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to vigorously push a. business ,
strength to study a profession ,
strength to regulate a household ]
strength to do a day's labor with
out physical pain , All this repre
sents what Is wanted , in the often
heard expression , "Ohl I wish i
had the strength ! " If you arc
broken down , have not energy , or
feel as if life was hardly worth liv
ing , you can be relieved'and re
stored to robust health and strength
by taking BROWN'S
TERS , which is a true tonic a
medicine universally recommended
for all wasting diseases ,
501 N , Fremont St. , lUldmoro
During the war I was in
jured in the stomach by a piece
of a shell , and have suffered
fromltcvcrsincc. About four
years ago it brought on paraly
sis , which kept me in bed six
months , and the best doctors
in the city will I could not
live. I suffered fearfully from
indigestion , and foroycrtwo
years could not cat solid food
and for a large portion of the
Umcwasunablc to retain even
liquid nourishment. I tried
Brown's Iron 1 Jitters and now
after taking two bottles I am
able to get up and go around
and am rapidly improving.
a complete and sure remedy for
Indigestion , Dyspepsia , Malaria ,
Weakness and all diseases requir
ing a true , reliable , non-alcoholic
Ionic. It enriches the blood , gives
fiew lifo to the muscles and tone
to the neives.
Ycur attention I * cal'e I to contracts to bo U
fcr difchin . Ditch la Hurt and Wa hlnto
oo'tit'e , alitutthliitcn mlim lo' > Inwirkln
eeiitlcns h ou h a nursn , ld h about 0 Ice
e'd a tlopl tt I > o 2 led del ti from 6 to 7 fo <
4 rt to amoved about8feet from lirlt.kof dltcl
Number ot cub o\anln to be movtd alK > uk 11J
710. Skid It h Is being C0'intru.t d i.y slid lw
oount'cs ' under statute providing tit uralnln
swaorp I ni a , arpr ved Fob 28,1881. Wo k I
bedonoln aic rutncowlh pi ns aud spo I He
tlous. For further Inlotmitl n npplr to tt
cmmty cleilc > il < ! her ol aid counties , and ei
report ot engineer nnd prcccnciltun cf board * <
co.inal tloncr < 11 tat cou tlua and port ciilar
thitol'ia-y 8th 1SH Als i the olllcltl a
v < r Iscmeut In the Itlalr Pilot aiid In Uurt Ooui
ty Nt s.
Ilia * are to bo Died with cer'IflM chock a-
TJitEocI iurit'eoa irbeforr March 221 IBS
atrip , m. with county lie.k rf utt county , <
A Tnomcu. DuplloitoJ ( wl'Jiout chookk ) wtl
county clerk rt WasMnir'oa county. Ila
( oims for prorxiMls will bo supp led * by s
elerta. ByO'derof
fab 18-oew tali c 3t
Healed pr pota swill bo rood vod by the Boa *
> of Co nty CotnmUalonerR of Ongo countv , Neb
< lor the erection of a bridge across the B'g ' Ul\ \
irircr upin i Ithor ono of tn wa > n roads loadli
( oMtlrora the-town ol Wjnio * , Gage cou t
Neb. , and \cr alid cro < i-ad ri\er. t-aldbtirii
to bo "no hundred and fllty (1DU ( ) feet ionif , are
( o lia\ either piles , sto o , or iron p era.
Also for the CTCCI Ion nt a brldito , suitable to tl
ipl.v o , acrOM Indian Creek , on the Una betwn
ficctlon" tftiiit\-nlnoJi ) nd thirty (30) ( ) , anoi
oni mlto sou hwc t ol Wjroo'o , Oagi count ;
l > cb. Low bridge at th'a pl > co preferred.
Also ix brlJL'U i cross T rkuy Creek , aoulhea
ol I'c Witt , Nab. , to rcplat.0 the tld ono now !
use.AH Vilscs to It ol oed , Iron or comblnttlo
Ail b dsio b ) accompanloil by plant and spec
t.c.tons to to Boalcd and filed with the ( kiin
If rk on'or betoro 12 o'clock noon , March i0t
The Commlssloncts r 'cr\ethe right to rrc
y and all i lil , S ica tul bidders will bo t
u'r ' d to irl e bond lor the falihlul pertornmn
/.I thtlrcoilract
tly ordo I the Ccunty 0mml Bloners.
< * - - * ) ,
] unit. [ County Cleik.
1 > - ' Beat ho Feb. > Z 1R83. me-d
B AL L'S '
Every Coriot is warranted aatlj-
Victory to Us wearer In every war ,
cr tbo money will bo refunded by
tbo person ( rom whom it wai bought.
n onlrOore ] t pronounced by our fouling phyild
iBvt Injurious to Uiaweuw , anilendorwdY > Y l JI < u
i "uwitcomforublo uiil perfect Uttlng Oomt
rilm. t.60. Btlr.AJJu.tlni , 1
.AMmln.l ( extraIICATT ) 8.00 , Nurtlnc , l
Itli l're rrvlna ( One rautll ) .00. 1'arai
Hklri-Huppurtlnc. 1.00.
VoiTMle by leadUa ; ItcUll UritUn r rywh <
1U10AO ( ) tiOUSKT CO. , Uulcutfo , U
00 A COS Wjrandotte St. , yarf fractic < \ .
KAN8AB C1TV , MO. . CAfcafo.
. - . Authorized by I lie titntc In tr
Chronic , Ni'notiM and I'utiito I
L vans * , Afcllinui. Kpllfpcy. llluu
, IMIcv apo.uunn , Urlnnrj' i
loittt ) , Sr.\i.'AL Drnii
( lotl fitjfual jnH'tr ) , tl' 1 1
piiaranUfU or inunuy rfliinilitl ( I'lir rw 1
Tuoiuandii of raiti'd cured Niiliijiirlnin IIKIII i
nxud. No uVU'iitlon friini liit > lufi > n. All tntilt I
furiildicd o\ait tu jinHc-ntH ntudlnlniicc. t'o-i
Utlou fret' mid coufldi'iittul calluruillii. Ac > -
JXiH.TK'Uco are linportant. A IIUUK for I
oxei Illuitratecl uiid circulars of other thl
aeut ncaled lor l o Su HtMium. J'Vrc Alutrt
Send 81 , S2 , 8.1 ,
85 for a aaiiiplu i
tall box by Kxprv
CANDY orthebeNtcnndlcH
America , put ui >
elerant boxen , 'i
strictly pure. Sf.Ii
ulefor prmcnt . V.
prcBs cIiRritPB UK !
Itefern to all C1U <
; . Try lt"jncc.
Addrcxa ,
Ccofcctlonrr ,
Wonderful Perfootion Reaoliofl ir
Making Artifloial Limns ,
Whnt They nro Made of anc
How Opsrnted.
Wrltlne "With Indian KuMioi
Hands 'nnd ShntluR oil
Fcwor persons nro aecnon the atrcoti
la Nuw York with empty sloeveB ant
using crutches than tu any European
city \vih an equal population. Thi
Improvement now msdo In the tnanu
[ aoturo of artitiaal limbs la rnoa
rnaikod , and the articles that are u ?
piled to-day &ro BO potfect , both ii
tholr construction and action , as to al
most defy dutcctlon , nnd many tueu
women and children now go about thi
streets with artificial legs aud arm
whom nobody would over auipoct o
being maimed.
The record * of the American Paten
Oll'uo show 150 patents , or mcro tha :
double of nil European patents fn
aimllar Inventions. The civil war , I
which so many soldiers and stlloi
wore mutilated , no doubt loin grea
Impetus to Inventors and makers. Th
annual number cf artlGclnl limbs noi
manuf igtnrod in America Is estimate
at 120.0CO. The surgical operation
in the form of amputation nro con
putod at 100,000.
To supply the loss of any ono liml
or of all lltnbn , the manufacture c
artlGclal members has boon brought t
finch porfoctlon that they can bo use
by tholr wearers with almost as mno
facility as the natural limbi.
Artificial limbs are now almoi
nnlvermlly mndo of willow wood , a
affording greater strength , llghtnei
and utility than could bo obtaino
with other materials , The material
formerly used were as varied as thel
mode of construction. Somp were o
tin , Hulld wood , and oven of Iror
whtlo the different j lints were worke
with all sort ] of complicated machii
ory In the shape of cogged wheoli
steel springs , etc. , which were no
only cumbersome and noisy hi thel
operation , but were constantly gotlio
out of order.
The articles of to-day obviate tv
this. Over the willow foundation i
stretched a oovorlng of leather whlc
is enameled to represent the natura
flooh , whllo the joints are articulate
by moana of light springs of stool
rubber and cord , according to th
formula of each particular maker.
Mr. A. A. Marks , of No , 1C ! ) Broad
way , Is ono of the largest mannfac
turora in this country. Ho now ha
In his employment n man and a br > ,
who nro fitted cacti with two fatso lege
Both eau rnn and walk almost as wol
as those possessing their nature
limbj. The maker attributes hla sac
cess to the aso of rubber for the fee
of his logs and ignores what ho term
as having boon so long the bdjrboar u
all makers , the artificial ankle joint
Certainly his legs are entirely noise
lees , while the action of the knee join
has perfect as possible.
His arms RTO so constructed thi
they can bo fitted to a return p at th
shoulder that is no longer than two n
throe iuches , and yet DO made to ac
almost as well an the natural Ural
Those arms are so constructed as t
enable the wearer to taka off his ha
or put it on , raho a cigar , or to tak
hold of and lift anything of moderat
weight. This end is obtained b ;
moms of cords and spi logs , the forme
pasalrg across the shoulders and boin
fstouud under the opposite arm
pit. By moans of a sligli
ownward pressure of the stum
nto the socket of the limb the spring
are sot In action and the desired mi
Ion Is given. The hands are made i
oft rubber , wllh'nunealod wire rm
ning through the fingers , which allow
hem to bo put into any desired posl
, lcn. Others are madu like the feot-
of solid rubber epongowhich affords
gocd grasp If anything is placed bi
iwecn the thumb and fingers , 1\
tienta thus supplied can even wiil
with their hands , In proof of which I
exhibits many specimens of their oal
itraphy , In the palm of the hand
fitted a screw socket Into which can 1
fitted a kuifo and fork for thopurpos
of eating at tablo. The most ntof
nud strongest appliance , hnwevu
Is a hook which screws on to tl
wrist In place of a hand , for with i
immense weights can bo lifted , parct
carried nnd many ether things doi
which the hand would not bo oapab
In addition to thu usual arliGcl
llmbti a largo practice is had In o
tending a shortened or deformed \ <
to agree with Its follow nnd so well
this done that detection la impostit
whou the nearer is drorsod.
A log or an arm will last usual
from five to fifteen years. Mr Al < trk
employe , to whom reference has i
ready been made , states that ho f
years waa accustomed to skate ai
that too after ho took to wearing 1
two artificial logs. The only dlffioul
that ho feels at all in their nso Is wh
going up stairs.
The price of artificial legs Is fro
$65 to 8125 , whllo arms are somowb
lean. For hands aud feet the prloo
regulated by the trouble required
make a fit. Mr. Marks contends th
hli method of using rubber feet
woik on a stiff ankle joints ts t
boit of all , as the rubber gives all t
elasticity und spring required.
Air Frees , howovtr , another mak
who has rocured eetorul patents f
his Inventione , holds thut his mode
Uding a universal ai klo pint with
competition foot and the eprlnu j l
is the bcstof all inventions yutbroug
out , and it is undoubtedly most pi
feel in a | pearauco aud action when
actual UPO , Ho snys these jjlnts ha
greater bearing surface ; thuy are tnu
stronger and more reliable , and e
moro lifo like In every particular ,
The mode In which the artificial li
operate when worn Is as folios
When the leg Is moved forward
make a step , the heel first comes
contact with the ground ; when I
ankle moves , the foot draws down
a spring which acts Instantly on I
knee joint , holding It firm to reoe !
the weight of the wearer ; and Insti
ping from the artificial leg , na soon a
the knee Is flexed the cord is relaxed
which allows tfio other oord to rail ?
the foot from the ground , carry th
toner log forward , and m .ko the ncx
step almost without nn cilott ,
Ujth makers state that the majorit
of their olleritn are those thnl hnv
been In railroad accidents , Mi
Marks hr > 3 now under oonsldoratioi
the fitting of a child about two year
of ago with a complete sot of limb
who wss born with neither arms no
lops , their place being only roprc
sonUd with short stumps of from tw
to ilx inches long. Ho thinks ho wil
bo able to go fit the unfortunate ohll
us to enable him to move ubout whe
ho gr jws older.
Th ? Montjua law library contains 2,1C
Tbe Hure mice nt PMlll [ > s burg hiwl o
outjutol $329 7W lu US. .
Hcutoii caiu ) * to liovo the largest m :
toblo lu < g lu the tenitury.
All df the Ksmblk'tf lioucs At liento
htvo b ncltweil up by tl.o authorities ,
A six dry * mull route h n been catal
ll Ltst httnttu liozeman nuit Vlruinlu ( Jit ;
'Ihe MI'soula f lr upsoclntlou will cell
brate the tth of July with races and oth <
It U citlmnted bv czpertt tbit tha tin
ber ID tbo Hitter Hoot Valley is wort
hundreds of thousand of dollars.
Ko l cftftto in Helena has depreciated i
least 2 ) per cent tince the bill was lotn
dncoct In the leglalnture for the removal <
tbo cnplt l.
A Uults paper predicts that the value i
the groiw output of the Montana eoopi
company of that city will reach 32.000,01
for thU year.
Helena's big hotel ii to coat 8225,000 , i
which It la rumornd SUO.OCO has been eul
fciibed by the * Knglifh * yi dlcate , whlc
pnicbased the Dram Lnmtuon mine. C1.
Tbo Fort MAoinoU freight and tr&n
porting will bo done at Cunter , and to th
end the company his erected platforms I
receive and load the ore from the mine
The Cable mine at Outte still continn
to put forth a h'ne quality of ore. and tl
expectation * of the owntis ihht it will I
the rlchoH mine in Montana appear like
to be fulfilled ,
The city of Dasver has recently boi
divided into nluo ward ; .
It in reported that three mtncs in tl
Bunker HIM n.inlnK diatrlot were recent
Hold to an Knjliih company for $3,500,11
in cjuh.
The ditlorcnt mining properties throng
cut the btutn are imttiurf in an unujuui
lurtto amount ot new machinery th
sprit g.
The Haloon beepers of Denver have o
; anl7. < < ( l a proteittvo a BOciatl' > n iu ord
o defend their interests against tl
breutened temperance crusndtre.
Arrnngementa are rlroady perfectc
whereby the city of Denver will be one <
10 inoat heautllul In the west in the ma
or of public parks and Rare ens.
The new criminal courts which were ii
tugurated by the laet legislature hat
lerc Bet to work , and they aru f jjnd to t
great help to the regular judiciary of tt
The Chicago and Kin nn City mlnln
company with a capital of $1,000,000(4 ( tb
name of a recently organized concer
Which will Invest heavily in Colorad
mining property.
The aite for the new government bulli
ig in Denver Is under litigation , Vaboi
IB bonanza king bought it with a cloude
tie and told It to the govirnmcnt wit
hla Incumbranco unrcmoved.
The Gay Toll road comoany of Garfiel
ounty has tiled articles of , incnrporatlo
rtth the secretary of fctate. The purpoi
f the company la to build good roat
.iwh too mountain ipanses ot tt
The Diamond Tunnel gold and ally <
mining company in Clear Creek count
a dett nuirifd to erect a mill for tb
m tment of the large amounts of cancel
ratltii ; ore which their mine is capable i
After May 1st boatn will make da 11
rlpa from Seattle to Victoria.
The Washington Improvement compirj
an Incorporated nt Seattle. The primal
Itjeot of tbo ntw compauy la to rut
aual to connect the wnteraol Lvkes Ui.ii
irl Wathlugton , back i f Seattle , und ii
idontii'ly ' to supply the city with wate
un Hteatnboati i n the lake a aud use tl
iwer to be obtained for the purpose
manufactures ,
Onj rtoro in Chejenno ia illumlnaU
Ith seven electric lights.
The Lanunie stock yards are laid to 1
he moat complete in the territory.
'I ho i.ow city directory of Chcyeni
jlvci the clly A population of about 7,00
H. B. Van Tanaell , a heavy stock deal
f Cheyenne , recently cold $200,000 wor
if catt e tu the Powder liver cattle coi
p ny/
The "Vcretary of the territory lisa i
calved a number of inquiries from Mate
hueel H nuking bow many women vet
u Wyoming.
The now city council of Cheyenne h
! ist I ern organlz-d aud there ia a big fiV
over the city marrhalahip between the u
posing factions.
Tic ex-treasurer of Oubon county h
been called upun to explain n shortage
S10.CUO which obcurred during hta aduil
Istratlun of the ilh'ce.
The periodical tree planting time has i
rivid in Cbcyeuno and hnrxiule Clly a
each hnuce tiolder'will now d'g h < 'les a
put in BtircutH rnly to aeo them die a *
already baa every aeaaon stuco the territo
WM organlted.
Kewa baa been received at 1'ortland tt
Umapire , the famous Indian tcont. h
te n murdered In Montana
In the northein part of Umatilla counl
rlurlrg the recent cold ( nap , many cat
died. On * man hat aeyelal hundred he
of thoroughbred bucks.
William Shutter waa killed at Alha 1 :
week while omilug down a hill on auo
thoea. He was uuder full ( peed und , KO !
over a lug , Muck a limb In hU bo < ]
which caused dtatb.
D llaa boast of n tfii-yearolrt girl wl
I.nortria UorgUn imtluoia , The you
polnoi.t'r la un orphan uml waa adopted
a womuii mined , ; hloMj. The protege w
no aoouer iiutilled In her new borne th
( the procured aome utryclmhe , and , all
uoitoniig nil thedoganboutthe place , ga
herbcnulactruHa n dose , which nearly prc
ed fatal. The cirl aeoms poarfaaed bl
mania for noUoning every living thl
about her.
Lut Clunco la thn name cf r. now to'
on the > Northern 1'aclrJc road , PSG mi
frtm Portland. Tha town Ucomp ; > - < d
one burler hhof , three China wuah hou
aix rraUurantu , eipht atorra end ui
tblity-two aalocnr. Moat of the ealin
are kept open day and night niH b wt
j retly ( air tun , aa thu town U juit in
dlory. The la geit part of riup riutendi
lUllctt'n force U at prtstnt congregal
near the town ,
Buildings of all klnda are progressing
a lively manner at D Sm t.
Ia a abort time L'ibon an4 Fargo v
be oopnected by a telegraph line.
The Oooperatown Institute Is to
fifty feet tquare , with room * for seven
five to ono hundud icholarr , and wt
crmplctol will coat from $8.003 t
According to the territorial tax aineu
incut Barneii ounty utands third on th
list In wealth , J
Wild hop , that are regarded as peed n
an bo cultivated , are eald tu grow prc
usely on tbo banks of the Choycun
river ,
New building are being ntarted in Kim
all and iirulo counties every day an
here la a demand for carpenters.
The Dakota railroad * fold excurslo :
ickets from the principal ton lu the tci
Itory to Sioux City to allow the people tee
eo Einma Abbott ,
It In predicted ( hit within tha next tw
vcara Fort I'ierro wilt hnve more inhabl
nuts and bo larger than nny other tow ;
letween Yankton and Blimark.
riinkinyton is prcgreailng. It has
ity library well auppliecl ; a company I
ormlnrf to erect a city hall ami othe
approvements fire going forward ,
Co'uaibla , Brown county , commence
mlldldR on the lit of October , 1892 , nn
now has more capital Invoatod in building
ban any town In the James valU
letwecn Red field and Jemeatown.
On last Friday n broken rail on th
Manitoba road near Fargo threw n parser.
Her train from the track overturning tbrt
coaches which contained one hundred pai
tntter * . Not a alngle person wa
It in aettlcd beyond a debat that tl :
jlllwaukoa railroad will bo extended froi
"jltcber to Huron , during the comln
ummer. By tha 1st of Octintr trair
will leave Huron daily for Chicago.
Bondell people are indignant over tt
Umlog up of the river at Cohunbii
irown county , which baa let the river I
run entirely dry In many place ? , thereb
destroying tith by thousands and Btagna
ntr the water co that it ia not fit for H'.OC
to drink.
Los Angeles hears rumors of a newopei
louse for that place.
There are three prisoners in the count
ail at Sacramento charged with mnrdrr ,
The Nevada bank ia constructing an It
netue wharf and warehouse on the bay b
tween Martinez and Fort Costa.
The miners at Whiskytown , Sbna
county , In public meeting assembled , la
week , protested against the employmei
of Chinese In the mine * .
Tre board of police commlisloners
Sacramento dsmU ! eH the charges again
Police Court Bailiff Eldred , who bad bee
accused of frequenting a house of ill.fam
aud acquitted him.
Efforts are being made to have the ne :
meeting of the El Dorado district a rlni
tural aiocltlon , which includts El D
radu , Nevada , 1'mcer and one or two oth
counties , held in Nevada City
The hotel men at Lake Taboo are e :
meeting an early Beaten this year and ho\
already commenced to get 'blogs in road
lew for tourists. A Dew iron bteamer
JJing built for pa geig r travel on tin lal
and will be ready by the let of June.
Henry Sleeton , n cook in a Los lugeli
lotel , died suddenly a few days ago undi
xiculiar circuinsUncos , He hail a toot
extracted , and , as is usual , the dentist n ]
) lled a ttronpr liquid to the ctvltytoki
he nerve. On Wednesday pvtcmia , (
blood poiaunlng , set in and that night r.
ClnrlfH Ilelrlelberger was admitted t
bo Chiiatlan B > o htra' college , M-rtiiie ;
recently. HU uv iwed purpose waa to n
: eive a religious education. Last Thur
lay ho picked hla things and stated thi
10 watt Roir g to San Erancieoo. Ono <
he brothers i tcume suspicions and e :
amined bla trunk , when it waa diicovere
bat he had it full if wearing apparel an
ewelry , which ha had t men from th
Allege. A charge of burglary was et
ered against him and he was locked up.
Qaortzitemountain lathe latest mink
isaip in the territory which ia attract ! !
The mines at Cave creek near the Pe
ba are attracting considerable attentic
among epeouTjtora and others ,
Kir get on ia said to be the llvelleit tow
which sprung up during the recant minlt
xaiteineut in that district.
Mission rchoola have been started at 81
rer City , El Page and Las Crucori und
he auspices uf the Misaiouary eociety.
Lloden ia the name of now ton
ceiled In the heart of the Meeilla mou
alnt-venty miles south of Lu Crucex.
Thoton site of Gallup ia in diapnt
nnd Roeculatora Are' taking advantage
the flaw in the title by jumping the pro
Work on the university of New Mexi
at Santa Fe waa returned last week andtl
structure will now bo jmjbed to a rap
A mountain of gray marble baa be
'ound five inllos eot of Socorro. T
> ropjrty haa already been purchased 1
3an Francisco parties.
On a hill just north of Silver City c ;
36 found the foundations of an old villa
lullt by an extinct race. Many fra
menta of o'd pottery have been picked i
[ u the vicinity.
Grant county proposes to tax the Sout
ern Pacific railroad. The county coauu
nlouen aay thai th ? company caunot c\ \ *
exemption lor the reasou that It U a Ca
fornift corporation.
Work on ( he Lordaburg and CHft
railroad ia progressing rapidly. Fu
miles cut of Clifton have been grudeit a
something over three miloj out of Lori
burp. Over six hundred men are IK
working and four hundred more will be i
to work aa soon aa they can be found.
The Piute Indiana in Nevada , bavl
heard of the recent quail-eating feat
New York , are dealroua of umloitaking
almilar tuak. Au Austin ludUn ia will !
to wager faia pqu w that be will cat tbi
ducka a ( Uy fora ye r , proviaini ? some o
will furnish the ducka.
Tusouora is evidently n tough town
ra e children hi. An exchange uaya : Ba
who are hardly out of their swaddli
clothes run about the streets at nigl
whoopiog and yelling , swearing and uji
vile and obarnco language , much to t
annoyance and diegiut of paaaer < > by.
Ilawley , Nay , K r ) , Francis and Andi
'on , the live men who attempted to r
the Central Pacific express train at Mt
tello lecently , have beeaaafely delivered
the state prison authorities at Caraon , T
three firet-named are under nentence
fourteen years each and the other two m
serve twelve stars each.
Hop Dltten are the Purest and Dest Dltt <
Ever Made.
They nro compounded from Hop
Mnlt , Buohu , Mundraka and Band
lion , the oldest , beat , and most val
able medicine ? in the world and co
tain all the boit aud most curflti
properties o ! all ether remedies , boii
the croatent Blood Purifier , Liv
Regulator and Lifo nnd Health lit
toriug Agent on orth. No disease
ilMipalth can possibly lonu exist whe
thesu Bitters ura used , BO varied ni
perfect are their operations.
They give new life and vix ° r to t
teed and Infirm. To all whose e :
ploymonta cause Irregularities of t !
owols or urinary organs , or who i
qulro an Vpotizar , Tonio and mi
btimulant , Hop Blttorsare Invaluab
being highly curative , tonlo and stli
ulattng , without Intoxicating ; ,
No nutter what your feelings
symptoms are , what the disease or a
ment t , use Hop Bitters. Don1 ; wi
until yon are sick , but if yon ot
feel bad or miserable , use Hop Bitti
at once. It nr-ay save your life. Ho
dredi have been saved by so dole
SCO will ba piid for n onto they wll
not euro or help.
Do not cutter or lot your friends anf
er , but unc and ur o them to use Ht i
Bittt < r& ,
Kemorabcr , Hop Bit'crg in no vile
rugyod , clrnnken noBtnun , but tin
'urent and Bent Alcdtclnu over made
ho "Invalid's Friend and Hope , " am
no person or family nhonld bo wlthou
hem Try the Bi'trrs to-day.
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lonod by Indlfjcatlon , nnd whoDovo ;
hnro i a general feeling of sluggish
DIBS nnd lack of cnrrry.
Proposals for Wllta | < y upplles ,
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Omnia , Neb. , 1'nr h7th 1 83 , )
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J011. V. 1-UhEV , Cnp'alii. A. Q II. , U. i
\ , In charge of O. Q. M.'s office , of th
mu-rno Cl
Nebraska Loan & Trust Gompan ;
Stook $100OOC
Capital , - - ,
JAS. B. nEAUTWELI , . President.
A. L. CLARKE , VIce-Preeldcnt.
E. 0. WbUSTEH , Treasurer
arauol Alexander ( hwaliTOllrer ,
A. L. Clarke , E. 0. Webster'
Goo. n Pratt , Jaa. a HcartwelJ ,
D. U. McEl Illnney.
first Mortgage Loans a Speoialt ;
Thl * Company ruralahoa a permanent , horn
nstltution where School Boi' ( and other legal !
S9uod Municipal seccrltlr 10 I Nebraska can t
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A Skin of Beauty I * Joy Forever.
Oriental Dream or Magical Beau
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'U urtud'a Oii'nm' aa the least tmnf ul of all t
Skin picp&iatl n ? . " One bo'tlo will list v
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JJMK M D. T. OOUHAUD.So'o prop. , 43 Boi
St. . N. Y.
K ( r a lo by n'l ' Iru/RlsU and Fancy Goo
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And all Poluti E it and South-East
Nearly 4,000 miles Solid Smooth Steel Tnc
11 connections art made In UNION DhPOT
has a National Repntatton as being tl
real Through Oar Line , and Is universal
Deeded to be the FINEST EQUIPPED Ba
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Try It and you will Bad tnrtllnj a Inxn
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Through Tickets via rhis Celebrated Un *
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All Information about Rate * o fat * , Blepli
Oar Accommodations , Tim * Tables , 6M. , will
cheerfully K'"D ' by pplyloln to
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Oen. Af n . Connell BluOs.
U.t. DDKLL , Ticks ) Agt. On > *
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Window and Plate Glass.
arAnyone contemplating building lorebank.or ny other flni . will find It lo tha
ant&go to coirei end with ua botoia purchasing their Plato GUss.
STEEIEmum & co. ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
Ail Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
Fire and Burglar Proj
1020 Farnham Street ,
la only attained by using
Stoves and Rangss. '
For sale by
Window Caps , Fimals , Skylights , &c.
Window SMes and Ourtains , \ .
Paints , Oils & Brnslies.
I Pt3ontts 14th tStroot
Flrs-Ulass 'Paining ' anfl Trimming , Repairing Promptly Done
. . .
_ llVlfl R T-TI V. fr.I 41.
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4 }
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