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What the U , S , Oongrass Oould
Have Bono and What They
Really Did do During
A" the Last Session ,
An Unprecedented Number oi
Bills Pigeon-Holed and
Placed on the "Cal
enders. "
A List of the Moro Important
Bills Which Finally
Tha Rivar and Harbor and the
Shipping Bills Laid in Tholr
The Grand Total or Appropriations
Keachoa $220,327,511.
Special Dispatches to Tun BBB.
WASHINGTON , March 4. Under the
head of "Unfinished business , " the
only matter of Importance loft Is the
bill to regu'ato ' the carriage of passen
gers by sea ( with thu president's veto
message ) .
Under the head of "Business on the
speaker's table , " are the following :
To regulate immigration ; relating to
the entry of distilled spirits in dla-
tillories and special bonded warehouses ,
and to withdraw the name.
Under the head of "Bills from the
senate on their first and second read
ing , " there are 95 bills unacted on
that come over from the first session
of the Forty-seventh congracs , and
31 from the second cession.
Among the latter are the following :
For the Burvoy of paaaes between the
affluents of the npper Mississippi and
Columbia rivers ; for the performance
of the presidential duties In cose of re
moval by death , resignation or inabll-
ty of both president and vice ptoii-
dent , and for the relief of Fitz John
Porter. Bills and resolutions remain
ing upon the calendar of the senate reported >
ported from committee but not fiaallj
acted upon number 308 The mori
Important are : A resolution propos
Ing an amendment to the constitution ,
relative to the manufacture , Importa
tlon and sale of intoxicating liquors
resolution extending banking prlvl
leges ; resolution for printing 10,00 (
copies of the medical and surgical his
tory of the war ; the bill to establish s
branch mint at Omaha ; making the
government paper currency legal tender
dor for custom dnoa'to ; incorporate
the Inter-Oceanic Ship E Uwaycom
pany ; to constitute a bureau of agrl
culture ; an executive department ; t <
establish a bureau of industry :
to place Thos. L. Orlttenden on < hi
cottrod 1M of the army NI brigadiei
general ; admitting Dakota to thi
nnion ; to exempt freight vessels leai
than 25 tons burthen from inspectloi
and license ; the bill providing for t
government for Alaska ; to expediti
the administration of justice in th <
supreme court'of the United Slates
to provide for an investigation anc
settlement of claims against the Unitec
States ; the resolution to appoint i
commission on the revival ot interne
tional commerce in the United Slatei
stcamohipa suitable for naval pur
poses ; to prevent the payment o
double pensions ; to enable corpora
tions to become surety on official bonds
increasing the area of the Yollowston
park ; to relieve ships from cornpnl
sory pilotage ; to suppress the oplun
traffic with China ; to provide for th
specific annual appropriation fo
fifteen years for tohool purpose
ou the basis of illiteracy
The "Dlngley" shipping bill whio !
passed the house early in January wa
not taken up by the senate till yester
day'at midnight , objections havin
been raised which seemed to j sopit
dlza the passage of the bill , the com
meroa csmmltteo withdrew the tonnage
nago and mall pay aectlona which the
had added , and the bill with aom
amendments then passed. Two honi
later the bill reached the house , an
attempts were made to send it to th
committee of conf eronoa or to pass i
aa amended under suspension of th
rulos. Owing to thu duad lock ovi
the South Carolina election case , th'
house refused to entertain either m <
tiou , and the shipping bill failed.
The river and harbor bill approprii
ting $8,047,000 was strangled in th
senate by a motion to lay it on th
table upon the lost day of the sesslot
Among other propositions whio
failed to reach the status of loglsli
tlve enactment were these to forfe
the land grants of the Northern Pi
r cifio , Texas Pacific , Atlantic & Pacif
and other railroads ; to reduceamoun
paid land grant railroads for tran
porting mails ; to place General Grat
upon the retired list , and tc constltu
a wife as a competent witness again
husband in prosecution for polygam ;
The last bill which passed the sena
was the house bill to fix terms of tl
United States courts for eastern at
northern districts of Texas. The b
reached the house just as Speak
Kelfer began his remarks prollmina
to declaring the house adjonrne
The clerk , with the bill In ban
rushed up to the desk and ondoavon
to get' the speaker's ! attention , b
the bill fell without jtho coveted si
TUB ArrnoruuTiONS.
The chairman of the house comm
tee on appropriations baa furnish
for publication a statement relative
the appropriation bills passed this at
alon which have become laws : T
aggregate amount of all the bills
$229,327,511 , made up as follow
Pensions , $80,575,000 ; military aca
omy , $318,057 } fortifications , $ Gl
050 ; consollor and diplomatic , $1,29' '
755 ; navy , 815,894,434 ; army , $2
(581.350 ; postoffioo. $44,489,52
Indian , $5,302,055 ; lagtalatlve. $2 <
404,290 ; sundry civil , $23,90Gl-i
District ot Columbia , $1,609,807 ;
deficiency , $2313,187 ; agricultural ,
$405,640 ; miscellaneous bills involving
appropriations of money } . ' 0 > rftQ 000.
The aggregate appropriathW J5r _
last year , including $18i * . * * "
the river and harbor bill , was $ Uuo-
509,639 , and far preceding year , ln <
eluding river and harbor bill , was
Special Dispatch to Tun Dm.
WASHINGTON , March 5 , Dnrlnc
the Forcy-soveuth congress 10,670
bills and joint resolutions have boon
introdticmt iti the two houses. In
each homo n great majority of these
measures still remain with the com
mlttoo to which they were referred ,
find cf thosu reported from the con.-
uritiufs a larger number remain upon
the of the reopnotivo houses.
Aside Loin the regular annual appro
priation billa , 163 bills and joint reso
lutions were passed by both houses
during this session and beoamo Jaws ,
Among the moro important of these
are the following :
The tax and tariff bill ; the civil sor-
vioo bill ; the Japanese indemnity
fund ; the bill to provide for n new
mixed Venoznllan commission ; to
modify the postal money order sya
torn ; to readjust the lalaries
of postmasters ; to afford as
sistance and relief to con-
gresa and the executive department ? ;
m investigation of the claims and de-
nian-o against the government ; to
prevent Importation of adulterated
tea ; to oncoarago the holding of a
world's Induitrml cotton centennial
exposition In 1884 ; to amend the act
repealing discriminating duties qn
goods produced In East Capo of Good
Hope ; a joint resolution to adjudicate
the claims of Now York brokers for
nfanding cf toxor ; to print th'o agri
cultural reports for 1881 and 1882 ; to
erect a inonnmunt to Gen. Do Kalb ;
to reimburse Oregon and California
for moneys paid in suppression of the
Modoo war ; to amend the revised
statutes relating to the tax on Perlque
tobacco ; to amand the revised statutes
so as to extendthe , jurisdiction of justices
ticos of the peace in Washington , Idahc
and Montana territory ; to admit free
of duty the monument to General
Washington ; authorizing the examlna'
tion and auditing of certain clalme
against the Freedman's savings bank
and the payment of certain dividends
barred by a tormnr act of congress ] to
Increase the fees of witnesses in atai
route cases from west of the Missis
sippi river ; a bill to regulate tno ex
porting of tobacco in bond. In addi
tion to a long list of propositions
which found their last resting place in
pigeon holes of the vorlons commit
tees , 760 bills and joint resolutions
are loft upon the calendars and 222
upon the speaker's table , having failed
to secure a final action by the house.
The calendar of the committee of the
whole , which la composed of proposl
tlous Involving expenditure of money or
the part of the government oontalni
among others the following : For the
appointment cf a liquor traffic com' '
mission ; for providing a pnrmanonl
construction fond for the navy ; tc
rfciilatethe collection of the tax ot
Weiss beer ; authorizing the construe <
tlon of vessels of war ; for admission
cf the state of Washington ; provld <
ing for an ocean mall service ; the
Hennopln cill bill ; for the c.instruo
tion of the Illinois and Mitsisaipp !
cinal ; for a board cf commissioner !
oa inter-atato commerce ; to create at
agricultural commission ; to create i
commission on immigration. The
titles of bills on the house calondai
fill ton printed piges , and two o
those , which 'are of the greatest 1m
portance , are to establish i
postal savings .depository ; thi
French spoliation bill ; to prompt )
the efficiency of tha revenue'marim
service ; also of the signal corps , do
clarlng forfeited certain railroad lane
grants ; to limit coinage of standard
ollver dollars , and to suspend the Is
sue of silver certificates ; to establish i
uniform a ; stem of bankruptcy for thi
ieanolng of' gold certificates ; promot
ing the use of domestic materials ii
the construction of ships for foroigi
account ; to incorporate the Nicaragu
Maratlmo Canal Company ; i
declare the forfeiture of Texas Paclfi
railroad laud grants ; to authoriz
the consolidation of the Southern Pa
clflo and other companies ; th
treaty with the Garman empire. Thi
titles of the billa loft untouched ou th
private calendar fill twenty-five pagv
anri represent eomo 400 bills.
Uudor the bond ot ' 'Special orders ,
lefc unacted on , are the following : T
prevent political assessments ; to ai
m the support of common schools ; t
grant pensions to the survivors of th
Mexican Indian wars ,
A BriUiaxt Meteor
Special Dispatch to TUB Dux.
PETEBSBURO , Va. , March 5. Th
most remarkable 'phenomenon eve
witnessed in this vicinity occnrro
early yesterday morning. An In
menso ball of fire darted across th
heavens ( brilliantly illuminating tt
* ! ty. Witnesses of the phenomeno
were considerably frightened. Ti
oourso wai northwest. An oxplosla
waa heard shortly after the passage.
At Frederloksbnrg an explosion ci
ourred , followed by loud dotonatiot
and tremors of the earth. The" ligl
was very brilliant and of blun tin
All along the ronto traversed porsoi
were awakened by the nolso at
j Political Points-
! _ Special Dispatches to Tui BII.
' PORTLAND , Mo. , March 5. Jol
W. Deering ( do'm. ) was elected mayi
by 174 majority over Llbby ( iep. ) , tl
present Incumbont. Until last ye
Daerlng waa a republican.
LKWISTON , Me.March 5. Dr. Ga
colon ( dom. ) waa elected mayor I
210 majority , The greenback vo
waa very light.
The Auguitino Clinrou Debt
Spedal Dkpatch to Tin UB .
LAWRENCE , Mass. , March 5. T
thousand dollars were subscribed I
ward the Angnstlntan relief fund.
is reported the JeauiU of Boston ofl
to assume the control and indebtc
ness of the OUhollo churches here.
The Aristocracy of the Dollar
tjvt rtiiRfl from Ruin by the
Government ,
Overburdened Bankers Re
lieved of all Taxes on Capi
tal and Checks ,
The Wage "Working World Ten
dered Untaxed Matches
and Cheap Cigars.
I'he Beauties of the Recent
Revenue Bill Explained by
the Officials.
Important Regulations Issued
Concerning the New
Pension Act.
The Original Mormons Protest
Agatnat their Polygamous
Brethren. .
llto Groenbaoters and thn Irish
In Meeting Ml collano-
ons Now * .
Special Dispatches to TUB HER.
Gilfillan , treasurer of the United
States , to-day tendered his resignation
to the president through the secretary
of the treasury to take oiTeot the first
proximo. Gilfillan has accepted the
position of treasurer and manager ot
the Mutual Trust company of New
In reply to an Inquiry thn commis
sioner of internal revenue said the
tfl'jot of tno law reducing internal
revenue taxation would ba as fallows :
That the taxes upon cipltal and do-
posita of banks aud bankers and
national banking associations ia re
pealed from this date , except such
taxes as ate uow due and payable ;
that the reduction of the tax upon
chocks , drafts , etc. , aud upon
matches , perfumery , medical prepara
tions and other articles imposed by
oohodulo A , following section 3437 of
the revised statutes takes effect July
1 , 1883 ; that after May 1 , 1883 , the
the tax on manufactured tobacco and
snuff will be 8 cents.per pound ; on
cigars , $3 per thousand ; cigarettes , 50
cents per thousand ; that there will
be a rebate on tobacco , snuff , cigars
and cigarettes of the difference in
taxes recently Imposed and the taxes
aa now provided for , where claims
amount to $10. These claims may bo
presented within sixty days from'May
1st. The regnlatldn/upcra 'iriittfcr
will be Immediately' issued and blanks
will ba furnished upon which claims
can be made. The law provides for a
largo reduction in' special taxes upon
dealers , commencing May 1,1883.
The commissioner also stated Imme
diate arrangements will bo made for
changing the form of special tax
stamps and stamps for payment of
taxes for tobacco , snuff , cigars , &o ,
so aa to supply collectors with theaa
stamps in time to meet the require
ments of the trade prior to May 1 ,
The act to redact ) internal revenue
taxatloc , which has just become a law ,
provides for the repeal of the tax upon
capital and deposits of all banks
and bankern except such taxes as are
now due and payable. The tax on
capital and dopoaita therefore ceased
March 3d. Comptroller Knox nayf
the passage of this act relieves national
and state bunks and private bankare
from a tax on ant average of about
$1,000,000 a month. The amount ol
tax collected from national batiks on
capital and deposits the last fiscal ypai
waa 85,959,702 , of whiah 8437,77-1
only was upon capital , the romaiudoi
being upon deposits.
The tax upon state banks and pri
vate bankers was 85,149,172 , of which
'a little more than ono-lifth was upon
capital. The total tax collected upor
deposits and capital upon all classes < I
banks during the last fiscal your wn
811,208,875. The amount annual ! ]
collected from the two-cent choot
stamp is about 82,500,000 , and the act
repealing the use of these a tamps takci
effect July 1st next. The law Impos
ing tax upon bank capital and deposit )
required all state banks and prlvati
r bankers in the country to make semi
I annual returns to the commissioner o
Interval revenue. From thesi
j returns the comptroller ha
3 for a series of years complied the enl ;
i complete statements over given li
a reference to capital , deposits and th
amount of United States bonds hell
by all classes of banks and banker
In the country. The repeal of thl
s law will after this date prevent thi
t compilation of these tables and th
only source from which those return
can hereafter bo obtained will b
from reports of banks as compiled b
olilcsrsof the different states. A
many states , particularly In the oont
and west , do not require such return
'to bo made , the aggregate will c
necessity bo much less complete tha
heretofore ,
The following circular has boon ii
sued by the commissioner af pension !
„ approved by the secretary of the h
* torlor :
"Tho following regulations are pn
scribed for the purpose of carryln
into effect as speedily as possible th
provisions of congress approved Marc
3 , 1883 , increasing to $30 per rnonl
the pent tons of these who lost a leg i
or about the knee , or an arm at <
above the elbow ; and of these wl
hftvo been so disabled aa to bo incapa-
Its ted for the performance of at
manual labor , but not so much as to
require regular personal , aid and at
tendance , and who nro now receiving
pension at the rate of $24 per month ;
and to $24 per month the pension of
these who lost ono hand or one foot or
had boon totally or permanently dis
abled In the same , or otherwise so dis
abled as to render their incapacity to
perform manual labor equivalent to
the loss of a hand or foot , and now , re
ceiving $18 per month :
"Inasmuch as said act has imme
diate efT.iot upon such admitted oiaea
as had boon adjudicated at the rate of
$24 and $18 per month respectively ,
no formal application by beneficiary is
necessary to bo made , other thin to
forward to the commissioner of pen
sions the pension certificate , accom
panied by a letter stating , in the
handwriting of the pensioner , his
present postofllco address. As coon
as possible after the receipt of the
pension certificate as aforesaid the
commissioner will reissue n new cer
tificate for ft now rate and will forward
the same to the proper pension sgjnt
to inscribe the uamo of such pension
er on the roll at the increased rate ,
add to make the pensioner proper
payment. In case of amputation a
certificate will be reissued without
any further medical examination.
The Intervention of em agent or at
torney in auob admitted cases as are
affected by this act , not being neces
sary , will not borocognfzed. "
When Evarts was secretary of state
a circular letter was sent nil fotoign
governments asking that the euiml-
gratlou of Mormons to the United
States bo prevented , as they came to
this country to practice a crime
agalns Its laws. Tno "reorganized
church of Jesus Christ of the latter
day saints , " however , do not practice
polygamy. They claim that the cir
cular letter of Evarts works injury
and Injustice to their church. This
body claims to have between 20,000
and 30,000 communicants , and have
tholr central organization at Lunoni ,
Iowa. Most of these Mormons
are in this country , but they have
largo memberships in Europe. To-day
elders Joseph Smith , "eon of the
founder nf the Mormon Church , " and
Z H. Garloy , a committee ou behalf
of the re-organized ohnrob , waited
upon the secretary of state and skod
that the EvarUi letter bo modifies so
aa to distinguish between themselves
and the polygamous branch of the
church. They presented a memorial
In which it la stated that polygamy
was uo part of the faith of primitive
latter-day saints and Is no part of the
taith of to-day , but h a loathsome
practice indulged .in only by an off
shoot from the trno Mormon church ,
and is properly branded by Evarts as
a crime.
Fifty-two representative ! ! of the
greenback-labor party in the Forty
seventh congress issued a long ail-
dress to the country , setting forth tha
needs and issues of the day. The ad *
dress Is signed by Burrows , Jonet.
"Rice , Ford , Hazleton , Brnuim and
Cook. , <
i lawn IRE is vr. , , B
A largely * attended Indignation
meeting of Irish citizans was hold
hero to-nlpht , adddressed by Cipt.
O'Moagher Condon. The resolutions
adopted charge the British govern
ment with endeavoring to exterminate
the Irish people by compelling them
to chose batween famine , graves and
migration , and calllup upon the ox-
cntiVo department of the govern
ment to oraploylta power to defeat the
nrpoao of England. An additional
csolutlon , protests against the dellv-
ry of Sheridan to the British au-
kc titles.
Imost rcovored from his reoent ill-
ean , was at the treasury to-day and
ocolved a largo number of visitors.
Second Assistant Postmaster Goner-
1 Elma , Superintendent Thompson ,
f the railway mall service , and Sup-
erlntenpent Slater , of the railway ad-
nstmeut division , have been dosignat-
id a committee to frame and submit tc
he postrmviter general a oyattm foi
; uagitig rates of pay for currying mai
on railroad routes in accordance with
bo provisions of the postoffice appro1
jrlation bill for the next fiscal year.
, B. F. Prltchard , of this city , ha
been placed upon the postal fraud list ,
Secretary Folger to-day gave in
tractions that the word "cants" be
> laced on the new five cunt piece ii
irdor to moot the requirements of the
The French-American claims
- com
mission to-day awarded Henry Duboli
5800 with Interest at 5 per cent from
January 1 , 1803 This is an irapris
onment case. Da bos was editor of i
French newspaper In Now Orleans. .
For certain articles published ho wai
arrested by order of Gen. Butler anc
sentenced to imprisonment at Shi ]
Island. Ho was not allowed'trial bj
any court. The Anmrican commls
oionor dissented fr in the award am
announced ho wonki lilo a dlssentinj
Tha Reduction In Sugar.
Special Dispatch to Tin tin ,
WASHINGTON , March 5. Change
in the duties on sugar are three-fold
The first rate Is made specific through
out ; In the second the polarlscopo I
employed , lu the third a classiQcatloi
ia allowed Senator Kellogg ha
stated that at the request of Shot
man , Merrill and himself there ha
been made n clozo and careful exam !
nation of the reduction nf duties o
sugar and as a result of that examine
tion ho stated that the total roduciio
of import duties on sugar will not oj
coed $4,000,000.
TUB President of Mexico-
Special DlipUch to Tin UKS.
NEW OIILEANH , March 5. The cm
torn house oillolals to-day hold a rooe ]
tlon in honor of ex-President Diaz an
party. General Badger and. Marsh
Pltkln represented the governmen
General Diaz and party left 'later ' f <
Monterey on special cars ordered t
Ganeral Grant and Jay Gould , ' , via tt
Sinthern Pacific. Returning from
Monterey they take a trip to the Pa
cific and the Gould line * through
Texas to St. Louis.
New York Notci.
8pdkl DiipkUh to Till tin
NKW YOBK , March 5. The will of
ex-Governor Morgan was filed to-day.
Besides the charity bequests already
published , a largo number of relatives
add tholr children are loft amounts
ranging from 830,000 to $5,000 each.
The income of the testator's residuary
estate goes to his arandson , Edwin D.
Morgan , Jr. , for life , and at his death
to his lawful issue. If his grandson
dies without Issue ouo-half the residu
ary estate shall bo divided into 415
iharos , and distributed among a num
ber of colleges and charitable estab-
'Tho ' trustees cf Columbia college
declare It Inexpedient to educate the
sexes together.
The incorporation certificate of the
American Ship Building company was
filed to-day. The Inoorporatora are
Ilonry Gorrlngo , Cornelius Yanderbllt
and J. Frederick Towos. The capital
stock is 8250,000 , and 50 years is the
o'rm of the company's existence.
lu an exhibition of 300 points ,
straight carom , Balko line game of
billiards , between Yignaux and Sexton -
ton , Ylnuaux won by a gauio of 300 to
141 , His best runs were 24 , .33 , 35
and , 55. Sexton's best run was 49.
The Frenchman guvo an exhibition oi
marvelous fancy shots. The players
wore introduced to the distinguished
company by Mark Twain.
Tho.annaal mooting of the National
base ball league was hold to-day , A.
G. Miller , president , In the chair. A
gOmmlttoo to confer with the Ameri
can asscelation reported the associa
tion decided to accept the agreement
proposed by the league. Adopted.
The president was authorlzad to sign
the agreement. The league clubs are
permitted to play non-league clubs
upon such terms as may bo mutually
agreed on. The role In relation to a
umpire forfeiting a game on account
of throe foul balks was stricken out.
In the future the batsman becomes a
base runner instantly after two foul
balks are declared. On two foul
balks the base runner may take one
buo. In the summary of games there
should bo credited to the pitcher the
number of tinfos the batsman falls to
hit the ball on the third strike.
Julius Marcus , broker , is missing
with $5,000 belonging to customers.
The amount thus far paid by the
Naw , York Central railroad in settle
ment of the tunnel disaster Is $100-
OQO. Four or five claims are yet un
The World'publtahos a letter from
Ciord Coleridge accepting the Invita
lion of the bar of Now York to visll
; ho United States. Ho fixes late IE
the summer'as the time of the visit.
< vTholfiMlHlppi Flood.
ppocial Dttpfttctt to Ttra BIB.
MEMPHIS , March 5. The rlvoi
here narki 35 feet seven Inches , i
rl e ofqaft laek ainca yesterday. A
Helena amebleJgki ; laches was re
'jVtfid yestedaytth4i from the bael
iftr oHh 'MfMbsIppi , Lhieh 'ha
onnd its way into the St. Francis
rrich again empties itself into th
dlsaisalppl just above Helena. Tin
t. Francis rose eight foot last Thnrs
ay at Wittsbnrg , and the whole hot-
om lands of that region are complete
y Inundated.
GREENVILLE , Miss. , March 5.
orlous broach is reported in Paatonli
evoo , Chicot county , Ark , whlol
rill inundate all plantations ontsidi
f Lake Ohioot , except such as an
iroteatod by private levees , am
hroatons seriously those In the bei
if the lake.
HELENA , Ark. , March 5. Thi
ritzhuo levee , five miles south of thi
ity , gave way last night. Th
revasso this morning was over 101
ards wide and increasing rapidly
? he rush of water through the open
ag waa terrific. The whole countr ;
around the old town is believed to b
nnndatod. Other levees are bolnj
trongthouul. It is not believed tha
hey can stand another foot of watoi
A further risa of fifteen Inches is an
iolpatod , in which case nothing oa :
prevent the inundation of the conn
ry contiguous to Helena. The gang
itands 4G foot C inches above lei
water mark and 8 inches below th
lighost point reached last spring
Pho St. Francis river at Madison I
lovoral Inches higher than lait year
Blooded Stock for ths West.
Spcclil Dltpa'.ch to TIIK UKS.
BALTIMORE , MirotiS. The steamn
) ntarlo , from Liverpool brought li (
lereford balls and heifers , 14 polio
Angus and 39 Shropshire down shooj
lonslgnod to Thomas Ltwson , Neoshc
Missouri , and Boulter & Morgan an
lonry E. Yoomans , Ghoyonm
Among the Oheyonno stock ia th
celebrated bull Rudolph , purchase
or 700 guineas , said to bo th
ilghost prlca ever paid for a Horoforc
Billiard *
Special Dispatch to Tim Bur.
OUIOAOO , March 5. The first of
series of preliminary games to dote ;
mlno the admission or rejection c
certain players , candidates for partlc
nation In the championship Balko lit
billiard tournament , to bo hold hoi
on the 20th hist , began to-night i
the rooms of the J. M. Brunswick
Balko Co. The game was Balko Hi
500 points. Thos. Wallace , Chlcag
beatT. J. Gallagher , St. Louis ; ecor
500 to 345 , in 05 innings. Hlgho
runs , Wallace 42 , Gallagher 47 ; ave
ages , Wallace 7 9-13 , Gallagher 5
The ganios to-morrow are botwoi
Morris and Holsor in the aftornoi
and Carter and Maggloll In the eve
The Orimo of a Boy.
Special Dispatch to THE linn.
LOUISVILLE , March 5. A nowsb
aged 13 year * , named Earl Nloho
was arrested to-day , charged with 01
raging a little girl five years old , li
Saturday. The child fully idontlfi
tno boy , who makes a feeble denial
his guilt. The penalty in such cai
under the Kentucky statutes U deal
The Mission of England ii
Egypt Not Yet Accom
plished ,
The Athoiatio Authors of Great
Britain to bo Prosecuted
for Blasphemy.
The French Ministry Again
Threatened with Dis
solution ,
A General Variety of Foroicn NOWR
Special Dlepttchcs to Tui Bai.
LONDON , March 5. Mr. Gladstone
entered the house of commons this
afternoon , the first time slnco his re
turn. Ho was rooatvcd with loud
cheers from all sides of the house.
Lord Fitr-maurice , under foreign
secretary , Informed Pulston'conserva
tive , that the surrender of IV J. Sher
idan had been asked for by the United
States. Ho was unable to say any
thing further regarding the matter.
Gladstone states that tho-govern
ment Intends to withdraw tholr troops
from Egypt as teen as the alms of oc
cupation have been obUlncd. Those
were to gain the establishment of or
der and liberty and in scouring passage
of the Suez canal.
George W. Foote , editor , Wm. J.
lUmsoy , proprietor , and Kemp , o
primer , of the Free Thinker , were
found guilty of seditions' llbol. Footc
was sentenced to 12 months' Imprison
ment , Ramsey to 9 months and .Kemp
to 3 months. Footo's sentence pro
voked a otormof yells.
Parnoll asked a question touching
the sUrvlng condition of the people ol
Ireland , aud Trovllyan. oh lot secre
tary for Ireland , lu reply , denied the
existence of distress as mentioned in
Parnoll's question.
The society for suppression ol
blasphemous literature propose tc
got up caios against Professors Hur
ley and Tyndall , Herbert Spencer ,
the publisher a of John Stuart Mills
works , John Morley and others , who
by tholr writings , have to * n wide
spread unbelief and in aomo case
rank atheism.
LONDON , March 5. Calcutta ad
vlooo state that the most intense ex
cltomont continues to bo felt amen
the Europeans because of the pro
posed law giving the natlvo magla
tratoa criminal jurisdiction over white
in certain cases.
The Times' correspondent sayat I
la certain that If the obnoxious measure
ure Is pressed , ninety per cent , of th
white volunteers in Bengal will roaig
or protest against it. At a great meol
ing held In Calcutta , even violent
towards the native magistrates wi
Special Dispatches to TUB D .
DODLIN , March 5. Six men wei
arrested hcHlng a secret mooting t
Oastloreagh. A letter signed "Mi
P. " was found with ono. The polio
regard the arrests as important.
Fiynn , bailiff of Lord Ardilawr.
who was beaten near Olonbur , Mayc
last week , died to-day. ,
The town council has expelled Jas
Carey , the informer , from momboi
ship , and declared his seat vacant.
Special Dispatch to Tnr. Ilm.
BEIILIN , March fi Several firrao c
Bremen have entered into a comblni
tlon for the purpose of organizing
line of steamers to run from Brome
to Cuba and Porto llioo. Foe
steamers , under the. Spanish flag , wl
maintain regular connections botwoo
these places , which will bo of groi
importances to the export trade c
The relations between German
and England are reported bettor no
than for many years. The Nort
Gorman Gazette expresses the hlghoi
satisfaction for this state of affairs.
The emperor accepts the roslgnatio
of Gen , Yon Komoko as minister c
war. Either Gen. Jironeott , Yo
Sohollindoiffor Gon. Capers will BUI
coed him. Gau. Yon Kaiueko roslgt
pd because of u difference ( f opinin
in reuurd to important military prii
aiplea diionjued at aconftireocu undi
the presidency f the emptror , an
not because of the procdudings in tt
BERLIN , March 5. A mllltai
ofiicer has committed snlcido in tl
Thiors Garten hero. Monetary dil :
oultles led to the act. Such oven
occur now almost dally ,
The Gorman government la treatli
for the purchase of the unequalled 1
brary of the Spanish duke of Osann
Special Dispatch to TUR UKI.
PAULS , March 5. In the chamb
of deputies , on the question of takli
into consideration the proposals f
revision of the conatitntlon , Fer
formally refused to court repulse '
presenting any such proposal to t
senate. The government ho at
would energetically 'bring thn mat !
before the chambers when ho thong
revision possible , the present n
mont waa Inopportune , the pee ]
would withdraw their suppi
from the republic If tl
saw it meant Instability n
agitation. Tbo question waa ono
i- friendly compromUo , and should i
bo raised as a moans of rovoi
against the senate. An attempt ml |
bo made before the elections of II
to induce the senate to accept a r <
slon. Olemoncoau moved to adjoi
the debate until to-morrow. The i
ft tion was carried 70 to 207 ,
3f fjpedrj Dtip.tcbtoTuiU .
tl. ROME , March 6. The memo
tablet on the house formerly oconpl
by Professor Morse was unveiled 1 7
the presence of the American minister
and suite and colony , the director-
general of telegraphs and others well
known' . After speeches , Minister1
Astor thanked Rome in the name of
the United States for the honor doiio
his country.
The director general of telegraph
followed with a eulogy , closing thus :
"Rome , mother of civilized nations ,
honors in Prof. Morse the young na
tion which Is splendidly paying her
debt to antiquity. "
ALOIEIUI , March 5 , An expedition
of rcat proportions la being organ *
Izod to crush the rebels In the south
ern part of Oran. .
The Loss by the Tnrllt Must Oomo
Outoftuo Worklngmon.
Special Dispatches to TUB Uni.
PiTTsnonu , March 5.-Iron masters
inturviowcd mi the tariff have boon
unu.ihnous lu their declarations that
under rho now law a reduction of
wagen if all classes of workmen trill
be uoocasary. If this is pawiatud in it
will very probably result iu a ganoral
stilko A largo number of employees
soon to-day otsort that any attempt to
reduao wages will bo most stubbornly
CHICAGO , March 5. The iron HUB-
tors hero on being Interviewed say the
action of congress on the tariff bill la
moro Injurious to the Iron interests
than any legislation within half a con *
tnry , aud that the only moans of keep
ing the mlllo open will bo by swoop
ing reductions in wages , putting thop
at such a point that the laborers in
turn must have cheaper food ,
Tno Bonanza King's Double Mar *
Epoclal DUjtttch to Tim HRR.
ST. Louis , March 5. A secret
which no doubt will cause much sur- "
prlso has just boon revealed here.
It la that Senator Tabor and Miss
Llzzlo McConrt , of Oshkosh , , Wis. , . -
were privately married In this city bo- '
the 30' . . * of last September. .Tho
ceremony took place in the law oflioo-
of D. P. Dyer , who is an intimate
friend of the uo'iator. It was per
formed by John M , Yunug , n justice
of the peace , nnd wan witnessed by a
brother of Mis : McO iur' , who accom
panied her to St. Louis ( or the pur
pose. It Is ota'od , ou the authority
of Col. Dyer , that iho ceremony waa
kept a secret bccimue at that time , \
although Tabor had been granted a ' 1
decree of divorce from his firat wife , sbo
had a suit against htm for alimony ,
and it was feared that an announce
ment of this marriaRo during the
pending of the suit might complicate
matters , Tabor's visit h ro waa osten
sibly to attend some law business ,
but it h pretty clear the moBtirig1 was
pre-arranged. He returned at once
to Denver , and hU wife went Uckito
her home ia Ohkoh. Wiy Uw mr-
'riage ahoald kbva taken pkea wh aUt
did or why there should have been' *
second ceremony at Washington last
week , unless it was to satisfy the
parents of Mrs. Tabor , who are Cath
olics , Col. Dyer did net pretend to ,
Special Dltpatclics to Tni lln.
The 105th anniversary of Robert Em-
mot's birth was celebrated In New York
and Brooklyn by largo and enthusiastic
El ! Gott , cashier of the Rockport
( Mass. ) National bank , is a defaulter be
tween $8,000 and 315,000. The deficiency
hn been made good by his father and
father-in-law. *
M. A. Randall , , a prominent physician
of llosoville. MuskinRum county , Ohio ,
waa called from homo Friday night , and
has not since boon seen. Ilia horse was
found , and his hat with a hole it was
found on the bank of a creek , It ia sup *
poaod he was murdered and thrown into
tbo creek. \1 \
It has been discovered that 320.0JO
acres of school land have been taken up
in fictitious names by parties In collusion
with four surveyors in Texas.
The British-Australian mail from En *
rope was forwarded from New York last
The corner-stone ot the great Soenger-
feit music ball In Buffalo was l&id yester
day. The building will seat 5,500. The
North American Baengerbund will hold a
festival there In July.
An Anniversary Surprise to Mr. and
Mra. Ueo. Helmrod.
A very pleasant affair took place
Sunday at the residence of Mr. Geo.
Heimrod , on the occasion of hia tin
wedding , which waa celebrated by a
surprise party given by a number of
his friends.
The party waa a real surprise to
both Mr , and Mra. Helmrod , and ma
gotten up in first-class atyle. Among
those present were Mr. and Mra. A.
irg Kabn , Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pundt
> r and Miss Emma Pundt , Mr , and Mrs.
y Wolmcrs , Mr. and Mrs. L. Holrarod ,
Mr. and Mra Heller , Mr. and Mrs ,
10 Pomy , Mr. Krutli , Mr. and Mrs.
id Hollman and Mrs. Koaowater. A
ar committee had boon sent aheadto
it keep the bride and bridegroom at
ito homo , and to make n snro thing of the
ole party.
rt A number of nlco presents were
ay made,9nd the whole was a very on *
id joyable affair.
or Tito Death oi Elliott-
.ot Special Dispatch to Tail UKB ,
RO CHICAGO , March 5. The inquest
ht Into the cause of the death of Elliott ; ,
85 . the prize fighter , waa postponed till *
el.rn Friday , on account of the inability of
rn Dunn to bo present. Elllott'a funeral
10- occurred at 3 o'clock , and the remains
loft for Now York an hour later , In
charge of Ted Ktohne , the pedotrlah. -
In buying boots and shoea go to Kl-
ewltt & Montague , 16th and Daven
ial port ,