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THE OMAHA 'DAILY ' BEE.r , f - >
The Usual Oalm Following the
Death of Congress For-
vafles the Oifcy ,
. ( Important Clerical Errors Dis
covered in the New
Tariff BUI.
, ' . } The Government Closes Its
, Case in the Star Route
J Trial.
The Redemption of Check Stamps
Provided Foi Personal
and Goneval News.
Special Dlspatckes to Tun Usi.
WASHINGTON , March 6. The
comptroller of currency has many let
ters in reference to tbo rodomptioii of
the two cent check stamps not requir
ed by law to bo need after July 1st
next. They provide for redemption
of stamps not naed , provided they are
presented for payment within thrco
years from the tltna of purclnso from
the government
4 to Hawaii , now on a short visit to this
W city , wore formally presented to the
9 president to-day by the BOO retary of
1 Secretary Teller , commissioner of
Indian affairs , Prlco , Logan and
aevoral other members of congress ,
wont to Carlisle , Pennsylvania , this
morning to Inspect the Indian school
at that place ,
The President aoooptocl the reslgna-
' tlon of Jamoi Gilfillan treaanrer of the
United 8 tatoi. It la not'likely a suc
cessor will bo appointed for some time.
* Assistant treasurer Wyman is men
tioned as likely to receive the appoint
was short and unimportant , there were
three absentees , Teller , who is out of
the city , and Chandler and firewater ,
who are indisposed.
The treasury department has ac
cepted the offer cf a compromise in
the Aniline dye case , which involved
a settlement for $10,000 cf the eulc
brought by the government for under
valuation on dye importations to the
amount of $75,000. The tciion of the
department is based upon tha report
of District Attorney Woodford , of
.New York.
arrived from Now York Ihls afternoon
and proceeded at onoe to'the hot * ! ,
accompanied by Colonel" Wlckham
lEofFman , minister from -Denmark ,
.and Mr. Robinson , ' consul" Toma-
taveMadagascar. . While ta tbieltr ,
'they will be the guests oft tha govern-
jnent. They will probably be' pre
sented to the president to-morrow.
'The mission is to cement relations of
friendship and amity between the
United btcn and Madagascar.
-the newly appointed Hawaiian minister
tor to France , was accredited to
this country as envoy extraordinary
and minister plenipotentiary loon after
the death-of Allen , former minister ,
who died In the executive mansion"
during the president's reception on
the first of January last. . *
Dr. Max Soring , of Berlin , who has
been commissioned by the govern
ment of Prussia to investigate and
xeport upon the agricultural and trans
portation Interests aud methods of the
United States , has arrived. He will
visit the principal cities of the United
States In his official capacity ,
The president decides not to ap
point the chief examiner of the civil
aervloa commission , but to lot the
commission appoint one at its con
Charles Rood does not get $3,000
for defending Onltoan. The senate
inserted the provision In the sundry
civil bill but it was stricken out In the
conference committeo.
Mr , MoPherson , clerk of the house ,
saya there art ) many typographical
and clerical errors in the tariff bill os
it appeared in The Congressional Rec
ord. The tax on tobacoo is printed 80
cents instead of 8 cents , and in the
iron schedule is a clause which was
not printed in The Record at all. Ho
is of the opinion that when the bill
shall bo accurately printed in full it
will ba found satisfactory than it now
seems to bo to representatives of the
Iron interest.
WASHINGTON , March G Witness
Boone was recalled in the star route
trial to-day ,
The defense having objected thai
the evidence of productiveness did not
como down to a recent date , the oourl
replied that If they thought the ]
could show that Brady was co fai
Blghted as to porcolvo that the ex
podltod routes would be produotlvt
within a few years , ho ought certalnl ]
have credit for that course. Ingorsol
declared that , as a matter of fact
there was not a star route west of thi
Mississippi that was not operated at i
loss. He referred to the early days o
the overland routes , when the govern
TOont carried at the rate of $1
a letter , for which they now receive *
three cents. Ho inquired how the ;
were to draw a line ? The court quote
the limitation Imposed by law upon ei
pedltlon allowances. If the defens
< jould show there hadtaen no abuse c
power or that the orders had bee
wissly made , they should not b ei
ctadtxi be BSi the govenustat hi
sot geM UMI far , By cautMl agt
mont counsel walvod reading a number
of official popirs.
Morrlok then eald , "thnt ia the gov
ernment's case , your honor , "
On motion of Ingoraollthe court ad
journed , The defense la expootod to
begin their case to-morrow.
The clerk of' the court of commis
sioners of the Alabama , claims has
made a partial estlmato of the amount
involved in the claims now pending ;
2,200 caaes out of 5,700 are filed , ag
gregating nearly 914,000,000 without
interest. If the judgment were
awarded for the amount claimed in
those cases the interest would aggre
gate $20,000.000. It will thus bo
soon the court has no difficulty dispos
ing of the remainder of Iho Geneva
awardjabout $9,500,000. The court
has now under consideration two
questions of Interest , first whether in
certain cases the awards shall bo made
upon a gold or currency baaia , ( having
reference to the war premiums on
gold ; ) second , what within the moan
ing of the act creating the court is
"confederate cruiser , " and does a
privateer without letters of marque
from the confcdorato government
como within the intent of the act.
A XioTiliyltt's Views-
Special Dlsiatch to TUB BEB.
WASHINGTON , March G , A noted
member of the lobby , who has boon
haunting the halls of the capital for
many yoara , waa asked to-day what
ho thought of congress , and at lust ho
answered in a melancholy manner :
"Tho present session of oongroao haa
been a most disastrous ono to the
Inbby and to varied interests , public
and private , through the country.
The defeat of the Southern Pacific
bill gave black eyes In all directions.
It destroyed all bargains and combina
tions which had boon formed for its
passage and many schemed foil through
with it , An nnfortnnato thing for all
is that this tariff legislation was de
layed BO long. It has crowded every
thing out at the close of congress , and
is not a very creditable bill after all ,
Aooopti *
Bpo-W Dlipatch to Tni BBI.
WASHINGTON , March G. Judge
Thnrman , of the civil service oonv
mission , called upon the president to
day In company with Senator Pendle-
ton , and formally notified the preal
dent of his acceptance of the cffioo.
Investigating a Bribed
Special Dispatch to Tin linn.
HABBISBUBO , March G. The judi
ciary committee of the house , to
which waa referred Governor Patli-
aon'a message in reference to the
charge of bribery by the Standard Oil
company , made a report embodying
resolutions that a joint committee of
the house and senate bo appointed to
investigate the charge of bribery and
all the circumstances connected there
with mentioned In the governor's message -
sago to the general assembly , against
E. G. Patterson , employed by the
commonwealth in its sult against tha
Standard Oil companyt'irith power t to
send for- persons "and'-'papeniP TJie'
resolution was adopted.
' r' - i ? . , ; -
jc ike Ivorl * *
CHICAGO 'March G. The' second
game la the Brunswick & fialke pre
liminary billiard tournament was
played this afternoon between Lou
Morris , of Cafogo , and Randolph
Helser , of New York. Morris von in
59 Innings. Score Morris , 5Q0 ; Hci-
eer , 408. Averages Winner , 8 28 59 ;
loser , 6 C4.-59 , Best Runs Morris ,
52 , 44 and 44 ; Helset , 38 , 34 and 33.
The contestants 'at the evening
game were Eageno Carter , ot Chicago ,
and Frank Maggioll , of New Orleans :
Score -Carter , 500 ; Maggloli , 342 ; Gl
Inning ? . Averages Winner , 8 12-61 ,
loser , 523. Beat Runs Carter , 42
and 43 ; Maggloli , 43 and 34 :
, Norm * ! School Hnraed.
Special Dispatch to TUB USB.
RALEIGH , N. 0 , , March 6 , Five of
the buildings of the St. Augustine
normal school for colored students ,
under the auspices of the Episcopal
church , burned to-day. Loss , f 20-
OOQ ; insurance , 88,825. The students
In attendance have made arrange
ments to carry on the school. No per
son Injured. The work of rebuilding
ijhe school has begun.
A Victim of the Vaioo Wroob.
Special Dispatch lo Tn Bn.
CINCINNATI , March G. Miss Clinton
D Gray , a wealthy young lady of this
city , is reported dying in Now Orleans
from Injuries received In escaping
from the sinking steamer Yezoo Sun
day morning. She and her brother
each recently gave $2,000 both to
the Cincinnati and Louisville flood
Now Orleans tb Havre.
Special Dispatch to Till lit * .
Sr , Louis , March G. Agent Franey
of the American steamship company
has arrived. He ataies the company
propose establishing a regular line of
steamships between Now Orleans and
Havre. Now steamers of novel design
afe now building on the Clyde and
will bo completed September next and
immediately commence weekly .trips.
A Rtllo of the Flood.
Special Dlipntch to TUB B .
TOLEDO , Ohio , March C. la the
United States circuit court the case ol
John F. Knox , of California , against
the Wabash railway , for the destruc
tion of a cargo of wool by the floods ol
1881 , the jury returned a verdict foi
Flaying with fire.
Special Dispatch to TUB BBB.
LAWBENCE , 0. , March G. The sor.
and daughter of Azarlah Williams
aged 4 and 2 respectively , went into i
h y mow with matches. The boy sel
the mow on fire , The girl was burnec
i > id , the boy escaped , but died of hi
Spedal Dbpatch to Tin Him.
NBW YOBK , March G.r The ninety
nlntj year leuo by whloh the N i
c- York , Lake Erie & WesUn wutm
control of the New YorkPBwylvaal
Mi Ofclo WM ftifM4 U-daj.
The Battle of Brutes Unflor tlio
Nose of New York
Police ,
The Light Weight Championship -
ship Settled in Pour-
teen Bounds.
Special Dispatch t ) Tn DIB.
NEW YOBK , March G. The most
desperate prize fight the city over wit
nessed took place to-night in the base
ment of Matt Grace's Bowery sport
ing house. The principals were Goo ,
Fulljames , light weight champion ,
and Patrick Gallagher , a noted pugil
ist of Philadelphia. The men were
apologies for gloves to evade the law.
The battle was for $500 and light
weight championship. Fourteen
rounds were fought In 24 minutes.
The championship and money was
awarded Fulljamos at the end of the
fourteenth round. Gallagher failed
to coma to time. Both men
were terribly punished. In the mid
dle of the fijjht the cry of the police
was raised , but it proved a false
alarm , and the men returned to
the ring and finished the mill. Steve
Taylor seconded Fnlljamca and "Fid
dler" Noary handled Gallahor. Over
COO" people were present. Philadelphia
sent a streng delegation , and this city
was largely represented. The fight
was within a stone's throw of the po
lice headquarters. No arrests.
A Komedy Suggested by a Now York
Special Dispatch to Tai Bu.
NEW YOBK , March 6. The coron
er's jury find that 14 children were
suffocated and four crushed to death
during the panic recently in the Ger
man Catholic school. The jury find
the building insufficient to accommo
date seven Hundred children , the average -
ago attendance ; that the stairway
should bo provided with hand rails on
both sides. They recommend frequent
systematic alarm exercises be had in
all schools ; and in order to enable
pupils of different schools to avail
themselves of all experience in this
matter , the attention of the board
of education is called to the oxpoditacy
of appointing a suitable person to su
perintend false alarm drills.
'A ' Two EUcod Decision.
Special Dispatch to Tint Bus.
CHICAGO , March G. Judge Drnm-
mend , of the United States circuit
courr , in the case of the application of
the Mutual Union telegraph company
for an injunction , decided that Mayor
Harrison had no right to cat the
wires without an order from the
court , but also held that the rights of
the Bompany had expired ' under thOcOr-
dlnance. . . , * f "i '
' The motion of the Mutual Ualon
wa to'eniokvtocUyfro catting its
wire * , mad "allowing recohoectloa of
the wires-cut by order , of the mayor.
The injunction was refused , bat the
court would restrain the city from
further summary interference with
the company's property. Mayor Harrison
risen says the decision leaves him
nothing to do but station a force of
police where the wires were oat to
prevent the company from reconnect
ing -them. The Mutual Union say
that under the ruling of the court ,
the company could sue the city for
damages. _ _
K adj asters-
BpecUl Dli patch to Tn BBL
NASHViLtB , March G. The house
to-day passed the state debt bill ex
actly as it cam ) from the democratic
canons , to pay 50 cents on the dollar
and three per cent interest on all but
the state debt proper and bonds of
educational instltntiona within the
state , for which it proposes to pay par
with contract rate of Interest. The
bill will probably pass the senate.
The resolution censoring United
States Marshal Gosling , of Texas , for
securing the reward for the arrest of
Polk was defeated.
A Full Home
Special Dispatch to TUB Bu.
OTTAWA , February G. Borstadt ,
the artist , is the guest of the governor
general at the government house , and
yesterday he sketched two largo twin
moose , which his excellency recently
purchased from an Indian. S ickvllle
West and daughter , who have been
guests at the government house for
the week past , loft this cfcernoon for
Montreal , on route for Washington ,
Mme. Nilsson will bo a guest at the
government house during her visit to
the capital.
They Wanta Road-
pecltl Dispatch to THIS BUB
BISHABCK , D. T. , February G. At
a mass meeting hero this evening it
was resolved to give $100,000 to a
railroad not under the control of the
Northern Pacific , to bo first In teach
ing this city , and giving a direct con
nection w hOblcacp.
Rolllne Mill Etrlko ,
Special Dispatch U TUH BBI
CiuoAdo , March G A Springfield
( Ills. ) special nays that between DOC
and GOO men employed in the Spring
field rolling mills are on a strike be
cause of the employment of non
union men in some of the depart' '
monts. Some of the non-union men
have joined the strike. All the do
partmonta except the plow and plat )
mill have shut down.
Burned to Death *
Bpedal Dbpatcb to TUB Uii ,
WINNBPKO , Man. , Mirch G. Satur
day at midnight the teslience of Annli
Breamer took fire fiom an unknowi
cause. She was burned to a crisp.
A Fool aad His Moacr.
BpteUl Dttptkh to THS Bn.
P&OVIDKXCB , March 6. Janes H
Keen , who psm evwry Snnday 1
Newport , harUtfel * Urge atMsaboi
Bud * * Blfkt M * WM 1U wlltMy 9 *
aongor for Providence and takicg bore
the midnight train for New York. Ho
arrived in Newport early Sunday
morning via the Frtll River line hiring
the steamer at a largo expense to put
into Newport for his benefit. 11 o will
continue to make this circuitous and
costly trip every Sunday unless the
Now York , Boston Provldtraoo rail
road company reverse their decision
and make a stop at Wickford Junc
tion for Koono'a benefit. His Sunday
vacation cost Keene at least $200 each
_ _ _ _ _
Special Dlipttchei to Tni B B.
Mi a Mary BUVr , deceased of Boston ,
lett Tuft'n college $10,000. A committee
waa appointed to coniidcr the expediency
of opening the college to women.
King , the leader of the rcoent.revolt In
the Now York Ute prison , will bo tent to
Anburn where the discipline w most
tevere. ,
The Massachusetts legislative committee
voted , C to C , in favor of .reporting th *
charter for the Molgs' elevated railroad lu
The state olGcea ot Vermont will bo
closed and the capital flog bo at half mast
on the day of tno fnnorol of Governor
Stephens , of Georgia , - ' '
" R
A Strlkn Canioa hjr n Chlaco
Special Dispatch to TUB Bin. ? *
ST. Louis , March G. Ono hVindrod
ornamental pnlntora employed In the
Pullman car works struck this .morn
ing. It appears n Chlnoso youth who
was brought to this country sl years
ago by R. M. Johnson , of this city ,
then consul to Hankow , w $ : ' 'placed
lu the shop by the superintendent to
work preparatory to a course"df 'study
at the school of mines , to which ho
will ba sent a year houco , , TjhU waa
fully explained io the monlKit they
objected and this morning quit work.
The superintendent of the .workssaya
the matter baa now bcoome ono of
principle and that he Intends to con
duct the business in his own way and
that ho will not yield to the men ,
Elootrlo ! &hting-
Spedal DUpatch to Tni Bn. > " '
Nxw YORE , March 6. Tha Western
Union decided to light the main
building , Broadway and Dey streets ,
with the Edison electric light. The
intention is to illuminate the cetatro of
electric activity in such a manner as to
illustrate that for interior iltamina-
tlon , electricity has achieved as great
success as for the purpose of transmis
sion of thought. The offiae x > f the as
sociated1 press will be lighted by tbo
same means.
Tha RolielHon Qall d.
Special Dispatch to TUB Itm.
ST. Louis , Match G. Tbo la to ad-
vlcas from the Indian territory are
that Gen. Porter , tho-chief tmlllta
officer of the Orcokfnatlon. .recently
captured Slcepla Rabblttho saoond
in command and influence of.tho rebel
faction , headed by Spre'ohio tnd como
half n dezon other leaders of the same
party , and nowtiaa thorn in. iocfino
mont. This will probably break th.o
backbone of the robellloa./
county supreme oontt has.deCicld tuo
regulation of "bobtail" cars , 'requir
ing the passengers to deposit fares in a
box , Is a reasonable one , and dis
missed the damage suit brought by a
member of &h % Antl-Bobtall Oar Asso
ciation , ejected for refusing to comply
with the regulation.
C OBv ntioa of Cattle Men.
Special Dlspttch to Tni Eii.
FORT WOBIH , Texas , March 6. Tno
Northwest Texas stockmen's associa
tion met this morning. There was a
large attendance not only of stock
men but of capitalists and tourists.
At the mooting to-chy nearly $30,000 ,
000 capital was represented by Texas
cattle raisers alone. The city is over
flowing. No business of Importance
was transacted to-day. _
Baltimore Btooks-
Bpedal Dispatch to THI UBS.
BALTIMORE , March G. At- the stock
exchange yesterday Virginia consols
opened at 54J and sold down to 51 to
day and declined to 41' } , and 10 40's
to 38. , A large amount of the Issue Is
aid to be held hero and those who
brought at higher figures will lose
heavily. The fall is consequent to a
decision of the United States Supreme
Courk yesterday. _
A Shoot all Round.
Special Dlipatch toTaiBii.
CINCINNATI , March G. Peter Goff ,
Henry Thompson and James Spiney ,
at Somerset , Ky , , last night , quar
relled over Gulf's wife. Thompson
made a remark which incensed Goff ,
who shot Thompson and was threat
ening Splnoy , when the latter shot
Gaff , killing him instantly.
C "Si ° *
1 ha Best Shooiiits.
Bpedal Dispatch to TUB UBB.
ST. Louis , March G Bogardus and
Carver have arranged t < > shoot the
third match in this city , Friday next
the match to be under the Illinois state
rules , except the distance , which will
bo 21 yard * , at lOO blrds , 50 double
rises , for $250 a side. Dr. Carver oays
ho has never shot at double birds but
thinks he will not bo far behind at the
_ _ _
A Warning to Women-
Special Dispatch to TUB UBB.
CLEVELAND , March 0. Luclnds
Baloom , aged 58 years , was roasted to
death to-day at Wilmot village. Shi
was in the habit of smoking aftoi
breakfast. Sparks from the pipe fell
on her clothes , and she died In terrible
An Official Thief Sentenced
Spedal Dispatch to Tun lisi.
MEMPHIS , March -Noah
Smith , deputy surveyor of customs o
this port plead guilty to embezzle
ment and was sentenced to five year
In the Chester , ( tils. ) penitentiary.
Didm't Dt Hd In „ .
Sp ctal Dtp * > tch to Tni Bn.
BALTIMORB , March ft The first <
Ut r A Re ny , ship1 ' 'Mura nvtl \ > ri
prktors , of the dry < ' ka n * . lxou
F tar , aMlgned. L.Hbilltie fiaUmulo
at 30 * , 000.
Tlio Father of Waters Floundering
Ovar an Immense Amount
of Tdiritory ,
The Levees Leveled nt Numer
ous Points and the Ceun.
try FloodeJ ,
Bain and Wind Increases the
The Lower River Flood *
SpocUl IMfjxitch to Tin Dm.
ST. Louis , March G , Dispatches
from Helena , Arkansas , say : The
breaking of the Filz-Hugh levee five
milca below there will probably not
effect Helena , but ahould the back * a-
ti-r threaten the plaooj the oulvort In
< ho Midland railroad ombankmant will
bo closed , which will Insure aafoty.
About ono hundred thonaand acres of
land will probably bo overflowed by the
brenkinj : of the Filz Hugh lavro ; and
v/hen it la considered that thii section
was lljoded last ycor , oud that no
crops of oauBcquouco were rind o on it
after the water tubsldod , aud that the
owners worn gtiicrnlly in debt prior to
thtit limp , ecine idya may be formed of
the condition of the people there aud
whrtt straits they will ba lu ,
Tbo Country Flooded-
Spatial Dlntoh | to Tin tni.
HELENA , Ark. , March G. The rise
hero during the pint twelve hours waa
two inches. The lovnoa gave way last
night below Frlir's Point on the Mia-
alaslppl side and at three places on the
Arkansas side , which no doubt check
ed the rice hero. It la now rising more
rapidly. Bain is falling and fears of
wind otorm to-night , which , if vlo-
hnt , will break the levee at' the Iron
Mountain depot. The railroad au
thorities are working a large foroo day
ahd night. The St. Francis river reset
t -i i aches to day at Madlaon. From
A 1 < * f Point to Helena , 50 miles , the
coir try ia completely inundated.
There in a queer case of aelMmpoaed
iffotlnR In Iviuidile precinct , Webster
county. A man named Delancy was di
vorced from his wife some time ago , and
EDCO thoa has lived alone in a m serahle
barn. Separated by a thin partition wai
a mule which , during a rcceut fttorin , be-
cnuie restless and kicked down the lartl-
tlon. Thomiiii was badly frozen next
a.ruing , but ho refused the offers of people
ple * help him for live doyf. It was only
by threatening to bccd him to the Insane
asylum thnt ho was finally provalled'on to
receive help and medical attendance.
A horse jockey recently beat up a
Schuyler young blood , and being afraid of
prosecution went to the youug fellow and
told him that ho wou'd gtvo him 020 , the
probable amount of a fine In case ho was
mrreetect. The young fellow took the
b fchcy with pleasure and' said he would
b nnother beating at the aomo price.
, A quarrel between William OWIBS , aad
h's brother-in-law * Elltha Kenra * , * t
Driftwood , Ultofaooctrooanty , butt week ,
resulted In the murAer of the lonaw by
Kearns , who drew a pistol and ahot , hfs
relative through the stomach. The affray
grew out of an old fend and the murderer
The prospects an good for a creamery
being started in Wocplntf Water this
yeir. A oil zleu has gone to Iowa to in-
vojtlgate the workings of like Institutions
In that state , with a view of building a
siml'tr one la Weeping Water.
Two burglars attempted to rob the
house of George Wuulowwho lives on the
Blue river near Hardy. He had expected
to receive $ .2,500 , but had failed to dj so ,
but the burglars thought he hathe
amount. They were frightened away by
two ( hots fired from a gun.
Dill Fritz , the defaulting treasurer of
Madison county , it supposed to have al-
. 'ady reached New Mexico. The' county
; i mtnUalonera have commenced suit
jalnst his bondsmen , atrt have also at
oned hla lumber yard. "
There ia talk about Investigating a pleoe
[ land near Madison for coal. A well
was recently dug on the place , and upon a
jgmloal analysis being made of the water ,
10 expert stated that there was coal in
IB near vicinity.
Tie Saline county farmer' * alliance has
mode a proposition to a journalist to start
paper in the Interests of the alliance. It
uarantees a circulation of COO on the start ,
'he paper will probably be forthcoming
Up to the first of last week two bun-
red and twenty cars of stock and 103,000
ujhels of irraln has beeu shipped trom
iVtoplnVater over the Missouri Pacific
allroad elnco its advent into the town ,
The second floor of the school home at
Vest Point , which oonilsta tf four rooms ,
all being finished cfl. This move U made
n order to accommodate the largely In-
re 'log number of school children.
The people of Caster county have de <
ormlned to build a bridge acrosj the Lou [
t some available point' ( n the Middle
joup valley. A commit09 ! has been ap
olnted to locate a proper site.
Thompson fits * * ! ! , of Saundora aounty
ecentlv anld a 1,60) acre tract of lane
alon ? the Platte river. In that county , tc
an Iowa man , who will go lute tha stool
alaiog builness on a largo scale.
Grand Island wixnta a creamery , a pork
lacking and a canning establishment"
? ho papers of the town paint to the faol
hat thevegetihlea grown in Hall count }
are tha best In the atato.
There was a fire at Hamilton , Hamlltor
iounty la t wrek whlo'i totally destroyet
, he dwelling house of M. E , Gorilla , whlcl
J7A9 vnluad at $ 3"0 Too faxily barelj
oicnpod with their llvei.
The prospeeta nre very giod for thi
b liaingofBZ5,003brck hotel in Kear
ney this year. Besides tbli a Urge num
) er of htick and tnbetantUl frame build
ngs are under contract.
At n recent mooting of the village tiut
ea of Hchuyler , It was decided that nev
Bjdewalks would cnly be ordered built upo :
.htj petition of the property holdera desli
lug tho.lmprovement.
Nebraska baa about 6CO 003 people I
83.000 square mllbs , while Iowa hsb 1,600
DOO people In 58,000 i quire milts. N <
brailca has two-thirds leas people In oni
third mote space.
Tbo village of Weeping Wa'.er boa pa.
ud an ordinance requiring dentlsU n
having * permanent residence there to pi
t license of three dollars per day to practlc
dentistry there ,
The country papen are advkincc the
aubtcriberi that the time oi pralrlft fin *
near at hand , and are recommending i
farmera to ue the utmost eautloo foi thi
own prottctfotU *
A rftfsIsTwator c * was lodd with1 pol
" lot
duce tnulo Is becoming a factor In Croto'n
growth ,
' 'ergons living in O'Neill have already
subscribed 87,000 towards building n
creamery In that town. The amount no-
coanary to start the enterprise will be
Nearly nix hundred names of York
county citizens nro attached to a petition
to the governor for the pardon of Jacob
Schmidt , tent to the penitentiary from that
Wood Hirer hoa good prosprcta of mak
Ing one uf the best towns on the tjnlon
Pacific , The land around the place Is
well ndapted for farming nnd stock
raising ,
It la said that a young married man of
Fautvlew , whose name la not given , re
cently deeded nil his property to bfa wife ,
and then eloped with R woman of looae
morals ,
The fine weather nt such on enrly period
In the sprint ; baa given an impetus to
building In Wilbur. Several brick build
ings are contemplated in the season's
It I likely that the Commercial hotel at
[ lastlngs will bo raised another story this
spring , It will bo done to moot increasing
travel nnJ the G. A. It. encampment this
year ,
A number of farmers In the vicinity of
Superior have already commenced tilling
their land for spring planting , and aome
have bccu Bowing wheat for a fow/.days
past. . " '
Mary A. Durham , a Dawson county
teacher , hoa begun Buitogaimt Wm. DickInSon -
InSon claiming 3,000 damogCB for slander ,
consisting of foul and profane language.
A reverend gcntlemnn from tnman ,
Holt county , and formerly n Tcx cow.
boy , conducted the services at the Presby
terian church at Nlobraralaat Sunday ,
Work has been commenced on the now
brick opera bouse at Orml Island. Tne
walls will bo so constructed thnt the buildIng -
Ing will he substantially fire proof.
It 1sttxtod on got-d authority tint the
Burlington & Missouri Illvor railroad In
tend to run a branch from Cedar Oreok via
Weeping Water to Nebraska Oity.
The new town of Sarronvillo , la Olay
county. Is already assuming proportions.
It is Inhabited by an Intelligent clasa of
people made up in part of Swedes.
The town of Hardy ia full of strangers
looking for a location , and there la a big
demand for bouse * . The town hall U
raised and will aeon be completed ,
Colorado coal sells In Onto for $8.60 per
ton , while In Lincoln the came article is
Bold for 95 25. The difference la due to a
discrimination of the railroad.
Large numbers of prairie achooncttt filled
with Immigrants for settlement on Nebraska - '
braska lands daily pasa through the streets
of FullertoD , Nance county.
The Hall County Teachers' association
held a mooting at Wood Kivor on the 24th
of February. It waa well attended and
waa pronounced a BUCCOIS.- _ _
Ojwald Guthmann , Tlattsmouth ; F. W.
Oran , St. Paul ; G. R. Hammond , North
Plants ; E. D. Gould and wife , Fnllerton ;
J. Taylor , Wayne and Jamca Hitter ,
PMttsmoutb , are among the Nobraskana
at the Milliard yesterday.
L. Daubauin , Fremont ; Webster Joa <
aalyu , Clarkt ; W. D. Mnthews , O'Neill.
P. O. Butts , Lincoln ; J. N. Hughy , Red
Cloud ; J. O. Blackburn , Fremont ; Peter
Thlel and wife , Stella ; S. V. Pitcher and
J. W. Volney , of Plitlsmoutb , arc'at the
Samuel , Whlttler , Dakota OIty'J.-'O.
! Ltecola.Jh W. BoKg * , Blair'/aid John
Hath , of Lincoln , artf t tb' F xtoa.
1 E. W. Oonway and J. Holman , of Da
venport , are at the Metropolitan/
0. W. E. Reichel , of Denver , In a.irueit
at the Metropolitan.
H. T. Clarke , of BellevuJ , war at the
Paxton yeaterdky.
William Hawley , of lUwlins , ia at the
M. 0 , Drapjr , of Lincoln , la at the
G , H , Olondorf , of St. Joe , la at the
Metropolitan. ,
J. A. Laudla and wife , of Denver , are at
the Paxton.
J. U. Fuller , of Gunnlaon , Ool. , la at
J. W. ltce > , of Sioux City , ia at the
Mrs. R. Ratllff , of Denver , ia at the
Lot Brown , of Nebraska Oity , ia in
J. K , FInney , of St. Louis , U at the
Sheriff Miller baa returned from a tour
to the land of the Doodlebug.
A. 11 , Dufiene hvi returned from Cali
fornia , whore be atnnt the past two
Oapt , J , 0. Wllcox , formerly of Omaha ,
but now of Sturgla Oity , Dakota , ia In the ,
city on a visit ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. M. A. McNamara left
on tbo Denver train Monday for the
maglo city of the plains ,
Phil. McShane loft last nijrht foi
Denver , accompanied by hla family. They
will be abcut a couple of voeks.
J. 0. Rowe , catcher- for the Buffalc
league bate ball club , la spending a few
days in the city with old base ball friends
D.V. . Troup , an enterprising mer
chant of Wyandotte , Kansas , spent Sun
day In the city vlritlng hla brother , A. 0
Troup , Eaq.
Oonductor W , O , CanCold , who haa fo
a long time been a conductor on the Unloi
Pacific , left Omaha on S inday for Lo
Angeles , '
Will O. Wheeler , business manager o
tbo Li iina Abbott grand opera corapanj
a in tim city. Ho Informs ui that tha
celebrated baby of Kmma's la dead.
A , D. U. Crawford , who haa for BOW
time represented the John Hancock HI
Inauianco co : . pany in Omaha , , left Moi
r- day for PIUBbin ? , where he will hcreafli
reside , > '
Will Stafford , E q inent Ne
York business man , ah nn old frlead i
Mr. Joe Blake , Is In the city vlsltug I
a few days en route to the Wood Itlv
country , wh ( r bo la kvtereatcd In tl
Chan. DIckIn i nnd oth ra of tha moat vi
uable mlnei lit tin
U have arrived , ' ' Practical oxperlen
all Or demonatraUs and proves them tl
cheapest In the market foi n
moe * Fr atJt at
V. D. Oooru & Oo'a ,
The Professor Boos to Halifax to
Witness the Wreok of
Worlds ,
The Preliminary Breeza Al
ready Felt in Nova
Scotia ,
Hnxan ndenvon to 8qaol t tj
Oanadlan >
Special Dltpatcl os to Tni Ii .
OTTAWA , March 0. Prof.
has loft f > r Halifax to got the fall
benefit of the "biff blow" ho predicts
on the 9th , 10th and lllh instantst
A heavy snow storm Is blocking'tho
QUEBEC , March G , Terribly cold
weather and storm , presumed to bo
Wiggins' , Is setting in.
WASHINGTON , March G , midnight
The signal service reports there are
no indication of a very severe stormy
within the limits of the stationD of
observation of the signal uosvleo.
This is intended to offjot Wiggln r
HALIFAX , N. S , March G. Tha
otorm slcnala are hoisted all along the
Nova Kootla coast , Severe snow
storm to-ci ht , the wind blowing a-
gale. Seine fear the verification of
Wifglns1 prediction. The motoorologt-
cnl Uopartmont of this city consider *
the storm only n March blow.
LONDON , March G. A severe gilo-
wlth snow prevailed the past twenty
hours , two vosaola and throe men were
lost at Dundee , throe vessels at Scar *
borongh , ono at the Isle of Man , and
two lives lost at Whitstablo. Two
vessels were wrecked at Sohovorlngea
Holland , fourteen persons drowned
Bptctal DIspalehM to Till BBF.
LONDON. March 6. The hooso of
lords appointed another committee of
inquiry into the effect of the Irish
land act.
Dispatches from Oalaatta sta to there
Is great excitement there because the
proposed law giving native magistrates
criminal jurisdiction over whites In
certain coses , atcl the fooling has
spread to the array. A letter from an
officer ba a largo garrison says the
danger ia most serious , and it will bo
Impossible to control the men if their
comrade is sentenced by the uatlvo
judge , The fooling Is extreme and
there \lolont Indignation among the
officers and men.
LONDON , March G Gladstone in
the commons last night said that the
rooont surmlso ofHarilngten that the
evacuation of Egypt might bo complete -
pleto in six months , was merely an
expression of a hope founded on clr-
LIVKBPOOX , , March G. The polio *
have sefEsd a number of rifles , any
bayonets on the premise * of a shopkeeper - ,
keeper here. The discovery waa ef
fected while the cffioors were making
inquiries- concerning the doings ot
Special Dispatch to Tim Bu ,
PABIH , March G. In the chamber
of deputies Olemenceau argued in favor
of revision of the constitution. Ferry
declared it Impossible at present to
make the question a cabinet one. The
president of the chamber read a mo
tion declaring the chamber having con *
fidonco in the government and re
jecting the proposal to ooanlder tha
matter of revision. The motion was
adopted , 307 to 182.
Lo Voltaire publishes an Interview
withP'Kelley , member of parliament.
Ho stigmatised the Phoonlx park mur
ders , but declared that Barke , as the
permanent representative of the castle
government , was to have been the
victim. Ho said if Par noil's land re
form bill waa rejected , Parnoll would
resign and go to America ,
The Duo do Ohartres , placed on tie
retired llet , has asked lot a pacsport to
travel in India.
PARIS , March G. It Is semi
officially announced that Byrne will
bo released to-day.
Special Dispatches to TUB DXK.
BEULJN , March G. General Bla-
meuthal , commander of the Fourth
army corps , was appointed minister
of war. A technical difficulty pre
vented the appointment of General
Bronaart Von Scholleudorff. The
emperor was very willing to dispense
with General Yon Kamekes. The
authorities of Sohloswig have com
menced to expel Danes refaslnq to enter -
tor the army.
The famous race horse Klncsdm ,
winner of fifly-fonr races and never
beaten , was ahot Monday , having the
glcmdora. She was with foal. Klucaom
was withdrawn from the turf , being
unable to carry extra weight.
BADBH BADEK , March G. Gort-
schukoff , the ex-chancellor of Russia
Is dangerously 111 horo.
A Good Bill.
Bpaiixl Dtepitih to Tin OIK.
HAIUUSBURQ , Pa. , February G. 3fa
the senate to-day the isenato bltt to.
eschoap to the state all property < the *
otor telegraph companies , which ctsaoll
or date with competing lines
er considered and passed fina.Tlio
bo bill waa then sent to the ho-0K for Itty
al. ooncurrenoe. x
S ( > cUl Dl < r 'ch to Tui
co OBLKAMB , 'Mnrok C. Half-
coMl mile , 2-year-olds , Bridget won , Urn *
Ml 52
ile , Lararal U woe , Uaa 1:44. :
MtU and. * q ' * rt r , Athlon voj V *
t -
r > n , i t . , v *