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Hii Frightened Followers Froth
ing Furiously and Swear
ing Loudly.
The Tall Baas wood of Douglas
Lumbers Up the Retreat
of the Banker.
The Criep Gray Air of Lin
coln Streaked With
Gen. Thayrr Rapidly Comus ! to
the Front. Gcnnrnl Rent in
. thB Roar-
Tfca Forgrery Trick Successfully
Worked Tor Senator Hoar.
Special DUpatch to Tim UBB.
LISCOLN , January 18. Another diy
< f suspense and excitement. The bal
lots taken to-day were both a surptiio
and disappointment. Millard'a boom
collapsed before it reached tha di
mensions that were predicted by hit
supporters. The fuiluro Is chiefly
aaoribnd to the fact that many mom-
bars who had pledged him support
bicknd down bocaust ) they did not
dare to go homo with such records
Thayer's increased vote created great
commotion in the camp of rival cindl
dates , The impression bacame
general in the lobby that
Thayur was the coming in in. This
impression was strengthened by
general activity among Thayer'a lobby ,
and at about 8 p n > . the Mnndcraon ,
Siundars and Co win followers were
panic struck ever the report the
Union Pacific and Burlington & Mis
sourl had pooled on Thayer in collu
sion with Rose water , who was represented
sentod na pledged to deliver the atiti
monopoly vote tj Thayor. Tnis
cinard ciuiod lively commotion for a
time * anion ? the camp followers
of the Omiha cyndicato. I
communicated itself to u conference
of the rjpablicins. Gwy , of
Douglass , who had boon chltf supporter
* or of Mlllard , denounced Thayer as n
Union Pacific pensioner , and general
crimination and recrimination was in
dulged in between Millard men and
Thayer men. The conference ad
journed at ton p. m. without reaching
any conclusion. The outlook for to
morrow indicates another field day
without much change except the trans
far of Millard's votes to various can
didatcs. It U freely predicted that al
the leading republican candidates wll
bo defeated in turn , and dark horse *
are baing groomed for the last heat
LINCOLN , January ] 8. The Ne
braska legislature assembled attain in
joint convention at 12 o'clock and bal
loted twice f jr United States senator
as follows : On the first ballot Millard
K got 13 , Manderaon 7 , Thayer 15 , Con
nor 45 , V fquain 4 , Weaver 1 , 0. II
Brown 2 , Dnraoy 2 , Lake 8 , Kennedy
1 , Hall 1 , Chapin 1 , Tomblin 1 ,
Saundera 13 , Cowin 10 , Stickles 11 ,
Morton 18 , Boyd G , Laird 2 , Savage 4
Crounso 2 , Ashby 1 , Dye 1 , Clark 1
Effing 1 , Mnnger 1
The second ballot stood as follows
Millard 13 , Thsyer 15 , Vifqnain 3
Siundera 13 , S iakel 11 , Morton 17 ,
Hall I , Cowin 10 , Weaver 1 , Butler
1 , Chapin 1 , Ewing 1 , Munger 1
r Vlanderson tf , Conner 5 , Kennedy 1
wage 4 , Boyd 5 , Dye 1 , Laird 2
urown 7 , Dorsoy 3 , Crounso 2 , Lake
2 , Tomblin 1 , Clark 1.
The joint convention adjourned to
meet at 12 to-raorrow. _
f peciil Cuireoponuenue ol Till Din.
LiMJ LN , January IK Promptly at
12 the joint convention assembled and
balloted twice as follows :
Fir J. Sterling Morton Senators Caap ,
DiiaphVi PutterHon , Kodgers anil Thalch ;
UepreaentatlTea Atbby , Carnal y. Draper
( „ [ Cast ) , Frauae , Freeburo , Itelmricb ,
JIortel , Litrd , Nevillw , North , I'uyne ,
Schin-Jer nndTower 18.
For John M Toayei Senators Brown
( oflay ' ) , Harrison aud II iwell ; Kepreteu-
lat'ives Cule , Cook ( of Nnckoll ) , Fabllnger ,
GiiirBteau , Howard , Martin , Nett eton ,
) tanney , Kusaell , SpincKle. Hteever and
SweMioen 15.
ForJ. II. Mtllanl Senatoro Filley and
Ikhoenhett ; Kepreaentatives Abell , Kelt-
ton , 1-rowu , Castla Field , Gray , Monl-
goo , Savage , Seasiong , Steph uson and
gnosenhach 13.
For Alvln Saunders Seoators Brown ( of
Lanoietet ) and Heltt , Itepre-entHtivta
Blerbowur , Colpetner , Draper ( f Krox ) ,
( low , Grime * . H , mar , Johnson , Miller ,
1'iluier ( of DIxou ) , 1 loach and \Veacott
For J. II- StiekelSenator * Butler ,
UeynokU and Itlch ; Uaprceentntivca Merit-
ley , Cook ( of JclfTawn ) , .IODCH , Itur.ey ,
Town , Wern ra , Whitzel and Yuunif. 11.
Far John C. Cowin SeuatorB Kmctid
nndN'rrUi Kepre enttive Chrl-topher-
con , CollinDiw'Kon , ( iirilon. Hall , Lee ,
Wf iaenburK and Wolph 10
For 0. F. ManJenon Senit'ra l > ; m-
gardner , Sjwe't ' and WaUor ; Jteiircien.n-
tivei Oox , Jenaeu , Uobberta , Wolker und
Hiimphr y- > .
Fort' . II Brown Senator Lngj ] ( p.
reaentativn Barton , Dveoport , D.-imiau ,
Graver , Hollman and Turtle 7.
Fur A. H. Conner Senators Dye and
Fi'her ; Uepresentatires Armitage , Cbjrl
gton , Dodcl aii'l Stedwell Ii
For Jas K. Boyd Senators Cinfiel J and
McShaue : Itepr ent4ttve4 Harrlnytun ,
McGavoclt ami Wntts-5.
For VUtor Vif ualn Senator Buker :
HtprrflfntMlvea Lutby , I'alnitr ( of SallncJ
For Jam * * W. Sar geSenaton Krown
| /r- /
I .
( of Coltml ) OonVllrg ; n pr fenttttTro
Clark ( of OjlUx ) and CUrlc ( of IXu lar )
For Jft'i'ei ' tiMtw Sen.-'T Del o ; Hop-
For Geirge W. K. i. .epre'ent -
p Grout and "Wor ! I.
For LoroBia Croume Representatives
latch nnd Kaoney 2 ,
For George B. bike Representatives
McAllUter and Whn lon-2
For Laron Cl ik Senator Harrli ; Iv p-
tnnBtative Thompson 2.
For A. J. Wearer Representative Cha
For W. II. Ashbey Rapreientallve
'u'noi ' I.
For U K , B , Kennedy Senator Brown
For William Dodt-e Senator Conner
1 For Kl .r. H . -Senator Deoh 1.
For C. C. Cnpln UspresenUtlve Ha-
en1. .
For A , Kwing Representative Kit-
For 1) . M. Tomblin- Representative
'ivloi1. .
For W. H. MungetRepresentative
'homsa 1.
For J. Sterling Morton Senaton Ciwe ,
) unpby , 1'atterdon , Urgent anil Tuntch ;
tepresrntntlvei A hby , 0 rnnhy , Draper
of Ca > ) Fran e , Heiintich , Huoorl ,
"rrt , Ntivillf > , North , Payne , SchroeJer
lTo er-17.
JForJ 1m M. Thayer S-n'xtors Brown
of Clu\ ) , Harrison an < 1 ll'iwull ; Hepro-
titlvoi Cole , Cook ( ) f Nuckoln ) , nb-
. [ 0' , Grim < tefld , Howard , Marllu , Net-
Ittoo , Ranney , Rmutll , Spanogle , Sceever
ForJ. H.Millanl Senators Flllev nnd
choenheit ; Hepre'cntitivcH Abel , Btittou ,
Jrovvu , CiHtlc , Field , Gray , Morrison ,
" ( wage Somiuus , Stephuiiou nndouesaen-
For Alvln 8auiid < > H S matirs Brown
'f Lancmitfr ) , and Helot ; Representatives
iiaroower , Col | otzor , Draper ( of Knox ) ,
Jrow , Grime * . Homer , Johnson , Miller ,
"aluicr ( oi Dixon ) , Ujclie uud Woitcott
Vo'r J. H. Slicltel-SpnMirs Butler ,
) ye , Reynolds ml < ioli ; Ku ire > entatlves
J-rklcy , G.iok ( if J ffeiH > . ) , J 'nee , Town ,
Verhan , Whitzel and Young II.
For John C. Cowin Senator Kincaid
nil Norili ; Representative Chr < topber-
on , Cjlilus , D wHen , Gordon , Hjll , Ler ,
Viisenberi : Hiid Wolph. 10
ForO. F. MauderKon Senators Bom-
.ardnsr. Sewer and Walker ; RopreaeutH-
Ivei Cox , Jepceo , H > bberU , Walker nnd
Imnphrev. S.
For C. H. Brown Senator L rg ; Hep-
e < ent tlvo Barton , U venport. Dduman ,
jrf ver. II lluian nnd Turtle.-7
For A II Connor Senator Fisher , Uep-
ojonatlvtH Aruiitkge , Deed , Kiuiey nud
n > . U. Boyil S niters Canfield an'
ilcHituo , IteprfH niuii\es Harrington ,
> IGvocknnrt Watts , ? .
Fi r James W. Savage- nators Brown
of Coif i x ) nrv1 UoiikliDK ! Konrtiduutativefl
Jlarkif vJolfax , ) and ( Jlurk ( of Douglas , )
4 ,
For Victor Vlfqualr.- Senator Barker :
lei reseiitativcMLutby , Palmer ( of diilioe , )
For G. W. K. Dor ey HeprcBontatlves
3h rle ton , G.i ut acd Wo 1. 3 ,
Fur Jamea Lilnl S ntor Djlan , Hep-
o' ntKilvo B.tbcocki 2
For Lorenz ) Crounse Hspresentativoa
[ Intth Mild Kuony. Z
ForGjo B Like Representative Me
Alllster nnd Whfdon-2. '
For Loran Clark Senator H. rri ; Kep
feutativ" Tnotnpion 2.
For B. K. Kennedy -Senator Brown ( of
Jaugli'l 1.
For Wm. Die Senator Conner 1.
For K' . J. Hall Senator Deck 1.
For A. J. Weaver Kepreaentativd Cha
For David Butler Representative Free
in n 1.
For 0. C. Chapin Raproaentative Ha
ven 1.
For A , Klnz Hipresentativa K t-
For D. M. Tomblin Repeesentative
Taylor -1.
For W. H , Munger Representative
F .r W. U. Aihby- Representative Tur.
mi 1.
Special DUlwtches to TUB IKR.
BOSTON , January 18 The confi
dence exprestod by the Hoar men
jarly in the morning is now explained
3y the f ict that Orapo tent a dispatch
withdrawing from tin ) contest , and re
questing his friends to vote for Hoar
BrsroN , January 18 A private
dispatch from Washington indicate
that u forgery waa committed which
resulted in the election of Senator
Hoar There was published to-day
an allnged dispatch from Congressman
Jrapo , which was circulated among
ils supporters in the legislature , tc
the ( -foot that those who voted for him
ind his friends should vote for Hoar ,
The intlma ion to this effect in the
evening paper caused much comment ,
and now it is known that Crape never
sent nut or authorlzndsnoh n dispatch.
I OSTOS , January 18. The Journal ( rep. )
y : " The re-election of Geni e F. Hoar
is n ( jreat victory for Ihp re | uV.ican party
in Mais chusett . It b til jstue cunningly
: ontilvtd schemed of Governor Butler and
bis democratic followers. "
.Sr. PAUL , January 18 Three ineffectual -
effectual ballots were taken to-day.
Windom la losing ground Another
Windom conference waa called for to
DETROIT , January 18 The first
ballot to-day in joint convention of the
losislatnre stood : Kerry 5J ( , Stout
50 , scattering among cloven candidates
DENVEK , January 18 The dead
lock In the senatorial contest still con
tinues , with no immediate prospect of
a choicn being mado. The caucns to
iilght developed nothing now , except
the significant fact that in the fourth
and seventh ballots Tabor dropped tote
to 5 , while Bowen ecored 1 ! ) Judge
Uallott ia spoken of an a possible dork
horse in case the deadlock cannot bo
broken , The following is the tenth
and Isit ballot in the caucus : 1'itkiii
20 , Tabor 1U , Hammll 1'J , Bowen 5.
Still FiullnK llitru.
Special Ulapucb to III" U i.
MILWAUKEE , January 18 Two
bodies uud several small pieces of re-
maini wuro recovered from the rnli > : i
this f jronoon , making forty five in all
Of these fuur havd been idnntilhd
einco the cciroli begin , which with
nineteen originally at the mormio
makes twenty-three iilontiliad und
sixty-four dead in all. The woarch nil !
bu resumed to-morrow , Olliter Beat-
ley , who accompanied Siholler , ha ?
returned from Madlnon this morntng ,
ho refusing to give information of any
kind. The reasons are very strong cf
Schollor biing in the Dine county
The district attorney itated to the
press agent that Sjhellor'n preliminary
examination would bu had after the
Inquest has been finlohed , wh'ch will
take fully a week. Iti the ab onoo of
a statement promised by Landlord
Anthdcl to the press it is positively
Impossible to fignro at the number of
bodies yet In the ruins , They are
supposed to be from twelve to fifteen ,
which would make the total number
of victims from sovonty-fi'o to eighty ,
A Coronet 'd Jury That Know Its
Special ptfijiatch to Tim linn.
TKOY , N. Y. , January 18 The
coroner concluded thu examination
into the circutncUncos < f thn railroad
disaster ou the Ntiw York & Boitou
allrosd at Molroao on tha ID.h of Da-
emborlnat , The jury In its verdict
i\y : "We find Supariutondent Joseph
3randoll , Eu inoer Charles Kllleng-
> ock , Conductor Houry L Wlnnard
tid Train Dispatcher R'ohard J. Bon-
ott guilty severally and jointly nf the
os < h of Frank 0. Brundago aud John
Uordan , and that ttio killing of said
kuiHago and Illord xn was criminal
od not accidental , inaimuoh
s it wai rravontablo if the
aid Orandell , Kdlenubpck , Winnard
and Bennett pm f irmod faithfully their
ovoral duties. NVo foil It our duty to
commend the precautionary measures
dop'cd by the company tinco the
ccident to prevent recurrence of such
ccidonta. There appears , however ,
o bo much in the management of the
oad that needs carrectlon. Over
worked , poorly paid and incxporioncod
tnployes , an overburdened single
rack , uiuultablo cars and rusty brakes
may bo neceaopry concomitants of in-
Igout corporations , but the Interests
and safety of the traveling public de
mand something different. " The cor
ner will issue warrants for the men
Ipeclal Dispatches to Tux 1)KK.
BOSTOV , January 18. The crtw of the
larlc K. Bin c , abindonej itt eea
n nlnioit an unlojuruJ condition , Is utill
GALVKSTOX , January 1H. The News
'Ic ' special B'iyn A lire thU morulug tie-
Htrnyed two-tlilrda of the hu'ineaa portion
of the town , Tutal log ? , ! ? GOJO.
BANT.OII , Me. , January 18 - The police
nrriveu from 1'itylnr with a cnry mau
named Johu 1'tttcn , o ( Harmon , who
aUbbed f jur penoaa ut n ball about mld-
BOSTON' , January IS. The 101st nnni-
verjirv ot ths birth of Daniel NVtHter
w - celebrated by thn Wobater historical
Bociesj by ft dmner fl'is eveninir.
The Sturm la Kansas.
HpoolM ll | Mlcii to'liuUkK.
LAKNED , Ka , Jot.uary 18 Thn
worst storm within the memory of the
oldujt inhabitant struck this oection
of country nbuiu threu o'clock to-day ,
[ t is utlll ragu g. A heavy fall ol
ftloet , had and BIIO < V has boon driving
from the northwest for the last eight
loure. All the ranges nrothlokly cov
prod with ice and snow. The cold is
intense. Cattle , and 'specially sheep ,
will Buffjr terribly. It is stfatopre
diet the losses to sheep and and stock' '
men in this region for the next forty
eight hours will be greater than for
any corresponding length of time since
the settlement < f the country.
Xlio Expressmen
Special Disputed to Tun ll i.
BUFFALO , January 18 The con <
ventton tf the Expressmen's Mutua !
Benefit RHsociatumreassembled to-day
Resolutions were presented anc
adopted of condolence with the famtllej
of El ward S. Sinford , Into vice presi
dent nf the A.dums Express company ,
and Henry Kip , late general managoi
of tbo Unitrd S'ntca Express com
pany. 0. M. Shoemaker was reelected
elected president , with the following
among the executive committee : W
G. Ydter , C'ovnUnd ' ; L. J. Hudson
A Wygant , Chicago ,
Riot in a Theater
BpecUI Dispatch tollli lit * .
j itSEY CITY , January 18 A riot
occurred to night at the Novelty the
ater , caused by the inability of the
manager to pty salaries of pei formers
who r > fused to continue the show
The crowd made a rush foi the treas
urer's cflloe , which was literally torn
to pieces. The manager and treasure
were arrested by the police on the
charge of obtaining money under false
HpocUl Dispatch to Tu liii.
NEW YOHK , January 18 Honr ;
Turnbull , whoeo adventures in th
Union club gave * him seine notorlot ;
has secured un $1,8CO clerkship in th
war depirtmont and receives an eqna
allowancn from his wife , who will n
longer live with him. Her sons b
the first husband are holrs to $2,000 ,
COO each and she charges that ho ex
pended largo Rumsofherown f jrtuno
"Rrothcr" Franh' Crime ,
Spw'ul ll patili to TDK Urn.
BUFFALO , January 18 There i
great excitement in Catholic circles in
this city over the arrest and indiut
ment of Thomas Walldron. familiar ) ;
known as "Brother Frark , " on th
charge of rapoof a little oovenyoaroh
girl. Walldron , some wonty year
gi , served as director of the Do L
Sillo institute in New York for thro
years , when ho resumed the director
ship hero. Ho Is 53 years of ago.
Special Dlap&tch to Tun llr.x.
WiLKEhRAKKK , Pa , January 18.
A suspension uf threu days per week
commencing this morning , took plnc <
in nil of the collie n in thib district. I
thought the cuBpeoion will continu
until March.
S | > C' ial Ii | iitcli to Tur HJI ;
DEADVOOII , D. T. , January 18
Daniel Coatfs wai instantly killed un <
John Shea fivtally litjurod by thn ex
plosion of twelve poundi nf giant pow
der yesterday in Grizzly Gulch.
'IMiifc He Will.
Hr : lal Olip&tili to Tun lln.
BOSTON , January 18 , The friend
of Sjnator Hoar appear quite oonf
dent this morning that ho will sccur
he election to-day ,
An Important Deoisi to Settlers
On Bailrrad Lands ,
The Withdrawal of Lands Before -
fore the Line is Located
Declared Inoperative.
The Lobby Vigorously Working -
ing for Higher Duties
On Steel.
Tlio JTntlonia Board of Trade Din
ing acd Willing ; With Con-
groi union.
Prcffroesof Work oa the New
can Treaty.
po < lal Dispatch to Tun liut.
WAHHINOTON , January 18. The sec-
otary f the interior has received n
ucatlon of much importanao tosotlers
u lands within the limits of railroad
ranta , where settlemants have boon
niado after the withdrawal of the lands
iid boftro thodatoof definite location
f the liuo of the road. The soorotaiy
olds such withdrawals Inoperative
gainst settlers , and that oettlota
ro protected by the atatnto np to
ho time the line ( f the road is fixed.
t appears preliminary withdrawals
iav j nc'iiurally been made in years past
or the benefit of land grant railroads
teforo the deGnito locution of the
oads , and that settlement rlsjhts had
been exoludod ( com the withdrawal tf
ho lands. Largo amounts of land
lava boon withdrawn for the North-
) rn Pacific , Southern Pacific , Atlantic
Pacific , Texas & Pacific and Now
Oilcans & Pacific roads. Secretary
'IVllcr's decision opena such lands to
ottlcmont and entry under the homo-
toad and pro-cmptiou lawn of the
United States.
Judge Lawrence , Grst oomtrollor of
f tlui treasury , has rendered a do <
cisinn in the case of t o appeal ot a
nib contractor for carrying the mails ,
ram the r.c'.lon of the H xtli auditor in
c.tliholdlng from him compensation
or his norvico for three months , for
ho rvawn that while ht > had fully por.
brmod the norvico , the originuluou <
tractor had filled to perform tho'nor
vice under another contract , Judge
Liwrencn says : The effect of the
ntatuo mid regulation ol the postoffioc
department on too ( subject ia , that the
sub-contractor is entitled to authorize
piymnnt for service from any quarter
when nis contract ia filoi and notioa
; lven to the proper auditor before the
3alanoo la certified therefor in f tvor ol
; he original contractor.
At a meeting of the light house bontc
to-day , Vice Admiral Rowau wan
chosen chairman ever General Pee ,
by a vote of 5 to 4 , the secretory of ibl
treasury tasting thfe decldic veto.
favor a department of commerce and
the establishment of postal telegraph
and telephone by the govern mout.
w < ll hold a secret sassion Monday to
consider a preliminary report. It has
been churped that Bnrtlutt and com
panions were kept in Siberia for the
purpose t f preventing their testifying
rf girding thoDdLong Collins trouble.
Tno board will not finish its labors
until thoeo men have testified under
oath regarding the matter. The board
will report to congress at this scntion.
The reimto finance committee to-day
gave further hearing to II. N. Oliver ,
of the tariff commission , in regard to
the metal schedule proposed by the
commission. A prominent member
of the cciutaitteo thinks It is very
probable the committed will decide to
bring in an amendment to tliolr pand-
ing tariff bill to provide for making
two classifications of steel and impose
a higher duty on bare , ingotr , etc , ,
made of higher priced steel than 011
blooms ( f less costly material.
Rav. Dr. Hicks , spiritual advisor of
Charles Gaitoau , has executed a legal
instrument tr am f erring to Surgeon
General Oruno all his right and title
to Guitoau'o body. The paper recites
the clause of the will by which Gultean
bequeathed Ills body to D. ' Hicks
and it bears evidence of acknowledg
ment , before n justice of the peace.
Surgeon General Crane wag unable at
present to glvo uny Information of the
final disposition of the ataacsln's re
mains ,
At the banquet given by the Na
tional board ( f trade to-night , one of
the principal objects c f thu entertainment -
mont was to bring members of con
gress Into personal contact with repre
sentatives tf commercial organisations
of the country. In this respect the
banquet WHS entirely EUOCSI f alj
The land c flho ia prcpaiing a docls-
ion which will onablu persons to enter
lands in the recently ceded L'to reser
vation upon the sftino conditions as
those who settled thereon ptior to the
act of July 28 , 1HH2.
The international committee ap
pointed to negotiate a commercial
treaty between the United S'atos and
Mexico is making satisfactory progruas
in the work. It is learned the frco
Hat han been ngroed upon , which , al
though it docs not greatly increase the
number of articles Imported frco Into
the United Statee from Mexico , does
noverthclccs , remove n number of un
necessary dutioa. Among the articles
upon whoso frco importation Mexico
lava particular stress , Is eugar not
above No. 10 Dutch standard in color.
This ia sought not o much
with * view to Immediate free
exportation of such sugar from Mexico
into the Untied States for the pnr
pose of encouraging and developing
the cull tire of cane and the mannfao-
turo of BURar in the former country ,
In tix yfan , during which the treaty
is to ccintlnun in force , It Is hardly
possible , In the opinion of Mexican
representatives , that the exportation
of sugar from Mexico should roach any
very coeidorablo proportions , At the
iamo time the development of sugar
manufacture there In connection with
frco admission of agricultural Imple
ments and machinery from the United
States would give frco play to nn
Important industry and bo reciprocally to both countries. The list of
articles to bo imported free i f duty
from the United States Into Mexico
his been considerably enlarged.
Among other thipgt , there has boon
nddod to It petroleum , crude aod refined -
fined , for illuminating purpose ; ; ma
chinery , agricultural implements , tools
for B' ' taiio , and houses niado of iron
and v d. A provision has bpou vir
tual ! ) jreccl [ to which will relieve the
comu co ol the United States from
the i > nslt duties hitherto imposed
upon ods passing from state testate
wlthi' the republic of Mtxioo. Pro-
visioi'H will probably be ngroid upon
to permit iho transpDrUtlou of com
modities from the United States
to Mixico and from Mexico
to the United States under the
the terms of this treaty in ships
owned by oitlzons of vithor republic ,
wh'ch ' have boon built within the ter
ritory of either ; in other words , to
allow tndo hotweon the two countries
under the treaty to bo carried on In
ships built in the United States , and
bought by a citizen of Mrxiuo , or
) uilt in Mexico and bought by a citi
zen of the United States. Other im-
) orUnt provision ! , are under consider
ation , but it is bollovod they have not
ret taken final shape.
A canons ot rapublican represents-
Ivos is to bo hold to-morrow at the in
itanco of republican members rf the
ways and moana commlttoo on the sat-
'eat of discussion of the tariff bill.
Special IHnpitch to TIH Urn.
WASHINGTON , January 18 , Tn thn
hoii6u Mr , Andoraon reported back
from the postillho commlttoo a roao
utlon califDg on the secretary of wir
for ttf > rmation an to what telegraph
lines had boon built under his direc
tion by thoaimy and what disposition
had been nindo of the eanui and upon
what terms. It was adopted , The
morning hour having boon 'diipomot
with , Mr , llobesnn moved to gu into a
commlttoo of the whole on the nnval
appropriation bill. Mr. Butt or wort !
made an effort to got a consideration
of the bondnd extension on the whlaky
bill , but Itobeson'a motion prevailed
With fill. Page in the chair , the hnuae
went into a oommittco cf thu whole
on the naval bill.
Mr. Robceou explained the provis
ions.of the bill ns heretofore publish
od. "At the conclusion of his remark
the house adjourned ont of respect to
the memory of the late Representative
f Tho.aenate'to-day took np thohouso
bill VL prcmcfto a rorivil i'f Ar-.crci5 ?
shipping and it was referred to a nub
The pcstrllioo appropriation bill wa
taken up , and a dobata onnued , duriiiL
which Senator Piumb said it WHS the
intention of congress In making the
first appropriation for fast mailservico
that the benefits of is should ho gen
erally diffused , but the poaUH'un de
partment had boon unable to mike
satisfactory arrangements with west-
urn railroads The amendment ap
propriating $185,003 for fust mail nor
vice waa uoruul to by a vote of 32 to
Senator Merrill called up tha regu
lar order , the tariff bill , which was
After a long debate , during which
several unsuccessful attempts wore
made to amend thu duty on various
articles from the rates agreed upon by
the committee , sonata adjourned out
of respect far tim memory rf the late
Representative S luckolford.
Th Blllimrd Tournament.
Special Dixpatcli to Tint HKK.
NEW YORK , January 18. There Is
considerable exaltemont in billiard
circles over the action of Slosson in
rt fusing to enter the list for tourna
ments announced to take place in
Ohlcogo and Now York. Sloeson
gives as his reasons , American players
have been entirely ignored , and the
securing of Yigneaux in the joint in
toresta of Oallandor and Bruuawick &
ttalko company's ia nothing moro or
less than a big advertising scheme.
The champion mid yesterday arrange
ments with Yigneaux were cf such a
character that ho has nothing to lone ,
being guaranteed expenses and $0,000
for six months. Wo all want a trial
with Vignoaux , but lot the billiard
table manufacturers take their hands
off , and lot the Frenchman meet us on
equal looting with nothing In his favor ,
and may the boatman win. Kjhaeffer
and Dion also refused to play , and the
dlasatlsfaction becomes general.
Who Astonishes a'/femperanco Meet
ing nt Moaonlo Tomplo.
Now \ork Mornlnj Ji.uri * 1 ,
The Manhattan Temperance Asso
ciation hold a mooting yestordny i f
tornoon at thu MasonioTempIp , c-irner
of Twenty-third street and Sixth
Tno meeting had been extensively
advertised1 , and waj promptly opancd
at the appointed tiuio by the largo
choir fiinninj ; totiiDoranco byinnn , un
der the leadership of I'rofeesorVccl : .
Prnyer was oil red by the Ilov. Dr.
Klwurde , who abked that all the rum-
shopa in the oity bu cloeod und the
vile stuff said poured into the gultcra.
The leading attraction wan a fifteen ,
minute address by the digtinguiuhid
ox-Oonsul General of the Ottoman
Kmplro , Oicanyau Effondl , Subject :
"Temperance and . Intompiiranco in
Turkey. "
The Grand Tark not having arrived
Irothor Gibba Introduced to the Intel-
l ent andlonco Mr , Dartlott , as agi > n >
line consul ffom Now Jersey. Mr.
jartlott's spceon was greatly enjoyed
> y thu largo crowd and was applauded
o the coho.
By the time ho had finished his ml-
Ircss the Graudlurk had arrived and
Jrothcr Gibbs trotted him to the foot-
Ights , when ho began in olive tones
> y stylng , "Onco I was young but now
' . am old , "and recltod to his intelli-
; ont and respectable audience his
'outhful oxporlcuoo at a bill , whore
10 foil In lovn with what ho thought
was a beautiful young lady. Ic was
ere at first sight. After the ball ho
ollowod tier homo clandestinely ,
icoped into her cnambcr through a
inlf opened shutter , stw the lady
ewer her curia , rub oil the rouge with
t towel , drop her bicuspids into a
umbler of water , unscrew her cork
eg. and retire.
About this time everybody was on
intoo of excitement , not knowim ;
what wes to oamo next. The rtver-
iud gentlemen eyed o ch other know-
ngly , the ninslo leader twisted in his
o'vt and smiled at the young ladies in
lie choir to his left , the sisters bowed
heir hoadr , while the bald heads
hnuiht things were jiut red hot.
The president of the association
inally got to cxcltod nt the unfavora-
) lo turn thlncfl were taking , that ho
ailed "Timo"on the "old man , " and
tut him off before ho was half through
ils story To mnko things worse ,
Ir , Gibbs apologized to the audionre
nd said ho had baoii imposed upon ,
ind was very surry that such a soono
iad occurred bnforo such a rcspcctabln
audience on n Sunday nfturuoon.
Country Walt zsrs VVlio Lnclc Oruoo ,
But Who UolTUHo to Lope Lizily.
Burllngt n trttir n tin- Troy Tom * .
Let us prcaunt , ouraelvos at a pon-
uluo country dniico in Vorinon' Thu
musicians huvo jtut comu in and tnkon
lo scats provided for them on a
sl'ghtly raised p'a'form ' at ono end of
: ho long hall About fifty or sixty
"ojuplea" i f young people urn neat-
: erod about through the hall , KOHID in
inorry groups talklhir , others , niviro
bashful , pi It giiig td ouch of ht r'o utms ,
and wnitlng in tilcnca for thu
muaio to strike up. After the
usual preludii of nhrillii > g und
tooting the leader < f the liltlo niches-
tni nods to the II mr tuanager , who
promptly stops f orw.n d nnd shouts ,
"Gintlemon , pleasu take ptrlnors
for , " on ttioduncu may bo If it is
a waltz I ho expectant , swain awkward
ly and blnMungly onrirolos thu fair
ono with his arm and begins to nviiir
with a sort of rjtlimlo apology fcr
the prcmatnreiines of the cmb'aco ,
She timidly places her hand u :
his , und uiiduiaton lightly In
sympathy with his impatience.
At kit the loader of the orchestra
looks significantly around his little
band of urtintn , nods his head upon
his violin , draws his bow with an em
phatic I'csturo and the muaio strikes
up , About , half thu couple * in the
room have caught the rhythm of the
muttc ; the others swing hopelessly
round , changing' ' stop and bumping
Into fj ah nthnr. tilt 'aoniPtMr ? JjH a
ooriglomoratod dead-lock one uua in one
part of the room , and the dinours
composing it dlsoneago thonxolvo *
and wonder away with many blushes
to a moro open space , where
they try it again. Nobody seems
to notice the little by-play All
ivro dancing , or trying to dance , and
have enough to do 'o attend to their
owns motions. Hero is a couple ,
neither of whom know how to waltz
or have the slightest idea of the nmjio
P'lwer of the rhythm ; but that dors
not so'in to disturb them in the loaat.
Round and round they swing , cxocut
ing the simplest kind < f circle witb
oiidloss ropotition. Presently they
both grow so dizzy that , they ataggur
against the wall and stand there pant
ing , and perspiring till tholr equili
brium arid tholr breath is recovered ,
when they launch upon a now series
of revolutions.
But there are plenty of good dancers
on the iloor whom it Is n pleasure to
watch. They do not adopt the limp ,
icithotlcal attitude and lazy lope of thi
fashionable city waltzor , but go whirl
ing down the floor at a good lively
pace and , even whore the crowd la
thickest , carom from couple to couple
like blllard balls. The young lady
does not lay her cheek affectionately
on the young gontlpman's shoulder ,
nor stretch out her lilly-whito arm am
feathered fan in the direction of the
Polar star , where it muots her part
ner's at an * equally inconvenient
and ridiculous altitude , but she
dances In a natural position , slightly
inclined forward and supported by her
partnor'a arm , while ono hand rests
firmly on hlnnhouldor and thu other is
clasped ' / am disengaged hand. Tnero
is H rpitii and spirit , an endurance
auil evident enjoyment about tiioso
country dances which you will look
for in vain In the enervating and pjr
fumed air of the fuihlonttblo salon
Those young people will danoo al
night long and be ready for another
ball the next night.
Royalty ou Wheels
Spoclal DUp&Uh to Tux H
RICHMOND , Va. , January 1H The
vlco regal party loft hero to-night on
the regular malt train of the Atlanti
Ooast line for Charleston. The tw (
coaches in which the party truveloc
from California were loft here. Tli
party now occupy a special sleeper.
PoiJcnpalln Pity
Special Dispatch to lun Hsu.
CINCINNATI , Jan. 1(5. ( Ten fhoun
Bind dollars have boon subscribed her
for tbn relief of the ( hod snlftirera 1
Germany. Ono or two bills and ban
ofit ptirfornmcao at the thontcraar
yet to bo given to swell the fond.
An Extra ff | on.
Sptclal DUpatch to Tim 111 * .
WASHINGTON , January 18. Prcsl
dent Arthur has decided to call an vx
tra eetslon of congress after Marc
Hh , to dispo8o _ of the revenue ques
tion , ho bulioving that no ooiiolusloi
can bo reached on the pending of th
Solicitor's ' DoviM Work Gradu
ally Doming to light ,
The Premeditated Firing cf the
Hotel Proved by Several
The Remains of Porty-flvj On-
known Dead to bo Buried
The City Narrow.'y Eiooprn a K pt-
titlt n of 1ho Hotel Horror.
Fatal Kxp oelon in the Opera House
During the Ptirfornmuco
Jpoclil I'lrmtch ' to TUP llif.
MIIAVAUKKK January 18 - Sohol-
Inr's whereabouts is still unknown , but
i Hi rials say ho can bo producrd at nny
time The district attorney makes
the statement that thucaao wi'l not bo
laken up till f er the irquint and
that the real intcsligatinn into the
origin and character of the Nowhall
! i'o viill b ) conducted luf ire the grand
jury , The latter Institution was
ihaiidoned In Wirconsln six years Hgo ,
but the judge of any court i.f rcnord
tins a right to oill a grand jury , which
will bo done in this case. The jury
will consist < f 17 members , ,12 of
whim will Bufiicd fur an indictment.
The romiins of 43 uniduntlfkd-'bpd-
ios will bo interred in Forest i umo
ceint'Uiry , where thu illhois i fiertd a
bnrixl situ. A mooting of thu clergy
of nil denominations is called for to-
diy to inako Drrnngomuuts and ugruo
upon cer monits for the gig in lie fu-
ni ral. Tno day in yet to bo deter
mined. O.iniiul c tinpilatiois place
fie number of vi-lims of thu catas-
roplio at 75 Seventeen bodies if
IK so killed by jtimplng wir < ) taken
0 thu morguu on the mori.iag.
f the ficu , 8 survivorA died
inue , 3 identified and 43 un-
-co niziblo remains taken from
\o ruins up to to nii/ht. The
nt of paved embraces 102 namos.
'thing Chief Clerk Tico's statement
f 110 guests and 07 utrployes in the
iotel at the time for granted , thoio
igurus leuvo 4 unaccounted for , who
iru presumably in the ruins. Thus
the total Iocs of life will bo 75 as near
can bu ascertained. The work of
t'ching the rulna will ha finiehod
, 'j-morrow ,
Thn InofndUty'a "Work.
Hwclal | lisiatch ) to Till llnx.
MILWAUKKK , January 18 T .14-moot
d imaging evidence in conneoti m with
Schiller'a arrest on thn charge of hav
ing sot thu Niiwhall house on lifocarno
to light to-day , despite the i ff.iria of
the police to keep the direct eiusoa.
loading to the arrest socrot. On tho.
day befoto the fire Sohtller removed
part of the stock of liquors from the <
Nowhall houau bar room to hia private
reiidouoe. The atLck so removed is.
valued at $7tO The insurance ajrenta , 41 4 rlotm nntbjng iowa-d * adjust- - < J | ET-A , .1 *
ment ( f Sjhillor's policins since his
arrest , but Buprislnt ; developments
are exuootod. Imuranco men now
openly assort that Schiller's stock was
worth hardly one-half of the insur
Aaoth'r Gloat Call-
Dl | tcli to Till UK.
MiLWAUKtK , January 18. Terrible
oxcitmnimt and a stampodu wa > caused
In the grand opera house lo-nlght
during thu porformonco of "Lights o1
London. " In the third act the c l-
clum light machine on the stage ex
ploded with foaifjl firco , causing a
statnpodo in the audience cf about
( K ) , No fire following , cries of "keep
seats" from all sides and playing t > f
the orchestra partially restored order
so that nobody in the audience waa
hurt. Ftvo of the stogo people , all of
Milwaukee , were hurt. Two cannot
live , The econo on the stage was ono
1 f devastation and the play had to bo
stopped , after which the audinnco left
the houao in good order. Greet in
dignation prevailed after it wa learned
that ono of the principal exits was
Navigators in Conv
Hr dal Dlipitcli to I UK HRK.
OAIUO , January 18. The eleventh
annual session of the national boaid
of steam navigation began this after
noon , Ciptoln E. W. Qoul1 , of St.
Louis , presiding ; Captain B , S. Os-
berne , of Ntw York , secretary. After
routine business the subjects of trans- :
portatlon and refined petroleum oamo {
up and the l > mrd , after animated dls- '
custlon , voted that in their opinion '
the minimum standard of fire test
nliould bjlimttod to 120 degrees , which
ID 10 degrees more than Pitts- -
hnrg t i mboat men dcniro and
30 dogroeu loss than oil mo
nopolies demand , A very interesting
piper wai road from Sergeon Qunoral
Hamilton , of the Marino hospital sor-
vice. A resolution was passed asking <
President Arthur to appoint an international -
national commission for a ' item of J.
examination fir color blindness for . ' ,
uoimt'ti of all nation ? , and to arrange a ,
standard color anu slza for signal
lights of all ocean g mig vetaols A
res ilution was nnauimiua'y ' adopted I
calling upon congress to appro- |
prbto the 5(500030 ( now lying
in tha tro-inury which has
b.'on collected from owners , masters , " ft
pilots , nmtna and engineers In excess y
of the coat of stoumboat inspection . ' \
lorvico , and with that sum build thrco I '
am g harbors , ono on the lakes , ono \
on the oua count and ono on western ; l'j ' j
rivers for disabled and indltont ; mon %
nmn of tliln class , Raaolutinns in | '
memory ef the late W. 0 , Hito , of '
Ljulsvillo , were passoJ. The following - K <
ing ollisora were elected for the onau- '
ing year : K. W. Gould , prsuldont ; r
H. H. Woolfolk , first vlco preflldent ;
F.V. . Nicholson , second vlco proi > i
dent ; J. II. Bowyers , secretary ; J.
M. Shoemaker , treasurer ; James H ,
Ncgley , chairman of executive com J