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    9 - * " "
The Effects of the EP ; storms
on the Wesf ( < OTn Oatto !
. ,
/ \ An RBregnta Lees of Over
TWJ Millions of Dollars
Chi ao Tribune.
OODEN , "Utah , February 18
Aqitiotbly to instrnctloriB , inquiries on
* * bahilf of the Trlbuno have bacn sent
to the prinoiml I'o-'nnu of Iho otiltlo
trdo in Colorado , K < m3 , Nebraska ,
Wyoming , Miwtmi < v , U a'l ' aud I iaho ,
to obtain the ilf--ov of the < uvoro
r.tormi of the last two wrote ou thu
Imaieiiay cUtlo lutuvffita if lha west.
Auanrcrn b } iniil and telogfph f'om
.over ono hunutud p.Viatt ) giro an
uggrfgitu low of ever 82 OOJ.O'JO
The prcna di'pa'chso f ut ftom
Cheyenne b/ the Sxck Grovero" neso-
clt Uoc lo t week to t ! > e MlVet th1 the
intensely cold wailhoi httj no
lOJfl ff.1S ( JVM to 1'I9 Cartlo fid BCeOp
herds , wura , llko all r p rli from tha'
association , entirely uuriliiblo , brina
biased bf tlwir interests in iho "bull"
tide rf the market. Oheyonuo Las
\\o r become a centra for the cattle in-
tercets of the Mtddlo Rooky mountain
region , and largo ualco to foreigners
ro bolng constantly negotiated at tha'
'piint. lleucs the blai ff thdij -
patches to baooi cattle wising as an in.
voHtment thai never nulTr3 lorn.
As the cattle of the western plains
rom wild and nncared for the year
rouud , except during the umal
"rouud-n ] ' , " the approach of the wir.-
tor spnson orinjjs with it t\7o causes of
death to mtny thousaids annually
Viz. : deep unov , ' and intoa a ookU
With the vleop nnowa of whiter , the
'salvation of the utock ia a high wind
that frees thu hillsides and drit ( "tho
bonutifal" into rnvlaos and hoUo-va.
If a crast forms bofora & wind uruea
the snow will cffbotunlly cover the feed
and ttto cittls will stacvo h > death.
Thaccoond saaroo of loss is Vhat oc-
'currod two \woku ago , bftforn the tre-
mwdoua snow-atorma of la-t wook-1-
thn freezing of atreAmi by t > ho intense
cold , vrhen many , nneb ! to roach
wter , will die of thirst. "No > v thafc
tha nuonto two feet deep ou tholevtl ,
> ajd the Onion Pftcifb , oc TCO miles of
ita road < wat of huro , in wvoatling with
the worst enow blockade'or ymim , attention -
tontion tnny bo calloi ( o thfi fact that
'Gjn litzsii , the gentleman who h s
caargo'ot oUr Natioual woathftr , pro1
dieted a few mouths ego thi * Jftnutr ;
aud February would be free from
BCTere storms and cold that , in uhou ,
wo would have a mild and open win1
tor. The Rocky Mountain wintot
began BO , but has taken a grund turn/
bio. Its unusually mild beginning
j * augured well for the cattleman , ss th (
* ' " * stock able
waa cxceptienully fat ani
to endnro a good long seigo ou iteil
rations. Unfortunttnly the cold entp
ranging from 25 to45 degrees ba'.ow
zaro , which' almost regularly dtfep
down upon the cattle rangni fiMfti
weat in Marchicamo this winter n
January , leaving several mouthc. o
winter weather a till hhcad.
The intense < xsold that has ; jus
passed has not been equaled before ii
January in many yearn All througl
the grant valley of Salt Like , in'Ctah
which has an average elevation o
' 4,200 feet , the moraary reiouod i
minimum of 25 to 35 degrees telo ?
zaro. In Wyoming , Idaho , and Ool
orado , whore the elevation ia cnuc
greater , the cold was proportionate ]
more covoro. For thrao days alon ;
the Oregon 'Short Linn , which rui i
from Granger , on the Union Paclfi :
northwest into Idaho , the spirit the i
momotera indicated 4G degrees bolo
zaro. A number of pnraona wot'
frozan to death , and a largo loss i
the live stock Interests. rosaltu :
Along tho'Utah & Northern raiiroa i
from here to Montana , a greater d t
gree of oold was felt. At the icmoni
of the route the apirit thermomete i
gave a minimum of 53 below , and o ]
work wss stopped in the gradln.
camps and elaewhve , Every etreai :
in the country frcza up , and man
of the rauoljmon turned out to cu
holes in the ice to relieve the Buffarin
The stockmen in Nebraska am
Kinaas telegraph that , while the eattl
have thus far beeu in fine condition
the great depth of the snowfall wil
cause an immense loss nnlosa an uti
expected thaw should occur to bar
the hillsides and furnish both grM
and water. Four yeara ago a elraUa
snow-storm occurred , covering th
great plains of Kansas from the ban
of the Rocky Mountains to the Mln
sonri river , a distance cf GOO tnilo ;
entailing a fearful loss of cattle , whit
all the horde in the mountains , wher
the hillsides w.oro bared by the wiude
escaped , Sheep require constant car
and watching and unless sheltered i ;
corral * at night will frequently perkl
ei masse in a snow storm. Cattle , o
the contrary , nro hardy and aooni
tomod to rough it for themiolvos I
Is their instinct to rotrcat before sc
vero and protracted etorma Tnraln
their tails to the wind and storm , the
will drift in great herds for huddrod
of miles , until they reach a wildc
climate , unless induced by a positiv
chang ] of weather to halt. In th :
event they will rntnhato wherevc
they find water , or else return to the
own ranges. Two years ago , during
month of intense cold , the great bul
of cattle which saved their liven drlftc
before severe atoms from thu north u
the way from Northern Colorado at
Southwestern Nebraska to the regie
of the Arkansas river , ROCIO giiug i
far south as thu Indian tuvritor
Last winter all herda remained c
their ranges , the ozcanlonal 03
snaps causing no movement amoi
Telocgraina from Eastern Colorat
and Western Kansas state that o lari
stampede o ccnrred there among tl
cattle , extent not known. Ono her
numbering thousands , passed to tl
sonth of Denver , headed for tl
mountains. Among thorn were son
of the celebrated Illflf brand , who
range is 103 mlloa away , which di
tanoe they had traveled aiuco the b
pinning of the cold ana The ca
yon * of the Platte river were auppoa
to bo their deitlnation. The same I
atlnot which cauees them to drltt hun
dreds of miles in a protraotoi march
leads them to a place of shelter from
a temporary storm. Their drifting
towards the mountains is considered u
hopeful Bljin , being taken as an indica
tion that they are only socking shelter
from the savcrity of the winds , This
protection i * given by the tavines and
canyons if the foothills. Thoto thay
will roraaHi for a few dayn ; if thee > ld
h protr otud , they will proceed suth :
to R warcor ; if the weather
moddratca aud rem&iua plonsAnt , thy
will return to their rtnpeotivo rargos ,
The cattle in all jmto of Ooloiaio
uro frf ) , n til had an tbindoii3oof U.-HIO
up to the pt-vBont Lof \ \ autiw. Ssventl
otiok men tskertp'i : "Cattlo fiit
enough to oUnd three eoksof cold
wcattisr without fo * d ; if driven south-
ar.i they cuti rtaoi a cu'm r piou
b&forc stiirvr.tlon or ilealh by frj Ring
oooarj , If u thaw rustics u id u fret ? 3
f l > era bcf > : o the s ow lo gene , tha
: a ! j will be i" -id i i ioo rid e arra-
bn will . 1 , .335 , udn if
n dmo it brgaa. " Letters from
Teller and other pc ills In the north
aud middle parts of Oolon-'o Btato
that the c t l. ari rttwrg | ( rom t10 {
hok cf wi'.or ' , the streams btiup frczm
up during tbo odd Bnnp , mid there
h not oaflMont Bnowto moisten the
feed ,
AdvicRu from the Bweotwater and
tJpper PJatte region atato that the
snowfall was neb M heavy as in east
ern Wyoming The loesos in c.-.ttlo
are reported at 1 par cent , and In
sheep nbout 2 per caut. The capital
now invented in caUlo in Wyomingag-
In the Bitter Oruok country the loaa
of sheep waa vcrj latgo. Ufttln drifted
bidly during the etoruia , and ranch-
mcu have not RQ yet iaoortnined the
iiiiicunt ( if damu/ to their respective
hcrda , which may aggregate more than
oxpec ud.
Il'jporta from the Bc.wcr stuto that
the aneop offered a great nteal during
the stortttp , especially the old jnce , d
hrgo uuubor cljiog.
Adviooa from thu Mcdfciuu Baw TIV
g on atato that , whiljgrr.zhig o | > eli
"lave boon left by the dnf ting of the
jtiow , the c 4 1 tie hava Buffered "ftou
I th intuneo cold.
A telegram from 'Liramie ntatoi
khlt'dcad nntclopb U&VM boon found 01
tha xuadn along tbo Llttlo Ltrftiu'ii
river frozin to death Nuiubors o
o \Ulo have pertaluxi. The onow oov
oct , the huge bxiamtt known ao tbi
' "Iiiwimo plains , " and no b ro plnci
wui vinlblo. TJce cold vat intoure
canginging frou-B5 to 45 bsiow saro
A lottot lr < iut a oxttlo man in Olwy
oiiiio & > : "Ia this city A--d. for md *
m uvurytdiroot > kn the outlook is ti
dai'kojit , Thti'snow llec ou n level t
the deuth of tan to thirty- five mck&
in an unbroken waate. The catllo o :
all this vuatrange cannot obtnic.
morcel of gttsa , and them ia no imne
diatn prospsct ot their chances boin
bettered. Ef the wind hud only bee
blowing during the snow storm , eo n
to keep the iground clear in apots , the :
would have boon no diffisalty. If th
howling wABto of atuioaphow whic
was hurliug itiolf all over this part <
thu couatry last week had oomo at th
proper time it wonld have been a boo
and a btoseing instead of a nource <
profanity. The barometer does ni
indicate recurrence of theae ireezj
aud it ie probable that before < there
u change a crust will ha
formed over all iho avoir , ovi
which the wind will elldo as nnaval
ingly aswater over a duck's bad
The cattle are getting huugrf , ant
with brute Instinct , are travollr
toward the South. If they travel fa
ouough thoymay roach graea ; but lo
toring , ea they probably will , mat
will lie down and die of otarretiou ac
cold1. Two yeara ago some atookmc
lost ao Ugh as 50 per cent , . an'd tl
bones -of the famished herds wo :
nuwed by coyotes from Ohoyonno
Central "Kansas. . ' It will hardly bo t
bad tblc year , though the paaaongo
on all < the weatorn railroad 'ilinos wl
eoe carctaaoa" otrewn along tbo track i
a way * very auggeativoof the season
ecord. 'When the snow to not ov
s two or three inches deep the a vero ;
1 stcor oac paw around and ot plcn
of grftfla ; but two feet of 'tko boaul
'ul , ' aa Wyoming now poaBcsacs , on
off his supplies. "
Roporta fi m Noitharn Wyomii
descriho the stock in good condltli
> rlor to the storm ; weather intonao
old , 3C bE.low zaro ; losses not know
I ? rom Sotko , ] Bear , and White rivoi
n Southern Wyoming and Northei
Colorado , ) reports are rocolvo
L'ho cold was very great , 35 and
> olow zaro. No coaches are rnnnin
ho maila > being t akcn in on horaebac
he snow on the divides being aa gro
as five feet in depth. Couaidorat
oas to stock is ex pooled.
RE1 "ORT8.
Largo numbers of cattle have bo
tilled along the Union Pucifio ,
'oititof Unoka and many other placi
or which the raili tud pays damage
? ho aggregate has. become BO lar
hat special order * Uavo been loaned
ill trains to lose til ao in preference
dlllng any moro t iock. Cattla lie
o stand on the tr , ick on cold da ]
, nd hive a habit of lying on the roa
) od at eight , Dari ug snow eton
, hey take rcfaga in the BQOW ahoc
which uro nurnuroua along tho'Uni
? AoiGc , and In lengt h from 200
3.000 foot , wrecks frcq uently reaultlr
as none of the anew s 'icda ' have catl
; uarda of any kind.
Your representative had nn info
view with Gunortl Suoerlutenda
W. B. Doddridero , oC the Oregon She
Line and Utah & Northern rallrcmc
who baa ju t returuod to thia ci
From a long ijapcotluu of the roac
Ho titca that the cattle in Idaho ai
MotitRiia ware in fine condition up
tb'j beginning of the /uonua / , ti
rgo , but that they have u
doubtodly auffored , to what extent
not known. The cold was no intou
Hut at slx-cen statiouo along the Oi
gen Saort Line thu walcr tanks we
rendered uteleaa , the ice tJong nidt
top , and bottom bslntf two fc
Boltd , Tai w&ter trains haul !
water lo the conatruction. peril
over the great Lava deacrt , fovcn
mllca long , near American FalLr , we
ntoppod , the tonka in the care bcii
frozen oolid , to that all tbo conttrt
lion work had to ba auapendcd , T
thouaauds of anlmala at the grade
catupi euffdrod from want of water ,
did also the cattle la the vicinity to
greater or lee * degree. Millions
Hollars bflvc been inreatod In cattle
iH-'tiii'8---1- l
Idaho , largo herds covering Ml * ho
available raugoe , except on in * Tndiin
reaorvatlons. The ownria cf mviy > < l
thoao herds are cast , aud no dcfiulti *
information aa to thulr loaaoa oi.n b \
had until the spring "round.up"
ooauro. From stun * utiu the intnnnu
cold the ontlro road KM blockaded ,
and uo trains co.ild tn run tur several
Pdeecngcra who arrived from the
east on the train to night state that
deep eniws itill cover the entire lire
of tliJ.Uoion IVoifi ? frw Omaha hor.1 ,
1,030 mtloj ThoUi&uda o $ cattle
were scon atnndlnic the rn lroa-3 ,
their backs immpsJ up , and &o weak-
otiod by oM nr.d hunger tha1'they
oouhi uol got out of I'.hcir tracks. U i-
less the weather moderates and a
th&T ; conies soon , tha loss to thocatilo
intoroito in Colorado , ICiuaia , NJ >
brtika , Wyomiop , and Idaho wi'l ,
v.ii'vin ' thu uoxt thirty days , amour. ,
to aqvornl mil i JIID of dollars.
ie bl UlipA'ch'9 to 7ns list.
LONDON , February 21. . The
Noivs Hftju tbo Parnelhtcs are greatly
diaaa'islied with I'ariioll'a intention to
nnvo rn amendment to the address in
reply to the apooah from the throne ,
arraigning the oxoontivo of Irsla-.d
for aduiiulutration of the c.lines &o\ \
OTTAWA , February 21 In the coin-
ruocs to-day Sir John McDonald , pr
tuior , speaking of the association i > f
hii with the governor genera'-
ahip , said he had uo aspirations ia
that direction cud if ho had there * as
not tha remotest chance that they
wonld bo f ulfillod.
PARIS , February 21. Ferry , ptimn
mlulntcr and minister of public in-
Btruotion ; Oiiolloir.jl Lioour , foreign
affulrB ; Waldoelc Ruoaeau , iufoiiorj
Martin Feuilloa , ' iustioc ; Ob.arlei
Brun , maciuo ; Mellno , . * "Tiotjlture :
Hertiasoo , oonimurce ; Ooojory , poati
and tolegraphe ; Uoynal , pt.blio wosrkc
Tirara , linauco ; Genetal Thib udin
war.Priaio Miniotor Fecry will tomorrow
row rsqajat Preoidont Orovy t < i slgi
Occrcea , placing princes in the arm ]
on the retired list.
OUIIMN , February 21. "Slnco 0 *
roy'a disclosures many Irish Anted
c-ins and farmers' suns are leaving fo
America. D er Gray , owner ol Th
57reodman'a Journal , wlton chairenai
of the munlelpil health committee
wan charged by Carey with conspiracy
The firsc latter of condolence Miu
Burke reoolted alter the murder o
her brother , was front Jamea Cares
The Irioh National loagao condemn
the preaonco of "ovosdropping" poll :
at tbo meetings.
BERLIN , February 21. The but
doarath approved unauiaionely th
till prohibiting the importation i
America , plga , pork and sauaagos.
BERUN , February 2L S atsori )
tlona were opened to-day far the au
ferera by the floods in America * .
LONBON , February 21. Two Ire
nationallata implicated in iho Clorko
welll Arma afTair , havn goue '
LONDON , February 21. John Kk
land & Son , timber einrohama
Dundee , have failed , with lia bilitioB
60-000. ,
Ia tha commons O'Brien
that the crime in Ireland was' d
tincUy traceable to evictions aud < t
tyrannical administration of the li
by the Dublin castle < fUi.ala. IL
epccch waa most vioiout , and w
oheorod only by a few Paruollb
while the other members romoic
BuauN , February 21. The king
Bavaria visited Wagner's tomb ale
at midnight on Monday and remain
a quarter of an hour.
HONO KONQ , February . T
United States ship Anhuel ot wac lo
All the officers were &ved , but olev
of the crew wore 'drovrned. ' ' ? T
Aehnolot was an iron peiddlo ves
and .carried six gans nd was ofT ?
toes burthen.
Bpoolal Dispatch ta TUI
BEAIDWOOD , February 21 , The fi
pumpc are hard at work on the C
inond mine. Water was lowered
thlrtyjoot to-day , but o the cave n
balng filled with dirt and hay tl
morning it settld down considerab
causing the w&tor to riao five <
higher. To-night it otundn juat wht
it was Jwit nighfAt this timo. The
WAS 81,344 added to the relict fa
to-day , making the total $3,009.
iCpposed tq-Sprague-
SpecUi DiipitcU to TUB UtR.
tote PCOVICENCE , R. I. , < Pdbruary 2L
to The domocr.itlo statti coutrnl comm
CO tee oppose the candidacy of ex-Sei
tor Spragae for governor.
Rouuds TJij.
iaB SpecUl lX < n > tth to TUB UKR.
B OniCAao. Fob. 21. 0. U. R thaki
editor of rThe Deliver Tribune , 'v
married tornlght to Mies May Rnnni
daughter of .Public Priutor Ronct
Arthur sent a bouquet of oimel
and Oscar Wilde cabled congratn
o ,
Q >
a *
RFeurnalism.Ncuralgia , Sciatic
Lumbago , Backache , Headache , Toothache ,
Bore Throat. Hirelllni * . Nprnlnt. llrulio
llurnt , Hcoldi. Kro.l IIIUs.
SftU tr Dmf ( liu w4 Dealers fftrjwbv * . Tint C o
bottU. Ulr elloDt la II LtaiaxM.
General MoAdarlH nncl ate Where
"No-1'Mn St. LcuU
Special Dispatch to Tll UK .
ST. ' Louis , February 20 - General
McAdarle , who ia nnaptcUd by tha
English authorities of being the uiya-
torfous "No. 1 , " oonn.ootod with the
PLcealr Park murdow , is well krown
in St. Liula. Ho la an IrUhnun by
birth but WPO raised in 1'Vanio and
tva an ( ftl : or in Iho Fret ch army ,
lie served in the Fanoo-Oiirmnn war ,
and first ostna here in 1805 In cnnuoo-
tloti with the Fonian movement , and
rolutnod again in 1873 and married a ,
widow named Mrs. Oiickard , nee
Doylva lady of largo wealth. They
livid here abaut two yenru and then
went to Enropo , but tholr homo h sllll
in S5.LonU | , but hey spend most tholr
time in Grott Britain attd ou the con.
ttnont. They have a fine plao in
Bjrdoaux , Fracco. They were hereabout
about two years ago , slnca when they
h vo been in England , Franco o-jj
other European countries. It dor/ja't
aeom to bo known hero whotl'.or Vho
general Is connected with r.ny irjah
Booloty or whether ho hss lakon port
in any events with which , his name Imi
bjon mentioned.
Social Dispatch to Tim llr.j.
ST Louis , Fob'.aary 21 ullolnol
A ( Doyle , broth a of tlw wife oJ Oou-
oral MoAdarl , who ) j cuspeotod of
bolng "Nuir.oor One" of the Imb. In.
clnoiulos , , ind oonoewiad in the 1'ho-
nlx park murder , la au intorrtow to
day dp diad generally und spoclticallj
that she general oouKl hvru been con- d with tha ventu Mentioned ,
He said to his knowloago McAdcjit
h > \d no : been ooimeotod wHh any Ivhl
movement elnco the Fi > orlan UMCO ir
1865 , Ho it. in ooaatatit correspond-
ono3 with the general If the Itttei
had bean BDgugad ia any revolution
ary or ether political sohomea hi
would kraow'ik. ' Ho wiys McAdaris li
aniavAlld , almost constantly travel
log with his vrifo. There ia no secro
y whatoroc about he's movements. I
the English authorities winh to fioc
h'in theycan obtaxr. his ttddrcss iron
the B nk of England. Deylo sayi
Tin met BIcAdarii.iu Dnbiin lost Au
gnnt , witoro ho iwid hw family won
stopoitiT in the ntoat opn t-iaunor n
thoSlrslbourna hotel , the most promInent
Inont house in Oobhn. lit spunk lu
of tbo PhoaaU park ttngady at th
time , and it waa the oabjtct of gonei
al craimont , MoAdarls coudr.mned th
crlpco in etrong terms , rematklng tha
such things oonld bring no good t
' Ireland. Dsylo eftjs he knows rjoo
! tivoly that McAdaric rns in Kgyj
during the whole tinio covered by tt
' I conspiracy nrid while the plottini
I against Forctof were oipg on. B
I was at Groiao , a raonatain reeort i
I Ecanco , fifty miles frctn Nice , wht
the Phceate park usocaeinatiou ocou
- red. He had not boon lu Irelai
kroai lite in 3S4 till Angui
1882 Doyle scoala the Idea that ii
olBter ootrid bo concocted with oui
orimo as the Pbicaix park luarrlo
Doyle hta many letters from M
Adarin , and can gho his whcreabon
for sovocal yearn past. Ha is < jui
couGdeut the arfihorltlos are on < ti
wrong track.
SpecUl Dlspatchecto Till Una.
Moagher , n well known roughest
and fttllod STioholas Meckiu , lu
of saloon cow this cfternoon. The mt
derec was arroatod to-night.
In vfaw of the terrible calnmnit-
the Cuthollo eokool in New York , t
bowel of edocutlonof thia city doold
to hare all pubMo schools inipectod
to the prorialtns for the eosapo
Bohnlurs in case of fire ,
The wholesale grocery honoe of 1
T. AUon&'Cb. , failed today. 'I
Ml ostignBo cfitimatoo th'o liabilities
I * d , over g400OGQ ; assets nominally $50
> 000 , but will realize .much lees.
In the unao of the alleged iuaan :
of tko son of Perry H. Smith , <
of well known politician and mlllionn !
110 the jury tide .afternoon brought di
od verdict to the tffdct that ho is & 'l
tructod pornaD.
The , Chicago Proas club mot t
afternoon to 'take appropriate erti
it. on the death < of its late president ,
J. Medlll , who died at Quincy yoot
day. A committee of escort waa i
IBml pointed aud laft to-night to ac oin ;
30 ny the remains to this oity. 1
funeral nillbo held Saturday. ' 1
memorial mooting of the Proas cl
will bo
re Who Bald Ic Did.
c\T York.Trlbuno
toro The annual farce of iutroduci
blllo forbidding ruombara to ace <
railroad paoaea is being repeated
several logisU lures this winter. 1
occasion is generally improved by t
members , who have a hilarious tij
ro voting that they will not accept wl
they hve in their pooketo then. ' .
dividual votes are greeted with a lo
gufiawi tuuliholot'iBlatori who oroai
loua to DOBO as otitl-monopoHotn ti
the opportunity to throw du t in I
eyes of the "dear people. " The ia :
Lt-j deceives nobody.
* i
Is ,
I.OBS of Appetite , Bowels ooatlvi
Pain In the Hand , with a dull § 01
cf tion In the baclt.part , PaUi undc
tuo Shoulder blailo , , fullness uftc
eating' , with a disinclination to try
ortlon of body or mind , Irrltnbtut
of tamper , Low op Wta , with a foeC
IIIRT of navlncr neglected Bomodut.i
We rlness , Dizziness , Fluttering 6
the Laart , Dots before the eyes , Ye !
Icwrtflcin , Headache uoneraily ovc
therlsht eyo.lto tle88neas , with fll
ful dreams , lilifhly colored Urlxu
Tt7T7"H I'lTjT.H nro eperfall
nilaptca lo vutlt CHKBK. oii ilojc el
tertH oiicli a ilmiiKo of feeltjiu t Ult t lie sit Hi i er. *
liny lucrrnne tliuAiipddte.imdcaui
the bo < ly to Talie on 1 < lc li , ctiuj thu y
ti-ni Is iionrlMlieil , ana bv tlielr Tonl
Action unttii I > lue > tlveOniuii , ltei
ulni'Hlooln nriMToiluora. I'lIioWttnt
: ! 3 jlliirmv St. . IV. V. \
nnAT HUB on Wiurarns chaiiKo to a Qtoss
J.LACK by a ilnirle application of t hii DTK. 1
Impartsatmturulcolor. Art lnitaiituntioui
n &J y.K5u'mMtlv'avnM"
, Ol't'ICK , .ItS OIIIIAT ST. , N.
SpecialCnrrropondtncaolthg lt .
LINCOLN , FebruAry 21. Tiio first
thing thin morning VIM Ilia roporf of
the oommltloo on olaimi upon thtf
53,000 claim for the rollof o ( JV. .
rciirmaa. Thin Mil was referred lethe
the general filewhore It may bloorj for
Bomo tiino , perhaps f r n couple ot
year ? .
Senator Brown of Conjla3 ; mo\cd
lh-\t thoRonoral Bpproatlatlon bills ba
given prosodniit over all other artto
priationa. This \TM fought by the
friends of all other appropriation btlla
and was defeated after aovo'.al dilatory
A motion to RO into the oominltipo
ot the whole , \aafo jg\t \ ulo ollo.
mlos of the oapi'.ol npproptlotion , - nd
au r oovoral nmj'jdmonts had b , n
tAcked OU to tha same , Batlor mo\oi
the provionj queatlon , which wa =
ngrood to and tlui initiun to go into
c.voimiUco of the whole , with Senator
Oiinnor in the ohnir , nns ctrriad ,
Senator BnUcr had boon Delected
to got iho iloor and move the consid
eration of the cipltol appropriation
bill , but ho jumped a cog and failed
to connect , and Senator Roynolda gut
the floor and moved the consideration
ot thb bill appropriutlijg $70.000 for
Senator Butler moved us nn amend-
in on t that the aouato taku up the cap
Uol appropriation bill , the amend
msnt was defeated , aud the original
motion prevailed and the reform
tohool bill which was taken up and
Senator MoShann/ / moved that
the bill be road and adopted acotior
by section.
SonUor Butler moved uo an amend
ment that when thia com mitt co ariao
it report this bill back nith a rocom
nnndation that It do paaa , Senators
MoShano , Brown , of Olny , Brown , cf
Douglas , lRynolda , Ltarrltion and
Barker spoke agalntt the amendment ,
aud bifaro a vote T/ns reached Mr.
Butler withdrew his amendment , and
the biM waa ordered road sicclon by
ooctioa according to the motion of
Brown , cf Oliy , moved that notion
1 be amended by Inaortiug $ bO,000
iuatead of STG'COO.
Senator Reynolds took the chair
and'Sonator Connor opoko in Uvor of
the bill. Ho claimed that Ihla waa n
cLurltablo institution and that the
amount waa not too much.
Senator Duch w.m not tpponod tc
tuaklng a reasonable npproptlatbn
t but was opposed to the amoun1
uaracd. lie anid that the approprla
lions propotod in thu ( lilForont bill
now pending and alrondy passed b ;
this lugialature ainoanteil to ubou
Senator Butler said ho had alway
favored an institution of tufa kind
and ho did not think the approprlt
tiou any too largo. lie did not thin
that a building buUt with the amouu
of money named would bo auflicloti
for the atato for raoro than two yeare
Ho did not belluvo that the peopl
would complain of high taxes on th' '
account. If ho thought they woul
ho would recomtnoud that wo 'ha
bettor atop smoking cigars or drlul
lug whisky.
Senator Conner moved that who
this committee nsu they report tli
bal back M ataoiidcd und rcoonunei
that It do paaa , which waa carrie
The committee then roao and the r
ota port of the committee waa adopto
a The aonato then adjourned tlll'l :
ir- p m.
aa The SUREST CURB for
ofV. DOOM lauio tack eradl ordfredurin
Indicate Jiat you are ariotlra ? THEND
heat onooCdniffirlaUreoommendlt ) and ifewill
peedlly overcome Uio dlicaao and roctore
at * falUiy action to all tacorcana.
atV B nflifC * oroomplalnt < p rclla
CtUIV VB to your per , iuch aapaln
and wrakflM3 < w , KIDNEY-WORT la uniur <
passedaaltwlU aot promptly and ufely
hy Either Box. Incontinence , retention o
hoi urine , brick ifaut or ropy depoelt * , anddal
Jruggln e iu ln , all apeedily yield to Ita our
atlve power. ( IU
i a tDBYALI < I5nUaOMT8.
io "Jlr Ethan Lawrcnct , my townsman. " so
DIl Dr PMlllu U E llou tf Monkton , -Vt. , "w
bl tit d ( rom Kidney dl'c&Be. The ( kin of 1
S. legs ilrn llko glaa ; , Kldtey-Wort cured hii
jr- Apr. ) 82
for nil dl8oa ca or the Kldneye end
It haa Bpoolfla notion on tills moat Important
orcnn , ouabllnc It to throw off torpidity and
Inaction , cumulating tha healthy eoretlon
ofthelllln , nd by keeping th boweli to fro .
condition , offliaunfr ita regular dlschimv.
WJJrsliyll Ifyou are suflerlnc from
ilnSlarld > tnalaria.havothocbllli ,
are bilious , dyepeptio , or coustlpatad , Kid-
tn ncy-Wort wiluuroly relievoJc qulaldy cure.
In tliln season to cleanse Uio Eyst m , orcry
onoauouldUkoathorouKhoourcooflt. ( II )
"Tell mr brotIier olclpr8."wrlt-8 | J. C. PI\V (
of Troutan. Ill , anil nil ft cm , too that Kl'ln
Wort cured my 21 yta'B U tr dl oul rs 1'ubli
l-o U , pUiCO , in Ht. Lcud lilobo-Deonocret' '
he * sm
No other dl'aw > i > r.o prevalent In Uil
„ country ai CojgUpatlon , and no remedy C
o boa over t quailed the cclcbraUid KID HEY-
WOUT iu a euro. Wuatever the cause ,
however olwtlnato Via cace , thli roamly
O vrill ovoroorao It.
° \ Oil tSCt TTU8 dletrtnlnjrcom-
g | litlmKiGlm pUtat In very aptto U
with constipation. Kidney
. -i..v . . . . feChonnthoif/c'iLcnod p&rt < and
> julckly . curo.i all kind ) of Fllra even . . _ when
i. W- -M
- - , . - -
( ! „ ) an UJK.IC
"II you liavo cllVr nf tlie o troubles
Anolttr Hick 0 rhlir e'Cpea. OeTCJ I
llont , 0 fhlcr ol Ityent WR ( I'a ) Hank , ial
roceotl/"Kldney.Wcitcuttdinj'bI ; ill gjlies
iMJ-JS-TD-M-A-'E'-E ' 8-U2
- - - - - - -
An It l fcr oil the palnlul fllixxuira of tL
ItclcanM-jt ! e tyu urn ortto acrid pouon
that catuca the dreadful t ilfariax which
only Uio victims ot r heumatUtn a.n ic lua
of the Tiomt ferro of Uu * terrible c1
La TO bosn quickly relieved , ndij
tUn *
pniani.UiuueriU , i
"KUney.Wcrt hii ( 'lvcn Irrmo Ut < relief ,
many CMU rl ihounuitl'in , ( alrg \ under toy n
Ho' . " lr. I'hlllpO. lallcu MonHton , Vt. Ar
"I never ( ouud evca relief ( rom nheuinat's '
and KHney trouble * (111 I u eJ Kldnoy Woi
Now I'm wo I. " DivldM. , Wl
Farms ,
15th&DouglasSt. :
No. 10 Full otniiil new home3 roomi , tnl
iclow Mul ono up nalra. KUht loot colling bo'ov
and'o\eiiabo\e. llrlck foundation , collar , etc
bargain , SUM.
No. 18-LarRo two utory house , 10 roomi , twi
iree cellars. | fed will anil ttntern , barn , tita , o :
W.lwtcraiulIMd btreot , SO.OOO.
No U Lot CiOxINl fei-t , new liouso ol twi
rooms lirlck foiuulatlon 1UO barrel cistern o :
Uniullton street noir Poor ClixrcConvont SMW.
No 10 Ilouso aiul lot on 17th near ClarK 81
hoiiBo f > roomi etc. SliXX ) .
No. Vr llouso of 3 roams full lot on Pierce 81
near WhSIMX )
No. 21 Now liousoof 7 rooms , with corner lo
hall nillo wtnt of Turntable o ( rod street cars o
Sail dors St. SlOCO.
No. 5 House of ilnht rooms , barn etc. U
Vacant Lots.
No. 252 Two full lota on 10th Street near La
St. J1COO.
No.351 Twenty five lot * In Parkers ajdltl
Just north of th end ot r d street car line fll
oaeli cany torinn.
No.SJo Fourlotson Delaware Et. ncarllai
com paik , ( G50.
No. 831 Ono half lot on South nvonue , no
St. Mary's avenue , fSM.
No. SlO-ElRhtoen ( IB ) lots on Ilet , 2nd , 23
3 and Blunders Btreet , near Qiace , J500 each , a
3la on cany terms.
lad No , 340 Six beautiful residence lots on Cath
d ino street , near Uacgcom park. $4,600.
1. Twoho beautiful residence lota en Hamll
stroct , near end ot old Btreot car track ; high i
3i ilnhlly , t3Mto S700.
i Sovcial acre and half acre corner Iota on Cv
50 Ing , Hurt and California ntroeta , In Lowo'd I
end addition and 1'ark PUce near AcaUum ;
Bociod Heart '
Lots m 'Trotpoot Placo" on Hamilton i
bi Cliarloj etroct. Juit west of the end of lied Sn
Cart lack and Convent of the rilutenj of P
Clare , ono and one half mile f rom iiostnfflca , i
ono rnllo from U. P. shorts , $150 to 3500 to
only B per contxlotvn and B per cent per mor
Lots In Lcwa'a addition ono half mlle woit
, end of Hod Btrott < r track near Convent
Poor Clare Sisters In Shlnn'a adilltlon , $125
9300 each , and on very easy ternu.
Lots In Horbnoh'a 1st and 2nd addltla
.Sblnn's , ftrkPlaoo , Lowe's 2nd addition. Riz <
Lako'g , NeluoD'a , llanscom Place , llcdlck'a
dlllons , etc. , oto.
Lots In "UroJlt Fonder addition" lust c
quarter mlle soutti-cait ot Union Pactua and
unit M. U. It. depots , $260 to $1,600 each , very a
Business [ Lots ,
Tnrao Ked Ixictneaa lota on Podf-o near 1
i. itreet , 21x120 ( evt each , $1,600 each , orH.WX
all , ci y torma.
Two K > od bunlncei lot < i on Fnrnam street ,
63 foot ciict , withrarnobulldlnKitberonrent
( or about tCCO per year each ; price 91,250 ct
41x132 feet on Farnam near lOLhstruot , cor
Splendid Warehouse lot on Union P clTorl (
ol way. north of track and eaat of Nail Woik
belnir I3t lent north ( rontauo on Mason ttii
by about 100 ( o > t wcit ( ronlifo on 10th it.
Farmii 'd wild lands In Douzla" , Sar
Dode | , WuhlDfctca , Ouit , MTavno , Stanton , i
other K0i d counilcs In naslcrn Neljnsknfnr B
laiei | iaJd , raulocollected , anl money loai
on lmpro\'eri elly aJ countryjpropcrty i i
rates of In-tereot.
$5.00 EACH.
< /
16th and Douglas Si
! * * ff
ImiFnultlYoCnro ,
For nit the e 1'nlnful Complaint , and WfcVnMM
aa common to our bfit female population.
A Medicine for Woman. InTcnteilby aWonui-
1'rtparcd by a Woman. ,
Tl flmlnt flxllftl Dtitourj Sl * lli " ol lllktoi , .
tSTHrerlTeiths drooping eplrltn , InrlBoratei n4
harmonUnj the organic functions , glres elasticity an <
Urmness to the itep , rentorcs the natural luitro to th
eye , and plAnta on the pala check of woman th frta ! )
rose of lifo' printt and early dimmer time. '
tsrphjilclana U n It and Proscrlbo It Frcely.-W
It rcmoTcs folntncm , fUtulency , destroys all crarlni
for etlmuUnt , and reUoros woMuiesa of the tomach ,
That feeling of bearing down , cauMngpaln , welgh (
and twckachc. U lway permanently cured by Its u \
For the enrc of Kidney Complnlnt * of either § e
thlt Gerapoundji unaurpaaacd. i
TlIA C. PINKHAM'B ui.w"i u "
wlTreredlcVto ciery vwtlm or Humors trorn nj
Illood.andKlro tone and utrentrth to the system , 04
man woman or child. ln lst on having It. \
Both the Compound and lllood Purlfler art prepare *
at IU3 and M Western Avenue , Lynn , Mass Price at
elthcri | 1. 8U bottles for 93. Bent by mail In the f on *
of pHUs or of lozonecu , on receipt of price , llpcrrxB
for either. Mrs. Plnkham freely answers all letter * ol
Inquiry. Enclose 3ct.rtftmp. Bend tor pamphlet.
Ko family houM IKS without LTDIA. E.
LUT.U I'lI.IA They euro conntlpatlon ,
nd torpidity of the Uver. ZS cent * per box.
Seains Rewarded , ' \ ,
on , v ,
Vlio 8rory of tuo Sowing MaoWne ; S
A Irn1 omo ! ) ! ! iiMnpblo ) , bln liud
iof u n Ith onmtnaj nnnr ; ilngi , will I he
15 ? y Kadi yrnau ra'JInir ( or U , t nir btanok
ot lufj-fltnce ol The Elnpoi UM > nractorin ; Com *
p n7. or nil ) be D nt bj cull , poet piM , ta
ttv ptirm IM K t
i ; Oa , ,
tl OIBoo , 31 Union Hqc > ion
Scad SI , $2 , ? H , or 85 for a ro
nil box by Express of the best
Cnmllea In America , put up
elegant boxes , and strictly pnre"
Snitnblo for prasente , Exproofl
charges light. Kcfors to nil Chi i
cago. Try It once ,
Confectioner ,
on The mo i ctntrallr located hotel to the dtr.
ui Room B * n.OOJ1.60Rnd JtOOperdaj.
uim f . ' M Rcataurant connected wit the
m Uutn
30' ' HtJIiST. - - Prop.
30'Ol . Tgurthand l'-v Strooti.
nd etrs *
eh ,
thof WtJtcrn Agents , LifajeUc , Indiana ,
31 ,
Rubber Boots aud
Itoofs Jir.d Shoes /
Ing 13x 50PEBCT. TV "
ch. . .
The center pieces Are Interchangeable end revert -
; ht vert Iblo. It prevents tbo counter ( rom running
eve , requiting no bcel BtHTeucn.
ot , Tlio Agincy ( or Huso gocda In tbla town baa
been pint
Othera canno proiuro hem.
nd Call and rxamlno a ( ull line ot Leather and
tie. "Candro" Kubbor DooU and Shoos with the lie.
tie.ed rersllilo lluel.
ow MH3. M. 1'ETERSON , '
31 3n LouUvllle.Ncb.
il- -OF X1JE-
lilwaukee & St , Paul
ll now running Its FAST EXPRESS TRAINS
Pullman's Hapificont Sleepers
Finest Dining Oars in the World.
Or to any point beyond ; or ]
To , .
Take tha BEST KOUTE , the
Chicago ,
Ticket office locate ! at corner Fariuni ami
Fourteenth streets auil at U ,
P. Depot and at
Mllliril Hotel , Omaha.
tiffico Time Table In another column.
i t1. A. NA3II , General Atrent , (
0. H. FOQTE , Ticket Afnt | , Omaha.
OeneralManagtr. Ocr.eral Pass. Agent.
'I QeneralSap't. Asa'tGtin.I'iaa. AKCII