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Nebraska and Western Iowa.
N , C. Thompson Hay Rake.
N , C. Thompson Btal 1 Cutter.
N. C. ' Full Line of and
. . Thompson's Implements Machinery.
Will do well by Corresponding with. Us.
v < 3pa t-/iA4"alMW 4w/
! *
i % \ %
For receiving and transferring goods for
Manuf acturersareof the best.
The Ketchum Wagon , N. C. Thompson's Walking Cultivator.
if OO. ,
That never require crimping , at Mrs. J. J. Good's Hair Store , at prices never befere touched by
ny other hair dealer. Also a full line of switches , etc. at sroatiy reduced prices. Also gold ,
Uver and colored nets. Waves made from ladles' own hair. Do not fall to call before purchasing ;
leevrherj. All goods warranted as represented. MRS. J. J. GOOD ,
29 Main etrcoc. Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Iwn Bnt JU5C
337 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
2FC , S
Tlie fineit ijuality a'd largest stock , west of
Chicago of N ooikn and Mctalir Cfucs. Call a at
tended to at all hours.Ve dtfy u mpotllbn in
quallt ) of goods or prices. Our Mr. Morgan has
aervuil ivs iiudtrtakcr for forty ycara nnd thor
ough ! ) understands his business , \\arerooms ,
34Band357 lir.nrtway. Upholstering in all Its
bnuiclu-s prompt ! ) attcndwi to , n so enrpct-l.i )
Ing and lambrequins. Telegraphic and mail or
ders filled without delay.
Justice of the Peace and
Notary Public.
4IB8roadwav , Council Bluffs.
Omaha and Council Bluffs
Real Estate & Collection Agency.
In Odd Fellow's block , over Savings'
Bank. jaii8-t }
Dr. t. 0. Wess Nerve and Brain Trotimeat
A specific for Hysteria , Dlzilnofls , Convnlaloot
Nervous tUadacha , Mental Depression , Lost I
UemoryBpennatorrhaaaImpotencylaralQDta T
Kmledlon ) , Premature Old Age , caused by overexertion -
exertion , Mlf-abuoo , or over-indulgence , whli
leads to mliary , decay and deAth. Onoboiwl
curs recent cases. Each box contains one month
treatment. Ona dollar a box , or alxboxoiloi
flvo dcllira ) inl by mall prepaid en receipt ol
price. We puirautee six hose * to ure any cut
With each order received by u fcr six born , ae
comptnlett with flre dollars , will tend tha pni
chiaer our written guarantee to return thi
money If the treatment dcf i not elJcct a curt
0. T. Goodman , JrufpH , Bah , V7bolpbtleti
gul ceQ-aaba , W b , Oid'ti by mail ! >
lull ' l t iv
"llj-1 thorough knowledge of the natural Um
hlch govern the operations of dlgetloa aad
nutrition , and by a careful application of thi
One iropcrtlca of well sIcotid'ocot , Mr.
Kpps bM provided our breaUuit tables with i
dellcaUly flavored beteraga which may a vu u
many heavy doctors' tills U I * by the Judloluoj
rue of auch articles of diet that a oonttltutloi
may be gradually built up until atranz enough
to renlat evrry tcndenc ) to dl a 3. IlunJrodi
of subtle maladies are floating around us rctdj
to attack wherever there Is a weak point. We
may t-aoape many a fatal shaft by keeping our
B lv awell fortified with pure blood and a prop
erly nourished frame. " C'hII Service Oazotta
llade simply with boiling witer or milk fiol
U tins only ( J-lb and Ib ) , labeled
Homoaopatnlo Ohemlata
ly London ,
MBS , E , J , HARDING , M , D , ,
Medical Electrician
Oradoate of Eletropathlo Institution , PblU-
delphla , Penna.
Office Our , Broadway & Qlenn Avo.
The treatment of all diseases and painful dlf
Bcnltlea peculiar to females a specialty.
Attorney and Oounsollor at Law ,
Office Crcodtray , bctweon Jlrln and Pea
troeta. 'VU1 practice In State and Fede
1. 0. 1DMCNDSOH , I. L. SUCOiRT. 4. W. 8TBIIT ,
President. Vlce-Pree't. Cashier.
Of Council Bluffs.
OrKanUod under tha lavts of the State of Iowa
Paid up capital . . . . . .I 76,000
Authorlied capital . 500,000
Interest paid on time dopoalts. Drafts Issued
on the principal cities of the United States anil
Europe. Special attention itlven to collection !
and correspondence with prompt returns.
J. D. Rdmundton , R L. Bhutan , J. T. Ilirt ,
W.W.JWall | cc , J. W. Kodter , I. A. Miller
_ _ * _ W Struct _ | v7dt >
11108. orricxR v. it. u. rcair.
Coecil Bluffs , la ,
Established , - - 1856
Dealera In Foreign | mdl Domestic ! Excbancs
anil home nocurltleO _
MRS , fi. J. HILTON , M , D. ,
222 Droadwav. OonaolllBluffi
Boor Experts on the Intoxicating
Properties of Lager.
N w York Herald.
Theodore Schmagor , of No. 105
Allen street , cnahler of the Atlantic
Garden , Bowery , in patt 2 of the
court of general aessions yesterday ,
was tried on a charge of violating the
oxciio lair. The complainant was
Policeman Judaon Uoldcn , of the
Elizabeth atrooot atatlon. He deposed
that on Sunday night , the Slit cf last
May , several persona were in the
Atlantic Garden drinking boor ; ho
heard several persona call for beer , re
ceive it and pay for it. Asked by Mr.
Klntzing , counsel for the defonco , if
ho ( Gofdon ) know of his own knowl
edge that the beverage ho saw drank
on the premises vraa lager boor , the
policeman said that hu know it wan
lager from its peculiar color ; ho did
not tnsto or drink it ; ho know the dif
ference between lagbr boor and woiea
Matthew Fischer , of No. CO For-
syth street , a tapper of boor in the
Atlantis Garden ; Victor Hceloy , the
inanagar , and a Mr. BIy , who supplies
the beer from the brewery , testified
for the defense. They said that no
lager beer was nerved on the ni ht in
question. While the customers called
for later ; boor nothing but wuiss boor
was served ; it was drawn from the
collar and ordinary lager beer ( { lassos
were used in distributing It. None of
them could tell much about the man
ner in which lager or wolss buor was
manufactured or the ingredients of
which they are composed. Mr. Bly
said that wolaa beer was not intoxicat
ing , that it was taken by parties after
a debauch to sober up on ; ho had
never tried to got intoxicated on
welss beer. Questioned by the re
corder , ho said that welas boor waa
made from hops and malt and mostly
water ; woiaa boor contained fully 88
per cent of water ; lager beer was com
posed of pretty much the name ingre
dients. To Assistant District Attorney
noy Ilequlor the witness said ho had
never drunk much Weiss boor , because
he didn't llko it.
Recorder Smyth I once heard a
Gorman swear he had drank a It ( if ; and
a half of lager and was not intoxi
cated. What do you say to that ?
"I can drink a keg of lager boor
myself and then attend to my busi
ness. "
Policeman Golden was recalled.
By the recorder : "What is welan
beer made of ? "
"It is nothing more , sir , than ulo
largely diluted with water ; the com
ponent parts of It aru malt , hops and
alcohoilo properties. "
"Horr do you know that ? "
"I have Investigated the nnuject.
"Tho rrsult of your Investigation is
that both boveraubu are inado of
what ? "
"Welai beer , as J have said , ia ale
largely diluted with water. The percentage -
contago of alcohol contained in weios
beer is just H pur cent ; in lager berr
the percentage is 6 per cent , and In
figures 40 pir cent. "
By Mr. Klntzlng : "Have you over
studied chemistry ? "
"Yes , lr. "
"And to the results of your investi
gations you have added the results of
pour studies ? "
"Yes , sir ; I have road considerable
on the subject , and I have boon an
export on those matters. "
By the recorder : "Do you consider
wolas beer intoxicating ? "
"Not unless taken in very largo
quantities. "
"Do you think it would intoxicate
Mr. Bl > I"
"I don't think it would. "
The jury returned a verdict of not
* # * "Keep to your place nnd your
plnco will keep yon. " But you can
not expect to keep your place without
health , the foundation of all success ,
For Instance , a railroad engineer in
the employ of the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul railroad had boon grioy-
QUBly aiTontud with diabetes for ( ix
yearn. Ho tnok four boxes of Kid
ney-Wort and now writes that ho
Is entirely cured and working roau-
Three Tame Flloa.
Naw York Sun.
"What are you doing ? " asked the
reporter a few days ago a friend in
Tromont , who was looking intently at
the back of his hand , where ho had de
posited some sugar
"Don't come any nearer , " Raid the
gentleman. "I am feeding my pots.
They don't know you , and you might
frighten them. "
Llis pots were throe small flies , and
they worn all entire the sugar oir the
back of hit hand. They looked a little
attenuated , as though the cold wouthor
had affected them , but they seemed
to have good appetites ,
"Oh , they will soon grow fitter , "
said their master. "At this period
of the cold weather they are always
thin , but they begin to pick up in
February. I take care of a few every
year , and generally inanaga to get
them through the winter. List year
I had eight , but two died , aol am-try.
Ing only throe this time. There are
people who think that a lly has no in-
tolllgonco. I could teach them bettor
than that. Before the winter is half
over they know mo perfectly. The
moment I outer the room they all tly
to mo , | bnt if any one olnu gooa in
they won't go near him. I
always keep them in the small rooinl
One of these escaped yesterday , and
went up stairs , and I had two hours'
work to Imd him. Oi coursn all tint
files that I do not take care cf dlo off ,
BO that as only thenu three aru now in
the house there 11 no chanoo of my
confusing them with any others ; but
in a month's tinio from to-day I could
toll thorn among a thousand , or ,
rather they would identify themselves
by coining to mo.
A fly is a playful Insect , too , though
you would hardly think it. Some of
thoou I bad last year used to play
trlcka upon me. Oi o would porch
himself on thu lobe of my right car
and move his fcot no an to tioklo mo.
When I brushed him (11 ho would cir
cle around the back of my head and
thn same position on the lobo cf thu
lefc oar , and so on ad flnlnltum , or at
least until he understood in uotno way
that I was becoming annoyed , when ho
would fly away. "How do I begin to
tame thorn ? Oh , easily enough , 1
carefully drive out all the flies ox-
ceptlog thosu that I want to keep.
Then 1 remove all food , except such
as I glvo them , from the room. I lot
them have nothing but sugar , and
once n day a little broad slightly
moistened. As soon aa I think they
have eaten enough I swoop all the
food away. I allow no snacks be
tween meals , for I believe overfeeding
ing kills them. The room , as you see ,
is warm , These three are still a little
wild , but if you will visit mo in a
month you will find them qulto tamo. "
If you are a frequenter or a resident
of a miasmatic district , barricade your
system against thu scourge of all now
countries ague , billions and inter
mittent fuvors by the uao of Hop
LUWNOTON , Mich. , Fob. 2 , 1880.
I have sold Hop Bitters for tour
years and there is no medicine that
surpasses them for bilious attacks ,
kidney complainix and many diseases
Incident to this malarial climate.
That fooling of languor and debility
that follows physical exertion , re
moved by using Brown's Iron Bit
A Moueo nnd a Flngor-Ulng.
Iloiton Journal.
tSjvaral months ago a lady residing
on Beacon street tcok off a number ot
rings from her fiagora and laid them
upon her dressing-table. After wash
ing her hands she returned to the
room to replace her rlnj/s , when to her
astonishment one of them , a diamond
ring , was missing. Shu was certain
that she took the ring from her finger ,
and equally certain that no one
conld have entered the room with
out her knowledge during the flvo
minutes she had boon in the bath
room. A most rigid search
was Instituted , but the missing ring ,
valued at $200 , was not found , A few
weeks slnso the lady was much an
noyed by mico. Almost nightly they
hold their rovols. They not only
destroyed her sleep , but choice Ucus
were mutilated. The lady procured
a trap , one of the old fashioned kind ,
and , having baited It with a tempting
bit of chcoio , plac ° d it near the scene
of doprcdatlona On thu fallowing
morning she had three line allky
micu of various sizes. One of thorn
wan so peculiarly constructed that it
attrnuttid her attention , ui It &p
paarod to have a airing Hod
around Its body , The servant u'irl WAS
instructed to drown the captive and
mot the trap , and she wno about
throwing the dead mice into thu dirt
barrel when her cyou was attracted by
u upaiklo from what proved to bo thu
lost diamond ring , which wui not per
ceptible when thn mouse was alive , but
which CBino to light after the povuru
noaking which the mouco recdvcd. It
is supposed , in his hnatu t > tot ; uvvuy ,
that hu run his hcnd through the rii.y ,
nnd aabnixnu nt struggles only fnroi it
il o\tir his torolegs , where it remained.
Our Citizens dcjlro no notoriety , but are al
ways ready to proclaim tno truth.
Mr * . Otn. liawky oITU Knl/ht Mtreit 1'rovl-
dtneo , It. I. , relates to our reporter hcrcxiur. |
Itiico lih the wcnJcilul curative proportlot ol
uhitli dvttlncd teen to be tl.o standard mid
luidliiK apcclBo ol the whole wuloworlJ , lor kid
ney iiu llvvr dliea * < , Ac. ilra U , aaya ;
"Eailj luttpring I waa merely alttlc'ixl ' lth
torpidity cl tlio ktdncya and enlargement ol the
liver , and ibe kidney disoiao came upon me BO
fait and auddcnly tint before I wai acircoly
awuroot thocauro ol my trouble I became bad
ly bloated , an ! my bcily nnd llmba very much
awollon , so that It wm with gloat illTcuKy and
aotcre p ln that I waa nbo ! to walk any , I be
came dtdd'ully troubled by boln i abort breathed
HO that oven aillght exertion or a little eiorclno
would tire me almost to eihauitloo , and I um
aodlatrcascd when I retirednlghtalliatl couldn't
elcvp , nnd natry rcatlena. Onool in ) llmba
cspoclly bad aoiy acvaro ncnous pain , which
alvMia cumod to bo moio euvvro at night than
at any ether timeend would fruquuntly acto eo
clurply as to muse mo { ram tlocp , I MOD very
nonouiaml uncomforlatloall Ihu tlmo , and wai
being < loloro J , and Inking a I klaila ol rnodlcino
lor ttl vomplilnta nnil Hint and the other , but
alltonogaod purpcau , until at about the time
wboi I waa tired out and Hcmowlml illaeuatod
and almcst illjcourattd with mudlilnra and doc *
tor * , a rolatHc and highly esteemed friend per-
auailtd me to try llunt'a Itemed } ' . I began lo
taku It a lew daya ego , onrt am rnppy illaippoln-
tcd by the rjiult , for before I hud uaad a bottle
ol It 1 bcuMi ti foul rclle\oil , and BOOM.commen
ced to ( loop vplcmlldl ; ; the evero iienoun pi'nn
In my limn which I bad to handle no tenderly do
not apccar any in < ro , my hcailnthe and backache
have dlnappcued , I feel better every way , ami
rout well > l night. Tuouwolllng hai
cd from ny ! dy and Hindu , I am now able to do
my hr.uxu-work comfortable and easily , Ilunt'a
llucody ha i certainly done wcmliri fcr mu
, Jill r ar.O. 1UWLKV. "
Safe and Reliable.
A. W , Drown , M. Iof ProvMuico , II. I. , s.i ) :
"I have uicJ Hunt's Itomedy In my pr ctlJ lor
the put Hlxtecn yearn , and cheerfully roctmoml
It an being n ifo aad reliable romoJy. "
llunt'a HcD.aly la pmoly a \ cgetibloconipound ,
n lentlfl'ftlly prvpiiud by a flrat-claturrglntered
1'hariiiicUt , and will nurely cure all dlaeatea of
thu kldnrya bladder , liver and urinary organa.
Ncn cs , brain , and musolen gain
strength and thu power af endurance
by using ISrown'a Iron Hitters.
( or ttl0
Drvm'r ' JOSSO JaiUBB.
? ? .iv.ii.swK. . . , . : . .
hu oil ) lifo aiithorlml b ) l-cr nnd which will
not bo R ' llloud ami 'I bunder" story , mich on hai
bcoi and will be publltihi'il , but n tun life by the
only purnoii who U In poieiwton cf the facta n
fal h'ul ' and clfn.itod wlfu. Truth Ix mnro Inter-
tHtlngthnn Iktlon. jMentn should npp'y for ter
ritory at once Bend 76 cU for Sample book ,
J M UhnmliorH & Oc. ,
mo-coil , Vw-o ht JLoalu Ale
Ir- Craw
ford , of Cle\e-
I.NCJ , o , thu
old. poiilar ]
and tuillful
Limb ? .
Cf Ihu latent imprntoil plan , hvj oprnoil n
hrivnuh nu'iliinU tl aurgtry Ir.siltulo at ifji N.
Ifith ttnxt , Ouiulm , uhiru he In pruared to fur-
nUH'liiihiol ' over , il verlptlua , aoolttona mid
Mipporti'M for raml'ied and ilodrmul limb * ,
trilled U'id xhould > ir bra oi and mipporten for
female Henknvmi , eio Tin Doctor hax had 24
jcara expurlenco In wcirlngaml mllnatlrg.
J. H. CnAWKOHl ) ,
J l-duoJ-w-lm 2 ! ortll Ibth Street
lYoungitown , Ohio , May 10,1880.
r Di. D. J. KINDILL Co. I had kaTei ? valun-
bio Hamblotonlan colt that I prlinil Tory highly ,
ho bad a larg. bone p vln on one Joint and
mall on * on the other which mad. him rery
lame ; I had him under the charge of two reter-
Inary inrgooni which failed to cure him. I wtl
one day reading the ndvertUcment ol Kendall'l
Bpavln Cure In the Chicago KxproaaI determined
at once to try It and got our Crugglita her * la
lend ( or It , anil they ordered throe bottles ; I took
Ml and I thought I would give It a thorough
trial. I ugod It according to directions and tht
fourth day the colt ceaaed to be lame and tha
lumps have disappeared. I used but one bottle
and the colt's llmna are as Iroe ol lurapa and ai
mooth as any horse In the state lie laentlra.
ly cured. The cure wan so remarkable tha
hive lottwo ol my neighbors Imve the remala.
Ing two bottlce who no now lulnzlt
Very respectfully ,
Rend for Illnttrated circular giving poalllTO
proof. Prlcoll. All Druirglsta have It or ca
got It lor you. Ir. B. J. Kendall it OoJ , Pro
prietors. Knosbargh Fulls , Vt.
017 St. Obarlni St. ST. LOUIS IKo.
A 11KOULAU UHADUATK of two medical
coll"K08.lmibcen ! longer engaged la the treat *
U 1,001) Ulwascs than any other ph ( iiulan In 81.
Lould as city papcra how > nd MI ni "wMcnla
know. Consultation ( roe and Ini IIM 'Vhi > n II
Is Inconvenient to via t thu clt > ' uutnient ,
modlclnM can be sent by mall or o ( f i every-
where. Curable cases guaranteed , nrudoull
exlititlt Is frauMy stated. Call til i-ri
Nervous prostration , Debility. .Mental
ninl I'liyglonl Weakness , Mercurial and
other affection * of Thront. Skin r.nJ Honon ,
Blood Impurities and lilood 1
Hkln Affections , Olil Horoa and Ulccra ,
Impedimenta to Marriage , Rheumatism ,
1'ilos. Special attention ti ) caeca from
over.worked brain. SURGICAL OASES
reoelve special attontlou. Dlaeaaea arising
Irom Impru'lence , Eioeaitea , Indulgence *
WO pages the whol *
MABRIAGEs well told , llany
recelptawho ; may marry -
ry > wll ° may notwhr
causes , conaequencai
and euro. Scaled for 25c postage or atampa.
i in uji Hup B
i from u.r '
Hunt 1C yuunn nu"
- < ounirlUiTi'iir.n
If * v ) ft tlm
\ , * \ W A k Mil !
If | t niny
Thu Clruat Popular Itvmcuy for Piled.
SiirecurofnrHIIoil.Iilfedlu &IfchlngFllea
And all forma ot Hcmorrholdal Tumorj.
Thcuo Sui'itMiroRiKK ait directly iiXQ th *
coats of the Illood Vuutla. and by their astringent
ellcctd gcntl ) force the blood from the swollen
tiiiiian , andl > y making the coaU of the > elni
ktronir , prent their refilling , and hciico a null-
cul cure Is uuru to lulliw their u e , I'rtce , 79
ci'Hts a tiox. For sale by alldnurtrUtji , or aeut by
mall on receipt ol prico. by En lisli Mndioal
IiiKtltuto , 718 Ollvo St , St