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New Life
is given by using BROWN'S
"Winter it strengthens and
warms the system ; in the
Spring it enriches the blood
and conquers disease ; in the
Summer it gives tone to the
nerves and digestive organs ;
in the Fall it enables the
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In no way can disease be
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keeping the system in per
fect condition. BROWN'S
IRON BITTERS ensures per
fect health through the disarms
the danger from impure
water and miasmatic air ,
and it prevents Consump
tion , Kidney and Liver Dis
ease , &c.
/ / S. Berlin , Esq. , of the
well-known firm of H. S.
Berlin & Co. , Attorneys , Lc
Droit Building , Washing
ton , D. C , writes , Dec. 5th ,
1881 :
Gtntltmen : I take pleas-
' lire in Mating that I have used
! Ilrown's Iron Bitters for malaria -
' , laria and nervous troubles ,
1 caused l > y overwork , with
excellent results.
Beware of imitations.
SRS , and insist on having
it. Don't be imposed on.
with something recom
mended as "just as good. "
The genuine is made only
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Baltimore , Md.
Every Corset la warranted satis
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or the money will bo refunded by
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Ttu only Oonet pronounced by our ( ndlngph ;
uatMnrloui to thit wearer , andrndow-dbrli
Vw iioitcomtoruiblo ana'perfect fltUu Con
. " _ . .
ttafld. '
-f .u. l * u
cterVln * . 1.50. SelfAdJinUn.1.0
ii ( extra heary ) .00. Nonlnc , 1.8
( Ith PreMrTlnc ( One foutll ) fH.00. I'araco
BUIrt-8upportln , 91.BO ,
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0. SPEOHT , - - Proprietor.
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Quardi ; alao
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Wliolcoalo Manufacturing
Fruits. Nuts and Cigar ;
III S I4th St.
a r xu
Murray & Lanman's
- HLAUK-UhAUGHT " ctirea di M > -
" wl J t
The Horrora of Labor Under
Pennsylvania "Protection. "
A Ghintly Plolnto of Vlo nnd
PonptrlRiu Lojt t tlon far
Ilia Kioh Mid 4fulBHt
ilio Poor.
Southern Slnvoty ProforBb'o to tne
Frozen Cnurltyof Northern
GtipltiU The Bad of It
All , Kevomtlon.
Chir'rstin NtM nml Courier.
WASHINGTON , .Jiimiurjr 1 ! ) When I
THD on u political tour in Pennsyl
vania last summer I Imd occasion to
pain through the conl rc/jioiiB / tf the
northwestern part i f the ntato. I met
a very intelligent workman oti thu
cars olio day who pointed out the ob-
jVoiH < f interest along the valley ith
ivhhhiiovas familiar. IIo had lived
.tmoiig the coul minuw ot 1'ittston iitul
Oirbondalo and among the Iron
workers of Pittflburg for twenty
yearn , The .story ho roiountod of the
gradual degradation of American
labor during that tlmo was some
IIo pointed out thu "company stores"
that loomed up wherever wu passed a
breaker , and do'.crlbcd with thu mi *
unto distinctness born of personal and
bitter experience the indlgnitiea iud
hardships to which the laborers wore
subjected. Hu showed how the rich
iniim-ownors with a quarter of n mil
lion in a tingle eliaft Dcrowed down the
minorn year by year , lower mid lower ,
and rekdd in their slender earnings by
their "stonvoider" system. 1 aakod
liiin something about the relative
prosperity of owners and workers. IIo
rnphod bitterly that capital was
to take care of itaiOf , and no one over
dreamed of legislating for labor. I
want down aiming the mines niththls
man and saw that ho had not over
rated the hardships of the miner or
oharactcmjd too stroni ly their uti-
fortunate condition. It is the popu
lar idea that American slhvory wan
abolished with the proclamation of
Abraham Lincoln. There never wai
a worse system of slavery than that
which prevails in Pennsylvania and in
the great manuf tctnring centers.
lee , born to toil for millinnalr s , anc
to die In hovels and vsorkhouuoa. Oi
every hand in Pennsylvania , frou
Pittsburg to Ssrnnton , the palaces o
the protected rlao grandly by thi
myriad tenements of puupirizod labor
There is no thooty , however , demon
atratnblo on paper thnt can mfuto th
cold logic of those facts. Labor ha
bbon going down hill all over th
country , and
Lords it over a race of white slaves
I thought of this when I behold th
magnllicjout residence of Ilonry Oliver
near Pittaburg , and saw his iron
workers gathered moodily about th
streets , because their waives had beci
reduced bulow the cost ( f decent liy
ing. Oliver is the makorof the tatil
on motale , in which ho speculates
Oliver grow rich , with hundreds c
other iron-masters , on a protective
tariff , and his laborers and theirs hav
become poorer and poorer , until th
old are
And the young filubo < 3cn ovloo'o
There T5frfcttnB ) horrible in al
thli , for what is In the future ?
hall never ahako off the vision of
Pennsylvania poor house In the min
ing region where out under the orch
ard treea men were chained like will
animals. They were pauper minor
once they were now raying maniaci
naked , covered with their own filth
manacled and chained to the troce
A lltflo further on were the whit
slaves yet in ponsossion of their rea
son , chained to cars ,
with the carbon sweat of the shaft an
the level. I aakcd my pilot how Ion
such men lived. 'Not many years ,
said ho , 'Those men for the most pat
do not taste meat more than once
week. You see that immense mour
tain of refuse alato aud coal from th
breakers ? It used to bo that over
minor going homo was welcome to h
lump of ooal , such as ho could cm }
Men could bo soon going to the :
homos , each with his lump of coi
on his shoulder. Now they muot pa
for their own fuel. They would I
arrested by the company's watchmo
and tried and
should they oven pick up a little n
fuse from the foot of thnt mountaii
They used to aavo a little money , bi
now Iho Ufa of n minor of coal or ire
in this stuto h hopeless slavery. 0
the other hand , the men who ow
those propertioa are growing riohc
every year. "
of all thU ? ' 1 asked , curious to EC
what was in this man'e mind.
"Thoro can bo but one end. "
"And what IB thai I"
"Involution ! "
" 1'horo la then in your opinion n
remedy short of thit1 ?
"There is a remedy , but it will ni
bo applied , " was the quick rcsponn
"Tho men who make the la\s , tl
men who administer the laws , alt
represent the men who own thoi
mines and work these slaves. Tl
masters drive their voters to the pol
in droves. The servants of thoi
masters are in CODITCBS , are always i
political power in the state and natloi
No man , no newspaper in this sta
dare oven proclaim ( ho facts and ho |
to continue in public life. Ropj
lican and democrat alike in cony re
are the servants of Pennsylvania ca
1U1. That is why I sue no hope
redress. On the contrary I expect
BOO everything BO on in this way un
it is simply reduced teA
In the south the slave-owner , no miter
tor how brutal ho might bo , at lee
fed and cared for his ulavea. The
isn't a man among the awoatlug the
Binds in the mines and furnacua , b
might die of starvation or exposu
before one of theoo rich owners wou
abate a jot of his requirements , Nc
this will go on until wo have anoth
panic. Capital will take care of itself
and close shop and reduce wages.
Then you will BOO a small fire kindled
thai will rlso higher and higher and
sweep the country
Hiforo this the possessions of some
of those millionnaires , the Vaudor-
b.lts of the coal and Iron trade , will
go down in rain. It will carry down
the innocent and guilty alilro. It will
bo the French revolution over again ,
involving capital and labor alike In
line common destruction. That istny
opinion. "
I am reminded at this Incident of a
few weeks In Pennsylvania by the an
nouncement that wo uru to have n pro
tectionist ring within the wheel of
congrcfB , banded together for the
further "protection" of American cip-
iul. M.
A Buuplcloua Euebind Who Coun
terfeited Death.
lioaton Globe.
An interesting volume might bo
compiled from the many stories told
by strolling play actors-of tholrstrango
experiences in iho obecuror regions of
the south and west. For instance ,
while in conversation yesterday with a
gentleman prominently connected with
one of Iho theaters in this city , a
Olobo reporter heard the following re-
mtrkable talc :
Some seven or eight years ago a
troupe of variety performers travel-
lag through Arkansas , and playing
for the most part at pouts frequented
by soldiers , or what in England would
bo called "garrison towns , " mot with
a succession of disasters , and finally
got stranded in the vicinity of Fort
Smith. Two of the members , well-
known in the profession as song and
danco- Hall and Thompson started
on a tramp for Fjrt Smith through
the lonesome country region. Night
came on , when , being without food or
shelter , they stopped at a small house
and asked the woman who answered
their knock for supper and a night's
"Wall , boys , " she answered , "my
old man's just died , and his body's
hero in the housu , no it arn't exactly
a time for company ; but bein's yer in
such a fir I reckon yer may come ia. "
Entering , they were ushered into a
room whore theappaiontly dead body
of the husband lay stretched motion
less upon the bare 11 x > r , and the wo
man stiriod about to get them Homo-
thing to oat. In the corner of the
room was the bed they were to occu
py , and though the night's prospect
was rather u ghastly one , they wore
too tired to wait long after the meager
meal before retiring. They had not
been long in bud when a second knock
again summoned the woman to the
door. The visitor this tlmo evident ) }
waa not a stranqov , for the womar
welcomed him with warmth and con' '
dueled him to au ndjolnin ; ro > m
After a few minutes had elapsed wlnV
was the horror o the actor at the out
sidj of the bad at cooing the supposed
corpse cautiously assume a sitting pos
turo. Half paralyzed with fear hi
hastily shook his comrade's arm just ii
season for both to BOO the reiuscitate (
husband turn his head slowly towan
them , Putting his finger significant ! ;
r to his lips , ho whispered :
"Sh-h-hl I'm only plnyin' this 01
my wife , for the sake of ketchln her.1
Then rising and walking softly to i
corner , and grasping an axe that stooi
there , he went into the room whor
his wife and her guest had gone. J
few terrible blows were soon hoardani
the sound of a brief straggle , whoiUu. .
husband fo-enCcred , nls weapon drip
pine with blood. Taking the actor
to the soono of the tragedy , ho calml ;
pointed out to their horror-strickei
gaze the headless trunks of his wife
and her paramour lying upon th
blood-stained bed clothes , Then h
allowed them to go trembling back t <
bed , a privilege of little value at uno !
a time , sleep boinp out of the quea
tlon In the morning ho oompellci
them to aid in digging a grave am
burying the bodies after which he aald
"Now , strangers , I hoored yor tel
my wife who yer bo nnd whar ye
bound. I'm not goln' to trouble yer
But yor kin jist pick up yer traps am
git , and if yer over lot on a word t
what what yer saw hero last night it'i
go hard with yer. "
It Is needless to odd that the variot ;
artists wore not clew in rosumin
their weary journey , and for a Ion
time they hooded the husband's ware
ing. But one day in St. Louis one o
them revealed the occurrence to th
theatrical man who now relates th
story , and ho immediately verified i
by conversation with the other.
"Ono would hf.rdly supposed , " Bug
goated the reporter , when ho had lisl
oned to the end , "that n man coal
have counterfeited death so snccosi
fully as to impose upon his wife. "
"It does neein a little strange to uc ,
answered the manager ; "bat then yo
must remember that talks are not tl :
mime in Arkansaw as they are I
Massachusetts , "
If you are aick Hop UUtors wi
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If you are contivo or dyspeptic , (
uro Buffering from any of the nuino :
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for Hop liittord are a sovcroiy
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If you are wasting awuyl with an
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If you are sick with that torrib
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If you are & frequenter or a ret
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low skin , bad breath , pains aud ache
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Bitters will give you fair skin , ri <
blood , und sweetest breath , health ai
In short they euro .11 diseases
the atomch , Bowels , Blood , Live
Nerves , Kidneys , Bright'a Diaoaa
§ 50o will bo paid for a case they w
not euro or help.
That poor , bedridden , invalid wlf
sister mother , or daughter , can 1
made the picture of health , by a fc
bottles of Hop Bitters , costing but
ir I trille. Will you lot them suffer ?
A Ohatty Letter of News and
Bossip from Washington ,
How Society ia Employing
St , LouUr.l I > o-I > stmcrat.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , January 11.
The season has begun so brilliantly
that all prophecies iteem about to bo
realized , and this short winter is des
tined tbo one to which peoji'o will
long afterward refer aa thogre < tt social
era. Between this nnd the 7th of
February , when Lant comes in , enough
of gayety will bo cuinprtsiod to have
enlivened a whole twelve-month , and
it begins to bo a question now whether
the dames of high society will bo equal
to the contest. K itertainmonts two
and three deep are announced for near
ly every available night of this month ,
and the round of afternoon recaptions
grows moro formidable as the city in
creases in size. The days of the
week are regularly divided no be
tween the different classes of officials ,
and by uncfont right the wives of the
Justices of the Supreme Court
hold their receptions on Monday af
ternoons , the wives of Cabinet officers
on Wednesdays , the wives of senators
on Thursdays , while Tuesdays and
Fridays are apportioned to the wives
of representatives , and Saturday to
the wife of the president , when ho
has one. Upon this criginal arrange
ment various changes and modifica
tions have been made , and a partial
attempt has been made to district the
city on some plan that should concen
trate the calling within certain limits
on these afternoons , and simplify the
hard work of society. This plan has
never been Buccenafnlly maintained ,
as the regular otiioial days of some
ladles would interfere , and the occu
pants of homes and neighborhoods
are liable to change every one , two or
four years , according to the vicissi
tudes ot public life. On Monday
afternoons there are receptions all
the way from the navy yard to Dupont
Circle , throe miles away. The ladies
of Capitol Hill adopted this
day for their receptions al
the timp when all their
supreme justices residing in the
shadow of the capital , and have held
to it ever oinco. The wives of sena
tors and representatives give up their
regular days when they llvo on the
hill , and observe the customary Mont
days. The house ef Senator Jones , of
Nevada , is the great center of social
life in that quarter this winter , after
being closed to the gay world for BOV-
oral seasons. For three winters Mrs.
Jones remained at her homo In Gold
Hill , Nov. , and a bachelor's hall was
maintained by the "Silver Senator. "
Last winter she returned and assem
bled a house full of guests around her ,
preparing to entertain on a largo scale
during the seaion , when her first
Monday reception was oat short bj
the sad news of the death of Senatoi
Jones' brother. The imposing mau >
sion on the hill was after that only enlivened
livened by occasional quiet dinnen
and lunch parties. This year the
"Gray House , " as It was called in dis
tinctlon from the White House for th <
few months that President Arthur oo
copied it aa Senator Jones' guest ,
is to ruipw its traditions o :
soolkl splcJ K and bo the scene of i
erles of / R-ainments. The Graj
houioia'i jBfe&VE the three gran
! Xih ° J"fV ! iWPenerfal , oir tathei
uat'&uur * iTC&i ? of Massachusetts ,
Wary old Ben lived In one of thi
houses himself for the while that hi
was in congress , but the double houai
on the corner was furnished through
out magnificently and rented to Sena
tor Jones when ho first oamo to Wash
ington. The modest sum which Gov
Butler gets for this granite mansion ii
$20,000 a year , but for that ron
every luxury and comfort is provldec
for in the richly furnished interior ,
The floors throughout are of ban
wood inlaid , polished and covorec
with the choicest rugs. The draper ]
and upholstery in the largo parlor i
of a silver-gray satin , and from bet
torn to top the mansion la exqulsitol ;
furnished. The windows on the fron
and west tide command a super
view of the city , the river and toi
miles of country back of it.
Weddings and rumors of wedding
are rife just now , and another engagement
gagomont is announced each week
Last winter was a dull season matrimonially
menially , in spite of the avalanche o
widowers and damsels that came dow :
upon the capital in view of the wld
ewers * administration. Not a aingl
one of those great prizes has boo
captured yet , and the president , tw
cabinet officers , a supreme judge
eight foreign ministers , and as man
moro sanators and representative
tempt the match makers to continue
maneuvers. The tide has turned th
other way , aud out of Us snperabunc
aneo Washington is tarnishing bridi
Instead of bridegrooms. The tin
grent wedding ia that of Senator Da
Cameron's daughter on Thursday c
thio week. Senator Cameron's oldct
daughter married a sou of Jiwtlc
Bradley , of the supreme court , an
resides at Newark , N. J. The socon
daughter , Miss Virginia Cm
orou , ia betrothed to Liot
tenant Alexander llodjerr , <
the army , son of Admiral lltymon
llodgors , of the navy. The groom
a tall and handsome young soldier wh
graduated with credit from Wei
Point , and has a fine popularity atnoc
hie bro her officers. Miss Cameron I
as pretty and piquant a little bride f
could bo wished for , with dark-bruw
hair , dark-blue gray eyes , finely ci
features aud a perfect comploxioi
Their engagement waa announced la
winter , and their wedding takes plat
this ( Thursday ) evening at 7 o'clock I
the presence of their immediate reli
lives and family friends. A largo r
coptlon follows immediately af torwan
and this wedding festival constltuti
the first great entertainment or lions
warming In the great Cameron mai
slon , on Scott circle. After n eho
trip the bridal couple will return her
and a series of receptions will boglvt
In their honor. In February Lieu
HodgerB will go to his post in No
Mexico , nnd the pretty brido-olect
already anticipating the novel and pi
tureequo hfj of the West.
The next wedding will be thnt
Miss Mamio Brewstor , step-dacght
of the attorney general , to Mr. llo
ort Keens , a wealthy young broker
Philadelphia. Miss Brewster la a d
muro and lovely little maiden , with
black hair , shy black eyes and an air of
the mast pnfoct eimplichy and inno
cence that any one in her brilliant
surroundings could bo permitted to
retain. In her simple white ball
droises she looks like some of Sir
Joshua's oretty little girls , and it is a
matter of regret to thoao who know
the little beauty that she is to be mar
ried in March and go to llvo in the
Quaker City ,
The orange blossom * will bo nnxt
worn by Mies Alice Blaine , who mar
rlos Col. Coppinger , of the army ,
whom she inot whllo visiting at Fort
Liavonworth last spring Col. Cjp-
pinger is an Irishman by birth , and
had had something of a military ex
perience abroad before h" catno to
this country , IIo h considerably the
nnnlnrof Mi s Blnlno and ia a Roman
Catholic by faith , which raises
many questions among out-
sBcrs as to 'lu w their wedding cere
mony will bo conducted. Mr Blnino
was born and raised a Catholic , but
regularly attended service In Protestant -
ant churches , nnd his children have
listened moro to the doctrines of the
Oongrogitionalists and Presbyterians
than to those'of the mother church.
The engagement of Mr. Walker
Blsino to the daughter of n promi
nent and weaUby ox-cfthlal is much
dlrcuuaed , but has not boon authori
tatively announced.
The daughter cf Government Prlntor
Rounds Is to be another brldo of the
spring-time , and the gossips having
relented a little in disposing of Sena
tor David Davis , are now giving Secretary -
rotary Folger In marriage to some un
known widow. Other. engagements
and alliances are talked of , but beyond
suoss work there ia nothing to them.
For a long time the gossips have lot
the president alone , and the gro t
surmises that boaot society last winter
are completely hushed. By authori
tative denials from both families , that
absurd and utfoundod rumor cf an
engagement between young Allan
Arthur aud the daughter of Congress
man Crnwloy , has been effectually dis
posed of.
Fitz John. Porter.
WASHINGTON , Januiry 12. There
is a vnry well authenticated story tc
the effect thnt oven if the bill for the
relief cf Fitz John Porter gets through
the homo it stands no channo of becoming -
coming a law. A cabinet o fib or ia reported <
ported as saying last night that the
president will veto the bill if it ocoi
reaches him. According to the statement
mont of the cabinet e fiber in question -
tion , the Fitz John Porter matter has
bofii discussed aovoral times at cab
inet meeting , and each member
of the cabinet has expressed him' '
aelf very freely with regard to the case.
Only ono member , Secretary Froling-
huvsou , is a friend of Poitor. Fro-
llnghuysou is from the same statt
Porter ia. Ho says , however , that ir
his opln'on President Haj i had n :
authority to appointed the Schofiolc
board of inquiry , and that the find
ing of that board is not to bo con
sldered in arriving at a conclusion ii
the disc. In Mr. Folgor's opinion ,
the testimony taken by the Schofiolc
board is of no moro value than H :
much talk between gentlemen. Hi
is , nevertheless , inclined to think
that Porter is entitled to the relief foi
which ha asks. The president
is quoted aa Baying the vote in the
senate shows harmonious action be
tweontho northern Democrats and the
ex-confederates. Ho not only doei
not think Fitz John Porter was unjustly -
justly convicted , but if the time shook
ever como when ho Is called upon t (
act in the cane ho wil ) not bo found
supporting this united action of thi
Democrats. The cabinet officer ii
question says the president has giver
a great deal of attention to the Portoi
case , and has followed the ovidenci
closely. His mind Is made up. He
against Porter. Another reason is alleged
legod why ho will not favor Porter
It is that If h'o should sign a bill civ
ing relief to Porter the whole o untr ;
would immediately say that ho hai
been influenced by Grant. While th
president is.on very happy terms wit !
Grant , he is very sensitive about hav
ing it said that ho is Grant's man
However , if the house passes the bill
Fitz John Porter will have accorn
pllshod far more than ho expected
few years ago. All ho wants is th
stain removed from hla good name
The favorable action of both houses c
congroas will about do that Th
fact that President Arthur granto
Porter a remission of the unexecuto
portion of his sentence , on the groun
of serious doubt as to the justice o
the sentence , had prepared Porter' '
friends to believe that ho would sig
the bill if It passed.
As a fact , the reasons that will iin
pol members of the cabinet are politl
cal and have their origin in snggee
tions made by W. E , Chandler , wh
claimed that It woulfl bo a wio nolit :
cal device to draw support to the ac
ministration from both factions of th
republican party. The stalwarts , raj
reaonted by Logan , would applaud
veto of Porter's claims , and the ha !
broods would accept It us a pleasing it
dicatlon that President Arthur Is n <
led by the nose by Gon. Grant , bu
agrees with Gaifield. It is suggestc
by Purler's f rionde that this bit of cat
Inat gossip has boun given out In ofl
clnl circloi for the purpose of influeui
. ing the action of the house agaim
f Gen. Porter.
Money for the Unmarried.
One of the most solid and substai
tial institutions in this country ii tl
Marriage Fun'd Mutual Trust assocl ,
tlon of Cedar lUplds , Ia. Durir
their first year , ording January Is
1883 , they paid over $30,000.00 i
benefits to their members , and tl
greatest satisfaction prevails amor
their certificate holders. They ai
organized under the laws of Iowa , an
their officers and directors are amor
the loading and most prominent bus
noes men ot Oodar Rapids. Every ni
married person ehoula have a cortll
i- cato lu this association ,
It is a splendid investment , as aafi
secure and euro as a govorumei
bond. You can just RS well have
good aum of money to comuienco ma
riod life on ai not. Over 200 men
bora h vo been paid off , rcceivlr
over 300 per cent , on their inves
wont- Send a poatnl card for in
circulars fully detailing the plai
which in the finest known. Goi
agents can got territory if applied fi
soon. Write to-day. Do not pea
pouo it. Mention where you
3. this notice , J4-lra
A. combination of Pro-
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Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Denot. OMAHAN"
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Window and Plate G'ass. '
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Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
, \i
t23 ! Farnam St. . Omaha. N .h
la only attained by using
Stoves and Ranges. "
"For sale by
Jail-milt )
: r-issravra332 3tfzns233x3ttKB ?
Single Breech Loading Shot Guns , from $5 $ to $18 $ , ftt
Double Breecli Loading Shot Guns , from $18 to $75 ,
Muzzle Loading Shot Huns , From SB to $25 $ ,
Fishing Tackci , Base Balls and all Muds of Fancy Goods ,
Full Stock of Show Cases Always on hand ,
Imported and Key West- Cigars a large line of
Meerschaum and Wood Pipes and everything re
quired in a first class Cigar , Tobacco and Notion
Store , Cigars from $15 per 1,000 upwards , Send
for Price List and Samples ,
Steam Pumps , Enginp Trimmings ,
flvs >
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.