and
waa in despair until I tried yonr Bit-
ten. I am now well , able to go ) oat
and do my own work. Before clog
It , I WM completely prostrated
Tno f illowing nmativn is self ox.
plauatory. The letter which precedes
it Is a true copy of the orlgiml , nnd
was sent to us , together with the de
tails by an oflioer now in the United
Sintcs Nvy.
United States F acshlp Nnnad
Navy Yard , Boston Mass. ,
Jauoa'y 10 , 183- , ,
My dear Friend , Your kind favor
containing congratulation to health Is
bcitoro mo. When wo parted thirty
months ago little did wo imagine that
either would bo brought near death's
door by a diooaso whloh sMeots for its
victims those who present an Internal
Gold of constitutional weakness for its
first attack , became you and I were in
those days the personification of health
and eau claim this to-day , thank Godl
Why I can do so will bo told to-morrow
when wo meet at your dinner , as you
only know that I have pasiod through
a terrible lllnosf ; my delivery from
death bolng duo to the wonderful dis
covery in medical science , * made by a
man , who to-day stands In the front
rank of his follow-workora unequaled
by any in my own opinion. Tnat I ,
who heretofore have ever boon the
most orthodox believer in the old
eohool of mcdlcino , its application and
results , should thus recant In favor of
that whloh ia snooredat by old practi
tioners , may atartlo you , but "seeing
is believing , " and when I recount the
attack made on my old hulk , how near
I oamo to lowering my colors , and the
final volly which through the agency
above mentioned , gave mo victory , you
will at least credit mo with jut cause
for sincerity in my thankfuiuess and
belief. I will also spin my yarn anent
my China arulto , and altogether , ex
pect to entertain as well as bo enter
tained by you. With beat wishes ,
Sincerely yours ,
Dear Admiral. U S Navy.
Sinclair Place , Boston.
Ai autumnal afternoon in the year
188-- , found the taunt flagship Nomad
rounding the treacherous and danger
ous extremity of South America , And
thU day certainly intended to place it
self on record with these of its predec
essors marked stormy , its nastlnoss in
wind and weather giving all hands on
board the flagship tholr fill In hard
work and discomforts. The record of
the Nomad on thla cruise , which she
was now completing on her homeward
bound passage to Boston , had boon
most disagreeable , when considered in
the 1 i ht of heavy weather work. From
Suez "to Aden , then on to Bambay.
Point do Galls Singapore , Hong Kong
Shanghai , Fagasaki , and Yokohama ,
the balance sheet stood largely In fav
or of old Neptune's rough character-
iatlos , but with remarkable evenness
the health and original roster of the
ship's company stood this day as it did
nearly throe years ago with ono ex
ception. Throughout the diverse and
aried expoiures incidental to cruising
over the Ailatlo station , where cholera
fevers , liver complaints , malaria , and
colds ot all degrees reign in full force ,
none of the crew had Buffered more
than temporary inconvenience , and
thns it seemed very hard that now , Ino
the closing daya of the cruise , there
stood nine ohanoos for , to one against
a victory being at last scored for the
destroying angel Death. When the
Nomad reached Shanghai , in the early
portion of her cruise her admiral was
the healthiest man aboard. A grand
specimen of man-hood was he. Over
six feet ia height , weighing two hundred >
drod pounds , broad inchest and strong
In limb , ho rightly claimed for himself ,
a full share of Nature's blessings.
While returning iato one night from ia
diplomatic reception at the Consulate
at Shanghai , through over-beating and
insufficient protection from the dan
gerous effects of the pocullary damp
and aearohlng night air , he caught
. cold. "Only A cold , "remarked he
admiral to the doctors of his ship , ' ' ad
easy to cure. " La thought the med
ical officers , but with quiet thought
- iaaldlouB progression , thin cold clung
to the admiral In spite of their best )
efforts to eradicate it , aud when the
time came for leaving Yokohama
. boaioward bouud , the admiral realized ;
that his lungs and throat were decided
ly out of order. The doctors advised
returnirg homo by mail steamer to
SiuFranolsco , so that greater moans
for curing thla persistent cough might
be found in the Naval Hospital there
but the admiral preferred to stick
his ship , arill imagining that his trouble
. would eventually bo overcome by the
doctors' treatment.
No ono who looked at the admiral
even in thuao daya imagined that he
would fall n victim to lucg trouble. >
Bat it was the oid story again typified
in this case Only a cold at first ; and ;
in upito of orthodox treatment the pe
cullar ollmato etl'aots of Ohlna nnrsod
; it , and hastened the sure result of sucb
a doop-soated trouble. Time pasted
after leaving Yokohama for B > ston
biinglng varying symptoms in the ad'
. , mlral'a case , nd the dootoiB imeglnec
thatjlhey held the disease in chock : a
least * Bat with the fornatlon of tub
ercles , nlghtawoata , and the now rnplc
, , oonsamptlonoMnng tissues , which hat
: set in with alarming Blmptoms , thepa
) tlent teal'tod ' that his cold had laid the
seeds of'that fell agent of Death , con
sumption. The hacking cout < h ol the
< admiral had in itself boon jaffiolon
. food for 'serious consideration , ; ind
now , as in the warm autumn days the
fhgshlp gallantly rode over the tide
: waters ef the PaciOo , bound for 0 ip
Horn , the doctors hoped' much for sue
cess. Bat this boisterous aftornooi
foand the good ship struggling wltl
gigantic seas alt off from the Chpo i b
a fierce northerly wind. Lsaden wer
the heavens aud sid the hearts of fall
aboard , for that morning the iaal
bulletin of the medical ofihershad BO
forth thl * lntolltonce ; : "The admire
is in aamo condition as reported las
night. A burning fever has bee
* slightly rodacoJ , whllo other mp-
loma are no heretofore nnnouncod.
All undaratood those Words ni'.hoti
questioning. The beloved admiral had
daring the past two wceko sank vcr
low. The symptoms of blood.poisot
- ing , a torpid liver , intense pilt
- throughout the body , eyesight and
mental faculties a ( Tec ted , cppetito uon
through inaction nf that great Joguli
tor the Ilvor. Those wcro the raoai
which had reduced the admiral remand
the plnaolo of health to the vully and
shadow of death , Consumption bold
I fall away now , and the well-know
Bitskill of naval doctors was ia this It
stance at least completely foiled.
The admiral had Issued orders ft
the flogihlp to lonoh at Wontovld *
for COM , and U waa the Intention
the doctors to land the admiral there
for ; treatment. But ono man in the
ship was wrapped in the gloom of
dlspatr , at standing by the weather
rigging on the poop deck ho gacad ab.
sently over the soothing waste of wapt
tors. This was the admiral's son , a
lieutenant , and attached to hln father's
statT. lie feared that the wear nnd
tour of ship life would sar Ma father's
strength boyoud ondurrui. . , and bopt
fore the ship oould reach Montevideo ,
Among n group of sailors gathered
around on J of the great gunson the spar
dock stood the captain of the lore-top ,
Brown , a alight but healthy looking
man. His companions wcro listening
to a recital of his soiljrlngs from conit
sumption , which had dovolopcd whllo
SDhi was attached to the sloop-of-wnr
lUngor , lying the harbor of Yokoit
hama a year ago , this "yarn" having
boon started by a discussion about the
admiral's condition. Tflo men had
just returned from some work around
the dock , an order for which had in-
terruptod Brown's atory a few mofi
monte previously.
"A year ago this day I was hove to
In the 'pill mail's' sick bay In the
Raugor , then off Yokohama , an' T toll
yon , pards , 'twas no use pipln' my
number , 'oauso I was nigh ton patsln'
in my enlistment papers for a long
crulso aloft , " continued Brown. "Oon1
sumption had mo iUt aback , and the
doctor says it was no use to stow away
his lush in my hold sooin * that my
bellows was cpndomuod by a higher
power than hooDuld wrestle with. "
"How did you packer oat of ill"
asked a gunner's mato.
' Wa'all , " replied Brown , "my Ohl1
nee waahnun oomo to mo ono mornln *
an' ho says to mo , 'mo hab got alloo
some Molican man medlkln , do you
heap good1 ! I nays bring it off , Chang ,
I bay all the same. That afternoon
Clung hove np with foartoon bottles
of a lush , enough to kill or care the
whole ship's crow , an' that looked I
fresh in their nice wrappers. Saya
Chang , 'Ohiuaman doctor hab got
plonteo tnoro , ho make heap good well
with my sick , this number ono modi-
kin alloo same through Yokohoma. '
Wa'all , I took the bottles an * told the
doctor I was goln' to try ono as by the
sailln' orders on the battle , and the
doctor ho laughed and ssys 'twas no
good , but I done as the regulations
says from the first , an' here I am , agin
the doctor's ideas , to bo sure ! "
With the triumphant assertion Brown
looked about the circle. Then lower-
orlng his voice , said , "boys , I've four
of these precious bottles loft - alnt
give , em all away yet after I was cur
ed an' If yea all think it weald not
be too free with the 'old man , ' sup-
ese I go to hla aon there on. the poop
eok an' say what I have to you , an'
oskln' his pardon , say wo want the
admiral to try the stuff in my bottles
Boeln' that they oared my consump
tion. " Pm
This idea met with approval from
all aides. Therefore Brown walked
off for the interview with the admiral's
son , with no little anxiety in bis good
heart as to the result of hla mission
Approaching the lieutenant , Brown
saluted , and asked for permission testate
state his reasons for doing so. This
waa readily granted , and Brown spoke
"Boeing that I waa onoo oared
oomsamptlon , lieutenant , I make bold
to ask if I can toll yea how , an * why
I've the reasons for wishing yea
use on year father what was my sal
vation. " alad
In a few moments the lieutenant had
Brown's story oat , and much to the
> tatter's gratification , granted a ready ,
permission to him. It did not take >
Brown long to ran to his ditty box
. get the bottles of medicine , and re
a turn to the lieutenant with them.
"I'm afeared that the doctors will
kick ag'ln the use of this blessed stuff
an' what wid yea do , Blr , " said Brown
as ho placed the medicine In the cabin
orderly's hands to bo taken Into the
admiral's room.
"I will attend to that , Brown , anc
rest assured that yonr remedy will
have a fair trial In splto of any oppo
sition. It will not hart my father
judging from yonr statement and the
opinion of the Medical officers of the
, Rancor. "
"Thank yea , sir , an1 God help the
admiral to weather his trouble. U
prayer of all the ship , " said Brown
as the lieutenant tarnod to enter tbi
There was no cectatlon In the atom >
; that evening. The gale howle
through the rlgqing in wild , discord
ant tones ; the great ohlp hboroc
through the white capped mountain
of water threatened to engulch he
with each burnt of tholr storm-whip
ped oroats. Within the admiral's cabli
. the Argand lights , the oomfortabli
f arnltaro , and the numerous ovldonco
of the admiral's wanderings over lam
- and water as displayed in oholco brie
a-brao and trimmings , gave to
room a warm , snug oppoaranco , lost
pleasing this wild night to those with
, , in. In his stateroom lay the admiral
- ' made comfortable by all that lovln
hands and willing hearts could sag
at < gest. By his side sat hla son , who
- quiet voice was rcooantlng to his futhc
tneintorviow with Brown , and thooj 1
position met with from the dootot
- when the idea of giving this naw ied-
lolnn waa broached.
- "Yon were sleeping at the time
father , and therefore missed a laugl
able aoene , made BO , lnaspUe of yoc
condition , by the Intense dislike dii
played by the doctors for thla 'ne
f angled staff , ' thla 'patent "liquid
which they declared should never with
- their consent be given to yon. fell
I out the matter short by saying thi
I would take all the responsibility an
by ; with yonr permission would admli
ister It. That I obtained when
found yea awake , and now yon ai
under way with the first bottle aa pi
BOt directions. I am satlified , dear
father , that it will do yea good ,
premonition filling mf heart that
lust wo have iound the moans
. - arreslloK the burning fever and haol
" log cough which have boon tronblit
you so much. "
The admiral's reply was cut rtby
a Dovero spsll of coughing , irlng
- which ho spat blood , and when fi
ishod oank"back exhausted. Bat tl
grateful look which ho bestowed I
nia con waa an additional assurance
- belief In that svhlch the admiral hod
first sight dabbed aa n poosiblo b
doubtful moans of doing him any goo ;
Bat laying aside his dislike for ai
bat old established remedies , the i a
miral aoqalesed In hla son's rcqooi
- and now , after thii last spell , trait-
ted that the effjot of the dose h
for softened the dreaded severity of t
racking cough.
Three weeks htor found the Nomad
making the harbor of Montevideo.
Aftorsovoro and prolonged weather
she had rounded the Capo and now
waa standing in the harbor for the
purpose of roooallng uud waterlog.
To ono given to 'tho study of human
lineaments the faces of these aboard
the iligihlp this bright mornlug would
have Herded Infinite Bopo for such
pursuit. Bat the source of each man's
happiness flowed frym the same foun
tain of grateful joy. The beloved
admiral waa the cause of this. And wh > 1
If yon oould have seen the , admiral
this : bright morning , dear reader.your
answer would have boon easily found
it his face , A changed man was ho.
Victory was perched on his guidons !
the dread enemy was slowly rotroat-
Ing. The nght was a severe ono , bat
with no cessation in vigilant action
and careful application af the contents
of four bottles the admiral had turned
the flank of consumption , and waa
slowly but surely driving him off the
field with a power which astounded
the doctors and 11 Hod all hearts with
joy and thankfulness.
What was this , then , that had won
the victory for the seaman Brown and
was now loading the admiral's shat
tered forces to the Bamo grand result ?
When asked this question by ono of
his 1 ; officers on doty in Montooldoo the
admiral , slowly lifting hla hand , ro-
piled , "I would thatlu lottorsof gold ,
and so placed that all the world coald
road them , the name of this great
remedy could bo shown , coupled with
the genius who dltcovorod it THE
Pierce 1 , of Buffalo , N. Y. , ' the man
who has given to his follow men the
greatest relief from all Us that mortal
flesh i IB heir to ! "
"Tnls IB the name ot the contents
of thatbjttlo on my table , and God
bless 1 the man who has found the secret
of filling It with a medicine at onoo
prrlfylug ] and strengthening , whole-
Borne and thorough In ita results , and
claiming , in my hamblo opinion , nothing -
ing I for Itself that It cannot reasonably
perform. ] Nature's alloy against the
abuse i of man ! "
Well might the admiral sing the
praises of that which had BO anox
pootodly rescued him from a fatal
linens. When tbo ship anchored
; ho first commission for the
admiral's son to execute was
a largo purchase of Dr. Ploro's Golden
Medical Discovery , whloh. as the ad
miral sadly admitted , ho had boon tn
every port the world around and had
only admired as en ovcdonco cf the
energy and enterprise cf an American
who can thus place hla Gjldon Medi
- cal discovery in every nook and cor
ner of the globe. But now ho wae ,
' ono more to testify to the wonderful
power of this modloluo , ann certainly
did so In Montovlkoy , by praiilng ft
up to all'tho high officials who vlsltoc
itm ,
A week later and the Nomad sailed
or Boston direct. What the condl ,
; lon of the admiral was when she ar ,
rived there ia thown by hla lotto
above. Lot It bo recorded to the
credit of the doctors on the flagshl I ]
that they were completely cured of all
dislike for the Gcidon Monioal Discov
eryuiod It faithfully on the voyage
to Boston , and landed , through Its
of wonderful pawer , the admiral com
ld pletely restored ; and moro than one
poor follow who started out in the ink
to bay of the Nomad , What staunch
al- friends the Golden Medical Dircovory
made In that ubip.
ad The above , reader , la an outline
the story span by the admiral to bis
dy friend when they mot at tha dinner.
ko We will not touch on other portions or..of .
, his Interesting recital of his crulso
ro- general , onr aim being to record
testimony for the greatest wonder
medical science that this nineteenth
, century of surprising developments
n. eas produced.
From the wonpotfol power of Dr.
PJorco'a Golden Medical Discovery
over that tortiblo fatal disease , con-
suptloD , which ta aorof nla of the lungs
when first during this now world-
- famed remedy to the public , Dr. Fierce
, , thought favorably of calling it hit
"consumption care , " bat abandoned
that nome aa too restrictive for r
modlcino tha } from its wonderful
combination of gorm-doslroylnp ,
the well as tonne , or strengthening , nltonv
, alive , or blood'o'oansing ; antl-billou
dlurotlo , pectoral , and nutritive pro
perties , lu uneqnalod , not only as
rm remedy for oonoamption of the langs
( but for aU chronic dicoaics of the liver
- blood , kidnoya , nnd langu. Goldor
rod Medical Dlaoovory curca oil humora
from the worst ocrofala to the com >
her mon blotch , pimple , or eruption
- Erjsipolra , aalt-rheum , fever-sore :
bin bculy or rough skin , In abort , nl
ditoaees caused by dlacasj ( terms
tho' blocd , are couquersd b
this powerful purifying , nnd
- Invigorating medicine. Grea
tin eating ulcers rapidly heal under
benign influences. Eipocially has
- manifested its potency in caring totter
, rose rash , bolls , carbuncles , sore eyes
scrofulous sores and Dwellings , whit
swellings , goitro or thick neck , and
in 1 enlarged glands.
"Tho blood Is the life. " Thoroughl ;
op- cleanse this fountain of health busing
using Gjldon Medic 1 Discovery , and
- good digestion , a fair skin , baoyac
spirits , vital strength and soundnoi
, of constitution are established.
four If yea feel dull , drowny , debilitated
dis. have sallow color of akin , or yollowli
new brown spots on face or body , frequer
, ' headache or dizziness , bad taste
month , Internal heat or chills , alto [
, natod with hot flahon.low spirits an
that gloomy forebodings , irregular ppe-
and tito , and tongue coated , yon are Bade
- ing from Indigestion , dyipepila , ac
I torpid Ilvor or "biliousness. ' In mat
are cases only part of these symptoms i a
per experienced. As a remedy for
such cases Dr. I'.eroe'd Golden Mad
a cal Dlaoovory ha * no equal as it efloa
at perfect and radical cares ,
of i For weak lungs , spitting of bloo
< short breath , consumptive cij
swoathd , and kindred affections , It b U
sovereign romedy. In the euro
1 brouotiitio , eovoro coughs and ca
sumption , it lias astonished the met
fm- oil faculty , and eminent physlcln
the pronounce it the groscost mcdti
on riltoovory of the ago. Thb nil trill
of properties possotsod by oed Ilvor
at tire trifling when compared with thief
bat of the Golden Medical Discovery ,
ood. rapidly builds up the system aud
any crrasoa the flash and weight of the
ad- reduced below the usual itandard
, health by wasting diseases ,
- * * * * * *
had The reader will pardon the forego )
the digression , prompted by onr jmlr
atlon for a remedy that performs su
marvelous cores , and permit as to i
that when the admiral retained to hla
homo in Now York Iho only cload
cast noon the happiness of the reunion
with his family was caused by the con
tinued Illness of hla oldest son , a
young man of twenty.four , vho dis
ease , when the admiral sailed from
Montlvodlo , had been reported as
succumbing to the treatment of the
family doctor. Bat his father found
otherwise ; the unfortunate yoang men
WAS suffering severely from chronicle
dlscaio of the kidneys and bladder.
Before leaving Boston the admiral had
purchased a copy of Dr , Plorco's book ,
"Tho People's Common Hmso Medl-
cnl Advisor. " Ho road this valuable
book thoroughly , and apon his arrival
homo had made np his mind as to the
ftittiro treatment for hla son , The
Uttar was sent to the famous Invalids'
Hotel , at Buffilo , N. Y < , oondaotcd
by Dr. R V. Pierce and his compe
tent staff of specialists , whore , under
skillful treatment , the onffarer soon
found relief and a permanent cure.
In the library of his handsome
homo the admire ! placed ono of the
tear bottles nont him by the seaman
Brown , Conspicuous In its pretty
frame and stand It atlraoto all eyes ,
whloh can easily road the lines in
golden letters inscribed on thf tablet
as follows : "This bottle once con-
talnek the amnaition whiah secured
for Admiral the victory in his
battle off tiapo Horn with the enemy
consumption. Hla undying gratltado
Is thns shown for that whioh this
bottle and its mates hold.
Rejoice , rejoice , 'He Is alive AE ln , "
Lost , but Is Found. "
Under date of July 9,1883 , Mr , K. B
Bright of Windsor Locks Conn' , writes .
plain modest narrative , which , from Its
very simplicity , has tbo trno ring ot fine
gold. Ho says :
"My father Is using Hunt's Remedy and
scomi to bo Improving , in fact , he is very
much batter than he hu been for a long
time. Ho had been tapped three times.
The J first time they got from him sixteen
quarts of water , the second tlmo thirteen
qtmts , aud fully as much moro the third
time , and he would constantly fill np again
every time after he had been tapped , until
be commenced uilncc Hunt's Remedy ,
whloh acted like magic In his case , as he
> cgun to Improve at once , and now his
watery accumulation passes away through
the secretions naturally , and ho has none of
.hat swelling or filling up which waa so fre
quent before the functions of the kidneys
were restored by the use of Hunt's Rem
edy. Ho f a well-known citizen of this
place and has always been in business
here , "
Again he writes , Nov. 27 , 1882 ,
"I beg most cheerfully and truthfully testate
state , in regard to Hunt's Remedy , that
Its use was the saving of my father's life.
I spoke to you in my previous letter in re
gard to his being tapped three times.
Is the most remarkable case that has ever
bwn hoard of In this section. For a man
of his npo ( ilxty years ) it is a most remark
able cure. He bad been unable to attend
to his business moro than a year , and was
given up by the doctors.
"The first bottle of Hunt's Remedy that
he use 1 gave instant relief. He has used
in oil seven bottlet , and continues to uio It
whenever he feels drowsy or sluggish , and
It affords instant relief. Ho la now atten
ding to bis regular business , and has been
several months. I am perfectly willing
that you should publish this letter , an we
jk thoroughly believe that father's life was
saved by using Hnct'sRemedy ; and these
facts given above may be a benefit to oih-
ors suffering ( n like manner from diseases
or inaction of the Kidneys and Liver. "
In '
do. SORES ,
. do. ULCERS ,
' " " * *
- do. BOILS ,
Id- ' , do. ERUPTIONS , >
do. CATARRH , tl'
do. ECZEMA ,
, ,
* , , IS THE
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