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Predicted by the London Times
Unless a Ohango Takes
Flaco 'Soon ' !
TlieJ Ex-Empreaa JDuffooie Iti
vited to Leave Paris by
t Qrovy.
Hi r Visit 1 h URbh la Have
Political tSiin flouncB.
Bpl'lil IHpnatchci to filK linn
TUB rx iMPiir.sHt.s O\MK ,
pAi-.H , J.M.mry 24 The departure
of K imiiiio ivMr.utid u l.irgo crond
who ovincrd thti wartncet njnip'hy.
Th ( i-aud Dnko Couslantinu carried
to Iniv rivao inea'nuij from Prasl-
dt > i.L Geuvy ih t hur presence in I'IVIH
wu undo'isrHblo. TJio dillljiilty
whrthtr her depirturn is duo to thu
nr 031140 or the persttntiin of ) ter
fii 'idE.11 , of whom worti griuvfd hy
her unpiudunt tction. Thure > MU no
deep laid cchcuie in her coining ,
but on h ( > .irltiir ( f the arrett of
Prince Nupoioon she tclegraphod
llcupero that hhe was coming with
attendants and akcd to hive the raino
rooms which wore osciioii'd by her
hnnb.irid in 1318 Thii Wrt3 the only
point of political slynirloanco in tie
whole atF.iir. The c\blnnt can cer
tainly only continue in ollieo two or
three days longer. During the excite
ment concerning the expulsion of pro-
touderp , Prince Napoleon aenss to bo
entirely lost siuht of , One would
thiiik that the Orleans princi > a wcro
the only portions ; > ifctud by the serious
proposals of the government.
PAULS , January 24. The ciblnet
cnnnoll have held meetings at Elyecu.
The ministry has not nnlgned. They
will Kive some explanations before the
committee of the chamber of deputies
this if , urnoon
PAIUS , January 24. Tno ox-Em-
presu Eugenie will start for England
LONDON , January 24. The Timrs ,
innk-adinu' editorial on the recant
oventH in Fr.uico , Bays , "Tnero can belittle
little doubt , i' Btntenmen continue to
bo K anting , that the republic will go
headlong to ruin. That the French
peopln are aware cf this n an explana
tion cf thn punioi caused by the difli
cnltipB of the minister eo little re
sembling the indit'pensablo ' gauiua uf
BEHLIN , January 24. The crisis in
Franco greatly disturbs the Berlin
PARIS , January 24. Members of
the cabinet unanimously resolved to
oppose Floquwt'a motion , but a com
plete agreement does not exist among
them in regard to the provisions of
the government bill. The ministers
moat again to-morrow to decide finally
in relation t.o the questions at issue ,
Hopes of an agreement between the
ministers and the majority of the
chamber of deputies have not been
abandoned in parliamentary circles. /
Tno Tempi claims the dicquiatude
existing throughout the country does
not tirlse from an abandonment of the
policy of reserve hitherto observed by
prinoB of former dynasties , but from
the fear revived by recent incidents
that the republican regime is incom
patible with stability of any kind ,
The Tempa ohorgaa tha government
with want of coolness and dircc.uig
powur , and expresses ihe liopn that
reason will BJOU rugniu the upper
Daolorc , F.illirrM , DOVCH and Billet
held ti cjnf crence this afternoon wi'h
the O'imrnittoo on blllti relative to thu
quoatiun of expnhinn of the Orleans
prii.Ci3. Duclrrc stated ho considered
Fl.iquot's motion too extreme and of
fensive to thu ministry , considering
the rigorous moaturca adopted to ward u
Pii ice Jerome , liillot laid strernupon
tlu b.\d eireot of the adoption < f
luun' motion providing for
of tno Ofloam princjs ini ht
upoi the army. Iloconaidornd invio
lability of rank was a consorvativv
principle in the army. The minister , ;
will confer with the committee again
PARH , January 24 The imperial
lets declare the ex empress was not
rcqursied to quit France , but loft onlj
because aho f jared the marks of BJIU
patliy she received might develop intt
a political demonstration and thorob )
cTinpromise her friends. Among hoi
visitors were Marshals Mollahon and
LONDON , January 24 A Parli
sprou ! snyt : Ex-Empress Eugoniowai
roiujtd permission to visit Prince
Jotonio. Nobody supposed nho roall ]
vrantod to see him. Her miijalon
wlnttvor It wai , failed in its oljao' .
The Standard correspondent hni
infornntlon that the ex cmprcHs ux
pressed to Priu-u Napoleon her genera
approbation tif the terms of the princa'i
manifesto , but added thereto tin
rcoammendition that he should form
ally renounce his clalnnas the heir o :
the JJonapartes in favor of Priuco Vie
tor und no seal tlio union of the imps
riilist party and confirm the testa
maut of the prince impa
rial. Just before the cx-emproei
depirtad , a yountr priest pushed hi
way through the crowd of fritnda7ln
BUI rounded the ci-erniiriHj' carriage
After kiacln her hand ro p5Ctfully Ii
whimpered to hr u few momonts. H
then withdrew aad joined inotho
pri at , with whom ho left the station
Tl.i incident o tumid some Honuitioi : ]
as nn ono sjoiucd to know v/ho til
young priest was.
LONDON , January 24 Some SI
Petersburg nonrspipd'O utate that th ;
bodiBfi of tno inoinbori of Licutenan
Ohipp'ii pirty Imvo been found n
Chatun bay , ind trill pasi through 3) ) t
Petersburg in Fabrusry on the way t
Ne r York. Probably the report ha
the same origin aa the statement c
the finding of two corpses of the men
bora of the same party , which wi
published in Now York on tlio 6th
lust , , and nltorvtp.rd dlrcroditcd , ,
JAIL uit nm
DUULIN , Jin. 24 At the qiieyn's
bench division todiy Dtvitt , lli > aly
: uid Qulnii , charged with i icitlng to
lawlessnots , wtae ordered to Had BO-
onrities for their good behavior or 1:0
to prison for six inunths. A week's
ttmo nai allowed them to inaku the
TORONTO , Jnuaiy2l ThoOlobo'ii
cjiblo Bays : Although no otliclal an-
nouncament Is yet in a do It is stated on
thu highest authority tha' the U.uuuUi
Picilio railway company hivu sucioas-
tully completed the " > 'n < tti itloiia to
iietui i u IIPW slock in Now York und
LONDON. Janunty 24. SiuuioiTor ] \ -
ijau , Jr , Ihnnol mtniitucturornt Now-
tun , AluntKoineryshirnVnloH , h.u
titled. Labilitl-h JL'l3t OJ ( ) .
Btiin.v , January 21 T.o fim ral
aervici'B of I'ru.Qo Clurlca ar ilia crho-
dral taok p ! cj ut 2 o'oli ck thm after-
uoon. The ' .inporor MI d in pri ss and
o'hur innibfi4 ( f the lojul fainily ,
Ur.itid DukuNiolioUis of llutsui , Arcli
rliiko OhAtlu'4 , Dnko and Duchtss of
Edinburx iind vnriius princis und
diplcnutic reprpjantativcB were pros
cut. Thn botvicEa were Imputing ,
amid the iiiing of a salute of 3U guns
and three rulvocs fiotn thrco bat-
Ulions The emperor was much
SOFIA , Jitiuury 24 Bulgaria 1ms
given notice to the Uritkh diplt nutic
agent demanding admission to the
Ljndpn coi.fjrenco on the Danubian
MADRID , Januiry 24 Members of
the dynastic left party in the corteu
have ieauod a circular ordering the for-
mition of commlUoos In towns and
villnges , and delarlng that the libsrals
desire the constitution of two great
parties , llborah nnd consurvativon ,
wliioh shall promote the interests of
Spain , assnro prosperity , and close the
era of revolution ) .
Additional Facts Concerning the
Sinking of tlio Minima ,
The Captain of the Sultan Ex
Special Dispatches to Inn Unit.
LONDON , January 24. The rumor
that Captain Yansen , cf the Cimbrin ,
has been saved and brought "u ro by
a passing steamer , is discredited and
not confirmed.
BAMIIDUU , January 24. Four tngs
have returned from a fruitless search
for passenger ? of the Oimbria this
HAMBURG , January 24. The inci
dents on board the Oimbria , of the
Indian who Iiad to ba disarmed of his
tomahawk , of the surgeon who leaped
into the sea , and the ecoues among
passengers clinging to the rigging ,
wore related by ono Wcgert , a cabin
passengnr , who , on the advice cf the
chief cflher , climbed into the rigging.
Those in the rigging say they saw u
boat lowered from the stoamar Sultan ,
probably to repair her own damage.
A Victim of the "Wi-colc.
Special DUpatch to Tint HKK.
Ci-bVtiANO , January 24. It is now
knotvn here that among the pasaen-
geM 1-jfft on the Hte.unship Oimbria
wan Miss D.r.Honningoa , known to
the lyric Etago as M'llo Djrani , who
was ruturning to her homo in Cleveland -
land from nearly a year's onurso of
rnuaical studies in Europe. Mupk'son
fonnd her at the Cincinnati college of
uinaic and engaged her for his cjm-
pany last season. She made a highly
successful debut as prlmii donna In
the opera of "Fidelo" at Chicago , and
after the close of thu ungagumunt went
abroad to study with famous teachers.
Her career promised to bo a brilliant
Amthnr Statement.
Spectil Dbpaich to Tn.i llu
HAMiiDiia , January 24 Capt. Out-
til of thd Sultan sty a : "I had twelve
pauougera on board , and my first duty
wna to look after the erudition of my
own ship. An hour was occupied in
choving up the collision bulkhead , and
stopping holes in the ship's bow witb
buds , etc. Then I sut about look ! i
for the other vessel. I burned bliu
, lights and souudt > d the steam vrlmtlc
for two honra after the accilnut. ]
remained in the vicinity until 8 in the
morning , wlitn , Boeing nothing , anc
the f > s being bc'ing otill deriee , I lefi
for Hamburg. " In answer to the in
s q 'iry whutLer ho sent off boati
s h ? said the fog was eo dense lit
3 dotnied it imprudent to send boati
out. In reply to u question how h (
accounted for thu accident , the cap
thin said"The Cimbria should hav <
kept un her cnurue , seeing the Sul
tun's green light. " IIi3 other state
munts all tend to exonerate him , ai
his lights wore in a proper position
the rule bsiug when the green light o ;
ono vcasol faces the green light o
auotkor vessel f ir each vessel to luo |
her canno uhoacl , which thu Olmbrii
did not do ,
Cnrvfrnnd Bocnrdus.
Special Dispatch to TIIK linn ,
CUIOAOO , January 24. The American
can P'ield will pub.ish a reply frou
Dr. W. F. Carver to A. II. Bjgardu
In relation to the latter's proposttioi
far pigeon mitchos for the world'
wing championrhlp. Oirvor decline
IJosardni' propo&itinn , c'aimlng ' tha
ho ( Carvel ) u thu wing th > < t ohamploi
and the ouly tliir for H. fai-dns to di
13 to shoot for thu champion cup. Ii
tnrn ho prop .sos to th > ' . 15 grdus i
match oi 101 birds for JIO,0 ( 0 or Ite
at Louisville on February 14 nr on ;
later duvo to suit. Thu anlcloa o
t.o agrcomeut are in the hands of Di
o editor of The Field
it _ _ _ _ _
it Tli Jaiiniiry Com Corntr-
, Special Dispatch to TIIK DIE.
CHIO OD , January 24. John Olvci
is dcolliioi the appointment of oammis
sloner of the southwestern paisenge
As stated yesterday , a number c
members of the Hoard of Trade called
un the board c f uiri'Utora , under the
recently onacttid mlo impowetl' g
them to fix thi } price in oaau of un-
tiers ubovn which the buyer cannot bo
called on f > r margins , thu cluim in this
ciee being thu corner on January
corn. Tno dicifion vrai u decided
victory for the bout * , the ninrginal
ptic ) bcitiu Riitat 1 ! ' } below Ihocloslni ;
pncu on 'clmnun to-cuy. The board
pin'O'l th'i fnllowii g :
UESI LVID : , Tlmt tnu board conatruo
thu object i.f the rule under which
tliMO prococdiigi were had , was in
t-i dad to s'ciifu fu 1 prott'o'ion to
b > t-\ buyer m d nellur ratlur than un
dertake to riuturminu thu njtuil valiui
for lioiil suttiemt-nt ; with this vluw
and not d-tifing to bo nr'sundorHtood ,
tlu bonrd < Ucidt > 8 nuiubcn of the
bjard of irulj under thu rule ohall
h ivo th > - r u'it to call margins on cnn-
tracti f , > r No. 2 cjrn for delivery for
Inmmry nn thu huaisof 55 conti as thu
va'uo ' of No. 1 ! corn for marginal pur-
pusca only.
"pedal Dlxpittclia ] to Tun IlKX.
roLl'iiDl'ti , ( ) . , .Iiunury 21. Grnnil-
father U n- -iiey , wlm f 114 t muter Jtpim-
n.uti HtVnt rji'O , died lust nlk-'it at hia
.mlu Fnii field oniniy , n od 113.
lion , -hun H L'.tukk , thooKUst Jiututllnt
in Gilo , died yeitcnl.ty at hU h HUB lime ,
e91yenra. 1'atrlck f unde < l Tliu Tiu-
rnWdH Chronicle In 181'J. Ho was the
luther-lii IHW of Jo cpli Meillll , bf The
Chiiuao Tritmue.
Duni.iN , .TunuarySl CarHnal McCablo
Is lad nM > rtd ,
OAIHO , Jaduiry 2l.--Tlie khndlvo nlpneil
the iKcree iumil' < rtniK Sir Aukl.tod O l-
vert , formerly KuKlinh controller cererHJ ,
tiii.inclal advl.'or oi tha Kcypti .u govein.
of n Uino.
Spcc'al Dispatch to TIIK Unit
WiLKbHnAiiiiK , Pa , January 24
The entlru extunt of thu cavu in at the
Delaware and Hudson mines this
atrcrnoou appears to caver a space of
nearly forty acres , moat of which is
covtroil with dwellings and other
buildups. The disaster Is accounted
for upju thu theory that thu props put
in tlio mine some years ago Invo
rotted iiud given away. The gonural
apprehensions aru that the preeont Is
only the beginning of moro serious
trcuble. Miners say the accident is
thu roau't of pillar robbing.
A F..llini City.
Special DNpatUi to ' ! IIK I XK
\N iLKhhiiAiiitK , January 24. An ex
teiiiivu cavlntr ia took ] > lace this
morning in thu Djlawaro aud lludion
muio in this city. On the surface the
crucka are vinblo i > r acres in either
direction. A number of homes have
anttlod from ivx inches to two feet ,
alarming thu Ihimtoa , who have tied.
Thp cave in has taken placa under the
Burfncp , and no leas than 0 acres have
gene down.
Aid f r Flood
BpecHl DUpatch to Tun lin
CiiiCAa-i , January 24. Ojllections
f IT thu eullorors by the German Ibads
to date arniunt to over $20,000 (80- (
000mark- ) already cabled to Friederich
Knapp , Berlin.
The matlneq porformanops given
to > day by J. L. Stoddurd at Central
Music hall and Mies Gallmoyer at the
Grand Opera house , for tha benefit of
the sufferers , netted over $0,000.
Appointment cf Catholic Bishop * .
Special Dlatmtch to Till Un.
YORK , January 24 A special
cablegram from Homo announces that
Fopo Lee XIII appointed to the va
cant BOO of Onarleoton , S 0. , in imo-
coition of Bishop Lynch , Mgr. Nor
throp , and to the new sea of Grand
Ripida , Mich. , as Its first bishop , Mgr.
W.tJ Miclr.
Special D'spatch to TIIK HBK.
NKW YORK , January 24. The ex
ecutive committee of the Wentern
Union telegraph company adopted the
followh g resolution :
RESOLVED , That the books for the
transfer of stock cf this company be
and rot .ain cloaod until Fobruory 1st
prox , iu'd bo reopened the morning ol
that duy.
A Suit ou Scrip.
Special Ipa'.cli to Tin llu.
PiiiLtDCLPiiiA , January 24 Pro >
coecling-ilii equity wore begun by the
United States against the Philadelphia
& Reading railroad company for the
recovery of $503 030 , which the Unl
ted States claims la due thu govern
ment ns a tax on scrip issued by the
Tlit Students Bonnoeil.
Special Uinpatch to Tim Ilns
BKUNKHICK Me. , January21 Fivi
members of the sophomore clais c
Bowdoun collnqo have been indefinite
ly euapcndod f jr huzlng.
Fooling Tr.soa.
Special Dispatch to Tim HKK.
DKNVKH , January 24 The Trihum
myu : llico'o Surprise Parly ii fillui |
its ongaQomont on the PotiSo coas
without Kate Oaatlotou , who ia lyiiij
ill in Denver , but that some ouo ela
is personating her and "fooling 'Frla
CO. "
No Choioo In Mluncnotn.
Special Ulapatch to Tin llu
ST. PAUL. January 24. Throe nd
ditionul billets wore taken wlthou
material chin o.
J1 Povon Dniiatlnn ,
Spoclal Di ( patch to THE UIK.
BOSTON , January 24. The Ampri
cm PCHCI ) anciuly came Into poasosbioi
of S10,000 , bcqjeathod by Hov. Goo
0. Beckwith.
* # * "IIo who is ready to buy ny hi
enemies will never want a supply o
them. " It le cheaper to buy a tru
frlond In kidney-Wort who will dnv
away thoto mlsornblo enemies , n torpl
liver , cjiiotij.iition , dhbotra , piles , die
cased kidnuy * nnd bowolfl. This rome
o y ia now pro ucd in liquid aa we !
iw In dry f < irm
* ru t'JHCSl CUKE for
Boo i i lame back or n disordered urine
Indicate .hut you OK , a vlotlmp THEM DO
p once ( druftrlita recommend It ) and It will '
'speedily ' ovoroomo U o disease and restore
a luaiUiy action to all thoorcana ,
t I ft\ilc i'oroompUUnt p ull r
c CJ JIV CI toyouriex.tuahaipaUi
and weoknc e . KIDNEY. WOUTUiuuur.
t poaicd.aaitwtn flt promptly aud safely.
" ' Bex. Inoonttnenco , rcMntlon of
urine , brick dtut or ropy deponlu. and dull
dracBluR paln . BU spootUly yield to Hi cur-
1 atlvo power. ( in
1 aLn 1IY ALLPECOQtBTa. Priooll.
An Old Pliilailolpliia Merchant
Jumps Into Niagira
Rapida ,
And FlndB Btornity In That
Dreucful Cataract.
Partlcn'.am ef n S.m ntlcitt l Sul-
PmLAiir.LAiiu , jAiinary 22 Thou.
Ililion , who committed BtiicuU ) ut
NUgiUti Falls this morning by j imp
ing into the rapids itbovo th lul.e , wss
( ! 5) earn of ngo. llo woo oni'M ud i
htmni'ta PS u wool brok.ratNo. I'M
ClH'stnut Htreot , und has been a resi
dent of this city for thlrly jo ra pmt.
lie was n Gorman by birth , mid wus
exceptionally u ell educated. Ho was
n linguist , being ublo to oonvorno
freely in French , Crock , German ,
Sptuish and Itnllan. lie went into
the wool biicincsa about tnoiitj-tlirru
years ngo , and provioua to tl o wur car
ried on a prosperous trade , llo formed
partnership with George W. Bjnd , of
lioaton , the nanio of the lunnn in the
latter city being Guoiga W. Bond it
0 > , und in Philadelphia as Thomas
llllseu & Oo. K'gut or ton years ago
the linn had some financial trouble * ,
which llilaon clstmod was duo to thu
speculative inclinations of some of the
junior partners , but at all ovonta Ilil
son loft the city with all the available
o sh ho could secure , und the an
nouncement was raado that
with § 40,000 or $50,030 cf the linn's
funds The older Mr Bond happened
ID be in Europe nt the time , and ro-
coiviug tolegrnphlo Information of
Htlsen'a flight , caused his arrest on
the arrival of the utoiuushlp in which
ho had taken paisngo. M. Bond , it
is nald , clainie 1 that ho had frlglih nod
.50Q out of the fugitive , bjt Uilsen
told his intinnttt frit iuh upon his re
turn that ho had v ilu-itnnly handed
ever the amount named to hia pirtnor
aud that the latter linti paid that
amount over and nothing moro t > the
firm's creditors , being abiut CO pur
cant of the obligations , This ia the
ntory ns told by 0113 of Illleon's
friends , but the exciting story of the
suicide's career included also a crimi-
n nl prosecution , which waa brought by
Gregg Brothers , thu well known wool
merchants , who charged him with the
einbpyzlenH'nt of $ G 000 Thia was
in 1870 , and Hilaon , haying como hereto
to witness the ecu ennial exhibition ,
was arrested nnd tried. The jury disagreed -
agreed and it is stated that tlio
Oise was subsequently compromised.
Among the most intimate of
in this city were E. A. Groou , of the
firm of E. A. Green & Co. , wool mer
chant in Lotltia street below Market ,
aud Kedmrd & Thorpe , dyers. The
latter gentlemen occupied the oflico
No. 138 Oheatnnt street , with Mr.
Hllson and the tUmden Thread com
pany , manufacturers of spool cotton.
The firm oi Konnard & Thorpe ro-
oalved the following letter this mornIng -
Ing : ' 'I found of late that I cannot
make a living , and , therefore , resolved
to die. 1 don't wish to wrong you ,
but I am compelled to pay you in
merchandise , instead bf money , by
transferring to you all my property at
auction prlco valuation , amounting to
$100. I wish to pay ono mouth's rent ,
having no doubt that yon nil ! havouu
difliculty in disposing of the place I
occnpipd. The way our account would
stand is ns follows : I owe you $118 80
rent ; 1 owe yon one month , 817 07j
total $135.87 ; off inclosed bill of pale ,
8100 ; balance $35 87 , for which I in
close chock of Koniiurd & Thprpo. 1
hope you will forgive a little inoonvo'
ntqnco I had put you to in order tc
fill some small but Baarod obligations.
Youra , oto. ,
( Signed ) TIIOC. UIL F.N "
Mr. Green also received by thli
I raorniug'a mail
which waa dated January 15 and post'
marked January 20 :
"When I loft the little koepnak (
with you I had inidu up my jilnd tc
give up lif j , not that I am tired of it
On the oontivaty , I quit with regro
this pleasant hnhlt of cxlstenoo. J
found I never aulTjrod from slcknost ,
and the oqutuimity of my mind fol'
lowed mo through thick and thin ,
But since I opened njy little shop
which would have prosparcd if otliuri
hud treated me aa liivjrnlly as yon did
I found myaolf on nn inclined piano
being unable to in ike expenses , '
might have gonn tn board for $5 CO i
week and Itckud myaolf in my room
but I came to the conclusion that '
would not die piccomoal and live no
extravagantly , but like a gontloniat
na long as I had something ti
fill back on. This something go
omaller und smaller , and now is oatui
up. To gut along farther I wonlt
have to run into debt and do all sort ;
of little dirty thuiti. ! I won't. Then )
fjro , good byo. 1 am going to g
over thu fall * . I writu to you hooaum
iron have always been kind to im am
I explain my stop so that you may ttl
people thu truth The kindest wistie
for your happiness and prosperity
From gratefully youri ,
"Ploaso give my Itttlo El the in
closed $5 , and tell him to keep my eli
clothes in the wardrobe and change r
the drawer. "
There vras no doubt in the mind i
either Mr. Gretion or hia other corrcs
pondonts that thu dead merchant ha
trjino time ngo formed
to take his lifo. "Ho probibly tnndn ,
sild Mr. Green , "SAGOO or 83 000
year , but ho spunt ? j,000 or 0 Q" (
and being entirely without rolighu
fcrnplos , i\nd boliaving that thu on
cf all came whonho died by IIH ! ow
hand ho ovidcnt'y concluded that h
would rather die tliS'i lead n bardoi.
aorao Jifo I ftlwiya found him th
vary c.oul of honor , and ho wan on < > r.
thu first to lend mo a helping Imiu
I had a gnnt many trainuctiona wit !
him , and they wore all , on 1m parl
those of an honest business man "
The suicide was mid by sumo to I )
a widower , and by others to hnvo
wife in Europe , who Irft him a dozi
years or moro ago. It is also i talc
i that ho has a son living in Ohioag <
There is no doubt In the minds (
those who know Mr. Ililsen that h
inability to live within hU inoomo wi
the solo Cititu of liii suicidal purposo.
List \Voilncsday his oolortd illlsoboy ,
I'Mnarcl llullor , received a postal card
frun lii umplojur , saylnihu would bo
home Sunduy if ho "WAS in tuu land
of thu living. "
HatU OoVia Oolun to Spread Ulmaolf
nnil llo Did.
I'.cl'eflan ,
" \Vht broke your pa up at the
roller skakitig rinU" askud the gro
cery man.
1 Oh , I'vorylhing broke him up , " the buj bjy , "llu is spiit up HO
mt buttons thu top of his p < ttits to hit
i ) illar button , liki ) a bicycle ridur.
\Vuil , 1 o had no buaiiiuas to have told
mo mid my chum that hu nni d to bo
the b at skater in North Aint < r < ct ,
when hu was a b y , llu eiucl hu
skated once from Albany to Kuw Yik
in an hour and eighty ininn us. Mu
und my chum tlu ught If \ } \ was such
a turror on pk.itts we would get him
to put mi n pUr of roller ikatca and
enter him as thu 'groat unknown' and
clean out the wholu gtug. Wo told
pa that hu imtut remcmbtr that rolkr
skates were dilTcruut from ice bkUtr ,
and that maybe he couldn't skate on
tln'in ; but hu said it didn't make any
d > irjrt > nco nhattlu'y wcru so long as
they were skates , and he would just
piui\ljzj thu whole crowd. So we
gjt u pair of big roller skates .or him ,
and , while wo were strappit g them
on , pa ho lookud at thu skaters plidu
around on the emootli waxed ( bor
just as though I hey wuru greased ,
riion pa looked at the skates on hit
feet , after they wuru fastened sort of
fjrlurn like , the way a horse thlif
does when they put shackles on his
legs , and I told htm if hu was a'raid
hu couldn't xkato with them wo would
take them oil ; but ho said he would
boat anybody tlu-ro was there , or bust
a suspondf r. Tnon wo ttraightonod
pa up and pointed him toward the
middle of the room , and ho said
'kgtgo , ' and wo just give him a little
push to htart him , and ho began to go.
NVell , by gosh , you'd a died to have
seen pa trying to stop. You see , you
can't stick in your huul and stop , liku
you can on ice skatec , and pa soon
found that out , and hu begin to turn
siduways , and then hu throw his arms
and walked on his heels , and ho lest
hia hat , and his oyoi boqan to stick
out , cause ho was g ! t > right agaumt
an iron p st. Ono ami caught the
post and ho c'uc ed around it a fuw
tinuiB , and then ho I" * no n < t 1 began
to fill , und , sir , ho kv filing all
aros3 the room , and everybody got
oat of the way cxc pt a girl , and pa
grabbed her by thu poloimlto like a
drowning man grub ) at H straw , though
tin ro wasn't any straws in her polo-
uuisa as I knows < f , but pa just pulled
her along as though HJIO was done up
in a shawl-strap , end his foot wont out
from under him , and hu struck on his
shoulders and kupt agolni ; , with the
girl dragging along like a bundle rf
clothes. If pa had had another pair
of roller skates on his shoulders , and
castors on his ears , ho couldn't have
slid along any bettor. Pa Is a short ,
thick man , and as he was rolling
along on his back , ho looked
like a sofa with castors on being push
ed across the room by a girl. Finally
pa came to the wall and had
to stop , and the girl fell right across
him , with her roller skates in his neck
and she called him an old brute , and
told him if ho didn't lot go of hei
polonaise she would murder him. .
Just then my chum and mo got there
and wo amputated pa from the girl
and lifted him up , and I told him foi
heaven's sake to lot us take oil the
the skates , cansu ho couldn't okaloanj
moro than a coir , and pa was mad and
fiiiid for U ) to let him alone , and he
could skate all right , and we let gc
and ho struck out again. Well , nlr , J
was ashamed. An old man likn pn
ought to kuow bettor than to try to be
n boy. This last time pa said he wan
going to spread himself , and if I an
any judge of a b'g spread , ho dit
spread hlmaolt. Humehow the skalci
had got turned aruuud eiduwayu oi
his feet , and hia feet got going in dif
f rent directions , and pa'rt fjot wore
getting BO far apart , that I was nfralu
I would have two pa's , half the size ,
with one leg apltcu. I tried to gel
him to take up u collection of his legs
and gut thorn in the tame ward , but
hii arms flaw around and one of them
hit HID on thu noio , and I thought I :
hu wanted to strike the best friuml he
had ho could run hia old Ings his-uoif
Whun ho began to ruparatu I couli
hear the bonus crack ; but maybe i
was hia pants , but uiiyway ho oinu
down on the ( bor like one of those
fellows in a circus who spreads himsel
and he kept going , und liimlly ho stir
rounded an iron post with hia Jugs
and stopped , and ho looked pfile
and thu proprietor of thn rink told p
if ho wanted to give a flyini ; traptz
performance ho would have to go t
the gymnasium , and he cju'dn't ' iktt <
on his shoulders any more , ouso oche
skaters were afratd of him. Then p
said ho would kick the llvorout of th
proprietor r f thu rink , and ho got n :
and steadied himself , and then h
tried to kick the mtu. bat he heel
wont up to wonct , nnd pa turned i
bick numonot and ntruck right on hi
vest in front. 1 guos it knocked th
breath out of him , for ho didn't
for n few minutes , and then hu vrantc
to go homo , nnd wo put him on th
atryot car and ho lnH lown on thu hit ;
aud rode homo. O tju nork wo hate
to got pit'n clothun oil" . Ho had oriok
In Inn back , nnd uvorywhero , and m
WAJ uway to ono of the nolg'abari ! , t
1 iok at the presents , nnd 1 had t
put liniment on pa , and I made a mi-
ul > mil got n botrlo of furnitur
polish , nnd put It un pa nnd rtibbad I
in , and w'lun ma came homo pii Hmulle
like a c ill'n ut a charity funt ral , n < i
ma BHi'i tlioro wna no way of potti"
that vrtn.lsh elf p till it wore oil' P.
says holidttH urn H conilomnul nn
nanuo anyway. II. ) will liivo to ata
in the honuo nil this woek.
* ] f you nro n woman mid would cor
tribnto your tui'ucnco ' to rodoci
humanity from ila iHimborloja ill ;
muko all ihii.a ( else unbordinato t
huultli. If you poaieiB tliU Icestimi
bio troanurj you juay tr-timinit tli
narno npd jour ilFipring may rise u
)0 and call you blessed. To eccuro th
it will bo well to took the mother !
countenance of Mra. 1'inkhain , Lyni
Vigor , slrungth and health all foun
in one bottle of Brown's Iron Ulttor
Farms ,
No. 19 Full otnml now liomo , 131'roomn , two
bu on an I ono up nU1rx. lU.lit font cut line bo ow
niul o\unnboiu. llrick fuiiiuUi.loii , cellar , etc.
A InrKiiln , JiHW
No. 18-Utr o tuo ntnry IIOIIHU , 10 rooms , two
lirK > < collar * . K ml wtl and clitcrr , bain , ttc. , an
W. Iwter anil rJ.I ftrcct , ? 4l,000.
No 17 Ix > t MxKt fuel , ii"w liouio o ( two
rooms br ck ( oiinilatlon lix ) barrel cintern on
II nnUtrii utrnt noir Poor UlatoL'oi : > cnt JiOO.
No. 10 Homo ami lot on ITtli near Clanc Bt.
hoiiHii 6 room etc S WO.
No. IIS Homo of ; i roonui full lot on Pierce St. l thUuil
No. 21 New toitHoof T rooms , with corner lot ,
half mlle w lit of Turmablo ol rctl utrott cart on
HJU den St. 910 0
No. 6 llonto of tight rconm , barn etc. lot
couci tt t
Vacant Lots.
No. 2A2-TKO full lots on 10th Street near Uk <
St. f ICUO.
No.i : I Twenty flro lot ) In Parker * addition
Ju t north of the tndof rcdttroet car line | f4jO
each eatty terms.
No. au-I-'our lotion Delaware Et. mar Ilnna
com | a k , IGIQ.
No. 831 One halflot on South avenue , near
St. Mruy'n a\o mo , ( ( .I 0
No. -KIttiteenlglot ) ( ) onSl > t ,
atnl SMinilerdtlreet , Lo r ( l.ucc , JjW ) each , aud
en ( .anytirniK.
N > . Hill- Six beautiful trfldenrn lots on Cather
ine xtrcut , iii'or Hut cim park , $ l DCO
TwchoLe utiful rifeidtucu lotH en Hamilton
t , mm end nl old streetcar Uiuk ; lilK'li unJ
t\fh \ ly , JJfOio $ 0' .
hovuul fttinnid half acre corner loin on Cum-
IrK , Unit acil California Hictti , In Liwo'd tic-
oiid idclltlon and l' rk 1'Uco near Acalemyol
tiucied Hunt.
in ' Prospect Place" on Hamilton and
Clurloi ftret. Jn t wett nf theind of Hed H ict
Curt. nek and Convent of tlio histtri of Poet
Clare , ono and onu lull IT llo f > nm | > : tillko tnd
in In fioin U. P bliriiH , tlM ) to ' > 00 inch ,
only fi pertunt doun mmfip"r ant rnnntb
Litll I Ijcwo'ii ft Idillpn tnu-liilf nillu west cf
mil ol Hod Hire t < nr track nuir Convent
Pcor CKro H ultra In Hhlnn'n addition , 91' ! 5 to
$ . ,00iach , and nn Muy u y tcrim > .
1 cti III lloihtch'H 1st and 2nd acMltloni.
HlilnnV , P rk I'lacu ' , Lowe'k'JiiduiUlltlrn K a-iS
U > ke'H , Ni'lwn'H , lUimooui Placu , lledlck'H ad
dlilona , uln , o u
Intn In "ciro It Fonder nddillori" Jiwt one
( juntcr m lo of I'nlnn Paclll ) and 11.
kiidll. U. K. dti > ot , $ Oto81DOOeacli , voryeas )
I Business Lots.
Tnroo Rood lnixlro'8 lot * on DoJ o near 1211
strnut , 2.'kl2J ftiteach , $1,101) ) each , orSI.Wjfo
al1 , omy lir/iK. :
Two ifJO'l bti'lri'if loti on K.uriani direct , 37)
( Id fo > t iiarh , wllh frau ebulldlnKHtheroi.reiitli > i
for ub u < fu > 0 | er ) < nil'i ' in co $1,25(1 ( each
llvl.TJ foil on Karaam uiur 10.1iMlr"i ) . , cornd
} 12 OJU.
Siileudld Warrhonon Inton Union I'xlflo il | > h
n' way , I oitli ol traik nnd eabt cf Nil ) Woikt-
li InK li ! < fo < t ijorih I ontitu on SUmn htoct
by iliout 100 lo t went fiont ifo on 1 ith et.
Karnm ft d old lmdn In llou 'a' ' , Harpy
I ) V'K ' , Wuklimi. ton Hut , W vne , M'anton ' , uni
othi-r K'ioJ toiint'ui In 1'Wern N lr.nkal'r u < tk
IDXUH p U n.ita cnluc'eil , anl money luanai
on Improve city aud country jpro , trty at lo\
$5.00 EAUH.
15th and Douglas St
Om&ha ' Nob.
Nona ) ntrr urrrnnn WOSIAM.
[ Vroin Uio Doiiton Glob . ]
fnm , fritter * r
Tlio nboTo Is Rood llkcnm of Hm. I.yitln E. Pink.
tni , of I.ynn , Ma/s. , Khoaborenllnllicr Ininwn Lclnft
laylx ) truthfullycallxlUio"IX' rrrkmlofWomiui , "
if ome of her corrvuponilonti lorotncnlt licr. Shi
I -iUou lr ilerotttl to htr work , which I * the outcome
f n llfo-itmly , ftnd Ii obliged la kcrp > li lady
> l fAnH , to help nninrrthe UrRf > correcpon Jf nc
lluch dull ; | xiun In upon her , raoh britrlnf ; III ipocIO
imlen of rulTcrln ? , or Joy ttt relcmefrom It. II r
VRctnbleComHiumllin | niedlclno for Rooil und not
til pur | < oim. I harn iicreonally Inrtxtlgatcd It and
pi Nittiflnl of the truth of thin.
On account of It * prnrcii nn rlt .lt h recommended
ml prmcrllxvl by thohcHphjslcUni In the country.
tie says I "It orlcs like n charm nnd larrs much
* ln. It will euro entirely the worst form of f llln < r
t the ul < nl , Lononrrlicra , Irrrcular and painful
! cnjtru tlonallOTarlanTrou'iIc , Inflammation and
pccrntlon , Hooding' , nil Displacement' Midthecon-
Muent spinal nrokncnJ , and U especially adapted to
fco ClmiiRO of IJfe. "
It iwrmcatcn orery portion of th y tcm , andirlte *
pw life and tlifor. It rcmoTci folntuwm , flatulencr ,
t tn < yi all craIng for illuiulants , and relieves weak.
fvi of H cum niontlnjf , IIcAdachri.
( rroui lYixtr.itlon , Ooneral Debility , Sl.rplcMne.M.
frpmilonandlnillecdlon. That fcetlne of bearlnir
tmn , causing p ln , weight and liackacho. Is alwayi
f rmanently curtxl by Its uio. It will at all time * , and
nd-r all clminutance * , net In harmony with the lair
pat Rnvcmfl the fenmlo ryutrm.
It cocts only Jl. per bottle or * 1 > for ti , and Is sold br
iiggUt-t. Any ndvlco required as to iin lal cnnes , am
henamciof many who ha oln'en restored to perfeofj
pnlth by the use of the VcKOtatlo Compound , can b
btalncd byuddntnlncilrs. ! ' . , wllh stamp for reply.
i her home In Lynn , Moss.
For Kldnry Complaint of HHitr nei thti compound IM
n > urpaawd as abundant testimonial * show.
"Mr * I'lnkham's IJvcr 1111V ys ono writer , " * r
} e brit in the imrM for the cure of Constipation.
lllouinrM nnd Tortildlty of the llrer. Ilrr Blood
urlflcr works womlnra In Its spoc'jvl line and bids full
> e < iual the Compound In Its popularity.
All muit n Kix-ct her as an Ansel of llercy whom ( iol
VhlUdclphln. Pa , (3) ( lira. A. M. D.
PERSON A Ii "Paris of the Im-nnboily
nhuKul , < \ulnHkl l and fctre''Rtno iil"cto.l
nn liiteri'stliii ; nl memo t lo K run In our
paper In ri'plr to I qii rk'H uo will fay that
there In no nl len-o f huiubiinb | u' thin , ( ill
the contrary , I h aiUertl r ar vi'rv hl rlj In-
tlonvd. Intuten cd periniiH n ay k'tt H al d > Ir-
iulnrKMnKttll partieiilnrn , K\\l \ g nil ptrtlcu-
lar > . by nddr PMIU Krlu .M illtiil Co. , P. U. IlJJC
fil3. llull.lo , N. Y. To.edo r.Miil g llec.
Gfenins Rewarded ,
OB ,
5EhB Story of tlio Sowing MaoWnik \
A hanlsime llltls rcplilol , blccfi nd
OT * with namtrouj Dr 'UK3 trllljt
la or kaati ptnon rlllnfr tor II , utanir bran til
or inb-o Ace of The B'.i or U tindctniinic Com
pany , oi will be eect bmill , poll p IJ , la
nv ptnon llvlagr t illotsuee Iicm oar officci
f ho Siugar Maunfantnrlng Do , ,
Pflnolptl OOico , 34 Union 8qnii
0. SPKOUT , - - Proprietor.
Harnoy 8t. - Omrlia , Heb
Tin , Iron and Slate Hoofing ,
Spuoht's Patent Motnllo Skylight
Patent Adjusted Ratchet Bar
and Bracket Shelving. I am
the gouernl agent for the
above line of goods ,
Orattlnzt , U luetr dfnVcr nd tOrn |
Dtnk RallluKt , Window and O ll r
uuardi ; lie
$500 REWARD.
The above reward will bn paid to any person
who will produce a Paint that will oqunl the
Pennsylvania Patent Rubber
Paint ,
for prracrrlni ; Shlnplra , Tin anil Ornvel Roofs.
Warrantol to bo Fire anil Water Proof. AH
orilcru ] ironiitly | atteiultxl to. Cheaper anil bel
ter tlmn an ) othir imlnt now In um.
Bole VrODrlctoru , Omaliu lloubO , iiin li , w't > .
Olllccr k PtiBcy , Dr.lllco , Dr. Plane ) . mla
Ooniicll lllulTa , Iowa.
HKII olllca , Omaha Nno
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000.
A. Ii. CLAHKK , Vice Prcalilcnt.
K. 0. WfcUaTKR , Treasurer
Samuel Alcxunilt'r , Onualil Ollvrr ,
A. U. 0 arlo , E. 0. Walratcr
Oeo. U Pratt , Jan. 11. lleartwoll ,
D. M.lIcElHIiincy.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company furnluhoa a permanent , homo
Inntilutlon w hero School 1131 faml otber legally
Itmued .Municipal stct'rl 1" o 'S'cbraska can be
bu negotiated on tlio r.l ) i a\orablo terma
Loaim luaUuon linpra e'l ' f i u nail el settled
unimk'n of tlioBtaio , tbot t i XK > nslblolocal _
Murray & Lanman's
FA8T Ti'ittJS I
In J'jlnj Ki > ttl * III'
BMcago Mnrttorasfr
Tralni l vo Oman * BMO p. m. nJ T:40 :
For full lnotm ( tlna cull on H.P. DKCKUT
Aifont , Uth and F rn m U. , J. DEMl
< ll ar Depot or JAUKaT.OLARK.Oi