Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 03, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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X < x > mMna n of l'n >
< < xHiof Iron , J'crwrian
Jta rk a nit Ji'hotphonu 1 11
n ixilnfa&l form * J-'oi
JtrhlHtv , io oW > C'
( { ( < , J'roxtradonoWlal
J'oirer *
. . .
BEV.A.I.JIOBB3 Writes :
. . . After iv thorough trial of the
XBON TONIO , I take pleaauro
use. felnlatora nnd Pub the debilitated vital forces.
lic Speakers will and It
of the greatest value
wherou Tonic Is nocos-
\ ary. I recommend it
M a reliable remedial
front , pocoosBlnff un
doubted nutrltivo and
' roatoratlvo . 'Lotlmltt , AV. properties. , Orl. 2 , 183. _
niPABID B7 THE DR. BARTER MEDICINE CO. , 813 H. Mint CT. , CT. M010.
Have now been finished in oUr store , mal"
! ng it the largest and most complete
In the West. An additional story has been
built and the five floors all connected
with two
One Exclusively for the use of Passengers. Those immense warerooms -
rooms three stores , are 66 feet wide are filled with the Grand
est display of all kinds of Household and Office Furniture evoi
shownAll are invited to call , take the Elevator on the first flooi
and go through the building and inspect the stock-
1206 , 1208 and 1210 Farnam Street , Omaha.
Cor. of Fifteenth an' Pacific Streets.
R E. OOPSON & CO. ' , Proprletora.
Will oommonoo operations nbput April I. / m2G-m&o 1m
The Oldest Wholesale and THE LEADING
in Omaha. Visitors can here IN TOE WEST I
General for the
find all novelties in SILVER Agents
Finest and Best Pianos and
VER WARE. CLOCKS , Organs manufacture a.
Rich and Stylish Jewelry , Our prices are as Low as
the Latest , Most Artistic , any MeiternManufaoturer
and Dealer ,
and Choicest Selections in Pianos and Organs sold-
PRECIOUS STONES and for cash or installment at
Bottom Pr .
all of FINE
descriptions A SPLENDID stcck of
WATCHES at as Low Pri 8teinw y. Ghickerincr ,
ces as Is compatible with Knabe , Vose & Son's Pi
honorable dealers. Call anos , and ottitjr makes.
and see our Elegant New AlsoClongh & Warren
Store , Tower Building , Sterling , Imperial , Smith
American Ordains , , &c.r Do
corner llth and Farahaxn
not fail to see us before
Streets purchasing. JJi {
' A Large Stock always on 'Hand.
' 213 Farnam St. , Omaha.
WMowSKafles and Onrtalns ,
Faints , Oils & Brushes.
IDT South 14th Btr t
J' . O
315 FlfteenthStrootf. between Harnoy and
Locksmtining , Bell Hanging , Saw Filing ,
Gh Street , 2d Door North of Dodge , . . . . Omaha , NJ
"W" - ± - ID IB
All Goods Perfectly Pure. Largest assortment in towi
Orders by Mail Solicited Opera Hoose Blook. 15th St , ,
' *
Atkins L S oor 7th nd 1'ioroo at
Anderson L M 517 Plerco at
Anderson J P Linv bo * . 7th and 8th
Adalr W 8 800 Hickory st
Arnold F oor 12'h and Ploroo at
Abramlt D 305 Spruce at
Anderson J F ih ) hot Hickory and
Dorcai st
ArncnianuA 1108 llth st
Anderson J M 705 s 10th st
Alnswotth F S 013 s 8th st
Anderson A 724 s Oth st
Anderson 0 Rook st In Grand View
Alien 0 R 512 a tUh at
Armstrong G D 718 Pieroa st
Aycr J 1) ) Howard bet 12th and 13th
Aroodson J oar Gth and 1'aclfio st
Anderson J cor 9th and Laav st
Abney Chan. 408 Ploroo st
Anderson A 022 Jones at
Avery H J 1201 Howard at
Atkins II 111 a7thst
lUaor C 511 s 10th st
Bark U Hickory bet Oth and 10th
Brandos 0 024 o 10th st
HoyerP 710 Plerco st
BnrryM 80Is7thnt
Bohut Avu. Gf5 Jaokson tt
Bad'y F J 910 Paollio st
Bergman Chas bet Jaokaon and Jones
st on alley
Back P M 514 Sprnoo st
Bishop 00 UP depot
Boyle T 1313 a 12th at
Brown M SUvln Uonso
Barrett E 1U7 Jones st
Bitrnann John 911 Hickory at
Bohllvor J oor 9 h and Loav at
Boattasson T 1207 a 13th at
Blelok A 1225 B 13th at
Konner J T Sluvm Hoaso
Boln A 309 Low at
Brawloy M oor llth and Center at
Brookor O F 012 a 12th at
Bonta 0 B 1115 a Gth at
Bodwoll T P oor llth at
Barkott 0 P 1017 Maaon at
Bramley Wm 003 a 13th at
Beck V 914 s 10th at
Buorger L llth bet Jones and Leay
Bethlock F Jones bet Oth and 7th
Bury M 1203 Howard st
Baehlor M 1119 Jackson at
Boyaenn P 'cor 8 h and Lear at
Bohlman G 413 Jones at
Barns J 1010 B 10th at
Bell J W1409 Park Wilde av
Brans H Oil s 12th at
Bkbcock T H 918 a llth at
Bjloy J W 802 Jaokaon at
Boyaen P 0 cnr 8'h ' and Lear at
Bonrller P 1110 a Oth at
Booth N oor 3rd B d Pine st
Brandt J G 504 a 10th at
Brlggu A F 903 it llth at
Buchanan A G 510 Hickory at
BlozorHP 902 R 10th at
Bargatrom 8 J 1437 9th at
Bang L { 115 Jacknon st
Barth G 9h b-t Jaokson and Jones
Black D 0 cor 10th and Martha st
Baarola J cor llth and Howard at
Bradly J cor 12th nnd Cisioller
Bsrghanson W H 510 s 10th st
Barcel J 808 Pnciho st
Banks T 702 si 1th at
Bird Oil , cor 8 h and Elm at
Black D D cnr llth and Jackson st
Bohn J 504 Piprco st
Brown N J 1330 a llth at
Baraballo G U 808 a 8th st
Beaumont J 1201 Howard at
Boll B 0 1409 Park Wild av
Berkatoin E oor llth and Jaokson st
Bombard J 1213 Howard at
Bornisen Ola 717 113th at
Biennen E J 1010 a 10th at
Bertelaon P 308 Oboatnnt at
Benson J L 1109 a Oth at
Cooffoy T 8 705 B 10th st
Clifford A Slaven honso
Casey T Lcavonworth bet 9th & 10h
Obrlatoferson J 1107 a 7th at
OookMD 1208 a 10th at
Oarrlgan M 015 a 10th at
Carroll P 015 s 10th at
Campbell W P cor 12th and Mason
Clark E 1524 i. Gth at
Oallahan E 1110 Jackson st
Connors M 1212 Ploroo it
arrler U 8 1424 = .Park Wild ave
Oogan D 1113 12th nt
OaUohan.J . B 913 > , l2ih at
Callahan H P. B 10th at near Dorcas
Gnmmlngi A cor 6th ? and Castollar ats
or p R 804 Hickory st
hristiansen J oor 8h and Oaatollai
Oofrlgan J 192 s 12 th st ;
CammThos 1401s 13thst ,
Connors Jno cor llh and Howard ati
OHrlstlanson A 1110 Jaokson at
Carroll Ed , cnr Gth and Marcy sta
Oaor W A 559 Oentre'at
onnors Pat 1212 Pierce st
Connors Ed 1110 Jackson at
onuoyer G M 1113 s 8th at
Cunningham M 510 Bornce at
0ndish W W 903 B llth at
Conn L cor 5th and Marcy at
Ghrlstlanaon P Walnut but 5th & Gtb
Oonran J 001 Marcy at
Clark M M 390 Jnncu at
Clinton Pdtor cor 7th and Jones
Crowley Wm 1218 Jones at
Ohallis J F 020 Jones st
Christ i in son Jno cor 9th and Centre
Coyle Peter 712nll hst
Carney R B 140 ? s 13 h at
Ghrlatiauson Luw Pacific botSth &Gtt
Oonlter J 907 B llth st
Cooper E 0 Spruce bet 5th and Gth
011 E 1112 s 10th tt
Oner J P 1559 s ll'h at
Cromwell H 12th bat Dorcaa & Gen
Doll Wm 807 Pine at
Desmond P 92410h ; at
Doyle Jaa 009 Leavonworth at
Dalley H 1723 a 12th at
Delaney Pat 007 Loavonworth at
Devlno Jno 10th bet Pacific & PI ore
Donnelly W W 701 a 10th st
Damport V Hlrkory bet 4th and 511
Dalton Jno 1115 n Oth at
Dailoy P H 805 B 10th at
Davis OM 1108 llth at
Davis J H 805 a 10th st
Dovalton J E 1108 a llth at
Daemon A 9G2 a 10th at
Dvorack J 1323 B 13th at
Dalley Jno 101 OB 10th at
D ran Krank 1213 Chestnut at
Dluan Thoa cor Oth and Howard ata
Darrow R H 820 s lOlh at
Dlnan M 721 Pierce st
Ddimlo L H 1320 a Gth at
Dennis J H 02 Plorco at
Dofl'ack 0 A cnr 13th and Ho word si
Doattoh H 015 a 9th Bt
Droxsl Jno 19ih bet Hickory & Oont (
DayalsonHP 1118s llth st
Dolan JR 1511 K llth at
Doll Jno 1302 i llth st
DavU 0 B 907 J ekson st
Ddnnls J N 1320 B Gth st
Durnall F 414 Walnut at
Eronfort H 1728 B llth at
Ellis P 1124 Jackson st
EppenonS 0 G04 Hickory st
Editrom Jno Gil a 10th it
Ellis Jno Commercial bet 8th & 0
Klgvttei M 1000 PaclBo at
EtsagsorPE 1728 B llth st
Ewlog J P 811 P clfio st
ElsassorG F cor 9th and Elm
Ewnrdson F oir 10th and Mrcy
Eiflicg E 0 1119 Lwtmworth st
Evans W Oh us oor 5th and Mnroy
Edwards M 0 914 Jnckson at
Everest F D 1010 a 10th at
Ellason A Gil s 10th st
E cor Jas Pluo bet 3d and 4th sts
dwards J 1409 Park Wild ave
iigstrom Al 73 Plorco st
'rltz ' H 0 823 Plorco st
'olohtmay ' A 508 a 9th st
oloy M Gil B 9th at
'rick ' A Laavonworth bet fllh it 10th
'oik ' F 0 Southern hotel
ishor B 701 s 10 h st
'lynuWF ' 1453 s9lhst
oordor H St Juntos hotel
'ord Jno oor 7th and Mrcy
'Inan ' Jno Howard bet 12th and 13th
Jaok G B 009 Marcy et
'ostor ' Jno cor 7th mid Jones sts
'oloy ' Pat 1324 * 12th st
urnas E D cor llth and Dorcas sts
lahor Aug 12th but Centre & Dorcas
'llzp ' trlck W 1113 Jones st
'ox ' Goo 013 Jor B t
inlayson D 1209 Uowntd at
'laundry ' P 1010 s 10th at
'mla ' W llth bet Pirrco A Williams
'oil ' A 1414 s 10th st
'arror ' L P Walnut bet 5.h & Oth sis
'ord ' M cor llth and Ccntro sts
'agan ' J J 1021 a 12 ; h st
'uqunT ' 0 llth bet Dorcas tt Contro
'oloy ' T oor 9th nnd Howard sts
ocko B J Albany House , 10th at
oodrloh F 701 B st
llday F "
lllu F oor 7th and Elm st
oodhart Jno oor 9th and Cherry
raea A F cnr 4th and Dorcas st
oodman G F oor 10th and Dorcas at
radyGP 711 Loavonworth at
raffGB 1300 Park Wild av
roon E H 1105 a Oth st
roon J H 1409 a th st
orman J oar llth and Martha sts
roen W E 1441 a 10th st
" "
roon J
rlob Aug Leav bet Oth and 7th sta
ranbeok A cnr Geh und Pierce ata
rapp Wm 018 n llth at
oodman G E 023 Plorco at
lllon P oor 10th and Castollar st
3raff J 1300 P k Wild av
off Jas 1207 Pacific st
roon A bet Och and 7th on alloy
roetz L 518 s 10th at
allltjan J J 511 a llth st
roelyTMlSUO "
ensler A 13th bet Hickory & Wil
liams at
arlow N T 1012 a 10th st
racoM G13al2thst
3alldD90G '
lonn R T cor 18th and Lav
rotho 0 F L 410 Walnut st
rubaugh W J Pacific bat 4th and
5th at
olzsoholl Jnnes bet 12 h and 13th
isoko H 1108 Jackunu "t
nstavorson Olua 510 s 8th at
arvcy Jno ll'.h bet Arbor nnd Oia-
tollar stn
rabor A 919 Jackson at
ounlor Val 805 a 10h ; ot
Ilckoy J 1215 Howard st
Hosier J 1105 P 9th st
Hornbeok J F Pma bet 31 and 4th at
Honningjon H cor 4th and I'ino ats
Hofmo&ter H cor 8th and Hickory sta
Harris A 801 a 10th st
Hoban A J 524 Walnut st
Haglund N 5th bet I'iorco & Pacific
Hogai ) P 008 Maroy at
Hantlue W PaciFio bcit 12th nnd 13 h
Hamol G cor ith ) a"d Loav nta
Hnffmau J W cor Och bet Picrca nud
Pdclfic * tn
Hauaeu H 410 Spruce at
Haarmanu G B 1200 Jones at
HlckstoInF 010.'J.hBt
Hoyt R 0 903 vlu-on at
Harmon A J 915 I'iorco at
Harmon EL" "
Harmon Pul 822 Pacific at
Havellok J oor 13th and Williams at
HaveliokE " " .
Howe E L cor 15th and Walnut at
Hilbert X 1008 Jackson st
Hanson N Cth bet Pierce and Pacific
Hardy S 918 s 10th st
Haarmann F 0 Jones bet 12th & lllth
Hanson H 29 Pacific st
Hagorty E a 5th bet Walnut & Chest
nut sta
Haley Jno H 5th bet Walnut & Cheat-
not BIB
Hermann J L 812 Leav at
Hazef ton J 701 B 10th at
Hall G L llth bet Jackson and How
ard sts
Hlpglns F 919 Jackson fit
Hillock J B 710 Matoy at
Haegen H 1103 Jackaon at
Howe 0 014 Pierce st
Hayes T cor 9th and Castollar st
Hogan J 909 L"nv at
Hluohoy I'-it 1119 a 12th at
Herrmann W 812 Lsavonworth at
Hay lies W T 701 a 10th at
Hanloy 0 1'iHHi : bet 9ch and 10th ata
Hodman G 12' ' 2 Williams at
Hnmpert F cor 12th and Cantro ata
Hamlin T 13G9 6 5th at
Hall J Hountz residence
Harte W F 907 Leavenworth st
Hanson Gee .v > r 7'h ' and Laav st
Higelns G 1018 Pacific at
HasfaA 1012 "
Hendrloksoo R 724 a 9th at
Holler J 817 R 8th at
Hamann 0 F 805 Hickory at
Hill T L 524 Maroy at
Ulnrlcka J P * k Wild av
Huflln G 1213 D vsion at
Uollonbaok F G 911 Loav at
Hoffarn P Howard bet 12th and 13tb
Henry J 710 a llih at
Hogan 0 8th hot Hickory & Dorcae
Harrington T 182JaoksoaBt
Holtmann J 1007 Loavonworth at
Hooter 0 Oils 10th at
Hart Wm 013 "
IlorEH 812 Mason st
Jenkinson R G 017 Plorco at
Joffrloa IIH 1201 Jackaon at
JansonPH 1102Bihat (
Johnson A Park Wild ave
Jenny L N 1208 Park Wild ave
Johnson J A Oth bet Elm and Will
Johnson B cor 7th and Maroy sta
Jardlno J W Leav bet 9th and 10th
Johnson J W 1010 Jackson at
Johnson F R 822 u 8'.h et
JOBS 0 'Jill bet Click and Dorcas sta
Jorgensen S G01 n 10th st
Johnson Otto oor Oth and Jack ats
Jlade H 814 Jackson at
Johnson T A 1439 a 10th at
Johnson F Maroy bet Oth and 7th si
Kelly T 701 B 10'h ' st
Kauflmann 0 10th bet Hick and Ohi
Kent Jot 815 Pierce Bt
Konnelly J 10'h bet Jones and Jac
Kauffmann E 9th bet Hickory an
Dorcas sts
Klots J oor 7th and Lear sts
Klrkland W oor Gib and Jones sts
Kerns W M 1116 Oth st
Kiik 0 1010 10th Bt
Konrnoy M J 707 Lo v at
Kill ! ' 718 Pacific at
Kuapp M 1500 a llth at
Ivucmmll F 107 L-av at
Kelly W A 1717 a 12th at
Kouutr. II Kuaulzo residence
KunoJ 721 Pierce ft
KostorJB 1530nllthst
Kolluer A F cor 3d and Walnut sts
Krebs E Jouos bnt 9th and 10th sts
Knrnahan J B 1102 Pacific Bt
Krause F cor 0 h and Loav sta
Komtncrling B 511 B 13th st
Knott E Meson bat 9th and 10th sts
Kartlang J 005 Jackson at
Koppos M 1101 Maroy st
Ktrklaud J cor Oih and Jones st
Kostor U A 1017 Howard at
Hotter F W cor 8th aud Dorcaa sts
Kommwlyn F 1307 s 13th st
Klmball T L 1303 Park Wild ave
Krcohlor G oor S h and Hick sta
Kopald L 520 s 10th st
KrolsmanE 401sl2thst
Kelly M 1120 .Jackson st
Kollnor A oor 12th nnd Pacific sts
Klosor A Pine bet 4th and 5h ata
h uhn G cor 11 h and Jackson sts
Klsaac R 209 Jones st
Kelly P s llth at
Knapp F 0 1500 llth at
Lucas H cor 9th nud Loav sta
Larson B J 1218 Jnckaonat
Lougproy LT 1818 o llth at
Libel L 1GC8 s lltn at
Livin M oor llth and Jackson at
Lcnhart H 715 Maroy at
L r on P 713 Pacific at
Llnd J cor 7th nnd Hick at
Loming H 1420 a 9th at
Lahman U 1013 Pacific at
Licoy J U 1209 Jackson at
Lirson N cor 7th nnd Marcy ata
Ltrson A 019 Pacific at
Lindcmyor J 414 Jones st
Loary J Jones bet 12th and 13th fits
L'Mimio E 1002 Jackson st
Limar H 015 a 10th at
Lynch P 002 a 12th at
Ltuktreo J oor 5 ; h and Pacific ata
LusonSO 17 Pacific st
Lirson J oor 5th and Division sts
Lytlo T P 710 Marcy st
Leltzbaoh H 7th bet Pierce and Pa
cific sts
Long E K 1300 Park Wild ave
Lobolaco G E 1013 Loav st
Lanrotaon N 0 cor 7th and Jones at
LilngR 1192Ma onst
Limbortson P 1010 a 10th at
Linnhelno F A 1012 Pacific at
Laudon E Gth bet Pao and Plerco ata
Llnd G oor llth and Bow ati
Llndborg 8 7th bet Mason and Loav
onworth nta
Lloyd Chas How bet llth and 12th at
Lowroy T J 1228 Prk Wild ave
Lee F H 4th bnt Plorco and Loav aU
Ludvlk G cor 8th and Hick sts
LudvlkJ 1337s 12th st
Ludvlk A cor 8 hand-Hick 88 *
LengM 012 a 9.hat
Liraon T A Jones bet Gth and 7th ats
Ljwin ft W Rinors add
Ljnry P J 12 15 Pacific at
La Ohaptilli ) A 905 Jackaon at
Larson A 1119 a Gth at
MonfortRT 11238 10th at
Markham Cl 701 8 10th at
Murry Wm Loavouworth bet 9th nod
10th ata
Mulvlhlll J Jackson but 12th and 13th
Miller J H 823 Plerco st
Muurou J W 1120 Jaokaon at
Mulvlhlll J P cor IPth and Leaven *
MathonB J 701 S 10th st
Marphy H 1254 Park Wild Av
Molvihllt J 1210 Jonta Bt
B F 11 " 0 h and Pierce sts
K M II U > SOhat
ui. . ) 1510S llth ata
Marry J 10 > h ujt Howard & Jackson
Moiz 0 1008 Jaokson at
MAI Us A 714 IVroo st
Marry J H 1812 So 12th nt
Mills J
Moser G H 912 So 10th at
Markol J E 1220 Park Wild Av
Monday J 8 US 9th at
Morrison J W 8th bet Jonoa and Lea *
Mathla E R 1411 Parkwlld Av
Miller P G oor llth and Maroy
Madison P V blook 12 So 9th at
Mahoney M G17 8a 12th at
Madison J-cor 9th and Hickory
dossoy J 701 So 10th at
rloNolia P Albany honso 10th at
IcDooald R cor Gth and Elm
MoKilllp D 511 Division at
McOaffany P 1407 Sj Oth Bt
liGarvoy H 015 8 10th at
rtoNamara F 701 So 10th at
rloMnllon ii Cedar bet 4th and 5th at
iloNell P n cor 9.h and Leavenworth
rlcGavock A 1219 S 5th st
W 1020 Sj 10th St
-loEvvr P cor 12th and Maltha
IcDanlol F 003 So 13th at
rlcOoy J Ljavonworth at
IcMahQti oor 13th and Arbor.
Jclntyro D 507 Plorco at
rloOarthy M 1010 So 0h at
Oirthy 0 Luuvonworth bet 12th and
13th ats
: Knnna H J 1402 Parkwlld Av
icBddo D oor Oth and lurcy
, iurphy P Elm bet 7th and 8th
x E cor 3d anrl Chestnut sts
artius T 0 812 S > Gth sts
ialono T 11th and 80 Oth sta
.uckln . J 1010 S ; 10th at
larca 0 Plnron bet Gth and 7th ata
Monk A 1011 S > llth at
.toyer . Wm 020 So 11 that
, teiz F 513 So 10th at
Monday D cor Gth and Marcy ata
Morrison W A oor llth and Division at
Mtra P 13th bet Pierce and williamt
Monfolt a 1117 Jaokaon at
, iaokOHlll2Sj9that
lolohln II 504 So 10th at
Merrlcle G 0 814 Ploroo at
Jietcalf J N 812 So 8'h at
Mulllngor w H bet 10 and 11 on alloj
Mircom w H Elm bet 5.h aad Gth
Millhoasa G 9 , h bet Jackaou & Jonei
Mjoro J w015 So 10th st
Nelson S c'ir 7th and L3 vonworth
Naahtlgall L Mason but 10 and llth
Nulaon P cor 7th nnd Jones
Nelson N 0 oor 7th and Loavonw'tl
Novak F cor 4th and Walnut
Nelson P 1515 o llth at
Nelson J Konn < z3 31 add
Norlandur w Walnut bet 3d and 4tl
Nelson 0 11 Rjgers'add
Nevo w llth but Dorcas and Morth
Nulson N 0 cor Gth nnd Pacific
Newell OL 1559s llth at
Nelson w cnr llsh and Dorcas
Nelson F 110 Is Oth st
NlomannU 010 9.h st
Nell 0 0 cor 9th and Hickory
Novacek J 1325 a 12th at
No'.iou ' 1 * 5th b t Plerco and Panlfio
Nowlanda w 183 Center Bt
Oman J 1421 Spruce at
Ovorton T H cor 9th and Leavonw'l
O'Hcrn J 898 a 10th at
O'Uonnor J T 1212 Plerco Bt
O'Grady J o > r 12th and Dorcas
O'Noll E 1524 a 12th at
O'Tooli P 018 a 8th Bt
O'Connor T nor 12th and Arbor
Olson 8 oor C > \ \ \ mid Loavonworth
Oatram U 1022 Pacific at
O'Donnoll P 8th bet Loavonworth and
O'Connor 0 M 017 a 13th at
O'Donnoll T 1010 B 10th at
Olson H 0 B 9 h st
O'Connor T 1300 s 10th st
O'Rourko B 1010 a 10th st
O'Borno P 910 Arbor st
Pobah L 020 a Oih st
PinsohO 002 a 10th at
Piorond T A 5th bet Chestnut and
Powers P oor 7th and Jones
PjrrouMF 403 Walnut at
Torter w w 300 Jones at
Powers .T cor Oth and Elm
Plnzoncham F cor 10th and Hickory
Plorson J cor 9th and Hickory
Plvonkn F cnr 7th nnd Maroy
Palno it E 020 Plorco st ,
PillloTO 1112s llthst *
Page u M 1222 Park Wilde ave
Potter A J o ir 12th and Jiickion
Peterson T 10th bet Jones and Jack *
Peterson j w 511 Spruce at
Peterson E J 1218 Jaokaon at
Peterson E 12th bet Dorcas and Mar *
Pals 0 lOUIHnward st
Prlohard J 1103 Jaokcon Bt
Peterson i1C08 " "
Peterson L 009 s 10th st
Peterson N Pacific bet Oth and 7th
Pomy G cnr 10th nnd Ploroo st
Peterson N bet Oth and 7th on alloy
Pntnam J 511 B Oth at
Ptliogong w 1444 a 9th Bt
Peterson G it 801 a 10th at
Peterson v S 10th bet Dorcaa and
Peterson L G23 a 13th * t
Quann E 1218 Jones at
Quintan r oor 12th and JOUCB
Quick M w 421 walnut at
Road AC 1120 Jackson at
Rlokotta M O cor llth and Mason
Ross S 518 Walnut at
Relchstolu L 818 a Oth at
Roahaw J u bet 9th & 10th
Rodmou D 1124 Jackson at
Robertson D oor 5th and Pine at
lUvonscropt W 014 a llth at
Rasmus C cor 8th and Elm at
ROBS E A 701alOihat
Robllng M Sr 917 Leav st
Reynolds W 1114 a 9th at
Ryan L E 1123 a 10th. at
Rustlan r J cnr 12th and Dorcaa st
Rltior n r 701 10th at
RobllnpMJr 917 Loav at
Rubin I 518 a lOch at
Rubia L 518 B 10th st
RuynoldsJ 1010 B 10th it
Rush J cnr 12th and Arbor at
Ryan P 808 a 7th at
Uowan A 005 s 10th at
Ransmugsuii R 812a'lOthat
Robertson E L 702 s Gth st
Robertson E A oor 13th and Dorcas
R isloky J ! )0i ) ( Hickory at
RooJP 1512 B 5th at
Rogers G W 817 Loav Bt
Robinson 8 817 s Oth at
HlcoWF 1441s 9th Bt
Richmond A Hickory bet 4th it 5th
Rogers 0 Pine bnt 3rd and 4hst
Roddlngton J J Pacific bet Oth & 7th
Ryan J 1110s 9 h st
Rosoproon O T 4GO Walnut Bt
Rosicky J Sr 902 Hickory at
Hours A 913 Loav at
Schmidt G W 512 so Oth at
Stool J 505 Hickory Bt
Slano J 1210 Pacific at
Shephard J O Center bet 10 and lltli
Stranglen J oor 3d and Pine sts
Sohruodur F Maroy bet Oth and 7th al
Sobrcn F 909 Leav at.
Sohiukor J Loav bet 9th and 10th sU
Shultz j jickHon bnt 8th and 9th ati
Strnkol j 000 B 10th at
Sargent T D 700 Plerco at
Smith j 9th bet Pierce and DJv ats
Sohrlber H 1513 B 3d at
Swanson N cor 9th and Hick ata
Stopp G Oth b t Hick and Charles sti
Speliman 0 E 1112 B llth at
Sheehsn j 9'h bet Hick and Chaa ati
SnhmldtF 512s 9hat
Strupport W cor 4th and Pine sts
Staoboll j 1714 B 12th nt
Suffa W bet llth and 12th on alley
Schneider F W 701 Laav at
Stewart j W 1007 Pieroa at
Savllloj j 1124 Mason Bt
Sornmor P 1401 Hioory at
Sebolgen j a 9th bet Hick and Ohaa a
Shonghroo P Mason bet 9th and lOtl
Snyder A 510 B 9th at
Slavln F 701 a 10th at
Slavln M 10th bet Dorcas and Gent a
Snowden W 1124 juckson at
SproulM D 1214 a Oth at
Swtkard A F 1525 a 12th at
Snowdon G F 1124 Jackaon at
Scott T j oor G h and jones Bt
Sullivan E O 1208 a 10th at
Stonborg E M 514 a 10th at
Schmidt L 1107 Pacific at
Slgwart A T cor 13th and Pacific sts
Smith H S 909 * llth at
Schmidt 3 jr 512 a 9th at.
Sparrow 0 A 719 a 10th st
Shannon w j 701 a lO.h t
Stolgor V oor 13 h und Will st
Sang W blook 405 Grand View
Shannahan D 187 jickiou at
Smith F W 805 a 10 ( h at
Svanson G 159 joueo at
StrapatA 1815 Hd st
Schlndlor 0 1210 Pacific at
Segolko w o"r llth and Pierce ata
Stobblna 0 1302 Park wild ave
Shandy 0 oor 7th and Pacific sta
StuhtE 1024 a llth Bt
Skew H oor Oth and Chas at
Sullivan F 901 Hickory at
Sanderson L 0 oor 7th and Pacific B
Shaw I A 10th bet Dorcas it Marth
Smith I W 902 s 10h at
Stout 0 H 804 Pieroo at
Swaclna S W 1838 WlUiama at
Straclnn P Williams bet 12th & 13t
Sorensen N P oor 10th and Contra i
Schneider W 299 B Oth at
Stoln A 13th bet Martha and Dorca
Sltnmonds 0 Ii 1109 a Oth at
Suowdon G 1124 Jackson at
Schvroor L W 403 Walnut at
Stubnndort F IClh bet Hickory at
Plorco et
Schmitz J j 1109 Jaokson at
Shoughroo P 12th bet Jones it jac
son stn
Sjhtnldt P P Plorco bet Oth and 10
Strain W I3th bet Dorcas & Mart
Spillord W P cor 12th and Pieroo
Spildtng W U cor 3d and Chestnut
Sohroth 0 cor 3d and Pine sts
Thompson W J 924 Leavenworth at
Thrano C 0 424 a 10th at
Trott J 705 Loavonworth at
Trlmboll G 113th bet Plorco itPaol
Thomas M 002 a 10th at
Thrano LO 523s 10th at
Thompson JU oor 10th and Dorcas
TraharW 1802 a llth at
Teckle 3 J llth bet Dorcaa & Mart
Traooy J 13th bet Pierce & Wlllla
Templetou W A 1320 Oth it
Travla J H L avonworth bet 8th & 9th
Thaycr W 0 138 Jaokson at and 9th
TurnbulU 1728slO'hst
Tnrkolson P 1113 s Gth at
Tracoy J 1307 s 12th at
Thomas J 0 1109 Howard at
Umphorson W 1320 5th st
Usher W J 504 Williams at
Vandorbeok S J 80G a 10th st
Van Dnson H car llth and Marth *
Vodickn V L 914 Hickory at
Vrba-F 1220 fll2thst
Woodruff FT 203Howwdat
Wagner F 813 8th at
Wolf J 922 Leav at
Wright J H cor 10th and Hickory
Wlborg A 1431 B 10th at
Wlborg A T 1431 s 10th st
Whiting W J cor 8th and Ploroo
Woaloy LB cor 13th and Cistollar
Wood 0 E s 10th bet Hickory & Elm
WolffV Hickory bet 8th and 9th
Webster i , ii 517 Walnut st
Wicks N 1215 n 5 > h st
Woodward O M 417 Walnut at
Warrin J L cor 7th and Maroy st
Wilotn w SHibotLaav and Marcy st
Wllg P 1443 a 10th at
Whi'csldo ' U th ) bat Haruoy and.
Howard nt
WhalonO 9.VJ Pacific st
Windholm 1431 s 9th st
Wright J Wnlnut bet 4th and 5th
WondtA 1337s 13th at
Weeks Li1215 5hat
Wlnslow L n 1210 Jackson at
Willis E M cor lOchond Maroy
Whitney OM RickstGrandViow
WIssmannF 1113al3 > , hat
Wells F JoncBhct 12th and 13th
Workman G 1718s 12th Bt
Wllcox w r 1107 Howard st
WhltoCK 513 9hst
WcstborR JN 907 s llih at
Webb L 1109 s OMi t
Warwick it w 1014 Maoon st
Wardj 1100 a 10th at
Wagner r 1510s llthst
Whtttkor w it oir llth and Pacifio
Walker S O 1017 s 10h : at
Winding 0 305 Pierce at
Way ww 1201 Howard Bt
Wesbroad G 029 Plorco at
Weldman 0 511 n 10'h at
WcckbachG 1113 a 13 .hat
Weeks AC llth but Maaon it Paolfia
Young E G01 13 that
Young P oor Oth and Pacific Bt
Young D F 1101 a 10th at
Young R M 014 a llth at
Zimmerman G 018 B llth at
Zaller J 7th bet Maroy and Mason
ZfskovakyA Williams bet llh& 12th
Zimmerman E 1307s 3rd st
Zaiglor J Jonoa bet 10th and llth
Raglster First Ward.
Asmnson n J 947 Division st
Andrew F 0 2019 Gass at
Aatman uonry Yates at
BnasottG 0 19ch but Olark it Grace
BellJv 191 < 50Hon OBt
Batdorf Henry 793 Montana at
Ballingor Wm 0intron at
Benson E R oor 23rd and Olark at
Bachtnan J u 1024 Idaho st
Blaynoy F 8 1103 Whoatou at
Gragor G G 2518 Decatur at
Carosonow cor Sands and Olark
Oman o J Hamilton at
Campbell F 2122 Oumlnga at
OOLO E H 2010 Coming at
Oafferty Sauil 21 < tand Gracoat
Oaagravo John 1504 n 20th at
Oolvln u a 2829 Dacatur at
Cooper a M 1103 Wheaton it
Creed on rj 013 n 20thit
Olomlana B a 813 n 21U st
OlemlanB D T 813 n 21st it
OolfmanDG 2114 Oamioei it.
Doughty Frank Bart it
Doty w j 2114 Comings it
Daugherty Pat 909 Wneaton it
Donohoo E G Jamooat
DarkeoFJ 1208 n 19th it
Doty E 8 Jr 2310 Oamlnga it
Davli DF 20th and Bart it
Erland A Oor 20th and Gbloago sta
Erlokson Christ Idaho at
Edholm BMI 2500 Oharlea st
Edholm N J 1444 Onlcago it
Foster Thoa Charlos'st Nels add
Fowler Frank'2518 ' Camlngast
Flannsgan Pat 2424 8 a ward it
Forndran Jjhn Gainings it w bridge
Ford Stephen 922 wheaton at
FalstL > wls 1120 n 19th at
Fisher G L Hamilton it
Fried 0 A 2012 webater it
Fitch HV 2024 Paul at
Gordan F A 2422 Oharloa it
Gorman J J 221 and Izard it
Gibson w E 1514 whnaton it
Gallagher Ben 022 n 20th it
Garvey j T Bart bet Hanabel and
Dutton at
Green F A oOl Charles it
Harlbutu M Charles near Saundera
Harris S M 1710 n 19th at
Hollwlg Chas 22t ; and Comings sta
Honnouhsfnr L Irene at
Hitchcock WR 910 n 231 at
Hoghei W u S 1917 Webster it
Harrli Prloo 231 and Iz&rd
Hall 3D 2012 So ward at
Honnlnga Henry So ward bet King and
Pier its
Halligan Jas 20th bet Olark and Grace
Heron Jerry 20th and Olark ata
Hanson Wm 20th bet Lake and Elm
JostocE 8 950 Montana Bt
Johnaon G E 1424 n 20th at
Jones Henry 2 1410 n 19th Bt
Johnaon W N oor Seward and Irene
Jaoobaon W P oor Oharlea and King
Joggl And 2003 Gamlngs at
t Kelley Morris California it Brown sta
Kirk J u Blunders near Comings at
Knapp J E 22d bet Oumlnga it Izard
Kane Michael 22J and Comings ata
Kohl Chaa 20th bet Spruce it Lake
Logan j w n 20th and Spruce sts
Luhmann John 0 mains st
Larson L twin cnr Frank and James at
Lolrmer W M 9C4 Saunders at
Lewis Jonathan cor Saun and Grace at
h MansQold 0 R cor 2Gth and Ohio sts
in Moran Wm 1019 n 19th at
at Miller GL 414n 19th at
st Marlon j F Franklin at
Marcy Stuphon 22d and Gam ata
Mercer S D 2010 Webster at
Miller Wm 801 n 20th at
Marphy j h cor Cam and Saun-ata
Moffit D A 2313 Gall st
3c Marlon j F Franklin at
Mortonann in Irene at
Mortlnsen m 23d and Cam st
ts Mandenon A j 2004 Gum Bt
MoOornlck Thoa cor Irene and Cham
McKay W H oor Sann and Hamilton
as McDonell j oor Be ward and Pier iU
MoOarty j h oor Sew and SaunsU