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TUB Sevontli and Eighth Ballots
For Senator in Detail.
Mayor Boyd Bectrea n Larpc
Majority of the Bour
The Senate Still' Wranpclinp
About Postage Stamps
and Newapapars.
GororalDota&s of the 3Jtli'lntui1 (
Spccliil Dispatch to Tux llxn.
LINCOLN , Nab. , January 22. Tin
joint convention ataamblod at li
o'clock to-day and proceeded t <
take two ballots , which reaultci
as follows : First ballot , Stickle 22
Saundcra 12 , Savage. 4 ; Milltud ID
Mondorson 7 , M orton B , Boyd U
Brown 9 , Crounio 2 , Conner 4 , Thay
ur 15 , Livingston 2 , Dorscy 2 , ' .Voavei
1 , Doano 1 , Mucger 3 , Cowin 13.
Stlokel 10 , Saundcrs 13 , Snvago 2
Millard 1C , Morrison 8 , Morton 4
Boyd 19 , Brown 5 , Crouao 2 , 0jnnor 3
Thayer 1C , lake 2 , Doisay 2 , Weave :
1 , Monger 1 , Cowin 12 , Barker 3
Diaper 3 , Holman 1 , Michael 1.
The committee then adjourned nn
til to-morrow at 12 o'clock.
Fpeclal Correspondence of Tnc liu.
LINCOLN , January 22 , The join
convention for the election of Unite !
States senator met at noon and aftei
the reading of the journal of Satur
day took a ballot with the followinj
result :
For Mand"rsin BomgaHnT , Walker
Sewers , Ccx , Kobberts , Walker , Hum
phrey 7.
ForMtllard-Fllley , Harris , Sjhoenhelt
Abe ! , Britton , Brown , Castle , Field
Gray , Morrison , Savage. Seeelona , Steph
ensoii , Suasenbach , Thompson
For Morton -Cabs , Tower , I'jtterson
Hoebel , JljKen 5.
For Sttokel barker , Butler , Conner
Dech , DSO , lleynoldn , llioh , Armitoge
Berkley , t'ojk of Jefferson , Dodd , Hiven
.Tones , Palmer nf Silinc , lUnney , Sadilek
Stedwell , Town , Turner , VVerhan , Whit
zel , YouiiR-22.
For Thnyer Brown of CUy , Harrison
Howell , C. le , Cook nf Nnckolls , Fab
linger , Grineteail , Howard , Martin
Nettleton , Ilnnncv , Umseil , Sp.nogle
SwenrlnReD , Steover 15.
ForCowin Dolan.Kincaid JCotris , I5al
iok , CbrUtopberrou , Colline , l ) wsoii
Oordon , HnllLee , Taylor , Wissenberg am
For Crounaa ir tcb , Kounoy 2.
For Connor Ashby , Barton , Fishei
Ratcliffe .
For SsundersBrown ( of Linc&ster ]
lleist. Btlrbower , Crcyelz'r , Draper ( c
Knoz ) , Gow , Grlme , Hcrar , Johniot
Miller , Pnltner ( of Dlzoc ) , itocha , We l
cott 18.
For Savage B own ( nf Colhx ) , Conl
ling , Clark ( of Colfax ) , Clark ( of Douj
lans )
For Bojd Caufield , McSbano , Frautc
llarrinijton , McGavock , North , Schroc
der. Watts , Denraan-
For Brown I cg , Thstcb , Carnabj
Davenport , Frooburn , Graver , llollmar
Luthy and Turtle ! ) .
For Doane--Brown ( of Douglas ) 1 ,
For Wea el CJmpm1. .
For Livingston Draper ( of Cies1. ) .
ForJUoraey Grout and Worl 2.
For Munger HeimriLb , Laird , lliouir
For liake-McAlllster and WbeJon-i
A second ballot waa taken , whic
resulted aa follows :
For J. H. Stickcl Barker , Butler , Corner
nor , Decb , Dye , Jtich'Reynold * , Arm
tage , Berkley , Cook ( of Jefferson ) , Uodi
Iln\on , Jones , Stedwell , Town , Turnei
Werhnn.Whltzel nnd Young-1'J.
For J. H. Millnrd-Filloy , Harrli
Schoenheit , Abell , Btittoo , l.'rown , Contli
Field , Cray , Morrison , Savage , Sn'sioni
Stevtnaou , fiucssenbacb , Taylor , Tliomj
son 1C.
For Hollman Brown ( of Dougla" ) 1.
For Alvin Sauodera Brown ( of Lancai
ter ) , Heist , Bierbower , Colpetzer , Drapi
( of Knox ) , Gow , Grime * , Homer , .Toht
sea , Miller. Palmer ( of Dlxon ) , Itochi
Weatcott 13.
For JM. K. Boyd-C nfield , Cise , Mi
Shane. Patterson , Sang , Tnatsb , Clark ( <
Colfax ) , Draper ( nf Case ) , Franne , Frei
burn , Graver , Harrington , Heinricl
Laird , McGavock , North , Bchroede
For Mandenon Bomgardner , Sewer
Walker , Cox. Jensen , Uubberts , Walko
Humphrey 8.
I For Cowin Dolan , ICIncaM , Norri
Babcock , Collinn , Chrlstopbereon , Dav
son , Giw , Hall , Lee , VYtssenberi
Kor Savage Conkling , Clark of Daup
Ia 'J.
FT M orton Dunphy , Kogers , faym
Hoebel 1.
For Tniver Fiiher , Browr. of Clai
Harrison , Unwell , Cole , Cook of Nuckoll
'XV- . . , Kabllngor , Orinstead ! , Howard , Marti.
Nettleton , lUnuey , Kussell , Spanogl
Stoever , Sweiiringfn 10.
For Connor Athby , Barton , Katdifli
For Weaver Chapln1. .
For brown Davenport , Hollmtu , Tu
tie , Luthy , Cnrnnby 5.
For Mich&el Denman 1.
For DorseyGrant , Worl 2.
For Cronnse Hatch , Kuoney 2.
For LakeMcAllister. . Whedon 2 ,
For Draper Neville , Tower-2
For Barker--Paliner of Saline , Kinne
For MungerThomas - 1.
Abaont , Charlaton on laet ballot.
The joint convention then adjourm
till Tnesduy at noon.
| M\ml Correnpondenco of Tur. titn.
LINCOLN , January 22. After tl
journal waa rend Butler asked if t !
railroad committee waa ready to r
port on bill No. H. McShano aaid 1
understood the bill waa before tl
senate , aa ho did not fiad It with tl
bil'a ' still in the handa of the cuinml
Barker explained that ho had givi
it to the clerk ior the purpose of ha
ing it printed.
The clerk acknowledged roccivii
the bill on the IDth and Bonding it
iho printer on the evening of that da
ButJoi- claimed that U ought to ha
been on the desks cf the Bontn t > j-
fore no. Then commenced a aeries of
comments upon the trouble and delay
connected with the printing during
The committee on judiciary reported
back a number cf billa with various
recommendations , evincing industry
on the part of the committee. Those
bills will bo described at lei gth when
they como up for tholr third reading.
The president appointed Dech , DJ-
Ian and OauQold a committee to in-
vcstlgato the complaints made by the
people of Saunders county against
the railroad bridges crossing the Pltittc
river In that county.
Butler rose to a question of prlvil-
rgo , and referred to an article in Tnc
democrat , charein him with wishing
to throw the printing into the hando
of The Journnl company. Bullet
s'l.Vud that he had complained of thu
dulay iu printing on various occasions ,
but did not know at that time but
what it was bolug done ns in times
pant by Tno Journal company.
On Saturday Hathaway , of The
Journal company had called him ( But
ler ) to the bar und bad udviood lam to
be patient , aincc if the present con *
tractors failed to do the wtuk , ho did
not know if any other -party in the
city who would take it at the pricce
paid. Cirtainly The SUto Journal
could not and would not do so. Bat
lor abiumcd thtt this explanation
would lead to a correction on the parl
of The Democrat , aa the proprietor !
were regarded aa honorable men.
A bill to authorise the building ol
a railway bridge across the Miaaonr
river at Brownsville , Nob. , was referred
ferred to the committee on highway
and bridges ,
The bill by Brown , of Luioaator , tc
dedicate lot G. ia city of Lincoln , tc
the Mount Xun * cnlorod Baptlsl
church , and to deed the same pro
vldod the church availed itoelf of tin
advantage within twelve months , wai
road a second timo.
Ssnato file No. 23'a bill to defini
the liability ot railroads for accident )
and injuries to their employes , wai
rood r. third time and agreed to. Ayti
! G , nays 3. The throe nays were Can
ield , Oaso and Harris.
A reaolution was adopted that a Ha
of members not wishing to take thi
> apera , voted to each member by thi
icnate should bo furnished the secro
ary of atato in order that propci
settlement might ba made by hia
with the newspaper men. A diacnsaioi
arose on the old quoa'ion o
m ; ; tlio above privileges extondoc
to oflicsra jf the Benn'.o , euah aa clerks
ifl , etc. . The matter wan votcc
down. Ayes 14 , nays 17.
Ohio fVnnthnr.
Special llispitcli to Tux 1I.IK.
OLKVKIANU , January 22 The thor
momuter fell fifty-iivo degrees Ii
hlrty-ois hourn. This morning i
stood thrao below zaro , and promloiiif
.o fall still lowor. A furious gale prevailed
vailed laat night.
Not Very Cold.
Special Dispatch to TUB liu.
CINCINNATI , January 22. The col
weather ia not BO intense na was ex
pectod. The thermometer la now 1
above zero.
Wisconsin Weather.
Special Dispatch to Tun IKK. !
MILWAUKEE , January 21. A ano >
storm waa prevailing all day yeatorda ;
and changes to a regular blizzard to
day. This morning the tnormomoto
waa 24 degrees below zero , mcderatini
to 11 bnlovr during the day and stand
ing at 10 to-night. Tno advices fron
the state are to the effect that a terri
bio cold prevails all through th
northern and western region , the thermometer
momotor being 39 bnlow zaro thi
evening at Wausau , SO at Appleton
" 8 at Stovena' Point , 35 at Poowaukce
24 at Portage , 22 at Stilea , 23 o
Green Bay , 25 Cddarburg.
TrelK ] on the Milwaukee , Lik <
Shore and Western central and th
St. Paul northern and western dlvi
slons Is suspended on account of Rnoi
drifts. The Lake Shore and North
western work four snow plows wit !
little avail.
A lire yesterday destroyed thi
Green Bay , Wlnona and St. Paul dc
pot at Grand Rapids , burning all th
books and papers and a small amoun
of freight. The loaa ia $10 000.
A fire is raging at Fou Du Lac thi
evening. It broke out in Cooper i
Son's boot and shoe store. The ontir
block will bo destroyed , The Senti
Lei's special aays : The damngo t
Cooper & Son's stock at Fen Du Ls
amounted to $4,000 ; inauranco , $2 ,
500. The building Is damaged to th
extent of $2,500. Other losses $20C
Int jisel-Iut mo Woat In r.
Special Dl pntih to Tur I ! K.
CHICAGO , Jannaiy 22 The intone
cold which linn prevailed eiuco Satni
day morning BtjVl continues. At
o'clock this mornine the thormometc
waa 23 bfl'w zero. The only poraon
on the streets are those who ro con
pelled to be , and umong these ai
many c.iaos of everu frost bitoi
frozen ears , noses , etc. The wind hs
packed the anew in solid drifts , whic
Impede the railroads. Trains on mo :
of the roads como in behind time , an
two locomotioes 'being necessary t
each. The cold wave seems to t
moving oaat , and the temperature
riaing at points where it haa passed.
'Ihe Cold In Kansas
KANSAS CITY , January 22. Tl ;
force ot the cold has pasacd and th
temperature to-day has moderate
very materially , being 10 above /.ji
hero at 1 p. m. Dispatches from EOI
oral points In Kansas state tt
weather clear aud warmer. The lowoi
tomper.ituro reported la from Salini
10 below zero.
Folk's Bond
Special Dispatch to Tin IKK !
NASHVILLE , Tcnn. , January 22.-
Jud'e Qu&rlcn , of the criminal cour
haa tixed cx-Tror , urer Polk's appua
nnco band at § 100,0 0
ThnContixt inColoruilo.
Special Dlnpatch to Till On.
DENVEII , January 22. The senti
rial contest is atill undocldcd. llov
ever , it is the gonpral imprcwiion tli ;
Bowen will receive the nomination
The following la the laat ballotPi
kin , 17 ; Tabor , 1C ; llammll , H
Bowen , 20.
Oreat Objector" Directs a
Pointed Conundrum to Sec
retary Teller ,
The Superabundance of Legal
Decisions ia Laud Oases
Icquired Into.
The Results of the Money Mak
ing Machinery of the Gov
ernment in 30 Years.
Work of Tnriff Re
vision in 1ho Sonnto.
White Begins Actlvo Work on the
Now Navy.
Special DUtpatch to TUB flsn.
WAsiiiNotoN , January 22 The
court of claijis to day rendered a do-
ciaion in the cjto of Oommandor Jus
D. Graham , of the navy , to the effect
that naval tfliera , while traveling in
foreign countries under/orders / , ore
entitled to mileage the same us when
traveling under order * in the United
States. Judgment given for $15 IMC
in favor of claimant. The oourt over
ruled the motion of the gov <
eminent for a now trial ol
the caao of Timothy Ford & Oo ,
In the house to-day calls upon the sea-
rotary of the interior to inform tin
tionso how much land haa boon pat
ented by railway companies under the
opinion of the attorney general , ir
conflict with the decisions of thu an-
promo court concerning the ao-oallod
indemnity grunls , and cilia on the
aecrotary to inform the house which
It is ho is now acting under the do *
clsions cf the supreme court or tin
decisions of the attorney general.
n congress is bringing many petition !
[ rom manufacturers and laborers pro <
testing against a reduction of dntio-
nnd asking an Increase of tariff on
specific articles.
The coinage of subsidiary ellvoi
coin since 1853 , and the amount out
standing Dacember til , 1882 , ia ni
follows : From 1853 to NivemberSO
1832 , colnnd , $107,825,2 ! ) ? ; in troaa
ury , $26,544.544 ; outstanding , § 81 ,
280,753 , Smco the pataago of thi
coinage act. in 1873 there were ooino (
847,808,727 ; inthetrenanry , 820,541 ,
544 ; outstanding $21,264,183 Sluci
the passage of the resumption not it
1875 there hui been in the treasury
$26,544,541 ; outstanding , 610,454 ,
857 ; slnco the paasngo of the join
reaolution in 1870 thcro has beci
coined $27,030,521 ' : in tbo trenanry
$20.544 544 ; ontata'ndinpr , Sfl.i1 ? ? .
The National Uupublicau will con
tain an interview with General Grant
on the subject of the rociprocitj
treaty between the United States an <
Mexico , and political and commorcia
relation * cf the two countries. Thi
treaty proponnn free entry into Merlci
of articles of 73 heads. Ho laid spccia
stress oil the articles of mashinory
agricultural implements , railwa ;
materials and vehicles , tbo manufacture
facturo of which in this country fo
neo in Mexico would give omploymon
to thoimnds cf people and open u ;
to enterprising Americans thoao mine
of untold wealth and plantations o
vaat ovont.
Special Dispatch to TIIK DKB.
WASHINGTON , January 22. In tin
senate Bayard presented a petition fen
n law to prevent railway dmorimina
Oameron , of Pennsylvania , present
cd a largo number of potitlona fror
iron workers in different places i
Pennsylvania against the reduction o
the duties on any foreign raannfac
tared goods below the rates recommended
mended by the tariff commission ,
Login , from the judiciary committee
toe , reported fworably on a bill fo
the regulation of telegraph and cabl
Senator Platte introduced a bi' '
authorizing the extension of the fro
delivery systnm.
Senator Plumb , from tha publl
lands , reported the original bill t
prevent the unlawful occupation c
public lands.
Senator Merrill called up his rest
lution providing for night eoasioni
beginning Una evening. His objoi
being to ascertain whether an carnoi
effort was to bo made to paaa th
tariff bill this seaaion.
A debate aroao which continued ti
the expiration of the morning houi
when the regular order waa called fo
and the tariff bill taken up.
The pending question was n me
tion by Senator Van Wyck to put a
articles in the wood and woodonwai
schedule on the free list , which h
modifies so as to leave a duty of 30 pc
cent on houao or cabinet f urnlturo.
Senator Conger continued hia n
marks in opposition to the motior
and expressed the opinion that th
lumber supply of the United S'att
waa largo enough to lust fifty yoara.
Senator Kellogg offered an Hinonc
merit to the eogar tariff ( rrliiah wus 01
dared printed ) making the duty o
all sugars 2 25-100 cents per poum
on molu.iscD toatlng not above 50'
by the polarinopo 5 conta per galloi
and on molacaes teating above DO c
10 cents per gallon. Ho offered th
now , 01 ho aid , for the informatlo
of the aonato and of the committee o
fintmco , aud to wjrn the south agalm
the influence and arguments of refit
cru This atnendnont was in the ii
turoit of free agricultural labor , and
would , of course , excite the oppositii
of the largo and active lobby in th
interest of rcfinera.
After discussion on A number i
resolutions bearing on the reductic
of the tariff on lumber , Senator OooV
roll offered roaolntlon providing foi
taking up the tarlfl bill ouch day aftei
the regular morning buainoe * , and
considering It until as Into as 6 o'clock ,
The resolution was laid over until to <
Senator Morrcll sUted the mitnl-
Bchedulo would probably bo consider
ed to-morrow. Adjourned.
WASIIINUTON , January 21. In the
liouao , itnmediatoly after reading cf
the jouroal , Hiscock called for the re
gular order and rcfuaod to ioU to
aoveral republlcAn members who
desired to ask the unanimoua conaunt
romlndlnc them thni thcro had baon n
caucus Friday afternoon. Under the
call of Btatea n number cf bllla wjro
introduced and referred.
Among them ono by lloBocran'e em
powering journalistic ) writers , to pro
cure copyrights and receive protection
after their articles had boon published.
By Wlletta ( Mioh.-Forlhefutthot )
supprcsalon of bigamy and polygamy.
A joint resolution waa passed ap
propriating S2CO.OOO to continue ihe
work of the census bureau ,
The bill waa paaaod to repeal tha
license tux on commercial travolci-i in
the District cf Columbia.
The homo then wont into a coiiAilt'
too of the whole on the naval Appro
priation bill.
Mr. Biount , of ( Go. ) , in ft spo'-ch ,
oppoeod the clause for selection of of
ficers to bo promoted to the grade cl
rear admiral by the board itself eel-
octed by the decretory of the ntvy.
Ho had seen the electoral commitjion
divided by party lines ; ho had teen
the firat aoaiatant poatmaator gonsral
choostiif not the best men , but rapub
licans , to Gil positions ; ho had aeon
the president permitting the extor
tion of contributions from the hard
earnings of poor clerks for cotrnpt
purposes ; and the secretary of the
navy might ba influenced iu the pro
motion by the political complexion ol
the applicants This provision would
drag down the poraonoll of the navy
into wire politics , and ho waa In favoi
of placing officers of the army anri
navy beyond the reach of any pol'tlcal
The bill waa read by Boolionu foi
amendments. Mr. Knott offered , an
amendment changing the title cf the
grade nf midshipman to that of ensign ,
and providing that midshipmen npn
in the list shall conetltato the junioi
grade of onaipna. Adopted. Abe an
amendment changing the title of tlu
grade of mister to that of lieutenant
and providing that musters noir or
the list a hull conatituo the junior ol
lieutenants. Adopted.
Mr. Thomas ( III ) offered an amendment
mont providing that chiefs of buio&ui
shall rccoivn no additional rank 01
pay nbovo thrir regular rank orola
tlvorank in line or staff of the navy. .
Agreed to ayes 80 , nays 42.
Pording further discussion one
without completing the coneiderntloi
of the firat paragraph of the bill , thi
committee rose nnd houoo adjoirnod
Bpodil Dliptch to Tni
V/AsniNCTON , Jantrey 22. rfaie
Ff JJfown and " f .ty , .4 > Jm
gen , testified in the star route trio
relative to the route from Canon Oit ;
to Fort McDermont , Oregon. Darin
Oarov's examination , a letter fron
Miner to witness waa read , whoreli
lie is directed to purchase the sllonc
of persons in Oregon , who Ind boot
Bonding to the department protest
against the contlnuanca of the in
c -eased ( service.
Reviling th Statute *
Spoulal D.fpatcli to TIIK HKK
WASHINGTON , January 22. TJi
president has approved the agriculture
appropriation bill , thn act nmendlnj
occtioiis 1,026 aud 1,927 of the rcvlaoi
atatntea , ao as to extend the limits o
the jurisdiction of juatlcoa cf thi
pcaco iu territories of Washington
Idaho and Montana.
The Logan's bill reported to th
senate with a favorable recommends
tion to day requires telegraph compa
nies to receive dltpatchos from an
person or from any line and transmi
the same without favor cr prejudice
A Few Moro Fragments Prom th
Special Dispatch to Tua liu.
MILWAUKF.K , January 22 The ac
tion of Gen. Sharpe , governor of th
Soldiers' Homo , for not complyin
with the request for aid at the NJTV
hall house diaaater , in refusing to son
a steamer , in to bo made a matter c
cfliolal investigation. Congrosama
Douster took the necessary ateps an
is assisted by Senator Logan
Mrs. Sylvester Bleoker , wife of th
manager of the Tom Thumb compaii )
died from injuries sustained in th
Nowhall dlauatcr. She had tried t
escape on a rope from elf th
bed clothing , but loot her holt
dislocating her left ehoulders , break
ing her loft arm , dislocating her hi
hip and fracturing her riijht leg an
Bustalnlng ncrious cats all over th
body. She was 56 yoara of ago an
nurricd in 1812. The remains will b
taken to Brooklyn to-morrow. Job
Gilbert , the actor , is improving elowlj
Ho is able to alt in bed , bnt his min
haa not yet recovered , and ho asl
continually how ho came to bo brulsoc
Ho it under the impress ionjhla wil
is in Louisville visiting hur sister.
Ihn Chinese RcRii1atiou >
Special Dispatcli toTilK HXK.
WAHHIXOTON , January 21. Tii
now Ohinoao regulation will bo prc
mulgatod in a circular from tbo trom
ury in a day or two
The Train mm tu lllniao.
Special Dispatch to Tim Una.
TKUACHKI-AD , Col. , Jonmry 22.-
The coronor'a jury found a verdict i
the train dUuutiT ca3P , that the vii
tims came to their death by the no ;
luct of Conductor Head and Brakomn
Potter. Thoyordictls not yet approve
by the coroner. Two bodies are Idoi
lifted as those of Thomas Keogan an
Ferdinand G rom fort , diachargod so
dlcrs of company H , Sixth cavalry.
Additional Details of tlio Ool-
lision and Sinking of tlio
Oimbria ,
The Terrible Struggles of the
Drowning Hundreds Do *
ecribed by Burvivora.
The Ofllcera and Grow of the
Sultau Arrested and
'ho Stonmer bclrod hy tlio Govern-
iiKutandnn Investigation
poclal .spatch to Tin llxi.
Ni. v YORK , January 22. Daring
bo Urt many people called nt thu ofli-
caol vlio Hamburg-American stuam.
hip line in this city , making Inquiries
: ouct ruing these on boArd of tlio 111-
.Ucd btcauiur Oimbria. All the dla-
patohwi but one came through the An-
polultd press. It was learned in this
ity tlut among the lost paoaongere
were tliroo singers , two brothura and
nUtiT nniucd Schubert h , who wore
mdor eng gmout with Koator and
J F. Meyer , agent of the Hamburg-
Imoncan line , says ho could not un <
doratand why the Sultan did not
) iok up some of the boats of the Gitn-
iria. Bo thought It very straugo con-
luot on her part to leave thorn lo per-
nil. Ho feared a great many hvc
wcroloat , for after being struck as she
raa the vessel would not have floated
norothan fifteen or twenty minutes ,
L'ho central compartuonU of the vos
ol , where the engines and coat buukort
are situated , are very largo and arc
luceesarily connected by passage
ways. In the event of such an acci
dent oa a collision thcro would bo IK
imo to close the compartments , am
the weight of wntor would tinlc thi
voaool nt once , Meyer said It wai
irobably fear of the paaiuugoro , win
vero Americana and returning tour
ats , who generally ship at liavro
Hoyer eaid last evening that later did
mlchoa from Hamburg inado him foe ,
hat no more porsnns wore saved thai
huso already hoard from. He though
t probable , from the , tha
lot moro than two boats got awn ;
rom the Oimbria. The large proportion
tion of Bailers who were aavod , h
bought was duo to their be tie
xiiowledgo of swimming and holdin
oh to auy floating piece of wreckage
Ho waa confident that many mor
liyoa would havoboou saved if the vet
tel had remained on an oven kcol
The Sal tan roportoa when she arrive
that she had been in collision with
steamnr , probably the Oimbria. "If ,
ho said , "tho captain of the Snlta
aUBpactod ho had bocn in colliaio
r ith the Oimbria ho must have know
that hundreds ol lives were In pail
Ho knew she was an emigrant vcssi
and why did ho not stop and sou ho
badly Bho was injured1 ?
Oat of 23 cabin passengers 7 wei
aavod. They were only a flight c
stairs from the deck and had a bottc
chance of escape than the stoorag
paiwongora , who were two fllghto dowt
Three women were saved , Mlas Atter
dorf of the cabin and Mrs. Pfreifi
Ropf and Alias Sprout of the steerage
George , August and Katonka llommc
who were in the nrcoud cabin and at
among the mUslng , were well knew
through Germany as the "Suabla
Nightingales" They Bang South Goi
man HOURS. They were billed to ar
pear at lilala and Itoator next wood
Kcator engaged them tliroo weeks age
Ho showed their photographs to man
sympathizing friends last ovonhu' , an
George Rammer was 25 yonra of ngi
Ho and his aiatora were in Blbcraoh (
Wurtemborg. Katonka , who w
10 years of ago and very prol
ty , sang before the emperors c
Germany and Austria when she wt
novon years of ago. Augusta was 21
Her brother played a zither accou
panimout to his sister's singing.
The cargo of the Oimbria consiato
of miscellaneous foreign morohandisi
and nas very valuable. The vesai
was insured partly by thu Insurant
f and line and partly In the inauranc
companies. Inquiries were made i
the docks in Hoboken by people wh
oxpectad friends on the Oimbria. 'I'll
Ilugla , of tha line , was ] at the doc
preparing to Ball next Thursday. Or
of her oflisera aaid there was a slron
poesibillty that some of the boats <
the Otmbria had boon picked up b
sailing vessels and taken to charm
ports , whore they will teen bo hoar
from. The place of collision was I
the oco&n highway and much fn
quontod by all kinds of vessels. T }
chief ollicor of the Oimbria , F. Ku
lena , ho Bald , waa a slnglo man.
He waa glad to learn the secoiu
third and fourth ollicors had hoc
aavod. A sailor of the Ilugla
Oimbria had been one of the stanncl
oat vessels on the line. She had foi
quartermasters Plat , Wulfon , Ln
hoiaor and Henry Hornstolri , ot whoi
all but Bernstein were reported aavui
Ho waa a native of Prussia and haa
family. The Oimbria had eight boat
four largo onus and four smaller ono
Thc&o ci uld not possible uocommoda !
477 people aboard oven if they had ha
ample titno to embark. The larj
bout had bcori known on a pinch I
hold furty men , and the small boal
perhaps twenty or thirty men , HO tin
at most only 280 persona could hni
got into the boatH. Thcro wait r
time to rig ruftH or other ounvcnienci
or to got half of the boats afloat. Tl
bunts always contained n Hupply i
( loth water , and barrels of broad ni
kupt ready in caao of emcrgcnc ;
The oovr are drilled for action In tine
o [ accident and goto their fixed plai
when the nccotaity occurs. Each bo ;
has a matt and sot of sails BO that it
crow would not bj entirely dopundoi
on the oare , The boats are strong
made and could stand a great deal
rough weather. The passengers ml
ing are 30.1 , passengers known to b <
avcd are 32.
The crow miaalnff are 71 ; crow
cnown to bo safe are 21. The mlaa <
ng all told are 434. So far as ia
tnown D3 are safa. This Is as far aa
ho Hats go and makes the whole
umber on board 487 instead of 477.
'ho alight discrepancy with the fig-
ires given in the proia diipatohoa
jada to the hope that moro names of
bo aavod may yet bo received.
NKW YORK , January 22. The
gents of the ntcamor Oimbria has ro
ctvod the following dispatch this
nornliif' from Hamburg agents ;
HAMIIUUU , January 22. Our
teauier Hiiusjr has returned from
lor dulse , ilo eald the wreck of the
) lmlirla wna live miles northeast of
ho Borkum li ht , and thu ship's ' head
0 thu northm.'Ot , and topmast yards
bovo witter. Ilo naw no trace of sur-
vlvom or bodies , although the wcath-
r was clear. Ilo inquired at the
iotkum li ht ship where nothing wns
cnown about any boats or ponons
nyed. Agnes , Emma and Otto Hub-
bin , Carl Sarcandor and daughter ,
md Mlaa Honniiig wi > ro on board ,
> ut not aavud , FIPZ F. Larkowsky
was not on the Oimbria ,
The Captain' * Statement
pecUl DUpatcho to Tun Dm.
LONDON , January 22. The captain
> f the steamer Sultan makes the f ol-
owing ntntumout : The Sultan had
nado unsually rapid pnasagn and
ightod the Borkum light between
and 2 o'clock Saturday morning.
? ho weather was hazy and soon after
joonrno very foggy. The engines were
iftsod to R dead slow and steam was
cept sounding ovrry few seconds. The
laptaln and olilot c fiber were on the
> ndgo and twonty-threo hands were
ooklng out forward. Suddenly green
nd masthead lights cf a stonmor op-
icarod two points oft the starboard ,
md the captain of the Sultan thought
ho approaching ntonmor would
cncp her enured und go clear ,
t was noticed , however , that she
uddouly portud and came nrouud
apidly , It was too late to do uny-
hinc but atop and ravrso , which was
done. By the time the engines had
revolved OHCB , the captain noticed
other atoamot'd port light c ( miiig rap-
dly towards the Sultan's. The next
aslant , with the great headway she
md on she caught the SulUn'o bow <
iprit on her port fororigglng , taking
icr right around. Thuro waa i
; roat conslcrnatlon on board tin
iultau , OB it wna foaiod BI
iiicch larger vocaol would eitil
liur. The Sultan's crow hailed tin
Oimbria to stand by , but no reply wai
received. The vaanolti parted in tin
fog und u few Booonda later the mat
01 the Sultan naw the Oimbria oomiiij
up on the otlior side. Ho called t <
the Gorman master to go full spool
attorn , This was done , and the Oim
brio again oroeaed the Sultan's bow
and the disappeared. An cxamiua
tlon of the Sultan's damage showed th
upper part of her hawoo plpa and uverj
thing forward had bcon driven throng
the collision bulkhead into the foru
castle where the crow had a iiarroi
escape. The Sultan remained on th
aocno five hours aud the captain heari
no Bound during the whole tiaio am
was severely blaming the Gonna
captniii of the Oimbria for Inavin
without having answered the Kultan
Ho had no idea the Oimbria foutidoroi
until ho artivod at Hamburg. Bofor
the collision occurred ho hoard n
sound from the Oimbria'a whistle
When ho first naw her the Oiiubri
waa going at full spued. Ho suppose
the Sultan's beanm ripped open tin
Oimbrla's platen.
H1XTEI1N MOIti : KoUNl ) .
UAUIIUUU , January 22. The Dla
matt , ono of the steamers bout it
searcli of the missing pnaaongcrs am
crow ( if the Oimbria , arrived thin af
teruoon with sixteen passengers am
the Greman of the ill-fated ship. Tin
rcBcucd t > 3BBcngurn atato that afto
having left the Oimbria sinking thoi
boat capsized. They nought refuge li
some ilguingof the Oimbrln still abov
water. They remained in this pool
tiou ten hours , freezing from cold an
expecting every minnto to bo the !
last , until they were rescued by a boa
frcm the Dlamatt. Many of thos
who were in the boat when it Icfc th
Oimbria were drowned on capsir.lnf
others after reaching the rlggln
were oblit'od to rolcasp their hoi
and were drowned ; survivors doscrib
the scenes as horrible and hoartrom
ing. All of thorn praise in the hlghee
teraia the conduct of the ciptain an
crow of the Oimbria , who novc
moved from their posts , und did ovary
thing in tlio power of man tosavo lift
until they were engulfed In tii
wave * . The roaocucd pa ongurd i :
( inn , while they were in the rlgglnp
the llghla of the Sultan were ck'url
seen , und that their erica for hoi
must huva bcon hoard on board th
Sultan , vhich , instead of coming t
their rescue , steamed away. Mobt c
the survivors present a niitcrublo a (
pearauco , having lost ovtryihlug.
BKKLIN , January 22. According t
recounts published horc , the wonm
and children on board the Olmbrl
wore placed firat in the boats. Boat
No. 1 and 7 got off clear , but No. I
waa so overcrowed that it capslzjc
The first e Hi : or hold burning torch ;
while the passengers were entering th
boats. Ho was drownod. The thir
and fourth c llbcra and second engine !
were saved ,
Of the women on board the Cimbr
only thrwo were saved. Ono was
a young IVlinh g.r ) , who was on hi
way to join her purcntu In Amuric
Tlth hur iiunt , who waa drowned b
fore her eyuH. Another girl tavc
horaolf l < y hulding fast to the cdgo i
the boat. She could only bo druggc
into it after an hour and a halt's in
morclon. Up to the Inat moment U
nurvlvoru eudeavorod to roecuo all the
could , bnt as aiknico came on tin
found no moro ulivo , but only mot o
cosionally with the bodies of tl
drowned. Of the eight boats of U
Oimbria only four could bo loworo
lit answer to telegraphed Inquiries
Deplorable State of Allaire
Throughout North end l
Wtat Ireland. , 1
. i
Indian Menl nnd Han 'Weed the , ' )
Prinolpal Diet of the , fi
Pooplo. "i
Ltkborors DlgRlnft IJltchoa For n Kbll-
ling a Dny to Kurn Money to
Save Thomsolvoa from
UOSTON , Mass , January 1 ! ) . The
Herald haa the following oablo ds- !
patches :
DUBLIN , J.innary . 1 ! ) I , have juat
returned I rom thu famine districts of
County Donegal , where mete than
Il.OCO people are In a starving a > ndi-
tlon , existing from day to dny en the
meager relief afforded by sectoring
charity. The whole north of Ireland
ia in a moat wrotchnd condition. The
name nature of things exist to a largo
extent in the weat , but the destitution
ia not , as a rule , so complete as
U in iu the place n where I Imvo juat
came from. In many otblnx I m'ercd
during the past iivo dayo , tbo solo
articles of consumption were limited
to a quantity of Indian meal aud a
Might portion of sea-wood. In moat
villages whole families exist in that
niiimnr. On the north and woat coasts
where the soil is either mostly com-
posnd of rocks or mud , especial desti
tution prevails this season owing to
the complete destruction of the grain
cropa in September by a terrible
tornado , and the ro'.ting of tho'ontiro
potato crops owlbg to the constant
rain ,
1 taw are in the par talus cf II .yboca
und Glen Columkill. In the latter
parish Father G illahor ; ; was working
with Huporhuman energy to save the
people from death I found him in a
driving rain , in mud up to his ankles ,
superintending n gang of men who
were digging drains , to bo paid for
from the funds scut In charity. The
inhabitants uro strongly opposed to re
ceiving money aa n gitr , but the average
applications received by llov. Father
GiUluuhor for work are between 200
and 300 daily. About 400 men are
low employed at 1 shilling per day ,
or which many walk tun miles before
daybreak and work with feverish en- ,
ryy till dark before returning home.
L'ho women and girls are employed
n knitting and other work for sloudor
compensation ,
Many spectacles I observed iu hovels
if famtllta of the most revolting und
: > athotio character. In a place vhirty
[ rlali milis beyond the rallwny , each
general destitution pro vail u tint
4wenty tons of Indian meal pur week
ire required to keep the people barely
alive. All the farm ? are email r nd
wretched In quality , aud the people
tiouoat , sober and industrious. Tliit
place was visited by Trovellyn one
tveek ago. His party munifioiontly \ , j
lolt ton shillings among the starving / $
- . .
- _
families , but would not - „
In the Kelloybegs district the fam
ine , thonuh not BO extensive , iscqnal-
y painful. The condition cf the poole -
) le Is hopoloBS. Both the priest and
L'roteatant clergy ore very old and in
capable of brotherly care for the suf-
"orors. While hero I saw a sick man '
whoso three children were absolutely
mkcd , shivering ever a fire of damp f ,
lay , almost asleep under n pile of
lilthy raga , the rain dripping through
the roof. Relief la coming very
ilowly and despair la staring every-
x > dy in the face ,
The Rum of Highwaymen on n Cen
tral Poclflo Train.
Special DUpatch to Tim HKK.
SAN FitANCisco , January 22.
About 1 o'clock this morning from
eight to twelve mounted and masked
men rode up to Mont olio station on
the Oontral Pacific , 16C miles west of
Ogdun , seized two white and half a
dozen Ohlncso section men , robbed
them of what valuables they had on
their persons and locked them up in
a tank house. They then awaited
the arrival of the cant bound express
train which cnmo in soon of tor. Two of
of the highwaymen jumpul on the
engine , overawed the engineer and
fireman and sidetracked the engine.
The remainder of the gang first seized ' '
tha train mem , robbed them i f what
valuables they possoaaod and confined
them aha in the tank house ; they
then attacked , the oxpreaa car Hero
they worn met by a rapid fusillade
from D. Y. Ross , oxp'ross ruoosei.gjr.
The fire waa returned briskly and
Bomo thirty shota wore exchanged , j
when the robbers finding resistance
more spirited than thny hud ox-
poatud and probably fearing a demon
stration on tlio part of the paaaongors ,
decamped No ono is known to have
btfou killed or wounded. The pass-
ongora were not molested.
A Schooner Wraoknd.
Hpi-clal Dispatch to TUB Dun ,
HALIFAX , January 22. The Ulou-
cer.trr fishing schooner James A. Garfield -
field , BIX man , W4B lost in a storm _
which came up while the men were X
hauling trawlea. "
Gouu Up the Fjliim-J- > >
Srcclal DltpaUti to Tur. Uiti. : '
Sr. Louis , Jutiuiry 22. M. Eson-
statt it Oo. , wholesale jowolora at 70 i.
aud 705 North Fourth atroot , have ,
made un asslijnmont f jr the boiiefit of . v
creditors. The llubilitk'i uro said to
bo S110.C03 ; aaacta $80,000. ,
A Fatal Explosion.
8K'clal | Dispatch to THK Un -
ELKTON , Md. , January 22. This '
morning the boiler at the Lodger paper
milla exploded with terrific force ,
wrecking ore-half cf the immouao
building , Patrick McOormlok waa
killed and John Garrett la miaslng.
Eight othora wore injured , one of
whom will probably die. " , j