Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 10, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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    rrT\ '
e now been finished in our store , mar-
Ing it the largest and most complete
In the West. An additional story has been
built and the five floors all connected
: with two
One Exclusively for the use ot Passengers Th ° so immense warerooms -
roomsthreo stores , are 66 ieot wide are fil od "it& the Grand
est display of all kinds of Household and Office Furniture evoi
shown.All are invited to call , take the Elevator on the first fiooi
and go through the building and m < peat the stock.
1206 , 1208 and 1210 Far n am Street , Omaha
Jtt , ! ? A ' "S8as
s uavM c
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
SASH , DOORS , BUNDS , ftlGLDIKGS , Llfc : , C
Near Union Pacific Depot , - offlAPA
The Oldest Wholesale and
in Omaha. Visitors can here
find all novelties in SIL
Rich and Stylish Jewelry ,
the Latest , Most Artistic ,
and Choicest Selections in
11 descriptions of FINE
WATCHES at as Low Pri
ces as is compatible with
honorable dealers. Call
and see our Elegant New
Store , Tower Building ,
corner llth and Farnham
general Agents for the
Finest and Best Pianos and
Organs manufactured.
Our prices are as Low as
any MeiternManufaoturer
and Df aler ,
Pianos and O'ga s sold
for cash or install neat at
Bottom Prices.
A SPLENDID stcck of
Steinwy , Onickering ,
Knabe , Vose & Soa's Pi
anos , and oth < r makes.
Also Ciough & War1 en
Sterling Imperial , Smith
American Organs , &c. Do
not fail to see us before
A Large Stock always on Hand.
Fire and Burglar
1020 Farnham Street ,
On Koilr SUatee.
d. the ( tlil. Anon the tllJ.
wit ) * gave H whirl ;
) glcd.tu < l then i he ( { lode ,
Tlila liravw hut fuollati K'rll '
Hurrahl tlnnplM who ever MW
A gin Out cou'd ' do hett I ?
A ( Uih , R crnnh , 'tai nnful radii ,
Hut the roller nkntca upset her.
EvAnsvlllo Argns ,
Comlog of Spring
Far la the tliuny south eho lltigcrt ,
Yet lo ly o mien lontj ,
With fairy garlands In her fingers ,
With nuttehos uf nweot on * .
Her ej eg with iirnmleea nre beaming ,
Her * mlle * will rapture bring.
The mnl'ght from her hair In ttreauilag ,
Thrice welcome , lovely Spring.
She brlngg us gifts , the royal mntdeo ,
Fnlr flowers to deck the hllln.
With priinrostH bur arms are laden ,
UluebelU nnd iliiTotliU
1'rtle crncmes ha > e come heforo her ,
Wild blrdn her welcome tliif :
Ten iliousitd lointiuB hvait * adore her ,
The gray world's UailliiL' , Sluing.
j. M.
HlB DevotlouB. .
'ho oijan | pealn , the choir ix nngl"g !
I wmii er If kho knows I in hm ?
lor thoughts , no doubt , 3,0 upwind
Ing ,
While inliio sick , clogged with doubt
and fear.
Ti * nbe , of course ; there' * no i
llor ciowded , glowy braid * of brown ,
\nd thut' * the bonnet aho HUB making ;
I Bat nud watched her bo < id the ciown.
[ ow deft her Gngero are , how bun } 1
Ahl happy man within whijsa homo
hit eU\ I Buch thoughts they make me
dizzy ,
And have no place beneath thia drine.
! \r better should I ponJcr grimly
My fhults committed , duties miMeil ,
low neat her glove Is , nnd how trimly
It buttoni round her Blender wtiel ?
Ah ! vain and poor Is earthly plonMiro ;
No wonder that our sad hearts yearn
'o some inoro high and lasting treasure
They're sitting down ; perhaps eho'll
'hank Heaven , she sees me ! She Is Hing
A sweet reproachful glance my way.
Yes , dear , Indeed , I have been singlm ? ,
And now , my saint , I mean to pray.
M. Bridges In Our Continent.
In a well furnished apartment In
no of the houses in Bloomingdalo
trcot , there sat , on the morning 1
peak cf , three persona Ono waa a
nan whose smooth brow and nnfaded
ooks told nothiug of aeo , but whose
tubs wore completely paralyzed. The
ocond waa a lady who might have
nco posneased great beauty , bat on
horn consumption was making hiaty
ud uumUtukablo ravages. The third
-as a girl of eighteen or nineteen ,
whose liken CBS to each , aa well as her
vident devotion to their wanta , pro-
[ aimed her tholr danghtur. Kato
AUicroft was not beautiful in the com
mon sense of the word , She had fine
irprenslvo cyee and o sweet month ;
> ut oven theio did not oiultlo her to
> o called a beauty. The highest
harm of her face was a sweet and
ovely expression , speaking of inward
pcaco and gentle , kindly thoughts. ,
Mr. Ashcroft had longiboon a mil-
rable Invalid. When .still in the
iritno of llfo paralysis , had done its
rork upon hla frames bringing all the
ppearance of old ngq to hla noble fig
ure , while hu f ice waa still youthful.
rlrslTAehcrofthad watched beside him
althfally and devotedly , ( until oon-
umptlou hid touched bar , with its
hilling fingers , and laid hnr upon n
ted oi plin and distress. Tana it foil
o the daughter to nureoboth invalids ;
and she did it with & devotion that
nado the tank light , She was the
ight of their eyes the only being
whom they could not cheerfully give
up , lit the proapcct of death.
What would nho do when they wore
gone , waa the qnettlon that weighed
ipw their inindu most hoavlly. They
tail no relatives near enough to take
aii interest In the child ; and the new
ricnda they posaoascd wuru in foreign
Hilda , .ludgo , then , howdi < oolato waa
ho path that ecumod to bo bcforo the
laughter they loved so woll. It
added , too , to their anxiety , that they
nuat Icavti her penniless. Slckuecs
lad melted away their resources until
ho little that vraa loft would hard y ,
klr. Athoroft thought , pay the ox-
lonsoo ot the donblo funur l which
unat inevitably follow their long and
Inhering Illness.
"Do not grlovoao , dearest father , "
vatj had been saying ; "I shall surely
> o provided for. I can work us well
as many others. The JiUto I ahull
wont , I can earn. "
llor father gazd nt her with taarful
yes. 44Poor child ! " ho exclaimed :
'how little yon know of the world ,
[ low will you , who ha\e known sn
ittlo of the trials ot life , b.t ftblo tn
stem the rude torrtnt of ndvvrti'ji
[ low will you bfar up u a'nut ' tht
orriblo burden ot pavertj ? Will
those little hands bo strong enough to
earn your daily bread ? You , who
lave never boon trained to work , who
lave never berne the weight of crusti
ng sorrow. O merciful Fithor ! Bting
ler into thy fold , and make her thin :
especial care ! "
Tears hot and bitter impeded hit
utterance. It was long ere Kate could
soothe him into anything like compoa <
uro. Mate and still was the mothor't
zrlef , yet as deep ai that of her hus <
Dind. All UIH terrors of a desolate ,
lonely lifo ior Kite uprose before her ;
jot she conquered all trace of emotion.
It was but the prelude of great suffer.
Ing , for that night saw her in the
shadow of the dark valley. The
breaking of a blood vessel was the con
sequence of her suppressed emotion ,
and before morning the weary splrll
waa released from the suffering body ,
"Thoro sat the shadow fourod o ;
man. "
More rapidly than over Mr. Ash
croft vraa failing. The death of hli
wife waa his own death bio * . Frorr
the moment of her departure ho coaacc
to speak , and lay wrapped In slloil
( rrlof. It was pi'ifnl indued to see pee :
K-Uo. She want from room to roon
to look uynn her mother'n lifeless remains
mains , and back again , to try to spoal
comfort to thu poor mute sufferer
Scarce a day intervened before ho , too
was also summoned away.
"Oh , for ono word ono look of reo
ognitlon ! " sighed the poor girl win
hunt ; over him. Alan , It was no
granted her. Slowly the palso ccasoi
beating , and then stopped forever
Kate was , Indeed , doubly orphaned
K'nd ' neighbors tried to bring com
fort to the Imcaved girl ; but nho
tiiu'd i\r t bo - the worJB. Who * hriuik
roui thor M if touched to the very
lulck ; and hur null moaning com
ortoru at length loft her to honclf
Whonnll wns over , Kite was told thht
she must lunvo the house. It was
watitud for n richer tenent. She had
lot a ninzlo dolUr. Her furniture
was taken away and sold to pay the
rent. All the little ornaments of the
rooms , so dear to her because they
were the gifts of parents on successive
ilrthdays , went with the root ; and in
ho afternoon of the third day from
ho funeral of both her parents , Kato
walked out of the gate and entered a
mall oottago , poor , moan and old , the
only shelter she could afford to rest in.
The next week law her out In the
inrsuit of employment something
anything that would bring her food
enough to support llfo nnd strength.
NO foolish prldu in Kate's heart hold
iur back from the search after the
nouns of living. Tcaohlr ( jthat ro-
ourco of almost every girl loft to hur-
ilf wr. not liic'ndod ' in her oata
guoof labor Kate was Intelligent
ind well taught ; but of the regular
uu luo of learning she was Iqnorant.
.If uaoful Informaiiou she had n fund.
t was imparted to her from childhood
17 her father and mother ; but neither
if her parents were willing to spare
ior from homo , and therefore her
ehoc'l knowledge was not oxtonaivu.
She had learned bookkeeping , hoir-
ever , of her father , who was once a
uccmful merchant , before the hand
if dlacaso hsd touched allko his per-
on und his f jrtuues. And her first
bought was that she might obtain
omo situation In which uho could
nako thia knowledge count to her for
> rcnd.
She entered several storor , modestly
fforlng hur uorvlcu aa book keeper or
ashler ; bat nil these situations were
already filled. Next the milliners'
hops were tried then the dressmak
ers' rooms shops nud rooms which ,
u bettor days her mother had most
generously patronized , but which now
L'omed to have no work for Kato.
ler last effort waa at a depot for ready
made linen. The Miopman knerr her ,
nd allowed her to carry off some
work without the usual deposit of its
worth in money. She waa glad of
von this scanty meant ; and half an
lour after she loft the shop aho waa
eatod in the ono habitable room of
ior lltilo cottage , sewing diligently
pen a garment the first of her half
ozon ,
Kato waa a rapid and skllfull seam-
trees ; and , as her small house ro-
aired little tlmo to pat In order , and
or frugal ineal still less time to pro *
> are , she was rejoiced to find that she
tould complete them all in a single
week. She wns to bo paid a half dol-
aroaoh ; nnd aho carried them back ,
nd received the money the next Sat-
irday evening with a fooling of sails-
action that no ono ever experiences
unleai it la earned. Every week she
low earned sufficient for her expenses ;
nd very soon she waa trusted with
ner and moro expensive work , until
t last she could readily command
rom six to eight dollars , ttho did
his until late In the winter ; constant-
y carrying bundles of work , and on
oylng the air and exercise it brought
ler , without a thought of degradation
n so doing.
True , she waa sometimes pataed
rlthont recognition by S'imo who had
mown her under other circumstances ;
iut Katie's cheerful and Independent
pirlt was far above all thh. She
ookod as nereno under the neglect aa
f the recognition were over so cordial ;
and so often shamed the proud ones
who could not deny that in her simple
mourning garb there was an elegance
and propriety to which they never yet
attained. Even her package of work-
lid not take from her the unmistakable
adyliko appearance inseparable from
ior ; for she carried it with an ease
ind grace. BO rare that it seemed almost
ho badge of surerior gentility. The
ovoly expression , which we have
culled her highuat charm , still Illumi
nated her face , and they who looked
at Kato ouco wore apt to linger in
their interested gnza aa Icn ' as polito-
ne B permitted.
She waa returning from carrying
) ok spmo work ono olippyry diy ,
when , just aa oho had nhut her own
; nto , oho vllppod upon thu ice und fell ,
ireaking her ankle and ncvorcly
wrenching hur left arm. She tried ta
novo and rl'ibut was Impcmlblo
jho uttered a llttlu moan of real pr.ln ,
und then fainted. She might haw
aln n full hilf hour thus , when a
: ontoman ! discovered her and alighted
rom Uo o'miao. Ho rataud her to a
sitting postnro and the pain of being
removed recalled her souses. She
shrunk from his touch for an instant ,
Diit coon recovered from her momen
tary embarrassment , and gratefully ex
prenood her thanks.
"Whither shall I carry you , mj
dear young laJy ? " ho asked kindly.
Thia la my homo , rir , " nho au-
awercd , producing the homo key.
Tn jjoutloiuttti unlocked the door ,
tud Ktte strove to rlso , but ugnlt.
Futntod with the pain. The etrangei
carried her in and deposited her gontlj
upon the wide , comfortable coacli
which had served as a bed O'er slr.c
flho removed. Ho readily found some
water , which ho sprinkled upon hei
face , and she revived.
"I am a surgeon , " said he , smiling :
"an old , gray-haired surgeon. Will
you permit mo to oxtunlno your In
jaries ? "
There was such a fn'horly mannci
about him that Kato could but submit
to holding out her turn and foot foi
bis inspautlon.
"Yon have hurt ynuriolf more thar
I thought , young lady. " ho said , In c
tone so cheerful that Kntn felt as i !
the had found a frlond. ' Dot it will
ba all right soon , If only yon will have
a little oourago for a short tlmo. "
"Oh , I have plenty of that,1 , answered -
swerod Kate ; "but I lack the fortitudt
to endure long-contlnnod pain. Wll
it ba long , sir ? " aho asked nnxionaly ,
"Not If you have good nursing. "
"Ah , that la out of the question
sir. "
"Why so ? Have you no mother o :
sister. ? "
Kato'H eyes filled with tears.
"I have neither , " oho said , after i
pause in which she waa weeping bit
"No friend who can bo with yoi
now while I mend this broken limb ?
ho asked , whllo looking at the small
whlto arm bared for his Inspection.
"I hare no friends , " she mui
mured ,
It was a short sentence , bat It won
to Dr. Broderlok'n heart.
"No friends ! " poor young lady ! "
But before ho could say a word more
ICnto htd huihoi her cmotioni nwak *
onvd by hisquiatlotiR , and waa her own
culm , collected self again. She bore
she setting of her ankle llko n hero ,
nnd submitted to have hrr arm vtu
lently pulled without flinching. Thou
the sat upright , and looked thia now
hulror in the faco. Ho waa n man uf
appuontly forty years of ago ; tall , ncd
not slender ; with largo , benevolent
brown eyes , and n few whlto streaks
in his dark , abundant hair a gentle
man In the broadest sense of the word ,
a scholar , and a good surgeon. Kate's
simple , straightforward mind had
divined what ho was , and her eyes
took in the details , as well ns the
moaning of his face ; a faoo so entirely
good that a child might read It. Her
heart Instinctively told her that hero ,
t any rate , waa a man who would
never deceive.
She had hoard of him hoard how
beloved and trusted ha had boon iu
his native city a neighboring ono
whuro ho had always practiced had
heard of moro than ono grand nnd
noble deed ho had performed. She
hud learned , nho , that In his yonnunr
years hu had been sorely smitten with
disappointment had laid all his hopes
of n happy domestic lifo upon n broken
ohtlno , aad had behold thorn waste
away into utter decay.
All these thingfl ruahed to her mem
ory when hu told her his name. She
remembered , too , that her father had
dealrcd to call him In when her mother
was ill , bat she had opposed It. Her
mother was always so afraid of ex
penses which she know would not
avail to save her llfo , and she wanted
so muh to lotva something for Knto
whim aho should have passed away ,
Poor woman ! could she have kno n
of Kite's present situation , there
would have been ono pang mure In her
dying hour.
"I shall ride ever to see how you
are , to-morrow , " ho said kindly , ns ho
went out. "You must ba as quiet as
possible , but I will lend you my cane ,
so if you want to come and lock mo
out , you can do so. "
And Kato did rise and go to the
door with him , dosplto the grototquo-
ness of hopping upon ono foot.
"Now go back to your sofa , and you
mav read a little ; but remember , no
work till I see yon. "
She obeyed him willingly , for she
waa weary , and was , moreover , jarred
by her fail. Toward night she fell
asleep and did not wako until morning.
She was unable to qo aboat much ,
even with the doctor's cane ; bat , for
tunately , a little girl came in on an
errand , and Kato begged her to got her
mother's pormlislon to stay with her
until she was able to walk about.
Through little Jenny's exertions ,
the room aasumod its usual neatness.
At noon the doctor made his appear-
anoB. Kato waa sitting up , her foot
In a cushioned chair. It waa doing
well , Dr. Broderlok said , and she
would need no farther attendance.
"Bat I shall call occasionally , " ho
added , "so that you shall not bo too
The next week ho asked her to ride
with him. She needed air , ho said ;
and , as it was always his proscription
for convalescents , she must not object.
Into his amply-robed sleigh therefore
ho lifted her , taking Jenny also ; and
the next hour found them stopping at
the doctor's own homo.
"My mother will bo happy to see
you , Miss Ashoroft , " he said. She It
greatly Interested In my patient ,
especially when they are as lonely as
yourself , "
And ho carried her In his arms to an
apartment , half office , half sitting-
room , whore H sweet-faced woman wel
comed her with kindly warmth to a
seat beside the cheerful wood firo.
The windows wore full of the rarest
plants. The walla were almost covered.
Splendid roses and lilies were in
bloom -goranlnma and fuchsias wore
abundant , and the purple scented
violet o were the awoetest Kato had
ever soon.
"They are Arthur's favorites , above
all Horrors , " remarked Mrs , Brodorick ,
as Kato eagerly took the cluster she
gave her ; "and I think they must be
your fivorltos , too , by the way yet
look at thorn. "
They were , Indeed , very dear tc
Kate , ua they were the last flowori
her mother held in her handa ; nnc
nho told her now friends why she
loved them HO woll.
# # # # # #
"Shols a little darllnp , Arthur , " ux
claimed Mra. Brodorick , when tin
doctor returned from taking Kilt
hutne. "I am going to send for her t <
iitny n mouth with mo. Do you thliu
she will come ? "
The doctor laughed.
"Not unless yon tell her that yoi
want her to sow for you , mother. Shi
was hardly willing to call hero , or ovei
; o ride with mo. If she is 'Innocon
as a dove , ' she is also as 'wise as i
serpent , ' and will not bo beguiled iuti
anything that will compromise ho
character. "
"I llko her bettor for that , Arthur
Very well toll lier 1 wunt u neum
strcai for iiuvorul weeks , and will givi
extra prices for work But don't yoi
o to falling in love with her , Arthur. '
"Why not ? "
' Because I shall got no work doui
If you are hanging about the room.1
"You ar < i a dear , cross , good mother
What do you suppaso I want to fall li
love for , when I have you ? Besides
yon are such a proud old lady that ]
should not dare to fall in love with i
sowing girl. "
"Don't , Arthur. Yon make mo fee
faint , Riraombor , I was a sowing
; lr ) , and I married a richer man thar
pouare. "
"Come , come , mother ! I shall have
to correct you or put a mistress ovoi
you. How would yon like that , llttli
mother ? "
"Hold your tongno , Arty ! and to
morrow BOO thit you go early after m ;
sowing girl. "
D : . Arthur patted his mother'
cheek , nnd kissed her fondly.
"I am golnK now , " ho said. Ant
truly ho told Kato cuch n piteous tal
of his mother's disappointment in IDE
ing her seamstress , that gratitude t
him prompted her to go
A month of happiuezs it waa to Kat
BO petted , and caressed , BO cnrcfull
tended , and , finally , so beloved b
mother and uou.
"I don't know , " said Mrs. Brodei
Ick , reflectively , "It's a sorioc
thing to marry A wlfo only half yoc
ago , Arty.
"Nonaunso , motnor I have mac
a bargain with this little girl. I ha\
promised to glvo her ton years of m
forty , and that makes a fair avora ;
of thirty years each. It will bo
happy match , dear mother. Don
break it up with any of your objoo.
lions. "
And It was , and Is , a very happy
match for both.
An Extraordinary Caio
AfHTiN , TKXAH , l''ob. 20,1680.
To Mr. J.W. Graham , Druggist :
Dear .Sir My case was nn acute form ol
bronchltir , and was of ono and A half ycftr'
duration. I employed the best medical aid
pnmlblc. hut failed rapidly , until the doc-
tori ) salu I would dlo that my cnso was In1
curable. Thrown upon my own ronourcen ,
I fet a bottle of Dn WM. HALL'S B ALB AH
roit THE l < u.N < m , and iu fix hours felt B de
cided relief. In three days the cough a'- '
incut disappeared , Now that my chances
of llfo are good for many yean , I earnestly
rccommnnd the above to every sulforor of
lung or throat dlneano.
febSld&wcod.lw 0. 0. LATHROP.
Xrno to hnr Trait
Too much cannot bo saul of the ever
faithful wife nnd mother , constantly
watching nnd caring for her dear ones ,
never neglecting n pingle dirty In their be
half , When they are availed by disease ,
niul the system tthotild have n thorough
oloaUHlng , the t macli nud bowel * regu
lated , bloi'd ' puiificd , nnd malarial poison
exterminated , rho imint know the that
Kloctrlo HitterH nre the only euro remedy.
They nro the beat nud purist inoillcino in
the world nud only cost fifty cents. Sold
by 0 V Ooo Imiiu
Stiloil | ir i wnH wlllbo nvchwl liy the llonnl
ol Co Mit j ComniUsloiHTfl of ( Inoi eouiih , Neb. ,
lor Ilio erection ol a bridk'O airoii the li ) llluo
rhcr upon cither ono ol tin na on road * IcatUiiK
cast ( rom thn town ol VVjinor , Ga o count ) ,
Neb , , ami MT ami ncrosi s.iUI river , SalJ hrlil o
to bo nno hundred and llttj ( ISO ) ( ect lonif , and
to ha\o cither piles , stone , or Iron plern
Also ( or thn erection o ( a bridge , miltnbloto the
ph'e , ftcrosi liullan Creek , on the line botnton
RcctloniitucMtv-nliioCit ) ) nj thirty (30) ( ) , about
onomlln eon' ' Invest ol Wjinoro , ( ! turu county ,
Neb. Low bridge at thin jilaco prud'rrod.
Also a In Idc J across Turkey Creik , ( touthwwt
ol DuWitt , Nib. , to rcplajo the old ono now m
1180.All br'd jc to be o ( wood , Iron or combination
All b ( Into Iu accompanied by plan * andspccl- IK ) nraled and flleilvvuli tin Count )
Irrk on or before 12 o'clock noon , March 20th ,
The Commlisloncia r fcr\o the rl tit to reject
y and all tlil . Succomlul bidden ) 111 bo tour -
ur ! d to gl\o bond ( or the faithful performance
ct thtlr contract
lly ordc i ( thu Ccunty Ommlimloncra.
/ / - - % , A. J. I'KrilOUt ) ,
I HKAL. j- . County Cloik.
1 Ileatllco Feb. 78 1R83. mo-d tw
A Bkln of Donuty ti a Joy Forever.
Oriental Cream or Magical Boau-
tilter ,
8 T n , IMmnlot ,
Kecklo ,
the tout 01
DOyearaan' '
li Bohirm
w <
Accent m
of similar name. The dlgtlnirnlehrd Dr. L. A
Sayre , s ld to a laly ol the IMUI ON ( a patient )
"Afl you lailM will uee thorn , I tccommom
'U uriud'a Cream' ag the least harmful of all tin
Skin prepitratl in. " Ono bottle will lot > li
months , using It every day. Alia 1'oudro Jub
tile removti superfluous lull wl.lioul Injury t <
the skin.
UM .M. D. T. QOURAUDSa'e prop. , 43 Bom
St. . N. Y.
Fora lo by all Hruriilita and Fancy Ooodi
Dealers throughout the United Skatoi , Oanadi
anil Kurops.
tST Beware of huso Imitations. $1,000 rowan
for arrest and proof of any one gelling the sumo
J M-woow mo2t w-flm J r C
ST. U ,
And all Poluti C t i\ndouth-E it.
5o ily 4,000 miles , llolld Smooth Bteel Track
U connactlona are made In UNION DhPOTS
hai a National Itopntatlan ae belDK th
rout Through Oar Line , and In nnlvermll
needed to be the FINEBT EQUIPPED iUll
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Buck's Stove Co
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For Kidney CompliUnt of Htlier noi thli eompounJti
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. et her aa an Angel ot 1U rcy whom icle
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< \ . Q ) lira A.M.D.
HBbraaka Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000.
JAS. II. HEAUTWELL , President.
A. I , . CLA11KE. VIco-rrcBldont.
K. C. VV hUSTEll , TrcuurorUH
muel Aleiamler Oswald Oliver ,
, . L. Clarke , K. 0. Webster M
loo. II 1'rutt , Jan. II. Hoartwell ,
. D. U.McEUIlnnoy.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company turnlihrs % permanent , horn *
nstltiillon where School Uo i wid other legally
, ssued tlunlclnal nccurltl'- Vebraska can b
o negotiated on the mi avorable torma
Loans made on lmpro\ed f I all well nettled
Bounties ol thostato , thn i tiuiiwlhto local
SPKOUT , Proprietor.
Barney St. - Omrlia , Noli
( } nlamzfii : Iron
Tin , Iron and Slate Hoofing ,
ipooht'B Patent Motnlio Skylight
Patent Ad j aatod Rntohot Bar
and Bracket Shelving. 1 am
the general af-ont for the
above line of gooda.
llngtit Daluntradei , Ver nda > , | O T1 >
Dnk Rnlllnn , Window dOt tr
duardi ; alto
* *
iSPV- J *
1109 and UU Dodge Street ,
anK 7-rao 6m OMAHA ,
-or THE
Milwaukee & $ \ > t Paul
* *
Pullman's Maplflcont'Sloopors
Finest Dining Oars in the World.
Or to any point beyond ; or
Take the BUST ROUTE , the
Chicago , Milwaukoo&St , PaulR'y
Ticket office located at corner Farnuu and
Fourteenth otreela and at U. 1' . Depot and at
Ulllard Hotel , Omalm.
tSTSco Time Table In another column.
F. A. NASH , General Atrent ,
D. n. FOOTE , Ticket Agent , Omaha.
S. 8. UEimiLt , A. V. II. GARPKNTEB ,
Oeuer&l Manager. Oouoral Fan. Agent.
nooeral Sup't. AM't Ckm. Vtet , Agtot
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