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She did ,
She nlld ,
Ancn she gild ,
And sideways gave a whirl ,
A Ruldo
She Rods ,
Acd then * ho Rlode ,
This br ve , but foolish girll
) < oop-hl
Who ever saw
A girl that could do bettet !
A dash.1
A crash ,
Twas awful rath ,
. Bit the toller-skntes unet her.
Sain Smyth In 1'blln. Timer ,
The American dlrl.
Through English eyes more calmly iioft
Lo.ikB from gray dcopg the appealing
charm :
Jteddenson Knglloh cheek * mnro oft
The roio rf innocent alarm ;
Our old-world heart more gravely feel * ,
llaalornt more force , moro self-con.
trol ;
For us through uterner music peals
The lull accord of toul and BOU ! .
Jlut , ah I the life , the emlle untaught ,
The floating presence , feathery fair ;
The etR and aspect that have caught
The brilliance of Columbian ulrl
No oriole throuxh the forest flits
Moie sheeny-plumed , more gay and free ;
On no nymph's marble forehead situ
I'roudller gl d virginity.
F. W. II. Myew { Briton ) .
Are You' Commonplace ? "
A commonplace life , we my , and wo sl h ;
But why should we ilfih M wo lay !
The commonplace lun In the commonplace
. \ Makei up ( or the commonplace day
The moon and the stars are oommonplaoe
The flower that blooms and the bird that
sings ;
lint tad were the world , nnd dark our lot ,
If flowers failed and the run shone not.
And God , who tees each ceparate soul ,
Oat of commonplace lives makes vhU
beautiful whole.
Bcuan Coolldge.
A anopplncr.
I IOTA to go a shopping.
With a dolUr ,
But buy a pair of stocking * ,
Or a collar ;
I imlle BO iwrotly on the elrrk ,
I make him "hump himself" andwoek
For my dollar.
I stav an hour or over
With iny dollarl
When shopping I'm in clover ,
You can holler ;
When I'm tlrtd , I Jcwt walk out.
And the clerk Bits down to pout
For uiy dollar.
Bat I make my rounds at last
With my dollar.
And I go home to fast ,
Wlih my collar ;
And that llitloevening's walk
Keeps mo juit a week in talk
About my dollar.
It's nice to go a shopping
With a dollar ,
To buy a pnlr t f stockings
Or n collar ;
Now , husband , do not judge me ,
Poor hubby , don't begrudge ma
'Nother dollar.
Tbe Ballet Girl
With cnmploxton like the rase
'Mid the snowH
Due to pow'dtr on her nose ,
She twirls upon her toes
In abbreviated clothes ,
And exhibits spangled dose
To her beaux. i
When cruel time bentows
Adipose ,
Fairy parts and all those
She outgrows ,
And murmurlngly goes
To the very hlnnmoat rows ,
To plrounette and nose
With the "crows. " ,
When life frayed and faded grow * ,
Like her bow ,
She In garret * slta and sews
Furbelows ,
Till her weary eyelids close
In the peace of death's repose ,
Is she reaping what she sows !
Heaven knowil
Llppincott's Magazine.
Heavy repped ottoman velvet ribboni
re much in use.
livening diesnea are at preient more
demand than walking or In-door suits.
Silk stockinette In pale evening shades i
much used fcr cuirass bodices to toilets
silk , satin , and velvet.
Fawn-colored silk stocking * , worn will
slippers of dark red kid or velvet , are tb
affectation of the moment.
Itound hats have velvet crowns and kl
brlmi. The most favored shades for trim >
mlng are strawberry and "mandarine. "
The "Jersey" glovei are still the favoi
lies both for evening and day wear , an
the dull tan shades are the ones preform
Printed mult of the gayest colon is mad
op in Dolly Yarden caps with laceborden
and worn by young matrons In the earl ,
bait of the day ,
Ladies are like watchei-pretty enong
to look at ; sweet faces and delicate hand
bnt somewhat difficult " "
to "regulate" afti
they are set a gotutc.
Basques o ( plain materials are worn wit
skirts of f ncy wool plaid of the dullc
colors call d Madras plaidi Instead ol tl
too gay Scotch tartans.
Imported evening toilettes hayo tralr
either miuaro or pSiutaJj but thnse greall
Inteifere with dancing , and demi-train * i a
preferred by young ladle i.
Lilies are out of favor , Vhoy are
longer In demand tor the coraage , nnd a
only uied in large set pieces , especially
dered for entertatrmunts.
The eleg\nt simplicity of street costum
becomes more noticeable each day , elal
rations In dreis garnitures being left
home weir and full-lire i occasions.
Bright ribbons an Inih wide trim t
dancing dritnenot uan ladles , Hews
silk pompom are used ai a border arou
the edge of handsome tilk evening dress
Round corsages acd pointed waists we
by yomog ladlui for full drois have
neck cut very lo either In V thapeoi
1'ompadour djusre and filled In with U
Irrdla tnull and nun's veiling jliavo 1
favor for ball dressea , Broche pa'izs , tu
nd Ottoman silk with lace lljuncea
worn by debuUntcs ; white and pink
the chosen color * .
They tell about a girl In the West
Addition to San Francisco who Is no i t
that when her beau tiles to bug her he
to wrap a towel around her 89 as to h
something to tnueere acalnst.
Embossed velvets , plain velvets , pluil
heavy brocades , matola8ie > , and mo
are all uuad for jackets worn over skirt
India silk , inuilln , gauze tulle , Uco. i
other lirbt evening drcus tissue * .
When jewelled ornaments are won
the hair they should bo IrreKuUtly pla <
one being on the right of front , ind I
other low at tbo left tide of the head , .
back of the ear , resting closely against
small knot of hair.
I'olonattes have Incroaied in i > onular
and are made of the rlcheit fabric * , v
but liitl drapery. Some of the new
signs have vests shaped on them , and ap
drapery with bnulfant hackthe'egnrm ; <
must be c'.ote-titting ' to be stylish.
There Is quite a fathionable furore
velveteen this winter cf course only
b st qualities being employed , thoie o
Ing quite a * much as the materials km
M llncn-b ck velvet * with silk face ,
velveteen wearing much longer and belnt ?
warrasted fast colon ,
The west fashionable cloths for woolen
ooilnmes are not shaggy , but smooth-fin *
Ished , and very hannsotnet In short , a
lady's broadcloth. They are made In coat
snlu , with real or simulated vest ; and also
In clef ely trimmed iklrU and bstquts ,
some double-breasted , same with and some
without .restc.
A bevy of girls were on their way home
from a "folia excursion" when one of
them exclaimed : "Oh.dtarl I wish I were
an autumn leat. " "Why , what a illly
Ideal" said her companion. "Suppoie
your wlih were gMtlfiooT "Well , thea I
would know what It was to be suppressed ,
blnnhlngly replied the be ule s beauty.
"A'womin's tongue l < i her sword , ard
nhe docs not lot It in.t , " n id the proverb.
"A woman's tongue Is her sword , nsd ' be
does not let It rent , " sot up the type-setter
There are some type-setters who have been
married so low th it they don't care how
inelegant ! v a domestic proverb may be
sh t > ed , - Louisville Coniler-Jour l.
OJeorge Lorlllard , of New York , an
Mis * La Frge wore married at St
Auguntine , 'Florida ' , this week
A I'atsi In "Philadelphia publishes
marritga notice with thl MJJItlon : "Ni
fee for tbo minister , Kmi-ty envelope
Recently , In New Orleavr , the Ilev , J
K. Gutheln , n Jewiih rrbbl , united ir
marilage hla nrice and John Armstrong *
a Protestant ChrUtUu.
The marrlagn of Miss Alice Blalne ,
daughter of ex-Secretary > tllalne , to Mr ,
Oopplngor , U fixed ft * February 6th. He
residence will be In Kantao.
The 'marriage ' of Miss Mabel Bayard
daughter of Senator 13yAtd , of Delaware
to Mr. Warren , nf Boston , Is annonnooi
to take place in Washington on the 25 1
Admlrtl Seymour , now made a peei
will , It is said , certainly tcatry Mr
QerardiL'Iab , the wo Uby widow who-on
tertains at Lutnn Hoe , r.n/1 owns a fsmou
yacht. Mrp. Ijelgh Is taid to have I GO ,
000 sterling a year.
A Georgia couple waited over four 791 :
for n good opportunity to elope , and j u
aa It came the girl's father took the young
man by the hand arftl < aald : "Speak up to
her , ThomaM 'I know she lovea . 'yon and
I'd be tickled to death to have you tfor
son-tn-lawl '
- -
Lieut. Alexander ( Ctodgors , of Its 8th
Oavalry , and son of cAdinlral Raymond
Itodyera , af the navr , was married at
Waohlrgton last week to Mliu > Virflnla
Kolette Cameron , second daughter of Sen
ator J. D. Csraeron , oM'ennsylvanfav.
A marriage ceremony came to an ab
rupt and ludlcrom termination the other
dayin Atlanta , Ua , A prominent clergy.
man of that city , having consented
unite a colored con pic , had juut nuked the
soltmn- ( inflation : "Wilt tliou take this wo
mnn , eto , " when nn old II uno of the bridegroom
groom poked her heid into tbo rocun and
s ! d : "Henry. I dar you to nay yet.
'Henry sank into the nearoit chair without
a word , and the company thoufliilfullj
Miss Mary Clmrtcr ? , only daughter
in. Chartera , of Stoke I'ark , Ipuwlch , wai
married -Ipswich , Knglnnd , recently ,
Oouat'CarlKtterhazy , of I'ressburg , Hun
gary , Lact summer Mr. nod Mra. Cbar
tcrs , with their daughter , were crulrlng
the river Nile when their boat wai upiet
C'ountiKiterhazy ws pasami' in hta vach :
attlio time and r scuo < l thu party. This
th usual programme ; and yet girl
should be carefubhow they rook tbeb
boatn In ' .deep water Ji when a )13uko )
JobuA. Stevens ha * caught on witl
"Passion's Blare. "
Lawionco Barrett played to ovorfZ.OOC
week bcforo last In Cleveland.
Mary Andrrson continues three .week
longer at the Fifth Avenue Theatre , Nei
Louis .fames and Maria Walnripht a
company Lawrence liaerett to lEutap
Man Btrakocch sa.ys that 1'atll has liee
perfurmlnR thlrty.two yoow and In eperi
twenty-five years.
Paulina Markham fsuowftlrs. Itandolp
Murray. Tbo Wyndham comedy .oor
pany are in lialtimoro.
John McCullontih enters upon tl
second week of his engagement at tt
Boston Theatre Mocday night.
Mr.'Edwin Ilooth has been compelled
. the sickness of his daughter.tocancel man
of his professional engagement * ) In Qei
Nllunn denies emphatically that she hi
any encouragement with Mr. Gye , Tt
In latter says the contract with him w
signed May 10 , 18H , ' .
is I Planquatte has refused an offer of fGOX (
of for th score of "Kip Van Winkle , " b
catise he hopes to make double that su
Ith out of his operetta.
the Kmma Abbott sang In lloohester la
Wednesday night , and two dajs before h
kid appearance every available cat in tl
opera hocHo was sold.
Out of tighty.sevcn manuscript pla
received at the Madison Square Thvat
ind for consideration within the last sir mont
cd. only two were retained f-ir sotious cnnsi
, craion.
The "Mascotte , " juit withdrawn at
rly , Boulf s I'uraslrnneF , has just been w
nested by COO 000 persons , and has yield
receipts of SU' 3,000 fromCS2porformanc
, Said the veteran playwright , Chnr i
tier Gaylor , to o representative of the lit ( I
Courier yesterday : "I have seen all
croat Juliets since tbo day * of Kan
rlth Keniblr , and I regard Margaret Mather
lest the beet Juliet I hare Been , "
Mrs.W.J. Florence s-ws that the ch
acter of "Mr * . General Gllfbry , " the lo
tins ami American women nbroud.
ktly the play of Toe Mighty UolUr , " Is cop
are fnmi a living- model a touiht whom
actress met in I'arls. Her husband v
no i nessed the lint performance nnd InsUu
are rco gnlzMi the likeness ,
or- Miss Mary Anderson has accepted A
Abbey' * proportion to exchange
mot American engagement for Mr. Irving
abo- : Kurope , nextuututnu. In accordance w
tfor f the agreement Miss .riutlercou will opor
ilia hycuim theatre , London , next fj
tembor , and Mr Irving will irulo bid \
pearance Iu New York at the fame tit
Henry K. Abbey is making arrnti
meuta to give German grant ) opera u
season at the LCW opera bouse in I
t York. Ho | > rep > ne < ui > thlnK less than
bring over horn Mine. Maternn , II
Winkolmann nnd 11 err Scarla , ol limtti
mer'j "l'rsif l" cast. He will also eng
Mr. Theodore Thomas , with the lu'l ' I1
! harmonic Orchestra , for tlili series of C
i man operas , that will bring out man' >
vVaguer'n works ,
stern The New York World says of John
thin lUrmond' * new plai , "In i'aradlto : "
has llaymond has fnucd the best nnd n
have suitable character In his exporier
Though not quite so funny as ' 'Colt
Bellem" It Is tar less extravagant ; In f
illicit , it is nlmoU
absolutely true to an atnin
lolres and admirable typn of the south thi
rUof rapidly j-ssilng hwjy. Utilities this
and i the mitt important tieuru of a cle
delinod aud ruther IntervstlDg plot.
laced In The thnterH of Kuropo are now IJrj
the , number , uutl Italy himda the list of f
HOIIK In point of th Urgent nhuie.
the has 318 M frnlnst : 57 In France , 1'Jl
Uermnny , lUOInSiiilu ir > OIii Great J
aln. Kit In AtiUila and Hungary-I
arity , ItuMia , 84 in Uelgiutn , Hi' | tt „ „ „ , ml
with In bwltznrUud , 18 in Sweden and Nor
de § 10 In I'ortitKsl , 10 iu Danuurk 4 -I
iprvn Turkey , aud 1 In Greece.
neuts Three are making- more mi
this season on the Ameilcnn ttage I
fir ten men. It Is ImpoFslble to get at !
the precise figures , as the pay of performc
cost , so exaggeratedbut It is nsiiertoil that t 1
nown receive ! 81OCO a night. As she Is to
the thirty times during Lcr tout througt
ttaUs she will thtrefore receive $120,000 ,
Nllson will t about $100,000 for fifty
concerts. Kirs Ltnstry is said to receive I
one-third of the gross receipts , and will get i
about $76.000. j
The scriptures are published In 250 Ian-
guiges or dialects. I
During the pa t fifteen years 8,6001 ,
churches were built In this country. ' I
Chinese pay $151,752,000 annually to
qalet the spirits of their ancestor * . I
The Southern Methodists estimate that I
during the p t year they have gained 6211
per cent , J
Only two of the forty.two Methodlit
churches 5n Baltimore have rented p ws. I
Tbe others are free. I
. The corner-stone of the first new Luth
eran ckurch built In Leipulo during the
last 300 yean wan recently laid.
The total receipt * nf the American Bible
society for tbo month -of December were
873.BJC4D. The lumen were 100,038 vol.
It Is estimated that ( over 5100,000.000
were given for benevolent and religious
purposed by the different denominations in
tfclg country la t je r.
Three thousand "flve hundred churehtw
tnilt In fifteen years in this country , and
more than one for every day during last
tfear , Is a record zst to be despised.
The sums contributed by tbe vatfons
Protestant chmrfh havn Increased in
eighty Years from $240,000 to ? 8,3'0COO ,
and yet It eald that tulwilons are dying
Thn American Baptist Missionary Unlrn
hni 181 mlssionariea In Its Asiatic tieldr ,
(563 ( native preaherii , 687 churches nod 4G- ,
017 members. The tirst Karen convert
baptized by Dr. JnHson led Qisla h
Chrltt , and IQmla baptized moro than'
2,000 conveitn in lesn than three years ,
The fnllomotf are the principal statistic *
of tbe Protestant Kpleoopal church In'In- '
dlana for the year jnst closed : Value of
property , Wl,64fl ; baptism admits , 103
Infant * , 334. ; confirmations , 281 ; oommu-
nlcanti , 3.8SO ; Sunday school teachenisind
fcholarc. Jf < ! JI ; total ifTerings ,
debts , $30 > C22.
a "Freeond easy laored coooortp ) " an
son.ethlng now in New York. By and
h by wo shall have n religious cocking main.
d A RuM&m proverb say : "fiefore olog
to war , cray once ; bif > re going t-ta sea
kta. cr y twloc ; lieforu getting married , ? ray
a. three times. "
A preacher asked nil Sunday noho I chll-
b- ' dreu to stand up who intended to vltrt tbo
ber wicked , doul dentruying clrens. All hut
. lame , jtrl stood up ,
to , 'I'm not n homeopath or an allapath
lie n rydropath , I'm n Jotmp th , nnd
'o- wouldn't givfl mv dflclor for a'iuurtred
lead others , " < iald Kynngelmt Barnes laf\t \ Sun
ad day , in a disgusting harangue.
A religious paoer Rays that for the last
ut fifty years the Btptlnto have estublUhed
lly eight churches per week the ynnr rlvbt
through , making oter 421 per year. Tne
ofas prcmotlon of swimming IscerUiqlya viry
as noble wnk.
to There is a town In Iowa which has
in- population of 1,300 and twelve distinct
iron ami separate church organ it Uloue. It
ot undetatood that will {
they join n renting
etht an oyster for ueo curing the prevent toison
ht of church suppers. .
ils I
rls Kev. Kr. Talrange thinks it a crent boon
air to die younr , and wonders that mien c
airis I dread to "luavu a shanty for the Al
hambra. " And yet , when Mr. Toltnagol'
ilsk , we dare ray he rushes to the tele'
phone and hnlloos for his doctor.
0. ,
At a meeting of the woman's 'board
missions In Beaten Wednesday tie treai
ith urer rtatad that tbo recelpti doting 188
were ? mjOOO At this rate heathenism
00 will soon become one of our most profitable
ble industries
sks The president of Tufts college was re
'ew cently made a happy father , and thu reol.
lowlntt morning at prayer in the chapel
Introduced this rather ambiguous sen
< tence : "And we thank Thee , O Lord , fo
the succor Thou bait given in , " wblcl
canted a goaoral itulle to creep over thi ;
faces of the class.
The Kev. < George A. Gordon , of 'Green
wUh , Cone. , who tins received a call
the pulpit of the Old South chcrcb ,
Boaton1 at a Biliary of $12,000 p r annum
declines to leave his little charge ln-.Cr
wich until he can rind n satisfactory sue
cenor to continue his work. Tbo NewYorl
doctor who recently testified that roost
b the lunatics In this country were oct < ld
of the asylums evidently knew rwhat
was talking about.
, The new French rifle will carry overtw
miles and the bullet will travel nearly
000 fast as a scandal.
be- By the way , another of the IBalaklav
mm : "ill hundred" has jutt 'died. Thia n
ducea the ranks to about nine hundred.-
latt Hartford Post.
her Handiome tides are placeJ on satti
covered sofas , not 10 tnncn as a guaranti
of good faith at to cover up the spot tbi
lays is worn through ,
atre M. T. are the Initials of Mr. Folk ,
isid. Tennessee's defaulting treasurer. M.
also represent ! the condition of tbo trei
ury ot that unfortunate state.
"Chwychl ach ochl ocbe ach&u o chowc
Ided - Acb uwch achychan
Ischewch tlch och ewch Ich lacbau
icea. lachwychach ewch o'ch achau. "
rlcs A I'hlladelphU paper observes thi
Ithe t Clark Mills succeeded iu pasjlnp hlnut i
oif on congresH oa n sculptor , You co
nny pass most anything on congress when the
aa Is a chance to chisel out a job ,
liar- P. 1. lUrnuai presented a letter carrl
- with his book "Hmv Get "
loud on to Kich" i < a
Christman present. The
cirrter know ho
be fare. It was to earn JBOO per year ai
ipicd the I save half his salary for 200 veart.
lt- Hero is n Welsh song. The Atnorlc
mtly who would slog it must first tuko
emetic , n pinch uf ciyenno pepper in i
noeo an I ImeAthe the sulphur fumes of
Mr. few miktohee. Then it comes uatui
her 1
with "I never rnew a lady who tart ; wl
at mnro tatte aud feelicg than Mfa -
Scp- said HID Ith to Jonett one day. "Nor
K\t. \ H | . | . ( onea to Smith ; "particularly ai i
time , an feeling Is joucerued. Why , glie'a it
tutn"I for the next note all the time1 !
auge- A poem entitled "Tho Death of Oli
next Cromwell" is going the ruumln of
New > preix. Oliver's many friends iu thin to1
to will bo pained to heir of bin tlenth-a
Herr their grief will bo Intensified when we
tutn them that the poem Is nearly half a c
Umnl ° DK'
Ger. A South Knd woman received a t
ny cf gram , nnd her face blanched nnd her Iu
trembled as she held the unopened
velope before her. Glvlnu it to
bnT. daughter ( ha said , "Kead it. " The
Mr. obeyed , "Papa lm broken bin leg i
moit gc ti ? to tbe hnepltil , " she said , The mo
ence. er'tf face brightened , "Thank heaven I
ilouel no worse , " ho said , "I feared he might
fact , going to bring somebody to dinner ! '
hnt In Down in the railroad yard ono hoar
ItU mynUrioui eort rf talk from tbe mvit
learly men. "Kick u Hit and H linu bux 1
l/ewla. " "Kick two transfers over
Nauyy , acd three 'fulU' out of the tmr
7In "Two IUt aud box ; kick "eai iuto
us. home , nnd haul n pig Iron nn tbo sea
Hhe then kick cut an empty bx from
In butchers. " It ihnuld I u explained t
llrlt. railroad man invariably call switching
n the tcun "kicking. "
, 110
In iuioklm'tj .arnica dulve.
The liitsT BALVQ In tha world for C
money Ilmlte * , Horos , U.are ! , bait Hheuia ,
than vcr SOWN , Tettir , CbipmU Hands , C
the blalns , ( 'urr.i , ana nil skin eruption * ,
nors Is positively curns llcv , It U pwrMitcci
Pattl vivo saticfucUon i nxoey refunc
ilng Price. 25 centi psr ctoi alia by
ghtholv Qo-jdoun
The superintendent of public Instruc
tion for Indiana repoHs that during the
p at year there were 302 school buildings
erected , and th t tbe total number now
retches 0 COS , the cot of which aggregate !
State School Commissioner Da Wolf , of
Ohio , nay * that the icfaool system of that
the school system of that ( Utelsmore , ex-
penitve th n that of Indiana , Pennsyl
vania , or Wisconitn. lie gives as the rea
son the general looseness and wasteiulness
of the tab-district system.
In Ohio the qaeitlon of equalizing the
axatlon for common school purpose ) ! Is
t > elng generally agitated. As the law
, tanas now some counties are obliged to
f > ay moro t4an they receive , whila other
j > ooror cfluaths draw more than pay.
Acoordfag to The Inter-Ocean , the ap-
xjlntmem of woman us tchool superin-
iendrntc'ln ' IlltooU has been notably BUO-
I cesnful. They bring n painstaking earn
and thoroughness to their work not ol-
wayi shown by their maecular colleagues
The university of Little llock , A k ,
found * ! under the auspice * of the edua
tlonal-aoclcty of the Methodist Kplseop *
churcri ! , in ubout to open Iti doarn. Th
governor , mayor and other leading cltl
zen * cf both tartiei have contribute )
towavd Its establishment.
The annual report of tbo tuperintenden
of the common schools of Maine ohow
tb& education Is advancing rapidly in tha
edtcoAtlon Is advancing rapidly in tha
( state. Tli9 past two years have been year
of new departure In some respect ? , nn <
tkese have In each case brought grntifjiu
Tha Boiton Post would like lo see
evening tchools established in all the
; owns and rillapna of the state. "We
know young men , " it sav , "growing up in ,
' ignorance In country Alices , not because ,
thny prefer It , but became they cannot
aflord working time for instruction , and |
there are no opportunities to usa any.
other. To thli class and It coarisU of
thousands the evening school would bean
; an inestimable boon. "
Mine hundred teachers are required on *
naallr to supply the schools of Colorado ,
and these , a a rule , r teacbera of ability
and ezperiencr. Wages In ungraded
schools range from $30 to $00 per month ,
and in graded schools from $50 to1 > 5C
p r month. The supply of teachers larj Jy
exceeds the demand. Following la
statement of the ir/creone 4n the dlffcren1
educational departments 'dnrlnc ; the pas' '
year : Increase in sobaol population
98,404 ; ( ncresse l scboil 'districts , T > 7 ; In
; increace in school homes , EC ; 'increase in
teacbera employed , 9A ; IrKrease In enroll
ment , ( V,738ncMAie ; ! in nverage deity nt-
- tecdancu , 3SXt.
1H Dr. Clinton Ccdblug recently lectured a
0. San FraniIsco ; as the edccatiou of women
Among other 'tAtings ho said Uhet th
scoooii of tb bo blninod
or cirantryare to fo
3rI the ill-health oi many women. Children
id ahoa'd ' not be rostrane3their ! ; hnimcl ppir
idn its sliould bavefall vent. Girls are ua
turftUy marefltudious than boys'tU ; y ot
st tend more closily to their hooky A girl
3d will do inoro tn please n teacher or a paroc
lit than a boy. TJfi to the oio of twelve , boj
nud girls urc reiuarkiibly alike. Aboi
16 that time there ia a change. The nervo1
rr organic < tiou ( C tbo girl then begins to t
rrn anrt Itself Nothing nLould bo tlono
n ch ik its devolnpment. From about t
ct ago of ten or twelve , 'for tbo next six
in seven years , the change from vrjltthood
UK' womanhood occurs , tit : thia period Ech < K
books and caccs should not crrab t
health nf the uJ. She should -nnt be
in lowed to attcud tchunl moro 'ithan ' i
tn months in the year , tin the other i
tnJ. months he shoalrl have plenty of Bundii
' and outdeor life , aud be inatructod in t
' important myetories df bread-malnng a
houtele pin , Tbo utrugges tf the t ) ra
cl tome of exaiulnntion and promotion ehou
bo dlseountenaneed.
im Free of Obarge.
All persona ouifering'f rom Cough ? , Colt
Asthma , Bronchitis , \Lotu \ of'Voied orn ;
re- allection of the Throat and Lungs , are i
ol.he quested to call at C. K. Goodman's dr
hem store and got a Trial Eattio of 'Dr. ' Kin |
m- New Discovery for Consumption , free
lor : charge , which will convince them of i
Ich wondecful merits and show what act eguli
he butt In will Hn. Call
to <
of Are never imitated or coutitoJC ittd
, Thia is oapocially true of a fa mily
en modlctno , and it is poaittvo proof thai
ucrk the remedy imitated in of the 'big bos'
of valuo. Aa eoon aa it hnd boon ta tUx
Ide and proved by thu whole world t ha
be Hop Bitters waa the parent , bout i , ni
moat valuable family medicine 01
earth , many imitations sprang np a a
began to steal the notices in wfai
the prosa and people of the count
had expressed the merits of H. B
and in every way trying to ludnce ad
fering Invalids to UBO their stuff it
va toad , expecting to moke money 01
ro- the credit and good name , of H. B
- Many others started nostrums pat af
in similar style to H. B , , with vari
tin- ously devised name * in which tbe
bat word "Hop" or "Hopa" were used In
away to induce people to believe they
nf were the name as Hop Bitten. All
nfT. such pretended remedies or euros , no
matter what their style or name U
and espldally those with the word
vch "Hop" or "Hops" in their name or in
any way connected with them or theii
name , are imitations or counterfeits.
hat Beware of them. Touch none oi
lf -them. Use nothing but genuine Hop
can Bitters , with a bunob or clnotor ol
aero green Honn on the white label , Trusl
nothing olso. Drnguista and doalon
rior are waraod against dealing In
a tiono or ooup'torfnlU.
an i
a Vhf &URES1 CURB for
Doe 1 1 lame back or dleorderedurlnc
Indicate .hat you ore vlctlmP THEN DO
once ( druTciata recommend It ) anrt ttwilj
' tw Uly overcome UiodlMaadandrcaton
far I Foroomplalntsjwcullar
feel- .
ana wtiiknrun. KIDNEV-WOaT U uniur-
po a la ltwtn act promptly and ulely
liver < Either Box. Incontinence. rcUntlon of
tbe I urine , brick dnst or ropy depo lt , nd dull
town dracsrlng pains , all speedily yield tots , cur-
tell <
ber '
tglrl |
it IB
Mil. "
c.Vo ,
th t
Chil CiriCAGO ,
&nboJy rtw IBSa lmi.rovcm Dts. Uo
pxnotlonl leaiuru. ; Cost lc ° k
it J ; Cue lcs fitol > S .mof"
ndalsrsf r volume0' porn nlr > "
0 , Jurosc wale. . . .
Sold br lltrcy anJ Dr aforJOt h .
will cure dyspepsiaheirtbum , mala
ria , kidney disease , liver complaint *
and other wasting diseases.
enriches the blood and ptfrifvw the
system ; cures weakness , lade of
encrjy , etc. Try a bU e.
b the only 1 n preparation Ihat
d oes not ooloKthe teeth , and will not
couse headache or constipation , as
other Iron puparagons will.
Ladies and all sufferers from neu
ralgia , hysteri a , and kindred com
plaints , will fi 1 it without an equal.
ol > 1
rix lix tl- Milwaukee & St , Pan
raid ( rom
Pullman's Mapiflcent Sleepei
Finest Dining Cars in tbe WorL
d. TO
Att ' Or to any point beyond ; or
nd To
ai ' Take the BEST ROUTE , the
: . Chicago , Milwaukee&St , Paul R
Ticket offloB looted at comer Famam
Fourteenth streets and at U. V. Depot and
Ulllaid Ilotel , Omaha.
< ySoo Time Table In another column.
F. A. NASH , General Arat.
0. n. FOOTK , Ticket Agent , Omsha.
General Manager. Gtonerat Pass. Age
OenermlSup't. AsBtOeE.Pasa. Age
An lll Poluts Eact nd ° 5outh-East.
Nearly AJXO uillM Solid Smooth Hteitl Trai
11 connictlor.s are made In UNION DbPOl
h j n national Ivopntatlan M being t
reat Thrcugh Cor Line , and Is nulvem
needed to bo the FINEST EQUIPPED K *
a.l In the Arld lor all claions of travel ,
Try It and you will llni1 traveling a Inxc
Instead ot Jwcon'.fort ,
TLroupl Tlck.te vU thi Celebrated Llna
ulu at all cfacw. In tic Wif t
All Information about Rites u faro , alecpl
Car AcocumoJat'onh , 'Iliuo Vkbles , ac. , will
obcerlully elf n b > apulylnliiK to
T. l. POTTuK ,
U VIce-l'iM't X Gen. MansierChlci
Uio. r tv fr Ait. Cklui
H. ) . PAVr-NPOUT ,
Uct. Atfent , Cinncll liluCt.
U. P. DUKLL , lie Let , .V < t. on >
Silver Plated
Door Plntn EnuraTod to Order *
Ka , GOON. TtfcEt. St , LouU , )
O. IB1.
Window and Plate G'ass. '
bdorMmrchailnir tnslr Plate OUw.
corrtt end with us belor purchasing-
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
* JO „
Fire and Burglar
1020 Farnham Street ,
Iji only attained by nulng
Stoves and Ranges.
'For sn'e ' by
-8PEOHT , Proprietor.
Omrha Neb
. - ,
IS , Iron and Slate Eoofing ,
Spooht'a Patent Metalia Skylight
Parttut Adjastod Ratchet Bar
ver > d Bracket Shelving. I am
the'genersJ agent for the
above line of goods ,
and" Or 4'sns , Balustrades , VeranduOrn | (
dak * .nk Railings , Window and O IUr
Guards ; also
$500 REWARD.
Tlitt.bove reward will be paid to any person
who > w7ili produce a Feint that will equal the
ent. Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
( or unnerving Bhlodoa , Tin and Gravel Boots.
Warroslod to be Fire and Wnter Proof. AU
order % promptly atteodetl to. Cheaper and bet
ter Una any other piiit now In use.
Bo'rfl Proprietors , Omaha HOUM > , Omaha , Ksb.
Offlctr & Pusey , Dr.Kico , Dr. Pinney , Kulle
< OouodlOluff8 , Iowa.
Bas eico , Omaha , K n.
Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000-
A. L.-CIiAllKK , Vlco-l'rc ldciit.
K. 0. WtBSTKIl , Treasurer
Stnuiel Alnaiider Oewalil Ollvr ,
A. L. C.aiU . ) , E. C. Webster
OOO.H 1'jiit , Jas. II. Ilcartuell ,
D. U. McKl Hlnncy.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company ( urnlahm a permanent , home
Institution wbaifltSchool Us i iand other legally
Issued Municipal securltl" " ) A'ubraska can b
bo negotlatui on thu nn i a > orable terms
Loans made on linpraic < lfi n i all well settloa
counties of theeu.te , Ihro . r iMponslble local
8enms Married ,
Irf ,
fhfl Story of t-ua Sawing * ! M
or ? iisjil'rruo llitlJ tawpMtl. jlctfaf.cj
ton * fUb numerous cnjM ;
Id I
la ay / al ivnon cdllnj ; lor It , tc ; trKiih
or iu&-oKro ul 'Jlio Slnroi WfrolaclL-rlDf Ccti-
? iny , oiIU bf a nl by mill , roi paid , lo
| tnv pcrwu Itvlutr At ilplinco f/oroC3r r.foctt
IKO T'liB llingflr MannfsotUMq ; Go , ,
Prbetpel Otfiw ; , 34 Union "
4 le hunranbody
, de\elc | xt and ttreCKthnul , " ctc.l
n liitcrcntlnK alvert tetient Iu K run In our
paper. In n-plr to I < | ti rlcs wowllliaj that
hero It no e i lento < ( humbuj ? ab ut thlr. On
.liecoiitrarj , th a < lmtl .rs sr very hlgbly In-
doried , pcr ons n ay pit s altd clr-
rulars giving all particulars , Rlvlni ; all partlcu-
ari , by addrcsiin/Crio JI.-dk-al Co. , I * . O. llox
613 , llull.lo , N. Y.-loli-do tunlDK ! ! - .
XIo anll-ly
( From the Dwtoa OWx. ]
Urs.trdlaE.Ptns >
m , fLynaJUM.who i > eve Uothcr human b lng
UT k truttfnlly allied the "Dw Friend of Woman , ' "
iom of fcsr corre pc > clenj loratocAU her. Eb
liotlotulr&TOtod to her York , which Is theoat om
f > Ufe ludr , and It obliged to keep six l d
riiUnta , to help her n wer th * Urge correipondenc *
ihleh dallr pour * In upon her , aeh booing It * ipoda ]
urden of KSTertng- joy at releue from It. B r
loccUbt * Compound 1 * a madlclna for rood and not
rll parpoKC I hare personally tarestl at d It tad
m satisfied ot the truth of thu
On aeoount of 1U prorcn merits. It lj recommended
nd prescribed by thebcitplijilclans In the country ,
pa says i "It workj Ilka a charm and sares much
aln. It will cure entirely the worst form of falling
f the uterus , Leucorrhcen , Irregular and painful
Icnstruatlon.allOTarUn Troubles , Inflammation and
fleeratlon. Flooding , oil Dljplacements andthecon-
iquent tplnal weakness , and Is especially adapted to
e Change of life. "
ft permeates every portion of the system , and elves
grille and vigor. It rwnovej faintnros , flatulency ,
| treys all cruvlnu for stimulants , and relieves wvok.
< ai of the ttomach. It
cures Bloatln
, ? . Ilc/uloclica ,
Jetvous IVostrntlon , General Peblllty , Sl plp sness ,
( oprceslon and IndlgcBtlon. Tliat fwjllng of bearing
bnu , causing pain , welnht and backnclie , Is always
naancntly cunxl by Its use. It will at all tlrocn , and
Dilv all circumstance' , net In harmony with the law
hat governs the female oystcri.
It ccwts only f I. jr u > tto ! or tit for fl , and Is sold br
JniCffWi. Any advlro requiredoa to sjietlal cnws , an
9e names of many who have been restored to perfect
raltli l > y the cse of the Vegetable Compound , can b
plained byuildrcsilng Jlra. 1' . , with ttunpfor reply ,
t her homo In Lynn , JIass ,
Kidney Complaint of tithtr ecx thla f omponndli
nsurjias.s..l o.s abundant testimonial * thow.
"Mrs. llnl.lmm' '
IJvcrI'm ' 1F' "
, ' > ysonowriter , "ar
tt bnt ( n the world for the euro uf Constipation ,
Illousnesj and Torpidity of the liver. Her Blood
urlflcrworkswondnraln Its special line and blda fab
> equal the Compound In Its popularity.
All must renptvt her as an Angel of Mercy wbiw * auls
nbltlon b to Jo good to others.
Philadelphia , I'a. ( J ) Mr . A. M. a
T niles ,
And all other hi Fill
Planting. Uirge t M'
mont ever shown In Chlcoco-
IJlustratrd CaUKirue freo.
end lor It.
Hiram Sibley & C
fn 5f > nrrtcl | hft. . . .
A. J. Si
- DING ,
1409 and 1 i FACTORSL-
ang 7-me Cm
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