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" ' "he Omaha Bee.
Published oTory morning , oxocnOinri'
y. The only Monday morning
Ona Year..810.00 I Three Monthi.$3.00
8iz Monthi. . 6.00 | pno Month. . . . 1.00
OHK WEEKLY BEE , pnbllibcd every
Ono Year 00 I Three Months. PO
Qlz Months. . . . 1.00 | One Month. . . . 20
Newsdealers In the United States , ,
( atfoni reUttng to Newi and Editorial
.natters should bo Addrcued to the KDITOB
fatten and Remittances ihonld be ad
JMAHA. Draft * , Chocks and Fostoffioo
Jrden to be made payable to the order of
the Company ,
fbe BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
BIUDY IB no if on the stand In the
tar route trials with the prospect of a
long cross-examination. The longer
the bettor for Mr. Bliss who draws
$ 100 a diy and expenses , and who
charges up snob small Incidentals us
postage to the government.
merly a resident of Omaha , has been
appointed treasurer of the United
States in place of James Gllfillan , re
signed. Mr. Wyman , It will bo rem
embered , held this responsible position
for several years and retired on account
of falling health. Ho Is thoroughly
qualified for the position.
Wuo Is to reform the civil service
reformers ? Tha first act of Civil Ser
vice Commissioner Thoman was to
bring personal ic flaenco to bear upon
the treasury department with a view
to "reforming" ono of his friends in
to office. Bogging office for friends
while holding a placa on tho' civil sor-
vlco reform commission would seem
to bo the height of undnlterated cheek.
DR. MILLEH takes up the cudgels for
the men of wealth as against what he
calls oppressive taxation. It is no
crime to bo a wealthy man as long AS
the wealth has boon honorably no-
cured and the owner docs his duty as
a citizen. ( But there Is no reason why
large and wealthy property owners
should not py their jest share of
taxes just as cheerfully as the poorest
mechanic and clerk. The evasion is a
wrong in that it robs the city of its
rightful rqy nUQ a.nd jncnjases thn
burdens of those least able io bear
TUB constitutional expounder of
i the Lincoln Journal Is still harping
on the folly of the legislature In at
tempting to regnMe the bnslnesv cf
strictly private concerns , like press
associations. "As well might they
decree that the Masons or Odd Fol
lows shall admit every applicant to
their orders or compel these societies
to give up their secret ritual , as to
compel a strictly private association
of newspapers to admit Into its mem
bership every paper that may doslro
to share Its privileges. " This is
about as logical as the com
parison made some days ago
by the Journal between press associa
tions and dealers In groceries and dry
goods. Wo apprehend there Is a
markud difference between member
ship in a purely benevolent society
and a close corporation gotten up to
monopolize telegraph news. Will the
constitutional expounder please Inform
as why ho never called in question
the right of the legislature to interf ere
In the business of a strictly private
concern called a newspaper by ostab
llshlng the rate which It shall exact
for what Is called legal advortislng ?
And what right has congress to limit
the charges which any newspaper
may make for the publication
of advertisements Inserted by author
ity of the United States courts and
officers of the United States. But
congress has enacted such laws and the
treasury department bos for years re
futed to pay any greater charge for
official advertising than the commer
cial card rate of tbo paper. Now If
ono newspaper is a quasi-public con
cern , subject to regulation by state
and national legislation , why can't an
association of newspapers bo regulated
by law ] i
"Sun ROBA , " in the Washington
Capital , says : "I think General
Perry will bo the next quartermaster
general of the army. All the tre
mendous social Influence that made
Mackenzie brigadier general is for
him the Rogers , Sherman , Perry ,
Belmont , Cameron , Butler , Frellng.
huyssn combination that Is Irre
sistible when brought to boar on Mr.
Arthur. General Holablrd has a
strong backing , but Mr , Arthur is foi
Perry. General In trails gooi out In
Juno , and he , too , Is for Perry. "
While , on general principles , promo
tions In the army ought to bo made
from considerations of seniority , in
common with many of our citizens we
will rejoice to hoar of the promotion
of General Perry. Ho was ono ol
the most popular and genial army
offisers ever stationed In Omaha ,
and made a best of friends In our
Ono of the arguments used by ( ho
assotsors against raising thoaesjasmont
a that it will Increase the ftitolax , of
which it Is said that Doughs county
already pays morn than her share.
Suppose it did. Is , the fear that
Douglas county will pay moro taxes
to the state , on a fair assessment , to
prevent an impartial assessment re
gardless oi ownership or amount of
property owned by Individuals or cor
porations. The fact is , horovor , that
an equalization of assessment would
not increase the great mo a of Indi
vidual payments of taxes on amount of
the slate levy.
At present every $100 of assessed
properly in Omaha pays 80 cents
of the state tax and about $4 00 of
city and county taxes. The assessed
valuation of city property is $7,200-
000 , which at 4 percent makes the rev
enue of tbo county and city $288,000
a year. Now suppose that by the as
sessment of all real estate on a nnl-
'onn basis of one-fourth ol its value ,
wo should ratso the aggregate of tax
able property to a round $10,000COO ,
which by no moans would bo loss
than ono-fonrth of the value of real
property alono. Assume furthermore
that the amount of revenue to bo
raised for city and county purposes
was limited to $288,000 a year. In
that CMC every $100 of taxable prop
erty In Omaha would only pay
80 cents of state tax end the city
and county levy would bo reduced
from $4.00 per $100 to $2 80.
In other words , instead of being In
creased , the tax levy would bo reduced
twelve mills on present valuation of
property that is already assessed , at
ono-fourth its trno valuo. The city
and county might , however , incroaio
their revenue $112,000 n year without
Increasing the tax levy over what it
now is , on property fairly assessed and
patties who ore now paying taxes as the
bulk of our citizens do on a valuation
of about one-third would not bo
called npon for a dollar moro of
taxes. Equalization of assessment
would only hit the tax shirkers. It
would Increase the tncomo from weal
thy land owners and doorcase the burdens
dons of our dorks , mechanics , busl-
ness men of moderate moans.
Lot this once bo nndorstood , and all
; ho howls of the men who have made
'ortunos from the rise of real estate in
Dmnhn will frighten no one. The
demand for raising and equalization of
assessments h general among Uxpiyora
who enjoy no exemptions. The pcc-
ilo demand it for their own interests
and the Intercuts of our city , which
IBS Buffered long enough from tbo
shiftless and shamoleefl methods of the
NEAL DOW'R state makes a bad
showing of the effects of prohibition
which some of our western states
might do well to study before going
over to Governor St. John's delusion.
The prohibitory ayitom has been
maintained in Maine for 25 years ,
and the Internal revenue bonds show
that probably as much liquor is bought
and sold as In any other state of its
population whore the traflio Is
licensed. For instance , the city of
Portland has a population of 33,000 ,
and 212 places which take out a gov
ernment license. Banger has a popu
lation of 10,000 , and 154 drinking
saloons , or ono to every G4 portions.
The llttlo city of Blddoford has G8
liquor ohops , and Lowlston has G2.
Prohibition evidently does not prohibit
any moro in Malno than it does In
Kansas or did in Iowa ,
Manx than Gl per cent of array of
ficers liavo boon taken from civil life ,
and this fact In do cos The New York
Sun to nrgo the abolition of West
Point. Mr. Dina cannot forgot that
General Grant was a Wont Pointer.
The political quiet of the old world
has boon attain disturbed by dyna
mite. On Thursday evening the local
government board offices at Westmin
ster wore shattered by a mighty ex
plosion , which shook the city of Lon
don for a mile distant and caused the
greatest alarm In the parliament
houses' An attempt to blow up the
Time * office was also made , which
failed. The press naturally attributes
the deed to the Irish revolu
tionary party , under the counsels
of O'Donovan Rossa and the
assassin press of America , but the
government refuses , to commit Itself
until a full investigation of the out
rages has been madr.
Parliament has felt the spur of Mr.
Gladstone's presence , and during the
week has chiefly directed Itself to the
putmgoB of the estimates or appropri
ation bills. Mr. Parnoll again made
the fact evident that the Irish ques
tion will not bo permitted to bo
pushed into the back ground by pro
posing radical amendments to the
land act , which , being opposed by the
government wore rejected by a ma
jority of over 200. It is plain
that the pforulor holds his party
well In hand and may confidently
count on securing any legislation pre
sented by the ministry , The parlia
mentary sCDsion up to the proiont
tlmo has been a mere skirmish , but ,
the real work will begin after th ( ,
Easter vacation , when the measur g
for extending the franchise In 4ho
counties and for municipal reform in
London will be pushed. It Imu. .
mated that all the resources of the
new rubs nill bo brought into requis
ition to expedite the minis *
turlnl programme. It la expected
that the consolidation of London
will excite great opposition. Lennon
proper , the area governed by
the lord mayor , is mere
ly the old city , which IB made up
chiefly of places of business , and is the
city which possesses a municipal or-
janizitlon mayor , aldermen and com
mon council. The other parts are
governed by parish vestries , and the
only body which exerts any general
authority is the Metropolitan board of
works. The ministerial bill proposes
to enlarge the bounds of the corpora
tions to include the adjacent parishes ,
reduces the representation of the old
city in the board of aldermen and the
common council , and substitutes re
presentatives of the outlying parishes
in the places thus vacated. The lord
mayor , under the now system , will bo
the BnccoBsorhistorlcally , of Whlttlng-
ton and pll the rest of the wor
shipful Borlosj but ho will govern
what all the world call London
and not , as at present , the conven
tional London of the old charters.
The moot point in the plan la the con
trol of the police , Because of the
necessity of a police system for the
whole city , Parliament many years ago
organized a metropolitan police. Tno
city and the parishes pay tno cost , but
the control is vested in the homo secre
tary , a member of the cabinet. Shall
it bo transferred to the now munici
pality , or retained in its present rela
tions , In favor of its transfer is the
example of every European capital but
ono , and the fooling that the control of
a city police properly belongs to olty
government , aa representing there who
directly boar the oxpenso. Against It
is the doubtful example of Paris , and
the English fooling against needless
changes in an arrangement once
effected , It ii cald ttmt the bill will
propose no change , but Mr. Gladstone
hardly would resist it , if desired by a
majority of the house.
In Ireland there are no events of
dramatic Interest to note , though the
London explosion IB , as noted , proba
bly the legitimate result of thu Irish
agitation. Several arrests have boon
made during the week and all the
Phoonlx Park conspirators have been
bound ever for trial , Egau'n flight is
still the subject of discussion and rev
elations oi the land league's complicity
in agrarian Crimea nro promised. Ono
Mullrtt , an informer , ban already
glvon Information which it Is claimed
aerl'jualy coinpromleoa Egan and other
land league leader ? , but as it Is known
that the government is anxious to
oMublifth Iht'i ' fust there will undoubt
edly bo plenty of evidence manufac
tured in llu f < wor.
a socialistic emouto loot
week , which has boon greatly ex
aggerated by the English press , Ita
onlypolltmolgollicnucq \ ojl-
dobco which ! c ' ? of the now vigor
and vitality of the goverumont. Su
perficially , the riot was a demonstra
tion of unemployed workmen against
iho government , thouph , as usual ,
there wore moro political agitators
and desperate vagabonds than actual
workmen in the mob. The hand of the
communist or , In the now phrase ,
the anarchist propaganda is seen in
the plan and execution of the demon
stration. In its deeper political sig
nificance , It is probably a feeble and
desperate attempt of the extreme rad
icals to Intimidate the ministry and the
assembly , and influence the course of
government. The death of Gambotta
removed the wholesome restraint ho
continued to exorcise upon the radical
section oven after ho separated him
self from their communion. Ho was
a sort of connecting link between the
communist party , with which ho
acted In his early days , and the mod
erate republicans , to whom ho drifted
later. With his removal the gulf
between the parties opened again.
The colorless ministry ho had organ
ized was succeeded by n itrongor cab
inet , distinctly representing the con
servative republican sentiment of the
republic , and headed by Jnlet
Ferry , while his old time radical
friends fell into sharp and decided op
position nndor Dr. Olotnoncoan , who
aspires to the position of commnnlsl
tribune. The first move of the ex
treme party vras to revive the scheme
of revision of the constitution which
Gambotta once carried through the
chamber , only to bo defeated in the
Bormto. The government took decided
grounds against the measure , and
after a brief dabtto , defeated Its con
sideration In the chamber by a vote o :
about two to ono. The next act o
the radicals was probably to incite the
riotous demonstration of Friday , which
was [ repressed by the govornmon
firmly , promptly and effectively. The
whole oplsodo is cheerful evidence o :
the strength of the now government
In thn legislature , and of Its capacity
for ( fficlent and orderly admlnlstra
tlou. It justifies faith In the vitality
of the republic and the good sense ol
the French people.
The rumors of President Grovy's ro
tlromont are denied. The reports are
said to have been put in circulation by
the Orleanisb princes.
The nihilists ) have declared that the
czar will not Uvo to accomplish the
coronation ceremony. This threat haa
had the effect of postponing the ceremony
mony from time to tlmo , and now thai
the ceremony has been set for an early
day the result will bo awaited with
considerable anxiety both In Russia
and abroad. But for certain parts ol
the ceremony the ccir might bo so
guarded as to render all attempts to
assassinate him futile. It is the tra
ditional custom for the crowned mon
arch to show himself on horseback to
his people and unattended. This forms
part of the ceremony , and is done
to manifest his confidence In. hr !
"children. " There Is , X- * ° a
rule which admits to the L'romlia all
who may BOO pro'-cr to present thorn-
Bolvoa. UnleiS the horseback part of
the co CuTony Is omitted and the ad-
ml * ! un rule sot asldo , the czar will be
M1 the mercy of the nihilists If they
have determined upon his death. But
it Is hold that everything must be
done to convince the people that the
czir has been properly drowned and
consecrated and therefore entitled to
their obedience , In consequence ol
this conclusion there will be no do-
parturo ftom the traditional corona-
tlon. Him to tffccmilly protect him
against the conspirators and yet carry
out the coromuuy in full will tax thu
minds and skill of both himself and
In Germany the publication of the
Vatican correspondence baa shown
that the ImDcrioal government la no ;
yet ready to walvo a suflhiont number
of Iho obnoxious provisions in the
Falk laws to form a basis for thoronah
reconciliation with the Roman pontiff ,
The pope has offdrod to agree to a sub
mission to the government of all nom
inations to clerical office , but atks
that the education of 'ho clergy bo
once moro placed entirely in the hands
of the church. Failing to obtain this
apparently reasonable concession , the
correspondence has been for a second
tlmo discontinued , The resignlaton
of Admiral Von Strosch , minister of
the marine , has created a genuine sen
sation In Berlin. The minister whoso
resignation the emperor refuses to ac
cept , does not hesitate to assert that
his conrso was dictated by the Impos
sibility of agreement with Bismarck.
This is the second member of tbo
cabinet within two weeks with whom
the chancellor has quarrelled , and the
condition of affairs in the political
family of the emperor does not seem
to bo improving.
Spain seems to bo in a far moro dis
turbed condition at this tlmo than any
other country of Europe. The ro-ca-
tablishmo& of monarchy , instead of
promoting peace In the community ,
appears to have brought about extra
ordinary activity among all the dan
gerous elements of the population.
The arroits during the past low weeks
of people charged with socialism or
anarchism have been on a very largo
scale. By a recent dispatch wo learn
that no loss than twelve hundred per
sona are nndor arrest in Andalusia
alone for complicity in the anarchist
movement , and that a largo proportion
of ihcm are members or abettors of a
powerful secret society of which the
world has just heard for the first tlmo ,
the society of the Black Hand , which is
said to demimd a redistribution of the
land in Spain , and many social changes
of extraordinary importance. It is
evident that the setting up of the
young king's throne and the'roturn to
old Spanish politics have not satisfied
or quieted the Spanish republicans
who overthrew the monarchy and
founded the republic that fell nine
years ago.
In the election to fill Gambotta's
scat in the Belleville district , Sunday ,
there was a largo falling off from the
vote polled last summer. The radical
candidate has a largo plurality , but
not a majority which the law pro-
acrlbes. The ballot will bo continued
next Sunday , as that is the day de
voted to election in Franco , whan the
candidates receiving the least votes
will retire and leave the open to the
two receiving the largest number.
Gambotta , it will bo remembered , was
rory nearly beaten by the indignant
workinpmonnf thodlstrlct , who fancied
ho had become too conservative In the
presidency of the chamber ,
An autopsy npon Prince Gortscha-
coff , to clear up a suspicion of poison-
ng , opens up a wide range of diplo
matic possibilities. Whoso interest
would have boon advanced by the
loath of the superannuated statesman ?
Wan ho possessed of secrets dangerous
to the existing regime of Russia ?
Had ho really , as was some tlmo ago
hinted , given occult aid to the nlhll-
istal Waa it to tbia Machiavellian ad
dress that the ambitions Ignatloff
owed his successive checks as chief
advisor of the czir ? Poison has been
the means by which Russian states-
craft has so consistently worked out
Us ends that it would not be surpris
ing to have the suspicion in Gorttcba-
koff's case confirmed but It is doubt
ful whether the Gorman authorities
would bo so uncivil as to permit the
official verdict to roach tbo public ,
since the imperial families , being kin ,
are expected to help each other In
llttlo weaknesses of this son.
The groatacandal In the lower house
of the Austrian relchsrath caused by
Dr. Yon Kamlnsky , ono of its mem
bers suing a railroad contractor for
compensation for securing the lattoi
the concession for the construction o :
Galllclan Transverse railroad has
culminated in the forcedreslgnatlono
Dr. Kaminsky and Dr. Wolskl , an
other deputy. This , however , docs
not appear quite to cottlo the affair , as
several other deputies are said to bo
implicated and the whole of the right
to which the two deputies belonged
have Insisted npon an investigation
The question was brought up on February
ruary 10th and without a dissenting
vote a committee of fifteen was ap
pointed to Investigate the charges
The proposition to have the sittings o :
the committee public was , however
The Bon Marche , the largest dry
and fancy goods store in Paris , had a
field day on the 12th of last month
Its 3 000 employes wore kept busy
from 8 o'clock in the morning nntl
nearly 11 o'clock in the evening an <
Us receipts on that day were nearly
Turkey Is about to attempt to raisi
the duties on Imports by from 8 to 20
per cent. If England grumbles loudl ;
enough , perhaps the porto will recelvi
now light on the subject cf free trade
and starve along with the tariff as It Is
The Easter recess of the British par
llament will cover but four worklnj
days. Kor a body that works withou
pay this is a abort vacation ,
Prince GortschakofTs body Is to bo
cut to pieces to determine whether ha
was poisoned. A Russian dignitary
is always held to have been mnrderec
until It is proved that ho died a nat
ural death.
Sixty thousand persons are said to
tulc of employment in Paris , This
must be nearly or quite ono-tcnth o
all the workers in the olty and readily
explains the present activity of BO
clalistlo agitation.
We know from experience that St.
Jacobs Oil will cure rheumatism , and
we feel that wo are simply doing an
act of justice and mercy when wo
assert so publicly. Peoria ( III )
Daily Ptorian.
RUSSIA Salve Is unrivalled for Its ipcedy
healing qualities. Ask your drnjrgbts for
It. 2do.
. . .
Public Bonofaotrotis. Mrs. 5.
A. AU.KM lias juitly earned this title ,
and thousands are this day rejoicing
over a fine head of hair produced by
her unequalcd preparation for restor
ing , invigorating , and beautifying the
Hair. Her World's Hair Restorer
quickly cleanses the tcalp , removing
Dandruff , and arresti the fall ; the
hair , if gray , is changed to its natural
color , giving it the same vitality and
luxurious quantity a * in joulh.
hc ir is now restored to its
youthful color ; I have not
a gray hair left. I am sat
isfied that the preparation
is not a dye , but acts on
the secretions. My hair
ceases to fall , which is certainly -
tainly an advantage to me ,
who was in danger of be
coming bald. " This is
the testimony of all who
use Mrs. S. A. ALLEN'S
"Ono Bottle did it. " That U the
expression of _ many who have had
their gray hair restored to its natural
color , arid their bald spot covered
with hair , after using one bottle of
KKSTOKER. It is not a dye.
cv ait m-Cm.
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0. SPKOUT , - - Proprietor.
1-212 Omrlia M
Barney 8t. - ,
Galvanized Iron I
Tin , Iron and Slate Ming ,
Specht's Patent Metalio Skylight Patent ,
Adjusted Hatchet Bar and Bracket
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CreaUnRs , Balustrades. Veranda * . Iron
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lar Guards ; alan
100,000 POUNDS OF
iBh 1'ilopald. Shipments' ( torn the
ountry Kill bo paid ( or by rotummalK
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Omaha National Bank Building ,
"By * thorough knowledge of the lutonl lawi
irhlcn govern the operation ! ol digestion and
nutrition , and by a careful application of thl
Una properties of woll-B'lected Cocoa , III ,
Kppi hag provided our breakfait tablet with t
delicately flavored beverage which may eave at
many heavy doctors' bills It la by the Judlclotu
use of inch article * of diet that a conatltutloo
may be gradually built up until strong enoogl
Io realet every tendency to dlaoaae. llnodredj
at enbtle maladies are floating around us readr
Io attack wherever Micro Is a weak point. We
may escape many a fatal Bhalt by keeping out
jolvos well fortlflod with pure blood and a prop
eily nourished framo. " Civil liciTlco Oaiette.
Uade limply with boiling water or tnllk. Be )
n line only ( i-lb inJ Ib ) , labeled
Homcaopathlo Ohemlata
itionrton. Kntrlnn
Your attention H cao1 ! ? to contract ! to bo let
for dltihlnir. Ditch In Curt and Washington
coontlea , aliout thlileen miles long , In working
sections , thiough a marsh , width about 6 feet ,
sides sloplcg 1 to 2 feet , dectn from 6 to 7 foe' ,
d'rt ' to te moved about8 feet from brink of ditch.
Number of cubic vards to be moved about 111 , .
740. Said ' Itch U being constructed by Bald two
counties under statute providing tat draining
swamp ) > nds , approved Feb. 28,1881. Woik t ?
bo done la accordance with plans and specifica
tions. For further Information apply to the
county clerk of either of laid counties , and see
report of engineer and proceedings of boards ol
comml'slonerscf said counties and particularly
that of February 8th , 181 Also the official ad
vertisement In the Dlalr Pilot and In Hurt Coun
ty News.
Bids are to be filed with certified check anc
ntme of lurttler , on cr before March 22d , 1883 ,
at 6 p. m. with county cleik of hurt county , A
A. Thoracs. Duplicates ( without checks ) with
county clerk of Washington county. Blank
forms for proposals will bo supplied by site
derks. By order of
feb 19-oew m& e St
. Western Agents , Lafayette , Indiana ,
Rubber Boots and
Boots and Shoes
iira 50 PER CT.TiS. . "
The center pieces are Interchangeable and re-
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ot e' , requiring no heel etlflcncrs.
The Agency for t lit no goods In this town has
been pin tr *
Others cinnot procure them.
Call ind xamlne a full line of Leather and
, , Cando" Rubber Boots and Shoes 'with the He
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' ' U" Life. Tlmei ,
he only life anthoi lied by her and which will
not b "Wood and Thunder"
a story , luch M hu
been and will b pul luted , but a tru lit * by the
only person who U In poteolon of the facts a
faithful and derotod wife. Truth to mote ntet *
( Unfthaa fiction. A rant * ahoold apply or ter
ritory at once. 6 76 cU. for tUmpl * book.
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Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It la the boat and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono ponnd la equal
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tor , Inntead of running down , will Increase in weight end bo in good market
able condition in the apring. Dairymen on well oa othora who use it can tes
tify to its morita. Try it and judge for youraolvea. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for nooks. Address WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
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hiskieSf !
< * -
-f >
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Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
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Wall Paper !
OUR NEW LOCATION. Change having been ren
dered necessary by continued increase
in business is
NOS. 106 , 108 , 110 112 . WABASH AVE.
John J. McGrath , Chicago *
Wo h ve reanmed the handling of WINDOW SHADES , and offer the enl
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