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The Star Houte Trial Still Drags
its Weary Way Along.
Carlisle , Oox nnd Randall are
Working BrneatJy tor
the Speakership ,
While Otbero are Looking on
with Anxious Eyee ,
The Cabinet Vacancy the fcJub-
ject of Much Specula- .
A Go 11 oral Assortment of Interest
ing Ifows.
Special Dispatch to TUB UB .
WASUINOEON , April 3. In the star
route trial to-day Doraoy was still on
the stand. The witness said that Her-
doll had written Hiss Sprlngoman a
number of very vicious letters , which
she had cpplod and had transmitted to
witnesi in Now Mexico. These letters
had been shown to Rsrdoll while ho
was la jail only for his information.
The witness had procured a situation
In the treasury department for
Miss Sprlngoman. Ho did not
threaten Rerdell with any
letters. The witness had Been
Gen. Garfield in the presence of Col.
Ingersoll , but the witness did not be
lle va the Rordoll had gone to MJ-
Yeogh and James when ho first heard
of it. Ho could not remember wheth
er ho had prepared any part of Her-
doll's retracting affidavit. When
asked whether ho had not Bought to
use the affidavit to secure the removal
of Jamea and MoVeagh , charging
them with burglary and other heinous
offdnses in 'seeking' to procure his
( Dorsey'a ) books and papers to be
stolen , Doroey defiantly declared
He ihad done every thing he could
to secure their removal , and that the
charges in the affidavit wore true and
that Governor Foator , of Ohio , had
told the president substantially the
same thing , and had said , those offi
cers oui ht to be removed. " The wit
ness' opinion was that if the prealdent
had lived another week he would have
followed that advice. He Indignantly
repelled the assumption that he had
aoncrltt any protection from Jamea and
MoVoagh , and asked .if the council
believed "that a pismire could hurt
an elephant. "
Mtirrlok Which is pismire , and
which is an elephant ?
Dorsoy I will leave that to populai
The witness said ho had not trlec
every ponsiblo way to have James auc
MaoVeaqh removed , and'hlsltongc <
had not known its canning _ | *
'The < oren BiaB i atloa. ' tjralljthei
Ingersoll announced that ho had ex
peoted the cross-examination to con
tlnno a week or two longer ; ho stated
that ho had no further questions it
ask. The witness was dismissed , anc
the court adjourned.
Bpicltl Dlipitcbii to TUB BII
WAHHINQTOK , April 3 , Manage :
Bancroft and all the members of thi
Cleveland base ball nine called 01
President Arthur this afternoon am
were received In the cabinet room
After a general hand-shaking the presIdent
Ident complimented the nine upoi
their fine appearance and remarkei
that they looked like good base bal
players , and that good ball player
were good citizens.
At the cabinet meeting to-day th
vacancy In the postmaster genoralkhl
was nider discussion. The prestden
will nit leave here for Florida nnti
Thursday or Friday and will probabl
fill the vao noy to-morrow or next da ;
for postmaster general.
WASHINGTON , April 3. The presl
dent has appointed the following posl
master : Jos. Klrkpatrlok , Dillon
M. T.
The total amount of bonds ofTore
for redemption in response to th
Treasury deparment's circular prc
vidlng for the ptvment of bonds on
braced In the 120th call Is $2,000 ,
200 The circular gave notice thn
$5,000,000 of these bonds are to b
redeemed on the 4th Instac
in the order of their presentatlot
The total amount of , bonds preseute
since the laaue of the'circular is enl
$635,200. The ether bonds to be n
doomed are those held by the state <
New York , amounting to $2,2C5(00 (
which were surrendered for redem ]
tlon , with Interest to date of paymen
several days before the circular was ii
sued. The above mentioned facts ai
construed by the cllnlals of the treat
ury department ixs Indtaitlnc ; that tl
reported stringency In the mom
market was more fictitious than roa
As Indicated In thoao dltpitchi
a short tlmo ago , Secretary Folgoi hi
t appointed 0pt. T. M. Bnrrlll , of No
York , chief of the bureau of cngra
Ing mid printing , to succeed the la
Col. Irian. The now chief h a town
man of the aecratary , being a cltlz :
of Geneva , and for the past year ai
a half his oosnpiod the position
pgrchaslng tipcat for the buroa
Capt. Burrlll made a good reco
during the late war , and at tl
close was made a capta
in the regular army. He did not i
main long in the service vfter aotl
operations ceased , but reilgnod 1
commission and eng&ged In buslnc
in New York. He had always st
talned intimate relations with Jnd
Folgor , and when Cjlonel Irish dl
the Secretary fixed upon Oiptain Bt
rill as the new chief , but was deity
in making & , app'piptmeht by the n
tack of UjfneMjffom which he has be
Buffering BO long. The now chief has
boon for aoma tlma engaged lu the
work of familiarizing hltnaolf with the
duties of the position , in which ho waa
instructed by Aiaiataut Chief Sullivan ,
who will bo retained In this capacity ,
WASHINGTON , April 3. It is re
ported that while Meaarr. Carlisle and
Randall have been undecided aa to
which should have the apeakorship of
the next house , Mr. S. b , Cox , of
Now York , hai boon quietly at work ,
and to the surprise ot the politicians ,
enters the ring with the balance of
power already at his com *
mand. It appears that no lass than
seventeen votes are pledged from Now
York to their favorite statesman , nnd
nil but three in Ohio nre pronounced
"all rightTo swell this force It Ii
understood that Mr. Holman'a friend *
are counted upon , the objector from
Indiana himself having retired from
the contest various accretions to the
Cox phalanx nro promised from
the south , notably Tex a and
Missouri , and , with the execu
tion of lloseorana , the Pacific
elope la said to bo solid in his favor.
The Illinois delegation Is claimed by
Cox's frlonda after a vote for Sprlngor ,
except Mr. Morrlaun , who la reported
to be for Carlisle first and last. The
Irlah-Amerlciin mombera Robinson ,
Flnerty , and ono or two others are
counted as safe for Cox by the logic of
events , ho having vied with them
in pulling the caudal extremity
of the British lion for the
past ten yoara. Mr. Cxx'a frlonda
maintain that the apcakorahip should
go to New York this tiino by rights ,
because the state has not had the oflicu
for alxty-threa years , when by a coin
cidence it was held by an uncle of
their candidate. lu addition to ether
claims the Insist that the democratic
party should loao no opportunity to
fasten itself in the affections of the
people of that atato , for upon it will
probably hinge'tho .next presidential
election. Erory effort ahonld bo made
to tempt the democratic hosts to
valiant deeds by preliminary taste of
federal apolls at the handi of their
own party. They fully expect to fall
heir to the administration of the gov
ernment in 1884 , and they think that
with Mr. Cox in the chair much could
be done to bring about the doaired re
sult. In short , Mr. GJX is alleged to
have quite a "boom , " which has been
quietly nursed to dlgnlfidd proper *
t.ona. . *
Consul Wilson , of Nantes , in a com !
mnnloatlon to the state department ,
asserts that "Interested Influences"
wore brought to boar to secure the pro-
hibltiun of American pork in France.
He nays ho finds extending through
the business community general and
widespread dislike for nnd opposition tc
the American tariff , so far aa it maj
nff < iot any articles exported iron
France , and also a disposl
1 tion to retaliate , and that thii
I feeling of dislike and opposition la in
'tencifiod ' by the alt nation In regard t <
American pork , . here , " he addlril
shoVnl , willingness , to retaliate. % ' Hi
gave a reanmo of history report * mad
by interested persons to secure legls
latlvo interposition between the fail-
I ing French pork trade and Amerloai
> competition from 1877 ta dateani
I Btrjongly intimates that representation
made to the minister of agricnllur
nnd commerce by French pork dealers 9
rather than any objection to the qnal
Ity of American pork , caused the issu
auce of the decree of prohibition.
Gladstone' * ladifferenoo.
1 Spa U ! Dispatch ( o Till Bn.
I NEW YORK , April 3. The Worl
aaya : .Private letters from Londo
state that Gladatone ia.visibly fallm
i and ho no longer ahowa the indefatl
1 gable Interest in matters going on ii
1 the house. Of late he has shown aymp
B to ma of being positively bored , a thin
without precedent in his career. .Thos
who are best informed as to his con
dltlon and hia vlowa ieem to be pratt
unanimously of the opinion that h
t will hind over the reina at an earl
j date ( o Hartington and seek repose 1
the npper house.
The Indian War-
Special Dlepatch to Tin D .
SBPOB , N. M. , April 3. Col. Foi
sytho followed the Indians from th
{ Southern Pacific railroad , crossing a
Chlhahau mountains in Arizona. Nea
Cottonwoods Springs the Indian
attacked a wagon containing rancb
men's supplies and wounded two men
after which they took to the hllli
whore the soldiers were unable to fo !
low their trail Foray the will remai
there several days scouting the sni
rounding country.
A Bench Show.
Special Dispatch to Tat Bn. ,
PITTSBDKO , April 3. The fifth ai
nual bench show , under the auspice
ofthe : Western Ponniylvanla Ponlti
association , opened this morning an
will continue the balance , of the weel
Tao noted canines to the number <
400 from all points of the Unite
States and Great Britain are on exb
bitlou. J. M. Taylor , of Lexlngtoi
Ky. , and J. T. Kirk , from CAnadi
have been selected aa judgea.
Jeauuetta Court of Inqnlr ;
Special Dlspitch to Tin DBE.
WASHINGTON , April 3. The Jeai
nctto court of Inquiry met at noon t <
Bad Blood *
Spoc'il Dispatch to Tin lim.
s- CINCINNATI , April 3 A Honsatic
an waa created in the room of the Duel
id vrortb ( Democratic ) club this mornlt
uf by the bfiotl uf Ma ci' Mcaua i
u. ii hoot John Brady , county jallo
rd Ii > th are members of the club and he
lie spent the night at the rooms hearli
in election returns. Early thia mornii
otho mayor , who had boon drlnkln
vo made threata of going to Insult Brat
ila who was up stairs. Means went i
laa atalm and flianda got Brady dev
isstairs. . Meani followed and when th
go met , seized him , but he finally drew r
ed revolver. Brady seeing thii , drew h
ir- and demanded that Means te tak :
ed away. This was done and bioodnh
atpreventeg. . Brady and' Mean * ha
en not been on good terms for two yea
The Democrats "Bit Thar" in
Chicago ,
And 8t. Louie , Cincinnati and
Little Book Do Likewise -
wise ,
UmoAao , 'April 3. An oleotloa was
hold Hero to day tor oily and town
ship oilicora nnd members of olty
couccll . Tjoro were but two
goucral city tickets , ono straight dem
ocratic , . bonded by Garter 11. Ilarrl-
son , the proaent inuumbnut for mayor ,
and the ether by Judge Gary , joint
candidate of the republicans and in
dependent cltizsna , on a platform of
high llconao for naloona and n stringent -
ent enforcement of lawa ixgaiost the
criminal classy ? ; 'Thn day wan bright
and pleasant and a very largo rota for
a uioref'oUy olectfoa was polled. By
9 o'clock it baoame evident the entire
doinooratlo city- ticket wad elected ,
unless there w i an unusual amount ol
scratching. majority for Harrison
risen grow with every return almost.
At this hour , 11:15 : , returns from 110
precincts over three quartora of the
oltj jive HarrlBonJjO.'JSS majority.
Returns on other officer * nra very incomplete -
complete and coming in slowly.
Cuic'AOo , April 4 , 12:30 : a. m.Tho
republicans concede the olectlou'of the
entire democratic city ticket by six to
ton thousand majority. The demo
crats claim twelve to fourteen thoua-
anes. This ii a decided democratic
gain compared with the election Inat
fall , when it was practlcallytho results
depending on the personal popu
larity of the candidate , and
half democrats and half republicans
wore elected. Two yours ago Harrison
risen was elected by 7-00 majority.
The ticket elected to-day is as follows :
Oirter.H. Harrison , mayor ; John M.
Danphy , treasurer ; Julius S. Grin-
neil , city attorney ; John Q. Neu-
meister , city clerk. The council will
bfl overwhelmingly democratic. Of
18 old members who hold over13 are
LITTLK ROOK ; April 3. The muni-
ojptj election resulted in the election
of Kramer for Mayor ; Griffith , police
judge , and Hudson , treasurer ; all
democrats , though political lluta wore
not drawn. Dr. Theodore Lindejirna
elected mayor at Hot Springs.
CINCINNATI , April 3. The common
council in joint ballot stands demo
crats 42 , republicans 38. The official
returns will bo necessary to nhow the
majorities of the offioors elected.
ST. Lo0is , April 3. Of the five
couuoilmeu elected to day , two arc
domuctaU ; two 'republicans-aW om
Independent. The proposltioV for ethan
funded debt wai carried.
" * * "
LEAVENWOERH , K s. , April 3. Dr
S. F. Neoly , democratic candidate foi
n mayor , is elected by a larger msjoritj
than any mayor for years.
The Water Very High In trie
Mississippi and Rising Uertoua
Breaks and Damages Feared.
Spiclal Diipatch to Till Bo.
NEW ORLEANS , April 3. The , rive
In front of this city roao three Inohe
yesterday , and the water is now eevei
inches under the highest mark of ' 187'
and two Inches under the hlghes
point * reached the year of disaa
ten , fl jods and overflow. The outlool
is rendered more serious by thi
feet that the water is rising also a
Baton Kongo , Ylcksburg , Memphis
Shreveport , and nearly all near point
above. The river will certainly rlai
some inches yet , and will probabl ;
overreach the flood mark of 1874 , thi
highoet on record. The river had fo
years found its wav Into Ltko.Pon
chartrain through Bmnot Cirre ere
vuase , diverting quite a volume o
water. This gap oolng closed by ni
immense levee built by the BllBsisstpp
Valley Railway company as a road-bed
all the water is now forced b ;
the river route to the gulf. Tai
alone will increase the height of v/ate
some inches. Apprehensions bav
been felt that the Bonnet 0 rro dlk
would not stand the prosauro , althougl
It Is the stanoheit work on the river
atd two weeks ago a portion of its entire
tire slope sloughed off into the rivet
A gang of 400 convicts wore at one
placed on the spot. The wash was re
paired , but the men wore held fo
Q98 future emergency. On Friday nigh
98 the lowest part of the leve
ry In. front of Loquo'a house , ha ]
idk. a 1 mile above the Benne
k.of Carre levee gave way. Th
of force of convicts and about 100 ad
3d dltional men wore at ones put at wor
il- with what was left of 20,000 sandbag
and ' lumber sent up to repair an
strengthen the Bonnet Carre crovaaac
and finally succeeded last evening i
stopping the flow of water and repali
ing the break. The Bonnet Can
loyoo remains intact up to this time
though the utmost watchfulnera I
maintained. The levuo in front <
Oarrollton , the upper suburb of No
Orleans , is rcry weak , evidently u't
dermined. A break there would pint
the city of New Orleans many inchi
under water.
HI ? Murder end Puloldo.
tu Cj > uJ l BUpalU * Ui Tu iiu. WAHHINOTON. D. 0. , April 3.-
ad Frederick DiFrouvtlle , formerly
member of the signal corps , to-nlgl
shot and killed his wife and the
killed himself , at his wife's homo i
East Washington. DaFrouvlllo an
up his wife separated about eight montl
vn since , the woman refuting to-live wll
ey him on account of his intempera
a habits. Mri. DeFronvllle. who wi
tls , a DAUB , had been employed as a tran
cn later in the agricultural deprtmoi
ted and lived alon.e. Tali evening , I
FronrllU , went y to the j BOH
and demanded admittance. Bell
refuted , ho started to break
in the door , when hia wife sent n. m n
who was in the howe , through the
back entrance for n polloecMti , Before
ho returned DeFronvllIe , had broken
in the door and Bad'lffHo'd his wife
and himself. , , No 'one , frltnewjd the
tragedy , but when -tao , neighbors ,
alarmed by pUtol thoU , entered the
houao they found Mrai DtFrouvlilo
dead , shot through the brain , and her
murderer laying dead beaWe her , with
revolver In his hand. The motive of n
the deed Is nupposod to have * boon the
joalouoy of DaFroU lUo and hit wife's
refusal to live with him.
The International Hike Match.
Spouial Dispatch to Till B * . ,
NKW YORK , April 3 , General
Grant has been Delected pwldont and
llfo director of the Nfttibnal U fl i onao-
clatlon. In connection with tha in
ternational match at Wimbledon in
July next , the National naeociitloa
has ronolvod that competitors for the
sokctiou of teams , to bo held at
Oroadtuoor May 14th nnd , thoJollow-
ing Tuesday , Thursday-and Fcliay ,
the teams finally chosen 'will report t
Grotdraoor Juno 15'.h'for ' practice and
continuing till thb 20ih. ' The military
authorities of the aoveral Btatea'wlllbo
requested to , nne their 'Inflaonco to
produce the members o ! the , national
guard to compote for places in the
competing teams , .and to aoo that they
nro represented upon the .first repre
sentative body of AmcrloaU soldiers
that has ever visited Great Britain.
Gin. Robbtna , Col. LUohfidd , Col.
Bodlno , Col. Story and Qo ) . Og.E. P.
Howard hare been appplrued board
of representatives tox'Beleat tha team
and make all at her arnrogemenli rela
tive to the competition. ' k
Special Dbpatch to > Xaa Urn ft i > t a.
St. Louis , Ap'rll 3.-i81nce 'tKo ea-
tabliahment here of a board for regis
tration by the merohatHi'.exdhUfjRo of
all grain which goea'iato elevators oi
warehouses , it has be > * n dlicovorod
that the elevator receipt * , wJw sent
to the oliloe tot. nfluttatioa > yihaw
from GO to 140 pound * Jew grain to
the car than the regtetntora'if'upor-
vlaor report * bavin * been in thifctra.
Thia produced } quite 'eommoUnrqc
'change to-da ma * it'WriIo&l np-
on aa a gouge * OB" , the * , } Me aw-
vatora. The matter waa taKeXp thU
afternoon by the board 6f-dW ipn ol
the Merchant * e ohaBgei'cHt a.ttei
hearing both the > elevator ) * < , and
shippers and receiver * , the bfljtfd ea
tabllshed annlforra'tiriff bf > " 09 ponndi
on corn and 90 on wheat toMuj oar
the Bsmo to bo deducted < tt& ( the
gross weight of grain.'ia tKorHrs , t <
cover 'wailo in 'hah'dlln ' it * bo nj
shown that this is- the univorst prao
tioo , although , perhaps , not gegerall ;
The Stuck Grofver * ' Meetl !
Special Dispatch to Tu Bnjj1' ,
CUEYENNE , Wyo. , , 'April , 3Thi
tenth annual , session bE ] the , Htool
day. ' Sixty members worory .lend
nuco and thirtyione
by proxyChn ! proos _
atook on all thn ran o-jI'wlt'hiu' thi
jarledlotion of thia aasociatiou tn bi
In a moat promising condition. Dar
iug the winter the weather WAS meal
/avorablo to the stock interests anc
that a losa per cent , of lou'wlll boox
perlencod than since 1871-and 1872
The number of cattle > Inspect
ed for the Beaten of1882 a
Council tiluffs covering the shipment
oYpr the .Union Pacific Railway In
o'qbing the Jnloaberg branch wa
166,235 : at Pacific Junction over th
Burlington ud Mlssonri'14,9'IO ; a
Clinton Iowa over the Sioux City am
Paplfio (9,690 ( at St. Paul ) ; over th
Northern Pacific 125,007 ; at Miles Oit
ah'lpped by Mitaonrl river 1.49C
making total Inspection 207,342
This doe * not include the inapeotlo
nt Kansas , ( which laat year amonnto
to 50,000 head ) aa it wa * not deeme
advisable to keep a man at that pole
thia laat aoaaon.
Xnony Baldwiu' * Qlrl.
Special Dlipatch lo Till Un
SANFRANCISOO , April 3 The tru
Fannie Yeroua IS Udwin , for the u :
aaultto murder U. J. Baldwin , on Jat
nary 4th , began to-day. She la ropri
eented by three attorneys , and th
plea will probably bo temporary Inaai
Ity , as her connocl has eecurod teat
mony from Washington Territory t
the effect that nho exnlblted man
algna of monUl abboratlon while real
cing in the north. Verona wt
dressed in deep moarnlngfor the n
cent death of her mother. Bho eat a ]
parantly very composed and not at a
nervonB. Lucky Baldwin waa proaoi
during the empaneling of the jurj
The counsel for the dofonao oarotall
excused all unmarried men. No thin
of great importance developed to-da ;
Baldwin baa fully recovered.
Railroad Nowa.
Bpedal Dlipatch to Till DII.
OUIOAQO , April 3. The managers i
the east bound trunk lines mot to-da ;
and endorsed the action oi the frelgl
agents permitting the Grain Receiver
and Shippers' association to appoint 1
own welghmaatora , making the prov
BO , however , that the welghmaate
appointed should not bo members
the board of trade , nnd the nppoln
ment to bo cubject to the approval
Joint Agent Moore.
The meeting of the managers of ra
ways in the Southwestern pee ) ,
consider , among other , things , the r
cent action of the Chicago & Alton ,
withdrawing from the agreement na
passes for shippers , and from the Ot
oago and St. Louis passenger pool , w
not held , o Ing to the ftbens of o :
of the members. An attempt will
made again to-morrow.
it Tha Women Win-
in Special Dlipatch to Tui II" .
In PHILADELPHIA , April 'I Atarmx
id ing of the Pennsylvania qnlversl
ish to-day , a committee report waa pi
; h aented , setting forth a plan for t
toM education women , by which they v '
M receive the tame course of Instruct !
S- aa young men , but at a different tli
ate Sat and place. All , however , will reooi
atn degree * on the same terms. 1
n report will be aoted'upcn , ' at the ni
meeting of the board.
flpKlal DtipttchM to Tin Hi * .
LONDON , April 11. Churchill's letter -
tor advcu-ttlug the claims ol Salisbury
to' the Hole leadership of the lories
creates the strongest indignation
among the general body of the tory
party Measures are ia progress la-
tended to satisfy Northooto. 11 o la
aoour of the unwavering support of
his followers in the commons. North
ooto was greeted with prolonged cheers
from the torr side. Thh is regarded
as a strong demonstration. The letter
ia not approved by the conservatives
In the commons Jacob Bright ,
uiombor from Manchester , offered a
motion declaring ttmt , in tlio interest
uf tha growing ouminorco of Great
Britain lu Southwest Africa , no treaty
tthonld bo made by the government
sanctioning annexation by any Kn-
ropean poorer of totrltotlcs on and rd-
jucont 10 the Congo , or interfering
with the commercial freedom hitherto
enjoyed in that roplou by Great
BritMn. Bright subsequently with
drew hia motion in favor of an amend
ment otbrod by Edmond Wodohouso ,
moiubar from Bath , to the oll'oot that
no treaty should bo made nlfooting
territory on thu Congo that would not
afford adequate security to all agencies
working tuoro. Wpdohouao's motion
was carried , the government agreeing
Late reports from Oomumato , Up
per Galuea , say the king of Ashantoo
has relinquished the throne , and the
entire coast of western Africa is in
state of confusion. No details.
Doctor Gully , notorious in con
coction with the Bravo coso , Is dead.
Oharlps Delauoy Turner Bravo , bar-
rlstori.died suddenly and mysteriously
-lUlljam , Surrey , in April , 1870.
Suicide xwai first suspected , but the
verdlb oftha jury was , "wilful mur
der by/'the .administration of tartar
emetic.'But not sufficient evidence to
fix guilt upon'any person. "
LONDON , April 3. Sinister Lowell ,
in a speocn at the lorl mayor's ban
quet last night , said that ho had from
tlmo to tiiuu read sensational state
ments in uowRpapeiB purporting to
glvo the iunruotloau ho tud received
from hia government and' words ho
bad opokon oil diplomatic questions.
Ho would say that these prophesies
Wcro Ilka those of Prophet Wiggins.
Hi > should in apltuof thuui continue to
bollevo that the good relations exist
ing botnoon Great Britain nud the
United States would bo enduring.
Certainly nothing that ho would do
would tend to lessen their friendly
Thb queen , though not qulto DO
well aa yesterday , rook a carriage ride ,
and will attend the funeral services
over the body of John Brown this
uiteruoon. * *
Bp < .Ul DiJimtu.uj ia Tun
UIIIU.IN , April 3. The emperor took
an hour'.i drive to day , the first since
hia roootit illness. The drive bone-
fitted him greatly.
LONDON , April 3. There is no im
provement in the condition of her
majesty's health. Ihe queen's phy
sician has ordered complete rest foi
the recovery of the injured knee.
Sped * ! Dltpatche * to Tin UIB
HALIFAX , April 3. It IB reported
that Princess Louise will not leave
Bermuda until May , when she will
oomo to Ballfax in the flagship North-
OTTAWA , April 3. The rallwaj
committee threw out Dillon McOar
thy'a bill to constitute a court of rail
way commissioners.
MONTREAL , April . ' ) . LaDao S
Valoia , St. Soholaatlquo tanners , havi
suspended. Liabilities , $00,000 ; as
seta , $24,000.
Civil Service Reform-
Hpocktl Dlipatco to Tim llxi.
MILWAUKEE , April 3. Genera
Thomas lljynold ) , late pension agen
at Madison , who fraudulently obtalnoi
$5,000 , will oacapo punishment. Th
United States attorney at Madison ha
received a letter from Attorney Gen
ural Breirstor authorizing him to onto
a nolle proseqal when the case cotno
up , provided Reynolds returns th
amount taken , Ho was accused o
collecting pensions of widows who hat
boon dead some yeara.
Crime and Caiualty-
FORTRESS MONROE , Ya. , April 2 j
brutal murder occnrreod laat night I
of the b r room of the Barnes hotel , a
7 , Hampton , Va. Thomas Phillips ,
tit ' quiet , nnoffennlve oltlzen , passing th
s' hotel , vaa mot by an old acqualntano
ts J. Joyce , who Invited him to take
ira drink. 1'hllllps refused to drink bu
ra accepted a cigar , and while standln
of at the counter Jojco deliberately aha
itof him through the heart , without pro
of vocation. After the shooting Joyc
placed the pistol lu Phillips' hand an
IIto fled. He was arrested later nn
to lodged In jail , Joyce ii clerk of th
0in National Soldlero1 homo. Phillip
in loaves a wlfo and four children. Bom
to fears are entertained thia mornln
ii.aa that Joyce will bo lynched , An extr
aa guard ia on duty at tbo jail.
BLOOMINOTON , 111. , April ? . llol
bin P. Dunn , a rather hard cltlzot
a rather hard citizen , attempted yei
torday to kill hia family. Ho fin
3t- shot and probably wounded his wlfi
Then ho fired and missed hia son ,
ro young jaan , and then attacked h
robe daughter with a knife , but waa oyei
'ill * ' the son before any injri
on done.
rer .BOSTON , April 2. Philip Ravai
'he ' Jr. , of Chicago , alleged embezzler
at $3,000 from the Sand Blut oompaa ;
for irhoB oflioan have been aaaiehli
for a year , waa arrested to-day. Ho
claims the money was spoilt for the
bench't of the company , and will not
return without a requisition.
LINCOLN , April 2. The sheriff of
Adams county took three men Bab *
cook , Green and Ingram charged
with the murder of Millet at Hastings ,
back to that point to-day. Lynching
is feared , but the coroner insisted upon
their presence.
VIRGINIA , 111. , April 2. Uou. L.
Chandler , n lawyer of high acotal and
butlncps standing , la reported de
faulter in the sum of $ ! > ,000tho losers
being mostly rolatlvua.
KsNctWA , April 2. It Is iliuiorcd
Paul San bur , democratic city treasurer ,
hna loft town , nnd examination of hia
books to far shows a shortage of $000.
A HAVE noniiED.
NKW YORK , April 2. The safe of
the Academy of Mtnio was robbed
Saturday night of 50,075 in checks
and $2,000)4 cashy
l RUviiUtlci Enid.
Special DIspaWTlWTilK 111 * . " "
BOSON , Aprn ! t A unit was brgan
to-day to recover $5,000 damages from
Ilov. JohuH , Flouilugand Archbishop
Wllllamt , of this dioouao , brought by
the parents of Llzrlo Gannon. In
1870 the girl wai a child of 13 years ,
nnd waa attacked with norvoua disor
ders which had a peculiar effect upon
her mental condition. She became
greatly infatuated with aomo paper
Images which she said were 'ungolB
sent by her brother , who was dead ,
Father Fleming was eont for , nud took
the imngca and kept them , refusing to
return them. The girl fell into such
paroxysms that the physiclansthought
they should bo returned to her , to en
able her to recover or keep alive , but
both Father FJomiug and the arch
bishop wonldnot consent.
Qai Explosion.
Special Dlipatch toTui lin.
SAN FRANCISCO , April 3. There
wai a gas explosion in thb collar of the
Palace hotel to-day. The fire depart-
partmont and underwriters patrol were
quickly on hand , when a second ex
plosion of greater violence blow out
the sidewalk light and severely burned
the fallowing : Engineer Ross , of the
fire department. Oapt. White , ot the
patrol ; John McQarry , driver of truck
No. 1 ; Goo. B Laroao , G. W. Harri
son , J. McCormlck , Eugene Drew ,
John Lord and 11 Chapman , members
of patrol. It la feared the injuries of
ROBS and Chapman will prove fatal.
Several others were burned. The damage -
ago to property la light.
'JTlio Bllllardiiti-
Special Dlipitch to Tui IJli
CUICAOO , April 3. In the afternoon
game of the Brunarrick & Balka tour
nament , Dion and Morris wore the
contestants , The former being the
favorite at odds of $10 to $0. Morrli
ptarted off In , muoh.itho bent style and
soon had a load of over 100. Hi
reached 237 in the 18th Inning wltl
a run of 05 , Dlon'a score being 07 ,
SoOro : Morris , . 000average ; , 16
highest ran , 101 ; which Is the bust re
oord . Dion , 370 , average , 0 10 39
highest run , 00 , Tlmo of game , threi
Too evening game of billiards wai
between Sohaefer and Dily. Thi
game closed at 1015 ; , Sohaofar belnf
the winner. Score , COOj average
27 0 22 , highest run , 150 Daly , tola
241- , average , 11 10 21 , highest run
Killed in a Prlxa Fight-
Special Dlipatch to Tui B .
DUBOIH , Pa. , April 3. In a prizi
fight here last evening , between Mlk
MoLaughlin and Martin Llnksy , i
miner , six rounds were fought. Oi
the last round both men clenched am
fell , Linksy breaking bin neck in th
fall , which resulted in Instantanoou
death. MoLaughlin gave himself u ;
to the authorities. The participant
in trio fight wore not over 18 year
Peter Coop w Very 111.
Special Dlipatch to Tui lii.
NKW YORK , April 3. Peter Ooopoi
philanthropist , who was takoa ill
few days ago , and aoon nearly recovered
ered , but venturing out to soon h
caught fresh cold which aottlod int
pneumonia. To-night his condition 1
pronounced dangerous. His advance
ago , 1)3 ) , makes his recovery a matte
of extreme doubt.
New York Notei.
Special Dlipatch to Tin Bn.
NEW YORK , April 3 , Loulsa Ware
nor Evaria and Dr. Charles D. Souc
dor were married to-day. Tflo brld
Is a daughter of ex-Secretary of atati
Evarts. After the ceremony a weeding
ding breakfast waa given in the rea
denoo of the brldo'a parents.
The ault begun by Joseph P. Ha'
eratlok and George 0. Kobbo again
Dr. R. W , Amldon , to recover mono
taken by the later at the request i
Mra. Uhler after the shooting of V
H. Haverstlok , has been discontinue !
the parties contesting having settle
their difficulties.
CouoeiilouB Xatnda- „
Special Ptipatch to Tui ! ) .
PHILADELPHIA , April 3. It h
been arranged that MmidoU'a aho
makers return to work at the old raV
for four weeks. If businuea has n
then improved a 10 par cant reduotlt
lu wagoa then taken place , or the 8 (
men will bo discharged.
Boiler Banted.
Special Il p * < .h 10 TU3 L'SS.
NKW ORLEANS , Aprils. ThoTinu
Democrat's Moss Point , Miss. , sped
saya the boiler in ono of the Grlfl
mllla exploded. Nine men were kill
and ton wounded. Jim Cooper , N <
Orleans , instantly killed ; Simi
Lasky , Wm. Brown , Mobile , soalde
tinea died. Five other colored m
were aorioualy hurt , and alao ono whl
Cattl * Coaf r ao .
flp daDUratch toTu JUi. .
of OUXYKNHB , April 3. Tha ito <
gmrera auooiatlon to-day appoint
a oomalttM to vUlt the Oalsago eat
fa'lr to confer with cattle growers gen
erally aa to the methods of preventing
the Bproad of contagious diseases.
Judge Oiroy waa elected president ,
and Thoa. Sturgls secretary of the as-
Mormon Matter *
Special Dlnpatch toTuilin.
SALT LAKE , April 2. This morn-
lug's Herald advices says : The floods
In Boar Like Valley washed out six
bridges of the Oregon Short Line ,
temporarily impeding the running of
trains. Tftoy will soon bo repaired.
The first through train on the Rio
Gnindo brings 200 Mormon converts
and it is expected to-day.
Cincinnati's Election.
Special Dlspitch to Till Din.
CINCINNATI , April 3 The unofli-
clnl returns of all but ono precinct In
the city show the democrats to have
elected the mayor and two judges of
the ouporlor court , n member of the
board of publln worka , the treasurer ,
* 'jo olty- solicitor , the polloo court
judge and throu members of the
school board hv majorities ranging
from 100 to 4,2000
Foliar nnd His Vision.
Rp dal Dlipatch to Tn Bit.
WASHINGTON , April 3 Secretary
Folger In now undergoing apoclal
treatment on account of the condition
of ono uf hia oyea. Ho will bo con
fined to the houio for two or three
A Bad Captain.
Special DIjpttch to Tin lias.
NEW YORK , April 3. The emigra
tion commissioners , after inquiry into
the charges of steerage passengers of
the English nlonmcr Viking that
they were beaten , illy fed and com
pelled to live in filth and rqualor , will
ask the United States district attorney
to prnoeod against Oapt. Topper , of
the Viokiug.
. *
m ii i ni
The Iowa Bnprcma Court.
Bpeclal Dlipatch to Tux Dm.
DAVKNI-ORT , Ia. , April 3. The Iowa
supreme court mot in this city this
morning. The court la held at Lib
erty hall , which was crowded , there
being many persona present from all
parts of the state. The court
announced Its readiness to hoar oral
nignmonts. The prohibition amend
ment case , which .was first hoard and
decided at Das Moines in January ,
now comes up for a rehearing.
AlSaipootod I'mploycn- '
Special Dlipatch to Tin GUI.
CORK , Ireland , April 3.
Morgan , an employee of the
Cork Steamship Co , , * was arrested
yesterday on suspicion of having used
his position to facilitate the carrying >
of arms and explosives , between ,
England and this port. , He u.waiJf
this for examination
arraigned morning _ .VI
tion and was remanded for eight' days..VI
J , H. Mookett , of Lincoln ; H. Gibbon * i
and wife , Ktarnay ; J. J , W mpl . , Bd E.
Bteman , Hastingt ; F. M. Sackett , Albion ;
F. II. Wells , Sohuyler ; Wm. Fulton , Ne
braska Olty ; H. F. TaUmadge and S. Mor-
rli , Kmorson ; W , M. Leonard , Lincoln ;
R. Q. Work , Tecumreb ; O. Oliver , Has *
tings ; J , A , Jury , Ashland ; O. A. Holme *
and Alf , Caufield , Teoumieh ; H. W. V n-
derhoof , H. F. Cook , D. G. Fiske and B.
W. Wadawortb..Beatrice ; A , G. Hasting *
and Jas. Tyler , Lincoln ; W. O. Gather ,
wood , West Point ; P. H. MoKee and wife ,
Genoa , and 0. Coffmao , Fort Niobrara ,
are among the Nebraikans at the Faxtoa ,
D. V. Stevenson , Falla Oity ; James
Marib and O. MaoLane , Beatrice ; J. ( J.
1'ost , Columlmi ; W , H. Snmner , Schny-
ler ; T. 0. Shelley , Falls Oity ; A. Tamer ,
Raymond ; 0 , F , Newton , of Cheyenne ,
are at the Metropolitan ,
J. II. Clagett and Joieph Hilleke , of
Johnson , Neb. , are at tha Metropolitan.
0. MoUoy Patton , of Green Castle , Pa. ,
Is registered at the Metropolitan.
Mrs. Moore and one lady , of I\ed Oak.
Iowa , are at the Millard.
George 8. Crulokshank , of Fort Robin-
eon , la at the MHlard.
A. B. Smith , of Cleveland , ia a guest of
the Metropolitan ,
General George II. Roberta , of Orleani ,
U at the Millard.
Will W. Marple and wife , of Fremont ,
are at the Millard.
J. W. Collins , of Cheyenne , Ia a guest
of the Paxton.
T. 0. Birmingham , of Colorado , iaatthe
Metropolitan. '
D. Fenderaon , of Qrand Island , ia at the
Henry B. Lewli , of Ashland , ia at the
Gee , U , Royee , of Papilllon , 1s at the
Col. Frank P. Ireland , ol Nebraska Oity
ia In town. .
M. 8. Lindsay , ot Fullerton , is at the
P. J , Quealey , of Echo , Utah , Ia at the
as C. F. Heudrie , of Denver , Ii at the
IOCS Paxton ,
ot S , 0. McLaln , of .Cheyenne , Is at the
DO Jos. A. KeUey , of St. Louis , ia at th
Samuel G. Owen , of Lincoln , Is in town.
K , K , White , of riattunonth , | In to n.
as- Thou. Sewell , of Lincoln , la at the Pax.
asUl ton ,
Qn ( iuy A. Lalng , of North Platte , ia in
ed Ike city.
Hon. J. Sterling Morton la at the
Paxton ,
on Frank ( Taylor , of Hailey , Idaho , Ia at
Ue theTaiton.
Hon. E. F. Warren , ol Nebraska Olty , '
WM in town to-day ,
H. E. Fondyke , formerly ot this dty , !
3k- la la town OB a vWt , ,
ted Col. MattOUir ha * BOM to Hot
tu wnkiiv - ' ' " -
lot a two wnki