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The Omaha Bee.
Published every morning , except San.
y. The enly Monday morning cully ,
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Newsdealers In the United States.
lattons relating to News and Editorial
matters should bo addressed to the KDrroE
or TUB Bn.
Itettera and Remlttancca should be ad
OMAHA , Drafts , Checka and Postoffice
Jrdcra to bo made payable to the order of
the Company.
The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
A VOTE for bonds moans a vote for
decrease ia oar mortality rato.
EVEKY citizen of Omaha should vote
or sewer bonds at to-day's elec
JOE REDM AN says bo Is satisfied with
the republicans nominations , with ono
ozoeptlon. He only wanted a chance
to vote for Olark Woodman for mayor.
FDDLIO Improvements are In the air
and publio sentiment is ovorwhlomlng-
ly In favor of putting Omaha abreast
of other cities of her elzo throughout
the country.
THE board of public works etil
holds the fort and will act as supervisor
ser of the contracts entered Into by
the city. On this account , If for no
other , a vote for bonds Is safe.
THE anti-free pass bill has been
killed by the New York legislature.
The opportunity to bilk the state out
of their mileage Is too valuable to be
thrown away by the average leg- !
A WIIITEB In the Atlantic Monthly
complains that American society Is new
carried on . "solely for the benefit of
young girls. " Whether Sasan B. An
thony or Qall Hamilton wrote the
Article is not stated.
BEN BOTTEKWOBTH has boon pro
vided for aa commtailoner of tbe
Northern Pacific railroad whore his
vulgarity can be expectorated without
hooking the hardened eitizans of
Fargo and Billings ,
THR first comptroller of the treas
ury hu decided that Tom Oohlltree's
alary cannot be attached for debts
due the government. Since the de-
ciilon the usual poker game has been
resumed with the boys at the old
i stand ,
UNDER the decision of Judge Law
rence In the Oohlltroe case , the stlarj
of a congressman c&pnot be attached ,
garnkheed or otherwise got at withon !
his consent by any creditor. Flvi
hundred Washington bar rooms havi
ordered signs displaying the natlona
motto , "In God Wo Trust Al
Others Cash. "
THE army of iho United States 1
very tmall , and Us navy Is absurd , bu
both are exceedingly troublesome am
expensive. The crop of scandals am
b'ckerlngs In the military and marln
departments Is enough to cause gonori
rejoicing that there aru not mor
officers to loaf about the capital an
use social tcflaonoo Instead of merit a
a means of shirking duty.
INCOMPETENT and dishonest Basons
ors are the iaxthlrkors * bonanza. TL
men Vrho are paying In proportion i
their income from five to ten timi
the amount of taxes contributed t
our real estate magnates are into
estod that property in Omaha shall I
assoesod equitably and at a un !
form valuation for the rich and tl
poor. _ _ _ _ _
OHIO stands ready to plug tl
opening In the poatcffioe dopartme :
with a dozen unemployed statesmi
if need bo. The friends of Govern
Foster have handed his name in as
ort of expiatory offering to tl
mmes of Oarfield. But there a
o many men in Ohio who wan | offi
that to takeoneis to offend a hundre
In a multitude , of applicants there
MB , STUT , who has boon nomlnat
by the republicans aa councilman
large , Is a roaidont of the 1st wai
and hns boon a citizen of Omaha i
the past sixteen years , during t
larger portion of which tlmo ho h
been In the employ of the govornmo
as a wheolrlght. Mr. Stut Is
honest and cipablo mm'and if oleo
ed would doubtless provo a trastwo
thy and efficient councilman.
TUB cillzana of Omaha will
asked to day to authorize the iso
of $100,000 In improvement bon
for extending the North and SDU
Omaha and the St. Marys aven
ewers , and for the construction
storm water sewers at the base of tl
hills. The bonds will require a tn
thirds m joritv , and every vol
\ ( ' ought to cut his ballot in favor of t
The tickets nominated by the dem
ocratic and republic in parties for citj
o fibers indicate moro dourly than the
most labored demons nttlon the no-
ocsilty of non-partisan voting in mu <
nlclpal elections. It la nafu to saj
that three-quarters of the iatolllgonl
voters of both political parties to-daj
will refuse to vote what is called a
straight ticket. Many of the verj
men who are howling thoJlouJest foi
party loyalty and strict adhoronca to
the wishes of the people us shown In
the political conventions will be
found among the " o catchers. *
Wo bollovo a majority of the
nominees themselves will ox-
orclso their own judgment in ballot
ing. Oa the other hand the men who
can bo bought by a drink , bribed by a
dollar or bulldozed by fear or favoi
will vote straight and glory in theli
' principles. "
It i * a fact that municipal elections
nro moro subject to corrupting in
flaoncoa than state cr national con <
tests. The straggle for parly offioet
is narrowed down to a moro con
traded field. The public to bo ap
pealed to Is imallor , and the ware
caucus and primary offer mori
ready inducements to the arts of thi
small bore politician and the trainee ;
in Influence and votes. The element !
which most directly affect unfavorablj
the welfare of communities have n <
personal interest in the selection of i
state executive and still loss in thi
choice of a president. The cornel
groggorlos and the dago dens , the lov
down dives and the flashy gamblinf
hells , keepers of disreputable honsei
and men to whom all law is a throat
and a good government a stand
Ing monaoa , care much mort
who represents their ward in thi
next council than who secures i
eat from Nebraska in the UnU
ed States senate. And so when
party lines are strictly drawn , ant
party machinery promises to push t <
a successful election the nominees o
the primary and the convention
Every kilaenco is used as it can , nowhere
whore else bo used by the criminal anc
law defying elements of the oommu
nlty to secure the election of men whi
will at least give assur&noo that thoj
wil not enforce the law against Ian
There has never boon an importanl
reform in municipal governmontexcepl
by an open or secret union of citlzeni
on a non-partisan buls. The ma
jorlty of mayors who have seonrec
their election because they have
pledged themselves to reform oxlatiof
abuses , have gained thelf office as th <
result of the independent spirit among
voters , The councils andboards of al
dermen who have shown the greatest
efficiency and wlidom In building up i
city's credit and in pushing her development
opment without crippling the treasury
or bankrupting taxpayers haverarolj
been elected by a dominant party
The Tweed regime in New York w&
overthrown aa much by the votes o :
outraged democrats as by the efforts o
indignant republicans. The carnlva
of jobbery In Philadelphia unde
the rule of Boss Manoi was end
ed by a hearty union of mortlfiei
republicans and earnest democrats
And to-day In Chicago a oomblnatloi
of the best mon of both political pai
ties is doing Its bent to snow undo
a mountain of ballots a demooratl
mayor and a democratic ticket wh
represent the wont elements of th
community and are endeavoring t
perpetuate a government in whlo
crime and drunkenness and dobanol
ory receive practical immunity froi
the laws.
If the same spirit prevails in Omar
in the election which is now progrot
Ing a ticket can bo elected which wl
do honor to the city. Neither of tl
slates presented by the convontlo ;
will bo or ought to bo elected. Bat
Is of the highest Importance that tl
successful candidates shall bo picki
from the bent and not from the wet
nominees o ntho party tickets ,
Rosooo Oonkling is reported to ha'
said recently in that piquant at
caustic style for which ho is noted , '
have but ono annoyance In oonnootli
with this administration , and that
that In contrast with it the adminl
tratlon of Hayes booomos respootat
if not heroic. " This doubtless ropt
sonts the stalwart view , and is echo
by the Tom Murphys' , iho Ste
FronohV and the Logans' ot the i
publican party. But the policy of t
president , if ho can be said to have
policy , receives as cold a shoulder f re
the other faction of the party. T
Philadelphia Pnu charges him wl
weakness and indecision , the Olnol
nati Commercial Insinuates that ho
lacking both In convictions and fir
noon , and the rest of the republic
journals either echo the cry or nul
tain a studied ailonco
If President Arthns has laid hlme
open to the accusation of a want
perception nnd of courage , ho 1
only reflected the prevailing tone
the political party ot which
is presumably the head ,
president unless a man of great men
ability an 1 political training can BOM
ly bo expected noWadtjs to lead <
party leaders. The days when pa
platforms and political debates met
reflected the views of the chief exe
tive have passed. Jackson and I
coin undoubtedly made and nnmi
party platforms. They wore at once
presidents and party loaders , Interpreters -
proters of party policy and executive !
of their own. The days of Jacksoi
and Lincoln are not however our own ,
Now Issues then wore constantly crys
talllzlng. Questions of national 1m
portanco were forcing themselves con
tinnally to the front upon which a do
olded stand had to bo instantly taken ,
and in endorsing the president thi
parties were forced to endorse his acts
Snob occasions now are rare and fev
have occurred during Mr. Arthnr'i
administration. Over those whicl
have , the president has attemptoc
to exorcise no influence anc
tbo party has followed suit
The president has boon drlftinj
because the party has been drifting
Neither have found secure anohoragi
grounds , The late republican congress
gross , assisted by the light of las
fall's political disaster , did Its best ti
furnish materials for a national policy
and failed. To the credit of Preslden
Arthur bo It said that ho was oftoi
better than the party. Ho urged li
advance of congress'tax ' reductions
vetoed the river and harbor steal , ant
pushed the civil service reform moas
nro. Standing between two factions
fir or , ho has dodged to the bes
of his ability the mislles of the angr ;
contestant * and has sought to al
lay party discord. Many of hjs appointments
pointmonts have been good and hi
attitude throughout has baon that oi
well meaning and respectable oxooc
tlvo. In the present condition c
republicanism it is unfair to expect th
president to bo the Moses who Is t
load the party from the Egypt of in
pending defeat to the Promised Lan
of success and officeholdlng. It wl !
take something moro than a presides
tlal policy to do that.
SEVERAL experiments have bee
made lately to test the practicability e
applying electricity as a motor o
street railroads , Ono of the moc
successful was made at Greenville , ft
J , , on a track about one-eighth 9 !
mile long , with one sharp curve and
heavy grade. The oleotrio motor dro'
a fivo'ton car over it at a good rate c
spook. With a load of seven passer
gora It spun along at a rate equal t
that of a steam locomotive. The Dal
electric motor , as it Is called , consist
of a simple pair of trucks placed 01
the rails as a basis ; nnder a platfon
above it are the electrical appliance
for regulating the motor. The rate c
peed can be increased or diminish
at will Tne electricity is generate !
by a powerful dynamo machine , am
carried to the rails through whlo ]
it runs a harmless current It 1
claimed that the cost of rnnnin
can by electricity Is forty per con
less than by steam. The motor re
gains 75 per cent of the energy ex
erted by the steam engine which gee
orates the electricity. On long rail
roads it will be necessary to hav
stations every 25 miles at whioh dyne
moa of the requisite power shall b
placed for supplying the train. 0. .
street railways only five to ton mile
in length this would bo unnecessary
aa one charge would carry a ci
through from ono end of the line I
the other. The cost of the mete
which la a small affair , Is trifling COD
pared with that of a steam englm
and any number can bo rnn on tl
same track. The motor Is to be use
on street railroads In Newaik and e
ono of the Oonoy Island roads ; if
shall ba fonnd to work satlsfactorl
on those it may como Into use els
whore and wo shall in the end s
electric motors substituted lor her
flash on street railways in ail o
IN the eyes of the Springfield Ji
publican the list of expenditures f
law services which "Browutcr , attc
ney-gcnoral , " has allowed In the ps
18 months Includes some cnrloaltic
Divldgo and Judge Porter , the go
t ornmont cauneol in the Guitoau cat
had $10,000 each for their service
Duncan. S. Walker , brother in-law
Browttor , rendered some service In
case , for whioh ho received § 500 ,
modest sum , Richard Orowley in
oiso against the New York Oontri
being then rnombar of congress , i
celved 88,630 , anallowancaof-doul
ful legality and one whioh Is certain
against propriety. Edwards Plori
pont got 4,509 for his case agalt
Tllden on the income tax , an outraf
ona prosecution for the government
have countenanced. Gen. Ohalmc
received (500 for "services in his o\ \
election case , " another outragoo
allowance ; it ia on a par with t
charge of Maokoy , the South Caroll
oongreesman , who sent in a bill to t
houao of representatives for $1G
for arguing hta own caato before t
committee on privileges and oleo'ioi
Controller Lawroucu ought to ha
stopped BOIUO of thrs'i hills.
THE bonds to bj voted upon to-d
will assure the permanency tf pub
Improvements In Omaha. The aooi
as our system of storm water sewers
of began the more rapid will bo the i
10 tension cf paving operations and I
construction of aolid and snbstanl
street crosaings.
10- _ -
10 AMID all the turmoil of polil
there Is one thought that racks ]
lyn Miller's brain. The Arctic sea :
n- expedition has not discovered
nJo wbereabonta of George Washing
Jo Ambrose.
Southern farmers' are complaining
bitterly of the cheapness of cotton and
the small returns received from iti
production. They'olalm that the price
has steadily decreased for the past five
years , and that at the prcson
tlmo , the cost of raising ii anc
matkotlng the crop leaves no snrplui
ts the producer.
In reply to these complaints the cot
ton factors of St. Louis Jiavo sent on
a circular letter of advice to sonthert
planters which contains many oxcollon
points , They insist that the only wa ;
for the farmers of that section to at
tain independence and competence 1
to grow less cotton and pay moro at
tonton ( to the raising of food product ;
After pointing out that the crodl
system , so long in vogno in the south
is disastrous to planters and tenants
because It forces them to pay extravagant
gant prices for ( supplies , and obligj
them to force their cotton into th
market with such rapidity and in sue' '
quantities aa send prices , In man ;
Instances , down below the cos
of production , the factors de
clare that over prodnotioi
of the favorite staple is the key not
to the entire situation. Ballevln ]
that it will be to the advantage of th
nornh they advise that farmers devot
their labor first to the raising e
grain , battle and hugs , and give th
balance of their time to the cnltnr
of cotton. It c'oos not require mac
reflection to understand the ntllit
and value of the advice thi
proffered. Those who give their sol
attention to cotton culture must di
pond upon the merchant for a
supplies , and when their crops ai
ready for market they are so hoa'vll
In debt that they are compelled I
sell and take anoh prices as they ca
got. They cannot afford to hold ot
because their creditors are entitled i
a settlement on the year's tradi
They are losers In two ways , fc
while cotton Is fifteen per cei
lower at this tlmo than the average (
the past five years , corn Is thlrtj
throe per cent and provisions eve
fifty per cent above the average.
If southern farmers would undo ;
take the raising of their own anppllc
and decrease the production of cotto
there can bo no donbt that a chang
would aoon be wronght in their cond
tlon. As the taotora well put it 1
their circulars , "with the prodnotlo
of enough provisions on each farmJTc
domestic use , cotton would become
surplus , and aoon the Incubus of del
would be lifted from their shonlderi
and each year advance them on th
high road to prosperity and wealth.
TBE statement that the expenses <
the national government for the 001
rent year would exceed $300,000,001
including Interest , presumes that tl
pension payment * come np to the ]
proprlatlon of 9100,000,000 , ( But no
withstanding the new force of clerk
these payments prrcood slowly an
will not exceed 970,000,000 , in whic
caae the expenses of the year will t
leas * than $275.000,000 , how mn :
less dopenda on how near the apprc
prlationa the actual expenditures ar
Ono of the mysteries of the penslc
offica is that it paid $23,000,000
claims in the three months , Jnl
August and Saptember ; since the for
was increased , it Is not able to do ;
much work ; In April , May and Jun
it expects to pay off $20,000,00
0. D. WOODWORTII , one of the r
publican nominees for councilman
large , is an able , honest and industi
ons citizen who haa already nerved
aocrotary of the board of oducatli
with ability and to the satisfaction
al ) . Mr. Woodworth is a clerk
the U. P. headquarters , but if ho ci
roll up majorities as rapidly aa ho c ;
fignro np freight tariff ] he will Ic
the poll this evening.
A LITTLK Philadelphia boy was i
contly heard to pray : " 0 Lord , bit
brother Bill and make him as good
boy as I am. " That boy should app
fur a job with Dorman B. Eitoi
civil service commission.
candidate for member of the board
education and ought to bo elected
a rousing majority. Ho will bo if o
oltlzans give him tbo support
FLORIDA la eplgrammatlbally c
scribed by a correspondent of t
Chic mo Inter Ocean as a place whc
' the leaves on the trees are too la
to fall. "
IT Is reported that Socor Robes
has filed an application for the po
master generalship. Bolknap a
Howgato are still to bo heard from.
Florida Pantnora.
I'aUtkaV'li ) HmM.
o Oa Sunday lost three coloro-1 m
were out door hunting near Whit
log camp , back cf Rollstowu. Ono
them was at hi" stand , and the dc
were heard com , ig In that dlroctlc
Saou there was u terrible commoti
In the bushes , the sound coral
toward him. The darky , thinking
was a deer , stopped so as to got a f
shot , when suddenly n tremondc
panther confronted , him. Hcarlnj
noise behind ho looked around , at
to his surprise and horror , saw i
other in a tree , which ho fired at a
OS killed just aa it was in the act
springing upon him. The other i
ah mediately escaped , much' , aa the dai
tie says , to his delight. TUB ono kll
measured seven feet and the nef
in estimates the mala to hare been tw
aa Urge.
The Tennessee home has adopted a reso
lution accepting the proposition of the
bondmen of Treasurer i'olk to lettle with
the aUto.
The A.rtr,3na legislature has patted a bill
to fund the territorial Indebtedness l > y the
Ittue of bomJn la the sum of $250,000 , to
ruu twenty yeird and bear seven per cent ,
Ki-Senttor Gordon , of Georgia , makena
vigorous denial of tbe report that he has
taken a resldenca In Florida , and that he
wantn to return to the senate.
The passage of a bill by the Tennessee
legfokture making It a felony to rent
bntldlngs for gambling purposes has
caused a sensation among tbe Rambling
The Charleston (3. ( 0. ) Newa ( dem. )
says : "The signs ( f the tlmo , wo are glad
to say , point to an alignment of parties for
the contest of 1881 upon the Isane of tarlfl
reform , pure and simple. "
Afl the constitutional unandment pro
viding for biennial sessions and elections In
Ma < sachuetts requires only a majority
vote in tbe senate , its presentation to the
people Is almost certain ,
Thn Connecticut prohibitory amend ,
ment before the legist > ture has been re
committed merely for the purpose ol
changing the form of submitting It to
the people , provided it is approved by the
Tbe Pennsylvania legislature has passer !
a bill provld Ing that no free passes or dig.
count pasies shall be Issued by nny rallwaj
in the etate to any one but officers and em
ployes of tbo company , and that violation
of the act shall be punished by $500 fine ,
six month)1 imprisonment , or both.
El-Representative Bowman , in a speed
made at Somervllle , Mast * . , on Tueadaj
evening , when a reception was tendered tc
him , said : "When a man baa got throtut
with his business as to be independent , lei
him , if he will , go into political life foi
amusement. Political life mutt hereaftei
bo given up to the rich man. It is to bf
regretted that It in ao , buc far preferable fo
such a career is the enjoyment of a qulel
homo and the pursuit of one's buslnm. "
The Atlanta ( Ga. ) Constitution ( dem.
haa pronounced opinions on tbe speaker
ship question , It says : "If Mr Itandal
Vecomes speaker , what follow * ? The
democratic party will not only be irre
trlevably committed to the Pennsylvanit
idea , but tbe house committees will be sc
made UD that the bouse will he as full ]
nnder the control of the coal , iron , steel
and pottery barona as the senate or thi
executive mansion. The work of revenui
reform would be more than impeded
would be ended until a new congress conic
be elected. If Mr. Carlisle , on the othe ;
hand , becomes spealer , measures looking
to a reduction of taxation and to the elm
pllficatlon and adjustment of the tarlf
would be proposed , and some of the prop
sltions would BO commend themselves ti
tbe country th t neither the senate nor thi
president would be willing to go onrocort
aqainst them. No extravagant proposl
tion could become law , but a reaconaMi
tar ill bill in the light of new facts cnuli
and therefore should be pressed to a fina
RheumatismNeuralgia , Sciatica
Lumbago , Backache , Headache , Toothache ,
r Thro t , Bwclllnc * . Bpratitt. Bmlxii ,
Bam * . S ld . ? nxt Jlltc *
Sold bj DnciliU ui Colin T rjwh rt. rirty Cuti i
bottl * . Dlrtttloallo 11 Linguae * * *
. )
Warranted Absolutely pur
Oocoa , from whici the excel
of oil Ii i been removed. It hi
three time * the strength <
Cocoa mixed with Stirch , A
row Root or Sugir.andlstntri
tors ta more e onomlcal. It
delicious , nourishing , ttronrtt
enlotr , cosily digested , ardar
mlrtbly < l pted for tnva Ids I
well as lor person * to heilth.
Bold by Grocer * Everywhei
W.'BAKER ft Go , .Dorchester. Mas
Genius Rewarded ,
OK. .
The Story of tan Snwlnz HaaWn
Ahandiom [ little pvnphlet , tluo anl gel
c cr wit ! ) nutnetou ) eagrtvlru-s , will be
to any adult porion cilllnj for U. at any brarc
or sub-olllco of the Singer M-iiufictur in Con
pany , or will be Bunt by mall , poit paid to tin
j rjon thing at a d stance from our office.
The Singer Manufacturing Go. ,
Principal Office , 8-i Union Squar <
Nebraofca Loan & Trust Gompan
Capital Stook , - - $100,001
JAS. D. HEARTWELL , President.
A. L. CLARKE , Vlce-Prealdont.
K a WEBSTER , Treasurer
Samuel Alexander Onrald'Ollrer ,
A. L. Clarke , K. 0. Webster'
dec. n Pratt , Jaa. B. Ueartwell ,
D. U.VIcElIIlnnoT.
First Mortgage Loans a Speoialt
This Company furnishes a permanent , boo
Institution where School Bcn1 eand other legal
Issued Municipal tecurltli to Nebraska can I
be negotiated on the mott favorable term
Loans made on Improve' ) farm In all well settli
counties ot the state through rwponslblej lac
cnrronpon Unta.
OonsuItinK and Civil EngineE
SfccUl nttentlnn to 8ur > r\lrg ' ( own Adc
t'ots mi I Lots. Furn'ahlng E tlmatoi cf Kxc
> itlcn , MaLUgMapii , Plan , &J.
ft a HH a IP B/jriiryi
Removed from 1222 Farnam 8t to IOO t
Fifteenth St. , oppptlte Pottofflce.
Will open on Marc1 ! JOth , a One lot of pattc
h-iiDcUandhm , ri bnnr , etc. Alsal rte adi
tloustothailockof Hair Qoo'R. camprUlog i
th Doveillr * of tbo s'uon. 'Iheohly tie ti
llghl mil Iniry store In Omaha.
JOHN D , PEABODY , M , D , ,
Betldinc * 1714 DoualM Street , Omaha , Ml
m < B& v
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It IB the beat and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono ponnd is eqnal
o three pounds of corn. Stock'fod with Gionnd Oil Oako in the fall and win-
cr , Instead of running down , will Increase in weight and bo in good market *
ible condition In the spring. Dairymen as well as others who use it can tos-
ify to its merits. Try It and judge for yourselves. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
hargo for eaoks . Address
04-ood-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
M. Hellman & Co.
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor.
Druggists *
WhiskieS !
in Bond or Free. Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer , .
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 216 S , 14TH STREET , - - - OMAHA , HKB ,
And Window Glass.
. . _ _
( JkA-TE OI1 ? 5r
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and' Door Frames , Etc.
First-class facilitiee for the Manufacture ol all klndes of Mouldings , Planing and
matching a Specialty. Orders from the country will b promptly executed ,
addreuall communleatl us to A. MOYER , Frnprla
First-Class Painting and Trimming , Bopairing Promptly Done ,
1310 Barney , Cor. 14th , Omaha.
Frederic , Monroe Go , , Iowa ,
0. E. MAYNE , . Proprietor.
Has constantly on hand a large number
of Ilorses.
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