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The Law-Making Machine Again
Moving After a Brief Rest ,
Reynold's Regulation Bill Over
looked and Finally Killed
in the Senate ,
But the Antls Outwit the Mo.
nopa by Substituting an
Improved One.
Text of the Report of the
Special Railroad Committee
of the Senate.
Tbo Kouso LaT > 3r Long on Land
lord .Liens and Gthnr Matters *
Special Correspondence of Tun Bm.
LINCOLN , February 7. In the aan-
ate chamber yesterday the bill of
Senator Reynolds to regulate the rail
road traffic came up in the committee
of the whole , and waa roughly hand
led. It waa loaded down with amend
mants by the friends of the corpora
tions till it could hardly be recognized ,
but just when it waa thought that the
bill waa virtually dead , Brown , of
Olay , offered us a substitute a copy tf
8. F. No. 54 , and the aamo n
adopted by the committee , and the
committee was ordered to report back
with recommendation that it do pass
The subatltuto was r.ubsequeutly ordered
dorod to a third reading by the senate.
This ia considered a victory for the
anti-monopolists , as senate file No. 54
had previously been before the com
mittee of the whole and loaded down
wlt'.i amendments which were calcu
lated to kill It , but thia brlnga it up in
ita original shape aud places it where
the senators will have to make a record
on the question.
In the -Eonato thia morning three
bills were introduced , ono by Senator
Browu , of Oolfjx , eonato file No. 133 ,
providing thai all bridges coating over
$5,000 shall bo the property of the
etito. Senate file No. 184 , by Senator
Norris , granting the right of way to
all telephone companies along public
highways , and senate file No. 135 ,
providing for the ealo of wino by the
raisers of grapes.
The penitentiary la to bo investi
gated , itud the following ccmmittco
haa boon appointed for that purpose :
Senators Butler , Brown ( of Lancaster )
and Oaao.
Senator Oanfield waa originally on
thia committee , but upon his own mo
tion was excused.
The blind asylum is also to be in
vestigated , MBorsJilliT-4" " TMi'tulJ-M-
of the aanaw , by the following named
senators : Reynolds , Thatch aud Har
Senator Dnnphy Introdncod the
following , which , upon motion of
Senator Connor , was ordered printed
before any action was taken :
WHEREAH , No industry can bo pro
tected except at the expense of ail
others ; and ,
WHEVKAS , The protective tariff on
lumber > a particularly adverse to the
agrlcHtural and manufacturing inter
ataf > Nebraska ; and ,
VHEUEAS , Hon. Charles H. Van
ck , the republican senator from
Nebraska in the American congress ,
/as manfully denounced the lumbar
tariff and fearlessly advocated the doc
trine of frae trade ; therefore
RESOLVED , By the legislature of the
state of Nebraska that the govern
ment of the United Statoa haa no con
stitutional or other right to Impose
taxes on the people except with the
Intent and result /citing money
into'thu public treasury with which to
pay the public debt , provide for the
common defence ant ? promote the gen
eral welfare ; and a-1 tariff taxoa , call
ed protection , lal < ? for a different In
tent and result , ought to be utterly
Senator Conaor Introduced the fol
lowing :
RKSOT.VED , That the state treasurer
bo respectfully requested to Inform
the senate at as early a day as possi
ble the true amount of permanent
school fund now on hand and not in
vested in bonds , and whether said
school fond , if any not so invested in
bonds , is now in the vaults of the
treasury , and whether the same or any
part thereof , la now , or at any time
has been , Joined to banks , asaocla-
tlons or individuals.
The chief clerk of the house inform
ed the senate that the house had pasHed -
ed n. R. Noa. 5 and 17.
Butler introduced the following
resolution , which waa adopted , the
rules being suspended.
WIIEAIIEAH , Humors are in circu
lation derogatory to the management
of the atato prison , and grave suspic
ions are entertained In the public mind
that undue severity of discipline and
occasslonal acts of gross inhumanity
are practiced by the warden and the
officials under him upon the convicts
In their charge ,
RESOLVED , That a special committee
of three be appointed to investigate
the conduct of the officers of the state
prison aud the treatment of convicts ,
with power to hold sessions at the
prison or elsewhere , to suit their con
venience , and to send forparanns and
papers ,
Air. Reynolds , from the special rail
road committee , presented the follow
ing report :
Your committee appointed for the
purpose of investigating the conduct ,
management , and rotation of the rail
roads In all their bearings as regards
thels interosta and the interoata of the
people of this state , bog leave to report
Jhat wo have examined a largo number
of witnesses , several of whom are persons
holding h'.gh official poaltiona of aomo
kind under railroad corporations , the
roriol'.idor being citizens of thla state
who are engaged in the different pur-
ults if industry and business cf the
Your committco bollovo the proper
nd only legitimate relation of rail-
oadnand telegraphic companies to the
ooplo , is that of o-minion carriers ,
rhoso only duty it la to rocolvo and
with all reasonable spjjd forward to
heir declination Ml persons , freight
r mocsagea entrusted to tholr care ;
irovided a just and fair rate of freight ,
Ate or fee ia paid or secured for the
ervico and risks attending sush trans-
Aud your committee recommends
hat lawn to confine those corporations
o the ucca and purposes above stated
> 3 passed. We have ionnd it impoa-
! H to draw out from the gentlemen
it have the direction and manage-
aent of the railroads in thia Btato ,
_ , material facts ot which
hi > publio are not well ac-
[ ualnted ; and when pressed to
j full and complete explanation of all
hur conduct and management , also
ho icuBona for some objectionable
oaturoj In tholr policy , they refused
make ouch explanations on the
iunda that the etatoa , uu states , have
10 juricdictiou over them , and plainly
dnclaro that these uro mattera over
which and to which congress alone has
any right or power to oontrcl or In
quire into.
Wo find , from the evidence adduced
u the examination of witnesses , that
nany unjuat and inexcusable abnsoa ,
ind wanton cxorciab of powers , are
oxerclaed by railroad managera , which
are subversive of that friendly feeling
and good will which should exist bo
; weon the people and railroad corpora' '
Your ccmmittco finda facts in the
iostimouy taken to warrant them in
reporting that the corporations doing
justness in thia state are continually
laing improper means to control the
juolnesa of the state , by trying to dlo
; ate who shall ahlp grain or sell coal
n the towna along the hue of road ,
and by a classification' of freight based
ipon the value of properly in the mar-
cots where Bold , and placing rates on
such gioda which deprive the dealers
or first owners of duo advantages of
ho laws of f upply and demand which
lonestly belovg to thorn , and not to
the cnrrlora of the property.
Your committee also finda that the
railroad companies of the Btato , while
professing to obey the law generally
mown BB the Do r > o tub luw , have by
a change in classification of freights ,
evaded the true and juat moaning of
the said law , and while doing thia
liavo continually , by their officers and
igonte , endeavored to prejudice the
buainesa men of the state againat said
'aw ' aa the cause of higher freights in
the state , when really the canso of
anoh higher rates waa a change in the
classification of freights made by those
companlea , apparently for the very
purpoao of evading the law.
Therefore , we would reapoctfally
recommend that juit , yet positive re
strictive laws be enacted to the end
- mat ail trto'peopio bUouid have equal
and. exact freights , ono with another ,
find all the advantages and conven
iences the public can derive by reaaon
of the hlghwaya which are created by
the people , and thia being , or under
stood to bo a government of the people
ple , by the people and for the people ,
aaoh and every ono should bo made
secure in the enjoyment of every bless-
jng , or convenience , on an exnctequal
ity. Your committee boliovoa that by
a conspiracy called pooling , the rail
road companies owning and controll
ing competing linoa are depriving the
people of a proper buBincaa competi
tion , which in many cues was paid
For by the people by bonds voted to
those companies to obtain such compe
tition. They also deprive the people
of these advantages , when the govern
ment gave thorn vest estates of land ,
that the people might have thla pro. * '
mend that
Your committee
re , ,
congroaabo mem ° "J-1ZBd b7 thi legis
lature to ab * oaoh pooling , if pos-
your committee would further re
port that a system of free passes haa
( town up , by which the railroad com
panies , by giving free transportation
o officers , jurors and members of
political conventions , haa led the
people to believe that tboir officers
nd delegates are improperly Influ
enced in favor of those corporations
who furnish them with such passes.
That thoae passes have been utod aa a
means of seeking favor of their officers
and law makers , there can , aa we bo-
ileve , bo no honest doubt ; and your
committco recommends that any o fiber
or other person accepting a position of
trust , in which all persons , or any
community , are interested In the ro-
lult of their deliberations , uhould not
bo allowed to accept or nao , while oc
cupying Buch position or office , any
pass or different rate than that given
to the general publio at the same tlmo
and place , to the end that confidence
may bo aa perfect between officers and
their constituents aa possible.
Your committee would alao recommend
mend that a constitutional amend
ment be submitted to the people , BO
that a department can bo created in
the state government to supervise and
enforce the obedlenpo of largo corpora
tions to the lawa within the atato ; and
wo alao recommend that there bo es
tablished under the preaont constitu
tion a bureau , to hoar and examine aa
to complaints against these corpora
tions , and report to the proper au
thorities. And also , that said bureau
may perfect and announce a juat and
proper rate of freight tariff to be paid
by tholpoople ; and that caid bureau
may alao collect all necessary informa
tion to enable future legislatures to
legislate with all the facta before
them , and fool assured that both and
all eldcs oi these questions are justly
roprcsontcd ,
Yourcommittec further recommends
and respectfully oaka that all the tes
timony taken , together with the pro
ceedings of this committee , bo printed ,
to the end that the people may know
in what manner those corporations1
respond to an inquiry for Information
as to tholr manner of doing bnslnesa
Wo further report that It Is our firm
onvlotion that through congress alone
An the people receive complete relief ;
nd wo earnestly appeal that their
lower bo invoked to the work of ro-
uoving every barrier , to the end thut
ustico may bo done to the most hum-
ilo citizen on perfect equality with
ho moat exalted , in every respect , aa
elatea to the benefits that may bo de
lved from the existence and opera-
ion ot these publio highways.
Your committee ask to bo dle-
hurgod from iurther duty , aa the
ommittoo representing the house of
rpruDonlativoa haa been heretofore
All of which la rrnpoctfnlly sub
mitted. S. S REYNOLDS ,
Wo have further become Batlefied
hat the railroads of the nation are of
0 IndlspouBablo a nature to every ed
ucational , and cl/lllzing Influence
hit they must bo controlled by the
looplo Instead of individual for in-
lividuah ; that the power of a con-
olidatiou of so vest an amount of in
dividual capital aa ia represented in
ho railroads of this government IB BO
lontrary to every spirit of ropibllcan-
amor democracy , and which , must
eventually destroy the last vestige of
1 people's goverorncnt in the United
Wo thorcforo recommend that the
agislatnro petition , by a j tint me
morial aud resolution , our national
cglslaturo to formulate and enact
juoh laws as will at the earliest possi-
> Io tlmo transfer the. railroad t yatom
nto the hands of the general govern
On motion , the report waa accepted ,
ho report and the evidence ordered
> rlnted , aud the committee discharged.
SpocUl Correspondence ol Tin llsi.
LINCOLN , February 7. The house
lonvoued at ! > :30 : pursuant to adjourn
Jensen of Butler offered a resolu
Ion that the houao hold night BOeaiono
during the balance of the tlmo allotad
the lecislatuto. The resolution
was placed on the table.
Thu homo then roaolvcd itaulf Into
committee if the whole to consider
) llls on general file with Mr. How
ard of Olay us chairman.
After an hour and a half waa con
sumed in the consideration of house
roll No. 79 , bill to provide for a
andlord'a lion upon crops on leased
ands , introduced by Mr. Tower ol
Mr. Rubborta , . of Butler , made a
motion that the bill bo reported back
with recommendation that it do not
pass.Mr. . Tower , of Adams , moved an
amendment that it do pass.
After a long and tedious discussion
In which a number of rosmbors took
part , Mr. Tower's amendment waa
Mr. Whodon , of Lancaster , movec
that house roll No. 121 , to provide for
the appointment , compensation anc
dntlca of special deputy county treas
urers In counties not under township
organization , bo reported back with a
recommendation that It do pass. TJ"
motion waa carried.
H. R No. 130 , an act to grant hon
orable discharge to offieora and mooj-
bors of company " 0 , " Flrat ieghn
Second brigade of the Nobraskm"1'
tia , waa reported back wir1 recom
mendation that it do pusa.
R No. 131 makir amendments
H. . , *
in the act authorizio j"uanco of
bonds ' 1'0'1 ' baok with
county , "
recommend-0" t.k ? . ° Pasa
cK reat * a 'IB' ' ; ° ' t" °
The r
nrl inployes which showed that they
.umbered fifty-one thla session , whore-
a at the previous session sixty-one
> ersona were employed. '
Adjourned until S o'clock thla after
noon. _ _
Tne Board of Trade Protect Huge
Swindling In Futures Feara of
a Flood.
Special Dispatch to Tui Dn.
CHICAGO , February 7. The board
of trade passed resolutions against the
ransfer of the revenue maiino , lift
saving and marine hospital services t
control of the navy department ani
against establishing a maritime buroaa
n that department.
Evidences of the extent of the busi
ness done by Fleming & Meriam and
other professed grain brokera here ,
: ho delivery of money lettora to whom
waa stopped by the postal department
a few days ago , accumulate fvom day
to day. It appears .they not only .re
ceived money Irom firms , towna and
villages all over the country , but also
[ rora Canada nnd some points
In England and Scotland. The sum
transmitted to them for investment
In grain futures is estimated to roacli
into the milliono , and It la intimated
that certain respected and highly con
nected persona joined hands with the
recognized gambling element in work
ing the achomo ,
The city authorities exprose feai
of great damage by the flooding ol
basements In the city incase of a sud
den thaw. The entire winter anov
accumulated in tho' streets ia pllec
above the sidewalks , and If a gorge
forms in the rlvor there will bo no ont
let for thia vast volume of water. >
Editor Medal's Health.
Special Dispatch to Tui linn.
CHICAGO , February 7. The pub
llahcd reports concerning the oondi
tlon of Samuel J. Medill , who fo
many years haa been managing edito
of The Chicago Tribune , are exaggor
ated. Mr. Medill had gene to Las
Yogas for the winter aud waa blow ) ;
improving in health when the recon
"norther" swept over Texas. There
waa a drop of 70 decrees in tempera
tnro within twentyfour hour * , anc
Mr. Modill haa a relapse , > Ho wa
then taken to his father-in-law's
home at Qulncy , where ho now la in a
slightly Improved condition.
The Qbvernor of Montana BOBS
For Rufus Hatch and the
Park Qrab ,
A Scathing Review of the
Plans for a Magnificent
Oftttlo Ranpe.
Reduction and Consolidation
of the Ouatoms Districts
The Senate Grapples SUCCOSB-
fully With the Myotoriea
of Millinery ,
Whtlo the Honso Siti the D y Out
on Cold Irani
pedal Dispatch to Tun BM.
WASHINGTON , February 7. A com
munication from J. Sohnylor Crosby ,
; ovornor cf Montana , was presented
o the senate to-day by Senator Ssuu-
dors , chairman of the eonnto commit-
,00 , on torritorlea It rolatoa generally
, n the preservation and management
of the Yellowstone National pirk ,
out is devoted partloaUrly to a caustic
review of the oohomoo of Rafua
EIrtoh , who , It is alleged , alma to so-
core for his own exclusive benefit the
use of the park and turn the grcntor
part of it into a vast private ctUlo
ranch. Governor Crosby B ys : ' 'Mi. '
[ latch arraigua mo byname for guud-
Jig the Intercuts of the territory ,
which I have the honor to prssido
over , and acouaoa mo of poaiag
public reformer. I- cannot
refute the accusation. Mr. Hitch
iiaa aohiovod a national reputation as
A monopoliat and apooulato'r , bnl it
would bo wrong to call theau thluga
"reform. I am not unwilling to be
culled n reformer and I am uttnihod
in good company , for General SLari-
dan , whoso ofliolal report struck n
damaging blow lit the achen.i of
Hatch iiud hia coadjutoru , Is also
llorcoly assailed by the opeculator"
Oroaby thou oays : " 1'he real iuo |
is national , not poraonal. It la
whether the Yellowstone park inUll
be , in the language of the dedicaoty
Utute , n puullo park and plcn-uro
round for the benefit and onjoynont
of the people , or whether it ahal ! Jo a
cattle rancho for -Rufua Hatch , ? ho
propoBcs to oatabliah a v at cittioon
tcrpriau cloae to the park and BO are
unlimited fortge and immunity f om
diatnrbanco. "
Oroaby then reviews atgroaUoigth
and with much corimnuy * Ao naoi
and alleged parpoaoa cf Hi/oh an'djhiu
associates , and elcaes recomrrjjid
ing absolute annnlw 1 of ' 'rf ? f
authorized lease " " > : PJ.tol V"
park , for the * * *
Hatch and < * ooiati ore to bo
permltterl v ° kecp a hoto1 there n11
abuses "nat ave mat * ° Niagara a by-
worr ( disgust will attend auch ad-
. .difatratiou.
SpodalDlspatchea to Till nun.
WASHINGTON , February 7. The
jarfiold monnmout fair netted $7,500.
The secretary of the interior baa
decided that railroads are not limited
lands immediately attjolnin the
roada In cutting tloa or obtidiilnp other
construction material intended for the
ute of rallroada.
Oilhlala at the Indian bureau assort
hat Capt. Payno'a raida upon Okla-
loma lands in the Indian Territory al
ready coat the government about
J200 000. and thla expenditure might
tare been saved if congroea had adopt
ed the repeated reoominendatloiia of
the commissioner providing for the
mniahmont of intruders on pabllo
The house committee on Indian af-
aira haa decided to report adversely
in Mr. Craven's bill authorizing the
Mississippi , Albuquerque & later-
ocean railway company to construct a
railway through Ohoctaw and Chloka-
saw natlona.
Daring the discussion of tbo tariff
)111 in the homo to-day a brief but
exciting "spat" cccurred between
Vleanrs. Horace Page and Andurson.
The latter offered some atnondmanta ,
which Mr. Page opposed , when Mr.
Anderson became very m-ich excited
and said ho would not be rin by the
gentleman from California.
anurous DISTRICTS.
Secretary Folger aont a letter to
congress to-day , recommending ci .
solidatlon of the customs districts It
many instances in order to effect
saving of the salary of the oflioors at
ports where business is very small and
does not Increase from year to year.
The secretary's recommendations
would in effect not only lesson the
numbers of collection districts but in
Bomo caaea reduce the number of of
ficers at the port , which after reor
ganization , would comprise all con
solidated porta and rodnce the nguro-
gate coat for salaries by $401,270. The
greatest reduction of cllicora and em
ployes will ta.ko place at the chief
eastern porta.
Special Dispatch to Tun lien.
WASHINGTON , February 7. At the
close of the morning buslnoaa the senate -
ate held a brief executive session.
When the doora reopened the tariff
bill waa called up. The subject
waa further dlscuisod by Senators
Merrill , Dawoa and others ,
Senator Aldaioh criticised the tabu
lar statement presented by Senator
Beck In connection with duties on
women's and children's dross goods
as misleading. Ho said if prepared
aa Senator Dock had stated by a
man familiar with the subject , it had
been prepared with deliberate inten
tions to deceive the senate , Senator
Aldrloh , in concluding , said ho could
hardly trust himself to apeak of the
spectacle presented hero of Ameri
can manufacturers , honest and re
spectable , being compelled to plead in
I ho senate for their llvoc , and assailed
by moans of anonymous communica
tions in the interest of Importers.
Mr , Allison aaia If the paragraph
und r discussion waa intended to In
clude only all-wool goods , the com
mittee on finance had been unfortu
nate in the choice of phraseology , and
ho auggeatcd such phrase bo revised
by the committed.
Af tor some further discussion all the
remainder of the wool schedule , ex
cept the paragraph embracing "wob
binge , gorlngs , boltings , uto. , " wno
Informally passed over in order to give
the committee on finance an opportu
nity to consider it further. The para
graphs thus passed over embrace
women's and children's dress geode ,
clothing , carpets , and ondloea bolts or
The silk schedule waa road and loft
The next schedule ( bookt , papers ,
etc. ) waa taken up.
Senator Ingalls said ha would move
to put books on the free list ,
Senator Bayard moved to innko the
duty 15 per cent. Adopted 31
to 18.
Senator Vance then moved to strike
out the paragraph so as to lot books ,
pamphlets and other printed matter
go on the free Hat. The motion wna
agreed to by a vote of 24 to 22
The motion to put pulp for making
paper on the tree Hat waa lost ayes
22 , nays 27.
The aundrioa schedule waa next
taken up The paragraph embracing
bonnets , hats and hoods , chip , graac ,
palm-leaf and materials lor hats was
pjisiodovor informally The button par-
amended "not Including
ngraph waa by adding
cluding brats , glltorsilk | buttons , " The
duty on cundlos and tapers of all kinds
waa made twenty per cent and on
osro clothing twenty per cent , advnl-
oroin ,
On motion of Senator Djkvla ( W.
Va ) Inn duty on bituminous coal and
shale was made 75 couta per ton
ayra 21 , nous 20.
On motion of McPhoroon the clanso
Imposing a duty of $5 per ton on
emery ere waa otruok out.
Senator Bayard , under Instructions
of the committee on finance offered tin
amendment imposing a duty of u per
cent advalorom on motion or luclfor
matches of all descriptions. Acreod
Senator Aldrich , from the finance
committee , offered an amendment im
posing a duty of 50 cent a pair upon
"gloves , kid or leather , cut to ahapo
or otherwise partially manufactured , "
but at the suggestion of other aona-
tors , accepted an amendment , making
the rate 50 per cent advalorom.
Agreed V _
* Senator Baynrd OUm --v.iii- -
'far the paragraph embracing gunpow
der und all explosive substances the
provision of the house tariff bill levy
ing a duty of 0 cents a pound on pow
der , etc. , valued at 20 cento a pound
orloso , and 10 cents a pound on that
valued above 20 conta. Agreed to
aycB 30 , nooa 15.
On motion of Senator Sowoll , hat-
tcra' plush , composed of Bilk or silk
and cotton , was iusortod at 25 per
cent advalorom , |
The provision embracing calfskins
IT&S made to road "calfskins tanned or
drcased , etc. "
Senator Hawley moved to insert
"garden aeods , except needs of sugar
boot , 20 per cent advalorom , "
Agreed to ayes 22 , nooa 20
Senator Allison moved fo make the
duty on marble In block CO conta per
cubic foot and on marble slabs and
paving tilea $1.10 per cubic foot.
Agreed to.
Senator MoPheraon , from the com
mittee on finance , offered amendments
to "pencil paragraph , making the
duty on pencils of wood or other mi-
tori tl $1 pat gross and on pencil loads
not in wood 10 per cent ad valorem , "
but modified it so as to leave the
present duty unchanged. Agreed to.
On motion of Senator Vanes , pipes
of wood wore inserted at the same
rate aa thoio of clay 35 per cent ad-
valorem ,
Senator Vance moved to make the
duty on diamonds , cut or uncut , and
ptaolous stones of all kinds 25 per cent
advalorem. Agreed to ayes 21 , UOCB
When the free list # ag reached San-
ator Vance moved to adjourn. No
quorum voting , the senate roll waa
called , when 52 senators answered.
Senator Oooko moved an executive
session. Motion lost and thoaanato
T o hcuso wont into commitoo of
the yholo on the tariff bill.
fifr. Carlisle offered an amendment
impfBirK a duty of fifty cents per ton
of oie , or pyrites , oranlphurota of iron
onioning moro than forty-fivo per
nt Bjlphur and moro than three per
" " t topper. Amendment loat , 72 to
00 , ,
'V * after
r iV ' consideration of the
Urat ItL , o the metal Bohedulo for
four hon , and a baf ] tno oomtnlltoe
" ' ' > n It without making
, Kp the ratoof duty > whlc'1 '
. .c.taV'fcentaper ' , ! ton.
- . . moved to reduce the
duty of stool
VotB , cogged Ingot * ,
° ora8 Rnd BlaCwolghInf
' { moro than
600 pounds. ?
cop oruoiblo procj froValx.tenthn
to threo.tontha of ,
ent per d
acUonIUtcominltto ' >
M ,
Mr. B ngham intiinoed
B bm f
the appointment of aoojnralson | to
consist of seven menws three of
whom may bo momlof the ont
house and two whomto ; bo aolnatorfl
to onqnlro into lho ndllon , and
value of the plant of t0yBrOU9 , to,0. ,
graph companies of thoUntryaud ) ro.
port to the next congresviut methods
are at present avallablo roduoo the
cost f tolonraph commuoaalon and
whether any legislation iKocosBary to
carry out the power of , ngress to
rrgulato commerce as applied to tele
graph communication. Referred ,
Also bill providing that "No owner ,
ngont , master , or consignee of any
ship or vessel shall by virtue of the
lawa rf any atato bo compelled to take ,
employ or pay a pilot , not voluntarily
employed , on entering or departing
from any port or harbor , or passing
through or leaving any channel or
strait within the waters of the United
States. " Referred. UOCOSH.
When the house mot this evening
only fifteen or twenty members wore
present , but in half on hour a quorum
put in an appearance and the house
went into committee of the whole on
the tariff bill , the pending amend
ment being that reducing from alx-
tontho to three-tenths of one cent per
pound the duty on stool ingots , etc. ,
welching over 500 pounds.
Mr , Bnttorworth moved an amend
ment by fixing the rates at four-
tenths of one cont. Agreed to ayca
03 , noes 72.
Mr. Haakoll then moved , nmld do-
riiivo laughter on the democratic Hide ,
to fix the rate at forty-fivo per cent ,
advalorm. Agreed to 88 to 85 , '
Mr. Tucker moved to reduce the
duty on atenl railway bars welghinp
moro than 25 pounds to the yard from
eight-tenths to aovou-tontha of one
cent per pound.
Mr , Mortiion moved to make the
duty $15 per ton.
Pending action the committee rose
and house adjourned.
Spoclnl Dispatches to Tui tin.
UOSTON , February 7. Tto house , 80 to
107. voted not to mnko election dny a legal
holiday ,
NEW HnuKHWiCK , N. J. , February 7.
The police are looking for a gypsy band
wL ( , led n donJ baby to a bear.
NKW YonK , February -17,700 relohs
nrUii , collected principally In Ohio , wure
to-Uv f < > rwnnUl to the Khlno mUjrori" .
NEW YonK , February 7. The lied Star
line jionplo ei\y no Information Ins been re
ceived re nnllng the ttennier Noiierlarui ,
niul they do not believe any accident has
bgfnllen her.
MONTKHKY , Mtx , February 7. Orndlog
Is actively iniihed uii the Mexico Nntlotinl
rend boyoml ( Jarcln. The roml will prob
ably lie cnmploti'd to HHlllo hy . .Mnunot -
wltlutandlut ; 2,101) footaicont to forty-fivo
KANSAA Cm , Kebnmy 7.-In thn
wreutlliiK matnh , Ciroco-Hoinnn , butweon
lUuor itud Wblstlor , lor S5liO olilo
Whistler won. gaining the lirst fall In
twenty two miuutca , itud the ac nd hi
eleven niliuitos.
1'noviDKNUK , Folirunry 7. The ostaU
of Kov. Dr. Alcrcor , of Nowiiort , HOOH
utter hlrt death otlniatncl nt 210,000. In
found to amount to over 31,003,00. ) . It lmn
bcon tnxod nt $10,00 , There la rcnt Bur-
\n\nn \ nt tlie lovclutlon
Si'iUNQi'iKLi ) , Ilia. , Fobrnarv 7. Capt.
U < 'H dun to-duy gave nn exhibition shoot
at tils luine , nt one hundred pleoonn. lie
Hcoied seventy nine. Ho wilt give nu-
other I cfuro goiug to Lonievlllu to shoot
with ) ) r. Carver on the 22ud lust ,
NKW YOHK , Fobruaiy 0 , The United
Stated circuit court to-day granted judg
ment for 81,813 ajalnst the government
for excessive duties on "steel bloonn. '
ThU was a tort ca-o. The govornmonl
will be requlrud to repay a largo amount
ojf monov. . . , - . - , - . , i
Oat on the _
Special Dispatch to Tin li
RAWLINS , Wyo , , February 7. Ad
vices from the country atato cattle had
suffered seriously. Snow on the Swoot-
waterand Upper Platte was not as heavy
as in eastern Wyoming. The loaaes
BO far are reported Insignificant cattle
tlo about ono per cant and sheep per
hapi two per cont. It the Bitter
Crook valley the loss of sheep was
heavier. A high wind Is blowing from
the weet to-day , which will Boon clear
tht- ranges of enow. Cattle drifted
badly during the storm last week and
ranchmen have as yet no moans of as
certaining positively the amount of
damage done the herds. Not mooting
with any dead stock upon their ranges
they are tooling eafn.
Trial < tf Nunl nnd Croft.
Special Dispatch to THE llitn-
GIIAYSON , Ky. , February G. Today -
day the prisoners Neal and Craft wore
romovid from Lexington here for
trial , under the protection of four
hundred state guards. Horses for the
artillery and mounted infantry were
sent acron the country. The prison-
era and pirt of the soldiers are quar
tered at the jaU J others in a train of
nine cars.
Corn Jnloo Turned
Special Dispatch to Till DEE.
LOUIBVILLK , February 7. It la esti
mated that a quattor of a million gallons
lens * f whiskey go out of bond in this
district under the law requiring the
payment of taxes en thla date. There
la no excitement whati vor about the
matter aa it was apprehended , and no
failures uro reported yet ,
A heavy sleet foil hero last night
turning Into rain this morning and
continuing to-night , There is no apprehension -
prehension of Hoods however.
Special Dispatch to Tin 11 .
NEW YOUK , February 7. Lx-
Mayors Hall , Kly Grace , Cooper aud
Wickhum , General ( trant , ox-Sonator
Oonkling , Wm U. Vanderbilt and Jay
Gould wore summoned aa a coroner's
jury in the case of George Mahon ,
who killed a follow patient in the hos
pital Sunday.
Thn American Agricultural associa
tion resolved to hold the national fair
in the place offorlng the moat Induce
Six Persons Drowned in tha Flood-
Dispatch to Til R DIE.
INDIANAPOLIS , February 7. The
streams In this vicinity are falling and
no farther damage U expected About
100 families were driven from tholr
tiomoe. It Ins been raising since noon
at Peru , and thirty families are flooded
ind are losing largely. It ia reported
to-night that a family of nix persons
wore drowned at Keller'a atatlon ,
Special Dispatch to TUK HUB.
Sr. PKrKusnuuu , January 7 The
czar's manifesto on his coronation
lays : "Wo are determined in our
heart not to perform this sacred rite
unless the feelings excited by the
crime which the benefactor of the
people foil a victim had time to calm ,
A Harvest of Barren Regrets for
the Taxpayers of Nebraska ,
The Reform Legislature Pro
viding Positions for Po
litical Fossils.
Piling Up the Pay Roll the
Main Ambition of the
Cho Ponderann Great of Otuo
Scrrei Hii Miuter Well , ,
Special UUpaUh to Till II > K. '
LINCOLN , February 7. The legisla
ture has now resumed were in earnest.
So far the legislative mill has ground
ont nothing but chaff. It now looks
as if the taxpayers of Nebraska would
not only have to Bottle n big tax bll' ,
but this legislature , from which so
much economy and wholesome law-
tuaklng was expected , would saddle
upoi them n hoard of supernumerary
a ilary grabbers in the shape of atato
geologists , atato chemists , emigration
secretaries , railroad secretaries , med
ical examiner's , and other pensioners
of high and low degree. In spite of
the general demand for retrench
ment there la a disposition on all
by the creation of all sorts of needless
DfHoers , under various pretexts urged
by an active lobby of political barmv lea
who are out cf moat. The legitimate-
atato expenses necessarily grow from
roar to year as our penitentiary , re
form schools , anylnma , charitable and
educational Institutions are enlarged
and the numbers dependent on the
state for support and education in
crease. To this must bo * added the
demand for and Qonocqnont oxpeuao
of additional district judges and dis
trict attornoya , together with the ex-
ponao incident to numerical Increase
of the legislature by nineteen members.
All this will make the state tax levy
than on any former period. In the
face if all this the legislature keeps on
framli g nnd recommending bills that
will pile up the agony mountains high
and make the taxpayers fairly groan.
On the other hand , so far , not a thing
has been done to relieve the people by
rqnallzirg railroad taxoa or by passing
any * bill roducirg the paasorgjr or
freight ratoa , The malu foaturo.of .
the proceeding in the house to-day
waa the debate over a number of bills
wholo. The moat exciting discussion
waa over Mr , Towot'd
on crops. Robberts opposed thU
inyaouroTTlth great deal of ability
vigor as calculated to put the poor
tenant farmer under the noel of money
lenders and land sharks. Whoodon
asked whether there waa not a me
chanics lion on the state books , and
Roberta retorted , "That waa for pro
tecting mechanics and securing them
tholr wages. " Toner argued in favor
of the bill on the ground of justice ,
and the bill was finally rooonmondod
although its passage Is very doubtful.
A good part of the afternoon session
was wasted in debiting half a dozen
unimportant bills that ought to have
gone In the waste banket , and finally
quite n breeze was stired up by Bier-
bawor'a bill for
The bill creates a geological corpa
of three salaried officials ; a geologist
at $2,000 a year ; assistant geologist at
$1,000 ; chemiat $1,800 a year each.
An appropriation of $4,000 is alao
made for surveying expenses and
ohomioala. The governor in to fill the
position with opmpetont scientists and
exports of known integrity. The
geological corpa in required to make
the entire survey ot > the sixty-five
counties and the unorganized terri
tory within eighteen months , and de
posit the specimens of minerals , aoili
and bones in the atato university. The
collection of natural curiosities would
bo moro costly than raro. If the gov
ernor can find a renowned geologist
for $2,000 a year to make poraonal
inspection and survey of seventy-six
thousand square mil OB In eighteen
months , ho will accomplish a feat
greater than Sampson whorl ho alow a
thousand Philistines with the jaw
bono of an ass.
a wonderous man from Oleo county ,
Oapt. Mtoholl ( , as chairman of the
railroad committee of the house , dis
posed effectively of all the railroad
bills of that session by reporting back
"That no railroad legislation whatever -
over was needed. " To-day , another
ponderous son of Otoo , Mr. Grout , aa
chairman of the railroad committee ,
performed a similar foot by recom
mending to the house that all the bills
pending in the committee bo shelved ,
and that In their place the house
should substitute a bill , which , if enacted -
acted , would bo a dead letter. The
bill , us outlined by Mr. Grout , creatoa
a board of commissioners , composed of
state ofliccra , who are to bo empowered
to regulate the railroad traflic. Mr.
Qrout and a majority of the committee
tiavo doubtless taken their cue from
the railroad managers , who want
simply to defeat all regulation by
before the courts. Grout's report saya
the committee have consulted emi
nent counsel moaning , of course ,
John M. Thuraton or Citizen Mason.
Had they consulted the constitution
of Nebraska they would have discov
ered that the power to regulate ralN
road tariffs la vested by it in the legls-
laturo and that body cannot delegate
Ita power to any board of commission
ers , whether composed of state officers
) r outsiders. Grout and his commlt-
: eo have either fallen into a trap or
) lao they are playing atool pigeon.
Tholr report waa accepted and the
} lll hold over for further consldera-
, lon.