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Bill Stout's Break for Millard
Blighted Before Birth.
Futile Attempt to Secure a
Caucus Through the State
A D ° BperatoEflorbto Bo Made
to Stampede the Legis
lature To-Day.
The Second Ballot Tno Candi-
dateo and Their Supporters.
Wind m Stack DrproaintluK in tu
Mnrbeti cf Mlnnonala.
Progress of the Battle In Colorado ,
Massachusetts and Other State ? .
l Dispatch to TUB UKI.
LINCOLN , January 17 The two
houcca of the legislature nut this
morning shortly baforo noon In joint
convention for thu purpose of balloting
for United States Senator.
The first vote in joint convention
stood substantially the same aa the
vote of yeatorday. It occupied ono
hour in taking and announcing the
ballot. The following la the result :
Saundora 14 , Millard 13 , Conner C ,
Mandorson G , Oowin 10 , Thayer 11 ,
Sliklo 9 , Vifquatn 6 , Kennedy 1 ,
Savage 5 , Boyd 5 , Morton 1C ,
Dye 1 , Hall 2 , Liird 2 , Clark 2 , Gas
lin 3 , Brown 7 , Weaver 1 , Ellis 1 ,
Butler 1 , Doraoy 2 , Crounaa 2 , Lake
2 , Ewing 1 , Tomliu 1 , Munger 1 ,
Aahby 1 , Humphrey 1 , Whoodon 1.
The convention aujournod till 12
noon to-morrow.
SpccUl Correspondence ol TUB Dia.
LINOJLN , January 17. At noon the
two houeea met in joint convention
and after a few preliminaries proceeded -
od to caat the first joint ballot. It
varied very little from the vote of yes
terday and was aa fallows :
Vifquatr Barker , Lnthy , Palmer cf
Saline , Kainev , Sidelok (5) ( ) .
Kennedy- Brown of Lancaster , Heltt ,
Walker , bierbower , Cvilpelzsr , Draper cf
Kt'ox , CJonr , Giimrs , Ilumar , JOUIIPOD ,
Miller , I'almer of Dixou , lloacb , Wes-
cott ( U ) .
Tiinyut--Brown of Way , Harrison , Cole ,
Cook of NcukohV , Grliratean , Howard ,
Nett eton , Kannoy , Spanogle , Bteever ,
Bwearicgcn (11) ( ) .
Savage brown of Colfox , Conklbg ,
Thatch , Clark of Colfax. Clark of Doiu-
la , Thfttoh ( G ) .
M ndowon Botnzardnar , Vlllay , Sw-
err , Cox , Jen-en , R.nb ! > erta ( ti ) .
iStickel Butler , Uoynolrt , llieh , Berk-
lev , Cook of Jc If eraon , Town , Worbam ,
Wbitlel , Ycung (9) ( ) .
Boyd CanfieUl , McSlune , Harrington ,
North , Watts , ( ) .
Morton Case , Dunpby. 1'fttternon ,
KodRer ? , Barton , fnrna y , Draper of Cm * ,
France , Graver , llelmrich , ITonbrl , L-iIrd ,
Isevllle , Payne , Schrocder , Tower (10) ( ) .
Dye Connor ( t ) .
Hall-Decb , Jones (2) ( )
Lilrd DUn , B t)0.ick(2) . ( ) .
Connor Dye , Tisher , Armitige ,
Charleston Ha\cifi ( )
Loran Clark HitrrH , Thompson (2) ( ) .
Gaalin Hpwell , Martin. llu < nell ( ) .
Co iv -Kincaid , Korris , Christopher.
non , Colliap , Dnwcon , Gordon , Hall , L e ,
Steadwell. Wisfcnl'ers , Wolph ( U ) .
C. H. Brown IJIDR , Ashby , Daen -
port , Donman , Hullinnn , ISUG-ivock ,
Turtle (7) ( ) .
Millard Schoenhelt , Abell , U'lttou ,
Krown , Ca th. FablinRer , Field , Gr y ,
Morriton , Savngo , Sessions , Stephtnson ,
Sucwenbach (13) ( ) .
Weaver-Chapla (1) ( ) .
Kills Dodd ( ' ) .
Butler Freeburn (1) ( ) .
Dorsey-G.rut , Wo 1(2) ( ) .
Crounso Hatch , Kmny ( t ) .
riike-McCalliater , Whedon (1) ( ) .
] : winR Hat cliff * (1) ( ) .
Tcuiblin Taylor ( t ) .
Munger Thou s (1) ( ) .
Ashby Turner (1) ( ) .
Humphrey Walker (1) ( ) .
Whedon- . Speaker (1) ( ) .
No choice , and the ji int conventiot :
adjourned to meet to-morrow at noon ,
SpeclU Dispatch tolui III !
K January 17. Bill Stout
Kl chief engineer of Millard'a boom
l ; made an effort to capture the snllc
republican vote through the republic
an state central committee. Half i
dozen members , headed by Churcl
LI owe , naked Chairman Dorsoy t <
convene the commlttoo thia ifternooi
for the purposoof paeaing a rosolutlot
in f.tvor of a caucus , An appeal wai
alao to bo published to the ropnbllcat
members to consolldato in some man
The scheme filled , however , bccansi
the loading republican candidates , ex
cept Millard , would not rial
a caucus. To-morrow Millard'
forces will endeavor to stamped' '
the legislature by a sudden dash afte
the third or fourth b tllot. Indication
are that Millard'a highest vote will fal
below forty. D.'aporato flTorta ar
still being made to enliit now rAcrulti
forMlllard | , and the bounty otTorodiai
coed deal higher tlir.n was paid to sub
atltntea during the trur. All are ii
vain , horrovor , bccauno only thi
moat reckless are wnling ti
go on record with tin
reputation of supporting a candidati
whoso aolo reliance for ucco < ia roati
In his ability to buy hia way into thi
Hoimto. Tnero Is danger of a pnnii
to morrow. Whatever course Mil
lard's forces may purauo the opposi
tion to him are determined to sUm
firm Tno situation IB still onoonrag
ing to nil in the field. The democrat
have determined to hold out solid fo
doinor.itio ciudldates. The anti
inouopolu > .d will alao stand by thel
utru candidates , It now looks as i
no decision would bo reached bcfcio
BpecUl Dispatches to Tin Dn.
Sr , PAUL , Jamnry 17. Two Inef
fectual ballots were lakon for United
States senator to-day. Windom , it is
thought , is losing ground.
Two billets were taken in the joint
convention tday. . Windon got 05on
the Tint and 01 on the cocotui b.illot , a
dovt loss from yesterday. It (3 ( believed
liovod hia chances have much deprect
atcd. A caucus ot his friends was
called for this evening. There being
sixteen candid-ttca , it is impossible to
name the coming man.
Sriu.vciFiELi ) , January 17. Gover
nors M , Oullom wan elected United
Butes senator.
The legislature in joint scaainn to
day elected Governor S M. Cullom
United States senator by 107 votes to
DO caat for Ex-Governor Palmer
Every vote being cist by Senator
Adama for the republicans , and llupro-
Botitativo Crefts for thu democrats.
Cullom ucoaptod In a handsome speech.
DENVEK J\nuary 17. Thi repub
lican caiiua to night to nominate a
ecnator sgiin adj mrnod without mak
ing any ohoico. The following is the
l at ballot : Pitkln , 21 ; Tabor , 1C ;
Hamill , 11 ; BoTot ) , 4 ; Judge Hal-
lett , 1.
KANSAS CITY , January 17. The
Journal's Topcka tpacial a ay a : In the
republican caucus to-night Mr. Plumb
was nominated unanimously for ro-
iloctlon to the United SiHtes senate.
Thia indicates his diction on firat
The Mtusnohnsatta Sonatormlilp.
pooul UlBpatcb to Till lit * .
BOSTON , January 17 The first
joint ballot in the legislature- for
[ Jnitod States senator was as follow * :
Hoar 128 , Long CO , Bowerman ! )0 ) ,
Crape 11. All the others 3. The
number for a necessary choice is 138.
BOSTON , January 17 On the second
end ballot , Hoar hid 131 , Long 40 ,
Bowerman 01 , Crape 12 , ecatteriig 3.
There wan no choice. Adjourned un-
: il to-morrow.
Adjournment waa a defeat for Long
The democratic combiua'.ion deahod
another ballot.
A Matter of Firm.
Spc-Ur.l Dlcpr-tch to Tun UKK
EALK.IOII , January 17. The legis
lature in joint session completed the
election of Katiaom aa United States
Au Important Dcolilon-
Upccltl Luiatcn | 10 llll U .
Nr.w YOUK , Jancary 17 Judge
Wallace , in the United States circuit
court , hasdrc'.Hod agttluattho plaintitfa
In the suit nf Bartram & Co. against
Collector Robertson , which W B
brought to recover the duties collected
on sugar imported from the Danish
island of St. Orolx. The cround taken
in this suit was that the United States
had a treaty with , the kin of Den
mark which stipulates that no higher
duty should bo imposed upon
its productions than on any
other foreign country , but that
treaty had since been mtdo with the
king ot the Hawaiian isltuid by which
sugar should bo admitted free of duty.
The plaintiffs claimed therefore that
the sugar produced on D.uiish terri
tory should bo admitted free alao.
Judge Wallaca declares the position
of plaintifta untenable. Thla was a
tset case , and the decision is exceed
ingly important.
A Ticket War.
Special Di'patch to Tim linn.
Cmcuoo , January 17. The refusal
of Tbotnas Goodman , the general pan-
ongcr agent of the Oantiat Pacific , to
iaauo limited tickets through to Now
York is injuring the Chicago roads
severely , aa under the present arrange
ment n person ctn buy a ticket via St.
Louia at about $3 leas than via Chi
cago. The roads leading via Chicago
are anxious to have this thing stopped
arid are making utrenuuua efforts to
tudnco Mr , Goodman to hano limited
tickets from Sau Franciaoo to New
Yoik via Chicago at the aamo rate aa
via St. Louia. At a meeting of the
pasBonqor agents nf the various roads
intoreatod in bu'inoua , held
yoaterday , at which the general pas
senger and tick jt nconts ot the At-
chlaon , Topeka & Santa Fo and the
Union PitciOo roada wuro present.
Commissioner W. H. Dxra waa in-
atructod to inform Goodman that II
waa the unanimous desire of the Chicago
cage connec'lonx ' of thn Pacific roads ,
well na of the Union Pacific and At-
chiaon , Topeka & Santa Fo that thi
ditcriminntioii DgilnRt Chicago , cauaec
by his refiml to lasuo tickets to the
east at the tame rate via Chicago ai
via St. Loan ahonld bo atopped , and
tint they expect him to rotify thu
matter by iasuing limited througli
tickets at uniform rates.
Stanmbont Explonton-
iiprcial Dls ( tch toTim 11 KB.
SAN FKANCIHJO , January 17. A
Seattle ( W. T ) dispatch says thi
steamer Josephine , which lefc this ch ;
this morning for Skoglt river , havlnj
on board full freight cargo and twont ]
passengers , blew up thia afternoon it
Port Sasan Bay , CO miles north o
this point. The acting master , pur
Bar , steward , firemen and several paa
aongerd are reported loat. There i
yet no definite information aa to thi
causa of the disaster.
pononr thi Lost.
Spcual Uitpttch to tut lUr.
KINOSTON , Ont. , January 17. Ex
Senator Spencer , the much wantot
witness in the star route trial , lofl
hero hat night for Halifax , en rente t <
England. During hia stay hero h <
has been closely watched by the dotuc
A Hfvr Railroad Scheme.
Special Dispatch to Tin Ilix.
WASHINOTON , January 17.In thi
house Mr. Belford presented a memo
rial for the entablishmonl of railwaj
commnuioation whhGantral and Soutl
Americi. It waa referred.
Brief Outline of the Work of the
Legislature ,
The Proposed lucrenso of Ju
dicial Districts and the
Counties in Each.
Thurston nud Hull Ezplnlii Cer
tain Fonturai of Ilailrond
Tbo Fluctuations In Freight
Homilutcd by tbe Murkot.
Fy' l Correspondence o ( Tha Uce.
LINCOLN , January 17. The corn-
mittoo on counties and county boun
daries reported back the bill to annul
ho law lu regard to o-itabllahlng coun-
les. Majority and minority reports
wore mndo.
CI\BO , of Webster , moved the ap-
) ointment of a committco of two to
aot with a similar committee on the
tart of the house to BCD that proper
attention Is shown to citlzetiH visiting
ho capitol during the election of
Jolted States senator. It fcwas con-
Uored by unanltnona consent adopted.
The committee on claims reported
3. W. Sohrlmer as clerk of that com
mittee. BODJ. Patrick was appointed
clurk of committee on aconuuts and
expenditures , and Robert Holllngs-
worth was appointed cloik of the
committee on unrolled and engraved
The report of committee on arrang-
monta for joint convention was rood
and adopted. It provides for the
printing of COO tickets of admission ,
which are to bo given to state cUlcers ,
ex members cf the legislature , and
representatives < f the press. The gal-
'cries will bo open to the public.
LINCOLN , January 17 The cum-
mittcu on privilegia and elections re-
oirtho in regard to the contest in the
Twenty-ninth district , that it beoanui
szeaiKy tlut the billets and poll
Dooks should bo examined.
Senator Brown , cf DoUrIaa ; , moved
that the president of the senate open
; no ballo to and poll bouka , and deliv
er the aarao to the committee for in-
spootion. The motion waa agreed 'o
andtho preaidunt , in the prcsoncocf
the tienatci , opened the packages.
Among the bi'la ' road for the first
lime was one to provldo for Ijio pio-
; ootion ( f thu ineaue. It gives inmates
cf asylums Ml hbjrfcy of correspondence -
once , f cou from conaorahlp.
The memorial to congress on behalf
of the Slonx Oity & Pacific railroad ,
inp It the right of way acrosa the
Fort Niobrara reservation , was road a
second time and referred to the com
mittee on federal relations.
'Iho bill for rediatrioting the fitate
f jr judicial purposes was referred to a
ipecial committeo. The bill provider
f jr the following districts :
First Gxge , Johnson , Nemaha , Pawnee
and HIcliardHon.
8 ci ni-CitH. Lancaster nnd Otoo ,
Third l ) u.lie nud Sarpy.
Kourth Bu'IorColfax ' , Dodge , Seward ,
Sounder- ] and York.
rifth Aantiif , Clay , Flllmore , .Tetter ,
on , Silluo. NuckollB nnd Thajer ,
Sixth Hamilton , Hall , Howard , Mer-
riolr , Nance , 1'latte nnd IVlk.
Seventh Burt , Codtr , Cumins ; , Da-
Ifntn , D'xon , Mndfaon , Pierce , Slnnton ,
WunhioRton , anilVnyne _ , nnd tha Omaha
an'1 ' Wlnuebago reservation ,
rihlh | Antelope , Boone , Buffalo , Gns-
tor , rfLeriiuin , Valley and Wheeler act !
the unorginl/.ed territory north of Ouster ,
Holt aurt Kuox.
Ninth Franklin , Kearrey , Ilnrlau ,
Chase , Duudv , Kurnas. Frontier , Gar
Held. HajtM , Hitdicoclc Keith , Cheyenne ,
Lincoln , I'hulpa , lied \Villuw , Sioux nut
Webster , and tlui unorganized ttrritorj
north of Keith nnd Lincoln ,
The Donate on retnrning from the
joint convention adjourned till to
morrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Spccttl ixurwpomlouco or Tun UK.
LINCOLN , January 1C The specia !
railroad commlttoo mot thloaflornoor
at half pint 3 o'clock , in parauanoo tc
adjournment yesterday , The interest
of the public in evidently increasing
day by day as the investigation proceeds
coeds , und the attendance was mud
larger to-day than yesterday. Fo i
or five members of the prut a vroro alsi
present. J udgo Mason appeared 01
behalf of the railroads. Mr. 0. II
Gero , editor of The State Journal
and Mr.V. . A. Paxton wore the fira
witnesses ozainlued , but nothing ma
terlul was olloited.
Mr , P. 12. Hull , the general maua
gar of the Sioux Oity & Pacific rail
road then underwent the examlna
tion. In answtr to a question put bj
Mr. Qaley ho gave a iull oxplanatioi
cf thobaeis adopted by the Sioux CH ]
& Pacific railroad company ia fixln ;
tat ill' rates for freight over that road
lie also stated that the lower prleec
commodities on all railroads r.n
carried at rates that of thomaelvo
would not pay fjr haulinglumber ; am
coal , ho said , are generally hauled or
western roads at such low rates tha
if all the business was done at thna
rates the companies could not livo. LI
admitted that the rate charge was of tei
baaed to some extent upon the fluctu
utions of the market. Ho gave as i
reason for sometimes hauling corn at i
lesi rata than paid that It was boeauai
rival lines were taking business fron
them. Ho also oxplamed that undc
the head of opsratlng oxpouaos wa
Included all duburaomonta to officer
paying taxes , keeping stock In repair
Mr. J , M. Thurston in the course ol
examination , was asked whether h
was authorized to Iseuo or hand eve
paeaos for the U. P. railway company
and replied that ho had bouiotimuc
when ho was away from homo , takci
a few blank passed which ho was oskci
to fill up.
Asked as to whether ho took an as
tlvo part in the politics of this state ,
ho replied that ho had done to , but
the moment ho expressed his political
judgment It was charged up ttf > the
railroads , and ho look very uiudh" Ijts
Interest in politics now. flto alfo na-
Btrtcd that no had never discriminated
in haudlni ? out pisses to state oflloors
and to delegates to politic * ! convon-
tlons. Ho 1ml handed them to repub
licans and democrats aliko. lie did
not know whether any nntl-monopo-
lists had over applied for passes or
not.'Iho witness waa then naked estate
whnt salary the Union Pacific company
paid him onnnally or otherwise. A
dlecusaion then aroB3 as to the admin-
slbllity of the question , nnd Senators
Reynolds mid butler moved tlijtt the
gentleman bo respeotf ully ankod to an
swer the question. The ivynH and
lays worn then taken , with the follou
ng result : Ayoe Reynolds und
) esh. Nay * Brown ofl,0lay , G.ny ,
iritton and Grant. The motion w .
hjroforo lost.
After the examination of another
witness , Mr. Barton , cf Omaha , the
ntiotiiiff adjourned to 3:30 : Wednesday
nftnrnoon , when further testimony ia
o bo taken.
SptciiU UI | iati.h to Tils ! ! .
MILWAUKEE , January 17. The loss
of life ns far as known foots up 03 ,
with 20 still missing.
Sohellor , the barkeeper who is under
arrest , was a warm personal friend of
Aotiadol , the proprietor.
The head porter of the Nowhull
mikes a statement to-day that an at-
empt WAS made to blow up the house
ly n gas explosion two weeks ago.
lo diacovorod all the burners of the
) ig chandelier in the bar room had
ho gcs turned on full force at 6 a. m. ,
and since learned that Sshollor left ,
ho barroom at 3 a. in. the lame
moruincr. .
TlieSanrcb in the Rules- *
jicclil Dinpatch toTllK UKK ,
MiLWAUKtE , January 17. The
number of workmen at the ruins was
educed and the work Is
to-day , ox-
looted to bo completed by Saturday
light. Five bodies were recovered
.o-day . , waking the total forty three ,
all beyond recognition. There are
.wonly three idontlfiod dead , and it
ia supposed that there are from fifteen
o twenty still misting. The chief of
nlloo states to night ho learned ono
f the clerks ran out cf the feuruing
lotol with the register , but stumbled
down the etnlrs and lost tbo book.
Pho transfer book hr.n not boon hoard
'rom ' yot.
A CballonHo for a Ohamplon Bliooc
Special Dispatch to Tim lien.
SAN 17.Chl
FIUNCIBCO. January 17.- -
cage's American Field will pub' n a
reply from Oaptnin Bogardus t * Dr ,
3irvcr'a challenge for a pigeon c oh ,
acsopting and offering to nhoot > " ' 100
pigeons oioh , at LouUvillo , Keri'Tiaky.
aotwoon February lit and 10thJj.ud
to decide the wing sl-ot oh rif.i 1'iip
of the world , ' three olaor inatoiei ( , , . u > -
wit : 100 double blrdo , 100 aluglo
birds , round traps , 21 yards
and 100 birds , Ilurllrgham rules , 50
ynrdx , $250 to $500 a aide oaoh , with
$1COO to $2,000 on the general result.
Uogardua also oilers to shoot 5CO sin
gle clay pigeons and fiOO half single
and half double , Carver to name the
amonnt to bo shot for.
In the name paper F. II. Bites pro-
[ > OBUD to match hb Irish snttor , "Joe
Oampbull , " against either ( f the "Bluo
Blood" wjnnoro , all aged ntak ? , nt thu
national field trhla at Grand .Func
tion , Tonn. , for throa drtya' hunt on
quail , in order to toit the question of
euporiority botwoun the
Iho Floods ) n Germany
Special Diipatch to Tim UKK.
BOHION , January lf > The follow
ing cable dispatch from/ the imperial
Uormcn foreign olliee , Berlin , was ro-
calvcd by S. B , Sohlealngor , German
consul hero :
'Thronch the innndaMons of Jast
autumn 20,000 houeco , 130,000 per
sona and ( ! 0,000 hectare n of land and
property hnvo Huflurcd d maso ; in
Prneala alone , nnd the damogo by December -
comber 11 jods has boon ncarly.ii great.
In Bayrischo Rheinplabn 1,000 houses
were owopt away und 12,000 persona
rendered hnmcleea. Lloifion and other
districts along the rlvora anderod the
anne calamity.
( Signed ) GRA ?
tltn Hn.itUou.
S ) > clal DUpatiii to Tun lilK ,
BOSTON , January 17. The fifteenth
annual mooting of the Wonun'o Board
cf Mitaions wan held to-dav Rscoiptn
for the year $124 K4" . The board
has in this country 21 branch societies
and 3 conference. ussochtioiiB , each
comprising a nnmttbr of amall organ
izations of women and children , mik-
Inu the number of auxiliaries between
SOD and 000 and children's cirolos be
tween GOO and CCO In foreign Holds
the board has under its cnro ! > 1 mia <
filonarles , 81 blbln women , 30 board
ing schools and 123 village and da ;
Th Polnt dPrny r of a. Pre ch r
SpocW Dlnpatcb to Tin llm.
TRENTON , N. J. , January 17.
Rav. John Dowitt Miller , In opening
the proceedings of the house to-day
prayed that no member might b <
forced to explain to an Inquisitive
constituency when ho returned homo ,
how , having como to Trenton poor
ho went Inek rich , en a salary of $50 (
for the legislative aoision.
Pnttin < m'N Plnuo.
Special DigiuUli to Tim Uxii.
PniLMELi'liiA , January 17. Thi
select and common councils electee
William M. Teggart city controller in
pluco of Governor Pdttiaon. The gov
crnor has already uont to the sunati
numu of S , D wis Page fur thit oflico
A legal contest is oxpeotud.
Too Bad.
BpocUl Diupatch to Till 11 B.
lUciiMONO , V . , January 17. /
sleet storm kept the vice regal part ]
in-doora to-day.
The Loeson of Novoiubor Lost on
the Present Oongross ,
The Protectionists of the Son
nto Vote Solidly Acuinat
Tnx Reduction.
Futile Ellorta of the Minority
to Cut the Taritt Bill.
Katlonnl Bonril of Trndo
pouU far Onnurnt Relief
'roceedlUKB of CouRroHs and Other
iHpatcli to Tun IKK.
WA.IINOTON , January 17. The na-
ional oourd of trade adopted rcaolu-
lone 'uvorlng the paiuago of the
jowoll bankruptcy bill as It now stands
u senate ; lu favor of u national rail-
end commission to auperviaoall inter-
tate r ilroad trallio and allowing niaa-
ors of ships to bring their vessels
nto port without incurring any charge
or pilotage , upon their passing the
uaual uxamluatlon , Committees were
ppolniod to consider the question of
tostal telegraph nnd a department of
ommorco aa a branch of the national
dminiatratlou. Frederick Farley waa
hosou proaident.
The president will probably send a
neasage to congress suggesting olerio-
il amendments in the civil service ro
orm b'Jl in reference to employment
f chlbf examiner.
eportod from the ways and moans
ounu'ttoo ' yeatorday Includes among
enoral legislative provisions , aubstan-
tally all those- framed by the taritf
ommiaaton and adopted by the son-
to finance cominltton in regard to the
titles of easterns dlijera und the ad-
ninlatratlon of ouatoms laws. The
ways and moarin committee also in
corporated in the bill without mate-
ial alteration the moaaaro adopted by
ho aouato fiuanco committee provid
rg for rig'it of appeal from the docia-
oua of cuatoma tlBjora either to
ho occrotary of the treasury or the
court cf claims.
The nroaidont to day nominated
i'jgor S Green , of Washington Tor-
Itoiy , lie chief jnatioo of Wushington
Territory ; Joseph Wnsson , California ,
) Q United States consul to San Bias ,
Special DUpatch to Tin UKI.
iHNoroN , January 17. In the
wbato Edmunda introduced by requcal
) Ula to provldo for the appointment o :
a cotmnujaion to investigate the aubjoc
oErL.Hroi.Til traipc.ta'.lon , ( nd ho ex
pressed the opinion that the matte :
ivas worthy tf consideration , believing
; hat same oort of regulation wan ro
The conference report on the agri
cultural appropriation bill , whicl
agreed to the postiUico approprlatior
bill , was then considered.
Senator DAVUI , n fdrring to tin
tern for necoesary and special fieili
tier , n debate enaued.
Senator Maxoy thoaglit the people
west of the Mississippi wcro aa well
ntitled 93 nr.y others to thoao mai
Facilities , and unlesa the benefit )
could bo fairly distributed they ou h1
to 1) . ) discontinued at once.
After further debate nnd the adop
tion of un amendment attiklng out tin
liouau provision rolattn/ ) compenaa
tion to bo paid Pacific railways foi
mail oeivloo , the morning hour ox
pirud nnd the bill went over.
A motion to poatpouo coneldoratlor
of the laritr bill was loat by the fol
lowing vote uyes 27 , nays 31.
Senate roaumod consideration of tin
taritf bill. Senator Book said if hi
should determine to oflor amondmonti
to the amendments ottered ycatordaj
by Merrill to the paragraphs covorlnj
alcoholic preparations , ho would reserve
servo them until the bill should havi
been reported to the senate from thi
committee of the whole.
rieimtor Uock moved to reduce tin
rate on china , porcelain pariau am
biteine ware irom CO tD 50 per coni
Senator Cook said the whole
schedule of earthenware and glaaa
ware waa from 14 to 20 per cent high
er than the present tariff , and this in
croaao was presented in a bill pur
porting to reduoo taxation and upot
a clash of goods unjil in every hoaso
The debate becoming protracted
Senator Edmunds inquired whotho ;
it would be In order to move to lay i
tax of 00 per cent advalorom on tin
debate. [ Liughter ]
Senator Plumb thought a apoclfi
duty would yield moro revenue
[ Laughter ]
Senator Book's amendment waa ro.
jectod-oyes 20 , nays 21
Senator Beck moved to make tin
duty on plain white chlnawaro 45 in
stead of 05 per cent. Lost oyoa 21
nays 'J' )
In the debate on the latter amend
monta , Sjnator Plumb said ho was un
willing to accept the Interests or re
quircmonts of manufacturers or ira
porters ua to tro banifl for kglahtloi
on this subject , and ho ventured t
prophecy that any tariff bill whlel
rented exclusively upon that bati
would never become a law , but woul
beget a moat unhappy feeling amen
the people In regard to the whole aul
ject. Ho thought it would bo wla <
therefore , to pay nomowhat lea * attoi
tion to the demands of manufacture )
and moro to the vlowa of the puopl
who have to pay the taxes. Ae
In the houeo the public building
and grounda committee to-day authoi
izsd the expenditure of $12,000 fc
the purohaan of the house in which
Lincoln died ,
Mr. Poltibono ( Tonn ) submitted
the unanimous report of the election
committee in favor of the claim of J
T Calno to bo admitted aa delegate
from Utah , and Oalno waa anrorn in.
The resolution regarding the Ha
waiian treaty wan tnken up
Mr. Wilson ( W. Va. ) made a con-
ntitntloiml argument against the
power of congress to legislate upon
thla quest Inn. The joint rcaolution
waa u manlfoat encroachment on the king power , and ho protested -
tested asjalnat its pttsans-o. The joint
reanltition then piwaed. Adjourned
Iinportnut Court Cniei.
iiiK , .lununry 17. The In-
junotion granted restrnlnlnt ; the Con
tra ) Trunt company Irom parting wi h
Sfi.OOO.OCO bonds hold by them ti
truateu for the bondholctern of the
Boston , Iloonio Tunnel it Wiatoin
railway compiuy againat the C * nt
nental Construction and Improiomot.t
company , from taking postosulon of
or demanding bonds and it mndo per
emptory pending litigation.
Arguments were heard to-day in the
superior court as to thn nottlume nt of
orders In the Wcsttirn Union ca r > n in
volving tram fur of the $15,000,000
stock alleged to bn illegal. The judgn
took the papers and will give a decis
ion to-morrow.
Kan nan and 1 h n Rnilrondt.
Special lUwtch to Till linn.
TOTEKA , January 17. A concurrent
resolution wni introduced in the house
to-day , instructing the attorney general
to inatitutejproocoditigaln quowarrauta
against the Union Pacific and Kansas
Pacific railroad compinlos to compel
tlum to show by whst authority they
have consolidated and tin5ruby with
drawn from thojjurisdiction of the
courts of Kinaas.
ACol"rnil Rillronil Uumpnny
Hfix-lul I ) ipaUh to Tnr UFX.
WILMINHTON , N 0 , , January 17.
A very largo mooting of colored men
was hold to-day to inaugurate the first
railroad enterprise ovur started by men
ot thatjrane. Several thuuannd dollars
lars was subscribed. The projected
road will run from thin city into tbo
custom , counties of North Carolina ,
'hero ' ia ntrong probability tlui road
ill bo built. The movement creates
nuch intercut.
Rt Lnuln I ( cm *
mini Dlnriatili to'lllK UKN
Sr LODH , January 17.-
arriaon lias been taken cast by hoi
uncle , O. L Garrison , by advice o
ho family physician , to bo placed it
n asylum for treatment of norvoui
The Ohio & Mississippi pass en o
rain was derailed near hare. Oni
man was killed and aoveral injured.
Fmnll Pox in Manitoba.
peclal Dispatch to THE Dm.
WINNIPEG , January 17. The emal
> ox has broken out in the lurabe
tamps neat Ritherlage. Several fa
talitioa are reported and about twolvi
cisen are known. In the valley o
the St. Herbert , nine miles ( rot
bore , and the surrounding country , th
lieoaoo ia spreading. The govornmon
iaa sent out aid in the thapa uf nunc
and medical men ,
Boittly Uatlor-
puclal Dlnpivtcli lo Tim UKI.
PirrHKiULD , Maes. , January 10 -
Joseph Un'lor , of North Adams , mat
riod and 27 years old , pleads guilty the
ho charge of raping hit niece , nio 11
and intent to commit rape on twi
others , aged 7 and 8. Ho was son
onced to state ) prison for lifo wltl
on day i ! solitary confinement.
P/INNOR in Panmylvnma.
HpncUl D patch lolim UKK.
llAitHi.siiuiui. January 17. A bil
was introduced In the legislature to
day making it a misdemeanor for thi
ovornor , llontonant governor am
mombora of the legislature to acoop
) WBCS from railroad
A u Embtcalor
SH'clal | Dliputch to Till ! ) .
NEV YOJIK , January 17. John H
Moore , forrytnaator in the employ o
the Now York Furry company , wa
arrested on the charge of embezzling
about 610,000 fr-iu 1 ho company.
Corroepoiidcnce of Onuha Hoe ,
Slncj the female anlTrngo craze halest
lost its last boom In Nebraska th
agitators of that cause have sudden !
discovered ono of two things ( > in
probably bothlz ) : that either th
moral demand for national prohlbitlo
i'l urgent or that in this cause th
pecuniary pickings nro good and th
honor of the work aatlsfactory. Fa
the past fflw ( Kys Mrs. Bigolowha
been r > v.uHing the town to recoiv
rovlnbutions 10 carry on the work
buo wants eiich Indlvldiml to aubtcrib
live dollars worth of stock to form *
general fund , ton nor cent cash an
the balance In a few years. Whe
prohibition does prohibit to auythin
llko a aatiafactory degree in loci
places it will be time to took for na
tional prohibition. In the mountlm
let ns have high license and a deoec
respect for law.
The soasijn of the coroner's jur
in the inquest over the throe victim
of the Thompson family poisono
January 8h la atlll pending the re
suit of the examination cf the atom
achs. Rumor now ia diverting BUI
picion from the older girl and attaol
ing It to her deceased husband. N
one ia in custody.
Several cases ( now oiMivaleacinp
of trichinosis , or triohlna polaoninc
have recently occurred In the fatnil
of John KlcHtorman of this place
one of pnr woalthhst and beat ro
pooled citizens. The ciaea had bee
treated for typliold fever until D
Peebles , of the Omaha medical ca
Ipge , wivft called , and his diagnosis <
trichina poisoning wis amply 001
firmed byla microscopical cxaminatlc
of the suipotod pork , The pnbl
shoold oit'ior ' discard pork from the
diet or ac"3 that It is subjected to
high degru of hoatbcforoboingoatoi
Mooting of the Republican Na
tional Oommittoo at
Washington ,
Th PJan of Keproaontutton in
the COLvention Practi
cally Unchanged.
The Cnmpaign to bo Fought on
Prat oti 11 n nil the Right *
nf Litbor
The Rcpubllrnst Nntir nnl Com-
Special Dlnulch to Till UKI.
WASHINGTON , Jnmury 17. The ro-
) ublic , n tmtioiul coniiiiittO ( > mii at
> ho Arlington this nioininp. All thu
Htntus , turritorios nnd thiDntrist of
Columbia were ropri'routod. Murohall
.lowell presided. Ho submitted the
rod gna\ion \ ( f Dorruy as secntUry and
t was uccuptud. John A Mxrtiti of
! Cvnaaa was unanimously olio ed ecc-
raUry ,
Senator Logan moved as a substl-
tito for all now propositions thut. the
) aala of roproaentatiou shall rinuin as
t has heretofore been , but cubao-
luontly modified his motion , making
t "That the basis cf reproeou'a'lon
shall bs two delegates for etch pa-
or , two dult'gates for oaoh reprostiita- )
ion In congress , two delegates for
oaoh territory and two delegates for
ho Diitrloi of Columbia. After
eng debate and the rejection of nu-
nuroua resolution * , substitntos and
Htnendmonls , Logan's subatitu'.o was
agreed upon. The original motion was
tuioptod yeas 23 , nays 15. The matter -
tor now titundc , that the basU of rep-
rcsantativo bo two delegates for etch
senator and two for oaoh member cf
cuugroes , and two delegates for each
.orntory und for the District of Co-
Tno oommittoo then took a roceis
till half-past tovtn.
At the ovonlng sosilon Lndgo
[ Vlitss ) mnvod to rooonaidor the vote
doptlng L igan'a subatltuto. An head
ad not voted with the majority his
ight to move to reconsider was not
eccgnlzed. The first six propositions
laving boon disposal of by the adop-
inn ot the aubatltute , the aovouth was
akon up as follows : "Shall atato
dolucatos bo elected at the popular
doligito atato convention' ) " It was
decided in the affirmative without debate -
bate , and win also made to apply to
errltorles und the districts of 0 lum-
ix The remaining propcriiioua
wcro then amended.
Valentino ( Neb ) moycd to rt coin-
nit all proposition * ttiauub-committco
with itistruotions to f > rmulatoi\ method
and rulo. Agreed to.
Chandler then ofT.-rod the following
resolution which was adopted without
discussion :
UNSOLVED , That the call of the next
republican national convention shall
be BO broad and hboral aa to invite
co-operation ( without imposing any
other teat of fjaltj ) of all cifswiis
who are in favor of elevating and
dignilyirjg the American laborer , pro-
touting and extending homo indus
tries , giving free popular education to
the maaaeaof the people ; scouring free
nullYago and honentcountlng of ballots ,
and tfhjotually protecting all human
rights in every suction of our'oommon
country , und who are willing to sup
port the nominees of the convention.
A short rocros was taken to give
the sub-cominittoo tlmo to formnbto
proposition and rulo.
On roHssembllug this uvenlng ,
Chandler ( N II ) , from the subcommittee
mittee , reported the following
The republican national convention
of 1884 ahall coasiat of four delegates
t Inr o from each state and two clulo-
gatca from the congreasional diatricta.
The delegates at largo shall bo chosen
by popular delegate atato convention ,
called on not leas than twenty days'
published notice , and hold not less
than thirty nor inoro than sixty days
buforo the the time for the meeting of
the national convention. Republicans
of tbe various congressional dlatricta
shall have the option of electing their
delegated at separate popular delegate
conventions , called ou similar notioo ,
and hold in districts at any time within
( if coon days next prior to the meeting
of state conventions , or by sub divis
ions of state conventions into district
conventions. Such delegates shall bo
chosen by the latter method , if not
elected previous to the mooting tf
atato conventions. All diatriot delegates -
gates shall bo accredited by the i Ulcers
uf auoh district conventions. Two
delegates ahall bo allowed from each
rritory and from the D.strtct of
Columbia , similarly cliojon. Noticon
uf contests may bo given to the na
tional committee , accompanied
by full printed statements cf
the grounds ot contest , which shall
also bu mudo public ; and prufcrouco
in order of hearing and determining
con ! eats ihall bo given by the conven
tion , according to thu dates of recep
tion of such notices and statements
by the national oommittoo. The re
port won adopted without further dis
On motion of Mr. Martin ( Kan } it
w ia ordered that the meeting of the
oominittoi ) , at which the time and
for holdirg the next republican
national comoudon are to bj fixed ,
bo sot for on the 28 , h cf Djoinuber
next at Washington.
The Rabbar Industry.
Special I ) ! | > aUi ) to Tint lirn.
NEW YOJIK , January 17 The rub
ber manufacturers met again to-day. .
Uepreaon atlvos of twonty-nino of the
largoat manufacturing companies were
present. The rubber boot and shoo
manufacturers reported their places entirely - ,
tiroly closed for from ono to fourwookn ,
and that four of the largest manufac
tories had not yet resumed work and , „
would not for some weeks to so mo ; ,
Thoao chat have resnmed rp using bufcitj
one-half their usml caqautnpUmi off (
rubber. It Is stated .thn1 msnuf acturuui
ors of other rubbttrdoodfl will ojntlnuo *
it a reduoUon'ptpopBr coat.
L lit V i *
- . m iT ln
& < s.f dm U f It