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SiB-ei'tt'uilOlL ' iOWA SATOUJDAf MLafcOH 10
The Daily Bee
Saturday Morning , March 10 ,
8T Canter , - - - - - SOcenUptt week.
B/iUll - 110.00 per Year.
Offloo : No. 7 Pearl Street , Near
Borne one always in the offlce.
See Joicph Keitei' spring atylon.
No criminal civea before the tuperior
court on yesterday and but little civil
Yo'tcrdfty afternoon a long haired
half-breed Indian was preambulatlng our
street * .
Muiqulto creek , like all otter la'ge
streams , is ceasing to r ge and coallnuea
to flow downward.
Three civil caret came up before Justice -
tico Vaughan yesterdsy , one being a rail ,
road garnishment matter.
-On and after Monday Tim UKE will
to delivered to tubectlbers much eatlier
than while the ice was in the river.
In the cane of the garnUbco of the
Wabath road , before Justice Abbott , the
judge held the garnltheo good.
Wfogins1 storm day has arrived and
the gettle zephyr woul i itdlcate th t there
was eomethicg more than wljd in the
Sarah L. llarrio , of Hancock , ftn-1
"William A. Henry , of Windham , Johnson
county , this state , are bound Tor the land
of matrimony.
In the dog eve of MM. Spencer
galmt John Uohn , which -we noticed yes
terday rooming , the defendant has given
notice of api eat and filed tonds.
One of Neola's dry g oda merchanti ,
was in town to-day on made THE BIK
office a very plcaraot < all. Ho reports
'TnK BEE as the paper for the people up hla
II. J. Johnson received his llonne on
yotterday to reUil liqcon. Tbla fa the
necond one that fcoa bean Issued under the
new ordinance. These are thirteen more
hanging fire ,
The second lectare on the Deluge and '
IU Traditions will hi Riven nect Sundn
evening , by the ipostor of the ZVenby t rin
clutch. ILt i > nbltc IB iLvittd to heart !
lecture. All
It ia claimed -by Its friecda that -fh
n ew city coaooll will be a progressive one
We hope eo Now let them ojlve a bcos
to the bridge and THE 13nK > wlll sound-th
loud Umbel in their praise.
We are under obligation ] to Postuna
ter Annocr for dGclol courtesies prompt )
rendered. Morgan pnhllihsd a iquib th
other day , which was cotoly designed
get Air. Armour into a controversy , 'ha '
the plot failed , agnally ! failed.
A ceusw of Council 'Biufls Is noede
so that r Hable > data can be furnlshnd
manufacturers oad others looking for et
vantageous location in the -west. 80 so
leading members of the board of trade.
The nlcht tr ln over the oombinatio
line for Chicago leaves this afternoon cm
the Chicago , Burlington ft < Julncy. Th
other east bound trains going out are ovc
the Milwaukee * nd the \Vabaah.
The roads Sn tbo cowstry are la anne
better condition than the streets of th ;
city , but wait till the paving Is-done an
onr country friends won't growl eo whe
thfy drive la with their wagons loade
with grain and produce and carry boo'
groceries flour sad building material.
The ice has gone out opposite the oil
with but little Seating ice in the rivei
The river is p and rising slowly. N
danger la Apprehended , as no heavy rait
are reported tram above and the weather
getting eome colder.
A rule was made by the council at 1
meeting that applicants for license to oe
liquors could open up business OB soon
the money and their bonds were filed wli
. the clerk , and If upon the mooting of tl
their license was not granted they wou
be ordered to close up their saloons at
the money would bo refunded.
The water works company are eroc
ing a telegraph line from the liver to th
office in the city , also to connect with tl
engineer's residence and the Glen avon
reservoir , which would prove very uiof
In case of an accident or break any whei
The line will be-completed by next Tw
From Omaha cornea the Gowert ai
Kohl concert company , which give an e
tertnlnmnnt next Monday night in tl
city. This company may Ve composed
artists equal to Signer Bllsp , but BO far
we know , their fame , If any , is more lei
than otherwise ,
In the case of John Fair against
< Goodwln , in which Mr , Goodwin h
went security for a party , the jury fou
a verdict In favor of plaintiff for $71
and costs of suit. The cue was tried
ore Judge Aylesworth.
The rooms of the Y. M. 0. A. w
-were well filled lost night to hoar It
Hamlln's lecture. The uses of the imi
nation and Its cultivation received
careful and scholarly treatment the
-turer is to well fitted to give. Those pi
.ent would donbtlesf welcome another
tore from the same source.
Invitations to the fourth annlvera
( ball of St. Patrick's Benevolent socle
are now in the bands of the committee
( Invitations , Messrs. J. S. I ) . Ooggsh
John T. Hnrley and I'hon. McCue. I
iocs accidentally [ overlooked in receiv
ihoEame will please apply to tbote gen
Another man took quarters at the
yesterday. Ills name is Jatnes Noble i
he hall * from Emerson. The trouble w
James wac his 'opposition to the princl
of internal revenue taxation and the pi
tlcal shape it took. In 1681 be was fii
but baa never paid up and his incarce
tion aow will last till the fine Is paid I
expiated by sufficient confinement.
A wild man from tbo west gave a f
open air concert last night on Uroadw
He had filled up with bad whisky sot
where down tha street , and turned hi
elf looii. A hi ? crowd assembled 0
followed bim around for about half
Jiour , when Ofiicer Bwki took bim in t
and locked * Ufl ftt thfl cooler , lie b d
S2.05 , ft haggago check , a very loud voice
and a breath strong as a stockyard when
taken In. Officer Bracks had Just taken
some important papers down at thn south
put of the city , and hearing tbo noise ,
ran all the way back , arriving out of
breath to capture htm ,
"Nugent & Smith , merchant tailors ,
Nos. 7 and 9 Main street , first door south
of American Kxpresi office , Council liluflj ,
Iowa. " The above is the card of a new
film of live younc men who have a busi
ness way with them that It full of push ,
energy and Intelligence. To all auch THR
BED extends the right hand of fellowship.
Martin Cade Is opening up a goners
ers ! market gnrden on south Madison
street. Daring the spring and summer
our citiz3ns can bo supplied from this
garden with anything in the vegetable
Council llluffa Water Worka. '
It was our pleasure recently to take
a ride with Mr. Borklnbine , the en
glnccr and superintendent of t ) ,
water works company , to the BOUI c
of their operations hero.
Sorao of our citizens ecom to U
that the company deserved no th
for the excellent manner In '
these works are being comttr
\\ocaunotagroowith them. Thl
company has shown by ifs wo fc. nnd
the character of the miter' ' * l ueod
that they are building these w wrl * fern
n permanent investment and u,0t as
moro stock speculation. We .1mvo ex
amined the details of thcso lana aad
fiud that no oxpoueo has b crn spared
to make the oparntlon of t JK-OO works
economical , and therefore profitable
Investment. In our c pinion ijroal
credit la justly duo to Mich liberal
management. There ro ulx other
water works on the B edrinblne ays.
tern now in ftaccceeful , operation ir
this country. The i rater la taker
from the ritor , thr > jqgh a coudnll
passing into * siphon will thence with
centrifugal fumpa boi forced Into twi
largo nubsldicg re jervoirs holdiru '
6,000,000 gallons ijacb ; those pnmpi
have a moan working capacity of 5 '
< 100,000 gallons pec hour. The wato
* I will bo forced Intotbo atorago resor
io I voir , on "Glen avenue , with two up
col right engines. The storage rosorvoi
1 will hold 4.000,000 gallons cf water
. and ls'20.0 feet above the subsldlni
reservoirs. At the Glen avenue reservoir
; orvoir will "bo a system of valves ar
ranged , so that by turn
] ing a small hand whio
to bo placed in the llesouu fire ongln
bo home , the ontlro pumping power
the aparatns will bo brought to ben
upon the whole plpo system of th
be city , thus insuring an abundance
water at all times and under all cli
onmatancoR. When completed the or
tire cost will oxoood half a million do
; larH , and will ba the finest watorwor
ho system in the west It is intended
teat have the work all done by the first
at August ,
t ' ° A. W. Crawford , of Pacific Junctioi
* and Mre. M. A. Woodhurst , proprietroi
oy > of the Ealipae house at Pacific Junctioi
were guests of the Pacific.
T. J. Savage and 15. Lowry , of Boon
rer roomed at the Ogden over Thursda
ho night.
Dr. A. T. Hill , of Magnolia , was in o\
city and met bit friends at the Pacll
nd J. 0. Mitchell , who lives at Clarind
en te dinner at the Ogden house ye
ed terday ,
ok ' F , S. Plumb , of Omaha , was here Thur
day on business and stayed at the Paclfi
] F. B. Smith , one of Shelby's loading
er. tornoyB , died at the Pacific ycetorday ,
No Frank ChampUIn , of Doone , partook :
Ins the goodies at the Pacific yesterday.
ria Dr. F. A. Xantcn and wife , of Avoc
dined at the Ogden yesterday.
It * ] ; , H. Caldwell , Uunlnp , breakfasted
sell the Opden yesterday.
an ; Mra. E. J , Abbott has been quite poor
of late ,
uld Hoodwinked.
km ! A man who came in on the Donv
train from Plum Greek , Nub. , whi
waiting for the departure of the Kv
< sas Olty train , was accosted by a co
plo of slick ones , who worked the o
chock dodge on the Plum Orookor
the tune of $30. The victim , aid
JOB town in search of the rascals , but
far have boon unable to catoli
wad glimpse of them , though the of In
en- thinks ho will ba able to round the
this up in a few days.
as TboIAto Elaotiou.
ucal Democracy per no hud nnthlrg to i
with the late election in this city ,
G. was a race , but the winners we
had agroad on before the entries we
iund made , and the drivers bothdomocra
1.75 and republican divided the cash , De
Ibe- ooraoy received the honors If auythl
of thu kind was conneottd with the
fair. As usual ( ho prohibition !
wore did nothing but talk. The workln
Rev. men nominated a ticket and then t
lagl- uot support it. The darkles sold the
the solves to the democrats with a few
' leo- , oeptlons , and whole squads of wh
pres- republicans did the same thli
lee. ! The leading men of the city were c
piononsly absent from the polls.
The battle is over , and a review
ry the field Is only useful to glvo poll
lety , for the future.
. THE BEE has oust
on and discussed this matter sulliolo
hall , and for tno present will take arest t
Per- less something now turns up in regi ;
ivlng to the matter.
ntle- The men elected are good oltizo
and able to fill much higher
jall They know what is right , but c
and they , under tlio circumstances ,
with what is best for this city ? Wo lit
lple they can ; but to the matter stan
rac- Wo fear the worst. Tlmo will i
ined whether wo will have reduction of
era- oenso and non-enforcement of the 1
or ou the opposite.
Satisfactory Evidence.
free J. W. Graham , Wnoleiale Druggist >
AustinTex. , writes : I have been hand !
ime- LUNU8 for the past year , and have foi
itm. it one of the most salable medicines I h
An-1 over had in my house for CODKUS , Oc
and even consumption , alwuya glv
Inn entire satisfaction. Pleaie tend ma <
tow IKTOM by Saturday's steamer.
How a Dubuqt le 'JJan Played Too
Bnatp o Of , > $ r tno dam-
blere ofOuuBufla
About thr M months afr a well
dressed man from DubuqBQ paid the
Bluffs a c 41 and wont around to
"tako in U lt town. " In the court-o of
his stroll * M full into the toils of the
tiger , bu j in this tww the tiger found
ho had t m elephant on his hands in
oa ( e xroost. Dabuquo was up lethe
the ge are of heurd from away bock
and I /wj / Council Bluffs sharpora shut
him o t of the game after ho had won
lef & 0 o , jjo vowed to have revenge and
.Night before laut a woatornor from
M ) plains , dressed in heavy stopa
' xiota , overall/ / ) , pea jacket aud slouch
aat entered the don , sat down aud
tugnn to play. Aftur some varying
( ortuno ho commenced ti win , the
gmnblcr played on nnd on to win back
what ho wan losing till finally thu
, western covr-boy WHO $800 ahead of
the eame. Iltslng L < j step-
p d into the other room , cast
tfl hla enter husks , and stood
revealed the finest dresped man in
the crowd aud the muu nhut out of
the game threw months ago. Of
course the gambler * am hurt , but. what
dooi it amount to ? 800 in H mere
llourinh ( if the finger to the rams thr.t
uro lost week nftor wpi k , month after
month by the hifatuitod foolti who am
not only losing their money , but
n their body aud souls , at the accureud
If you are not married , wrlto the Mnr-
riugo Fun nnd Mutual T t Amocta >
tlon , Codnr K > td | ! , Iowa , for circulars
the | ilnn. lb-3m ,
Scurhit , O rdlnM Jl.-d , Old
. Gold , Navy liluo , Seal Brown , Diamond
mend Dyes give perfect runnlta. Any
n faahionablu color , 10 cento.
h Council , BLUFFH , March 7.
'O To tlvo Editor of Tue Bee :
8 The next ooeaton of ( ho supreme
court of the otato will bo hold in this
or city commencing on the 10th Inat. ,
ir when the petition fjr u rehearing of
irP" the amendment case will bo heard and
lir we hope finally disposed of. The
liqnor question should bo taken ont of
s _ politics and bo controlled by laws
which have proven to best subiorvo
noh the whole people. A prohibition law
does not prohibit the sale or use ol
10of liquor. It is a dead chapter upor
every statute book In the Unltoc
ho States wherein such a law ia recorded
of and a stumbling block and myth in
Ir- every c institution. ' The states nf
Irm Malno and Kansas are fair illustra-
mol. . tlonn of the workings of the
ol.rk law while to
rk , the contrary
to 1 take onr fair young sister
of state of Nebraska , where" high
license law prevails and has boon in
active operation for nearly two years ,
to the satisfaction of a largo majority
of the people.
A reasonable high license makes ol
every saloon keeper a guard to see
01H that everyone in the oamo business
paya for the privilege the name that
he is doing , and therefore drives from
the traflio the low class of doggeries
lay which do the greatest harm The
hiuh license system has proven a ben
cfit to the dealers from the tact thai
our \ it drives from competition an demon1
who are irresponsible and bring upon
the trade in general the innondoes
* . aud discredit it ia receiving. While
wo have no favors to court
from the trtllia which desolates
elates happy homes , makes widows
ows and orphans by the mlllloi
and drives to beggary , debauchery am
at- to n pauper's grave a oncu industriour
and proHporoua man. Wo do not roc
of < ognfEo the fact , and claim that so long
as onr government permits the manu-
fecturo and importation of liquors ,
ca , sells stamps and grants llcenso to otrry
on the business , that the dealers have
rights , aud the qucation for the puoplu
to determine is how ohall wo curtail
irly its uses , and abuses , and especially the
latter , for it ia the abuse of liquor
which creates this vast amount of
misery , and by driving from the trade
ver the irresponsible dealers , you will , tea
lilu a great extent , prevent the gross
abuse of itn aalu aud use. Nouvn
ou- Fou SALE At a birgain , two ehooe
old vats and Cxturen. Address 2,304
to Council Bluffs , Iowa. fob27-t
these School Election.
so The following propositions will b
a voted upon at the city school election
! or ou Monday. Polling places are at th
usual places.
1 , Shall the Independent ( school dls
triot of the city of Council Blnff
do Issue its bonis to the amount of 810 ,
It 000 , duo ton years after d&to and puy
ablu at the of
pleasure the district an
roro time before duu , drawing interest a
roro not exceeding G per cent per annum ,
atlo for the purpoto of obtaining a loan to
bo used in the purchase of a school
eiu- house slto and the construction of a
king iaf. school honso in the southern part of
i the city , south of the railroad traokel
2 , Shall the board of directors of
the Independent school district
did of the
city of Council Bluff * bo authorized
em * . to sell the Center street school site
ex. i
bite and building , and Issue bonds to the
amount of 85.000 duo ton years after
date and payable at the pleasure ol
3on <
the district at any tlmo before duo
of irawing interest at not exceeding (
Ints per cent , the proceeds of said sale and
ised bonds to be used in the purchase ol
ont a site and the construction of a now
, . building to accommodate the Oentoi
un. street echool ?
3. Shall the independent school
district of the city of Council Blnffaia
ons : , . sue its bonds to the amount of $3OOC
po. ] duo ton years aftur date and payable
at the pleasure of the district at any
do time before , and badrawing ] Interest
at not exceeding G per cent per annum
lope nds for the purpose of obtaining a loan tc
toll bo used IP remodeling thu nppei
H. stories of the Bloomer building foi
law high school purposes ?
4. Shall the Independent school dls
trlot of the city of Council Blufls issue
Us bonds to the amount of $10,000 ,
, of duo ten years nf ter date and payable
lllDK at the pleasure of the district at any
PHE tlmo before duo , drawing Interest al
not exceeding G per cent per annum ,
Jolc ) . for the purpose of obtalng a loan tc
vlog bo used in purchasing additional
one grounds contiguous to the Stutsmat :
I street schoolhouse alto and in
i mm nrtrn o no GENERAL MERCHANDISE.
UUim DtltU Ot UUi | IB Main Street and 17 Pearl Street.
J. M BABSTOW , M. D. Oor 5th OFFICE St. and : Chb AVP.
nn I I * UfUITtf OFFICE : Cor. Malti and 6th , up-Hlalis.
Jlli Ji ! " Will I EI Residence , COO Willow Avotino.
N Office after February 15th , over American Express.
J , D , II Hull blli for funerals at reasonable rates , No. 22 4th St.
Who'csale butter , tgtt , pc ltiy rcl fnilU Ship to us. Dr ltby return mall 318 Broidwiy
8. A. PIERCE , Oor , Main and First avonao
Broad way Moat Mar
PETHYBRSDCE& HEBBEBlS , ket , 327 Broadway.
At ! $ iVI > l I lit Broid'vny. Plann and apeoifiattloua farninhcd
ftf W IU FJNE UARNESS Ih--votho variety
thi\t briDRB pitroijiKjc. 124 Main street ,
. and Reafonablo Or.argos 872 Broadrfny.
. Household Suppllpp , 303 Broadway ,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW , .Tauioa Block.
PraotlceH in ttato nnd federal courtH.
M.i' < n'f FJIIO FarnUurnUpuol6tnry goods
jCurtiiinsund Window Shadtm , 309 B'way
Hides , Peltr , TAllow nnd ( Jreaso.
OhloJoitl5N [ MulnSf. 0. Bluffs
U Dltlll H9Hfj BRAN , Etc. , 114 North Main Street.
And bath house , 421 a-id 423 Broadway. L. Sov
ereign , Prop , P. J. Montgomery , M. D. , Phy ,
AI A nrj O BOOT AND SHOE SHOP , No. 522 ,
( Oor. Broadway ur > d S tt. streets.
j Bray's stable , No. 12 Scctt street
Cor. Eighth and Broadway ,
' Ui n&llElEluuT j plied , 8th St. , between Cvh and7th Avenue ,
Tl > e Cnincll Bluflfl City Waterworks Company hereby nunounces , that it will pu
In Service 1'lpea to the curb of the street on ttie line of its inilna for all partlea who desire
sire to have cnnnccti na made with the nticot malna before the Wa'.erworka are com
Dieted , and who will make application therefor to the company
BEFORE APRIL 1 , 1883.
at the folowiag price ? , payable in advance :
i Inch Service Pipe § 7 25
t " " u 8 50
I " " " 9 75
u " "
i nas
1 " " " 1300
Thfso pilot r Include the cost cf opeclDR and closing thofl'rctt. tapping the street water unln
furnn > hlrK and IrBcrtlutf corporation crck , lurnlshlrg nul puttli g in < xtia strong leal servlre pipe
( urnlihtUK ard puttli ; In turtietcp , tt'p box auu coier completr. anr m kl g&neccc \ ary ion
notions between tbomtictiraln and iho cvtb of the B reel which are about one-half the cos
to the coniumcrol ttlne tto came ROtk alter t ) o watetwoika areccropleteu.
Inlcwot the contcmplatod pa\ln2 ol certain etroott In the city , putlca arc recommendjcl ti
make application Imraedia c\j \ at the office of the company ,
28 x Ei.flk.aE&x. sopaetJEJiaT ,
In order to lave the necessity and a > old the Increased expense of breaking up the streel after paving
haa been done.
Council Bluffa , Fob. 20,1883. ml-dtf
oonattnotinf ; an additional building
5. Shall the independent school clis
trlot of the city of Ojaucil Bluffi i eue
its bonds to the amount of $3,000 ,
duo ton years afterdate and pa ; able at
the pleasure of the district at any tlm
before duo , drawing interest at not ex
ceeding six per eanc pur annum , for
the purpose of obtaining a loan to bu
ueud in paying the original cost of the
Unll's addition ochcol houuo beyond
the ? C,000 appropriation heretofore
tnadi ) , nnd in completing said build-
ln ( :
0. Shall the board of directoro of
thit Independent district of Council
Blntt'i bo authorized to UBUO bondo
in the sum of $2,000 , duo ton yearn
after date , payable at the pleasure of
aald district at any time before dne ,
drawing intcroet at not to exceed 0
per cent per annum , for ( he purpose
of obtaining a loan to be uced in en
larging and tarnUhlng the Clark
7. Sh ll a tax bo levied to raiae the
sum of $2 000 to ba mod in the pur
chase of library and apparatus.
* Wotneu are rapidly finding places
in the learned professions and the
more lucra ivo occupations from which
they wore formally excluded , Riany
are graduating in medicine. Mro.
Lydla E. Pinkham , of Lynn , Mass. ,
is a minister of health to thousands
who may never touch the hem of her
garment or behold the genial light of
her modest conntenance.
Ve notice the Marriage Fund , Mutual
Trust As oclatlon , of Cedar Haplda , Iowa ,
, highly spoken of In many of the leading
] papers of the state. "Money for the Un
married" heads their advertisement in
another column of thia uaper. f 5-3ra
Our New Lioan and Improvement Co
Investigation into the matter con
vinces us that one of the most equita
ble , reasonable and feasible plans of
building houses la that proposed and
In operation by the Mercantile Loan ,
Trust and Improvement company of
thin city. By investing In ehares lu
thin institution , which Is backed by
, some of our best and most reliable
business men , it becomes possible and
comparatively easy for a man of mod
erate moans to secure a comfortable
homo for himself and family. In tak
ing a certain number of shares , at n
certain monthly payment , la a few
years a man can own a house
of his own for about the sams as
ho pays monthly for rent. "Wo
believe the Mercantile Loan and Trust
company , by organizing and opening
up for business , having filled a long
felt want In Council Blnffa. Their
plans and system of loans will bear
the most careful scrutiny and exam
ination , and wo have no heaitauoy in
pronouncing them rcmonablo and
equitable , and backed by gentlemen
of honor and integrity. As the com
pany exists It booomea at once an in
stitution of value and credit to onr
city and those who dtairo homtB.
Their president is T. A. Klrkland ,
vice president , Judge Peako ; see-
rotary , I 11 , Beery ; treasurer , Col ,
Boobo , nnd their office is Hi the baop-
meut of Shugirt's and MoMahon's
now block , corner First avenue and
Pearl atro11- ] an27-ly
Young man or woman , if you want big
money for a Rinall amount , insure in the
Marriage Fuml nul Mutual Trust .Ached-
ation , Codfir 11 ipldaIows. _ f5-3m
Baby'a Wnrntnir-
When baby has ( a in at dead of nUht ,
Mo her In a fright , father In a plight ;
When worm * do bite , baby mu t cry ,
If ( over nets In , baby must clo.
If croupy pat < s kl 1 Leonora ,
In that houao there's no OASTOUIA ;
For rr other i train without delay ,
CAST01UA cures by n'ght and -lay.
Corrected daily by J. Y. Fuller , mer
chandise broker , buyer and shipper ol
grain and provisions , 39 Pearl street.
WHEAT No. 2 spring , 78o ; No. 3 , 63 ;
rejected COc ; tfooil demand.
COIIN5o ! to feedera and S5a to ship
pers ; rejected corn Chicago , 51c ; new
mixed , 61Jc ; white corn , SCo , The re
ceipts of corn are light ,
OATS Scarce and In good demand ; 35 ,
HAT 1 OOfflG 00 per ton.
RYE 40c ; light supply.
CoiiN MEAL 1 25per 100 ponnda.
WOOD Good supply i prices at yards ,
5 00G 00.
COAL Delivered , bard , 11 00 per ton ;
soft. 5 50 per ton.
HOTTER Plenty and In fair demand ;
25c ; creamery , SOo.
KQQB- Scarce and in demand ; 15o per
LAIID Falrbank'e. wholesaling at ISJc ,
rooLTUf Firm ; dealers paying 13o per
pound for turkeya and lOo for chickens
VKCIKTABLES Potatoes , 45c ; onion * , G5c ;
cabbages , 30@40o per dozen ; applea , 2 60
@ 3 60 per barrel.
City flour from 1 00 to 3 10
Buoous 2 00@3 00 par
CATTLK 300@350calves ; 600@760.
Hogs -Market active , and all offerings
ulckly taken at higher prices. Car lots :
Common , 5 75@5 90 ; good mixed , 5 90 ®
640 ; heaw packing , 650@700 ; choice
fancy packfrg , 7 05@7 40.
BuoKlin s Arnica Halve.
The Bear SALVM In the world for Cal ,
DrulccB , Bores , Ulcers , bait Hhruir , He-
ver Boroa , Tetter , Obupp l Hand * , ChllJ
blalr.n , Corns , and til tUa eruption , and
potitlvely curoj pllm. It Is ( "ranteed to
give sstlafAct/ou / i uoifr refunded ,
Prlof , 'ii > cents p J CT.ri lelx hO. .
Rev. S , I. Ferguson , Five Pointo
Mission , Now York , recommends St
Jacobs Oil for rheumatism and other
painful ailment * .
A Specialty of Fashionable and Durable.
Men's ,
Boys' ,
Girl's ,
Wo ask the attention of the public. Our
place ia
And there Is where you will alwajj Dnd us.
412 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
West Side Square , Olarinda , J
( Successors to EIIB & DUQUE1TE ) ,
Ilielesale Fruiters anil fJoniectio !
: < ) nml 18 Poarl-st , . . Council BluTs , Ia.
Now Store , Frenh Goods , Low Prices , Polite Attendants.
Dcnr .RA-tn.tVi. East of ihe .Metropolitan Hotel , Lower Broadway
FEESCOINGIN MODERN STYLES , -wos-18 Moi-th ttmln AND Ntroot. 20
" 3r- "Vyw < CB T71 3C OR H JSai CJ C .
I , an.d.g and Lots Bought and Sold.
M. T. DAVIS , Prenldent. N. B. EASTON , Secy.
J , 0. HOFFMAN , Vioa Pros. 0. HULBURT , Adjuster.
0 Inaurea Live Ftook Against Loss by
Offlor , 103 Pearl Street ,
The only company in Iowa that will Insure ,
your stock acainst IOPB f roro any canne whatever.
Owners ot Stork will consult their own liitere't If , when
Insuring their Stock , ti c > s e tha IIIpoln } li eludes all
ho losses thrj may Imv e , n J be sa Isflrd 1th nothing le a.
1 For tuithcr luformatl n ui 1 on or aiklrtss
B. L. SMITH , Local Agent , - - - - fflce.No 9 Mniu 8tr > et.
337 Broadwiy , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
For Engine ? , Boilers , Onatinge , Repairs and
Pond Onflow to JOHN cnBEiiT , Manufdoturer ,
Corner J Knet aud 8th A\euuc , Oounc1 ! BluHi. Promo1 attention ti crlori. '
Woikuiuniblp and Iteaionab'c crarj < M feb II
Th t nevui itnulro crimping. t IIn. 3. J. Quod's Hair Store , et urlcia nevot before touched bv
uy ethoi hull < K W < Al * > full line cf switches , etc. at rently reduced priced. Also gold.
> er ml < v.lorcd . cer U'UVM nndo from Indies' own h4li. Bo col ! ' . ! to call before uurchaelnjf
wni ntpil a * roprrrcntod. elKS * J * J GOOD ,
2 < f Main fliroot , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
itdtertlstunintx , HUC
Lost , Found , To Loan , For Sale , To U nl ,
Wants , Bourdln ? , etc. , wilt ba Inserted In thli
column at the ow rate of TEN CENTS PBlt
UNE for the Hrsl Insertion and FIVE CENTS
PER LINE for each gubaequent Inwrtlon.
Leave adr ertloementi al our office , No. 7
Pearl Street , nor Broadway.
Wac ted by a youngand enterptlsicj :
AQEKCY , with ottlcd In centre nf tcwn and
MI ground lloor. < m ra flrmt tint want a
Council lli.fla repnuinUt\e pbnnld address
JOHN DOE. 71'earlS' .
PANTED A KOJj coit maker. Addrets
W Ccener i. Luckc , Harltn , lota.
ANTBOImmcdUUr , btrber. Addrtei T ,
J Lelk , MirjBVilIo , Mo.
To learo an eight or ten room
WANTED with luoiiunccmcMtncoi and In a
Rood iccitloi ) . Addrcua Joe.Garuieiu , Jr. , l'ix-
tan 11 uso. .
Ererybody In Council BlufH lo
WANTED Till I ) 11 , 20 centl per week , do
llvorod by csrrlera. Office , No T Pearl Street
For Stile and Bent
IDASTURAQE 1,000 acres ol ( hut c a > 8 upalnd
paituro lor not for Sl.CO per aero for Kiass
if 1BS3 , well fenced In two onclouu is of biut
0 aid COO acres , it Ith abanrta > f eel IMag vvitcr
lu fach , Eutranei to b nh ? J uilUa north olcl'y
limit' . WlllasjIeueSJ arrca ) ratio cait of
deaf and dumb aiylua , cll fenced and tereil.
II notkasodby AprlUSwIll pieturs stock b >
MMon 01 month , andkoepaRood raauln coargo.
Enquired U I' JUD30N , 321 llroalway or
1,01'J SUth avtnue. Matfrdtf
LD BEKS-lu pacKije 01 a hundred at ioo
a package at Tui Bu offlce , No. T I "l
itroet. u
A N offlce , moitadvant4 eously ltuat d , offera
A. dt k room In return for rerilcea ; pu ) , fuel ,
etflT , fumWiod. Addrew , "Offlcr , " Bu office ,
Oouocll BluOq.
S , t
aa < o
omcv ovnt ivlu < i bank.
. -
The Uncat quality a d largest stock weat of
Chicago of M ooden and Metallc Caeca. Calla at
tended to t all hours , \\odefvcuropetltlon n
quality of irooxb or prlcra Our II -Uortran haa
eenea as uuUcr'akcr for forty > eors aitd thor
oughly unixicHtands Ms numnutia. ' Warerooms ,
311 llra < lw > y. UHnuLUTEUWa In all Ita
branchea Droinotly attended to a'uo oomet-la
Ing ana laiitarcquins. I'elcgraphlc auu tua or
ders flllodwthbut aciaj .
tnoi ) . orriom. w. u. M ruirr.
Coecil Bluffs , la ,
Established , - - 1866
Dealers In Foreign > t > d notnectlo
! h8 Story of tne Siv/lng / Saolilac.
A btodtouia IIU1 *
s " 115 > oameroui enti
ta BT aant ! perron ciUc ; for It , ( t as ; biatcb
01 lob-oace ol Thi Queer Uanofaeturlog Ooai.
pany , 01 will be MD ! l > y mil ) , pott pal 1 , W
ur p < non living al dlittnce IIM out offlrn
Prlnelptl Office , 84 Union Bqtuira
{ TEW fORK.-