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Nvill cure the worst case
l of dyspepsia ,
. < f "Will insure a hearty appetite
UL and increased digestion.
If Cures general debility , and
gives a new lease of life
Dispels nervous depression
and low spirits.
Restores an cxhaustednurs-
ingmother to full strength
and gives abundant sus
tenance for her child.
Strengthens the muscles and
ncrveSjCnrichesthc blood.
.Overcomes weakness , wake-
ifolness , and lack of energy-
Keeps off all chills , fevers ,
and other malarial poison.
Will infuse with new life
ihe weakest invalid.
37 W lk r St..Baltimore , Dee. 1681.
For six yean I hive been * great
sufferer from Jibed Dlseue , Dyi-
pepila.aml Const ! pition.andbecame
o debilitated that I could notretaln
anything on my stomach , In feet ,
life had almost become a burden.
Finally , when'hope had almo t left
roe , my hutbaod seeing Itaonx's
SI IRON Ilrrrnna advertlied In the
paper , Induced me to give It a trial
I am nowuUlne the third bottle
and "have not felt > o well In six
years aj I do at < he preterit time.
Jifn.l. F , GnirriN.
will have a better tonic
effect upon any one who
needs " -bracing up , " than
any medicine made/
OMAHA , Nan. , March 6 , 1833 ,
SEALED PROPOSALS , In triplicate , subject
t3 the r.s'ml coD'lltlons , 'will bo roccltod at ihli
office until 12 o'clocx noon , on Thursday , April
fith , 18C3 , or at tbe s > me hour ( allowing lor the
diflrenee In tlmo ) , at Iho ofllcoi ol tlio Dipol
< l < iartermaa'ers at Cheyenne and Ogdcn , at wlilcl
pi tecs and tlmo tlisy will uo opened in prusrce o :
the blddirs , ( or the wUson transp rta'lon rl Mill *
lory Supplies on the tallowing deactbod Houtcs In
the Department .ol the Platte , during the flsca
year commencing July 1st 1833 , and ending June
30th. 1831.
K om Sidney , I'obrasfca , to Fort Koblnson
From Cheyenne Dcp't , Wyoming TerrHory
to Forts Laraale and McKlnncy , Wyoming Tcr
from Hock Creek Station , U. P. Uallwiy , to
Fort HcKlnney , Wyomlni Territory.
From Fort Fred , Slecio , Wyom ng Territory
to Fort Washakle , Wyoming Tertltory.
Frcm Pa k O.ty. Utah TorrltJiy , or ( rom
atUlon on tbe main line , Union Pacific Railway
t For Thornbu'gh , Utah TerrilO'y.
Prcporals ( or transpoitatlon on any or Ve \
the ab ITS named Route * will b < i reeelrad.
Tbe Oovernment roeetvpe the right to rejcc !
any or 11 propo alt. '
Kadi projios 1 rau t be it trlnllotte , reparato
or each route , and accompanied by a bond In the
" ot flre hundred dol-ars ( | ! 00) ) , execute ;
strictly Id acoirdanes with tbe printed Instrj
tlan' , and upsn the blank form furnished under
this adrertiiemcnt , guarantielni lhat the patty
tttklog the proposal ball not withdraw the tame
within sixty days fr.m the date announced for
opening tb m ; and that U said proposal U accep
ted and a contract ( or the service bid for award' '
ed thereunder , he will , wlih'n ten days after
being not > 0ed ft t' e award ( provided !
flcationbe mido within the ilxty days above
mentioned ) accept the same and furnish eood and
sufflclint suretle1 , at once ; fer the faithful per *
formance of the contract.
Blank proposals , lonr of cjntiact , and printed
circulars sta ing the estimated qutntltlcs otsup-
pllei tobettansp ited , and giving full Infoima-
uonaitotha roanrer cf Hading , conditions to
bo obkerved by bidders , and terms of contract
and payment , wi I ba furnished on spp Icatlon to
ibis office , i r to ths fflc-i of tbe Depot Quarter-
rmster at Cdejenne and Ogden.
Kor.loyes onlaln'ng propsiali shonM b
ijpaiked : " Proposals for tran rjortatlon from
1 ! ° JOHN V.'FUREY ;
Gap ! , and Arat , Quartermaster U. B. A.
mi-meet Ju cba-geChlitQ. M. Olflce.
{ AK ° nt * 'o * the Ufa , Tlmei
he only life authorized by her and which will
not be a "Blood and Thunder" story , such as has
been and will be pul llshcd , but a trua life by thi
only person who U In posewlon of the facts
faithful and devoted wife. Truth is more ntci r.
cetlng thau flsilon , A gents should apply 01 to ' ;
' ritory at once. 80 76 cts. for Sample book ,
. J H ChnmberfJfc Co' .
mo-eol fcw-e Ht Lovii Bio !
Every Corset is warranted tatli-
Victory to Its wearer in every war ,
er the money will bo refunded by
the person from whom it was bought ,
Th * only Conet pronounced by our leading r&
( * * t Injurioui to tiwweurr , and endorsed by UdlM M
ttia " moot comfortable aad perfect OlUng CoruC
uudft.riUCES , by Kali , Fottan Paid I
BbUth Fttttrrlag. 1.00. tl.OO
AMomlaal ( extra h ry ) SS.OO. NuraLuc , 1.60
KMlUk I'rcwrrlDa ( Boo ro.llli SJ8.00. I > ara oa
bklrt-HupporUoc , 1.OO.
rr ' by lt ilas iictoll Uralcr * every where.
CUIOAQO CORSET eo , , cuicujfo , iu.
1\ \ GAM
Send 81 , S3 , 83 , or
5 for u anmplo ro.
full box by UxiircHs ,
of the beat caadleH in
America , put up in
elezaut boxes , and
strictly pure. Snlta-
ole for jtteucnte , . Kx-
ireMH cbarjr
Kefera te.a.
; Try'it eaeo.
Address , '
CoBfcotloiicr ,
Billings is to have a chamber ol corn-
morcc ,
Butte had nineteen firen last yenr. The
f > tal lots Is estimated at ? 25,030.
Bo far this winter the loss by sheep own
ers has been no creator than during turu-
nwr months , That Is pretty good.
A colony h forming in Cincinnati with
the object of locating In tbo Yellowstone
The N. P. 0. . ) . hate built sn Ice house
In Billings C s40 feat , which is being
fii'od ' with Ice for the use of the em
The bullion product of Montana for 1802
to 1871 , both years Inclusive , is estimated
at $103,000.100 , all gold , and mostly from
placer diggings ,
Island City Is the next btarraIr ! * .d
camp on the Northern 1'aclfio. The pe0u
lation of Weoksvllle Is beginning to drill
in that direction.
The Fort Msglnnis freight and transporting -
porting will be done at Ouster , and to this
end tbo company have erected platforms
to receive and load tba ore from those
Buffalo bides are bringing $3.80 apiece
from buyers who visit tbo hunters' camps
In the buffalo country to make their pur-
chafe * . Three yearn ago they brought
only $1.60 delivered in Miles City ,
A message has been received at all the
Western Union offices In Montana In
structing operators to transmit frco ol
charge all nwncwci cilering relief to the
< nffereri frbm the floods along tbe Ohio
river ,
The mortality urnocg females In the past
few wetba been something extraordinary
for this/territory , and would furnish a fit
subject for Investigation by medical ex
perts and compilers of vital itatlatlcs.
Madlsonlan ,
The Jefferson Valley Ditch company
filed articles of Incorporation February
14th in the clfi'co of the territorial secretary.
The purpose of tbe company fs to take
water from the east branch of the Jeffer.
son rlverfor irrigation. The capital clock
is placed at $0,000.
BSan Diego will have to rad $26.189.84
to defray the municipal expenses for the
fiscal year. >
Oakland has a prospect of having this
year the lowest city tax It has had for
twelve years. The levy will be 82 cents
on tbe $100.
Work on tbe California railroad exten
sion toward Ban Bernardino has been
stopped by the railway company until tbe
right of way suits are settled.
. The office of city assessor of Vallejo has
been declared vacant on account of the
absence of Wlucholl , the incumbent , from
the town. Next week an election will be
add to fill the vacancy.
It Is i tiled that the Central Pacific has
nurchascd the Ban Joaquln & Sierra
Nevada narrow gango railroad , which boo
Its starting point nt Brack's landing on the
Mokelnmno xivor ,
A petition , signed by leading cltlcona of
Coos bay. praying for the appointment of
Charles K. Getty as keeper cf the Cape
Arngo Ufa station , In place of Desmond ,
who acted in such a cowardly manner
when the Taooma was wrecked , has been
forwarded to San Francisco.
A cumber of roncgado Indians from
Tulallp and Puyallnp reservations have
boon occupying n larpo body ot valuable
land , known aa Muckelahuot prairie , with
out legal tight. The land ban now been
cornered by come speculators by means ol
soldiers' scrip.
The affairs of tbe Fiocbo estate , which
have been tied up in litigation for years ,
have finally been settled at Ban Francisco.
This will release70,000 acres of land in tbe
southern portion of tbe Istate , which wll'
be divided'up Into small farms.
'The Atlantic & Pacific railroad Is now
within one hundred mllett of the Colorado
river. Tbe Southern Pacific branch from
Mohave U building eastward to meet It ot
the Needles , and Is also within one hun
dred miles of tha Colorado river , leaving a
gap of two hundred miles to complete an
other trans-con tinea ttd rout * .
The Utah Commissioner ! will meet in
Bait Lake on April 15th.
The change of tlina on tba morning train
between Salt Lake and Ogden , gives gen
eral satisfaction to the traveling public.
Beef steak is one of the luxuries hi Salt
Luke , while mutton is so 'high that the
purchaser considers himself a shorn lamb ,
A large number cf buildings ara under
contract in Silt Lake , and tha builders
are only waiting for good weather to com
inence woik.
The prospects for a big building boom in
Salt Lake are- Increasing dally , and tbe
predictions of the Tribune that 1,000 houses
would be put up this year , will be more
than realized ,
The Utah territorial supreme court , ml
Ing that the county offices must be turnei
over to theappomteesof Governor Murray ,
has been resisted by an application for a
writ of Mtpcriedeas , pending an appeal to
the euj-teuie com t of ( be United States ,
A great many artesian wells will ba sunk
In Utah this year. The success oi tbe
wells In Tooolo county , where many farm
are irrigated by artesian well water , baa
caused many to make experiments in Oth-
er portions of the territory.
The Mormons who passed a law making
February 22d a holiday , do not o' sarvo
the day M such In the Endowment House
when It comes on Thursday. There was i
big grist ol marrlagm in that treasonabl
place , and frcib victims were added to tbo
harem * of the old Icchern.recently.
Tbo new town of Green lllvo ? . at th
crossing of tbe Denver & Rio Grande , i
becoming notorious for iti lawlessness
Ten salooni ore In full operation , and Ita
hnrdy houses are well patronlznd. Tb
roughs of Colorado have been followln
the road this way , and thinking Gree
River a good plaee fora town , they , cam
In advance of tbo rails and have got up
good boem for a fast town. Persons wb
have been there , say It bai many of th
very worst class of people , and It Is almos
unsafe for other * to live In tbe town ,
Tba small-pox Is stirring up the believ
ere In vaccination of Leadvllle.
Senator Talor has been elected prealden
of } be National mining and Industrial ex
It Is tt ought that Kansas alone will sen
80.000 persons to the grand army to ba he !
this summer in Denver.
A committee of ceventy-elght has been
appointed to select'a oltlxenirtloket for tb
spring elections in Denver ,
The sohool bonds Issued by the town u
Evans In 1873 , calling for $10,000 , hav
been called In and cancelled.
There 1s some talk of a grand nations
baseball tournament being organlxedI
Denver during the coming summer.
The Judges of the Supreme Court of th
State have decided that women cannot be
permitted to practice before them ,
Toe counties tapped by the Denver ant
Klo Grande railway syatem yield 7f > pe
cent of the total taxable values of Cole
rado ,
An insane catt'e dealer named Andre\
Wilson , said ID have hallrd from Lincoln
Nebraska , fell dead in a Denver hotel la )
week ,
Several miners in tbe Gunnlaon hav
been compelled to suspend operations 01
account'of the unpoulbility of getting tb
ore tb market * * ' J
Tbo Texas cattle drlve'thls vear wil
reach about 220,000 head/ They are'con
tracted for on ( bo rauchoa at dlfTeren
prices according to theft-age , J , >
Denver Is excited over the mytterlons
disappearance cf 8. A. IlrT.i ' .vho coma
to that city some woek&jT' VB * > ter into
tbo real estate buslnewf * f' < W Sj lder.
Memoney ftbouthl * pew
The | tocry of the poll fe the bunko
men have \lcllmlied j > Jnd then gjjproi
him tff.
.Y,1.10 ! f " ! " " * "wcrro digging wit a
rrbblt bole , , hortdlitanca from Evans
last weovA they catre ur)0n fifty-five rattle
nnakc celled up. They ehowed light but
w'Vo finally all filled ,
Many no' * buildings are in course of
construction at San Marclal.
Ten thousand trees will * bo planted on
the streets and the public plan * of San
MarclM this spring.
AJ'jurjucrquo parties have recently pur-
ch Bed an Intereit in tbo Nevada , adjoin-
la'j tbo Solitaire , from the Moore Bros.
Ia 1883 New Mexico onitht to produce
910,000,000 in silver , $2,000,000 copper and
$3.000,000 In all other precious metals ;
naking $15,000,000 in all.
Last week two Ooloradoans who were
camping in a canon near Hillsboro , were
attacked by robbers and held up for all
he money thoy'bad , 81,100.
At Beleo , a small village near Santa Fe ,
ast week. Melcholr Luna end Manuel
ianchez , had a heated dkcnsalon over a
political contest , which culminated in the
murder of Sanchez by Luna ,
A man at Klngstob , when he found that
certain ore assayed over a thousand ounces
o the ton , ho mounted a me s ngerto send
be news to the mine. . Tbo stutf was be-
ng thrown over the w'oite dump. '
Sixty "rustlers' made a raid lait wcok
> n a sheet * rinch at AlaraooRO , Valencia-
aunty , belonging to Francisco Chavez
Irgannon , and attacked tbe herders , kill-
ng one and driving off 1,600 sheep ,
One of the most remarkable discoveries
ver made In New Mexico has lately been
made by Maj. Cbas. G. Van Fleet , in the
JUITO mountain' . Ore that will run $5
> er pound Is on exhibition. The vein from
fhlch it comes is eight feet 'wide. Tbe
lalm is located about twelve milei
rom Silver city and tbe camp gathering
round It Is destined to be ono of tbe firs !
amps In Grant county.
There Is a great demand for tenement
cranes in Alexandria.
The postoffice at Wabpeton will become
presidential iffioa with a salary of $1,600
er year after April 1st.
An excellent qutllty of brick is being
manufactured on the banks of tha Big
tone lake In Grant county.
Fifteen carloads of Immigrants will tote -
e In and around Huron this spring from
10 vicinity of Salem Wisconsin.
A Fargo paper says that if COO tenement
ouses were built and ready for occupancy
t'thls time , they could easily bo rented at
oed prices.
Building operations hava been com *
monced at Lisbon , Rtnsom county , already
nd the sound of the hammer and SAW are
card early and late.
The owners of the townaito of Ellendalo ,
Jlckey county , have printed several bun-
rod plats of the town and distributed
hem gratuitously.
Word has been received in Rapid City ,
rom the east that negotiations for the
ale of valuable water rights and mining
property are nbcut completed ,
Tbo mow , In some of the cuts on the
Dakota Central ore reported to bo twenty-
hreo feet high , and the only way they can.
)0 removed Is by manual labor.
A home insurance company has been or
ganized in Sioux Falls , with many good
names to back It. The capital stock is
SldOOOO , which can be Increased to
S500.C03 at the pleasure of the company ,
An Indian at the Brule agency com
mitted suicide last week by shooting her-
sob ! through the heart , and another Indian ,
a member of tbe pjllco force , died and
us wlfo committed tulcldo by hanging
The residents of Chamberlain will fur-
nith any manufacturing company free of
: est the necessary ground whereon to erect
buildings , and the buildings to be so situated -
uatod teat the company or corporation
may load directly upon the can or steam
boat * M may ba desired.
Hay la 920 a ton in Cheyenne.
The Cheyenne Leader e ys tbe loss of
cattle during the past winter will prove to
bava been very small.
Men ara continually being brought into
iba prominent towns of the territory suf
erlng from the Iff sets of tha terrible win
; er and needing lurglotl treatment.
The Wyoming copper company shipped
iva carloads of copper bullion to New
York for refining on last Saturday. This
s the first shipment from the Fairbanks
smelting works.
The opinion Is prevailing around Obey
enno that the cattle business is abeut to
undergo a radical change , Instead
the old range system , it Is said , " "
will be kept In large enclosures.
The "Laramle Merchants' union" hai
been organized tor the purpose of enoour
aging a unity of-otlon among all person
interested In-the wellfare of Liramle ; also
for adopting a better system of credits am
making tba architecture of the city
more pleasing , The latter is an Importan
point ,
The store ot Henry Smith , on Wol
oreek , near Corvalllr , was entered by Lurs ;
lars recently and robbed of $4CO in coin
Sunday evening , at a ibooting gallery a
MarshBeld , W. Phillips shot and killed A
Hendrlckscn. The nhootlng was nccidcn
Fragments of tbe Taoom * wrrck ar
strewn along the Oregon coast. The Jn quantities of canned goods
clothing and bedding ,
Work along the Oregon and Callforni
extension has progressed well , notwlth
standing tbo cold weather. The brldg
and trestle work is finished to Wolf creek
* uy long tunnel is in ( our hundred feet s
the north end and nine hundred feet t th
south end.
The Urltlin bark Renfrewshire hs
arrived at Astoria ( rom Australia. Th
mister of the vessel , Oaptaln Camming *
related to n Astorlan reporter the diil
cult time he experienced on the northeaa
o * st of Auitralla , while beating out from
Port Hinoblnbrook. Tha course lays ore
COO or COO miles of tortuous wihdln
through the Darner re f * . On every han
great reefs of coral arise and only b
speolal device It o vessel able to ge
through. In the afternoons , when the sun
was at his back , tbo captain mounted t
the maintop , that being requisite to enabl
him to see the channel , aud from tha
lofty lookout directed the steering of hi
veuel. Within '
a ship's length on eao
Ida the water waa white with foam or
stieak showing where the submarine forma
tlon was almost at the surface , tbe dee
blue indicating where safety lay. In th
mornings It was impossible to tell wha
course to pursue , and at best it waa a dan
KOrous though unavoidable couroe.
The railroad purveyors say that * the a ]
titude of Woiser Olty is exactly 2,02
Un tbe 18th inst.thero was n enow fat
of a yellow color in Idaho , A chemlca
test detected the presence of soda ,
Tbe Coo weather for some time past base
so settled tbe mow that it now only lies in
the streets of XIailey at a uniform depth
six inches ,
.The Ilalley'sampllng works will tUrtnp
tbla.Tireek , There are at present 150 ton
of ore on the dump which will averse
9160 to the ton.
The rush of immigrants to the Wood
river oowitry alreadjTs viry'gteat , and i
Is caloulateatKat'tou ; > alnorp oj.le * ' wll
settle there &ls ieas < * ' < # . * .
Tbo Union Pad Go railroad will open Its
3regon Short line to Bhoahone. which I
the Junction with the Wood River branch
oe March 1st. The distance is 821 miles
torn tha Union PaclOo Junction.
The hotels at Wetser city are crowded
o their ntmott capacity , end uow ar-
aogoments for the accommodation of
lueata are being made.
Three fro and numerous percentage
poker games are In full blast In Halloy.
Jeildes this all other foims of vlco are
irevalent in the town.
An'attempt was mftda to liberatei the
Seattle robbern , by habeas corpus , but the
pplicatlon was denied and the prisoners
tmanded , pending extradition.
The bark Crape , which returned to Port
Townsend. with a mutinous crew , shipped
> new mate and went to sea again , Cap.
aln Hardy being determined that the crew
hould proceed with tbe ship.
Nothing has been heard of tbe boat's
row which left the wrecked veisel O. L.
Taylor. The cutter Wolooot started In
earcb of them , but returned to Port
Townsend last Sunday , having gone no
arther than Noah bay. A heavy swell
WM running off the capo , so she was put
back. Where the crew probably landed 1s
t least fifty miles from Noah bay.
Eight tramps' undergoing sentence in the
Tucson Jail escaped last week.
There is great excitement at Tucson over
remarkable silver discovery twenty miles
outh of there , In tbo Santa Rita monn-
alns , O.'he ore crops out ICO feet wide ,
ver a mUd long. The ore is a sulphate.
Sierra City is entering upon an era of
Teat "prosperity. Laborers ara In great
lemand and business Is said to be brisk.
The Rtflex says that in Ward there Is
probably more opium smoking than In any
ither town in that state , Tbe law against
viceIs , not enforced.
Quite a number of men are at present
imployed in the Gold Cliff , and the mine
las every appearance of being one of the
richest discovered In that soot Ion for many
yean. Thirty stamps are kept daily
> ounding , and it is understood that more
are to be added.
( Oied of the frosheur , purest and
holoest condiments money will bay.
't Barpsuea any that can be made at
lomo , la cheaper , eaves labor and all
Tbo Way a Postmsater Feels In Ten
* " Feet of Water.
The destitution caused by the .floods
at Oaaoyyllle , Ky. , in BO great that it
amounts to almost absolute starvation.
Qon. W. P. Edgarton , chief postal In-
pector for'this division , wrote to the
jostmastor at Oaaoyvllio , Ky. , con-
orninot aomo miaelog mall matter , and
n reply received the following : , . ,
OASBYVIU.E , Ky. , Fob. 27 , 1883. ,
o replies to yours. What more can I
o ? I .was taken sick and have baon
own for ten days. Water ia ten feet
cep In the poat-offico. At ouch times
, iapera Ret mixed. I have not been on
and for two week ? . I hava had to
end to Evansville for aomethhg to
at. I had to leave my homo. I have
largo family , and am in the upper
toty of a business house. The ooun-
ry people can't get In to bring ui any-
hlng to eat. Jones of Guernsey , Jonea
and ( Jo. a box of aomethlntc
o eat. I have been hungry for four
or fire dayi , Only three families are
trying to itiy in town. All the others
are out on the hllU.
Youn&o. ,
Although it waa perfectly evident
from tbe tone of the letter that Mr.
9eantls > ia wu ln\hat reoklets mood
In whlon a man wouldn't ftivo oon-
oeiled poatsge stamp to have a dead
euro thing on the Oaaoyvllle poitmaa-
tenhlp for the period of hit natural
life , Gen. Edg rton feelathat t ho feeling -
ing if not absolutely , praiseworthy ia
at least pardonable under the circum
The silver-tongued orator of Canada ,
E. King Dodds , Esq. , speaks as fol
lows In the Toronto ( Can. ) Globe : I
had occasion to use St. Jacobs Oil for
rheumatism , of the hips , and also for a
severely sprained log , and can un
qualifiedly .state that it equal
for either.
_ _ _ _ _
Bnoklin a Armoa Halve.
The BBBI SALT * IB tbe world for Onfc ,
Brakes , Bates , Ulcon , Salt Rheum , Fe
ver Bore * , Tetter , Ohtpped Hands , GUI'
blalns , Oorni , and all Un eraptlona , and
positively cures pile * . It Ia gnarantsed to
give Mtufaotfon i oxnej rernnded.
Prlof , 25 oonti p t p ct , iTor eals bf 0.
Ooodax *
MoHey for the ITamarrled-
Ono of the most solid and substantial
Institutions In this country h the Mar *
rlagp Fund and Mntnal Trust Association ,
of Cedar Rapids , Iowa. They are organ
ized under the laws of Iowa , and heir of
ficers and directors are among the leading
and most prominent business men of Cedar
Raeldt. Every unmarried person should
have a certificate In this'association. .
It Is o splendid investment , as safe as
government bond. You can jtutoa well
have a good sum of money to commence
married life on as not. A large number of
members have been paid off , receiving over
SOO per cent on their Investment , write
for circulars fully detailing tbe plan , which
is tbe finest known. Do , not postpone It.
Good agents wanted. Mention whore yon
saw this notice. f5-Sm ,
Sealed prcpoeols will b reoelred by the Board
ot Count ; Commlaslonor * ot 0 ga county , Neb. ,
lor the erection of a bridge across the Big Bin *
rlrer upon tltber one of th wagon roads leading
cut from the town ol Wymorr , O fi county ,
Neb. , and ver and screw Mid rlrer. Bald bridge
to bo one hundred and fifty ( ISO ) feet long , and
to bar * either pile * , stone , or Iron pit rs.
.Also for the erection of a bridge , suitable to tile
place , across Indian Creek , on the line betwten
sections twenty-nine (29) ( ) ind thirty (30) ( ) , about
onutnllo southwest of Wjicore , Ot county.
Neb. Low bridge at thli place preferred.
AUo a bitdzi acroas Turkey Creek , southeast
of DeWitt , Nib. , to replace the old one now In
use.All br'dtca ' to bf of wood , Iron or combination.
All b'dslo ' b accompanied by plans andapccl-
ficitons to ba sealed and Bled with tht County
Clerk on or before 12 o'clock noon , March 20th ,
The Commissioners r.rerve the right to reject
y and all tldi. Successful bidders will be re-
u're ' d to git a bond for the faithful performance
cf thilr contract.
By ordc I the Ccunty Ojmmlistonen.
, r- * * . A. J. I'KTHOUD ,
i 8iuL. { County Cleik.
* vJnoatil:9 Feb. 11 1R83 ' me-d 4w
GOLD MEDAL , PAIl S , 1878
Warranted Absolutely pura
Cocoa , from whlot theeicest
of oil his been removal. It his
three times the strength otIS
Cocoa mixed with Stucb , Ar
row Hoot or Sugar , and Ii there
for * f u n : ore economical. It U
Oollclous , nourishing , strength-
enlng , easily dlgwteJ.'aod ad.
rnlnbly adtpled er Inra ids as
well u for ( rawm In B aHh. 4
-TT , " * '
Sold by Qrocera Everywher *
WlBAKlR&OoDorolie8tor. , Mass
Farms ,
No. 19 Full ot and now house , fatrooms , two
below and one up-stolra. Eight foot celling below
and i oven above. Brick foundation , cellar , etc.
A bargain , { GOO.
No. Ig Largo two story house , lo rooms , two
largo collars , good wolland cistern , barn , etc. , on
W < Taster and 22d street , $6,000.
No 17 Lot 60x185 feet , new house of two
rooms brick foundation 100 barrel cistern [ on
Hamilton street near Poor ClareConfent ) ' C1.
No. 16 House aud lot on 17th near Cla i St.
house 5 room > etc. t200. !
No. 15 House of 3 rooms 'ill lo on Fierce St
noarl9th 1600
No. 21 New housoot T ro . corner lot ,
half mlle west of Turntable troet cars on
Sau dersSt. tlOOa O-
No. 5 House ot eight earn etc. lot
60x105 feet 82500.
Vacant Lots.
Ho. 2S3-Two full lots on Iflth Street near Lake
St. $1000.
No. 351 Twenty five loll In Parkers addition
Just north of the end of red street car line $400
each easy terms.
No.MO Four loUon Delaware Bt , neaiHan-
oem park , tGfiO.
Mo. 831 One halt lot on South avenue , new
Bt Mary's avenue. $560.
No. MO-EIghteen 08) ) loU on pltt , 82ad , 2&d
ana Saunders street , near Grace , 9600 each , and
on easyterms.
No. 348-SU beautiful residence lots on Gather
ing street , near Banscompark. t4,000.
Twelve beautiful residence lota en Hamilton
street , near end of old streetcar track ; high and
sightly , $3M to $700.
Several acre and hall acre comer lots on Cum'
tog , Bnrt and California streets , In Lowe's second
end addition and Park Place near Academy ol
Sacred Heart
Lots In "Prospect Place" on Hamilton and
Charles street. Just west of the end of Bed Street
Car track 'and Convent of the Bisters of Poor
Clare , one and one half mile f rom postofflce , and
ono mile f rom U. P. shops , $160 to 9500 each ,
only S per cent down and B per cent per month
Lots la Lowe's addition one-half mile west of
end of Red Street Car track near Convent of
Poor Clare Sisters in Sblnn's addition-$125 to
$300 each , and on very easy terms.
Lots In Horbach's 1st aud 2nd additions ,
Shinn's , Park Place , Lowe's 2nd addition , Rvran's
Lake's , Nelson's , Hanscom Place , Bodlck's ad
ditions , etc. , ele.
LoU in "Credit Fonder addition" lust one-
quarter mile south-cast of Union Pacific and JJ.
and II. R. K. depots , $260 to 81,600each , very easy
Business [ Lots.
Three good business lota on Dodge near12th
street , 22x120 feet ' each , 91,600 each , or H , WO for
all , eaay terms.
Two good business l ti on Farnam street , 33x
66 feet each , with frame buildings thoronrenting
for about I6CO per year each ; price (4,250 each.
44x132 feet on Farnam near 10thstreet , corner
Splendid Warehouse lot on Union Pacific right
ol way , north ol track and east ol Nail Works-
being 132 loot north frontage on Mason etroct ,
by about 100 le t west fronUtre on 18th St.
Farms ad wild lands In Douglas. Sarpy ,
Dodge , Washington , Durt , Wayne , Stanton , and
other good counties in eastern Nebraskalor sale.
Taxes paid , rents collected , anl money loaned
on improved city and country prop rty at low
rates ot Interest.
-$6.00EAOH ,
Agency ,
* - t
4 > < * tr. ! i 41 * v.
C 4/ff > H * * * 0 *
15th and Douglas St.
Window and Plate Glass. .
Flour , Salt , .Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
Fire and Burglar
1020 Farnham Street ,
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Depot. - OMAHA NB
Single BreecIibLoading Shot Guns , from 85 to 818 ,
Double BroecMLoading Shot Gnus , from $18 to 875 ,
Muzzle Loading Snot Bans , From 86 to S25,1
Ffthiag Tackel , Base Balls and all kinds of Fancy Goods ,
Full Stock of Show Oases Always on hand ,
Imported and Key West Cigars a large line or
Meerschaum and Wood Pipes' and everything re
quired in a first-class Cigar , Tobacco and. Notion
Store , Cigars from $15 per 1,000 upwards Send *
for Price List and Samples
Window Shades aud Curtains ,
Paint * , Oils & Brushes.
h UtkBtrMt
la only attained by using
Stoves and Ranges. "
For Bole by