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The Daily Bee.
Tuesday Morning , Jan. 23
BrCirrtei , . . . . . SO cent * per week
Of Mill. . . . . . . 110.00 per Teir
Office : No. 7 Pearl Btroot , Noivr
-J. Mnoller'i Pal coMn | Io Hall.
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la nt II. K. Se&man'a book store.
The Colcago k Northwestern illJ not
arrive until about 7 o'clock last evening.
Abe Lincoln Tout U. A. H. la prepar-
lag to hold n catntifirc ntan early day.
The ca c of Charles Grant for trylriR
to dodge a board bill , h to come up to-mor
Jacob Harb was before Justice
Vaughan yesterday , and pleaded guilty to
assaulting n womin. Ho was fined $1 and
cost ,
The Turnvereln ia planning to Rive a
Krand concert on the evening of Fobiuary
J , for tbe benefit of the IhoJiulTercn In
Bi Ofllcer Ciulck yesterday } arrested ft
deserter from the regular array named
Drew , and ho has bcn taken back to Fort
@ .TohnMarrott ] has boon arrested for ob-
t lining money under falre pretences , nnd
hU cft Iito cotno up this morning , but
will probably bedlsmlsecd.
Miss Nunla Wells.daughter of Mr.'nnd
Mrs. L , Wells , entertained happily n II.tlo
company of her friends on the occasion of
her birthday last SUnrday.
Papers are being taken ont to bring
back from Missouri on n requisition the
sister of the colored girl AS having been
mixed up In the late killing of the colored
The boys In the county jail are about
the only onea who don't grumble about
the cold. They say It Is made hot enouch
for them ,
The intense cold has In several In
stances cauaed the gold leaf letter * on the
glass of the outside doora and windows of
builneifl offices to cntl up and come off.
The Catholic fair opened , UU night
with great BUCCCHI , a charming cantata be
ing given by about thirty little folku , entitled -
titled "Queen of the IHrJs. "
Omaha furnished inuiic for the streets
hero yesterday , nn eight horxn team , with
n big wagon , and a brass band , advertis
ing tor tha Mace Slado punching exhibi
tion lait night.
Hov. Mr. Armstrong , pastor of the
Methodist church , has been delivering n
eerloi uf excellent Hermans Sunday eve
nings , on the human mind. The dis
courses have proved so instructtvo nnd In-
toreitlng as to call out steadily Increasing
The owner of the starved team , men'
thned In yesterday's UBK , applied yester
day t the police station for possession of
the horses again. The chief gave him an
earnest lecture on cruelty to animals , and
suggested that be ought to prosecute him
severely , but finally lot him bavo the
horcea on the promise of feeding them In
tbo future.
It la feared that the electric light pro
ject here is to fall to the ground. Alder
man Newell , who was Instrumental In get
ting the enterprise started , and whoso en
thusiasm was ouccoiffully imparted to
some otberr , Is about to depart for Fargo ,
and his departure seems to demoralize the
plans being laid. It Is to be hoped that
the forces will rally again , but it seems
doubtful at present.
The thermometer yesterday ranged
far below zero. At 6 o'clock in the morn
ing one thermometer near tbo high school
indicated 10 degree * Lclow. At other
points It was reported an low as 22 , anil
even ' ! . " > WBH recorded. At the Institution
for tha deaf and dumb , the thermometer
stood at 32 degrees below at 7 o'clock yes-
teiday evening , and at ISO degrees below at
J o'clock Sunday night.
Crystal Roller Mills Patent Granu
lated Flour , Superlative A , the high-
cat grade of flour manufactured.
Snowy white , pure , light and Bwoot.
Ask your grocer for it and you will
have none other. tf.
Children's heavy school hose al
Harkness , Orcutt it Oo.'e.
Brown Acquitted of the OdarRo of
In Justice Vaughsm's court yester
day there were ten or twelve more
witncMcs examined in the case of the
state vs. Joe Brown , charged with
perjury , as preferred by hia brother-
in-law , S. Goldstein. It was claimed
that Brown , iu justifying a replevin
bond for Mrs. Goldstein , his Bister ,
swore that ho was worth more than
the tacts warranted. The witnesses
who testified to the value of the property -
orty which ho showed up placed it at
a erjfiiclently high amount so that it
appeared that Brown did not over
reach the truth , and ho was therefore
discharged. In connection with the
affair the following card of Mrs , Gold
stein's is given space :
To the Editor ol Tut Urn.
There appeared a notica in TUB BEE
charging Joe Brown with bRing the
cause of separating S. II. Goldntoa
and hia wife. Therefore , I , Mrs
Goldstoln , wish to cotrcct it ihrougl
TIIK Bun , that it wan not on nccoun
cf tny brother Joe Brown , but ot
ftccount of A. Goldstein , n brother , o
S. Goldstein's. The reaeoii of the
quarrel I don't ctio to rucnticm in thi
morning's paper , but if Mr. A. Gold
stein withes to kno , through TIIK
BEE , I will publish it with grot ,
pleaauru. Respectfully ,
Ladies' and children' ) ! wool hoods a
Harkneas , Orcutt & Co.'s.
When you feel out of sorts , have
the blues , melancholy , oto. , it most
be indigestion that alls you. Brown's
Scon Bitter * cures it.
Ho Loves Not Wleoly , But Too Well ,
And Now LonvoB His Oirld
Ueutnd Him.
There is in the city a young Swede
girl who cuni hat year from the old
country , and who has oven now not
become BO familiar with the use ol
Engllnh us to ba able to toll the story
of her shnmo , save through an inter
preter. She gives her name an Chris
tina Anderson , and her tale of trouble
is to the effect that a young man of
ler nationality had wooed her and so
nflnoncod her as to load her to civo
up that honor which to a true woman
should bo dearer than life. Her condi-
ion is now euch that her loss ( f virtue
cannot long ba concealed , and the
roung man 77)10 ) , under the promluo
) f marriage , betrayed the simple girl's
, rnst , has lied for parts unknown ,
There it eaid to bo n double reason
or his thus having 11 jd , instead .of
marrying the girl , nnd by proving a
rue husband suck to remedy the bvll
ID had wrought The young nuin
came to this country late last summer
or in early fall , under peculiar clrcum-
tancof ) . Ho had , in his native laud ,
roocd and won a fair mnidun whom
10 loved dearly , or ut'least claimed to ,
nit her parents objected to her mar-
yint ; anyone foraovonil yonra to couit ;
ila folks , on the other hand , objoctou
, o hin marrying the girl ,
lot because hu was too young ,
) Ut because of an old-timo feud be
tween his father nnd the girl's father ,
who were neighbor * nnd who had
oorao quarrels and lansuits concerning
the title to some land. Thus per-
) loxcd In hin love matters the young
nan emigrated and came to this
lountry. After arriving hero ho
earned that the girl , who now makes
iomplaint against him here , and her
jrother were living near Council
Blairs , and as they came from near his
old homo , and ho wan acquainted with
; hem there , ho naturally sought them
out , and thus came here. The ao >
qualntanco ripened into love , and
more. lie intended to marry the girl ,
put a abort time ago ho received word
'rom the old country that the
; irl ho had left behind him
, here was In a condition also to
require a husband and that her par-
snts relenting of their refusal to give
ler hand in wedlock were now so wil
ing that they had allowed her to emi-
jrato for Americi , her intention being
.o meet and wed her old lover. Klio
s now on the way , and thus with two
vaitors , one here , and one on the
briny deep , each expecting him to
marry , and each deceived by his
lliolt paseion , ho has flown. A
warrant will doubtless bo sent after
litn , and if possible ho will bo brought
tack , and ma-lo to answer for the
deeds done iu the body.
Harkneen , Orcutt it Co. have dill a
'ow fine silk dolmans. Call and ace
; hom.
PiinsONAL , .
J. n. Heltmnn , of Denver , Is at the
W. L. Harding , of Kansas Olty , Is at
the Ogden.
0. K , Ueezell , of Chicago , ia on Ogden
louse guest.
James D. Klce , of Burlington , is at the
L' cltic house.
George K. Cole , of Pacific Junction , Is
In the city.
C. W. Urown
, of Burlington , waa a
Pacific homo arrival yesterday.
A. Marshall , of Shebrygan , WIs , .was
an Oi-den bouna guest yesterday ,
A. J. Kalu , of Philadelphia , was imong
yesterday's comers to the Ogden.
II. Rf. Towner and ladv , of Corning ,
Iowa , are registered at the Ogden.
fj. Bornhelmer , of St. Louis , stopped
at the Ogden yesterday and thawed out.
James M. Kvans , of St. Loals , is In
the city , making hia headquarters at tbo
W. H. II. Dougherty , of Greenville ,
PA. , was in the city yesterday , a puoat of
the Ogden.
J. II. Wheeler , of the Ogden house , has
just returned from a week's otay in St. Jo
and Kansas City , lecturing to the be-
nlghted doaiiens of those places on the
beauties of winter.
Mr. and MM. Meigi , who have been
Blending n few weeks heru with her pa-
rentf , Mr. and Mrs. O , U' . Stone , leave to
day for their home In Califjrnia , taking
the southern route.
Dr. John Craig has bought seven acres
of ground adjoining the town site on the
southwest , of It. II. Woodrnancy , at $ GO
per acre , and will erect thereon a nice
dwelling , and otherwise Improve the prop
erty as soon as spring opeuti. The contract
for building has been let to ItiusoII & Ken-
nedy. We shall be glad to welcome the
doctor and his family , who are now real-
dents of Council UlulTj. Macedonia Tri
Table linens , napkins , doylies , tow.
ole and crashes cheap at llarknoss ,
Orcutt it Oo.'s.
Tuo WeddlnK Gown of n arnnddnme
WHO at 00 Hlta by the Hickory
New You i\ciilnic : 1'ost.
Chatting a few evenings since with
a charming old [ lady of 80 years , and
seating close bosidp in a chimney cor
ner , whoso capacioui lire place was
BRlow with a hickory blazt ? , such as
few of this generation have boon fortunate -
tunato enough to witness and enjoy
the current of nodal goi sip and romU
msconco ( lowed into the domain of
fashion. With a minuteness of do
tail which exhibited remarkable
cf , wo favored
memory were with u
clearly dotinud description of the
manners , customs and prevalent nudes
of dress if the "
day "when she vas
youug and to the mimner born. " threescore -
score years ngo. Excusing horsalf it
moment , she returned bearing upon
her arm a bilk dross , onoa white , but
uowr limp and jellowed by the touch
of time. The drees deserves liesciip
tion : It was narrowly gored on the
the front and tide breodthe , and nuite
short. In the front and buck there
was a largo cluster of deep gathers.
The waist line was relegated almost to
the arm pits , and the very short bodice -
ice was laced up the back with a flat
silk cord , The sleeves were long nnd
close , and finished with frills of lace
at the wrists.
"This was my wedding dress , " she
said , "My father rode a distance of
moro than thirty miles en homoback
to buy the silk of which It was made
Its ujst represented my savings for
moro than four years in butter and
checstf making. I cut and made it
with my own hands. My pattern was
the bridal dress cf our pastor's wife ,
who the year before had come to us a
young bridn from the shores of Mas
sachusetts Bay. " Holding up one ol
the sleeves , aho said : "Hero is a stain
upon the silk , Ono of my brides
maidr , In adjusting my modest homemade -
made bridal veil , pricked her finger
with an intrusive pin , and from the
tiny wound fell a single drop of blood ,
of which this blemish Is the sign and
token , To me it was but a trifle ; to
lior it was a grievous mishap , which
clouded her evening's happiness , "
Holiday gocdii at liarknesa , Orcutt
& Co.'a.
Weak muscles and nerves , sluggish
ness of thought and inactivity , cured
oy Brown's Iron Bitters.
Various Important Matters Con-
uldorori ,
An adjourned meeting of the city
council waa hold laat evening , the
mayor and all aldermen prcaent except
Gonldcn. A petition for widening the
oidowalkn on Sixth street from Broad
way to Indian creek to fifteen feet was
presented and referred.
The claim of Mro. Ed. Archer for
$500 damages on account of stopping
through a hole in a sidewalk was pre
sented , Referred.
Alderman Newell presented a reso
lution granting the Council Bluffs
Waterworks company an extension of
tlmo until July 31st in which to complete -
ploto its works.
Alderman Shugart said ho had al
ways objected to that part of the con
tract which exempted the company
from taxation. As the company would
not content to have that part of the
contract stricken ont , ho should have
.o vote against the resolution. The
resolution was adopted , Shugart alone
voting no.
An ordinance was presented for the
Iconso and registration of saloons , the
amount of the same being loft blank ,
[ loforrod to UHJ police committee , or
dcrrd printed and to bo reported on
at the first regular meeting in Febru
Several mombats of the board of
rado appeared in the council cham-
anr , that body having mot and ad
journed to consider with the alder
man the question of paving. Mr.
Squirea of Omaha , presented a speci
men of asphalt pavement being laid
thoto and an informal discussion was
had of the relative kinds cf pavo-
Do Not Ho Doooivod
In these tunes ot quack medlclno adver-
lisementB everywhere , it is truly gratify-
| ng to find one remedy that in worthy of
praise , and whinh really does as recom
mended. Elictrio Hitters wo can vouch
for as being a true nnd reliable remedy ,
end one that will do as rrcommendcd.
They Invariably cure Stomach nnd Liver
Cemplalnta , DlAonsca of the Kidneys nnd
Urinary dillicultlen. We know whereof
we speak , and can readily say , give them
a trinl. Sold nt fifty cents a bottle by
0. V fn ! < ltn n
Tomoeranca Convention.
A mass temperance convention cf
the city has boon called for February
3d at the Methodist church , to choose
delegates to the state convention at
Dos Moinoe , February 17th , to decide
on a course of action in view of the re
cent supreme court decision.
Horsfonl's A old PItoipbato
removes the uncomfortable fooling
sometimes experienced after excessive
smoking or chowlng.
An Eagle Wlnned.
\Villiam Eagle , ono of this city's
oldest { citizens , who keeps a smnl
store hero , was arrested last evening
on complaint of Attorney Tipton on
the charge of Larceny. The trouble
seems to have arisen from a note o
$35 which Eagle gave to Tiptcnas at
tornoy'a foes , and on whictt ho hac
paid part , and in settling up the bal
ancoE glo destroyed the noto. Tip
ton says ho grabbedjit and throw it in
the stove. Eiglo claims differently
and will have a hearing to-day.
Buoklin'a Arnica Halve ,
The BIBT BAIVB In the world for Cuts ,
Brulsee , Bores , Ulcers , Salt Rhenm , Fe
ver Sores , Tetter , Ch pped Hands , Chll
Wains , Corns , and nil km eruptions , and
positively cures plloa. It la guaranteed to
give sntiafnotfon i ir * ney refunded.
Prloa , 26 cents per cs , if or * % U br 0.
v Qoodmun
Money for the Unmarried
Ono of the most solid and substan
tial institutions in this country is thn
Morriago Fund Mutual Trust Busocla-
tlon of Cedar Ilapids , la. Duriug
their first year , ending January 1st ,
1883 , they paid over $30,000.00 in
bonetita to their members , and the
greatest satlifaclion prevails among
their certificate holders. They art
organizsd under the laws of Iowa , and
their officers and directors are among
the loading and moit prominent busi
ness men ot Cedar Ilapids. Every un
married person should have a certifi
cate in this association.
It is a splendid investment , as safe
secure and sure as a government
bond. You can juat as well have a
good sum of money to commence mar
ried lifo on as not. Over 200 members -
bors have been paid off , receiving
over 300 per cont. on their investment -
mont- Send a postal card for tree
circulars fully detailing the plnn ,
which ii the finest known. Good
iigonta cnn got territory if applied for
soon. Write to-day. Do not post
pone it. Mention uhoro you BR\Y
thia notice , J4 im
A Vexed Ulereymnn.
liven the patience of Job would bt > come
exhausted were ho n preacher end endeav
oring to iiitercit hU nudleuco while they
were keeping up an increasaut coughb a
making U impossible for him to bo heard.
I rial liottles given away
uiua'u drujr ti > r
cures Cj
" aiul it
Fort Dodtje has three National banks ,
Bedford ia talking up the question of
Thn state boaul of agriculture has SJ.-
080.25 on hand.
Fort Dndgn cUlmi a population of 5,000.
It was 4,717 In 18SO.
The republican state central committee
will meet at Ues Molntts in the Zltb inst.
Davenport packers have nut away IB , .
Of0 begs thus far , and the Democrat says
the figures will reach 23,000.
All the Dtock for the Decorah Klectrlc
Light company ban been takrn , Ttie
plant will Hurt with thirty lightf.
The Acme Insurance company has organ-
red at Den Moines , wlih 3 < 00,100 capital.
Ic Insures agaloit everything.
The real thickness of the last vein of coal
: > n fed through at the Moreton boring , LoMars , was lots than a foot.
A fiurllogton hotel keeper got onto a
spree last week and fired two shots'
through a saloon window , but luckily hit
no ono ,
To brutal naloon-krepers from Com-
nerco attacked nnd b dly mutilated an un
offending German at Des Moineo , on Tuef-
Uy night , tholCtb.
The records of Monona county nre said
to ( how rome crooked tr niactl no by per-
npns living outside of the county in rela-
Jon to obtaining hea\y loans on ccmpnrA-
lively wurthlcm lands.
The honthpu Chinfo in Burlington is
irotectpi ) , Thomas D vls haH been tent
; o the Fort Madison penitentiary for one
Vearfor breaking Into n Mongolian laun-
There are about fifteen caeca of so rle *
ever In and about Unnwa , nnd several
if the victims of the diiea o have died ,
strict precautionary measures ore being
Tha Dacatur Cjunty agricultural OHIO-
elation box increased its capital stock to
57,0(10 ( The iudebicdne.R Is $3,000. C. W.
lloirmin was elected president nnd C. M.
Murr.iy necrotary.
A suit lias commenced In the Dubuque
district court ngalnrt Ilolotcher Brolhrip.
ialoon keepers nt DjprBvllle , for $15 000
> y n woman who claims her husband w s
killed by drinking the whisity told by the
aloon keepers.
An Irate man named S. W. Jacobs re
cently attacked J. J. Steadman , preeldert
of the Blue Valley bank at Creston. with
a cowhlJo. The latter had drawn bis re
volver nnd was about to fire at his assail
ant when outbide interference stopped the
The insane asylum at Leon la over
crowded with patients. Fnliy JOJ are be-
ng taken care of and some of them have
been obliged ta lie on the floor at night be-
ewe of the lock of beds. Dr. Gllmau.
ho new superintendent , baa made out
a dlscharse list of forty-fhe , Including the
moat tractable one , and has sent them
back to the counties from which they
The arrivals of hogs continue very large.
Market nti\e nt about 5c higher all
Corrected dally l > y J. Y. Fuller , mer-
chindiso broker , buyer and shipper of
grain and proviiion.- Pearl street.
WHKAT No. 2 pprinp , 7"c ; No. 3,05 ;
rejected 50c ; oed demand.
CoitN 82o to feeders and 323 to ship-
OATS Scarce and in good demand ; 30@
HAT 1 00(20 ( 00 per ton.
KYK lOc ; light oupply.
foii.v MEAL I ZDpor 100 ponnds.
Woun Good supply , prices at yards ,
B 00@G 00.
COAL Delivered , hard , 10 , " 0 per ton ;
nof t. 5 00 per ton.
BUTTER Plenty nnd in fair demand ;
25r.Er.cs Scarce and in demand ; 30s per
LAIIIJ Fairbnnk's. wholesaling at 13e.
POULTRY Firm ; dealers pa > Ing 13o per
pound for turkeys and lOc for chickens.
VEOETAHLK4 Potatoei" , 45c ; oniooH , 25c :
cabbnget > , 30@40o per dozen : apples , 2 50
@ 3 50 per barrel.
FLOUR Crystal Roller mill flour nUH-
ed at 3 25 for diadum winter ; 2 80 for gold
en sheaf ; 2 00 for hard tuck.
Wholesale price * for Hour , -10@3 25.
BROOMS 2 00@3 00 per dozen.
CATTLE 3 00@3 50 ; calves 6 00@7 50.
Fatal Fronka of a Lunatic.
RipiblUtuiullcy Kcto.
Thomas Kiamussen , a Ddno , living
on section eight , Antelope prncinct ,
came to horrible death on Friday
night , the 12h inat. , by being fez > n
to death. Ic appears that ho has been
somewhat insane for the past two or
three days , but wivi not considered
dangerous. But the demon took pos-
sfsaion of him about mldnieht of the
12th. Ho retired to bed HU naual with
his wife , after which ho got up and
Uf : the house , hia wife following him
trying to persuade him to return to
the house. When they got Rovera !
rods from the house ho turned upon
her and struck her upon the forehead ,
knocking her down , and then catchIng -
Ing her by the throat tried to choke
her , when their dog attacked him ,
causing him to release his hold and
turning with all vongeanci upon the
doe , which his wife took advantage of ,
and ran to the nearest neighbor , Mr
Larumes , who cave the alarm and
started Homer Barnes to arouse the
neighbors. They did not fiad him
until about 8 o'clock , come eighty rods
southwest of hia house , frozen
stiff. Ho was almost deati-
tuto of clothing , hnvirg toin
them oil In his wanderings ;
there was ono boot and part cf a pants
leg on the right foot , and a sock on
the left ono. flis clothing was found
In different places , some of them more
than a mile from where he was f iunJ.
A justice took possession of the body
ana sent for the caronnr , who did not
think there waa Bullhient cause for
his presence , whoa the justice deliv
ered the body to relatives. Ho wan
St years of ago , and only been mar
ried six months Ho leaves his wife
In poor circumstances. Ho left a note
on Saturday that ho was afraid of the
devil , and that he would not got his
sins f jrgiven.
Rheumalism.Nouralgla.Sclatica ,
Lumbago , Backache , Headache , Toothache ,
fcore Tbront. Norlllnu * . Hprfilnl , llrullM.
llurnt , hcuUli , Krtul Itltri.
BelJ t > 7 Urunl.u ml P iltn tttrtwbtrt. flflC < DU k
tollll. Hlr < cU ilo II L DI .
[ limiMtiiA.TMlUitvM ) VtlilBtn , 91. , C.B. i.
NOTICK. Special ftdrertlaomcnte , sue
Lost , Found , To Loin , For 8 le , To Kent ,
Want , Bo rdlo ; , etc. , will bo Intcrtcd In thtt
column at tha ow r to of TEH CKNT3 PER
LIME ( or the firgl Insertion and FIVE CENTS
PER. LINE for each subsequent Insertion.
Leave ulr ertlscmenta at oar office , No. 7
Pearl Street , near Broadway.
WANTiil-10,000 : biuhcls of corn. Inquire
at No. 31 I'.trl otrcct. or birom factory ,
Mills and North Slith. MAT-IB Co.
UKW'ANTKD Krcryboav In Council Hindu 10
to Uke Tim Dai , 20 cents per week , da
Ivered by carriers. Offlce , No 7 Pearl Street
near IlroMway ,
For Halo and Rent
1,11. KM 1,1. Aliottl III tills city , nil furnished ,
JL do nn n pajlng lunllic 8 , fur -alp theap , Ii )
JanlO ot OHFI.L A. 1)\T.
[ 7(011 ( ItKNI A liJlKC ol tlirco roons for t'ht ( ;
I. ' ' oltaM n month , lotat U ntnr y oppfjslte the
ilk'li n-liool. Aply at NoaJU HlKh Sihool
Aruniie. tf
A H oilier , mo'taihnnt-ueously pitiiitwl , offtn )
tdetk room In rtturn for -crvlon : jfas , futl ,
etc , furnished. Address , "Ollkc , " liKK ollko ,
Council lUnfT.t
> lIKra In FtcKngca ot a hnnHroU at 28c
OLI a jiacsavu at Tint lihr. ofllcc , No. 7 I'tarl
Btrcft. tf
FOIlSALE-tn Om'hn ,
bmlno H frontSKXK ) 00 to 9120(1 ( Co per mon h
c\pcncv9 lUht the part } ha other litnitio'K. Ail
dross Oninha Dally lie ! Onmlia Neb77019 ;
T7IOUND A collcc ) society pin. Coma to the
i ? linn nil ! c , pay for this ad , pro\ proprity
and net the pin. d27 tf
. W. L. PATTON-l'b > elclatj and Oculist.
Can euro any case of soroejw. It Is only
a matter of time , and cnn cure generally In
from thrco tc five weoku It makes nr difference -
once how long diseased. Will dtralghten crcma
eyes , operate and remove Ptyrcclnme , etc. , and
Insert artificial eyes , Bpoclal attention to re-
movelng tadenorms ap5-tl
Depart. Arriie.
Atlantic Kxt..5:20pm : I Pacific & ) . . . .9:15am :
Cx and Jldll'.9aJ a m Ex and Mall.GAS p m
D. Molnca ac > . .7:15 a m | Dea Molnoanc.4:40 : p m
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic ixt..BUOpm : I Pacific Ext..9:20am :
Mall and Ex * . .920 am Mall and Ex,7.00pm
N. T. Ex 4:00 : pm | Neb A : KM Ex..8:20 : a m
Depart Arrive.
Atlantic Kit..5:15pm : I Pacific Ext..0:15am :
Mali and Ex.9:20am : Mall and nx.0lGpm :
Accom. ( Sat..6-W p m | Accom. ( Mon..l:45 : p m
Depart. Arrhc.
Hall and Kx..9Mam : I Express GSOp : m
Express J:10p : m | Mall and Ex..C'45pm
Depart. Arrhe.
Jverland Ex.liaoa. m. 0\crlandEx..4oOp. : m.
Lincoln Ex..11:30 : a. m. DomerKx . . 8 00 a. m ,
Dem cr Ex. . .7:00 : p. m. Local Ex 6:30 : a. m.
Local Ex 7:2A : a. m. " Ex fl.ltta. in.
Emigrant..620p. m. " F.x P'CXJa. m.
Depart. Arrhe.
Hall nnd Kx. . 0:45 : a m I Mall and Ex. . 4:30 : p m
Cannon Ball. . 4TO p m | Cannon Hall. . 11:05 : n m
810UX CUT AND 1'ArtFlC.
Depart. Arrl > e.
For Sioux City.7Mam Frtn Sioux C'
For Fort Nlobrara. Frm Fort Nlobrara ,
Neb * Neb *
GfiOprn :
For St. Paul. . . 7:40 : pin From St. Paul. . U50 o m
Lca\ Council Uluffa. Arrlrn Council llluds.
Mail and E\:20 ! : n m I Mall and Ex. . . 'CM pm
Atlantic Ex . . 15:15 : p m | Atlantic hx . . . [ 9:1U : ui
Lcacs Omnha. Arrlct at Omaha.
Matniml Ex * 7:1B : a m I Pacltlc Ex . Wtf : a m
Atlantic E . . | 13:10 : p m | Mall and Ex. . ' 7-25 p m
'Except Sundays , t Except Saturdaj s.
Mondays. ] Dally.
Council Blutta & Omaha Street R. B.
Lea\ Council liluffa. Leave Omaha.
8 a m , U a m , 10 a m , I 8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m ,
11 a m , 1 m , 2 p rn , 3 p I 11 ft m , 1pm , 2p m , 3 p
m , 4 p m , 5 p m , 6 p m. | ra , 4 p m , 6 p m , 0 p m.
Street cars run half hourly to the Union Pacific
Depot. On Sunday the cars begin their trips at
0 o clock a. m. , and run regularly during tha day
at 9 , 11 , 2 4 , R and 0 o'clock , and run to city time.
Dr , J , Meagher.nOculist . , Aurisfc ,
In Chronic dUeaRes , offers his sen Ices to all at
dieted 'vltli dletasea of tht E > e , Ear , or Chronic
dlxcascs of any character. Warrants a cure In
a 1 Rheumatic adcctlona Can be consulted by
mall or In person at the Metropolitan hotel ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Ground by
Porcelain Rolls
Warranted Equal to any made In the
United States .
Bran & Shorts.
jan4-tf Oonncll Bin ( fa , Ia.
Are lion rrul > to contract for email castings ot
every description In
Special attention U callixl to the ftct that the
. .ivtals arts we Uil In which glu * toe
cr > tu t i-utlngD ,
Burning Brands
FACTO HIES , Etc , E.c. ,
Aa wel' as
Cattle Brands
. Corner Sixth street ami tUcxcntli lueuuc ,
S. E.
Office over UTlngi t nk.
00 ONOUi BLUFFS , . . Iow > ,
rO AJ JL&vJ Usia. .
Broadway , and Fourth Street ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
( Successors to J. W , Rodefer )
Office No. 34 Pearl Street , Yards Oor. BiRhth Street and
Eleventh Avenue , Council Bluffs.
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff and Mow Sreets , Council Bluffs.
Orders filled In uny partrt the city. Orders by telephone promptly attended to.
Dr } ant Street , ono Door north of Doh nj's Hall.
Thermo-Blcctric , Medicated and Sulphur Baths.
For ladles and gentlemen. These Baths are fully endorsed by the Medical Fraternity as being on
unfailing auillia-y In reu lit Colds , Hhcumatlsm , curalgla , Lumbago and many other nilmenta
Ili I < lc8ny wife , a competent lady , will attend ladles. P. M. LOCKWOOD , Propr.
Wholoaalo and Retail Dealers in Freah Roaatod Coffocs , Teaa and Spices.
3Q5 Broadway , COUNCIL BLUFFS , - IOWA.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
Beer and malt In any quanllty'lo ' suit purchasers , lifer $8.00 per barrel. Private families sup
plied with small kegs at $1.00 each , deli\ered freeof charge to any part of the city.
Wholesale Dealer In and SOLE AGENT FOK Joseph Schlltr Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from the country elicited
City orders to famillen and dealers delivered free.
( Successors to EUB & DUQUETTE ) .
flnTirnqf1 ]
X6 nnd 18 Pearl-st. . Council Bluffs , Ia.
No. 529 SMain Street. Council Bluffs.
Our constantly Increasing trade h Buliiclent proof of our equate dealing and atten
tion to customera. tJood butter always on hand. Prompt delivery of goodd.
Lands and'Lots Bought and Sold.
S. M. OUOOKS I'roo. N. B. EABTOX , Secy.
J. C. UyflMAK , VlCI I'rCR , N. B. MOOKE , Counselor.
sd under the Laws < Town. ]
Insurant ) at iciiial Cost ,
TnBtirinc LIVE STOCK Against Loss by
Unknown or Contingent Evout Whatever ,
Experienced agent * wanted. Correspondence
elicited ( ram all parts of Iowa ,
OFFIHE103 Pearl Street. Council Bluffs , Ia ,