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The Omaha Bee
Published every morning , except 801
] r , The only Monday morning d Uy.
One Year. . . . 810. 00 I Three Months , (3.1
BlzMonthi. . 6.00 | One Month. . . . 1,1
i.'IIE WKEXIjY UEK , published evoi
One Year . (3.00 I Three Monthi. I
9li Month . LOO | OnoMonth. . . . 1
NcwBilenlcrg In the United State * .
latfona relating to New * fend Editor )
antlers thould be addressed to the Horn
tioUern And llcmlttnnccB ahould bo i
OMAHA. Draftn , Checks nnd PoctoUli
Jrdera to bo made pnyable to the order
the Company.
TimiE are eovoral mlealng nlnco tb
battle ondcd.
Foit a man with a game leg , Jndg
Bonoko rnns well.
FRANK HATTON'H polo did not knoc
the persimmons.
THE old mayor's office will now h
awopt oat nnd a now door knob , added
THE colored troops , sensual , fongh
nobly , at from fifty cents to $2 a vote
WHO IB to bo oily attorney ? la I
to bo Frank Walters or Waitc
' TiiB boys" are hnppy. They hav
elected Ohasa and ho w U takocaro (
OUR gturdlan Angoll will spread h !
wings and take hli flight up tfa
golden atalr.
' INDIANA walks away with the oat
Inot cake. Thoao debatable ntatea ar
always handaomoly provided for.
THP.UE will bo three lumbermen litho
the next aenate , Who Bays that th
Weat has not got plenty of politics
have fallen oat with Ronator Jonc
and RDIOOO Conkllng , Who ho he
takou to his boaom in their plaoos I
not reported. The prosldont la tryin
to do what no politician ever ancoeec
od in accomplishing to please all fat
tlons at the aamo time.
SINCE the cloao of the war wo ha
pent over $200,000,060 on our navj
and the turrets of the Mlintonoma
will have to bo built in Earopi
Every now development regarding tt
condition of the navy department la i
r. argument in favor of a ohango of a
RHODE ISLAND has pronouno <
against reform as embodied in o :
Governor Spriqae. The platform c
which Sprague was nominated wi
Bound but the citizens of Rhode lilac
defeated Mr. Spragno because they di
not approve his aondnot as a man at
were unwilling to dlsgraco thomaelvi
by honoring him with the position >
chief ozeontlvu of their state.
Da. McOcsu , of Princeton Oollo
olalmt that college enthusiasm rni
I < too much to athletic sports , and rig !
on top of the statement that at Ha
vard , the other day , the terror of tl
law school wai laid out by a comtm
colored waiter ; while at Yale , on Ss
nrday , a ant { of riotous studon
wore scattered like chair by the ign
bio "towulcf. " It la evident that 1
McOoah la mistaken , and that what
needed in our collofcs la moro rath
than loss atton ion to physical dovolo
mont on the part of the students.
THE caijlo la screaming loudly
Ohlcigo over Carter Harrison's ol <
Uon and the triumph of bummorlc
over the bettor elements cf the 001
mnnlty , The proaohora preached a
the papers wrote , but five thonsa
closed saloons and twenty thousand 1
keepers and their frlonda were i
heavy odds to bo overcome. So 01
oago la to continue for another t
years , the dirtiest and moat law-do
Ing city of iti population IP the cot
try , while the Mike McDonalds t
Garter Harrisons are glory Irg in <
great vindication of "democratic pr
ciplea" which waa given in Tneadi
IK voting for sewer bonda by ai
an overwhelming majority , the pee
of Omaha have declared that pnl
Improvements on a comproheni
Boale ahall at once bo begun and <
tied on In thia city. But if the ret
of the election could have boon knc
beforehand ihcro would have boo
much larger opposition vote to
bondr. Having authorized the
pendituro of largo sums of money ,
taxpayers are now anxious that it al
be disbursed effectively and hones1
They have a vivid recollection t
Omaha has suffered in times past tr
a looao anpervliion of city contrai
Since then it is true that our chai
baa been amended , but the chan
have only Increised the power of
. mayor and oonncll. On thia 'tcooi
there U a good deal of anxiety alra
xpr Med over the new deal
A slight Improvement in trade ha
boon noted during the past week , bu
the markets generally nro atill uneal
itfictory , when compared with ihoi
of the corresponding psriod of lat
year. The latoneos of the xunon an
the alow development of the consnmf
tivo rcqulromonta of trade eoom to b
chiefly responsible for the altnatloc
Nevertheless there has boon a sat
stantlal Improvement in the gonort
jobbing trade at Chicago , St. Louii
St. Paul , Kansas City and Omaha , an
at other distributing points through
out the went , local houses re
port an easier feoellng amen
country buyers and increased order
from Interior palnta are anticipate !
during the coming week , A favorabl
feature of the general oltuation in th
fact that the enlargement noted in th
volume of trade is duo to the frequon
duplication of small orders , and
gradual widening of the range of dls
trlbutlon , rather than an excoptlona
activity or speculative feeling In an ;
particular line , List week's report o
failures show a decrease of l.'t over th
preceding week , although the nnmbe
Is largely in excesa of thoao recorded litho
the fourth week of March , laat year
Manufactures are still greatly depressed
pressed , The iron trade has beoi
moderately active , buyers confinln ]
their orders to nearest wants. Com
petition la depressing prices In all di
reotiona rand the piyof laborers hai
been reduced from 10 per cent In thi
east to 33 per cent in some of on
western mllla. There Is a good dca
cf idle machinery among the mllli
that have boon running on low grade ;
of cotton and woollen goods and lex
tllo production aa a rnlo la not active
The stock market Is still doprossoi
and all the frantic efforts of the bnlli
to force an advance in prices havi
failed to.malfo . any snbitantlal rlao 01
the board. Tuesday's list recorded i
fractional advanca which was no
maintained , and speculative stock
contlnno weak and drooping.
The money market , which for several
oral weeks paat has been nnnauall ;
atrlngont , call loans ruling at fror
fifteen to eighteen per cent , la stil
tight , offerings being noted yosterda ;
at from eight to fifteen per cent. Th
anticipation by the treasury of fntnr
Interest will help the market.
In the grain trade a alight Improvement
mont la noted and prices will nndoubl
oily rule higher. The foreign deman
baa been a little bettor and the visibl
inpply of wheat decreased olove
nndrod thousand buahola within th
ook. Thia la duo more to the ger
iral falling off in domestic recolpl
ban to any marked increaao In foi
Ign clearances. The season is bad
ard and farmers nro becoming moi
Indifferent about selling until they ca
assured of something like average
> vorage yield in the coming harvea
Oorn la moving rapidly toward tt
oaboard and a largo gain is noted i
ntorlor receiving points. There IB
ontinnod complaint throughout ot
itato of the difficulty experlonced I
roouring cars and the railroads ai
rotsod to their utmost to supply f
illitloa for transportation.
Mn. JOHN MCELROY contrlbutea n
.rtlolo to the laat Popular Scien
Monthly upon the valno of vlco I
locloty. Ho argnea that vlco scrvi
bo same purpose among human bolnj
, hat natural selection does among an
mala and plants. It Insures the an
ival of the fittoat and weeds out fro ;
looloty the elements which If permi
od to exlsc would bo Us greatest weal
nose. The weak moral specimens of hi
mauity fall victims to it and die muc
oonor in consequence than those c
who are strong enough to resist I
The result IB that the progeny of U
'ormor are loss in number than the
f the latter. Ylco , according to tl
writer , exerts an eliminating Iniluou
n what ought to bo eliminated ni
hus drains mankind of Its bad bloo
Ho aaya the policeman on the no :
corner will boar decided teatlmoi
-hat the number of scoundrels wl
survive their 30th year Is aatonlshin
y small , and ho can point out ai
number of very troublesome mombc
of the community who are ondli
their lives In the penitentiary or po
house hospitals at an ago when wi
behaved men are just entering npi
the aorlona bnalneai ot life. " 1 !
MoElroy aoouta the Idea that intei
peranoo U the prime cause of t
deatha which are Bald to resi
from drinking. Ha calls "auproi
nonsense" the cry of the tompem
reformer that the "demon alcohol
yearly dragging down to dlahonoral
graves hundreds and thousands of t
brlgheat and falroat of the land. " Wi
rare exceptions every one who goea
ruin through alcohol would "go thi
eventually if there were no ajcohol
existence , In his view the aclomi
proportion la that alcohol renders t
world a valuable service by hurryl
Its victims out of the way ; that it I
apccles of buzzard that removes ci
rlon ; and the same argument ho
good with prostitution , gluttony id
nosa , luxury and other thing of a 1
Thia ia a startling theory but a v
amount of confirmatory statistics coi
bo produced to pro volt.
The Now York Bun haa thia to
about the rumor that Robwon 1
been offered the poatmaator genei
hip : "Seoor Robeton haa bear
cabinet officer. Grant took him froi
an attorney's office in Oamden and ic
him over tbo nnv l establishment. I
c'lpht vp ra under hta admlnlatratio
$18t ! 490033 of appropriations b
congress wore spent , iqinndorod , an
otolan. In that time Hecor Roboac
built eight now ships , tinkered other
and condemned seventy , The uevent
condemned veaaels were broken up b
Robeflon's friends. Too material tht
obtained , together with the onormot
quantity of government provorty o
hand in the workshops and navy yarc
at the end of thn civil w r , ylolde
Roboion about $50.000,000 in add
tlon to the $182,000,000 appropriate
by congress. What became of all th
money of the people's haa never bee
legally afoortalnod , Ilobenon fonn
a navy and loft no navy. His salai
waa $8,000 a year. In a few montl
alter ho went from Camden to Wasl
Ington , a poor man , his personal a
connts nt several banks amounted t
$107,640 01
The result of the election la ju
what might have boon expected. Tt
party tnachino ai it waa run by'packe
primaries and conventions failed in tl
main to voice the sentiment of tl
boat elements of both parties. Tl
democrats nominated a solid ticket f <
the city offices which was wolgbtc
down by very inferior selections fi
the council. The republicans hoi
their nominations back until the la
minute. No man ontsido cf pol
tica could bo found to re
against Judge Savago. That gai
the unanimous nomination I
Colonel Chase , The contest for polli
judge In the convention degenerate
Into a fight between Rodney Dutch *
and Pat llawos with the latter tv
lengths ahead , The rest of the tioki
varied from good to indifferent ar
bad. At the last minute conventioi
were held purporting to repress :
workingmen. The prime movers wo ;
Idiots who make a business at ovoi
election of bleeding candidates at
trading In votes , which they can'td
The outcome is satisfactory main
to thcso who were chosen. Colon
Ohaeo is elected mayor by loss thi
100 majority , while the democrats r
elect Buck and Baneko by mnjorlti
ranging from GOO to 1,500 Too ne
council aa predicted by TUB BEE w
bo republican by moro than two-third
The board of education will bo mai
up of as fair representation as the ay
torn of partisan nominations w
The most remarkable feature of th
election waa that the republican war
wont heavily for the democratic tlckc
and the democratic wards ccavo majc
Itlca for the republican mayor. Th
nly shows that party principles hi
lothing whatever to do with the ele
The liquor element conceived i
dea that Judge Savage would onfor
he high license law. The gamblli
ratornlty had grave donbts as to he
heir business would flourish and
Colonel Savage's rulo. Theao two I
oreata worked in perfect harmony i
ho republican candidate. On t
> ther hand , a majority of tbo'repc '
loans , who live iu the Fourth a
; ho Sixth Words , wore afraid tr
Chtso would not enforce the lai
nd had mlsglvlnga whether the poli
emulations would bo aa looao as th
ire now If the republicans olooti
'heir ' mayor.
Mr. Booh was supported by a lar
umber of republicans who wanted
ndoraehis administration. Jud
Bonoko had a walk away.
Mr. Haacall returns to his c
tamping grounds tn the city count
Ho was all right with the liquor o
mont and the First and Second wai
where ho haa made big Improvomoi
wore bound to put him where ho cot
do them the moat good.
TUE gallant Blue Uorso sends
message to the great father to reml
him that ho once was a heap big ]
A now hotel will soon ba opened at Ft
A now flouring mill will soon bo bull I
Stel a.
Wahoo will have a soda water fact1
Ilia year.
There Is s"mo talk of organizing
brnea band nt Stella.
Burglars ara making It lively for
ildeuta ot OASB county.
The Itnd tffl-o at Grand Island a
$ -1,600 worth of land on laat Monday.
Tbo Antelope county teachers' aatuc
tlon will meet at Nellgh on the 14th of
The subject of water works and a
engine ate the topics of publlo Interest
Weeping Water.
A new lank has been started at No
PUtte , which li said to be backed br
solid men of the place.
It Iiettimated there will be 159.00C
17A.COO sheep brought from the weit
Dodge county men thli season.
Qulta a number of Baunden con
fanners are disposing of their farms ]
paratory to engaging In other buelneu ,
The tower ot tba Catholic chnrcb
Fairmont haa b en completed and
bnlldlog will soon bo ready ( or occnpai
The docket tor the * mil term of cc
In O toe county has 120 civil cues. '
criminal part of U Is light and not Im ]
tant ,
Arapahoe n'edi more dw lllngi.
ome enterprising man c n do well
erectlcg a number of tenement hoi
The people of Donlphan have a > * l
keeper who has beoouio n nuUanon. T
are trying to get rid of htm by refuilo
Several ttrownvllla men Inve exprei
n dtIretn build a figuring mill at t
place. The work will probably soon
The little town of Louisville U I
prosperout condition. A number of i
etautlil Improvements are oontoicpli
for thli Beuon.
The state papers are cautioning
farmers agaiait ths Itinerant venden
intent articles who are now thick as I
through the country.
The Pint National Bank at Cen
City received lt national currency
tek from Waihlngton. The amount
$56,000 and la all In $5 bills.
The merchants ot Nlobrara are til
lag a g'xxl trade this iprlng , and.on
authority of the local paper the tow ;
laid to bo Improvlof rapidly ,
A now aocloty pap r eallod the "Bos
Homing Optlo"hm made Its appearanc <
at Lincoln. The ownera and managers ar
young and Indtutrloui and may succeed.
The cltlzeni of NellRh met latt weel
for the purpoie of organizing a hook ant
ladder company. They failed , however
to accomplish the purpose for which the ]
Already 51r > H5 has been inbicrihod ( o
he purpose of aiding the Staters of Merc ;
J build a hospital at Grand Island. Th'
uildlng will probably be elected wlthou
lelay ,
The grain elevator at Clark's waa burn
d last Thursday night. A quantity c
; rain wai all dcttroyed There was no In
inrance and the origin of the fire is ur
The water works at Grand lalan
or some time put have been out o
forking order. They are all rfgh
gain and the citizens are receiving the !
gnlar supply.
lYonng ladlea of Falls City flirt with th
ommerclal drummers who visit that town
The practice may prove a bitter experlenc
or the young ladies for the average drmr
ier is a very bad egg.
The boys of Sheldon have organized
ioet after the fashion of the G. A. H. In
lead of relating to each other wondetft
var records , the youngsters brag abou
heir powers as pugUIttr.
Otao is building moro farm housoi thi
ipring than at any time before In IU hit
ory. Some of It Is being done by nei
ifittlerf , but moat of it the Improvomoc
f old retldenten.
Tom Remhart , a frlendleos and homelei
agabond of Syracuse , was found dead in
ay loft In the rear of a saloon which h
iftd frequented In thi ' -o. Death r <
mltod from exposure arilquor. .
The Grand Island Anti-Monopolist !
writing up Sath Mobely's record. Asld
* rom hla hair , which some one cnt for hit
t year or two ago , the opposition pap <
cannot find much to write about.
Tbo real estate ngentn at Wahoo ai
laving a very heavy bntinesa thia spring
jind In Siundera county is soiling as big
s $35 per ac'o , and one agent sold ? 30OC
worth of farming lands during the mont
f March.
The Wallace Windmill company of Otc
onnty has incorporated , and fa now read
0 place Its stock. The director * orn Ja
Jdgers , Lev ! Ktme , W. 0. Bloason , E. C
Deyand D. T. Cornell. The compan
will rnnnufactnre and aell the Wallai
windm'll ,
WABUIMOTDN , D. 0. , March 31.-
Ono of the judges of ono of the Waal
'ngton courts to-day expressed tl
iplnion that there would bo no ve
[ lot In the star-route oases , and thi
f there was a vordlot it would not I
.ullty of conspiracy. "They ha\
irovod , " ho said , ' 'unquestionably
: rlmo gross maladministration an
ho corrupt nso of money and the
have boon for a year trying to fit thi
xlmo into a conspiracy. They do ni
oem to hare been successful. It
tar-roulo knavery was unqnostionabl
L plcco of thieving without any di
iborato concert of action , but thei
was no organized conspiracy oac
man stole on his own account. "
"Why , " the qnoatlon waa asked i
.he Judge , "did not the Governmon
1 it had evidence of crime , procoe
.hen against the guilty persons indiv
dually for malfeasance , or bribery , <
mbezzlemont , and not attempt I
make out a conspiracy ) "
"That is what would have boon tl
wiser courao unquestionably , and
understand aomo cf the later Indlc
monts are on that basis. Probabl
ome of those will hold , but thn coi
piracy In the present case does ni
eom to bo made out. "
A gentleman who has had Intei
lews with Attorney-General Browati
and Star Route Counael Morrlck ai
Ker gives the following aa an autho
'zed statement of the clronmatanc
which led to the recent prosentmon
The only testimony placed before tl
'ormor grand jury did not think th
ovldenoe sufficient , and aakod for tl
additional testimony just now give
which the government at that tli
waa nnable to furnish. Prloo was
fugitive from justice , secreting hit
self in Canada , and refused to appoa
Since that tlmo arrangements we
made by which hla presence was i
cured. Ho appeared before the grai
jury , corroborated the statompn
of Walsh , and personally Idontifi
the drafts npon which the charg
against Kellogg were based. Wi
this evidence before thorn the grai
j dry had no difficulty lu finding a bl
and had it been accessible the form
grand jury would , it is believed , ha
found a bill. The statement that the
now indictments are in the nature
a political move , in which Morilok pi
sonal'y interested hlmeolf la equal
incorrect and unjustifiable. Myrri
has never boon before the grand jur
and haa never taken the least poraoc
Interest In the caao whatever. AI
consultation with the Attorney-Go
era ) , iu which B lea , Morrlck , and K
were present , the Attornoy-Gjnoi
himself positively directed that t
caao bo again laid before the gra :
jury , and Ker by his direction o
neared before that body. BJ
B ItS and Morrlck were
the court-room where Brn
and Dorsey were to bo on t
witness stand during the whole tli
of the grand jury deliberations ,
is utterly absurd to glvo the Indl
mont of Kellogg any political sign !
oanco. It waa asked tor because t
Attorney-General thought the o
denco sufficient to prove that a crli
had boon committed and it waa i
delayed until after Kollogg'a term
senator bad expired , but only becau
the government did not , within a f
weeks obtain the requisite evldoni
Kellogg may have boon dealt unjua
with , aa ho aaya , but his own polltli
and party friend , the Attornoy-Ueni
al , Is alone responsible for the Indi
mont. "
Senator Kolloqg does not set
greatly disturbed over hla indlctmei
but maintains a confidential air , a
aaya that ho will have no difficulty
refuting the crlmo laid to him wh
the case reaches a trial. He ent
ualns no doubt but that back of t
transaction Is a sohemo concocted
aomo of his political enemies to bre
him down. He insists that his case
a clear one , and that ho will ha
nothing to fear by a trial The 01
bid features about it to him are tl
his reputation will for a tlmo snff
and ho Trill ba forced to considoral
expense to pay lawyers' fees.
A Big boliomo.
Special to the St. Louts lltpubllc&n.
WASHINGTON , March 31. Sci
months ago what la called the Moxl
Valley Drainage company waaorgan
od here. It haa obtained posactal
of a conceislon granted by the Me :
oin Roverament for the drainage
the Valley of Mexico. The oonci
aion carrie * a subsidy of $9,000,000
be paid in inntalmenti of $25,000 pel
month and running 30 years , and alsc
the grant of a largo part of the land )
redeemed by dralnsgo. The proaiden
of the American company la Dr
Lorlog , coromiisionor of agriculture
and Bomo of the atockholdera nnd dl
rcctora nro S.viatrrs Jones of Loulsl
ana , Call of Florida , Ilarrio of Ten
ncsseo , Dntler of 8 mth Carolina
Sibin of Minnesota ( Windom's sue
cotsor ) , ex Cjngressman Ames , Town
send of Ohio and Mr. Lawory , i
Minnesota capitalist. Ono of th
terms of the concession required th
deposit of $200,000 laat February aa i
forfeit In case of a non-fulfilment o
the contract. The company , aa thn
constituted , were unable to ralso th
forfeit fund , and secured.
to the liO'.hof April. In the mom
tlmo they have admitted to the compr
ny Senators Sabln and Lowiy , c
Minnesota , who , it is understood , wll
furnish most of the capital in the on
t uprise.
Ameetlngof iiomoof the gontlome
concerned was hold hero to-day , a
which it was concluded to confer wit
Gen. Diaz and aorno members cf hi
party , who reachedhrro thia morning
The conference took place thia aftei
noon and two propositions were dlacne
ed. The first was whether the term
of the conccsaaion would admit c
the deposit of the forfeit fund c
$200,000 In aomo national bank i
this country rather than in a bank i
the City of Mexico. It Is undorstoo
that Gen , Diaz expressed the oplnlo
the deposit should bo made la thi
country , The second proposition wai
whether , if the drainage of the val
ley could bo completed within tt ?
roars , the company would be able t
ibtaln the nlno millions subsidy an
; ho land grant , Gon. Diaz waa nnabl
: o make any assnrancas on this polm
Members of the company say the
fool confident of being able to mak
the deposit of forfeit money and I
proceed with the enterprise.
B at Opera in New Ycrli ,
Special Dispatch to Tut UKE.
EwYoBK , March 4 Theacadorn
of music contained a large audience i
the concert given for the benefit <
the endowment of the Woshlngto
and Lee university by the Maplpsc
company. Tao third act of "II Tro'
atoro" was given with Sahalch
llivelll and Oalo l and Leonora froi
the chorus. Tao first scene c
"Norma" ( with Signer Mont ) ) gav
Albanl an opportunity for single
"Oasta Diva" In admlrabl
style. ScahlchI , as the goathen
In which character her nppcaranc
action and vccillsm were equal !
chrrming. Pattl , in the Shadow son ]
waa , of course , irresistible and arouse
tremendous onthnaiasm. In responi
to persistent applanso she at laat ai
iwered with two verses of "Homi
Swiot Homo , " sung in front of tt
curtain. Madame Oavallazzi appoare
in an entirely new Hungarian ballac
composed by SIgnor Franceses , whla
is extremely graceful and pretty i
costumes and figures.
Nature smiled on the hills of Tarrj
town aa Its Inhabitants revived tb
memories of "tho pioneer of America
literature. " It waa the centennial <
the birth of Washington Irving , wi
was born on William street In th
city and who spent the last yeara *
his life at Snnnyside near Tarry to"
where he died November 28th , 185 !
The house at that place , celebrated I
his story , still retains the came a ]
poaranco as it did twenty-four yea
ago. Ono Wallhouao , built It in 165
being part of the well known Walter
Rioat. In the library are writli
table , arm chair , books , and picture
remaining aa they have been f
nearly quarter century.
There was a memorial meeting !
the evening at the Tarry town Be coi
Reformed church , which was ban
somely decorated , At the left of tl
platform was an oil painting of Was
ington Irwlntf , painted when ho w
24 years of ageby Jorvls , sot In a pe
foot neat of varlagated foliage , plan
and forna. There were many pron
nont persons present. Justice Noi
Davis , President. Letters ot recjr
were road from John G. Whittle
Governor Cleveland , T. B. Aldrlc
George William Curtis , President B
nardof Columbia College.
Ah. " % f Vp-j i/fl' 'l/'H- ' * a -i
Mlfc l.THE GREAT ftf
Lumbago , Backache , HeadacheToothache ,
Bar * Tbroat , Bwelllna * , Hpralni , BruU
Iliinii. Buldt. Pmt llltM ,
SU fcr DrvciliU ui DMlfn Ttryvhtn. FinCtai .
bollK. DlrwlUBl la U UD | < < >
inWl.TOvl tU * tOOi ) < UU Mn , > 4r
Repairing of all Kinds Fromp
ly Done.
1605 Douglas Street , Omaha , Ne
Offlco over Omalm Savings Ban
COU. 1STI1 AND POUOr. < B. m8-
318 14TH ST. , BET. FARNAM Al
, , , ,
Kuldtnet KM touzlu Street , Omab > , K
DR , M. A , REBER1
St. Omaha He
1308 Farnam . , ,
Day and Night 01 la Promptly
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Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , .Neb.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It la the boat and cheapest food for Block of any kind. Ono pound la equal1
to throe pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake in the fall and win *
tor , instead of running down , will increase in weight nnd bo in good market *
able condition in the spring. Dairymen aa well aa others who nso it can tes
tify to ita merits. Try it and judge for yourselves. Prlco $25.00 per ton ; no
chcrgo for tmcks. Address
oi-ood-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
M. Hellman & Co.
301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. 13th
Druggists ,
WhiskieS !
in Bond or Free , Also diraot Importers of
.Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 218 S , 14TH STREET , - - - OMAHA , NEB ,
"Wi/ElIO2 : .3EB GS
And Window Glass.
OMAHA , . . . _ _ . NEBRASKA.
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Windpw
and Door Frames , Etc.
First-daw UdllUes for the Manufacture of all kind * of Mouldings , Fltnlog and
matching a Specialty. Order * from tha country will b promptly executed.
luMrwull cnmmnnlfitU A. MnVRU. Pnift.
Cor , of Fifteenth an 3 Pacific Streets.
; R E. OOPSON & 00. , Proprietors.
Will commence operations ahout Apr ! I. mSG-mfej Im
Window S.MBB audOurtalnn ,
Paint * , Oils & Brashes.