Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 08, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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Nebraska and Western Iowa.
, , . N , C. Thompson Mower.
The N 0 T ompssn Reaper.
Line of Implements
N. 0. Thompson's Full CHALL NG PLANTER. and Machinery ,
Will do well by Corresponding with us.
For receiving and transferringgoods for
Manufacturers are of the best.
The N. C. Thompson Hay Tedder. N. G. Thompson Double Row Stalk Cutter
Thai never require crlmplnp , At lira. J. J. QuoVa Uftlr Store , it prices never before touched by
ny other hair dealer. Also a lull line of flwitches , etc. at Kreatly reduced prices. 4l90gold ,
liver and colored now. Wave * made from ladlea' own Lilt. "Da not fall to call hoforo purchasing
llaenhcre. All goods warranted M represented. 11113. J. J. GOOD ,
2 ! ( Mam strcot. Council niuth , Iow .
Enr t ire .
It la n sure , prompt and effectual remedy or In
digestion , Djepip-la , Inttrmlttcnt Ket era , Want
of Appetite , Ncnoug Debility In nil Its Htauen ,
Weak Memory , Loss of Ilroln Power , Prostration ,
Weakness and general Loss of I'oner. It rcjialr
ncnous waste , rejmenates the faded Intellect ,
ttrcnghthens the enfeebled brain and restore *
lurprls ng tine and \igor to the exhausted or
cans. The cx | > c rlenco of thousands | > roes It to
bean im aluable remedy. Price , 81.UOa bottle ,
or six orW. for Bale by all druroUtx , or suit
ecure from observation on rectlpt of price by
I > r. StoinliiLV t * . Q. Box 24CO Si
Louis Mo.
617 St. Charlne St. ST &OYT1S tSSu
A BKQULAIl UUADUAlK of two iutdli.
eollf > scehi3beoi longer eniaied In tha tr > > ivt
BLOOD Diseases than any other physician In Hi
Lout ) u city pipers show anil all ol > t rcsldpnti
know. Consultation free and Invited. When ft
la Inconvenient to vls't ' the city for treatment
medtclnM can be sent by mall or exprcai cvoty
where. Curable cases znarantsed ; where doabt
cxlitn It la frankly btaUd. Call or write.
Nervous prostration , Debility , Mental
and Physical Weakness , Murcnriftl ana
other itUcotioiiH of Throat. Hltlq nnd lionfi ,
Blood Impuntlea and lilood L'oiaonlogi
Skin Affectfona , Old Surea and Ulcara.
Impedimenta to M&rr'nro , Itheumatinru ,
Piles. Hpcclul attention to C&HOK ( ruir
OTor-worked brnln. aUltGIOAL OAHEB
receive gpoefal attention. UlaoMCB arielntr
from Impru'leoce ' , KxceasoB , Imlulgeneer
2TiO pages the wholi
MiEBIA&l story well told. Man ;
receipt * ; who may mar
ry , who may' not , why ,
causes , consequence )
and cure. Sealed for 25o poatagb or stai
The Great Popular Kenuuy for Piloa.
Sure cure for Blind , Uleeding I-cblngPllet
And all forma of Hemorrholdal Tumora.
Them ScrrofirrORiM act dlructlv ujion tht
ooaU of the Wood Vessels , and by their astringent
eOccU Kently force tha Mood from the swollen
tumors , andby making the coats of the \uiu [
itronir , pre ent tho'r ' refilling , and hence a radl
col cure U suru to follow their use. Price , TC
cent * a box. For sale by allJrUKirteU , ur sent b )
mall on receipt of price , fcy a Ush Medical
Imrtltuto , 718 Olive StSt T/on
" - - - -
Murray & Lanman's
aw [ n a BJrt Itf H i U 11) .
-i r
IK\\KR , Cou , Aujust23 , 1832.
Oh\in I ciTot flnd words w th which to of-
1 re-H my gftltuJa to you for the euro jour
SulftsSpccillc haiclTcct d In my cisc. I wu
olll'ct'il w.tli tl > 3 horrible d ncaso for three joirs ,
an 1 nftospcnilln HOMO tlmu at the Hot "prln 'd
I uieil on y ono dozen small tmu'l bottles of S. S
S. and there h not a Ign of the illjeno remiln-
Inj My soreH nre alilieilml , my thrott Is en-
tiioj wollj bleilU'uio.
lamiWrf llcini ; a
that tcrrl- driiif tlcrk ,
I ha\o so n 80 nnny hundreds of men ilo-fcd with
Caljincl , lodldj o' McJcury anil lodlJe rf 1'otaah ,
u til > hey wo o c nip etawrtckt , tbat I shudder
to thfnk of tli'j in s ry which ha. * bon brought
on tin human family by the use of Mercurials ( or
j I Blood Diseases It luncrjlogshamo th\t physl
, cfana w 111 not acknowltaro the limit of your
! GIl ND Blood MeJ'c'no. Use my ramo a.i jou
wish. J. II. KAFF.
If you doubt , come to sea us , and wo will CURE
YOU , or c'jargo no'hingl Write for particulars
and a copy of the little book , " Jlcssa u to the
Unfortunate Suffering " Ask any Dnij 'ist " 8 to
our standing.
tfi-81OOO Hewnrtl will ho paid to any
ChciuUt who w.ll nnd , on ana'jsU of 'JOO bottlea
ofS. S. S. , onu parllco of MD curj , lodldo of
I'osasslum , or any .Mineral substance. SWIFT
SPECIFIC CO. , Proprietors , Atlanta. Qa.
Price of Small Size , $ l.rjO
Largo Slzo , 1.73
OR ,
r/iie Stnr-y or tue Swing Haohlno ,
& bau-ltcice little r mbe ) } , Mnt/uid jrl
or * with rnmsan Migrfcilrijn iIIih !
0 ny aac'.t peMon r.itllcj for II , ct aar bsimck
or imi-oHreof The Si&Kor IlincfkcSmlcf ao-u-
> * ny , or will b ? otut by mil , pc J pild , ti
tcvprrcaa Uvlm rt dtn anc funcnr of3 i
The Slu Mnnrtraulini'inK Oo , ,
'tlnelvitl 'Xfloe , 34 Union Bqujra
COL , L. T.
lYoungiitown , Ohio , May 10,1690.
" * D . B. J. KUNDAIA * Co. I livl a > rcry valai
tala UamblotonUn colt thRtlprltnd very lilghlj
hebadalargehnnecpavln en ono Joint and i
imull one on tbo ether which made him rerj
Uuie : I had him under the charge of two reter
Intry turgeono which failed to euro him. I wn
ono day reading the i-dvertlsement cf Kcndalh
Bpavln Cure In the Chicago Exprew.I dctormlnw
itoncetotry and got ourCrufglsf , her * It
tend lor It , ind they ordered three bottles ; I tool
ill and I thought I would give It a thorounl
trial , I used It aeccrdlng to directions and thi
fourth day the colt ceiled to bo laiao and th <
lumi have disappeared. I used but one bollli
and the cot' ! llra > , are as Jree of lumri and u
tmooth aa any borae In the state lie Is entlt >
ly cured. The euro w " to remarkable tha
havvletlwoof mv celghbori have tht leinalr
Ing two bottlei who are now ruing II
Very mpdctfully ,
5 nd for lltnrtrattd clrcnlur clvtng poilllr ,
poof. Filntl. All Druiv-lits have It or ca-
getltfor jot. Dr. P. J. KencUll b Oo ; , tn
prleton. Enotbnrgh Kalll , Tt.
4-w-l A.
TflB OStfluDIj HEN.
la breaking an egg at a hotel la
rlilwaakeo the other d y there was
onnd a foreign substance Imbedded
u too yolk , which , on closer Inve tl-
ation , proved to be a allvor dime with
leaden filling.
Mm. StoTart , of Madison , Ga. , said
n 1881 : "Yoa had bettor chop that
Id hon'a head off. " "No , " eald O. S.
townrt , "she may yet bo useful. "
Ir. Stewart aold $10.77 worth of eggs
nid by the same hen from January 1 ,
882 , to January 1 , 1883.
lira. L. Wyman , of Palmyra ,
Maine , haa a hon vrhich has three sets
f YTtngo. The largest sot are on tlr6
iody In the usual position , the next
argor on the hips and are about half
ho size of the first , the smallest on
bo lower extremities of the Icf-d and
early half the aizo of the hip wings.
The hon is a success in Illinois , as
witness a npocimon item from the En-
orpriso , publiahed at Ilomor , in that
late : "Mrs. Rebecca Thompson , liv
ng about eovon and one-half miles
iouthwcst of this place , the past year
ias sold from only GO hens over $31
worth of eggs , besides raising 350
chickens. "
From the Montezuma ( Qa. ) Weekly
, ho world learns the following : "R.
Perry has brought a double egg , or
, wo eggs in one , as a curiosity 10 thla
office. Thay are united at the small
ends and stand out at right angels to
each otbor , being dlatlncf and Bepa
rate eggs with the exception of the
mall ends that unite them together. "
The young peoplu of Den Molnea have
developed n species of influenza , which
commences with hoarseness and coughing
and IB attended with violent vomiting.
How to Wake Sound Sleepers.
Wew Tork Sun.
A conductor on a Third avonno
liorso-car was seen last orening ox
poaing to the cold air the little iroi
wrench used on the road conncotec
with the faro register. Ho was asked
what ho was doJng. "Giving it a lit
tie fro za , " ho replied. "You BOO
that lad in the cornerj" indicating
yonng man in a ntato of advanced
somnolency. "Well , ho told mo to
wake him up at Tenth street. Jos' '
watch me do It. " Ho then ontoroi
the car and applied- the chilled meta
to the alumborer'a neck , The young
man leaped to his feet , rolled hla oyei
In a bewildered way , and dlsjolntodly
exclaimed :
"What how where am I ? Who
litruck- ? "
"This is Tenth street young , fol
lor , " interrupted the conductor.
"Oh ! Ahl Thank "
you , nald the
young man , getting off the oar in some
confusion , followed by the unchecked
laughter of passengers.
"That fetches 'em "
always , aald the
collector of farog , "It's a wrinkle
that all of the boys hasn't ketchud or
to yet. You never sees mo tuggln
and pastin * lush lads who fills asleep
in my bjrooch. I jest gives 'urn nn
'applorcatlon of cola steel. ' Of coorso
I can't do this In warm weather ,
which Is a reason I wishes with all my
heart that there was more winter In a
year , Not regular , downright winter
that freezes a man onto hii car , bn
just enough winter to glvo my wrench
the chills. I hope the company wil
tumble enough to the Idea s to give
eoh conductor an Ice box for to freeio
lis wrench in summer , so ho can wake
up lush passengers. It's bottor'n an
alarnclock. . "
Ono volco all over the land coos up
rom mothers , that says , "My ( laugh-
.era are so feeble and sad , with no
strength , all out of breath and life at
ho least exertion. What ban wo do
'or them ? " The answer la simple and
lull of hope. One to four weeks' use
of Hop Bitters will make them healthy ,
rosy , sprightly , and cheerful.
Ho Qot it.
A farmer hitched his toim in front
of a business house on Grand lliver
nvonuo Saturday , stood for a moment
lo look up and down and ecratch hU
car , and then entered anil said to the
proprietor :
"I want to converse with you. "
"What about ? "
"That's the p'nt thrit bothcra mo.
I live out hero about C'gHt miles , and
have got through soiling ray 'tatcri
and am ready to go home. The old
woman told mo to be cur , ) and ronipm-
her somothine , but vrhat it was I can't
remember. Perhaps , if wo open a
conversation you may any something
to mnku rno remember the article. "
"Well , suppoao wo talk of the east
ern question ? '
' No pood. Nothing over there to
give mo hint , "
"How about the recent horrort ? "
"Horrors ? Horrors ? " mused the
farmer. "Horrors would tnoin horti
cultural , and horticultural would
would moan flour. Can't bo that , for
wo ralae our own. "
"How about cougrost ? "
"Congress ? That would remind mo
of congress galtora , but the old woman
wears calf-ekinu shoes. "
"Anything In the recent bank fall
uros strike you ? "
"Lot's see : The caahlor skips.
Nothing in that. Ho is Arrested. No
slgnlGcanco to that. Ho compromieos
and becomes again a good fellow.
Nothing there try again. "
"Rather moial day. "
"Alolslt Nothing in that. "
"Tho now year la rolling on. "
" ! the
"IlolllDg-roll-hold on By
big spoon youv'o hit ill Rolling
roll roller towels ! That's It to a
dot ! She wanted six yards of roller
towels , and I'll roll ritlit ; off and git
'em before my head cloaes up on mo
again. Roll roller roller towels
towrols to wok roller six yards six
roller yard towels six towel van
rollers. "
* Both Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable
able Compound nnd Blood Purifier
are prepared at 233 and 235 Western
avenue , Lynn , M < uw. Price of either ,
$1. Six bottles for $5. Bant by mall
In the form of pills , or of lozongon , on
receipt [ of price , $1 per box for cither.
Mrs. Pinkham freely answers all let
ters of Inquiry , fincloeo 3 cent
stamp , Send for pamphlet. Montlon
this paper.
Have to Squoeie.
The man with thopatent ] firo-CBcapo ,
patent applied for , la to ho encounter
ed on every corner. Some of them
have a knotted rope , others a canvas
tube , and others got a rope ladder
worked by a crane or a pulley nc
block. Eftoh one li warranted to ure
everybody from the sixth story in tlmo
of Ore with the utmost promptness
ind dispatch , and without oven a
irniso on the shin , and the " "coat Is a
nero nothing. On Brush street there
s a carpenter shop on the first floor of
and old house. The carpenter occu
pies only the first floor , while the garret -
rot is empty.
A firi-oaoapo ) man dropped around
here the other day and pointed out
ho dangers of a holocaust in such
graphic language that the carpenter
: ould almost foul blisters rifling up on
; ho back of his hnnda. Ho realized
the need of a firo-eaonpo , and ho laid
down his saw and paid a call on the
Dwnor of the placn and asked him to
lave a hole cut through the floor and
a rope ladder put In.
"Lot's see , " mused the owner.
"How largo is the room you occupy1' ?
"About fourteen foot square , "
"And you work there alone ? "
"Yes. "
"How many windows ? "
"Three. "
"And double doors' "
"You. "
"Well , of course , I don't want you
to burn up in there , " observed the
owner ; "but I wiah you would do mo
a fivor. In case of a fire I wish yon
would open the throe windows and
the double doors and see if yon can't
possibly equoozo yourself out far
enough for some outsider to catch hold
of your hair and pull you through ! "
Money for tbo Unmarried ,
One of tha moat toll j uml uubatanclal
Institution ! ) in this country In the Mar *
rlage Fund and Mutual Truat Association ,
of Cedar Uiiphlu , IOWA. They are organ
ized under the lawa of Iowa , and their of
ficers and directora are among the lending
nnd most prominent buslnew men of Cedar
llaulde. Kvory unmarried portion should
Imve a certlfiouto In this .imoclntlon ,
It la a Bplondld investment , as aafo aa a
government boud. You on just no well
have n good turn of money to commence
married life on an not. A large number of
mombora have boon paid off , receiving over
800 per cent on thrlr Inveitmont. Write
for circulaiH fully detailing the plan , which
ID tlio liuest known. Do not pontpono it.
Good agent * wanted. Mention whuro you
H.IW thU notice , fG 3m.
Ho Won't Puy.
DitroU Kite 1'icis ,
"I got thit notice this forenoon , "
ho remarked , as ho handed the print
ed slip Into onii of the ward windows
tit the wator-otlico yontcrday.
"Y-e-s , I see , " rppllod the clerk , she
ho handed It bak.
"I Bm noliQad , " ro umed the citi-
rn , "flint the water Is to bo shut off
from my hoaeo unices I pay rates *
onoo. "
"Yes , air. "
"Is this despotic Koiala , or free
"I L'u/i "J ) sighed the clerk as he
IcxjUoa over a lot of figures.
"Then you'll shut my water off , wil
you ? "
"I presume wo will. "
" 1 don't bellovo it. 'Wu'vo boon
frozen up for ton days , and ii anybody
can find any water to shut off they
may try it on. "
"Frozon , oh ? "
V'Frozan tight ai a crowbar , an *
whose fault is it ? Yon contract to give
me so much water dally or weekly 0r
monthly for BO much money. Where ( a
my water to-day ? "
"Then It'i froisn ? "
"Fro ent Didn't I uj crerjr water
plpo in my house was frczan as solid
aa the Rook of Gibraltor ? And whoso
fault is It ? "
"I see , " murmured the clerk.
"What do you BOO ? Da you BOO mo
going around the neighborhood bor
rowing water , or do you ceo those
frozen pipos/ / The landlord says ho
didn't freczo 'em up ! "
"No ? '
"And I didn't. "
" ' "
"But the weather did. Am I any
more runpunsiblo for the woathcr than
you arc ? Why don't you rim your
water ever a hoatur in the winter
and take the ohllla oC ? "
"Ithi.ik wo will. "
"And now I won't pty until I get
watorl No , sir ! I will sou you hung
first ! You ivm go up and dig and pick ,
aud turn your old rods around ) but'
you can't noaro mo into paying ! "
"I know it , " wus the brisk answer.
"You may udviao mo to light a nan-
din nnd oriiwl under the house and
knock the top of my head off against
the jointi , but I won't do It. You
nny ndvlso hot briclts , but I'd like to
BOO myeolf holding hot bricks against
the cold pipes to please anyoodyl
Warm rjgs will somotimtsdo the bust-
nosj , but am I going to hunt all over
Datroit for rnga nnd burn half a ton
of onnl to warm * om ? "
"No , " softly said the clerk.
"And don't you forgot that you nro
a sor/ant of the public , either ! "
"Novor ! "
"And aa I eaid before , shut off and
bo hanged to you ! "
"Yos. "
"And 1 will tuovo ! "
"You will ! "
"And you may sue mo 'for the
amount and I will fight yon to the
highest court in the unlvoreqThU /
monopoly can't bluff mo for a cent ! "
"That'a BO , " was the ca/m / reply ,
and the citizen walked out as stlfly
as if hla Icgn had boon drilled ( or
wator-pipo and there had boon a
A Vnlnnblf Medicine.
Thcra are no dlitwas more prcviluot , with
perhafH , thooxccp'l of Conaomflliw , In tlila
country , thvi the Kidney an ! i"or Cornplolntai
and to Hnd n runiody tb- ' would eDrctu.lly re-
llevethimi. . | ] ou ' < > < 'tno 1" olm.nyt.mic-
ted ufferM" . rfncthw our h Ml ana vo't-'o '
Me pn iuclho to these dli H , or whether thar
rnayioiultlrom th picullorlty of our cllmale ,
l8b < ynnd our comprehension , and la ( IllltU val
ue Bln.p n cllljacloiu r innly cm bo Ind ; Imt of
on * iMnji wu are turu , Hot the lint allllctiil
jm'illo will hall with Jar tliofjieclJc which has
again luil n itln jirovcd IU ahllltf to eflectually
cope ulth fciid vradloto tlioso Ultooaor , Too
care olthin incdlcma In IIntit' Itcmcily , and It
It inar.ulactured Iiy the llunt'a Itcmody Ccm
pinyol I'rovllcnce , Itt \ not often that men
lien of n potent niallclno occurj In thesis coUimi
hut , when one c mu uniler our notice iioaiccalni ;
mioh undoubted nurlttH tliu ono of which wo
gpcalc , wo caniot refrain from ( 'lvlntf It the crotl-
It Itduorrva. Itcurouwlien all other rcinrdUn
( all , a > It acts directly on t'o KldnayiLlrvr | nod
I ) ] ol rtmtorln them all at one * to be&lthy
action. It l euro to eradicate " Jlee ; s of the
KUceys , UUdder , U < ln < ry Orian , eucli aa
Qravi.lUi totit < , incontinence , Uotentlon of tha
Urlno. It hM wonderful t fleet on Wcakncii
i I'aln tn the Hack , Hide , or Loins , and hai pror-
rDIUdll thu moit reliable medlclie ettanl fcr
OenVial Dollllly , Fcnula Utieaie , Ulitnrbod
Bleep , IAM ol A | > | ietlt , ac J all ooropUInU oi the
Urlno-Oenlljl Orgaat. Ifi efBiAcjr lo caiei of
thai dreadful aoourgt and IcdJIoui
Brlght's Dlioate of the Kldntjs , hai been rt-
marlablc ; and , If Iti merit rested on Ita aucoew
In coping with that dlioiBo alaue , It would b
wotthy of lil h rank aj publla benefcbtor. la
all dltosocaof the Llvor an Dlllouanoii , Head
ache , UyiH ] > pg a , Sour Stomach , and Cogtlvenow
It quickly Induces tlut organ to hjallly action ,
and remove j the c U3o at the tame tluis. His
jniroly vrKclablo In componltlon , being entirely
free from n'l mercurial or mineral poisons , and
pOMc c rjro > lrtuei ai a remedy for Heart
Disease and Hhoumatlam. Wo hare neither time )
norepicoto do thli mcdlclno full juatlcs ; but
the public can obta'n full pu tic jlar * In the thapo
of pamphlo't and circular ! by acMrorilog Hunt' *
Ileniojy Company , Providence , K , I. Sclontlfla
Vy II jou r * iiui '
* orliu lii'TiwrU ir.un of u * >
incil hvtlirnmluor fr > iolllnta
I itir illltlm uvnlt' iilwlit word ( c
irnn > i'Aiitff ua uin * ) rjit
i. .
lWT' " ! . 01 Jllt.UJ If TCUW lr. T.
rife : ui tl neli ; , ula oi ' a
iKMir/trrltli or luiiitimh
tine , ruly cu Hop
" 11 *
ni n n rr > ou ftul ! rnrr r'im
ami Tour ] tcnv
urd l inuin | ( > t ir >
, nif or - Jiare txfuiir frutwf
bf ' tlmt ! y uwof
t te Hop HcpEIttnrw
f > s ta , Dot. O
I Mitclnt
* aa *
of tU * f marA , and Irritiitta.
MirfU. tlaod , ble c u r i' ( or
mirointmif ( iruilcruitfi.
ui of opttno ,
YOD will 1m tobaeou , w
Hop Bitt ni
ilr w * ak KIM ! rmi Send for
(7wir > lr Circular
ii It may
life. It hut II Vtt W ,
. ' tT.TO.U.O.I.
The mott centrallr located hotel In Ibt dtr.
Boom TSc fi.00 , l.M > Mid IJ.OO per d y.
Fir C'aw nrstaurunt conneclid wil | h
b ° U
* HURST. - - Pro * .
V fourth nd f-ft > Av t ( .
Bend 91 , 52 , ? ? , or W for s rt-
tall box by 'Exprew of tha beat
Oatrjle In America , pat up
g nt boxes , and strictly pure ,
Suitable for { present * . Exprttft
cbargea light. Refers to all Ohl-
oago. Try it once.
Confectioner ,
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000.
JAB. I ) . UKAHTWELL , Prealdent.
A. L. CLAIIKE , Vleo-Prc ldent.
E. U. WbUSTEU , Treasurer
Sanmol Alexander Oswald Oliver ,
A. L. 0'arle , K.O. Webster'
Ooo. U rratt , JM. a Ueutwell ,
D. M.MoEllllim y.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company furnUhc * a permanent , horn *
Institution where School Iloi tand other lonally
Inued MuiiMnal Becurlllo > o INcbruka oan babe
bo netotUt d oo the ra3 11 avorabla tenna.
Loam made on lmprote < t f u J n all well tettloa
oouatiwof Uxetale , thioi t I Mpoiwlblelocal