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The Daily Bee.
Thursday Morning , April 6.
Wonthor Report.
( Ihs following observations were takoi
at the sarao moment of lime at the station
mentioned. )
Oiuiu , Apill 4 , (1:43 ( : p.m. ) f
The mayor and council for tbe suc
ceeding two years ore republican by a
large majority.
BJ A fifteen year old son of Judfto Ken-
> is , of Palls City , blew Mt arm off while
out bunting on Monday evening.
The Iowa nnd Nebrnska Insurance
company filed Iti articles of incorporation
with tbo sscrotary of state at Lincoln yej-
torday. .
, _ A. violent wind prevailed during the
early part o ! last evening nd about fmld.
night a heavy and steady rain not In ,
driving from the north. The warm weather -
er of yesterday promises to be effectually
dispelled. : rS
A surprising feature of tbe election is
that each ward secured one alderman , In
the general scratch and scramble It was
expected that some ward would got left ,
but the result proves the contrary and
places the ward ) as before on a repreieta-
tivo equality ,
Mrs. LinnosVcay , a reliable clairvoy
ant , bos taken parlors at 32 J north Thir
teenth street , near Chicago. Private sit
tings dally. Tolls past , present and fu
ture advice in business or family troubles.
The supreme conrt of the United
States has reversed the decliion of the su
preme conrt of Nebraska in the celebrated
case of Baldwin vs. Sparks , Involving the
title to a large tract of land near Lincoln.
In the pollco conrt yesterday Judge
Reneke had four coses of disturbance
of the peace , all of which were continued.
Crulckshank & Co. are putting in the
electric light for their opening to-night.
-Meeting of the W. O. T.U. on Thur.a
day , at 3 p. m. , in the Y , M , O.I A , rooms.
on 15th between F. rnnm ami Hnrnoy.
A cordltl Invitation Is extended to the
congrcgilton of Ht Uaruabus' , nd their
fricudj , to r.tcrrl the monthly recaption at
tbe rectory this evening ,
Jnraoi Uarntclo , of the U , P. shops ,
received n fall Tuesday which broke ills
right leg. 110 was skillfully attended to
by Dr. Linyon.
In tha draintlo fentlval at Cincinnati
in May , six of Ltwrenco Barrett's com
pany appear la the three principal produc
tion * . Mr. Barrett's preient support is
tbo strongest ho over had.
The Republican City Central Com
mittee , will meet In 0. Vf. Edgeiton's
office , 205 South 15th , Saturday evening
April 7th , at 7:30. By order ot N. J.
Burnham , chairman ; B. D. Dancap ,
Funeral services for Mrs" Mont-
morenlcy .will be held at her lat home on
Farke avenue at 180 p. in. Thursday tha
5th lost. Her remains will be taken to
Burlington , Iowa , for interment. Friends
are Invited to attend ,
The preliminary hearing of II. H.
loyett and Hsnry Williams , the two col
ored men arrested for the robbery of the
Osceola farmers , on the nlaht of March
21 , oime up in polioe court yesterday
r * and after the examination of several Iwlt-
nesses WM continued till Monday next.
: The silver cup given as a prize at the
roller rink Tuesday was won by Mr ,
Monroe , who captured three rings tc
fourteen seconds , and received the cuj
from Mr , Orary , the former winner. The
next contest occurs some evening next
weet. On next Tuesday erfnlng tbe
fancy dresi carnival takes place , and full ]
two hundred skater i in costume are ex
pected to participate.
Lost or run away , from home 01
Thursday last , < < no Denny Divis , age 11
years. Had on when last seen a dark gra ;
coat , complexion dark brown , black pant
torn In the kn o and then tewed , a blu
checkered shirt , a little coahmere skul
cap. Any one giving Information that wil
lead to his recovery will be rewarded b ;
bis mother , Mri. Sophia Davli , Uarne ;
street , between 17th and 18th streett , ueai
ly opposite the Jail.
Tuesday there was a full alter
dance at the Baptist Church. The lutei
wt is deepening and aped men were move
and requested prayers. We are thankfi
that Oed In his providence bos sent Mr
Uen Hogon to our city. We believe tut
God will , through him , reach intn thi
our churches cannot reach. We hope tb
chrlitians of the city will pray for the eui
cess of the meeting , and that everyone wb
con will attend. Mr. Hopan will remil
but a few days at the longest. Let eves
one come. A welcome awaits you.
A now aide-bar , end spring top brjf
gy , made by Snydcr nnd took fin
prlzo at the otato fair last fall ; nevi
used and will bo eold low. Apply i
Western Newspaper Union , cor. 12t
and Donslaa at. fob28m&otf
have arrived. Practical ezporipni
demonstrates end proven them th
cheapest in the market for re
service. For Halo at
F , D. OOOFEJI & Go's
0Mllliona of packoges of the DL
taond dyee have been sold without
single complaint. Everywhere the
tan the favorite Dyes. '
Young won or woman , It you , want b !
BMmej for small imouot. teture la tb
MorrUirfl Fund and Mutual Tract AMOC
MOB , Oedar Rapid * , Iowa.
Who are to Oovoiu tlio Oity'i '
Affairs for a While.
Uol. Ohaso Elected Mayor by i
Small Majority.
Judge Banoke and Troasarei
Buck Ro-Elecled.
Kaufmann , HaBoall , Bodfleld
Murphy , Woodworth and
Audorson for the Council ,
And Speoht , Llvoiey , Oopolnnc
and H ll for the School
Two Members of the Board in Doubt
THE BKK very nearly called the
turn Tuesday in its estimate of the
results cf the city election. The
count In eoino of the wnrdn has boon
provoklngly slow , and a complete re
turn could not bo had until a late
hour yesterday from all ,
The result shows Oil. Ohaso to be
elected by about 77 majority , which
is far below what hia friends oxpooted.
Hla frlondo worked hard to secure
this victory.
Judge Bancko goes in for anothoi
time by a splendid majority , which
shows the popular endorsement of his
course as pollco magistrate of the
Mr. Truman Buck Is also ro-olootod
treasurer by a handsome majority.
The members of the council wno atu
certainly chosen are Kaufmann from
the First , Hascall from the Second ,
RadQold from the Third , Murphy from
the Fourth , and Woodworth from the
Fifth. Taoaixthmau la in doubt ,
but it is thought it lioa between An
derson and MoNamara.
For the Board of Education , Spooht
and Llvesoy are elected for the long
term , with Parker and Ferguson con
testing for third place ; Oopoland nnd
Elall for the abort term , with Stool
nd Gibbon contesting tor third place.
The latest returns make the chances
appear la favor of Gibbon.
There was scarcely any opposition
to the sewer bonds and school house
The day and night passed off very
| ulotly , there being but little distur
bance , and only four persons run in
[ or disturbing the peace.
The returns so far ai received at the
[ lour of gain to press are na followH :
Ohaso 2,240 , Savage 2,191.
Bolln 1,775 , Buck 2,313 ,
Hawos 1,003 , Bonoko 3,200.
5" C-J . r-l N M tO O t- < - >
t cn h > - c
ca < -
carfHC C
i o t > - c
i 1ihfiiifj |
DO * *
13 .cneoocjci-fM-oo-fin
* * 55 . < oootor4oc > Mob * *
006 t * IA o IH OJ OT n cl " t >
rH H C4 rl iH rH C4 Cl ri r
. .
.200 e4 > .o * ' * u
fi H IO O * O ) 0
n rc I to e > o f t- h1" - < A
"J2o ot.3a > i c > tc < owc > . -
Tables nopplK-d witli the boat th
market nilordfl. Tbe traveling publi
claim they got bolter accommodation
and moro general eatlafactlon hot
than at an ; ether hooao in Omahi
Rate , ffl per day. ang2Itfm
KnlgLta Tomplar.
Tbo twelfth annnul conclave of th
of the grand cotutnandry of Nobraski
K. T , , was held In this city , commom
Ing on Tacuday evening and cloalo
last ovcnln .
The ] oltowinc ; cilhors were olcote
for the ensuing year ;
Sir Samuel 0. OHOIIB , of Llnooh
commander ,
Sir Thomas Sewell , of Lincoln , do ]
nty grand commander.
Sir A. B. Smith , of Falls Oitj
grand captniu oonoral ,
Sir L. F. li.-ltt , of Nobraoka Clt ;
grind prolate.
Sir Jno. F. Womplo , of Dialing
grand rcnior waiden.
Sir E F. Wurren , of Nebraska Olt ;
nd junior warden.
Sir WillUm II. Ibwon , of Omahi
grand recorder.
Sir J as. 8. France , of Omaha , gran
Sir 0. B. Holmes , of Teoumsol
grand sword bearer.
Sir J , D. Newman , of Lincoln , gran
standard bearer.
Sir A. W. White , of PlaUsmont !
grand warden.
Sir Ernest Hnnger , ot Llnooli
grand captain of the guards.
Tha next annual convention will I
at Beatrice , on the * coond Taesdaj
after Good Friday , A. D , 1881 ,
The grand commandory is In a floor
[ fthiriK tmntiilal condition , out of debt
and with upward of $1,000 In thi
treasury ,
Arraugerr.nnts nro In progress foi
atlundlng the next annual conclave a1
3an Francleco.
An Aufplclous Woddins OolebrotoC
In Omaha To-day.
Mias Maud Stanton , daughter o ;
Ool , T. H , Stanton , chief paymantei
department of the Flatto , was married
riod yestooday to' Oapt. 0. B
Western , Fonrioonth United Statei
n fan try. The marriage took place al
lor father's residence , Twenty-third
and Bart Rtreots , In the presence of thi
amlly end a few relatives and friends ,
hn ceremony being performed , bj
Chaplain England , 17. 8 , A. , frorr
Tort Omaha.
Although the wedding was A private
affair , many costly and valuable presents <
onts were received. After lunchooc
ho bride and groom took their dopar.
nro for New York , whoncs , aftoi
pending a short leave , they will go tc
Jantonmcnt Uncoinpabgro , Colorado ,
where Oapt. Western is stationed.
The Stone Cutters of Omaha Shovj
Tholr Fraternal Feollntr.
On Sanday evening last Mr. Wro ,
Touhey , a young man of 25 years ol
go. died at the residence of Mra ,
lyan. His remains were taken tc
Jndertaker Jacobs' room , whcro thej
were placed In a handsome metallic
askot preparatory to being forwarded
o the former homo of the deceased ,
Ottawa , Canada.
Thuosday afternoon the stone
utters assembled in a bed ?
nd accompanied the romaini
f their fellow workman to
lie U. P. depot , where the casket was
akon In charge by the American
Sxpress Company. The dead man
sad not been to his old homo on a visit
or seven years and it will be a corn-
art to his friends back there to know
tiat everything that was possible was
one for him here during his last hours
nd every respect shown to his memo
ry after death.
The stone cutters In attendance at
tie funeral were : Robt. Frew , Mike
I. McCarthy , Harry Boyne , Joseph
. Maloney , James A. Gnwen , John
Hilespto , Scott Koofer , James Fox ,
ohn Williams , John Urqnhard and
Jno. Wright.
A Now Association Incorporated Yes
Articles of incorporation of the
'Omaha Oil Company , " have boon
Hod with the county clerk. Omaha
3 the bunlnoss headquarters fixed
npon and the guncml nature of the
mslncon to bo transacted is the ao-
ulromont of and dealing In oil and
mineral lands , boring and operating
11 wells , mining ooul , refining oils ,
to. The capital stock is fixed at
$100,000 , to be paid In full when sub-
oribod or issued , the value of each
hare being $100. The limit of life
> f the corporation Is fifty yean , the
liahest indebtedness to bo incurred
Ab.ard of five directors , a presi-
lent , .vice-president , Secretary , and
treasurer are to control affafra.
J. T. Clark , Louis E. Baaumont , H.
I ? . Clark , Richard Kitchen and Wm.
A. Paxtou will for tha present act as
directors , and are the incorporates
of the association.
rlodo from the wild floweis of the
t is the most fragrant of perfume ,
tfannfaotnred by H. B. Blavon , San
franoisoo. Forsalo In Omaha by W ,
J. Whitehonso and Konnard Bros ,
A Surveying Party Returned.
William Boai , a United States snr
veyor , came Into Omaha yestcrda ]
from a prolonged trip In the west
During his absence , which has ex
tended over a period of over sh
months , this gentleman has had i
varied and Interesting experience
Be wts one of a government survey
Ing party of twelve who have boei
doing topographical worl
In the west for some time past. Thi
outfit left some place in Wyomicj
l&st fall and slrco that time have bcoi
making a thoiough tmvoy of tin
lauds lu Wyoming not Included in thi
government grants to the Union Pa
oifio railroad. Daring the time the ]
were out they wont through Eohi
canyon In Utah and made a completi
map of that whole region , which hitb
orto has not been donn except by thi
railroad Itself , Mr , Baal speaks litho
the highest terms of the magnlficon
scenery along the canyon nnd say
that a person cannot comprehend It
magnificent proportions unices ho see
It himself ,
A drugstore in western Town , popa
latlon about 3,000 , stock from 80,00
to $8,000 , sales $18,000 per annum
only two dreg ctorco In the town ,
largo country trcdo. Inqulra of i-'raui
Rogers , Mlllard Hotel druir utoro.
Snrprlie Pnrtj-i
A pleasant surprise party waa glvoi
Tuesday at the retidenco of Rev
J. AY. Stewart , of the South M. E
church , lu honor of his daughter's re
turn from Now York , where sbe ha
boon attending the seminary. Taer
were present about fifty , and a ploac
ant time was enjoyed , the evening be
lug taken up by Rood music and otho
sorts of amusements. About 12 o'oloo !
the party dispersed with good wlsho
to their host and hostess and th
young lady who la shortly to return t
her studies.
The Maverick National Bank of Boi
ton draws foreign exchange , burs an
sells Government and other invest
rnent securities , and transacts any bui
Inesa for Its correspondents In the lln
of banking. m&th-me
An Attempt to Take Forolbli
Possession of a Home.
The Strong Arm of the Lvw
Domauded to Quell the
The principal agitation in pollco ctr
olca last evening WAS over a tronbla re
ported from Twenty Sixth and Doug
las streets.
Too roildence In question , ncarthl ;
point , has been occupied for some
time pait 07 the family of Albert J ,
Peck , vho rented from A. L. Strong
E q. A short tltno ago uotlcci wai
received to vaoato the premises ,
IB a man named McCoy , who ,
It Bocran , has a claim npot
or owns the place , desired to tukc
; )0oecaaon. Mrs. Peck , It appears ,
tias been sick and Mr. Strang'a book
toopnr was notified of the faot anc
; hat it would bo inconvenient to move
on the first of the month. Ho there *
'ore ' eald that there was no hniry and
: hat they might take tbolr own time ,
Yesterday McCoy put In an appearance
anco with his household outfit and
finding the Peck family absent , ( t
some way obtained an entrance to the
dwelling and bfgan moving In hit
goods , in the face of the fact that the
joods of the Pock folks were atlll
.horo. Peck arrived homo about thli
lime , and put in a protest , but thl :
oelng of no avail , ho wont tothepollcc
court and filed a complaint ugalnsl
McCoy for forcible entry and detainer ,
and a warrant was iss od for McCoy't
arrest. Oflhor Gorman was detailed
: o go to the scone of trouble , and nol
indlngtho parties wanted , left. Subsequently
sequontly they returned and tried tc
got into the house , and Mr. Peck has
; ened to the pollco headquarters and
obtained the assistance of Office )
fitter , who went up to preserve th <
peace and arrest McCoy if he showec
up.Just what the state cf affairs wai
cnold not bo learned , but it will prob-
abf ! bo brongt out in thejpolioa conr
this morning.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following deeds were filed foi
noord in the county clerk's office
April 3 , reported for THE BEE bj
Ames' real estate agency.
8. M. Audorson to D. S. Thomas
w d lot 25 , Noleon add. , $250.
S. D Bangs and wife to G. T. Wil
son. w d parcel see 3 , 1C , 12 , 82,000
8. D. Bangs and wife to G. T.w d
BO 1 BOO 3 , 16,12 , § 2.COO.
A. J , Hanscntn and \vlfo to M.Toft
w d lota 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 1510 Ii
and 18 , blk 5 , Hanscom place $500.
E. Hanoy and wife to A. D. Red
mon : w d lot 4 , blk 15. E. V. Smlth'i
add. , $2,000.
0. Hall and wife to J. S. Howe : T
d 2.20 HOC 10,15,13 , $5,000.
3as the largest assortment of Range ;
and Oook Stove , Barb Fence Wire
all of which yon can buy cheaper thai
any place in town at G15 and 617 N
LCth street. m27-mo-tf
W. E , Waits , of Fort Nlobrora ; B. F
Rawalt , of Folrfield ; Sanford Parker , o
O'Neill City ; Walt Miller , of David Oil ;
F. W , Barnes and Hon. W. M. Robert
OD , of Madison ; A. P. Pllger , of Norfolk
r. 0. F iker , of Genoa ; J. H. Hungate , o
Blair ; George H. Brooks , of Bsztlle Milk
A. P. Howes , of Blair ; J. M. Hedge , o
Clear Creek ; W. A. V/ells , of David City
and Mrs. S. Tt Learning and children , o
Lincoln , are among the Nebraska poopl
who registered at the Mlllard yesterday.
W. E. Page and F. E. Brown , Syra
cose ; V. V. Leonard , Flattsznouth ; S. J
Roberts , Lincoln ; 0. B. Burrowa , Noi
folk ; W. 0. O. Sherwood , West Point
Morris Palmer and wife , Sohuyler ; A'G
Glenn , Columbui ; 0. W. Phelp ; , Clea
Creek ; Wm. Fulton , Nebraska City ; G
0. Siblne , Beatrice ; T. Folcy fnd wife
Columbu' , are among the Nebraska folk
at the Pdxton.
H. O. Conn , Homer James , A. D. Vhi
thler and Henry Bonner , of Denver , at
guests of the Metropolitan.
Hon. D. G. Hull , of Lincoln , la in th
city , en route to Valley county on legi
Mrs. 0. D. Sawyers and Mias Gallger , <
Sioux Gltj , are at the Metropolitan.
Hon. John 0. Watsou , of Nebrask
City , was In town last nleht.
Bert Watson , private secretary of A , 1
allin , la at tbe Mlllard.
Mra. IliaVo and daughter , of Burllnf
too , are at tha MUlaid.
R. A. Ketcbnm and wife , of Denve
* re at the Paxlon. H
8. H. Atwood and wife , of Plattsmoutl
are at the Ptxton.
II. 0. Chapman , of Boone , la. , la i
the Metroplltan.
J , K. Adams , of Takainah , is a guest <
the Metropolitan.
A. B. Moore , of Cleveland , la at tl
0. E GIfford , of Kansas City , is at tl
Nat Brown , of B.ullngton. is at tl
L. L. 0. Brooka , of the army , is at tl
II. B. Rurasoy , of Wyoming , Is I
town ,
MI-.s Etta Hamblln , ot Lincoln , islntl :
y. ,
B. F. IHninan , of North Platte , la In tl
B. F. Arnold , of Schuyler , l at th
Dora Sharp , of Denver , la a jraest of tl
PAX ton.
Major D , H. Wheeler , of JMattamoutl
la la the city.
Col. T. K. Sudborongh , of St. LouU ,
at the Mlllard.
W , E. Page and F. E. Brown , of Syri
cnra. are In the city.
Mr. E. lloaawater , editor of TDK BE
wturned from Chleairo Tuesday night.
HomerStuU , Eeq. , of this city , who hi
long been out la Idaho M tha right ot wi
attorney for the Union Pacific's Orcgoi
short Hoe , returned Tneeday for n brie
sUy , and opportunely in time to vote.
Mr. GeorRo Thrn'l ' , ot Detroit , formerl.
of Omaio , I * 'n the mty on a ylsll.
Dr. Wright , of tmi U. I' . , P. B. Psrion
ami W. U. Prior , all of Denver , are atth
L'axton ,
Mrs. K L. Downing and Miss All I
McCorab , of Kearney , are guests of th
L'axton ,
G. W. Field , architect for the dcparl
mont of the 1'htte , has returned from
fortnight's visit to his old untveriity town
Ann Arbor ,
Wm. H. Savldge , brother of Rev. Choi
W. S vldge , of the First M. E chnrcb
spent yesterday in the city.He will engag
n the practice of law In Kearney.
Mr , Henry Dohlo hai just return ?
rom the east , where he bought a heav
stock of goods for the spring trudo. II
continues to be the leading shoo man.
It IB more economical to bn ;
to inako a dressing ; besides this , It i
made of better materials than jou cai
boy at the storeo. Everybody likes It
lion Boaan's Meetings at the Baptia
The mootlnga under the charge o
Ban Hogan at the Baptist church an
ncroaslng in attendance and interest
Alretdy n number of persons havi
) con converted , and others have do
ifdod to live sober and industrion
IVCB. Ho will apeak every night thi
week lu the same church. Never ha
hero boon ao much religious iuteros
u the city as at presentand all shouli
icar this evangelist's plain and thrill
ng presentations of the gospel.
"HUB PUNCH" is delicious. Hav
t ready for the welcome or parting guest
The Murders of the Hastings' Mer
chant Lynched by a Mob.
Special Dispatch to Tin DM.
CHICAGO , April 4. The Journal'
Eastings , Neb. , special says : loghan
and Green , the murderers of Oasl
Millott were hanpod by a mob ef 3
masked men last night. It la no
known what was done with Baboock
the other murderer.
HASTINGS , Nebraska , Aptil 4 1
posse of armed men , after breakIL
into the jail and covering guards wit
; nns , took the prisoners , bound , gag
ud and carried them to the rail
ray bridge , half a mile away , am
lung them from a beam. Babcoc'
vas bronght back and turned over t
the authorities. He had confessed hi
guilt , bntpromiaedtomake revelation
of the existence and give the names c
an organized band of crooks. For thl
reason ho was saved.
CRA.NE-In this city , April 3 , at 11 r
m , Abraham Crane , father of Wm. I
and Isaac H. Crane , aged G5 years.
Funeral to-day April 5 ( at 2 p. n
'rom residence , No. 808 north 17th street
Friends invited.
Standard Oil Election
Special Dispatch to TUB Unit.
NEW YORK , April 4 The aumu
raeetlng of the ntookholdora of tb
Standard oil trust cartiGcitea wan he !
to-day ; 4,050 votes , represent
$4,500,000 , were cast for re election
as trustees , of Bonj. Browster , Join
D. Arohibild and Ohas. Pratt for th
next three years , >
JPenntjrlvaoia'a Fre Fa Bill-
8pdal Dispatch to Tmi Bi .
HAKRBBUIIU , Pa.'April 4 Th
Everhart free pasa bill passed the set
ate. It prohibits the Issuing of fre
passes by railroads to any one excop
officers and employes of the companlu
and a violation subjects the offender
to a fine or Imprisonment.
Boiler Bunted.
Special Dispatch to Till Bu.
NEW ORLEANS , April 3. The Tlmot
Democrat's Moss Point , Miss. , speclt
aays the boiler in one of the Grlfli
mills exploded. Nine men were kllle
and ton wounded. Jim Oooper , No1
Orleans , instantly killed ; Slmo
Lssky , Wm. Brown , Mobile , tcaldec
slnca died. Five other colored mo
were seriously hurt , and also one whit
Iho Heavy Man and Hi * Bride
Special Dispatch to Tui Un.
ST Louis , Mo , April 3 Senate
and Mrs , Davif , Miss Alice Davis an
Senator Davis' brother in-law , JM :
Williams , left this morning for th
Whiskey Maker-
Special Dispatch to THI BM.
OTTAWA , April 4. The Prlv
Counsel came to the adverse doolsio
on the application of American dlstl
lories to admit whukey In bond (
in packages ot less thau one hundre
gallons. It IB probable , howeverthi
Borne modification will be made In th
existing regulations. . ,
An Election Homicide.
Special Dlipatch to Tui liai.
CnioAao , April 4. Mason , a pain
or , stabbed George Young Ronntn
at the closing of the polls last nigh
the latter dying. Both were oolorci
It was an election row.
Small Pox.
Special Dlvpatch to Tni BE * .
OnicAoo , April 4. A Nashvlli
special says : The number of sma
pox oases is increasing nnd creating
great deal of alarm among the inhab
tanta of the city and country.
A New Departure.
Special Dtopatch to Tns ! ) .
B. 0. 0. Banjamln , a colored lawyo
has applied for and obtained llcoueo I
practice law In Albomarlo county. I ]
Is the first colored man who ever a ]
plied fora license.
COO Head of Ye rllcg Steerj nd Ileifen ,
800 Head ol Two-yttr-cld Stetri , and
100 Head o ( Two-year-old Helta
Theie catH * an all ( food , straight , Ihrltty cattl
raoitljr ended cattle. For sale all toirtther or
loU to tult the purchtMn. For further parti
mars call on or addteis K. t Potter , Warerl
Brown coar.trIowlk- Al-lm
Loss of Appatlto , Bowels costive ,
Fain in thd Head , with a dull sen
sation in the back' part , Pain under
the Shoulder blade , fulinesa after
eating , with a dlalnollnntion to ez >
"WoarinesB , Dizziness , Fluttering at
the heart , Dots before the ayes , Tel-
in , Headache generally over
ht eyo. Restlessness , with flt-
eams , hishly colored Urine ,
TUTT'8 I'ir.I.H nro.eipeclallr .
nilnptcil to mcli cnneii. one iloie cf-
fec uc ) n clmiiun of foelilitf to
uxtoiilxlt tlio uilcrer.
Tln-y IiicrenHe tlinAti | > etlteRnitcAn8n
the body to Take on Flenh , t huj the v -
tpm l nourUlicil , ami h/thplr Tonic
Action on Iho IMKcitlvnOrpniin , Jte -
ular Stooln nro iiroaiiceil. 1'rlcoaceuta.
: i.1 Itfiirrny St. , IV. V.
OIUT rtxiB on WnifKFiis clmnpo to n Ounssr
BUCK by n plnulp application of this DVE. It
Impartsnrmturnlcolor. ActsIn tantonooiu-
ly. Sold liy DriiK lstsorsent by oipiLSd-uu
OFFIOK , ! 15 MUIlltATT ST. , W. T.
( Dr.TtTT > SHiMAIoM lii llc.iifonn | lloi1 Md\
CHfid lUetlptl * lll l ntllrit I 111 K on ipplleaU > . J
fctTSPECIALS wl P08ITIVELYJ not beln
sorted unless paid In advance.
There arc letter * at this oflios for the foi-
owlntr odvortiicrB :
B. G. . A M. T. . A. L. Tl. , C. M. , Assort ,
ment. 0 , Fred 15 kiT , F. . G. , G. 11 , , F.
K. , Mm. Dapont , II. W , , Him , J. H. D. ,
J. G. F. , M . L M. , P. T. S. & Co. , P.
T. , S. M , K. S. T. , S. T. , 8. W. L. , T.
M. , Wife of Trv. Agt. , W , F. P. , W ,
M.T. , X 1X 2.
I\fONEY TO LOAN-Call at Law otticeol D. L.
Thomas room SCrelghton Block.
Loaned on chattel profcity by J ,
MONEY , No 21S Ecutli 14th street
TO LOAN At 8 per cent. Shrlrer'i
MONEY Eat > t and Loan Agency , opposite
postotfico. 787-tl
LOANEO-On chattel mortgugc.roon :
MONRV Block , cor. 15th and Farnam.
421-apr lo ;
TINNER WANTED Thounder I ? cd > nti
A aioodman > rua a tin chop. God nagei
and Hteiay work the year around. Addresii
' 81-78 Seward.Neb.
\T7-ANTKD-A good girl In prl\ate family
VVWorltiaiy. MRS. TVBiQIir ,
779-41 15th Street , bet. California & Webser
A Cool nurse girl wanted ( mm Jlalelv. Bes
, \ waK'ea given , at Nor hwcst c r. llamlltor
andP.erstrait , Silnn'datditlon , 778-4u
A IWA1TER wanted at Iil2 FarnamSt Ileslau
frant. . 783-5 }
WANTED Dining .rom girl at ICielpthtoi
House. 786 0
WAN'ED Acompctent girl at once. Goo (
wigos given , Apply S.V , corner 20th am
tit. Mar > s avenue 78S-5 §
\\J ANTED Girl for general housework. Dim
VV or Swoie preferred 8. E. cor. 15ih Call
forula street : 739-Cg
W'ANTED A dlnlni : room lrl at lUlneko'i
UesUuraut 603 S 13th St 79061
" \T7"ANVEE Trustwcrthy and competen
W woman to ss .et In dairy work. One wltl
a email family prcfered , good home for the rlghl
person , direst M. Ho office. 703-6 f
WANTED A girl to do general housework a
714 north lath St. 795 4t
Qlrl for hcusa work li small fam
117 , Call at No. 1 Crelghtsn block ti
morning. 769 9
WANTED Dlnlog room girl at 1017 Caplto
Mcnte 773 > l }
ItA tint-dim waiter a the Uarne'
stieet Restaurant. 776- ! [
Two men of od addrrsi to can
vosj and sell gwdB. Steady eraploymen
t * good mei U ll 421 8.10th St 7 < 2 SI
' \Tt7'ANlEU A ne t clrl for Remral houseworl
TT Mu t bo Kord cook , washer ard Ironer
Un. R. Pur\ls , S3d aid St. lUry' . aienue.
WANTED A hotel cook , womai preferred
Apply or adJresi Ceatral City Hotel Cen
tral City Nebraska , 707-6
A girl to wait on the table , am
sew , at the Occidental Hotel , CJO-tf
An expertotcod baker. Perma
WANTED \ and good wjgfs. Ad
dress D. LOVVMAN , HaitlDgj , Neb. 675 5i
widow 1 dy would like a p'sltlon ai house
A k eper In a wldower'j family , or would di
second worn or scwlig. Please call at 211 nortl
13th street. 85-4
WANTED Sltuat'on ' by Young iron who 1
not afMld of work , In grocery itaro cr *
any kind ff work. Underxandncare uf horaes
Addrem Sidney Payne , 1513 Dodge St. 750 4
WANTKD-Hy country eirl situation In prl
pate firm I ) , uantt to attend college in clt'
and will -ork b 'a ' to of her ( line for her bard ]
Addrcj * "Na IU" tfic office. d li-t
WANrUU-Stme good family to adept a bo'
baby two wrebs old. luqulra at No. 122 r
lOlh Sttest Omiba Neb. 794-S ) |
WANTED A few persons to instruct In bool
kerplrg tlt\utbn furubheil or na pjj
C&latl212Uaraey8t J/B. Smith. 772-i >
\TTANTED-600 privy > aults. sinks , and ccs'
TT pools to clean with s > nlUiy cleaner Sit
isfuctlon guarante d. J. II. BU ITH ,
771-lmot Lock Box 422 , Omata.
\\J ANTF.D Unlurnlshid r om wlthlo in mln.
V ut I waiof U. P depvt. Atth or nlthou
board. Address "I , " P. 0. box 633. 74S 4f
'ANTED Ererjbady surterln ? with tootl
i T f and headache , to call at 1421 Farnam stree
and bo curtd fieeot cbargo by Homo's E'ectrli
Belt. 613-lm
FOB ( RENT Uouai and liable on Chicago
boMlthand 15in. Apply to John Swill
cor. ISihs'riit. 7826 }
flOHR T Nice forul.hed room S E corro
! 14th aid Cm. 7 C 05
TC1F10 HUUSB FOH UE T-Tenth am
L Da. in pott street , 32 ro uis. Apply tnQ
W.Gray , ill Twolllh trett 764-IOt
FOB UKNT Ua\e per
X rtrcct , Just abort ) lath , south bide , 1911.
737-6t *
FOR KENT A homo ot c rooms with all con
veclences , rn itreet car line. Inqulro 1141
nor.h 18th streetb t NlchoUsand Paul. 791-U
.10K KENT A new 3 room cottigo oa DomU
J trtct. PEG , opposite 1' . O. 7UG-7
PARLOR-And board. Moderi
conveniences , 1810 DodgOB'ro t
"T710R ItEST-Furnlthsd rrouissuitable forvcn
D tlcmon , at 101D Farnam Street iOOCt
REST Hou'oon K.W cotcvr of Mth an <
FOR Bts. pply next door. 7S3.&f
nicely furnlihed front pallor aid bed rocn
A ti Kenlloman and wife w th no cMldren
gocd board wlthla a block 1713 Chicago St ,
730 ( ! <
HORBENT-Newcottagts. lOtb and lllckor !
1 } Bti Apply J. 1' . Ho * 1512 south Oth.
rno LET A nice furnished room with piano
JL alio other rooms 16151X > dg St.
TTIOR RENT A store 20xM In Balcombe blocl
J > on 16th strut.
737 8t | ST. A D. BALCOMBE.
RENT Two rooms ard kitchen , 3 cloteU
FOR , at corner 13th and CMilornlt i re t.
Imiulre at 003 N 13th sire.t. 7t87 [
L'Olt HtNT it nl bed room wl'h bay win.
P dowandboa-d. M.ilorn lmproxtin > t > i , 1713
ilrfRO street , 71-71
1OR HEfJT FurnMifd room 1811V t r8r.
L' tct con 16th ai.d 17th St. 700 91
) KKNT Uoiisrn and lots at f.hiUeranil
tUlt ' . Rent UurouU , 0)p ) lte 1'jst Hlc1) .
703 tf
Furn shed an ! unfurn sh'il rvm ,
FORREST e MeulcntcRJod locatl'n , 1HB
7 7- * ) *
T\OLhT-lno room with board , leotCollfornla
JL llictt. 1m 1,1
890-tl HcOAUUE , OppOflta ToitlfQce.
RENT Three nicely furnl hl looser ,
FOR o : without board , at 1318J cks > n at.
671-41 _ _ _ ! _
"ITlOlt HUNT Finn uprght pl to , Dn Kim-
Jj ball uri ; n , 1519 Dodtfo tttoct.
SMt _ A. I103PB , Jr.
dll KKNT-Zi house" , 2 to 111 rooms , at W to
315 per month Bhrlrci's Kent Uureau , op-
I EM Two double itortn , snlttbla lot
FOIl ; house , grocery , butcher , or saloon ,
Ituntod to as to command a ( rood tinner trade.
Irnulroot llrj. F , Lgnge , 8. w Cor. lUth and
Jiuk-angta. _ 800-lmt
L" QooJ lion crev fttrpy rony , T
FOHS ! liilro | 1211 Do eSt. 7 1)2-10 ) j
IOltSA K Fhc corner loU 01 Park a\enue ,
780 If OpposltD 1'oBtotHce
7IOH SA E Aeolot hca > y ulnzle hune'iiat
P 1110 N 18th utro t. 774-75
FOR S\LK Ajialr of heavy draught mutes.
Inqulro at IIO'J South Kth street. CSMrr
SAtE Houas and lot on Douglas ittcet.
Lot on 27th , near Farnam Street , { GO } ,
70IU- Opposite rostofflcn.
FOR SALE Several houses 03 lea < e < t cround.
697-tf Opposite rottoffice
"f OU SALE A rare chance , a ni w store 22x40
JL1 feet and lot containing a complete stock of
general merchandise , nd enjoying thn bentflt of
a healthy and tteadily Incitas ng business , loca
ted In centre If one of tha boat agricultural dle-
tr cts In Wfst-in Iowa , lerrns liberal , write P.
O , box tC , Imogono , la 713-12t
Tl OU8K ol 3 rooms loreale very cheap Ap *
LJL plr at Baldwin ind Bchm corner 1Mb and
Jackeon itreet. 7685 }
I paper. In a venn ; > nd pro * leg town In Eas
tern Nebraska. Addroca U II. Bco Office.
I7IOR SALE One quarter sectlcn land In htan-
E ion county. Also one ot the bei' tti ck farms
In Burt county , one mlle frrm tlenntn Ula'lon.
Also lot and st. r bullJIn ? 1119 Ftrnata street.
Also for sale or trade for Douglas county proper
ty , 40 acres In Maion county , Illinois. Inquire
of U. O. CLARK.
TOR SALE New house , 12 rooms , 8 closets ,
r cellar , rtn'i IbQ per raoi th , one-third corner
lot 8 > 600. hew housC rooms , Ranet12x40 ,
cellar , cUlirn and well , lot 51x06 for V2,700. 2
homoj , 4 room * each , celNr , cistern , well and
stable , lut 38x132 , * 2,700. Xll within C bl < cks ol
po-tolllce. Inquire tia. 60S North 131 h Street.
573 6 j
SALE Oil REHT Vose Piano.
528-tf C. J CANAN.
"TTiORSALE Two houses Srnrms tndO rooms.
C Brick foundatlcn , good < cllari , hard and toll
water , full lot , on niutn 23rd street , within two
blocks cf St. Mary's mcnue , Inquire on the
premlciAO. . 841 couth 23d Street. 522-2w {
T > EM IS1 Now Map of Omaha , lust completed and
JI > ready for dell\ cry at $5 each. Is 4 feet wide
by 7 'cot long. Largest and most complete map
of Omaha ever published. Official map of th
city. See column. _
FOR SALE One horse , single wagon and bar
ness. 1 Cooper wagon.
3 7-tf 301 N. IBth tit.
_ _
tjiOU BALh UHEAf Choice unlmpiovta t > u > -
r I ness lots on Farnam , Darney , DouKh > s ,
and Dodge ntrceta. DAVIS & SNYDEU ,
Real Estote Agents
110-eod-tf _ 1505 Farnam St.
"TJIOR HALE A Orst claea second hand rhtetOD
J ? CallatlSlBHarneySt. _ E87-t (
TpOK BALK PocBota mapa ot Nebraska 20c
JD each. For bargains In OIT ah * City Improved
and un < mpr ved property , call on Wm. F , Shri-
Tor , netl Estate Agent , opposite postoffic * .
T ADI KSBuffcdoir with cores cinbecuedbv
± J calling on Mrs Spencer Ilours Jrom 9 to 11
a i .and 2 to 5 p. m. ho. 707Aorth IBth strict ,
Omaha , r eli. _ 777-6t-A4.3t
llarv Olsen midwife irraduated at Stock-
MRS m Institute of midwifery. Ueeldrncc24
Leavenw rib S roit. 7C1-B5
BS. HA.NSEN , Mldwlfo. his rrmovedfrom
M 9th and Jnckson to ISth and Uarcy Sts.
689-1 ml
WILL take children of my ag give them a
mothers care for a liberal compensation.
Address Y. 7 . life office. 3C8-lmo *
LADIES wishing a quie' place during confine
ment , with nurse will address w , B. Bee
office 369-1 mot
rpO EXCHANGE for city property In On aha ,
_ 1 _ ten ttrstclasImproved farms Also 1500
head o' aheap f-r sale Correspond whh N. C.
Chr stlann n , tiicramento , Neb. m'9-lm
TIoNALIST , 408 Tenth street , between Farnam
and H.irney. Will , with the aid of guardian
uplrltfl , obtain for any one a glance of the put
and present , and on certain conditions In tbr ( a.
ture. Boots and Shoes made to order. Puftot
satisfaction nwrantiw < l.
rant's * < eltr At rl nt IS AN IhVAL-
N. B-In taking SELTZER APERIENT lo hot
water , wait until the effeivescence has entirely
erased. Tbe water ihould be hit not ' ( put
or lukewarm.
Absolutely Pure.
"SK * ! * . " " ! *