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1 Remarkably Lively , Busy ana
Hilarious Session of Forty-
Eight Hours ,
I'ho Sonata Preserves its Ac
customed Dignity | iu the
Midst of the Tumult ,
And Oloaea the Record of the
Session aa Becomes
Dutiful MOD.
'The House Communes Quito
Freely With Spirits
Out of Bond.
And Kills Time Between Nips
and Naps With Jokes
and Paper Balls ,
A Touching Address by Sen
ator Duvia Before Laying
Down the Gavel ,
While Kiefer Eulogizes at
Length the Dying and
the Dead ,
The Appropriation Bills all Patstd
Confirmed. Officeholders. Etc-
Spec ! * ! Dlfpatch to TUB BBS.
WASHINGTON , March 4. Bayard of
fered the following , which was agreed 1
to unanimously :
RESOLVED , That the thauka of the
sonata of the United States are duo
and MO hereby tendered to Davtd Da
rk , senator from the state of Illinois ,
for the courteous , impartial and able
manner in which he baa presided over
their deliberations and fulfilled the
duties of president pro tempore of the
Tabor presented the credentials of
his successor * s senator from Colorado
Thos M. Bowon.
Brown presented the credentials of
Alfred H. Colquitt , senator-elect from
Senator Plumb called up the bill di
recting the postmaster general to read
just the salaries of certain postmasters.
The committee on commerce re
ported buck the river and harbor bill
without recommendation. Ordered
printed and to lie on the table until to
At 12 o'clock Sanator DA vis , praal-
dent pie tempore of the senate , in to-
signing that office pursuant to notice
given to that effect some days since
delivered the folio wing address :
"ScNAions : 'Uratitnde faili to express
the feeHwwUeh move me in responding
totst * gMMOtt spreadon in the molt *
tioa you haVe'ftdoptcd. A the pre ldldj
officer of this honored body , I have 'e
celved the courteous co-operation from
both tides and constant kindness in the
diich&rge of official duties and in persona
intercourse. I ought to be , and I lieliovc
I am fully leniible of the obligation * Im
posed by these act * , the more BJ n i I en
tered upon the duties of the chair almost
stranger to parliamentary practices
Biz years have passed away slnc
the legislature of Illinois conferred upoi
me the trust which is about to expire b
constitutional limitation. I neither sough'
nor expected e'ection ' , which WAS btoagh
about by a 'union of different elements
Political connections have separated mi
from the two parties and have subjectet
my actions here nd elsewhere to critlcitn
of the organs of both organizations. A
, public man who steps outside of the regu
far lines is exposed to misrepresentation
Bis motives are questioned , and he i
harged with weakness In his conduct. H
gains little credit for the moral courage o
self-assertion , and none for casting asld
ambition In defense of hli principles. Ii [
legislating I have striven to consider meat >
tires solely with reference to the pnbli
good , and without the least regard to thel
political paternity. Above and beyon
all other objects my great aim has bee
to extinguish the strife of sections , and se
the Union restored in all its integrt | ]
with refreshed and Increased grandeur
'Thank God that the happy day has t
lait come. The north and the south ar .
only geographical expressions. Fifty mil
lions free , happy and prosperous poop'
rejo'oe in a reunited country , strenpthene
by the sternest of human trials. I sha
carry away with me and cherish as a si
lace in private life the cordial friendshl
formed here. It will be a constant plea
tire to reflect upon that no jar has di
turbed the administration of the high o
fice I now resign , bidding an affection *
farewell to every member of the sena
and every officer connected with It. "
Senator Anthony offered a resolutic
declaring George F. Kdmunds , senat
from the state of Vermont , elected prei
dent pro tern of the senate.
Senator Pendleton moved to amend
make the resolution apply to Thomas
Bayard , of Delaware. The ouendme
was lost ,
Senator Edmunds was elected.
The secretary requested Senator Baya
and Anthony to conduct him to the cha
They did so , when Mr. Kdratmda sal
4 'Senators , I beg to thank the senate s
cerely for the honor it has conferred up
me , and to say I shall endeavor to d
charge the duties imposed with fidelll
As I think that under tie law I ouRht
take the oath of office , I ask the eenal
from llhode Inland , the oldest serial
present , to administer it. "
Senutor Anthony administered t
oath , Senator Edmunds then took t
The house bill to confirm cortc ;
entries on public lands passed.
The unfinished bill to ozoludo put
lands in Alabama from the operation
laws relating to mineral lands passi
The deCciency appropriation bill T
taken up.
The amendment authorizing 1
"old settler" Ohorokeos to presi
their claims tn the court of claims i
ruled out on t > . "hit of order. Oil
amendments > . [ the committee w
agreed to.
On motion oi Senator Plumb i ,
amendment was agreed to authorlz
and directing the attorney general
pay Charles H. Reed for his ssrvl
In defending Galtean , whatever s
he may fix upon as proper compel
tlon , not to exceed , however , 93C
Am ndffl nti reported by tht o >
mlttoo on appropriations having „ * t
ajreod to , except ai above stated , the
bill was reported to the senate and
amendments made in cotnuiiUoo of
the whole agreed to , except on strik
ing out certain deficiency appropria
tions for the government of the Dis
trict of Columbia , which was disa
greed to. The bill then passed.
Senator Windom presented the cre
dentials of his flucccssor from Minnesota
seta , Mr. Sabln.
The senate roonmcd consideration of
the bill to refund to the state of
Georgia money paid out for common
defense in 1877 Pasted.
On motion of Senator Cameron the
house bill to afford assistance and re
lief to con cross and oxocutlvo de
partments in the investigation of
claims and demands against the gov
ernment , was taken up and passed
without amendment.
At the ovonlng session the house
bill to modify the postal money order
system , and for other purposes , paused
without amendment.
' Senator Allison reported that con
forces of the two houses on the sundry
civil appropriation bill had failed to
The senate insisted upon its action ,
and new conferees wore appointed.
Senator Logan would rather submit
to half a dczan extra sessions than
submit to the action proposed 19 the
home in the bill in relation to tlio re
peal of the pre-emption laws and pen
sions of poor Inmates of the soldiers'
The honso joint resolution , pro
viding for a now mixed commission In
accordance with the treaty of 18GG be
tween the United States .and Vene
zuela , passed without amendment.
llouao bills to establish certain pout
routes wore amended and passed.
On motion. of Senator Harrison ,
the house bill to amend the law re
lating to the recovery of damages for
Infringement of patents , was taken
up , amended and passed.
When the shipping bill was reached
on the calendar , Senator Ooko object
ed to its consideration on the ground
that it wta too important to bo dealt
with properly at this time.
Senator Ooko withdrew his objec
tion and.tho bill was taken up and
discussed. Pending its consideration
the senate , at 1:30 : , went into execu-
Doors opened at 1:45. : The amend
ments reported by the committee of
cDmmcrco , striking out sections re
pealing the laws requiring payments
to the shipping commission for shlp-
f rnonts of seamen , wore agreed to.
The bill then passed.
Senator Sawyer called up the house
bill to adjust the salaries of postman-
tors , and it was passed. This bill
. passed the honso yesterday.
The house bill to create tliroo addi
tional land districts in Dakota passed.
Also the bill making St. Vincent
Minn. , a port of entry instead of
At 2:35 : the taxes tariff bill was received -
- ceivod from the houso. The president
- of the senate immediately signed the
bill and a few minutes later the Pres
, ident Arthur affixed his signature.
The bill is therefore now a law.
At 2:40 : , OQ motion of Senator Rol
lins Ur * MO S waatv'tato , 'exawittTC
session , t * " f - -
At 3:45 : the senate took a recess un
til 4 o'clock. When the senate recon
vened , as the conference report on the
! sundry civil appropriation bill was not
yet ready for presentation the next
half hour was spent idly waiting foi
the report. At 4:35 : it was received
with a message that the honse agreed
< to it.
Senator Allison moved the adoption
V it ' of the report. Adopted without dls'
it sent.
itB. sent.The The senate then , at 5 a. m , , took
ie recess until 10 a. m.
idA The president pro tern called thi
A senate to order promptly at 10 o'clock
a- but tbe senators came In slowly
n. Nearly half an hour elapsed befori
is there was a quorum present.
of The president then laid before thi
3en senate the house joint resolntloi
n making an appropriation for the alter
lic S- atlon of internal revenue dies , plate
and and blanka fc
iir stamps , providing
id rebates.
en Senator Allison explained that th
eey changes for which it provided wer
y , made necessary by the passage of th Internal revenue act , and the joint rea
.re olntion waa passed.
itle On motion of Senator Davis ( VV
le Va. ) house joint resolution giving th
ed capitol police an extra month's pa
ill !
lip Senator Van Wyok offered a reso
as- lutlon continuing the committee o
Us- pensions as now constituted until th
ofte first Monday in December next an
te authorizing it to sit during vacatio
to consider bills and continue th
ion investigation ordered by the sonat
tor into alleged oxtorslons by agents 1
xi- pensions and ether claims.
to Senator Inga'ls objected , sondln
toF. the resolution over nntll "to-morrow
ent On Senator Morrill's motion tt
commlttoo on finance was ordered I
prepare a compilation index ot oils
air. rd ing tariff laws , together with tabnli
tld : ted comparative statements of rate
sin. duties and imports under the sever
pen tariff acts siuco the organization
die- the government and such oth statistics on the subject as it mi
itor deem proper.
itor Sanator Merrill from the oommltti
on finance , reported the honso bill
the fix the salary of the collector of cu
the tains of Chicago. Passed ,
On motion of Senator Anthony ,
aiu resolution waa adopted for appoir
mont of a committee of two senate
bio ! to join the honBO committee to wi
iof upon the presidon * an Inform hi
ted. congress had completed its buslm
was and was ready to adjourn. The pri
Ident appointed Senators Autho
the and Bayard.
lent Senator Lapham called np the ac
was ate resolution for relief of the wld
thor of the late Judge Underwood , of V
vore glnia , proposing to allow the amor
of expenses incurred by her husba
an in endeavoring to establish his rif
zing to a seat aa senator from Ylrgl
to during the war. Senators Liph
rices and Hoar advocated the resolutl
sum Ingalls Bald there might have b <
nsa- presented at some time a more froj
000. cl lm than this , bat h had not h
wm-lof it. Whlla ho WM ipMkiag ,
11:45 : , Senators Anthony and Bayard
reported they had performed the duty
assigned them , and that the president
had stated ho had no further com
munication to mnko to congress.
The prosldont pro torn assuming
that the president of the United
States had signed the sundry civil ap
propriation bill , appointed no such
momboro of the commission provided
for in that bill to inquirn into the
compensation , etc , of ollicors , and
employees of both houses , to report
to the next congress , Senators Platt ,
Cameron ( Wls. , ) and Uockrell.
After eomo further rldlcnlo of the
Qndorwood claim by Ingalls , the rcso
lutlon , on motion of Senator Cookroll
was indefinitely postposod.
The galleries and corridors were
crowded even more densely than last
ovonlng. Owing to the general buzz
ot expectancy which always attend
such occasions , the repeated appeals
from the chair were required to seouro
sufficient order on the floor to enable
senators to be heard. Precisely at 12
o'clock the president pro torn , Senator
Edmunds , brought down his gavel and
said :
"SuxATOns : The hour has arrived at
which , bv the constitution and laws of the
United States , the Forty-Seventh congress
torminatoa. It becomes the duty ot the
chair , therefore , to declare this session ad-
juirned without day. In doing so ho
wishes to say , to each one of you , A
plcasnnt. safe journey to your bomon , and
every felicity in your future lives. The
senate stands adjourned without day , "
[ Applaubo. ]
After transacting some miscellane
ous business the house proceeded to
vote upon the resolution in the Cook-
Cntta .contested election case , which
declared the contestant elected to a
The resolution was adopted yeas
155 , nays 81 ; and Mr. Cook appeared
at the bar cf the house and took the
oath of office.
Mr. Calkins then oallodnp the South
Carolina contested election case , Lee
vs. Richardson.
Mr. Kelley , with tariff conference i
reports in his hand , raised the question
ot consideration , and thohonso refused [
to consider the election caso.
Mr. Kelley then submitted the con
ference report.
Mr. Hubbell raised a point of
order against its reception on the
ground that no detailed statement ac
companied it.
The chair sustained the point.
Mr. Kelly sent nn a statement of I
total reduction of $ ( > 7OCOOOQ , which
the chair decided was sufficient. The
clerk began reading the bill.
Mr. Kelly proposed to limit the debate
bate to two hours.
Several domocrata laughingly nog-
coated to make it short. Finally it
was arranged that a vote should bu
taken at 5 o'clock ,
Mr. Kelly offered to lot opponents
, of the report bo heard , but Mr. Car-
Halo thought the nsual proper course
was to have offoot. *
Mr. Kelly admitted the force of the
suggestion to proceed to open the do
bato. The first section of the bill , h
said , waa the bill which the house pss
. edat , the last session for reduction ol
internal tax , with' ' the amendment ;
made thereto by the senate touching
tobae o , < ciftKfand tBJuff. The era
dnctlons would tftrhlnuh the " Interna
taxes from 915,000000 to $20,000,000
Mr. Anderson Inquired as to thi
probable reduction on tobacco.
Mr. Kelley said the estimate wai
Mr. Hammond inquired ( sarcasti
oally ) whether the conference commit
tee "wasted" any time in oanslderln
instructions given to it by the hous
in regard to the unconstitntionallty o
' the senate's action.
Mr. Kelley replied in the same voli
that the conference committee hdd no
disregarded any instructions piven i
it by the honse.
Mr. Hammond Why did yon no
act on the instructions of the house
Mr , Kelley Conferees acted o
their own conclusions ,
Mr. Carlisle proceeded to argn
against the report.
Mr. Haskell said the bill reportoi >
waa not such a one as he would make
: bnt it was infinitely superior t
the present law from the standpolc
both of the importer and mannfat >
Mr. Robinson opposed the passag
of the conference report.
Mr. Hnbbell said the inforonc
might bo drawn from the report thi
10 the labors of the conference had boo
10y so attractive and intense in the into
ests of iron that other interests ha
oan been given the "go by. "
an Messrs. Spoor and Wilson spoke i
bo support of the bill.
id Mr. Spring opposed the bill.
an Mr. Dunnoll avowed himself ft
bo the bill.
to Mr. Anderson characterized the b
in as an infamous outrage , a propositic
to take $35,000,000 off the luxurl
and only $11,000,000 off sugar , bi
. ho would vote f.'r it because itrodnct
r.he taxation $75,000,000.
to Mr. Kasson closed the debate , f
it- vorlng the bill.
la- The conference report was thi
es. adopted yeas 152 , nays 110.
ral The announcement was greeted wi
of i applause , and the bill now only awal
ler eurollrnent and signature of presldl
iay oflhers of the two houses te be so
to the president for his action.
tee After fifteen minutes spent in
to vain effort to accomplish further bu
us- nosB , the honso took a recess.
EVENING SESSION. The usual "li
a nicjht" assemblage thronged the cor
ntdors of the honso , and standing ro <
ors was at a premium In the gillerl
alt There was a large attendance of me
ilm bprs , many of whom , with favor
icss bills in their hands , clamored for r
osognltlon. .
any The house proceeded to conslde
atlon of the
contested election ca
ion- Leo vs. Richardson , from the Fi
low district of South Carolina. The c
lrousslon ran on for an hour and a 1
nnt without any one paying attention
and the speakers , whoso voices w
Ight drowned by the buzz of convorsat
inia In the galleries and louder ahonta
lam laughter from nnmerons groups i
ion. members on the floor of the hot
een The reporters' gallery WM thn
iglle open for accommodation of famllle
nurd representative * .
at 1 Mr , HUoock mbnlttod tht con
once report of the sundry civil appro
priation bill , nanonnclngdis greoraent.
The report was agreed to aud a
further conference ordered.
The election case waa then resumed ,
Mr. Richardson submitting his claim
in a brief speech.
A vote was taken on the minority
resolutions aa a substitute for the ma
jority resolution declaring Mr. LJO entitled -
titled to ft seat , and they were adopted
yeaBl24 , naya 114. ,
The vote then recurred on the ma
jority report , aa amended by the ml-
uority , and the domocrata rofnolug to
vote , the house was left without a
quorum , the vote standing yoaa 128 ,
nayaG. -
A call of the honso waa ordered.
The call disclosed the presence of
250 raombora. Further proceedings
were dlsponod with , but on the ques
tion of tbo election case again , no quo
rum voted.
Another call was had once more ,
no quorum voted.
At 12:30 : a motion , for ft wooss until
10 o'clock to-morrow ws * los .
At 1DO : in order to get thn house
out of the deadlock , Mr. Kasson
moved to reconsider the vote by
which the previous quwtlon was
ordered on the election cike.
Mr. Dosendorf moved to lay the
motion on the tabloj saylnjj that ho
bills should bo passed until the matters -
tors was disposed of , a declaration
which was early assented to by the
democratic sldo.
At 2:50 : the speaker announced the
enrollment of the tariff blU'nud affixed
his signature thereto.
No quorum voted on tabling the
motion to reconsider , another call
being mado.
Mr , Page moved non-concurrenoe
to the sonata amendments to the ship
ping bill. No quorum voted.
At 3:30 : Mr. Biaboo , from the .com
mittee , reported a resolution stating
that the charges made against Clerk
Bailey word not proven. Lild on the
Then the deadlock on the election
case continued until 4 o'clock , when
Mr. Hlscook presented a conference
report on the sundry civil appropria
tion bill. House recedes from its dis
agreement to the eonato amend-
mont which strikes from the bill the
provisions for the repeal of the preemption
emption laws and the ratification of
the Sioux treaty. The report was
agreed to.
Senator Hlsoock Introduced a joint
resolution appropriating $20,000 for
B alteration of Internal revenue dies ,
plates and stamps and for providing
- blanks for claims for rebates. Pftiscd.
At 4:30 : a. m , a motion was made
- for recess but friends of the bonded l
t extension bill opposed it and raised a
point of no quorum. Hot half an
hour the tellers stood in thuir places
and becanw the batt c ? jocular
- marks and suggestions on the psrl of
members who were in the best cf
humor. The usual Booties attendant
o on "nil night session" were enacted.
- Though the galleries wore practically
e vacnnt the attendance on the floor waa
i- good and members lounged in their
if chairs , smoked , told stories and
s ! laughed to their neartfr content ,
g At 5 o'clock Mr UjiUerrVvrtb. moved
Ito 'jrooeed to IwslBejTQES * Npeakor'f
fi taoioT The motionWioflf fuelled
shouts of Unghter , was ruled oat ol
10 order by the speaker.
. The speaker suggested there wore
is upon his table a number of anlrnpor
tant house bills with senate amend
monts , which should bo considered
t- Ho asked unanimous consent for thai
) pmrpoae.
ie Mr. Bnttorworth objected , whlol
led to the remark from Mr ; Steoh
that "tho whisky bill was standing in
tn the way of other business. "
at Mr. Butterworth replied that the
to whisky bill waa as much entitled tc
consideration aa any other meaauro.
ot Mr. White vehemently deo'arec
o ? the whisky bill should never be con
m : aldered on Sunday , Such a proposl
tlon waa unworthy of the democratli
10 party , and much less worthy a member
bor of the republican party.
d After another unsuccessful roll-cal
, on the election case the members sot
to tied down to "fun. " Sleeping mom
nt bera became targets for paper boll
c- and copies of old bills which wen
thrown from all directions. Many
go nap waa unceremoniously disturbed
but many a "nip" was taken. Aa thi
ce morning approached , however , alee
at departed , and the members appoarei
on as bright as in the early hours of th
irevening. : . Shortly before dawn Mr
ad Young suggested a compromise propc
sitlon that at 11 o'clock the hens
In should vote upon the whisky bill an
election case.
Mr. Randall objected ,
for "Do you propose , " queried Mi
White , "to swap off a colored ropre
! ! 11 Bontatlvo for whisky ) "
on "I do , " replied Mr. Young ( irlt
lea a frankness which was relished by th
mt house and greeted with roora of laugb
ied tor. ) "Bat I am unwilling to awa
off a colored representative for
facrank. . Does the gontlem' kno' )
what-a crank is ? " ( Ladghter. )
ion "Before trade is closed , " ehouto
Mr Bragg , I want to know how muo
ith whiskey has been drank. "
ills Mr. White "Whisky will com
Ing up perhaps when this ciao is ovei
unt but "
"I don't want to hear from
u crank , " retorted Mr. Young ,
isl"Thn river and harbor bill has hi
the BtnffiiiE knocked out of it , " cjaot
last latodMr. VanVoorhls , somewhat irro
rrl ovantly.
lorn Then in the lull in the procoodlr
les. Mr. Walker made an earnest effort
om- pass the French spoliation claims bll
rite but Mr. Holman demanded the reg
reo- lor order and prevented its passage.
MrCalkins then suggested nn t
era- rangemont might ba arrived at whoi
aso , by in common fairness the elootii
'irst cases should be postponed until '
diso'clock. .
half "Say 1 o'clock , " came from t
to democratic aide , mingled with <
rero mands for the regular order ,
tlon Mr. Hatch said there wai & lit
of honesty , a little fairness and a lit
of decency in the case ,
use. In view of the proceedings BO
own venlngs ago , the demand interpoi
wof by Mr. VanVoorhU "to have th
worda taken dowii"wtt gmUd w
* ( htuty laeght w.
Some time was occupied in a vain
attempt to roach somn agreement.
Shortly after 6 o'clock Mr. Robinson
rosa aud called the attention of the
hocso to the fact that this congress
was making a record before the coun
try and a record in history. Ho
thought everybody would ngreo with
him that too much whisky had boon
taken out of bond already , [ Shouts
of laughter. ] It was in
the interest of giod order and
good government that the house take
a recess for three hours , in order to
avoid any alflloulty and personal con
troversy , in order to avoid any false
attitude before the country. Every
man will have time to reflect. Lot
the members como back in throe hours
and try to do their duty according to
their convictions. Ho asked unani
mous consent for a recess of thrto
Objection wns made , and again the
monotonous roll call proceeded. At
ila conclusion , ut 0:20 : a. m.tho house
took a recess until 9:30 : a. m ,
After rccuis Mr. Holman protested ,
in ihonaiuo of the religious sentiment
of the country , ujjr.inst attending to
anything except iudtspouslblo public
The chair being temporarily occu
pied by Mr. Blackburn , the usual
complimentary resolution to the
speaker for the "ability and courtesy"
with which lie had presided was
c ( Tared by Mr. llandall.
Mr. BUnchard Inquired whether
ono objection would prevent present
consideration of the resolution. If
so , ho would object
The speaker pro torn staled it would
not. The qnoRlion was thoii put. Mr.
Blanchard and oavcral others insisted
on a count , it was adopted 80 to 3.
In the course of the forenoon Mr.
Knott stating his congressional career
would In an hour and a half close
forever , appealed to the courtesy and
the magnlminlty of the members to
lot him have the poor privilege of a
vote on the bill on which the people
of his own congressional dittrlot and [
atato were profoundly interested.
"What bill is it1"askod hla colleague ,
Mr , White.
"It is the bill of suc'a number , "
Kuox replied.
"What , " exclaimed Whitn iti a tone
of surprise and horror , "iho whisky
bill and on Sunday. Never , never.
( Loud laughter ) I call for the regu
lar order. "
An tffjrt waa then mada to got the
Loo-Richardson case out of the way
of ether business by a motion to lay
IL on the table , but the motion was
voted down.
At 11:30 : Mr. Rsoao offered the fol-
lowing resolution , which was unani
mously adopted :
KKSOLVED , That the house has just learned
od with the deepest sorrow , the death bl
Hon. Alex II , Stephens , governor ol
Georcli , BO long a useful nnd dlutlngulshec
member of this hou'e ; thut this houio ex.
ila heartfelt nyrr.pathy with tht
people not only of Georgia , but the people
of the whole country , la the Iocs of
Btateem&n and patriot.
On motion , a commlttoo to wait o
the president cud inform him tha
congress was ready to ad , m was or
dered and appointed.
Bingham , from the pcstcfiiee com
mlttee , reported postal telegraph bill
Deferred io eoromlttno of tbe whnle.- ;
Virlous requests to take up ani
pass bills by unanimous consent wer
made , bnt invariably met with shout
of "Object 1" Bnt when , througl
, aorne Inattention , or en account of th
, tumult in the hall , one such attemp
was suocossfnl ( in regard to the bll
fixing the termn of the United State
courts In Texai ) there was a loud roa
of laughter.
At 11:50 : the committee to wait o
the president reported he had n
further communication to make t
congress. Then the spcakor bogai
hi * closing address , Ho eald :
BKXTATIVES The lime bar come when ou
official relations as reprfln ntativofi in th
forty-be venth coqgreua nro to be dissolved
In a moment inoro this h nro of repreaer
tatlves will be known only in hUtory. It
acts will stand , many of them , it Is be
Heved. through the future history of th
republic. On the opening day of this cor
grtsa I ventured to express the hope the
it would be marked "peculiarly as a bnsl
nem congteis. " It ban successf ally grap
pled with more of the vital , mental an
moral questions of the country than il
i predecessors. Many of these question
have been settled wisely and well by a ]
propriate legislation. It would be quit
] Impossible ot this time to enumerate th
many important lawa which have boo
enacted to foster and promote the eubatai
ie tial interests of the whole country. Th
r. coogrcBS enacted into laws the first S pc >
o- cent , funding bill known to this country
ese Under it a oontiderable portion of the go
id eminent debt has been refunded at lowc
rates than ever before. It did not hei !
tate to take hold of the question of poly
amy , and it struck the tint effect !
T. b'ow in the direction destroyli
0- tnat greatest remaining public | erin
0th of the age. Laws have been pasted
th : protect the immigrant on his way aero
the sea and upon his arrival in the ports
io this country. LIWB have also been passi
hap to extend the charter of banking Irutlt
aped tfons so that financial disorder cannot U'
apW place which would have otherwise come
W the expiration of old bank charters. Mai
public act * will be found relating to t
Indian policy and the land policy whl
od will prove to be wise. The postofflce la
have been BU changed as to reduce lot
postage from three to two cent
00 the lowpst rate ever knot '
m the United States. No legii
tion of this congress will no found reyol
tlonary in chomoter or which will oppn
& anv section or Individual in the land , j
I legislation has been in the direction of
id I lief1'eneiou lows were enacted whl
wore deemed wise and liberal appropr
, * tlon made nay deserving , unfortuut
I pensioners. Internal revenue taxas hi
I been taken elf aud tha tariff ions h :
ng I been revised. Hoctintiillcai Ima been '
to I known In tbo enactment of laws. In
in m in a fraternal spirit baa provai
' among inonibtri from all portions of
u" I union. What has been sold
I the heat of debate , under excitemvnt , i
ar1 1 sometimes with provocation , is not to
ire1 1 regarded In determining the genuine fi
Inn I ing of concord Milling between memb
in The high oince I have filled through
I sessions of this congress hia enabled m
I judge better of the true spirit of meml
the I that compose It than I could other
do * I have done. It U common to say that I
I house of representatives Is a very tu
m.llent , disorderly body ot men , Tbl
"t 1 true more in appearance than Inrw
1110 1 Those who look on and do not partlcl
I see more apparent oonfuilon than exli
ime I reality. TUciV.Hci that often ap 'P ' ]
B d I uPon tbo floo. > t u haute grows ot
.M. Itbe earnest , iv j nuirlt poassua
I members coming from all sections , ac
dleatoi In a high ilogrqu their itionpr
| vtduallty and their goat zeal In feryli
oocuro recognition In the prompt discharge
of their duty. No inbro conscientious
body of men Ihon compose- this house of
representative , in ray opinion , over met ,
Partisan zenl has iii some InnUncon led to
lierco word contests on the Hoar , but when
the occasion which gnvo rlto to It passed
h > , party rplrlt wont with it. I nin very
thsukdu f jr the considerate manner In
which I hnvo been treated by the homo In
iU collective capacity , 1 ntn also \PIV
thankful to each Indi/ldual tnombcrof thn
body for his personal Irnntmout to mo. J
shall lay down the gavel and high office
you clothed mo with , filled with good
feeling towards each member of this
houio. I bovo been at tlinoa Impatient ,
soniotlmoa severe with members , but I
have uovornirpoecly harshly treated any
member. 1 havebccomo warmly attached
to , nnd pojicMod high admiration , not
only of the high character of this house as
a parliamentary body , but for all IU Indi
vidual member * . I heartily thank tbo
houto for its vote of thanks. The duties
of speaker nro of the moat delicate , criti
cal kind. His decisions ere in the main
made without time for ( UHborntlnn , nro
often very fnr-rendilng , in controlling the
logiilation of the country on important
matters , ami they call out the severest
criticism , The rules of this house , which
leave to the B [ > o kor the onerous
duty and delicate task of recoguitlng indi
viduals to preteut their mnttsm fur legis
lation , renders tbo ofliccm that rospcnt nn
exceedingly unplcAnnnt ono , No member
of the house should have the legis
lation ho dolren depend upon the in
dividual recognition ot the speaker , and no
speaker should bo compelled to decide be
tween members having matfars possibly of
equal Importnnca or of equal right , to his
recognition , I suggest hero that the time
will soon couio when ncother mode will
have to bo adopted which will relieve both
the speaker and individual members from
this exceedingly ombarosilDg if not danger-
mil power. During my adminlitrntlon in
the chair very many important questions
have boon decided by me , and I do not
Hatter myself that I have , in the hurry of
the decisions , made no mistakes. But 1
do take great pride in being able to i > oy
that no parliamentary decision of mine
has been overruled by the judgment of
this almost evenly politically balanced
house , although mnny npseals have been
taken. I congratulate each member of
this house upon whnt has been accom
plished in the discharge of the Important
duties of a representative , and with sin-
ceroat hope that all may return safely to
their houiM , wishing e&cb a successful and
happy future during life. I now exorcise my
lait official duty as presiding officer of this
house by declaring the term of this houie ,
under the constitution ot the United
States , at an end and that It shall stand
adjourned sine dlo.
When the speaker closed his ro-
marks there was a very general man
ifestation of applause on bath aides.
B BpecUl DIspttch to Till BIE ,
WASHINGTON , March ! . An analy-
a sis of the figures for the past throe
years shows that the appropriation !
for current expanses of the govern'
ment , irrespective of the amounts foi
pensions aggregate ICBD than either o
the two preceding yearn. The reuula
pnnolon bills for ficcftl yours Ki3
1883 and 1881 aggregate ? 252 ,
. 575,000 , tbo bill juet paasei !
being $20,575,000 in cxco.o o
the bill paaaod two yean
i azo , and $13.225,000 lead than th
: bill last year. Of the deficiency bil
just pataod only about $50DOC
is on account ] of the current file :
year. The appropriation bills of th
n present session were based npou ci !
11. tlmatca aggregating $272,394,844 ; T
11.Id pasted by the house , $226,420,308 ;
Id passed by the Bcnato , $230,002,511
re and SB finally passed by both house
is alter adjustment by the conforonc
committee , 229,327(511 , an incroao
ie of $8,244,758 over the amennl
pt originally recommended by the hous
111 committee on appropriatlona. Whll
the provisions of the act "to reduce KM
ar onue" go in to effect generally af tor Jnl
arm 1,1883 , exception la made In respect t
m ; the tariff duties upon sugar , whlc
take effect Juno 1 , and internal revenue
to nuo provisions relating to reduction c
taxes on tobacco , snuff and cigars , am
reduction of special license taxei
. which go into effect May 1 , with
E.ur provision that ail claims for drawbac
lie on unbroken packages of tobaocc
i.ti . snuff , cigars and cigarettes hold b
tits manufacturers or dealers at that dat
ts must bo presented before July 1.
at Special Dliptichos to Tus B .
Pnd WASHINGTON , March 4 , Edwar
its L. Curtis , secretary of Idaho ; Edwar
ns Bellows , paymaster of the navy ; Davl
nsp pte V. Utophenson , surveyor general f :
te Iowa and Nebraska ; Jas. B , Edmund
ie commissioner for the District of Oo
oa nmbia ; Sanford Parker , JNiobran
Ills Neb. , receiver of public money ; C
or W. Post , collector of Internal rovenn
> . Nebraska. Registers of land
Ver B. H. Dodge , Ooncordla , Kai
er Sl- aas , ; John Blealll , Kerwli
re Kas. ; Ed O. Graves , chief oxar
ive Iner of the United States civil sorvi
ing commission ; postmasters , A. L. At
aaeto orton , Page , Iowa ; A. R. Gro
OSS to Logan , Iowa ; L. F. Holton , Bia
lot Neb ; Max Palachok , consul to/in
led bar ; reooivor of public moneys , Chi
tu ' P. Babcook , McOook , Nob. ; roglst
ike of public lands , Christopher Hostc
iftt tor , Grand Island , Nob. ; G. L Lav
my the McCook , Nob. ; 0. 0. Powlog , BI
Ich voyor general of Nevada. Postmi
iws tors ; 0. 8. Jackson , Da Kabb Oent
tter 111. ; J. W. Marshall , Plattsmou
tu ,
'fa ALL 1-ABSED.
lu- All the regular annual appropi
raia tlon bills obtained passage in bi
houses and have become laws. 1
itch sundry civil , the last upon wh
rfa- agreement waa reached In conforer
late received the president's algnaturo
* vo 10 o'clock this morning.
Vhn | A Monruboat WrocUoil-
lied Special llsi > atch to TUB Be .
the NEW OIUEANH , March 4 ,
in I steamboat Yazoo , honca ycatei
* ? " I evening from Bayou Macou and 1
fcel-l 8M > wnll ° turn'DB ' a P ° 'nt ' dorlng !
bers. I wind at 1 o'clock at night , atruel
the I obstruction supposed to ba a log ,
10 to I commenced to fill. She was Ian
ibera I a Bmau nno put Oat which parted ,
the the boat BBnk' Eleven IlvcB
arbu1 1 loat. The disaster occurred &t G
ils is I Polat , 25 miles above tbo city.
llty. I -
ipate I Ha Will Mot Recover-
.its in I Special Dtspktch to Tui liis.
* "l ATLAKTA , Gi. , March 3. Govi
I Stephens la considered to bo In a
i b-r
&d jn. I geroua condition , and the belief il
ifldl1 1 ral that h * will not recover fro
lag to I prwtat lllntw.
.Death of Gov , Alex , H , Stephens ,
of Georgia.
Peaceful Dissolution of thi
Most Illustrious of
His Native State Plunged Into
Profound Sorrow.
Detail * of the Sad Event-
Special Dls. atch to TIIR Bus.
ATLANTA , March 4. Governor
Stephen's death occurred at 3:30 : this
morning. About 2 o'clock this morn
ing it was evident that ho was much
weaker and the crisis was approach-
lug. The doctors placed a strong
mustard plaster on the wrist and lot It
remain twenty minutes. When re
moved there was not the slightest sign
of inflammation , showing there was
very little vitality loft. At 2:30 : the
extremities became cold and clammy
and assumed n purplish hue as the
oud drew noar. Stephens w a lying
on hit back , his head turned slightly
to the right. The husky rattle in his
throat , which had boon plainly por-
ceptlblo earlier in the night , had
ceased entirely. There was no more
heavy breathing and not the slightest
gasping. At 3:15 : the family were
called in. After breathing almost im
perceptibly fora few momenta ho died
without the slightest tromor.
The news of the death created the
profonndcst sensation , as ho was not
known to bo so near death's , door.
To-day the remains were lain in state
in the executive mansion , and were
vlowod by 20,000 people. In the
afternoon a meeting of citizens was
lold and addresses delivered by Sona-
or Oolquttt , Judge Martin J. Craw-
brd , Judge Logan , E. Brockloy , and
ether prominent citizens. A citizens
committee was appolntodto co-operate
- with a commlttoj from the legislature
and state honso officers In the conduct
of the funeral. The remains will lay
In state at the oapltol , commencing
to-morrow , nntll the burial , Wednes
day or Thursday.
Col | Johu Stephens , n nephew of
the said ' 'I have
governor , : never
- known him tu speak so little of death
! as during the present illness , or to
' make so few arrangements for the
worst that might como , In all his
ether attacks he had boon especially
: careful to impress on mo the minutest
details of his wishes and intentions.
In this illnoas ho hai not said a single
word of any of his desires. "
( This confirms the theory of his
0ca illness , that It was exhaustion rather
ca than dlsciio that caused death. It was
ill 10 the mind not the body that gave way.
CO Stephens made a will some time ago.
COal Ho loaves $10,000 to the children of his
lieS : late brother , Judge Stephens , the rest
of the estate , barring a few minor be-
San quoits , to his nephew , Colonel John
an Stephens. What the estate will foot
as up depends largely on the sale of hU
, now "History ofk the United States ,
ICB Ho madoabont $ 30,000 on "The War
00 Between the States. " His new book
its BO is soiling well. Above the bequests
the out e vr'll ' probably pay $10,000.
BO The Chronicle . ye : The death ofc
Stephens lb a calamity to the state.
All denominations and classes , irre
ily to spective of party , arc profoundly ;
oho moved by the death of the statesman ,
patriot and philanthropist. Though
oof dead , ho will live as the most Illustri
ous of Georgians.
Mobley'a Nomination and Confirm- .
tlon Recalled.
Spoclil Dispatch to Tin Ilu.
WASHINGTON , March 4 At the re
quest of loading citizens of Grand
Island the confirmation of Both P.
rd Mobley as postmaster was recalled by
rd the president from the senate. The
id vote by whiah ho was confirmed Fri
or day was reconsidered and ho waa de
Is , feated by a largo majority.
ola Killed by the Senat eSpecial
a Special Dispatch to TUB III * ,
30 , WASHINGTON , March 3. The fate
is : of the river and harbor bill waa settled
in- by the action of the senate to-day in
in , adopting the Ingalls motion , "That
mice - the report of the committee accompa
ice nying the bill be printed and lie on
th- the table. " This action carries over
W , till to-morrow the consideration of the
ilr ! , bill itself , and as Sunday is not a leg
izl- : islative day no further action can be
IBS. taken by the senate upon the bill at
itor this session. It is generally under
ot1 1 stood that the purpose of the motion
ws , was to kill the bill.
An Official Emblerzler.
SpecUl Dlapatcb. to TUB UIB.
ter , BOSTON , March 3. Harvey N , Fal-
ith , lansbeo , the clerk of the superinten
dent cf the Boston Police Relief asso
ciation , embezzled some $20,000 of
irla- invested funds of the latter orlganlta-
ioth tlon. Ho had been speculating in stocks
The and made a full confession. Ho la
titch held for trial with $40COO ball.
nco ,
at A Firm Kuspomled.
Special Dispatch ts TUB GEE.
" 'HiLADKLviiiA , March 3. Joseph
M/er & Soni ) , cloak and suit ruann-
fictnrora have suspended with llabll-
itioa estimated at $150,000.
rday A Factory Fire.
Ion- Special DUpaUh to TUB lim.
high ALBANY , March 3. The Dunlap
an mills and elevator w s burned thla
and morning. Three men were killed by
aded , the falling walls and several injured.
and The loss la about $150,000. Insurances
Tha Factory Ulrlt' F t * .
SjiccUl Dispatch to Tin lisa.
Naw YOBK , March 3. There wma >
i a large fire In a New York popular
rernor publishing company'a building on ROM
dan-1 street. Some thirty glrli were tra
gen > ployed In the building , and It ia ra
9m hla I mored that three gijb wer * Vnrned t <
JJuth ,
t :
fcM I