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Ho Carries 'His ' Dynamite to
London and Terrifies tlio
The Municipal Offlcea Demol
ished and Parliament Thoroughly -
oughly Shaken Up.
O'Donovaa Rosaa Charged with
the Crime Before the Srnoko
The Aesassin Press of Ameri
ca" the Active Ally of the
Fiend. 4
Tremendous Exoltoznont in Iiondout
pedal Dispatch to TUB lsn. !
LONDON , Murch 15. A terrific gas
explosion occurred In the local govern
ment board offijos at Westminster
at 0 o'o'ock to-night , destroying much
property. Thja report was hoard in
the house ot commons and caused
alarm. The conousaioa was so great
that it shook the side galleries and re
porters' gallery. Being the dinner
hour bnt few members of the house
were in the hall. The Duke of Edin-
burg was in the poors' gallery and
seamed alarmed. The speaker rang
his bell and naked the cauao of the
alarm. No one was injured. The
wildest rumors are afloat. The report
resembled the discharge of an eighty-
ton gun.
LATER. It is now believed the ex
plosion was caused by dynamite , and
was the deliberate attempt to blow up
the government officers. The explo
sion being the subject of considera
tion in the commons , Haroourt , homo
secretary , said ho did not think it
right to say anything about the mat
ter until cffialol Inquiry had boon
mado. Ho had hoard an attempt was
made to blow up The Timoa office ,
but no injury was done.
The explosion was hoard a distance
of two or throe miles. Yesterday
evening a canister containing explo
sive material was found behind The
Times cflise , with it is rumored , a
lighted fnao attached and the police
are making investigations. Officials
f hink the explosion was closed by gun
powder or dynamite. Officsrs cf the
gaa company doclnrj they can find no
evidence that it woo caused by gas.
She foroaoftho explosion the t a Jargo
portion of masonry across , the street.
Harcourt has had a conference with
the chief of police , at which several
witnesses were ex trained , The con-
elation reached was that the explo
sion , occurred laitdeitho room , and pot
jJ-'xlDa. , Jio force * of 'polfco'at the
houses of parliament was 'doubled.
The government offices and residences
oE ministers are strongly guarded.
The Times attaches llttlo importance
to the explosion which occurred at
its office. The canister contained
only a small quantity of powder.
The Dally News says : "It is of
course obvlons that the explosion waa
the result of a premeditated design.
We are confronted with the fact that
there are in London persons bold
enough to act on the wildest coun
sels of O'DonovauRossa. It is impossi
ble not to connect the author of this
outrage with certain phases of the
Irish crlmo and the assassin pros a of
America. "
The Times says : The Fenian an
swer to Gladstone's speech on the land
act was not long delayed. Wo are in
the preaonca of the first , attempt o the
dynamite party to carry out the policy
of bringing the war into the heart of
London. The oxploalon at our office
occurred at 7:45 : Wednesday evening ,
bnt the falling of the canister prevent
ed any serious damage. There is
roanon to believe two attempts of this
kind were made b/ the same miscre
The explosion was undoubtedly the
work of FeuhuB. The adjaoant streets
are filled with myriads of fragments
of glass , and heavy platoglasa u lyini ;
in neapa-upon the ground. A stone
weighing 200 pounds wai projected
against King street station , mailing &
hole the size of a man's hoed. Noth
ing will be touched till the inquiry is
mado. The full extent of the aamago
cannot bo estimated till daylight.
Five hundred constables are guarding
the scone ,
The building has the appearance of
having been bombarded. A deep
trench ton feet by throe was made in
- one room , the floor of which had boon
literally ploughed. Two children ,
sleeping in a honso in the corner of
King street , wore thrown from their
bed oy the force of the explosion and
their faces badly cut. They wore
taken to the police station. Every
pane of glaao in the vicinity was shat
tered , A man was arrested at mid
night on suspicion ot being concerned
In the explosion.
Special DUp&tclieg to Till Bin.
LONDON , March 15. Konnard will
move in the commons that , in view ol
the complete satisfying of all demands
of American citizens upon the sum
the Geneva conference allowed in re
gard to the Alabama claims , the honso
is of opinion that the balance shoulc
bo restored to Great Britain.
LONDON , March 15. Oxford won
the boat raca by one length.
The Oxfords had the best of the
uneven etart. They pulled a regulsi
stroke , nearly forty to n rninuto , am
almost clear of the
were Cambridge
I *
boat at Cravnn Stops , about six far
long ! fiom the start. The Cambridge
boat here defiled towards the Middle
- sex shore. The Oxfords at the oud ot
f- J the first mile , which they covered li
4:15 : , wore two lengths ahead anc
7 rowing wall together. Hero the
darkness thickened and snow began
tofall. . The Cambridge crow
splashed considerable by tbo time the
soap works were reached. The Ox
fords came in oaay winners. The re
sult causes greater excitement than
at any provioua race , in consequence
of heavy betting on the Cambridge
crow , who at the start were favorites
7 to 2. The defeat ot the crow on
whom such odda were laid is unpre
Special Dlepatcboi to TUB Ilm.
PARIS , March 15. Four anarchists
have been contoured to two yearn im-
priioament nnd to pay a Iho of 3,000
franca fordelivorlng seditions spcecher.
At the scciallst'o meeting at Champs
DaMara Sunday , If the crowds re
fute to disperse after throe legal warn
ings hvo been given , the rlotori will
bu urimtod.
BiiHLitf , March 15 The cmpfror
declined to aooapt the resignation of
Admiral Van Stosch.
Nothing Is known here concerning
the reported death of Karl Marx.
DUIILIN , March 15 James Mullo't ' ,
the murderer nnd conspirator , has
elvon information implicating
Patrick Egau and others. The
Information la sufficient to justify the
aJroat of Egan whan ho returns ,
ST. PETEUSBUIIO , March 15 Per-
fillciT , director of the poatoilioe , who
attempted suicide , has been suspend
ed from office.
The defalcations of MakofT , presi
dent of the society for regulating thn
social condition of Rusalau Jews , and
who committed suicide , is cloven
million ' rubles.
BnussELLS , March 15. The court
of appeal haa decided the caao of EC-
Bishop 1 Dolmont va. Mgr. Da
Rouasoaux ] , bishop of Tonrnay. The
( lclslon acknowledges the bishop of
Tournay ceases all opposition to sur
render to the delegate of Belgium
government of money and papers de
posited by Canon Bernard in
THE HAGUE , March 15. The
chamber has authorized the govern
ment to negotiate a loan of 60,000,000
ROME , March 15. At a consistory
to-day the pops appointed several
biahopa , including the bishop of Hal
ifax , Charleston and Grand Rapids.
DUBLIN , March 15 The Catholic
clergy of the diocese of Swlnoford ,
connty Mayo , have passed a resolution
in which they charge the government
witb neglecting the distressed people ,
and condemn the remedies oifored ,
namely : the "work house or emigra
LONDON , March 15. The Cam
bridge and Oxford race takea place at
4 o clock this morning.
VIENNA , March 15. The Russian
government have .proposed to the
other powers that an internatlonaldc- _
teotivo force be organized ( ooopa ith
the'anrohlstsI nihilists , jfeuianstand
socialists. * Franca , Switzerland and
Austria . _ hare . , acqnleaod , , - ! . , nnthe < < ff yca-
AFra Fight
Special Dispatch to TUB BIB.
HAKEISBUBQ , March 15. At the
cloao of the afternoon cession cf the
ipnato , Senator Leo accused Senator
UoKnipht of working against the in-
erests of his conatituenta and dodg
ng the -free plpo bill , to which
VlcKnight angrily retorted. Senator
wry standing by , also accused
HoKnlght of purposely avoiding the
natter. Angry words followed und
5mery slapped McKulpht in the face.
McKnight then struck Emery. Other
senators interfered and order waa re
stored. Reconciliation was nffoctoc
sofojo the senators loft the chamber.
Turning Informer.
Special Dispatch to TUB lias.
LITTLE ROCK , March 15 McDon
ald , one of four who stopped the Fort
Smith passenger train at Mulberry , a
week ago , murdered the conductor und
wounded the brakcman , and ia now in
[ ail at Van JJnron , to-aay offered to
: onduct the officers to the cave whore
; hey were to rendezvous if ho would
no permitted to turn states evidence.
There ia evidence enough already to
ng McDonald. The other throe
robbers are surrounded in the mouu
: alns and bloodhounds have boon aonl
to drive them from cover. Thi re-
ard ou their heada Is $1,000.
Tbo Braldwood Disaster
Si > : ciil DUpath to TUB EXB
BRAIDWOOD , 111. , March 15. Thrco
million five hundred thousand gallons
were removed during the last twenty-
'our hours. The pumps are working
well , and the waer was lowered six
inches to-day. The stench from the
shaft grows worse. The morgue is
nearly completed , and will amply pro
vide for the reception of the bodiei
When disentombed. The relief fund
still grows , and is now $28,000 No
Immediate addition Is felt necessary ,
Declined wit * Tkanks.
Special Dlijfttch to TUB HER.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , March 15. Some
time ago the managers of the Louis
ville southern cotton exposition hear
ing the Prince of Wales Intended vis
iting America , extended him an invi
tation to attend the exposition. A re
ply from the Prince's secretary waa
received to-day , dated Berlin , Feb
ruary 27 , stating that the Prince had
no Intention of visiting America
during the present year , and thanking
the managers for their invitation.
Snlllvan'a Brag.
Spodal Dlipitch to TUB BBH.
NEW YOHK , March 11. John L
Sullivan , the pugiliat , heated with
wino in a speech at Harry Hill's to-
nlcht , termed Slado a "half breed
stiff and no good" whom ha was an
xious to light. Harry Hill Bald if
Sullivan know as much of Slide aa ho
did ho would not talk so.
Ifew York Notes.
Special llfiatch | to TUB Bui
NKW YOUK , March 15. Robert
Mahan and Charles M. Smith , itu-
dents of Columbia college , weru ar
rayed for a duel to-day. Mahau and
a friend were arrested on departing
for the ba.Ulo ground and hold for an
The Mexican Peninsula Telegraph
Telephone company waa incorpo-
ated to-day , capital stock $500,000 ,
'ivldod into 50,000 shares of $ 10 each ,
'ho corporators were Frederick M
) elono , Henry 0. Dorlvora and Ohns.
tabadan , who hold all the stock.
ho line will run from New York In
a direct a line as poulblo to Yucatan ,
Tobcco , Ohlopaa and Ojyaoi , Mexico.
A largo number of personal and
lollttcal frlouda called to see Patrick
gnn to-day.
Mayor Edsou this morning united
n rnarritigo at the citv hall , Elsie ,
onnceat ou of George Francis Train ,
nd Eliza Brown , atop daughter of the
ate Charles K. Thorno
'Ihe Mail and Express Days : "It la
xtrcmoly piobablo that the Wabnah
oad will bu leased to the Iron Maun-
uin system , If the Wubftah la lenaod
o the Iron Mountain southwestern
yatom , vrhlch now terminates nt St.
joula , It would bo extended to
Yilodo , nnd the rondo centering at St.
jouia uouH not oomphin if the Mia
Mai P.idlio Pacific gave ita buelnenn
o ! ti ovru line , which by the present
joollnc ; arrangement ia now divided
n St. Louis. Thia would mnkii To-
ode instead of St. Louis the distrib
uting point and the Wabash , instead
f getting 8 per cent of the business ,
would reasonably expect to got 50 or
per cent , and thin amount of bus !
lees would make with the Wabaah all
1m difference in the world. The
Vabnah would then probably earn n
iviibnd on Ita common stock the first
'oar after the now arrangement took
fleet. "
pcclal Dlsp tcfcs to Till Bu.
Albert C. D-innor haa been elected prea
ilent of the Bank of Mobile.
The Mlsalaalppl river commission
eaves Cairo thh morning on the steamer
In the shooting contest in St. Joe , yea-
erday , Bogardus scored C3 , Carver'J2 , clay
pigeons. Bogardua ia aick.
John Baldwin killed Wm. Watkino , at
loauoko , Vs. , and then himself. Both
were colored and rivals in love.
The Massachusetts house defeated by an
iverwhelming majority the bill to compel
corporations to pay employes weakly.
H , N. IlolJswortb , cnshier of the bank
if Ilotnpp & Uoldaworth , Elizabeth ,
own , Kentucky , has disappeared with
Threa children , nged 9 , 7 and C , wore
atally burnoJ at a hotel in Sleepy Eye ,
ilinn , while eleeping ou the Hoor. A
amp tipped over.
The Baltimore k Ohio telegraph com
piny have been granted pernmsion to lay
wire under ground in the built up portion
f Philadelphia.
It Is reported in Nashville , and gen
errlly believed , thut Polk' * attorneys hav <
nado n proposition for full setllemeut o !
lis deficit to the state.
Mr * . Ellen Berningbam died in Louisville -
villo Thursday , aged 107. Sae waa a pa ;
tivi ) of , Tipperaryv Ireland , and came
Americaloity years ago. * y
The New Yprk-Evening Port aayi th
x > nd Itfned by the-Northorn Pacific tern-
Innl company lor the purpose of building
depots and elevators at Portland , Oregon ,
have all beei ; uoId. , >
In the ttl l of Enos S. Crowther. Ina
$100.000 bond robbery. In St. Joseph , Mo. ,
the defense are attempting to prove ' an
nllbi. His wife testltied to-day that
Crowther waa at home all the time on the
night of the robbery.
Ar'olph K tpoella , surviving partner'of
the firm of Doughty & Kappello , phip
builders , Ffllladelphlt. , has assigned. The
assets largely erceedthe liabilities. There
will be a surplus after paying all debts in
full. Kappella had the contract for a
dredge , "Cuunt DeLeaaepa , " attached by
S. P. Morris & Co. , who furnished the
Deuounolnjj Unites' Acquittal-
Special Ulsjiatcn to TUB Un.
UNIONTOWN , Pa. , March 15. A
great indignation meeting was held
to-night to give expression to public
poathnont touching the ncqnlttnl of
N. S. Dukeo for kllUnp Captain A. 0
Nutt. Every prominent citizen of
the town was proeent. The action of
the jury was condemned in the
strongest terms by reverend minia-
ters and other speakers. Iloaolutions
condemning the jury and jndpo were
adopted. The jurors were obliged to
leave town hastily on account of fears
of vlolonco.
the '
Special Dispatch to Til * UKS.
NKwYoKK , March 15. The pro
posed leasing of the Wabatsh to the
Missouri Pacific or Iron Mountain , ia
creating aomo ilsoussion hero. Bnal-
ness men are eurprleed that Gould ,
who regards the southwestern system
as araont ; the beat railroad properties
In the United States should consent to
an addition of loss remunerative lines.
It Is said ho is not satisfied with the
management of the Wabaah , and looks
to this method as a way to Improve
It. Ilussell Sago oays the scheme is
likely to carry in April.
Brutea at a Benollt ,
8p cUl Dlspakh to TUB Bii.
YORK , March 15. live hun
dred people were at the boxing benfit
for Elliott's mother. Harry Hill
sent $50 and Sullivan $100. Nick
Murphy , the pedestrian , In the first
round knocked Ned Fox against the
wall and In the second round knocked
Fox out. Ten minutes were needed
to revive Fox. Murphy left the hall
in a hurry.
Preparing to Plow. Dispatch to TUB lisa.
HKLKKA , Ark. , March 15. The
gauge this morning regletors 40 feet ,
a decline of 3 inches dnring the past
14 hours. There is no decline In the
ovoiil wbacklntha bottoms , and It will
require considerable moro fall in the
rlvor to produce any materal change
In tbo situation behind the levees.
Preparations for a new crop are
energetically going forward.
Sjwctal Dliputch to Tin li .
PHILADELPHIA , March 15 Vig-
nanx and 4 Sexton gave a billiard exhi
bition to-night. * Vignoux won the
three ball and balk line game , and
Sexton the champion and cushion
carom garao.
Against Cremation-
Special Dispatch t3 I'll ! BEB.
HABitisnuito , Pi. , March 15.
Among the bllla Introduced to-day in
the senate was one to prevent the
burning or cremating of human bodies.
nflgo Wakoley Takes His Seat
on the Bench.
, nd Delivers o Brief but Inter-
eating Inaugural. & .
mutruun Court Item * Gathered
For some days past there lies baon
onaiderablo conjecture as to when ,
hero nnd how the newly appointed
udgo of this diatrlot would bsgih to
old hla court. The qncallon vmt
ottlcd yottorday by the action in
ho diatrlot court.
Upon the convening of court Judge
tfovillo naked Judge Wakoly to come
p and alt with him behind the bar ,
nd then introduced him to the mom-
era present as their new judge , and
asked him if ho would say anything to
ho couat. Judge Wakoloy and
aid that while it was not cuttomary
0 make a opecoh on such occasions ,
10 would addroai a few words to those
. resent , and thereupon naid :
Gentlemen ol the Vnr :
Having taken the oath of cfllco
nndor my recent appointment as one
if the judges of this court , I dm now
cady to enter upon official duty.
With jieriniaslon of the judge pro
ildlng I desire to odd to this state
mout a few words. I know that it Is
not usual poiaibly it may be uupre
lodonted for an incumbent tospeak
rom the bench of the circumstances
nnder which ho has boon called to it.
1 choose , however , to-dty , to follow
the ( strong promptings of my heart ,
oven though it shall violate naags ,
and thus publicly express to the mom-
bora of this bar , collectively and tndl-
ridually , my grateful recognition of
heir united and most generous action
which was potential in calling mo to
his judgment seat.
Fittoon years of personal and Hru
osslonal association , and of charp con
tention , at many times , in the strug
gles of the law enables thorn to know
mo well. That they were willing , nn
sought , in reliance on my fidelity , dla
crotiou and Impartiality to commit to
my judicial keeping end determination
tlm weighty interesto and rights rep
resented by them waa a testimonial
which deeply moved mo , and which ]
regard as among the most valued o :
my profoBsional life. Yet even this
brings to mo also Us burden. I can
eay'to you with great sincerity that
wbat.moet oppresses moat this MO
ment-la not the'apprehenaion tha * , :
shell bo unable to peiforni ( ho du'.ica
ifi * 1 _ | _ _ /T1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L.t 1 11 _ _ \i. ilT _ _
shall ozpcct moro of ma than thle , I
shall bo compelled to disappoint yoa.
If I shall bo able to meat all your just
expectations and reasonable require
ment * } It will bo an atnplo reward. If
I shall fall to do no I shall have roaion
to feel that the fleeting honora of this
place have boon secured at too great a
COBt.We all reoogniza the duo relations
of the bench and the bar. The court
haa Its solemn daticn , and ito just and
stern prorogattvea. These duties must
bo performed ; thooo prerogatives inuat
bo maintained , or the court falls to
keep Itself on the high level of ita
ordained and constitutional functions.
The bar has Its rights , its duties , its
privileges. I have been of it , and
with it too long , 1 trust , to overlook
this. I hope I shall not remain on the
bench long enough to forget it. Yet
when thceo rights havobaon accorded ,
and thcso privileges enjoyed , In the
full mciuiiro of right and approved
custom , and the question goua to the
court for judgment , such judgment ,
given In duty and in coussiunc. , deserves -
serves , and from the fair minded law
yer will command respectful acquies
cence , coat what it may to his cause
and his client. For myaolf , I can
prom'so ' yon only a faithtnl and hon-
oat endeavor to walk with judicial
rectitude in the path of the law ,
lighted by justice , load wheresoever
It may.
I am fully conccloua that no court
in independent of the aid furnished by
the learning , the research , the trained
logic , and matured thodght of the bar.
Of those aids I shall always bo most
glad to avail myself.
Finally , gentlemen , I shall be
zialouB , in co-operation with ray ju
dicial associate and yonrsolvoi , to do
my full part in the effort to reduce
this docket of nnreachod causes which
confront ] us term after term , and
bring justice somewhat nearer to the
suitors in this court. "
Following this came the calling of
the docket to find some cases which
could bo taken np by consent of both
parties at once , tbo council chamber
having been secured for Judge Wakoloy
to hold court in fcr the present. j\
very largo number of cues wore called 1 I
over before one was found that conld
ba taken up. This proved to bo the
ciao of Preston vs. Rlopen , up on
error , with Kennedy and Godwin for
the plaintiff , and Redlok and Kedlck
for the defendant , which was the first
case hoard by Jndgo Wakoly nnder
the now dispensation.
Next Monday Judge Wakely will go
to Columbus to hold a term of court
for Judge Pont. Judge Novllle holds
the Sirpy county court next wcokand
upon adjourning Saturday the court
hero Tvlll adjourn uutll a week from
next Monday , at which time both
judged will resume the trial of onuses ,
and business will bo puahcd with
energy and vigor.
The trial of W. W. Waron on the
indletmnnt for obtaining money under
false pretences from the B. & M. rail
way company , by means of fraudu
lent road tax receipts , resulted Wed
nesday in his acquittal , the jury
being instructed by Judge Neville to
return a verdict of not guilty. Im
mediately after the conclusion of the
above CMO the trlnl of Warren on an
ndlotmont for obtaining 225 by false
irotonsoa from the Union PaolOo was
logun and is still In progress. Dis-
rlct Attorney Godwin and lion. J ,
tl.-Thunton appear for the proseca-
Ion , and J. 0. Oowln and Mr. Webber
or the defendant. It Is considered
hat this Is n much Blrono-or case , and
he prosecution la firm in the belief
hal they will send the accused over
the road.
They Pay Omalia a Friendly
Visit ,
are Bauquottud at
Upon the Invitation of Meesrs.Krog
t Son. , the Iowa brewois' association
reoterday visited Omaha in n body.
They wore met nt the depot with car
lilies and visited the State Fair
gronndn and the various points of in
tercut about the city.
At 2 o'clock they nat down to an
elegant dinner nt John WtrthV , it
btiug the first public colouration of
Mr Wirth'n opening elnco ttio fiw
destroyed his plfco. Mayor Bjyd
proiidod at the table , and in addition
to the guests ns namud above there
wcro among the Omaha gentlemen
present , Krrg and Son , the hosts , P.
E , liar , E. Suosaonbaoh , Motz and
son , and Gottlieb Stotch.
Champagne In liberal quantities
washed down the excellent and sub
stantial layout provided on such short
notice by Mr. Wirth and there wore
speeches from both Ouiuha and Iowa
The visitors returned homo by the
4 o'clock train.
They Hold a Meeting to Arrange the
Uoming Year's Campaign.
The Nebraska board of fish commis
sioners , consisting of Mr. Low May ,
Dr. ll. R. Livingstone and B. E
Kennedy , Esq. , of this city , hold
meeting Wednesday afternoon at the
office of the latter , the full board beIng
Ing present.
At this mooting they laid out their
work for the present year , oovorlug
the building of additional ponds , i
hatching houao , superintendent's ' houa
and ta Iron fence about the grounds ,
Also the purchase of the neccsnary ap
paratnu for carrying on the work at
South Bond so to to bring the great
eat rotnrn to the oltlzans of the state
Ths ! Is absolutely the only body of
state c ilnials who draw no ealarios ,
par diem or other remuneration fdr
thalr orvic .i , and not only that , bdt
f > no tnoniba- the board paid ou' ;
JiiOO'ffom ' his .own pocket for nocdpti
improvements , . -which the state apprcf
prlatloa would not cover , and never
asks for a cent of It back , '
The gentlemen composing the board
represent the sportsmen's interest
throughout the state , working for the
good of every club as well as of citizens
at large , and one of the noted sports
men makes the suggestion that these
organizations ought and conld easily
make some provision by which it
would at least cost nothing to bo a
commissioner , and would bo Invested
so as to return an hundred fold. Ho
proposes to otart the good work with a
fifty dollar note whenever a move is
made in this direction.
Oommlseionor May will probably
visit the London Imposition next aum-
mor to obtain ootno valuable Informa
tion in the line of their work.
Special Dispatches to TIIK Un.
The Maine legislature baa adjourned.
The annhcrsnry of Ilnagnrlan imlopomi-
cnco wan celebrated In Now York to-night.
The Hbodo Maud republican state con
tention nominated Auguatuo O , Brown
'or governor.
Tammany Hall adopted recolutlons on
; ho death of the late CJovjrnora Morgan ,
Tewoll arid Stephens.
Charles cle Have CUeanhnyao , one of the
most noted politician i of Belgian , U n pin-
foriRor on tlio Bteamor Switzerland , duo In
New York Saturday. He Intoadn to otay
only a few weoke ,
A now pnlit'cal party Is in courio of
Formation In Montreal , to eitabliah the
authority of the Catholic church in the
direct'n ! of education and uuppoit of
Jesuits in tliolr claims for the recovery of
confiscated landu ,
The republicans of Cincinnati nomi
nated A. M , Warner for the superior court
IODR terra ) ; K. O. Keholby , city comp
troller ; William B ettger , treaturer ; Henry
ICarb , board ot public works. Kosolii-
tions were adopted condemning the civil
service reform not ,
Senator Blair , of New Hampshire , do-
nits that he baa combined forces with
Rollins In the coming senatorial contest ,
and deolarei ho will never form an alliance
with iKollins , Urfegi , Chandler , or make
a combination with any candidate : that
while acknowledging himself a candidate ,
tie will not flight for re-election.
The Combination of Ingredients
Trociiu Is Huch as to give the beat poiil-
ble effect with safety. They are widely
known aa the best remedy for Coughs ,
Gelds , Throat diseases and Asthmatic
trouble * . Price , 25 centa a box.
Bucklin'a Arnica Salve
The BEST SALVK in the world for Cat ,
Bruises , Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum. Fever
Sorea , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chilblain * ,
Corns , and nil akin eruptions , and poei-
lively cures riles. It is guaranteed to
nlvo satiif action or money refunded. Price ,
'J5 cents per box. For nalo by 0. F. Goodman -
man ,
SuvoHouio Sai paneled *
Special Dispatch to Till li .
MONTUKAL , March 10. Fogarty &
Bro. , shoe manufacturers , long catab-
llahod hero , failed today The liablll-
ties are cstimatod at $130,000. but the
aaaots are not yet known , ai the firm
have only commenced taking stock.
The creditors think they will got DO
cents on the dollar ,
scarfs , ribbons and any
fancy articles can bo made any color
wanted with the Diamond Dyes , All
the popular colors.
Mr. Brady Expedites His Story
of Western Star Routes ,
And Inflates the Character of
Contractors for Honesty
and Truth.
VI , Wyman Promoted Chief of
the National Treasury.
louundrnuiH on tlio Tobaooo Tax
-An Unoommuu Flower on
IpvcUl DUpatch to Tun llRi.
WAHIIINOTON , March 15 The crlin-
nal court room waa well filled this
morning when General Brady resumed
' Is tcattmony In the star route trial.
The dire t examination vraa oouclud-
d without developing nny startling
ostimony , and Bliss began the croaa-
Bliss called witness * ( Brady's ) atton-
ion to a postmaster's letter protesting
hut the proposer ! fifty hour schedule
in the Parrot Oity route was impoa-
Ible. Brady replied that nothing
W48 Impoaslblo In that direction.
itness said ho mndo over 10,000
rdora of the same kind in connection
1th star routes , and ho could not
horeforo rocolloot all details. After
sharp examination by Bllaa concorn-
g several routes , D.ividgo intorrnpt-
id , saying , "I think the witness is
; otttng the bettor of Mr. Bliss ; I
hink ho bettor bo stopped. "
Blisa Davldgo need not protect
mo ; there are others needing his pro
Witness assorted that 18 of the 10
antes in question wore expedited at
,088 than pro rata. Ho proceeded by
.tatomonts . and calculations to estab-
ish the assertion. Witness did not
assume a man was a scoundrel became
ho was' a contractor. lie assumed
they wore honorable men.
Ingornoll enquired of Blitn why he
did not ask Brady whether ho was In
iollnsian with Peck.
Bliss Yon can ask him yourself.
.Blias then appealed to the court to
stop the running comments of conn
sol on the other side. On moro than
one occa'iou , while this witness had
bean nndor examination , his answers
had boon K uldod by suggestions from
that EOUICD. * '
Ingoisoll It oonld not ] h&vo boon
from a bettor souroa ,
Witness , ( indignantly ) say that
is not true.
Witness was asked if ho had not al
lowed cornponsxtlon up to the limits
fixed by cffl davits hi oauh of the nine
teen routes. lie. answered all wore ox-
nadited at Jew iha ' rb Jate.v -
Court You don'tWadflEtemarek.
Tongno river rout * .
Witness-Yes ) sir , that was ex
pedited at loss than pro rata.
Bliss asked how far the schedule
would allow a horse to travel per day.
Objection made and sustained.
"That is like the story of the Irish
man who asked how far it was to town , "
began Ingeraoll.
"That is out of order , " interrupted
tie court ; "an Irishman always is , "
( Linghtor. )
Witness did not know of any bettor
way of regulating the expedition than
that of using contractor ' affidavits.
Ho did not oaro a snap of hla finger
whether contractors had cxporiouoo or
not there was no batter rulo.
Special Dispatch to TUK BBB.
WASHINGTON , March 15. The pr s-
idont to-day appointed A. W. Wyman
treasure vice Jas. Gillfillan , whose
resignation has been accepted , to take
place the first prox. The secretary ot
the treasury will appoint a committee
to verify the treasury balance of March
IJht , and count the money so the
funds muy be transferred to the now
Incumbent for opening of business on
the firjt pror. wh'en ho assumes the
duties of i ilio. The selection of as
sistant treasurer , which ofliao will bo
made vacant by the promotion of Wy
man , will depend entirely upon the
wishes of the now treasurer. It is
pretty well settled the appointment
will bo made from the treasurer's of
The provisions in the last army bill
reliavo the regular retired list to the
extent of making thirteen vacancies ,
which will bo filled at once by the re
tirement of disabled officers.
Iletnrna to the department ef agrl-
ovltnro of cotton sent to market from
plantatlonsmake the aggregate 5,900-
000 bales gone forward up to March 1 ,
This is about 80 ] per cent , of the
crop , as indicated by the last returns
of the product.
The department of state has baen
notified by the Italian government
that It desires to invite artists of all
nations to compete In furnishing de
signs for the national monument to
bo erected at Homo In honor of King
Victor Etnanuol. Plans may bo sent
In from November 15 to December 15 ,
1 883. A royal commission will decide
upon the designs and the successful
artist will receive 50,000 francs as a
prize , and 50,000 francs additional
will bo divided by the commission
among the most meritorious competi
tors ,
A question has arisen at the tro&3 <
nry department regarding the follow ,
lug provUicn of the tobacco schedule
In the ntiw tariff act : "Loaf tobacco
of which 85 per cent is of the requisite
ilzo and of necessary fmonois ot text'
uro to bo suitable for wrappers , and of
which inoro than 100 leaves are re
quired to weigh a pound , if 0ot !
stemmed , 75 cents per pound ; If
stemmed , $100. " The doubt is as to
whether 85 per cent Is to bo the duty
upon the whole quantity' tobacco
embraced on the Invoice or upon the
contents of each separate package.
The matter has been roforod to the
collector of customs and Now York
and Boston , with instructions to con
sult the trade and report a rule for the
government of the department on the
The treasury department to-day
purchased 405,000 ouncns of silver
for delivery at Philadelphia , New
Orleans and Sau Francisco mints.
Hx-lloprosontativo Flower , of Now
York , returned to the troaatiror
$10850 , the amount over paid him
on iiccount of his salary and mileage
as n member of the Forty-seventh
Ex-Qov. Crawford , resident ajopt
of the state of Kansas , to-day filed
at the interior dcptrtmont a brief in
support of the position taken by the
state authorities on sundry long-pond-
Ing qupollons In regard to the Atchl-
son , Topokn & Santa Fo railroad land
grant. The case will probably come
before the recorder for oral argument
nt an curly date. The brief argues
tlm the adjustment of the grant un
der the supreme court decision of 1875
concerning it would givotho state title
to about 80,003 acres of land alleged
to have been Illegally certified to the
railroad company , and that in any
event the state is entitled to oomo 30-
000 acres now hold by the railroad ,
A Whlshy Windup.
BpocUl DUatch to Tim Hits.
CINCINNATI , March. 15. The firm
of Pflrrman & Pfau , whisky dealers ,
suspended to-day. The liabilities
amount to $825,000 ; assets , $000,000.
The rumor that a failure was likely
to occur caused a good deal of anxiety
In business circles early in the day ,
but as soon as it became known that It
waa PHrrmaun & Pfau who had boon
driven to the wall , a sense of relief
was experienced , and no bad results
are likely to follow on account of the
failure. The suspension is duo to
over-production and the failure of eon-
gross to pasa the bonded whiskey ex
tension bill. Two small drafts , each
for less than $5,000 each , wont to
protest. An extension could probably
have boon secured , but-there was no
probability that tlio situation would
Smnrovo. There la evidently llttlo
chance of loss of any of iho creditors.
Baua and Hit Friend *
BpccliU DUpatch to Till I3u.
NEW YOUK , March 15. Gharlou A.
D&na , of The New York Bun , loft for
Harriabnru to visit his .old friend , ex-
Senator Simon Cameron , The two
had arranged to start this wcnk on a
trip to the south and went. The ox-
senator recently received such in
juries frcm a fall tbet the journey had
to bo postponed. The two friends ex
- peot to start in.fjbont _ two "weo !
. IiAHK and' {
friend * . They'will go to'New
loans and thence by some southern
route to San Francisco. The Yosemite -
mite and other places of intoreat will
bo vlalted. Paul Dana will assume
the editorship of The Sun during his
low'a Bnat at Weitmlnitar-
Special Dispatch toTui Bis.
BOHTON , March lf The Longfel
low Memorial association has a letter
from Bennock , of London , saying that
all the preliminaries for placing the
bust in Wcstmlntor abbey are now
arragnod , sufficient capital being sub
scribed , the sculptor engaged and the
for the bust eolcotod. The
itter Is a column standing between
the Memorial uioho of Chaucer and
the Independent bust of Dryden , with
a stream of light falling on the posi
tion , BO that the bnst will occupy a
most conspicuous place in the poet's
New Mexican Plonloi-
Special Dispatch to Tun Dm.
LAB VEOAH , N. M. March 15. Polo
Mnokol and Frank Ivloor engaged in a
> i
shooting match at White Oakes , caused
by the lattor'a Intimacy with the for
mer's daughters. Kiser received a
mortal wound in the breast , and Mac-
kol'o hip waa shattered beyond repair.
A young woman named Trujlllo ,
living at lllncon , gave birth to a
child and immediately choked it to
death. She tolls the story of "immac
ulate conception. "
School Homo Burned-
Sptclal Dlipitcuoa to Tin Ilm
DKS MOINEB , la. , March 15. The
Fourth VVard school honso at Iowa
Oity was destroyed by fire at about
5 o'clock this evening. Loss , $4.000 :
no insurance.
nTba Tentuaiee Dalit.
Special DUpatch to Tin lisa. '
NABUVILLE , Tonn. , March 15. The
bill to settle the state debt at 50 cents
with 3 per cent , interest , aa it came
from the house of representatives , to
day passed the senate , and awaits the
blgnature of the governor.
Two Maids Ferl.h-
E pedal DUpatch to TUB UBB.
HAHTKOUD , Connecticut , March 15.
Iho honso of two maiden ladies ,
named Judson , In Eaat Hartford
burned this morning and both perish
ed in the flames.
ABtrlho Threatened'
Special DUpatch to TUB BIB.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , March 15. Some
clgarmakora of the city say there will
bo a general strike May 1st , unless
$1.00 per thousand bo added to their i
wages. They claim the proprietors
have a benoiit of $3.00 tax reduction ,
and can easily nlford to pay the addi
tional dollar , .
The French KioWus-t
' , SpeoUl Dlipatch to Tm 13 i.
WoucEBTJSit , Mass. , March 15. JTho1
- French , Canadians , la a large meeting
to-night , lxotosod ( Bgalnat.thOiBtato- .
- tnonta of F. H. Foster , of Cambridge ; F
before the comnitsaion qn "oducatlqa -
and labor , 'afc Waahiuglori , thaf they" '
nro tbo Chinese of the coat.