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Important Measures Thorough ! ]
Tongue-Lashed in the Legis
lature ,
Oonfleld'a Militia Bill Hobbe (
of Its Youthful Freshnesp ,
"Vieroronr Debite on the Bil
for the Deposit of County
.A Memorial to Congress Urg
ing the Abolition -Bridge
Peatman and Konnnrd Pool Thai
Plani fur BoRai Claims.
Sp d l Correspondence of Tui Bll.
LINCOLN , February 8. Gen. Mat :
derson was at the capitol this morntn
shaking hsnds with the members an
senators. Mrs. Mandorsou waa als
visitor on the floor. The cortificat
of his election to the office of Unite
States senator was made ont , slgno
and delivered over to the ( general tc
In thirteen days from date th
eighteenth session of the Nebrask
legislature will be dead , or at least a'
the life lift in it is what will remal
after the rations stop.
A brief resume of to-day's oosslo
will show satisfactory progress in se\
cral important bllh.
The joiat resolution Introduced b
Mr. Reynolds , urging our represent !
tlvo in congress to instruct the prope
commltteo to report a bill limittn
charges on Missouri river brldced t
$4 per carload for freight and 25 cenl
each for passengers , was considered i
committee of thu whole , The word
"instruct" grated open the dolicat
nerves of some of the senators and i
was changed to "rtquo&t. " Senate
Connor moved to amend by strikin
out the " 84 and 25 cents" clause an
Inserting "that the same bu operate
as a part of the railroad corporation
owning or operating said bridges , nn
all bridge tolls bo abolished. Thi
amendment waa supported by Browr
of Lancaster ; Brown , of Olay ; an
others , on the ground that the rosolt
tlon , as it originally read , might I
takar as a concession by this legit
latnre of the right of the Unio
Pacific company to charge extr
toll over tholr bridge when in realll
it Is as much a portion of their road E
any other mile of their track and rati
should be the same. Senators He ;
nolds , Sang and Butler opposed tl
amendment on the ground that in i
new form it would amount to nothlr
bat buncombe , .while a radnotton <
rates to the proposed figures would 1
appreciated bj every shipper in N
braska. The amendment was * ca
ried and the resolution reported I
McShane'a bill to encourage tl
discovery and development of co
mines was also favorably reports
This provides that the state may f u
nlsh , free of rout , machinery to 1
used in boring for cwil the prospec
or to give bond to go at least to
depth of 1,000 foot , unless a 30 ini
vein of coal is reached at loss
depth. The machinery and a full r
port of the operations are to be i
turned to the state. An amondmo
repeals the existing offer cf a bonn
1 to the discoverer of coal
Senator Brown , of Douglas , adv
catod his bill providing for the dopoi
of public funds of cities and count !
in banks and securing to said cities
counties the interest on the same. I
waa assisted by McShane and Sowoi
the latter senator * stating that 1
county ( Adam" ) had lost 850,0
which n law like this would ha
ayed. Brown , of Lancaster , oppoa
this bill , and an exciting debate w
followed by a call of the yeas and ua
whloh resulted in 12 votes to indt
nltelv postpone and 13 in favor of t
passage of the bill.
When the committee of the whi
tackled CanGold's militia bill , a f
shrewd questions propounded
Brown , of Djuglaa , onaod the see
Ingly innccant clause , that gives o
cers and members the name pay tl
similar grades in Jho regular army i
colvo , develop iuto figures which wet
pay the milHa at the rate of $5 , (
a year for gonorala and sixty oenti
day for privates. There are eviden
more militia privates than cllicera
the senate , and they concluded t ]
$2 n day all round wonld bo a mi
equitable division of the state mill
money , and with that understand
the bill rests until Mr. Oanfiald c
It up again.
Among the bills attracting the m
attention to-day la ono introdnced
the senate regulating voluntary aasi
ments. It is n long document anc
being tcinned closely by the cornm
clal men of the state.
A bill for the protection of
traveling pnblic , compelling h'
ownora and keepers to provide a
escape for all buildings three stoi
high or over , was nndor discusion I
morning. Notices are to bo postoc
each room tolling whore the rope
rope ladders are kept. The bill \
videa that a watchman shall bo kep
every hotel having fifty rooms or o' '
and that an alarm bell shall bo kepi
f ' each floor of the building. This
as originblly introduced provided
a watchman on each floor. Mr.
Shane moved to amend the bill
compelling the proprietor to ko
guard for each room , and on this q
tton the senator from Richard
Mr. Sohoenhelt , took the floor
manner In which he handled the q
tion proved him quite a humorist ,
withstanding ho looked as solemn
judge. He argued that the mora
the guests and the reputation of all
hotels need looking tf'or , and ho
thought that nndor the circumstances
one gqard to raoh room was none too
much , and ho thought the euard
should bo kept on the Insldo of the
Dom ( The bill passed the committee
of the wholo.
When the bill came before the sen
ate , Brown , of Douglas , offered an
amendment which made the owners
of the hotels responsible instead of the
keepers. Upon this the ayes and nays
were called when the amendment was
rejected. The bill was then ordered
nrgrossod for a third reading , and at
12-10 the senate adjourned nntil 1:30. :
SpecUl Cotrwpondeuce of Tui Un.
LINCOLN , February 8 The greater
part of the session this forenoon was
taken tip with committee reports ,
which were , with few exceptions ,
adopted. Among these are reports
recommending bills for the relief of
Sheriff Gronor , of Lincoln county ;
Tom Kennard , swamp land commis-
tioner , and J. W. Pearman , chronic
bogus claimant. There was also rec
ommended the bill creating a board of
health and medical examiners , Mrs.
Packard's pot , the bill to declare and
protect the Identity of married
women ; Mr. Sadelek's bill for minor
ity representation in electing mem-
bets of the legislature , and Mr. Hall's
bill prohibiting the publication of lot
Several bills 1h t had been en
grossed for a third reading were
passed , among them the memorial to
congress , requesting the abolition of
the duty on barbed wire ; Biocbowor's
bill , fixing the 15th day of May each
year for the general round-up of cat
tle ; a bill prohibiting pralrlo fires un
der severe penalties the bill defining
the boundary lines of Brown county ,
and the bill for the protection of the
inmates of the hospital for the insare
removing all censorship over their
Texas Stock.
Special Dispatches to Tin BBB.
GALVESTON , February 8 The lose
to etockmeu throughout the state by
the recent cold snap will not exceed
five pur cont.
SAN AhTONiA , February 14 Ad
vices from various parts of the state
show the average loss of sheep through
the roront spell of cild weather from
15 to 20 per cont. Cattle of all kinds
BufTored to a great extent.
Pr hlultlon JnMuino-
Special Dispatch to TUB liw.
AoaufiTMo. . , February 8 The
house , 104 to 37 , ordered- engrossed
the prohibitory amendment. The at
tempt to except cider failed DC
to 80.
The C po Oed Canals
Special Dispatch to TUB lisa.
BOSTON , Mass. , February 8 Twc
different companies applied for charters
tors to build a ship canal across Oap <
Oed , and are ready to deposit $100 ,
(03 or $200,000 as a guarantee bofori
oommen cing operations.
Raot la Weir Or loan *
Special Dispatch to Tim Un.
NEW'OKLEANS , February 8 Tracl
good , attendance light. Five-eighth
cf a mile , Lucy Johnson wouj timi
One mile , Wedding Day won ; tlmi
Hurdle race , mile , King Datchmai
won ; time 1:51 : A
A Protest from Boston.
Special Dlfpatch to Tui Bun.
BOSTON , February -Mayor Palmer
or presided at a mass meeting of Irisl
born cltlzans to-night , who protos
against the English policy of enforce
emigration , and demand that the government
ornmont give work to the people ir
Texas Rtoolr.
Special Blipatch to Tun BKR.
FORT WORTH , Tex. , February 7.-
Speclals to the Gazette from abou
twenty points , embracing Kansas , th
Indian Territory and Northwest Toi
as , report the loss on sheep very hoav
during the cold wave. The cattle ai
drifting , but the losses are few whei
they wore In good condition. Th
number in bad condition was so fo
that the loss Is Insignificant. Th
weather is moderaUng.
A Chloauo Lunatic-
Special Dispatch to Tin UBS. ,
CIIIUAQO , February 8 An appllci
tlon has been filed for thn oppoln
mout of a conservator of the estate <
the well-known millionaire and domi
cmle politician Perry H. Smith. Tl
firat evldonco of falling mental fort
wts observed in London last snmmi
when Mr. Smith was prostrated wil
sudden Illness. The application wi
made at the instance of Robert Lav
a friend of the family , and it is undo
stood to bo with their concurrence.
A Murdered American-
SpocUl Dispatch to Tint Dim.
OITT or MEXICO , February 8.-
John G. Buohan Hepburn , son
Sir Thomas Bnchan Hepburn , t !
English baronet , was murdered 1
miner * Sunday in Piuos Altos , Ghlh
ahna Five of the murderers were sh
last Monday.
James Sullivan , representative
the Mexican National Constrnctli
el company , has IF it for the Unit
States. Vice President Purdy i
re snmcs entire charge of the southe
PS division of the Mexican railroad ,
, lo
A Bail nTnn.
oren Special Dispatch to Till BIB.
WASHINGTON , February 8
n Washington paper soys : Ool. 0 :
plnger , who married Miss Blai
on gained an unenviable reputation
California when stationed there
'or ' 18G8. It charges him with sodnci
[ o- and iiloping with a Mrs. Cash , wife
bya the San Fracclaco representative
> a The New York Herald at that time.
asn. > . A Dead Governor.
n.nd Special DIspaUh to Tui BHI.
OS GALVJSHTON , February 8. A No'
ot- Austin special says ox-Governor Da
s a died this morning from pnenmo
of after a short illness.
A Gold Day for the ( Hided Dome
of the Caulked State 'House ' ,
The Capitol Appropriation
Knocked Out of Time on
the Firet Round.
A Lively Night in the Lowei
Housr , Baoked b/ the
Old Lobby.
Half a Million for Ornamenl
Goal at $12 a Ton.
Oar Own Gr y 'Works and Vote ;
fjr Additional Taxis.
Spec" * ! Dispatch to Tim Bit ,
LINCOLN , Nob. , February 8. Another -
other lively day in the legislature. The
aom and substance of its labors to-daj
will , however , fill very little apace In
the atatnto bookn. As yet no measured
of relief demanded by the people in
the matte * of cheaper transportation
have boon digested and presented tc
the homo. The bill recommended bj
Mr. Qtout and a mnjority of the rail
road committee it nothing more not
loan than an andaolous aohemo to nul
lify the declaion of the aupremo oourl
by creating a railroad commission , and
to postpone for the next two years anj
legal regulation cf the railroad traffic ,
who is associated with Great in play
ing lackey for the monopoly , lot the
cat out of Iho bag whoa he admitted
to another number that A. J. Popple
ton was the eminent attorney whotr
ho had consulted about the bill. II
Popploton'a advice has moro wolghi
with the legislature than their oatl :
to obey the constitution , they will
pass thia bill and earn the everlasting
t > ratitudo of Mr. Popplotou's prin
cipal client , the Union Pacifu. Or
trie face of the bill it is an outr gooui
fraud. It creates a cotr uilaeion an
pointed by thu govurnor with ea arlta
including clerks , amounting to $15 ,
000 a yojr. The ti teonth section o
the bi 1 prohibits the comnuEsion frotr
doing anything that is not d me
who is clothed with supreme coutro
over all their actions. Why thi
state should piy for a commissione :
while the governor has absolute con
trol over its govornmaut is simplj
Senator McShano , ohahimn cf tin
senate ccmmltttn is drafting and coin
piling another bill which will bo lee
objectionable , although by no mean
what the people have a right to ox
peck or demand
For the first time since the legislature
laturo convened the house hold
night session , which lasted till ofte
twulve , and gave rise to the livelfei
and most exciting debate of the set
sion. It was a field day , or rather
Gold night. The scrimmage too
place in committee of the whole
which had under consideration
number of bills on the general fiU
A.fter several nnimportant bills hu
been past over the clerk reached
which ho read section by section
without any material objection froi
any quarior. until the bill was re a
through. The Lincoln lobby , hot
behind and Insldo of the bar , a ]
poarod delighted with the noemle
indifference exhibited by the honai
when Palmer , cf Dixon , sadden
moved to strike out all the bill afti
the preamble that recites the necps l1
for pulling down the old cipitol ar
makes it the duty of the baard of pu'
lie worko to contract for its rumva
The motion was seconded and create
quite a sensation. Roberts roao to
point of Order , that inasmut
A3 the speaker had ruled th
where no objection is mate <
to any part cf a bill read by sectlo
no amendment is In order after tl
whole has been read. The chair , M
Nottloton , ruled the point was n
well taken. Mr. Franso supported M
Palmer's motion in a vigorous at
telling speech. Ho was opposed
levy a tax for a costly structure
long M , the state could not meet t !
just claims of its citizens that t
mainod unpaid for many years. Pe
legislatures had refused to pay hont
debts. It was a great comfort at
pleasure to the legislature to sit in
great hall with BAmols carpet ai
costly chandeliers whllo the crodito
of the state who have just claims a
compelled to pay 12 per cent intorei
Mr. Fi id , of Lancaster , appealed
the honeo whether the preceding log
turo who had appropriated money f
the two wings had committed
The state u not insolvent and
did not believe It would repudiate a
jutt debt , If they wanted to vote t
bill down lot them do so , but ha c
jectod to the motion to dispose cf
in this way. lie nrged the houeo
pans the bill without amondmo :
Jonaon said ho hated nppropriitioi
but ho hated to see thu old hoc ; p
between the two wings. Ho was
farmer and in debt , but that ho thou ;
the glory cf the state demanded t
capitol building with Its dome shot
bo an ornament to the state. Seesii
followed in a similar strain. It i
not , for Lincoln or Lancaster coui
ho appealed , but for the whole stn
which needed bettor accommodatlo
The lawyers cf Nebraska who atti
the supreme court want It. Thot
Bart , In a very sarcastic way , bad
Sessions by saying the senate chain
in ono of the new wings '
to keep the wind out , and the ot
wing would soon bo in the sauio c
dltion , Mr. Wolpb , of Oass , cam
the rescue of the Lancaster dologal
by declaring that the taxpayers of thi
state had not been out a dollar for thi
old capitol building , the anlverilty 01
any state building * . Mr. Howard , u
01 ay , advised the house to go slow
before they incurred such an cuor
nions outlay. Some counties , possl
bly Oass , may not have been taxed
for the buildings , but he know thai
Olay county was heavily taxed , nota
bly for thu insane nsyluni. The state
can afford to wait. A ono mill tux It
two years would aggregate f 2CO 000
Mr Anhby , of Franklin , supported
the motion booanso the bill provided
no limit to taxation , The accoinaio
dationn nro ample now for some years
Mr. Dodd , of Howard , was opposed
to further taxation. Wo already had
There are hundreds of farmori
Lvlng in dugouts and sod house !
who tind difficulty In providing foi
their families lot alone pay tnxoa foi
a grand bniliing. Johnson of Soun
ders was opposed to any extrava
gance , but thought the demand rea
sonable. Gray of Douglass though
i : would cost the man. with a ICO aari
farm only eighty cents a year. How
ard retorted , "No matter how snial
the tax , bnt when yon got a man'i
no 10 on the grindstone , an inch is i
good'doal to him. " [ Linghter ]
The debate grow hotter as it pro-
gr.sjed. Franso and Whodon clinch-
bd in an argument. Frtnso iusistoi
the l at legislature had voted tuva ;
$200,000 more than its resources
Whedon denied this.Vhon ques
tloned what the proposed bulidlni
would cost , ho said the architect'
cs imato WAS *
ABOUT $400,000.
Dodd mid it would probably cos
more than half a million. The yet
on Palmer's motion to otriko out al
after section two was lost by a vcr ;
small majority. Field mivod tlm
the bill bu reported back with th
recommendation that it do pars. 1
liiitig vote resulted in a tie. Frans
demanded that the chair deolar
Field's mo'ion ' lost. The chair calleii
for another vote itnid treat excite
iniint. The result wa ? giin a tio.
Mr. Nattlotou then cist his vote it
the negative uud declared Field's mo
tion recommending the bill , lost
which was erected with considor&bl
applauao. The supporters of the bll
then moved an adjournment of th
honeo , which w ai carried. The roaul
ii regarded ua indicating the liail de
faat of the cajitol appropriilion.
Tuo Floods.
Special Dlspatchcj to TUB UBS.
Pmsncuo , February 8. The fbo
In the Mounngahola reached the higt
est point , 28 foot , at 3 o'clock till
morning , and soon cftor began to n
code , owing to the cold weather whlo
shut off the small streams. Thowatc
did no * got as high ua anticipated b
several foot. Thn damage hero i
almont wholly from inundation , bt
tbj Iocs from these is consldorabli
All mills along botu rivers are aul
merged and operations suspendet
Many stores in the lower portions i
the two cities are under water ar
hundreds of families on the South Sic
and In Allegheny have been oompelle
to leave tli ir borne1 until the flooi
subside. Dispatches from towns aloi
the Mononganela report great dama ;
from inundation. The water at thoi
Eoinls i ; subsiding and no moro dang
i apprehended.
PAIIKEUSBUIIO , W. Va. , Februai
8. The present is the highest flat
hero since 1800 , the river being
feet above low water. Houses on tl
Ohio side are Inundated , also on tl
Kavawha aide. Thrao hundred pe
sons are homeless. Eyory mill in tl
rity is nndcr water. Loss f ally $10 (
COO. Nollvrslost. The Kivawl
river Is rushing out at a tromsudo
rate. The water is within a foot
the furnace fires at the poatoflico.
CINCINNATI , Febrimy , 8. The 01
river la rising along the whole lengt
an almost unprecedented case.
Wheeling it is 30 fuot und still rlsiti
B.-atB c not phis under the bridgi
The tiver hero id riling throe Inch
an hoar.
CINCINNATI , February 8. T
Covninorciul Qjzjtte's tpjcials repr
that the Ohio river rear tied two inch
at Marietta , but the city ts in dai
ness , the gas works boiug floodi
The Ions in the city is very grot
merchants not having time to sa'
goods. Mrs. Groves was foui
drowned in a house this ovonlt
'Railway connection Is cut off. T
loss In the township to farm proper
is estimated at $50 000
At Pomoroy , Ohio , the flood
greater than any since 1817 , a
promises to exceed that before moi
ing. Three hundred buildings ha
from ono to fiftf-on foot of water ,
three-fourths rf the business hou
water is six feet deep. The dama
to dwellings and business houses
estimated at $1&0 090.
At Ironton there is fif ty-fivo feet
water in the river and rising. 1
lower p u-t of the city is flooded a
all factories are stopped.
At Portsmouth the river is rial
three inches un hour. Tho.wa
works and nearly all factories
stopped. Ono hundred families hi
boon driven from their housoi. 'J
„ railroads north and east are nn
0 water ,
FBKMONT , 0 , February 8 Th
thousand dollars have boon colloo
for the relief of the flood suifjrors.
will bo several doyj before the dw
ings can bo occupied.
Tha Mrxtonn ZioLliy.
bp5CliH ) ' p 'ch toTiu BEE.
NEW YOUK , February 8 11
William Henry Hurlbert , of
New York World , Gen
Grant , Peter Cooper , Gen
Dodge , Giyco , minister , and Oomi
siouors lljraero and Cenedo , of IV
s. tco , were guests to-night at the 1 nuot given by the proprietor of
as Grand Central hotel to Senor Mai
at Tlio Lna u Wixnta Tariff.
Special Iiupatch to Tim BKK.
NEW YOKK , Fob. 8. The Ui
er League club passed resolutions
u questing congress to pass a tariff
to for protection to home Industry
an favoring suspension of silver col
The Bankers of New York aid
Boston Qet the Best of the
Treasury ,
The Transfer of Silver Slyly
v Secured by Moano of
Teller Demands the Return of
a Huge Farm from the
State of Iowa.
The Sonata Rapidly .Approach
ing the End of the Tariff
\Vhlln tha Homo Continual Ham
mering Iron.
SpocUl Dlsiwteh to Tin Ui -
WAHIIINOTON , February 8. Tlu
treasury regulations governing the
distribution of standard silver dollare
and the law authorizing the issue ol
silv or certificates are being used bj
Now York and Boiton banks to obtain
transfer of largo amounts cf monoj
from ono city to another without ex
pense to themselves , but with oonsld <
erablo cost to the government foi
transportation charges. The manupi
of doing this is to deposit currency in
the sub-treasury in ono city and ob.
tain ardors for standard silver dollar *
to bo sent the correspondent in othot
cities from the mint , and the oorros <
pendent Immediately upon receipt ol
the order presents it to the cub'troas
nry iu his citjjaud asks for silver cor
tlficatcs. Several million dollars have
been transferred In thia way recently ,
ccsting the government several thou
sand dollars without lessoning thi
number of silver dollars In the troai
ury , but in effect completely glutting
the vaults of the Now York sub-troas
The secretory ( if tlio interior has nd
diosscd the xovornor of Iowa a letter
demanding that , HIM stuto return to th
government 83,013 acios of land patented
ontod to the otutu on account of th
Sioux City and St. Paul railroad
The lands patented were in excess c
what was duo tao road.
Special Dispatch to Tin It in.
WASHINGTON , February 8 Th
sonata took np the tariff bill and coi
sidoration of the free list began.
Senator Slater moved to put jute o
thu fico list.
Senator Beck asked for division c
the question.
Senator MoPherson favored the mi
tion ; Senators Sherman , Williams an
Logan opposed It.
The presiding officer laid before tt
nen to a xaoisago from the piosidei
transmitting a communication fro :
the secretary of the interior sottit
forth the urgent necessity of stringoi
measures for repression cf ovasloi
and violations of laws relating to pul
lie land.
Tno jute discussion was continue
by Senators Beck , Allison , Goorgi
Morgan , Slater and Jonas.
The motion to pnt jute on the fr <
lint was lost yeas 31 , nays 33. .
Jute buttn were put oi the free Us
Senator Morgan moved to atrik
ont raw silk as reeled from coooo
and silk cocoons and silk was to i
that ho might move to put them c
the cilk schedule at ton per cent , at
valorem. The debate whloh followc
the motion was devoted to statomon
concerning the silk industry in diifei
ent states , some senators declaring
worthy of special cnconragemon
while others doubted whether it cool
bo made successful hero The motic
was lost ayes T , nnja 3U
The reading of the free list wa
Senator Allison offered an amom
inent which was ordered printed , pn
viding for refunding 10 per cent. <
the duty paid on imported salt usi
in curing meats exported.
The senate wont to the paragra ]
pas led over informally yesterday , la
ing a duty of $1 on stones , unman
f ioturod or undressed , except marbl
not specially enumerated. The par
praph was modified by striking o
stones unmanufactured or nndrosse
leaving it apply to free stone , cat
IB atone , granite and all building or mo
umontal stone , except marble n
droHsed nor specially enumerate
An amendment was added fixing t
duty upon stones as above , how
dressed or polished , at $ ) .CO per to
Agreed to ayes 31 , nays 21.
Asphttltuin and bitumen were add
to the free list
Senator Ingalls moved to add bool
pamphlets , bound or unbound , and
printed matter not specially enui
eratod or provided for in this act ; e
gravings , bound or unbound ; otciiln ;
illustrated books , mips and char
oo Agreed to ayes 20 , nays 25.
3d Senator Bayard moved to odd f'n
It ural mineral water" In the free U
II- The words "together with bottles
which they arc contained" were pffai
as an amendment , pending which 1
oenato adjourned.
n. A joint bill was passed to adi
n.ho free of duty a monument to Geoi
ral Washington' , to bo imported by 1
ral Philadelphia society of the Cinclnns
is- The house then wont into commit
JX- of tlio whole on the tariff bill , pond
these offered
in- amendments being
in.he Mossra. Tucker and Morrison , fix
the duty on stool rails at seven-ton
of ono cent pur pound and $15
ton respectively. Mr. Tucker w
drew his amendment and accepted ]
.on Morrison's fixing the rate at ? 15
e- ton.
)111 Several amendments were off
, nd and rejected , and after a dlscnnslo
some length , the committee fixed
duty per ton on stool rails , miv ban
and railing ban. made in part cf stool ,
weighing moro than twenty fivopounds
to the yard , at $15 per ton , by a vote
of 110 to 90.
By a yoto of ill to 05 thn clause rel
ative to bar iron was amended , making
the duty on bars loss thnn ono inch or
moro than six wldo , 9 10 of ono cent
per pound ; moro than two inches thicker
or Icsi than ono or moro than six
wide , etc. , 12-10 of ono cout per
pound ; but all iron in slabs , blooms ,
loopi or other form ) , loss finished
than iron in ban and moro advanced
than pig iron , except castings , shall
bo rated as. iron in bars and pay a duty
accordingly , which shall not bo at loss
rate than 35 per cent advaloram ( before -
fore amended at ! )5 ) per cent , the
clause applying to the whole para
graph )
Mr. Cnrtin offered a proviso that
all iron ban , sines and shapes of any
kind , on the manufacture of which
charcoal la used an a fuel , shall bo sub
ject to a duty of $22 per ton. Agreed
to-05 to 14.
On motion of Mr. II ask ell the duty
on bars of rolled iron , not specially
enumerated , was changed from 1 3 1C
cents to 1 2 10 cents per pound , and
the duty on the second classification
of bar iron from 1 2 > 10 to 1 1-10 pat
cent per pound ,
On motion of Mr. Mills , the clause
imposing a duty of 2J cents per pound
on armor or other plate was struck
from the bill.
Mr. HisKoll moved to rcduco th <
duty on shoot iron tblnnor than 11211
cf an inch and not thinner than No
20 wlro gauze from 1310 to 12 1 (
cents per pound. After debate thi
committee rose.
Mr. Kelly made an attempt to limit
the discussion on the pending para
graph to five minutes. This was op
posed by the democratic side. Aftoi
roll call a compromise was agreed to ,
limiting the tirao to' thirty minutes ,
The house again wont into committee
and without acting on the pending
amendment , the committee rose anc
thn house took a recess.
Upon reassembling the house won !
into committee of the whole on the
legislature appropriation bill.
After brief explanation cf the tnoa
sure by Mr. 0 mnon , Mr. Flower took
advantage tf thu general debate tc
dlscuns the pending tariff bill and con1
cludnd a long speech upon the subject
with a statement that there Is no pro
bability if any reduction of rovonut
by this congress. The legislature bll
was then read by sections for amend
m nt. The item appropriating $ li ,
TOO for maintainancoof a botany garden
don in Washington having boon reached
od , Lcfover moved to strike it out
stating it wai his intention when tin
sundry civil bill WAS before the hens
to move to consolidate that gardei
with the agricultural department gat
don. After quite a long disoisslon
vote was taken and reunited yaes 33
nays 83 No quorum. The roll ca
followed , the committee rose an
house adjourned.
Fatal Effects of the Btorm on tu
Bpocltl DUpttch to Tnn U i.
RAWLINB , Wyo. , February 8. Tl
coach whloh loft Paciflo Spring
Sweet water stage line , last week , wi
caught in the storm of Friday , Th
coach was abandoned and the part
started back on foot. The stag
driver , W. J. Stewart , was fonn
frczan to death , standing in the snot
nnd Thomas Sott , suporlntendon
was found standing straight up in tl
snow , frozen so that ho could m
move. Ho will lose his hands an
foot.V. . T. Stark , a passoiigorha
not yet boon found. Tftoy wore 01
throe days and nights. Another ataf
driver was badly frozon. Ho rcpor
two feet of snow on the level and ca
tie starving. This stage line rni
from Green River , on the Union P ,
oifio , t Washaklo , Wyo. , through tl
South Pass of the Rocky mountain
Ilia Thumper * ' Exhibition
Special Dispatch to Tin linn.
NEW YOKK , February 8 Mace or
Slado gave their sparring exhlbltic
in Madison Square garden to-ulgh
Notwithstanding the great amount i
free advettising It received the A
tendancu was small. The spootato
at no time numbered over 2,000. Ti
performance was of the thlnost natui
and a failed to awaken the lomblam
of enthusiasm. A very large force i
police , under command of Oaptai
Williams , were present. Mace ar
Slado appeared In full ring costume-
Mace in blue and Slado in whit
Slado's peso was easy , movements quit
and roach long. In four rouni
given ho showed himself active in gc
ting way , quick in return and a goc
stopper. JVlaca assumed his o
scientific form , hands well up , and fit
on his logs. Ills whole object soomi
to beta exhibit the good points of 1 :
prottga. In the final round , tl
Maori got in the upper out , that i
most floored the ox-champion , Dt
ing the evening Mace was present
with a gold headed cane by Boston a
Richard K. Fox , of The Poll
Gazette , has given $1,000 security rte
to repeat the offence of promoting
prize fight within twelve months.
A Falline Politician.
Spoctat Dldpatch to Till U i.
CinoAoo , February 8. An appli
tlon has been filed for the appoi
tnent of conservator for the estate
Iho well known millionaire and dot
erotic politician , Perry Q. Sml
The firat oviQencd of failing mot
'orco wes observed In London
summer , whun Mr. Smith was pi
tratod with sudden illness. Thu
plication made at the instance
> y Robert Liw , n friend of the fain
and understood to bo with tholr <
h- A Standard Barrel ,
'r. Special DUpitch toTuiUiK.
'r.or NKW YOUK , February 8. The
mostio fruit trade ask the loglsla
od to enact'a standard barrel for apj
cf to be 17 J inches diameter , 03 in
ho bulge , length of staves 28J luchoa
Mathewson's Hob of Brutal
at Their Favorite
The ID sane Patients Kicked.
Choked and Otherwise
Horribly Punished.
Testimony of Bye Witnesses
Given Before the Investi
gating Committee.
The Sicker the Loan the Mor
Thorough the Whaling ; .
Bptclil Corr ponJ nc of The U
LINCOLN , February 8. The special
committee in the senate appointed to
investigate the alleged cruelties and
abuses at the hospital for iho insane
has boon in session two half days and
ono evening. Twelve witnesses have
boon oxaminod. They Wore all work
men employed in building the neff
wings of the institution. Dr. Math-
owson is present during the ttkln ? of
the testimony , and also has Jodgo
Mason there to cross question the wit
The following is a brief synopsis of
the testimony taken thus far.
Anton Hosar testified that on sev
eral occasions ho saw the guards throw
patients Into the gangway. On ono
occasion ho saw three attendants boat
and choke a patlout cruelly ) the blood
came out of his nose and his throat
was bloody when they choked him.
The patlont was doing nothing ont of
the way.
Aleck Brastrom said that ho once
saw two attendants leave a patlont on
the ground In the yard. They kicked ,
pounded and choked him violently.
They helped him up and pushed him
towards the asylum but got him down
again near the door and again jumped
onto htm , pounding and choking him.
Ohrist Kulr testified that ho was rv
mortar mixer at the building of the
now wing at the hospital. One day a
patient came to him and asked him if
It was hard work , and said that he
would try to work , and took np the
hoe and commenced to mix mortar.
An attendant came up and cried to pull
him away ; patlont said "I am doing
nothing wrong , lot mo alone. " Then
another attendant came and they
knocked him down and kicked him ,
when a third attendant came np and
choked and beat him till the blood
ran ont of his month and nose and
there was blood on his throat. Wit
ness wont to them and told them to
lot him up and they did. When the
patient pot np ho wont off to a pile of
lumber and cried.
Charles Sturm , a teamster , testified
that ho oaw two attendants with a
patient on the ground ; ono sat across
his breast nnd the other waa pounding
him wherever ho could got a chance
The ono on his broait choked him by
placing his two thumbs on the
patient's throat and pressing down
very bard for four or five minutes.
Thomas Oarnahan testified that ho
aw Dr. Mathowson choke a patient.
This was some three or four years agi
whllo ho was at work on the now wing
to the hospital.
John Robinson said that ho once
saw un attendant strike a patlont twlco
In the face with his fut , knocking him
down and then choke him "power
fully. " Ho also BIW another attendant
knock a patlout down and kick him
eovoral times after ho was down. The
patient rose and was blooding when
ho got up. Witness was about five
foot away at the tlmo.
Andrew Nettles swore that ho saw
an attendant hit a poor , sickly patlont
behind the ear with abriok-bat , knockIng -
Ing him senseless. All the patient
had done was to complain because ho
had been hit by the saiuo attendant
for walking around In a circle. After
the guard had struck him with his
fist , he said , "Yon strike mo as thongh
I was a d d doc , " and for this no
was knocked down with a brick. They
carried him into the asylum.
0. F. Dllloy , a atone mason , who
was at work on ono of the now wings ,
saw two attendants jerk a patient
down and kick him. The patient
only wont out of the line to got a
drink from a pail cf water that stood
by the work. Was foreman cf the
stouo work for Keys & Bullock ; was
at work for fifty days at ouo time and
fifteen another ; saw no other act of
0. T. Aldrlch swore that ho was a
carponlor and worked on the now
wing of the hospital for the Insano.
About the middle of last January I
aw an attendant slap a patlont and
cnock him down and kick him several
1 lines ; did not know exactly how
many times ho kicked him , but saw
the attendant kick the patient a good
nany times. Looked through a helen
n the partition and saw the striking
and kicking.
A. P , Hollonbock , a carpenter and
joiner , foreman of the carpenter work
an the now wing , saw an attendant
slap a poor , tickly patient at least a
dozen times , when the sold patlont
t- was strapped to a bench with her foot
tof tied , and her hands tied together.
also Mr. Burns an
0 Sirne witness saw ,
0a 0h attendant , throw two patients Into
a seats In the hall , ono of the patients
words did not hear what
,3 spoke a few ,
,3P ho said , but It evidently provoked the
P attendant , when ho struck the patient
O two or three blows in the breast ; ho
him violently and then
y. also choked ,
y.m - struck him several times again. I
then called another man to come and
BOO the performance ; also saw an at
tendant by the name of Merrill strike
a patlont In the breast a number of
loire - times , and then throw him Into a cell.
ire Merrill afterwards wont Into the cell
OS , and whipped the patient for talking
108 saucy to htm. The Investigation will
continue to-night ,