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    THE VAlLf AP1UL 3
The Daily Bee.
Tuesday Morning , April 3 ,
Weather Report.
( Ths following observations were taken
t the same moment of time at the stations
mentioned. )
WAR Dnr'r U , 8 StoiiiL Slavic * , )
Omiu , Apill 1 , ( l:45p : m ) I
There will be ft meeting of the Irith
National Lind league hold In Kuoney's
hall on this ( Tuesdayeveningthe ) 3d Innt. ,
at 7 10 o'clock ,
Thirty foreigners for local points in
Ncbrunka csmo In by the 0 , It. & Q. , and
went wcs ( at noon yesterday.
Thq funeral of late Mrs. Fred Del-
lone , who died Sunday , will take plnce
at 9 o'clock a. in. Tuesday , April 3 ,
-It WAS rumored ot noon that Beard ,
the democratic nominee for councilman
from the Fourth ward had withdrawn in
favor of F. F. Murphy. This would leave
Mr. Murphy'n name on all the tickets.
The funotal of the late John B , Chip-
man took plaoo at 10 a. m. Sunday from
Coroner Jacobs' undertaking rooms and
was quite largely attended. The deceased
had been for yean a boarder at the Hud
son Hlyor home , and the proprietor , Mr.
JOB. Green and hla estimable wife , showed
every attention possible to the respectable
disposition of the remains , being unremit
ting ia their endeavors to do all that could
bo done In that direction. The burial took
place at Prospect 11111 , tha Bev. J. W ,
Harris , .of tbe First Baptist church , offi
The police had an easy time over Sun
day , only four arrests being made from
Saturday night to Monday morning ,
'There were two plalndrunks , one of whom ,
viiltor from Plattsmonth , waa discharged
and the other pild the usual fino. Daniel
O'Kscfe filed'a complaint against John
Donovan for assault and battery , the two
men having some trouble over politica
J Sunday night , when Donovan knocked
O'K-efo down. Bacllo MoHrldo had Hen
ry Thompson arrested for kicking and oth-
crtvlro 111-trcntlng her. She Is enclente
and the injarUx lonvo her In a precarious
condition. Tnomps-m gave the necessary
bond tor hU appearance on Thursday ,
Proceedings of tbe Regular Monthly
The rtgnlar monthly meeting of the
Aboard of education was held last
I/ evening at their quarters In Williams'
I II There were present President Long ,
Secretary Oonoyor , Messrs. Anderion ,
V -MoShane and Points.
A petition was received from the
pupils of the high school aaklng for the
privilege of using one of the rooms of
the Central school building for gym
uastlo purposes. After more debate
< thi > n was neoesury for such a qnos
tlon , the petition was referred to the
committee on buildings and property
with power to act.
From a number of gentlemen de
siring to establish a mission Sunday
school ia the suburbs of the city , ask
Ing the privilege of uilng the 8 un-
ders street school and the west school.
From J. B , Smith , proposing to
ereot lightning rods upon all building
needing them , at 25 cents per foot.
Hefcrred to committee on buildings
and property.
Mr Points nave Mr. Larnod's expla
nation as to the chastising of one of
the pnplls in the Central school. It
aeems that the boy insisted npon snow
balling after having been repeatedly r
told to doiist. Mr. Lirned states that t
the boy was not hurt npon the head ;
blood did not flow and the boy waa all
right and at work next day. Mr
Anderson stated that although he was
a particular friend of Mr Limed ,
he believed he was to blame
And not to be excused.
Gutumltteo on claims'reported the
foPoMing claims , which were allowed :
Superintendent and teachers' pay
roll , $5,911 21.
Janitors' pay roll , $001 03.
Total amount of claims accrued , In
cluding rents , fuel , repairs and sup
plies , $7,347 07.
The question of supplying addition'
al furniture waa referred to the
committee on buildings and proper
ty , to which Snporlntonoent Jamoi
w s added.
City Treasurer Buck made the fol
lowing statement ol the condition o
the educational finances ;
iialiince from lut report , . . . .813,713 0
Tax collected In February. . . (180 ( 8
Vices and Hceniei In March. . . 012 fi
Warrant * paid In March 8.7G2 2
Trantf erred to slnklus ; fund. . . . 2597
Balance 85,841 2
Balance in nicking land 4,4451
Bonds on deposit 27,0000
To-day the question comes befnr
the people as to whether or not $35
OOOtibaflbo expended for addition ;
school buildings , and on Saturda
evening at 6:30 : o'clock the boat
meets at the president's c ilico to oat
VMS the ballot. Other questions <
importance will also come before tl
beard at that time.
have arrived. Practical oiporleni
' demonstrates and proves thorn tl
cheapest tn the market for re
service. For sale at
F. D. Oooput & Co'a.
Decline of Man
Nervous Weakness. Dyspepsia , In
o tenoe , Sexual Debility , cured t
H * Hh Ranewer.1' | 1.
< ,
k\ \
A Fourth Oonvcntion Held Last
Night at Oily Hall ,
Which Endorsed the Entire
Democratic Ticket.
As baa boon pretty generally known ,
the convention hold by the labor union
at City hall on Saturday iilfjht waa not
entirely harmonicas. It waa openly
charged that candidates who received
a majority of the votes were counted
out or ountod by rescinding tbo action
of the meeting. la consequecco of
this a good deal of bad blood was gen
erated and two different factions
epiung up ,
One of those factions yesterday
'called another convention by moans of
the distribution of several hundred
"dodgers , " and last night nt 7:30 :
about five hundred persona assembled
at the council chamber. The call waa
issued in thonamoof the "unorganized
labor element , " and when the conven
tion mot It was evident that there was
very llttlo organlzsd plan about ( t.
Barney Magulnn waa choion chair
man , and the assembly proceeded to
endorse the entire democratic ticket.
About this time the opposition , led
by Walsh , showed Its hand and while
the latter was haranguing the crowd ,
it adjourned In considerable confusion.
The party whloli endowed the dem
ocratic ticket was led by Street Com
missioner Ford.
It socmod at first that a collision
waa likely to take place between the
two parties , but fortunately it waa
Yesterday waa ono of the livlloat
days that over preceded an election In
this city , probably on account of the
shortness of the campaign. Knots of
men where gathered hero and there
and on the street cornora crowds
pressed together and discussed the re
lative mnrlta of their candidates.
The general opinion was that it
would bo a cloao contest between Ool.
Chase and Judge Savage for the may-
orallty and that Judge Bonoko would
have a walk away for pollen judge.
These Vore the only two cfllcoa ex
citing much interest.
A now aide-bar , end spring top bug *
gy , made by Snyder and took first
prize at the state fair last fall ; never
used and will bo aold low. Apply at
Western Newapaper Union , oor. 12th
and Douglas at. fob28m&otf
M. J. lloncb , Lincoln ; Dr. J. A. Inkf ,
J. T. Dunning and John Menlzer , Shelby ;
D. M , Tombllp , Arapahoe ; A. M. Post ,
Columbus ; IT. J. Leo , Fremont and Jcmes
M. Woods , of Nebraska City , are at the
F. W. Barnes , Oakland ; W , M. Nesblt ,
TekaraahjR. Drlshttus , Scribnor , are guests
at tbo Mlllard.
Miss Iloatoo and Gustus Eflhnd ,
of Randolph , Iowa , are at the Metro
Robert Weldensall , general secretary of
the Y. M. 0. A. , la at the Mlllard.
Mri. Hope and boy , of Cheyenne , are
at tbe Metropolitan ,
3. 0. Blackburn , of Fremont , Is regla
tored at the Metropolitan.
E. P. Johnson , of Challli , Idaho , Is at
tbe 1'axton.
Lieut. T. A. Adams , of tbe army , Is at
the P xton.
II. 8. Wiggins , Denver , waa at the Pax
ton last night.
8. 8. Pennell , of Pawnee City , la a guest
of the Metropolitan.
F. U. Beresford , of Fremont , la regis
tered at the Metropolitan.
0. NeUlg , of Madison , la at tbe Metro
Thoa. Bralnard , of Boulder , Ool. , is at
tbe Paxton ,
C. O. Cox , ot Chicago , waa at the Paxton -
ton yeiteiday.
J. M , TompVIna , of Obeyenne , Ii regis
tered at tbe Mlllard.
S nford Parker , of O'Neill City , b at
tbe Mlllard.
James A. WakoGold , of San Francisco ,
la at tbe Mlllard.
Bjrron Ktogsbury , of Chicago , U Q guest
of ths Mlllard.
Mtsa n. A. Paddock , of Beatrice , Is at
the Mlllard.
Hon. Sam'l Maxwell , of Frtmont U i
guest of the Paxton.
M. M. Patterson , uf Chryenne , U atthi
J , C. Jump , of Helens , is restored a
the Pcxton.
Hon. A , S. Paddock ia In the city.
Loran Clark , of Albl'ii , left for hem
yesterday ,
Hon. O. F , Davis went out to Voile
yesterday afternoon.
' Mre. J. J. Rlley , of Schuyler , left to
home yesterday.
Col. K. F. Smythe went to PapiUtoi
yesterday on legal business ,
G. Andreon , tbe safe man , went .out i
Geneva yesterday on butlneu.
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson , of Col
umbu * , are B topping in tbo city.
50 0. W , Collins , the cjutractor of th
23 Orel-oil Short Line , has left for O don ,
27 P. P. Shelby , general freight agent c
17 tbe Union Pacific , lott ye t rday for Ca
00 IfornU
re Dr. 0. 11. Pbllpott baa gone to b
- homo In New London , Iowa , nn a shot >
al \lslt. His many friends will wish him
ay rd dellRhtful tilp.
L. P. Prujn , Nebraska agent tor tl
inof Mound Oily Paint and Color Co , of S
ho Louie , leaves tc-day for an extende
trip to Colorado , New Mexico , Wyomlt
and Montana.
II , Maxwell , a prominent banker i
ice Brooklyn , N.Y. , accompanied by bis wlf
Dal came In from tbe east vetterday on
ipeclal car , and left for California on tl
noon train.
\Vhea People exchange aooii
rjRi , oouvmaUy li uromoted by
of ! 'Hub Punch. " ThU admiral )
mby prepared punch , Impromptu , U dellghtf
by either with water or lemonade , lleplenl
your sideboard with It ,
Tbo Signal Her vice Wnkoea Report for
The following Is the meteorological
summary for the month of March , as
prepared by Observer Vollook , of the
Omaha station , U , 8. signal service :
Dally moan barometer , 30.177 ;
dally mean temperature , 31.0 ; daily
daily moan humidity. 04 1 ; dally moan
rainfall , .017.
Highest barometer , 30.752 ; lowoat
barometer , 20 EG2 ; monthly range of
barometer , 11'JO.
Highest temperature , 71 0 on the
17tb ; lowest temperature , 3.0 on tha
19.h ; greatest daily range of temper
ature , 50 B on the 18th ; least dally
range of temperature , 8 0 on the 5th ;
moan of mailmumteinperatures , 45 0 ;
mean of minimum temperatures , 24 5 ;
moan dally ranpoof temperature , 0.52 ,
Prevailing direction of wind , north ;
total movement ot wind 0,405 miles ;
hlrjhcst velocity of wind anddlrootlon
22 miles , north and northwest.
No. of foggy days , 1 ; No. of clear
daya , 0 ; No. of fair days , 15 ; No. of
cloudy daya on which no rain or snow
foil , 1 ; No. of cloudy daya on which
rain or anew fell , G ; total No. of days
on which rain or snow foil , 12 ; depth
of nnmoltodunow on ground at end of
month , trace.
Datoa of auroraa 0 ; dates of aolar
lialos , 0 ; dates of Lunar halos , 10.
1871 40.8 1877 33.0
1H72 312 1873 479
1873 881 1879 4t.O
1874 33.5 1880 35.9
1875 80.2 1881 270
1876 29.2 1882 40.0
1871. . . .O.lSlnrhea 1877. . . .1.20 Inchon
1872. . . .1.02 " 1878. .3.00
1873. . . .0.44 " 1879. .2.17
1874. . . .1.49 " 1880. .0,50
1875. . . .1.24 " 1881. .0.72 II
1870. . . .318 " 1882. .0.79 II
Made from the wild flowers of the
it is the most fragrant of perfnmo.
Manufactured by H. B. Slavon , San
Francisco. Forsalo in Omaha by W.
j. Whltohonao and Kennard Bros.
The Closing Oommlttee Mooting of
the Old Council.
The members of the old city coun
cil , which holds Its last regular meeting
to-night , hold their customary committee -
too mooting last evening at the city
clerk's effioe , nearly all being present.
Very llttlo bussness waa transacted ,
as the subject of the approaching elec
tion came np and soon developed jlnto
a heated discussion , in which consid
erable good natnrod badinage and
mirth watfIndulged in.
The members , as a general thing ,
were inclined to draw the party lines
pretty closely.
It is moro economical to bny
to rrmko a dressing ; besides this , it is
made of bettor materials than you can
bny at the stores. Everybody likes It.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following Hat of transfers of
real estate were filed in the oonnty
clerk's office , Maroh'31 :
W. Reynolds and wiio to R M.
Twaddoll , w d , parcel section 33 , 1C ,
12 ; 8800.
D. L. Thomai and wife to E. H.
\Valker , w d. lot 9. block 00 , and lot
18. block 05 ; 920 55
t-IFrank P. Hard and wife to J. H
Boonatra , w d , lot 8 , Godfrey's sud-
dlvlslon of block "D" Belnn's 1st ad
dition. $450.
L R. Tattle , jr. , to A. H. Fltob ,
w d , lot 30 , Tattle's subdivision ; 8500.
A. A. Sanndon and wife to 0. E
Peikltis , trustee , w , d , parcel section
8 , 1510 ; | 850.
O. B. Solden and wife to A. A.
Sanndon , w d , parcel section 8 , 15,10
Tables supplied with the boat the
market aliordi. The traveling public
claim they got better accommodations
and moro general satisfaction here
than at any other house In Omaha ,
Rate , ffl pnr day. ag21tfm
Army Orders
Leave cf absence for one month ,
on surgeon's certificate of disability ,
with permission to go beyond the de
partment limits and to apply for an
extension ot two months , is granted
Captain Edwin Pollock , Ninth In
The following named men , enlisted
at Forts D A. Russell , Wyo. , and
Omaha , Neb. , are assigned an follows
it George Fisher to company D , Ninth
Infantry ; Augustus May to the Fourth
Major Geoigo B Diudy , Quarter
< master , U. 8. army , having reported
to the commanding conoral In obedl
once to paragraph 1 , special orders
; No. 46 , current series , hoadqqarten
of the army , Is assigned to duty ai
or chief quartermaster of this depart
moat , and is hereby announced ar
n cordlngly.
. , Leave of absence for ono month 1
hereby granted Major Louis 11. Oar
to ponter , Fifth cavalry , to take cflco
from April 2 , 1883.
In compliance with paragraph 1
Special Orders No. 4G , current series
beet headquartern of the army , Liontenan
Colonel Marshal I. Ludlncton , deput
quartermaster general , 17. 8. A. , I
ot hereby relieved from duty aschic
il- quartermaster of thla department.
First Lieutenant Alfred B. Johnson
ils ! Seventh Infantry , is hereby relieved v
judge advocate of the nonornl coui
martial convened at Fort Brldgoi
Wyo. , by paragraph 3 , Spso'al Ordci
No. 15 , current nodes , for these hcac
heed quarters.
First Lieutenant William B. Urov
ed stor , assistant surgeon , U. S. A. ,
hereby detailed aa judco advocate <
Ihu guuuml uouit marl ill convened <
Fort Bridgor. Wyo. . by paragraph !
Of Special Orders No. 15 , current terlti
from these headquarters.
A drugstore m western Iowa , poni
latlon about 3,500 , stock from $0OC
Laia to 88,000 , sales 818,000 per annun
a only two drug stores In the town ,
bly ful Urge country trade. Inquire of Vran
lit , Rogers , Mlllard Hotel drug store.
Mar30-imi 2ir
Tbo Programme for the Juno Meet
ing at St. Joe.
The coming Saongerfost to bo hold
at St. Joe JUDO 14.h to lO.h inclu
sive , is beginning already to rxsito
considerable Interest among the Ger
mans of thla city. The programme
announced la almost an exact copy of
that adopted in Omaha two yearn ago.
The first day will bo devoted to the
reception of guests , and the evening
to a recaption concert. The second
day will bo the first grand concert ,
and the third day the second
grand concert of the week.
On the third day the
visitors will bo driven about the city
and in the evening theto will bo a
grand ball. On the fifth day , Sunday ,
there will bo a big picnic and on Mon
day , the sixth and last day , the con
vention of the Band will bo hold.
The Maonnorchor society hold a
mentlnt ; yesterday and appointed thu
following committee to make arrange
ments for thoao wishing to attend from
this city : H. Rosoczwolg , Ohaa.
Krollo and John Baumor.
The Omaha delegation will take a
good band down with them , probably
the Union Pacific band.
The nttoudanco will no donbt bo
quite largo If everything works well.
Has the largest assortment of Rangea
and Oook Stove , Barb Fence Wire ,
all of which you can buy cheaper than
any place in town at G15 and 617 N.
IGth street. m27-mo-tf
The Reformed Pugilist Addresses
Largo Audience at tbo
Opera House.
The gospel service at the opera
house Sunday afternoon was a no
table attraction , on account of being
conducted by Ben Hogan , whose
transition from a sporting man to an
evangelist , waa as wonderful aa that
of St. Paul.
The opera house was crowded to
its utmost capacity , and at loaat two
hundred persona were standing up In
the roar corridor. Aa Manager Boyd
said "wo almost had to drive people
away with a club. The body of the
audience comprised hundreds of the
first people of the city but there waa
also a great many of "the gang" who
generally remained in the background ,
but it waa evident that all classes were
pleaaed with the speaker's effort.
Tao aervioa commenced by singing ,
"Rescue the Perishing , " which was
followed by prayer by R iv. W J.
Haraha. " Precious Promise" and
"Beulah Land" were then sung after
which RJV. . A. F. Sherrlll led In
prayer. "Whoever Will" and "I've
Found a Friend" were then selected ,
which waa followed by reading of the
107 tb Psalm by the reformer.
Upon this text Mr. Hogan made a
moat eloquent and earnest address ,
first relating the story of his own life ,
his conversion and religions work and
experience , and then drawing the
natural conclusions therefrom. The
speaker baa a fine appearance on the
stage , ia easy and graceful in delivery ,
choice in his language except where ho
wiahos to make the lesson Intelligible
to those accustomed to slang ex-
protslons , and1 la clear and distinct
In enunciation. One can listen to him
without tiring , and there Is humor as
well as earnest conviction in hla talks.
Mr. Hogan spoke at the Baptist
church laat evening and speaks there
again to-night. It la possible
that If an Interest is awakened he will
remain and assist in conducting a re
vival in Omaha '
We regret that the unusual pressure
on oar columns precludes the publica
tion of a synopsis of his-speech.
< *
The Maverick National Bank of Bos
ton drawa foreign exchange , bays and
aella Government and other invest
ment securities , and transacts any bus
iness for ita correspondents in the line
of banking. m&th-rao
A Hupplementary Meeting Held In
The Colorado pool hold a meeting
at the Paxton hotel In this city last
Saturday which was supplementary tc
the meeting held a few days ago ID
At this meeting there were presenl
E. 0. Yining , traffic manager of the
U. P. ; P. P. Shelby , general freight
; agent of tha D. P.J Thos. Miller , general
oral freight agent of the B. & M. ; J
F Goddard , traffic manager of the A.
T. & S F. road , and J. H. Hanaford
general freight agent of the Norther :
Thu only businosa on hand was thi
approval of certain measures aarooc
npon at the meeting In Chicago am
nothing of public Interest was trans
acted ,
Oapt. John J. Dawson , late of thi
Is British Army , resldlug on Loventroet
between Mandoivillo and Spain. Nei
rok Orleans , La. , nayn ho used St. Jwob
Oil with the greatest possible odvaut
, ago when afllioted with rheumatism.
1HLIL ) .
at TOUHEY-In this city , April 1 , 1883 , n
ty MM Kyan's rfstnurant , Uodgestreol
la William TOUHEY , nged 24 years.
Cf The deceased was a native of Ottawr
Ont. , wlioro his parenta and relatlvea r <
"i ! Jo. Tha remains were removed to M [ <
an Carthy & Burk'a undertaking rooms on
irt will bo forwarded to hla friends at Ottaw
by express.
irs DELLONK Jeannette , wifu of Fret
d Uellone , died April 1st at 7:10 a. m. , <
UrlgUt's disease , aged 37 years , 1 montl
w- 20th days.
is ; Funeral will take place at 8:30 : a. m
of Tuesday , April 3rd , from the family res
at denco on Oolf ax street , formerly kuuwut
3 , the Bartlett Place. The deceased has r
sided in Omaha since 18GO and marrle
Mr. Fred Dellont In this city. She leavi
three children , ag d respectively 2 , 7 an
her los * . Ill [
* 11 year * of age , to rncurn
00 husband will have the deopwt lympatb
of all friend * In his sad bereavement.
If youaid not Carried , writ * the Ma
rlag * Fund and Mutual Trust Aasoci
tlon , 0dar Rapid * , Iowa , lot drcuU
xplalnlng the plan.
Tno Nomtnntlon of O. Hpecht Favor-
ab y Hoct-ivtd.
The nomination tt' U Hpecht by the
Seoartd ropnblloicw for member
of the school board wan ono of the
boat selections tbo convention of Sat
urday night mado. Mr. Specht la
the proprietor of the oxtonnlvo galvan
ized iron ooroico works in this city
and has made hla buslnoes , through
his own Industry and onterpriuo , ono
of the most proBtablo in the city. Ho
gives employment to a largo force of
men , who all apeak in the
highest terms of their employer's
kind heartodncss and liberality. Mr.
Specht , is ono of the best German cit
izens which Omaha can boant. Ho in
a man of tine literary attainments hav
Ing graduated with honors at the
Hoidolburg university in Germany.
If ho la elected ho will proovo a vain-
nnblo acquisition to the school board ,
and his concise and methodical busi
ness habits would noon bo apparant
In the economy of the board.
Honford'i Aold Phosphate
la a preparation of the phosphates of
lime , magnesia , potash and iron la
such form as to bo readily assimilated
by the system. Descriptive phamplot
eeut frco. llnmford Chemical Works ,
Provldonoo. R. I.
Remaining In Post office during the week
ending March 31 , 1883.
Arnold Mrs N Blackmoro Mrs
Black MUs N Benedict Miss K
Carpenter Mra K Carlson Miss A
Crawford MM L B Carpenter Mrs K W
Gaee Mrs Dingle Mrs D
D ly Mra L Eke M
EkstromJ Gregg MlsaJ
Guningal Miss B Glltson Mrs A
Griffiths Mra E E Harder Miss J
Knlpht Mrs F A Kun Mrs J
Kenned ? Mra J E Kelsey Mhs N
Luvingston Mrs J Lagervist Mina A W
Murphy Miss A Morton Miss K
Moore Mrs 0 A Mo rls Mrs L
McDowell MUsME Miloion L
McDonald Miss L Marcum Mrs W H
Mason Miss I Mathleeon Miss M
Nilson Miss M Ferine M.isa M
Komlne Mrs J B Rlley F
R luuelle Modain C Itlchardson Miss L
Bwarts Mra K L Sheldon Miss M F
Thomas Miss M WenstrandMraMW
WaybtluhtMrsL2 Williams L A
Wech Miss E
Anton Botllng Frank Cole
Llda De Camp Gej Dotaon
U GreenbKtt Gee Reerots
F Uanel Gee Huaer
H B Johansen Elvy Kastner 2
Herman Ktumin Christian Moety
Mrs S trah Omagar P M Parker
Johann Petera W T Robinson
Loula T Sohuk Kami Sampson
Blruth Linger Mrs J Thomuson
E P Thompson Will John Uaher
Aumick A H Andenton P W
AlUon J Araidon C K
Ackard C J Anderson J
Bryant J Buvort H
Uannein H Bryngelson G R
Bralnard O Berlund C J
Bolwell T Brugmann P
Blodgett G P Barlow G T
Burndrlck F Blueh E C
Bneter F Bingam M R
Brown A Braatiaoker C
BarthC Barker B F
Cherry W ChanswellW
Cossldy T ' Cola B 0
Christcu > en T A Cliwdua .T B
Cbriatensen M CowryT O
Cimpbell D W Callen T B
Courtney O DiUI
Dlolcey J P Dartman P
I'lokernnnE ' Enqulct P G
Evert * G W Furtb II
Feist P Fogg EG
Frazee E L Farming M
Gillett W 8 Ge rW
Garth S Glnglln H
Grlseman H Garland G W
Gui-tafsson F 2 Graved G I
Griffith A N Gililia E C
Gordon M M Henry W
Hollenbeck J Hunster L
Hlrschman L Hans n L
HamllnJE Henderson G
Hayes 0 N HasleyOH
llonien F Jinklni D
Isqnlst H Oat Isler J N
Jsquea A L
Krohn J 2 Kleidester L
King J Y Kennedy J
Long J Lang .T E
LuddonW Lolla K
LongF Llnd N P
Loader A Montgomery F W
Mlllis N Miles M
Miobielson L Mel I or H
Mumma J R McKrav G
Matney M Myers NG
Movers N Montgomery O
VicQuarter S Mitchell JM
Miller G A Neotrt'jlo F
Nelle H H Norton F
O'Brien J Ogden W
Pa'ersou J A Pasco W H
Perry A O Parker T
Post N J Prllchard M J
Vbelpa O H ReaMaEE2
Rasmtmeen H C R cl er P
RUer T Ritchie T W
StlnsonRV Starring G A
Stevens WH Smith A
Sohiuipf Shattuck S S
Snell 8 M Silley O E
ShajB D K Spangbure M
Stam L C Squires J
Settles Y Shepherd T E
, Terroll S TaylorHJ
Tyner L T Thorp A
Tnomas S D Tonchey W
, Tomllnson Ward & Co Vodre D
Von Bomllach O P Wash M
Waggoner S E Willis H L
Weed I , K White 0 A
Wa'f 0 Waelmsh
Whltmore J B Wilson G W
Washbnrn F Wllhnm W
Washington G Walker O
THOS F. HALL Postmaster.
terted unless paid In advance.
at Tbo Omaba Savings Bank
Ia cow preparid to make oans on Omaha City
or Douslis CouUy
> V. X H fc - - a.flk. .
At Current lutes ol Intirost.
c. f33-lui
ONEV TO LOAN-Call at Law ofticeot D. L
id. 111. Thomas room SCrcighton Block.
of Loaned on chaitol profcity by J
, - T llcatty , No 21S Scutli 14th street
6JO Imol
' JNEV TO LOAN-At 8 p r cent. ShrWer'i
si- Rial Estate anil Loan Agency , opposite
sittn poatofflce. _ 767-U _
LOANEU-On chattel iortijage.roon
re MONEV Block , cor. ISth and Faroam.
ed 21-aprlb (
nd A ( food slrl ( or gcneial house
er WANTED 1615 Chicago street. 7MB
To men ol nod addrtsi to can
WASTED sell goods. Sttady employmen
to geol mea Call 421 8. JOth St. 7 'J-B1
iv good girls can Bnd employment Immedl
an TWO at tht Vienna Ooffe * Uooe , 403 Tentl
anm. street. 70 2 |
Girl for general hotMiwark at T14
WANTED stieet. i4 < M |
\\TAN7 HO A ne t glr' for Kea'ril houiewsrk
- Mu t le n d corl , , w 'tr a-d Ironer.
Ur . U. I'urvN , 23d a-d St. M.rv'.itcnue.
ANIKO Afjlil to do toner.t f-uu work ,
8 K. corner SOthaud nt. ilaijr i avrtitH
. 7f7-H
WANTKD A hJtclcivk , w > marr ( erred
Apply or d iresi t'i .tral U.ty Ho el Cen-
tial City Nebraikn , 707-B
ITANTtD A girl who und rst'iiJf omc.
V oik ( Of . 2 < td 701 3 (
W ANTED \ good girl lor fens aihouxrwitk
at 1720 CM * &t. T/l-3 (
\T7 ANTKD-0 tlfor gtnertl houtoworL. Ap
V > plyW T. CUrk2Jnl udUouilM 531-3
ANTKI' T atn § and latniera. U MANN-
W WEII.KIUlth tt. 714-JH
WANIKD Afflrl to do goncril hiit'eworii
In family ot three. Good au < | > al1 to
KOoJ cook , 'li r and lioi er , 2llu Hi ' cv H.
727-3 }
WAN'I CD An architect ua' ' ram htuman.
Apply lllcoifO o iictium NV. . on cr
13th tti d Ilirnojupn ita 728-2J
WANTRD-A Kltl to vri t on thi tahV , nod
tow , at the OLcldcntil llctol , CW tf
WANTED \ corrpct nt u\il \ for
h.useno k. Applt at KilO Patenturt St. ,
bcf. i.Th m d llth iucr < tiCLS tcuulred
673 tf
GUIDKROCK Ni ! > n'ka , wnnta a 'itinl urc
dealer and Bhg * lu.ktr Th" rlRht i"-n can
dK rd lotatlons. JIAhV
WANTED An expcrlo coJ taker. I'ermt
nont oropbjmoi t and loodw " - AJ
drcajD. LOWMAN , HaitlDg" , Neb 5756 ]
WANTT.D-liy country e'rl ' situation In prl
pate family , want * to attend college In city
and will xork bitaace of her time ( or her board.
Addrej < "No llo" Cto offico. d h-t'
W ANTED J-mpojmMit hy a eood man ard
wl'e H.JlAHMVEILKUllthSt. 710 3J
WANTED 3 tuvtlcn Iv girl to do general
housework. Apply 1421h rlog street
- a middle agrd Swede , a ittui-
Urn of soil/0 kind. la aKocd Knulish schol
ar , with some V nnwcdga of boot-keeping. Al'O
cipablaofof tea'hlncc music on vlloln. Address
Oscar H. , SondinavUn Hotel. CB3 21
\\f ANTED Unfurnished rcom within 10 mln-
VV ut a walk of U. I' depot. With or without
board. Address < ! , " P. 0. box C33. T43 4 {
" \T7"ANIED Torenf a smal hons'S orG rooms
VV near to Pnstotfico ( urnlihed or unfurnUh
( d hv iiHpnoilble | aity. Adt-rttu li. Y.
Krccinr biuck. 703-2
ANfKD A low table LoirJens at 1011 Far
nimbt. 7123J
- . Buderln' with tooth
WANTED-E.crvbjdv at 1421 Karnam ( tree
and bo cund fieecf tbatge by Homo's Koctrlc
Belt. 613-lui
_ C cooT tl nce8,1810 Dodpa Street. 4862 ]
RENT A store 20x60 In Balcombe block
FOR 10th street.
737 811 8 ? . A D. liALCOMBE.
IT10H UKNT Nice furnithod room B E corrcr
Jdl _ tn and Cais. 7 6 25
TT10R RENT Two rooms ard kitchen , 3 closets
J ? cclhr. at comer 13th and CMitornU street.
Inquire at COS N 13th stre.t. 738-71
TTIOR Ht.NT uinl'hcd room with bay win.
I' dow and board. Mcdorn Improvements , 1718
Dorfgo street. 74M-7IJ
\\7 ANTED By a practical printer o ( twelve
W ytaracxpcrl-nco , actuation as foreman ,
Job p-tnter or local editor Ocod references
> lon and Job samples ( tent on nppllca Ion , Ad-
drcts A U SMITH , CrestO" , la.
733-2 *
A nice furnl bed front parlor and
JL , bedroom no children , 1713 Chicago St
730 OJ
; OR RENT Furnished room 1611 Webster St.
! between 16th and 17th Ht. 700-9t
FOR RENT UOUBBS and lots at philverand
Bell's. Rent Bureau , opposite Post office.
709 tf
"I70RRENT Kurn'shed and unfurn'shed room ,
C modern ci&Tenlcmep , good location , 1816
DcdgaSt. 717-8 *
O LET-One room wl hboird , 1808 Collfornla
JL street , 1m
1710R PENT-Bio m rrttage 412 K. ? 4thSt
Clarliion and Hunt 2'S < . 14 h et. 719-3 §
I OR RENT Ho'is * with 0 rooms. Inquire
F north weet corner 14th and Jonm 715-3f
HOUSES UcOAOUE , Opposite Pcttiffice.
ClOR RENT Three nicely furnlihed loosre ,
JD with or without board , at 1318 Jackson St.
67 * 4J
FOR RENT Home of 7 roomi. Also house
of 4 norm. Hnu harenueind Leavenwor'h.
Inquire Western Cornice Workr , mo Douglas
tttxtt. 41 653
"T710R RENT Floe upr'ght piano , floe Kim-
Jj ballorK n , 1519 Dodge olreet.
V > 1t A. II03PB , Jr.
TOOK RENT 25 houses , 2 to 10 rooms , at 3 to
(25 per month 8hrlreri Rent bureau , op-
pObta cost-office. 768-tf
FOR VF.NT Iwo double stores , sultiblo lo
boarding ; bouse , gr eery , butcher , cr saloon ,
situated ro aa to command a good farmer trade.
Inquire of Mrf. F. Lange , S. W. Cor. 13th and
Jackacn 8U. SCO-lmf
T70U ALK Arare cn nce , a n. w store 22x40
IJ fcitanrt lit u nt Inlnga complo e itick ol
general m > rchandNc , nd enjoying tin he itflt of
H t ealtby and steadiiy Inc eai nt business , 1 ca-
ted In centre of one of tha bait 'gr tul U'al dl < -
nlcla In wtet-in Ioa. jerma llhml , write P.
O box < G Imigeno Ia 713-121
Oil 8 ALB The building nrw In us for the
F Child' * Ho'pltal on Dndgo 8'reet , aVve I7tb
Applf at the Hcspltal until Friday , Aprils.
171OR SALE A pair of bravy dr > ughl mules.
JL ! Inquire at 11 OK South lit i ( trott. es'Mw
T10K SAT3f 3tver l houses 01 lea ed ground.
697-tf Opposite Pottofflco
paper , In a ) oimg and gronhg town In Eas
tern Nebraska. AddreisU H. Bee Office.
Toil SALE One quarter section land la Stan-
1 ? ion county. Also one of tha best stock farms
In Burt county , one mile frcm Herman Station. building 1119 Ftrnam street.
Also for sale or trade fcr Douglas county proper
ty , 40 aciei In Uaion county. Illinois. Inquire
of H. O. CLARK.
TjlOK SLE General stock of m rch ndlse and
J ; i ore b ll > l > g , wel lo-ated In thriving town ,
22 c lies f rum Lincoln. Property worth > boul
Jo,000. Satisfy tory rea oos for selling gi > m.
AUOrcsa "F. U. " Oniaht Bee. 677-7
SALE New bouse , 12 rooms. 8 closets ,
FOR , rents 110 per month , one-third corner
lot 81 MO. New hous > , 0 rooms , uarrct , ' 12x40 ,
cellar , cl.ttrnand well , lot OixOfl for 2,71)0. 2
house ) , 4foom * each , cellir. c'stern ' , veil and
st kle , Iot3"xl32 , f2,7CO. Ml within C bl cks it
poMortlce. Inquire ho. C03 North 13th Street.
SALE OR RENT Voso llano.
FOR - ! C. J. CAN AN.
Two houses Brncms nd5tcoms
Brick founJ&tlcn , good < cllarj , hard and iofg
water , full lot , on p-nitn ! 3rd street , within two
blocks cf'sfilari' aicnuf. Inquire on the
premtief , h o. 811 louth 23d Street. 622 2wj
ofdmVahV"eYe'r published. Official map ot tbe
cltj. See column.
OR 8ALE-One norse. llngle wagon and bar
E ness. 1 Cooper wagon.
3lj.t ( 801 M. IBlh at ,
OR 8MJ OK HENT iy S story brick rwl-
denca on 19th stiwt aod bt Uar's a enu
for sale , tl 000. Small payment down , ba'ance
1W B Veaistlme. Lot tOrJOO foot Elegant
hous. , v rT oonvenltnt. Will r nt ft to very
. jood parties lor Hfi per month. Call at onca al
I TurT o ,
I 2H-April 1 Cor. Hth ud rurtuumStw
BALE CHEAP-Cholce unimproved bn .
FOR lots on Farnatu llartcr. Douglr ,
and Dodge streets. D WIS A SNV DF.R.
Uetl Eflt te Ae-nW
llO-i-nd-if 1608 Farnam St.
YARD FORREST Apply at nnte.
BK10K ) needed to run It Ou h nd.
Superior clay Also house on yaid If anted.
LOilENZ i JIBBLK , Yard Uthttrcet 2 blocks
outh of Be'lettie ' road. 280 lm |
T70R riALB A flrct Cl M rrmml hand phieton
r PaPat 131 "trnevBt _ SflT-tf
SALE I'ockiU uap ot Nooraoka VQc
FOU . For bargains In u aha City Improved
and unimnr vrd property , call on Wm. r , Shrl-
ver , e\l Kstate Agent , opposite pontoBlce.
7B3-H _ ,
Bargains in Real Estate ,
House and lull lot , gxd location , $1,200.
House and half lot , netr at , Mary's avenue
Crttaga and Corner lot on Dodne s'rect , t3ROO
New Uottigo In K. V Smith's id.i tlon , (2,000.
L'ottiigoanit 'ul < It t un IPth ttroct , n < ar Lea-
ve'iwoith ptrcet , $2 , ' . 00.
44 fnct front ago 01 Farnam street , Improved ,
Corner lot on Douglin street , (7.600. Banr > ln
Hu Incpa lot on Ucuglta itrect , (4,000.
100 foot front on Dudge stie.t. Residence In-
voatmeut , (1,350.
! 07tf Oppoilie Postomce.
10 acre * , house , barn tnd oth'r Improvement ? ,
2J milts fr m t ostotlico , 3,000
( I room houio full lo > on s roet car line , 83'600.
It room hcu'e , oiic-ralf let , on ttreoj car line ,
U rcom hr\H , on street cir line , all modern
lmrro\ementa. ( niw ) 83,500
1(0 fine rcnlcleoci lotson and adjacent to strut
cais. ( .OOtodtCO.
Fitrnam Street.
3 room hous * , co'lar. ' well , etc. Two full lots ,
Shlnn's addition , (300.
6 rojin ncu'o , cellar , cistern , etc. , fences and
walks , fu'l lot , Shlun'i ) addition. Very easy
term ! , (2.350.
3 room house , on street car line , leased lot ,
3 room house , Lowe's addltlcn , full lot , ( EDO.
3 room house , one-half lot , five minutes walk
from street cars , COO.
6 room house , ten minute ] * a'k from post.
office , full lot , (1,000.AMES
Farnam Street.
5 room house , Cats street , (1,500.
Business property on Caplt 1 arenue , corner ,
o room houte ( new ) one half block from itrect
cars. Bargain. (1,800.
8 room houeo and barn on cipttol are ( . ' 60.
6 room house , flan order block from street can
7 room house , full lot N-Isom addltloo $1,000
11 r om touio , ham , corn olb , well , cistern
lUtti Street. Easy terra(3,000. .
6 one acre lot' , 1) m'lea trcm p'stoffico , (800.
Call and examine lull li-t of Jlousca and Lots
Vacant Lo's , one , two , ( he and ton aore lots.
1606 Furnitn Street.
Fo- Sale of
200 Choice Lotb In
596. tf 150G Farnam.
Real Esi ate Bargains ,
SALV : On monthly payments , 11 house *
andlot < 1850 to (1,600.
Corner lot and cottage , Davenport street ,
2 nouses and lotr , near street car track , eich
? COO.
One-half lot near St. Wary'a a'cnuc , (375.
Vacant lota , month ! ) Insta loitntj.
320 acres , 14 u lien west. $30per acre.
120 " 3 ' "
320 " 4 " " $15 "
EO " 3 " from city , $4f OD.
170 " 7 " f'om city , ( d.OOO.
3-10 acre tracts near barracsi , each (550.
Choice residence 1 tf and houses and lots In
all parts city on easy terms.
661-31 Opposite Poitoffioe.
Bargains in Jfeal Estate.
Cottige and full Ut on lOllr street , near Leav
enworth , (2,7(0.
44 foot fr ntige o i Farnam ttreet , Improved
brl k ? . ' 0000 ,
A bu Itici ! > ' 01 Douzlai street , (4.000.
100 to t frjntagu ou Dodge stro. t , J1.3.W.
(95tf Opposite Postotfice.
riTRAYEDO I STOLEN "n FrHay la t , from
O" e alley bet. 12th an ! 13th on Howard stieet.
a orlodle cow with white f co. Finder return to
Mrs. Cannlchael. 745 2 |
RS. IIAN8EN , Mldwlfo , his removed from
M 9th aud Jackson to 10th and Uarcy Bit.
OS9-lm | |
/GRADING Bl wil' ' be recetv.d until April
\Jf 4tb , for rrmavmg abaut 4,0i 0 yird i of earth
fnmloiN , W. cir. 18th and Fjinam stree .
( xmtiactrr tb sell the dirt.
C53-3 T. W. T. R10HARD9 ,
TI7 ILL take children of ny age give them a
VV mothers care for a liberal compensation.
Address Y. Z. Bee office. 368-lmo *
LADIES wishing a qule * place during confine
ment , with nurM will addrees W , B. Be *
office. 369-lmot
mo EXCHANGE for city prpetty A1Oaaha ,
X ten flrst-c'av ' Improved farms A'eo 1600
head o ( shejp f T Sato Correspond with N. 0.
Chr stlant p , Bacrame- , Neb. m9-lm
TIONALIST , 498 Tenth street , between Farnam
and Harney. Will , with the aid of guardian
splrlta , obtain for any one a glance of the part
and present , and on certain conditions la tbr fa *
ture. Boots and Shoes made to orter. Perfect
atlafacUon guaranteed.
'Tit's eltz r 4T > rl nt 18 N INVAL-
N. B In taklne SELTZEa APERIENT lo hoi
water , wait until'the effervescence has entirely ! ?
erased. The water ihould be bet not Mpld
or lukewarm. " "
Absolutely Pure
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
strength and wholtoomcnosa. More econom
than the orplnary kind * , and cannot be soli
cciupetitlcn with the multitude of low test ih
weUbt , alum or phnphate powiler Sold onli
can * . ROTAI. Diuaa Vowwu Co. , Wall f.ii
New York ,