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frightful fiuln Wrought in Ohio
and Adjoining States ,
The People Forced to Ply From
Their Homea to Higher
The Hilltops Alone Visible in
the Vast Waste of
The IleBtrnotiontf Zilvo Stock ana
Other Property Incalculable *
Special Dispatches to Tun
CINCINNATI February 7. The Ohio
river ia rieiig hero inim Inchra an
hour , Bt.d at the same rate at Ports
mouth and Catlottsburg. Heavy ioo
Is reported to have rocchod Ports
mouth ; thirly-aix foot at Wheeling.
The tiver is ocginning to riao again
with heavy latui. Side utreanis will
causa a rapid ri p all along the river.
The Big Sandy river la higher than it
haa been for ton years.
WILKESIUHRE , Pa. , February 7.
Feoplo living along the river front in
thii city arc no win dread of the river
overflowing to-night , and those living
In the lower part of the townaro mak
ing proparationa to move. A second
Ice gorge formed opposite the jail.
The ioo Is piled up in immense hoapi.
The flats between horn and Miiigiton
ro covered with about nlno feet of
water. The rain last night swelled
the mountain streams. Should the
lee remain in the bed of the tivor
much longer there is every probability
of the greater portion of the valley
being inundated.
PiTrsBono , February 7. Indica
tions point to another flood , this time
from the Monongahola river. Heavy
rains foil along the valley yesterday
and last night , and dispatches fro
headqnartura this morning report the
water rising rapidly , which will reach
here by to-morrow.
CINCINNATI , February 7. Extreme-
lyhtuh waters in the Ohio and Lick
ing tivera. Fifty coal barges , half of
them loaded , were wathed uway from
the Coviiigtun chore to-night. LOBS ,
$35,000. The river waa forty-nine
feet at midnight , still rising.
POUT DEPOSIT , Md. , February 7.
The ice gorge in the Saequthanria ex
tends two tniloa. 'Tho ice below the
gorge is firm for three intiea. All p < ! O-
plo m the exposed places have been
removing vuluoblea. The river la
rising all day.
WASHINGTON , February 8. The
weather bureau s ya : The Ohio ,
Tennease and Cumberland rivers will
continue to rise , causing dangerous
floods in the Ohio and Cumberland
valleys. The Allegheny and Monon-
gahela rivers will rise rapidly at points
near Pittabuig. The Ohio will prob
ably reach the danger line at Cincin
nati to-day.
CINCINNATI , February 7. The Com
mercial-Gazette's special says : At
Marlota the whole lower part of the
city la overflowed. The river is rising
three inches an hour. Hundreds of
people have boon driven from their
homes. Relief meetings have bson
organized. At Portsmouth the river
is 48 foot high , completely submerg
ing the lower stories in that portion
of the city. At Wavorly tha Sciota
overflows miles of bottom land * . The
town of Jagpar , aeveu miles be
low , Is entirely flooded to-night by the
breaking ot the levte. The damage
is enormous. At Stubonvllle the water
works are submerged and manufactur
ing establishments re cloned. At
Mtllorsburg the danuge to railroad
and other property is over ? 30OOJ.
At Pomoroy business b entirely sus
pended Water la coming into the
main buainets portion of the town.
Many residences are flooded at Bloom-
irgton , lud. The diuuaqo through
out the country by the flood will go
Into the millions , Live stock h-m >
bopn swept away and hogs froze la the
TOLKDO , Ot , February 7. There ia
still great distress from the flood tit
towns above OH the Muurnen. The
wakir has fallen about three font at
. Detianc3. At Napoleon tha bank of
the canal gave away , flooding tha
entire country. At the town of
Florida , forty miles above her 3 , the
water has risen thirty-three feot.
Every family in the town haa been
driven from home. Many have
taken refuge In the ichool
bouses , others in the brick
church. Both building are crowded.
The flour mill waa swept away and
goods and provisions have been lost
from stores to a largo amount. Many
bead of live stock have also perished.
The weather Is clear. The danger by
the flood here is thought to bo past.
WHEELING , vv. va. , Jfdbruary 7.
The river continues to rise. The
southern portion of the city and Island
wore under water all day , the resi
dents having no communication but
by boats The streets are full of mer
chandise removed from cellars. Hundreds -
drods of families are now moving out
In expectation of flooding. The letter
_ carriars to-day delivered mail on
portion of their routes by skiffs. No
I leES of life.
Fjhnnry 7. From
present indications tilts sic'ion will
bo visited before morning with the
greatest flood fuf fifty yeara. All dny
yesterday and hut night the rain fell
in torrents at all points along the
Monougahola valley. The record
Bhowa a totil rainfall of one and &
half inches. This malted and carried
off the snow on the mountains , and
soon the creeks and etroama
were converted into small
rivers , pouring their volumes of water
Into the Monongahela Eirly this
morning caino reports from points
above of a booming river , but not
until noon was there any rise hero
The rlvof then commenced swelling
and haa since been rising rapidly ,
Dispatches from Morgan town , Greens
bore , Brownsville and other towns
along the banks report the water still
rising at the rate of 18 inches an hour.
Many places are already partially sub
merged. Great dlstrnction of property
U anticipated. At this point there
wu twenty feet at 10 o'clock to-night ,
and from the amount of water yet to
come it is thought there will bo from
43 ; to 35 feet before the flocd
rewhai the highest point. A
portion of Allegheny City and
the South Sldo are now under
water and by to morrow mornh'g
it is expected the mlllo and faatorlc
along the rivers will bo compelled
to suspend operations. Families in
the lower parts of the city are mov
ing goods to places of safety , de
serting their housm.
A Blnoliinntlf r find Defumtr.
Special Dispatch to Tin HIE.
MILWADKKE , February 7. A few
days ago there wcro received in this
city and In Fen du Lac , addressed tea
a well-known person , n considerable
number of tintype likenesses of a
beautiful young lady , accompanied by
certain printed statements calculated
to create n great sensation in society
circles. Th young lady in question
is a Mies Vesta L Stiles , and the
person who sends out the pictured is
said to bo C. J. Jones , an uywit fr
Texas land * , residing in Francis
co. Jones says the girl wai engaged to
go to Sau Francisco as a governess to
his children , but on rauto accepted
the position of his mistress , and after
living with him as such for
nome time returned to Wisconsin.
The girl's parents deny the story in
tote , and her lawyer eays : "For
nearly four months past a person
whoso enmity the young lady incurred
by refusing to marry him , haa been
annoying her and her family by
threatening all sorts of exposure and
to disgrace and ruin the reputation of
the girl unless she should recall her
decision not to marry him. " Ho said ,
"Tho follow who is scattering this
ecandal is in California and almost
out of reach on account of the great
expense involved in bringing him to
justice. Steps , however , are now beIng -
Ing to prosecute him for both black
mailing and criminal libel , and her
attorneys will soon have him in ,
limbo. "
Tli * Cold in Texas-
Special Dispatch to Tin Un.
FORT WORTH , Texai , February 7
The snow storm has abated and the
weather has greatly moderated , al-
tnough still unusually oold. Reports
from ranches are that cattle huvo
drifted in ovcry direction and the
mortality among sheep the Jargon
ever known from weather in thia pec
tion. The Stock Journal in this city
has accounts from all stock and sheep
regions and reports as high as twenty
per cent , loss to flocks and nome few
cases as high as fifty per cent. Thu
thermometer ranged from 3 to 8 below -
low zero.
To IhuEiitor of run OKI.
The writer haa frequently thought
of writing an encouraging word to the
editor of THE BEE in its unequal fight
against the extortions cf the Union
Pacific railroad. The people of the
state of Nebraska can not do too much
for such an able advocate as you are
proving yourself to bo , for the power
of public opinion reflected through the
press is commencing to make itaolf
hoard through the land , and that
power is gaining rapidly in strength ;
and railroad magnates will be com
pelled to yield to the just demands of
their patrons the public. "Tho pub
lic bo d d" appears to bo the motto
of too many of tneae railroad kings.
The writer had to pay to-day for
the transfer of himself and ono ordi
nary-sized trunk from Council Bluffs
to this city the respectable sum
of eighty cents , and every other
commetclal traveler haa to do
likewise if ho wants to ueo his
trunk , und have it come on the dum
my , which , ao called dummy , by the
Kay , is really unfit tor emigrants , let
alone first-class passongoru paying 80
cents a he < id ( if with trunk ) for the
privilege ( ioraootb ) of riding In them.
It is a wonder to the wilter that the
pooplotf Omaha and Council Blufl'a
have submitted ao long to this high
way robbery , for it ia certainly noth
ing oleo ,
Tilts onerous tax on the travel be
tween the two cities rnuat bo , of ne
cessity , ahinderanca to profitable com
mercial iuU'iconriie , in a measure re
tarding the irreuiiiblo onward march
of this city , bound to become a great
bn&lneoa center within a couple ot do-
Perhaps Mr. Kltubill o-m tell you
why U. P. stuck la worth leas than 95 ?
Possibly ho will bo able also to tell
you how much lower it la going ?
Omaha , February G , 1883.
A. Warning to Healdonta of the Platte
To The Editor of Tun Ilia ,
Having been a resident of Douglas
county , Neb , , for many years and wit
nessed the terrible and frcquoiit
floods that have occurred along { he
Platte and lower Elkhorn valleys , I
feel it my duty after close observation
and notes taken , to publish this warn
ing to the citizens of Waterloo and
vicinity that they are on the eve of
ono of the most destructive floods that
was over witnessed in the i'Jatto val
ley. I would advise all who are not
prepared to abandon homo and every
thing at n moment's notice , to go to
work and bo prepared as it la euro to
come. A CITIZEN.
Watorlio , Fobrtmy 7.
Extraordinary interest ; Manifested In
Iho Cfxaoof Mrs Cougar.
INDIANAI-ODIS , February 3 The
scandal case at Lifuyetto , Involving
Mrs. Helen M Gougar , the well-
kn w women BuKVago and prohibition
advocate , has created the greatest sen
sation all the weok. Chief of Police
Mandlcr haa circulated the report that
on a certain night ho had sci > n Mrs ,
Qougar and 0pt. Dowltt Wallace , a
leading attorney and the republican
c nridato for the state senate last
Fill , go up to Wallace's oflioo
and remain there for some
lime. Mrx Qougar brought
auit for $10,000 , und the dolau-
dant jtantiiled admitting the words
und charging the couple with adultery ,
and also that the plaintiff had thj
reputation of an adulteress. A hard
fight waa made to confine the ovldanco
to the particular night in question ,
but the court admitted evidence to
show the adulterous disposition of the
couple , and finally admitted general
reputation. Mrs. Oougar Is the pub
lisher of a weekly temperance and
suffrage piper , Our Ilernld , mid by
her sharp pen has surrounded herself
with bitter ononiiea. Capt. Wallace
ia also a prominent Baffraglst and pro
hibitionist , and the two have b'en
mutually thrown together very much.
All the week there has been n ucotn-
slon of witnesses testifying to
their Intimacy and to the fact that In
cottain circumstances Mrs. Cougar's
name was freely used. A former ser
vant girl his sworn that Capt. Wal
lace spent ono night and part of ouo
day at the Gougai residence while Mr ,
Gougar wns w y from homo. The
persons Involved have not boon able to
restrain their feelings , and several
scenes have occurred In court , such as
the denunciation of testimony as par-
jury and lies. Yesterday the defense ,
because cf these things and upon the
ground that two of the jurymen hid
expressed opinions favorable to Mrs.
Gougar , moved to discharge the jury
and begin the caao do nova. But the
court overruled the motion.
The trial Is exciting almost national
interest , and has taken on n phase of
temperance nnd suffrage versus the
liquor interest. Miss Anthony , in
behalf ot the National Suffrage asso
ciation , telegraphed sympathy and
confidence to Mrs Gougar , and the
court room is filled with prominent
suffragists and temperance women , who
sit by the plaintiff from morning un
til night. On Thursday night the
brewers of Lafayette gave a ball , the
proceeds of which were for the benefit
of Mandlor to aid him in his defense.
It is a remarkable cane. Mrs. Gougar
claims to bo able to provo absolute in
nocence , and also threatens that she
Will reveal a conspiracy involving the
names of the mest prominent citizens
of Lafayette.
TneWnlte Houa'e Dinner to the Grants
Washington Correspondent Now York World.
The dinner on Wednesday at the
white house to Gen. and Mrs. Grant
was the first state dinner of the season
and as elegant as state dinners usually
are. The truly horrifying spectacle of
seven wino glasses at each person's
oouvort was witnessed. During Mrs.
Grant's -reign she ordered for the
white house banquets a long , flat
mirror for the center of the table , and
this mirror and the silver Hiawatha
boat selected by Mrs. Hayes are the
two handsomest ornaments of the whlto
house table. This mirror is beautifully
and effectively arranged on occasions
with cushions of flowers. The flower
decorations at the White House are
always elaborate and never give the
Idea of ostentatious profusion , asthoy
MII all supposed to come from the
White house conservatory , which is ,
however , only a pleasing fiction. The
president , of course , took Mrs. Grant
in to dinner. She was as usual
decolletto , and just as fine as hands
could make her , and also as estimable ,
aa awkward and as bourgoolso ats ever.
Secretary and Mrs. Lincoln wcro
present , a nice little couple of refined
people. Then came Secretary Chan
dler , looking what ho Is , a parvenuo
of the first water , and not nearly so
well fitted to grace a state dinner as
the butler who served him. Tim
othy Howe , an excellent man ,
who offers a lady his arm like
a shark 'sticking his fin out of the
water , escorted Mrs. Teller , who is a
good soul. Gen. Grant tucked Mrs.
Frolinghuyson carelessly under his
arm like a napkin , and that lady ac
cepted the honor with a frigid don't-
triflo-wlth-a-Knlckorbockor air. Dan
Cameron was in great luck , having
Mrs. John Davis , Mrs. Frollnghuy-
sen's eldest daughter , to escort , for
Mrs. Davis is very entertaining. Ad
miral Porter and Gen. Sherman ,
who are noted for their admiration
for ntco , unaffected young ladies , wore
provided with stout , elderly lud 133 ,
each of whom left her warrior to the
uninterrupted enjoyment of his din
nor. Mrs. Browstor was contrived
into a scat next the piosidcnt , aa bo-
iny the youngest and bunt looking of
the cabinet Indies. Everything ( ex
cept the guestf. ) wua very Imposing.
There were three or four young ladiea
present , Miss Bcalo , the Misses Fro-
liughuyson and ono or two others , but
the majority , I grieve to say , were
what the irreverent call "duffora" in
gorgeous coatumoa. Foreigners always
glvo us a few hard hits on our White
house state dinners. They recognize
the exquisite absurdity of anything
formal or stately when such hetero
geneous guests assemble ; for is there
on thia broad continent anything more
truly democratic than a Atato
dinner ? Mrs. Frolliighnyson and
Billy Chandler hobnobbing make
a contrast something like
Charles Francis Adams and Billy Mo-
Glory. Miss Bealo and Jones of Nevada
vada were paired , not matched. It Is
droll to think of Benjamin Harris
Browstor conversing affably with
worthy Mrs. Grant , of whom ho
would have Bald not no many yearn
ago , "She is not in society , you
know. " In short , the state dinners
are constructed strictly according to
the JcfTdrsonian doctrine , that all men
are free and equal. They are convo
cations of goutlofolk and hoodlums on
a common level , the hoodjums being
raoro or less disguised by high-sound
ing titles and expensive clothes. A
cabinet dinner Is the very rovorco of
BAKKH'H Ohocolato , Broma and
Cocoa are stable articles with which
everybody ia familiar. They are
universally used , and their wholesome
qualities have won prlzaa and medals
the world over. It is said the proof
of the pudding Is the eating , and
judging by the immonco amount of
this Cocoa and Chocolate consumed in
the United States , they nro household
needs , often taking the place of tea
ann'coffeo. There nro various prepa
rations mndo at the famous Walter
Baker & Co. manufactory at Dorches
ter , and all taatoa have boon consulted ;
ono Is the Broakfait Coooo , an easily.
digested beverage , admirably adapted
for Invalids' use ; another is the Ger
man Sweet , whloh Is very palatable
and nutritious , and an excellent arti
cle for family use. For these who
prefer plainer and simpler diet , bromu
and the excellent cracked cocoa , which
required equal and steady boiling , n.ay
bo highly commended when other
fluids prodnco unpleasant effects.
Have your Chronometers repaired
at Edholm & Erlckson'a.
lon. J. B , French & Co. general
western agents.
Men Now ill This Oity Exhib't
tlio Symptoms , But Not
tlio La-flo-flali Kind.
An Interview With the Ath
letic Gentlemen John ,
stem nnd Elliott.
A Local Sport ii to bo Knocked
Cold the Firat Round.
Olympian cameo are among the old
est sports of the world , and date back
of the druma. Mout.t Olympus was
the arena upon which many cuutusts
and battles , which would In these
times bo called slugging matches , took
place in the presence of the ancients
and to the honor nnd glory of the God
Jovo. In our midst wo bavo a num
ber of men , who although they never
mot to struggle on the mount , have
fought many hard battles and delight
ed the people of the present time by
their exhibitions of prowets and iklll.
A BEG reporter called at tbo Canfiold
house and mot the atlothio gen
tlomou who are sojourning in the city
during the week.
E W. Johnston , the nthloto of the
party , is a magnificent specimen of the
gouns homo , and wlthall a gentleman
ly sort of a fellow. When the n porter
ter was Introduced to him ho Imagined
ho was making the acquaintance of
some foreign potentate , or at least a
muscular plenipotentiary , from the
number of medals which decorated
Johnston's breast olovou of them in
all. Among those the most beautiful
and costly were two presented by Cal
edonian clubs in Philadelphia for the
highest and longest leaping ia the
world , and ouo modal presented by
the Marquis of Lorno for being the
best general nthloto in the world. In
answer to a question what waa the
highest jump ho had over made ,
Johnston said that during an exhibi
tion In Elizibotb , Now Jersey , ho had
made a high leap of five foot ton and
i half inches , the highest over made
by any man in the world.
He said that ho had mot Muldoon ,
Blbby and Wlmtlor , the celebrated
wrostlerH , but only In exhibition
Johnston has a standing challenge
in The Spirit of the Timss to all
jomors for the championship on any
feat of strength or nglhty , and thus
fir his title to the honor haa never
been disputed. Johuiion is Sso'c'i by
birth and waa raUod ia Canada This
is his first trip in the went and ho says
tie likes the country , but not the cold
weather. Ho stands exactly six feet
high and weighs , while in athletic
trim 185 pounds.
During the conversation the re
porter Inquired nbout the difference
which existed between Elliott and
Harry Hill , the Now York wicked
man. Daring the tlmo Hill waa in
Chicago recently ho oust a number of
reflections on Elliott in his capacity
us a fighter , and in fact said the latter
waa no good.
When Elliott hoard this statement ,
or rather saw it in tha paper , ho went
to eoo Hill , but tha latter kept out of
his way and wont back to Now York
to escape what ho thought was in
atora for him a good licking.
Elliott told the reporter that
ho had no idea of whipping Hill ; and
only wished to have him make a re
traction. Ho had called at tha Sher
man hoaeo for that purpose , but IJill ,
hearing cf hid prcsenc-s , lud , no that
ho had no opportunity for oeeing
Hill , Elliott Bald , was-mad becaiuo
ho , the latter , would not make his
place his headquarters when ho was
In Now York , aud had tukcn this
moans to show his spite. Tlio truth
was that Hill kept n most disreputa
ble place and no decent man would
bo soon in It.
The reporter naked E'lloU ' if ho had
mot Hill would ho have whipped him.
"No , " ho replied , "Hill Is an old
man , ever CO , dud he can always fool
lufo , for I wouldn't touch him. I
would have made him eat his words ,
though , if I had seen him , " ho con
tinued. A match IIUB bean arranged
for Friday night , In which Elliott's
wager of $50 has boon accepted by
Unnley , the local bruiser.
The former agrees to knock Hanloy
out in three rounds or lose his money.
lu talking about the matter Elliott
iiaid that ho felt convlncod that ho
could lay him out on the first round.
' Knock him oold , oh ? like you did
Crosby In Chicago , " queried a by-
starder who was tagorly listening to
the conversation.
"Yes , I can do that easy enough , "
responded Elliott.
Chaa. E. Divlos , the manager of
the parly , g vo it as his belief that
Iliuiloy wua not much good that is ,
ho wouldn't bo standing In front of
s of Apnotlto , Dowola costive ,
Tain in the lload.'with dull nan-
I VTV4 * a VU * lu
rr waV . "V" * part , Pain under
the Shoulder blade , fullness after
eating' , with a disinclination to ex-
ortlon of body or mind , Irritability
of toraner , Low spirits'with a feel-
Imr of havlnur noKlootod acme duty ,
Weariness , Dizziness , Fluttering at
Jho haiart "ots before the yes , Yel
low Skin , lleodacho peneraily over
the rteht eye. noatleBsnoas , witli Ut-
ful droomu , highly colored Urine ,
* *
TTJTT'H 1MLLN are caiieelally
ndiiDtcil Jo kiiLli cfmea. one clnao ef-
iMo'nVs'l l . ' rc/ re lU > " " l °
l \ftlWlXtf& \ &
tern Is iiourUlieil , nnd by their Tonlo
Action on the IHReatlve Oritniia , Jtrn-
ular HtnoUnroproJuccO. iTliuZicxim.
llMiirrny Nt. , IV. Y
OIUT Iliin on WniRXEtia change to a Oimar
ViACfby a slnglo application of thin Dvt It
mportsoimiurulcolor. Actalnstantnnroux
fcePVorJ.y ! ! r 5o't''critD''y' ! > 'trt''ua
oF 'icn , an JHUHUAY ST. , w. v.
f5 , 'n rr'HBiifiLtftii..u.i.rr .u. . wi-k
- - -
m mitiruuM >
A Trftvolor'd Experience.
DK.NVKK , Cole , January HI.
To the Editor of Tua Ilia.
Thtru IUP many incidents that trnus-
plro in ctnrttng on a journey ( s pn
clallf if the Iriin ia two hours late )
that are iiilrilifuTto ouo who la accus
tomed to traveling ,
Tuesday mornlnsr , January UOth ,
thoO. , 1) . & Q. from Chlcngo waa
ever two hours late at Plattanionth ,
therefore the Omrtha H. & M , train
wont on to Platttmouth instead tf
stopping at the junction.
On the way from the junction to
Plitttiniouth , < hi inquiiy was raised
by many , "Whoro ia thia train going ? "
Ouo man rms , "It It going south. "
Another sayi : "It in going toward
Florida , where it la warmer , * ' aud to
nn , and armio of these desiring to gut
to Lincoln and there change to go to
other points were much agitated , and
tuxdo frequent Inquiry of the kind
ind pleasant conductor or train men ,
if their train would wait for them at
Lincoln , Sjmo were afraid that tboy
were on tlio wrong train , etc. And
the agitation of A few nervous ones
was decidedly mirthful , but the con
ductor and train moti are deserving of
pralso for their kind attention and
larroct information to the passou *
Arriving at Lincoln over two hours
late , all were qnito happy for their
trains wrro in waiting , Lunch wan had
and off wo went'for Denver with as
beautiful and commodious a train of
cars , with aloopor attached , aa any
person could deslro to rldo in , andover
ever as smooth n roadbed aa almost
auy railroad in the oaat. Good tlmo
waa made and at Rod Cloud the other
train from the east joined us with an
additional deeper well filled with pas-
seiners for Denver and the southern
route to California. Quito n heavy
nnow atorm was prevailing all along
the line and through Colorado , and at
Denver the deepest snow of the season
WAS had , Notwithstanding the hard
storm wo arrived at Danver in good
The cattle along the route arc Buf
fering very much , aa the enow is so
deep ,
Considerable dauiago was douo to
many buildings in Danvor from the
wind storm of yesterday. Z
P. S. All are pleased with the
nomination of Gen Mandorson for U.
S. senator from Nobr.tnkn ,
DOOJ i lame back or a dlaordrratl urine o
Indicate .hat you are n vlctlmf THEN DO B
once ( drufrelnU recommend It ) and it will
speedily overcome. th dlmaae anil roaton
S hi althy action to all thoorgans.
toyourioxiuahupln |
anil wcokncnca , K1DNHT-WOHT U uniur-
pMwd.ultwill act promptly and aafelj.
Either Box * InoonUiienco , retanUon of ]
urine , brick doit or ropy depoilU , and doll
_ . , ell spewlUy yield , to Itaieur-
atlvo power. (13)
I have pretcilbcd K'dney ' Wirtwltli vrry
iicco'S In a iciro or mote oMtlnato rai'n 11 kid
ney nJ lliir troutilo * . atai tar fomt'e wntknosi
-Philip 0. Uallou , U , D , llonkton , Vt ,
"llyjwlfo liai been much boneflttod from the
uieol Kidn-y Wort. She hid Kidney aod ether
e mrlalnti ; " writes Her. A. 0. OalmanKa } Uo
Tllle , Tcinti.
for nil dlMtues of the Kidneys and
It hu ipootflo aotlonon tills moatlmportimt
orgirn. onabllnjt It to throw oir torpidity and J
innctlon , aUmulatlnt ; the liaalthy looroUon J
oftho Blip , and by koopLne the bovrolj In fret
condition , cflcctlnc it/i roffulnr dlscltinra.
rfJJ lQMl.t * iryouaronufferlniffrom
LtflCllciricSi malaria , linvo the chill * . {
on bllloui , dyipoptlo. or oonetlpatttl , Kid-
n y .Wort will rarely r.'llovo & Qtilokly oure.
Ill thin aeaaon to cleuii * the Oyetera , every
OnCBtiouldUkiathoroujhoourceorit. (11) )
"I nnia llvlnp aihocato of Urn Urtuenol KM
cy wort. I BiifloroJ Intnl.1 ni-otijr from liver
disorder. It curul mo. " John U. Kevins ,
Bprlngflo il O.
i/iA / ?
tax > 3i !
17o other dlsocta la HO prov-iltnt Hi thli -
. oouutry aa ConctlnaUon , aud no Nmcxly 0) ,
o hM ever equalled tlio rclobratod JCUJKEV-
f : VVO11T aa a our * . Whatever the cause ,
" however obutlnato the raso , thia rem dy
nrill ovcroomo It.
131111 KCt T1U3 dlatrefsins own- w *
i' B nCO p'alnt li very apl to be j
coniplldatcd wlUi coriaUpation. Kidney.
C % 7ort trctifithenBthowoiiltcno < lpartii and
" ( julchly ourmftlll-lndaofrilca even when
phyelelana and mndlolnes linvobofcro fail
ed. C Vlf you have cither of thtao trouble *
pnicusi l USE
"Constipation , In all I B formjlclilnto Kid
nrj wort In female dlseaios It U veiv fluau > -
( til. " Dr. 1'hlllp C. Billou Moukton Vt. , April
20th 183 * .
- - - - - - - -
Ai It la for all the painful dlaouoa of Ui
11 olenn&ra the aystcm of the acrid poUon
that oauaca the dreadful eiiXTcrin which
only the Ylctlmaof rhoumaUam ounreallae.
of tha worit forma oftlils tcrrlMedi
have teen quloUy relloved , andlnrl > rt
rnirri. i.t'it incr uut , HOLD\j IIKLCCISTS.
CO prvonnb nent hyrnall.
" ' .1.1 Klf.\ltlM ) ! ( . CO.lluillnKtonVt
"I could flnd ni rcmtdj for my Kidney com
phlnl and rhimnntUm , " wMes ' < r A. U llurr ,
"ITeuplo Mill Klorl.Ji , until I wis cured b/
K'dney Wor . " n posuro , Inc'Ucut lo lumbar
log , cau/ed II r Duir'i dUorJon.
. ,
Call nntl look ever my now Hture and BU
ray new goods.
1207 FnrnBmStreft. 1207.
Under tbo management of Mr. Ktlleh.
Undertakers ,
it , ! ' . , Jan'ry27. . I8S3
Notice li hereby nlven that ilia partnerihlp
heretolore txUtliu boUocn the undernlKned , ( or
t < xk wowing furpoMM , In Cheyenne coiiaty ,
Nebruka , ha bv u thU day dU-tohed by mutual
cxinmnt. T II. LAWIK.XCI.
feb2-lw UaO. U.
Farms ,
! 5th&DouglasSt. :
ISINo. It ) Full otnud now liouiw3Jrooma , two
be'ow and ono up Ktalra. KUlit foot celling below
ami * i te enubo\e. i. . f- . . . , . llrlck foundation , collar , etc.
No. 18 largo two Btory lioiwo , to roonm , two
InrL'o ccllnrfl. Kood nolland clxtorn , barn , etc. , on
\Viii8tcraiulvr.M Rtrcct , W.OOO.
No 17J-Lot Mxia S teat , now lieu o o ( two
roonm brick ( oundntlon IUO barrel clutcrn on
Hamilton ntroct noir 1'oor OlurcCoiucnt ItOO.
No. IB House and lot on ntli near Ulark St.
house R room otc. $ I'AK ) .
No. 15 Homo of 3 rooma full lot on 1'lerco 8t
nonr IDtliflOOU
No. 21--Now hoimoof 7 rooms , with corner lot ,
half mile ucst of Turntable o ( rod Btroct can on
Bail dcrnSt. $1000.
No. o llotiDu of eight rooms , tarn etc. lot
Vacant Lots.
No. 252 Two full lots on 10th Street near Lake
St. 1GOO.
No. 331 Twenty flroloti In 1'arkcn addition
jiut north of the end of red atrutt car line 1-100
oacli oitay terms.
No.3.o Four lots on Delaware b't. nc r Hani-
com park , 1050.
No. 831 Ona half lot on South avenue , near
Et. Slury'n avonuo. ? 5M.
No. 319-KlKhteon (18) ( ) lotfl on 21st , 2Sni ) , 23rd
ana Stundordttroet , uoir ( liaco , f500 each , and
en taxytcrm * .
No , 310 Six beautiful rrnliloncoloUi on Cather
ine street , near Ilnnxconi park. $1,600.
Twelve beautiful rralilc'iiro lota on Hamilton
street , near end of old dtroutcar track ; high and
tlehtly , * 3toto JIOO.
Sevnal aero and half acre corner Iota on Cum-
Inif , Hurt * id California tticetn , In LOMO'J tec-
cud addition and 1'ark I'lico near Academy of
dacrcd Heart.
I.otH in1'rn'pect Place" on Hamilton and
Clnrlii ) ttrcct. Just west of the end of Hod Hircet
Car ti ark and Conxent of the blstcrd of 1'oor
Clare , nno and one half mile from poetnlllco , nml
ono nill.i foni U. 1' . bliot > , flM ) to tVO tacli ,
only S per cent down and f ) per cent per month
LoUl'i Lcwu'd addition ono-lialf inllo woat of
nnd of lied Strait Car traok near Convent of
1'oor Clare Hlatcra In Shlnn'i ) addition , tl'25 to
$ )00 each , and on very ea y ternut.
l.ota In Horb&ch'a ] at and 2nd addition * ,
ShlnnV , 1'jrk i'lacn , Lowo'e 2nd addition , llvrai'i
Luko'a , Nelnon'a , lianicom flace , Ilodlck'i ad
ditions , etc. , oto.
Lot.H In "fro lit Fonder addition" Juat one-
quarter mlle louth-rait of Union I'acl&o and 11.
andM. It. 11. depots , 2M ) tolC.OOeach , very emy
Business Lots.
Tnree Rood bualnem lobi on Podge near 12th
Struct , 2.U120 fcut each , 91,600 each , or l,60Ufor
all , OA y terms.
Two K-1"1' ' huslneia lot < on Farnam itreet , 33z
60 feet each , w Ith frame bulldlngi theron.renllni ;
for about 9BCO per year each ; price 81,260 each.
44x132 feet on Karnam near lOthalruoi. corner
Splendid Warehouao lot on Union Pacific right
of way , north ot track and caat cf Nail Works
bclni ; 132 feet north frontage on Muon ttroct ,
by anout 100 fo.t west frontwe on 10th it.
Farms a d wild l nda In Dougla ? , Harpy.
Dadgo , Washington , Iluit , Wavne , Htanton , and
other good counties In outernNobraakafor aalo.
laxoa paid , routfl collectoJ , an 1 money loaned
on Improved city and country projerty at low
rates of luteroHt.
Agency ,
15th and DouglaslSt. ,
Omaha . Nab.
flR '
000 A COS Wjandolt * St. , , , nrf fractict-Vi in
Anlhorlrcil by the Stale to treat
Chronic , Ncrvotiii nnd 1'rhnto Il -
cfifcK , Aiithmn , Kpllcprr. Ithcuma-
tl m , I'llc .Tnpp-worm , urlnnry and
IHkln Dlpcnucp , SKMINAL WKAKNIS *
\nifkt \ ( lam ) , HKXUAI. UEnitrrr
_ ( If > t ef ttxttal fen'tr ) . Ac. Cnrca
giinrnnlpcil or money rufntiiU'd. ChnrKO low.
ThanminilH ofrnsca cured , Nolnjtirlotin medicines
iifed. No detention from luii-lnefi" . All medicine *
furnished even to pntlentn ntncllstnncc. Conenl-
tnllonfrcc nml confldcntlnl call or u rile. Anand (
expcrlvnca are Important. A HOOK for both
oxen Illustrated nud circulars of other thine *
MtU scftlcd lor tno 3c stamps , free Mititum.
i. \ * * * * * -v v v w > - v vr t
flare Cnra for nit WBAK-
NKHSES , InclndlnK t.oncorrhn > n , Ir.
recnliur nnil Painful lUenntrtmtlon ,
Inflammntlon nnd tllccrntlon of
the Womb , riaodlna , lItO
i I.Al'HUH UT1UU , Arc.
cvnranuit to the taste , rfflcaclotif and Immediate
Itxffeet. HU-arrcAthtlpIn rrrctiancjanil r -
, T I pain daring labor and at re eular pcrloda.
riminnsrsKiT iMirREsrntiiE rr min.r.
( VFon ALL Wiinrusra of the generally * orcan *
either tri , It b tecond to no remedy that hai etrr
rn befora the public | and for all dliratea ot th *
PICXTI It U the Grtattit Rmtdy in thi
Find flrcut Itellcfln It * Vie.
T.TDIA n.riNKiiAM's Htoon rcnrrntB
Al I'ruilliAto I'icrr vcttlRn nf llumorn irtmi tbc
HKXl , at the nnnm tlmn will irlro tnno and rtmiRth to
f s j uteui. As niarrellouii In rnults a > the Compound.
tVBnth ' the Compound and Blood IMi iflcr are pro
> rrd n't 133 and \Vcstorn Aronue , I jnn , Majuv
rleoof cither , Jl. Blx bottles for 93. Tim Compound
rent by mall lntheformofplll , or of loicntjpn , o
i < H > lpt of price , 91 per IHH for rlthcr. ItrA. 11nkluu
folj aniirfn alt letter * of Inquiry. V.nclofw 3 c n
amp. Bcni for pampldi t. lltntlon tltt * I\ijfT.
_ K. moniA ' I men Trtt a euro Corurtlro.
n , lllllouimo's and Torpidity of the Urer. U coot *
03-SnIil by all Pmaalata.-tt ( n
( J01.0 MRDAti , PAH'S , 1878
Warranted Absolutely pure
Cocoa , from wlilci the axciu
of oil lika been rcmmciJ. It hu
three tlmea the strength of
Cocon mixed ultli Htircn , Ar
row Itootor Hufr r , and la thrro.
forr f ir more e onon.lcal. It la
Uiillclont , nourlslilnf , atrcnrth-
enlnr. easily dlt'ertel , ardad >
mlribly adapted for Inva Idsaa
well aa for poiaona In batlth.
1 Sold by Qrocera Everywher *
W. BAKER & Co. , PorohBster.MasB. .
PERSONAIi "Parlaof the hurajibodr
enlar eil , dovelopeii and atreiicthened , " etcu >
an Ititereatlnir ad\crt'eeinont ' long run In our
paper. In reply to Inquiries wo will say that
there la no evidence cf humbug about thia. On-
the contrary , the ad > crtl ra arrory highly In-
doraed , Interca'cd pernonn rray get scaled clr-
culara glIng all particulars , git Ing all particu
lar" , by nddrcaalmr Krlo JlwllculCo. , P. O. Hot
513. Lniffalo , N. Y. Toledo livening Bee.
ins wins. .
ho only life anthoilred by her amlwlilih11l
not ho n "Illood anil Thunder" Btory , auch as ha
been anil Mill bo pul llehcd , but a tiua life by the
only pornon wlio la In pcewdon of tlm facta a-
falnlul and .lovrtcd llo. Truth la more ntcr-
cstlni'ttu'i flo'.loii. / ircntv Bliouul app'y 01 ter
ritory at 011:0. Sen 76 cti. for Sample book.
iioeics !
0. SPE011T , - . Proprlotor.
t. - Oinrlia.NBb .
Tin , Iron and Slatci Booting ,
Spooht's Patent Molallo Skylight
Patent Adjuutud Ratchet Bat
and Brocket Shelving , I am
the general aijent for the
above Hue of goods.
Oritln ( > , fJalintradta , V r nd jOfn
Hank Ralllnga , Window end CMllar ,
Quarda ; nlso
Thelntrlnalc merit and superior quality of out
Qoldltopolobacco haa Induced otuor manufac
turers to nut upon the market ooda similar to
our brand In name and atyle which are offered
ind told for lew mor.oy than the. gonulrio Gold
Itope. We caution the tradci and consumer toia
that our name and trade mark are upon each
lump. The only genuine aud original Gold Hope
Tobacco la manufactured by
"ly ! a thorough Knowledge of the natarM lawi
ffhlch govern the oporatlorm of illfo4lon and
nutrition , and hy a careful application of the
floe properties of well-Lloc ed Cocoa , lit ,
Kpp > tin provided our breakfast tallies with B
ddlcatcly Oavored biverago which may aave u
many litavy doctora * blllu It U by tha Judlclon *
rue of auch article * of diet that a constitution
may be gradually built up until atronz enough
to resist every tendency to dloeaeo. Hun4red *
of subtle tnaUdlea are floating around na ready
to attack wherever there la a weak point. W
may oactno many a fatal nhaft by keeping our-
selv s well fortified with pure blood and a prop-
oily nourished fratuo. " Civil Scrvke Oaiette.
Made almply with boiling water or milk. Bel
lu Una only ( J-ll ) and Ib ) , labeled
HomcBOpiUhlo ObomlHM
crArsl.wly bondon. Eucrlun
Correct ntH ' llabl Waves Specialty ,
1822-F.rjuua St , Omaks. K- .